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					                                  JOB DESCRIPTION
JOB TITLE                                 Senior Project Delivery Manager
DEPARTMENT                                Resources
REPORTS TO                                Head of Programme and Delivery
GRADE AND ROLE PROFILE                    C Upper Role Profile 3 (P&D Job Family)

Lead and manage a sub-regional Project Delivery Team and provide the Agency and
its external partners with specialist project delivery services, expertise and solutions.
Deliver NWDA funded projects and contracts, through a broad range of external
partners, from the point of handover to Operations for delivery through to physical and
financial completion, adhering to process and procedures to ensure projects and
contracts are delivered on time, within budget and to quality specification (including

Work with project sponsors during the project development stage to ensure appropriate
delivery support and specialist advice is available to projects during their formative


     Managing a delivery team of between 3 and 8 project and contract managers
      (dependent on the composition of the team at any one time – average team
      size is 5), ensuring the team implement their projects fully in accordance with
      NWDA process, procedures and system requirements.

    Manage the implementation of a portfolio of projects or contracts at any one
       time, the exact number depending on the mix of projects and contracts and risk
       categorisation but within a range of 30 to 60 projects at any one time at a total
       NWDA cost of £70M to £280M – average number of projects is 50, average
       total cost is £190M.
    Support project sponsors during the development phase of projects, advising on
       a number of projects at any one time within a range of 3 to 12 projects at a total
       NWDA cost of £15M to £60M – average number of projects is 6, average total
       cost is £25M.
    Maintain and manage effective relationships with a range of external project
       delivery partners (Local Authorities, URCs, developers, businesses, colleges
       and universities etc), often at a senior (Partnership Board or Chief Executive)

    Undertake cost control on project and contracts.
    Deliver annual spend target – ranging from £25M to £85M (average is £50M)
       dependent on the project portfolio
   1.   Responsibility for the team’s successful delivery of the projects within its
        portfolio, developing strategies and solutions which ensure that quality,
        financial and output targets are met in a way which achieves the projects’
        objectives and the contribution of those projects to local, sub-regional and
        regional strategies.
   2.   Responsibility for the team’s support for projects in the development phase,
        specifically ensuring that project delivery staff use their expertise to
        influence the project’s governance and structure, contribute to appraisal,
        produce monitoring and evaluation plans for the lifetime of the project and
        ensure robust contracting.
   3.   Responsibility for the team’s conduct of productive and effective
        relationships with all the external partners involved in the delivery of the
        team’s project portfolio, including the provision of specialist advice and
        support where required.
   4.   Provide management and leadership of the Delivery Team with coaching,
        mentoring and professional development as necessary, maintaining an
        overview of the team’s performance and that of individuals and achieving a
        step change in the team’s project management capabilities.
   5.   Escalate project related issues requiring action at a higher level in a timely
        manner, with supporting briefings, options and expert advice, to permit
        efficient and effective decision making by NWDA.
   6.   Ensure the team has sufficient resources to deliver its project portfolio and
        escalate this as an issue where resources are insufficient.
   7.   Ensure project delivery in accordance with NWDA processes and
        procedures, with particular reference to the Project Management
        Framework and thereby including project structures, controls and
        governance, change control, risk managmeent, stakeholder
        communications and reporting.
   8.   Responsibility for ensuring all project data on the Project Management
        System (PMS) is comprehensive, high quality, reliable and up to date.
   9.   Where necessary, implement project management controls for projects in
        their development phase in accordance with requirements of the Agency’s
        Project Management Framework.
   10.  Report, through matrix management, to the relevant Programme
        Manager(s) for respective portfolio of projects.
   11.  Utilise knowledge of project portfolio, external partners and the sub-region
        to support strategy and policy making across the Agency, providing detailed
        reports and analysis where required.
   12.  Use expertise and knowledge to develop project management best practice
        and continuous improvement within the team, in line with the Agency’s
        Project Management Maturity Model.

    Develop and implement project lifetime operational plans and delivery solutions
     for the team portfolio to ensure that projects/contracts are delivered on time,
     within budget and to quality.
    Develop strategies, plans and annual processes to ensure the timely
     submission, appraisal and approval of scheme delivery/business plans.
    Input project information to Marketing Communications Plan.
    Assess financial and output data on project portfolio as a basis for essential
     inputs to the SIP, annual budgets and annual output targets.
    Allocate projects to team members, taking account of capacity and skills within
     the team.
      Produce annual workplan for the team and utilise this as a key input to
       Programme Team, Directorate and NWDA Business Plans.
      Organise and oversee workload for the team, making adjustments where
       necessary to ensure that workplans are delivered

   Agree changes to projects within tolerances set by the Senior Responsible
      Owner (SRO) and/or Project Review Group (PRG) – changes may relate to
      specification, timescale, finance, outputs, delivery method etc.
   Where changes are required outside tolerances, determine decision making
      route and level of briefing and analysis required to support the decision making
   Determine project allocation within team.
   Determine suitable governance and reporting structures, monitoring and
      evaluation requirements and contractual provisions for projects.
   Use experience and knowledge to provide internal and external advice on any
      aspect of project delivery.
   Use personal judgement, based on evidence and experience, to amend
      financial, outputs and timescale forecasts on projects.
   Determine the content of any briefings or information requested on projects.

    Establish, maintain and manage relationships with external partners/applicants/
       project delivery bodies throughout the delivery process, at various levels.
    Represent NWDA on a range of external partnership and project delivery
    Devise and follow a plan for communicating with different stakeholders in
       different ways and at different times. This requires close working relationships
       with project sponsors.
    Close working relationship with Project SROs and provide progress and
       exception reports when required, making decisions on contents and issues to
       be raised.
    Establish and maintain internal communications flows between key
       Directorates, especially with Policy and Development, to ensure an exchange of
       intelligence of activity at the sub-regional and local level.
    Substantial experience in managing projects and/or contracts
    Experience of working within a structured project management framework
    Public sector experience and knowledge of the role of RDA’s and the type of
       projects they undertake
    The ability to quickly develop an understanding of NWDA project processes and
       project framework to ensure the team adheres to these
    People management experience: leadership, communication, negotiation,
       problem solving, self reliance, enthusiasm, team building, performance
    Task and target orientated

    Knowledge of technical, legislative and regulatory frameworks relating to project
       management in the public sector
    Experience of change management and implementing new ways of working
    Prince 2 Qualification
       Coaching and mentoring skills to develop team members
       Excellent written and verbal communication skills
       Well organised, self starter with a planned and structured approach to project

   Ensure that project data on the Agency’s Programme Management System
     (PMS) is high quality and up to date at all times.
   Work closely with the Programme Office, suggesting improvements to
     processes and systems so projects and contracts can be delivered effectively.

NWDA Head Office, Warrington



Building and Managing Relationships B

Actively develops relationships

o   Opens discussions with others about the quality of working relationships in addition
    to task focus
o   Has a strong, purposeful wide network of contacts
o   Takes steps to manage how others view them
o   Makes time to meet people and develop mutual understanding

Teamwork B

Proactively engages others

    o   Identifies and responds when colleagues need support.
    o   Seeks help outside the immediate team when appropriate.
    o   Solicits help from colleagues e.g. an “expert” on a particular type of issue.
    o   Shares information, skills and ideas with others.
    o   Thinks of team performance in addition to the achievement of personal

Striving for Success C

Sets and achieves targets

    o   Regularly exceeds targets/expectations.
    o   Sets high standards for self and/or others.
    o   Has a drive to create and deliver own standards of excellence.
    o   Makes changes in methods of work to improve business results.

Service Orientation C

Works to exceed customers expectations
   o   Delivers more than was promised.
   o   Matches underlying customer needs with available or customised products or
   o   Offers the customer tailor-made solutions based on identified needs.
   o   Takes action for the customer beyond normal expectations.

Information Seeking B

Digs deeper and performs systematic research

   o   Does not stop with the first answer or superficial information; finds out the
       underlying reasons why something has happened.
   o   Knows when it is appropriate to draw on previous experience and when to seek
       new information.
   o   Contacts others who are not personally involved to get their perspective or
       benefit from their experience.
   o   Over a limited period of time conducts an in-depth investigation, consulting a
       variety of resources, to answer a specific query or address a business issue.
   o   Builds up a broad understanding of the business operations.

Effective Influencing B

Develops and implements influencing approaches

   o Adapts the content, style and tone of communications to the needs of the
     audience; varies the language and business terms with different customers.
   o Uses a combination of logical argument, personal conviction and passion to
     create a winning case.
   o Uses understanding of the organisation (culture, structure) to tailor the
   o Involves others in decisions in order to gain support.

Minimum process:                        Additional relevant process:
Panel Interview                        Presentation 
Competency Assessment                  Written report 
                                        Group discussion 
                                        In-tray exercise 

                       Director of Programme

       Head of Programme                      Head of Programme
          and Delivery                              Office

Senior Project      Senior Project Delivery
  Manager               Managers (x6)

   Project         Project Delivery Managers
Managers (x9)                (x 21)

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