RC AASP News by wpr1947


									   Red Creek Advantage Program:
Children get extra help from
enrichment teachers doing        Can you guess which child is
their homework. For some         wrapped like a snowman?
children that have already
finished their homework or
did not have any the
Advantage staff offers other
activities such as games or
supply word finds, cross
word puzzles and dot to
                                                                   The older group of
dots for children to do at       The third grade group is          children enjoyed the
this time.                       working on building a             nice weather with a
                                 “marvelous marble ramp”, out      mound of snow to go
                                 of card board boxes,              sledding on.
                                 construction paper, glue and
                                 tape. When this project is
                                 finished they will race marbles
                                 through the cardboard maze.

A new enrichment program
started called Reading Fast
Forward program. This
enrichment meets everyday
for one hour sessions in two                                       Up Coming Dates to
groups. Children get extra       Other projects done this month    remember:
help on learning to read, this   by all the groups have included
program is all done on the       ladybug bracelets, handprints
computers with audio and         made out of plaster, mentos       1/2 day of school on 4/10—
visual software.                 geyser, secret code messages,     11/08.
Some activities children         St. Patrick's clovers, paper
enjoyed this month has been                                        Full day of program for the
                                 mache eggs, growing grass in
                                                                   week of 4/14—18/2008.
making snowmen out of            an egg (making egg heads),
marshmallows, skittles, and      leprachan fizz (made out of
graham crackers. While other     ginger ale and line sherbert),
in the first grade group made    gluey string art on a balloon,
snowmen out of beginning         bird cage and paper birds to be
wrapped up in toilet paper.      placed in the cage.
The children enjoyed this
activity and each child had an
opportunity to do this if they

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