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                                                              Comfort to Quality
                                                              Timing - Driving Higher Yeilds
                                                              Anti-Slip Flooring

                                                              Guest Room Locks
                                                              In-Room Safety
                                                                                                                                                        AMG  THE ACCOMMODATION MANAGER’S GUIDE

                                                              marketing                                                                                                                                                                                 Issue 20
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SPRING 2007
                                                              Changing Brands                                                                                                                                                               Aus $16.50 (Inc GST)

                                                           hotels • motels • resorts • apartments • time share • holiday parks

                                                           your guide to specialist accommodation industry product & service suppliers
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       front desk

                                                                                                    ...There were 5.6 million visitor arrivals
                                                                                                    during the year ended 31 July 2007, an
     Hard times, good times                                                                    increase of 3% relative to the previous year...

     CHALLENGES THROUGH 2007 but has overcome
     the problems reasonably well.

     Despite the ever climbing value of the Australian dollar, international
     visitor arrivals are doing quite well. There were 5.6 million visitor
     arrivals during the year ended 31 July 2007, an increase of 3%
     relative to the previous year. There were 486,400 visitor arrivals
     during July 2007, an increase of 1% relative to the same month of
                                                                                               Hygiene overall is a most important issue in other
     the previous year.
                                                                                               parts of an accommodation complex especially
     There were some significant increases in arrivals from a number of
                                                                                               where food preparation and service takes place.
     key markets: New Zealand (up 7%), India (up 9%) and, from one of
                                                                                               As always technology takes a big part of
     the key focus areas for promotion, China up 17%
                                                                                               expenditure. Check-in systems are becoming very
     While the signs overall are positive, some markets continue to slip
                                                                                               much a part of foyer life today and many travellers, including old
     notably Japan that declined by a further 12%. Britain also
                                                                                               fuddy-duddies that cannot normally cope with a TV remote, are
     continued its downward run.
                                                                                               finding the time saving and convenience a boon to more relaxed
     What must be pleasing for those outside the major centres is that,                        travel. Assuming the check-in kiosks perform what they promise, of
     for the 2006/07 period, more than two million international tourists                      course.
     visited regional Australia. As a result, tourism spending in regional
                                                                                               These are just a few of the subjects in this issue of AMG. I hope
     Australia increased $2.8 billion to reach $34 billion.
                                                                                               you enjoy it and would welcome all feedback.
     This has to be helping regional communities cope with one of the
                                                                                               Trust your business continues to thrive.
     worst droughts on record.

     It’s all about putting bodies in beds. And beds and their associated
     parts feature in this issue of AMG. Fundamentally, guests are
     concerned by health issues and there is nothing worse than seeing
     stains on the bedspread or sheet when you climb into a bed for a                          Graham Vercoe,
     much-needed sleep. Healthy beds are an issue for travellers now                           Editor
     and the pressure on accommodation managers will only increase.                            g.vercoe@theamg.com.au

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                                                                                                                                    Kym Holmes, Arvo Elias, Terry Goodall,
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                                                                                                                                                              front desk fd

                                                                                                                                                      spring                          07

         front desk                                                           pools & spas                                                                  engineering
04       Editorial                                                  57        Case Study: Pacific International Cairns                                83    Profile: Leigh Jamieson

         management                                                           food & beverage                                                               housekeeping
08       Selling                                                    58        Executive Chef Profile: Thomas Angerer                                  84    Towels
10       Programming                                                59        Breakfasts                                                              86    PHAN Conference
12       Holiday Parks                                                                                                                                86    Sanitisation
16       Staff – Hostmasters
                                                                              technology                                                              88    Covering Concepts
20       Staff – Flexible Conditions                                60        Check-In Systems                                                        92    Case Study: Crown Towers
                                                                    62        Guestroom 2010                                                          98    Housekeeper Profile: Tracey Reed
         profiles                                                   64        Computer Sales                                                          100   Hygiene
21       Station Hotels                                             64        Billing Systems                                                         104   Healthy Beds
30       Constellation Hotel Group                                  68        Case Study: Wrest Point                                                 106   Work Stations
                                                                    72        Internet                                                                108   Public Areas
                                                                              energy                                                                        training
36       Guest Room Locks
38       In-Room Safety                                             74        Carbon Emissions                                                        112   Apprenticeships
                                                                    76        Green Hotels
         marketing                                                                                                                                          preferred supplier
                                                                              outdoors                                                                113   Preferred Supplier Directory
40       Changing Brands
                                                                    78        Lawn care
         refurbishment                                              80        Shade
46       Timing
                                                                              guest services
48       Case Study: Quality Hotel Cambridge
52       Case Study: Sea World Resort                               82        Signature Scents
56       Anti-Slip Flooring

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                                                                                                                                                                              SPRING 2007         05


    Five things to do today to improve sales

    few more rooms but it rarely sells enough rooms to offset
    lowered rates. It's simple economics, simply selling more rooms
    increases expenses, while even slightly higher rates increase
    profit. As occupancy demand increases, ADR should increase
    as well.
    The tell-tale sign of a hotel-in-trouble is to see increases in
    occupancy and decreases in average rate. A hotelier who
    understands and employs the tactics of revenue management
    monitors and adjusts rates in reaction to fluctuations in current
    and future occupancy demand.
    For many accommodation owners and managers, reducing
    rates is the lazy person’s form of marketing. It's generally their           Above: Neil
    first thought when sales are low, after-all it takes very little              Salerno
    thought and certainly very little research and/or effort. And, it           “For many
    also ignores the fact that people don't buy rate, they buy value.        accommodation
                                                                               owners and
    Sometimes, lower rates are interpreted as having lower value or            managers,
    'too good to be true'.                                                  reducing rates is
                                                                            the lazy person’s
    In a vacuum, rates mean little, but no hotel operates in a                   form of
    vacuum. Low rates, when compared to your competition set,                 marketing...”
    can devalue your hotel. 'You get what you pay for' is still alive
    and well. A new Mercedes car for $20,000 is not credible, even
    though you might sell one to a fool.
    When sales demand is low, look to value-added marketing and
    position your hotel properly within your marketplace. If your
    hotel deserves to be in the number one position because of its location,         incorporated into the design of your site, it's not something used after
    facilities and amenities, make sure it is positioned that way.                   your site is completed.
    Do your homework and stop working in a bubble.                                   It's an absolute fallacy to think that search engine optimisation can be
    For a modest amount of money, you can start receiving market share               applied to a poorly designed web site to increase traffic. If someone
    reports from Smith Travel Research. They are not available everywhere            suggests that to you, run, don't walk away quickly. SEO must be
    but if they're available in your area they will provide a tremendous             incorporated into the design of the site itself.
    amount of insight into your local market status. It is far better than           The number of hotels getting ripped-off by techie-talking web designers
    guessing or 'counting cars' in your competition's parking lot. That takes        is astounding. I read an article the other day, written by a web site
    us back to the seventies, it didn't work then either.                            design company, that thinks that having an average of 2% of site
    STR reports will provide you with accurate information comparing your            visitors who actually make a reservation, is a good average. Less than
    occupancy, ADR and RevPar with your stated competition. The fairness             4% indicates that something is wrong.
    and accuracy of STR reports will assist you to place your hotel in its           As I have said many times, web design is not rocket science. Your site
    proper position among your competitors.                                          needs to be designed to be easily found through search and once
    Technology is changing everything. I'm constantly surprised to hear from         found, it needs to have the necessary elements of location, facilities,
    hoteliers who have so many excuses why they don't stay current by                attractions, and value to persuade its visitors to make a reservation.
    reading any of the many online e-newsletters. Lack of time is often the          Today is the day to finally make a commitment to learn and use
    most used excuse, I guess these are the same people who don't have               revenue management to increase occupancy and average rate. Sure, it
    time to return phone calls too.                                                  takes a little effort to do the necessary research but the rewards are
    Today, go online and subscribe to at least three free online newsletters.        great. Revenue management relies upon your ability to look into the
    Keep your knowledge base current with the happenings in our industry.            near and distant future to view occupancy demand and making rate
    You can learn a great deal from the successes and failures of others,            decisions. Measuring reservation booking pace and being aware of
    the only thing you truly own is what you know.                                   occupancy generators in your area creates smart decisions.
    Take a serious look at your hotel's web site. Next year, the Internet will       Neil Salerno - Hotel Marketing Coach
    directly or indirectly influence more than 65% of your business. Before          Neil Salerno has held positions in sales, marketing and management operations as
    you look at having another web site designed, get an analysis of your            an associate, department head, and vice president for companies such as W B
    current site. A good analysis will give you a clue to what is working or         Johnson Properties, Servico Inc, the Peabody Hotel Group, Marcus Corporation,
    isn't working very well on your site.                                            Remington Hotels and Prime Motor Inns Inc. He has experience with franchise
    You can then use this analysis to guide the new designer to create a             and independent hotels ranging from small boutique hotels to the 1100-room
    functional web site. Remember, search engine optimisation must be                Sheraton World Resort in Orlando.



    Getting to grips with a refurbishment plan

    AAA TOURISM HAS CALLED ON THE                                                  This will ensure the reputation of the property is maintained and that
    ACCOMMODATION INDUSTRY TO REVIEW ITS                                           word-of-mouth, a critical marketing element that is taken care of rather
    STANDARDS and reap the benefits and rewards of such action.                    than the converse where a facility isn’t refurbished and word-of-mouth
    CEO, Jeff Floyd said that it is time the industry honoured its                 spreads about how tired it looks and needs a refurbishment. Walls and
    commitment to improving Australia’s standards.                                 carpets are repaired easily, but reputation and public standing take
    “It is in our best interest for the industry to maintain its commitment to     more work.
    keeping this country’s accommodation at world’s best standards,” he            An innovative advocate of refurbishment is Station Hotels. It is a new
    said.                                                                          chain that is building 50 properties around Australia and purchasing
    “It is only through constant review and upgrading of properties that we        many existing properties, that have lost their value due to a lack of
    can achieve this. We must ensure that we are on track to keep pace             refurbishment and maintenance and upgrading them to their former
    with the rest of the world, otherwise we will fall far behind and turn         glory.
    tourists away.”                                                                Station Hotels former CEO, Grant Clonan said: “Operators who wait to
    On a recent international tour, Jeff observed that many hotels and             refurbish until their clientele and income have reduced are leaving it too
    motels in the USA are refurbishing rooms ahead of lobby areas. Over            late. Irreparable damage could be done to the business in this time,
    here, one local accommodation industry stalwart claimed this is                with refurbishment costs potentially forcing them to sell.
    testament to the notion that ‘in the long-term, refurbishments and             “A refurbishment program must be in place. We will replace most
    upgrades not only deliver loyal custom but also a return on investment’.       furniture after five years and believe that carpets and vanities have a
    Family First in Hospitality motel consultant, Russ Dodson said every           seven-year lifespan.”
    motel needs a refurbishment plan.                                              Station Hotels is building new properties and refurbishing others with
    Mr Dodson, who has had a 20-year involvement in the industry, said,            loose items that are easily interchanged when they become too tired or
    “Moteliers and hoteliers need to regularly reinvest in, and refurbish, their   damaged. Typically, the only fixed items are the carpets and vanities.
    facilities, otherwise they should be prepared for their incomes to reduce,     “Our properties will be assessed every two months by our internal
    their star rating to drop and their occupancy rates to fall.”                  inspectors who review service and fittings and we rely on AAA Tourism
    He recommended setting aside annually at least 5% of business                  to let us know when we are approaching the stage that we’ll lose a star
    turnover into a fund allocated exclusively for refurbishments.                 rating,” said Mr Clonan.

    “Hoteliers and moteliers should start planning for their major seven-year      “We basically use the auto club’s star rating to benchmark ourselves
    refurbishment every five years with a provision for refurbishment              against other properties in our area to ensure our properties remain
    account,” he said.                                                             competitive and don’t drop out of their target market.”

    “Two years of planning will ensure you’ve covered every angle and that         AAA Tourism’s, Paul Baumgartner said owners and managers need to
    there will be minimal disruption to the business and good cash flow can        understand their market and the returns a refurbishment can deliver.
    be maintained during this essential refurbishment period.                      “We are building a database of consultants whom we can recommend
    “Leaving refurbishments longer than seven years will cause them to be          to facilitate a timely and cost-effective refurbishment,” Mr Baumgartner
    more expensive and the property’s reputation could have diminished,            said
    causing you to lose a few of your loyal, regular guests due to the tired       “At the end of the day, AAA Tourism is responsible for maintaining the
    state of the rooms and other amenities.                                        Australian star rating scheme so that it accurately reflects the
    “By putting 5% of income aside annually, the business won’t be hurt as         expectations of the consumer. To retain or improve a star rating
    much financially when the refurbishment needs to happen and your               property operators should consider the benefits of implementing an on
    facility will maintain its standard and its guests. And once the               going refurbishment strategy.”
    refurbishments are completed your facility will have more earning power,       Highlighting the importance of quality tourism, WA minister for tourism,
    its reputation retained and, most importantly, its star rating will be         Sheila McHale, recently called for WA’s tourism industry to continue to
    maintained.”                                                                   improve its products and services or risk losing visitors to other
    However, Mr Dodson added that refurbishments should only take place            destinations. The minister said the WA tourism industry has to rise to
    when they need to be done and can be staggered, which will create              meet increasingly competitive international standards.
    marketing and upgrade opportunities.                                           “Our international visitors travel long distances, sometimes half-way
    “If a motel needs refurbishing, I would refurbish the reception and three      around the world and have often spent a lot of money to get here,” she
    rooms initially, so that the facility isn’t too disrupted,” he said.           said.
    “Once these rooms have been refurbished, you start on the others but           “Quality of an international standard is expected no one is interested in
    you can charge the newly-refurbished room at a higher rate or give             a low price if it means low quality.
    guests a free upgrade to the ‘new’ room, which is an excellent way to          “We must strive continuously to invest in, and refresh our hotel,
    ensure future business.”                                                       restaurant and tour products to ensure they do not become tired and
    According to Mr Dodson, maintaining doors and walls is an ongoing              stale.”
    process and the bathroom should typically be fully refurbished every 12        In concluding, Mr Dodson said, “You have to stay on top of your
    years but carefully maintained throughout that period. He says it’s about      property’s refurbishment needs. If you don’t keep up the maintenance,
    saying to your prospective guests,                                             you are running a losing battle and rapidly diminishing, what is in some
    “We’ve upgraded it to even better than it was before”.                         instances, your most prized asset.”

                                                                                                          management m

                                                               supplier profile
                                                              EXPRESSO SERVICES

                                                 Partnering with Expresso
    xpresso Services is a one-stop-shop solution to your supply                 What product ranges does Expresso accommodation carry?
E   needs, providing the benefits of one account, one statement,
one payment. Expresso claim that through partnering with them
                                                                                     If you use it we probably have it in stock. From consumables to
                                                                                bathroom supplies, signage, bedroom products, table service, barware,
you can reduce your costs on portion control products, get                      kitchen products, general equipment, cleaning and housekeeping and
access to custom designed amenities and reap the benefits of                    disposable products. We really are the one stop shop. We even custom
building a long term relationship with your supplier.                           design guest amenities to incorporate a client’s brand.
     Expresso Services was established over 20 years                                              You custom design guest amenities?
ago as a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for the accommo-                                                     Yes, we work with many clients, custom designing
dation industry’s supply needs. It now has three                                                  their guest amenities with their own logo to promote their
distinct arms to its operations:                                                                  property and the image they want to project. We have staff
    Expresso Accommodation Suppliers - whole-                                                     that can work with the client to help design the artwork.
salers to the accommodation industry;                                                             What makes you unique; why should our readers try
    Expresso Interiors - providing custom built                                                   your company?
solutions for motel furniture;                                                      Like our competitors we are pretty protective of our pricing. However, if
    Expresso Coffee - coffee importers and wholesalers to the café              they give us the opportunity to quote on some of our portion control
industry.                                                                       products against their current supplier, I think we’ll save them some money.
Why has Expresso Services been so successful?                                   Here’s a challenge! Get your readers to ring us for a price on our portion
                                                                                control tea and coffee. I expect the savings could be as high as 40% to
     Expresso Services has built its reputation through building long-term
relationships with its customers. Our slogan, “Welcome to Expresso” is
about welcoming you to the Expresso family. The logo, a five sided star
flying over a road represents our five star personalised service delivered
to your door in a prompt and cost efficient manner.
    Each side of the star represents a key value that underpins the
direction and face of our company.
What are your key values?
     Competitive Pricing - We continue to retain competitive pricing
through a competitive sourcing process for our quality products. We
understand that price, although not everything, is extremely important
when considering your supplier. With that in mind we look toward inno-
vative solutions to help keep our prices down. We continually evaluate
and re-evaluate our product range and actively review alternative
sources to ensure we are able to provide our clients with the best prod-
ucts at the right price.
    Quality Products - We continue to stock a product range that repre-
sents best quality for our diverse range of clients. We understand that
our clients provide services to different sectors of the market and have        If I was considering changing suppliers is there a preferred method you
been successful in balancing choice with cost effectiveness.                    would recommend from the supplier’s point of view?
    Highly Personalised Service - Our business has                                  Generally customers try us out by purchasing one or two core items. It
been established on high levels of service by ensuring                                        gives them the opportunity to become familiar with the
regular face-to-face contact with clients. We’re not                                                               company and our service levels.
about voice interactive phone services or                                                                           Buyers often change suppliers for price
web supermarkets but                                                                                                but once they get to know us they
old-fashioned face-to-                                                                                                realise that the one-stop-shop
face services where the                                                                                               solution provides many additional
salesman who attends                                                                                                 benefits, such as one invoice, one
to your needs can work                                                                                                payment etcetera and an ongoing
with you on understanding                                                                                             understanding of your business
and building your business.                                                                                           needs.
     Long Term Relationships - Our                                                                                     Summing up in three short points,
knowledge of client needs comes from long-term                                                                    what should our readers take away
relationships with our clients. The understanding that we                                                from this interview?
develop of your business makes it possible for us to tailor our products        •   Expresso Services can supply you with a one-stop-shop solution for
to your business needs.                                                             your accommodation supplies.
    Innovative in Our Solutions - The superficial efficiencies of automatic     •   Try us on portion control tea and coffee to save up to 40% to 50%.
solutions come at the cost of supplier familiarity with your business and its   •   Ask us about our custom-designed guest amenities. Your design, your
needs. Our innovative ‘back to the future’ approach means that we can be            brand; it could be a real boost to your business at a very affordable price.
a most effective partner in supplying your needs.                                   To talk one our representatives contact freecall 1800 656 612.

                                                                                                                                   SPRING 2007             11

    Holiday Parks:

    The importance of industry research

    BUSINESSES CANNOT RELY ON THEIR SALES                                        market research, is with focus groups. This enables the researcher to
    AND CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ALONE TO                                               get an immediate reaction from consumers and an honest opinion
    MEASURE THEIR BUSINESS SUCCESS. and                                          about the brand, without any outside influences from the business in
    Conducting industry research on an ongoing basis is becoming vital for       question or its employees.
    all businesses to better understand the market and customer trends           To get the most thorough overall result, many researchers will combine
    and stay ahead of their competitors.                                         the use of focus groups with other research techniques including
    One of the biggest reasons for conducting research is to clearly define      conducting in-depth one-on-one interviews, as well as observational
    your market and understand exactly who your customers are. Even if           research. This type of research means the researcher will sit back and
    the market changes slightly from time-to-time as a result of changing        watch how consumers respond to the brand and how they use the
    trends, understanding your customer’s needs at all times will help make      collateral, the website and often the facilities or services on offer.
    sure products and services you are providing are meeting their needs         How do researchers choose the most appropriate people to
    and your marketing strategies are reaching the right audience.               sample?
    BIG4 Holiday Parks conducts customer research throughout every year,         Most businesses will know who their target audience is and this
    to help us understand where our brand is positioned within the holiday       normally forms the basis of who will be sampled. After all, businesses
    park market. Through this research we are able to accurately measure         want to know as much about the habits of their customers as possible
    customer brand awareness, with statistics backing up how many                and how their own brand compares with competitors in the eyes of the
    travellers actually recall the brand compared with competitor’s brands,      customer. As a result, researchers will use filtering in their initial
    how many people have stayed at a holiday park within the last 12             questions to make sure they sample the appropriate people for an
    months, and how many travellers stayed in cabin accommodation                accurate overall sample, rather than a random selection of people many
    compared with camping in caravans, motorhomes and tents, just to             of whom may not have any knowledge of the industry in question.
    mention a few of the statistics we compile.
                                                                                 Choosing the right sample is also about being as thorough as possible
    Research also provides information on who your competitors are and           with the people selected, so instead of just basing a sample on
    what size of the market your business has compared with that of your         demographics such as sex, age and city of the consumer, the
    competitors. In order to remain successful, it is important to know          researcher needs to base the research on ‘psychographics’ that provides
    exactly who is offering the same or similar products and services to         more detailed information on the interviewee such as which suburb they
    yours and how you can differentiate your business to attract customers       live in, the kind of car they drive, the type of job they have and so on.
    to your brand.                                                               This in-depth research then forms the basis of the primary sample.
    While the tourism industry offers so many accommodation options for          What kinds of questions should independent researchers ask to
    holidaymakers – resorts, hotels, motels, apartments, B&Bs, holiday           get an accurate sample?
    parks, campsites, houseboats and even lighthouse stays – we all need
                                                                                 The type of questions a researcher asks will obviously vary slightly
    to carve a niche for ourselves in order to attract, maintain and build our
                                                                                 depending on the industry being sampled. Many questions will also be
    share of the market. It is a fact that in this increasingly competitive
                                                                                 targeted towards different areas a business may wish to focus on. At
    marketplace, we need to compete with other accommodation choices
                                                                                 BIG4, while we tend to focus our research on different objectives
    in the same category as ours, so BIG4 must have a more recognisable          depending on their relevance for us at the time, our independent
    brand and logo than other holiday parks and be top of mind with the          researchers always focus part of their research on our brand every time
    consumer when they are selecting their holiday accommodation.                they produce a sample for us.
    In order to understand where our business is succeeding and where we         We understand the value of combining research methods to gain a
    can improve, we need to know which areas of the industry are                 current perspective on our brand through our customer’s eyes: their
    experiencing growth and how the demographics of our customers or             awareness of our brand; whether the personality of our brand is being
    may not be altering. Conducting research means we are more in tune           accurately projected; how consumers relate to our brand image and
    with what our customers want, which facilities are most important to         where they have seen the brand in regards to advertising or media
    them, which months they tend to travel, which states they prefer to          coverage. Our researchers use a combination of qualitative focus
    spend their holidays in and whether their choice of brand is a result of     groups for honest in-depth answers, as well as more traditional,
    advertising, media exposure, word of mouth or personal experience.           classically structured questioning focusing on prompted, non-prompted
    Industry research can also be tailored in a way so your business can         and spontaneous answers. These answers are then analysed by the
    focus on particular areas of interest to you. While BIG4 continues to        researcher and compiled into an easy-to-read report.
    measure brand awareness, brand personality and brand image on an             How should market research results be used by businesses?
    ongoing basis, we also choose to focus our research on areas of
                                                                                 Once independent market research has been conducted and analysed,
    relevance to us at the time. Our recent research has been conducted to
                                                                                 the information learned becomes valuable to a business that is
    find out more about our website and our Holiday Guide, to gain a
                                                                                 strategically planning their objectives for the following 12 months. The
    better understanding of how people are using these and whether they
                                                                                 ‘where to from here?’ scenario suddenly becomes a ‘this is where we
    find them user friendly and how we can improve the functionality.
                                                                                 are going’ scenario. The business in question can use the information
    What are the best ways to conduct research?                                  learned from their targeted research to plan where their budget
    The ways in which market research is conducted varies greatly on the         spending should be focused (after learning where brand awareness is
    purpose of the research and the areas a business wants to focus on.          not as high with consumers), and guide them in how best to plan their
    The most popular and often considered the best form of qualitative           marketing strategies.

                                                                                                   management m

How often should businesses conduct their
own independent market research, or
should they just rely on overall industry
While the caravan and camping industry
statistics have not traditionally been well kept,
this information has been getting much better
with research being available from ABS, Tourism
Research Australia and some state tourism
commissions. Industry information provides                                                                             Above: Terry Goodall
details on trends and statistical information,                                                                        ”Conducting research
however it is important to understand exactly                                                                         means we are more in
where your business is placed within the industry                                                                      tune with what our
                                                                                                                       customers want...”
and where you need to focus your energies in
order to remain successful as a business.
For long term business success, employing an objective research firm     on customer’s perceptions of the brand and the business.
to conduct independent research for you to understand how your           Having insight into your target market means you are one step ahead of
business is placed within the industry, how strong your brand is, what   your competitors, and can plan a very strategic marketing campaign
share of the market you have and what you need to do to move             that you know will reach your desired market. Such knowledge will also
forward should be considered. Research should be conducted regularly     benefit your business through sales, happy customers and strong
to keep up-to-date with holiday trends and brand placement, so brand     positioning within the industry.
tracking should be conducted at least once a year and focus groups
should be used between two to three times a year to remain informed      Terry Goodall - CEO, BIG4 Holiday Parks

                                                                                                                      SPRING 2007         13
Let AMG recognise your hard
work and your success!
Your property - or a property
you have worked with - can
be profiled in the AMG.

                                            Have you recently been
                                      involved in an upgrade in the
                                                   following areas:

                                                     Technology                  I
                                                Energy Efficiency                I
                                         Building Refurbishment                  I
                                      Housekeeping Department                    I
                                     Food & Beveage Equipment                    I
                                           Room Refurbishment                    I
                                                    Pool & Spas                  I
                                                       Outdoors                  I
                                                        Security                 I

                                             THE ACCOMMODATION MANAGER’S GUIDE

                         To find out how your property can be featured in an
                                             upcoming issue please contact
                                                               Alexia Rumley
                       Ph: (07) 5442 7600 I profiles@TheAMG.com.au
Liz Lavender
M 0418 759 939 F (07) 5575 8462 E liz@lizlavender.com.au W www.lizlavendermr.com.au

                THE NEXT HOT SPOT!

      I   3 bedroom manager’s penthouse (approx. 20sqs.) with wrap around balcony
      I   ALL 32 units in rental pool, some dual key
      I   Unique marketing, including corporate clientele
      I   Uniform furniture packages, broadband and air conditioning
          Nett $284K
          Price $2.180M

                          AND I’D LIKE TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR SALE OR
                          PURCHASE... PERSONAL SERVICE GUARANTEED.
                                         Liz Lavender - Principal 0418 759 939

“ Q U E E N             O F      M A N A G E M E N T                         R I G H T S ”


    Transforming staff into hostmasters

    FAR TOO MANY OF THE FRONT DESK                                                The first step in transforming your staff into hostmasters is to
    CLERKS THAT I STAND FACING ON AN                                              establish a succinct list of communications essentials that will
    AVERAGE OF EIGHT TIMES PER MONTH, ARE                                         become your hotel's ‘core values of hospitality’. But rather than just
    STILL MORE FOCUSED ON THEIR                                                   handing your staff a list of ‘standards’ it is far more effective for the
    COMPUTER processes and electronic key systems than they                       manager/leader to conduct a brainstorming session with the frontline
    are at welcoming guests with authentic warmth and generosity that             team to flush out their own list as a starting point. Chances are they
    define hospitality at its core. Let's give credit though, there are still     will come up with some of the same ideas the manager-leader
    plenty of great hotel managers at all levels who understand that              would have put on their list anyway but with significantly more buy-
    hospitality is more than a communications technique and who                   in having been involved in the process.
    instead train and coach their guest contact staff everyday to
                                                                                  Below are examples of ‘core values of hospitality’ that our industry's
    become hostmasters. What is a hostmaster? We all know one
                                                                                                  best hostmasters use:
    when we encounter one.
                                                                                                      • welcome guests before initiating transactions;
    As an example, one of my pet peeves is standing
    alone in a hotel lobby, luggage in hand and having                                                • anticipate guest needs before they become
    the desk clerk look up and staring straight at you                                                requests; offer assistance before it is asked for;
    say, "May I help the next guest?" Alternatively,                                                  • telephone hospitality techniques/standards for
    hostmasters I encounter always welcome me as I                                                    answering, placing calls on hold, and transferring
    approach them. They always speak first. Instead of                                                when necessary;
    staring blankly and saying, "Checkin' in?" like so
    many desk clerks do, hostmasters I meet notice I                                                  • greeting guests first when encountering them in
    have an overcoat on and after welcoming me say,                                                   the lobby, corridors and elsewhere on property;
    "May I have your last name please?"                                                               speaking first and

    After check-in at most hotels I completely lose my                                                • welcoming complaints; listening with empathy,
    identity and thereafter become my room number,                                                    apologising, resolving and following-up.
    as in: "Room 305 wants more coffee packets," or                                                   Once you have brainstormed with your frontline
    "Room 701 needs more towels." Yet hostmasters I                                                   team and created a list of core values of
    meet politely assure me the requests will be met                                                  hospitality, this can become the focus of not only a
    right away and then thank me for creating extra                                                   monthly departmental training reinforcement
    work for them!                                                                                    meeting but also the basis for conduct one-on-one
    "Okay Mr Kennedy, we'll send those towels right                                                   coaching daily in the workplace.
    up to you and thank you for calling                                  Doug Kennedy
                                                                                                    Of course a key component of any development
    housekeeping."                                               “...transforming your staff into
                                                                  hostmasters is to establish a     program is to measure the results of the
    It doesn't stop there. When something doesn't                         succinct list of          behaviours and performances that were the focus
    work in my room, which is at least one of 10 stays             communications essentials        of the training. Customarily, guest
    at even the best hotels, I often have a maintenance           that will become your hotel's
                                                                 ‘core values of hospitality’...”   surveys/comment cards are the most traditional
    worker knocking at my door, staring blankly when I                                              tool; however, the best hotels also regularly
    open and saying with indifference, "Drain clogged?" to which I nod            measure hospitality in other ways on a continuous basis. Once such
    and say, "Yep, drain clogged", which is often the extent of our               example is for the managers, supervisors and senior frontline staff to
    conversation. Yet hostmasters I've meet in this same scenario say,            regularly conduct ‘hospitality audits’ for each associate several times
    "Good afternoon Mr Kennedy, may I enter the room to take care of              a month by watching them in action interacting with guests and
    the work order for you?"                                                      completing a score sheet.
    Perhaps it is that we as an industry have actually been educating             Another way to measure hospitality is to use a camcorder or digital
    our staff on what to do and why to do it versus training them to              camera to video tape the staff as they demonstrate hospitality
    change their behaviours and performances. When we educate them,               excellence during role plays and skill rehearsal exercises or for those
    we cover lists of techniques, strategies and approaches. Yet when             who interact over the telephone, by recording phone calls and
    properly structured, training can link-up what's said in the workshop         playing them back for training/coaching purposes.
    to what happens daily in the workplace.
                                                                                  By re-focusing your staff's attention on these communications
    Most experienced managers have been exposed to some version of
                                                                                  essentials for hospitality excellence, and by measuring the results of
    a four-step training process, which is to tell them what to do, show
                                                                                  training on an ongoing basis, you too can transform your guest
    them what to do, have them do it and then provide feedback on
                                                                                  contact staff into hostmasters.
    how they did. Although many hotels use these training techniques
    for systems and processes, only the best use these same principles            Doug Kennedy - Kennedy Training Network. Doug Kennedy is president of the
    to reinforce the communications essentials for hospitality excellence.        Kennedy Training Network and has been a fixture on the hospitality and tourism
    So here's a game plan for using training to transform your staff into         industry conference circuit since 1989, having presented over 1000 conference
    hostmasters by not only telling them and then showing them what               keynote sessions, educational break-out seminars, or customised, on-premise
    to do but also by watching them doing it and then providing                   training workshops for diverse audiences representing every segment of the
    individualised feedback.                                                      lodging industry.

                                                                                                 management m

                                                              supplier profile
                                                                GEON GROUP

                                                    Bringing vision to life
                                                                           best skills and resources available. It’s part of our

W          hen it comes to your brand, GEON understands that like a

           work of art you have dedicated a large amount

of time nurturing your visual identity. That is why
                                                                                     unwavering commitment to guarding the

                                                                                            visual integrity of your masterpiece.

when      we   formed      from    the    leading                                                   We are currently opening a

communication companies across Australia                                                          new facility in Queensland,

and New Zealand, we already knew our                                                               which will allow GEON to

destiny – to be the brand that lives to protect                                                    provide the same great service

others.                                                                                            in Brisbane, Townsville and

    With experience across the full spectrum of                                                  Cairns,   while   expanding     our

database management, design, digital & offset                                                capabilities to the Gold Coast. When you have a

print, direct mail and distribution services, GEON provides                            vision for your brand, let GEON help you bring it to life.

a single source solution for your visual communication needs. When            For further information about GEON in your area, please call

you trust your brand to us, you get a formidable combination of the very   1300 GEON GROUP.

                                                                                                                         SPRING 2007          17
   Motor Vehicles
                                                                         We are
   Home loans                                                        looking currently
                                                                             for man
                                                                       partner          aging
   Investment Finance                                                          s for la
                                                                     Manage             rge
                                                                             ment R
                                                                        busines       ights
   Partnership Structures                                                       ses in
                                                                        Qld & N
Industry leaders for the past 12 years

                        GOLD COAST            BRISBANE
                        Seabank Building      40 Prospect Street
                        12-14 Marine Parade   Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
                        PO Box 10586          PO Box 567
                        Southport QLD 4215    Stones Corner QLD 4120
                        P 07 5532 7539        P 07 3252 2219

                            Management Rights Specialists


    Flexible work conditions key to getting staff

    AS A BUSINESS THAT RELIES ON                                               to cover all staffing eventualities in a 24/7 environment.
    EMPLOYEES WORKING AROUND THE                                               Part Time Online director, Liana Gorman commented: “The
    CLOCK, THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY HAS                                        hospitality industry is leading the way for flexible working, employing
    seen a significant decline in the number of people entering its            more part time workers than any other in Australia. The industry’s
    workforce over the last decade. With the adoption of greater               experience has demonstrated that flexible workers can be a
    flexibility for workers the hospitality industry is however beginning to   solution for employers seeking to fill positions but also a solution for
    change this trend.                                                         employees keen to take control of their work/life balance.”
    According to A Recipe for Change report, 90% of hospitality                Further, Ms Gorman argued, “Recognising staff have a life outside
    employers believe there is a persisting shortage of chefs, qualified       work and providing the flexibility to meet their varying needs means
    cooks, bakers and pastry chefs. Furthermore, research by                   that high quality staff can be recruited and retained. High quality
    Restaurant & Catering Australia has revealed that shortages of             staff equates to better customer service and ultimately a better
    2000 chefs and cooks is likely to be matched by 2000 services              business.”
    staff, 2500 kitchen hands and 1500 supervisors. Unfriendly work            Currently, just under one-third of the entire Australian workforce, a
    hours, a perceived lack of promotion opportunities and the                 total of 2.9 million people*, are employed in part-time work. And
    seasonal nature of work are often challenges faced by employers in         the 2005 study undertaken by the NSW Board of Vocational
    recruiting and retaining staff.                                            Education and Training reveals it is a growing phenomenon.
    Facing an employment shortfall, part time and flexible workers have        “The average annual employment growth rate for part-time jobs is
    become critical to the profitability and effectiveness of the              anticipated to be over 5.5 times the growth rate for full-time jobs.”
    hospitality business. Currently, 52%* of all hospitality employees are     Other industries where part-time work is proving particularly
    working in a part-time capacity. Flexibility of working hours allows       effective include retail, health and community services, education
    employees to structure their job to encompass other commitments,           and cultural and recreational services.
    for example childcare, family or study, while also allowing employers      * ABS Australian Labour Market Statistics, Oct 2006.

                                            longer lasting
                                           less expensive

                       towelling I bed linen
                      bathrobes and slippers
                                                        CHINO HOUSE
                                                                      SINCE 1972

        www.chinohouse.com.au                              I          Phillip 0418 323 252                          I          03 9588 0955

                                                                                                                        profiles P

Station Hotels:

The beginning of
something big
GROUP, ALSO KNOWN AS FDG. The company has
developed a uniquely Australian accommodation chain to operate, for
the most part, throughout regional Australia and eventually
internationally. The regional accommodation sector’s fragmented
structure together with an absence of a dominant industry player
created an opportunity for a new,
competitive entrant committed to
addressing the shortcomings of the
industry and becoming the benchmark
accommodation provider for regional Australia.
FDG is committed to reinventing the regional accommodation
experience with a uniquely designed, contemporary, customer-focused
product totally in the Australian idiom. Model-type accommodation
offerings throughout regional Australia – that have long suffered from a
lack of investment – are simply not up to the standard expected by
the sophisticated business and leisure traveller.
                                                                                   Johnstone Rorke proudly supporting Station Hotels
Put simply, the modern day traveller deserves to receive the quality of            innovative business concept. JR works closely with many
accommodation that they receive in central business district locations.
                                                                                   growing businesses just like Foreman Group and Station
Existing chains are essentially marketing affiliations lacking total control
over the business and hence are unable to implement consistent                     Hotel Group, providing high quality accounting and
customer service, facility and décor standards.                                    taxation services as well as the following specialist
Dominant market groups, including corporate and leisure travellers,                consulting services:
seniors and sporting groups represent a diverse range of clientele who
                                                                                   •   Financial modelling of projected cash flows and profits
have all experienced an improvement in their own living standards
over the past 10 years and expect those standards to be reflected as               •   Advisor to management board
a minimum in the accommodation they choose away from home.
                                                                                   •   Business and project financing
In short, Australia’s regional motel industry is, in many cases,
struggling to meet internationally benchmarked standards in both                   •   Business structuring
presentation and management.
In order to overcome these shortfalls in Australia’s current regional
                                                                                   •   Succession and exit planning
accommodation market, FDG has committed to the development of a
chain of up to 50 regional accommodation facilities within the next six            JR has a specialist IT division that created and operates
years based on an innovative new industry model and FDG is entering                Bizlink… an accounting software package bringing your
the accommodation industry through a phased or stepped approach.                   external accounting function right into your own office
Phase one is concentrating on the accommodation markets                            through online processing. This innovative program is
characterised as being located in regional Australia and focusing on               operating in various hotel & motel groups and
location with current high demand and multiple economic drivers.
Phase two involves establishing 10 outlets per year in additional                  •   Interprets results and reviews performance
regional centres and select high-volume low cost carrier destinations
                                                                                   •   Has very high level management reporting capabiities
in some metropolitan areas.
Phase three is seeing the potential expansion of the organisation                  •   Allows you to make better decisions, and
                                                                                   •   Can be tailored to suit your business
FDG has built an unique vertically integrated company that enables it
to maintain total control over the following components: site selection
and acquisition; design, construction, refurbishment and operations
thereby guaranteeing the quality; ownership of freehold hotel asset in                 For more information please contact Brett Headrick
an investment, trust or a partnership with a third party; management                   P 07 3222 8444
agreement with FDG to execute and implement the operational                            F 07 3221 7779
management requirements of the hotel company; and finally
                                                                                       E   bheadrick@jr.com.au
operational control over brand and systems.
                                                                                       W www.jr.com.au
The 50 properties being developed by FDG will be located
predominantly in eastern states of Australia and will be owned through
an investment trust structure and operated by the management

company, Station Hotel Group

                                                                                                                          SPRING 2007         21

    Station Hotels:

    STATION HOTEL GROUP                                                          executive chef at a remote regional motor in South Australia where
    Setting the standards of Australia’s regional accommodation                  he also took on the responsibilities of assistant manager.
    Quality, unique, comfortable, friendly, contemporary, sustainable and        For the next 12 years, Grant was involved in a number of diverse but
    fun. These are just a few of the words that were foremost in Andrew          experience building hospitality and tourism operations including
    Foreman’s mind when he began to cultivate the concept of a new               owning a business on the River Murray that operated a group of
    regional accommodation chain. While travelling extensively throughout        hotel, catering, restaurant and tourism businesses, a return to the
    regional Australia, searching for opportunities for his already              outback motor inn as general manager and a partnership in a large
    successful residential development business, it became clear to              upmarket hotel in Melbourne where as general manager. Grant
    Andrew that the accommodation on offer in most cases was at best             refitted the property and improved the business over four years.
    just adequate and at worst downright appalling.                              Grant then went on to join the significant property owner and
    Andrew had discovered that there was a need to provide domestic              franchise group, Sundowner Motor Inns as northern regional
    and international, corporate and leisure travellers with a better            manager then general manager and it was five years later, in March
    product. To provide them with a choice of quality accommodation              2007 that Andrew Foreman announced Grant as chief executive
    and food service that would exceed their expectations absolutely             officer of Station Hotels.
    every time.                                                                  “Station Hotels finally gives me the vehicle to implement consistent
    At the same time Grant Clonan, a seasoned accommodation industry             quality accommodation offerings, ensuring that customers’
    professional was at the helm of a large chain of motor inns struggling       expectations are exceeded every single time throughout a diverse
    with precisely the same issues that Andrew had identified. Diversity in      network of regional Australian properties,” Grant said.
    product, capital expenditure constraints and an inadequate IT                 Together, Grant and Andrew are enthusiastic about the many
    infrastructure were all frustrating his efforts to provide the consistency   community and economic benefits that will flow from the advent of
    in product and service quality that he knew his customers deserved.          the new chain with their aim to revolutionise the way accommodation
    While successful in many ways Grant knew that the only way to                is offered throughout regional Australia.
    achieve true consistency in offerings and service was to start from          Grant Clonan has now moved from Station Hotel to further his
    the ground up, to build a chain with absolute attention to every little      career.
    detail from the beginning.                                                   Already they have hit first gear with Station Hotel Parkes in New
    That was two years ago. Now, through a twist of fate that will surely        South Wales opening its doors in June 2007. A contract to purchase
    go down in the annals of regional accommodation history, Andrew              the Townsville Plaza and the imminent commencement of
    and Grant are working together, Andrew with the vehicle and Grant            construction in Mildura, Cobar and Narrabri with further potential
    with the expertise to drive it. It is as though Grant has spent his          sites spanning the east coast such as Gladstone, Biloela and Mt Isa
    career to date preparing for the opportunity that he knows is the            will quickly push them into second gear.
    greatest challenge he has faced but one that he is ideally                   They will skip into overdrive however when their capital raising
    experienced to tackle.                                                       program hits its straps and they have funds available to push out ten
    Grant’s career in the hospitality industry began when he was just 16.        properties per annum to reach their target of 50 hotels in key
    He walked in to one of Adelaide’s leading restaurants and convinced          regional locations to provide a network of accommodation and
    the manager to put him on as an apprentice chef. For the next                restaurants of an exemplary standard over the next five to six years.

    seven years Grant progressed up the kitchen hierarchy to become              To establish the geographical coverage of the chain, these proposed


    Station Hotels:

    The importance of choice

    properties were supported by a commitment to contract a further            recycle points in the rooms. Each property will have a sustainability
    four sites by September 2007 and ensure that several others were in        committee made up of employees charged with improving their
    the advanced stages of negotiation.                                        sustainability and reducing their footprint on the environment.
    Station Hotel Group realises the importance of gaining brand               Socially, Station Hotels will provide an excellent work place and
    recognition quickly and to achieve this they will purchase a               develop an ethos of personal development, reward productivity,
    percentage of existing motels in selected towns that meet the design       successional paths, fun, employing locally, developing skills and
    criteria and have the ability to be refit following the Station Hotel      increasing confidence, knowledge and self esteem in every
    model. That is, once refurbished the properties will be easily             employee.
    recognised as part of the Station Hotel Group and attain at least a        Station Hotels will respect their employees – they will be their heroes
    four-star rating.                                                          – and the company will empower them to provide the best service
    Andrew’s total control over design, construction, fit out,                 ever experienced in regional Australia. Already, more than 100 people
    implementation, brand and management means that each Station               have applied for positions at their first property in Parkes New South
    Hotel will meet their stringent requirements and consistently provide      Wales.
    the best accommodation offering in its town.                               Station Hotels also aims to provide support for local charities,
    While facilities will vary only in terms of room numbers and layout to     institutions and sporting clubs.
    maximise the available land, the consistency of the concept                Culturally, the company understands the importance of developing
    underpinned by high standards of service and quality will be the           and encouraging participation in the cultural heritage of their local
    dominant feature of the accommodation and facilities. Each hotel will      regions. Artwork and photography reflecting the local cultures will be
    offer urban style accommodation serviced with a country smile.             displayed in the hotels and Station Hotels aims to help their
    The Station Hotel motel design is functional with unique rural             communities to protect and grow their cultures.
    exteriors and urban style contemporary interiors. Rooms will offer         The Station Hotels’ team consists of motivated professionals
    king beds, LCD televisions, DVD players, high security, high quality       committed to ensuring that absolutely every customer experience is
    fittings, comfortable work spaces, high speed hard wired Internet          not just a good one but a great one.
    and quality linen and guest supplies.                                      They will not compromise on service. Unique service points of
    Restaurants will be open all day café style with comfortable and           difference and package offerings will ensure that no customer leaves
    inviting spaces that are cool during summer and warmed by a fire in        dissatisfied. Some of the significant points of difference offering
    the winter. These eateries have been designed to maximise guest            services and value adds never before offered in regional Australia
    comfort and satisfaction as they relax, dine, wine, meet, talk and         include a free takeaway coffee or water on departure, a range of
    enjoy. The hotels will also practice sustainability and will focus on      quality branded merchandise, free car windscreen washes, baby
    four objectives: economic; environmental; social and cultural.             packs containing a cot, high chair, bath, microwave and change
    Economically, Station Hotels will provide returns to their shareholders.   table for those guests with babies, a business networking blog space
    Environmentally, they will reduce their footprint on the world through     for corporate customers staying in a property and an all inclusive rate
    sustainability initiatives including low voltage lighting, reduced flow    packages including broadband, newspaper, mini bar and pamper
    shower heads, dual flush toilets, best practice energy ratings, low        packs.
    water native gardens using local plants, rainwater tanks to provide        Rates will start at $150 per night and will include significant value

    drip irrigation, ‘no linen change’ options driven by the customer and      add options for all-inclusive stays.

                                                                                                                           profiles p

                                                                supplier profile
                                                                CREATIVE CUISINE

                Quality chef prepared meals delivered within minutes

T   he creative planning for the restaurant was nearing completion, the
    base menus were ready for sign off. Décor was finalised and the
kitchen was designed.
                                                                                   The result for the customer – quality chef prepared meal delivered
                                                                               to the table within 10 minutes with total consistency, uniform
                                                                               appearance. 5 star finish. The result for Station Hotels – consistent food
    Now for the hard part - where do we find a chef that can give us           cost, minimal wastage, staffing flexibility – comfort in knowing this could
complete consistency, train staff, set-up an ordering system, control          be done consistently.
wastage and deliver consistent food costs? All this and know they will             The complete package implemented by Creative Cuisine and
be in for the long hall “Every manager’s nightmare”.                           Hospitality Consulting Services has lived up to all our customers
    Enter Creative Cuisine with their knifeless kitchen each dish is           expectations said Grant Clonan, former CEO of Station Hotels. Total
meticulously prepared by our chef’s. Individually portioned and packed         control over our food quantity, food costs and wastage, allows us to run
including condiments and sauces. Add the in house training,                    a very tight operation without the need for specialised staff.
preparation charts with step-by-step instructions, Mis en Place list and           Contact Creative Cuisine today on 07 3274 5000 or e-mail
crockery solution.                                                             sales@creativecuisine.com.au

     FEWER TRAINED CHEFS              BETTER MENUS                     NO WASTE               FIXED PRICE GUARANTEE          HAPPIER CUSTOMERS

     Given the difficulty in      Take the hard work out of      No Waste, No Mess,           Fixed price guaranteed        Consistent, quality
     retaining kitchen staff,     menu planning. We can          No Hassle                    for the life of the menu      product easily prepared
     our products will ensure     provide at no additional       Restaurant quality           up to one year, ensures       will ensure happy staff,
     quality and consistency      cost, in consultation with     meals available in           your meal costs remain        happy customers and a
     at all times with very       your chef and manager,         minutes with easily          constant and are not          healthy bottom line. Our
     minimal training.            exciting, nutritionally        followed instructions for    subject to seasonal or        company culture is to
     A superior product,          balanced menus to meet         the preparation and          supply constraints.           create, foster and
     significant savings and      all situations. Your menu      presentation of every        You have total control        encourage the
     complete consistency         can be tailor made to suit     dish.                        over margins and gross        development of long
     can be achieved.             your specific client needs.                                 profit.                       term relationships with
                                                                                                                            customers, suppliers
     KNIFELESS KITCHEN As a market leader, Creative Cuisine is unmatched in the scope of its operations, and                and staff that provide
     the experience of its people. We believe the key to our success is a combination of a talented team, an                mutual , ongoing benefit
     innovative and flexible approach in every aspect of our business, and our ability and willingness to react             to all stakeholders.
     quickly to meet the needs of our clients for high specification short run products.
     YOUR GUARANTEE All products use quality ingredients such as domestic grass-fed and grain-fed beef,                         CALL NOW TO
     prime lamb, accredited field-shot or farmed game, and domestic porkers and vealers. Product quality                       FIND OUT HOW
     and safety are guaranteed through a HACCP based quality system certified by SGS.                                         EASY IT CAN BE
     FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY We are committed to producing food to the highest standards with quality and
     safety as key drivers. We formally audit every site at least once a year to ensure compliance with standards
     relating to the quality of raw materials, manufacturing, process controls and final product specifications.
     Performance to these standards is reviewed bi-annually by the Board and Group Executive.

     P: (07) 3274 5000
     F: (07) 3274 6032 E: sales@creativecuisine.com.au W: www.creativecuisine.com.au

                                                                                                                               SPRING 2007             25

    Station Hotels:

                                                                            room and the one-bedroom apartment have the
                                                                            additional features of a kitchenette with the basic facilities of a
                                                                            hotplate and microwave. The king superior room is essentially, a king
                                                                            room apartment and the twin room features two king single beds.
                                                                            The facilities standard in each apartment include air-conditioning,
                                                                            bath, broadband Internet, balcony/courtyard, hairdryer, in-house
                                                                            movies, ironing equipment, mini bar, opening windows, satellite
                                                                            television and tea/coffee making facilities. Every room is non-smoking
                                                                            and guests are supplied quality linen and additional supplies such as
                                                                            baby packs that include a bath, cot, microwave, change table and
                                                                            high chair.
                                                                            Extra guests visiting the hotel do not have to sleep on the commonly
                                                                            used folding beds. Station Hotel Parkes use new hotel approved full
                                                                            size airbeds.
                                                                            There is also secure off street parking available free of charge.
                                                                            Guests are further cared and catered for with a 24-hour front desk,
                                                                            disability facilities and concierge. Station Hotel Parkes offers pickup
                                                                            and drop off services to and from the airport or railway station to
                                                                            ensure guests arrival and departure is hassle free. On checkout,
    While there are many chain brands, various independent operators        guests are presented with a complimentary takeaway tea, coffee or

    and loose marketing or franchise affiliations already servicing the     bottle of water.
    market, none provide a consistent product and service across the        The bar/lounge and restaurant within the complex called The Station
    regions targeted. This part of Station Hotel's competitive advantage,   Café Bar Restaurant, is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    offering a strong point of differentiation by the group by being        with additional room service options. It is the perfect venue for
    predictable, reliable and above all else, offering a premium product    meetings, light meals or formal dinners and with an open fire during
    that is valued by the customers.                                        winter and air-conditioning during summer, the restaurant and bar is
    As with successful chains world wide, the underlying strength of the    perfect for any function or conference.
    Station Hotel model is the brand and state of the art systems. The      For those business delegates, Station Hotel Parkes offers a range of
    commercial, financial and marketing significance of a company’s         facilities including a fax and photocopying service, direct dial ISDN
    brand cannot be underestimated and the systems will ensure cost         and STD phones, monitor connection to LCD televisions as well as
    efficiencies and ultimate consistency across the board.                 secretarial service.
    Station Hotels will be the only regional hotel chain with a Virtual     Station Hotel Parkes managers, Marg and Doug Hay have been at
    Private Network and central customer database enabling each             the property ever since it opened earlier this year. Before Parkes, the
    property to recognise each customer and their personal service          Hays were leasing the Bella Vista Motel in Te Anau in New Zealand
    requirements when checking in. The company will also offer a state      and it was only after reading an article in Resort News on Andrew
    of the art online booking system and loyalty program providing real     Foreman and his Station Hotel concept that Marg and Doug
    rewards for regular travellers.                                         contacted Andrew and in time, found themselves at Station Hotel
    STATION HOTEL PARKES                                                    Parkes.
    The first of 50                                                         Marg said while there are numerous highlights in managing Parkes
    Station Hotel Parkes is the first property in the chain of 50 quality   the main one is the satisfaction of their guests. “Doug and I both
    hotels due to open over the next five years throughout regional         enjoy working with people and we love sending our guests away
    Australia. Located on Peak Hill Road, minutes from the Parkes CBD,      satisfied in every respect.”
    Station Hotel Parkes is a brand new four-star complex boasting state    Station Hotel Group chief executive officer, Grant Clonan said: “We
    of the art facilities and contemporary décor.                           were here at the end of construction and as usual some last minute
    The recently built two level building has 38 rooms. While there are     changes were required that prolonged the opening so it was great to
    five different types of rooms available – two-room apartment, family    see it finally up and running. We are currently planning an official
    room, studio, king superior and twin room – all the rooms feature       opening that will take place on 24 September and is the norm for
    king sized beds, LCD televisions, satellite network, high speed hard    Station Hotels it will be a charity event raising much needed funds to
    wired secure broadband, well lit work spaces, quality linen and guest   purchase equipment for a new emergency nurse practitioner at the
    supplies.                                                               local hospital.

    The main point of difference between the five types of                  We would like to thank everyone that has contributed to the charity
    accommodation is room size and additional facilities. The two-room      opening day. It is expected to be a huge success with a target fund
    unit and the family room have interconnecting rooms with a king         raising of $10,000.”
    bed in one room and two single king beds in the other. The two-         Alexia Rumley- AMG Industry Reporter

                                                                                                                              profiles p

                                                               supplier profile
                                                 O’SULLIVAN INSURANCE BROKERS

                                                Make sure you’re covered

O    ver the years the hospitality industry has thrown up numerous
     challenges to the general insurance industry.
                                                                                        When insuring property your sum insured should reflect the
                                                                                    replacement value of the structural improvements on your property, if
                                                                                    your sum insured falls under a certain percentage of the actual
    These challenges basically relate to the liability area of insurance.
Geoff O’Sullivan managing director of O’Sullivan Insurance Brokers                  replacement value of your property after a claim has occurred, the
said it is very important that people in the hospitality industry correctly         amount of loss will be proportioned out to the percentage value you are
disclose all activities that are available to guests when negotiating their         under insured by and applied to your loss.
insurance requirements.                                                                 It may well be in the best interests of any business owners that has
                                                                                    a responsibility to insure their buildings and plant and equipment to
   Mr O’Sullivan also said that under insurance has always been a
                                                                                    have their property valued by a licensed valuer for insurance
major issue with commercial property insurance.
                                                                                    replacement value purposes to ensure that you will not get any nasty
   One major insurer has carried out some research in relation to                   surprises if and when a claim occurs.
underinsurance on businesses with the following results :
                                                                                        This same condition also applies to business interruption insurance.
•   83% of businesses have inadequate building insurance                            This insurance is there to cover you for a reduction in sales if insured
                                                                                    events impact on your normal trade. If the business interruption figure
•   47% are not adequately insured to replace contents and stock                    is not worked correctly again people can be left out of pocket when
•   50% have insufficient liability insurance                                       they can least afford it.
                                                                                        O’Sullivan Insurance Brokers is a licensed insurance brokers with
•   ONLY 2% have adequate business interruption insurance.                          over 40 years combined experience in the general insurance industry.
    These figures reflect that there is a major under insurance trend out           O’Sullivans is a member of the National Insurance Brokers Association,
there and people can get caught in the event of an Insurance claim                  Regional Insurance Brokers Association and also subscribe to
occurring. This is an area that people should take the time to discuss              Insurance Brokers Disputes Ltd.
with there insurance broker because it can lead to businesses that have                  We are very interested in hearing from any business involved in the
taken years to build suffering major setbacks or worst case scenario                hospitality industry to offer them some alternative insurance solutions.
being put out of business completely.                                               All the insurers we use are fully authorised Australian companies.

         Hospitality Insurance Specialists
                      For all your general insurance needs for the Hospitality Industry contact
                                                 O’Sullivan Insurance Brokers
                                                          AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL SERVICES LICENCE NO: 279801

                        Property, Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance underwritten
                                            by fully authorised Australian Insurers for;

                         Hotels G Motels G Resorts G

                        G Resident Unit Managers G

           G        Caravan Parks G Backpacker Hostels                                                                                    G

      O’Sullivan Insurance Brokers
      Phone: (03) 5822 1999                               Geoff O’Sullivan 0418 570 385
      Fax:     (03) 5822 1985                             Justin Sweeney 0413 881 561
      Email: info@osullivanib.com.au                      John Ferraro     0400 992 775

                                                                                                                                  SPRING 2007         27

    Station Hotels:

    How the f&b fit out worked

    FOODSERVICE DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL                                                           supply and internal fit out for the accommodation and central facilities
    WAS INITIALLY COMMISSIONED BY FOREMAN                                                           area had not been fully established at that stage.
    PROJECT MANAGEMENT TO DESIGN AND                                                                FDI tabled a proposal to FPM, offering to provide a full turnkey package
    DEVELOP THE FOOD, BEVERAGE AND                                                                  to assist in the development of a more accurate and realistic overall
                                                                                                    project cost budget. This included the development and preparation of
    Station Hotel in Parkes. During these early stages of the development,
                                                                                                    an itemised asset register document, to identify the various product
    FDI identified the actual F&B cost budget provision, however the FF&E
                                                                                                    categories, supplier selections, par values, itemised unit and total costs.
    cost budgets for the supply and internal fit out for the accommodation
    and central facilities area had not been fully established at that stage.                       Through progressive design review meetings with Andrew Foreman and
                                                                                                    Jon Martin, the company was able to establish a more realistic cost
    FDI specialises in the source, selection and supply of FOH and BOH
                                                                                                    budget reflecting total budget fit-out package.
    foodservice operating equipment and systems, required for the
    commercial catering industry.                                                                   The benefits to the FPM team of employing an external consultancy
    Initially, FDI approached the Station Hotel Group project assignment to                         provided an independent professional support service that complimented
    address the overall fit out requirements and needs, assessing and                               their existing operations. Based on the initial design brief, FDI prepared
    coordinating the development program of the Station Hotel Parkes                                the necessary guidelines to determine the extent of the food, beverage
    directly with Foreman Project Management, ensuring that the client's                            and housekeeping FF&E operating requirements.
    interests were maintained throughout.                                                           Working closely with the client, assistance was provided with the design,
    The company was initially commissioned by FPM to design and develop                             fine tuning the broad outlines of the initial proposal to establish styles
    the food, beverage and housekeeping operating systems for the Station                           and quantities to best suit the type of operation.
    Hotel in Parkes.                                                                                By using an external consultancy, pricing options and product
    During these early stages of the development, FDI identified the actual                         comparisons on all selected items were sourced negotiated and
    F&B cost budget provision, however, the FF&E cost budgets for the                               tendered through access and contact with a range of industry

                                                                                                                      • Feasibility Analysis                       I would have no hesitation in
                                                                                                                      • Operations Manuals              recommending Hospitality Consulting &
                                                                                                                                                             Services to others in the hospitality
                  Welcome and Congratulations                                                                         • Property Assessments
                                                                                                                                                            industry, seeking similar assistance.
                                                                                                                      • Operational Review & Analysis
                                                                                                                                                                                  Kind regards,
                             02 9918 2236                                                                             • Menu Engineering                     Grant Clonan - CEO, Station Hotels

                                                                                                         P/F: (07) 3878 5064 M: 0412 525 806 E: brian@hospitalityconsult.com.au

                                                                                                                                                               CONSULTANTS TO THE
                                                                                                                                                               HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY
                                                                                                                                                           Australia - South East Asia - Pacific Rim

               Tu r n k e y r o o m o p e r a t i o n a n d f o o d s e r v i c e d e s i g n t o c o d e a n d A A A c o m p l i a n c e . C e r t i f i c a t e s p r o v i d e d .
                                                     To t a l r o o m p a c k a g e s d e s i g n e d a n d s u p p l i e d i n c l u d i n g :

                                   B e d h e a d s I B e d s i d e Ta b l e s I Wa r d r o b e s I C h a i r s I S o f a s
                 Tu b C h a i r s I E n s e m b l e s I B e d T h r o w s / L i n e n I C u r t a i n s I L a m p s I L u g g a g e R a c k s

                      I C r o c k e r y & C u t l e r y I W h i t e G o o d s I T V ʼs I D e s k s / E n t e r t a i n m e n t U n i t s

                                                    Complete FF & E Package and design for Public Areas.

              Techset Furniture P : (07) 5526 2844 F : (07) 5526 2822                                Foodservice Development Int P : (07) 5525 3877 F : (07) 5525 3477
             E : info@techsetfurniture.com W : www.techsetfurniture.com                                                E : jim@fdi-jmd.com W : www.fdi-jmd.com

                                                                              profiles p

manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, and presented to the client for
their final approvals.
Consideration was given to functionality, replacement and availability from
local market resources. The cost planning procedures were implemented
in a controlled process from the commencement of the project through
to the final hand over.
Working with the Station Hotel management team FDI revisited the
overall operations and address each essential element systematically. The
selected furniture items were thoroughly reviewed and amended to suit
preferred styles, fabric selections and designs. Revised cost prices were
sourced directly from qualified wholesale or factory suppliers, including
the client’s nominated preferred designer and suppliers where warranted.
Specification schedule lists for each trade package were finalised and
forwarded to the client for approval.
Expediting, storage and placement of the FF&E and OSE required the
formulation of a sound and realistic delivery program, based on the
construction program and available site access and on-site storage
facilities. A complete reconciliation was prepared of all purchase orders,
goods received and supplier’s accounts. All necessary variations and
adjustments were monitored to ensure that the final document reflected
an accountable and accurate record on presentation to the client.
Jim Dartnell - Foodservice Development International

                                                                               SPRING 2007   29

    Constellation Hotel Group:

    Dramatic growth marks exciting era

    has marked 2007 as one of the most exciting periods in the company’s
    history. Over the past eight months, Constellation has more than doubled
    its network, enhanced its suite of brands and expanded its Country
    Comfort operation across the Tasman.
    Today the proudly Australian-owned and operated company has close to
    80 properties located in capital cities, key regional centres and leisure
    destinations across the country. As a result, Constellation can continue to
    provide Australian and New Zealand hotels with a unique proposition: the
    benefits of a large network combined with the understanding and shared
    values only a local partner can offer.
    The launch of Country Comfort’s New Zealand network in July opened an
    exciting new chapter in the famous brand’s history.
    A total of 12 Country Comfort properties are now distributed from
    Auckland to Invercargill, with the network including almost all of New
    Zealand’s major metropolitan cities and key tourism centres. But perhaps
    an even more significant development for Constellation this year was the
    addition in February of the Sundowner brand.
    The move means Constellation now offers five key brands – Footprints,
    Sundowner, Country Comfort, The Chifley and Australis Hotels & Resorts
    – catering to all sectors of the market, from backpackers through families
    to corporate travellers.
    Constellation is also now the only group offering a range of commercial
    options for hotel owners, including franchise arrangements, management
    agreements, management rights, leasing and property development and
    For their part, Sundowner franchisees have gained full access to
    Constellation’s Sydney-based marketing services, including promotion and
    a central reservations call centre that operates seven days’ a week.
    Members of Sundowner’s loyalty program, SunClub, also automatically
    became members of Constellation’s award-winning customer loyalty
    program, The Escape Club that rewards frequent guests with free nights,
    dining discounts and Escape Dollars that can be spent like cash
    throughout the group.
    Benefits such as these have helped attract independent hotels to the
    Sundowner brand, including eight new franchisees in the last two months.
    With a record 23 properties in its network, Sundowner now has a
    presence in key regional locations throughout New South Wales, Victoria,
    South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and the ACT.
    Constellation Group general manager, Jonathan Wooller said: “The fact
    that all of our new franchisees were previously independent operators
    demonstrates the strength of the Sundowner brand, and the appeal of
    working with a locally-owned company.”
    Some Sundowner properties have also taken the opportunity to adopt
    other Constellation brands where a repositioning has offered clear benefits
    to their business.
    Four Sundowners have re-branded as Country Comfort hotels,
    highlighting the fact that Constellation now offers a choice between two
    exceptional franchise models in the three to four star category.
    Every hotel’s operating environment is unique and owners can now weigh
    up the different benefits offered by the four star Country Comfort and
    three star Sundowner brands when deciding what best fits their

    One Sundowner property took the opportunity to join Constellation’s elite


    Constellation Hotel Group:

    4½ star Chifley brand following completion of a major refurbishment           franchise or management arrangements.
    program.                                                                      Australian hotels increasingly see the value of dealing with a strong, locally
    The new-look Chifley on the Esplanade – formerly Sundowner Geelong –          based partner. Backed by an expanded suite of nationally recognised
    opened in May in Victoria’s largest regional city and is now attracting a     brands, Constellation’s current momentum will only continue over the next
    broad range of guests, with a selection of new one- and two bedroom           12 months.
    apartments overlooking Corio Bay.                                             BRANDS
    Constellation’s Chifley network is poised for significant growth over the     Sundowner
    next 12 months. New properties are being developed in Townsville and
                                                                                  Sundowner Motor Inns are located predominately in regional centres,
    Newcastle, each offering more than 80 brand new, stylish apartments,
                                                                                  focussing on good quality accommodation for business and leisure
    while an exciting new development will soon be unveiled in the heart of
                                                                                  travellers alike. Sundowner properties are often family run and provide
                                                                                  warm hospitality in a friendly, professional way.
    The latest addition to the Chifly network, however, opened just this month
                                                                                  Country Comfort
    in NSW’s second largest inland city, Albury. Chifley Albury was a Country
    Comfort property until the recent completion of a $2.3 million renovation     This iconic brand has attracted domestic travellers for more than 25
    program that has seen the refurbishment of all 140 rooms, along with the      years, helping Australian hoteliers increase occupancy levels and grow
    introduction of additional meeting and conference facilities and the city’s   yields. The brand is recognised by guests for its home away from home
    newest dining venue.                                                          atmosphere.
    As well as developing Chifley properties in strong regional destinations,     The Chifley
    Constellation is taking the brand into high-growth areas in and around        Distributed in capital cities and key regional centres, Chifley hotels largely
    Australia’s major cities. This strategy recognises the fact that many         target corporate travellers and the MICE market, as well as international
    corporate travellers now regularly bypass a CBD in order to conduct           and domestic leisure guests seeking a city stay.
    business in light industrial areas on the edge of major metropolitan
                                                                                  Australis Hotels & Resorts
                                                                                  Located in popular tourism spots, Australis hotels and resorts are focused
    To meet these travellers’ specific needs, Constellation is currently
                                                                                  on delivering a fun, relaxed holiday experience for leisure guests and a
    constructing Chifley hotels in areas such as Eastern Creek in Sydney’s
                                                                                  friendly, professional service for conference clients.
    Western Suburbs and Doveton in Victoria. Both hotels will offer the same
    stylish rooms and state-of-the-art communication technologies expected           The benefits of being one of the four Constellation Hotel Group brands
    of inner-city business hotels but with spaces such as bars, restaurants       are numerous. Such benefits include: simple, tailored commercial terms
    and conference areas more accessible to surrounding businesses.               with fees that are aligned to the benefits derived out of the system; a
                                                                                  powerful association with trusted Australian hotel brands; nationwide
    PTI Architecture and Interiors managing director, Peter Israel said:
                                                                                  directory coverage; a web site managed by CHG; an Internet booking
    “Essentially these hotels will become pieces of the community
                                                                                  engine from NETrooms with live inventory; a unique nationwide 1300
    infrastructure, rather than simply another building that just sits there,”
                                                                                  central reservations booking service manned by Australians and based in
    Constellation will own the new Chifley hotels at Eastern Creek in Sydney      Australia; market leading and award-winning loyalty program, The Escape
    and Doveton in Melbourne.                                                     Club; strong sales and marketing support; discounted GDS service
    As a property investor the group has a deep understanding of the              (optional for hotels); affiliation with third party marketing (like QFF); access
    challenges faced by Australian hotel owners. That sort of empathy simply      to online ‘do it yourself’ marketing templates allowing the quick and easy

    cannot be shared by large international companies that specialise purely in   creation of advertisements and promotional collateral that leverage a

                                                                                                                         profiles p

                                                               supplier profile
                                                              NETROOMZ PTY LTD

                           Increasing bookings from your own website
    ver the past few years we have all witnessed the incredible growth              These are features essential to equip you to drive more Internet
O   in hotel bookings made over the Internet. According to research by
PhoCusWright in the USA, this year 33% of all hotel bookings will be
                                                                                bookings direct from your hotel’s website. This is why independent
                                                                                hotels and chains such as Constellation Hotel Group have selected
made over the Internet.                                                         Netroomz for their online distribution.
    Getting bookings direct on your own website is                                                    Netroomz is hosted in a state of the art data
not only the cheapest way to get the business, it also                                            centre which is monitored 24/7. Hotels simply
means you retain a direct relationship with your                                                  provide a link to the system from their website. The
customer.                                                                                         implementation process is straight forward.
     Netroomz is a hotel web booking engine with a                                                    Netroomz suits any style and size of
proven formula for delivering more website bookings                                               accommodation. With properties ranging from a few
for independent hotels and chains alike – direct on                                               rooms to several hundred rooms, backpackers to
their own websites.                                                                               luxury five-star hotels, it has proven to be a very
    For consumers it is simple, fast and effective. It’s                                          adaptable solution.
a breeze to make the booking there and then. The Netroomz                            According to managing director Julian Bish, experience combined
rate/availability grid provides a “one click” solution for your customers       with a risk-free business model is key. “Our management team has
to see all rates, packages, availability, inclusions and restrictions for the   extensive hospitality industry experience and we’ve been focused solely
dates they want to stay – on a single screen.                                   on Internet technologies for the past decade. Equally important,
    For hotels it is easy to operate, yet offers sophisticated tools to         Netroomz operates on a transaction fee model which means we are
manage booking restrictions, measure booking engine traffic,                    mutually incentivised with our customers to generate bookings from
conversions and other key metrics. Netroomz also enables hotels to              their website. Put simply, if our customers succeed, so do we.”
build a permission based marketing database, manage clients and their              Contact Netroomz for a free consultation, to learn more about
negotiated rates, track booking referrals and track bookings resulting          Netroomz and how it can help your hotel to get more of your Internet
from specific marketing campaigns etc.                                          bookings direct.

                                                                                                                             SPRING 2007         33

    Constellation Hotel Group:

    brands look and feel; economies of scale in purchasing; opportunities to   There are three key people behind the Constellation Hotel Group.
    network with other operators; a monitored quality assurance program;       These people are:
    entry to an intranet knowledge centre with operating resources and
                                                                                                   Jonathan Wooller - Group general manager
    ongoing training
                                                                                                   Jonathan Wooller has more than 25 years’ hands-on
                                                                                                   experience in the operation, marketing and
                                                                                                   development of hotels and resorts in Australia and
                                                                                                   overseas. During his career he has worked with
                                                                                                   everyone from small independent tourism operators to
                                                                                                   some of the world’s largest tourism and leisure
                                                                               Jonathan has also played key roles in the development of numerous new
                                                                               tourism projects, from small luxury products such as The Regent Chiang-
                                                                               Mai, in Thailand, to large-scale projects such as Jupiter’s Casino on the
                                                                               Gold Coast and Melbourne’s Crown Casino;
                                                                                                   Bruce Holliday - Director of development
               We are proud to be associated with                                                  Bruce Holliday was clearly born to work in the tourism
                 the Constellation Hotel Group.                                                    industry. After completing a Bachelor of Hotel
                                                                                                   Management in Queensland, Bruce worked for the
                                                                                                   Hyatt group before joining Constellation in 1997 as
             We look forward to continuing to be a                                                 Brisbane account manager.
                preferred supplier of this great                                                    Since then he has played a key role in expanding the
              Australian-owned hotel management                                                     company’s operations across Australia, and directing
                                                                               sales efforts in market such as WA, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle
                                                                               As director of development, Bruce is now the main liaison between the
                                Contact:                                       Constellation head office and the group’s entire network of properties and
                         Ramsey Andary - Partner                               Linda Wells - Franchise manager
                                                                               Linda Wells started in the tourism industry in 1984 with Qantas. After
                                 Level 3                                       working for a couple of years in training and sales/marketing roles outside
                          80 King William Street                               the tourism industry, she returned to launch the Sundowner Motor Inns
                                                                               franchise concept in 2003 and subsequently grow the network in
                           Adelaide SA 5000
                                                                               Following its acquisition of the Sundowner Group, Constellation asked
                       Telephone: (08) 8210 2222
                                                                               Linda to join its team. She now works with Bruce Holliday to drive
                   www.dmawlawyers.com.au                                      franchise growth across all of Constellation’s brands.
                                                                               Alexia Rumley - AMG Industry Reporter


    Guest Room Locks:

    Do it once, do it properly and do it in style

    If you’d heard this headline before, it was most probably from your par-
    ents at a younger age. Although they may not be saying it to you now,
    the principle still applies to make a decision once and make it properly
    rather than wasting the time on re-visiting issues you know you should’ve
    considered and planned around in the first place.
    This principle also aptly applies to the choices one makes in installing
    electronic locks. These types of stand-alone locking systems have
    become an integral part of what modern day accommodation is all
    about. It’s a convenience and security measure all in one, allowing the
    hotelier more control over their rooms and guest movement, while provid-
    ing the guest with a feeling of assurance and security. The question is: ‘Is
    there more to consider when looking at an item of hardware that will
    physically be on your doors and consistently used, up to 50 times per
    day for the next 4-20years?’
    When looking at the fitting of electronic locks, a developer or hotelier
    needs to consider some of the long-term requirements of the site. The
    needs of their clientele and market segments may change over time, in
    addition to the requirements and functions of the building and/or the
    business itself.
    Then ensure the longevity a product one should consider the products               and in style;
    long-term flexibility and functionality but also its design aesthetics.        •   If I don’t like the colours? Can this change in the future? Most larger
    We suggest to all potential accommodation/hospitality customers that               hotels are renovated every 4 to7 years and depending on what the
    they consider the following aspects of the hardware itself, as these con-          interior designer wishes to do, the electronic locks could have the
    siderations will essentially effect their long-term investment and enhance         wrong ‘look’. You may need to consider whether the lock you have
    the sense of style on their property:                                              purchased can be interchanged with different coloured finishes, han-
                                                                                       dle styles, or customised escutcheons. This is a simple way to
    •   What is the expected life of this product? Will your supplier be able to
                                                                                       change the aesthetic look of your lock, without having the change
        provide you with actual references of hotels or people that have used
                                                                                       the physical requirements such as doors and hardware?
        their products in the one establishment for a period in excess of 10
        to15 years? If so, can you call the referee directly to enquire about      •   If the need of the property changes and you want a mechanical
                                                                                       lock? How can this be achieved? In many cases, should you need to
        their thoughts on the long-term durability of the lock? Are the spare
                                                                                       replace an existing electronic door locking system with a mechanical
        parts within the lock covered by any assurances, such as a UL listing
                                                                                       key set there are a number of approaches you may have to concern
        (Underwriters Laboratory). Does the product they’ve used for the last
                                                                                       yourself with. Will the exchange cover the existing holes and paint?
        10 to15 years need a service and maintenance agreement? And if
                                                                                       Will you need to replace the door? Would you need to replace the
        so, what does it cost each year?
                                                                                       mortise lock or latching mechanism? See if your supplier has an
    •   What if technology changes? In many cases, locks are operated                  alternative for offering a mechanical key sets and escutcheons that
        from pre-programmed firmware or have an Intel Pentium Flash mem-               merely replace the operating functionality, without changing the whole
        ory processor. Is this adaptable to Windows Vista, should the proper-          door.
        ty upgrade its operating system? Is an upgrade available for the sys-
                                                                                   •   Memory capacity? One of the key principles of electronic locks is
        tem and if so, what would you need to spend to ensure your locks;
                                                                                       their ability to store information within the locks. This is one of the
    •   What if I don’t like the mag-stripe technology or want further, more           long term benefits of electronic locks and, just like computers today,
        sophisticated, options? You may need to consider purchasing an                 the bigger the better when you consider that some common doors
        alternative lock altogether. Look to see what your lock can do now             can be entered as many as 150 times per day and guest rooms
        and also whether it can be easily adaptable to change in the future?           average between 15 to25 entries per day. If you are ever required to
        Will your lock allow you to easily upgrade to SmartCard, Bluetooth or          audit a door and download its memory make sure you have the
        RFiD technologies in the years to come. If so, exactly how is this             capacity to recover enough events - especially in the event of an
        achieved, and what could it cost you in today’s terms?                         unreported theft, or a sexual assault victim who may not have come
    •   Can I have my back of house mechanical locks as an exact match to              forward straight away and
        my guest room electronic locks? There is nothing worse than walking        •   Quality and type of materials used in manufacture? Electronic locks are
        down a corridor and seeing mismatched escutcheons and handles                  built using a vast range of materials, generally speaking, and are usu-
        on access doors. Ask your supplier if they can match the colour, fin-          ally the influential factor behind keeping manufacturing prices down.

        ish and design of both types of locks and you will really do it properly       However as we are talking about your investment, you will want to


    Room Safety:

    Room security is the ultimate priority

    WHILE MANUFACTURERS OF SECURITY SYS-                                              self-closing and self-locking. The door lock must consist of a high quality
    TEMS HAVE BEEN WORKING ON HIGHLY TECH-                                            deadbolt with at least a 25mm bolt. The lock strike-plate must be bolted
    NOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS TO SECURE GUE-                                                securely to the doorframe. Chains should be mandatory.
    STROOM DOORSTORS and other property entryways, only                               Visible signs of door lock maintenance are important to travellers. Gue-
    the true cutting-edge accommodation complexes have chosen to install              stroom doors must be equipped with a wide-angle peephole so a guest
    these systems and exploit them to their full capabilities. New security           can see who is outside before opening the door.
    technology such as biometrics, infrared access control, smart card ac-            Accessible sliding windows must have secondary security devices at-
    cess and custom-made, ID-card printers have come out on the market to             tached to prevent forced entry or lifting out of the frame.
    help lessen the burden on accommodation managers and ease the minds
                                                                                      Access control cues must be totally effective and to foster that “safe and
    of guests and eventually, accommodation managers will implement these
                                                                                      secure feeling” within a guest. As for the criminal, access control is like
    systems to improve safety and security.
                                                                                      peeling an onion... the more layers they penetrate, the more uncomfort-
    But a recent survey of accommodation managers found that one in three             able it should feel. In addition to physical barriers, access control involves
    accommodation managers fear for the safety of their properties. Even
                                                                                      the use of electronic equipment, personnel and procedures. For example,
    more surprising was the fact that nearly 50% of respondents admitted
                                                                                      the entire hotel staff should be trained to be attentive to all persons and
    they had not increased investments in security.
                                                                                      report suspicious activity to the manager-on-duty. Hotel guests love this
    Even so, many accommodation complexes are working to make their                   high level of courtesy and staff attentiveness, while criminals hate it. Hotel
    properties more secure in other ways - installing state-of-the-art camera
                                                                                      criminals, not unnaturally, prefer to remain unnoticed and anonymous.
    surveillance systems in public spaces and conducting more staff security
                                                                                      Multiple staff contacts will make them feel very uncomfortable and is usu-
    briefings. Properties have hired extra security guards, created security
                                                                                      ally enough to make them go elsewhere to ply their trade.
    desks and are asking guests for identification cards.
                                                                                      Staff need to be very clearly identifiable. A guest needs to be reasonably
    Results of these processes are twofold: they create an awareness of se-
                                                                                      satisfied that a person on the other side of a door-viewer is at least likely
    curity issues among staff; and they tell guests that the hotel is concerned
                                                                                      to be a staff member because of their uniform or name badge. There
    about their safety and security.
                                                                                      needs to be a further stage, though. Photo ID that can be passed through
    It is important to remember that different levels of security can be imple-
                                                                                      a chained door for verification.
    mented to different areas. Accommodation complexes need to figure out
                                                                                      Unfortunately the biggest risk to visitor safety is the guest’s own behav-
    which areas need the highest level of security technology. Ultimately that
                                                                                      iour. The smartest keylock system in the world is no barrier to a room in-
    priority needs to be the guest’s room.
                                                                                      truder if the occupier opens the door and lets a stranger in.
    Aside from being safer, new security technology offers accommodation
                                                                                      Room invaders create a range of plausible reasons to dupe guests into
    complexes better operational advantages. Card printers for guestroom
                                                                                      letting them enter their rooms – the most common ruse is portraying the
    keys is an example. Card printers can print and encode keycards in one
                                                                                      resort maintenance employee. A guest who opens their door to an
    operation. They encode memory cards, smart cards and magnetic stripe
    cards. Information such as a guest’s name, check-in/out dates, room               unidentified stranger without using the door viewer and chain security to
    preference, or company or event affiliation can be stored on the card.            verify identity may well pay a high price for such carelessness.
    The key is used two ways: first for the door lock and secondly for guest          Ask guests to report any suspicious behaviour – the work of spidermen
    information. Every time a key is placed in the lock, the information is sent      and balcony jumpers must be seen by someone and the actions of stair
    directly to the central system. Therefore, staff can see exactly who has en-      dancers are likely to be observed but rarely reported to security or man-
    tered and at what time. Managers can get to the data on any particular            agement.
    door lock right from our computers without having to go to the lock itself        An alarming number of incidents in resorts go unreported. Prostitutes vis-
    and possibly disturb a guest.                                                     iting resorts are believed to be responsible for a large amount of oppor-
    Biometric technology, the automated method of identifying a person using          tunist theft. Invited into resort rooms, prostitutes of both genders have
    a physical or behavioral characteristic, has proven a useful tool for securi-     been known to supplement their incomes by securing property off their in-
    ty. While the technology can be expensive, installing security devices with       vitee and also any fixtures they can reasonably remove from the resort it-
    biometrics can be attainable.                                                     self. Much of this souveniring goes unreported to police due to the em-
    One way to make security measures visible is with in-room safes. Most of          barrassment it will cause the ‘victim’.
    the upscale and luxury properties already have them but many of the mid-          The nation’s courts have sent a clear warning to the accommodation in-
    scale complexes are beginning to view them as viable investments.                 dustry that it is the responsibility of the resort and the manager to provide
    The guestroom is the sanctuary for the weary traveller where they expect          reasonable security for the public. Unfortunately, in this era of litigation, the
    to be safe. Doors must be nothing less than solid wood or metal and be            term ‘reasonable’ can be stretched a considerable distance.

        ensure longevity and reliability. Materials such as zinc, aluminum or         Price need not be the primary objective – what you
        plated brass will wear more quickly than high-grade steel. Stainless          may have saved in the beginning, could potentially be
        steel is essential in high humidity areas. So sometimes the initial outlay    spent in the end.

        may be higher than cheaper options, but quality counts in the long run.       Rather concentrate on the primary focus – exception-
                                                                                      al security and a design that ensures flexibility, func-
    Finally, there are a multitude of considerations one would need to make           tionality and timelessness.
    to ensure that longevity and flexibility are included as a priority in the pur-
                                                                                      Gidon Sattinger - Vintech Systems P/L
    chase of an electronic locking system.


    Changing Brands:

    Moving on up – re-branding to reach your market

    hardly surprising that most choose to stay
    safely within their recognised sector. Customers
    know where they stand when the Country
    Comfort they stayed at last year is still a
    Country Comfort when they rebook for the              “The decision
    following year. Stability equals safety for           to re-brand is
    investors and clients alike.                          usually made
                                                          because of a
    However, there are times when returns can be              need to
                                                            adjust the
    greatly increased by changing brands.
    Sometimes by moving up (or even down) a                position of a
    class, a hotel can reach its target market more         property to
    effectively.                                              target a
    “The decision to re-brand is usually made                different
                                                          customer set
    because of a need to adjust the market position
                                                           or meet the
    of a property to target a slightly different            needs of a
    customer set or meet the needs of a market            market niche
    niche that is currently under-catered for,”                that is
    explained Constellation Hotel Group director of            under-
    development, Bruce Holliday. “Because of this,            catered
    the niche market we’re seeking to target will               for...”
    determine the type and standard of facilities,
    feel of property in terms of refurbishment and
    star ratings. CHG is fortunate to have a number
    of brands to work with that position properties
    across a variety of market segments and levels
    of the market. But we try not to be too
    prescriptive about the end product as it needs
    to fit into its local market as well as the broader
    national picture,” he said.
    Making a move from one brand to another does not happen very often.         that too, although Mr Holliday views it in slightly different terms.
    Marketing teams are careful to identify a property’s core target market     “There is demand at every level of the industry and often the best return
    and match it with the right brand from the outset.                          on investments and efficiencies are achieved at the budget/middle class
    “Occasionally, however, opportunities do arise where we are able to         level of the market,” he explained.
    upgrade a property to meet the needs of a new customer set or we are        “CHG has distinct brands that cater for demand from the lower to the
    able to differentiate our brands by taking over other hotels within the     higher end and if a hotel needs to be ‘realigned’ to better meet the
    same market. That gives us the opportunity to spread our net over a         needs of its core target market, or to tap a more profitable, under-
    wider base of customers and we use our brands and the right                 catered for market niche, then we would always look at a re-branding
    properties to help us do this in a market. Occasionally we may re-align     exercise.
    a hotel with another core target market, by moving it from one brand to
                                                                                “The reality is that owners are looking to maximise their returns on
    another. This is done in order to improve the overall performance of the
                                                                                investments and these returns are boosted when the property can
    hotel by more carefully matching the brand/property/facilities with what
                                                                                achieve higher average room rates (assuming similar or better levels of
    the clients want,” said Mr Holliday.
                                                                                occupancy and similar or better efficiencies in operating costs). Because
    At CHG the decision to re-brand is always made jointly by the owner of      of this, it is generally more frequent that hotels are looking for a brand
    the business, the manager and the marketing teams.                          that positions them higher in the market (as opposed to towards the
    “The main criterion is how demand will be affected. If the answer is        lower end) so long as it doesn’t mean the hotel is then incorrectly
    ‘positively’ then it is always a consideration. We’re not in the business   positioned for its natural core target market,” he said.
    of cannibalising business for our other hotels so we always look on it in   There are several examples of CHG properties that have successfully
    a holistic approach for the overall group. Often, having multiple hotels    made a move to a more upscale brand. Sundowner Geelong re-
    under the same brand within a market allows an operator to control          branded as Chifley on the Esplanade, Geelong in June this year,
    that market. Rather than competing with the next best hotel, if you         Country Comfort Lennons re-branded as Chifley Lennons, and the
    control it you are able to maximise yields from that target market.”        Country Comfort Albury was preparing for a September re-launch as

    As for moving down a class, CHG properties have been known to do            Chifley Albury.

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occupancy levels…

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    Changing Brands:

    Accor director of brand marketing Australia,
    Tina Fisher agreed that re-branding is a fairly
    rare event since it usually requires significant
    capital investment. She said the decision to
    re-brand Accor hotels is usually driven by
    senior executives in the organisation
    reviewing financial and marketing
    “Various aspects would be considered for an
    upgrade to a more upscale brand. These
    would include whether the hotel was
    originally designed as a more upscale
    product and what is the potential of the               brand has
    product,” Ms Fisher said.                                  an
    “There are also brand portfolio                       that unique
    considerations whether the brand in                   something,
    question needs a hotel of the type being                 or the
    considered for an upgrade and how this                ‘story’ that
    complements existing hotels in this brand.             makes the
    Then there are revenue/profit contribution               brand
    considerations; based on the location of the
    hotel and its potential ability to target a
    higher paying guest or segment, it may
    warrant investment.”
    Finally, Accor looks at the potential ‘fit’
    within the upgrade brand.
    “Each brand has an ‘essence’, that unique
    something, or the unique ‘story’ that makes
    the brand different. This will have
    implications on the feel of the lobby, the
    configuration and furnishing/décor of the
    guest rooms, the food and beverage
    facilities,” said Ms Fisher.
                                                                          competitor’s property. That often occurs, for example the Holiday
    “It is the people, though, that bring it to life,” she added.
                                                                          Inn Surfers Paradise got re-branded when it came to us,” she said.
    Within the Accor group there are circumstances in which hotels
                                                                          “When we approach or get approached about a management
    move down a class for various reasons.
                                                                          agreement we assess what would be the best brand fit for that
    “A hotel may require significant refurbishment in order to remain     property. We don’t often change brands once it is started.”
    within a brand. If the financial investment is not viewed as viable
                                                                          In fact, Ms Nielsen said she could only think of one instance when
    against the forecast return, the hotel may be considered for a
                                                                          IHG had actually upgraded a property – the Holiday Inn Melbourne
    downgrade. A hotel may have been incorrectly placed within a
                                                                          became a Crowne Plaza.
    brand but be better suited to another brand. Usually this would
    happen if the hotel was not purpose built for the brand but was       “When we go through the deliberations with new owners we put in
    re-branded at some stage. Ultimately, it comes down to which          a lot of effort to get the brand right,” she said.
    brand would best complement the hotel and meet the market             Ms Nielsen said that properties are more likely to lose their brand
    need.”                                                                altogether than move down a class within IHG. “They don’t
    Tourism trends are watched carefully to determine when a hotel        normally take a lower brand, they leave altogether. It happens if
    might be in a position to target a more profitable market.            they don’t have sufficient commitment to the idea of branding.”
    Reflecting the upmarket trend in tourism on the Gold Coast, the       Linked as it is to major investment, careful consideration of market
    opportunity for a European style five star hotel in the Broadbeach    trends and target markets, the decision to re-brand is never taken
    precinct became a viable option. So, in 2005 work began to            lightly. It is not simply a question of providing a better product and
    transform the former Grand Mercure Broadbeach to meet five star       watching the returns flood in. If the hotel does not fit the needs of
    Sofitel luxury standards. Today Accor says the Sofitel Gold Coast     the clients (or the area) then it will not see a good return on
    sets new standards in deluxe accommodation on the Coast.              investment. When factors are favourable however, hotels can
    Intercontinental Hotels Group director of sales and marketing for     significantly increase performance by re-branding to a higher class.
    Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, Karin Nielsen said:         It is all a question of finding the right fit.
    “Where we have the most re-brands is when we take over a              Karen Burton - AMG Industry Reporter



    Driving higher yields with refurbishment

    FOR RAISING THE BAR FOR                                                                                                        Before
                                                                                Top Right: Amanda Beazley recently
    ACCOMMODATION STANDARDS IN                                                   refurbished a property in Horsham
    AUSTRALIA, The AMG has sought the advice of an industry                       that hadn’t kept up with a regular
    expert and her position on this issue. John Beazley & Co                     refurbishment program and was in
                                                                                danger of slipping a star rating. This
    managing director, Amanda Beazley has been involved in the                        simple middle of the range
    refurbishment of hundreds of properties in her 13 years in the             refurbishment is very modern and the
    business. Her company has specialised in hospitality                           neutral wall, carpet and curtain
                                                                                 colours make it easy to add colour
    accommodation refurbishments for 25 years and here she gives us                 and revamp the look by simply
    some of her insights garnered over many years of ‘refurbs’.                     changing the bed spread, wall
                                                                                         artwork or cushions.
    Refurbishment is an art form, a science and a necessity that, if
    correctly planned for, with the right products used, can equip you
    with the tools to generate a healthy income and not cost you an               Bottom Right: Bathrooms are the                  Before
    arm and a leg to implement.                                                most expensive room to refurbish but
                                                                                     a good quality refurbishment
    Ms Beazley said the key to a refurbishment not leaving you                    following the rule of using neutral
    destitute is a regular maintenance program.                                colours can have a dramatic effect on
                                                                                the look and feel of a room. Amanda
    “All accommodation providers should have a maintenance program                Beazley recommends using good
    in place as part of their overall refurbishment plan,” Ms Beazley              quality commercial products to
                                                                                 ensure furniture and fittings retain
    said.                                                                             their look, aesthetically and
                                                                                 physically, for as long as possible
    “Property owners should conduct a soft upgrade every three to
    five years, which will stop the property from looking tired and
    dated and keep the costs down for their full refurbishment that
    should be carried out at least every 12 years.                         Ten refurbishment tips
    “The three to five year maintenance program ensures rack rates         1    Initiate a regular three to five year maintenance program.
    don’t decrease and puts you in a position to afford to refurbish. By   2    Refurbish at least every 12 years.
    not maintaining the property’s upkeep the major refurbishment will     3    Refurbish tired rooms first.
    be a lot more expensive and if rooms haven’t been generating an        4    To avoid rooms dating use neutral colours on fixtures.
    income you might not be in a financial position to refurbish, which    5    Use colour on bed spreads, curtains and cushions.
    will leave you with a property that has its cash generation ability    6    Always use commercial products.
    hindered and resale value reduced.”                                    7    Research the refurbishment specialists to ensure they have a proven
    However, a refurbishment doesn’t need to be an expensive task               track record working within the industry.
    which requires that properties need to be shut down for months at      8    Always use a specialist who knows the industry and can provide the
    a time. It can be carried out in stages.                                    best advice using the best networks.
                                                                           9    Research products and furniture to ensure they have a proven track
    “You can do half or one-third of your property in the first stage           record and can be replaced.
    then the remainder in a few years time,” she explained.                10 Ensure your property is regularly maintained and that refurbishment is a
    “If funds are limited you need to assess how many rooms you can           critical agenda item.
    afford to refurbish and refurbish those rooms and then do the rest
    at a later stage.
                                                                           “Neutral colours are a key to longevity. You should always use
    “For example if you have a 30-room property and can’t afford to
                                                                           neutral colours for products that have longevity – furniture,
    refurbish every room I’d recommend refurbishing 10 rooms really
                                                                           curtains, carpets – these items last the longest. Colour can be
    well and letting those rooms generate a higher income that will pay
                                                                           applied to speciality items like cushions, bedspreads and bed
    for the next ten rooms to be refurbished.
                                                                           throws and they aren’t too costly to replace,” she said.
    “You can even split the rack rates and rating of your un-
    refurbished rooms.”                                                    Hospitality accommodation refurbishments should always be
                                                                           implemented with specialists who understand the industry and
    A staggered refurbishment can also lift the overall image of your
    property without a complete makeover.                                  commercial products should always be used. However, Ms Beazley
    “Always refurbish your worst rooms first this will lift the overall
    image of your property and means your worst rooms become your          “There is a lot of cheap imported furniture available that can’t be
    best rooms and the overall quality and standard has been lifted,”      replaced when a piece breaks. When purchasing furniture you
    Ms Beazley added.                                                      need to review the company’s history and don’t fall into the trap of
    The length of time before rooms start to become tired and look         using materials that haven’t stood the test of time in the hospitality
    dated can be extended by following some simple design tips.            industry.”

                                                                    refurbishment r

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INVESTMENT                       PKGS

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                                                                                                          SPRING 2007                    47

    Case Study: Quality Hotel Cambridge

    Going from comfort to quality

    WHEN THE SURROUNDING SUBURB                                                minimalist. It now has a very contemporary feel but it is still warm and
    CHANGED FROM UNDESIRABLE TO CHIC                                           inviting,” said Mr Gargano.
    BOUTIQUE, THE ICONIC CAMBRIDGE HOTEL                                       The extensive upgrade project covered all 170 rooms plus lobby, bar
    IN SYDNEY’S SURREY HILLS DECIDED TO                                        and the hotel’s three lifts. Parts of the Cambridge were closed down
    MOVE WITH THE TIMES.                                                       in four stages yet, throughout the project, the hotel was able to
    Following a $12 million complete refurbishment to lift it to a four star   remain trading with around 50% of its inventory open.
    rating, the former Comfort brand was relaunched as the Quality Hotel
                                                                               “We minimised our losses by being extremely well planned and well
    Cambridge late last year. Now it is reaping the rewards of its
                                                                               prepared and sticking to a very strict schedule. Staff members were
                                                                               really involved in the process and also took their leave during this
    The Cambridge found itself in a bit of a time warp. Taking advantage       period so we didn’t have to stand anyone down.”
    of the need to refurbish, it remodelled its vision to suit the upmarket
                                                                               Two buffer floors were closed above and below any refurbishment
    trend of Surrey Hills, as general manager Steven Gargano explained,
                                                                               work and tradespeople were able to use a designated lift to avoid
    “Ten years ago Surrey Hills wasn’t looked on as a desirable area it
                                                                               contact with guests.
    had a very different demographic. But people came in and renovated
    houses and now the whole suburb has become very fashionable.               Nevertheless, Mr Gargano described this kind of project as ‘a PR
    Today Surrey Hills is a very eclectic, exciting place. It is all about     nightmare’ and said the only way to survive is to be an extremely
    alfresco dining, bars and coffee shops, galleries, designer dress          good communicator.
    shops. We are at the southern end of the CBD only a seven minute           “People will put up with a lot if they know what to expect,” he said.
    walk to the heart of the city.”
                                                                               “We told people when they booked that there would be
    To fit in with the surrounding area, the Cambridge was refurbished on      refurbishment. Then we sent out updates to everyone keeping
    a simple but elegant theme.                                                them abreast of the project and letting them know if we were
    “We went for simple colours – grey, white, black, red – without being      behind or ahead of schedule. We found that 95% of our clients

        Refurbishment Design and Fitout Specialists


                                                                                         LJM Interior Design is the one stop shop for your resort furniture needs.
                                                                                         We can custom design, supply and install a new full or part package or
                                                                                         quote on refreshing your existing package. We offer free appraisals
                                                                                         including an itemised priced inventory so that upgrades can be done
                                                                                         gradually over a period of time by purchasing single items of
                                                                                         furniture and an exclusive scheme designed just for your resort.
                                                                                         I   Furniture & Accessories           I Recovering of Upholstery
                                                                                         I   Any Budget                        I Custom Made Bedspreads
                                                                                         I   Commercial Grade Fabrics          I All Window Treatments
                                                                                         I   Custom Framed or Original Artwork
                                                                                         So if a property you manage hasn’t had a makeover for some time, ask
                                                                                         your owner to update and let us do the work for you!

        I RESORTS I UNITS I HOTELS                                        P : 07 3399 2363 E : mail@ljminteriordesign.com.au

                   refurbishment r

were 100% supportive.”
That statement even held true during the inevitable tricky moments,
like when a water pipe was cut on the second floor.
“Suddenly we had Niagara Falls in the lobby,” said Mr Gargano.
“You have to deal with that kind of situation and thankfully people are
very understanding,” he said, adding that he is not planning another
major refurbishment project in his lifetime!
The whole project took 20 months to complete from conception to
opening, with 13 of those months seeing physical work carried out at
the hotel. Every room was stripped and reconfigured (though no walls
were removed), bathrooms were re-plumbed, furniture was changed,
technology was upgraded and décor was renewed.
“All bathrooms were presenting a very 1970s feel with a 1970s colour
scheme. To achieve the four star rating all bathrooms were gutted
and new Phillip Stark inspired vanity basins, baths and accessories
were installed. In keeping with the simple lines, white tiles and black
marble were used to achieve a clean, contemporary finish,” Mr
Gargano said.
Technology within the rooms was also upgraded with slimline LCD
screens replacing old analogue televisions and eight complementary

Foxtel digital channels being introduced. The hotel also installed high-

                                              SPRING 2007          49

    Case Study: Quality Hotel Cambridge

    speed broadband Internet technology and electronic signboards were         new desk was commissioned. This is full white with orange inlay. The
    installed for general broadcast of information. In the office the PABX     bar was also replaced with a pure white bar matching with the
    was upgraded and state of the art car park technology was installed        reception desk. This also has LED lighting in front with ever changing
    for management of the undercover car park. The three existing hotel        colour.”
    lifts were replaced (one at a time) with high speed integrated             Mr Gargano put the logistical success of the project down to the
    elevators.                                                                 internal and external communication between all parties.
    In the rooms and public areas the furnishings have a common theme,         “Regular meetings were held between the general manager, project
    as Mr Gargano explained:                                                   manger, front office manager and the revenue manager to discuss the
    “The design concept was to use signature pieces in the                     progress of the project and how it could be tackled. Additionally there
    refurbishment. In the hotel rooms and suites the latest ensembles          was a daily briefing with the project manager, revenue manager and
    were purchased. Over-sized European and traditional style pillows          front office manager in attendance. This was necessary to decide
    adorn the beds. All beds have triple sheeting with high quality sheets.    what floors were to be blocked from selling and also to discuss daily
    This is all in white and a splash of colour is added at the end of the     operations. From these meetings and briefings all staff members were
    bed in a contemporary runner. A signature burnt red chaise lounge          made aware of what was happening. The project manger had to
    was chosen along with matching foot stools. Dark high gloss grain          coordinate and control the flow tradesman and delivery of all material
    wood desks, bedside and coffee tables were selected for the rooms.         and supplies, additionally all of the information had to be passed on
    “Vivid white walls with a black and grey horizontal striped carpet tied    to the front office manager.”
    the whole scheme together with elegant glass ball bedside lamps to         Finally, with the refurbishment complete, new brochures, images and
    finish it off. Curtains were replaced with off-white canvas style          signage had to be created to reflect the new Quality brand and the
    curtaining. The overall feel was to present as modern and                  Cambridge corporate colour. And a major publicity campaign has
    contemporary without being minimalist stark and cold. We very much         accompanied the re-launch, for as Mr Gargano rightly said:
    wanted to achieve a warm welcome when guests walked into the               “There’s no point in spending $12 million on an upgrade, if you don’t
    room while being a little different to main stream hotels.                 tell anyone about it”.
    “Again we chose signature pieces for the lobby and bar areas. In the       Now the hotel is enjoying increased occupancy at above 80%
    lobby it is two oversized lamps imported from Italy, one bright orange     coupled with a 10% increase in room rate. Its loyal client base has
    and one pink. Behind the reception there is frosted glass with             been added to by a new range of corporate, leisure and international
    continually changing LED lights with colours that reflect the Australian   travellers who are experiencing great Surrey Hills hospitality at the
    outback, sky and sea. The reception desk was also changed and a            Quality Hotel Cambridge.             Karen Burton- AMG Industry Reporter

Maintenance Free              20 Year Warranty

                               Interior or Exterior the
                                choice is totally yours. Integrating ele-
                                gantly with a wide variety of architec-
                                ture and design sensibilities, Vogue
                                Vinyl Shutters transform ordinary win-
                                dows and doors into inspiring high-
                                lights of your project.

                                The unique benefit of a Vogue Shutter
                                is their extreme high level of UV stabil-
                                isation. This means they will never
                                fade, warp, shrink or crack and never
                                need painting. As well as being fire re-
                                tardant, and have been tested for
                                wind loading & insulation, the Vogue
                                Vinyl Shutter has a            20 Year

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    Case Study: Sea World Resort

    Refurbishing with a Sea World flavour

    SEA WORLD RESORT HAS UNDERGONE A                                             The renovated lobby is a thoughtfully redesigned public
    REFURBISHMENT and lobby renovation. Completed late                           space showcasing the property’s magnificent view over
    in August this year, the hotel’s refurbishment consisted of all of the      the Southport Broadwater. Modern tiling, colour schemes,
    hotel’s 405 rooms receiving new colour schemes, furnishings,
    décor, modern slimline LCD television screens and high-speed                  furniture, art and lighting complete this transformation.
    broadband Internet access. The addition of captivating
    photographs of the theme park’s various marine animals, mounted
    on walls throughout rooms and the hotel bring a definite Sea             refurbished foyer, will encounter a new experience of unfolding
    World flavour to the complex.                                            spaciousness focusing their attention on the magnificent resort
                                                                             gardens and Broadwater beyond,” Mr Griffith said.
    The renovated lobby is a thoughtfully redesigned public space
    showcasing the property’s magnificent view over the Southport            The renovations and refurbishments, that began in early July, had
    Broadwater. Modern tiling, colour schemes, furniture, art and            minimal impact on Sea World Resort guests. Sea World Resort
    lighting complete this transformation.                                   general manager for the past 19 years, Ernst Pfister said the aim
                                                                             of the renovations and refurbishments was to appeal to, and cater
    Before commencing refurbishments, Allan Griffith Architects P/L,         for, each and every guest.
    designer Jean Griffith said the aim of the renovation design was to
                                                                             “After 19 years on the Gold Coast, Sea World Resort is an
    upgrade, revive and reflect. “The client’s brief for the
                                                                             Australian icon. We are 100% committed to providing our guests
    refurbishment of Sea World Resort envisaged a total upgrade of
                                                                             with the best service and facilities and to do that we must
    the entrance, foyer and lounge bar to provide a contemporary
                                                                             continually look for ways to improve and update our product. Our
    resort character in keeping with and reflecting the spirit and
                                                                             guests are impressed when they see the changes and they simply
    ambience of the Sea World marine theme park.”
                                                                             enjoy the same relaxed and friendly service in a newer and more
    The interior design features a neutral base of floors, walls and         modern environment,” Mr Pfister said.
    ceilings in contemporary materials and colours, overlaid with a
                                                                             Sea World Resort was originally built in 1988. Over the years the
    strong accent of blue colour with orange textures in the
                                                                             building has undergone numerous minor upgrades and future
    furnishings, fabrics and carpets to create a dramatic resort style
                                                                             developments include renovating and expanding the Shoreline
    for the hotel.
                                                                             Buffet Restaurant. The three level complex features four
    “The neutral base also provides a canvas for the introduction of         restaurants plus lobby bar, conference facilities, an outdoor heated
    striking artworks with an impressive sculpture capturing the kinetic     swimming pool, spa, sauna, tennis court, gym, games room, kid’s
    energy of leaping dolphins in the entry foyer and selected paintings     club, massage and beauty room, water sport activities and a
    depicting contemporary interpretations of marine life in the             monorail direct from the resort into the Sea World theme park.
    corridors leading to the guest wings. Guests, on entering the            Alexia Rumley- AMG Industry Reporter

refurbishment r

       SPRING 2007   53

                                                                supplier profile
                                                        GRANITE TRANSFORMATIONS

                                       Italian style - Australian innovation

         desire to become a market leader with innovative new surface           Trend Collection®’s range offers 26 subtle colours separated into 4
    A   materials, has led Granite Transformations to look for practical
    ways to address making renovations fast, simple and stress free.
                                                                                categories that represent all the natural hues of granite and natural
                                                                                stone, from blacks, greys, blues and greens along with popular
                                                                                engineered stone colours. Granite Transformations also has available
    Granite Transformations, is a nationally operated business with 47
                                                                                a range of tempered glass products and even has a slab mosaic
    branches throughout Australia and some 150 worldwide. They now
                                                                                product featuring an epoxy grout to help eliminate wear and
    command a majority share of the kitchen makeover market which, until
    13 years ago, was dominated by laminate.
                                                                                Trend.R - This combination of granite and stone offers all the benefits
    Primarily focused on the refurbishment of kitchens bathrooms and               of traditional granite surfaces and more. It is cool, smooth and
    specialised commercial fit out, Granite Transformations outlets have           maintenance free.
    exclusive access to the range of engineered stone products that make
                                                                                Trend.Q - Quartz lifts the natural tones of the collection to produce a
    up the Trend Collection®. These products are engineered at a
                                                                                   striking finish, that will enhance the beauty of your hotel, motel,
    manufacturing facility in Vivaro, Italy the Trend Collection® is made up
                                                                                   resort or office space.
    of a number of styles made by combining 95% natural or tempered
    glass products and 5% specially formulated polymer.                         Trend.G - Transparent glass particles offset an extravagant finish. It is
                                                                                   available in a selection of colours that will compliment modern
    Engineered stone available through Granite Transformations branches            design, coastal themes and entertainment areas.
    is less brittle than natural stone, and more versatile than other
                                                                                Trend.M - A stunning range of glass mosaics ideal for splashbacks and
    engineered stone products. Slabs although thinner than most
                                                                                   walls. A perfect partner for Trend Collection® granite, quartz and
    engineered stone have superior wear qualities and because of the
                                                                                   glass surfaces.
    technology involved in production require minimal ongoing care and
    don’t require resealing. Trend Collection® products are also simpler to     Large 3000mm x 1300mm sheets cover even the largest surface
    work with. Granite Transformation’s certified installers fit the stone in   quickly, while minimising joins required. A mitred edge means bench
    a wide range of applications including reception areas, walls, splash       top thicknesses are easily varied, and the classy waterfall ends
    backs, bathrooms, floors (either as tiles or slab form) or in it’s more     everyone is asking for are expertly installed with perhaps the most
    traditional use for benchtops of superior finish.                           seamless joins possible in a stone product. Trend Collection® products
                                                                                can also be curved to a 900mm radius making for some impressive
    Trend Collection®’s engineered stone combines some of the world’s           feature walls and reception counters.
    finest granite, quartz; tempered glass and mosaics polished to a high
                                                                                Certified installers have the capacity to do the installation on site or pre-
    gloss shine and are installed in solid slabs like traditional stone
                                                                                fabricate and finish onsite. All Granite Transformations installers are
    products. Technology ensures colours and patterns are more
                                                                                fully trained and accredited to work with the Trend Collection®’s unique
    consistent, the material is nonporous, resistant to scratching, stains,
                                                                                products and are renowned for their cleanliness, craftsmanship and
    moulds, and bacteria and can stand heat up to a scorching 300°F. In
                                                                                professional manner.
    short with no need for sealing, superior flexibility (it can be curved),
    greater durability, easier to care for and a10-year warranty the Trend      It seems that to date the applications for the Trend Collection® have
    Collection® is ideal for all commercial applications both new and           only been limited by the imagination of the thousands of happy Granite
                                                                                Transformations customers. Recent uses have included reception
                                                                                areas, foyers, restrooms, kitchens, bar tops, restaurant tables,
    Granite Transformations will fit Trend Collection® products directly        boardroom tables, retail shops, hotel / motel lobbies, even retirement
    over existing surfaces if required which means no demolition,               villages.
    installation can be completed in as little as a day which helps ensure
                                                                                Trend Collection® is set to expand its range early in 2008 to include
    vacancy and business downtime isn’t an issue.
                                                                                more colour, specifically for the commercial market. Recent market
    Granite Transformations and the Trend Collection® were developed            surveys have found it was time to make available some styles under
    by Australians as a solution for builders, designers , home and business    development for some time that feature recycled glass, this colour
    owners interested in the finest quality finishes without the headaches      range is set to impress.
    that can be associated with multiple trades and traditional methods.        “It is important to stay ahead of current market trends and offer
    “We’ve developed a market niche through the innovative application of       consumers the very best product and colour choices available, that’s
    our products and we continue to pioneer, offering cutting edge              what we aim to do.” Kevin Said, General Manager Australasia.
    products to the marketplace,” Colin Mackenzie, Founder & Managing           For more information contact Granite Transformations on 1300 30 66
    Director, Granite Transformations.                                          66 or visit the website; www.granitetransformations.com.au.


    Anti-Slip Flooring:

    New modified resin process works

    OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND WORKPLACE                                               areas. It also doubles up as a sealer and can be tinted to colours of
    SAFETY IS A CONCERN FOR ALL AUSTRALIAN                                          personal preference. This new and innovative anti-slip product is ideal
    BUSINESSES. ACCIDENTAL SLIPS AND FALLS                                          for existing surfaces, renovation and new construction of slippery areas.
                                                                                    The silane modified resin formula can be applied on porcelain and
    claims are estimated to cost Australia at least $3 billion each year.
                                                                                    ceramic tile, natural stone such as granite, marble, slate or limestone,
    Utilising a suitable, economical solution to eliminate slippery floor
                                                                                    metal, steel, terrazzo, wood, or any other surface a company is
    surfaces will address OH&S issues related to workplace safety by
                                                                                    concerned with making less slippery. Because of the versatility of the
    providing a safe workplace environment for your staff.
                                                                                    silane modified resin formula, steps and ramps can be safer and yet be
    You can feel secure that you have taken appropriate steps to avoid the
                                                                                    attractive and more slip resistant without being obvious. It is also user
    risk of being caught up in costly litigation should a person slip and fall in
                                                                                    friendly, biodegradable and relatively inexpensive when compared to
    the workplace.
                                                                                    other options available in the market.
    Megasealed Bathrooms managing director, Jacques Courtin said that
                                                                                    It is suitable for almost all work areas including kitchens, bathrooms,
    insurance premiums, as well as the safety of staff and customers, is a
                                                                                    bars, foyers, factory floors, stairs, workshops, canteens restaurants,
    major concern for many of his clients who are looking for a simple,
                                                                                    walking paths and around pools.
    convenient solution.
    “A lot of customers who are interested in anti-slip solutions own               Mr Courtin insisted that the result is truly remarkable.
    businesses in high traffic areas. Dust, rainy days, or even misplacing          “I have been to sites that are high risk locations and the options
    your step can result in a nightmare for both the patron and business            previously available before the introduction of the silane modified resin
    owner. Luckily there is a solution.”                                            formula had minimal impact to say the least. The silane modified resin
    Now available is a silane modified resin formula containing quartz and          option is one that truly stood out. I witnessed the application of the
    emery portions as well as coupling agents for the simple and reliable           product and it was so fuss free, and convenient that the daily
    creation of slip-resistant profiles. It is hard-wearing, even in high traffic   operations of the business were barely interrupted.”

                                                                                                    pools & spas ps

Case Study: Pacific International Cairns

Maintaining the marlin

                                                                                       Right: Sergio
                                                                                       manager and
                                                                                        staff at the

SERGIO BABUDRI IS THE MAINTENANCE                                            spa. Because you can’t vacuum the spa like you can the pool, if the
MANAGER AT PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL HOTEL                                       spa is looking dirty we dump all the water and refill it.”
ON THE FAMOUS CAIRN’S ESPLANADE                                              Bruce said most accommodation complexes only have their pools and
PRECINCT. Sergio said he first entered the hospitality industry 13           spas serviced once a week but it is because Pacific International Hotel
years ago when he applied for a handyman position advertised in the          Cairns maintains such a high standard that he does their’s three times a
local newspaper and was accepted.                                            week. In the 12 years Bruce has been servicing the pool and spa at
“I answered an ad for a handyman at the Pacific International Hotel and      Pacific International Hotel Cairns he has been present for numerous
worked my way up from there. Before that I worked for the US Navy at         renovations on the pool and spa area.
Exmouth in Western Australia for 16 years as a maintenance plumber.          “The pool used to be fully tiled but over the years it developed a couple
When we were made redundant after the fall of communism, I decided           of leaks so three years ago we fiberglassed the lining of the pool. The
to come over and check out Queensland,”                                      pool has always had a picture of a marlin on the bottom of it because
As maintenance manager at Pacific International Hotel, Sergio is             the marlin is the Pacific International Hotel’s emblem. So when we
responsible for maintaining every inch of the 11-level building. With 176    fibreglasses it we had to paint the marlin back on,”
rooms, conference facilities, two restaurants and a café, large barbeque     As part of his job for Pacific International Hotel Cairns, Bruce is on call
area, outdoor swimming pool and spa - the challenge Sergio faces on a        24 hours and he said he has been called out on numerous occasions
daily basis is managing all the numerous tasks.                              to attend to all sorts of problem situations. “There have been two or
“The main issue I face in managing my department is trying to achieve        three occasions where guests have broken a glass in the pool and I
our tasks and projects in a manner as not to inconvenience our guests        have gone and cleaned it up at 10 o’clock at night. One time, there
                                                                             were people were throwing empty beer bottles into the pool from their
and customers.”
                                                                             room. Because they had bought the beer from the shop in the complex
Sergio said employing additional help and working alternative hours          and they were the only people to buy that type of beer that night, the
overcome these issues.                                                       incident was traced back to them,” Bruce said.
“We also do our work between conferences or when our guests are              Sergio said the highlight of his job is the praise he receives from guests
out, it is the best way of not disturbing our guests and customers.          staying at Pacific International Hotel. “The huge variety of work in all
Sometimes we work after hours to suit. Because of our already high           other trades made me choose my current career and the highlight of
workload, we employ a contractor to maintain our pool and spa in             my job would have to be when people say how well maintained the
terms of water testing and product administration,”                          property is for being 25 years old,”
That contractor is Bruce Saunders. Bruce has been servicing the pool         Pacific International Hotel was built in 1982 on what was yet to become
and spa at Pacific International Hotel Cairns for the past 12 years. Every   Cairn’s best location, the Esplanade Precinct. Close to the seaport, city
Monday, Wednesday and Friday Bruce vacuums and checks the salt               shopping, parklands, casino, art galleries, cinemas and other
and chlorine levels. “My job is to vacuum the pool, administer the           entertainment, the Esplanade Precinct is the desired Cairns holiday

chemicals and check the salt and chlorine levels for both the pool and       destination especially after a multi million dollar revitalisation program

                                                                                                                             SPRING 2007          57
       food & beverage

     Executive Chef Profile: Thomas Angerer

     Preparing perfection in paradise

     AUSTRIAN-BORN CHEF, THOMAS ANGERER                                               Thomas said, “I had an ambition to become executive chef by
     LIVED AND WORKED ALL AROUND THE                                                the age of 30. I made it at 29! And now I’ve got 30 years of
     WORLD FOR 12 YEARS BEFORE SETTLING                                             managing kitchens ahead of me!”
     at the Hyatt Regency Coolum, a sprawling golf resort on                          He admitted that occasionally he imagines what it would be like
     Queensland’s sun-drenched Sunshine Coast.                                      to wear a suit and tie and have an office job then he realises he
      “When I was just 18 I got bitten by the travel bug,” he explained.            would miss the hands-on creativity and exciting buzz.
     “I did my apprenticeship and college in Austria then came to                    “When you become a chef it is not just choosing a job, it is
     Australia to visit my aunty on the Gold Coast. I went back home,               choosing a lifestyle of working long hours, weekends and nights
     sold everything I owned and went to England and worked at the                  with no set holidays. My working day is 12 to 14 hours. You have
     Dorchester, then in Bermuda, did some cruise ships in between,                 got to find a partner who will put up with these hours. It can be
     went to Los Angeles, then came back to Port Douglas.”                          hard on a relationship.”

       It was on his second trip to Australia, at 24, when he met his                 He explained that chefs can go in two directions: restaurants or
     Aussie wife, Louise. They moved to Melbourne and Thomas joined                 large hotels. He says restaurant chefs are confined to the kitchen
     the Grand Hyatt and discovered the advantages of being with an                 whereas hotels present a multitude of challenges and immense
     international group with 300 hotels that gave him the opportunity              variety.
     to be posted to exotic countries as well as rise through the ranks.              “I don’t spend my day in the kitchen. I am more concerned with
       He worked with the Grand Hyatt in Dubai and experienced the                  the organisation and management of several restaurants, breakfast
     lavish surroundings of that oil-rich country and then transferred to           service and special functions. There is so much variety in this job
     the Grand Hyatt in Istanbul, a beautiful and bustling city of 20               from sourcing produce to working closely with a diverse range of
     million. It was here he was mentored and shaped by the executive               chefs. It has given me a very broad platform.”
     chef and learnt the tricks of the trade.                                        Thomas considers his current career as his calling, what he was
        In April 2007, the couple with their little daughter Eden, decided          born to do. He is passionate about his profession and believes it
     it was time to settle. After years of travelling, Thomas now loves             offers young people opportunities for international travel.
     the laid-back lifestyle of the beachside township of Coolum. He is               “One of the most important things for a chef is to travel and
     happy to swap his skis and the Austrian slopes for board shorts                experience different style of cooking and different cuisines around
     and long hot summers catching waves.                                           the world in a variety of establishments.”
       “After years of living in hotels, we now have our own home and                 Having grown up Austria near the Italian border, his early training
     garden and our daughter is ready for kindy and mixing with other               included a hearty serve of Italian-style cooking as well as French
     children. We love how we can be driving along the road and spot                classical. Working in Middle Eastern countries, he mastered exotic
     a kangaroo!”                                                                   spicy dishes. Ironically having explored every style of food and
                                                                                    complicated artistic presentation he has come around to
       He also gets to ride around in a little golf buggy enjoying the
                                                                                    appreciating what he calls ‘honest food’.
     views of the Hyatt’s immaculate 18-hole golf course set on 150ha
     of gardens, lakes and natural bushland under the dramatic                       “I like good quality, fresh ingredients, a nice piece of fish, a
     monolithic presence of Mount Coolum.                                           perfect piece of meat…tasty, unpretentious, wholesome food.

       But it’s not all fun in the sun. Thomas at the young age of 32 is              “Hotel guests are often business people who are jaded by fancy
     executive chef overseeing a catering team of 75 chefs in seven                 food and families on holiday. They just want food that they can
     restaurants. It is a huge responsibility that keeps him running for            relate to, familiar, comfort food.”
     12 hours a day. And it is a significant achievement to be in the top            Thomas is currently working with his team of chefs on a new
     job at the young age of 32.                                                    Modern Australian menu that draws on local produce: lamb

     transformed the Esplanade with the creation of a 4000m² resort-style           In conjunction with the hotel refurbishments, the pool and spa area
     saltwater swimming lagoon and sandy beach, sound shell, an extensive           have also undergone minor facelifts with a major operation planned
     cultural boardwalk along the foreshore and a modern reef fleet terminal        in the near future.
     for the cruise, dive and fishing fleets departing for the Great Barrier Reef   “In the past new coping tiles were laid all around the top edge of
     everyday.                                                                      the pool and currently, new high synthetic lawn has been laid
     The 11-storey complex features 176 recently refurbished rooms. This            around the walk area and sun lounge area of the pool. We are
                                                                                    also planning for a new modern spa with built on gazebo to be
     total number of rooms is broken down into suites and standard hotel
                                                                                    erected and new synthetic lawn to be laid on the spa deck on
     rooms. There are 120 standard, 40 executive and 16 deluxe rooms.
     Each apartment features a free in-room safe, television (Movielink has
     recently been installed), private balcony, tea and coffee facilities, air-     Sergio said the unique feature of the Pacific International Hotel’s
     conditioning and high-speed broadband Internet access. Within the              pool and spa area is the large marlin painted on the bottom of the
     complex is two restaurants and a café: Moonsoons, Waterfront and
     Café Pacifico.                                                                 Alexia Rumley- AMG Industry Reporter

                                                                                  food & beverage fb

                                                                 Left: Thomas Angerer
                                                        Above and right: Hyatt Regency Coolum

produced by the farmer down the road; strawberries from local
growers and seafood caught off the coast.
   Sadly, he said, it is getting harder to obtain Australia’s famous
mud crabs, spiny lobster, prawns and fish because most of it is
now being exported. This issue was probably not on the agenda
when federal treasurer, Peter Costello took centre stage with
finance leaders from the Asia Pacific region at the secluded hotel,     Pre-packs the answer
amid top security in July 2007. Delegates were too occupied with
matters of climate change, investment, government finance and
capital markets.                                                        WE LIVE A BUSY AND AT MOST TIMES, A PACKED
 The Hyatt Regency Coolum gave sole use to the APEC Finance             LIFE. Those early morning starts for holiday makers – the rushing around
Ministers’ Meeting, dedicating the entire complex to the 300            from your hotel room to make that early morning meeting, to just wanting
delegates and partners. It was an unusual challenge that Thomas         breakfast on the run – it is time to pack something else into your life.
and his team handled with style.                                        After a recent time and motion market study conducted by the Bond
  “Yes, it was a challenge but great fun. Most of the guests were       University in Queensland, is it any wonder why small to major hotels
from Asia so we set up live stations for cooking stir-fry in woks for   nationally are now using a breakfast pack to provide their customers with
lunch then provided set menus for dinner. The delegates kept a          an alternative? The benefits for the hotels include time and money savings,
                                                                        constant availability, simplicity, convenience and efficiency.
low profile. They had their heads down concentrating on the
business under discussion. They didn’t come for the culinary            The time and motion research included a survey of customer reaction to
experience!”                                                            using pre-made breakfast packs compared with the do-it-yourself method.
                                                                        Packaged products won hands down. Where the packaged products won
  Nonetheless, the dignitaries went away extremely happy with
                                                                        was in the savings of cost, labour and effort, but factors like convenience,
their stay as the kitchen catered for all their special dietary
                                                                        simplicity, no inventory control, no wastage, ease of storage, handling and
requirements, familiar Asian fare and Thomas’ own style of tasty
                                                                        long shelf life featured highly. The cost saving factor was clearly in the
honest food.
                                                                        forefront of the managers’ responses.
  Nor did the finance ministers get to play golf on the manicured
                                                                        On average, using bulk supply and breakdown works out to $7.10 per
fairways famous as the home of the PGA championships where
                                                                        breakfast including labour costs. This compares with the cost of for
golfers from around the world compete for the coveted title.
                                                                        example, a LePack Breakfast at $5.47, an overall saving of $1.63. Multiply
  Thomas has not managed to find the time to pick up a golf club        that by an average 300 packs per month and the savings equates to $489
either, with his job demanding the feeding of 500 guests every          a month.
day of the week and as many as 1000 guests during peak holiday
                                                                        Other benefits cited in the survey included: not running out of items; eye
times. But maybe mastering the driving range, chipping green and
                                                                        pleasing presentation and lowering the odds of mistakes in fulfilling
bunker while taking in the mesmerising view of the Pacific Ocean        breakfast orders. The use of pre-packaged items also aided mangers to
is something he can look forward to as he settles, for now, in this     streamline early departures (large tour groups) and the availability to
beautiful part of the world.                                            supply breakfast as a healthy alternative outside hours when kitchens
Dianne Priestley - AMG Industry Reporter                                were closed.

                                                                                                                          SPRING 2007          59

    Check-In Systems:

    Check in and out at a touch

    IN TODAY’S TIME-                                                                                                  reduce check-in time to less than 45
    STARVED SOCIETY, IT IS                                                                                            seconds and enable guests to identify
    EVEN MORE ESSENTIAL                                                                                               themselves by swiping a credit card or
    THAT HOTELS AND                                                                                                   membership card or by entering their
    OTHER ACCOMMODATION                                                                                               membership number or a reservation
    FACILITIES OFFER                                                                                                  confirmation number and their last
    GUESTS EASY AND                                                                                                   name.
    EFFICIENT SERVICES to                                                                                             Guests who are checking in may also
    make their stay a pleasant experience,                                                                            make changes to their profile that
    one that they will want to repeat. Let’s                                                                          includes such information as address
    face it, no one enjoys waiting in a line                                                                          and phone number. Guests may also
    anywhere, let alone a hotel when you                                                                              modify their departure date (based on
    are trying to check out at peak times                                                                             availability), number of adults and
    and are racing to catch a taxi to a                                                                               children on the reservations, retrieve
    business meeting or a flight to your                                                                              messages, change the credit card on
    next destination.                                                                                                 the reservation and obtain keys via a
    Enter the self-service hotel kiosk.                                                                               remote key encoder. In addition, some
                                                                                                                      systems offer a safety feature to retract
    The self-service kiosk is becoming a                                                                              a room card that is left in the card
    standard fixture as businesses seek to                                                                            dispenser in the event that a guest
    balance cost cutting measures with                                                                                selects multiple keys for their room and
    customer convenience and the                                                                                      accidentally leaves one behind in the
    hospitality industry is no exception.                                                                             kiosk.
    Many hotels and resorts provide kiosks
                                                                                                                    Most systems offer a check-in process
    as an option for guests performing
                                                                                                                    that handles both pre-reserved rooms
    routine activities like check-in and
                                                                                                                    and walk-in guests with no pre booked
    check-out. While traditionally airlines
                                                                                                                    accommodation. If the hotel is fully
    have been leaders in ‘queue busting’
                                                                                                                    booked then the system may display
    (the offering of options to passengers
                                                                                                                    No Availability to the guest. Some
    when checking in to flights across the globe via a kiosk), it is now
                                                                                      kiosk systems also speed check-out, by letting guests display and
    a trend being noticed by techno savvy hotels looking to offer their
                                                                                      print their folios, add mini-bar items to their bills, if items were
    guests options when checking in and out of their hotels.
                                                                                      consumed just prior to check out and issues a tax receipt for the
    This is even more relevant to business travellers who are seeking                 guest.
    increased personalised service and efficiency from their regular                  The bottom line for hotels is that kiosks offer cutting-edge
    hotels, and are becoming more technology focused through the                      technology that will keep them ahead of their competitors, added
    use of mobile phones, portable data assistants and wireless                       value to customers and decreased workload for staff during peak
    Internet capabilities through a mammoth selection of portable                     periods and outside check-in/out hours.
    devices available today.
                                                                                      Hotel express check-in and out solutions are a way of introducing
    Located at convenient points as you enter, most hotel kiosks                      a new service within the hotel market and hotels have found that
                                                                                      this technology provides a competitive advantage to their hotels
     Techno talk                                                                      and assists in selling the ethos of convenience and high customer
    Generic kiosk system functionality includes:                                      service.
    •   full compatibility with PMS softwares;                                        Self-service technology guarantees hotels stay ahead of their
    •   full compatibility with credit card payment gateways;                         competition by ensuring hotels operate more effectively during
    •   full compatibility with electronic room key systems;                          peak times while providing the highest level of customer service
    •   customised screen graphics to reflect brand or corporate identity;            and places them in the position to supplying additional benefits to
    •   locate reservation by either PMS or CRS confirmation number, loyalty          their customer base from real time payment transactions to
        membership number or credit card-number;                                      increased recognition of branding through kiosks.
    •   ability to modify certain profile details (including name, address, phone);   As self-service kiosk technology advances, in the future you can
    •   remote check-in (with supported key systems);                                 look to even quicker check-in and check-out times, more
    •   walk-ins (no pre booked accommodation);                                       personalised interaction with the kiosk, the ability to check in to
    •   send key-information to remote encoders;                                      flights and obtain boarding passes for airlines when checking out
    •   display guest folio and messages on screen and printing;                      of a hotel, and rental car booking facilities.
    •   charging mini-bar articles on check out only;                                 Brett Charlton - Brett Charlton is the director of TouchCheck P/L based in
    •   ability to modify credit card details at check in and check out and           Brisbane. TouchCheck self-service kiosks are currently situated in 17 hotels
    •   definable check in/out times.                                                 across Australia and New Zealand and will be introduced internationally at the
                                                                                      end of 2007.


    Guestroom 2010:

    HITEC takes guestroom 2010 on the road

    HISTORY gained 5736 attendees at the Orange
    County Convention Centre in Orlando. The exposition
    and conference had 300 plus exhibiting companies,
    40 plus education sessions and recognition for
    hospitality industry professionals
    The new version of Guestroom 2010 debuted at the
    Florida HITEC. The model hotel room, sponsored by                  “HFTP is pleased with the result of the 2007
    IBM, featured 70 latest and near-future technologies.               version of Guestroom 2010. It was a huge
    “HFTP is pleased with the result of the 2007 version
    of Guestroom 2010. It was a huge success last year
    at HITEC 2006 and has been a challenge to make it even better this               IBM’s Mastor that allows hotel staff members to easily communicate
    year,” said HFTP executive vice president and CEO, Frank Wolfe .                 with foreign-language speaking guests and modern technologies like
                                                                                     Vantage Point’s evo system that provides a clean way to display
    “We feel that we’ve gone above and beyond expectations to provide an
                                                                                     entertainment technologies on an aluminium frame and track system.
    interesting and informative futuristic model hotel room.”
                                                                                     Other features included: the Ammique 21st Century Bed Technology, an
    The new version included mechanical technologies like: Ezi-Maid Bed
                                                                                     innovative, mattress-less bed that supports the body in the correct
    Lifting System that uses an elevator system to provide easy access
                                                                                     position for sleep; Smartcube Minibar/Refrigerator, the world’s first
    under beds; self-service technologies like Casio Inc’s Voice Recognition
                                                                                     glass-fronted, fully-automated minibar with full sensing capability; First
    Kiosk that shows how speech recognition and 3D animated avatars can
                                                                                     View Security’s Digital Door Viewer, a flat-screen monitor and digital
    provide easy access to information; customer service technologies like
                                                                                     camera that allows hotel guests to get an expanded view outside their
                                                                                     door and 3M’s Super Close Projectorwhich provides an 203cm image
    SAS – the Way to Go?                                                             from only 101cm.
    One interesting session at HITEC 2007 was a discussion from speaker Floor        In order to design the 2007 version of Guestroom 2010, HFTP
    Bleeker, Jumeirah Group director of IT, , who gave the pros and cons to          conducted a global search for the industry’s most innovative
    Software as a Service model for his hotel group. His number one reason for       technologies for the hotel guestroom. This includes non-traditional types
    not choosing an SAS option would be if the software was business critical.       of technology such as lighting, fabrics and furniture, as well as
    He asserted that since the application would be entirely in the hands of the     traditional technology such as next-generation televisions, phones and
    vendor, he would not be comfortable giving up that control.                      robots.
    In addition, if the application would be handling data that was private or
                                                                                     In one place, Guestroom 2010 provides the ultimate guestroom
    sensitive, he would require documentation from an external security auditor
                                                                                     experience enhanced by tomorrow’s technology. The exhibit debuted to
    before considering the application.
                                                                                     maximum capacity crowds at HITEC 2006 in Minneapolis and was also
    Mr Bleeker went on to explain that he looks for SAS providers for systems
                                                                                     on display at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show in New
    that are smaller in size and used by only a few departments. He has also
    been faced with finding software that was an excellent fit for his needs but
                                                                                     York in November. After many requests to show Guestroom 2010,
    was only available as a service. In those instances he examines the              HFTP have created a portable presentation detailing the room’s
    agreements between the vendor and the vendor’s service providers, as well        technologies that can easily travel to the global hospitality community
    as establishing very stringent service level agreements which contain            that has been presented in North America, Europe and Asia.
    penalties for any lapse in service.                                              Success of the trade show was also evident in the number of exhibitors
    AltiusPar Grupo Posadas vice president, Connie Rheams, countered many            that have already registered for HITEC 2008 in Austin with 77% of next
    of Mr Bleekers’ recommendations with her own perspective on SAS                  year's exhibit hall already sold out.
    providers. She asserted that hotel companies should first look at their
                                                                                     Education sessions opened with Loews Hotels chairman and CEO,
    business needs and examine in what areas it makes sense use an SAS.
                                                                                     Jonathan Tisch, sharing his personal experiences in guest services that
    In many cases, moving to an SAS platform will allow the hotel company to
                                                                                     are featured in his new book Chocolates on the Pillow Aren’t Enough.
    get out of the software writing business and back to their core
    competencies of providing unique and excellent guest experiences. She
                                                                                     In his speech, Mr Tisch emphasised how it is important for hospitality
    continued to say that the better SAS companies should be able to provide         companies not to lose the personal touch, stating that it is what
    standardisation, specialisation, repetition and automation to their customers.   customers will remember when distinguishing the difference in hotels.
    They should also provide security, scalability and reliability because of the    He feels that technology is bringing people back together and re-
    repetitive nature of the SAS model. Finally, hotel companies have little or no   establishing a personal feel to customer service through customer-
    capital expenditures with this type of software solution and therefore do not    focused technology. He stated that:
    have to forgo other projects to pursue a software purchase.                      “Technology is just the opportunity but people are the enabler”.
    The final consensus of both the moderator and the speakers was that SAS
                                                                                     Other education sessions featured topics such as revenue
    is the model of the future for many systems in many hotels around the
                                                                                     management, POS systems, guest services, wireless networks and
                                                                                     technology trends.


    Computer Sales:

    Careful disposal is a must

    MOST PEOPLE HOLD SENSITIVE INFORMATION                                          they could recover. What they found was that 62% of the drives still
    ON THEIR COMPUTERS. Whether it’s customer account                               had personal information on them ranging from drivers license numbers
    information, bank account details, personal photos or any other number          to pornography, to medical information, business receipts and even a
    of files that are for your or your employees eyes only.                         last will and testament. It was found that only about 23 to 33% of
                                                                                    drives had been properly wiped clean.
    Computer hard drives these days hold a great deal of information. And
    for businesses, most of this information is sensitive and should not be         Some recommendations that came from the testing concerned the
    seen by third parties. However, when the computer comes to the end              best way to ensure that your data is removed from a drive before
    of its life cycle, how many businesses dispose of the computer or the           disposal. The first recommendation was to low level format the drive,
                                                                                    rather than quick format them, or even to use specific software
    computer hard drive, in a manner that protects this sensitive
                                                                                    designed to wipe and overwrite information. If you’re not sure how to
                                                                                    do these things, then the alternative can be a simple as physically
    Unfortunately, most of us don’t bother or simply don’t know how to              destroying the media such as with a large hammer or strong magnet,
    best remove data from a hard drive so that it is unrecoverable for              or simply taking the drive to a disposal company (although this can
    proper disposal. Many people will seek to do what they believe is the           cost more than the drive is worth).
    right thing with an old computer and either sell it, give it to a relative, a
                                                                                    Thus, for many businesses in the industry, our computers can contain
    school or even a charity. To get it ready for disposal, most people             very confidential information, whether it be in relation to trust accounts,
    might simply select the files they think are personal and hit the delete        room rates or banking information. Disposing of a computer without
    key. However, this does little to prevent the recovery of those                 properly destroying this information could cause a
    documents with readily available software from the Internet, or in              great deal of grief if it were to fall into the wrong
    extreme cases, forensic hardware used to recover information from               hands. In the end, even if you plan to sell or give
    drives.                                                                         away the old computer, it might be worth simply
    As it turns out, to test this theory, a group of forensic experts from a        removing the hard drive before you do so and
    data recovery company, Fulcrum Inquiry, gathered a bunch of used                keeping it safe as a backup of all your data.
    hard drives from a number of different sources to see what information          Kym Holmes - Foundation IT

    Billing Systems:

    Systems update on trial in Australia
    A NEW VERSION OF AN INTEGRATED BILLING                                          high-speed and secure
    AND INFORMATION SYSTEM PROVIDES                                                 network, with a first-time
    HOTELS AND GUESTS GREATER                                                       login success rate of
    CUSTOMISATION AND FLEXIBILITY. The latest                                       96%.
    version of the proprietary software for hotels developed by the
                                                                                    Users may enjoy a whole
    company’s dedicated in-house R&D department, seamlessly integrates
                                                                                    range of other interactive
    billing and operations systems and is specially tailored for the hospitality
                                                                                    features that enables
    industry, it provides hoteliers with an intuitive, easily-configurable and
                                                                                    them to enjoy DVOD
    highly-flexible web-based interface.
                                                                                    services and there is the
    “Our company invests heavily in continuous innovation to develop                option to pay securely
    technologies that cater to the needs of both hotels and guests. Now             with their credit cards.
    hotels have access to the most advanced technology available in the             Above all, guests have
    industry to provide business and leisure travellers with the best Internet      total peace of mind about
    experience possible,” said InterTouch. CEO, Charles Reed.                       the security of the
    A new key benefit for hotels will be the highly customisable template           system, as its security
    designed to incorporate the hotel’s brand identity as well as promote its       features have undergone
    services and facilities. Moreover, hotel staff are now able to book and         a stringent security
    review MICE requirements online. In addition, hotels will continue to           assessment by a global
    enjoy the highly stable and robust modular system to support high-              technology company.
    traffic Internet activity.
                                                                                    The new system is currently undergoing pilot trials in six hotels in Asia
    To help hotels benefit fully, InterTouch has in place a round-the-clock         Pacific. The system was successfully installed the iBIS 7.1 in its first pilot
    remote network monitoring service and a 24/7 multi-lingual toll-free            site, The Saujana Kuala Lumpur in early July this year. Since then, two
    helpdesk.                                                                       Rydges hotels in Australia, Pan Pacific KLIA in Malaysia and two Hilton
    Hotel guests will find total ease and convenience in connecting to the          hotels in Australia have also been upgraded to the new system.

LG-Nortel is the preferred
choice with over 60,000
Aria systems sold in
Australia & New Zealand
• Seamless integration with
   most front office PMS’s
• Built-in Voice Mail
• Wireless
• CTI & Networking
• Revenue Generating
• Least Cost Routing
• Choice of phone systems to
   meet your needs: from 8 to
   400+ rooms
Communication Solutions
for the Hospitality Industry

ph: 1800 011 388

    Case Study: Wrest Point Tasmania

    Hi tech signage makes life easy

    TECHNOLOGY. Digital signage refers to
    customisable displays that deliver targeted
    content such as directions and advice to
    conference and property attendees.
    Wrest Point electronic gaming manager, Bob
    Harris said this BluFi technology was installed
    over the last twelve months and is proving to be
    very effective.
    “We developed a new ‘directional’ sign format.
    This plasma display is in a portrait mode and is
    run from a dedicated server/PC connected to a
    proprietary media distribution box. This has
    replaced an old LED display in the main foyer of                  “The directional signage in Wrest Point has
                                                                        provided a unique style of visual for the
    the hotel and is contained within a custom-built                                     foyer...”
    blackwood frame. It gives daily direction and
    advice to conference and event attendees and
    includes software that allows full control from the concierge desk,”
                                                                                       software and change the content on a regular basis. It also allows
    BluFi’s Christine Stacey said: “The directional signage in Wrest Point has
                                                                                       immediate response to down time. We can assess the software status
    provided a unique style of visual for the foyer allowing the casino to
                                                                                       straight away and fix.
    have the ability for flexibility regarding their events and directions in the
    hotel and casino. When using the portrait TV style, they were able to              “The next stage that is now available is wireless communication to the
    build their own custom made casing that suited their branding and                  media player which allows for a cordless installation. There is a WiFi
    corporate image. This allowed the hotel to tailor make the signage to              card in the media player which connects wirelessly to the venues router
    their needs,”                                                                      and wireless network,” Christine said.

    The content shown on the technology whether it is directions or                         Bob said Wrest Point has more than 30 different channels being
    information, is commonly known as a show. A show is constructed                    delivered throughout the complex via a central MATV system.
    from a series of events to produce a constant looping display. These           “Wrest Point has 269 rooms, five restaurants, five bars and three
    shows can consist of full motion video, animation, pictures and text.          gaming areas containing gaming machines and gaming tables. We also
    Previews of the show that is to be aired on the digital signage mediums        have various conference and meeting rooms therefore we currently
    can be previewed on a PC beforehand and a standard web browser or              distribute television and media content through a number of forms.
    QuickTime software is all that is required to edit the show.                   Through the central MATV system we have two streams of content
    “It is connected onto the local network of the casino, which means that        delivering through cable over 30 channels to monitors, plasmas and
    the changes to the signage can be made from any local networked                LCDs throughout the complex. This system delivers a dedicated movie
    computer that gives flexibility to day to day management.                      channel, free to air, Austar sport and Austar movie channels as well as
                                                                                   the Keno channel,”
    “With our support they can also make changes and resolve any
    technical problems quickly.                                                    Christine said: “The technology has also allowed the venue to do away
    We have remote access to the signage so we can load up fresh                   with cumbersome signage changes by staff, eliminates spelling mistakes
    content whenever requested and load down up to date daily up dates             and incorrect information as it can be changed on site straight away.
    of sport, entertainment, news, weather and finance which is an added           It also allows corporate branding and logos and visuals to be loaded
    visual and informative feature for the hotels guests while waiting in the      onto the signage for any in house functions and special corporate
    foyer area,” Christine said.                                                   guests.
    Changing a show does not require the show to be stopped for editing            This brings a unique flavor to the hotel’s foyer and a competitive edge,”
    as updates can be done whilst the show is live and only takes a few            The same technology as the digital signage system has recently been
    minutes ensuring the content is constantly up to date. All shows and           used to create another channel within the MATV at Wrest Point.
    events can be scheduled to play at a selected time or range of times
                                                                                   “Through this additional channel we distribute promotional information
    and dates.
                                                                                   throughout the building. The system can handle high-resolution video
    The media player that controls the digital signage system should be            images as well as the more standard static pictures. This will be
    kept separate from the local network and connected directly to a PC            expanding in the immediate future to four channels and will allow us to
    isolated via a cross over cable. This allows other channels such as            replace the traditional light boxes with digital signage. Through this we
    television, music videos and Keno games to air on other mediums                can tune any monitor in the building to one of these channels allowing
    throughout a complex.                                                          us to more dynamically get the information we want into the areas we
    “The technology of the installation allows us to simply talk to the            want it,” Bob said.                     Alexia Rumley - AMG Industry Reporter

technology t

    SPRING 2007   69


    Unforgettable – that’s what you are

    ‘BE UNFORGETTABLE, AUTHENTIC AND                                             also useful because they create an emotional response. An emotional
    INTRODUCE YOUR BUSINESS IN 30 SECONDS                                        message will actually go in to a different part of your brain and stay
    OR LESS’ was the topic for a sales seminar I once attended. The              there longer. And numbers dollarise.
    first time I encountered this I felt somewhat inadequate but I have since    So what’s dollarising? It’s a simple method of translating the actual
    used that technique many times when addressing others or writing web         dollar value of your product or service into a dollar amount. Yet 95% of
    content.                                                                     people who sell don’t use this amazingly simple tool!
    Have you ever done this?                                                     Which sentence is more powerful?
    If so, do you secretly cringe when you have to deliver your 30-second        "I teach clients how to leverage their assets to make more money." Or:
    business card? How can you get people to remember you when
                                                                                 "In four months, I taught my client how to refinance her home and
    they’ve heard from 50 other participants that day? And how do you
                                                                                 purchase $750,000 of investment property yielding $2500 a month."
    sound authentic while selling yourself?
                                                                                 The second sentence is dollarised. Who would you rather talk to? If you
    There are several ways to deliver a message that will make people
                                                                                 can’t dollarise, you can quantify. How many hours, kilos, weeks, do
    remember you long after you sit down. You can ‘dollarise’ or quantify
                                                                                 you lose or save for people? If you can’t do either educate. Come off
    your service or product to make sure that your audience will sit up and
                                                                                 like the expert you are as you tell your audience the top five
    notice. You can educate them, with three sizzling questions, which is a
                                                                                 mistakes/rules/questions they need to know about your subject.
    powerful form of marketing. In all three cases, you want to use verbs,
    numbers and phrases that will create urgency, a powerful, almost             Can’t dollarise or quantify? So what do you do? Where do you start?
    subliminal desire to know more.                                              With your product!

    The idea is to deliver a clear, focused concept of your competitive edge,    Okay, you know you have your product (or service) in front of you. Now
    wrapped in a message that you’re excited to give. This will ensure that      it's time to get the word out with an attention-grabbing sales blurb. But
    you look and sound authentic                                                 where do you begin? Whether you hire someone to write your copy,
    because you will be! Don’t make                                                                                        pass it off to a staff member or
    the mistake of trying to explain                                                                                       learn to write it yourself, you
    what you do, or even worse,                                                                                            need this checklist.
    explain everything you do. We                                                                                          One of the biggest
    tune out when we hear lists of                                                                                         misconceptions new clients
    features and benefits.                                                                                                 have when they come to me is
    A new client led me to this                                                                                            that I can whip out a selling
    topic. He had a web site that I                                                                                        web page in a few days.
    was required to evaluate.                                                                                              Wrong, wrong and wrong. A lot
    Among the number of                                                                                                    of preparation goes into writing
    shortcomings was the fact that it did not sell or excite the reader in any   copy. I spend on average 50 to 70% of my time preparing to write
    way. Simply, he was not selling himself or providing the incentive to        copy and deciding on a suitable presentation. If you don't do your
    respond to the also missing call for action. His question to me was:         homework, the chances go up exponentially that your copy will fall flat
                                                                                 on its face. Use this simple checklist to get you prepared for writing
    “How do I do that?”
                                                                                 your own sales copy.
    Let’s look at the following example. Which is more effective?
                                                                                    1. Use the product or service yourself. I wouldn't dream of writing
    “I’m a mortgage broker I help people find their dream homes?” Or:            copy about something I had never experienced. It's one of the fastest
    “I teach people five secrets of wealth and cash flow so they can             ways to get a complete understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.
    leverage other people’s money and hang on to more of their own.”                 2. Research your target market thoroughly. Segment your market
    The purpose of the second message is not to explain. It’s to hook.           down by age, income, marital status etcetera or whatever else is
    That’s all you want to do hook interest, grab focus, create an urgency       appropriate. Then write out a detailed description of one person in your
    to know more about you right now. Notice also that the second                target market, your ‘target’. When you write, speak only to that
    message is an indirect sell talking about what you can do for other          person.
    people, so the power of the service is subliminally conveyed. You can            3. Spy on the competitors. Make yourself a customer to your
    deliver this message anywhere without sounding like you are pitching,        competition. Then study how they handle marketing and customer
    yet the message contains a powerful emotional hook.                          service from A to Z. Sign up for their promotional material, study their
    Remember emotion sells. Data doesn’t. That’s why you want to use             websites, collect their direct marketing campaigns. Learn to think like
    numbers, secrets, techniques and emotional trigger words to arouse           they do. Soon the differences between your company and theirs begin
    urgency and feelings in your audience.                                       to reveal themselves. Your unique selling position pops its head out!
    Stop using the verb, ‘am."’ If you say: "I am a lawyer" and I don’t             4. Anticipate objections by writing out the FAQs ahead of time. Put
    need a lawyer, I tune you out. If, however, you can teach create, design,    yourself in your customer's shoes and think like he or she does. What
    repackage, reveal, or invent then I’m curious.                               questions come up for them that would stop them from buying? Expect
    We also used a number in the second message. Numbers are the most            those frequently asked questions to come up and address them in your
    powerful words in your message. They can knock the socks off your            copy.
    audience when you dollarise or quantify your business. Numbers are           Arvo Elias - Cybercons

                                                                                                          technology t

                                                           supplier profile
                                                      IRONSTONE TECHNOLOGY

                New developments for Ironstone's NetSense™ range
  ronstone Technology's new developments continue to place it at the       the system off-loads many of the advanced database, charging, logging
I cutting edge of Guest Broadband Systems with its NetSense™
                                                                           and reporting functions to Ironstone's automatic on-line server. The CS
                                                                           range offers a fully featured Guest Broadband Controller at a price below
NetSense™ 5 has recently been released, with completely                    that of most competitive controllers, with a much faster payback.
revised controller software:
                                                                           Ironstone has also released other major new innovations:
1. Improved VPN support. Hotel guests increasingly use VPNs to
                                                                           1. Virtual Business Centre: Allows guests to print and fax from their
      connect securely to their business networks. NetSense™ 5
      eliminates connection problems with support for all common VPN          own room. The system counts pages printed and faxed, and posts
      configurations.                                                         resulting charges to the hotel's Front-Office system.
2. Improved network “up-time” and reduced technical support needs          2. Automatic Guest Intranet: The 21st Century Compendium! Allows
      by:                                                                     a guest to search on-line for hotel services. The property simply
      a) Rejecting scanning “worms” or malicious scanning. NetSense™          uploads promotional material, which is automatically indexed and
          5 has Defensive MATS™, preventing the controller being              searchable. Documents can include the information normally
          overloaded by scanning.                                             provided in the Guest Compendium, but with simpler maintenance
      b) Resisting mass-mailing “worms” and spammers. Guest Network           and updating.
          Controllers should automatically handle outgoing guest emails,   3. Advanced Security Configurations: Prevent disruption to the
          and mass-mailing worms and spamming software can overload
                                                                              hotel's email service by stopping it from being identified on spam
          the system. Defensive MATS™ prevents these overloads.
                                                                              blacklists due to guest activity. Also allows a property to assist law
      3. No requests to change guest plans. Management defines
                                                                              enforcement agencies in the event of illegal guest activities – without
          multiple plans (one of NetSense's traditional advantages), and
          the guest chooses from them when enabling the account,              disrupting hotel operations.
          thereby accepting the charges.                                   These developments keep the NetSense™ product range at the leading
Another recent introduction is Ironstone's CS controller range, offering   edge of technical and commercial performance for Guest Network
full functionality at a much reduced price. Using lower cost hardware,     Controllers.

                                                                                                                          SPRING 2007          73

    Carbon Emissions:

    Reducing the footprint

    LEVEL with moves afoot to neutralise
    the business’s carbon footprint. The
    general rule for ecotourism is to leave
    nothing but a footprint behind but Hidden
    Valley is taking things a step further. As of
    this month, the business is offsetting
    carbon produced through regular tour
    activities and resort services. Even their
    weekly treks down the Paluma range to
    Townsville have been accounted for.
    Guests at Hidden Valley will receive
    carbon neutral certificates proclaiming
    their holiday’s green status. The first
    carbon neutral conference booking is a
    Wet Tropics Conference for early next
    Hidden Valley Cabins and Tours
    marketing manager, Ross McLennan said
    ecotourism businesses need to take
    some responsibility for the environment.
    “We really believe in the idea of
    preserving our natural environment for
    future generations. Going carbon neutral
    is just one way that operators can give
    back to the environment that provides
    the Queensland tourism industry with
    such a strong foundation. Our view is
    that we need to be doing whatever we
    can to protect and preserve the
    environment,” he said.
    “To our knowledge, Hidden Valley Cabins
    and Tours is the only Queensland
    operator (if not Australia) to                                  Above: Hidden Valley Cabins near the Paluma Range, North Queensland.
    be offsetting all of its day-to-day carbon
    emissions. We’d love to see other operators doing the same thing. This
    isn’t just a marketing ploy, we’re serious about looking after the
                                                                                  Townsville Enterprise chief executive officer, Glenys Schuntner welcomed
                                                                                  the move and called on all North Queensland operators to consider
    Hidden Valley Cabins currently operates on solar for 19 hours a day –         their impact on the environment.
    they will completely switch to solar power in coming months – in the          “Hidden Valley Cabins and Tours are pioneering a new level of
    meantime they’re offsetting emissions from their vehicles, thus ensuring      environmental responsibility and it’s up to the rest of our operators to
    every guest leaves with a green conscience.                                   follow suit. North Queensland’s tourism industry relies on our
    Environment minister, Lindy Nelson-Carr commended the operators of           environmental assets – the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics
    Hidden Valley Cabins and Tours on their green initiatives and objectives.    Rainforest – to attract visitors. We need to be preserving these
    “This carbon-neutral project is a fine example of how tourism ventures       ecosystems and the environment to ensure the ongoing sustainability of
    can play an important part in helping to combat greenhouse and global        the industry.
    warming, while at the same time enhancing their appeal to visitors.          “We want visitors to the region to be enjoying our natural attractions for
    “I have been aware for some time of the plans of Hidden Valley Cabins        years to come,” Ms Schuntner said.
    to switch 100% to solar power and applaud the fact that they have            “We urge the local industry to consider the environmental impacts of
    maintained their commitment to sustainable power management,” Ms             their activities through certification programs run by Ecotourism Australia
    Nelson-Carr said.                                                            and to do their utmost to look after our pristine environment.”


    Green Hotels:

    Stamford goes green

                    Stamford Plaza                                      Stamford Plaza                                   Stamford Plaza
                       Auckland                                            Melbourne                                        Adelaide

    GREEN STRATEGY HAS BEEN SO                                                         Stamford Hotels and Resorts Go Green program has been
                                                                                       so successful that new policies are being implemented to
    properties throughout Australia and New Zealand. Each of the                         reduce their energy and water usage to help combat
    properties is undertaking further initiatives to help further slash their
                                                                                                             global warming.
    environmental impact, while improving facilities for guests.
    “Reducing our environmental impact is very important to us but we
    wanted to ensure it didn’t sacrifice guest comfort. In fact we’ve
    found that our new initiatives actually improved a lot of our facilities,”
    said group director of sales and marketing, Annette MacAndrew.
    Stamford Hotels and Resorts encourage guests to help the
    environment. All guests who reuse their towels or choose not to have
    their room serviced receive a voucher for a 20% discount on food
    when they eat at the hotel restaurant.
    Stamford Hotels and Resorts Go Green program has been so
    successful that new policies are being implemented to reduce their
    energy and water usage to help combat global warming.
    Stamford Plaza Melbourne has seen a 12% reduction in energy
    usage per guest room over the last year. This was achieved by
    changing over all incandescent light globes to compact fluorescent            air-conditioning in the guest rooms. Water flow restrictors will be
    that reduced energy usage while increasing lighting in the guest              installed in the guest rooms that reduce water consumption while
    rooms. The housekeeping team has also reduced the volume of                   maintaining the water pressure.
    water needed to clean the spas in guest rooms.                                Queensland
    Notably, Stamford Plaza Melbourne will soon be benchmarked                    Stamford Plaza Brisbane has implemented a number of water
    against similar hotels around the world once it is registered as part of      saving initiatives. These include installing a water tank that collects
    Green Globe.                                                                  water from the storm water drains and condensation from the air-
    South Australia                                                               conditioning units for use on the gardens. Installing water restrictors
    Stamford Plaza Adelaide and Stamford Grand Adelaide have                      in all guest room showers and hand basins have reduced the water
    reduced their energy consumption noticeably in the last year. A               flow rate whilst still maintaining the same water pressure.
    number of new procedures were undertaken to achieve this,                     A project is currently underway to update all toilets with dual flush
    including changing all incandescent light globes to compact                   water efficient cisterns, which will further reduce water consumption.
    fluorescent globes in all guest rooms and common areas.                       New South Wales
    New projects underway at Stamford Plaza Adelaide and Stamford                 The Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability awarded
    Grand Adelaide include installing a key-tag system that controls the          Stamford Grand North Ryde the Energy and Water Green Globe

                                                                                                                             energy e

                                                                                                   supplier profile
                                                                                                         AQUA CLIC

                                                                                         What is an Aqua Clic?

                                                                              A   qua Magic is an Australian Company. We at Aqua Magic believe
                                                                                  that with the existing problems of water, we can raise awareness
                                                                              with our product and change the attitude of the user of the tap to
                                                                              conserving our GOLDEN resource “WATER”
                                                                                   Aqua Clic is the only Swiss designed
                                                                              flow controller on the Australian Market
                                                                              that raises awareness through a practical
                                                                              solution. They are not your usual water
                                                                              saving device, they are foremost and
                                                                              educational and advertising product
                                                                              and once placed on the end of a tap
                                                                              will help reduce the water flow to 6
                                                                              and even 3 litres per minute
                                                                                    Because it is highly visible it
                                                                              makes the ultimate advertising
Stamford Plaza                                Sir Stamford                    media available. It can carry any
  Brisbane                                    Circular Quay                   design or slogan you wish.
                                                                              Imagine each time your guests
                                                                              filled the jug to make a cuppa or
                                                                              washed their hands in the basin, right there is you logo. It will
    Award. This recognised its ongoing commitment to the environment          also motivate your guests to use water and energy more sparingly.
    over the past four years.                                                     Aqua Clics are easy to fit and do not require a plumber. They also
    Initiatives include: the use of energy saving globes throughout the       give out a full, smooth jet of water, which does not splash leaving your
    hotel; timers installed on the external lighting; the installation of     guests with a comfortable water pressure.
    motion sensitive lighting in low traffic areas; hand watering the
    gardens and the use of recycling containers in all departments.
    Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport has implemented several new
    initiatives to reduce its water and energy usage. To conserve water,
    the kitchen has installed trigger gun flow regulators and the laundry
    now reuses the rinse water. Water efficient shower heads have also
    been installed in the guest rooms.                                                                      • A water saving device that fits onto
                                                                                                              most hand basins and kitchen sink taps
    Sir Stamford at Circular Quay has implemented a number of
                                                                                                            • Perfect for retrofitting, easy to install
    initiatives to reduce its energy consumption. Compact fluorescent
                                                                                                            • Saves up to 60% water, $$, energy and
    light globes are used in all areas that are lit 24 hours a day.
                                                                                                              helps reduce C02 levels
    Automatic light sensors have been installed for the lighting outside
                                                                                                            • Draws attention to the
    the hotel and motion sensor lighting in low traffic areas. Routine                                        Water Conservation
    inspections are conducted to ensure all electrical appliances are                                         concept through its
    turned off when a room is not occupied.                                                                   colourful designs and
    Stamford Plaza Double Bay has seen a 30% reduction in its gas                                             messages
    consumption since January this year from the repair and                                                 • Comes in more than
                                                                                                              130 designs or
    maintenance of the hot water boiler system. The operation of the
                                                                                                              create your own
    air conditioning has been adjusted to operate at a higher
                                                                                                            • Available in an anti theft
    temperature setting during cooler times of the day. During winter                                         version for public places
    outside air is utilised to cool the building to reduce the load on the                                  • WELS standard
    air conditioning.                                                                                         approved Licence
    New Zealand                                                                                               No: 85
                                                                                                            • Lifetime warranty
    Stamford Plaza Auckland has introduced a number of new energy
                                                                                                            FOR MORE INFORMATION
    efficient practices. Installation of a new air cooled chiller plant has                                 CONTACT:
    seen a reduction of more than 28% in water usage and 10% in                                             Aqua Magic (Aust) P/L
    electricity. The installation of a new building management system                                       Tel: (07) 4057 7966
    that monitors the ambient conditions to automatically adjust the air                                    E-Mail: info@aquaclic.com.au
    conditioning load when necessary has resulted in a further 10%
                                                                                                            Website: www.aquaclic.com.au
    All incandescent light globes in the hotel have been changed to
    compact fluorescent to reduce energy consumption. While the
    installation of automatic taps and toilet flush has further reduced
    water consumption.

                                                                                                                              SPRING 2007             77

    Lawn Care:

    Not all ride-ons are created equal

    SCYTHE, you know the Father Time variety. In 1830, an
    English inventor, Edwin Budding, created the first lawn mower
    much like the hand-pushed mower your grandfather used. Cutting
    a hectare or two with one of those every week made very fit
    Life is a little easier today. In fact, the variety and scope of lawn
    care appliances is quite staggering. However, selecting the right
    one for your accommodation complex depends on just what you
    need it to do.
    Big lawns require significant mowing time. Ride-on mowers have
    the great advantage of giving you a place to sit down while you
    spend that time. But not all ride-ons are created equal.
    The difference between a tractor and a rider is simply that the
    tractor has the cutting deck under the middle of the machine while
    the rider has a front-mounted cutting deck.
    For large, open areas choose a garden tractor with a mid-mounted
    cutting deck. But if the garden has lots of bushes and
    obstructions, the rider, with its front-mounted cutting deck is a
    better choice, thanks to its superior manoeuvrability and the
    superior reach of the cutting deck.
    They should have superior cutting systems that reduce mowing
    time and improve a lawn’s finish as well as its condition by
    preventing turf scalping.
    Features to look for include a short turning radius, which can run
    from zero up to 70cm and more. A turning radius is measured by
    steering the mower into the tightest circle it can make. A zero
    turning radius means you can stop the mower, turn the wheels
    and zip off in any new direction you choose. A short turning radius
    is handy for lawns with lots of obstacles, trees and flowerbeds.
    In general, the larger and more open the grass areas, the more
    important it is that the machine has a generous cutting width of at
    least one metre. If it’s a large area but with lots of obstructions like
    trees and bushes, it’s more important that the cutting width is
    small enough for the mower to pass through the tightest
    There are even articulated units that come with an extensive range
    of attachments.
    Many ride-on mowers come with mulching decks, a good idea if
    you want to recycle your clippings back onto the lawn. The                   Tthe variety and scope of lawn care appliances is quite staggering.
    mulching deck will chop the clippings finely, so they disappear into
    the lawn. Most accommodation complexes prefer groomed lawns
    and therefore catchers that don’t leak clippings out of vents or           transaxles do go bad during the first year. Properly maintained
    require frequent emptying are preferred.                                   engines should last a minimum of 2500 hours.
    Make sure the riding mower has a powerful engine of at least 8kw,          In an accommodation complex it is vital that the motor is relatively
    so it can lug you around the yard as well as cut the grass. There          quiet. Fit ‘low tone’ mufflers to reduce the noise level by
    is a wide range of engine choices including well known makes like          approximately 3dB(A) more than the standard mufflers.
    Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kohler, Tecumseh and Yanmar diesel.              There are excellent Australian made and imported brands of ride-
    It is probably a good idea to avoid no name or house brand,                ons with reputable engines that will give a long life and excellent
    bargain-basement power equipment unless the vendor has its own             service back up should things go wrong. Remember, too, that
    in-house service and repair facilities. Mower engines work very            things go wrong at the most inopportune time, so after hours
    hard and they need care. It helps, too, if there is a nearby               assistance may be important. You should buy from the most
    franchised repair outfit to chase ‘limited’ warranties if engines or       reputable and longest established servicing dealers in your area.

                                                                                             direct importers
Resort Specialists in Outdoor Furnishings for 20 years
I Sales            I Established 20 years                I Options to suit your budget
I Service          I Australian wide &                   I Agents for All major
I Repairs             international service                  companies

Commercial Grade Outdoor Furniture with Extended Commercial Warranty!                                     Contact us now
                                                                                                          and speak with
Daydream Leisure Furniture specialise in the supply of commercial outdoor furniture for                   Simon Brennan
projects large & small at the most competitive prices. We can help you select a package to       Commercial Sales Manager
suit your requirements for body corporate areas or for individual units. Any budget & any
size order can be met. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation & quotation.
               Regards                                                                       Phone: 07 5493 4277
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               Daydream Leisure Furniture                          www.daydreamleisure.com.au


    When shade isn’t shade

    LIVE today means that an individual is not responsible for their
    own safety or well being but everybody else is!
    Providing shade around pool areas, playgrounds, entertainment
    patios and outdoor dining facilities is a necessary requirement in
    any accommodation complex. Once upon a time, a few trees were
    enough but not any more. In fact, even when we think we have
    provided shade, it may not be enough.
    Sitting in the shade often doesn’t provide adequate protection
    maintain scientists at Queensland Institute of Medical Research in
    Brisbane because dust particles can scatter UV light into shady
    “In effect, as long as you can see the sky even when under the
    shade, you are exposing yourself to UV rays that are scattered or
    reflected by molecules in all parts of the sky,” said Peter Parsons,
    of QIMR.
    “This means that an average fair-skinned person could suffer
    sunburn in the shade after less than one hour, while not even
    realising the dangers.”
    Half of all new cancers detected are skin cancers, making it the
    most common form of the disease in Australia. And while two
    forms are 95% curable if caught early – basal cell and squamous
    cell – melanoma is far more serious and often fatal if it spreads.
    To protect against sunburn and UV-B-induced cancers, shade
    should have a protection rating (in the QIMR study) of at least 15.
    Hats rated 10 across the nose and eyes but ranked two for the
    rest of the face. Awnings facing away from the sun rated 6.4. A
    tree’s shade protection ranged primarily from two to six, though
    rarely up to 10. A fair-skinned person could have a sunburn in less
    than an hour at midday under most trees.
    Despite the limited protection shade provides, Dr Parsons said that
    it has rightly been promoted as an additional defense against solar
    damage and providing increased shade by planting trees, building
    shelters (pergolas, gazebos, pavilions) and shade sails, jumbrellas
    and the like is highly recommended.
    The study did not directly address some other sources of shade.
    And the scientists pointed out that it is likely that beach umbrellas
    (that provide shade but leave the sides exposed) are even higher        Shade sails have become a widely used method of providing sun
    risk areas for unwitting exposure to UV than under trees.               protection over pools, playgrounds and patio areas. The usual
    Structures and tree planting should be designed to provide              materials are PVC-coated polyester or Teflon-coated fibreglass
    attractive outdoor areas enclosed in such a manner as to exclude        fabric supported by galvanised or powder-coated steel posts and
    as much sky radiation as possible.                                      cables. Shade sails come in a variety of configurations and are
                                                                            often customised to suit the dimensions of a particular space.
    There is always a risk that a claim could be made against a
    complex for sun exposure, difficult though it would seem that it        Umbrellas are available in a wide range of architectural grade UV-
                                                                            stabilised fabric colours and shapes. The frames are made of steel
    could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that any over-
                                                                            and are powder coated and available in a wide range of colours.
    exposure occurred at one particular site.
                                                                            All fittings and cables are usually of stainless steel, with a wind
    However, providing shade is relatively simple and not that              rating of up to 150kph and can be linked together to create one
    expensive given the variety of artificial (awnings, shade sails,        continuous structure. Umbrellas are an elegant and stylish outdoor
    jumbrellas) and natural providers available. Again, proof that the      solution for shade provision. Purpose-designed accessories such
    complex/manager has taken precautions to provide shade shows            as lighting and heating further extend the structures’ usability at
    their concern for guests and tenants.                                   night and into the cooler months. And to make them really stand

                                                                          outdoors o

out from the crowd, the umbrellas can be branded with company
Pergolas and gazebos are a fantastic option for outdoor living. To
create a relaxed ambience in any setting a thatched or grass hut
of the island style is ideal while providing perfect shade and
weather protection the pavilions provide a unique and economical
to shade cover constructions. The huts or pavilions can be
constructed with round or hipped roofs and can be designed to fit
in with the surrounding architectural scheme always instilling a
relaxed feel to the area. They can be ideal for shaded areas near
pools or other outdoor living areas - even to house the essential
barbeque if desired.
There are some advantages in using thatched roofing:
•   it provides a cool and shady, UV protected area beneath a
    maintenance free roof;
•   much lower summer temperatures than traditional
    steel, fibreglass or shade cloth;
•   strong winds will not affect these structures as they create very
    little resistance or updraft and
•   a correctly fitted roof provides a rain resistant area that breaths
    and significantly lowers the temperature below.

                         Easy to stack and store

                       Adjustable, with 5 positions

                      Wheels fitted for easy mobility

                          RESIN anti-slip plates

                         Exclusive BALLIU fabric

                        UV & sanitized protection

                       Easy to powerwash and clean

                        GARDEN FURNITURE
                     10 & 11 Kingsford Smith Drive
                    Eagle Farm, Brisbane QLD 4009
                   Ph 07 3868 4182 Fax 07 3868 4185
               bgf@balliuexport.com / www.balliuexport.com

                                                                            SPRING 2007   81
       guest services

     Signature Scents:

     Sweet smell of success

     LUXURY HOTEL BRAND SOFITEL HAS                                       “In addition to using scents in foyers and public areas, our vision
     SNIFFED OUT THE FINAL FRONTIER IN                                    is for guests to select their preferred fragrance as easy as they
     AMBIENT EXPERIENCES FOR ITS GUESTS,                                  would room service or the morning paper for a personalised stay.
     INTRODUCING A SERIES OF SIGNATURE                                    From creating a relaxed, romantic atmosphere in a suite to
     SCENTS designed to motivate, uplift and increase memory              enhancing memory and the attention span of delegates using a
     from the boardroom to the bedroom. According to Sofitel Hotels &     function room for a meeting or conference, the applications are
     Resorts national director of sales and marketing in Australia,       endless.”
     Andrew Loader fragrances will be incorporated into each five star
                                                                          Sofitel’s methods of fragrance diffusion have also been updated,
     Sofitel space and environ across the country, to better create a
                                                                          with once popular oil burners and scented candles now replaced
     sanctuary for the senses.
                                                                          with electric jets or cones for a more effective approach to filling
     “Stimulating all five senses greatly impacts how our guests feel     the air with a timely burst of fragrance.
     and behave but research shows that the sense most often left to
     chance. Smell actually accounts for more than 70% of what our        Sofitel’s signature foyer scent is joined by three other feature
     emotions are based on,” said Mr Loader.                              scents that include:
     “With that in mind we have created an exclusive signature Sofitel    •   a revitalising scent combining ginger and lime for a fresh
     scent for all of our hotel foyers. This scent complements three          fragrance that inspires a feeling of nature with woody or green
     other fragrances our hotels now use in guests rooms and during           undertones ideal for morning meeting sessions or breakfasts;
     functions, ideally as part of a specially tailored scent menu that
                                                                          •   an energising scent containing bergamot oil to lift moods and
     can be personally selected by our guests.”
                                                                              provide a pick me up perfect for afternoons, especially to
     The new fragrance concept builds on Sofitel’s new blueprint for          invigorate and re-focus conference delegates, or in rooms for
     both emotionally and functionally ‘smart’ guest and function             corporate hotel guests;
     rooms, prioritising personal preference and wellbeing as the order
     of the day. Mr Loader explained that while the notion of using       •   and calming vanilla, a soft and relaxing essence that also adds
     fragrance in hotels was not new, the new diffusion technology and        a level of sweetness to an area recommended for evening
     application of Sofitel scents for meetings and events purposes was       events, private dinners or romantic getaways to help set the
     pioneering.                                                              mood.
     “Luxury hotels are about creating memorable experiences, so in       Following      initial trials at the Sofitel Gold Coast, the Sofitel
     essence what we’re offering is a ‘fragrance journey’ that both our   fragrance      project will rollout across all seven Sofitel hotels and
     leisure and corporate clients can enjoy and customise, depending     resorts in     Australia as of this month. The scent will be offered
     on their needs.                                                      initially to   premium rooms, VIPs and suites only.

                                                                                                             engineering e

Profile: Leigh Jamieson

The outback to China and now a dream job

HAVING CELEBRATED A MILESTONE                                                  foray to the tamer challenges of photocopier technician with Xerox. But
BIRTHDAY, MAINTENANCE ENGINEER LEIGH                                           the lure the red desert took hold and he set off to Alice Springs. At 27,
JAMIESON IS ENJOYING BEING AT THE                                              he entered the hotel industry as maintenance electrician with the
PINNACLE OF HIS CAREER and rising to new challenges                            Sheraton and has never looked back.
every day on the job. After a colourful and challenging career that has        The famous pilots’ strike in late 80s was the catalyst that catapulted
taken him from outback Australia to bustling China, seasoned engineer,         him into the deep end of hotel culture.
Leigh Jamieson has landed a dream job with the Crowne Plaza Darling
                                                                               “Due to staff shortages I was compelled to take on every task from
Harbour in Sydney.
                                                                               making beds and doing laundry to manning the bar and pitching in as a
Having just turned 50, he couldn’t be happier working for the                  kitchen hand.”
Intercontinental Hotels Group. He considers it the ‘best company he
                                                                               His stint in Alice Springs lasted until 1990 when he went to Shanghai
has ever worked for’ and is looking forward to settling in for the rest of
                                                                               China as chief engineer at the 1000-room Sheraton Hua Ting to
his working life. He has no wistful plans for retirement.                      oversee a major upgrade.
“I’m having too much fun and there are too many more fresh challenges          “I had three different language teachers but rather than learn much
to conquer!” he quiped.                                                        Mandarin I ended up teaching them English!” he recalled. He met his
As an engineer who has devoted his life to fixing machinery and                wife, who fortunately spoke excellent English and was a senior officer
grappling with buildings, these days he’s more interested in moving into       for the Chinese customs bureau and they have been married for 15
the people-side of the hotel business. But first he has several goals as       years with a teenage daughter.
chief maintenance engineer of the impressive 13-storey hotel that sits in      The young family then went to Phuket to open the luxurious Sheraton
an envious location of right on the edge of beautiful Darling Harbour          Grand Laguna then back to China for another exhausting year working
and just a five minute walk to the city and China Town.                        as chief engineer looking after another Sheraton property in Guilin.
Leigh is dedicated to maintaining the building up to the IHG                   When their daughter reached school age they returned to Adelaide and
international standards required for all properties managed by the             Leigh left the hotel industry to be self-employed in his own small
company. The group has set a benchmark in every aspect of their                business consulting franchise for several years.
operation and Leigh and his team of six are busy ensuring that every
                                                                               However, he found himself back in game when he was approached to
guest room and all public areas meet these high standards.
                                                                               oversee final construction and fit out of the Radisson Playford Adelaide
Leigh has set an ambitious goal to make Crowne Plaza Darling Harbour           and later took on the plum job of chief engineer of the MGM Grand
number one, a shining example of excellence amongst the group’s                Darwin Casino for more than three years. A brief job with the defence
thousands of hotels around the world.                                          department as maintenance contractor based in Albury-Wodonga saw
IHG incorporates three brands: Intercontinental caters for the executive       him managing the maintenance of all the Riverland facilities.
market; Crowne Plaza pitches to the mid-management business,                   “It gave me a taste of the frustrating government work culture where
corporate and meetings market while Holiday Inns are designed for the          everything is decided by committees.”
affordable family holiday market.
                                                                               This frustration led him back to the hotel industry where he was
He said: “The Darling Harbour Crowne Plaza boasts many unique                  fortunate enough to land his current position, which is how he and his
features that appeal to business people, an irresistible buffet breakfast      family moved and settled in Sydney in March last year.
that everyone raves about and award-winning meeting facilities.”
                                                                               Leigh said: “Hotel maintenance management is more than just fixing
Leigh said the group prides itself on outstanding staff training and           things. It is about supporting the business through recognising the key
development.                                                                   stakeholders: property owners; guests; staff and of course, brand.
Work/life balance is actively promoted. For the first time in his career, he   When all four of these key stakeholders are supported, owners, by
enjoys weekends off and he rarely receives after hour calls. His free time     careful management of their asset, can return an operating profit,
allows him to indulge in his passion as a mad keen cyclist.                    guests have an exceptional experience, the staff are provided with a
“Every Sunday morning I like to do a 60 to 100km ride. It helps to keep        great working environment and IHG are happy that their company
me fit for the job.”                                                           standards are being met and that management fees are produced.
Leigh is impressed with the way the company opens up opportunities             Then an engineer can say he is meeting the challenges of the role.
for staff to extend themselves into new areas and not get stuck in one         “Hotel engineering is a diverse and demanding role that requires a
spot. His diverse background has made him appreciate such a                    broad range of skills and knowledge from basic trade and handyman
supportive work environment.                                                   skills through to IT and accounting. As such an engineer is constantly
                                                                               updating their knowledge particularly with the pace of technology these
He had a rough initiation into the working world. At 21 he was living in
a remote West Australian mining camp with 1100 blokes. Fights broke
out every night and the grog flowed fast and fierce. But it was here he        “Hotel engineering is demanding but never boring as every minute a
got a lucky break. The bright young electrical mechanic was quickly            new problem is awaiting resolution.”
promoted to group supervisor. Was it a case of management spotting             Leigh is a fine example of a man who has found satisfaction in his work
his leadership potential? Leigh joked, “It was more a case of being the        and enjoyment at facing new challenges in a fast-paced industry. And
only sober one on site!”                                                       clearly hotel engineering in the 21st century offers an adrenalin-
Having learned his trade as a teenager, manufacturing and servicing            pumping, exhilarating career track.
medical equipment in Adelaide, he returned to the city after his outback       Diane Priestley - AMG Industry Reporter

                                                                                                                              SPRING 2007          83


    The feel of luxury

    Towels are necessities in every
    property and they are intimate
    products that touch your guest’s
    skin everyday. As they are used
    so often, it is important that your
    guests enjoy the look and feel of
    the towels they use and that you
    receive the best performance
    possible from the towelling
    products you purchase, regardless
    of the image of your property and
    the money you have to spend.
    To simplify your purchasing
    process, we’ve highlighted the
    important characteristics of a
    towel for you to consider.
    Towel yarns: Why is cotton so
    widely used in towels?
    No other natural fibre can
    compare to cotton when it comes
                                                  A towel made with lots of loops is more absorbent and costs more than towels with fewer loops.
    to absorbency, softness, durability
    and ease of care. Most towels are
    made of cotton but it is the quality
    of the cotton that makes all the difference. Towels woven with              and treatment can reduce the absorbency of the product.
    Egyptian cotton have an incredible durability, lustre and silky feel        Always look for a towel with an all cotton border or no border for
    due to the long staple length of the fibre. Considered to be the            commercial use to minimise the appearance of bowing in the
    most luxurious towel, it is also the most expensive.                        towel. Always insist on towels that have been twin needle stitched
    The process of combing the cotton prior to spinning untangles the           to help withstand the rigours of laundering. Towels that are twin
    fibres of the yarn and at the same time, takes out the shorter              needle stitched have hems that are folded over twice and finished
    fibres resulting in stronger, smoother and more absorbent yarn for          with two rows of stitching to achieve side hems that are neat, flat
    a luxurious drying experience. By removing the short fibres the             and extremely secure. Also ensure that you launder your towels
    towel is less likely to display signs of linting. This type of cotton is    correctly and that the products are rinsed thoroughly otherwise
    the most common for affordability in towels.                                hems can fray due to chemical degradation.
    Carded cotton is the cheapest cotton available and as such towels        Always insist on vat dyed towels. Vat dyed towels are more
    made from this yarn will be slightly weaker, with hairier fibres         expensive because more processing time is involved to ensure the
    (resulting in more linting) and a crisper handle as not all the fibres   extreme fastness of colour that is required to withstand the
    have been combed and untangled.                                          harsher laundering and drying conditions in a commercial
    Towels come in a variety of weights but as the loops in a towel do       environment but they are cost effective due to increased durability.
    the drying, the more loops, the greater the absorbency. A towel          Always use good chemicals to ensure your whites remain
    made with lots of loops is more absorbent and costs more than            sparkling.
    towels with fewer loops.                                                 Most manufacturers should be able to accommodate your need for
    Towels are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the             your own label. Some manufacturers can also custom weave
    supplier and what weaving equipment is used. For guests that             towels for design exclusivity and personalisation subject to
    expect to be pampered we recommend bath sheets for a luxurious           minimum quantity requirements.
    wrap.                                                                    A towel should last 150 to 200 washes depending on how the
    The best way to determine absorbency is to tip a small capful of         towel has been made and the laundering practices of the property.
    water directly onto the towel. If it disappears into the towel           Extraneous factors such as heat (from laundering and drying),
    immediately and the towel has an almost dry feel around the              chemicals and physical treatment all contribute to the wearing
    region it indicates that the towel has good absorbency                   process.
    characteristics.                                                         However, to ensure your towels have a long and commercial life it
    If your hands feel oily after handling a towel it can mean that a        all begins with buying a well-made towel.
    treatment has been used to artificially soften the feel of the towel     Bruce Heirdsfield - Australian Weaving Mills


    PHAN Conference:

    Annual housekeepers’ event a winner

    This year PHAN member delegates were encourage to invite
    their general managers and other colleagues to attend the
    lunch and afternoon session resulting in more than 190
    people, including 95 delegates from interstate attending the
    event filled with presentations, awards and numerous
    networking opportunities.
    The conference was opened by Tourism Training Australia
    chief executive, Bill Galvin.
    Throughout the day there were several interesting
    presentations on topics such as international trends in
    housekeeping, WorkCover updates, manage your manager
    and talks from organisations such as the antidiscrimination                Professional Housekeepers
                                                                             Association of NSW Conference
     During break times, delegates were encouraged to visit the
    exhibition with 28 premier investment sponsor booths with everything              was presented to Del Wilcokson, executive housekeeper of Novotel
    from linen to guest supplies and all the latest technology.                       Northbeach Wollongong.
    One of the stalls was the Ghanaian charity, Afrique Ali, a charity PHAN           The second, the Rising Star award was presented to Radisson Plaza
    is the proud sponsor of. The charity gave an update on current project            Hotel assistant executive housekeeper, Cecilia Gutierrez. This award has
    of a distribution warehouse in Ghana.                                             been dedicated to Peter Wilsher, an executive housekeeper of many
    After lunch, AAA Tourism P/L manager of star ratings, Paul                        years and a strong supporter of PHAN who sadly died of cancer earlier
    Baumgartner, made a presentation on the star award-rating scheme.                 in the year.
    The audience was then entertained by the antics of guest comedian                 The final award of the day was the Most Respected Colleague. All the
    Corrine Grant. Corinne was an original cast member of Rove's first                delegates conducted voting on the winner at the time of registration
    show on Channel Nine before moving with Rove Live to the Ten                      and it was Zarife Melick, housekeeping manager of the Menzies who
    Network. She was also a founding member of ABC-TV's The Glass                     was the winner.
    House in 2001 and continued with the show until the end of 2006.                  An independent panel undertook the judging for these awards and the
    Corinne was then followed by a fashion parade showcasing 25 years of              competition was really tough. The winners took home a trophy as well
    hospitality uniforms by Coronet.                                                  as a beautiful Tiffany key ring and substantial cheque. The day finished
    After the entertainment, three awards were presented to housekeepers,             up with a cocktail party and a final opportunity for the housekeepers to
    Excellence in Housekeeping, Peter Wilsher Rising Star and Most                    network. The next PHAN conference will be held in mid-2009.
    Respected Colleague. The first award for Excellence in Housekeeping               Alexia Rumley - AMG ndustry Reporter

                                                                                      Keep your hands clean. Your hands are the most consistent point of first
    Sanitisation:                                                                     contact with cold, flu and other germs. It is a direct line from surface or even
                                                                                      handshake to fingers to fork to mouth to full-blown sick a few days later.

    Wash your hands!                                                                  According to a National Institutes of Health fact sheet, the type of virus that
                                                                                      causes the common gastrointestinal upsets and even cold and the flu has
    MY BOSS HAS BEEN OUT SICK ALL WEEK. LAST                                          been found to survive for up to three hours on your skin or 36 hours on
    WEEK, MY CO-WORKER WAS ON HER DEATHBED.                                           objects. However the simple act of washing your hands can reduce the
    Another co-worker has just gone home sick and I can’t get off the toilet!         chances of catching a nasty bug!
    Yep, it seems I have caught a bug! Some of the most germ infested places
                                                                                      Hand washing is not just for health professionals working to combat
    in a hotel:                                                                       communicable diseases; it is for all of us hotel, housekeeping, restaurant
    1.   Doorknobs: restroom and hotel room doors;                                    and catering workers to adopt simple hand hygiene practices into their daily
    2.   The hotel room: frequently touched surfaces such as light and air control    routines.
         switches, faucets, toilet flush levers;                                      All employees and employers should recognise that inadvertent exposure is
    3.   Your workspace: this includes mouse, keyboard, phone, desk, chair and        a risk and should be made aware of the exposure risks and preventive
         even the water bottle you use every day;                                     procedures. Therefore, a wide range of exposure circumstances affecting
    4.   Elevator buttons: while theoretically you could press elevator buttons       many occupations within a hotel environment requires the use of an alcohol
         with your foot, it is not recommended in the presence of co-workers or       rub. These include, but are not limited to: housekeeping staff; bar service
         especially, upper management and                                             staff; cleaning staff; laundry staff; restaurant staff; security workers and
    5.   The cafeteria or break room: as your mother told you, wash you hands         visitors.
         before and after you eat!                                                    Michael Obstoj - National Commercial Manager, Deb Australia P/L


    Covering Concepts:

    Exciting changes to hospitality bedcovering

                                Comfort throw                                                                Bedwrap

    AFTER SO MANY YEARS OF GLOOMY, QUITE                                     With today’s advancement in manufacturing superior quality, hi-tech,
    OFTEN EXPENSIVE AND UNFUNCTIONAL                                         flame retardant yarns from leading European mills in almost any
    BEDCOVERING FASHION, it is very encouraging to                           colour and in particular, wide width heavy duty fabric constructions
    witness the eagerness of many astute hospitality property owners to      that are especially designed for the hospitality industry, there is now a
    add some excitement and flair to their rooms by introducing a            whole new affordable and exciting approach to hospitality
    combination of fresh modern design and stylish colours in one of the     bedcovering.
    many new bedcovering styles that is now being offered.                   Some of the new choices are, bedwrap, comfort throw, hotel
    Not too many years ago the style of most hospitality bedcovering         coverlet, cap top, bed runner, practical fitted bedcover and including
    was very clearly defined. Motels and resorts had printed throwover       accessories as now seen in leading international hotels such as
    style bedspreads that were often old hat and did not belong              picket quilted bed valance, panel quilted bed valance, New York
    anywhere other than in an average motel of the day. Major hotels         cushions and majestic king pillows.
    had plain, woven bedspreads or cap top bedspreads with a gathered        Bedwrap
    or pleated bed valance that nearly always caught in the castors and      An inexpensive contemporary bedcovering look. Manufactured from
    a nightmare for housekeeping staff. The majority of the woven fabrics    wide width, no joins, fully washable fabric in either heavy duty
    used then were very commercial looking for the wrong reasons, they       textured printed cotton/polyester or woven semi upholstery in
    were unexciting dull colours and boring weave designs.                   modern designs. The bedwrap is tucked under on three sides with
    However, there was no emphasis on the tight construction or              exposed pillows. This product is popular with slat beds and solid bed
    shrinkage or flame retardant quality that is the necessary hallmark of   bases and is equally at home on an ensemble bed with a
    any five star hotel fabric.                                              coordinating picket quilted bed valance.
    Many fabrics were domestic upholstery quality, chosen from a rack of     Comfort throw
    general fabric swatches that were okay for fixed upholstery when         A contemporary style throw that has the added benefit of being an
    fitted to a domestic tub chair or sofa frame because they could not      extra blanket. Manufactured from wide width, fully washable
    move but totally useless for a loose fitting hotel bedspread because     commercial chenille yarns, the comfort throw can be neatly tucked
    they would have excessive shrinkage when washed and the                  on three sides or left draping down the bed for a more casual style.
    bedspread would never quite fit or sit properly after that first wash.   This product is very fashionable in plain natural colours and it is the
    In keeping with the current trend for people to spend more money         choice of leading designers wishing to add sharp contrasting and
    inside their homes and especially on their beds and bedcoverings,        sometimes bold coloured Europe pillows or New York cushions with
    the expectation of today’s business traveller and holiday maker is far   matching panelled bed valances.
    higher when it comes to the décor of a hotel room, especially the        Hotel coverlet
    comfort of the bed.                                                      A very versatile, fully washable bedcover, being a large quilted throw
    On seeing the ambience of the room, with the bed and bedcovering         or a bed runner that can be folded in a way to allow your guests to
    style being the focal point, they expect confirmation of their first     easily pull up if extra warmth is required. The hotel coverlet is double

    impression that they have chosen the right property to stay in.          sided in a very stylish and robust fabric manufactured from European


    Covering Concepts:

                                                                   Hotel coverlet (folded)
                      Bed runner                                                                                       Cap top (horizontally quilted)

    polyester yarns and then narrow channel quilted across the bed,             Quilted bedspread
    allowing the product to easily fold on the quilting lines and form a        There will always be a place for this hard working
    neat bed runner if required. This product can look very sophisticated       product, in particular in accommodation properties
    when accessorised with large New York cushions or picket quilted            where maximum tariffs for the area dictate the style
    valances in the same fabric quality using highlighted colours and           of lower cost, easy care commercial bedcovering
    textured or matching designs.                                               that should be used. Just because a property
    Cap top: While this style of bedcover is not new to the industry it         needs to stay with printed quilted bedspreads for
    can be finished in many ways and fabrics to suit different star             all sorts of reasons, it does not mean they cannot
    ratings, like traditional channel quilted or horizontal quilting (across    have some form of pizzazz or style. Why continue with a boring old
    the bed) that gives the product a more contemporary look. The cap           fashioned quilted throwover bedspread when it can be purchased in
    top, when horizontally quilted does not need to have the traditional        an Australian manufactured modern tailored style with a printed
    sham and it can be finished as a flat cap top exposing the pillows. It      design/colour that is not from yesteryear?
    is suggested this style of bedcover is dressed with a picket quilted        It does not make sense not to keep up with the times when there is
    bed valance.                                                                competition about, eventually it catches up when your clientele takes
    Bed runner                                                                  notice. Some four star plus properties in both larger provincial and
    A proper hotel bed runner should be manufactured from two layers            city areas, still prefer the quilted bedspread manufactured from a
                                                                                quality woven fabric, just because it suits their establishment. Also
    of fabric. The fabric should be semi-upholstery for soft draping and
                                                                                housekeeping and their loyal clientele are not at all bothered because
    durability, not upholstery that can be too expensive, too stiff and may
                                                                                the property has so much else to offer. Fashion designs/colours are
    have excessive shrinkage, or even worse, curtain fabric that is too
                                                                                also available in wide width, semi upholstery and flame retardant
    light and will not go the distance. This product can look very smart in
                                                                                fabrics to suit their needs.
    both traditional and contemporary surroundings and it is ideally
    dressed over a third flat sheet bed presentation or a white quilt           Over the last few years, the gap between home fashion and
    cover. Coordinated flanging or decorative twin needle stitching are         hospitality fashion has narrowed enormously in appearance only.
    the most popular styles that can be chosen to suit the particular           It can be an expensive mistake using cheaper retail products to do
    decor of the property.                                                      the job expected of a commercial product that is meant to perform
    Practical fitted bedcover                                                   over a long period. While there is greater similarity in the fashion
    This is a new version of the once popular domestic jacquard                 element between home and hospitality bed coverings, yarn/fabric
    unquilted bedspread which adorned bedrooms in homes throughout              qualities and manufacturing techniques are very different and it is
                                                                                extremely wise for management of any property to thoroughly
    the world at least forty years ago. This hotel version is woven in
                                                                                investigate the composition of product before specifying for a new
    Australia with Italian polyester yarns that are inherently flame
                                                                                project or refurbishment.
    retardant and fully washable. This inexpensive, yet very robust, easy
    care, no-crease product has a quality look and is suited to certain         Gary Coman - Gary Coman CEO of HotelHome Australia, has over 30 years
    properties that have a niche clientele.                                     experience in fashion furnishing fabrics and luxury bedcovering.


    Case Study: Crown Towers

    A giant crowning achievement

                                                                Above: The Crown
                                                             Entertainment Complex
                                                             located on the southern
                                                            bank of the Yarra River in
                                                              Left: The Presidential
                                                              suite Crown Towers.

    MARISA DOWLING IS THE EXECUTIVE                                       executive housekeeper at Crown Towers, Dorothy Vella was a
    HOUSEKEEPER OF CROWN HOTELS, comprising                               nominee for the Crown Manager of the Year Award. Health and
    of Crown Towers and Crown Promenade Hotels, within the Crown          safety awards have also been received by two of our
    Entertainment Complex located on the southern bank of the Yarra       housekeeping managers. These awards were to recognise strong
    River in Melbourne. With 39 levels and 482 rooms within the           management of the laundry team in terms of reducing incidents
    Crown Towers complex and 23 levels and 465 rooms within the           and controlling the return to work programs and contractor
    Crown Promenade Hotel, Marisa leads a large contingent of             compliance for induction training and on line learning modules.”
    housekeeping staff to ensure all 947 rooms are maintained, all 62
                                                                          While Marisa thinks her housekeeping department is a smooth and
    levels are clean and all the hotel’s public areas meet the Crown
                                                                          well organised area, with more than 25 years experience in the
                                                                          hospitality industry, 10 of those spent at the Crown Entertainment
    Marisa said it is her large dedicated team of staff and the           Complex, she still faces numerous minor and major issues whilst
    commitment to ensure the Crown product is perfectly presented         managing her busy department on a daily basis.
    every time that sets her housekeeping department apart from the
                                                                          “Many issues faced on a daily basis include manual, chemical,
                                                                          electrical and biohazard handling. At the moment we are being
    “In Australia it would be the size of the operation – 200 plus        audited for Safety Map compliance through Victorian Workcover
    contractors and 200 plus staff – and the scope of the department      Authority. I am organising this on behalf of the hotels, so we are
    including the 4 and 5 star operations, laundry, valet, mini-bar,      aware of all the aspects that are of concern. We have consultants
    administration and hotel public areas.”                               in at the moment assisting us in updating chemical handling
    And it is not only Marisa that thinks her housekeeping department     compliance (risk assessments) and we are undertaking a full risk
    is a cut above the rest. Numerous members of her team have            assessment in room attendant duties primarily focusing on manual
    received awards for their hard work, diligence and strong ethics.     handling so that we provide the most up to date training practices
                                                                          to the staff.
    “Our assistant executive housekeeper at Crown Promenade,
    Marian Stratford – who is also a member of PEHN – won the             Beside the vast numbers of staff required daily to service the
    Trophy for Excellence in Housekeeping 2006 and our assistant          hotels – Crown Promenade Hotel runs at 93% average and Crown
    housekeeper also at Crown Promenade, Grainne Hickland won the         Towers at 87% – other challenges include the supply of goods
    PEHN Rising Star award for 2006, which is fabulous recognition        such as linen and daily maintenance of rooms to meet the Crown

    from the industry, not to mention my great submissions! Assistant     standards and guest expectations,”

                                                                               housekeeping h

                                                            supplier profile
                                                        BLUESTONE PERSONNEL

                       Hospitality recruitment - a fast growing sector
    luestone Personnel is a recruitment and labour hire company that
B   cares about finding our clients the right people through a national
network of industry specialists. We provide recruitment, labour hire and
human resources solutions in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and
through our Total Recruitment member companies in Perth, Adelaide,
Toowoomba, Townsville and the Gold Coast.
    We recruit staff for short and fixed term assignments as well as
permanent placements. We also supply leave replacement staff through
to the total outsourcing of divisions and departments.
     Also on offer are specifically designed testing and assessment tools
which enhance our ability to provide the best and most appropriately
skilled candidates for any organisation.
     “Hospitality recruitment is one of our fastest growing sectors and
clients the calibre of Crown Towers and Crown Promenade give us a
deep understanding of the staffing challenges encountered in 4 and 5
star establishments.
    “We are proud to be associated with these exceptional hotels and
the professional Crown Executive Housekeeping team led by Marisa
Dowling.” said Darren Churchill, CEO of Total Recruitment.
    Contact Bluestone Personnel for all your hospitality staffing needs.

                                                                                     SPRING 2007   93

    Case Study: Crown Towers

                                                Each oversized guest
                                                room features a king
                                                  size or queen bed,
                                               marble bathrooms with
                                                  spa and television,
                                                  separate dressing
                                                  rooms, high speed
                                                 Internet access and
                                               in-room entertainment

    However, like most executive housekeepers, Marisa said her major      Built in 1997, Crown Towers was inducted into the Hall of Fame
    issue is with staffing. While Australia’s unemployment rate was       after winning the Victorian Tourism Awards Luxury Accommodation
    recorded at an all time low of 4.3% in May 2007, locating and         for three consecutive years. The hotel has a selection of 482
    retaining quality staff is a constant challenge for the hospitality   guestrooms such as deluxe rooms, executive suites, deluxe suites
    industry. “Continuous recruitment, training and development to        and villas.
    retain and progress the staff we have is a major challenge, then      Each oversized guest room features a king size or queen bed,
    there are meeting budget objectives and keeping up with new           marble bathrooms with spa and television, separate dressing
    technology and products.”                                             rooms, high speed Internet access and in-room entertainment
    Yet, Marisa said her approach to overcoming these issues is           channels. Within the complex are many restaurants, bars and
    through training, travel and review.                                  cafes including: Koko; Silks; Conservatory; JJ’s Bar and Grill and
                                                                          Breezes. Crown Towers is also home to the luxurious Crown Spa
    “We handle all recruitment within the department through training     with its 25m swimming pool, two tennis courts located within the
    and development coordinated by our training supervisor and            grounds of the rooftop garden as well as one of the most
    manager. New technology and projects involves travel to Asian         technologically advanced gymnasiums in the Southern
    trade shows to meet new suppliers and experience other                Hemisphere.
    comparable hotels within our competitive area. Generally I go once
                                                                          Built more recently in 2003, Crown Promenade, winner of the 2005
    a year.”
                                                                          AHA National Award for Best Superior Accommodation has a
    While maintaining a smooth-running housekeeping department,           choice of 465 rooms, studios and suites. Each guest room
    Marisa has also assisted, and will continue to assist, with           features mini-bar and refrigerator, high-speed Internet access,
    numerous developments at Crown Hotels, which is a very fast           oversized shower and cable television.
    growing division of PBL.                                              There are also restaurants and bars within the building: Mesh
    “Previous developments included a technology upgrade of Crown         Restaurant and Tonic Bar. The Deck features the 25m indoor
    Towers guest rooms and assisting with the pre-opening of Crown        pool, gym and relaxation areas. The Crown Promenade
    Macau. Currently, we are doing a Health and safety external audit     Conference Centre has 10 meeting rooms and the Promenade
    for Safety Map as well as FY08 budgets, training manuals and          Room capable of seating up to 800 people theatre-style and 300-
    green concepts. Future developments include a possible third hotel    classroom style.

    and probable design upgrade for Crown Towers,”                        The Crown Entertainment Complex opened in 1997 completing the

                                                                                  housekeeping h

                                                          supplier profile

                                         The housekeeper’s new best friend

 ntroducing the housekeeper’s new best friend: the                                 These storage options are very flexible with
IRubbermaid 9T78 housekeeping cart. Once again
setting the precedent for ‘work smarter’ design, the
                                                                               removable pails, caddies and storage bins to allow for
                                                                               easier organisation of amenities and cleaning items as
Rubbermaid 9T78 housekeeping cart features a                                   well as faster restocking of carts from storage closets.
smarter      design     that     provides      superior                        All this storage in a footprint 37% more compact than
manoeuvrability and superior tool organisation                                 the Rubbermaid standard 6189 cart. The 9T78 also
and storage options in a more compact                                            comes standard with security dual access hood and
footprint.                                                                        doors to keep cleaning supplies concealed from

     The 9T78 keeps cleaning tools and                                          view and supplies can be accessed from both sides of

supplies within easy reach with an additional                                 the cart, saving time and increasing productivity and

five cubic meters of storage in the cabinet                                  providing security for unattended carts.

area.    This   additional     storage   is   further                            The 9T78 is built from easy to clean, long lasting
compliment by other storage solutions such as the                            structural web plastic and non-rusting aluminium that is
fabric 9-pocket organiser, the optional fabric                                    very easy to clean. The curved lines and sleek
mesh linen bag that holds up to 22 standard                                            design    are      suitable    for   any    upscale
size towels, the 9.5 litre disinfecting caddies                                        environment. The ergonomically designed
that helps organise cleaning supplies into two                                         handles are wider and curved to improve grip
removable caddies and the lobby dust pan and                                            and manoeuvrability. The cart is also available
vacuum holder that holds all commercial upright                                     with a wide range of accessories to create an

vacuums.                                                                       efficient cleaning system.

    Our compact
    Housekeeping Carts
    feature flexible
    organisation and
    secure storage,
    wrapped up in
    a sleek space
    saving design.
                                                                                                       Learn more about Cleaning Carts at
                                                                                                           VIC/TAS     0400   570 778
                                                                                                              NSW      0417   516 214
                                                                                                              QLD      0422   222 618
                                                                                                         SA/NT/WA      0413   114 998

                                                                                                 Work Smarter.
    Ask your Rubbermaid products
    supplier about our carts, the
    latest in productivity solutions for
    hospitality professionals.

                                                                                                                SPRING 2007           95

    Case Study: Crown Towers

                                             ...the Crown Entertainment Complex
                                                 is one of the largest and most
                                              diverse entertainment resorts of its

    vision for the Southbank arts and tourist precinct by transforming        and venue for some of Australia’s most prestigious and glamorous
    what was formerly a derelict industrial site into a 500m river            events.
    frontage complex. Covering more than 510,000m², the Crown
                                                                              Crown offers around-the-clock activity and excitement. At the
    Entertainment Complex is one of the largest and most diverse
                                                                              centre of the complex, Crown Casino is the largest gaming facility
    entertainment resorts of its kind with the two fully-integrated hotels
                                                                              in the Southern Hemisphere. The main gaming floor, stretching for
    Crown Towers and Crown Promenade, a world class casino and
                                                                              more than 500m, has 350 gaming tables and 2500 gaming
    entertainment tourist centre. The Complex combines gaming,
                                                                              machines. The western end of the complex includes nightclubs, a
    hotel, convention, restaurant, retail and comprehensive
                                                                              900-seat cabaret venue,
    entertainment facilities encased in a building designed for the 21st
    century.                                                                  The Palms at Crown, Australia’s largest interactive multimedia
                                                                              entertainment arcade, Galactic Circus and the 14-cinema Village
    Located within the heart of the Entertainment Complex and
                                                                              Roadshow Complex that includes the world’s first Gold Class
    covering more than 3000m², Crown Spa offers a range of over 40
                                                                              cinemas. Each of the four Gold Class theatres include 28 luxurious
    specialised treatments and therapies as well as hair and beauty
                                                                              recliners and table service offering a wide range of food and
    facilities. Hotel guests have exclusive access to recreational
                                                                              beverage options to enjoy during screenings.
    facilities such as a 25m heated indoor pool, relaxation deck and
    sun terraces, a fully equipped split level state-of-the-art gymnasium     Crown Entertainment Complex also incorporates 6500m² of
    and two rooftop rebound ace tennis courts.                                exclusive retailing over two levels along the Crown Riverside.
                                                                              Thirty-four stores offer the finest collection of international
    The Crown Entertainment Complex offers over 40 restaurants and
    bars, with a seating capacity of 3000. Around 15,000 to 20,000            signature designers in the Southern Hemisphere. Many are
    meals are served in the complex daily. From the simplest to the           Melbourne firsts, including Versace, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Prada,
    most sophisticated, each facility strives to create the perfect blend     and La Perla.
    of fine food and efficient service that make every meal a                 The Crown Entertainment Complex was the result of former Crown
    memorable one.                                                            Ltd chairman, Lloyd J Williams’ life long ambition to build one of
    Crown also offers Australia’s largest and most versatile convention       the world’s best urban entertainment and tourist attractions in his
    and meeting facilities with twenty-six rooms located on three             home-town and the complex has averaged more than 15 million
    levels, covering more than 4000m². The centrepiece is the                 visitors per year since it opened.
    Palladium at Crown, the country’s largest pillar-less hotel ballroom      Alexia Rumley - AMG Industry Reporter

The Auxico Group incorporating Auxico Corporation Pty Ltd, Metwood Australia
Pty Ltd both based in Tullamarine, Melbourne and Auxico Perth based in Canning-
vale, Western Australia are dedicated to providing our clients with a ‘total solutions
package’ with the emphasis on the ‘one stop shop’ philosophy and                providing
proven savings to clients both in time and money.
We offer competitive pricing across a broad range of products. We understand the
need for flexibility and will tailor a package to meet the needs of individual clients. Our
staff are fully trained in all aspects of product knowledge, applications and regulatory

The Auxico Corporation provides a comprehensive and innovative range of food
products ranging from the freshest market and seafood produce, a quality range of dry
foods, frozen foods, flavours, essences and spices right through to a complete range of
quality top of table ware including ceramic tableware and glassware as well as a
quality selection of napery and manchester. Our buyers travel extensively throughout Eu-
rope and Asia to bring you the very latest in designs and new ideas. We have ware-
housing facilities and our own fully trained staff based in Asia so as to ensure your or-
ders are given the highest priority and attention to detail at the point of manufacture
thus ensuring a high standard is maintained throughout the order process.

Metwood Australia Pty Ltd is a major distributor of paper and chemical supplies
to the hospitality, health and service industries. We stock an extensive range of quality
branded products including total washroom solutions, kitchen and laundry chemicals,
an expansive range of quality hand soaps and sanitizers, a complete range of plastic
and paper disposable products, in fact our range can offer a total solution to your or-
dering requirements, we will save you valuable time and effort by reducing the number
of suppliers you need to deal with.
At Metwood Australia we pride ourselves on our demonstrated commitment in provid-
ing the highest level of customer service, product knowledge and dependability to our

Auxico Perth Pty Ltd - your one stop food and hospitality supplier has a compre-
hensive range of food items, paper and chemical products directly marketed to the hos-
pitality industry in Western Australia. This industry is growing rapidly and our friendly,
trained staff are ready to provide you with the highest level of customer service and
support. Let us partner with you, bringing style, value and dependability, tailored spe-
cially to meet your needs.

Our experienced and friendly customer service staff will be pleased to handle any
enquiries you may have, so please call the relevant office on the numbers listed below.

                   T: (03) 9338 7388                                 T: (03) 9338 6233              T: (08) 9256 3188
                   F: (03) 9338 1899                                 F: (03) 9338 9199              F: (08) 9256 3388
               32 Tullamarine Park Road                       Level 1, 32 Tullamarine Park Road      51 Tacoma Circuit,
               Tullamarine, Victoria 3043                            Tullamarine, Victoria        Canning Vale, WA 6155

    Housekeeper Profile: Tracey Reed

    Maintaining standards, team motivation

    INDUSTRY IN 1997 as an office
    coordinator at a five-star boutique property in
    Sydney. Within her first year of employment
    Tracey was promoted to assistant executive
    housekeeper and then again to executive
    During her ten years in housekeeping Tracey
    has worked at a tropical island resort in far
    north Queensland, a resort in the Victorian
    snowfields and a number of five-star properties
    in Sydney, Melbourne and now Brisbane. While
    Tracey has only been with Royal on the Park
    for eight months, it is with her vast experience
    that she manages her team to maintain the
    highest levels of professionalism and
    overcomes any daily challenge without the
                                                            Tracey said it is the challenges that keep her interested and motivated in her role of
    blink of an eye.                                                                       executive housekeeper.
    Tracey said it is the challenges that keep her
    interested and motivated in her role of executive housekeeper.
                                                                               introduction of harmonious soft colours incorporating striking
    “With 153 rooms on 10 floors, one of my daily challenges is to meet        European fabrics, stylish natural wood furnishings and contemporary
    the requirements of our guests and maintain the outstanding                finishing pieces. The aim of the recent renovations was to make both
    standard of service for which the hotel is renowned. The challenges        leisure and business travel in Brisbane even more welcoming while
    associated with housekeeping keep me interested and motivated in           still providing excellent value for money.
    my work. I take pride in my role and my staff around me and have a
                                                                               However, up until its completion in June, the refurbishments were a
    great team of 25 that I try to keep motivated to ensure the quality
                                                                               huge task and challenge for the housekeeping department. It was an
    and standards I expect are accomplished.”
                                                                               additional job on top of the already extensive list of daily tasks
    To motivate her team and keep up positive staff morale, the                required to service the 153 suites, 10 levels of hallway, the Sir
    department has a monthly award that recognises the hard work of            Charles Kingsford Smith Ballroom that seats up to 400 people and a
    individuals in the team. Tracey also hosts a morning tea for team          conference room suitable for 1000 delegates as well as a treetop
    building that is attended by the Royal on the Park’s general manager       terrace and alfresco entertaining area adjacent to the outdoor
    and financial controller. Tracey said it is the attendance of the          swimming pool.
    managers that help the housekeeping department realise their
                                                                               Tracey said she managed the extra workload through proactive
    importance to the hotel.
                                                                               organisation. “Planning and time management was a major
    Located directly across the road from Brisbane’s famous Botanical          component of overcoming the additional challenges brought forward
    Gardens and a short stroll from the hustle and bustle that is the heart    with the suite refurbish.”
    of the city, Royal on the Park is a popular accommodation complex
                                                                               While Brisbane is experiencing the worst drought on record with
    for the family, couple and corporate guest.
                                                                               water restrictions in the city reaching level five, Tracey said the hotel
    Built in 1969, the building recently underwent extensive                   is embracing the green initiative and her housekeeping department is
    refurbishments to update and refresh the iconic complex to a high          diligent in conserving water while carrying out their daily tasks.
    standard of contemporary elegance. The redesign plans of eight of
                                                                               “The green initiatives put in place to date include the reuse scheme
    the 153 suites met the needs of both corporate and leisure
                                                                               of hanging up towels to stay in service and placing used towels in
    customers with the refurbished suites aiming to add a whole new
                                                                               the bathtub for replacing. To cut water costs in the laundry we use
    dimension to Royal on the Park’s accommodation range, especially
                                                                               the ‘pull up’ system for bed linen where sheets and pillowcases are
    for any guest looking for an indulgent experience, or a reason to
                                                                               only changed every second day and obviously every day in
    entertain, as each of the refurbished suites are three times the size of
    a standard room. The redesign of these rooms also caters to families
    as they now feature day beds and sofa beds allowing for a range of         Extra signage in rooms making guest aware that Brisbane is in fact in
    sleeping options without taking away from the appeal and ambience          drought at the moment and to ‘watch every drop’ helps. All staff are
    of the room design itself.                                                 aware to be water wise when carrying out their daily duties,” Tracey
    With the assistance of a well-known Brisbane interior design firm, the     said.
    refurbishment of the eight executive and spa suites included the           Alexia Rumley - AMG Industry Reporter



    Stopping listeria from draining your reputation

    WHEN IT COMES TO PROCESSING AND                                       Potential entry sources: Listeria is an ubiquitous bacterium.
    PREPARING FOODS SAFELY, HOSPITALITY                                   There are many ways it can enter a hotel or hospitality
    AND HOTEL INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS                                      establishment. Common in soil, employees and customers may
    UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF                                          track it inside on their shoes or clothing. It may also be
    DILIGENT CLEANING and sanitising. Keeping an entire                   transmitted by insects that fly or crawl inside the facility. However
    hotel, motel or large scale resort clean not only requires specific   it may enter a hotel or resort, new research shows that listeria
    tools and procedures but also the proper understanding of how to      thrives in the organic-soil-rich environment that has largely gone
    control and eliminate food-borne pathogens like the relatively        unrecognised for harbouring harmful food borne pathogens, the
    uncommon but deadly listeria monocytogenes.
    In addition to the significant health risk posed by food-borne        Importantly though, drain cleaning is all too often ignored because
    illnesses to both customers and staff, an outbreak of listeria can    drains are not considered food-contact surfaces or simply because
    also have severe financial implications. In the USA, a recent         it is too messy and difficult a job.
    outbreak of listeria was estimated to have cost one large-scale       There are many ways listeria can transfer from floor drains to food.
    food retailer in excess of US$1,000,000. The facility had to be       The food pathogen can be transferred onto food preparation areas
    closed for disinfection for two days. All food in the food            or directly onto food items when picking up a dropped object from
    preparation area (where the outbreak of listeria was traced to) had   the floor. Pests like fruit flies, drain flies or cockroaches also have
    to be discarded, equipment such as slicers and refrigerators had      the potential of spreading listeria from drains to other areas of the
    to be disposed of, the drains were sealed and the food                food preparation facility or hotel kitchen.
    preparation area also had to be relocated to the opposite side of     Alarmingly, traditional drain cleaning methods that involve
    the building. However, what is not as easily calculated is the        scrubbing the drains with brushes or pads, may themselves
    untold damage done to a company’s reputation through closure          facilitate the spread of the bacterium through droplets that become

    and any resulting negative media exposure.                            airborne and can land within the processing or store environment.

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                                                   you are! Our 25 experienced representatives
                                                   throughout Australia will look after you.

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                                                                              housekeeping h

             Industry professionals must understand the importance of diligent cleaning and sanitising.

                                                            • Cleans upholstery & curtains while they hang
                                                            • Cleans tiles & grout
                                                            • No chemicals – environmentally friendly
                                                            • Leaves no residue or odours
                                                            • Bed Bug eradication
                                                            • Instant kill of Bed Bug life cycle including the bug
                                                              & egg
                                                            • Completely discreet in house treatment
                                                            • Vacuum up dead Bed Bugs and dirt

       Liberty Professional
                                                                        For further information nationally contact:
   Continuous Steam with Extraction
Includes accessories as seen & standard trolley                        1300 137 057
                                                            www.eurogem.com.au Email: sales@eurogem.com.au

                                                                                                          SPRING 2007   101


    Managing the risk: To address the risk posed by food borne
    pathogens like listeria in drains, my company has carried out more
    than two years of studies seeking to understand and find a
    solution to this unique threat to food processors and retailers.
    Interestingly, the research carried out indicated that simply applying
    antimicrobial agents to floor drains does not result in significant
    reductions in micro-organisms.
    In one particular three month study, the use of quaternary
    ammonium chloride (400 ppm) or chlorine dioxide (10 ppm) both
    resulted in microbial levels in floor drains that were only slightly
    reduced compared to no treatment.
    However, the results of this research were dramatically altered after
    a two-step process of cleaning followed by sanitising was
    employed. Studies carried out indicated that soils should be
    removed or cleaned, from the drain prior to sanitising because soil
    will interfere with the antimicrobial action of any sanitising agents
    As a result, this company has evolved a drain management
    program specifically for this purpose.
    A foaming drain cleaner such as that found in the new drain
    management program, is an important first step in addressing the
    presence of listeria in the drain because it clings to organic soil in
    the drain and cleans effectively without the need to take the drain
    apart. These soils can then be flushed down the drain.
    When using a foaming drain cleaner, the product is connected to a
    water source and sprayed into drains, allowing the cleaner to latch
    onto soil particles and break them up.
    The cleaner can simply be sprayed into the drain without needing
    to disassemble the drain, which helps prevent listeria droplets from
    being released into the air through scrubbing, greatly simplifying
    the cleaning process.
    After about a minute, the drain is flushed thoroughly with water. A
    sanitiser should then be used once the drain is clean.
                                                                                  Listeria thrives in the organic-soil-rich environment that has
    Importantly for hospitality and hotel industry professionals,                largely gone unrecognised for harbouring harmful food borne
    studies indicate that a process utilising both cleaning and                                       pathogens — the drain.
    sanitising products (when employed to the manufacturers
    specifications over a period of three weeks) are effective in
                                                                             reducing the presence of listeria and other harmful bacteria in
                                                                             drains to levels low enough to be undetectable.

                                                                             Following proper food preparation practices and working to
                                                                             engage staff in a regular cleaning program is also a vital step in
                                                                             controlling the risk of listeria in food preparation environments
                                                                             commonly found in motels, hotels and resorts. Wall charts and
                                                                             easy-to-read instructions with icons and images can help
                                                                             personnel easily understand cleaning and hygiene practices.

                                                                             By educating staff about food pathogens like listeria and how to
                                                                             properly clean to control them, hospitality industry professionals
                                                                             can have confidence that their food and customers will be

                                                                             Julie Tay - Julie Tay is media contact for JohnsonDiversey Inc, a leading
                                                                             global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions,
                                                                             serving customers in the lodging, food service, retail, health care and food and
                                                                             beverage sectors as well as building service contractors.


    Healthy Beds:

    Mattress protection that works

    THE DISCERNING HOTELIER IS ALWAYS                                         The habits of dust mites and bedbugs are different. Dust mites live
    SEEKING TO FIND CREATIVE AND COST-                                        in the mattress and come out at night to live off the skin flakes and
    EFFECTIVE WAYS TO IMPROVE THE                                             moisture from the guest and defecate in the bed. The defecation is
    PROVISION OF SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER.                                     a light, floating protein that is inhaled by the asthmatic guest,
    Many managers pay great attention to the visible aspects of the           exacerbating the condition. The bed bug migrates to the mattress
    establishment such as the flowers in reception, the texture of the        from the shoes, clothing and luggage of the unsuspecting guest and
    walls, the colour and patterns of the bed linen and staff training.       heads for their favourite hiding place of the beading of the mattress.
    It may surprise some to hear that the travelling public has very little   In both cases, the challenge is to create a barrier – ideally both
    interest in those subjects. Are they not concerned about the              waterproof and breathable – between the sleeper and the parasite.
    courtesy and professionalism of the front of house staff? Of course,      As observed above, the traditional approach has been to use
    but their immediate focus is the peace of mind that comes from            padded cotton covers with elastic loops to hold them on to the
    slipping into a bed with a mattress that they believe to be in            mattress. Establishments have found them to be problematical for
    showroom condition.                                                       decades. Not only are they completely ineffective in terms of
    With respect to the industry, how often is that the case?                 protection against dust mites, bed bugs and all liquid stains, but
    Experienced operators know the stats: the average age of a hotel or       staff spend inordinate amounts of non-productive time resewing the
    motel bed in Australia is five years and with an occupancy rate of        elastic, that does not withstand the rigours of a busy establishment.
    75%, 1368 couples or individuals have slept in that bed prior to          Also, executive housekeepers consistently express their concern
    tonight. Given that each of them has lost a litre of fluid per night,     about the time it takes to launder and dry the padded items. In an
    1368 litres of fluid, body salts and skin flakes – perfect food for       industry where ‘time is money’, cutting suite makeover time is
    asthma-inducing dust mites – has gone straight through the familiar       paramount.
    padded cotton mattress covers for the next guest to sleep on.             While it is possible to create a waterproof mattress by means of
    When the national continence stats are added to that – one in five        plastic sheets or impregnating mattresses with chemicals, the astute
    children bed wet, one in 13 adults are incontinent and one in three       operator sees the limitations of those approaches in terms of guest
    have allergies and many of them specifically allergic to dust mite        comfort and peace of mind. In an ideal world, the mattress
    allergens – that paints a picture that needs to be acknowledged and       protector must not only be waterproof but breathable, like human
    addressed.                                                                skin, to allow for comfort in all seasons and for all body
                                                                              temperatures. The last thing the industry needs is for the guest to
    Establishments invariably launder their sheets on a daily basis and
                                                                              complain that the bed was ‘like a sauna bath’. We do not want
    their padded cotton mattress covers on an as-needed basis. But
                                                                              ‘satisfied’ guests departing the next morning. We want ‘surprised
    how often are the mattresses ‘laundered’? Astute hoteliers have long
                                                                              and delighted’ guests departing to become unpaid ambassadors on
    sought a superior, cost-effective alternative to the traditional padded
                                                                              behalf of the establishment for months after their stay.
    cotton covers. In the past, an alternative may have been sought
    because of the perennial issues of liquid stains and dust mites (for      They are going to talk about you anyway; why not make the change
    which the pads offer no protection) but with the resurgence of the        a positive one?
    bed bug, the matter is even more urgent.                                  Trevor Sutton - Business Development Manager Colkap Products P/L


    Work Stations:

    Workstations lighten the work load

    REMEMBER THE HOUSEKEEPING TROLLEYS                                         As the trolleys are viewed by guests in the hallways,
    OF 20 YEARS OR MORE AGO? THEY WERE                                         accommodation managers are looking to ensure the style and
    ALWAYS CREAM, MADE OUT OF TWO BY                                           colour of the trolleys also complement their hotels and brand.
    TWO HARDWOOD with three-ply tops and bottoms. They                         Executive housekeepers are now looking for lighter trolleys to
    were suspended above narrow castor wheels carefully designed               reduce work cover claims in hotels. In the area of OH&S, the new
    with three pointing in opposing directions while the fourth wobbled        housekeeping trolleys are exceeding all expectations.
                                                                               The wheels have been designed to move quietly in the direction
    This design gave the carts a most distinctive clattering sound             they are coaxed without leaving black streaks on the tiles and
    when being moved, ensuring any late sleepers soon vacated their            without requiring the brawn of an all-in wrestler. One-hand
    rooms so that the housemaids could perform their duties.                   guidance is all that is required (in fact, some are fitted with small
    Gouges of removed paint on walls and doors were testament to               eco-friendly, electric motors). Carpet pile, in particular, plays a
    their incredible tractability.                                                                                                  large role in
                                                                                                                                    deciding which
    There was clean linen on top, soiled stuff                                                                                     castor will suit a cart
    underneath. Cakes of soap and other                                                                                           to ensure staff are
    consumables were in small cardboard boxes                                                                                     not using
    and, in those days before security was                                                                                       unnecessary energy
    invented, the keys to the rooms were                                                                                        moving trolleys from
    always on top of everything else.                                                                                            room to room. The
    Most times there would                                                                                                          outer edges of
    be the remains of                                                                                                                these carts have
    room-service                                                                                                                      sensible buffers to
    breakfasts on dirty                                                                                                               protect walls,
    dishes filling any                                                                                                               doors and
    available space left                                                                                                         operators. They are
    on the trolley.                                                                                                         also designed with foldout
                                                                                                                           features that avoid
    How times have
                                                                                                                           protrusions when the
                                                                                                                           trolleys need to be stored.
    The modern trolley                                                                                                      Specialised trolleys
    has two great                                                                                                            abound as well, from
    features that its                                                                                                         garment rails to ultra-
    predecessors never                                                                                                       secure mini bar carts. In
    enjoyed: light weight                                                                                                    fact, specialty designs
    and versatility.                                                                                                          mean that everyone
    In fact, the versatility of                                                                                               from the concierge to
    the new housemaid’s                                                                                                       the maitre d’ has a
    trolley is virtually infinite                                                                                              workstation to fit their
    and they can be                                                                                                            needs.
    customised to suit virtually                                                                                             And, of course, there
    any situation. Size is less of                                                                                           are facilities for hand-
    a problem as the materials                                                                                           held PCs ready to update
    used to make the carts is                                                                                         room status, mini-bar
    ultra-light, be it moulded                                                                        information or F&B inventories.
    polyethylene, powder-coated                                                         For large, sprawling complexes there is now a bewildering
    aluminium or chrome.                                                           array of electric-powered carts to transport guests, luggage
    One takes the basic trolley and adds whatever racks, adjustable            and housekeeping requirements.
    shelves, bags, cupboards, security boxes and accessories one               The drive for efficiency and speed in the housekeeping arena has
    needs to build up a complete personalised, workstation for the             never been more acute. Providing a superior, matched-to-the-task
    housekeeper.                                                               workstation can save an enormous amount of waste time by
    The range of sizes is incredible and the utilisation of minimal space      keeping housekeeping staff actively working on their jobs rather
    is a work of art.                                                          than constantly going back and forth to collect materials, get rid of
                                                                               waste, emptying overfull bags and fetching bits and pieces to do
    Everything has been designed for ease of use, efficiency, tidiness,
                                                                               their work.
    cleanliness and durability without compromising aesthetic appeal.
    Everything has its place, bottles don’t fall off spilling their contents   If you are still living in the wooden trolley era, have a look at what
    on carpets, dirty linen isn’t on obvious display and even the              cart manufacturers are now offering.
    breakfast dishes are out of sight.                                         You will be surprised.


    Public Areas:

    Guest comes first in public area care

    the standards of a busy resort/hotel/motel or
    apartment really is a feat in itself. The reason the
    public area is kept so clean is because of the hard
    work maintenance and housekeeping employees put
    in. Their behind the scenes job is very important.
    Howard Williams, is one of the maintenance
    employees at the Landmark Resort in Mooloolaba, on
    the Sunshine Coast. General managers, Bob and
    Cheryl Parsons, know the importance of an areas
    presentation and cleanliness.
    Mr Williams said they both insist on and ensure the
    high standards that are in place, are maintained at all
    “As a maintenance team member, I am part of a
    three-man team. There is the maintenance supervisor,
    myself and another colleague. We all have a wide range of skills   maintenance of the resorts units, to pool and spa care. Also, our
    that cover most aspects of the resort maintenance.                 responsibilities include, the maintenance of recreational and
    “Our responsibilities are wide ranging, from the day-to-day        common areas.
                                                                       “Even though we are the maintenance staff, health and safety
                                                                       issues are still really important and our management ensures that
     REFURBISHMENT SPECIALISTS                    WINDOW               regulations are met,” Mr Williams said.
     AND PREFERRED SUPPLIERS                      COVERINGS            “As in most work places, health and safety issues are paramount
     TO THE ACCOMMODATION                                              and we are all constantly aware that we are our own safety
     INDUSTRY FOR OVER 25YRS!                                          inspectors. In this era of public liability, literature is always available
                                                  FURNITURE            to be read by staff at any time.”
                                                                       “Work is scheduled around guests. Our main concern is that
      MAXIMISE YOUR                               MANUFACTURING
                                                                       guests are not disturbed. If that is unrealistic, adequate notice is
      RETURN ON                                   COMPLETE UNIT        always given and the guests’ needs are met. After all they are the
                                                                       resorts main priority.”
      INVESTMENT                                  PKGS
                                                                       The Oaks Resort & Hotel Group currently has 21 properties that
      Through Increased Room                      CUSTOMISED           are under management in capital cities as well as high-rise resorts
      Yields & Repeat Business                    DESIGN CONCEPTS      that overlook coastal beaches. For guests that are after a bit of
                                                                       relaxation, the Oaks group also has villas that are set amongst
                                                                       acres of tropical landscaping.
                                                                       CEO, Brett Pointon said his company’s training and development
                                                                       courses stress to their staff that you really only get one chance
                                                                       when it comes to making a good first impression with a guest.
                                                                       “If a hotel or resort does not make a good first impression,
                                                                       whether it be the communication with the hotel operator or the
                                                                       way that the public area is presented, it is really hard to recover
                                                                       and build up the reputation again.”
                                                                       Mr Pointon said as with any coastal hotels and resorts, they may
                                                                       have more public areas to look after than that of the city
                                                                       properties but the same principle of first class service still applies.
                   Development Centre:
                                                                       “All of our maintenance staff and managers are extremely
                      8 Ern Harley Drive
                                                                       experienced and know how a successful accommodation business
                          Burleigh Heads                               should be run. It is always the guests that should come first,
                                 Qld 4220                              whether they are tourists, locals or people on business. Our main
                        07 5593 4511                                   priority is making our guests enjoy their time at the hotel and give
                      www.qcm.net.au                                   them the opportunity to use the facilities at their own leisure.”
                                                                       Rachael Williams - AMG Industry Reporter


                                                               supplier profile
                                                         RUDPLAS ROTOMOULDERS

                             Trolleys that will keep your business moving
          udplas Rotomoulders is an Australian family owned and                ribbing for additional strength and are ideal for moving larger loads
    R     operated business that has been manufacturing trolleys and
    materials handling equipment for the hotel and laundry industries
                                                                               about. These trolleys also have the option of a ‘rising base’ which
                                                                               raises items in the trolleys up to a convenient working level, aiding
    for over twenty years. Over this period of time, Rudplas has been          in the prevention of back injuries. The model 1300 trolley is a 400
    listening to the requirements of Hoteliers and Laundry operators           litre trolley that can have a scissor lift rising platform placed inside
    and has developed a range of trolleys that fulfil many of their needs.     it. The scissor lift can be fitted with either a 25kg, 45kg, 65kg or
    Our products are available with a large variety of options. Trolleys       100kg rated spring so as to keep the loads at a manageable
    can be manufactured in a wide range of colors, so they can be              working height. This trolley has parallel sides so that as the scissor
    matched in with your business theme or corporate identity. An              lift rises there is no large gap around the platform.
    assortment of castor sizes and arrangements can be fitted to best          The Tallboy and Capsule trolleys are ideal for moving very large
    suit your application. Beyond the simple array of color options,           loads around, especially when it is necessary to roundtrip loads
    powder coated or stainless steel shelving, tautliner trolley covers,       between the laundry and hotel via a truck. The Tallboy can have
    rising bases and towing mechanisms also are all options that can           two shelves fitted and a tautliner cover. The Capsule is the
    be included so that you get the most out of the trolley. The flexibility   premium trolley for the job. Shelves fitted can either be powder
    to customise trolleys to best suit individual needs puts the power         coated shelves or long lasting stainless steel shelves. The tautliner
    of choice in the hands of the customer. The tub trolleys range in          cover is attached at eight points by user friendly elastic hooks,
    size from 200 litres to 440 litres whilst the Capsule and Tallboy          which are recessed into the trolley, as are the stainless steel
    trolleys have a volume of approximately 1000 litres.                       handles. A recessed production card holder with two spring
    The 200 litre model 990 trolley is ideal for moving smaller loads          loaded clips is located on the side of the trolley. The Capsule can
    about in tight and confined working spaces. The model 1040 and             even be fitted with a towing attachment to move numerous trolleys
    1370 trolleys at 300 litre and 440 litres respectively, have side          around at one time.

           Small or large, whatever the job, we manufacture the trolley that will keep your business moving!

                                                                                                                         Available options
                                                                                                                         ERGONOMIC rising
                                                                                                                         bases, colour, castor
                                                                                                                         arrangement and
                                                                                                                         corporate logo.

                                                                       An Australian family owned company
                                                                       42 Peninsula Boulevard, SEAFORD VIC 3198
                                                                       Tel: 03 9776 8865 Fax: 03 9776 8198
                                                                       Web: www.rudplas.com.au Email: garud@bigpond.net.au



    Back home in Plainland
    with qualifications
    FOR CHEFFING STARTED AT A VERY EARLY                                                                      Trent at work with Debbie.
    AGE. At age 15 he even paid his own way to travel from Plainland
    in Queensland to Sydney for work experience at his aunt and uncle’s,
                                                                                     “I really enjoy seeing our young people grow and learn regardless of
    Colby Function Centre.
                                                                                     whether they stay with us or go on in life. It gives you a great deal of
    Today, Trent has completed his Certificate II in Commercial Cookery and
                                                                                     happiness knowing that they started here.”
    is doing his Certificate III with Porters Plainland Hotel.
                                                                                     Head chef, Debbie Doolan, agreed about the rewards of watching
    “I feel I am doing really well,” said Trent.                                     apprentices and trainees develop.
    “While my friends are studying I already have my Certificate II and a            “It is great to give kids an opportunity, to pass on information. I did an
    feeling of accomplishment. The people here are great. They all have a            apprenticeship 22 years ago but it was quite different then. Women did
    great sense of humour. I am saving my money for a really good car and            not do cheffing. It was a lot of hard work. 50 to 60 hours was the
    am looking at saving for a block of land.”                                       norm. I used my apprenticeship to earn an income while I travelled.
    Porters Plainland Hotel is a family business half way between                    “What stood out for me was how lucky I was to have good employers.
    Toowoomba and Brisbane, serving around 2000 meals a week.                        They treated me as family and that’s the way we treat our apprentices
    “This is a pub,” said owner, Michael Porter.. “So our meals are big and          here. We take on anyone who is keen and shows an interest in
    tasty. Our clients are a mixture of tourists and locals.                         hospitality. We try to support them as much as we can, for example,
    “The locals come here because we have the best service in the area as            working their rosters around TAFE.
    well as a very good menu and facilities. We pride ourselves on                   “I know that not many employers in this industry make the time to put
    customer service. We use the best ingredients and regularly change the           on apprentices but it can be extremely rewarding.
    menus. Travellers are looking for somewhere half way between the two             “The challenges we face are to do with how they fit in as part of the
    cities to break their trip so having the kitchen open til nine at night is       team and taking the time to repeat things so they are able to learn.
    important.                                                                       They arrive with no skills and leave with a wealth of knowledge. We
    “We were really too pressed for time to take on apprentices before               have three school-based trainees, one Australian school-based
    Debbie Doolan started with us. She really helps us do it well. It is             apprentice and one full-time apprentice in the kitchen. We will soon
    important that our business has good training and is compliant with all          have one trainee doing front-of-house hospitality operations.
    the regulations. And I can see that training staff has made a big                “It is nice to see they achieve and move on and do better.”
    difference.                                                                      Trent’s advice is: “Just get out there. It is not as hard as any other
    “But you need to make the time and have the right person doing it.               job and you walk out with a Certificate II or III or how far you want to
    Once you have that in place it runs itself after a while.                        go.”

    SeaWorld Gets Them Young
    Twelve young men and women smartly dressed in black pants and white              “I was interested in hospitality and had some secretarial skills training from
    tops sat waiting nervously, excited. They are in the back-of-house area of Sea   school. I knew exactly what I wanted to do! It’s a great learning experience to
    World Resort. Above, dolphins delight the crowds. At the front of the hotel, a   be given the opportunity to work with a great team in a fabulous resort. I was
    concierge helps a group of tourists choose the events they’ll see and how to     very thankful to be given such an opportunity at such a young age and in
    get there.                                                                       such an important part of the business.
    “Welcome to the Sea World Resort Australian School-based apprenticeship          “So I can relate to what the students are undertaking and I can tell them I
    program,” started Angie Muller from MEGT Australian Apprenticeships              know what they are going through. I also know how they can take control of
    Centre. “And congratulations on taking the first step towards achieving a        their own destiny through the Australian school-based apprenticeship
    nationally recognised training qualification. At no cost to you! You’re very     program.”
    fortunate to be able to gain valuable work experience, earn an income from       Sea World Resort likes to hire people with no previous experience because
    the work you do and gain your qualification, all at the same time.”              they can train people in their own procedures and ethos. They believe that it
    In the back rows parents, guardians and school teachers listen to what will      is an excellent way to bring fresh ideas to the resort.
    happen to their young people over the coming 12 months. They will have to        The Sea World Resort school-based trainee program has been running for
    co-sign the Australian Apprenticeships Training Contracts.                       the past five years, so local schools now know what to expect and what
    This year, Sea World Resort is employing Australian school-based                 support they need to give students. There is now more flexibility in the Gold
    apprentices from 21 schools. Information flyers were sent to schools and as      Coast schools’ approach to accommodating vocational training.
    a result 95 young people were interviewed for 70 positions. There are another
                                                                                     “The reason we started taking on trainees,” continued Erin, “was to fill our
    16 indigenous school-based trainees staying at the resort accommodation
                                                                                     skills shortages. What better way than to take on trainees and train them to
    because they have come from far north and western Queensland. Whereas
                                                                                     the exact standard we want? On top of that, we get to pick of the best of
    the local team will work at Sea World Resort one day a week and attend
                                                                                     those to employ full time. The completion rate is very high. Around 90%
    school for the rest, the indigenous team will work and train on location for
                                                                                     graduate. We have a higher completion from Australian School-based
    two weeks. They are all given practical experience in different parts of the
                                                                                     Apprenticeships because they start as a group and they have the support of
    hotel: kitchen; administration; concierge and front of house.
                                                                                     parents and teachers.
    “I know exactly how nervous they are,” said training manager, Erin Curtis
                                                                                     “It is very rewarding seeing parents and kids so happy and how the program
    “I started here seven years ago as a business administration trainee in the HR
                                                                                     has changed them. How they have developed in confidence as well as skills.”

                                                                    preferred supplier directory d

                                                       Providing Managers                                                             DIRECTORY INDEX
                                                                                                                113     ACCOUNTANTS & AUDITORS                            114   INSURANCE

                                                       with direct access                                       113     BARBEQUE &/OR BARBEQUE EQUIPMENT                  114   INTERNET SERVICES
                                                                                                                113     BEDS & BEDDING                                    114   LAUNDRY EQIPMENT &/OR SUPPLIES
                                                       to the Recommended                                       113     BEDSPREADS & BED COVERING PRODUCTS                114   LINEN &/OR LINEN GOODS
                                                                                                                113     BUILDING MAINTENANCE                              114   ODOUR REMOVAL
        Established in 1995                            Industry Specialists!                                    113     CLEANING EQUPMENT & SUPPLIES                      114   PAINTERS & DECORATORS
                                                                                                                113     COMPUTER CONSULTANTS                              115   PEST CONTROL
                                                                                                                114     COMPUTER SOFTWARE                                 115   QUANTITY SURVEYORS
      The Directory of Preferred Suppliers provides you with at-
                                                                                                                114     CURTAINS & CURTAIN FABRIC                         115   RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS
      your-fingertips supplier information whenever you need it.
                                                                                                                114     ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - REPAIRS                   115   SECURITY SYSTEMS &/OR CONSULTANTS
      Instantly accessible and constantly updated, the Preferred
                                                                                                                114     ELECTRONIC LOCKS & SAFES                          115   SIGNS
      Supplier Directory lists only suppliers of products and
                                                                                                                114     FINANCE BROKERS                                   115   SOLICITORS
      services of the highest quality, nominated for inclusion in
                                                                                                                114     FURNITURE - OUTDOOR                               115   STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS & EQUIP
      the Programme by other Accommodation Managers.
                                                                                                                114     GLASS INSTALLATION/REPAIRS                        115   TELEPHONE ANSWERING & MESSAGE SERVICE

      For suppliers tried, tested and recommended                                                               114     GOLF CARS                                         115   TELEPHONE SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                                114     HOTEL, MOTEL & RESORT SUPPLIES                    115   VACUUM CLEANERS
      by your industry peers, look no further!
      Important Disclaimer: As the suppliers listed have been nominated by an industry client and as such are included in good faith on the basis of that referral, no guarantee can be given or implied as to the
      suitability or performance of these suppliers. We encourage all readers to fully satisfy themselves as to the competency of these suppliers before ordering any products or services.

        ACCOUNTANTS & AUDITORS                                      BEDS & BEDDING
                                                                                                                               The sign of an Industry Specialist.
Baker & Affleck Chartered Accountants
Due Diligence, Accounting, Taxation & Audit Services

COOLANGATTA TO BRISBANE                                                                                                                                                            BUILDING MAINTENANCE
E: admin@baker-affleck.com www:baker-affleck.com
Ph:(07) 5538 3088 Fx:(07) 5539 0805


                                                                                                                                                                                        CLEANING EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                                                                                                            & SUPPLIES

                                                                                                                           BEDSPREADS &
                                                                                                                      BED COVERING PRODUCTS

      It’s your turn to
       experience a                                                                                                                                                                COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
   professional industry
   supplier with five star
           service.                                                                                          Clamshell International Pty Ltd
  Hand picked by                                                                                             Bedspreads & all linen goods to the accommodation industry

  your industry peers!                                                                                       SERVICING AUSTRALIA WIDE
                                                                                                             E:clamshel@bigpond.net.au W:www.clamshell.com.au
                                                                                                             Ph:(02) 9580 2005 Fx:(02) 9580 2414
                       d your best
                                                                                                                                         SUPPLIERS WANTED
  For more
                       1800 048 444                                                                                                                  1800 048 444
                                                                                                                                                                                         SPRING 2007             113
    preferred supplier directory

      COMPUTER SOFTWARE          ELECTRONIC LOCKS & SAFES                      The sign of                              LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT
                                                                               an Industry Specialist.                     &/OR SUPPLIES

                                                                                         GOLF CARS

                                                                                                                   LINEN &/OR LINEN GOODS

                                     FINANCE BROKERS

                                                              HOTEL, MOTEL & RESORT SUPPLIES

                                                                                                         Clamshell International Pty Ltd
                                                                                                         Bedspreads & all linen to the accommodation industry
                                                                                                         SERVICING AUSTRALIA WIDE
                                                                                                         E: clamshel@bigpond.net.au W: www.clamshell.com.au
                                                                                                         Ph:(02) 9580 2005 Fx:(02) 9580 2414
                                                                                                         Orlando Linen
                                                                                                         Sheets, Towels, Bedspreads, Pillows & Mattress Protectors
                                   FURNITURE - OUTDOOR
                                                                                                         SERVICING AUSTRALIA
                                                                                                         E: elsa@midcoast.com.au W: elsalinen.com.au
                                                                                         INSURANCE       Ph:(02) 6650 9314 Fx:(02) 6650 9316 Mb:0418 666 603

                                                             Body Corporate Brokers                                          ODOUR REMOVAL
                                                             General Insurance Brokers
                                                             AUSTRALIA WIDE
                                                                                                         Ozone Industries
                                                                                                         Sanitise rooms of unpleasant odours, bacteria, viruses
                                                             1800 817 360 or 07 5538 2755
     ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES -                                                                             E:nuala@ozoneindustries.com.au W:wwwozoneindustries.com.au
             REPAIRS                                                         INTERNET SERVICES           Ph: (02) 9872 8501 - Nuala

                                                                                                                    PAINTERS & DECORATORS

                                GLASS INSTALLATION/REPAIRS

                                                                                                         ANP Painting Contractors
                                                                                                         Specialising in hi-rise repaints, concrete spelling & waterproofing
                                                                                                         GOLD COAST
                                                                                                         E: anp1@bigpond.net.au MB: 0418 756 448
                                                                                                         Ph:(07) 5520 1256 Fx:(07) 5520 1602

          The sign of an Industry Specialist.
                                                                                        preferred supplier directory d

Higgins Coatings
Better Painting Management
www.higginscoatings.com.au Gold Coast Ph: (07) 5569 0324
                                                                      It’s your turn to experience                                     IT IS ALL ABOUT
Brisbane Ph: (07) 3552 8300 Fx: (07) 3552 8399                        a professional industry
                                                                      supplier with                                                      REWARD FOR
                                                                      five star service.
Leaders in Commercial Painting & Maintenance
                                                                      Hand picked by your
                                                                      industry peers!
Bris: (07) 3265 3654 S/Coast: (07) 5543 9906

                       PEST CONTROL                                                                                                 W       e all should know what it is
                                                                                                                                            like. You go out of your way
                                                                                                                                   to ensure your guests have the best
Amalgamated Pest Control Pty Ltd                                                                       SIGNS
Commercial, industrial & Household
                                                                                                                                   time possible. You greet them with a
VICTORIA, NSW, QLD & NT                                             Signxtreme Pty Ltd                                             friendly smile, help them carry their
gmcfarlane@amalpest.com.au                                          Every concept of quality signage

Ph: 131 961 Fx:(07) 3275 1314                                       SUNSHINE COAST TO BYRON BAY                                    luggage, run them through the myri-
                                                                    signs@signxtreme.com                                           ad of activities they can enjoy and
              QUANTITY SURVEYORS                                    Ph:(07) 5572 9255 Fx:(07) 5575 3500 Mb: 0413743643
                                                                                                                                   ensure they are looked after right up

                                                                                               SOLICITORS                          to the moment they are on their way home, relaxed and
                                                                                                                                   satisfied with their stay at your wonderful complex.
                                                                    Sykes Pearson Miller
                                                                    Management Rights, Commercial & Property Law                   You feel a sense of warm satisfaction, a feeling only the best
                                                                    SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND                                          service can provide to both the guest and manager.
                                                                    E: spm@noosalaw.com.au W:wwwnoosalaw.com.au
                                                                    Ph: (07) 5440 4800 Fx: (07) 5474 9099                          Best of all you know there is a good chance you will see the
                 RISK MANAGEMENT                                                                                                   Joneses next holidays, happy with the service you have pro-
                    CONSULTANTS                                                   STAINLESS STEEL                                  vided. This is what professional service is all about.
                                                                               PRODUCTS & EQUIPMENT
Fenech Solutions                                                                                                                   In addition to the expectation of repeat business that comes
Security Mgt, employee & public safety, fire & emergency planning   Minnis & Samson Pty Ltd                                        with good service, there is the added spin-off of referrals. In
AUSTRALIA WIDE                                                      High quality metal fabrication and stainless steel furniture
www.fenechsolutions.com.au                                                                                                         between stays the Joneses talk holidays with their friends and
                                                                    AUSTRALIA WIDE E:minnis-samson@bigpond.com
Ph:( 07) 3716 0955 Fx:(07) 3716 0966                                W:www.minnisandsamson.com.au                                   family, all keen to get the Joneses feedback to assist them to
                                                                    Ph:( 07) 3268 2471 Fx:(07) 3268 5316                           make their own holiday decision.
                 SECURITY SYSTEMS
                 &/OR CONSULTANTS                                            TELEPHONE ANSWERING &                                 The Joneses happily recommend your complex to all and
                                                                                 MESSAGE SERVICE                                   sundry – you receive calls indicating that the initial enquiry
                                                                                                                                   came from a referral by the Jones’s.

                                                                                                                                   You make a mental note to thank them for their referral and to
                                                                                                                                   ensure you go out of your way to give them the best possible
                                                                                                                                   holiday when they arrive back. In the meantime you graciously
                                                                                                                                   accommodate their referred friends and relatives, giving each
                                                                                                                                   the same high level of service you had shown the Joneses.
                                                                                 TELEPHONE SYSTEMS &
                                                                                      EQUIPMENT                                    The moral of the story is obvious. If you give the best service,
                                                                                                                                   you will have happy guests. These guests will in turn recom-
                                                                                                                                   mend you to other prospective guests based on your good

                                                                                                                                   You will ensure you maintain that standard for each referred
                                                                                                                                   guests with a little extra attention for the guest making the
                                                                                     VACCUM CLEANERS
                                                                                                                                   Those businesses that supply you are no different. If you
                                                                                                                                   receive good service and go out of your way to recognise this
                                                                                                                                   with your referral to other potential customers your suppliers
Surfside Security Systems Pty Ltd
Supply & service intercoms, access control, cctv, alarms                                                                           will be very appreciative to you and your referred customers.
info@surfsidesecurity.com.au                                                                                                       Recognition is the best reward for doing the right thing so make
Ph:(07) 5592 0433 Fx:(07) 5592 2882                                                                                                sure you give your best suppliers their due rewards and recom-
                                                                                                                                   mend them to other managers. You can be sure they will reward
            1800 048 444                                                                                                           you for the effort.

                                                                                                                                                                           SPRING 2007     115
leave a lasting impression
with your guests...

Offering exceptional products to the accommodation industry:
               • Coffee & Tea • Guest amenities • Manchester • Beds
                 • Signage • Motel furniture • Matting • Kitchenware
                • Electrical goods • Glassware • Biscuits • Crockery
                          • Cutlery • Tissues • Toilet paper
                             • Garbage bags • Chemicals

                             Suppliers to the Accommodation Industry

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