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					      Effective Contract Administration Claims
        Management & Negotiating Win-Win
           Settlement of Disputes Training
        Helping you Protect Your Organization
        Make More Effective Decisions
        Enable you to Take a Multi-Discipline View
        Legal-Engineering-Management-Audit Prospective

Program Overview                                              o Your Contract
                                                              o Under Local Laws Regulations
This program provides a comprehensive                         o Under International Law
practical briefing on the issues and details of       •   Rules and Doctrines of Precedence and
effective contract administration, claims                 Interpretation of Contracts Contractual
management and negotiating settlements                    Obligations
through a unique multidiscipline (Technical-                  o As decided by Courts
Legal-Management-Audit-Finance) look at                       o As applied by Arbitrators
the issues. All Good Business Contract                        o Interpretations during Contract
Decisions take into account Multi-discipline                      Execution
                                                      Module 2
By program end the participant should be              •   For Typical Works Supply Contracts -Clause-
able to: understand good contract                         by-Clause Discussion of:
administration practices, understand the                      o Implication of the Contract
contractual issues on real contracts,                             Provisions the Way they are to be
understand the Technical-Legal-Management                         Analyzed
Concerns on Contracts, make correct                           o Procedures Notices
interpretation of contracts, know when to                     o Documentation requirements
seek legal opinion, identify situations that                  o Claim Risk Areas
could lead to increased liability for his                     o What Risks can (and can not) be
organization, properly document situations to                     transferred
the extent required to protect his company's                  o Productivity Issues
interests, recognize actions and inactions that               o Management Concerns
lead to wastage of contract time resources. He        •   Making Tendering Procedures More
will get a winning prospective of the Legal-              Effective:-
Technical-Audit-Planning-Management                           o Prequalification Procedure
concerns on the contract and be empowered
                                                              o Tendering Procedure, Public Tender
to take the right win-win decisions.                              Law
PROGRAM                                                       o Tender/Bid Evaluation
                                                      •   Transferring Risks not legally effective Just
(Sequence Subject to Customization by Instructor/s)
                                                          by Drafting…
Module 1                                                      o When Risk Transfer is actually
•   The Management-Engineering-Legal-                             considered Complete in Law?
    Scheduling-Audit Issues on Contracts.             Module 3
•   Rights, Duties and Implied Obligations of the     •   Advantages, Disadvantages and When to Use:
    Parties under:-
                                                             o Cost Reimbursable Contracts

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    Effective Contract Administration Claims Management & Negotiating Win-Win Settlement
                                 of Disputes Training (CAA301)

         o  Fixed Price/ Lump Sum, Bill of        Module 6
                                                  • Fair Reasonable Price Determination and
        o Construction Manager Contracts            Impact Calculation (VO’s Claims)
        o Single General Contractor, Multiple
            Prime                                 • Direct Costs
        o Fast Track Contracting                  • Indirect Costs, Overheads
        o Turn Key Contract, EPC, BOLT            • Other Contractual Factors to Consider
        o Joint Ventures                          • Methodology, Techniques and
•    Design Supervision Contracts                   Contractual/ Legal Allowability
        o How to protect your interests.. the       (Entitlement) Rules for Development and
            issues                                  Analysis of Rates/ Prices Used in VO’s
        o Selection, Managing, Audit Control        Claims
            of Consultant’s Design Activity.
                                                  Module 7
        o Consultant Contracts: Analysis and
            Contract Administration. Conditions   • Managing Meetings For Negotiating
            to Check for and Include to Protect     Settlement of Disputes Claims
            Owner’s Interests.                    • Negotiating VO’s Claims
        o Consultant’s Insurance, Exclusions            o Preparation
                                                        o Presentation
Module 4
                                                        o Deadly Negotiating Skills
•    Contract Administration Review - the
     bigger picture - Engineering/ Management/          o Games/Tricks Others May Play
     Legal/ Audit Viewpoints.                           o Bargaining Strategies Tactics
•    CLAIMS ON PROJECTS                           • Dispute Resolution
         o Nature of Claims
                                                        o Options, Contractual Arrangement
         o Constructive Variations Issues
                                                        o Settlement by Negotiations
         o Liability Establishment
         o Causation Proof                              o Mediation, Arbitration, Courts
         o Damage Quantification                        o Cost-Benefit Considerations
         o Mitigation Responsibility                    o Management Audit Concerns
         o Tests to Check Reasonableness.         • Worthwhile Project Closedown Reporting
Module 5                                          • Management Auditing of a Contract to
•    Schedules CPM Techniques for Causation         Identify, Measure and Evaluate
     Establishment…                                 Performance Bottlenecks and Suggest
         o Contractual Aspects of the Different     Improvements.
             Project Schedules: Tender,
             Mobilization. CPM, Monthly-          Program Outcomes and Take-Away/s
             Weekly- Daily Schedules
                                                  Euro Training is in the business of providing
         o CPM: Scheduling Application
                                                  practical useful training programs. Programs
         o Real-life Limitations (Practicality)   that
         o Schedules/CPM to Establish
                                                       1. Help the participant implement
                                                          improvements in his organization.
         o Approval Issues: CPM Schedules
         o Impact Calculation - Delays                 2. Help the participant gain Multi-
             Disruption                                   discipline understanding of the issues
         o Productivity and Management                    so that he can incorporate the needs
             Concerns                                     and expectations of all his

Euro Training Limited, 3422 Old Capitol Trail #1116, Wilmington, DE19808, USA
US Voice/Fax: 001 650 649 2689 UK Voice/Fax: 0044 207 6811444
 Effective Contract Administration Claims Management & Negotiating Win-Win Settlement
                              of Disputes Training (CAA301)

       stakeholders/ customers in his                 3. Create a pool of trained manpower
       improvement proposals and actions.                who can cost-effectively disseminate
    3. Help build a knowledge framework in               the knowledge to large number of
       which job related experience can be               employees inside the organization.
       caught and remembered as his                      This is made possible by Euro
       experience.                                       Training's unique easy to understand
                                                         and use methodology based on
Typical participant will take away a
                                                         Checklist & Quality Assurance
personalized action plan for himself, his
business unit or his organization on how to
apply the program contents to improve                 4. Euro Training Instructors often act as
performance. The action plan may have two                mentors for your trained employees. A
components:                                              most effective way to ensure effective
                                                         competency development and
    1. A Personal Action Plan
                                                         application by your motivated staff.
    2. A Business Unit/Organizational                    We do have consultants available
       Action Plan                                       across Americas, Europe, Asia and
Benefits to Organization                                 Africa (Please inquire about our post
                                                         program mentoring plans)
Sending participant/s to this program will
benefit the organization in the following ways     Participant Individual Career Benefits
   1. Quickly makes the participants                  1. You gain a multi-discipline
        competent, effective and productive              understanding of the issues. Meaning
        on his job. Useful especially for                when you make proposals and
            1. Training New employees                    decisions on your related job you will
            2. Competency Building in                    keep in mind the needs and
                Existing Employees                       expectations of ALL the stakeholders/
                Transferred to a New                     customers (internal & external)
                Assignment                            2. The action plan you take away will
            3. Training Prior to a New                   help you make a difference in your
                Project or Initiative Planned in         business unit or organization. This
                the Organization                         difference when added to your resume
                                                         will make you a prime candidate for
   2. Create Competency in the employee
                                                         career advancement in your own
        to perform his job well. including in
                                                         organization or in your next job/s.
        relation to
                                                      3. Understanding and acting with
            1. Relevant Technical
                                                         understanding of the Needs and
                Knowledge, Skills and
                                                         Expectations of your stakeholders/
                                                         customers is known to to enhance Job
            2. Organizations' Strategic                  Satisfaction and reduce Monday
                Objectives                               Morning Blues.
            3. Needs and Expectations of the          4. As one of your stakeholders/
                Stakeholders/ Customers                  customers is Executive Management,
                (internal & external)                    therefore the program ensures you
            4. Good Management Practices                 will know the Strategic Imperatives
            5. Identifying opportunities to              that Drive the Organization's Efforts
                Exceed Stakeholder/ Customer             in your relevant job area. In the
                Expectations                             process enabling you to make a
                                                         leadership contribution.

Euro Training Limited, 3422 Old Capitol Trail #1116, Wilmington, DE19808, USA
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 Effective Contract Administration Claims Management & Negotiating Win-Win Settlement
                              of Disputes Training (CAA301)

This Program is Intended for…                     A must attend program for anyone looking
Those new to the field take away a good           for Effective Protection of his Organization
multi-discipline understanding of the issues      and Fast Track professional skill development
involved in the program works. It helps them      in the area of Contracts and Claims
become productive quickly and builds in           Management.
them a knowledge framework that will help         1. These programs enable you to Do Effective
identify, understand, classify and remember          Contract Administration & Claims
on the job experiences in his memory.                Management. Effectiveness Requires we
                                                     Optimize our Decisions after Consideration
More experiences participants take-away an
                                                     of …
individualized action plan as mentioned
                                                         o Legal Aspects (Minimizing Liability)
elsewhere in this technical sheet.
                                                         o Commercial Aspects (Getting the
Implementation Teams: This program can                      Best Contractors & Best Prices)
be used to train implementation teams                    o Technical Aspects (Getting the Best
where...                                                    Life Cycle Cost Solution)
    1. a new project or initiative being                 o Strategic Aspects (Actions In-line
        started in your organization                        with Long Term Objectives of the
    2. a new strategic focus is being initiated             Organization)
    3. just prior to a Consultant being hired     2. Contract Administration & Claims
        to advise the organization.                  Management a normally NOT part of the
                                                     educational curriculum of Managers,
Each participant will take away a memorable
                                                     Supervisors and Engineers who occupy
and potentially life changing experience from        contract administration decision making
the program.                                         positions.
No limitations are being placed on who can        3. Legal professions are strong in Legal Aspects
attend. If you are interested in the Program         but Usually lack sufficient understanding of
Outcomes and Takeaways, or, feel you can             Commercial, Technical & Strategic Aspects.
                                                  4. Attending this program is like gaining years
benefit from the Organizational and Personal
                                                     of experience on the job! This is a Unique
Benefits mentioned above - You are Invited           Comprehensive Program that takes an
to Register for this Program. Program                Integrated Approach of the Whole Subject -
Instructors have the knowledge, experience           AND includes coverage of New Emerging
and access to resources required to customize        Interpretations, Technologies and
the program to the specific job related needs        Methodologies.
of each program group.
       Contract Engineers & Supervisors           Language of Instruction
       Project Managers                           Unless otherwise stated the program
       Corporate & Project Lawyers                instruction is in Standard Day-to-Day
                                                  English. Participants can request the
       Quantity Surveyors & Cost Engineers
                                                  instructor to provide a program vocabulary
       Contract Administrators                    which will ensure they have no problem
       Engineering Managers, Planning             understanding the content.
       Engineers and Project Executives
                                                  Other language versions are being developed
       Project Auditors and Quality               by our consultants and regional partners
       Professionals                              including program in French, German,
 … wishing to gain a Legal-Management-            Spanish and Arabic. Please do contact us for
Technical Understanding to enable better          your specific language needs.
decisions in their work areas.

Euro Training Limited, 3422 Old Capitol Trail #1116, Wilmington, DE19808, USA
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    Effective Contract Administration Claims Management & Negotiating Win-Win Settlement
                                 of Disputes Training (CAA301)

Registration Recommendations                           •   They often lack the "Management
                                                           prospective" when taking decisions- the long
Team Nominations: Since the program aims                   term costs/benefits to their organization.
to ensure the participants have his
                                                       •   They tend to get into conflicts with their
individualized improvement plan at the end of              Management, Legal or Audit Departments
the program, and foreseeing the effort                     due to misunderstanding of the concerns of
involved, anticipating resistance and                      these departments.
implementation requirements it is
recommended that the organization nominate             For Training / HRD Managers
at least two participants together (three will         This New Revised Very Practical Very
be more desirable to allow for attrition) for          Effective Program is Specifically Focused
this program.                                          and has been Rated excellent by most
It is anticipated that these 2 or more                 participants from the Multinational
participants will work together as a team or           Corporations, Oil Industry, Government
provide mutual support in order to implement           Departments Ministries, Development
the action plan.                                       Organizations, Utilities, Financial
Single nominations will also be accepted for           Institutions, Major Contractors and
the program.                                           Designers.
                                                       This Program is warranted to Increase the
NEEDS ADDRESSED BY THIS PROGRAM                        Knowledge, Productivity and Effectiveness
If you have the following situations existing          of: All Project/ Procurement/Legal
on your projects, you could save very                  Professionals, Engineers, Supervisors,
substantial sums of money by sending your              Managers, Lawyers, MIS Executives, Project
participants to this program.                          Auditors/Planners/ Analysts/Q.S..
The Project, Contract Procurement                      A Program that Prepares the participant for
Staff…                                                 the Challenges of the Next Century!
•    Often fail to understand the Full Implications
                                                       According to Past Participants this
     of the Express and Implied Contract Terms.
     Often getting influenced by other party’s         Program's 20 year Success is Due To…
     reasonable sounding but contractually                 •   Unique Program Design Including
     irrelevant arguments.                                     Integrated Coverage of Topics from
•    They fail to recognize situations where they              Legal-Engineering-Management
     could be increasing liability of their employer           Viewpoints (Now also including
     by acting in what they mistakenly perceive to             Quality, Expediting, Performance and
     be ‘fair’ or ‘As-per-contract’.                           Audit Viewpoints).
•    They often fail to identify and properly
                                                           •   Highest Quality Expertise of
     document situations where their employer
     could be entitled to protection from owner,               Program Director/s - Technical,
     contractor, consultant or supplier claims, or,            Communication Technology Transfer.
     recover their own additional costs.                   •   Practical Procedures and Checklists
•    They often mistakenly follow an approach                  Approach to Solving Contractual
     that leads to wastage of time and/or resources            Problems.
     of the Owner, Contractor, Supplier or                 •   FULLY FOCUSED - Discussion,
     Designer leading to lower productivity on the
                                                               Implementation and Case Studies
     project for which ultimately their employer
     pays.                                                     are based on Actual Contracts.
•    They fail to timely settle problems/disputes          •   Coverage of Latest developments,
     that later leads to large impact claims due to            Techniques, Data sources.
     waste of resources

Euro Training Limited, 3422 Old Capitol Trail #1116, Wilmington, DE19808, USA
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               REGISTRATION FORM                            REGISTRATION INFORMATION
Program:                Effective Contract Administration
                        Claims Management & Negotiating     1. To register: Please send us an official letter
                         Win-Win Settlement of Disputes
                                                               confirming registration (on organizational
                               Training (CAA301)
                                                               letterhead or Authorized Email).
Location Where                                              2. Program Fee is
                                                                    o USD $8,900 per participant
Program Dates:
                                                               and includes Course Materials, Certificate,
Whether Participant                                            Refreshments and Lunch. (Fee is $9790 at
will Consider                                                  London, Paris and Kuala Lumpur)
Alternate date if one                                       3. Accommodation & Taxes/VAT (if applicable)
requested is not
available:                                                     is not included in Program fee. Special rates
                                                               will be available at venue hotel for the
Participant Name
Prefix: Mr/Ms/Mrs
                                                            4. Special discount of 10% is offered for
Participant Name:
                                                               participants who pay their fees at least 45
Participant Job                                                days before start of the program.
Title:                                                      5. Refund will not be considered where the
Participant                                                    participants cancels his registration less than 3
Department &                                                   weeks before start of the program. Alternate
Section:                                                       nominations will be allowed anytime before
Participant                                                    program start.
Employer/                                                   6. All participants are required to fill in
                                                               Participant Information form - on first day of
Participant’s                                                  the program. Each program Undergoes
Present Job
Responsibilities:                                              Customization to Better Meet Participant
                                                               Present and Future Career Needs. Please be
Participant Email
                                                               prepared to let the Instructor/s know about
                                                               your organization's Special Needs, Interests
Participant Mobile
                                                               or Initiatives.
                                                            7. It is always useful for participants to bring
Sponsored by:
                                                               their existing problems or case studies, work-
Sponsoring                                                     process flow charts or job related problems
Company:                                                       for discussion - consideration will be at sole
Job Title of                                                   discretion of the program director/s.
Sponsoring                                                  8. Provisional Registration : You can make a
Authority:                                                     provisional registration by sending us an
Name of                                                        email – an official registration request can be
Sponsoring                                                     made within 2 weeks. This will ensure we
                                                               will reserve a seat. All provisional
Email of Sponsoring                                            registrations automatically cancel 2 weeks
Authority:                                                     before program start.
Fax of Sponsoring
Telephone Nos. of
Web Site of
Invoice Reference:

Invoicing Address:

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