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                                         A WORD FROM RON CARUTHERS
         Planning                        The purpose of a               from the information it          Next, establish how much
         Workshops:                      newsletter is to provide       contains, for example,           time and money you can
                                         specialized information to     employees or people              spend on your newsletter.
                                         a targeted audience.           interested in purchasing a       These factors will help
                                         Newsletters can be a           product or in requesting         determine how frequently
         Solana Beach                    great way to market your       your service.                    you publish the newsletter
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         Wed- March 3rd                                                 You can compile a mailing
                                         also can create credibility
         7:15 PM - 8:45 PM                                              list from business reply
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                                                                        cards, customer
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                                                                                                           or executive pronouncement.
          Round Table Pizza              employees, or vendors.
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         Monday- March, 8th                                             at trade shows, or                 healed by the action of the
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                                         audience of the                might consider purchasing          the producers and consumers
         Escondido                       newsletter. This could be      a mailing list from a              themselves. “
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                                                                                                                        - Herbert Hoover
         Wed- March 10th
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                                         The Single Biggest Threat To Your Retirement!
         Tell your friends and/or
                                         Let’s Go Back To Anytown, USA, circa 1953!
                                         This month’s column is         folks, they’d like you to        during the first 11 months
         Register on-line at
                                         going to deal with             believe that inflation isn’t a   of 2009, (the most recent
         www.CollegePlanning or call
                                         something that we feel         big financial problem            figures we can get as of
         (760) 599-8495                  very strongly about…yet        anymore.                         this publishing date) the
                                         conflicts with what the                                         Consumer Price Index
                                                                        They’ve got inflation under
                                         government tells us about                                       (CPI) rose at a 2.6 percent
                                                                        control, so we don’t have
                                         this subject. (Big surprise,                                    annual rate. This
                                                                        to worry about it or factor
                                         huh?) I’ll bet you NEVER                                        compares with an
                                                                        it in to our financial
                                         would have guessed that                                         increase of 1.6 percent for
                                         we don’t agree with the                                         the CPI for 2008.
Individual Highlights:                   politicians about financial    Well, I think this blatant
The Single Biggest Threat to Your
                                         matters!)                      deception needs to be            Here’s where we get into
  Retirement                      1                                     exposed and shattered!
                                         Anyway, what’s this                                             problems with how the
                                                                        Why? Well, let’s look at         government reports
Your Case Isn’t Hopeless            3    issue? Well, it’s just the
                                                                        reality…as opposed to the        inflation to us. They use
                                         strong belief we have that
Student’s Discover Tip              5                                   numbers created by               the CPI to “tell” the public
                                         INFLATION HAS NOT
                                                                        government accountants.          what “inflation” was for the
Did you know?                       6    BEEN LICKED FOR THE
                                         LONG TERM!                     See, right now, according        previous period. But…the
Financial Tip                       7
                                                                        to the United States             CPI is only a measure of a
                                         Here’s the deal. If you                                         tiny portion of the things
Health Tip                          7                                   Department of Labor,
                                         listen to the government                                        we have to buy!

                                                                                                             It IS NOT
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                                                                                                         representative of next page….
                                                                                                         inflation at large, yet it
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It IS NOT representative of           it into the economy...forcing       wage to $1, nobody will be         ahead and plug in your
inflation at large, yet it is the     prices to go up to compensate       able to hire outside help at       own numbers for the
statistic they use to calculate       for more money circulating          the store.”                        identical sentiments
important things like how much        around the same amount of            “When I first started            expressed here in our trip
to increase Social Security           goods and services. Inflation is    driving, who would have            through time! Now think
payments to seniors, for              the result of the government’s      thought gas would someday          about what prices of things
example.                              printing money. It’s not our        cost 29 cents a gallon.            you buy now will cost 50
                                      fault.                              Guess we’d be better off           years from now! Will they
But, in their own government                                              leaving the car in the             experience the same
reports, they candidly admit that     Why does the government             garage.”                           incredible inflation as
the inflation index for energy,       pump newly printed money into        “Did you see where some          things have gone through
increased at a 12.5 percent in        the economy? Because if they        baseball player just signed a      from 1953 to 2003?
the first 11 months of 2002!          don’t, too much of the economy      contract for $75,000 a year
And get this. Petroleum-based         would tank, so they artificially    just to play ball? It wouldn’t          For example, if prices
energy costs increased at a           keep things going by printing       surprise me if some day            for cars keep going up at
28.2 percent annual rate! So          cash. But, the side effect of       they’ll be making more than        the same rate they’ve
much for “inflation being under       their printing money is the         the president.”                    been averaging, a $19,000
control”. In other words, inflation   drastic increase in prices. It’s     “It’s too bad things are so      cost of a decent car today
was only a little under 3% for        been going on since the early       tough nowadays. I see              will cost, are you ready for
2002…as long as you don’t             20 Century, and continues to        where a few married women          this: $217,881 in 2053! I
have to use gasoline or               this very day. As a politician      are having to work to make         know. I know. You’re
electricity! This CPI index is a      once said, “the objective is to     ends meet. It won’t be long        saying, “Hey, that’s
sick joke.                            pluck the geese in such a           before young couples are           ridiculous. How could a
                                      manner as to obtain the             going to have to hire              standard car cost $217
All you have to do is walk into a     greatest number of feathers         someone to watch their kids        grand? You’re insane. It
drug store and go refill a name       with the least amount of            so they can both work.”            can’t happen.”
brand prescription, or walk into      hissing”.                            “Thank goodness I won’t
a car dealership, or place a                                              live to see the day when the           But…you have to keep
loved one in a nursing home---,        One way you can really tell       government takes half our          in mind, that to the folks in
or send a kid to college…to see       that inflation has been a huge      income in taxes. I                 Anytown in 1953…our
how bad the REAL rate of              factor is to take a walk back       sometimes wonder if we are         $19,000 car of our time
inflation is!                         into the past. Let’s pretend a      electing the best people to        would have sounded just
                                      time machine can plop us down       Congress.”                         as insane and
This under-reporting of inflation     right in downtown Anytown,           “There is no sense going         preposterous to them.
has been going on for too long.       USA and its February 1953.          to Lincoln or Omaha                But…is $19,000 for a new
You have to understand that           Let’s walk into the barbershop,     anymore for a weekend. It          car real or not? (In fact, as
inflation is very likely to be with   the dress shop, the drug            costs nearly $15 a night to        you know, 19 grand won’t
us for our expected lifetimes.        store/soda fountain to hear         stay in a hotel.”                  buy you a top end car.
You HAVE TO include inflation         what people are complaining          “No one can afford to be         Imagine what a $45,000
in your financial                     about regarding the economy         sick anymore; $35 a day in         luxury car will cost in 50
planning…regardless of how            and their money: “I’ll tell you
                                                                          the hospital is too rich for       years using the same real
the government downplays the          one thing, if things keep going
                                                                          my blood.”                         rate of inflation. Want to
problem!                              the way they are, it’s going to
                                                                           “If they think I’ll pay 50       know? OK. I’ll tell you. The
                                      be impossible to buy a week’s
Now here’s an interesting fact.                                           cents for a haircut, forget it.”   Lincoln will cost $516, 033!
                                      groceries for $20.”
“Inflation” is not the cause of                                                                              What do you think the
                                       “Have you seen the new cars
                                                                               Sound familiar? Did any       monthly payment on a five
rising prices. It is the effect of    coming out next year? It won’t
pumping more money in the                                                 of you, or your parents, or        year loan will be on that
                                      be long before $2,000 will only
economy than the economy              buy a used one.”                    grandparents say stuff like        baby?? ($17,486 a month
would naturally have! Here’s the       “If cigarettes keep going up in   this in 1953? You bet they         at 8% sounds affordable,
deal. Inflation is the reduction in   price, I’m going to quit. A         did!                               don’t you think?)
purchasing power caused by            quarter a pack is ridiculous.”         Just like you would say
the higher prices. Your money          “Did you hear the post office     the same things, except
is worth less, because prices         is thinking about charging a        plugging in different, much
are higher. And, prices go            dime just to mail a letter?”        HIGHER dollar amounts!
higher because the government          “If they raise the minimum        Just for the fun of it, go           Continued on next page….
prints money out of thin air, puts
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OK, what’s my point? It’s that as ridiculous as these numbers sound, they are based on the same reality we’ve experienced
since World War I. And, if you want to deny the reality of inflation’s devastation on our financial security…you do so at your own
peril! The ONLY answer is planning. Planning for yourself, planning for your family, both now and in the future is the only
weapon you have to fight this eternal problem of inflation! If you haven't started or reviewed your financial planning for 2010, DO
IT NOW! Don't delay. Call us up for a review, RIGHT NOW AT (760) 438-9095 while this is fresh on your mind. We'll take care
of the rest!
REMEMBER- We want you to contact us with your "Here’s what we’re THINKING about doing questions", NOT your "GUESS
what we just DID!" comments!

 Your Case Isn’t Hopeless!
         If you’ve been meeting your deadlines, by now you should have a fairly good idea of where you stand in your
application process. If it hasn’t already come in, you should soon receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Federal
Student Aid Processing Center. If you look just under the processing date on Part 1 of the SAR you’ll find a number labeled
EFC, or Expected Family Contribution. This is the amount of money the federal government assumes you can pay towards the
cost of a nine-month college or university tuition. If that number has nothing but zeros, not get discouraged. It doesn’t mean
you aren’t going to get any money. Very much on the contrary, it means you qualify to for the total amount of financial aid. But
remember, not all schools can meet your financial need!
         Unfortunately, not all the news that comes back will be good news. You may find yourself in a situation where the only
way you can send your child to college involves either paying the full cost yourself, or somehow budgeting what feels like a
very high Family Contribution cost. In fact, some people are shocked at the amount of money the Government assumes you
can pay towards your child’s education. It does help to remember that your EFC isn’t going to come out of your current
income. The Feds try to factor in assets you might be able to liquidate and loans you may look into. But it still can be a very
intimidating number.

The Good News Is… The Bad News Isn’t Always As Bad As It Seems
         If your EFC seems too high, don’t panic. There are many ways to work around that. Some are very unique and “exotic”
and only apply to a handful of individuals, but there are also other strategies that seem to be worth exploring regardless of your
financial situation. I’m going to list a few of the more popular strategies below. Hopefully this will help. But if you find there’s
nothing that’ll work for you, please don’t hesitate to call my office at 760-438-9095 to find out what other options are available.
We’ll take a good close look at your individual situation and see if there’s anything I can do to still help.
        Fortunately, all is not lost. Those who know about such things tell us that college tuition is by far the best investment
available in America. $1000 paid out today can ultimately translate into hundreds of thousands in added income over the
course of a lifetime. But you’re still stuck with a bill that may seem out of your reach. If you’re determined to find a way to give
your child a solid foundation to build on, here are 7 ways to help ease your burden:

        It’s not terribly uncommon to discover your problem is a mistake either you or the folks down at the SAR office made.
Look over the application carefully, and check for errors. If you find a problem (pay particular attention to the placement of
decimal points), then resubmit it. You do that by correcting the mistake and filling out Part II of the SAR. Mail it back in and
allow them to amend their records.
           You might find the tax amounts you guessed out when entering the original form turned out to be different from the
numbers shown on your actual filings. If that’s the case, then sending in an amended Part II will also do the job. A common
problem here comes when you overestimate your family income or the value of your assets. Or, if you underestimated your tax
liability, it’s possible to lower your EFC drastically by sending in an amended form.

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        You might find that your problem can be solved if your student is willing to attend a community college for a year or
two and then transfer to a more expensive four-year institution. Others might find they can still make it to that fancy private
college or university if they’re willing to attend the less expensive state school for a year or two first.
         But don’t let the cost of a high class university intimidate you. In fact, you might find you can save money by sending
your child to a more expensive college. Many private colleges and universities actively seek out grant, scholarship and low
interest loans to help qualifying students to offset the higher tuition costs. Your student may not live up to the extremely high
academic standards that university requires, but he or she may qualify for one of several private schools that pay all the costs
above and beyond the EFC! That private school your kid has his or her eye on may end up costing you less than a state

        Obviously, if your kid plays basketball like Michael Jordan or chess like Bobby Fisher you might qualify for special
treatment. But you might also find that Advanced Placement (AP) courses in High School might help out some, as well. If he or
she makes a 3.0 average or better, many colleges will allow them to use the course in place of a college level course, thus
saving you money (and them time). For example, a student making an A or B in an AP English class may find they don’t have
to take English 101 during their freshman year in college.

If your child makes a 3.0 in several AP courses, your family could save tens of thousands of dollars!


         Your child might find they can help defray their bill considerably by signing up for a federal work /study program. The
nice thing about this kind of program is that the income your student makes isn’t included when calculating financial aid
formulas. However, you do need to remember that making the same amount of money somewhere else will be considered
“current income” when calculating your liability. So, if your student plans on working anyway, there are definite advantages to
doing it through the federal work/study program.

        An added perk most federal work/study programs offer is that most of the jobs available in this program are part time
and on campus. Many students find themselves in “cushy” jobs that allow them to sit behind a desk for a time simply greeting
guests or answering phones. Remember, these jobs are government subsidized, so they usually don’t come with a boss that’s
counting the penny’s he’s losing if an employee isn’t always cracking a sweat.

        This doesn’t mean an on campus job will work for your child. You probably will want to discuss the kind of time and
energy your student will be committing to and decide if it’ll fit in to the overall package you’re hoping for. If it’s an option, it can
often help ease the financial burden tremendously.


         Remember you aren’t in this alone. Families around the country are all struggling with the exact same issues you are,
and fortunately, groups have formed to help meet these needs. In fact, most families find themselves having to borrow money
to pay for their EFC. And over the years more than a few groups have stepped up to the plate to help make these loans

         There’s a ton of these loans available. Among them you’ll find Signature Student Loans, FPLUS (Federal Parent
Loans for Undergraduate Students), EXCEL Loans and revolving lines of credit provided by some banks. Qualifying for these
loans does demand creditworthiness. Either you or your child will need to have good credit (depending on who actually takes
out the loan). The good news here is that in most cases, getting a student loan usually requires less of a rating than getting the
average unsecured credit card.

                                                                                                              Continued on next page….
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   Continued from page 4…

         And then there’s also the Federal Direct Student Loans and the Federal Stafford Loan Program. These federally
subsidized loans are designed for families with demonstrated need. The government pays the interest on them until the
student finishes school. These same loans are also available in a non-subsidized package. In this version, interest begins to
accrue as soon as the loan is taken out. In some cases, it makes a lot of sense to use a special mortgage concept I’ve
developed which helps higher income, higher net worth families pay for their college costs a “tax-favored” basis. If you’d like to
find out more about this special college funding plan, please call my office.


         The US Military offers funding for military veterans that have been rated at 0% disability or greater. (No, that was
NOT a type-o, it is 0%) If a mother or father gets rated appropriately your child might be entitled for assistance in paying
for college, depending on the state that the family resides in. If you have questions on these matters, I have 3 former
Marines in my office that can answer your questions so give us a call and we can discuss the matter.


         A number of private foundations and organizations offer scholarships, grants and even “integrity loans” (“We hope
you’ll repay this money, but you are under no legal obligation to do so.”) A word of warning, though:

Don’t count on private scholarships to put your child through college.
       That rarely happens. When available, private scholarships are often very small. There are even some as small as
$200, which offer little more than token help. But, put together, several of these can offer some help towards breaking
down the grand total into a more manageable size.

         When you start looking for these private funding sources, you’re going to want to start asking around. Begin with
the groups you currently are related to. Service clubs, civic groups, chambers of commerce, youth clubs, religious and
cultural groups and other non-profit institutions and organizations. If your child knows what field they plan on studying, you
might find professional organizations in that area willing to help encourage them. Nursing, teaching, engineering and
several other professions often find professional groups anxious to offer support. The company you or your spouse work
for may have scholarships available. Call your personnel department and ask.

         If your child is a senior, you’re going to find that a lot of the scholarships are past their application deadline. If you
find yourself in this dilemma, don’t get discouraged. Look around for the handful you might still qualify for and don’t forget
to start applying for next year. Again, giving me a call might help speed up the process if you find yourself behind on filing

         If your child is a junior, now is the time you should plan on applying for these private scholarships. You should
also be aware that this year, the year before your child applies to college, is your base financial year. That means this
year’s income; assets and taxes will be used to determine your child’s financial aid eligibility. This basically means you
need to realize that it’s certainly not too early to start finding ways to maximize your chances for getting as much financial
aid as possible.

        To get more information about how to set up your financial picture to receive maximum aid or learn more about the
special mortgage concept I’ve developed which helps higher income, higher net worth families pay for their college costs
on a “tax-favored” basis you can Call my office at (760) 438-9095 to schedule a financial aid eligibility analyses. We’ll sit
down and discuss the best strategies for you and your family.

                                                   Many students need resumes for jobs, colleges, internships, etc.
                                                   DISCOVER is there for you… Go to the Job Search tab and click
                  STUDENT’S                        on Resumes. You will see the link for Resume Builder, if you
                                                   click on that, all that you have to do is enter the information that is
                DISCOVER TIP:                      prompted and it will format the resume for you and of course you
                                                   can save it separately.
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Did you know?                 Our feature of tidbits of news and info to make your life easier and your money work harder, so you’re healthy all the time!

 Geologists say people have been                         with dramatic results (such as the                           neighborhoods where they grew up.
 making wine for more than 5,000 years.                  atomic bomb).                                                * Speaking with lack of confidence.
 In recent years, wine has achieved                                                                                   It's difficult to gain respect from others
 status for its health benefits. Red wine,               Other landmark events of 1905:                               when your statements sound
 when consumed in moderation                             February: The Rotary Club was                                tentative. If you have a statement to
 increases the level of good cholesterol,                founded in Chicago with the motto "He                        make, make it. Don't start with "I
 decreases the bad kind, and                             profits most who serves best." The                           think," which indicates that you lack
 discourages the formation of clots that                 name derived from the practice of                            self-confidence.
 can close off arteries, and cause heart                 rotating meeting locations. By 1910, it
 attacks and strokes. These benefits                     was a national organization. By 1922,                        Avoid ending sentences using a rising
 have been known for some time, but                      it was international. March: Theodore                        inflection as if a statement were a
 the good news about red wine keeps                      Roosevelt took his oath office as                            question. In her Wall Street Journal
 coming:                                                 president of the U.S. The theme of his                       column "Managing Your Career,"
                                                         speech was "Much has been given to                           Joann Lublin gives many examples of
 * It reduces the incidence of age-                      us, and much will rightfully be                              bosses who wanted to promote a
 related macular degeneration, a                         expected from us. We have duties to                          person but couldn't do it because of
 leading cause of blindness, according                   others and duties to ourselves." May:                        their poor speech habits. But a
 to new information from the American                    Agile won the Kentucky Derby.                                growing number of businesses are
 Geriatrics Society.                                     Belmont Park opened at Long Island,                          hiring speech coaches for rising stars.
                                                         N.Y. June: The International Workers                         The coach analyzes an individual's
 * Red wine reduces ulcer-causing                        of the World (IWW) was founded at                            conversation, pinpoints shortcomings,
 bacteria, according to the American                     Chicago by 43 labor groups. Their                            and videotapes the session. Clients
 Journal of Gastroenterology in 2003.                    slogan was "One big union for all."                          take the tape home and do drills in
 *A University of Virginia study shows                   August: Grocer Gennaro Lombardi                              front of a mirror. But feedback from
 that a protein in red grape skins kills                 introduced pizza at his New York City                        your boss and fellow workers is free,
 cancer cells.                                           grocery store. He wanted a way to use                        and it could be all the help you need
 * A 2004 study by Worcester Medical                     up old bread.                                                to clean up a bad habit or two.
 Center in Massachusetts shows that
 red wine lowers risk of heart attack for                3.) To Get Ahead, Clean Up Bad
 men with high blood pressure.                           Speech Habits… Several types of
 * A 2004 study by Harvard Medical                       speech problems make people appear
 School in Boston shows anti-aging                       to be uneducated and can hold them
 effects are generated by red grape                      back in their careers. Including:
 skins and red wine.                                     * Speaking like an adolescent. Using
                                                         phrases like "that's like so cool" makes
 Wine alone is a treat, but it can be                    you sound young and inexperienced.
 made into some great mixed drinks for                   Add frequent use of "y' know," and
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                                                         * Ignoring rules of grammar: Saying                     It’s that time of the year….
 lemon syrup. Garnish with fruit.                        "he don't" or "they was" instead of he
 Red Wine Cooler: Three parts red                        doesn't and they were. Or saying "me                    Our busy season, when we are busy
 wine, 1 part Grenadine. Top with soda                   and Joe" instead of Joe and I. These                    filling out financial aid forms and
 and serve in a wine glass. Decorate                     mistakes make others think you don't                    finalizing financial aid details. You’ll
 with fruit.                                             know the rules of grammar.                              have to forgive us for taking a bit
                                                         * Using abrasive regional accents.                      longer to respond to messages, but
 2.) Welcome To 1905, 100 Years Ago:                     Avoid saying "deez and doze" instead
                                                                                                                 we are swamped. 17/18 hour days
 In 1905, physicist Albert Einstein                      of these and those. Avoid dropping an
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 converted into huge amounts of energy                   colloquial English that was used in
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 Financial Tip:
 Parent Liability: Will You Have To Pay For Your Child's Mistakes?

 If your child injures someone or damages property, will you have to pay the bills? Will the court order it
  to be debited out of your checking or savings account?
           Or maybe it will happen as it did in the case of a boy who thought he was an artist and spray
 painted the sides of office buildings. His parents were ordered by the court to work with him to repaint
 the walls. And they had to buy the paint.
 Parental liability laws have been passed in 29 states and the District of Columbia. In California,
 parents can be fined or jailed for allowing children to participate in gangs. Wisconsin requires parents to pay child support
 when their under-age kids have babies. In Florida, parents can serve jail time if their child hurts another with a gun. More
 states are expected to pass such laws. And, even if they don’t pass specific laws, many courts attach liability to parents for
 their kid’s mistakes or crimes.
         Parental liability laws have been passed to reduce juvenile crime and to compensate victims. Take steps to keep
 your family out of trouble.

         * Let kids know that if they harm a person or his property, not only will their allowance cease, but you might have to
 pay a lot of money to the people they hurt. The American Bar Association's public education division has age-appropriate
 material about how laws work. Visit

         * Take your kids to visit the court so they can see what happens to young adults guilty of injury, property damage,
 or drunk driving.

        * Supervise. Courts are stern with parents for not knowing what their son or daughter is doing. In Arkansas,
 Kentucky, and Ohio, parents of chronic school skippers can be fined or jailed.

       What to do if it happens: If it's very serious, call a lawyer. If not, try to negotiate with the injured party. If the injury or
 damage was accidental, it could be covered by homeowner's insurance.

Health Tip…
Computers Can Be A Pain…
These tips are not for everybody and should not be taken as specific recommendations. Before you take any action regarding yours or
anyone’s health, we strongly suggest you consult a qualified physician!

                               Does your neck feel stiff when                      coordinate with the position of the monitor.
                        you awake in the morning? Or do your
                        neck muscles seize painfully at times?                              If you must lean forward to see the
                                                                                   screen clearly, check with your optometrist to
                                  There are many kinds of neck                     see if you need glasses that are right for
                         pain. Doctors at Harvard Medical                          computer use.
                         School estimate that seven out of 10
                         people will be troubled by it at some                              Adjust the monitor so you can work
                         time in their lives. That's because the                   easily with your eyes focused slightly
                  neck supports a heavy weight, your head.                         downward and your head erect. If the monitor
    But it must still allow you to turn, tilt, and nod your head                   is too low, use a desktop shelf under it.
             Incorrect posture while using a computer can                                   Check your seated posture at various
    cause neck pain. If you sit for hours with your shoulders                      times of the day to ensure that you are seated
    slumped and your head thrust forward, you are                                  correctly with your back slightly arched and
    stressing the neck muscles. Some steps you can take to                         your neck is straight with your head squarely
    correct your posture:                                                          on top of it.

             Position your chair at the correct height to

   Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learning anything, or creating anything. Period. If
   you ain't desperate at some point, you ain't interesting.
                                                                               ~Jim Carrey~
                         INSIDE THIS EDITION
                                     The Single Biggest Threat to Your Retirement

                                     Your Case Isn’t Hopeless

“Listen, if you start
                                     Student’s Discover Tip
worrying about the
people in the stands,
before too long you're
                                     Did you know?
up in the stands with
    Tommy Lasorda
                                     Financial Tip
             - Anonymous
                                     Health Tip

   It’s SAT / ACT time for current juniors. It’s playing the waiting game for them admission decisions and
   award offers for current seniors. It’s never too late or too early to fine-tune that list of colleges, reviewing
   notes, narrowing down the decisions, bolstering the list of schools, studying for ACT / SAT or placement
   tests, and all of this while maintaining your grades.

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