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Holly Hills Happenings - Download as PDF


									                                                                                                               September/October 2008

                                 Holly Hills Happenings
HOLLY HILLS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION (HHIA)                              Grand to Morganford and Bates to Loughborough

Founded in 1927. St. Louis’ oldest neighborhood association. Visit us online at:

                            The Great Pumpkin Parade is Back!
                            By popular demand the Holly Hills Pump-                  back at Arendes for a barbecue and cos-
  November 24, 2008         kin Parade is back.                                        tume contest.
        7:30 p.m.
                            The Pumpkin Parade is a fun and                                   Children are encouraged to dress
 Honoring Tom Villa’s       safe event for Holly Hills chil-                                  up and bring trick-or-treat bags.
   Many Years of            dren and families to come to-                                     Holly Hills residents are encour-
     Public Service         gether and celebrate the Hallow-                                  aged to line the parade route and
                            een season, said HHIA board                                       distribute treats to parade partici-
                            member Barbara Russell, who is                                    pants. The parade will go forward,
                            heading up the parade commit-                                    rain or shine.
                                                                                 Russell is looking for at least six volunteers to
                            The parade will be Saturday, October 25th            help on the day of the event. Contact her at
 Inside this issue:         at 3:00pm. This year the parade will begin at        353-4619 or or
                            Arendes and Federer, travel west on Federer          Brooks Goedeker at 352-3198 /
President’s Letter     2    to Coronado, and come down Bowen to end    

Aldermanic Updates     3
                            New Police Chief,                            Beautifying the Boathouse
Battles in the Park    4
                            Residents Attend
Real Estate            5
                            Watch Meeting
HHIA September         6
meeting minutes             Newly appointed St. Louis Police
                            Chief Daniel Isom joined aldermen,
Business Listings     7-9   NSOs and nearly 100 Holly Hills
                            residents at a Neighborhood Watch
                            training on Oct. 13. The meeting was
                            organized by Jim Sahaida of
                            Churches Committed to Community
                            Concerns /Metropolitan Congrega-
                            tions United and held at St.

                            Public Safety Police Officer Thomas
                                                                         Holly Hills’ unofficial gardener Tim Bolt led a group of volun-
                            Bottini led the training with two            teers in planting 200 rose bushes and Russian sage on the west
                            neighborhood Stabilization Officers,         side of the Boathouse in September. Volunteers came from as
                                                                         far away as Ballwin, Chesterfield and University City as part of
                                                (Continued on page 5)
                                                                         the Flora Conservancy.
PAGE 2                                             HOLLY HILLS HA PP E NINGS

A message from the president...
                                                                               Deck your house with cobwebs!
          y how the time flies over the summer! I hope each
          and every one of you had a great summer and were                      Ooooowahahahahahhahah!
          able to enjoy the outdoors!
                                                                          HHIA is sponsoring a Halloween
There was lots of activity in the neighborhood through the                   decorating contest.
summer, starting with our ice cream social in June and in-
cluding the planting of lush flower beds in the park and
                                                                         Judges will be out look-
throughout the neighborhood - all by volunteers - along                    ing for the garish and
with a new sign for the Community Garden.                                     the ghoulish, the
Fall brings the changing of temperatures, beautiful colors
                                                                              creepiest and the
and more fun activities to participate in.                                  corniest Halloween
                                                                         embellishments on Oct.
Trick out your house for the Halloween decorating con-
test and I’m confident everyone will find the Halloween
                                                                         27-30. Winners will be
Parade a treat!                                                           announced and prizes
                                                                            awarded on Oct. 31.
I hope all of you get a chance to get out into the Park or the
neighborhood and enjoy the brisk temperatures. Walking
through the neighborhood is a favorite activity of mine and
     hopefully we will see each other one night soon! Stop
            and say hi!
                                                                      The Holly Hills Improvement Association (HHIA) was
               Fall also brings us change in the political            formed on September 10, 1927. Since its inception,
               landscape of our country. No matter which                 HHIA has worked to promote the well being of
               way you lean, please make sure you vote!                           Holly Hills and its residents.
                                                                     For more information or to become a member of HHIA
                                            - Paul Sager                        contact us at (314) 569-5708 or

               Numbers to Know!
                                                                                   Paul Sager H President
 First District Police                             444-0100                                   H
                                                                                Kate Hastings I Vice President
 Police (non-emergency)                            231-1212
                                                                                 Daniel Haag    Immediate Past President
 Anonymous Drug, Gang, Homicide Police Line        241-COPS
                                                   772-3484                 Victoria Chechik B   Past President
 Neighborhood Stabilization Officers (NSO)                                                   O
                                                   622-4628                     Beth Murphy A    Treasurer
 Citizens’ Service Bureau                          622-4800                 Anne Borgmeyer D     Recording Secretary

 Humane Society                                    647-8800                Tara Ohler-Jenney     Financial Secretary
 Alderman Matt Villa 11th Ward                     351-9896                Brooks Goedeker E     Member at large
 Alderman Fred Heitert 12th Ward                   622-3287                   Patrick Hanlon B   Member at large
 Alderman Fred Wessels 13th Ward                   589-6836                     Mary Lopinot E   Member at large
 State Representative Tom Villa 108th District     352-2084                       Stacy Ross S   Member at large
 State Senator Harry Kennedy 1st District          481-5857
                                                                               Barbara Russell   Member at large
 State Senator Maida Coleman 5th District          535-5999
                                                  HOLLY HILLS HA PP E NINGS                             PAGE 3

              11th, 12th and 13th Ward Aldermanic Updates
        11th Ward Matt Villa            Federal Historic District: In process of    pleted soon. The ribbon cutting cere-
                                        getting a district for Holly Hills that     mony is scheduled for October 14th @
Carondelet Park Rec Center: A little
                                        will allow owners to apply for tax          10:00am, at Germania &
behind schedule because of rain – the
                                        credits. Most of the rest of the 11th       Eugene. Mayor Slay is scheduled to
pool should open in time for Memorial
                                        Ward is already in one.                     attend, along with GRG personnel.
Day, the rest of center open late July
or early August. Haven’t finalized      Tree Plantings: Anyone interested in        The estimated project cost is $1.5-2
YMCA running the center – recent        having a tree planted in front of their     million dollars. The next phase will be
meeting with aldermen Wessels, Villa home between the sidewalk and the              to extend this trail from Germania/I-
and Heitert with YMCA. The city may curb can call me @ 314-622-3755.                55 and route it behind the Loughbor-
have to go to another operator and we                                               ough Commons project and connect to
should know in next 30-60 days. Have            12th Ward Fred Heitert              the existing Carondelet Park Trails.
to work out a structure that is fair to
                                        Boulevard Heights: Joint Venture
the taxpayers. Projections are that it                                              BP Station- Gravois/Germania: CVS
                                        Housing Development Pro-
will make enough money                                                              Pharmacy will be the new store in
                                                   gram. There are ten single-
for maintenance.                                                                    town. This Fortune 500 Company is in
                                                   family homes completed or
                                                                                    the process of acquiring this site. They
Loughborough Commons:                              near completion with one
                                                                                    also have contracts to buy two addi-
Construction is underway                           single-family home ready to
                                                                                    tional single family houses along Ger-
for a new Burger King and                          start construction. Mayor
                                                                                    mania and three single family houses
the scheduled opening is                           Slay moved into one of these
                                                                                    along Austria. They plan to build a
the end of October. China                          new homes in late July.
                                                                                    multi-million dollar commercial devel-
King (a restaurant) will be opening                Eight townhouses are com-
                                                                                    opment project. This will be the first
soon in the retail space between Star-  plete, with two sold. Single family
                                                                                    one built in the City of St. Louis. They
bucks and Qdoba. Fifth Third bank       homes start around $275,000 –High
                                                                                    plan to build at least 20 new stores
will start construction in March 2009 end $380,000. Townhouses start                throughout the metropolitan St. Louis
on the outparcel next to Burger King. around $250,000. Condos will start            area. Demolition on the site is sched-
Two lots remain available for sale and around $170,000.                             uled to begin early next year with con-
DESCO is still targeting a sit down                                                 struction completed late 2009.
                                          Windsor School: This property will be
                                          placed on the market to be sold some-
                                                                                    Old 7/11 @ Gravois/Loughborough:
Shoppers Cleaners building at Grand       time later this year. Hopefully, within
                                                                                    “Papa Johns” has signed a contract to
and Holly Hills: Redevelopment in         the next couple of weeks, all the trees
                                                                                    utilize ½ of the building. There is in-
an“unfortunate” holding pattern. A        will be trimmed, limbs removed and
                                                                                    terest in the other half. Cricket Cellu-
jury in the eminent domain case set       the grass cut.
                                                                                    lar is interested in the location.
price at $460,000, much more than
                                          There has been interest in making
the developer had hoped to pay, and                                                 Willmore Park- Dog Park: Opened a
                                          this site a combination Senior Hous-
the owner is appealing this price. The                                              few years ago, they are expanding
                                          ing, Assisted Living and Skilled Nurs-
city had block grant money set aside,                                               their facility. This is a very successful
                                          ing Facility complex. Fr. Mike and a
but while the case was moving                                                       program.
                                          group from IHM and I visited and
through the courts federal law
                                          discussed this possibility with Cardi-    Pace Properties, Weber Road: As pre-
changed and now can no longer use
                                          nal Ritter Institute. We are talking      viously mentioned, Wal-Mart is the
any federal block grants on projects
                                          about the possibility of CRI buying       large anchor store. No Eminent Do-
that use eminent domain. Plans were
                                          the site and constructing three build-    main will be used. This project is still
for retail on first floor – restaurant/
                                          ings that will benefit the seniors that   on hold.
coffee house – apartments/condos.
                                          live in are area. It’s just an idea.
Developer had tenants lined up a year
                                                                                    Building Inspections – 12th ward: I
ago but doesn’t think he can make it      Great River Greenway- Germania            had the building inspectors survey
work so now looking for another de-       Pedestrian/Bike Trail: This project
veloper. It’s still a priority.                                                                            (Continued on page 9)
                                          was slow to start but, will be com-
PAGE 4                                               HOLLY HILLS HA PP E NINGS

Lords, Ladies, Dukes, Duchesses Do Battle
in Carondelet Park Every Sunday
By Brooks Goedeker                         ing of
My wife and I were walking our dog         Gate, or
around Carondelet Park one Sunday          Western
afternoon. As we rounded the corner        Gate for
along Grand and Holly Hills avenues        short, and
we were greeted by some unfamiliar         is a prin-
sounds. In the horizon were arms wav-      cipality
ing, drums banging, and dozens of rev-     under the
elers partaking in a full-out battle. At   Indian-
that moment, my wife and I paused in       apolis,
our tracks in an attempt to consume                    Members of the Western Gate group prepare to do battle each Sunday in Carondelet Park.
                                           Indiana                                                                 Photo by Brooks Goedeker
the bright colors, colliding foam weap-    kingdom                                          The Western Gate has even been
ons and make sense of what was oc-         or the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.              known to scare off unwanted elements
curring in the usually quiet and placid    There is currently one other group in            from the park.
park grounds.                              the St. Louis metropolitan area, in
                                           Blanchette Park in St. Charles. West- “When bad people see 60 of us with
“That is the usual reaction we get
                                           ern Gate has been around since 1998. foam weapons in our hands, they don’t
when people see us for the first time,”
                                           They spent one year in Tower Grove               stick around too long,” added Rathius
explains Heartwynd or Eileen as she
                                           Park, but ever since have called                 Cain, the group’s current monarch.
is referred to in her ordinary life.
                                           Carondelet Park home.
                                                                                            So, the next time you’re walking
What was witnessed on that afternoon
                                           Western Gate’s battles rage on every             around Carondelet Park, Western Gate
was actually The Holding of Western
                                           Sunday afternoon , usually until about welcomes you to take a closer look.
Gate defending itself from a raid. You
                                           dusk. During the fall and winter, they Anyone 14 years of age or older can
see, all of these individuals are actu-
                                           meet mostly in the Dragon’s Paw (the even participate in the battle. There
ally part of an organization called
                                           area adjacent to Holly Hills Ave. near are always extra foam weapons, par-
Amtgard, created in El Paso, Texas in
                                           the bear pit) and in the spring and              ticipants eager to give instruction, and
1983. Amtgard now has hundreds of
                                           summer on the Battlefield (the flat              fun and excitement guaranteed. For
groups around the country and even
                                           grounds near the boathouse). The                 those looking to just observe, Western
across the globe. Baron Sir Tanath
                                           group expresses tremendous respect               Gate loves spectators and encourages
Lagoon or Charles Degregorio, a 14-
                                           for Cardondelet Park.                            photographs. The members of Western
year veteran, explains that “Amtgard
                                                                                            Gate believe that Baron Sir Tanath
is a little bit of a live-action role play,“We are very grateful to be located in           Lagoon sums it up best when he says,
a little bit of a sport, and a little bit of
                                           the park., Heartwynd said. “We make “We absolutely love fighting in Caron-
a society all rolled up into one.”         sure that we take care of our home               delet Park and we invite everyone to
Amtgard focuses largely on a medieval      and respect our neighbors.”                      come check us out.”
-based system and uses safe, foam-
padded replicas of medieval weaponry Each Sunday, before they embark on
                                                                                             Brooks Goedeker explores and uncov-
to conduct combat in a friendly, social their battles, The Western Gate picks
                                                                                             ers behind-the-scene stories of what
atmosphere.                                  up litter, fallen tree branches, and any
                                                                                             makes our neighborhood unique and
                                             other debris.
There are 13 Amtgard kingdoms                                                                special. If you have a story idea,
throughout the world which govern            “Each Sunday we want to make sure               please feel free to e-mail Brooks at
local chapters. The group that meets         to leave Carondelet Park better than  
in Carondelet Park is called The Hold- when we arrived,” added Heartwynd.
                                                   HOLLY HILLS HA PP E NINGS                          PAGE 5

(Continued from page 1)                Isom, come to the meeting,” Sahaida          them to be able to act on what they
                                       said. Isom was joined by Lieutenant          know best.
Brian Kolde and TJ Minden, providing Colonels Tim Reagan and Roy
information on crime prevention, deal- Joachimstaler. Aldermen Matt Villa,          3.   More community policing, reaching
ing with nuisance issues and answer-   11th Ward, and Fred Wessels, 13th                 into the neighborhoods – develop-
ing questions on what, when and how    Ward also attended. “We        thank              ing more relationships with the
to report and whom to call.            them for their support.”                          community.

It was the largest neighborhood watch      Isom outlined                                          In addition, it was an-
training Bottini had participated in.      three priorities.                                      nounced at the meeting
                                                                                                that the police caught a
Captain Spies of the 1st. District gave    1.   Quality of                                     drug addict who acted with
an update on crime and everyone was        Life matters                                      another person in committing
impressed with the steps he outlined       like peace dis-                                  garage burglaries to support
that are being undertaken to handle it,    turbance, and                                  their drug habits. The man they
Sahaida said. “There are a number of       other nuisance                                caught lives in Lemay and was
initiatives that are creative in how po-   issues                                        out on parole and will probably be
lice are being deployed where there is                                               sent back to prison. This should stop
a concentration of criminal activity       2.  Decentralization of the Depart-      the rash of garage burglaries we were
going on.”                                 ment so that the districts have more     seeing.If you have any questions,
                                           decision making ability. The Captains    please call Jim Sahaida at 353-1425 or
“We were very pleased and happy to         in the Districts know the issues, con-   email him at
have the new Chief of Police, Daniel       cerns, and neighborhoods. He wants

Holly Hills Real Estate courtesy of Paul Sager
Active as of September 29 3642 Bellerive $159,000               3841 Dover $247,000           3818 Burgen $158,000
4151 Concordia $59,900         6126 Adkins $159,900             3942 Burgen $250,000          4061 Fillmore $160,000
4080 Burgen $70,000            5809 Dewey $159,900              3921 Holly Hills $515,000     3927 Dover $172,500
4082 Concordia $73,900         3632 Wilmington $164,900                                       4115 Haven $177,000
4058 Concordia $82,900         6146 Morganford $165,000         Sold as of September 29       5959 Coronado $180,000
4084 Wilmington $94,985        6103 Newport $167,000            4134 Bates $55,500            4112 Toenges $185,000
4087 Concordia $99,900         3936 Bowen $169,000              4146 Concordia $60,000        4144 Haven $188,000
5904 Morganford $100,000       6142 Morganford $169,000         4093 Concordia $64,700        5606 Arendes $189,600
3808 Burgen $104,400           3683 Dover $169,900              4167 Burgen $79,500           4120 Toenges $190,000
5617 Dewey $112,900            6104 Newport $174,900            3625 Dover $79,500            4128 Alma $191,000
4092 Wilmington $117,000       4124 Alma $175,000               3915 Dover $79,900            5927 Coronado $194,500
4148 Burgen $119,500           4101 Toenges $177,500            4154 Concordia $79,900        6158-60 Morganford
3942 Bates $119,900            5608 Arendes $178,900            4106 Wilmington $96,500       $195,000
4075 Bowen $119,900            5937 Marwinette $179,500         3675 Bellerive $97,000        4064 Alma $195,600
4131 Loughborough $139,900
                               3833 Wilmington $179,900         3846 Bates $105,000
4072 Wilmington $139,900                                                                      3806 Bowen $196,000
                               5715 Dewey $179,900              3646 Wilmington $115,000
5614 Morganford $144,900                                                                      3958 Wilmington $199,000
                               6809 Alexander $182,000          4145 Fillmore $117,000
6131 Dewey $144,900                                                                           3901 Bowen $220,000
                               3950 Bowen $189,900              3923 Burgen $119,900
4145 Tyrolean $148,500
                               3659 Bellerive $189,900                                        3849 Fillmore $224,900
6118 Newport $149,000                                           4111 Fillmore $128,000
                               4133 Toenges $189,900                                          3930 Bowen $235,000
3634 Wilmington $149,500                                        5658 Arendes $140,000
                               3916 Dover $199,900              4123 Haven $140,000           6118 Arendes $250,000
4106 Bates $149,900
                               4070 Holly Hills $218,900        3926 Burgen $142,000          3941 Holly Hills $384,950
5648 Morganford $149,900
                               6203 Marwinette $244,500         3646 Dover $157,033
PAGE 6                                           HOLLY HILLS HA PP E NINGS

HHIA General Membership Meeting Minutes for September 22
Report from Holly Hills Public           If it seems too good to be true, it is. He Report from Board of Aldermen
Safety Officer Bottini:                  has different talks he can give to any     President Lewis Reed
                                         group in the city. He also offers fraud • Working on regional coalition on
District 1 crime report – Year-to-       alert email – don’t get anything but
date:                                                                                 the environment – air quality is-
                                         fraud alerts .                               sues. Bring the region together to
•   10 homicides this year               Emphasized: Check your credit re-            look at the environment with St.
                                         ports – get one every four months from       Louis County – NOT St. Charles
•   Burglaries up                                                                     County
                                         one of three bureaus – get one free
•   Larcenies down (Things stolen off    each year from each bureau.                 •   Board of Aldermen passed cyber-
person outside of property)                                                              harassment law – had been illegal
•   Vehicle thefts down                  • Check bank and credit card state-             to harass by phone or letter, but
                                           ments immediately – request to                email wasn’t included - Unani-
•    Arson down                            have statements sent online                   mously passed.
• Total crime down 13% from last         • Mail bills inside at post office
     year which was down 19% down                                                    • Half-cent sales tax - $1 million for
                                         • Lock bills and sensitive info in            crime prevention – address crimes
     from the previous year
                                           locked file cabinet                         committed by kids under 18 – how
Crimes in Holly Hills – Year-to-date
                                         • Opt out of customer service pro-            to combat – look at successful na-
                                           grams – no more courtesy checks,            tional programs – don’t need to re-
• No homicides no rapes                    credit card applications                    invent the wheel. Some of the most
• 7 fewer assaults                       • Don’t carry sensitive documents on          heinous crimes committed by kids.
• Person crime down 63%                    your person                               • Community reinvestment – what
• 6 more burglaries – 37 for year        • Carry billfold in your strong hand          banks get our tax dollars. Banks
                                           front pocket. If you carry expensive        that lend here, we want to put our
• 71 larcenies                             purses, you make yourself a target          money in those banks. To put your
• Vehicle theft down                     • Never carry any document with your          tax money to work. Made pitch for
• Total crime down 6.3%                    social security number - Medicare           local control of police department.
• Mobile surveillance signs – crime        cards have social security numbers –
                                                                                     11th Ward—Matt Villa – Agreed
     prevention measure                    Mo and federal law allow you to
                                                                                     with Lewis Reed about local control of
                                           black out all but last four digits –
                                                                                     police. Police are afraid of messing
The captain is very proud of the report    medical providers must accept them
                                                                                     with their pension – city was sued by
– he is very pro-active, encourages his • Shred any docs that have any sensi-
                                                                                     police and fire – was required to fund
officers to aggressively question suspi-   tive info - People will go through        to 100%, which is unheard of. We have
cious persons; Graph of crime shows        your trash                                to pay for it but don’t have a say in it.
peak in 2006.                            • On checks use first two initials only     It’s definitely a backwards system. It’s
                                           – include minimum of info                 certainly not fair to the city taxpayers.
No progress on gutter thefts. Arrests
but no prosecutions – calls from scrap   • Sign your credit card
                                         • Don’t ever keep PIN with debit            •     Tow lot scandal- city’s own tow lot
yards – but circuit the circuit attor-
                                           cards                                           now handling – those types of
ney’s office isn’t prosecuting because
                                                                                           practices don’t go on.
they have no witnesses. In one case a • Keep a list of credit card numbers/
woman whose gutters were stolen got        expiration dates in locked location       •     Semis on Foodland’s lot all the
description of the car, the car showed • Never respond to an email request-                time? Matt will check into it.
up at a scrap metal place, the guy ad-     ing sensitive information – don’t
mitted it, but wouldn’t sign a confes-     ever click on the link provided.          13th Ward—Fred Wessels
sion so circuit attorney’s office won’t  • Don’t use debit cards online - Only
charge. Scrap yards are trying to help.    use debit cards when you swipe it         • Reiterated residents can get The
                                           yourself –no federal liability limit on       Club for $11
Questioners asked – if write the ad-
dress on gutters so at least they can be   debit cards                               • Flooding from Ike - This area has
returned – Bottini: “It can’t hurt.”     • Delete unknown or questionable                gotten its money’s worth out of MSD
                                           emails – keep virus and spyware               from recent upgrades.
Guest Speaker Dan Rechtien –               updated – look for “https” in web         • Increased number of police officers
retired police officer now working at      site address line – means site is se-         in 1st district by 20 percent over last
Circuit Attorneys office. He answers       cure                                          15 years.
fraud hotline – 314-612-1412. Email
                 HOLLY HILLS HA PP E NINGS   PAGE 7

Please Patronize Our Neighborhood Businesses!
PAGE 8                    HOLLY HILLS HA PP E NINGS

         Please Patronize Our Neighborhood Businesses!
                                                 HOLLY HILLS HA PP E NINGS                            PAGE 9

    Please Patronize Our Neighborhood Businesses!

                                             Eugene G. Schaller Realty
                                                  7419 S. Broadway
                                              St. Louis, MO 63111-3406

Aldermanic Reports (Continued from page 3)                    nis courts. The commercial strip at Spring and Delor
                                                              will remain. Construction will begin after first of year
                       and cite property owners for the       and is expected to finish in May 2009. This will put
                       various violations this spring/        the school in a better competitive position. The school
                       summer. By the amount of               paid $1.1 million for property and construction is ex-
                       phone calls & e-mails to me, it        pected to cost $3 million.
                       was a success.
                                                              Carondelet Park: The playground on Loughborough
                            13th Ward Fred Wessels            will get a new surface and the walking path will get a
                                                              new coating. New trees will be planted as part of the
St. Mary’s High School at Grand and Delor has pur-
                                                              reforestation plan. We’ve got a professional who deter-
chased the St. Michael’s apartments at Spring and
                                                              mines what to plant.
Itaska west of school. The 168 units in16 buildings
will be demolished in November for baseball and ten-
             Holly Hills Improvement Association
             PO Box 22144 St. Louis, MO 63116

                 Yes, I would like to
             become a member of HHIA!
   □ Household Membership………………………..$10
   □ Business Membership………………………….$25
         (Business membership includes newsletter listing)

    This is a NEW membership                □ or RENEWAL □
Address:                                                        Show Your Holly Hills Pride!
                                                                  These high-quality, weather-
City, State, Zip:                                                proof flags make great gifts for
                                                                  friends, family, neighbors or
Phone:                                                                       yourself!
                                                                Send a check for $25 to HHIA;
Email:                                                                 P.O. Box 22144
                                                                   Saint Louis, MO 63116.
      Please mail this form with a check made out to HHIA to:
                                                                      We will deliver the
                PO Box 22144 St. Louis, MO 63116
                                                                      flag to your door.

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