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					Business Address:             Local Tel.: (360) 786-8000
204 Custer Way                Toll-free: 1-877-373-0835
Olympia, WA 98501-3330        Fax: (360) 570-7487

                         Charles H. Williams
Goal                     Election to State Superior Court Judge, Thurston County, Washington.

Experience               1981-present: Lawyer, Charles H. Williams, Attorney & Counselor at Law,
                         P.S., Olympia, Wash.
                                Currently (2005-06), serves as pro tem district court judge.
                                From 1992 to present, engaged in trial and appellate practice limited
                                  to personal injury and criminal defense.
                                 From 1981 to 1992, engaged in general law practice in which
                                  roughly 35% of caseload was family-law related.
                                 From 1986 to 1992, served as pro tem superior court judge.

                         1977–81: Hearings Officer, Washington State Personnel Board, Olympia,
                              Heard and decided contested state civil service cases for
                                Washington State Personnel Board (inc. employee disciplinary
                                actions, unfair labor practice complaints, and promotion and
                                examination appeals).

License and              May 1981: Admitted to Washington State Bar.
                         February 1982: Admitted to practice before United States District Court,
                         Western District of Washington.

                         June 1986: Admitted to practice before United States Supreme Court.

Education                J.D. 1980, University of Puget Sound School of Law, Tacoma, Wash., 1977-80.
                               Attended law school on three-year full-tuition scholarship.

                         B.A. 1974, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Wash., 1972-74.
                               Baccalaureate included completion of Common Core Curriculum at
                                 University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill., 1970-72.
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  Professional and       Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL):
  Community Activities       Co-Chair, Washington Criminal Defense (quarterly journal
                                published jointly with Washington Defender Association [WDA]),
                                President-Elect, President and Past President, 1999-2002;
                                Vice-President/West, 1998-99;
                                Board Member, 1992-96;
                                Legislative Chair, 1987-89.

                         Washington State Bar Association:
                             Time for Trial Task Force, 2002-03;
                                 Legislative Committee, 1992-94.

                         Thurston County Bar Association:
                             Law Day High School Speech Competition, Chair, 1982-present;
                                Criminal Law Committee, Chair, 1988-90.

                         National Institute for Trial Advocacy: Pacific Northwest Regional Instructor,

                         YMCA Washington High School Mock Trial Program:
                            Franklin High School, Seattle, Wash., Lawyer-Coach, 1996-present
                              (Washington State Champion 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and
                              2002; National Champion 2000).
                                National High School Mock Trial Championship, Scoring Judge,

                         Trowbridge Foundation, Olympia, Wash.: Board Member, 1999-present
                         (organization promoting application of forensic psychology to resolution of
                         legal disputes).

                         South Sound Advocates for Disabled Citizens, Olympia, Wash.:
                              President, 1982-91 (supervised growth, from one-person to 18-
                                 person staff, of non-profit agency providing housing, assistance and
                                Board member, 1981-82.

  Professional           Forthcoming, Advocate and Witness: Mock Trial Principles, Preparation and
  Publications and       Performance—textbook for students of high-school and college mock-trial
                         ―The New Time for Trial Rules,‖ 2003 Year in Review CLE, WACDL,
                         December 2003, Seattle.

                         ―Cross Examination for Dummies,‖ Zen and the Art of Trial Practice CLE,
                         WACDL, October 2003, Tri-Cities and Seattle.

                         ―Cross Examination for Dummies: Presenting Your Case in Cross without
                         Destroying Your Credibility,‖ Washington Criminal Defense (WACDL/WDA
                         May 2002).

                         ―Working with Forensic Psychologists: Some Basic Points of Criminal Defense
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                      Practice,‖ Psychological Defense: Using Psychological Expertise in Defense of
                      the Accused, WACDL, April 2001, Tri-Cities and Seattle (CLE Chair).

                      ―Evidence for ‗Dummies‘: An Admissibility Primer for Criminal Defense
                      Practice,‖ Washington Criminal Defense (WACDL/WDA February 2001).

                      ―Arguing Future Dangerousness: New Techniques for Assessing the Risk of
                      Violence,‖ Washington Criminal Defense (WACDL/WDA February 2000), co-
                      authored with Brett C. Trowbridge.

                      ―Inspiring Jurors with Speech: Lessons in Delivery from the Laboratory of
                      Mock Trial,‖ Washington Criminal Defense (WACDL/WDA May 1999).

                      ―Cross-Examination Notes: Mock Trials, Trial Masters, and the Socratic
                      Method,‖ Washington Criminal Defense (WACDL/WDA November 1997).

                      ―Current Issues in DUI Cases,‖ General Practitioner CLE, WSTLA, October
                      1997, Olympia.

                      ―Self-Defense as an Excuse: Using Mental Experts to Establish
                      Reasonableness,‖ Washington Criminal Defense (WACDL/WDA May 1997),
                      co-authored with Brett C. Trowbridge.

                      ―Moving Jurors: Using Emotional Appeals at Trial,‖ Washington Criminal
                      Defense (WACDL/WDA February 1997).

                      ―Real Life Practice Tips: Becoming a Supremely Persuasive Trial Lawyer, Pt.
                      2,‖ Washington Criminal Defense (WACDL/WDA August 1996).

                      ―Real Life Practice Tips: Becoming a Supremely Persuasive Trial Lawyer, Pt.
                      1,‖ Washington Criminal Defense (WACDL/WDA May 1996).

                      ―Defending the Battered Child: Some Lessons from State v. Marquez,‖
                      Washington Criminal Defense (WACDL/WDA Feb. 1993).

                      ―Expert Witnesses,‖ Thurston County Young Lawyers CLE, November 1992,

                      ―State Drug Legislation Update,‖ 1989 Annual CLE, WACDL, June 1989,

  Personal            Date of birth: November 22, 1951.
                      Married to Cappy Thompson, Seattle glass artist—see

                                                                                        July 12, 2011