Intro to A_P Paper Dolls by shuifanglj


                               Intro to A&P Organ System Paper Dolls

   Create (accordion folded) paper dolls to represent each of the 11 organ systems
   Explain the interdependence of the organ systems

   1. Tape 2 pieces of computer paper (or 1 poster paper) and fan fold 10x for 11 total flaps
   2. Fan fold and outline the shape of a person’s body and make sure hands and feet go all the way to
       the edge of fan folds
   3. Cut outline (except for where hands and feet connect at edges)
   4. On one side write the name of the organ system and write the general functions of the system
   5. On the other side, draw in the organs of the corresponding organ system in their realistic location
       and label.
   6. Color & use to study system overviews and major organs!

Analysis Questions:

   1. What organ is shared by both the endocrine system and the immune system? Why is it
      considered to be part of both?

   2. Why is the urethra considered to be a part of both the urinary system and male reproductive
      system, but not the female reproductive system?

   3. Explain why the muscular system would be unable to function with out the skeletal system or
      nervous system.

   4. Compare and contrast the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system.

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