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McARTHUR RIVER MINING                                                                               JANUARY 2008 – EDITION 7

   Above: Propagating seedlings. Below: Preparing irrigation and the MRM Environment Team tree planting at Barney Creek.

Barney Creek                                            MRM’s Health, Safety and Environmental
                                                        Superintendent Jane Yelland said the
rehabilitation report                                   rehabilitation strategy was to replicate the
                                                        original channel’s vegetation.

Civil works associated with the development             “The new channel has been planned in great
of the Barney Creek channel have been                   detail to ensure it remains stable for flood
completed, with the exception of the                    events and throughout the life of the mine,”
two bridges.                                            Jane said.

Irrigation lines have been installed and more           “So we’ve collected seeds from the local area
than 5,000 tube-stock have been planted. The            and we’re replanting them into the channel.
tube-stock includes a variety of native species         We’re placing woody debris and rocks in
common to riparian locations along the                  the creek-bed to slow the velocity of the
existing Barney Creek and fringing locations.           water and create a habitat for fish and other
Seeds for the tube-stock were previously
collected by the Environment Team who                   “We’re aiming to create areas of reduced
focused on planting native shrubs, trees and            velocity that matches fish migration.
grass species during October.
                                                        “We’ve completed five surveys so far on the
Approximately 15,000 plants have been                   fish in the area, including tagging, so we can    
delivered to site for planting with more on the         get a good understanding of where they are,
way. Initially these plants are hardened on site                                                          
                                                        and what their habitats are like.”
before being planted along sections of                                                                              1800 211 573
Barney Creek.

                                                      2007 HSEC audit                                    MRM staff news
                                                      Over the past months people from across            At the end of November 2007, MRM had
                                                      all areas at MRM have been busy preparing          186 permanent employees and
                                                      for the Health, Safety, Environment and            504 contractors.
                                                      Community (HSEC) audit.
                                                                                                         New starters
                                                      The audit took place during the week
                                                      commencing 26 November 2007 and                    MRM would like to welcome:
                                                      preliminary feedback from the auditors

 A message from                                       has been positive, with a final report to
                                                      be provided later in the year. The panel of
                                                                                                         Administration Department
                                                                                                         Darren Trevena – Supply Officer
 the GM                                               auditors were Michael Woolley from URS
                                                      Australia, Jim Batey from Focus on Safety, and
                                                                                                         Mal Logan – MST Superintendent

                                                      Brendan Callaghan and Jenny Sutcliffe from         MST Trainees: Clayton Anderson, Peter
 As we prepare for the coming wet season,
                                                      Xstrata Zinc.                                      Anderson, Terry Armstrong, Lesley Devery,
 civil works at the mine site are winding down
 while our environmental rehabilitation action is                                                        Ivan Hogan, James Huen, Anthony Lansen,
                                                      The hard work involved with preparing for
 ramping up.
                                                      the audit is crucial to ensure MRM accurately      Ashley Lennon, Lachlan Raymond, Kathy
                                                      measures and continuously improves                 Roberts, Susan Ahwon, David Cutta, Renetta
 2007 has been the first of two years under
                                                      sustainable performance within all areas of the    Ahwon, Veronica Mulholland, Russell
 our $110 million open pit development and
                                                      operation and for the local community.             Thompson, Patricia Pluto, Marcus Finlay and
 we have made great progress with the river
                                                                                                         Geraldine Lansen.
 rechannelling, levee and bund walls and new          Xstrata’s HSEC Management Standards are
 infrastructure such as two new bridges over          internationally recognised principles that guide   Environment and Health and
 Barney Creek.                                        strategic decision making, work behaviours         Safety Department
                                                      and operational procedures. The standards          Sandy Thomas – Senior Safety Advisor
 Importantly, this year has also seen a significant
                                                      ensure everyone at MRM (and Xstrata                Jeremy Barnett – Environment Officer
 increase in our environmental monitoring
                                                      worldwide) maintains the highest possible
 programs and most recently, the start of work                                                           Emma Spokes – Injury Management
                                                      standards in health, safety, environment and
 to rehabilitate the newly constructed elements                                                          Coordinator
                                                      community management.
 of our open pit operation.
                                                      Sustainable development is commonly                Mining Department
 In particular, 15,000 seedlings of local native                                                         Colin Fox and David Frost as Mine
                                                      described as the concept of balancing the
 plants have been delivered for the re-                                                                  Production Supervisors Pertti Kuusissalo
                                                      needs of the present without compromising
 establishment of the Barney Creek environment
                                                      the ability of future generations to meet          and Eric Turner as Mining Operators
 around the new channel. These are just part of
                                                      their own needs (UN World Commission on
 the estimated 35,000 seedlings we will use in                                                           Metallurgy
                                                      Environment and Development 1987).
 our overall rehabilitation program.                                                                     Michael Sobieralski and Keith Shaw who
                                                      In terms of implementing the 17 HSEC               commenced as Fixed Plant Fitters
 Our aim has always been to recreate the
                                                      Management Standards it means MRM
 natural river and creek environments so they
                                                      agrees to:                                         Internal Transfers
 continue to support the plants and animals that
                                                                                                         Louise Manis transferred to the Mining
 are a feature of this region.                        • Offer an attractive employment opportunity
                                                                                                         Department as a Mining Supervisor
                                                        with a focus on occupational health and
 To this end, we have also continued studies                                                             Grant Gibson is now a Level 2
                                                        safety, and career development
 with leading experts in local birds and fish.                                                           Operator Maintainer
                                                      • Expand its environmental management
 This edition of MemoRanduM covers a lot of             program in accordance with obligations           Farewell
 news about our action on all environmental             for open pit mining and with community
 fronts.                                                expectations for the highest standards of        Farewell and thank you to Emily Mancini
                                                        protection                                       who resigned from her position as Mine
 Together, all these stories give a good indication                                                      Accountant in August. MRM would also
 of the significant investment MRM is making          • Support enterprise and employment
                                                        growth in the Northern Territory and local
                                                                                                         like to thank Eric Turner Gavin Ross, Deon
 to ensure the environment we influence both
                                                        economy                                          Coates, Stephen Price, Anthony Robertson
 around the mine and downstream is protected.
                                                                                                         and Adam Roy.
                                                      • Work with community, government and
 From everyone at MRM, we wish you a very
                                                        other stakeholders to implement a visionary
 happy and safe Christmas and look forward to
                                                        regional development plan for the area
 bringing you more news in 2008.
                                                        influenced by the mine.

                                                      All MRM employees are responsible for the
 Brian Hearne                                         delivery of the HSEC Management Standards
 General Manager                                      to ensure MRM continuously improves its
                                                                                              McARTHUR RIVER MINING   JANUARY 2008 – EDITION 7

                                                                                                   McARTHUR RIVER MINING       AUGUST 2007 – EDITION 6

Careers Expo
                                                Women in hard                                      “I also ensure a safe and continuous
                                                                                                   electrical supply is maintained to site
In August Human Resources joined forces
with Community Relations and toured
                                                hats                                               equipment and that all electrical, instrument
                                                                                                   and control system documentation is
the Northern Territory with displays at the                                                        developed and maintained,” Carmel said.
                                                MRM women may soon be showcased
Careers Expo. The Expo aims to inspire and
                                                online as a part of a Queensland
encourage students to consider a career
in mining.
                                                Government strategy to promote the efforts         “I believe the mining
                                                of those who take up traditional ‘men’s
The MRM display featured careers in             work’ professions.
                                                                                                   industry enables me to
professional roles, trade, operational or                                                          gain experience in a
entry level positions across all departments.   ‘Women in Hard Hats’ is a Queensland
Students, teachers and parents who              Government initiative that helps women             variety of areas with a big
attended the expo were very interested in       explore careers in the mining and                  advantage being able to
careers available at MRM and had many           construction industries.
questions about the mining industry.
                                                                                                   undertake projects from
                                                As part of this strategy some participating        start to finish.”
CDU Engineering Career Fair                     women showcased are already achieving
                                                great things in the mining industry.               Carmel likes to play Aussie Rules and Rugby
Kate Morse attended the Engineering Career
                                                                                                   Union in her spare time. She also belongs to
Fair at Charles Darwin University (CDU),        Electrical Engineer Carmel Johnston is a           the Army Reserves and likes fishing
which was well represented by various           perfect example at MRM.                            and camping.
companies in the Northern Territory.
                                                Carmel has worked at MRM for three years           Because of an ongoing skills shortage in the
MRM received numerous queries from
                                                and her work involves the coordination,            mining industry, Governments and industry
students interested in pursuing a career
                                                effective planning and resourcing of all           have been keen to encourage women to
within the mining industry, in the areas of
                                                electrical, instrumentation and control            build careers in what is traditionally a
mechanical, electrical, mining, and civil and
                                                projects and certifying installations to           male area.
project management engineering.
                                                statutory standards.
Feedback from the Career Fair was positive,
and applications were received from
prospective students interested in Student
Vacation Placements.

Overall the recruitment drive in August and
September was positive and may generate
potential future employees.

 Aerial view of MRM, October 2007                  Electrical Engineer Carmel Johnston

Open pit update                                         Overburden Emplacement Facility (OEF)
                                                        The OEF haul road is 80% complete. The
                                                                                                          is now complete and the existing Southern
                                                                                                          Bund removed. This has enabled mining of
                                                        two bridges over the Barney Creek channel         Stage D in the open pit to continue.
                                                        are under construction and the first bridge
The rechannelling works for Barney and                                                                    Mining
                                                        is scheduled for completion at the end of
Surprise Creeks are 100% complete and                                                                     Transitional ore production from Stage D
                                                        December 2007. The second bridge will be
demobilising of plant and personnel is now                                                                commenced on 29 July 2007 and the fresh
                                                        finished in February 2008.
underway. Some plant is being retained                                                                    ore was delivered to the mill in early October.
for the completion works in 2008. The civil             OEF works will commence in April 2008.
contractors’ camp has also been off-hired.                                                                Most of the transitional ore has been
                                                        McArthur River rechannelling                      stockpiled and is scheduled for treatment in
Barney Creek rechannelling                              The new McArthur River channel is 85%             May 2008.
Barney Creek is almost finished. Only minor             complete with 3.3 million cubic metres of
excavation and rock protection under the                clay and rock moved so far. The blasted rock      Stage C and D are mined concurrently to
haul road bridges needs to be completed.                was carted to the Barney Creek channel to         maintain ore stocks to the ROM. Although
                                                        be used as armouring and levee protection.        it is of lower metal content overall, the mill
Rock lining has been completed along its                                                                  performs better on Stage C ore because of
length and at the Surprise Creek intersection           Work on the final connections to the existing     lower levels of oxidation from ore mined at
including several drainage chutes on either             river and rehabilitation works will be done in    deeper levels.
side. In all, 1.5 million metres of clay,               early 2008.
rock and material has been excavated and                                                                  Tight control on the more complex geology
350,000 cubic metres of rock armour has                 Mine levee wall                                   in Stage D has mitigated most of the effects
been placed on batters and the floor of                 The main flood protection levee is now            of the Whelan Fault and the sudden regional
the channel.                                            66% complete, and all works allowed under         flattening of dip in this area. So far this year
                                                        the 2007 MMP are now finished. The final          ore production to the end of October was
Irrigation has been set up for the                      gaps over the two existing McArthur River         1.63 million tonnes at 10.3% Zinc which is
rehabilitation works which are due to start in          connections will be completed in 2008.            significantly better than the budget of 1.29
late November.                                                                                            million tonnes at 10.2% Zinc.
                                                        In all, 1.7 million cubic metres of conditioned
Trial planting completed before the last                clay has been placed with about 750,000           Stage E mining commenced in October and
wet season has been very effective. See the             metres more to come in 2008.                      will continue over the wet season with the
Barney Creek rehabilitation article on the                                                                addition of another excavator and truck
cover to read more.                                     Southern Anabranch wall                           fleet. Post wet season Stage F is due
                                                        The Southern Anabranch temporary bund             for commencement.

    The Barney Creek Channel and construction on the Barney Creek Bridge
                                                                                            McARTHUR RIVER MINING   JANUARY 2008 – EDITION 7

Independent                                    During 2007, this program was expanded to
                                               increase the number of locations tested and
                                                                                                 Most species identified in the August study
                                                                                                 were concentrated in the regions between

environmental                                  the scope of the studies.                         Port McArthur and Pelican Point.

monitor appointed                              “We have more than doubled our
                                               investment and resources in environmental
                                                                                                 In fact, the estimates from these counts
                                                                                                 exceeded the international thresholds for
                                               management to support a comprehensive             the Black Tailed Godwit. The numbers were
                                               program that closely tracks a wide range of       similar for the Red Knot and Lesser Plover.
In October 2007 the Northern Territory
Government appointed specialist                potential impacts,” Brian said.
                                                                                                 All figures for bird numbers are approximate
consultancy, Environmental Earth Sciences                                                        and are based on ground counts, which is
(EES), to conduct an independent review of                                                       about a quarter of the number of birds seen
MRM’s environmental monitoring.                Environment                                       from the air.

Brian Hearne said he and his team were         update                                            Fish monitoring
pleased to work with this independent                                                            In October, Dr Dean Thornburn from Indo
expert which has an important role in                                                            Pacific Environmental Pty Ltd undertook the
                                               Water and soil                                    fourth round of fish monitoring studies at
providing information to the community
                                               Routine sampling of groundwater and               sites along the McArthur and Glyde Rivers.
about the outcomes of the mine’s extensive
                                               surface water sites have continued up and         Significant amounts of fish were tagged
environmental monitoring program.
                                               down stream within the McArthur River             including a Freshwater Sawfish (Pristis
“After reviewing our history of                region as part of MRM’s monitoring program        microdon).
environmental monitoring in 2006, the NT       and trends are similar to previous monitoring
Environment Protection Agency’s Assessment     with no issues detected.                          At the end of November, Paul Barden from
Report 51 found there is no evidence                                                             Ecological Management Services conducted
                                               Soil samples have been taken from the             the aquatic macroinvertebrate monitoring
the mine has adversely impacted on the         Barney Creek rechannelled section and
McArthur River or Gulf environments.                                                             at surface water sites along the McArthur
                                               are being monitored closely in a shade            River. The results of this monitoring will be
                                               house environment to gauge weed species           compared with rehabilitated regions of
“EES now has the responsibility to review
                                               present which will aid in weed management         the river.
our current and future monitoring under
                                               techniques within the rehabilitated sections.
a five year contract and to advise the
community on whether this record has been      In late August environmental technicians          Sean Bellairs from Charles Darwin University
maintained.                                    from site completed a macroinvertebrate           visited MRM to determine suitable sites for
                                               monitoring course. A macroinvertebrate is         the comparison of vegetation within the
“We are committed to upholding the highest
                                               an animal without a backbone, large enough        McArthur River and sections of Barney Creek
standards of environmental protection and      to be seen without a microscope, such as
will work with the Department of Primary                                                         to gauge rehabilitation success.
                                               worms, clams, crustaceans and insects.
Industries, Fisheries and Mines (DPIFM) and                                                      Marj King from Top End Seed Supplies visited
the consultant to ensure they have the data    Knowledge from the monitoring course will         site to update the Environmental Team
required,”Brian said.                          be incorporated into future environmental         with a few more ideas and species to utilise
                                               monitoring programs for the site.                 within the rehabilitated areas.
EES was appointed by DPIFM and costs will
be fully covered by MRM.                       Bird monitoring                                   Brad Saur from the Weeds branch in
                                               Paul Barden from Ecological Management            Borroloola visited site to input into the
The consultant’s role is to review the         Services was on site in October to conduct        ongoing review of MRM’s annual Weed
results of MRM’s regular environmental         the late dry season Riparian Bird Survey.         Management Plan.
monitoring program and the Department’s
regular compliance auditing under the Mine     This survey captured and tagged more birds        Brett Anderson Steele and Michael Delosa
Management Plan. The results of the review     along the McArthur River and also identified      from DPIFM, were present on site in
will be made public.                           previously tagged birds.                          early September to conduct a Mining
                                                                                                 Management Plan compliance audit which
                                               Tagging birds provides valuable information
MRM’s program includes: mine site                                                                included the Bing Bong operations.
                                               on bird species, their numbers and
monitoring of water quality, dust and soil;
                                               distribution. Several species were tagged         Cesar Junco, (Xstrata Zinc HSEC Manager)
tailings system management; erosion and
                                               during late August including the Purple           and Fernando Suarez (Xstrata Zinc Risk
sediment monitoring of the bund walls and
                                               Crowned Fairy Wren.                               Champion) visited the operations in early
river diversions; rehabilitation monitoring;
fish and bird studies; and the annual marine                                                     October and received a general update and
                                               In the August Migratory Bird Survey the
monitoring program.                                                                              tour of the civil operations.
                                               southward migrating shore birds study
                                               showed an increase in birds compared to the
                                               June survey.

Introducing ESS                                            2007 Science                                      Fitness tips from
Supplier Services                                          Awards                                            MRM’s HSE team
Who is ESS?
                                                                                                             If you can’t quit smoking, exercise may still
ESS Support Services is the business arm of                Local students from the Borroloola
parent company Compass Group PLC – the                     Community Education Centre (CEC)
world’s leading food service company and                   have again made an outstanding effort             A new Spanish study has suggested that
the largest provider of integrated support                 participating this year in the MRM Science        moderate to high levels of exercise may
services to defence, offshore and remote site              Awards.                                           help slow down any decline in lung function
clients worldwide.                                                                                           among smokers and decrease their risk of
                                                           From early childhood right through to             developing chronic obstructive pulmonary
ESS provides food, vending and related                     secondary level, all the students spent many      disease (COPD). COPD is a serious condition
services to clients and customers with over                hours on projects for the 2007 Science            and results from chronic bronchitis and
360,000 employees in over 80 countries.                    Awards, which are part of the regular             emphysema.
                                                           education studies.
ESS provides services to companies in over                                                                   The study found that moderate to high
50 countries with varying conditions from                  Students can choose to work individually          physical activity levels were linked to a 21%
the icy environment of Russia to hot desert                or in small groups and their projects are         reduction in potential new cases of COPD
conditions of Australia. ESS provides a full               monitored and recorded with the assistance        the discovery was attributed to the possibility
spectrum of services, from designing and                   of their teachers. The projects included:         that regular exercise can impede the
building camps to operational support in                                                                     production of inflammatory markers in the
catering, housekeeping, technical support                  • Wetland plants – predicting the result          lungs, which are caused by smoking.
and logistics.                                                 of placing a cut celery stalk in a glass of
                                                               dyed water                                    The authors had previously believed the only
                                                                                                             way to reduce the risk of COPD was to stop
What does ESS do at MRM?
                                                           • Lifecycle of turtles – research task            smoking entirely and avoid passive smoke
ESS has been servicing MRM and the Bing
                                                                                                             intake. The findings appear to offer hope
Bong loading facility for six years. They                  • Making a volcano – this acid-base               to individuals with healthy intentions but
supply accommodation management, such
                                                               experiment (vinegar is used as the acid       cannot to kick the habit.
as catering (serving in excess of 4,000 meals
                                                               and baking soda is used as the base)
per week), housekeeping, facilities cleaning,
                                                               produces water and releases carbon            Why dieters lose the will, not the weight
wet canteen management and industrial
                                                               dioxide gas which can be made to either       Although many people attempt to lose
laundry services for site linen and
                                                                                                             weight, most fail to keep any substantial
mine clothing.                                                 fizz or flow out like a volcano
                                                                                                             amount off for any real length of time, and
                                                           • MRM – research task.                            within five years many will actually weigh
ESS also undertakes aircraft baggage                                                                         more than they did prior to dieting.
handling and ticket allocation at McArthur                 This year, the projects were judged by the
River Airport.                                             CEC Principal Geoff Perry, the MRM Health,        Researchers are now claiming to have
                                                           Safety and Environment Superintendent,            gained some insights into what makes for
Contact details                                            Jane Yelland and Community Relations              a successful and an unsuccessful dieter. The
ESS Support Services Worldwide                                                                               main reason for failed diets, according to
                                                           Officer, Jeremy Hastings. Projects were
MRM                                                                                                          Barbel Knauper, an Associate Professor of
                                                           judged on their creativity, perseverance and
Ph 08 8975 8131                                                                                              Psychology at McGill University, Montreal, is
                                                           ability to demonstrate primary experimental
                                                                                                             setting unrealistic goals such as losing large
                                                           research in an area that has everyday             amounts of weight in too short a period of
                                                           applications.                                     time. It is far better, say weight-loss experts,
                                                                                                             to aim for an achievable half to one kilogram
                                                           At the CEC annual assembly in December,
                                                                                                             per week.
                                                           all students were awarded with a certificate
                                                           for participating, and winning entries            The second reason is failure to plan, and
                                                           received a Certificate of Merit and a gift        properly manage, eating in social situations.
                                                           from MRM.                                         Many dieters will leave their decision making
                                                                                                             process until they are at a restaurant or
                                                                                                             party, whereas it would help if they decide
                                                                                                             beforehand to order smaller, lighter meals
                                                                                                             and to resist being influenced by less calorie
    Scott Mills, ESS Site Manager                                                                            conscious friends.
                                                                                                 McARTHUR RIVER MINING   JANUARY 2008 – EDITION 7

Many dieters also underestimate the number       the next pool committee meeting. This will          For the first component of the training
of calories that certain foods contain, and      ensure the policy of ‘No School, No Pool’ is        program, MRM has produced a DVD
overestimate how many calories are burnt         implemented and management of the pool              featuring Gurdanji Traditional Owners who
during exercise.                                 will be determined. The CRG commented               explain the history and significance of the
                                                 that local pools are normally managed               sacred sites surrounding the mine.
Professor Knauper said most people who           by local government councils and the
                                                 management of the Borroloola pool should            Upcoming meetings
create their own ‘diet rules’ do not have
                                                 be the same.                                        Brian Hearne proposed to have CRG
particularly high rates of success. He
                                                                                                     meetings quarterly, with the next meeting
recommends that dieters keep calorie and         A date for the completion of the Swimming           scheduled for February 2008.
exercise diaries and have diet coaches (either   Pool Project is still to be confirmed.
friends, health professionals or doctors), who
can help them achieve their goals.               Dialysis Unit
                                                 Patrick Collins addressed the meeting with          Mule Creek Road
Information sourced from the Australian
Fitness Network
                                                 information on the status of the Dialysis
                                                 Unit. The building originally constructed did       upgrade
                                                 not meet current cyclone standards. As a
                                                 result, the building will be moved to Kiana
                                                                                                     In response to community complaints about
                                                 Station to be used as a medical facility as
CRG meeting                                      this area has a different cyclone rating to
                                                                                                     the dangerous condition of Mule Creek
                                                                                                     Road, MRM has upgraded a section of
summary                                          Borroloola.
                                                                                                     the road.
                                                 A new building with the required cyclone
                                                                                                     The maintenance work was on a section
The MRM Community Reference Group                rating will replace the original Dialysis Unit.
                                                                                                     of Mule Creek Road near the dredge spoil
(CRG) met on Monday 22 October 2007 to           MRM will cover the cost for constructing the
                                                                                                     that often becomes waterlogged after rain.
talk about current mining operations and         new building which is due for completion in
                                                                                                     The area was repaired using the Bing Bong
new or existing community programs. This         approximately two months.
                                                                                                     Loader, and staff from Chris Williams’ team
article outlines what was discussed as well as                                                       at Bing Bong.
additional information now available.            Barramundi Hatchery
                                                 Darwin based Environmental Consultants,             MRM has scheduled further roadwork and is
MRM Civil Works Program                          URS Australia, has been appointed to                currently sourcing a local contractor to grade
Brian Hearne provided an update on the           undertake the environmental planning for            the road.
MRM Civil Works Program. The first stage         a proposed Barramundi Hatchery at King
of the airport is now finished and works         Ash Bay.
on Barney and Surprise Creeks is almost
complete.                                        Field work was conducted in November to             Sugar Glider rescue
                                                 support the preparation of a Notice of Intent
See the Open pit update on page four for         to the Northern Territory Department of
                                                 Aquaculture and applying for an aquaculture         When two sugar gliders needed relocating
more detail.
                                                 licence. MRM is covering the cost of this           during clearing operations, the MRM
                                                 study and application as a community                Environment Team (Bundy, Kelly and Jane),
MRM Royalty payments
Brian Hearne answered a question raised at       sponsorship.                                        Mines Rescue Coordinator, Justin Laws, and
the previous CRG meeting – Where does the                                                            Dozer Operator – Mining Department, Peter
money MRM pay in royalties go?                   Cultural Awareness Program                          Allwright, were at the ready.
                                                 Brian Hearne updated the CRG on the Cross
Brian Hearne explained that royalty              Cultural Awareness Program currently being          The procedure for clearing at MRM includes
arrangements for the mine are dictated           implemented at MRM.                                 taking special care with trees that are hollow
by the McArthur River Project Agreement                                                              which may be a potential home for birds,
Ratification Act 1993 and the Mineral            As the mine is located on Gurdanji
                                                                                                     possums and other wildlife. The trees are
Royalty Act. Under these Acts the Northern       country, the program is about respecting,
                                                 appreciating and understanding the Gurdanji         knocked and checked several times before
Territory Government is the sole recipient for
                                                 people’s unique culture, and educating all          being felled.
royalties paid by MRM.
                                                 employees, contractors and visitors on their
                                                 history, beliefs, traditions, music and sacred      During this process, two sugar gliders
Corporate Social Involvement
                                                 sites.                                              were found and transported to the Darwin
Swimming Pool Project                                                                                Wildlife Park. The new owners were very
Community Relations Manager, Patrick             The program involves the Gurdanji                   excited and will use the male for their
Collins, and Community Relations Officer,        Traditional Owners in identifying sites of          breeding program.
Jeremy Hastings, updated the CRG on the          cultural significance on the mining lease.
Swimming Pool Project.
                                                 Their involvement in community initiatives
In a meeting with the Department of              like these are among the important ways
Primary Industry and Fisheries (DPIFM), it       MRM works closely with local people.
was agreed the Department would attend

                                                                                                             Bringing together
                                                                                                             Borroloola schools
                                                                                                             and families
                                                                                                             In September 2007 MRM agreed to support
                                                                                                             the Families and Schools Together Program
                                                                                                             (FAST) with the objective of helping to
                                                                                                             achieve greater school attendance rates
                                                                                                             and outcomes.

                                                                                                             FAST is one of the programs run by
                                                                                                             Education Transformations, an initiative
                                                                                                             of Northern Territory Christian Schools
                                                                                                             Association (NTCSA).

    The team dealing with a fire barrier around simulated aircraft
                                                                                                             The program is aimed at building strong ties
                                                                                                             among children, parents and their schools

ERT news                                                    Then in October the site emergency plan
                                                            for the airport was tested for the bi-annual
                                                                                                             and uses relationship based processes that:

                                                            exercise that examines the team’s capabilities   • Empowers parents
The MRM Emergency Response Team (ERT)
                                                            to deal with situations at the aerodrome.
has been tested twice in recent months and                                                                   • Strengthens family functioning
in both cases demonstrated a high standard                  Operation ‘Gulfair’ involved the ERT, Site
of performance.                                                                                              • Encourages school attendance
                                                            Incident Management Team, Police and
                                                            medical personnel from the Borroloola clinic.    • Prevents substance abuse by the children
In August the team competed in the annual
Mines Rescue Competition – a three day                                                                         and family members
event now a permanent fixture at the                        Feedback from the team                           • Reduces stress from daily life situations.
Darwin showgrounds.
                                                            assessing the exercise was                       Families are invited to participate in weekly
Day one saw the team test their knowledge
with individual skills and a team theory
                                                            extremely positive for all                       sessions commonly held at school. These
                                                                                                             multi-family sessions engage parents and
examination covering all rescue disciplines.                personnel especially the                         children in fun, structured, research-based
On Saturday and Sunday the team was put                     scenario assessment.                             activities.
through its paces with 45 minute scenarios
                                                                                                             FAST was delivered in the local language and
in fire fighting, hazmat, road accident                     Over the next few months we expect to see        culture by Indigenous people in Borroloola
rescue, multi casualty first aid, rope rescue               many new faces within the rescue team, we        (trained and supported by Education
and search and rescue.                                      welcome Kate Morse, Aaron Hocking and            Transformations).
                                                            Geoff McCumstie.
The team had a great result in winning the
first aid scenario and were challenged the                  Unfortunately we also farewell Troy Bell,        The eight week program ran at the school
whole weekend bringing back valuable skills                 Anthony Robertson, Gary Chisholm, and            in Term Four, 2007 and is also scheduled for
to site.                                                    Adam Clarke.                                     Term Two in 2008.

                                                                                                             MRM has agreed to assist the FAST
                                                                                                             organisers by providing return flights for
                                                                                                             the Program Manager from Darwin to
                                                                                                             McArthur River.

                                                                                                             For MRM, helping to keep children in
                                                                                                             school and encouraging their performance,
                                                                                                             particularly in the areas of literacy and
                                                                                                             numeracy, is critical to building their self
                                                                                                             esteem, work ethic and skills for future

Team photo after a successful vehicle                       The team in action removing a casualty from
extrication scenario                                        the vehicle

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