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					                                May 2011                                                         Volume XV, Issue 5

      Bruce Bolton
 Ideal Carpet Cleaning
   18 Glenmanor Dr.
  Ottawa, ON K2G 3G1
   613 228-8343

        Eat Wisely to Improve Your Health
Eat Fresh Foods. Concentrate on eating “real” food—whole, fresh
foods that people have been enjoying for millenniums—rather that
modern processed foods. Commercially prepackaged foods and fast
food from chain restaurants usually contain high levels of sugar, salt,
and fat, which are associated with heart disease, stroke, cancer, and        Before I was myself you made me, me
other serious illnesses. When cooking, try steaming, baking, and               With love and patience, discipline and tears
broiling instead of frying. Try using more herbs and spices to cut down      Then bit by bit stepped back to set me free
on salt. Make sure meats are properly cooked.                                           Dimitri Shostakovich
Don’t Eat Too Much. The World Health Organization reports a                    Vegetable Grilling Tips
dangerous worldwide increase in overweight and obese people, often
the result of overeating. One study found that in parts of Africa, “there    Grilling season is upon us! If you find it
are more children who are overweight than malnourished.” Obese               difficult to obtain good results when
children are at risk of present as well as future health problems,           grilling    vegetables,   consider    the
including diabetes. Parents, set a good example for your children by         following tips.
limiting your own portions.
                                                                                The grilling surface should be nice
Eat Mostly Plants. A balanced plate favors a variety of fruits,                  and clean, and prior to heating,
vegetables, and whole grains over meats and starches. Once or twice a            coated with oil to avoid problems
week, try substituting fish for meat. Reduce refined foods such as pasta,        with sticking.
white bread, and white rice, which have been stripped of much of their          For best results, grill your veggies
nutritional value, But avoid potentially dangerous fad diets. Parents,           over medium heat directly over the
protect your children’s health by helping them to acquire a taste for            coals.
foods that are healthful. For example, give them nuts and thoroughly            To make sure the veggies all finish
washed fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of chips or candy.         cooking together, be sure to cut
                                                                                 them approximately the same size
Drink Plenty of Fluids. Adults and children need to drink plenty of              before cooking.
water and other unsweetened liquids every day. Drink more of these              You can brush oil on your veggies
during hot weather and when doing heavy physical work and exercise.              for additional flavor, and to insure
Such liquids aid digestion, cleanse your body of poisons, make for               against sticking.
healthier skin, and promote weight loss. They help you to feel and look         Veggies can be grilled on skewers,
your best. Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and too many              or wrapped in bunches in heavy
sweetened drinks. One soft drink a day can add 15 pounds (6.8 kg) to             duty foil.
your weight in a year.                                                          Remove veggies before they get
     In some lands, obtaining clean water can be hard work and is                soft, since they will continue to
expensive. Yet, drinking it is vital. Tainted water needs to be boiled or        cook after they are removed from
chemically treated. Dirty water is said to kill more people than wars or         the grill.
earthquakes; it reportedly kills 4,000 children a day. For infants, the
World Health Organization recommends only breast-feeding for the             Most veggies should be grilled a few
first six months, then breast-feeding plus some other foods until at least   minutes only, and turned once. Don't
the age of two                                                               leave them unattended!

                                Check us out at
     World Laughter Day                                  May is Better Sleep Month
… is celebrated each year on the first      Here are some tips to consider, if you find
Sunday of May in many countries,         yourself having a hard time sleeping well.
such as India, USA, Australia,
France, Germany, the UK and                    Start a relaxing bedtime routine.
Hungary. To honor this occasion,               Go to bed and get up at about the same
here are some groaners to amuse                 time every day, even on the weekends.
you.                                           Choose a comfortable mattress and
  A sandwich walks into a bar.                 pillow.
     The bartender says, "Sorry, we            Avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine in
     don't serve food here."                    the evening.
     An E-flat, a G-flat and a B-flat         Exercise regularly, and at a time right for you.
      walk into a bar. The bartender           Keep your bedroom quiet, dark and comfortable. Keep work
      says, "I'm sorry, we don't                materials, computers and televisions out of the bedroom.
      serve minors."                           Avoid discussing emotional issues in bed.
                                               Avoid napping.
     A toothless termite walked               Keep pets off the bed.
      into a tavern and said, "Is the          Don't eat or drink large amounts before bedtime. Eat right, sleep
      bar tender here?"                         tight.
     A jumper cable walks into a              Use sleeping pills only as a last resort.
      bar. The bartender says, "I'll
      serve you, but don't start
      anything."                                         Kentucky Derby Fun Facts
     Two antennas met on a
      rooftop, fell in love and got                                   The Kentucky Derby trophy is made of 56
      married. The ceremony wasn't                                     ounces of gold (14/18 carat), and is 24
      much, but the reception was                                      inches tall.
      excellent.                                                    Churchill Downs opened on May 17, 1875
                                                                       and the very first race was won by a horse
        On Parenting                                                   named Bonaventure. The featured race's
A mother who is really a mother                                        winner was a 3-year-old chestnut colt named
         is never free.                                                Aristides.
           Honore de Balzac                                         The horseshoe atop the Kentucky Derby was
           ----------------------                                      originally pointing down, and was turned
    Each day of our lives                                              around to point upward in 1924.
we make deposits in the memory                 The phrase "Run for the Roses" was coined by NY sports columnist
    banks of our children.                      Bill Corum, who would later become president of Churchill Downs.
           Charles Swindoll                    Racing silks were adopted in order to help distinguish jockeys and
           ----------------------               horses from one another.
      Education, like neurosis,                "My Old Kentucky Home," the song played when the horses are led
         begins at home.                        onto the field, has been played by the University of Louisville
           Milton Sapirstien                    Marching Band since 1936.
                                               The Derby was nationally telecast for the first time on May 3, 1952.
      See Insert This Issue:                   Donerail became the longest shot to win the Kentucky Derby in
                    Save Money                  1913, with 91.45-1 odds.
                                               12 Derby winners have sired other Kentucky Derby winners, with
                    By Cleaning                 Bold Venture siring two.
                    Your                       There has never been a winner to come out of post position #15.
                    Carpets!                   The fastest Derby run was by Secretariat in 1973, at 1:59.40. The
                                                slowest run was by Stone Street in 1908, at 2:15.20.
                                  Hindenburg Explosion, May 6, 1937

                                                                            The Hindenburg disaster is well-remembered, due
                                                                      in large part to the significant amount of newsreel
                                                                      footage and photographs, as well as Herbert Morrison's
                                                                      famous live, on-the-scene coverage, which was made
                                                                      from the Lakehurst, NJ landing field for Chicago station
                                                                      WLS. Heavy publicity about the first transatlantic
                                                                      passenger flight of the year by Zeppelin to the US
                                                                      attracted a large number of journalists to the landing.
                                                                      (The airship had already made one round-trip from
                                                                      Germany to Brazil that year.)
                                                                            Parts of Morrison's live audio report were later
                                                                      dubbed onto the video newsreel footage, giving the
                                                                      impression to many modern viewers that the words and
                                                                      film were recorded together intentionally. Morrison's
                                                                      broadcast remains one of the most famous in history. His
                                                                      plaintive words, "O, the humanity!" resonate with the
                                                                      impact of the disaster, and have been widely used in

            Transcript of Herbert Morrison's account of the Hindenburg explosion:
          “It's practically standing still now. They've dropped ropes out of the nose of the ship; and (uh)
 they've been taken ahold of down on the field by a number of men. It's starting to rain again. It's... the
 rain had (uh) slacked up a little bit. The back motors of the ship are just holding it (uh) just enough to
 keep it from... It's burst into flames! Get this, Charlie; get this, Charlie! It's fire... and it's crashing! It's
 crashing terrible! Oh, my! Get out of the way, please! It's burning and bursting into flames and the... and
 it's falling on the mooring mast. And all the folks agree that this is terrible; this is one of the worst
 catastrophes in the world. [indecipherable] its flames... Crashing, oh! Four or Five-hundred feet into the
 sky and it... it's a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. It's smoke, and it's in flames now; and the frame is
 crashing to the ground, not quite to the mooring mast. Oh, the humanity! And all the passengers
 screaming around here. I told you; it -- I can't even talk to people, their friends are out there! Ah! It's...
 it's... it's a... ah! I... I can't talk, ladies and gentlemen. Honest; it's just laying there, mass of smoking
 wreckage. Ah! And everybody can hardly breathe and talk and the screaming. Lady, I... I... I'm sorry.
 Honest; I... I can hardly breathe. I... I'm gonna have to stop for a minute because [indecipherable] I've
 lost my voice. This is the worst thing I've ever witnessed.”

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