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Project Charter Templet


Project Charter Templet document sample

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									                      Template Examples Disclaimer

Unless otherwise specifically stated, the information contained herein
is made available to the public by the Department of Human
Services, Office of Information Services, Project Management Office
for use as an example of template content information and may not
reflect the realities of an actual project. The intent of the template
example is to assist an individual creating a new document using the
PMO standard template.

Neither the DHS, OIS, PMO nor any other agency or entities thereof,
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agency or entities thereof.

Author: Sally Gilbert
Created on:  7/12/2011
                AIX/Sybase 12.5 Migration-Project Charter

         Oregon Department of Human Services
             Office of Information Services
              AIX / Sybase 12.5 Migration

                          Approval Date: xx/xx/xxxx


                                  Identify the Business
                                  (Product Description)

                                   Present Concept for
                                  Managment Approval              Project Proposal
                                  (Executive Summary)

                                 Obtain Authorities for a
                                   (Project Charter)


                    Purpose of the Charter Document
The charter serves as an agreement and commitment between the sponsor and
project. The charter makes explicit the mission, authority and responsibility of
the project being chartered. The charter also conveys commitment from and
implied support by the sponsor.

The product description, executive summary and project charter form the basis
for the projects strategic direction.. The three pieces, if approved, represent the
project proposal. The approved proposal is the commitment to begin the
“Planning Phase”.

Last printed 7/12/2011 3:33:00 PM
                 AIX/Sybase 12.5 Migration-Project Charter

                         Document Change Activity
    The following is a record of the changes that have occurred on this document
                          from the time of its original approval
#     Change Description                                             Author        Date

Last printed 7/12/2011 3:33:00 PM
                AIX/Sybase 12.5 Migration-Project Charter

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Charter is to define the mission,
authority, conduct of operations or responsibilities, and membership
for the migration of the Decision Support databases to an IBM AIX
server with the Sybase upgrade to 12.5. The charter also conveys
commitment from and implied support by the sponsor.               The
information communicated here will be the basis for the project plans
and controls.

SCOPE AUTHORITY: This Charter applies to all personnel assigned
to, directing, or supporting the AIX/Sybase 12.5 Migration project.

AUTHORITY: Ultimate authority lies with Ed Klimowicz-Data
Resource Manager or Rich Grace-Computer Resource Manager.

To enable DRM & CRM to migrate the Sybase decision support
databases (TEST2, PROD2 and PROD2A) from Solaris UNIX servers
with Sybase version 11.9.2 to IBM AIX servers with Sybase version
12.5. It is critical that DRM and the database owners (dbo’s) perform
testing on AIX before production jobs are moved over. There are
potential changes to code and unknown issues that may have to be
addressed as a result of in depth testing on AIX. All applications that
interface with Sybase will need to be tested with the 11.9.2 client to
ensure minimal impact and current functionality is not altered.
By performing these tests DRM will be able to increase the chances
of successful Sybase database migrations to the AIX servers and
better prepare the analysts for ongoing database administration
duties on Sybase and AIX.

1. The delivery of the solution will be planned and managed loosely
   as a project using the standard set of the Project Management
   Institute’s project management phases – Initiating, Planning,
   Executing, Controlling, and Closing.
2. The project will identify, communicate, and obtain agreement of
   other affected groups or individuals who will be needed to support
   the project’s solution in the project plan.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\da674dc2-094e-4744-bb78-8a0cf7d0e362.doc   Page 1
Last printed 7/12/2011 3:33:00 PM
                AIX/Sybase 12.5 Migration-Project Charter


3. The project team will be comprised of a cross-section of staff
   representing areas of OIS to ensure that needs from all areas are
4. The solution will be delivered in two phases. Phase one will
   incorporate testing and migration of the DSS(decision support)
   production (PROD2 and PROD2A) and test servers. Phase two
   will incorporate migrating the OLTP (online transaction processing)
   production (PROD1) and test servers to AIX.
5. The project will create and utilize as guidance and communication
   an Integrated Project Plan (2-4 pages of content) that includes:
    Agreed upon project scope and 4-6 measurable objectives in
     which the outcome of the project will be evaluated against.

    A Work breakdown structure, that is a list of approximately 10-
     20 work activities that are at a high enough level to describe all
     the work that will be performed on the project. If other groups
     are needed to support the delivery of the solution, then their
     work activity must be included in the plan.

    Assignment of the primary person responsible to perform each
     activity. Selection of work activities and duration estimates
     must be balanced with resources to ensure testing and
     migration by July 1, 2003. ??

     The creation of a high-level schedule to track the phases,
      milestones and 10-20 work activities.

    An indication of the budget or funding source for the project.

     A brief statement of how status reporting and other informal
      communications will be reported.
     A brief statement of how issues will be resolved.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\da674dc2-094e-4744-bb78-8a0cf7d0e362.doc   Page 2
Last printed 7/12/2011 3:33:00 PM
                AIX/Sybase 12.5 Migration-Project Charter


     A brief statement of how changes to the work will be managed.
     The project will use the OIS standard project directory to store
      the information produced as part of this project.
6. Database Administration / Testing:
    Develop base database administrative procedures for
     DRM/CRM – document core processes and procedures for
     internal use within DRM for Sybase.      CRM and DRM will
     document the ongoing roles each group will be responsible for.
    Using the test environment set up by the Computer Resource
     Management group (CRM) on AIX, execute approved existing
     production scripts with results, timings and any issues
     documented. Existing DSS databases will have been identified
     and copied to the Instance on AIX.
7. Provide informal status to the project sponsors and team. The
   members of the core project team will track project time and
   results for the weekly project team meetings and documentation.


a. Core Members are dedicated 10-50% percent of their time upon
   joining the project, excluding leave and required overhead duties.
   The core members shall perform the majority of the project work.
   The proposed Core Members and their primary roles are:

       Gary Jones                   Lead Senior Database Analyst
       Sally Gilbert                Database Analyst
       Narayan Appachar             Database Analyst
       Jeff Mullins                 Database Analyst
       Michael Wauge                Database Analyst

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\da674dc2-094e-4744-bb78-8a0cf7d0e362.doc   Page 3
Last printed 7/12/2011 3:33:00 PM
                AIX/Sybase 12.5 Migration-Project Charter

MEMBERSHIP continued,

b. DRM DB2 Implementation Sponsor provides the executive
   leadership, priority, and commitment to the project, its goals and
   objectives. The sponsor assures appropriate resources, funding,
   and the final decision on issues irresolvable by the project. The
   DRM DB2 Implementation Sponsor is:
       Ed Klimowicz                 DRM Manager
       Rich Grace                   Computer Resource Manager

c. CRM Partners participate as required providing technical insight
   and assistance with server test environments. The DRM DB2
   Implementation CRM Partners are:
       Neal Mendenhall              Systems Software Analyst
       Gary Barr                    Systems Software Analyst
       Steve Priem                  Systems Software Analyst

d. Other Support is the individuals or groups that the project will
   interface with to provide the solution. Their roles are varied and
   include supporting the development infrastructure and processes,
   providing technical assistance, answering questions that may arise
   during the course of development regarding specific functionality
   and processes, to assist in testing AIX and Sybase 12.5.
   Implementation enhancements and additions to insure the
   business objectives are met, and to test data passed to/from the
   systems to their respective systems. The proposed contacts are:

       OIS ISE – assist with testing applications by running data loads,
       procedures and scripts.
       NDS – assist with necessary changes to ODBC, Open Client
       and registry changes.
       Help Desk – assist with fielding user questions and issues that
       arise after migration.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\da674dc2-094e-4744-bb78-8a0cf7d0e362.doc   Page 4
Last printed 7/12/2011 3:33:00 PM
                AIX/Sybase 12.5 Migration-Project Charter

REVISION: This charter will be reviewed, communicated, and
revised as deemed necessary by the Project Lead and the DRM

   _____________________                   _____________________
   Name,                                   Name,
   Title                                   Title

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\da674dc2-094e-4744-bb78-8a0cf7d0e362.doc   Page 5
Last printed 7/12/2011 3:33:00 PM

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