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                    volume 20, issue 8   april 2010

                                    The Junior League of Greenville is an organization committed to:
                        Developing the potential of women, Improving the community and Promoting voluntarism.

                In the 1990’s, the Junior League of Greenville...
             • Brought Dinosaurs to Life in order to fund projects
             • Led Child Watch, which stressed literacy in preschool children
             • Created Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T. in order to promote media ratings
             • Worked with The Awareness Team to combat teen pregnancy

                                  engage. encourage. empower...eighty.
junior league of greenville / 118 greenacre road / greenville, south carolina 29607 / p 864.233.2663 / f 864.233.9092 /
                     developing the potential of women
the jlg board        “Promise me you’ll always remem-
                     ber: You’re braver than you be-
                                                              It’s not just the plants and animals
                                                              growing around us, we too are
                                                                                                              by Jeanne McCoy
                                                                                                     school French. While I may not
                                                                                                     have had a classroom for these
                     lieve, and stronger than you seem,       women growing and developing.          past almost eleven years, I have
                     and smarter than you think.”             In fact, one-third of our Mission is   certainly benefited from the les-
                                            ~A.A. Milne       dedicated to just that: developing     sons taught to me by the Junior
                                                              the potential of women. One of         League of Greenville and the
                     Spring is here, finally!    Isn’t it
                                                              the many benefits of membership        experiences I have encountered
                     beautiful? All around us the air is
                                                              in the Junior League of Greenville     because of my membership and
                     warmer, the birds are chirping as
                                                              is the depth of opportunities avail-   my varied Placements. The JLG
                     they build their nests, the flowers
                                                              able to each one of us to grow         has presented me with lessons in
                     are budding, and the dogwood
                                                              and develop in both personal           humility, leadership, communi-
                     trees are releasing their blooms
                                                              and professional ways. Whether         cation, organization, facilitation,
                     into the air replacing the flurries
                                                              you are an Active, Provisional, or     delegation, goal-setting, team-
                     of snow we have seen this past
                                                              Sustainer, the JLG offers you many     building, and even power-point
                     winter. How inspiring! This time of
                                                              ways to develop your own poten-        presentations! As I return to the
                     new growth and renewal reminds
                                                              tial. Through both formal and in-      teaching profession, I continuous-
                     me of what we do in the Junior
                                                              formal avenues, you can discover       ly find myself using these skills and
                     League of Greenville. We have
                                                              an issue that ignites passion within   more that I have honed through
                     been working tirelessly since the
                                                              you, expand your communica-            my JLG experience, and often
                     very beginning of the 2009-2010
                                                              tion skills, cultivate your leader-    find myself passing them on to my
                     JLG year to engage, encourage,
                                                              ship potential, build and maintain     students.
                     and empower each other and the
                                                              relationships, discern new ways
                     community we serve to dream                                                     I hope you will take a moment to
                                                              to manage conflict, nurture initia-
                     more, learn more, do more, and                                                  recognize the many lessons the
                                                              tive and responsibility, and much
                     become more. Nevertheless, as                                                   JLG has given you, and that you’ll
                                                              more. And while much of this may
                     we begin to wind down this year’s                                               seek out new ways to grow and
                                                              come from structured and orga-
                     programs and projects, we are                                                   develop. As Christopher Robin
                                                              nized training, much of this may
                     also doing a tremendous amount                                                  said to Winnie-the-Pooh, “Prom-
                                                              happen without you even real-
                     of planning, training, and prepar-                                              ise me you’ll always remember:
                                                              izing it! The JLG is committed to
                     ing for next year and beyond.                                                   You’re braver than you believe,
                                                              facilitating your personal growth.
                     Throughout this time of transition,                                             and stronger than you seem, and
                     it remains clear that our commit-        After close to eleven years of         smarter than you think.” You cer-
                     ment to the issues that challenge        staying at home to raise my family     tainly are!
                     our community and our dedica-            and focus on my efforts as a wife,
                     tion to the Mission of the JLG re-       mom, and volunteer, I have re-
                     main constant.                           cently returned to teaching high

  Board of Directors

    President                          Parliamentarian
    Jeanne McCoy                       Elizabeth Clark

    President-Elect                    Communications V.P.
    Judith Aughtry                     Meg Terry

    Sustaining Representative          Acting Community V.P.
    Nancy O. Smith                     Kristin Bailey

    Strategic Planning                  Finance V.P.
    Kathryn Rowan                       Angela Villiger

    Corresponding Secretary            Fund Development V.P.
    Perry Behrens                      Kristen Armaly
                                                                             Jeanne and Ellison McCoy at Oscar Night® America
    Recording Secretary                Membership V.P.
    Kathryn Freedman                   Caroline King

the junior league in the 1990’s...

                                                                                                     80th anniversary
                                                                              by Amie Owens
During the 1990’s, the JLG continued its          tem, thus exposing large groups of children
fundraising with large projects. They repeat-     to violence and other content that was in-
ed the Circus in 1991 with great success. In      appropriate. For a while, Vice President Al
1994, the JLG put together “Makin’ Tracks,”       Gore’s wife, Tipper, was heavily involved
an interactive and ambitious dinosaur dis-        with this project, and the League actually
play. The project ran from March through          brought her to Greenville for a speaking en-
April and turned a profit of $191,000. “Caroli-   gagement.
na Creatures” was produced in 1997, held at
Greenville Mall, and raised some $184,000.        At the end of the decade, the League
                                                  found itself dealing with a changing mem-
In addition to fundraising, the League was        bership and suffering some growing pains.
really ambitious in tackling some difficult is-   The downtown Headquarters was too small,
sues within the community. In 1991, the JLG       and revenue from the Nearly New Shop was
was critical in forming an Awareness Team;        down because of parking issues. Because
the panel consisted of several teens who          of these and other considerations, discus-
publicly spoke about abstinence in an effort      sions began regarding moving Headquar-
to prevent teen pregnancies. Some of the          ters to a different location.
most powerful testimonies came from two
teen mothers on the panel. Members of             I became a Provisional in 1998 and had
the League accompanied the teens to the           my first son in February 1999. I have very
State House and various speaking engage-          fond memories of working while pregnant
ments.                                            and squeezing in all my NNS hours before
                                                  the birth of Grant and my maternity leave.
Child Watch was born in 1996 with the Ju-         Somehow I didn’t get the maternity leave
nior League acting as convener and provid-        for my second son; I was too busy with Provi-
ing trained leadership and volunteers. Child      sional Development Committee. I dragged
Watch was comprised of different commu-           5 week old Aidan to the Holiday Dinner at
nity leaders; the coalition was committed to      Project Host Soup Kitchen; I would never
improving opportunities for Greenville chil-      have done that with the first one!! And yes,
dren and families. The group stressed child-      that does make me a dinosaur in terms of
hood literacy and the role of literacy in an      Actives that are still around – thanks for no-
effort to help children reach their full poten-   ticing! So much of my life here in Greenville is
tial. Bus tours for community leaders helped      built around the JLG; it’s been an invaluable
highlight the needs in different areas of the     experience for me. I can’t believe we are in
city of Greenville. The research and lobby-       the 2000’s now. I’ll see you next month!
ing of this group actually played a large role
in the creation of full day kindergarten in
South Carolina, which until this point in time
had just been available to select groups of
children. Other efforts of the Public Affairs                                         Board of Directors
Committee also resulted in the passage of                                             Meeting Highlights
a penny tax for education, which benefited
everyone in the system.                                                              Look for them on the
                                                                                       JLG Website at
JLG addressed a different community is-
sue with its Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Unique to
Greenville, the committee was concerned
with the media and the ratings or lack there-
of as related to music and films. The film in-
dustry was working around the ratings sys-

                  sustainer donations to nearly new shop
sustaining link         Thanks to the following businesses and Sustainers who made donations in February:

                  Kate Carlyle                     Sally Flinn                       Kathy Marion
                  Inside Out                       Suzie Foley                       Crissy Maynard
                  Tate Designs                     Lea Fulk                          Susan McKibbon
                                                   Ranette Gaffney                   Katie Mitchell
                  Lou Barnes                       Perry Gilreath                    Mary Jane Myers
                  Salley Batson                    Michelle Glenn                    Beth Nuckolls
                  Dena Benedict                    Elke Grant                        Jo Lynne Pearce
                  Joy Blue                         Jean Greer                        Jane Pressley
                  Sylvia Boineau                   Sarah Hall                        Whitney Ramseur
                  Chandler Boyd                    Leigh Heidtman                    Debbie Sims
                  Jenni Bryson                     Lisa Hohmann                      Rita Smith
                  Carol Cobb                       Maria Holland                     Elizabeth Stewart
                  Malinda Coleman                  Kathryn Hoover                    Carolyn Stirm
                  Josephine Cox                    Ann Jennings                      Melissa Voss
                  Liz Einstein                     Lynda Kaufman                     Katherine Wood
                  Alecia Elrod                     Day King                          Mary Anne Wylie
                  Kay Farnsworth                   Leigh Ledford
                  Lee Farrar                       Fran Lilly

                   e       XCEPTIONAL PERFORMERS!
                   Thank you to…
                   • The entire Oscar Night® America Committee for their tireless efforts to make this year’s
                     event an overwhelming success! Congratulations on a fabulous fundraising gala!
                   • The Nearly New Shop Staff and Committee for a successful Spring Bag Day and Spring
                     Roll Out! Thank you for your efforts to further the Nearly New Shop as the JLG’s largest
                     on-going fundraiser.
                   • All of the Corporate Solicitation Group Members who have worked so hard this year
                     to promote the Junior League in all solicitation and fundraising efforts. Thank you for
                     working together to coordinate our asks and to encourage the message that all JLG
                     Members have a role in fund development!
                   • The Sponsor Relations Committee for their efforts to thank our donors in a timely and
                     effective manner this year – particularly with Oscar Night® America donors!
                   • The Corporate Funds Committee for “pounding the pavement” to solicit cash and in-kind
                     donations for the Junior league of Greenville. Thank you for your time and hard work!
                   • Grant Writer, Rebecca Wentzell, for taking on the challenge to write grants and to
                     further establish the JLG in another arena of fund development.
                   • Babette Jones, Betty Stall, and Tiby Weinstein who were named by the YMCA as
                     2010 Women of Achievement Honorees

                                                                                                sustaining link
   JLG Book Clu b
                                    Dear Gentle readers,

                                    April 19th: Homer and Langley: A Novel by
                                                E. L. Doctorow

                                    May 17th: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

                                    All meetings are at 7:00 p.m. at JLG HQ library.
                                    All JLG Members - Sustainers, Actives and Provisionals
                                    are invited to join us! We would love to have you!

                                    For more information, email Nela Laughridge at

                                    Thanks to all and happy reading!

Congratulations to...
    Jacque Bell and Carol Laffitte on
   the birth of their Grandson, born to
         Lauren and Montague.
    McNeill Jackson Laffitte was born                       Sympathy to...
     February 15, and weighed in at
                 8 lbs 13 oz.

                                                    Cynthia Goodwin on the death of her
                                                              father in March
Sustainer Events....
                                                  Aline Kilgore on the death of her father in
April 2010                                                       law in March

We will honor the memory of a very spe-           Jane Sykes on the death of her daughter,
cial Sustainer, Fran Steele. Fran Steele,                Jane Wall Sykes in March
a Nearly New Shop Chair, blessed our
organization with her talents and gifts.
In April, we will focus on honoring her
memory by giving our gifts and dona-
tions back to the Nearly New Shop. In
addition, we will hold a reception on                                                Corresponding
Thursday, April 29th to honor all of our                                            Secretary’s Report
                                                                                  Look for the monthly
For more information on any of these                                                 report on the
upcoming events, please contact the                                                 JLG Website at
JLG office at 233-2663 or tina@jlgreen-                                  or Sarah Lynne Howie at 918-
 5906 or

       FROM BUYING TO LIVING…                                      Welcome little leaguers!
                                                                   Vicki and Michael Manley
     Call Ginger for all your Real Estate Needs!! Gin-             Grayson Hart Manley
     ger is a Sustainer with the Junior League and is              12.15.2009
                    eager to help you!
        313-8638 or                        Julie and Jeff Wilson
                                                                   Lucas Jeffrey &                      Jennifer and Gregory Norton
                                    John Robert Wilson                   Trevor Ross Norton
                                                                   01.08.2010                           02.08.2010

                                                                   Adrienne and Andrew Brimer           Amy and Craig Hunt
       “My friends Len and Robyn Zimmerman at                      William Blake Brimer                 Caroline Lawson Hunt
                                                                   02.20.2010                           02.16.2010
          Classic Carpets and Interiors will take
      wonderful care of you. They will help you find
    exactly what you need and will make the process
      an enjoyable one. Tell them Jude sent you!”                Reaching out…
                    - Judith Aughtry                             In an effort to reach out to our members in times of joy, loss, and
                                                                 disappointment, we would like to send notes of encouragement. In
                                                                 order to do this in a timely manner, we will need the help of those who
                                                                 are aware of these situations. All information will be kept confidential,
                                                                 and will be treated with the utmost respect.
                                                                 Please make sure to pass along any baby news or if you would
                                                                 like a fellow member to receive an encouraging note from the JLG,
                                                                 to Caroline King, Membership Vice President, at vp-membership@
                    Shaw Design Center                  so we can share your news in The Update and give
      Greenville’s Premiere Floor Covering Showroom              maternity leave credit to our newest mommies!
    Upstate’s Exclusive Dealer for Disney Collections

            Princess • Cars • Pop Star • Fairies
                Toy Story • Winnie the Pooh

          Residential & Commercial • Area Rugs
                    Carpet • Ceramic

           Tile • Hardwood • Laminate • Vinyl

          167 Verdin Road, Greenville, SC 29607
        864.527.5555 •

                                                   We are offering 15% OFF all services to every Junior League Member.

                                                     We are the premier landscape architecture, installation and lawn &
                                                   landscape maintenance company in the Upstate, offering the highest
                                                   quality craftsmanship and customer service to every one of our clients.

                                                   Please give us a call/email to schedule a free on-site quote or visit our
                                                       web site for more information about what we can do for you.


                                                                                                            Corporate Corner
                                                                                         Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors!
                                                                                             Carlstedt’s                                             Professional Party Rentals
                                                                                      Chick Fil A: Laurens Road                                     Rick Erwin’s West End Grille
                                                                                    Community South Bank and Trust                                             Roots
                                                                                            Greg Foster                                            The Cox Group DBA WSI, Inc.
                                                                                          Holmes Catering                                              The Embassy Flowers
                                                                                             Millie Lewis                                                 The Kubu Family
                                                                                        Multi Media Services                                             The Skoloff Family
                                                                                          Optrics Unlimited                                            Tim Holmes Catering
                                                                                  90 Degrees Yoga                        Go Fish                              OP Taylor’s Toys
                                                                                  Adams Bistro                           Gotcha Covered                       The Open Book
                                                                                  Alpine Ski Center                      Green Valley Country Club            Over the Top Window Treatments
                                                                                  Amy Pride                              Greenco Beverage Company             and More
                                                                                  At Home                                Greenville Car Wash                  Overlook Grill
                                                                                  The Atlanta Falcons                    Greenville City Fire Department      Palmer Distinctive Dentistry
                                                                                  Augusta Grill                          Greenville Family Partnership        Panera Break – Augusta
                                                                                  Augusta Twenty                         GHS – Plastic Surgery                Papa John’s
                                                                                  B Vogt’s                               GHS – Vein Center                    Paul Scarpa Tennis Camp
                                                                                  Beachbody                              Greenville Little Theatre            The Peace Center
                                                                                  Beija-Flor                             Greenville Symphony Orchestra        The Personal Touch Cleaning Service
                                                                                  Bella Bambinos                         Greenville Therapeutics              Pettigru Place Bed & Breakfast
                                                                                  Bibber Wright                          Greenwood Communities and Resorts    Phil Hyman Photography
                                                                                  Bin 112                                Gretchen & Grace Greenwear           Pickles and Ice Cream
                                                                                  Blueberry Frog                         The Grey Goose                       Pierce & Parker
                                                                                  Body by Bobo                           Gymboree                             The Pink Bee
                                                                                  Body Works Neuromuscular Therapy       Hampden Clothing                     The Pink Monogram
                                                                                  Bon Secours St. Francis Community      Hampton Inn & Suites –Riverplace     Plaza Suite
                                                                                  Ministries Department                  Herlong Bates Burnett Insurance      The Poinsett Bride
                                                                                  Butterflies and Bullfrogs              High Cotton – Maverick Southern      Pomegranate on Main
                                                                                  Butterfly House Studio                 Kitchens                             Ponthieux’s Jewelry Design Studio
                                                                                  CAbi-Amy Cavanaugh                     Hooters                              Postcard from Paris
                                                                                  Cabot Cheeses                          iPlace                               Power Kids Gym
                                                                                  Camp Bow Wow                           Inside Out at Home
                     Curly WilloW                                                 Capello Salon                          Invitations on Main
                                                                                                                                                              Prissy Poofs
                                                                                  Carolina Aesthetics                    Irashai                              ProFix
                     Designs, llC                                                 Carolina Ballet Theatre                Ivy Salon and Spa                    Publix – McBee Station
                                                                                  Carolina Party Professionals           Jack Runnion Ltd.                    The Reserve at Lake Keowee
                                                                                  Carrabba’s Italian Grill               Jelly Beans Hair Designs             Rocky Creek Dental
                                                                                  Centre Stage                           Jewelry By Design                    Rowan Company Furniture
                                                                                  Chef Janet Poleski                     Jim Powell Casino Tours              Ruth’s Chris Steak House
                                                                                  Chick-Fil-A                            JP Collections                       Satter’s Creek
                                                                                  Chophouse 47                           John Burnett, Jr.                    Safe Kids Upstate
                                                                                  The Children’s Museum of the Upstate   Julie’s Jewels & Gifts               SavVy
                                                                                  Christine Mason Photography            Jump! Zone                           Sew Few Designs
                                                                                  Christopher Ashley Salon               Kanpai of Tokyo                      Shane’s Distinctive Southern Cuisine
                                                                                  Cityscapes                             Kara Spa                             Shannon Anders
                                                                                  Cleveland Park Animal Hospital         Kate Carlyle                         Shaylon Shoes
                                                                                  Clemson University – Baseball          Kidz Korner                          The Shops of Provence Etcetera
                                                                                  Cliffs Communities                     Mayor Knox White                     Skin by Stephanie
       Audio Solutions                                JB Lacher Jewelers          COAST Apparel
                                                                                  Coffee Underground
                                                                                                                         krs interiors
                                                                                                                         L.A. Nails
                                                                                                                                                              Smoke on the Water
                                                                                                                                                              Smoothie King
                                                                                  Collins and Lacey Attorneys            Labels Designer Consignments
           BI-LO®                                   Portraits in Watercolor
                                                                                                                                                              Soak Nail Spa
                                                                                  Coplon’s                               Leon Loard Oil Portraits             The Sock Basket
                                                                                  Corey Rexford                          Lester Herbert                       South Carolina Children’s Theatre

    Chattooga Belle Farm                            The Cascades Verdae
                                                                                  Cory King                              Lindsay Heating & Air Conditioning   Southern Tide
                                                                                  Costume Curio                          The Little Gym of Greenville         Southern Vascular Institute
                                                                                  Cricket’s Boutique                     LivN Nsideout                        Spencer Rush

     Greenville First Bank                          The Greenville Journal        Cupcake Couture
                                                                                  dahlia a florist
                                                                                                                         Luci Williams
                                                                                                                         Martin’s Nursery
                                                                                                                                                              Starbucks – Augusta Road
                                                                                                                                                              Steadman Hawkins Acceleration Sports
                                                                                  Dance Addiction at Augusta Manor       Mary, Inc.                           Institute
       Hale’s Jewelers                                                            Davani’s
                                                                                  Debbie Ochoa
                                                                                                                         Mary’s Restaurant at Falls Cottage
                                                                                                                         Mast General Store
                                                                                                                                                              Sunex Tools
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             BMW                                      Michelin Tire Corporation   Doncaster
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                                                                                                                         The Melting Pot
                                                                                                                                                              Talloni – A Shoe Salon
                                                                                                                                                              Thomas Creek Brewery
Crockett Pediatric Dentistry, P.A.                      Philpot Law Firm, PA      Dream Dinners
                                                                                  Drew Stegall
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                                                                                                                                                              Togar, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                              Top Shape
          Express Press                                    River Falls Spa        Dunlop
                                                                                  The Elephant’s Trunk
                                                                                                                         Mimi’s Steakhouse
                                                                                                                         Missy Houser Photography
                                                                                                                                                              Urban & Coastal Renovations, LLC
 Greenville Pediatric Dentistry                             ShutterBooth          Emily Austin
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                                                                                                                         Monkee’s of the Westend
                                                                                                                                                              Urban Nirvana
                                                                                                                                                              The Warehouse Theatre
Gretchen’s ABS Cakes and Cafe                              SouthernValet          Escobar Photography, LLC
                                                                                                                         Muse Shoe Studio
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     Kismet Photography                                    Studio 7 Salon         The Finer Things
                                                                                  Firehouse Subs – Augusta Road
                                                                                                                         Nail Envy
                                                                                                                         Nason Way Accounting
                                                                                                                                                              The Westin Poinsett
                                                                                                                                                              Wild Dunes
        Liquid Highway                                        Table 301           Flat Rock Grille
                                                                                  Foxfire Gallery & Kitchen Shops
                                                                                                                         Nina McLemore
                                                                                                                                                              Will Brown
                                                                                                                                                              Wilson’s on Washington

        Martin’s Nursery                                 The Canny Rooster
                                                                                  G Magazine                             North Hills Automotive               Wine Styles
                                                                                  Gage’s                                 The New York Butcher Shoppe          Wingate Interiors
                                                                                  Garner’s Natural Life                  Oconee Bells Fine Foods              Wofford College Athletic Department
                                                                                  Garrett’s Discount Golf Cars, LLC      Old Colony Furniture       
                                                                                  Gatti Town                             On the Border

            is hope
There education
for a great
                                                                                                                                    Please mail classified ads to:
                                                                                                                                          Attn.: The Update
• We focus on each child reaching     • Individualized academic curriculum                                                              118 Greenacre Road,
  his/her fullest potential
• Small class sizes and low
                                      • Character education                                                                            Greenville, S.C. 29607
  student to teacher ratios:
   (4:1 Preschool / 8:1 Elementary)
                                      • Qualified, caring teachers
                                      • Serving children Preschool – 5th Grade
                                                                                                                                   Enclose a check for $15.00 and
                                                                                                                                    indicate the issue(s) needed.
         Enrolling now for the 2009–2010 school year
 864-676-0028 •                                                                                                Classified ads are limited to
                                                                                                                                      members of JLG or AJLI.

                                  board                                                                                                                                                              7
                           nearly new shop news
fund development council                                                                                          by Dani Whaley

                            Shop Smart.                                                                Sweater: $6

                            Shop Nearly New.                                                             Jacket: $12

                                                                         Jeans: $10
                                                                                                         Bag: $10

                                                                     Boots: $12

                                We are now accepting 2010-2011 quota.
                                                                                                  Love to shop online?
                                                     ATTENTION!                                    Be on the look out for
                            NNS Active and Provisional Service Shifts Volunteers                    the NNS on E-bay!
                                     Deadline to complete hours is May 31st

                                                     ATTENTION!                                    Customers served since
                                          ONA Service Shifts Volunteers                               June 2009: 13,787
                                In lieu of purchasing ONA ticket, members must                    Donations received from the
                                          complete 6 hours by May 15th.                               community: 2,062

                           NNS Bag and Body Shopping Spree was held February
                                  27th. The 3 lucky winners were Natalie Boss,                       NNS Gift Certificates
                                    David Freeman and Margaret Williams.                          available... please stop by
                           Winners were given 2 minutes to grab everything that could              and ask one of our sales
                                         fit on their body and in a bag!                                 associates.
                                             Congratulations winners!

                                                Wants and Wishes:                                      We need your help!
                                                                                                    Volunteer hours are what keep
                                                     FURNITURE!                                        the Nearly New Shop doors
                                                                                                    open. Please remember if you
                                                     FURNITURE!                                    are unable to work your sched-
                                                     FURNITURE!                                     uled hours at the Shop, please
                                                                                                    follow the procedure that best
                                                                                                   fits your situation – 1) 72 or more
                                          NNS Collections Hotline #                               hours before your shift begins, log
                                                                                                    on to the NNS Events Calendar
                                                    232.1091                                      and remove your name from the
                                                       or                                          schedule for that date or 2) less
                                                            than 72 hours before your shift
                               NNS Volunteers will do their best to contact you within 24 hours   begins, contact your NNS Sched-
                                                    to arrange a pick-up.                          uler – Jenny Lewis, janddlewis@
                                 Two Men and A Truck pick-ups pickups are scheduled for   or Margot Bowers,
                                         the second Wednesday of every month              

              fund development council
n i g h t®
a mer ica
  2 01 0

membership council                     ONA Membership Requirements
                      We understand that members may need to work two 3 hour shifts at the Nearly New Shop in lieu of
                      purchasing a ticket to fulfill their ONA obligation. We have extended the date for when these shifts
                        can be scheduled from March 31st to April 30th that is currently stated in policies (see below).

                      If you have not scheduled your shift, please visit Junior League of Greenville website to schedule –
             Once you log in, on the left side under “Members only”, click on Registration
                          and Shift Sign up Calendars. These shifts are available under NNS ONA ticket replacement.

                      Due to staffing needs for the NNS, shifts may be worked through May 15th. If a member has sched-
                      uled their shift, their obligation will be considered complete and complies with the policy to have
                                                         obligation completed by April 30th.

                      If you did not attend Oscar Night® America and would simply like to purchase a ticket to fulfill your
                      obligation you may purchase a ticket on-line or send a check to Betsy at JLG Headquarters. If you
                      need to work with the Membership Vice President please contact Caroline King at vp-member-

                      Policies Chapter 2 B: Oscar Night® America Obligations – Members have until March 31st to com-
                      plete their obligations for fundraisers (either ticket purchase or shift work in lieu of ticket purchase).
                      Members with rea¬sonable difficulties may notify the Membership Vice President. Unless special
                      arrangements have been made, Members whose obligations have not been met by March 31st
                      will be sent a letter with a $25.00 fine added. Members whose obligations have not been resolved
                                            by April 30th shall be turned over to the Finance Council.

                                              2010-2011 Dues are Past Due!
                      Dues were payable on March 1st for the 2010-2011 League year for all Provisional, Active and
                      Sustainers. Dues not received by April 1st are considered late and a late payment fine of $10 is
                      added. If you have not paid your dues, please submit them now. Active and Provisional dues are
                      $115 ($105 plus $10 late fee) and Sustainer dues are $90 ($80 plus $10 late fee.) You may pay your
                      dues online at our website, mail a check to the Junior League of Greenville Headquarters Attn:
                      Betsy Littlejohn– 118 Greenacre Road Greenville, SC 29607 or you can drop it off at Headquarters
                                                                 M-F 8:30- 3:30.
                           If you have any questions, please contact Angela Villiger at

                                              April Meeting Absentee Ballot
                        If you are unable to attend the April General Membership meetings, please return this
                                                 Absentee Ballot by Noon on April 13th.
                                     (Return to JLG, 118 Greenacre Road, Greenville, SC 29607
                                             fax: 233-9092, e-mail:

                                          BE APPROVED AS PRESENTED.

                          YES_____________________                                    NO _________________

                     Please view the 2010-2011 Budget at via a link under the Member Area.

                                                                                    membership council
                               League Linkers
                                      Get ready for
                            Northhampton Wines ever-popular
                                     “How to Taste”
                                    Friday, April 16th
                       The “Wines 101” tasting will feature wines of Italy and
                       includes freshly baked bread from The Wine Cafe and
                       a selection of cheeses are served. Bring your spouse,
                                    date or friends for this fun event!
                       Beginning promptly at 6:30 and ending at 7:30, this
                       event is limited to 40 spots, so HURRY and reserve your
                       spot today by calling 864-271-3919 and tell them you
                       are with the Junior League group so they can seat us
                       Cost is $20 pp and you will need to prepay for the
                       event when making your reservations. You may also
                       want to plan to stay for dinner after the tasting and will
                       need to make reservations for dinner when calling to
                                     reserve your wine tasting spot.
                                  This is sure to be a fun event for all!!!
                           If you have any questions, please call or email
                                   Ashley Kitchens at 864-607-5160 or

        April 2010
General Membership Meeting
                   APRIL IN-HOME MEETINGS
                      Tuesday, April 13th
                        6:30 pm Social
                       7:00 pm Meeting

  We will be meeting in small groups at various JLG Sustainers’
                  homes around Greenville.

 A link to the registration for these meetings can be found on the
JLG website ( on the member landing page.

                                                                   The Junior League of Greenville
                                                                   118 Greenacre Road                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
                                                                   Greenville, SC 29607
                                                                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                             Permit No. 919
                                                                   Change Service Requested
                                                                                                                                                             Greenville, SC

                                   The Update Editor / Bobbie Stewart /

                          Executive Administrative Assistant / Tina Hampton /

april 2010
sunday         monday                      tuesday                      wednesday                    thursday                 friday                    saturday

                                                                                                     1                        2                         3
                                                                                                     Greenville Co. Schools   Greenville Co. Schools
                                                                                                         Spring Break             Spring Break

4              5                            6                           7                            8                        9                         10
              Provisional Dev. Committee     Board of Directors
                    7:00 pm, JLG HQ            6:30 pm, social         Community Advisors Panel
     Easter                                  7:00 pm, meeting                8:00 am
              League Linkers Committee             JLG HQ
                  6:30 pm, JLG HQ             NNS Work Night
                Greenville County                  6:30pm
               Schools - Snow Day          Community Impact Mtg,
                                              6:30pm, JLG HQ

11             12                           13 General                  14                           15                       16                        17
                   Kids in the Kitchen
                                                Membership                  Sponsor Relations              AJLI Annual             AJLI Annual                AJLI Annual
                       Committee                 Meeting                       Committee                   Conference              Conference                 Conference
                    6:00 pm, JLG HQ                 In-Home                 11:45 am, JLG HQ
                                                      PR&D                                                                    League Linkers Event at
                                                5:30 pm, JLG HQ          Two Men and a Truck                                   Northhampton Wines
                                           Past President’s Luncheon          Pick up                                                6:30 pm
                                               12 Noon, JLG HQ

18             19                           20                          21                           22                       23                        24
                   LEAD Committee
                   6:30 PM, JLG HQ
                                           Arrangements Committee
                                               6:30 pm, JLG HQ
                                                                         Administrative                                                                      2010-2011
                                                                        Professional Day                                                                     D.I.P. Day
                     JLG Book Club                                                                                                                          9:00 am - 2:00 pm
                    7:00 PM, JLG HQ                                         Nearly New Shop                                                                      JLG HQ
                                                                            6:30 pm, JLG HQ

25             26                           27                          28                           29                       30
                                                Council Meetings
                                                 6:30 pm, social                                         Provisional Class
                                                7:00 pm, meeting                                          End of the Year
                                                     JLG HQ                                                 Celebration
                                                                                                         6:30 pm, JLG HQ
                                                 NNS Work Night
                                                    6:30 pm

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