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									                                      2007 OFFICERS
                                   President – Steven Young
                                  Allen Lawrence & Associates

                             President-Elect – Dawn Abasta
                                     LBW Insurance

                         Secretary Treasurer – Jason Meshekow
                                GNW-Evergreen Insurance

  Insurance Brokers & Agents

             of the
    San Fernando Valley
                                  Past President –Tom Leman
                                     Northridge Insurance

                                     2007 DIRECTORS

        Director – Cheryl Bingham                           Director – Eric Rothman
              SGB Insurance                                    C M Meiers Company
              818-316-0999                                        818-224-6100

          Director – Curt Witeby                          Director – Jonathan Schreter
              Insurance West                                 Hoffman Brown Company
               805-579-1900                                       818-986-8200               

          Director – Derek Ross                             Director – Talin Jabourian
           C M Meiers Company                             Tri County Insurance-Calabasas
              818-224-6100                                         818-223-8383

                            Executive Director – Marian E. Jocz



      2007-2008 Directory
“Dignify Our Vocation with High Ethical Standards”
                                           Commercial Earthquake

We have up to $ 30,000,000 Commercial Earthquake coverage for
qualifiying properties in California. Give us a call the next time you need
a quick quote on your Commercial Earthquake Risks.

Coverage Qualifications:
• Buildings newer than 40 years old
• Tilt-up buildings constructed after 1978           Contact us,
• Wood Frame (Primary preference)                      today!
• Steel Frame (Secondary preference)
• Reinforced Concrete (Third preference)
• Reinforced Masonry (Fourth preference)
• California Outside Zone B $ 30,000,000                         Submissions should include:
• California Zone B $ 20,000,000                                 • Named insured, mailing address,
                                                                   effective date, quote due date
Coverage Exclusions:
                                                                 • Insured’s Business - Occupancy
• No Tuck-under parking                                          • Perils & Deductibles requested
• No Zone A & V flood coverage                                   • Suggested layering and pricing
• No poor soil conditions (bay mud/fill)                           (where do you want Gorst to participate)
• No Un-reinforced Masonry (URM) construction                    • Expiring carriers, layering and pricing
                                                                 • TIV Breakdown
Gorst offers you:                                                • Key location information
• Fast Quotes                                                    • DIC/ property inspection
• “A” rated Admitted & Non-Admitted Markets                      • Loss History
• Competitive Pricing                                            • Any other information that will assist us in
• Higher Commissions                                               underwriting this account

                                                 Contact one of our
                                         Commercial Lines Underwriters today!
                                                   (800) 437-6616 • (818) 507-0900
         License No. 0359417                          fax (818) 507-1133 •

                      Vision       Integrity         Teamwork             Performance
                                     Professional Affiliations & Memberships:

Mission Statement                                 2

Code of Ethics                                    3

President’s Message                               4

Listing of Officers and Board of Directors        5

Listing of Past Presidents                        6

Listing of William Van Dusen Award Recipients     7

Special Awards:
Beverly Jordan Memorial Award
Steve Andrews Memorial Scholarship Award          8
Bernie Lewis Memorial Scholarship Award
Bernie Lewis Memorial Award

Local Community Support                           9

2007 Calendar of Events                         12-13

Members – Listing by Agency                     14-18

Thank You! To Our 2007 Associate Members         21

Associate Members                               22-27

By-Laws                                         28-36
                 MISSION STATEMENT
The Mission Statement embodies the reason for the association’s exis-
tence. It defines the association’s purpose and the nature of the activity
it will pursue to further the interests of its constituency. The Mission
provides direction to policy makers in evaluating possible objectives and

          IBA San Fernando Valley Mission Statement:

 Guided by our dedication to the public interest, our mission on behalf
 of insurance brokers and agents in the SFV is:

 To be their unrelenting legislative, judicial, regulatory and industry ad-

 To provide access to products, services and education which enhance
 their ability to sell and serve their customers:

 To vigorously promote to the public the value of their professional ser-

 To further integrity and excellence in business practices:

 To assist members to prosper in the face of dynamic change and chal-
 lenges with in the integrated financial services industry:

 To provide financial and volunteer support that will allow the InVest
 program to provide education about the insurance industry and its di-
 verse careers, to encourage the development of trained insurance pro-
 fessional and to create educated insurance consumers:

 To help perpetuate the growth of the young agents who are the future
 of this industry:

 To provide financial and volunteer support to Local Community Organi-

                  Independent Insurance Agents of America, Inc.
I believe in the value and importance of the insurance business and its future, and
that the Independent Insurance Agent plays a critical role in serving consumers
throughout the insurance process.

I support the Independent Agency System, which has developed insurance to be a
fundamental component in the economic fabric of our nation, and I pledge to sup-
port right principles and oppose bad practices in the insurance business.

I respect the importance of the relationship between Independent Insurance Agents
and the public, insurance companies, and other Independent Insurance Agents, and
believe that the rights of the client are paramount.

                                    To the Public

I believe that serving the public as an Independent Insurance Agent is an honorable
occupation, affording me a special opportunity to serve society and offer valuable
insurance products and services to the public.

I believe that as an Independent Insurance Agent, I am serving the interests of my
clients by responding to their expressed insurance needs.

I will strive to further the public's understanding of insurance, endeavor to promote
safety and loss control in my community, and strive to participate in civic and phil-
anthropic activities that contribute to my community.

                     To the Insurance Companies I Represent
I will respect the authority vested in me by the insurance companies I represent,
and work to maintain open lines of communication with them.
                      To Other Independent Insurance Agents
I will strive to maintain positive relations with other insurance agencies in my com-
munity, competing with them on an honorable and fair basis.

I will follow all insurance laws relative to the conduct of my business.

I will work with other Independent Insurance Agents for the betterment of the in-
surance business, and endeavor to elevate the standards of my occupation by fol-
lowing this Code of Ethics and encouraging other Independent Insurance Agents to
do likewise.
                           Presidents Message
Thanks to the incredible leadership of our now Immediate Past President, Tom
Leman, 2006 was another great year for our association. I want to thank all the
board members for volunteering their valuable time and efforts to our worthy cause,
to the associate members that provide support financially and with their time and to
all our members of which, without you, this association would clearly not exist.

In 2007 our board has committed to vigorously promote the independent agency sys-
tem to the public and to make sure they know we are truly the best option when
looking to obtain insurance. Our industry is starving for new talent and we all need
to do a better job letting the up and coming work force know how great the insur-
ance industry can be. We know how rewarding of a career this can be and it is time
to spread that message!

Our new Young Agent Program will be the first of its kind in the nation by a local as-
sociation to bring this value to our members. In addition to the InVest program, we
will provide valuable job training to young agents that will help them to be more suc-
cessful in the workforce and will help your agency or brokerage provide the best ser-
vice to your customers.

It is with great honor that I serve as your president in 2007. Together, we will ac-
complish everything we set out to achieve.


Steven Young

     Insurance Brokers and
Agents of the San Fernando Valley
                              2007 OFFICERS
                           President – Steven Young
                          Allen Lawrence & Associates

                     President-Elect – Dawn Abasta
                             LBW Insurance

                 Secretary Treasurer – Jason Meshekow
                        GNW-Evergreen Insurance

                          Past President –Tom Leman
                             Northridge Insurance

                             2007 DIRECTORS

Director – Cheryl Bingham                           Director – Eric Rothman
      SGB Insurance                                    C M Meiers Company
      818-316-0999                                        818-224-6100                      

  Director – Curt Witeby                          Director – Jonathan Schreter
      Insurance West                                 Hoffman Brown Company
       805-579-1900                                       818-986-8200               

  Director – Derek Ross                             Director – Talin Jabourian
   C M Meiers Company                             Tri County Insurance-Calabasas
      818-224-6100                                         818-223-8383                     

                    Executive Director – Marian E. Jocz


               SAN FERNANDO VALLEY
                  Past Presidents
1949-50     Deke Penfield         1978-79      Paul Paulin
1950-51      Mel Kidder           1979-80       Ken Ulis*
1951-52    Bill Van Dusen*        1980-81      Louis Lorch
1952-53      Dick Poast           1981-82    Donald Decker
1953-54      Coin Taylor          1982-83     Dick Wardlow
1954-55    George Wright*         1983-84    Donald St. John
1955-56    Dave Patterson*        1984-85   W. LaVon Murphy*
1956-57    Robert Pringle*        1985-86    Jerry Yahalom
1957-58   Hamp Vanderburg         1986-87     Oscar Boxer
1958-59   Hamp Vanderburg         1987-88     Stuart Lorch
1959-60     Doug Wright*          1988-89      Jeff Jones
1960-61    Robert T. Carter       1989-90     Charles Azar
1961-62      Ted Mastos           1990-91     Bernie Lewis*
1962-63   Harvey Parkinson        1991-92    Robert Mulein
1963-64      Alex Andres          1992-93    Mark Goldberg
1964-65     John Lehman           1993-94      Eric Bossuk
1965-66    Henry Helfman          1994-95     Steve Brooks
1966-67     Bruce Miller*         1995-96    Debi Ulis - Judd
1967-68    Bill Van Dusen*        1997-98    Bruce Maxwell
1968-69     Ralph Clarke          1998-99    Mario A. Guerra
1969-70      Sy Maxwell           1999-00       Jeff Kleid
1970-71   Spencer Andrews         2000-01   Elmer R. Jordan
1971-72     Gerald Baron          2001-02     Curt Witeby
1972-73        Ken Vail           2002-03      David Kern
1973-74     Doug Wright*          2003-04      Derek Ross
1974-75    Norman Levine*         2004-05    Melissa Phillip
1975-76     Richard Klein         2005-06     Jodie Hyams
1976-77       Carl Wick           2006-07      Tom Leman
1977-78     Maury Jones

                                      Charles W. Azar
                                         Eric Bossuk
                                        Oscar Boxer
                                        Steve Brooks
                                         Don Decker
                                      Mario A. Guerra
                                         Jeff Jones
                                          Jeff Kleid
                                       Bernard Lewis
                                         Louis Lorch
                                        Stuart Lorch
                                       Bruce Maxwell
                                         Sy Maxwell
                                       Robert Mulein
                                       LaVon Murphy
                                      Donald St John
                                           Ken Ulis
                                       Jerry Yahalom
                                      Elmer R Jordan
                                        Curt Witeby
                                         David Kern
                                         Derek Ross
                                      Melissa Phillipp
                                         Tom Leman

The William Van Dusen Award is the highest award that our Association gives on an annual
basis. This award is given to recognize the individual who has most served the Association in
giving of their time and talents to enrich both the Association and our industry.

William Van Dusen was a Past President who essentially ran the Association in the 1970’s
from his own office, utilizing his own staff. His efforts and dedication in advancing the image
of the Independent Agent were most instrumental in helping us become the top-notch organi-
zation that we are today.

Each honoree receives a scholarship to the Advanced Agency Management Conference or
any other event that one can benefit from continuing education credits along with a plaque.
The announcement of the annual honoree and the awarding of the plaque are made at the
Annual Installation Banquet.

                        Recipients of the Beverly Jordan Memorial Award
                1990 Lora Moody                            1999 Derek Ross
                1991 Garrett Parkinson                     2000 Eric Bossuk
                1992 Steve M. Brooks                       2001 Melissa Phillipp
                1993 Laura Andrews – Clemens               2002 Jodie Hyams
                1994 Bruce Maxwell, CPA                    2003 Tom Leman
                1995 Mario A. Guerra, CPIA                 2004 Steven Young
                1996 Stuart Lorch                          2005 Dawn Abasta
                1997 Jeff Kleid                            2006 Jason Meshekow
                1998 Rob Mulein

 Beverly Jordan was an active young agent in the IBA San Fernando Valley Association whose life was tragically
shortened. In her memory, the Association honors the Young Agents of the Year by sending the winner to the IBA
                                 West Young Broker and Agents Conference.

                 Recipients of the Steve Andrews Memorial Scholarship Award
                1996 Corey Faxton                          2002 Adam Nagoshiner
                1997 Bikram Walia                          2003 Roza Mendoza
                1998 Michelle Castaneda                    2004 Isiah Lillard
                1999 Daniel Beseancon                      2005 Vicky Sanchez
                2000 Dorine Chiossi                        2006 Himani Sharm
                2001 Kaprisha Cressel

The Steve Andrews Memorial Scholarship Award is presented to a student selected from our Project InVest Class
at Monroe High School to provide towards college tuition. The student would have to display excellence in under-
standing the workings of an insurance agency. Steve Andrews was a member of the San Fernando Valley Board of
Directors during the early 1990's whose positive contribution to our Association will always be remembered.

                  Recipients of the Bernie Lewis Memorial Scholarship Award
                2001 Moises Andrade                        2004 Robert Cruz
                2002 Latoya Earls                          2005 Stewart Marroquin
                2003 Roza Medoza                           2006 Ani Keshishyan

The Bernie Lewis Memorial Scholarship Award is presented to a student selected from the Project InVest class at
 Monroe High School to provide towards college tuition. Bernie will be remembered as the “ navigator “ of the
                                           Project InVest program.

                          Recipients of the Bernie Lewis Memorial Award
                 2000 Bernie Lewis                          2004 Vivian Translateur
                 2001 David Kern                            2005 David Kern
                 2002 Derek Ross                            2006 Cheryl Bingham
                 2003 Karen Jordan

    The Bernie Lewis memorial Award is given to recognize the individual who has most served the
                           association in giving of their time and talents
                     promoting the project InVest Class at Monroe High School.
  Bernie will be remembered for his long time efforts promoting insurance education for the Project
                                           InVest Program.

                                    2007 - 2008

InVest (James Monroe High School)

InVest (Sylmar High School)

Ronald McDonald House of Los Angeles

Ronald McDonald House of Pasadena

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Toy Closet Program

Ronald McDonald House of Los Angeles Toy Closet Program

Ronald McDonald Walk for Kids


West Valley YMCA

New Horizons

Boys and Girls Club of the San Fernando Valley

Kaiser Permanente Blood Drive


Dubnoff Center

Operation Lift Off

Simi Valley Community Foundation

Single Mother’s Outreach

American Martys

Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children

North Valley YMCA

2007-2008 Calendar of Events

09- Executive Board Meeting
11- Board Meeting

06 - Executive Board Meeting
08 - Board Meeting
14 - Bowling
18 - Paintball

08 – Community Outreach Gala
10 – Executive Board Meeting
12 – Board Meeting

01 - Executive Board Meeting
03 - Board Meeting
06 - Softball Game

05 - Executive Board Meeting
07 - Board Meeting
14 - Company Appreciation Dinner

03 – Executive Board Meeting
05 - Board Meeting
11 - General Meeting Election of Officers

07 - Executive Board Meeting
09 - Board Meeting
23 – Installation
TBD – IBA West Installation

04 – Executive Board Meeting
06 – Board Meeting
13 - Bowling

03 - Executive Board Meeting
05 - Board Meeting
TBD – Casino Night

07 – Executive Board Meeting
09 - Board Meeting
15 – I Day
TBD – National Legislative Conf
TBD – Blue Ribbon Starts

05 – Executive Board Meeting
07 – Board Meeting
22 – Golf Day

02 – Executive Board Meeting
04 – Board Meeting
TBD - Young Agents & Brokers Conference

    See for more updated calendar information
            Agency                     Contact                         Address                 Phone / Fax

                                    Steven Young
                                                               7033 Owensmouth Avenue
 Allen Lawrence & Associates,       George Martini                                             (818) 704-0700
                                                                   Canoga Park, Ca
             Inc.                   Allen Lawrence                                             (818) 348-5472
                                     Stewart Kops

                                                                 10734 White Oak Ave
                                 Laura Andrews Clemens                                         (818) 360-3410
Andrews & Van Lohn Insurance                                       Granada Hills, CA
                                    Spencer Andrews                                            (818) 366-7550

  Ares Insurance Brokerage                                        4463 Van Nuys Blvd.          (818) 986-4207
                                     John Rodway
           Service                                                 Sherman Oaks, Ca            (818) 986-2957

                                                               19720 Ventura Blvd. # 102       (818) 346-6000
Arthur Menaker & Company              Milt Gordon
                                                                  Woodland Hills, Ca           (818) 346-0175

                                   Martha L. Norena           23945 Calabasas Rd. # 210
 Bridge Norena & Associates                                                                    (818) 225-1627
                                   Joseph G. Norena                 Calabasas, Ca
    Insurance Agency, Inc.                                                                     (818) 225-7737
                                    Gustavo Norena                      91302

                                     Randi Baldwin          15501 San Fernando Mission Blvd.
Chesapeake Insurance Services,       Yolanda Smith                    Suite # 300              (818) 898-1043
             Inc.                  Scott Kreuzberger                Mission Hills, Ca          (818) 898-1643
                                   Bryan Kreuzberger                     91345

                                   Claude Stephenson
                                                                     9350 Oso Ave.
                                     Morgan Blanch                                             (818) 407-3838
          CMIS, Inc.                                                 Chatsworth, Ca
                                       Mike Chan                                               (818) 407-3848
                                     Satomi Okuma

                                     Eric Rothman
                                                                   21045 Califa Street
                                      Derek Ross                                               (818) 224-6100
  C.M. Meiers Company, Inc.                                        Woodland Hills, CA
                                       Jeff Kleid                                              (818) 224-6099
                                    Herbert Rothman

                                                                  10969 Ventura Blvd.
   DeWitt Stern of California                                       Studio City, Ca
                                                                                               (818) 623-5400
                                     John DeFazio
     Insurance Services                                                                        (818) 623-5484

  Doctor & Doctor Insurance           Scott Doctor                10216 Reseda Blvd.           (818) 368-3764
         Agency, Inc.                 Len Doctor                    Northridge, Ca             (818) 363-0167

                                                            23622 Calabasas Rd. # 145
                                                                                             (818) 223-0963
Dukar Fyfe Insurance Services      Alan Dukar                     Calabasas, Ca
                                                                                             (818) 223-0951

                                                             15260 Ventura Blvd. # 675
                                Margot Crowl Brick                                           (818) 783-1533
Frank A. Crowl Company, Inc.                                    Sherman Oaks, CA
                                 Diane Bennett                                               (818) 501-0229

                                 Steve Federman
                                                                   P.O. Box 3468
    Fred Glaser Insurance        Frank A. Glaser                                             (818) 989-4949
                                                                   Van Nuys, CA
       Associates, Inc.            John Glaser                                               (818) 989-1013
                                 Dennis Kilbourn

                                                            26635 W. Agoura Road # 107
Gary Warner Insurance Agency,     Gary Warner                                                (818) 880-9110
                                                                  Calabasas, CA
             Inc.                 Tony Winser                                                (818) 880-9112

                                Jason Meshekow
                                                             16030 Ventura Blvd. # 500
 GNW – Evergreen Insurance      Andrew Forchelli                                             (818) 257-7400
                                                                    Encino, Ca
      Services, LLC               Karen Oxman                                                (818) 257-7450
                                 Paul Meshekow

                                                             17216 Saticoy Street # 305
    Greg Brooks Agency                                                                       (818) 344-2944
                                   Greg Brooks                     Van Nuys, Ca
     Insurance Services                                                                      (818) 344-4239

                                                                  P.O. Box 261100
                                  Cole Hatcher                                               (818) 785-1178
  Hatcher Insurance Agency                                          Encino, CA
                                  Mike Hatcher                                               (818) 501-1215

                                                            21700 Oxnard Street # 1635
                                                                                             (866) 832-4234
    HCF Insurance Agency         Jason Adelman                  Woodland Hills, Ca
                                                                                             (818) 716-2716

                                Jonathan Schreter
                                                          15233 Ventura Blvd. – West Plaza
                                  Mike Friedman                                              (818) 986-8200
  Hoffman Brown Company                                         Sherman Oaks, Ca
                                    Joe Pratts                                               (818) 986-8510
                                  Rick Gregory

                                  Curt Witeby                    2450 Tapo Street
                                                                                             (805) 579-1900
 Insurance West Corporation     Mary Lou Chavez                   Simi Valley, CA
                                                                                             (805) 579-1916
                                Robert Sulzinger                      93063

                                   Kirk Sinanian                22801 Ventura Blvd.
    ISU Insurance Services        Serge Sinanian                      # 203                 (818) 225-7025
      Meridian Brokerage          Mark Clemens                   Woodland Hills, Ca         (818) 225-7026
                                   Bill Wendorf                       91364

   ISU Insurance Services /
                                   Stacey Galvan            2659 Townsgate Road # 225       (805) 777-3444
Peterson Milaney Insurance As-      Judi Milaney               Westlake Village, Ca         (805) 777-3411

                                 Jerry Vande-Sande        6180 Laurel Canyon Blvd. # 270
ISU Vansa Insurance Services        Susan Hodge                North Hollywood, CA          (818) 763-9365
                                     T. Y. Hayes                      91606                 (818) 762-2242

                                                                11352 Ventura Blvd.
                                   Jacob Castroll                                           (818) 769-1809
   Jacob Castroll Insurance                                       Studio City, CA
                                    Sharon Kay                                              (818) 769-5049

                                                            18425 Burbank Blvd. # 403
                                 Armenn Karlubian                                           (818) 996-8988
 Karl Insurance Services, Inc.                                    Tarzana, CA
                                  Shant Karlubian                                           (818) 996-8533

                                                               5756 Lankershim Blvd.
   LaFrance and LaFrance          Aaron LaFrance                                            (818) 761-8422
                                                                North Hollywood, Ca
       Insurance, Inc.            Steve La France                                           (818) 761-9085

                                                             21731 Ventura Blvd. # 370
                                                                                            (818) 887-4884
Landecker Insurance Services      Ron Landecker                 Woodland Hills, Ca
                                                                                            (818) 887-4885

                                    Mitzi Like                  28055 Smyth Drive
  LBW Insurance & Financial                                                                 (661) 702-6000
                                   Dawn Abasta                     Valencia, Ca
        Services, Inc.                                                                      (661) 702-6060
                                   Gail Jenkins                       91355

                                                               11494 Burbank Blvd.
                                                                                            (818) 985-5510
Lemark Insurance Agency, Inc.      Mark E. Polak               North Hollywood, CA
                                                                                            (818) 985-7747

                                                          19350 Business Center Dr. # 200
                                                                                            (818) 993-6600
 Maus Insurance Agency, Inc.       Don J. Maus                    Northridge, CA
                                                                                            (818) 993-6656

                                                                 P.O. Box 1027
                                                                                            (818) 932-9200
 New Line Insurance Brokers        Fara Majdpour                Woodland Hills, Ca
                                                                                            (818) 932-9204

                                   Nikki Taylor
                                                          9420 Topanga Canyon Blvd. # 100
                                   Tom Leman                                                (818) 349-5200
    NIA Insurance Group                                           Chatsworth, CA
                                   Stuart Lorch                                             (818) 993-4279
                                  Steve Ruehlen

                                                             30101 Agoura Court # 233
Parkinson Insurance Agents &                                                                (818) 991-5672
                                 Garrett Parkinson               Agoura Hills, CA
           Brokers                                                                          (818) 879-7385

                                   Mary Pavlo                5700 Canoga Avenue # 400
Poms & Associates Insurance        Linda Tish                    Woodland Hills, Ca         (818) 449-9300
       Brokers, Inc.              Ockina Wilson                       91367                 (818) 449-9321

                                   Kathy Banks
                                                              3507 W. Magnolia Blvd.
                                  Kendra Banks                                              (818) 762-2151
 Quisenberry Insurance, Inc.                                       Burbank, Ca
                                   Chris Heyer                                              (818) 980-3240
                                  Shirley Bubany

                                                            26370 Diamond Place # 503       (661) 222-2540
       RBP Insurance             Robert Piscitello
                                                                Santa Clarita, Ca           (661) 222-2544

                                                           31255 Cedar Valley Drive # 224
Richard B. Helfman Insurance      Rick Helfman                                              (818) 706-9900
                                                               Westlake Village, Ca
        Agency, Inc.              Stephanie Kay                                             (818) 706-9905

                                  Mario Guerra
                                                             21011 Warner Center Lane
                                 Cheryl Bingham                                             (818) 316-0999
 SGB Insurance Brokers, Inc.                                    Woodland Hills, Ca
                                  Jim Scanlon                                               (818) 316-0990
                                 Marion Dancer

                                                             15720 Ventura Blvd. # 302
Secure Net Insurance Services,    Ben Raiszadeh                                             (818) 382-4089
                                                                   Encino, Ca
             Inc.                 Shanie Directo                                            (818) 382-4088

                                                            5200 Lankershim Blvd. # 300
                                  Scott Shepard                                             (818) 508-9925
  Shepard Insurance Agency                                     North Hollywood, CA
                                  Gary Shepard                                              (818) 508-4907

                                       Dianne Ewing              17835 Ventura Blvd. # 210
                                                                                                 (818) 776-2700
Stone Harris & Stone Insurance     Victoria Stone Hartvig               Encino, CA
                                                                                                 (818) 776-2722
                                      Melinda Barton                      91316

                                                                  11338 Moorepark Street
     Thaxton & Associates                                                                        (818) 508-6500
                                    Madelaine Sutphin                 Studio City, Ca
  Creative Insurance Services                                                                    (818) 655-1267

                                     Stacey Schwenk           4540 E. Thosand Oaks Blvd. # 200
                                                                                                 (818) 889-7240
Thorson Insurance Services, Inc.      Nilu Rasheed                  Westlake Village, Ca
                                                                                                 (818) 889-2580
                                     Matthew Arnold                        91362

                                        Eric Bossuk
                                                                  23961- L Craftsman Road
Tri County Insurance Services –         David Kern                                               (818) 223-8383
                                                                      Calabasas, CA
           Calabasas                   Robert Mulein                                             (818) 223-8181
                                      Talin Jabourian

                                                                8399 Topanga Cyn Blvd # 301
                                                                                                 (818) 883-1313
     Tri County Insurance             Norman Meister                  Canoga Park, Ca
                                                                                                 (818) 346-3022

                                   Michael J. Rastique III          21600 Oxnard Street
   USI of Southern California           Chip Stuart                       8th Floor              (818) 251-3000
    Insurance Services, Inc.           John Moreno                   Woodland Hills, Ca          (818) 251-1800
                                     Michael Bernstein                     91367

                                                                    22801 Ventura Blvd.
                                       Bryan Nuesca                      3rd Floor               (818) 225-6200
 Venbrook Insurance Services
                                        Carl Ferraris               Woodland Hills, CA           (818) 225-6210

                                       Jeff Papenfus                32110 Agoura Road
   Warner Pacific Insurance                                                                      (818) 225-0101
                                        Neil Crosby                 Westlake Village, Ca
       Services, Inc.                                                                            (818) 575-2314
                                        Ken Doyle                         91361

                                                                   15303 Ventura Blvd.
   Wells Fargo of California                                            7th Floor
                                                                                                 (818) 464-9336
                                         Jeff Lang
   Insurance Services, Inc.                                                                      (818) 464-9398
                                                               Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403-3197

                                     Mark Wheatman
                                                              6345 Balboa Blvd. Bldg # 4 #285
Wheatman Insurance Services,         A.F. Wheatman                                               (818) 881-8900
                                                                        Encino, CA
           LLC                     James P. Wheatman                                             (818) 881-8922
                                     Diana L. Javurek

                                                                  21363 Lassen St., # 200
                                       John Crites Jr.                                           (818) 772-0807
 White Oak Insurance Services                                         Chatsworth, CA
                                      Lucy Oganesian                                             (818) 772-0984

                                                                     44 Cabrillo Circle
                                      John Wintemute                                             (805) 376-1338
 Wintemute Insurance Agency                                         Thousand Oaks, Ca
                                       Jim Wintemute                                             (805) 499-2518

     Advanced Restoration Specialists, Inc.
        AFCO Acceptance Corporation
                 Allied Insurance
      American Restoration Technologies
            Anchor Consulting Group
           Anderson & Murison, Inc.
             Appleby & Sterling, Inc.
              Bliss & Glennon, Inc.
                 Burns & Wilcox
          California Insurance Group
          Cananwill Premium Funding
Chartwell Independent Insurance Brokers, LLC
         Crusader Insurance Company
                 Deans & Homer
          Feddersen & Company, LLP
             Golden Eagle Insurance
            Gray – Stone & Company
            Harry W. Gorst Company
                     IBA West
International Facilities Insurance Services, Inc.
          Lending Insurance Company
           Mercury Insurance Group
             Michelman & Robinson
       Monarch E & S Insurance Services
         Partners Specialty Group, Inc.
          P & C Professional Staffing
       Premium Assignment Corporation
         Premium Financing Specialists
   Republic Indemnity Company of America
           Safeco Insurance Company
              Self Insured Solutions
      State Compensation Insurance Fund
               Swett & Crawford
  The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International
                   The Hartford
              The Kaufman Agency
Western Security Surplus Insurance Brokers, Inc.
   Wholesale Connection Insurance Services
            Worldwide Facilities, Inc.
           Zenith Insurance Company

   Company Name                Contact                 Address                Phone / Fax / E-Mail

                           Patricia Koscher
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Advanced Restoration       Darrell Paulson
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  Specialists, Inc.         Sylvia Gilmour
                           Pauline McLean

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American Restoration                                  Place                      (818) 700-5065
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   Technologies                                  Chatsworth, Ca   
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                             Jim McCarthy        800 W. Colorado                 (323) 255-2333
 Anderson & Murison,         Sheila Perez              Blvd.                     (323) 255-0957
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                                                   2251 A Ward                  (805) 583-9832
                             Walt Maurer
Appleby & Sterling, Inc.     Mike Maurer
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                              Sue Fodor

                            Jennifer Gruber                                   (800) 829-7330
                            Michele Remus         P.O. Box 8010               (310) 372-1903
 Bliss & Glennon, Inc.       Jett Abramson      Redondo Beach, Ca
                            Lori Rodriguez            90277      
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                               Tim Burnett
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  Cananwill Premium                               Blvd. # D-601              (847) 953-2338
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      Funding                                    Long Beach, Ca
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Capital Insurance Group      Mike McBride         Camarillo, Ca

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Chartwell Independent                               Suite 528
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 Insurance Brokers                               Los Angeles, Ca
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                           Jason Schlimgen

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                            Dan Bonenfant       550 N. Brand Blvd.
 CRC – Sterling West                                           
                                                     # 1990
 Insurance Services                                               
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                                                23251 Mulholland             (818) 591-9856
                           Crystal C. Chang
  Crusader Insurance                                  Dr.   
                           David A. Klayman
      Company                                   Woodland Hills, Ca
                            Cary L. Cheldin

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                              James Dik               # 150
    Deans & Homer                                              
                              Erika Gross           Encino, Ca

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      Employers             Mike Jerzak         Glendale, Ca          
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                           Deniece Zwick

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Feddersen & Company,     Steven M. McNulty,        # 109-A
        LLP                   C.P. A.         Calabasas Park, Ca

                          JoAnn Gonzales                                         (619) 744-6085
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                                                 525 B Street
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Golden Eagle Insurance                          San Diego, CA
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                           Rich Possanza

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                                               275 E. Hillcrest Dr.               (805) 494-4440
                          Grace Herrera
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Gray-Stone & Company     Christine Beauvais
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                            Bryan Clark             Blvd.                       (818) 956-6922
Harry W. Gorst Company
                           Mike Heagerty       Chatsworth, Ca         
                           Jennifer Clark           91203             

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                                              21731 Ventura Blvd.
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                                                    # 165
                         Barbara Zimmerman                       
      IBA West                                 Woodland Hills, Ca
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       Infinity            John Sibthorp                          
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                              Pauline Bareno
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 International Facilities                                # 1400          
                                Gregg Curtis
Insurance Services, Inc.                             Los Angeles, Ca    
                                Paul Bareno
                                  Chi Pham

                                                   505 N. Brand Blvd.             (818) 254-1040
  Leading Insurance             John E. King            # 1025                    (818) 254-1039
      Company                    Sean Park           Glendale, Ca     

                              Michael Strickler    17401 Ventura Blvd.           (818) 905-5123
  LyteSpeed Learning          Nancy Strickler            # A-35                  (818) 905-6460
        Center               Samantha Strickler        Encino, Ca    
                               Elliott Strickler         91316        

                                                   11000 Eucalyptus St           (909) 772-3876
  Mercury Insurance                                     Rancho                   (909) 919-7047
                                  Min Choi
       Group                                         Cucamonga, Ca

                                                                                   (818) 879-4459
                                                     P.O. Box 5126                 (818) 879-4422
  Mercury Insurance
                                                   Westlake Village, Ca
       Group                    Joe Nunnally

                             Mark B. Robinson                                     (818) 783-5530
                                                   15760 Ventura Blvd.
                            Sanford L. Michelman                                  (818) 783-5507
Michelman & Robinson,                                     # 500
                              Dana A. Kravetz                        
        LLP                                            Encino, Ca
                              Ronald R. Camhi                           
                              John Sebastinelli

                               Derek Borisoff
                               Mark Kaufman         2540 Foothill Blvd.           818-249-0100
    Monarch E & S               Cindy Blazer              #101                    818-249-1166
  Insurance Services            Matt Merkle         La Crescenta, CA
                              Dave Skogstrom             91214     

                               Sarah L Corvin                                     (310) 586-4700
                                                   2450 Colorado Ave,
                                Marc Ritter                                       (310) 586-4750
  Partners Specialty                                     #200 E
                                 Jeff Short                          
     Group, Inc.                                    Santa Monica, CA
                                Ray Brown                               
                                Mark Jarboe

                                                                          (818) 364-7411
                                                P.O. Box
                                                                          (818) 362-3558
 P & C Professional      Bruce C. Haapala        920128
      Staffing            Cindy Haapala        Sylmar, Ca

                                             151 Kalmus Dr.              (818) 822-4491
Premium Assignment          Karen Yu             # C220                  (818) 360-8100
    Corporation                              Costa Mesa, CA

                                                                            (818) 848-9430
                                             601 S. Glenoaks
                                                                            (818) 848-9702
                          Jack DeLeon             Blvd.
 Premium Financing                                      
                          Nelson Sanesi            # 403
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                                            15821 Ventura Blvd.           (818) 986-6559
                            Carol Deal
Republic Indemnity of                              # 370     
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      America                                   Encino, CA    

                          Michael Rubin                                    (818) 728-0900
                                            16542 Ventura Blvd.
                         Gagik Khoudian                                    (818) 728-0910
 Rubin, Palache and                               # 310
                         Jerry Fleischman                      
    Associates                                  Encino, Ca
                           Scott Estrine                       

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                                            330 N. Brand Blvd.            (800) 813-4534
  Safeco Insurance
                           Ruben Cruz           10th Floor    
                                              Glendale, Ca     

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                                             2151 Convention
                          Jason Morris                                    (661) 951-0441
                                               Center Way
Self Insured Solutions     Parley Call                        
                                                  # 203
                         Weston Griffeth                       
                                               Ontatio, Ca

                         Lorena Bendig
                           Evy Levine                                      (323) 981-6706
                                            9419 Mason Avenue
State Compensation       Curt Nordhagen                                    (323) 981-6706
                                              Chatsworth, Ca
  Insurance Fund          Ray Del Real                         
                          Ron Villafana                           

                                                   21650 Oxnard               (818) 593-2008
                                                       Street                 (818) 593-2042
                              Fran Maliszewski
   Swett & Crawford                                    # 1400 
                                Delores Scott
                                                  Woodland Hills, Ca

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    The Greenspan
                              Robb Greenspan             # 200                (818) 386-9008
      Company /
                                 Bill Rake            Encino, CA 
 Adjusters International

                                Adam Russo         777 S. Figueroa            (213) 270-6402
                             Connie May - Bavis         Street                (213) 270-1813
      The Hartford           Cindy Roth - Sides         # 770 
                               John Hagerott       Los Angeles, Ca
                                Gary Kovac              90017

                                                                              (818) 587-9118
                                                  23681 Candlewood            (818) 587-9121
 The Kaufman Agency           Patrice Kaufman
                                                    West Hills, Ca

                                                                              (805) 386-0362
                                                     P.O. Box 845             (866) 322-3604
  Travelers Insurance
                               Sharon Graeter         Somis, Ca 

                                 Ray Bowles                                    (626) 584-0110
                               Richard Polizzi                                 (626) 584-0144
   Western Security                               790 E. Green Street
                              Marvin Altamirano                   
   Surplus Insurance                                Pasadena, Ca
                              Brian Manassero                      
     Brokers, Inc.                                       91101
                             Esmeralda Temores                       

                                Steven Stern       5959 Topanga
                                Susan Byrne         Canyon Blvd.              (818) 251-3504
 Wholesale Connection
                                Marilyn Wert           # 250                  (818) 716-9899
  Insurance Services
                                Dennis Byrne      Woodland Hills, Ca
                                 Chris Nitz            91367

                                                                              (213) 380-4670
                                                  3530 Wilshire Blvd
                               Drew Roddan                                    (213) 384-5180
Worldwide Facilities, Inc.      Jeff Conley                       
                                                   Los Angeles, Ca
                                Joe Robuck                           

                                Steve Albers                                  (818) 594-5190
                                Stephen Frye      21255 Califa Street         (818) 587-5102
    Zenith Insurance
                              Dan Huckemeyer      Woodland Hills, CA
                                Glen Zepnick         91367-5021   
                               Shari Firestone

                                           BY – LAWS
                                   IBA San Fernando Valley, Inc.

                                     Constitution and By-Laws

                                             ARTICLE I


Section 1:     The name of this Corporation shall be Insurance Brokers and Agents of the San Fernando
               Valley, Inc. (IBA SFV).

Section 2:     The principal office of this Corporation shall be located in Los Angeles County,

                                             ARTICLE II


The purposes of the Corporation shall be those set forth in its articles of incorporation

                                            ARTICLE III


Section 1:     The classes of membership of this Corporation shall be:

               A.      Regular member agencies.

               B.      Booster member companies.

               C.      Associate member agencies.

Section 2:     Membership qualifications shall be as follows:

               A.      Regular membership shall be available to individuals, firms or
                       Corporations who:

                       1.      Are properly qualified and licensed, as provided by the laws of the State
                               of California, to act as Insurance Agents or Brokers.

                       2.      Principally represent Fire and Casualty insurance companies doing
                               business solely under the American Agency System.

                       3.      Are engaged principally in the production of general insurance on a
                               commission basis and who are engaged in no business incompatible with
                               the aims and purposes of this Corporation.

                       4.      Own their expirations and possess freedom of choice as to the placing of
                               business and are under no obligation to place business with any company
                               or group of companies.
             B.        Regular membership shall not be available to: Office brokers, solicitors or agents
                       who are domiciled in the office of a regular member of this Corporation.

             C.        Each regular member shall be a member of the Insurance Agents and Brokers of
                       the West (hereafter referred to as IBA West), and their dues shall be paid to the
                       Corporation, or IBA West, for transmittal to the Corporation, as determined by
                       the Corporation.

             D.        Booster membership shall be available to individuals, firms or corporations who:

                       1.      Are suppliers to the insurance industry.

                       2.      Booster members’ dues shall be paid directly to the Corporation.

             E.        Associate membership shall be available for those agencies with a dual
                       membership in IBA West. The primary membership of these agencies is with
                       another local association other than IBA SFV. Associate members’ dues shall be
                       paid directly to the Corporation.

             F.        Every member of this Corporation shall subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the
                       Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America in order to better promote
                       its purposes.

             G.        Honorary membership may be accorded to individuals considered deserving
                       by the Board of Directors, by that body, for a period of one (1) year. Honorary
                       membership shall incur no dues. Honorary members shall have no vote.


Section 3:   Acceptance to membership shall be as follows:

                  A.   Each regular and associate applicant for membership in this Corporation shall
                       abide by the rulings of the Board of Directors, and will faithfully carry out the
                       intent as well as the spirit of the Code of Ethics of the Independent Insurance
                       Agents and Brokers of American, and all statutes contained in the Insurance Code
                       of the State of California.

                  B.   The written application together with applicable fees shall be presented to IBA
                       West for approval and acceptance. IBA West will forward applicable membership
                       information and dues to the Corporation.

                  C.   In the event IBA West would discontinue processing membership applications for
                       approval, the Secretary-Treasurer would then present the application to the Board
                       of Directors for approval. The application may be accepted by a majority vote of
                       the Board of Directors of this Corporation.


Section 4:   Powers of membership shall be as follows:
             A.      Regular members: To attend all meetings, and to enjoy and participate in all
                     rights, privileges and activities appurtenant to this Corporation. To elect Officers
                     and members of the Board of Directors of this Corporation: and to vote on all
                     other matters coming before the Corporation.

             B.      Regular members also may inspect, copy and review all corporate books and
                     records provided that the request is related to his interest as a member.

             C.      Associate members shall have and enjoy all rights of regular members as set forth


Section 5:   The dues shall be a follows:

             A.      Regular members: Dues shall be set by the Board of Directors each year payable
                     in advance:

                     1.      Applicants for regular membership: Applicants for regular membership
                             in this Corporation shall deposit with their application as dues for the
                             balance of the calendar year the pro-rata percentage of the annual dues.
                             Should the application be refused, the sum deposited shall be refunded.

             B.      Booster and Associate members: Dues shall be set by the Board of Directors each
                     year payable in advance.


Section 6:   A.      A member whose dues are delinquent for sixty (60) days shall forfeit their
                     membership and be dropped from the rolls, unless such time of delinquency is
                     otherwise established by action of the Board of Directors.


Section 7:   A.      Any member may be suspended or expelled for cause, upon action to suspend by
                     the Board. Prior to action by the Corporation the member shall be given fifteen
                     (15) days notice, in writing, of the charges preferred against them, together with
                     the opportunity of being heard by the Board.

             B.      Suspension may be at any meeting of the Corporation (see Article VII) upon
                     affirmative vote of two-thirds of those present, provided that a notice of
                     the Board recommendation shall be mailed to each regular member of the
                     Corporation at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of said meeting.

             C.      Should a member be suspended or expelled, they shall forfeit, to the Corporation,
                     their dues for the balance of the year.


Section 8:   Resignation of members shall be in writing submitted to the Board of Directors.


Section 9:   In the event that a regular member of this Corporation transfers business by inheritance,
             devise or purchase, application may be made to the Board of Directors for transfer of
             membership from the retiring member to the applicant for membership. The Board of
             Directors shall have authority to refuse to transfer any membership in this Corporation.

                                           ARTICLE IV

                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                       Number of Directors

Section 1:   The Board of Directors of this Corporation shall be composed of at least eight (8) but
             not more than twelve (12) members, one of which shall be the Immediate Past President,
             all duly elected to the Board at the Annual Meeting. In addition, any member of this
             Association who is serving as an Officer or member of the Board of Directors of IBA
             West shall be a member of this Board during the term of their office in IBA West.


Section 2:   All Directors of this Corporation shall be a regular member or associate member in good
             standing. Furthermore, all Directors must have been an active member of IBA SFV for
             one (1) year prior to assumption of office.


Section 3:   The conduct of affairs of this Corporation and enforcement, interpretation and
             construction of its By-Laws shall be vested in the Board of Directors subject to appeal
             to the Corporation at a general or special meeting of the members. Notice of appeal
             shall be filed in writing with the President of the Corporation within ten (10) days after
             notification to the members of the findings of the Board of Directors.


Section 4:   Any member of the Board of Directors of the Corporation may be suspended for cause by
             vote of a majority of the Board. Prior to action by the Board the member shall be given
             five (5) days notice, in writing, of the charges preferred against them together with the
             opportunity of being heard.


Section 5:   Any member of the Board of Directors of this Corporation may be suspended for failure
             to attend, with or without just cause, two (2) meetings in succession of the Board or three
             (3) out of five (5) meetings of the Board.


Section 6:   In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors, such vacancy shall be filled
             for the unexpired term by appointment of the President subject to approval by the Board
             of Directors.

Section 7:   Official action by the Board of Directors shall be considered as binding the Corporation
             subject to veto power of a two-thirds majority of the regular members as defined in
             Article III. All Board Members shall have one vote.

                                            Term of Office

Section 8:   The term of office of the Directors shall be as follows:

             A.      Directors elected at the Annual Meeting shall serve for a period of one (1) or two
                     (2) years

             B.      A Director appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the
                     unexpired term of the retiring Director.

                                       Executive Board of Directors

Section 9:   The Executive Board of Directors shall consist of all Officers and the Immediate Past

                                             ARTICLE V



Section 1:   The Officers of this Corporation shall be as follows:

             A.      President

             B.      President Elect

             C.      Secretary – Treasurer


Section 2:   All Officers of the Corporation must be a regular or associate member in good standing,
             and have served as a Director of the Corporation for a minimum of one (1) year.

                                          Duties and Powers

Section 3:   The duties and powers of the Officers of this Corporation shall be as follows:

             A.      The President shall be the executive officer and shall preside at all meetings of
                     this Corporation. He/She shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors
                     with the right to vote only in case of a tie. The President shall be a member
                     ex-office of all committees. In the President’s absence, the President Elect will
                     perform the duties of the President.

             B.      The President Elect shall assist the President in the executive work of this

             C.      The Secretary – Treasurer shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of the
                     Corporation and of the Board of Directors and perform such other duties as
                     are prescribed by the Board of Directors. He/She shall handle the funds of the
                     Corporation as directed by the Board of Directors. All checks for the withdrawal
                     of funds must be signed by two (2) Officers excepting those of a value of $150.00
                     or less which shall require the signature of only one (1) Officer.


Section 4:   Vacancies shall be filled from the Board of Directors for the unexpired term, by a majority
             vote of the Board of Directors.

                                           Term of Office

Section 5:   The term shall be one (1) year for each office.

                                           ARTICLE VI

                              NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS


Section 1:   The Officers shall be nominated as follows:

             A.      The Nominating Committee shall be a standing committee consisting of five (5)
                     members including at least two (2) Past Presidents.

             B.      The nominating Committee shall prepare a list of nominees for the Officers for
                     the following year to be presented to the Board no less than sixty (60) days prior
                     to the Annual Meeting.

             C.      The list of nominees shall consist of a President, President Elect, and a Secretary-

             D.      The slate of nominees shall be published in the Corporation’s newsletter and
                     mailed, or transmitted electronically as new technology allows, to all members
                     no less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting. Write-in votes shall be

             E.      Nominations may be allowed by petition of five percent (5%) of the members

             F.      Nothing in this section shall be construed as preventing other nominations for
                     Officers being made from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

Section 2:   The Directors shall be nominated as follows:

             A.      The Nominating Committee shall include in the list of nominees, Directors who are to serve for
                     one (1) or two (2) year terms.

             B.      Nothing in this section shall be construed as preventing other nominations for Directors being
                     made from the floor of the Annual Meeting.


Section 3:   At the Annual Meeting, the Officers and Directors as set forth in Section 1. and Section 2. of this article
             shall be elected upon a majority vote of the membership present.

                                                    Taking Office

Section 4:   The Officers and Directors shall take office on the first business day of January.

                                                   ARTICLE VII


                                                 Regular Meetings

Section 1:   Regular meetings of this Corporation shall be held as determined by the Board of Directors.

                                                  Annual Meetings

             A.      The Annual Meeting of the Corporation shall be held in the month of December.

             B.      Notification of this meeting, together with the list of nominees, shall be mailed, or transmitted
                     electronically as new technology allows, to each member at their last known address at least five
                     (5) days before the date of this meeting.

                                                  Special Meetings

Section 2:   A.      Special meetings of the membership shall be called as follows:

                     1.      By the President.

                     2.      At the request of fifteen percent (15%) of regular members agencies.

                     3.      By majority vote of the Board of Directors

             B.      Notice of special meetings shall be mailed to the last known address of the members, by First
                     Class Mail, or transmitted electronically as new technology allows, not later than ten (10) days
                     prior to such meetings, Sundays and holidays excepted. Such notices shall state the objective
                     of the meeting and at such meetings no business other than that stated in the notice shall be

                                     Meetings of the Board of Directors

Section 3:   A.      Regular Meetings. The Board of Directors shall meet on a regularly scheduled basis, at least once
                     each month, upon such days as voted by the Board of Directors.

             B.      Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be held upon the request of the President
                     with four (4) days written prior notice of such meeting or forty-eight (48) hours if notified by
                     telephone, or through other means of electronic communication, as new technology allows.

                                  Meeting of the Executive Board of Directors

Section 4:   The Executive Board of Directors shall meet monthly prior to the monthly Board of Directors meeting.


Section 5:   A quorum of the Board of Directors shall be constituted as follows:

             A.      Seven (7) members of the Board of Directors and Officers shall constitute a quorum at any
                     meeting of the Board of Directors.

Section 6:   Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern the proceedings at all meetings of this Corporation except
             as provided for by these By-Laws.

                                                  ARTICLE VIII


Section 1:   In the event that the regular revenues of the Corporation prove insufficient to meet the needs of the
             Corporation, the deficit may be assessed by the Board of Directors against the members, either pro-rated
             in equal sums or in graduated amounts, according to the number of members; the method, however, to be
             designated at the time assessment is levied by the Board of Directors.

                                                   ARTICLE IX


Section 1:   No indebtedness, other than necessary expenses and office supplies, shall be incurred by any member
             except by vote of the Board of Directors.

                                                   ARTICLE X


Section 1:   Voting at the Annual Meeting or Special Meetings, must be in person, with one vote per member agency
             (regular and associate)

                                                     ARTICLE XI

                                                 CALENDAR YEAR

Section 1:   This Corporation shall operate on a Calendar Year Basis, and the Fiscal Year shall also be on a Calendar
             year Basis.

                                                     ARTICLE XII

                                            WAIVER AND SUSPENSION

Section 1:   These By-Laws shall not be suspended or waived.

                                                    ARTICLE XIII


Section 1:   The IBA San Fernando Valley shall indemnify, to the full extent permitted by law, any person made
             a party or threatened to be made a party to any action, suit or proceeding, whether civil, criminal,
             administrative, or investigative, by reason of the fact that their testator, or intestate, is or was a Director,
             Officer, committee member, or employee of IBA San Fernando Valley.

                                                    ARTICLE XIV


Section 1:   The regular members, by the affirmative vote of the holders of a majority of such memberships issued and
             outstanding, or the Directors, by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Directors, may at any meeting,
             or after amend these bylaws, provided the substance of the proposed amendment shall have been stated in
             the notice of the meeting.

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              La Crescenta 818-249-0100 FAX 818-249-1166 San Diego 619-521-2170 FAX 619-521-2180 rancho mirage 760-779-5555 fax 760-779-5234
            SIMI VALLEY 805-577-6800 Fax 805-577-1915 novato 415-883-1411 fax 415-883-1752 monarchxs@monarchexcess.COM License 0697233

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