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                                                                                     Newsletter 2/2010

                     WWPC - recognized name in projects
                     Welcome to this 2nd WWPC Newsletter for the Year 2010 where we are
                     pleased to highlight the achievements of our Members.

                     In many of the articles we can read about the combined WWPC Power,
                     where cooperation of several WWPC Members during one transport quaran-
                     teed the successful outcome in sometimes most difficult circumstances.

                     Among many articles about our member´s achievements we like to present
                     an interview (page 12-13) I recently conducted for the International Trans-
                     port Journal, where the history and presence of the network are being made a
                     subject of interesting reading. This article has been named by the Editor of ITJ
                     ‘Simply the Best’.
    Wolfgang Karau
                     That quote confirms the Members of the WWPC, consisting of leading Poject
                     Forwarding Professionals, are able to assist with any project. An equal strong
                     brand and excellent reputation in the project cargo market completes the
                     stand of the Network in international competition, expressed so well by the
                     Editor of ITJ. We certainly made our mark and underlined our position!

                     Our global marketing continues and recently received a boost by the launch of
                     Heavy Cargo News (, an online Newswire and the
                     Digital Magazine, which is headlined ‘We Have The Power’. The ever growing
                     amount of visitors to the website confirms the interest of the market in our
                     Members activities.

                     A definate highlight for the Members will be our upcoming annual conference
                     27th-29th January 2011 in Mumbai, India, to which we also welcome distin-
                     guished Sponsors and selected Media Representatives.

                     I hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter and that you may find the time
                     to have a look at our homepage , where you can locate
                     more articles by our Members, News and the complete and updated Member-
                     ship Directory of the network.

                     Please feel free to contact the WWPC for additional information at any time.


Newsletter 2/2010

Concerted WWPC experts operation                                                  Hansaeng Express
for Saudi Arabia                                                                  contracted for
Steder Group, the Netherlands, was awarded a contract for logistics for           mining and
replacement cracking furnace in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. This cracking furnace
is a replacement since the original got damaged. Hence, the cargo needed to
be shipped top urgently to the jobsite. Components where purchased from
                                                                                  refinery projects
worldwide vendors and it was Steder Group’s scope to deliver all materials        Hansaeng Express Co., Ltd of South
upto jobsite in Yanbu.                                                            Korea had been awarded the following
     To get all parts in time to the jobsite Steder Group had excellent team      significant contracts:
work with following WWPC members:                                                 1. With VOLVO October 2009 for the
•	 South Korea – Hansaeng Express                                                 “Myanmar Mining project”.
•	 Italy – Fioravanti                                                                 The details of the contract:
•	 India – Sahil Freight Express                                                  •	 Commodity: Excavators
•	 USA – Albacor Shipping                                                         •	 POL / POD: Masan, Korea /
•	 Japan – Allfort                                                                    Yangon, Myanmar
•	 And of course Saudi Arabia – Almajdouie Group, who arranged all                •	 Volume: 8,000 RT / Month
transportation from arrival sea and airport Jeddah upto Yanbu.                        Contract period: October 10, 2009
     Week 43 the largest pieces have been delivered for which Steder Group            ~ December 31, 2010
arranged a vessel loading in Hamburg and Venice for delivery to Jeddah. The       2. With SKE&C recently for the
pieces loaded were huge modules with weight varying between 95 and 120            “Jubail Export Refinery Project
mton.                                                                             Package 5B”. The contract details:
     At the end, all cargo was successfully loaded, discharged and delivered to   •	 Cargo: About 50,000 RT
jobsite, within the required deadlines!                                           •	 POL / POD: Worldwide int’l
                                                                                      sea/airports / Dammam, KSA
                                                                                      Contract period: January 2010
                                                                                      ~ June 2011

     StederGroup b.v.
     Mr. Rob de Korte                                                          Loading of the Excavators onto RoRo
                                                                                  vessel at Masan Port/S.Korea.
                                                                                      Hansaeng Express Co. Ltd.
                                                                                      Mr. K.S. Yoon

                                                                                                           Newsletter 2/2010

Mortrans assists heat and power                                                            UMA Tunisie and
supply in St. Petersburg                                                                   Mercator Trans-
                                                                                           port combined
                                                                                           powers for a
                                                                                           sweet business
                                                                                           In partnership with Mercator
                                                                                           Transport, France, UMA Tunisie
                                                                                           managed successfully door-to-door
                                                                                           the transport of the entire drying
MORTRANS Ltd from Russia was awarded a big contract to move a steam turbo                  and cooling unit and unload on the
generator unit to the South West Power Station job site. The heavy units and additon-      private quay of a new sugar produc-
al cargo for the project was transported to the port of entry in Russia – St.Petersburg,   tion plant with a capacity of 500
from different exit ports of Western Europe by six separate shipments.                     thousand tons red sugar refining per
    The unit consisted of about 200 pieces of different dimensions and weights             year.
including over 50 out of gauge pieces such as 128 tn generator and 130 tn condenser            UMA Tunisia has, successfully,
with transport height exceeding 5 m.                                                       succeeded a second lot representing
    The most complicated leg of the transport route was an on-carriage by motorway         the carbonation and filtration unit.
transport from the enter port St.Petersburg, PLP terminal, to the job site of South-
West Power plant through the central prospects and avenues of St.Petersburg. Due
to the height of some pieces the intervention of the State power network was com-
pulsory as well as traffic police accompany the transport through out the complete
    The delivery of the content of the steam turbo generator to South-West Power
Station took a total of five month.
    The project of South-West Power Station has been recognized as the most stra-
tegic project of St.Petersburg and the sourrounding region.
    In accordance with the General Plan of St.Petersburg city development South
West Power Plant with its integral part the South-West Heat and Power network are
designed to supply heat and electric energy to the new explored territories, especially
new industrial enterprises of the Coastal South-Western part of St.Petersburg.
     Mortrans Ltd, Mr. Oleg Prokoshev,

CNC delivers for Macagua Hydro Power
Project, Venezuela
CNC arranged a part-vessel charter in
November on MV ”Agnes Scan” for a
shipment of turbine parts and components
from Malaysia to Puerto Ordaz, Colombia.
•	 Total Shipping Volume: 1,586 R/T
•	 Largest piece:
    L 6.45 mtr x W 6.45 mtr x 0.50 mtr
•	 Heaviest piece: 50.00 M/T

                                                                                                Universal Maritime Agencies
     CNC Freight Services Sd. Bhd.                                                              Tunisie "UMA Tunisie"
     Mr. Patrick Lee                                                                            Mr. Khemaies El Kefi                                                                                                                             

Newsletter 2/2010

Maxlines aids road con-                                       Leo Global Logistics sails
struction after devastating                                   with concrete batching
Typhoon hit                                                   plant structure to Male
Following the devastating aftermath of typhoon Morakot
in the East of the Taiwan, Maxlines Forwarders recently
                                                              Ports, Maldives
arranged for the transportation of heavy construction                                          Leo Global Logistics
equipment from Los Angeles to Taiwan to be used in                                             Co., Ltd., Thailand,
rebuilding destroyed roads in Taidung, East Taiwan.                                            successfully delivered 9
                                                                                               units of Concrete batch-
                                                                                               ing plant structure,
                                                                                               Concrete mobile truck
                                                                                               and Cement silo with
                                                                                               complete accessories
                                                                                               from Laem Chabang
                                                                                               port in Thailand to
                                                                                               Male port in Maldives.
                                                                  The complete shipment totalled 102 tons and 552
                                                              CBM for which Leo Global Logistics chartered the ves-
                                                              sel "M.V. CEC Fantasy" and arranged following over-
                                                              dimensional and heavy goods including provide loading
                                                              and discharging operation to Male Port which transport
                                                              period : 8th Oct. 2010 – 20th Oct. 2010
                                                                  The whole task of providing logistics services were
                                                              taken by Leo Global Logistics. Under the services they
                                                              provided export customs clearance, transportation till
                                                              port and heavy lift handling of units, loading, unloading,
                                                              packing of cargoes and lashing of cargoes in Thailand.

     Maxlines Forwarder Co. Ltd
     Ms. Ann Tseng

Hindustan Cargo handles
2560ton submarine
Hindustan cargo along with Rolldock Shipping B.V. of
Capelle a/d Ijssel, loaded a 2560 tons Submarine piece with
cradles. The cargo, was shipped from Visakhapatnam Port
to Russia. HCL along with RollDock Shipping had won this
prestigious contract.
Strategic figures about this shipment:
•	 L(m) : 74.50 x W(m) : 12.80 x
    H(m) : 14.73(m)
•	 14046frt tons single piece                                      Leo Global Logistics Co., Ltd
•	 Wt- 2560 tons single piece                                      Mr. Kettivit Sittisoontornwong
     Hindustan Cargo Limited
     Mr.Sudhakar Padamnabhan

                                                                               Newsletter 2/2010

Express Transport moved pre-coated pipes and handled 2500
ton transport
Express Transport, India moved pre-coated pipes from India to Turkey and
handled transportation of a 2500 mton press machine in Mumbai.
Precise handling of the pipes
The pipes being epoxy-coated (pre-coated) and the handling therefore had
to be very precise to ensure no damage to the coating. They got successfully
delivered from the factory to Mumbai port and further shipped to Iskend-
erun Turkey on vessel CEC Daisy.
•	 Place of Loading – Maharashtra Seamless Limited Nagothane India
•	 Port of Loading – Mumbai Port
•	 Port of Discharge – Iskenderun, Turkey
•	 Dimensions – 20” diameter X 9.53 mm thickness.
•	 Length – 10 to 12 mtrs approx each pipe
•	 Weight – 1.45 MT approx each pipe.
Handling of press machine
2500 mton Press machine got moved for one of the oldest customer of
Express Transport, M/s. Sumitomo Global Ltd., Japan on behalf of M/s.
Bellsonica Auto Components Pvt. Ltd., Manesar. The scope of work involved
receipt of the extremely heavy cargo under hook at Mumbai, custom clear-
ance, transport, unloading at site & installation of the 2500 ton Komatsu
Press Machine. Welding Robots were also imported separately wherein their
scope was limited to receipt of cargo custom clearance, transport, unloading
at site.

     Express Transport Pvt. Ltd.
     Mr. Nailesh Gandhi

Heavy cranes for the United
States by Albacor Shipping
Albacor Shipping USA, recently handled the shipment of two
Cranes each 420 Metric Tons of weight and with dimensions of each
34 x 12.5 x 23.5 meter from the Port of Vlissingen in the Nether-
lands to Corpus Christi , TX, USA.
   Albacor Shipping booked the MV Jumbo Jubilee, a Dutch vessel
with two cranes each 900 Tons lifting capacity, for the direct voyage
from the Netherlands to the United States.
     Albacor Shipping (USA) Inc.
     Mr.Willy Hoffmann

Newsletter 2/2010

Construction machinery and heavy gas StederGroup and
turbines handled by Aaras Shipping                                              Hansaeng Express
Agencies                                                                        co-operate for
Aaras Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd., Pakistan, chartered the vessel "M.V. Thorco Thai plant
Challenger", through which their respected clients imported the temporary
imported commodity and then re-export the same.                                     Steder Group was awarded a contract
     The whole task of providing logistics services in temporary Import and         for worldwide logistics for a Petro-
Export procedure were taken by Aaras Shipping. Under the services they              chemical plant in Thailand. With
provided custom clearance, transportation (port till site, site till port), heavy   teamwork of several WWPC members
lift handling of units, loading, unloading, packing of cargoes and lashing of       all over the world, all shipments were
cargoes.                                                                            successfully arranged.
                                              Aaras Shipping Agencies (Private)         For this particular shipment,
                                              Limited                               consisting of absorber vessels, longest
                                              Mr. Akbar Ali                         piece 30 meters, Steder Group had
                                                perfect teamwork with WWPC Mem-
                                                     ber in Korea, Hansaeng Express.
                                                                                        The cargo was top urgently re-
                                                                                    quired at destination and Hansaeng
                                                                                    managed to find the right vessel with
                                                                                    the required loading and arrival dates.
                                                                                    The cargo was delivered timely and

WWPC manifesting strong market posi-
tion in Singapore and Antwerp Break
Bulk Exhibitions
WWPC booth attracted a large num-
ber of visitors during the 2nd Asia
Break Bulk Exhibition in Singapore
January 26-27th, and in 5th Annual                                                       StederGroup b.v.
Breakbulk Europe Conference & Ex-                                                        Mr. Rob de Korte
hibition in Antwerp, Belgium,                                                  
May 18-20.                                                                     
    Among many others Managing
Director/CEO for Rickmers Linie
GmbH, Mr. Jan B. Steffens and the
Director for Marketing and Sales, Mr.
Gerhard Janssen, took their time to
visit the WWPC booth.

                                                                                                         Newsletter 2/2010

Almajdouie triumph contract for Sabiya Power Plant project
Almajdouie Al Kazmi Heavylift Company has secured the onshore freight forwarding contract for Kuwait-based Sabiya
power plant project. The company, which is a joint venture between Almajdouie Group (Dammam, Saudi Arabia) and Al
Kazmi (Kuwait), will handle about 300,000 F/T of cargo imported from various part of world and will be responsible for the
entire project management and customs clearance, inland transportation of all material from various seaports and airports
including local movement of heavy turbines/transformers / generators by barge operations from Sabiya seaport to the jetty.

    Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), which
holds an engineering procurement and construction
(EPC) contract for the Sabiya project, earlier invited
Almajdouie PSC Heavylift Company Ltd to bid for an
exclusive handling of the onshore freight forwarding
work, based on its remarkable services for mega power
plant Al Dour in Bahrain, which HHI is currently
working on.
    Almajdouie and HHI have maintained long busi-
ness relationship. Previously both the companies have
successfully executed JUA’YMAH / UTHMANIYAH
/ SHEDGUM / RAS TANURA power plant projects in                 From left: Shaikh Salahuddin, Almajdouie director for
various part of Saudi Arabia.                                  project logistics; Park Yung Duk, logistics manager HHI;
                                                               Tae-Hien Huh, project director, Sabiya power plant, and
                                                               S I Mustafa, vice president Almajdouie Group.

                                                                     Meanwhile, Almajdouie Heavylift and Engineering
                                                                 (MHL) recently took up a challenging task of installing a
                                                                 266 tonne transformer at a project site on the outskirts of
                                                                     The resourceful execution of the work involved receiv-
                                                                 ing the 266 tonne (length 10.68 m, width 3.90 m and
                                                                 height 5.05 m) transformer from a heavy-lift ship and
                                                                 loading it onto Almajdouie conventional trailers in the
                                                                 Jeddah Port.
                                                                     This was carried out utilising a 10-axle side by side
                                                                 conventional trailer from Jeddah Port to the Shoaiba
                                                                 Sceco project site, about 130 km away on the outskirts of
                                                                 Jeddah. The transformer was then safely offloaded and
                                                                 installed using jacking and skidding in seven days.
                                                                     MHL took into account various contingencies that
                                                                 it usually does while preparing for projects, especially a
                                                                 turnkey project involving such heavy transport.
                                                                     Factors like weather, road and distance were consid-
                                                                 ered while planning to execute this task. Strong winds
                                                                 made it difficult to receive the transformer, so the MHL
                                                                 team used the lever block to hold the cargo and success-
                                                                 fully loaded it onto the trailers.
                                                                     Transport height was another challenge as the trans-
                                                                 former could hit some big signboards which could
                                                                 preempt and hamper movement, causing unnecessary
                                                                 expense to the client. The team solved this problem by
                                                                 moving the cargo very early in the morning to avoid heavy
                                                                 traffic leading up to the MHL terminal. The team used the
     Almajdouie Group LLC                                        side of the road in the city in which parked cars had been
     Mr. Syed Izhar Mustafa                                      relocated to give access to the trailers.

Newsletter 2/2010

Combined WWPC power from India                                                  Almajdouie Group
and Sudan for complex sugar plant                                                     No. 1
movement                                                                         in Saudi Arabia
Sudan Project forwarding specialists, Darka for Trading and Services, has       Almajdouie Group is celebrating as
met with success transporting 4100 cbm of heavy cargo over 1100 kilometers      the No.1 Company in Innovation for
from Port Sudan to the White Nile Sugar Project in Abu Hibera (Central          Business Sector as awarded by Saudi
Sudan).                                                                         Innovation Index 2010.
    The project included offloading supervision from the vessel, customs
clearance, warehouse handling, loading, lashing, securing and transportation
to the site on behalf of Hindustan Cargo (and their clients Uttam) to Project
owner White Nile Sugar Company.
    The heavy and oversize cargo included a terminal box, generator (65 tons)
and condenser (66 tons) manufactured in India and shipped to Port Sudan
from Mumbai by Hindustan Cargo Ltd.Also some long pieces of 16 meters
Long bars were shipped along.
    Darka Vice Chairman and Business Development Manager, Mohamed
A.M. Osman, said the project was completed working in very difficult condi-
tions including extreme temperatures, hovering around 50 degrees Celsius,
and co-ordinating the use of a fleet of multi-axle trucks and trailers.         Group President
    “Much of the project was completed within the holy month of Ramadan         Mr. Abdullah Almajdouie
and required detailed planning and route surveys to meet the needs of not
only the client but the fasting workforce,” Mr Osman said.                          Almajdouie Group LLC
                                                                                    Mr. Syed Izhar Mustafa

                                                                                    Darka for Trading & Services Co,Ltd.
                                                                                    Mr. Mohamed A.M. Osman

                                                                                                           Newsletter 2/2010

TRANSY first to move                                             Windmill blades for Mongo-
heavy turbine runer from                                         lia by Maxlines and Ocean
Ukraine to China by                                              Knight Shipping
container carrier
Transport Systems,
TRANSY, handled the
difficult movement of
an 80 ton heavy turbine
runner from the Ukraine
Port of Illychevsk with
destination Tianjin Port
in China.
    Due to the extreme
short timeframe for this
transport, Transy’s experts worked out the most suitable
method and implemented thereof the loading of the 80 ton
runner onto a container vessel.
The first ever used solution in Ukraine                          Maxlines Forwarder Co., Ltd. & Shanghai Ocean Knight
This solution was the first ever used in Ukraine for a similar   Shipping, Inc. have successfully delivered 3 pieces of blade
heavy cargo. To get the required permission to transport the     from Lianyungang, China to Zhaluteqi wind farm in Inner
heavy lift piece onto standard Flat Racks, Transy’s Experts      Mongolia, China.
worked out the unique scheme of loading and lashing the          •	 Cargo Description: Blade
heavy runner on board of the container ship in close coop-       •	 Quantity: 3 pcs
eration with the selected shipping lines technical staff.        •	 Gross weight: 7600kgs/each
    Upon shipment from the Port of Illychevsk the goods          •	 Length: 42m/each
where delivered to the destination port in the possible          •	 Diameter: 2.11m/each
shortest time for such a long transport route.                   •	 Height: 3.25m/each
    The turbine runner arrived to Tianjin port exactly in        Despite of bad weather & road condition during transpor-
20 days from the date of shipment, where been discharged         tation Maxlines and Ocean Knight Shipping provided the
directly onto a special truck-trailer and after two days only    customer most economical, safe and fast transportation
arrived to the job-site where the shippers engineering team      service delivery cargo to the final job site.
immediately started the assembly..

                                                                 Maxlines Forwarder Co. Ltd
                                                                 Ms. Ann Tseng

     Ukrainian Transport Company Limited
     (Transy Black Sea)
     Mr Vladimir Kalevich

Newsletter 2/2010

Hansaeng manages very heavy crane move
from China to Korea      Hansaeng, Korea, has successfully transported following overdi-
                                                         mensional and heavy goods recently from Ex-Works supplier shop
                                                         in Penglai, China to Free-Out consignee shop in Geoje Island,
                                                         The Cargo details :
                                                         •	 1 Crane body @21.75 x 17.67 x 53.29m lwh / 1,172.00 M.Ton
                                                         •	 1 Crane boom @72.05 x 12.29 x 11.10m lwh / 191.90 M.Ton
                                                         •	 1X20’DC SOC + 1 loose part
                                                         Transport mode : SPMT (self-propelled module transporter) and
                                                         Transport period : 09th Oct. 2010 – 20th Oct. 2010.

                                                               Hansaeng Express Co. Ltd.
                                                               Mr. K.S. Yoon

  Allfort Co.,Inc deliver Hatch
  Covers to Varna, Bulgaria
  Allfort Co., Inc, Japan, has successfully delivered forty
  hatch covers, totally 5,026.71 CBM and 1,103,580 kg, from
  Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan to Varna, Bulgaria. The cargo dif-
  fered in dimension from each piece, the biggest dimension
  is in m: 19.6 x 5.77 x 1.12 and a weight of 37,150 kg.
  All the hatch covers were lifted from alongside vessel by
  barge on and into the vessel.

  Allfort Co., Inc.
  Mr. Kaz Fukuda

                                                                                                             Newsletter 2/2010

International Transport Journal ITJ Interview about WWPC
Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC)
Simply the best
The Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), a globally active forwarding alliance that focuses on heavylift and project
cargo, is considered to be one of the most prominent heavylift networks today. The ITJ editor Robert Altermatt talked to
WWPC director Wolfgang Karau.

WWPC was founded in 1999. How                   We have developed from a loose al-     networkers, my co-director and I have
has the heavylift forwarding alliance      liance with relatively few members into     a service function. We regard ourselves
developed since then?                      an optimally structured network with        as service providers who are dedicated
At the time we established WWPC we         a highly professional reputation and a      to networking at an international level
were a bunch of more or less enthu-        good brand. We are currently the best-      and to global marketing to benefit our
siastic friends who joined forces and      known player for purchasers in the          members. With regard to the induction
formed a non-profit organisation. We       project logistics sector. Kevin Stephens    of new members, the task is carried out
attempted to gain a name for ourselves     left WWPC in 2007. Today Stuart Mur-        by our board of advisors, comprised of
as an expert in the market for heavylift   doch and I are the sole shareholders        four people. Their task is to scrutinise
and project cargo with major industrial    and directors of WWPC.                      every application to join the WWPC
corporations such as Siemens, ABB,                                                     down to the last detail and meticulous-
etc. The interest group WWPC was es-       Why was the cooperation founded at          ly examine each potential new mem-
tablished in the era when project ship-    that time?                                  ber. The team poses questions such as
ment services were only available from     Around the turn of the last century,        «How good is the firm and its reputa-
large forwarding companies. However,       there was an increasing trend in the        tion? Is the company well-known in the
smaller players, who had often worked      manufacturing sector to produce ever        sector? Can the firm actually deliver
as experts at big forwarding enter-        larger components that had to be            what it promises? Does the potential
prises, were eager to demonstrate their    conveyed to locations at the other side     new member have the requisite range
skills. At the first assembly of members   of the world. Of course it then became      of services that we demand?» Once we
in Brussels in the year 2000, we decided   necessary to search around the globe        have finally received answers to these
to protect both the WWPC name and          for heavylift experts that were capable     questions, the decision whether to
brand.                                     of transporting weighty goods from          include the firm in our network or not
                                           a manufacturer’s factory to a port, or      is taken.
What happened after that?                  move heavylift cargo from an airport to          We pose questions like «which ma-
We were only able to protect the           the hinterland. The demand for a glob-      jor projects has the company mastered
WWPC name by establishing a firm           ally active network like WWPC, which        successfully? What type of heavylift
and registering a logo. Accordingly the    did not actually exist in this form at      goods were moved? Is there any usable
appropriate membership fees were paid      that time, became increasingly greater.     photographic material available?»
in, which gave us the means to invest                                                       In addition, we require the names
in the marketing side of the venture       Can you describe WWPC’s organisa-           of projects, names of the firm’s custom-
and found the firm in the British Virgin   tional structure?                           ers or website. We also ask for informa-
Islands. At the same time I was asked      We have a clearly defined structure at      tion about the enterprise’s structure –
whether I could imagine participating      WWPC today. Our headquarters are            and we like to be furnished with details
in WWPC as a shareholder and work-         in Fuengirola, near Malaga (Spain),         about the ownership situation and a
ing there as a director. When freshly      the regional office in Asia is located in   firm’s assets. Finally, we try to discover
established WWPC had three active          Hong Kong (China).                          through various channels whether eve-
managers in the shape of Stuart Mur-                                                   rything we know conforms to reality.
doch from Hong Kong, Kevin Stephens        Which quality standards does a com-
from Brisbane (Australia) and me. In       pany have to fulfil before it can become    How is the WWPC financed?
the years that followed we consistently    a new member of WWPC?                       By membership fees and income from
gained members. A important point to       A potential WWPC member has to              sponsors such as the German ship-
note in connection with this is that we    have an excellent track record. Refer-      ping company Rickmers-Line and the
were more or less the only globally ac-    ences for project transports naturally      heavylift transport service provider
tive heavylift alliance, apart from pos-   count. As a point of interest, neither my   Beluga.
sibly the European Heavy Lift Group        colleague Stuart Murdoch nor I decide
. We initially began with 35 members,      on our own whether to take potential
today WWPC has 93 members in 83            member X on board or throw out
countries.                                 member Y. This is not how we work. As

Newsletter 2/2010

                                           Steder Group´s heavy dredging mate-
                                           rial arrived on time for Christmas
                                            Steder Group from The Netherlands, was awarded the de-mobilization of
                                           huge dredging material, biggest piece: 4500 x 707 x 605 cm – 245 mton, from
How does WWPC differ from other            Trapani, Italy to Zeebrugge, Belgium. Besides arranging the ocean freight,
collaborations in the heavylift and        Steder Group was also responsible for local transportation and discharge on
project logistics segment?                 the storage yard of their customer in Zeebrugge.
The WWPC’s unique selling point is             After a period of planning in detail, route surveys, getting required per-
the fact that we monitor and guaran-       mits to move the large unit, establishing a full operation manual, finally the
tee exclusivity in every country. We       transport started. After a successful loading operation in Trapani, their vessel
only have one member per state as a        headed to Zeebrugge.
rule. The only exception to this modus         The local part in Belgium, had to be executed under extreme tough condi-
operandi is when we are dealing with       tions, due to low temperature and heavy snowfall. There were little height
very large countries such as China,        differences on the storage yard, which under normal circumstances would not
Russia, the USA, Brazil and India. It is   be any issue at all, but due to icy situations, this suddenly became a challenge.
impossible for one member to cover             Due to excellent teamwork with Steder Group’s subcontractors, a few days
such huge territories for geographic       before Christmas , all cargo safely discharged on jobsite.
reasons alone. Providing our existing
member agrees, we split such lands              StederGroup b.v., Mr. Rob de Korte
into northern, southern, western and  ,
eastern regions. Each member has its
own exclusive area. The whole system
is governed by a franchise agreement.
This method also makes us stand out
from other heavylift networks, as the
WWPC franchise agreement gives our
members the right and the chance to
use our name and logo for marketing
purposes. Moreover, it enables them
to say to clients that they have offices
at their disposal throughout the whole

To what extent did WWPC members
feel the economic recession?
Before the recession we had almost
caught up with the backlog of projects.
The economic downturn had a negative
effect on our members over the past
eighteen months. However, there was
practically no decline worth mention-
ing in the Asian region. The situation
was different in both North and South
America, as well as in Africa. Project
contracts were, and still are being
signed in these regions, but banks are
no longer guaranteeing the financing
of the tasks. Entire projects have had
to be shelved. It occasionally happened
in certain sectors that goods had been
prepared and were ready and waiting
for shipping in a port, then the project
was cancelled for the reason I men-
tioned above. In certain cases these
goods are still in a port, waiting to be
used elsewhere...

                                                                                                              Newsletter 2/2010

Albacor, USA and LS Cargo, Germany combine forces to relocate
tunnel boring equipment across the Atlantic Ocean
Albacor Shipping (USA), Inc., Mahwah, NJ, handled the
transport of two used Tunnel Boring Main Drives, each
with 95 tons, from Manhattan, NY to Kehl, Germany.
    The two units were shipped from New York to Ant-
werp, from where Albacor Shipping´s WWPC Partner,
LS International Cargo GmbH, Germany, handled the
on-carriage by barge and truck to the factory in Kehl.
    The transport out of Manhattan was allowed for
operation at night only and required a special approval
from the mayor’s office.

                                                                     Albacor Shipping (USA) Inc.
                                                                     Mr. Willy Hoffmann

Express Transport bags prestigious ISO 9001:2008,
ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certification
Express Transport Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce that it has recently got itself certified          Express Transport Pvt. Ltd.
for the following 3 prestigious standards:                                                          Mr. Nailesh Gandhi
•	 ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System)                                              
•	 ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System)                                       
•	 OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)
The certification has been carried out by ISOQAR Ltd with the United Kingdom
Accreditations Services (UKAS) accreditation one of the internationally renowned
accreditation agency.

First ever assembled and installed CBU unit
in Indonesia delivered
                                              WPC Marine and Offshore Services Pte
                                              Ltd has been engaged by a leading Asia
                                              Coal Supplier to assemble, transport and
                                              install a 600 ton Continuous Barge Un-
                                              loader Unit, CBU, to Bontang, Kaliman-
                                              tan, Indonesia.
                                              WPCMOS organised the transport of
                                              fabricated steel structures from China
                                              and major electrical components from
                                              Germany to their Batam yard for assem-         This CBU is the first unit ever as-
                                              bly. After six month the ready unit was        sembled and installed in Indonesia.
                                              carefully rolled off on to a specially de-         WPC Marine And Offshore
                                              sign 280ft submersible barge and towed             Services Pte Ltd
                                              by a 4000BHP Anchor Handling Tug to                Ms Carol Hoe
                                              Bontang, Indonesia.                      

Newsletter 2/2010

Combined WWPC power in                                                                       Dutch Experts relocate
historical airlift                                                                           heavy excavators
                                                                                             Steder Group of the Netherlands received
                                                                                             a significant contract awarded to relocate
                                                                                             heavy construction machinery from the
                                                                                             Middle East to Europe.
                                                                                                 The equipment they demobilized
                                                                                             from the Middle East was used during
                                                                                             various dredging projects in the past few
                                                                                             years. Now a lot of projects in the Middle
                                                                                             East ended and the equipment h to be
                                                                                             relocated to other jobsites.
                                                                                                 The largest machines are Excavators,
                                                                                             each weighing 140 mton without boom
                                                                                             and stick, used to perform activities at
                                                                                             the waterside during a dredging project,
                                                                                             this can be putting rocks on the right
                                                                                             place or equalizing sand on area’s where
                                                                                             hopper (dredging vessels) just placed
                                                                                             fresh sand.
Oy Procargo - Professional Cargo Care Ltd, Finland and Ocean Knight Ship-                        Total shipment of 1800 freight tons of
ping, Shanghai/China, combined forces to arrange for a safe and ontime de-                   which 2x 140 mtons Hitachi Excavators
livery of a 34 tons metallic roll plus other equipment from Finland to a paper               were shipped from Jebel Ali to Beverwijk,
factory near Shanghai in China.                                                              Netherlands.
     The transportation was performed by airlift through a chartered Ilyush-                     Steder Group is regularly mobilizing
ing76TD-90VD from Volga-Dnepr Cargo Airlines. The plane brought along                        / de-mobilizing dredging equipment all
it's sofisticated extension ramp/roller                                                      over the world for the largest dredging
system onto which the heavy piece                                                            companies.
                                                     "Using the skills and techniques
of roll was loaded by two cranes and
safely positioned into the aircraft by      of the existing fleet of Russian operated
the planes internal winch system.           cargo airplanes of various sizes is common
     After holding the previous two         for global operating forwarders, such as our
records for heaviest single piece load      company. It is always a good experience to at-
onto this type of plane, Procargo's         tend loading/offloading and flights with the
Managing Director Wolfgang Karau is
                                            cargo of clients, so one knows how these kind
proud to state that yet another heavy
cargo single piece for this aircraft was    of extraordinaire operations work."
operated through his company.                Wolfgang Karau, Procargo Ltd
     In Shanghai, Ocean Knight Ship-
ping pulled out all the stops to ensure safe offloading, customs clearance and
inland transportation to the final jobsite. This was a real challenge, keeping in
mind the present circumstances regarding tight security demands due to the
ongoing World Expo in that city.
     Despite torrential rains in Shanghai during the time of the offloading op-
erations, Ocean Knights Project Manager, Mrs. Evan Chen, managed to keep
the time schedule agreed with crane operators, haulers and airport authorities.
                                                    Oy Procargo –
                                                    Professional Cargo Care Ltd
                                                    Mr. Wolfgang Karau
                                                                                                  StederGroup b.v.
                                                                                                  Mr. Rob de Korte

                                                                                             Newsletter 2/2010

Maxlines handles heavy boilers and sends Buddha
Maitreya to the sea
Maxlines Forwarder Co. Ltd from
Taiwan recently handled two noticeable
projects, of which the first was about
getting a CFB boiler set from Tianjin
port, China to Taichung port, Taiwan.
     The scope of work covered the
safe transportation of 64 packages,
258,933kgs, 681.07cbm of sensitive
boiler equipment.
     Another remarkable project was
the safe movement of a 10 ton weight
and 4,50 meter height statue of the
sitting Buddha Maitreya from the Port
of Keelung in Taiwan to Belawan Port
in Indonesia. The Buddha statue was
packed into seaworthy wooden crates
and loaded onto a 40’ flatrack for the
ocean voyage.

     Maxlines Forwarder Co., Ltd
     Ms. Ann Tseng

11th WWPC Annual                                           WWPC names new member
Membership Conference                                      to BoA
in Mumbai, India                                                                          Following the vote of the
                                                                                          Management and the at-
                                                                                          tending Members during
                                                                                          the 10th annual Member-
                                                                                          ship Conference of the
                                                                                          WWPC in Kuala Lumpur
                                                                                          28-30th January, Mr.
                                                                                          Patrick Lee, Managing
                                                                                          Director of CNC Freight
                                                                                          Services from Malaysia,
                                                                                          one of the founding mem-
                                                                                          bers to the WWPC, has
                                                                                          accepted his appointment
                                                           to the Board of Advisors (BoA) of the network.
                                                               Other BoA members include: Mohamed Osman of
WWPC will hold the 11th Annual Membership Confer-          Darka for Trading, Sudan, Fritz Mumenthaler of General
ence in Mumbai, India, January 27-29th, 2011. The venue    Transport, Switzerland and Willy Hoffmann of Albacor
of the gathering is ITC Grand Central Hotel. About 100     Shipping, USA.
delegates, sponsors and invited trade media representa-        In cooperation with the Management of the WWPC,
tives will meet, exchange and create business along with   the BoA takes part in the application process for compa-
attending a variety of social events.                      nies, applying for membership with the network.

Newsletter 2/2010

StederGroup sends
giant hammer
to UK ports
StederGroup was awarded a contract for
mobilization of port construction and
dredging equipment from the Netherlands
to two UK ports.
    StederGroup chartered a small coaster
vessel, which firstly loaded in Kinderdijk,
Netherlands, a Hydrohammer of 160 mton and some accessories. All cargo was             Demobilization of the
loaded by means of a floating crane.                                                   hammer set
    At the same time a pontoon was loaded in Ouderkerk a/d IJssel during upcoming
high tide by means of a mobile crane with plug sections of 600 cm diameter.            After completion of piling foun-
    Both coaster vessel and pontoon shifted to Rotterdam Waalhaven area where the      dations for a windfarm park in
plug sections were loaded on board the coaster vessel as well. After a short trip to   the Irish sea, StederGroup was
Barrow-in-Furness and Mostyn all cargo was successfully discharged.                    ordered to arrange the return
                                                                                       transport of the giant hammer
                                                 StederGroup b.v.                      set consisting of a 150 mtons
                                                 Mr. Rob de Korte                      hammer and a 165 mtons sleeve
                                                   and accessories.
                                                              Steder Group chartered a
                                                                                       coaster vessel with very lit-
                                                                                       tle draft to be able to load and
                                                                                       unload at the required ports. The
                                                                                       coaster vessel arrived just in time
                                                                                       to receive the hammer set from
                                                                                       the drilling platform return-
                                                                                       ing from the job in the port of
                                                                                           After a 3 days journey, the
                                                                                       cargo was safely offloaded by
                                                                                       sheerleg, arranged by Steder-
                                                                                       Group in Kinderdijk.

Holleman moves large industrial
tanks through Bulgarian winter
During harsh winter conditions earlier this year Holleman Bulgaria
O.O.D., operated a total of six transportations for a project to move 6
pcs large tanks for a chemical plant from Haskovo to Port Burgas West
within Bulgaria.
    The single pieces with dimensions of 34.00 / 5.60 / 4.14 m and
weight 84 ton each was a challenge for Holleman’s experts to be
moved safely and on schedule. Each single transport involved passing
a level, turning off the electricity locally and being guided by police
                                                                            Holleman Bulgaria O.O.D
    Because of extremely bad weather conditions the route for each
                                                                            Mr. Mladen Ganchev
transport had to change twice during the project, but finally all the
pieces were delivered on time and without any claims from the client.

                                                                                                                Newsletter 2/2010

Darka for Trading from Sudan wins Red
Sea oil rig logistics contract
A complete air and sea supply chain solution has been successful in winning the
logistics contract for a new $US50 million offshore oil drilling campaign in the
Sudanese Red Sea.
    Darka Shipping Agencies, a member of the Darka for Trading and Services
group of companies based in Port Sudan, secured the contract with Red Sea
Petroleum Operating Company (RSPOC) who will be working in Block 15 (Tokar
delta) section of the Red Sea. This is the first offshore oil drilling campaign in
    Darka Vice Chairman and Business Development Manager, Mohamed A.M.
Osman, said contract negations were highly competitive. “A detailed and tailored
solution was developed that met the very specific and complex needs of the client,”
Mr. Osman said.
                                                                                               The drilling assignment includes
    He told a helicopter and two new specialist 2538 ton offshore supply vessels
                                                                                            use of the West Prospero, which is
would provide around-the-clock logistics support to service a drilling rig located
                                                                                            currently operating in Block 15, was
                                                         70 nautical miles from Port
                                                                                            upgraded with high pressure, high tem-
                                                         Sudan for a period of six
                                                                                            perature (HTHP) capabilities prior to
                                                                                            moving to Sudan on a heavy lift vessel
                                                             “A critical part of the work
                                                                                            from Indonesia to Sudan through the
                                                         will be liaison between our
                                                                                            Gulf of Aden.
                                                         company and the rig to en-
                                                         sure all air and sea transport         Darka for Trading & Services Co., Ltd.
                                                         movements operate smoothly             Mr.Mohamed A.M. Osman
                                                         and effectively in and out of
                                                         the port area,” Mr. Osman    

Albacor Shipping sends heavy Canadian
freezers to Poland
Albacor Shipping USA in Mahwah , NJ handled the transport of 2
Cold Boxes from the Port of Robinson, Canada to the final jobsite
in Wloclawek, Poland.
    The Cold Boxes, each 100 Metric Tons / 41 x 6 x 4 meter, are
used in a chemical plant to produce Nitrogen and/or Oxygen.
    They were shipped on a Chartered vessel from Port Robinson
to Gdansk Port in Poland and thereafter transported by River
Barge on the River Weichsel to a private jetty in Wloclawek for
discharge and shifting onto special road trailers and transported to
the jobsite.
    Despite heavy flooding of the
Weichsel River, Albacor was able
to deliver the two heavy lifts just
in time.

     Albacor Shipping
     (USA) Inc.
     Mr.Willy Hoffmann

Newsletter 2/2010

Strong Team of WWPC Members                                             Aaras Shipping handles
secure Turkmenistan offshore                                            heavy cargo into Pakistan
movements                                                               During November, 2010, Aaras Shipping Agencies
                                                                        (Pvt) Ltd , chartered the multipurpose vessel "M.V.
CNC Freight Services of Malaysia, recently completed a logistics        Hibiscus Lily" through which their valuable clients
contract for a Malaysia contractor on their shipment of materials and   imported heavy commodities into Karachi Port,
equipments for the Installation & Commissioning of a Offshore Gas       Pakistan.
Pipelines package at Turkmenistan.                                          The whole task of providing logistics services in
    Shipments for this particular project, named Turkmenistan Block     Import procedure were handled by Aaras, and they
1 Gas Development Project, commenced in last November 2009 and          provided Custom Clearance, Transportation (port till
is currently almost near to completion this December.                   site, site till port), Break-bulk, Heavy Lift Handling
    The project work included a total number of +- 100 shipments        of Units, Loading, Unloading, Packing of Cargoes
with combined shipping volume of 100 FEUS of F/Racks, Open-tops         and Lashing of Cargoes in addition to Heavy Lifting,
and General Purpose Containers./ Approx. 6,000 f/t plus Airfreight:     Stevedoring and Surveyor services.
+- 20,000 kgs.                                                              The cargo consisted of:
    The same client awarded the contract for all local transportation   •	 Crawler Crane with Standard Accessories &
and custom clearance from entry seaport and airport including con-          Crawler Bulldozer with Standard Accessories
solidation and redelivery at Dubai hub to a fellow WWPC Member              Gross Weight: 92.825 MTS, No. of Units: 22
directly ie DGT Logistics, Turkmenistan.                                •	 Auto Transformers and Spares
    There were additional WWPC Members involved in the project:             Gross Weight: 2373.961 MTS, No. of Units: 401
Express Transport, India and Globalink Logistics, Kazashstan.           •	 Cryoenic Liquid Gas Tank
    Pictures showing loading of a Saturation -3 Diving Equipment            Gross Weight: 51.915 MTS, No. of Units: 6
being loading at Singapore onto WWPC Sponsor Beluga Shipping            •	 Oil Heating Unit with Accessories
vessel.Due to the over-dimensions of the main unit, the item had to         Gross Weight: 70 MTS, No. of Units: 1
be loaded on a barge and delivered to vessel for overside loading.      Port Operation by Aaras included:
•	 Heaviest Piece: 95.00 M/T                                            •	 Heavy Lifting of transformer equipments & spares
•	 Largest piece : L 14.20 m x W 5.06 m x H 5.63 m                          No. of Units : 10, Weight Per Unit : 116 MTS

     CNC Freight Services Sd. Bhd.                                           Aaras Shipping Agencies (Private) Limited
     Mr. Patrick Lee                                                         Mr. Akbar Ali                                                                                       

                                                                                                        Newsletter 2/2010

Vasco Gallega transports 57
nacelles from Bilbao to Salva-
dor, Brazil
Vasco Gallega Group (VGG), Spain has organized the transport
of 57 windmills nacelles from Bilbao, Spain to Salvador, Brazil.
    The wholeoperation has been carried out by VGG who has
provided export customs clearance, heavy lift handling of units,
loading,unloading, sea transport and handling upto FOT at
    The project performed by VGG has counted with the col-
laboration of other WWPC member, O’Lisboa in Brazil and
WWPC sponsor, Beluga Chartering.

Accordingto Mr. Xoán M. Reboredo, executive Director of
VGG “this Operation proves VGG capacity as an interna-
tional logistic operator and it is an example of the business
possibilities that the WWPC offers. As the WWPC Spanish
                                                                   Delta Maritime participates
representative, VGG counts with the necessary infrastruc-
ture to handle all kind of international projects that result      on Refinery’s Extension pro-
from this network. Besides, the collaboration with other
WWPC members is agood experience and provides the                  ject in Thessaloniki Greece
opportunity to approach new business fields that we are
already exploring and in which we expect to succeed in             Delta Maritime Limited of Thessaloniki, Greece recently
these coming months.”                                              had been asked to deliver through Thessaloniki port
                                                                   terminals, a heavy 155 tons equipment for HELLENIC
                                                                   Extension Petroleum Refinery outside Thessaloniki.
                                                                       Cargo’s dimension was 26,5m x 3,26m x 3,26m –
                                                                   Gross weight 155 tons.
                                                                       Delta Maritime had to prepare carefully the routing
                                                                   since the refinery is almost within the city limits. The
                                                                   major difficulty on this project was the preparation of
                                                                   the transport plan of the above biggest item. At the end,
                                                                   delivery accomplished successfully at site!

                                                                        DELTA Maritime Limited
                                                                        Mr. Haris Demertzidis

     Vasco Gallega de Consignaciones S.A.
     Mrs. Beatriz Alvarado

Newsletter 2/2010

StederGroup clears tough timing for Portuguese
refinery movement from Malaysia
                                                Steder Group recently executed a project consisting of large modules for a
                                                complete Heat Recovery Steam Generator.
                                                    Due to extremely time dense schedule the oversized and heavy cargo was
                                                loaded in Kuantan, Malaysia on a last in / first out basis to Leixoes, Portugal,
                                                utilizing the MV ‘Beluga Efficiency’ a vessel belonging to Beluga Shipping
                                                Group of Bremen, Germany.
                                                    The total shipment volume is
                                                1700 freight tons, with the heaviest
                                                pieces being 2 modules of each 160
                                                mton and 2 modules of each 115
                                                    All cargo was safely loaded
                                                onto the MV ‘Beluga Efficiency’ to
                                                Leixoes, Portugal where the com-
                                                ponents will be used for a power
                                                plant, belonging to a refinery in
                                                nearby Leca da Palmera.

                                                     StederGroup b.v.
                                                     Mr. Rob de Korte

Unique move of heavy port transporters
from Iran to Kazakhstan by road
During March , April 2010 Sepherun Tarabar Int’l Transport, Iran, successfully
moved two OOG port Transporters Length of 18m , Width of 6.1m , Height of
2.3m each weighing 60MT from Bandar Abbas port South of Iran to Aktau /
Kazakhstan through 3200Km all by road.
    This was a unique movement as due to high over width of cargo to control the
units on Trailer’s chassis, they had to weld extra beams to each sides of trailers.
This transport completed in 40Days all through muddy roads & very poor road
condition by helping of bulldozers at some stages to tow the trailers passing Iran,
Turkmenistan & Kazakhstan territories.
At the end after hard work & close supervision the cargo was delivered to Aktau
port authorities safe & sound in perfect condition.

                                                                  Sepehrun Tarabar Int’l Transport Co.
                                                                  Ms.Nazanin Mojarrad

                                                                                  Newsletter 2/2010

Albacor Shipping moves
heavy transformer across USA
                                               Albacor Shipping USA, through their branch in
                                               Banning ,CA handled the transport of one Trans-
                                               former with 473000 Lbs – 41 x 12’6 x 15’ – from
                                               the Port of Houston to Scurry , TX
                                                   The Transformer was transported on a special
                                               16 axle trailer system and after arrival on site, the
                                               unit was placed on the foundation by jack & slide
                                                    Albacor Shipping (USA) Inc.
                                                    Mr.Willy Hoffmann

Allfort sails with trains to the Philippines
Allfort Co.,Inc, Japan, successfully deliv-
ered 10 units of trains from Kawasaki in
Japan to Manila in the Philippines. The
complete shipment totalled 34 tons and
2526 CBM for which Allfort arranged in-
land transportation to Kawasaki Port and
chartered a suitable vessel.
    Allfort arranged for lifting of the
trains directly from rail onto special heavy
haulage trailers for delivery to alongside
their vessel in Kawasaki, including supply
of a special sized spreader for the lifting
operations. Also the crane used for lifting
the train units in Japan was provided and
supervized by Allfort's experts.

     Allfort Co., Inc.
     Mr. Kaz Fukuda

Newsletter 2/2010

WWPC 10th annual Membership Conference in Kuala Lumpur
WWPC had its´ 10th annual membership conference
in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, January 28-30th, 2010.
The conference was attended by more than 80 del-
egates, including invited sponsors and representatives
for selected trade media, representing 36 countries.
    During the two days conference members, spon-
sors and the media representatives enjoyed meeting
each other at the conference sessions, in personal
meetings and during social events.
    In a closed session the members voted for the next
annual conference to be held end of January 2011 in
Mumbai, India.

     WWPC likes to thank
     the Kuala Lumpur
     Conference sponsors:

     •	   Beluga Shipping Group
     •	   Intuitive Logistic Resources
     •	   Rickmers Linie GmbH
     •	   Ruslan International Ltd
     •	   StederGroup b.v.

New WWPC Members
We are delighted to announce the following new members in WWPC.

Full list of WWPC Member Companies can be found in our web-site:, under Member Directory.

•	   AFGHANISTAN:                            Aaras Shipping Agencies Private Limited   
•	   AUSTRALIA:                              Sadleirs International                    
•	   BULGARIA:                               Holleman Special Transport & Project Cargo S.r.l.
•	   BRAZIL (NORTH/AMAZONAS):                Aerobrasil Agenciamento e Logistica Ltda  
•	   CHINA, HONG KONG:                       Wangfoong Transportation Ltd Website:     
•	   IRAN:                                   Sepehrun Tarabar Int’l Transport Co.      
•	   KENYA:                                  Spedag Spedition (K) Ltd.                 
•	   LIBYA:                                  Arroban International Shipping Co.        
•	   MOROCCO:                                Fast Global Logistics                     
•	   PAKISTAN:                               Aaras Shipping Agencies Private Limited   
•	   PANAMA:                                 Quality Freight Corp.                     
•	   SERBIA:                                 Holleman Special Transport & Project Cargo S.r.l.
•	   SOUTH AFRICA:                           Spedag South Africa (Pty) Ltd             
•	   UGANDA:                                 Spedag (Uganda) Ltd                       

                  Worldwide Project Consortium Ltd.       Worldwide Project Consortium Ltd.
                  Head Office/Europe                      Regional Office/Hong Kong
                  Wolfgang Karau                          Stuart Murdoch
                  Director Operational                    Director Administration
                  Phone : +34 690 708 964                 Phone : +852 212 67138
                  Fax      : +34 952 660 921              Fax      : +852 212 67134   Email    :   Email    :

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