Project Bonafide Certificate

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					           Certification of Bonafide Student for Project work in RRCAT, Indore
                       (To be issued only by Principal/Head of the Institute)

                                                                               Affix recent
                                                                               passport size
                                                                               attested by
                     (Signature of the student)                                Officer. 

This is to certify that Shri/Kumari ________________________________________,
(Name of student)
Son/daughter of _______________________________________________________,
is a bonafide student of this institute.
At present he/she is studying in _______ semester of ___________________________________
                                                            (Name of the degree course with discipline)

This student is recommended for project work in RRCAT Indore from ------------- to ---------------

                                                  Signature of the Principal* / Head of the Institute*
                                                                                   with Stamp/ Seal

*Contact phone number:           ________________
             *FAX No.:           ________________
            *E-mail ID:          __________________ 

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