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Project and Export Finance


Project and Export Finance document sample

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									Export Finance Ltd (EFL) is a corporate advisory firm that specialises in arranging project
finance for NZ companies undertaking medium to large scale projects off shore.

We have extensive banking experience and have arranged finance for projects in the US,
Turkey, Croatia, and Uruguay and are currently mandated for projects in South Korea,
Malta, Turkmenistan, Egypt, the US and Poland.

EFL has also arranged guarantees from the New Zealand Export Credit Office (NZECO – a
agency within Treasury) to support debt financed projects off shore.

Our breadth of knowledge and experience can deliver tangible financial benefits to
maximise company profitability. In addition to specific project finance and NZECO related
transactions we also offer consultancy services to SMEs covering debt advisory, detailed
financial modelling, company valuation, business plan preparation and contract negotiation.

EFL increases the likelihood of winning a project by virtue of securing the financing while
focusing on maximising project margin. Below is an example of a typical project finance
transaction utilising NZECO support and showing the interaction between EFL and other
interested parties

                 Export Finance Ltd. P.O. Box 72-039 Papakura 2244, New Zealand.
Why use us?

       We have over 40 years of banking experience and an impressive track record of
       closing complex cross border transactions
       We encourage and assist specialist NZ manufacturing companies to grow by
       pursuing high margin larger scale opportunities off shore
       Project finance is complex and typically involves a number of interested parties. EFL
       reduces the complexity for its customers by performing a number of key roles
              Negotiating and documenting key commercial terms and contracts
              Undertaking detailed financial modelling
              Preparing and presenting the financing proposals to buyers, banks and
              Execution of documentation and settlement of finance
       EFL management of commercial negotiations can deliver better outcomes for
       businesses by taking emotional decisions ‘off the table’ while focusing on maximising
       project profit margin
       We have a strong working relationship with the New Zealand Export Credit Office
       and where appropriate can arrange a NZECO guarantee which is a powerful credit
       enhancement and can often be the single determining factor making a project
       Our involvement in commercial negotiations allows our customers to focus on their
       core area of expertise leading to higher probability of winning projects and achieving
       higher turnover with better margins
       For debt advisory we have the experience, capability and banking networks to
       deliver the best outcome for our customers seeking to raise or refinance debt
       We are highly proficient at building detailed financial models to support business
       valuation, business plans and RFPs (Request For Proposal) for banks

Our approach is to work closely with our client from project inception through to completion
with remuneration focused on achieving a successful outcome.

Particular sectors of interest for Export Finance are:

      Infrastructure construction
      Renewable energy projects
      IT and telecom services
      Engineering (Oil & Gas)
      Agricultural and horticultural investment and development
      Primary processing facilities
      Marine construction

                  Export Finance Ltd. P.O. Box 72-039 Papakura 2244, New Zealand.
The principals of EFL are Greg Fitzsimons and Matt Vyle. Greg has over 20 years
experience in banking and finance. He previously worked for 8 years at ABN AMRO in
Auckland and has led teams that delivered structured finance solutions including:

      cross border financing of export projects utilising NZECO support
      project financing for local authority infrastructure projects
      operating leases of mining plant and equipment, aircraft, rolling stock, and

Matt Vyle is also a senior banker with 20 years debt related experience in areas such as
leveraged and structured finance, project finance and export credit finance. Matt’s working
experience includes HSBC, JP Morgan Chase (UK), Credit Suisse (UK), ANZ and ABN
AMRO as a key member of the structured and leveraged finance deal teams.

For any enquiries or an obligation free chat please contact Greg or Matt on the following
numbers or by email

Land line +649 308 6226       Mobile+64 21 960 764         email
Land line +649 308 6223       Mobile+64 21 571 064         email

                 Export Finance Ltd. P.O. Box 72-039 Papakura 2244, New Zealand.

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