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									                        Neema Mushi - CV
                     P O Box 7072 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
   Day time telephone: 0788~ 601973, 0715-601973 Email:

Ambitious, conscientious and energetic individual with a strong academic background and the
tenacity and motivation to achieve challenging targets in a variety of working environments. A
responsible and reliable person with strong time management skills and the versatility to fit easily
into any team environment.


May – 2010     -      Preparing to sit for Module F on NBAA professional Exams
                      Registered with National Board of Accountant and Auditors (NBAA)

2004-2007       -     Institute of accountancy Arusha.
                      Advanced Diploma in Accounting awarded

2001-2003       -     Mkwawa high Secondary School
                      Advanced certificate of secondary Education awarded (ACSE)

1997-2000       -     Kibosho Secondary School
                      Certificate of Secondary Education awarded (CSE)


Advanced Information Technology knowledge and sufficient experience with expert software
    Sun system Version 5.2.2
    Vision XL
    Quick book package
    Payroll Assistant package
    Window 2003 which includes MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word Ms DOS
    Competent on Online banking systems
    Internet and Email


April 2008 – to date                 Accountant, Marie Stopes Tanzania

Following good performance in a period of 7 month on the assistant accountant position at Marie
Stopes Tanzania, the management has decided to promote my position from Assistant accountant
position to Full accountant position where I took much responsibility and held accountable for the
work I perform.

Duties which I perform under accountant position are:

    Trade Debtors, Staff debtors and Creditors Management, I have manage to reconcile
     trade debtors, staff debtors and creditors account so that at any time unpaid invoices and
     unretired impress advances can be viewed according to the age analysis.

    Balance Sheet Reconciliations

   In balance sheet reconciliation I have succeed in making sure of the following

   o   All cash/bank Balances are reviewed in the system and tie into the reconciliation/physical
   o   Payroll control accounts are updated and reconciled monthly
   o   Old Cheques are followed up and cleared and issued as necessary.
   o   The complete schedule of monthly balance sheet reconciliations ready for review by the
       finance manager by the 20th of the month.

    Cash and Banking Compliance Field Offices

   In cash and banking Compliance Field Offices I have succeed to

   o   Review all weekly cash counts received from field office.
   o   Report any difference / non compliance to line manager
   o   Review Monthly Cashbooks received from fields (Coding, description)
   o   Review Monthly Bank reconciliations from the field.

    Monthly Statistics accounting, I have achieved to prepare a number of clients served for
     each Marie Stopes clinics as per services line provided. This helps management on
     decision making and checking on whether the clinic has reached its targets or not in terms
     of clients attended per month.

    Filing of Statutory Tax returns, also am responsible for the filing of monthly tax returns to
     TRA before the due date ( i.e. 7th of the following month) example of TAX returns required
     are PAYE deducted from employees gross salaries , 6% SDL paid by an employer
     computed from gross salary of each employee, NSSF and PPF (10% deducted from
     employee and 10% contributed by employer)

    Reviewing of Payment vouchers, staff imprest retirements and booking of invoices
     with donor funding clarifications. I have managed to review payment vouchers of staff

    request, payment to suppliers and paying them according to the due date and urgency, this
    has assisted to maintain the organisation cash flow.

   Treasury management. In treasury management I have managed to establish
       a) Weekly cash flow forecast which shows our bank/cash balances every Monday
       morning    against the liability we are facing to pay in that week.
       b) Daily treasury report which shows bank balances and payments made on the

 Reviewing monthly bank reconciliation, I am responsible for making sure that bank
  reconciliations are prepared on timely and accurately and I review them on a monthly basis.

 Over all in charger of Cash sales, I have achieved to report cash sales of each clinic
  generated every month on a comparative figure against the previous month to the top
  management for further decision making.

 Preparation of Management reports on a monthly basis, I have managed to prepare
  clinic performance ( PnL) on monthly basis and giving feedback to clinic managers,
  example of some management reports are computation of key financial ratios like income
  to cost ratios, cost of sales to sales ratio.

 Asset register maintenance, I have maintained to keep a fixed asset register of the
  organisation, where by all non current asset are categorized by account code, centre,
  funding clarification and appropriate depreciation rate.

 Other Duties

In Other duties I

o   Assist in the external and internal audit process.
o   Tracking of withholding tax and insuring payments are made in good time, and in the
    correct amount(s).
o   Assist the Finance Manager on the preparation of Monthly Donor reporting, Prepare
    monthly budgets.

July 2007 – March 2008              Assistant Accountant, Marie Stopes Tanzania

    Preparation of Monthly bank reconciliation, where by I managed to prepare bank
     reconciliations for 17 bank Accounts in operated by Marie Stopes Tanzania, Donor funded
     account and local cash raised through clinics on a monthly basis, i.e. every 21st of the
     following month, the bank reconciliations of the previous month must be ready.

    Monthly payroll preparation, I have achieved to prepare a payroll of an average of 350
     employees every months, some of the tasks are inputting new staff employed, removing
     terminated and resigned staffs, adjust for the staff who has salary changes, deducting
     necessary statutory taxes and to prepare a summary of payroll reconciliation compared to
     the previous month.

    Donor reporting and management accounting, during my position of assistant
     accountant I managed to assist the Project and management accountant on the

              a) Preparation of quarterly donor reports
              b) Preparation of monthly management reports and
              c) Preparation of annual budgets

    Witting payment vouchers also I was responsible for the preparation of payment
     vouchers for approved requests ( for staff payments) and tax invoices ( for payments to

    Filling payment vouchers, I was the in charge of filling system of payment vouchers some
     of the tasks are
             a) To make sure that payment vouchers are filled by cheque number and are
                 separated according to the bank on daily basis.
             b) To make sure that un paid invoices are booked ( i.e. recognition of a liability to
                 the organisation) and are filled in an alphabetical order ( i.e. by following names
                 of suppliers and their due date for payments)


Company                         Position Held                                              Dates
Marie Stopes Tanzania           Accountant Trainee                     July 2006-March 2007

      Responsible for filling of payments vouchers by cheque numbers and unpaid invoices by
       suppliers names
      Writing payment vouchers after requests and tax invoices have been approved.
      Preparations of bank reconciliation on excel.
      Filling of payment vouchers in box files by the required series.


Date of Birth:        2nd August 1982
Nationality:          Tanzanian
Driving Licence:      Class D of 3 Yrs experience
Marital Status:       Married
Languages:            Fluent in both Swahili and English


  1. Nicombolwe M Kidagho
       Senior Project Accountant
       Marie Stopes Tanzania
       Dar es Salaam
       Email: nkidagho@
       Mobile: 0784-212648

  2 .Omar Chuma
       Financial Officer System
      Save the children
      Dar es Salaam
      Mobile: 0754269774

  3. Geoffrey Kapulula
    Assistant Lecturer/Head of ICT
    Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre
    P.OBOX 35103
   Dar es Salaam
    Mobile: 0715929525


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