A Common Sense Approach
     to Healthy Living
Gradual Permanent Lifestyle
   Changes will lead to:

    Life long eating and activity habits
    Higher energy levels
    Decreased health risks
    Long term weight control and
       The Truth About Diets
 Diets are unhealthy
 Diets lead to weight gain
 The cost of dieting is high
 Looking good involves more than
 The dieting cycle can be broken
 Authors rely on our lack of scientific
  knowledge of weight management
  to sell their books.
Weight Management that Works

   Slow weight loss (1-2 pounds/week)
   Balanced eating plan
   Regular physical activity
   Skill building for life
   Credible author/ peer reviews
   The challenge is achieving permanent,
    not temporary weight loss
Learn to Love &
Accept Yourself

        Your genetic
         makeup is
        what makes
         you unique
Learn to Love & Accept Yourself:
   Accept Your Individuality

      Look you best now
      Put the scales away
      Beauty comes in many sizes
      Deflate your saboteurs
      Project a confident you
      Be your own best friend
         Making Time for Me
Remember, only when you
take care of yourself can
you truly take care of
You need to be well-fed,
well-rested, well-supported
and in good physical shape.
Make Peace with Food: Begin
    Eating Intuitively

              Legalize all foods
              Listen to your hunger
                – The hunger scale
              Stop when you are full
Take Control of Emotional Eating:

  Eating is one of the most
  emotionally charged experiences
  we have in our lives.
Take Control of Emotional
     Eating: Coping

   Do you feel hunger?
   If yes, then eat.
   If no, what are you feeling?
   What are your options other
    than eating?
   Nurture yourself
   Eat Well: A Healthy Approach
             to Eating

Healthy Weight
Healthy Eating
Your Lifelong Eating Plan
The News on Nutrients
             Healthy Weight

   Genetic makeup
   Metabolic rate
   Body composition
   Activity level
   Food choices
   Current health problems
  Body Mass Index

18.6 or less   Underweight
  20-24.9        Normal
  25-29.9      Overweight
30 or more       Obese
      Healthy Eating

 Base your lifelong plan on
  guidelines from MyPyramid
 Maintain a healthy relationship
  with food
 Avoid the “good food/bad food”
 Remember moderation and
  variety in all your food choices
     Your Lifelong Eating Plan

Eat Well for the Health of It
    Assess your current
     eating habits
    Compare them to
    Create your own eating
Estimated Daily Calorie Needs
                        Calorie Range
         Age     Sedentary       Active
Female   14-18   1800            2400
         19-31   2000            2400
         31-50   1800            2200
         51+     1600            2200
Males    14-18   2200            3200
         19-30   2400            3000
         31-50   2200            3000
         51+     2000            2800
      Create Your Eating Plan:
           Going Further

 Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
___ (wt in pounds) x ___ (10 woman, 11 man) =____
                                             calories for basic
                                             energy needs (BMR)
 Calorie Needs for Physical Activity
___ calories for BMR x ___ activity # = ____
                                       calories for activity
     Create Your Eating Plan:
          Going Further

 Calorie Needs for Digestion and Absorption
BMR calories + activity calories x 0.1 = ____
      calories for digestion & absorption (D&A)
 Total Calorie Needs
BMR calories + activity calories + D&A calories =___
     Your Healthy Eating Plan

The secret to lifelong
health is to form a
healthy daily eating
pattern, not a
regimented routine.
MyPyramid Recommendations

Food Group       Daily Amount of Food
                 1400      2000       2400
   Grain       5 oz.-eq. 6 oz.-eq. 8 oz.-eq.
 Vegetable     1½ cups 2½ cups       3 cups
    Fruit      1½ cups    2 cups     2 cups
    Milk        2 cups    3 cups     3 cups
Meat & Beans   4 oz.-eq. 5½ oz.-eq. 6½ oz.-eq.
    Oils         4 tsp.    6 tsp.     7 tsp.
     DC           171       267        362
 The News on Nutrients

      – Energy
      – Fiber: Soluble and Insoluble
   Sources: grains, cereals, fruits,
    vegetables. legumes
 The News on Nutrients
    – Recommendation: 14 g fiber for
      every 1000 calories consumed
 Maintains proper bowel function
 Decreases the risk for heart disease
   and some cancers
 Moderates blood glucose levels
 Lowers your calorie intake by helping
   you to stay full longer
  The News on Nutrients

   Strengthens blood
   Builds and maintains muscle and
     body structure
   Sources: meat, fish, poultry, eggs,
     dried beans (including soy), lentils,
     nuts and seeds
   The News on Nutrients

  Adds the flavor
    to food
Defining the Fats

           Monounsaturated
           Polyunsaturated
           Saturated
           Omega-3 Fatty Acids
           Trans Fatty Acids
          A Word About

 Vitamins
 Minerals
   – Calcium
   – Iron
 Phytochemicals

Are you getting

Pleasurable Eating

     Give yourself permission to
      eat the foods you like.
     Savor foods as you eat them.
     Make eating more enjoyable.
     Eat when you are hungry;
      stop when you’re full.
     If you love it, savor it. If you
      don’t love it, leave it.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and
        Snack Ideas

   Breaking the Breakfast Barrier.
   Making the Most of Lunchtime.
   What’s for Dinner
   Smart Snacking Makes Sense
Breaking the Breakfast Barrier

 Breakfast is the most important
  meal of the day.
 Include at least three food groups
  at breakfast.
   – example: yogurt, fruit, granola
Breaking the Breakfast Barrier

          Breakfast on the go
            – example: bagel with peanut
              butter and banana
          Breakfast-at-home
            – example: English muffin with
              cheese and fruit salad
Making the Most of Lunchtime

 Remembering to eat mid-day
  will help you avoid becoming
 Include food sources of
  carbohydrate, protein, and fat.
Making the Most of Lunchtime

 Grab and Go lunches
   – Example: bagel sandwich with turkey,
     cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, and
     mustard. Add an apple and a few chips
     for crunch.
 At Home Lunches
   – Example: baked potato with chili and
     cheese; pear slices; and fruit bar cookies.
        What’s for Dinner:
          Planning Tips

 Review your menu options
 Plan a shopping list for
  “extras” or meals
 Use time saving appliances
 Plan for left-overs
 Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas

 Pasta or Rice
 Evening Breakfast
 Food Bars: Baked Potato,
  Taco/Burrito or Salad
 Pizza
Smart Snacking Makes Sense

               Listen to your body.
               Do not forget the protein.
               Keep snacks handy.
               Remember moderation.
     Grocery Shopping for a
         Healthier You

 Keep variety and MyPyramid
  in mind.
 Shop the perimeter of the
 Read those food labels
 Be prepared to shop
 Be an informed shopper
Reading Food Labels

            Serving Sizes
            Nutrient Information
            Calories per Gram
            % Daily Value
            Trans Fat
            Rounding
            Nutritional Claims
Shopping Hand in Hand
   with MyPyramid
Breads, Cereals, Rice and Pasta

 Look for whole grain products
   – B-vitamins
   – Fiber
   – Low in fat
      Fruits and Vegetables

 Great sources of
   – Vitamins
   – Minerals
   – Fiber
 Variety is the key!
           Dairy Products

 Great source of
   – Calcium
   – Protein
   – Vitamin D
 Many lowfat and fat free
  products available
Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans,
        Eggs and Nuts

                Pay attention to portion
                 size and fat content
                Excellent source of:
                  – Protein
                  – Iron
                  – Zinc
                  – Vitamin B-12
             Oils and Fats

 Pay attention to the type
  and amount you choose
 Great source of
   – Vitamin E
   – Essential fatty acids
   – Energy
Keeping a Well Stocked Room
          or Fridge
Healthy Eating on the Run

     Plan your day
     Keep food handy
     Plan ahead
     Get moving
Nutritious Restaurant Eating

                Size up portion sizes
                Leaner cuisine
                Order you way
                Avoid overeating
                Bon Appetit
       Tour of Restaurants:
             Fast Food

 The Good News:
 Nutrition information is often
 The menus are fairly standard
  from franchise to franchise
 Beware of value-added meals

   The Good News:
    Choose your own
     sauce and toppings
    Start your meal with
     a small salad
    Easy nutrient rich
             Deli Shops

 The Good News:
 One sandwich is usually enough for two
 Add broth based soup
 Add a small salad

The Good News: Healthy choices
   Asada (grilled)
   Veracruz-style (tomato sauce)
   Salsa Verde (green chile sauce)
   Mole Sauce (chili-chocolate sauce)
   Soft tortillas
   Entrees topped with lettuce and

 The Good News:
 Vegetable based
 Family style service
  lets you choose your
  own portion size
 Flavorful tomato
  based sauces
 The Good News:

   Rice is the cornerstone
    of the menu
   Low fat meat and
    vegetable side dishes
   Fortune cookies make a
    great dessert
Maintaining Lifelong Habits
Maintaining Lifelong Habits

   Small daily decisions will lead
    to long term habits
   Pat yourself on the back
   Deal with set backs
   Take care of yourself
   Enjoy yourself
              Thank you!

Jennifer M. Doane, MS, RD, LDN, ATC
       Advantage Nutrition & Wellness

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