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					Using Checklists

                             A checklist is the easiest way to plan and track accomplishments.
                             Checklists can be used in three distinct places in the repository. They
                             can be placed in assignments, projects, and deliverables.
                             Checklists can be predefined and then selected for use, or created on
                             demand. The former are called standard checklists and the later, custom
                             You can predefine any number of "standard" checklists and then apply
                             them to new or existing tasks. You can also make a unique checklist for
                             a task (a custom checklist) at any time. Any there is even a hybrid of
                             the two. You can set a standard checklist and then modify it to become
                             a custom checklist for a particular task.

                             Creating Standard Checklists
                             Notes Clients:
                             Select "Create Checklist" from the notes menu or Select Deliverables
                             from the navigator and the "create new checklist" item.
                             Web Browsers:
                             Select "Create A New Checklist" from the repository center Create
                             action droplist, or from the Deliverables menu.

                             The Standard Checklist Form
                             Enter a name for the checklist. Since users will select this later, the
                             name you chose should be clear and self explanatory.
                             Checklist Items
                             Enter up to 12 checklist steps. Try to make them short, and make the
                             first words in each meaningful.
                             Each checklist can contain up to 12 "checklist items", any or all of
                             which can be checked or unchecked. We have chosen this limit to strike
                             a balance between utility and visual presentation.

Marin Project Gateway User Manual                                                  Using Checklists • 167
                         While the checklist has a natural, numbered order, the system allows
                         items to be checked in any order, without dependency upon one another.

                         A new, empty checklist form in a Notes client.

                         A checklist item is a word or sentence which defines something that
                         needs to be done, or some condition that needs to exist in order for the
                         satisfactory completion of the project, assignment, or deliverable in
                         which the checklist is embedded.
                         While the length of the description of each item is not explicitly limited,
                         shorter (40 characters or less) is better.
                         A checklist action can be added to the end of the item. Such actions
                         begin with an open bracket [ and end with a close bracket ]. Within the
                         brackets, simple action codes can be placed to invoke special behavior.
                         Checklist actions are ignored in project and deliverable checklists, even
                         if they are present but fully supported in assignment checklists.
                         Checklist Help
                         If possible, provide an explanation of the meaning of each step so that a
                         another person will be able to interpret the steps correctly. For example,
                         if you had a step called "signoff budget", you might want to note that the
                         signoff requires the written approval of the division manager and the
                         finance administrator.
                         Checklist Actions
                         Checklist actions are simple codes that can be added to the end of the
                         checklist item description enclosed brackets []'s
                         Checklist actions are used only with assignments. They are ignored in
                         project and deliverable checklists.
                         The available codes are:
                         n, v, opt, xx% , xxd

168 • Using Checklists                                               Marin Project Gateway User Manual
                             xx represents an positive integer number.
                             n- Notification.
                             If this code is used, an email will be sent to a project-specific Checklist
                             Verifier when the item is marked as complete.
                             v- Verification.
                             If this code is used, a "please verify" questionnaire is sent to a
                             predesignated project person ("the Checklist Verifier"). The recipient
                             can then mark the questionnaire that the event is in fact completed to
                             their satisfaction, or mark it as not acceptable with a reason. The
                             verification or non-verification will then be posted back to the
                             assignment log. If not verified, the checklist item will be unchecked.
                             In the event that this unchecking occurs after the task has been closed, a
                             special notification will be sent to the project leader to explain the
                             opt - Optional Item
                             If this code is used, no explanation will be required if that associated
                             item is not checked with the task is completed. It will not count as an
                             incomplete checklist item even if it is not checked.
                             xx% e.g. 60% - Required by xx percent complete%.
                             If a percent code is used, then the checklist item will be mandatory as
                             soon as the percent complete on the task exceeds this level.
                             xxd e.g. 5d -Required by xx days duration
                             If a duration codes is used, then the checklist item will be mandatory as
                             soon as that number of days have passed since the task actual start date.
                             Using these two codes, you can specify that the specific checklist item
                             must be done when x% of the task work has been completed, or when x
                             days have elapsed after the task start. Should the checklist item not be
                             done by these checkpoints, an explanation will be required during the
                             timesheet or checksheet process.
                             This allows you to arrange checklist items as subtasks to provide
                             progressive reporting points over a task that might span several weeks or

Assignments Checklists
                             Creating Assignments with Checklists
                             There are three ways to create assignments with checklists
                             1. Using the "Create a New Assignment Form" you can select a
                             standard checklist by name, or select "custom" and type the checklist
                             items directly onto the form.

Marin Project Gateway User Manual                                                  Using Checklists • 169
                         Creating a new assignment with a custom checklist in a Notes client. You
                         simply select "custom" as the checklist name and then entry table is displayed.
                         The web implementation operates in the same fashion.

                         The newly created assignment as seen in a Notes client.

170 • Using Checklists                                               Marin Project Gateway User Manual
                             The same assignment in a web browser. Note that you click on the word
                             checklist in the lower left to change the checklist contents, and use Edit to check
                             or uncheck items to reflect your progress.

                             2. Using a schedule template, you can assign checklists (standard or
                             custom) in the template so that they will be created whenever the
                             template is used. See "Creating Schedule Templates" in this manual.
                             3. Using Microsoft Project, you can write a custom checklist directly into
                             the Note field of the task. The checklist will be constructed on each
                             assignment generated for that task. See "Using Microsoft Project 2000"
                             in the Project Managers Users Guide.
                             Adding a Checklist to an existing assignment
                             Notes Client
                             Open the assignment in Edit mode.
                             Click the Checklist action. This will display a dialog box listing
                             available checklists as well as the options [None] and Custom.
                             If you select one of the standard checklists and press OK, it will be
                             immediately displayed in the assignment.
                             If you select "Custom" then a "Custom Checklist" dialog box will
                             appear, enter your checklist items and OK that dialog.
                             Close and save the assignment document.
                             Web Browser
                             Display the assignment.
                             Click on the word "checklist" at the top left corner of the checklist table.
                             This will display checklist selection form. Make your selection and
                             press submit.
                             If you have selected "Custom" a "Custom Checklist" form will appear.
                             Enter your checklist items and Submit.
                             The assignment will be displayed with the checklist.
                             Changing the existing checklist
                             You can change to a different standard checklist at any time by
                             repeating the above procedure. When you do this, the checklist log will
                             be cleared and the checklist will be completely unchecked.
                             Customizing the existing checklist
                             By selecting "Custom" the existing checklist will be copied to the
                             Custom Checklist form (or dialog) where you can extend or modify the
                             steps. When you submit or OK the dialog, the revised checklist will
                             appear and the checklist name will be set as "Custom". Using this
                             procedure you can tailor a adapt checklist to your requirements without
                             retyping it.

Marin Project Gateway User Manual                                                       Using Checklists • 171
                         Removing an existing checklist
                         To remove an existing checklist using the notes client, open the
                         assignment in Edit mode, click on the Checklist action button, and
                         select [None] from the list. Close and save the document.
                         To remove an existing checklist using a browser, display the
                         assignment, click on the checklist name, and select [None] from the list
                         provided on the Checklist action form. Submit that form to implement
                         the change. You will see the assignment redisplayed without the
                         Creating a Standard Checklist from a Custom Checklist
                         (Web Only)
                         1. Using a browser, open the document containing the checklist and
                         click on "Checklist".
                         2. On the Checklist Action form, Custom should be preselected. Click
                         3. On the Custom Checklist Form, select the action "Update and Create
                         Standard Checklist". Press Submit.
                         4. A new Checklist form will appear with the existing items preloaded.
                         Edit these as desired.
                         5. Enter a Name for the new checklist and Submit.
                         6. The normal checklist response page will appear. By returning to
                         Repository Center and selecting "Recent" you will be able to return to
                         the originating document.
                         Checklists In Assignment Views

                         Checklists shown in the Assignments by person, all by date view.

                         All of the project assignment views include a column labeled
                         "Checklist". If the assignment has a checklist this column will contain a
                         list of the checklist items. Each item is preceded by either [ ] or [x] to
                         indicate that the item is unchecked or checked. The height of the
                         assignment row in the view will depend upon the number of items in the
                         When viewed with a web browser, all checklist items will always be
                         shown.. When viewed with the Notes client, only a maximum of 9
                         items will be shown (this is a Notes view formatting limit), and fewer

172 • Using Checklists                                              Marin Project Gateway User Manual
                             rows are shown if text wraps. If you see wrapping, you can widen the
                             column by dragging on the column separators in the view heading.

                             Updating Progress on Assignment Checklists
                             Assignment checklists may be updated directly, by editing the
                             assignment document, or indirectly using the My Checksheet process or
                             the checksheet update part of the normal timesheet process.
                             Timesheet Checklist Update
                             When you report actual work time on a task on your timesheet, the
                             system will, when the timesheet is submitted, ask for the status of each
                             checklist item. Note that if the task is completed in this timesheet, you
                             will be required to provide explanations for any incomplete checklist
                             items (except those with [opt] action codes.)
                             Note that if a task has all checklist items already marked as complete,
                             there is no additional action.
                             Notes Clients:
                             When you press Submit on the timesheet form, the system will present a
                             sequence of dialog boxes for the tasks on which you have reported work.
                             On each dialog box will be the name and status of the task and the
                             checklist for that task. You simply check those that are completed and
                             OK the dialog box.
                             Web Browsers:
                             When you submit your timesheet form with the "Completed" status, the
                             system will display the Checksheet form. This will list the tasks for
                             which you have reported time and the checklists for each. You simply
                             update the checklists and submit the form to complete the timesheet
                             My Checksheet
                             In addition to the checksheet update done within the timesheet process,
                             there is another way to update the checklists of your assignments. This
                             process can be used at any time to report accomplishments. In addition
                             to just updating checklists, it also provides a way to report task start and
                             finish dates for those assignments in projects that do not use timesheet
                             This is called the "Checksheet" process.
                             Notes Client:
                             The Checksheet action appears on the participant profile form.
                             This action will step you through all unfinished reportable tasks with
                             incomplete checklists so that you can check off your recent
                             accomplishments. As you OK the individual update dialog boxes, the
                             underlying assignments will be immediately updated.

Marin Project Gateway User Manual                                                   Using Checklists • 173
                         If more than assignments are ready are to be updated, the system will
                         first present a dialog box listing all candidates. You check the ones you
                         want to update and OK the dialog. Then the selected candidates are
                         Web Browser
                         The My Checksheet action appears on the repository center home page
                         in the My.. droplist and the Checksheet action appears on the
                         participant profile form.
                         This action will create a single large form that contains sections for each
                         assignment that is a candidate for updating

                         A web checksheet form. Note that the first item is for a project that does not do
                         timesheet reporting. Hence the task start, and in this case finish, are collected
                         by the checksheet. The other tasks do timesheet reporting, so that only the
                         checklist items are presented for review and update.

                         Each section of the form begins with a line showing the task name and
                         status. If the assignment is a non-time reporting assignments, then
                         there will be droplists for the finish date or for the start and finish dates.
                         This is followed by the list of checklist items.
                         When you submit the form, the assignments will be updated with the
                         changes you have entered.
                         Document Update
                         To update an assignment checklist directly, simply edit the assignment
                         document and check the completed items. When the document is
                         submitted or saved, the changes will be recorded and the checklist log

174 • Using Checklists                                                Marin Project Gateway User Manual
Project Checklists
                             Each project profile can contain a checklist. The checklist can be
                             created when on the "Create A New Project" form, or at any later time.
                             Items in the project checklist are marked done by the project leader as
                             the project progresses. For very simple projects, this may be all the
                             progress information that is required.

                             A project checklist, opened for editing in a web browser.

                             Checking off steps
                             You must be in edit mode to mark steps complete. Simply click on the
                             checkbox to set or unset the checkmark.
                             When you are in read mode and are using a Web client, checked items
                             will be shown with a leading number whereas unchecked items will not
                             have a leading number. The actual checkboxes show only when you edit
                             the deliverable document.
                             In Notes, the checkbox symbols are visible at all times, but you must
                             enter edit mode to change them.
                             To add or revise the checklist associated with a project.
                             Notes Client:
                                    1.   Open the project profile into Edit Mode.
                                    2.   Click the "Checklist" action on the top of the form.
                                    3.   Select the standard checklist name, or select Custom the press
                                    4.   If you selected "Custom" then a Custom Checklist dialog box
                                         appears. Fill in the items and press OK.
                                    5.   The new project checklist will appear.
                                    6.   Close and save the project profile to keep the changes.
                             Web Browser
                                    1.   Open the project profile for display.
                                    2.   Click the word "Checklist" in the upper left corner of the
                                         Project Checklist panel which is located just below the statistics
                                    3.   A "Checklist Selection" page will appear.
                                    4.   Select the standard checklist name, or select Custom the press
                                    5.   If you selected "Custom" then a Custom Checklist page
                                         appears. Fill in the items and press submit.
Marin Project Gateway User Manual                                                        Using Checklists • 175
                             6.   The project profile will be redisplayed with the new project
                         Interaction with the Project Log
                         Each "checked" item in the project checklist will become an item in the
                         project log, listed in chronological order with the other log items on the
                         date it was checked.
                         Since logs can be exported in portal panels for PDAs and cellphones,
                         you can track project checkoff items events from virtually anywhere.

                         The project log of this simple project with two items completed on the project

                         Project Checklist Statistics
                         The number of total and completed items in the project checklist are
                         added to the numbers found in the project assignments to create the
                         "Checklist Items" counts in the statistics section of the project profile
                         and in the CkList column of the project dashboard view.
                         Project Checklist Actions
                         Note that project checklist items are NEVER considered to be
                         Note that none of the special checklist actions (notify, verification, opt,
                         % or duration) have any effect in project checklists.

Deliverables Checklists
                         Deliverables can have checklists. These are created and updated in the
                         same way as those used on projects and assignments.
                         Deliverable checklists to not make use of checklist action codes.
                         Please see the chapter "Using Deliverables" for detailed instructions.

176 • Using Checklists                                               Marin Project Gateway User Manual

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