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					                                          SAMPLES: FINAL PROJECT TITLES
                                  (from the EOHHS Management Certificate Program)

                        Agency                                                    Project Title

 Executive Office of Health and Human Services               Assess and Revise Communication Strategies: Moving

                                                             The Mod Squad: Providing Temporary/Modified Duty for
                                                              Employees Injured from an Industrial Accident

                                                             Wellversity

 Department of Public Health                                 Learning New Ways for Staff to Solve Problems

                                                             Achieving Regulatory Consistency in the Administration
                                                              of Ionizing Radiation in Fluoroscopic Procedures

 Office of State Comptroller                                 Comptrollers Value Maximization: Expand Use of
                                                              Procurement Card (P-Card)

                                                             Develop Ability to Produce

 Executive Office of Health and Human Services and           What's In Your Manager's Toolbox? A Guide to Creating
 Governor’s Office                                            a High Performing Workforce

 Executive Office of Health and Human Services and           Improvements in Communications and Access to
 Department of Veterans Services                              Veterans' Transportation Resources

 Department of Developmental Disability Services and         Chapter 688 transition Planning
 Department of Mental Health

The Commonwealth Management Certificate Program is a product of MassHR, an Executive Branch Interagency Human Resources

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