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					   Kinesis                                                                         January/February, 2008

Volume 18 Issue 1

   Executive Board

 Barb Henry

President Elect
 Amy Voris

Secretary                      President’s Message
 Kelly Franer
                                  I am writing this     winners at our    if
 Marla-Skoog-Prues             message from             banquet because ALL        you are able to assist
                               beautiful Fort           members of CTC-ONS         with participation or
Members-At-Large                                        are very special and       sponsorship.
 Carol Amfahr                  Lauderdale, Florida,     talented. Terry Foster,             Our 2008 CTC-
 Rebecca Bolt                  where I am fortunate     MSN, RN, was our           ONS Board/
                               to be able to enjoy      presenter who gave         Committee Chair
Committee Chairs               my annual winter         us a healthy dose of       Retreat will be
                               vacation with my         laughter, the best         Saturday, February
Newsletter                                              medicine.                  23rd at the home of
 Adrianne Lane                 family. I also feel      Congratulations to         Ann Wantuck, our
 Amy Voris
                               blessed to have been     our new officers, Amy      Membership
Programs                       a part of a great year   Voris and Kelly Franer,    Chairperson. Please
 Susan Partusch                                         and award winners,         contact me if you are
                               with our chapter. We
Nominating/Awards              celebrated the year      Carol Turner and           interested in
 Ruth Gholz                                             Sarah Godfrey.             attending or to pass
                               2007 at the Awards                 Now we are       along feedback for
Archives                       Banquet/Products Fair    ready for 2008 which       our Chapter as we
 Gigi Robison
                               held on 1/22/2008 at     we hope will be            plan for the coming
Membership                     the Sharonville          another outstanding        year.
 Ann Wantuck
                               Convention Center.       year. We received a                 We hope to
                                                        small grant from           keep CTC-ONS
Outreach Ohio
                                                        National ONS for a         members in touch
 Nancy Murrin                      Thanks so much to
                                                        Community Breast           with each other at
                               our sponsors and to
Professional Education                                  Cancer Education           Congress in
 Joy Dienger                   all who attended. It
                                                        project. We are            Philadelphia May 15-
                               was fun to see our
                                                        planning a “Lunch N’       18. You will be
Community Outreach             members with bags of
 Susan Colding                                          Learn,” tentative date     hearing more about
                               goodies obtained by
 Andrea Rosenthal                                       the first Saturday in      Congress in
                               learning about new
                                                        May. We are looking        upcoming Chapter
Health Care Policy Liaison     oncology drugs and
                                                        for a facility that will   meetings and emails.
 Janet Goeldner                products. Members
                                                        draw underserved           I am excited about
                               often take back the
                                                        women. We would            the year 2008 and
Web addresses:                 goodies and
                                                        like to obtain             thank you all for your   knowledge to their
                                                        additional support         continuing support!             workplaces.
(National)                                              from companies who
                                   We hope to have
                                                        have an interest in the    Barb Henry, APRN,
                               inspired future future
                                                        topic to help with the     MSN
                               leaders and award
                                                        event. Please contact            President
                          FROM THE ARCHIVES:
                            HISTORY OF OUR
                          By: Gigi Robison, MSN, RN, AOCN

                        Some things never change! That is my
                        reflection after looking back on some of       March 20, 1986: Current Issues in
                        the titles of the CTC-ONS programs             Oncology Nursing
                        from “the early years”!                          Jan Fulton, RN; Earlene
                                                                       Retford, RN; Ann Schmidt, RN;
                        This month, I thought it would be fun to       Amy Wallace, RN
                        reminisce and look at some of the
                        program topics and speakers from the           May 28, 1987: “Reaching New
                        early years . . .                              Heights“: An Update on
                                                                         ONS Congress from Denver, CO
“”Some things never     March 28, 1985: Drug Safety:
                        Opposing Viewpoints                            October 27, 1987 AIDS
                                                                       Nancy Brannan, RN
change.”                     Hilary Wood, RN

                        April 25, 1985: Implantable Ports              March 24, 1988: Pain Management
                        Debbie Gaddis, RN                              in the Cancer Pt
                                                                           Richard Payne, MD
                        June 27, 1985:Nausea and Vomiting:
                            Combination Study Results                  July 28, 1988: Annual Picnic (Mt.
                        Jan Ellerhorst Ryan, RN                        Airy Forest)

                        January 23, 1986: Caring for the               Years ago, members of our local
                        Caregiver                                      chapter planned an Annual Picnic
                            Suzy Hussey, RN                            for R&R for our members. What a
                                                                       great idea!! We can learn from our
                                                                       history . . .

                      Get Well Wishes to our Newsletter Secretary, Toni Swanson!
                      The newsletter will return to its previous format after Toni’s recovery. Thanks for
                      your patience.                                            Amy and Adrianne

                                                      Individual Highlights

                                                     President’s Message 1
                                                     Archives            2
                                                     Melanoma: Know
                                                     More                3
                                                     Outreach Ohio       4
                                                     Kudos               5
                                                     Celebration         6
                                                     Last Story          8

Melanoma Know More
 Interested in helping those affected by           allow for proper screenings at various events
 melanoma, raising awareness about                 around town. In addition to the van,
 melanoma, or just becoming more                   Melanoma Know More will be visible
 educated about how to prevent                     educating the public and offering
 melanoma? Well there is a new group in the        sunscreen at major gatherings such as
 Cincinnati area called Melanoma Know              Cincinnati Reds games and large festivals
 More, and their mission it to accomplish all      throughout the year.
 of these important objectives. The group
 was founded by Dr. Philip Leming, a               Melanoma Know More is growing one
 renowned oncologist specializing in               person at a time. If you are interested in
 melanoma, and consists of a group of              dedicating your time or resources, they
 people that share a passion for eradicating       have several areas for you to get involved.
 melanoma.                                         These areas include events, fundraising,
                                                   marketing, administration, and survivor
 Although they are starting small, they plan       programs. You can contact them at
 on finishing big. Melanoma Know More    , or call
 wants to not only be a source for                 Mark Lohmueller at 513-543-5638 for more
 information, but wants to assist individuals in   information.
 getting proper screenings, and provide
 support for those currently affected by
 melanoma. Melanoma Know More will
 prepare educational materials, host social
 events, and participate in community
 events, attractions and health fairs that will
 generate awareness. The group also works
 with local dermatologists on increasing
 screening opportunities.

 Mark your calendars for July 31 as
 Melanoma Know More brings together some
 of the world’s most renowned blues pianist
 for a fun filled private fund raising event
 called “Beating the Melanoma Blues”. Funds
 raised from this event will support one of the
 group’s main goals for 2008, the purchase of
 a mobile skin screening van, which would
Outreach Ohio

  Members of Outreach Ohio met on October 27, 2007 at the Worthington
Inn. Members from five of the nine chapters were present including
Adrianne Lane from CTC-ONS. In view of the costs involved, the group
decided to forgo the formal Outreach Ohio reception usually held at
Congress. An informal, pay your own way, get-together in Philadelphia
will be coordinated for those Ohio ONS members attending Congress. A
reception for all Ohio ONS chapter members will be held in August to
recognize the Ohio Mentorship award winner. This will occur the night
before (August 15, 2007) the Outreach Ohio Leadership Conference which
will be held August 16th at the Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio.

   Thanks to the hard work of Bertie Ford, ONS has awarded a $2500
Special Projects Grant to support the Outreach Ohio Leadership
Conference. The proposed agenda for this continuing education program
designed to address leadership issues common to Ohio chapters was
discussed and refined, and the proposed timelines and budgets were
approved. Look for more information about this event in the late
spring. The Leadership Conference is open to any Ohio ONS chapter
member. A small fee will cover conference materials, food and
continuing education credits. Discounted lodging at Cherry Valley will
be available. Mark your calendars to join us on August 15 and 16, 2008.

     All chapters provided reports of their activities since the last
meeting. Common problems and challenges were identified in member
recruitment, especially of younger nurses, member retention, volunteers
to run/serve as officers, and funding for chapter meetings and
activities. All chapters reported now charging for attending chapter
meetings with per meeting fees ranging from $5-20 for members and $10-20
for non-members. In addition, a chapter interest program (chip) is
being formed that would include oncology nurses in W.Virginia, Southern
Ohio and Kentucky. Outreach Ohio thanks Margo Bear of Solvay
Pharmaceuticals for supporting this Outreach Ohio meeting and for her
insights about Associate CCONS memberships. The next Outreach Ohio
meeting is April 12, 2008 at the Worthington Inn.

Submitted by

Bertie Ford, RN, MS, AOCN

Clinical Oncology Specialist

Genentech BioOncology

(614) 901-2362

Fax: 614-901-9913

Cell (614-581-2177)

          It is just amazing what wonderful things
        the members of this chapter do. Although
        some may have already been mentioned
        they are worth mentioning again.
               Debbie Heidrich: published                           Barb Henry and Adrianne Lane
                   “Delirium: An Under-Recognized                     presented posters at 2007 ONS
                   problem,” for the Clincial Journal of              Congress.
                   Oncology Nursing, 12/07.                          Kyra Whitmer, Jennifer Hester, and
               Adrianne Lane wrote an abstract:                      Scott Looney received the J.
                   HANYS Model application in rural                   Patrick Barnes Nursing Research
                   breast cancer screening programs.                  and Evidence- Based Practice
                   For Oncology Nursing Forum, 2007                   Grant from the DAISY Foundation.
               Barb Henry wrote an abstract: A                       This grant will be used to study the
                   cervical cancer awareness project                  effectiveness of an oral care
                   for Oncology Nursing Forum, 2007.                  protocol to prevent and treat
               Adrianne Lane received the a                          mouth sores caused by
                   grant from Avon Foundation Breast                  chemotherapy.
                   Care Fund for $16,000 and grant                   Melissa Schaulk was a “Rising Star”
                   from Susan G. Komen Foundation                     who received mentoring form Molly
                   for $20,541 as well as other small                 Loney through the 2007 Rising Star
                   grants to fund the project Breast                  Mentoring program. Adrianne
                   Cancer Screening in Southeastern                   Lane served as a “Rising Star”
                   Indiana.                                           mentor at Congress.
               Ruth Gholz completed her term as                     Sarah Godfrey BSN RN OCN
                   Director –At –Large for National                   Pearl Moore career Development
                   ONS and Adrianne Lane is running                   Award
                   for Nominating Committee for                      Carol Turner ADN RN
                   National ONS                                       CTC-ONS Excellence in Oncology
               Arleen Schuman and Ruth Gholz                         Nursing Award
                   were awarded the Roberta                          Kelly Franer MS RN OCN: New
                   Scofield Certification Scholarship                 Secretary
                                                                     Amy Voris MS RN AOCN:
                                                                      President elect

December Member of the Month: Andrea Rosenthal RN, OCN
I graduated from             husband did a 2-year          Nursing Supervisor at    daughters, Anna
TCHSN in 1983, then          internship and I              CHO for 7 years, then    (who just turned 10)
worked at TCH on             worked at Milwaukee           after having our 2nd     and Kate who is 8 yo.
                             County Medical                daughter in 1999, I      The girls attend St.
Rehab and
                             Complex in a very             resigned as the          Michael School in
Med/Surg/Onc floor
                             large outpatient              supervisor and           Sharonville where we
until 1988 when I got
                             Hem/Onc Clinic. In            worked as a part time    live. I truly love being
married and moved
to Indiana. I worked         1992 after Jim                staff nurse. In 2001 I   a Mom and also am
at Union Hospital and        completed his                 went to work part        thrilled that I can
                             internship in                 time as a staff nurse    continue to work in
VNA while in Indiana
                             psychology, we                at UHOC where I am       the Oncology field
for close to 4 years ,
                             returned to Cincinnati        currently working. My    part-time.
then we moved to
                             where I worked as the         husband's name is Jim
Wisconsin while my
                                                           and we have 2


By: Gigi Robison, MSN,
      RN, AOCN

                           the lower decks. The
On October 6, 2007,
                           guitar player entertained
almost 60 members of                                    We hope that everyone
                           us with fun music all
CTC-ONS boarded the                                     had a wonderful time at
                           night on the top deck,
Destiny Yacht around 7                                  this celebration!!!
                           and dessert was served
PM!! All members were
                           to us.
given leis as they                                      CTC-ONS Anniversary
boarded the boat, and                                   Planning Committee:
                           At the end of the
Founding Members and
                           evening, Arleen              Gigi Robison, Lynne       “We   had the perfect
Past / Current                                          Brophy, Barb Henry,
                           Schuman randomly
Presidents were given a                                 Arleen Schuman, Vicki
corsage. Before leaving
                           awarded various prizes                                 evening….”
                           to CTC-ONS members,          Estridge, Ruth Gholz,
the dock, our                                           Melissa Gaunce, Sally
                           such as eight gift
photographer took a                                     Bishop
                           certificate for $200.00 to
picture of ALL of us on
                           the Cincinnatian for
the outside of the boat!
                           dinner, box seat tickets
                           to the Cincinnati
We had a perfect
                           Symphony Orchestra, a
evening – sunny and
                           one night stay at Argosy
perfect temperature!!
                           Casino, and MANY
The boat began cruising
                           more prizes!!
down the Ohio River
and the nurses were off
                           During the evening, the
for drinks and Hors
                           historical slide show
D’Oeuvres!! Many
                           was playing on the
members enjoyed the
                           laptop for all to enjoy!
view of the Ohio River
                           As a gift to all nurses
on the top deck!
                           who attended this
Pictures were taken of
                           celebration, Barb Henry
groups of people,
                           burned a copy of the
including the Founding
                           slide show on a CD!!
Members, past officers,
and the Planning
                           As the nurses departed
                           from Destiny Yacht at
                           10 PM, they were given
The Buffet dinner was
                           a cloth bag filled with
scrumptious, and many
                           goodies from drug reps,
of us enjoyed our
                           area merchants, etc.
dinners at the tables on

New Institute of
Medicine Report on
Psychosocial Care for
Cancer Patients
The Institute of Medicine (IOM)                psychosocial health needs.
convened a special committee                  Designing and implementing
to look at the delivery of                     a plan that: Links the patient
psychosocial services to cancer                with needed psychosocial
patients and their families and                services; Coordinates
identify ways to improve provision             biomedical and psychosocial
of care. The recently released                 care; and Engages and
results (November 2007) are                    supports patients in
published in “Cancer Care for                  managing their illness and
the Whole Patient: Meeting                     health.
Psychosocial Health Needs”                    Systematically following-up
available at                                   on, reevaluating, and
(                          adjusting plans.

The findings state that many
cancer patients have
psychosocial needs. Although,
the supply of services is             ONS is joining the American Psychosocial
                                      Oncology Society (APOS) in disseminating this
insufficient to address all patient   important report at a special session of the
needs, untapped resources exist,      upcoming APOS Conference (February 2008)
frequently at no additional cost.     which will generate discussion among
Patients, however, are often          multidisciplinary healthcare professionals to
                                      plan strategies for implementing the new IOM
unaware of these resources. The       recommendations.
committee proposed that all
components of the health care
system incorporate attention to
patient psychosocial needs into
their practice. This new standard
of care recommends that all
cancer care should ensure the
provision of appropriate
psychosocial services by:

      Facilitating effective
       communication between
       patients and providers.
      Identifying patient’s

Mentorship Weekend 2007
Carol Amfahr RN, MSN, CNP,
     Member at Large

I had the privilege of sharing    improve our own chapter’s         #6 get comfortable with
mentorship weekend with           site.                             gray, #7 depersonalization,
Barb Henry, President of the      E: ENGAGING new members.          #8 good intentions, #9 focus
Cincinnati-Tristate Chapter       Friday night’s speaker, Cynthia   on “not being right”, and
of ONS in Pittsburgh, PA this     D’Amour spoke on how to           #10 be visionary by making
year. This was my first time in   engage members into new           messages memorable.
attendance and I truly was        roles to help the chapter         Great lessons for each of us
not sure what to expect. I        grow. We must be willing to       to use in practice also.
thought this weekend was          break out of clicks and           M: MEMBERSHIP retention
AWESOME. I came back              embrace new ideas and             and growth not only at local
energized, ready to make          younger members. She also         level but also at the national
our chapter even better           spoke on how to engage new        level. To be in the mist of
than it is. Throughout the        or prospective members into       many incredible nurse
weekend, many of the              the chapter. It is important to   leaders was inspiring. We
topics covered and advice         listen for their “hot buttons”    need to have members
given is already in action in     and respond accordingly.          participate at the local level,
our chapter. We definitely        S: SILVER Anniversary             get involve in the various
have a strong chapter. Let        campaign for Oncology             committees. We also need
me use the word,                  Nursing Society Foundation.       to actively support those
AWESOME, to help describe         Funds from the foundation are     members involved at the
this weekend.                     divided for education,            national level to serve in ONS,
A: ADOVACY in ACTION.             research, and leadership          ONF, OES, and ONCC.
We wrote letters to our           opportunities. An endowment       Remember we ALL are a part
Congressmen regarding             fund of $10,000,000 has been      of the success of ONS.
tobacco legislation and           allocated. Please consider        E: ENERGIZED to help make
Genetic Information               either an application for         the chapter the best it can
Nondiscrimination Act of          funding as well as an             be and encourage others to
2007. The best way is not by      opportunity for donation to       become involved.
standard mail, but by email.      continue the growth for
Get involved when                 oncology nurses in the future.
receiving email from              O: OPENING communication
national ONS for a call to        within your chapter. Michelle
action. Every letter does         Gaguski, President from
count!                            Southern Jersey Shore
W: WEBSITE building and           Chapter and recipient of
improvement on each               AOCN of the Year 2007
chapter’s virtual community.      presented one of the best
The virtual community is vital    sessions. She presented the
in recruitment and retention      Top Ten Tips for Improving
of membership. 2 chapters         Chapter Communication.
were honored for their            #1 listen, #2 understanding,
virtual community websites.       #3 always try to bring out the
We will strive for continued      best in others, #4 avoid pre-
excellence and continue to        conceived notions, #5 honest,
       News from National ONS                                                                                                         9

        ONS Connect E-Magazine Now Available!
        Timely oncology-related news and information about ONS is just a click away with the new online ONS Connect. This
        enhanced, user-friendly version of the popular ONS news magazine makes keeping up with the latest in oncology nursing
        easier than ever.

        New PEP card Volume Now Available
        The latest volume of the highly-popular PEP card series is available now! This new two-card set features the topics of pain
        and prevention of bleeding. Order your set today.

        New Handbook Highlights Role of Oncology Nurse Practitioner
        The new, pocket-sized handbook, “So, You Want to Be an Oncology Nurse Practitioner?!” will help nurses understand what it
        means to take on this challenging position. Order now and save with a special introductory offer.

        2008 Safe Handling Online Course Dates Set – Register Now
        Ensure your knowledge of handling hazardous drugs is current. Take the Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs online course.
        Earn 10.3 contact hours in your spare time. Register today for the February 19 course!

        Free Member Benefit - Connect With Nurses in Your Subspecialty
        Cancer care encompasses many subspecialties. ONS special interest groups put you in touch with other members practicing
        in the same area as you so you can share ideas and knowledge with each other. All members can join one SIG for free.

        Be Aware
        The list serves have been discontinued as of 12/31/2007. The discussion forums within the SIG Virtual Communities are now
        the primary method of electronic communication exchange. The SIGs are compromised of experts in various
        therapeutic areas, thus allowing for the greatest value in discussions. This change should lead to an increase in value
        and usage of the SIG virtual communities.

             P.O. Box 42791
             Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-0791
             TriState Chapter
             of the
             Oncology Nursing Society

                                              CUSTOMER NAME
                                              STREET ADDRESS
                                              ADDRESS 2
                                              CITY, ST ZIP CODE



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