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					      The Junior League
of Greenwich, Connecticut, Inc.
 Annual Report 2007-2008
        JLG 2007-2008 Annual Report

                                  President’s Message
                                   The Junior League of Greenwich mobilized over 750 volunteers
                                   in 2007-2008 to make a real difference in our community.
                                   Staying true to its mission, the JLG is passionate about analyzing
                                   the issues confronting Greenwich today and developing
                                   projects to address them. Since 1959, our organization has
                                   made improving the lives of local residents its priority. This
                                   report for the 2007-2008 JLG year highlights the impact our
                                   organization has had on our community.
                                       This year the JLG reached out through four existing
                                   projects, two new projects, and a task force. One new project
    focused on improving self esteem in young women. A second new project, upon comple-
    tion in 2009, will provide opportunities for children with physical and emotional challenges
    to enjoy the same playground experience side by side with children who do not face
    such challenges. The JLG partnered closely with the Town of Greenwich to begin building
    the Boundless Playground at Bruce Park, which will feature surfacing that also allows
    improved access to caregivers with physical challenges.
         In addition, we reached out to the community through four existing projects and one
    task force. Partnership in Education continued its work with elementary school students
    to increase literacy. Environmental Education entered almost every second grade class-
    room in Greenwich to spread the message of environmental responsibility through a fun
    and engaging presentation on recycling. Kids in the Kitchen provided free nutritional
    workshops in the after-school programs at area schools, helping to educate our youth on
    the benefits of eating right and exercising. Done in a Day (DIAD) collaborated with other
    area agencies, identifying community needs that can be addressed in a day or weekend.
    This year DIAD projects ranged from physically rehabilitating a meeting room in town
    housing to collecting groceries for a local food pantry. Our Senior Task Force researched
    available services for town seniors, creating a detailed study for town and area agencies.
    We gave two new member courses in which 50 women received the training required to
    join and contribute to our organization. This year those new members worked on a project
    to benefit new mothers in Greenwich who are facing economic challenges, providing
    them with much-needed layette basics to welcome our newest residents.
         It is through our projects, committees and fundraisers that we address another core
    element of our mission, which is to train effective community volunteers. The number of
    past and present League members who serve on other boards throughout town is evidence
    of the effectiveness of that training.
         The women of the JLG would be unable to further our mission without the support of
    our sponsors and collaborators. Our financial supporters and community partners help
    us to reach our goals. Your support enables the JLG to live our mission every day. On
    behalf of our membership and the community we serve, thank you! Together, we are
    making a difference in the lives of many.
         We encourage you to visit our website,, for up-to-the-minute
    news on JLG activities and community events. The JLG invites any woman over the
    age of twenty-one committed to voluntarism, to join us!

        Eileen Bartels
        President 2007-2008

2   President’s Message
        2007-2008 Junior League of Greenwich
                 Board of Directors
  President ............................................................Eileen Bartels
  President-Elect ..................................................Sheila Keatinge
  Treasurer ............................................................Sherry Karetnick
  Assistant Treasurer ............................................Katharina Lewis
  Recording Secretary..........................................Sue Rogers
  Parliamentarian ..................................................Tasha Nagler

  Communications ................................................Donna Curtis
  Community ........................................................Cathy Youngman
  Fundraising ........................................................Kim-Marie Evans
  Membership/Training ........................................Beth Forbes
  Nominating/Placement ......................................Tina Volkwein
  Project Administrator ........................................Cindy DiPreta
  Sustainer Chair ..................................................Pamela Toper
  Sustainer Vice-Chair ..........................................Maggie Wein

                                                      2007-2008 Board of Directors         3
       JLG 2007-2008 Annual Report

             2007-2008 Junior League of Greenwich
                  Community Advisory Board
    Mr. Stuart Adelberg
    The United Way of Greenwich
    Ms. Jenny Byxbee
    Greenwich Youth Service
    The United Way of Greenwich
    Mr. Robert D’Angelo
    Executive Director,
    Greenwich Boys & Girls Club
    Mr. Samuel E. Diebler
    Commission on Aging
                                         JLG Member Eva-Stina Pehrson and Judges Jack
    Ms. Donna Gaudioso-Zeale             Moffly and David Ogilvy at The Enchanted Forest
    Director of Healthy Living Center,
    Greenwich Hospital
    Ms. Lile Gibbons                           Ms. Stephanie Paulmeno
    House of Representatives,                  Director,
    150th District                             Greenwich Department of Health
    Mr. James Lash                             Ms. Karla Ray
    First Selectman,                           Attorney,
    Town of Greenwich                          Ivey Barnum & O’Mara
    Mr. Scott Mitchell                         Mr. Joseph Siciliano
    Co-Owner,                                  Director,
    Richards of Greenwich                      Town of Greenwich Parks
    Mr. Jonathan Moffly                        and Recreation
    Publisher and President,                   Dr. Betty Sternberg
    Greenwich Magazine                         Superintendent of Schools,
    Mr. Durham Monsma                          Board of Education
    Chief Executive Officer,                   Chief James Walters
    Greenwich Time/Stamford Advocate           Police Chief,
    Mr. David Ogilvy                           Greenwich Police Department
    Charter member Christie's Great
    Estates, founding member
    Independent Realty Network,
    David Ogilvy & Associates
    The Community Advisory Board is made up of local leaders who meet with the
    Junior League of Greenwich leadership to discuss emerging issues in Greenwich.

4   2007-2008 JLG Community Advisory Board
                  Sustainable Community Impact
Originally a branch of the Junior League of Stamford, the Junior League of
Greenwich (JLG) was chartered in 1959 as the 192nd League. For five decades,
the JLG has played a major role in designing and establishing a wealth of services
for its community. The JLG administers projects for approximately two to ten years,
usually turning them over to an existing agency or organization; some projects
become independent entities. Past Junior League projects include:
◗   Accessory Apartment Project
◗   Alcohol Education Program
◗   Audubon Guiding Program
◗   Bruce Park Playground
◗   Bush-Holley House Guides
◗   Childcare 2000
◗   Childcare & Parenting Council
◗   Community Answers
◗   Community Centers, Inc./Drop-In Program
◗   The Den: Center for Grieving Children
◗   Domestic Abuse Service (at the YWCA)
◗   Great Estates
◗   Greenwich Adult Day Care
◗   Greenwich Coalition on Diversity
◗   Greenwich Education Foundation                   Tina Lindstedt, the 2007 winner of the
◗   Greenwich Safety Town                            Betty Hinckley Award, presents Lori
◗   Greenwich Skatepark                              Jackson with the 2008 Betty Hinckley
                                                     Award at the Annual dinner. This
◗   Greenwich Tutoring Service
                                                     award is presented annually to a sus-
◗   Group Living for the Independent Elderly         tainer who has given extraordinarily
◗   Growing Up Healthy                               of her time and talents both within the
◗   The Grace Notes (formerly the Keynotes)          JLG and in the community.
◗   Hotline
◗   Kids in Crisis (fomerly The Youth Shelter)
◗   Learning Differences Network                 ◗ People Who Care
◗   Marine Discovery Room at the                 ◗ Pre-K at Hamilton Avenue
    Bruce Museum                                 ◗ Project Charlie
◗   Parents Exchange                             ◗ Senior Outlook
◗   Parents Information Exchange                 ◗ Teaching Computer Skills (TECS)
    Newsletter (now Parents Primer)              ◗ Western Greenwich Civic
◗   Parents Together Newsletter                    Center Playground
◗   The Pavilion Club (part of                   ◗ Woman to Woman
    Greenwich Adult Day Care)                    ◗ Youth Employment Services

    Volunteer Power
    Active Members: 256                   Emeritus/Honorary Members: 41
    Sustaining Members: 455               Total Membership: 752

                                                 Sustainable Community Impact                  5
        JLG 2007-2008 Annual Report

                Community Impact of Junior League
                    of Greenwich Projects
    The Junior League of Greenwich’s community projects and volunteer serv-
    ices are continually adapted to meet the changing needs of our town. Each
    year the JLG membership contributes over 50,000 volunteer hours to the
    community. All of the proceeds from our fundraisers support the mission
    of the Junior League, which is to promote voluntarism, develop the potential
    of women and improve the community through the effective action and lead-
    ership of trained volunteers. This past year the JLG made a difference in
    Greenwich through the
    following projects:
    Done in a Day projects
    provided JLG members
    with the opportunity to
    collaborate with local
    community organizations
    on short-term events and
    provided volunteers the
    opportunity to help on all
    aspects of these events.
    In the past year, the JLG
    through Done in a Day
    successfully ran a food
    drive for Neighbor to         Our Senior Tea was a multi-generational event as local
    Neighbor, collaborated        girl scouts helped to serve cookies and tea.
    with the Boys and Girls
    Club to present a gingerbread workshop, organized a holiday party for
    members of ARC, organized a happy hour with the purpose of collecting
    toiletries for YWCA’s Domestic Abuse Services, held a Nutrition and Health
    Lecture at the Greenwich Library, treated seniors with a tea event at
    Greenwich Adult Day Care, renovated a community room at Quarry Knolls
    in Greenwich and proudly organized, together with Greenwich Town Hall,
    the Fifth Anniversary party for Greenwich Skate Park, which started as a
    Junior League Project and was later turned over to the community.
    Environmental Education reached over 1,200 second graders, as well as
    adults, to raise awareness about the critical need to protect the environment
    by recycling and precycling. This past year the committee expanded its
    reach by becoming involved with the Greenwich Recycling Advisory Board
    and the Greenwich Environmental Action Task Force.

6   Community Impact of Junior League of Greenwich Projects
Nutrition for Life focused on teaching
elementary school-aged children and
their parents about the combined
importance of good nutrition and
healthy lifestyle choices to overall
health and development. This year
the committee conducted four after
school programs and one community
event at the Junior League holiday
fundraiser, The Enchanted Forest.
Partnership in Education collaborated
with a local elementary school to help
                                              Children participate in Nutrition for Life work-
kindergarten and first grade children         shops and learn about healthy food choices.
develop the reading and literacy skills
they need to become successful students while encouraging a greater educa-
tional partnership with their families. Reading volunteers worked directly with the
students providing individualized attention which might not otherwise be possible.
Boundless Playground, in conjunction with Greenwich Parks and Recreation
Department, began developing a playground that will be accessible to all children
regardless of ability or special needs to allow them to play and discover together.

                                                                            An artist’s
                                                                            rendering of
                                                                            the future
                                                                            at Bruce Park,
                                                                            a collaboration
                                                                            between the JLG,
                                                                            the Town of
                                                                            Greenwich and
                                                                            the United Way.

Girls’ Self-Esteem Program, another new initiative for this year, is a program
for girls ages 10 to 13, designed to provide them with the tools they need to
enhance, protect, and support their self-esteem.

                Community Impact of Junior League of Greenwich Projects                          7
        JLG 2007-2008 Annual Report

                        Community Service Award
    The Junior League of Greenwich presents the
    annual Community Service Award to a female high
    school senior in the town of Greenwich who exem-
    plifies the mission of the League. Since 1996, this
    award has been given to a young woman who
    demonstrates a substantial commitment to commu-
    nity service, is involved in extracurricular activities,
    and maintains a minimum 3.0 grade point average.
       This year’s honoree, Lauri Ng, truly exemplifies
    extraordinary volunteer achievement. Lauri has
    earned a 4.5 GPA while maintaining committed
    involvement in a wide-range of volunteer activities.
    Locally, Lauri serves as president and mentor for
    the Big Brother, Big Sister of Greenwich. She vol-
    unteers at Greenwich Adult Day Care and Meals on Wheels. She also serves
    as a peer tutor and mentor with the Stand by Me Program at Greenwich High
    School and is involved with the Student Assistance Team. Beyond Greenwich
    borders, Lauri has volunteered in El Salvador on a mission trip to rebuild
    houses. Lauri truly embraces her volunteer work and states, “Community service
    has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my life; I continue to volunteer
    because it promotes growth in my community and communities abroad…I have
    learned that in order to make a difference in the world, you need to help one
    person at a time and strengthen one community at a time.”
        We salute Lauri for her dedication, compassion, and initiative to brighten the
    lives of those in need and to inspire those that have the privilege to know her.
    Lauri was presented with the 2008 Community Service Award at the JLG
    Annual Dinner.

8   Community Service Award
          The Junior League of Greenwich, Connecticut, Inc.
                   Statement of Financial Position
                                        June 30, 2007 and 2006*
                                                                                   2007                         2006
Current Assets
  Cash and cash equivalents                                              $1,006,470                 $ 1,073,768
  Other receivables                                                           2,250                       4,449
  Prepaid expenses and inventory                                             39,527                      55,026
Total Current Assets                                                      1,048,247                   1,133,243
Property and equipment
  Land and building (at cost)                                              1,626,472                  1,626,472
  Office equipment                                                            62,945                     62,156
  Furniture and fixtures                                                      18,316                     13,871
  Website development                                                         29,032                        –
  Less accumulated depreciation                                             (160,068)                  (132,129)
Net Property and Equipment                                                 1,576,697                  1,570,370
Other assets
  Loan origination fees, net                                                  –                             638
Total Assets                                                            $ 2,624,944                 $ 2,704,251

                                     LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
   Current Liabilities
    Accounts payable                                                        $     7,813                 $ 6,080
    Deferred revenue                                                            120,291                  156,820
    Current portion of long-term debt                                             –                       45,000
Total Current Liabilities                                                       128,104                  207,900
   Non Current Liabilities
    Long-term debt                                                                –                       95,300
Total Liabilities                                                               128,104                  303,200
Net Assets
    Designated for general fund                                              803,805                    763,127
    Designated for memorial gifts                                             39,735                     38,414
    Designated for capital fund                                               49,947                     49,947
    Net investment in property and equipment                               1,576,697                  1,430,070
Total Unrestricted Net Assets                                              2,470,184                  2,281,558
  Temporarily restricted                                                     13,793                     107,139
  Permanently restricted                                                     12,863                      12,354
Total Net Assets                                                          2,496,840                   2,401,051
Total Liabilities and Net Assets                                        $ 2,624,944                 $ 2,704,251

*Financial Statements are reflected on a one year lag basis due to the timing of the completion of the audit.

                                                             JLG Statement of Financial Position                       9
          JLG 2007-2008 Annual Report

                The Junior League of Greenwich, Connecticut, Inc.
                      Statement of Financial Position (cont.)
                                       Selected Financial Highlights
                              for the years ended June 30, 2007 and 2006*

     Sources of Funds**                                                                 2007                     2006
       Fundraising events                                                              47.1%                    61.0%
       Membership dues and fees                                                        36.4%                    29.8%
       Contributions                                                                    4.8%                     1.4%
       Other                                                                            3.2%                     3.6%
       Interest and dividend income                                                     8.5%                     4.2%
     Total                                                                            100.0%                   100.0%

                                                                                      2007                      2006
     Payment of Long-term Debt                                                     $140,300                  $268,450
     *Financial Statements are reflected on a one year lag basis due to the timing of the completion of the audit.
     **Sources of Funds percentages have been restated for fiscal year ended (FYE) 2006 to reflect Fundraising events on
     a Net revenue basis, consistent with FYE 2007.

                      New Member Project: Baby Bundles
                                 As part of their training, the JLG New Member
                                 class members work together on a project to
                                 support one of the many local organizations.
                                 Recently, the class members have focused on
                                 the needs of expectant mothers in the com-
                                 munity and have created Baby Bundles.
                                 Working with Neighbor to Neighbor, in con-
                                      junction with Greenwich Social Services,
                                         the class determines where the need is
                                            and creates the baskets with specific
                                            individuals in mind. The Provisional
                                            Class works together to secure the
                                            donations and then create the bas-
                                            kets, which consist of all items
                                            needed to welcome baby home
                                            including bottles, diapers, sleepers,
     blankets, wipes, first aid kits, educational literature and much more. This
     experience inspires the ladies of the New Member class as they begin
     their commitment to our community.

10   JLG Statement of Financial Position
         Junior League of Greenwich Fundraisers
In addition to raising significant funds to support the JLG’s volunteer training and
community projects, our fundraisers are memorable events for the community
and a chance to increase community awareness of the JLG. For more than thirty
years, The Enchanted Forest has raised funds through the sales of decorated
holiday trees and gingerbread houses, a raffle, a gala, and events to entertain
children and seniors. Touch A Truck, a family event held each June, brings con-
struction and safety vehicles, trucks, and cars to Greenwich for all to explore and
enjoy. The Greenwich Cotillion is designed to introduce young ladies to the com-
munity and to all that the Junior League does to benefit our town. This year the
Cotillion presented fifteen debutantes at an event attended by family members
and guests. Letter Perfect offers stationery, cards, paper goods and other gift
items for sale to our members and the larger community, including Great Estates,
a pictorial and descriptive history of magnificent estates in Greenwich.

         Junior League of Greenwich Supporters
A.E. Betteridge Jewelers     The Boutry Family                Capital Building and
Katie Abstoss                Ellie Bowman                      Development Inc.
Stuart Adelberg              Bradford Renaissance Portraits   Laurel Caputo
Tori Aiello                  Baugh Briggs                     Amy Carbone
Allura                       Bright Horizons                  Care of Trees
The American Red Cross,      Carol Browne                     Suzanne Carlin
 Greenwich Chapter,          Brownie Troop 50650              Nick Cataldo
 Youth Council               Kathy Burgweger                  The Caterers
Gordon and Deborah Andrews   Usha Burns                       Catherine's Hope, Inc.
Any Season                   Belinda Buscher                  Mindy Chanaud
The (Caroline Richey)        The Byram Garden Club            Chelsey Foundation
 Arenz Family                The (Caitlin Gilbert)            Margaret B. Cheney
Susan Arturi                  Callahan Family                 Virginia M. Cheney
Harris Ashton
Laurel Asness
Aux Delices
Avon Theatre
Sue Baker
Eileen Bartels
The Bartels Family
Annie Barter
Anita Bausman
Laurie Bayless
Beam & Barre
Dustin Beaudry
Serena Bechtel
Belvedere Vodka
The Benincasa Family
Susan Bevan
Black Forest Pastry Shop
Bill Bogardus                 A young boy delights in the many splendors of The Enchanted
Nicole Boruchin
                              Forest, the largest JLG fundraiser.
Elizabeth Boutry

                                                                        JLG Supporters      11
         JLG 2007-2008 Annual Report

     Chillybear                    Chris DeMaio                     Julie Faryniarz
     Monique Christensen           Design Within Reach              FDS, Inc.
     Linda Christensen             Designs by Deborah               Kimberlie Fett
     Heather Cimino                The Deutsch Foundation           Mairead Finn
     Aiden Koch, Maddie Clarke,    Margaret Devlin                  Phyllis Finn
     Neeley Koch and Jip Clarke    Sharon Diedrick                  Traci Fiore
     Graham Clarke                 Digital Cheetah                  Fitness Edge
     Classic Kids Photography      Cindy DiPreta                    Jackie Fitzpatrick
     Coastal Point Development     Kara Donahue                     Flowers by George
     Colony Florist                Betsy Donovan Nolan              C. Elisabeth Forbes
     Christopher and Courtney      Sandra Douglas                   Sally Foreman-Reed
      Combe                        Christina Downey                 Laurel Forst
     Connecticut State Police      Patricia Duncan                  Claudia Foster
     Marietta Contadino            Fred N. Durante, Jr.             Elizabeth Foulk
     Cos Cob Fire Company           General Contractor, Inc.        Abigail Fox Designs
     Coastal Point Development     E. Anderson Landscape            The (Alexandra Adair) Fox Family
     Country Living Associates      Contractor                      The (Alexandra Hannigan)
     Stephanie Cowie               Beth Eaton                        Fox Family
     The Cowie Family              Christine Edwards                Amy Franks
     Sara Crabtree-Crowley         Judith Egbert                    Jen Frascella
     Patsy Crucitti                Judy Eierdam                     The Friedman Family
     The Cuff Family               Cheryl Elliott                   Wendy Friedman
     Laura Cunningham              Danielle Esposito                Audra Frumin
     Dorothy Currall               Etcetera/Cabot Designs           The (Lily Morgan Edith)
     The Curtis Family             Kim Marie Evans                   Galef Family
     CUTCO Cutlery Corp.           The Evans Family                 Garden Catering
     Trisha Dalton                 Evelyn Greenwich Gift Shop       Garden Education Center
     Dance Adventure               Dorie Fabio                      Janice Gardner
     Darien Sports Shop            FactSet Research                 Lynn Garelick
     Allan Day, Professional       Fairfield County Foundation      The (Sarah Halsey) Gaston Family
      Vacation Planners            Fairfield County Home Magazine   Marianne Gattinella
     Vickie deBary                 Family Centers                   The (Taylor Lynn) Gattinella
     Bessie delCastillo            Eileen Fargis                     Family
     DeLuca Construction           Mary Anne Farrell                Laura Geffs

                                                                         Photograph by: D’Arlene Studios
      Debutantes at The 2008 Greenwich Cotillion

12   JLG Supporters
Pat Geismar
Kim Gesell
Peter and Anne Getz
Girl Scout Troop 126
Girl Scout Troop 262
Girl Scout Troop 50452
Girl Scout Troop 50639
Glenville Fire Company
Pamela Goergen
Goji Super Juice
The Gonzalez Family
Lindsay Gordon
Laura Grad
Alexandra Grady
Sandra Grady
Graham's Kids Cuts
Elise Hillman Green
The Green Family
Green Demolitions
Greenwich Adult Day Care          The JLG Fall 2007 New Member Class
Greenwich Catholic School
Greenwich Country Day School
Greenwich EMS                    Daryl and Geoffrey Hulme          Marilyn Keyser
Greenwich Fine Properties        Hyatt Regency Greenwich           Susan Khanna
Greenwich Firefighters/Assoc.    Paul Iaconis                      The (Sarah DeLacy)
 Local 1042                      Indian Harbor Yacht Club           Kiernan Family
Greenwich High School            Institute of Culinary Education   John and Mary Lee Kiernan
 Cardinal Cooks                  International School at Dundee    Stefanie Kies
Greenwich Japanese School        Yukiko Ishikawa                   Marie Kimmel
Greenwich Police Department      Dermod and Jane Ives              Barbara King
Greenwich Track Club             Lori Jackson                      Stina Klein
Greenwich Water Club             Georg Jensen                      Kristen Kratky
Nancy Greer                      Jeffrey Shaw Photography          Cathleen Kreppein
Maxx and Andrew Grossman         JLG - Board of Directors          Elizabeth Kreuter
Gucci                            JLG - Boundless Playground        Joy Kruger-Asche
The (Sarah Arlene Elizabeth)     JLG - Environmental Education     Terry Lamantia
 Hagerbrant Family               JLG - Fund Development            Michael and Kathleen Langan
Beth Hall                        JLG - Girls Self Esteem           Debra Langer
Jacqueline Hammock               JLG - Membership                  Lin Lavery
Beatrice Harper                  JLG - New Member Class            Bailey Leaman
Mary Harreld                     JLG - Nutrition for Life          Cindy Leaman
Ann Harrell                      JLG - Partnership in Education    Carolyn Lemone
Sally Harris                     JLG - Sustainer Tree              Valerie Leon
Cindy Hatstadt                   JLG - Touch a Truck               Jay Levine
Fleur Helm                       JL Rocks                          Katharina Lewis
Heidi Helmer                     Cheryl Johnson-Simon              Lilly Pullitzer
Robyn Helmer                     Julian Curtiss Magnet School      Tina Lindstedt
Diana Higgins                    Meg Kaicher                       Madison Square Garden
Judy Higgins                     Katchko & Son Construction LLC    Ann Marie Magliocco
Historical Society of the Town   Kate's Paperie                    Lloyd and Jean Makepeace
 of Greenwich                    Jennifer Kaupp                    Amy Manro
Hoagland's of Greenwich          Katrina Kaupp                     Janet Marchand
Judy Holden                      Sheila Keatinge                   Soraya Mariel
Tess Hollander                   The Keatinge Family               Marian Marino
Tracy Holton                     The (Faye Regina) Keegan Family   Lisa Maronian
Mandy Hopper                     Jane Keenan                       Elizabeth Marren
The Hopper Family                The (Sarah Ellsworth)             Silvia Marsella
Cara Hotchkiss                     Kencel Family                   Martha Stewart Living

                                                                            JLG Supporters       13
         JLG 2007-2008 Annual Report

      The JLG Spring 2008 New Member Class

     James Martin, II and James   Elizabeth Naert               Stacy Petuck
      Martin III, William the     Henry & Edward Nagler         The (Alexandra Morgan)
      Garbage Truck               The Nagler Family              Pierce Family
     Stephanie Martin             Nautical Senses               Pierre Deux
     Ann Martin                   Karen Neilinger               Dennis and Paulette Pipher
     McArdle's Florist and        New Wave Salon                Pizza Post
      Garden Center               Rani Newman Mathura           C. Edward Pleasants
     Sue McCalley                 Louis Nichole                 Porricelli's Food Mart
     Merritt McConnell            Janet Nisi                    Erin Preston
     Philip and Kathy McKnight    Connie Norsworthy             Joanne Prier
     Patricia Ann McLaughlin      North Mianus School           Cristina Pye Photography
     Nadia Meier                   3rd Grade Class              Victoria Quake
     The Messineo-Long Family     North Street School           Jackie Quinn
     Alessandra Messineo-Long     Joyce Nye                     R.M. Harris Electrical Contractors
     Kirstin Meyer                David Ogilvy & Associates     Raffles Resort
     Sarah Meyerhoff              Karen Oh                      Ray's Construction & Lawn
     Glenn and Susan Meyers       Old Greenwich School           Service
     William Michels              Phoebe Oler                   Linda Reals
     Mary Michels                 The Oliver Family             Lane Reardon
     The Milbrook Club            Kathy O'Malley                Redniss and Mead
     The Miller Family            Craig and Suzanne Packer      Lindsay Reimers
     Giovanna Miller              Pak-Timco Heating & Cooling   Elizabeth Mary Reiss
     Miller Motorcars             Paramount Concrete            Hilary Ramsen
     Mrs. David Minton, III       Ann Paris                     Virginia Ridenour
     Jack and Donna Moffly        Peter and Muriel Paris        Riverside Elementry School
     Moffly Publications/         Elizabeth C. Parker           Riverside Garden
      Greenwich Magazine          Peekaboo Pumpkin               Education Center
     Rhonda Morley                Eva-Stina Pehrson             Didi Robinson
     Vikki Morrison               People's Bank                 Sue Rogers
     Mullarkey Constructin LLC    Performance Imaging           Elizabeth Ross
     Kathy Munro                  Virginia Peterson-Bauer       Rota Portrait Design
     Murphy Bros. Landscaping     Maggie Pettinato              Melissa Rovelli
     Shep Murray                  Leigh Petuck                  Karen Royce

14   JLG Supporters
Royce Family Fund, Inc.
Deborah and Charles Royce
Rudy's Limousine Service, Inc.
Christine Salomon
Santaguida Sanitation
Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Jill Schecter
Stephanie Schmidt
Marcie Schneider
Winnie Schortman
Kelly Lenore Schwabe
Susan Shanks
Sharkey's Cuts for Kids
Jeffrey Shaw
The Shen Family
Ms. Sherwin's 5th Grade Class
Win Sho
Chris Shumway
Simply Flowers
Slovak Culture Center
Rosie Solano
                                  Bob Capazzo, with JLG member Hilary Watson, worked tire-
Sound Beach Fire Department       lessly to memorialize JLG events with photographic images.
The (Greta Kathryn Baryn)
  Spangenberg Family
Helen Spencer                    Valentino                         Chris Zadik
Jessica Spencer                  Van Loan Custom Printing          Carol Zelenz
Erin Spiess-Chang                The Van Meel Family               Zelenz Brothers
St. Moritz Bakery                Chrissy Van Oiste                 06830 Gifts
Stamford Center for the Arts     Calia VanDyke
The Stamos Family                Stacy VanMetere
Nicole Standish                  Venture New
Ginger Stickel                    Generation Portraits
Martha Stisser                   Jamie Viceconte
The (Olivia Christine)           Vignettes Designs, LLC
  Stolt-Nielsen Holten Family    Vineyard Vines
Alison Stone                     Cristina Vittoria
The Stout Family                 George Vontobel
Martha Sugrue                    Emily Wack
Summer Rain Sprinkler            Christine Walker
  Systems LLC                    James P. Warburg
Barbara Swasey                   Warren-Tricomi Salon
Sweet Lisa's Exquisite Cakes     Hillary Watson
Shelton and Cathy Swei           WEBE 108
Tahiti Street                    Barbara Wells
Kimberly Terrenoire              Western Middle
Joan Thomas                       School
Threads and Treads               Laura White
AJ Tidwell                       Wideworld Children's
Tiffany & Co.                     Corner
Tory Burch                       Kristin Williams
Town of Greenwich                Louise Williamson
Chrys Tsilibes                   Sheila Wilson
Turabian & Sariyan               William and Alice
The Turkeltaub Family             Winfield
                                 The Winston Family
                                                            Touch A Truck is both a JLG fundraiser
Jamie Tyndall
United Rentals                   Susan Wohlforth            and an opportunity to bring families in
Brook Urban                      Connie Worcester           the community together to enjoy a
US Trust Company, N.A.           Dennis and Johanna         fun-filled afternoon.
Julie Uygur                       Yeskey

                                                                              JLG Supporters          15
                    Junior League of Greenwich Mission:
 The Junior League of Greenwich, Connecticut, Inc. is an organization
of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential
  of women and improving the community through the effective action
      and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively
                       educational and charitable.

   Women working to strengthen our community

     The Junior League of Greenwich, Connecticut, Inc.
                    231 East Putnam Avenue
                     Greenwich, CT 06830
            Phone: 203.869.1979 Fax: 203.869.9215

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