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									                            Project Status Report
                                July 5, 2011

                                     Active Projects

    Project           Narrative                               Estimated schedule (if
1   Atherton Drive    This project will complete Atherton     August 16, 2010: Environmental
    Gap Closure –     Drive between South Main Street         clearance Caltrans obtained.
    Main Street to    and Van Ryn Road, using Federal         September 2, 2010: Federal
    Van Ryn           funds and Public Facilities             authorization (E-76) obtained.
                      Implementation (PFIP) funds.            May 3, 2011: Construction
                                                              contract awarded.
                                                              Sixty-day notification letters
                                                              regarding access of temporary
                                                              construction easements sent to
                                                              property owners.
                                                              September 1, 2011: Construction
                                                              to begin.
2   Austin Road       Proposed mixed-use development          December 10, 2010: LAFCo
    Business          of a national distribution center, to   approves annexation.
    Industrial Park   include an industrial park of           January 2011: Protest hearing
    and Residential   between 100 and 200 acres. Staff        held by LAFCo.
    Community         is coordinating infrastructure and      March 2011: No written protest
                      entitlements. The Administrative        submitted. LAFCo adopts
                      Draft of the EIR and the Traffic        Resolution to authorize filing of
                      Report have been completed.             Notice of Completion with State
                                                              No specific time frame is available
                                                              for actual development of the
3   Austin Road       Project to install a 24-inch pipe in    Design 50% complete.
    Water Main –      Austin Road from Yosemite Avenue        Coordinating with Caltrans on the
    Phase 2           to Moffat Boulevard, to convey          24-inch water pipe crossing at
                      surface water to southeast              Highway 99.
                      Manteca.                                July 29, 2011: Design to be
                                                              August 2011: Solicit bids for
    Project          Narrative                             Estimated schedule (if
4   CenterPoint      Industrial project featuring 190      December 10, 2010: LAFCo
    (Northwest       acres of development into an          approves annexation.
    Airport Way      intermodal center with light          January 2011: Protest hearing
    Master Plan)     industrial, warehouse, office and     held by LAFCo.
                     commercial uses. Master Plan for      March 2011: No written protest
                     full 300 acres has been completed. submitted. LAFCo adopts
                                                           Resolution to authorize filing of
                                                           Notice of Completion with State
                                                           Board. Waiting for CenterPoint to
                                                           meet its conditions of approval
                                                           prior to final annexation.
5   Corporation      Acquire land adjacent to the          Master Plan and financing plan
    Yard             current City Corporation Yard,        approved.
    Consolidation    construct new shops and               Design and construction contract
                     operations buildings to allow the     awarded for Animal Control.
                     Building Maintenance, Water and       Construction of Animal Control
                     Parks maintenance operations to       facility has begun, and will be
                     relocate and consolidate.             completed in the Fall of 2011.
                                                           June 7, 2011: Council approves
                                                           design and construction contract
                                                           for Vehicle Maintenance.
                                                           December 2012: Estimated overall
                                                           project completion date.
6   Library Park     This project involves the expansion September 7, 2010: Council
    Expansion        and improvement of downtown           awards construction contract for
                     Library Park consistent with the      underground improvements.
                     adopted Master Plan. Construction November 2, 2010: Council
                     of improvements is under way.         awards construction contract.
                                                           September 2011: Full expansion
                                                           expected to be completed.
7   Lincoln Park     This project involves removing the    Surveying and conceptual design
    Parking Lot      existing asphalt paving, installing a is complete.
    Rehabilitation   new storm drain pump station and July 2011: Design to be complete.
                     constructing a new parking lot.       July 2011: City Council to
                     Project construction will start and   authorize call for bids.
                     finish during the late fall and       October 2011: Construction to
                     winter months to minimize impacts begin.
                     to the public.                        February 2012: Construction
                                                           schedule to be complete.
8   Louise Avenue    Installation of a 12-inch water       Finalizing flow meter and SCADA
    Water Main       pipeline on Louise Avenue from        communication issues with
    Project          Austin Road to approximately          SSJID. County Encroachment
                     Pestana Avenue, to complete a         Permit ready for issuance.
                     water loop in the City’s water        Design is 95% complete.
                     distribution system. Project          July 19, 2011: Council to
                     delayed one month.                    authorize call for bids.
     Project         Narrative                               Estimated schedule (if
9    Multimodal      Design/Build phase of the               January-June 2011: Prepare
     Station/        Multimodal Station on Moffat            design documents.
     Transit Plan    Boulevard.                              June 2011: Release Request for
                                                             Proposals for Design/Build
10   North Sewer     Installation of a 54-inch sewer         No estimated schedule for
     Trunk Links     pipeline from the WQCF to Airport       completion. Staff is continuing to
     51/52/53/       Way. Design was 95% complete,           discuss right-of-way issues with
     90/91           but changes in development              affected property owners.
                     activity caused staff to assess other
                     pipeline alignments to confirm the
                     most cost-effective route. Staff has
                     held discussions with several
                     property owners to assess
                     willingness to provide right-of-way.
11   PFF/PFIP        Conversion of PFIP (Public              Staff continues to meet with BIA
     Update          Facilities Implementation Plan) to      representatives to review draft
                     PFF (Public Facilities Fee). Meet       water, storm drain and
                     with development representatives        wastewater PFF fees.
                     to review the various components.
12   Promenade       The Promenade Shops at Orchard          Bass Pro Shops, Best Buy, JC
     Shops/Outlets   Valley continues to be developed.       Penney and Theater opened in late
                                                             2008 and early 2009.
                                                             March 2010: Red Robin
                                                             restaurant opens.
                                                             May 2010: Hampton Inn & Suites
                                                             August 2010: Matsu Sushi opens.
                                                             November 2010: Subway and
                                                             Vans open.
                                                             Remaining outlet building west of
                                                             Best Buy to be constructed in the
                                                             near future.
13   Stadium         The Stadium Center shopping             March 2010: Dress Barn opens.
     Center          center at Highway 120 and Airport       April 2010: JoAnn’s Fabrics opens.
                     Way continues to plan for               GameStop opened between Jamba
                     undeveloped pad sites and is            Juice and Starbuck’s.
                     proposing additional fast-food          Chilaberries frozen yogurt also
                     restaurants on Phase 3 of the           opened between Round Table
                     project east of Airport, south of       Pizza and Subway Sandwiches.
                     Daniels.                                Planning staff is currently
                                                             processing an application to revise
                                                             the previously approved site plan
                                                             for Phase 3, east of Airport Way, to
                                                             accommodate three new fast-food
     Project            Narrative                               Estimated schedule (if
14   State Route 99     This project involves widening          Spring 2010: Environmental
     Widening           State Route 99 from Highway 120         review completed.
                        to Arch Road, by adding two             Summer 2011: Interior widening
                        additional lanes within the existing    construction to begin.
                        median. Interchange modifications       Summer 2012: Right-of-Way
                        are also proposed for the Main          certification and acquisition to be
                        Street/Lathrop Road interchange.        completed, and interchange
                                                                construction contract to be
15   Storm Drain        Update the City’s storm drain           Routed second draft distributed to
     Master Plan        master plan to document the 96-         development community for review
     Update             hour approach and the dual-use          and comment.
                        approach with SSJID facilities.
16   Streetlight        Retrofit of streetlights with high-     December 21, 2010: Council
     Retrofit Project   efficiency lamps in the low-to-         awards contract to Deco Lighting.
     – Phase 1          moderate income areas of Manteca.       January 31, 2011: Notice to
                        Project funded with Federal CDBG-       proceed to be issued.
                        R funds. Delivery was delayed due       June 2011: First shipment of
                        to vendor problem getting parts to      lights arrives.
                        build the lamps.                        July 2011: Installation of lights to
17   Streetlight        Retrofit additional streetlights with   February 17, 2011: Bid opening.
     Retrofit Project   high-efficiency lamps throughout        March 15, 2011: Contract
     – Phase 2          Manteca. Project funded with            awarded to Republic ITS. First
                        Federal Energy Efficiency funds.        delivery anticipated to be July
18   Wastewater         Update the City’s wastewater            Staff preparing to incorporate
     Collection         collection system master plan to        developers’ comments into Master
     System Master      document reductions to                  Plan.
     Plan Update        infrastructure sizing.
19   Woodward           Previously known as the South           This project is linked with Item 11
     Avenue             Sewer Trunk Project – Links             – PFF/PFIP Update.
     Utilities &        7/8/9. Project involves installation    May 17, 2011: Council awards
     Street             of a 30- to 36-inch sewer pipeline      construction contract to Floyd
     Improvements       and a 54-inch storm drainage            Johnston. Staff will finalize
                        pipeline in Woodward Avenue from        development fees outlined in Item
                        Main Street to Galleria Drive.          #11, and bring them back to
                                                                Council for approval at a future

     Project          Narrative                              Estimated schedule (if
20   WQCF Digester    Inspect and repair the cracks in       West digester drained and staff
     Dome Crack       the dome covers of both WQCF           conducting cleaning operations.
     Repair           digesters. Inspection report on the    Inspection and material testing to
                      East Digester indicates minimal        occur June 7-9 to determine
                      corrosion to concrete, thus major      extent of concrete corrosion. After
                      structural repair not needed.          inspection and testing, staff will
                      Internal liner and exterior concrete   determine rehabilitation plan for
                      coating recommended to prevent         both digesters.
                      further corrosion.
21   WQCF             Construction of a junction             May 17: City Council awards
     North-Side       structure at the end of the north-     construction contract to Conco
     Secondary        side aeration basins at the WQCF       West.
     Clarifier Flow   to equalize flow to the secondary      Pre-construction meeting with
     Equalization     clarifiers.                            contractor to occur by July 15.
22   Wells 12, 15,    Installation of 8,000 feet of water    August 2010: Award of
     22 Blending      line on Union Road and Northgate       construction contract.
     Project          Drive, creating a network of pipes     October 4, 2010: Notice to proceed
                      to convey surface water to the         issued and construction work
                      three well sites to comply with        started.
                      revised drinking water standards.      May 2011: Project substantially
                                                             complete. Contractor to complete
                                                             punch list by July 31, 2011.
23   Wells 13, 19,    Installation of a treatment facility   All filtration tanks delivered and
     21 Central       for these three wells at a central     set. Fencing nearly installed.
     Treatment –      location on Moffat Boulevard to        Fiber-optic work to be completed
     Phase 1          comply with revised drinking water     by July 15, 2011.
                      standards. All filtration tanks        Filtration media installed, and
                      delivered and set. Contractor is       tank disinfection under way.
                      working on the fiber optics to the     July 31, 2011: Project expected to
                      three well sites. Project completion   be complete.
                      delayed one month.
24   Yosemite         Rehabilitation of Yosemite Avenue      March 2011: Construction Notice
     Avenue Prop.     from Walnut Avenue to Winters          to Proceed issued.
     1B               Drive, utilizing Proposition 1B        Mid-June 2011: Contractor to
     Rehabilitation   funds.                                 pave the entire project.
     Project                                                 June 30, 2011: Construction to be
                                                             Contractor to complete punch list
                                                             by July 22, 2011.

     Project     Narrative                           Estimated schedule (if
25   Yosemite    The project includes a General Plan Traffic study has been completed
     Square      Amendment, Rezone and Tentative and a consultant has been
                 Map for the development of          selected for the environmental
                 approximately 144.3 acres into 17   work.
                 lots for the future development of  June 23, 2011: Kickoff meeting for
                 761 residential units and up to     environmental work.
                 475,675 square feet of business     Fall: Public hearings to be
                 industrial park uses, consistent    scheduled before Planning
                 with the proposed Mater Plan.       Commission and City Council.
                 Project is located east of Highway
26   Zoning      Work is continuing on the update,   October 27, 2009: First public
     Ordinance   following the May 24 presentation   workshop on the update.
     Update      of the public review draft at the   May 24, 2011: Second public
                 second workshop. Comments           workshop – staff presents Public
                 received at the workshop will be    Review Draft.
                 considered and may be               June 28, 2011: Public workshop
                 incorporated into the Public        on zone changes scheduled.
                 Hearing Draft that will be          Mid-2011: Planning staff
                 presented to the Planning           preparing Public Hearing Draft to
                 Commission for recommendation       be presented at Planning
                 to the City Council.                Commission public hearing.

                                   Pending Projects

     Project         Narrative                              Estimated schedule (if
27   Austin Road     Planning and engineering required      Project on hold pending
     Interchange     to obtain funding for a future         identification of funding.
     Project         interchange at Austin Road at
                     Highway 99.
28   Dog Park        Preliminary planning and research      March 26, 2009: Recreation and
                     has been completed. Report             Parks Commission meeting to
                     prepared by Recreation and Parks       solicit public input.
                     Commission and presented to            May 19, 2009: Recommendation
                     Council on May 19. 2009.               forwarded from Recreation and
                                                            Parks Commission to City Council
                                                            to consider dog park funding in
                                                            the 2009-10 budget cycle based
                                                            upon preliminary design and
                                                            projected costs.
                                                            July 7, 2009: Council defers
                                                            action on dog park, until sufficient
                                                            funds are available for both
                                                            construction and annual
29   East Yosemite   Addition of 5 feet of sidewalk along   September 2008: Phase 1 (initial
     Avenue          north side of East Yosemite Avenue     5’ sidewalk) complete.
     Sidewalk        between Spreckels/Cottage and          Phase 2: Staff acquiring necessary
     Improvements    Powers. First phase included initial   right-of-way to complete sidewalk
                     5 feet of sidewalk along newly         and street tree improvements.
                     widened street. Phase 2 to expand      Project on hold pending
                     the sidewalk another 3 feet to the     identification of funding for project
                     north and provide street trees.        and additional staff.
30   Fire Station:   Design and construction of a new       September 28, 2010: After taking
     Union Ranch,    fire station at 1420 W. Lathrop        public testimony both for and
     Lathrop Road    Road, to serve the Northwest area      against the project, the Planning
                     of Manteca to meet the five-minute     Commission approved the Site
                     response goal for all emergencies.     Plan, Architectural Design and
                                                            Use Permit.
                                                            Construction schedule pending,
                                                            due to lack of available funding.
31   Library         Manteca Library Advisory Board to      Project on hold pending receipt of
     Expansion       continue consideration of library      additional funding. No specific
                     building options and city funding      time frame is available for actual
                     priorities.                            development of project.

     Project          Narrative                              Estimated schedule (if
32   Police/Courts    Staff continues to work toward         The Redevelopment Agency now
     Building         approval of a Police/Superior          owns the site.
                      Court/District Attorney/Public         No specific funding/completion
                      Defender building, on the site         schedule is available at this time.
                      purchased by the Redevelopment
33   Police           Purchase agreement approved April Project on hold while continued
     Department       17, 2006. Escrow closed May 11,   feasibility of this site and funding
     Relocation to    2006.                             are evaluated.
     555 Industrial
     Park Drive
34   Union Crossing   Proposed commercial center at the      September 2009: EIR presented to
                      southwest quadrant of Union Road       Planning Commission.
                      and the Highway 120 Bypass.            October 20, 2009: Final EIR and
                      Project would include                  all other entitlements approved by
                      approximately 47 acres with            City Council.
                      approximately eight major retailers    December 2009: LAFCo approves
                      and space and pads for smaller         annexation.
                      retailers.                             February 22, 2010: Property
                                                             officially annexed to the City.
                                                             No specific construction schedule
35   Union/120        Widen the existing overcrossing to     Plans are 65% complete. Project
     Interchange      provide access to planned              has been suspended until
     Improvements     development south of SR120.            additional funding is identified.
                      Prepare Project Study Report,
                      project report, environmental
                      documents, plans, specifications
                      and estimates. Working on final
                      right-of-way acquisition and utility
                      relocation issues.

     Project         Narrative                              Estimated schedule (if
36   Woodward        Improvements include perimeter         March 2008: Award contract to
     Park Improve-   walkways, exercise stations,           construct walkways.
     ments           walkway lighting, group picnic         June 2008: Walkway project
                     shelter and water play feature with    complete.
                     the addition of a regulation-style     Pending: Design of water play
                     baseball field as funds allow over a   park feature.
                     three-year period.                     Water Play feature on hold due to
                     Water Play Park: Adjustments to        stringent and costly Public Health
                     schedule based upon review of          Department regulations.
                     technical design and approval          Fiscal Year 2011-12: Construction
                     process of water play feature,         of picnic shelter and Bridewell
                     including Public Health                parking lot improvements to be
                     Department. Design of water play       completed.
                     feature is pending due to
                     application of Public Swimming
                     Pool regulations by Health Dept. to
                     zero-depth water play features.
                     State and County Health
                     Department committees currently
                     discussing issues and proposed
                     new regulations. Full application of
                     current swimming pool regulations
                     would at least double cost of water
                     play park feature.

                      Projects Completed in Last 6 Months

    Project           Narrative                             Accomplishments
A   General Plan      Draft Circulation Element and         April 5, 2011: City Council
    Circulation       Draft Environmental Impact            certifies EIR and approves
    Element           Report.                               Circulation Element.
B   Highway           Installation of landscape for the     January 8, 2011: Planting
    99/120 East       two 99/120 interchanges.              complete. Plant establishment
    Landscaping                                             begins.
                                                            February 20, 2013: Estimated
                                                            completion of plant establishment
C   Library Park      Underground of utilities as step      February 1, 2011: City Council
    Primary           toward more-comprehensive             accepts project as complete.
    Electrical        Library Park expansion project.
D   Lincoln Park      This project included the removal     January: Staff and Little League
    Improvements      and replacement of the backstop       volunteers spread infield mix.
                      and adjacent walkways.                January 18, 2011: City Council
                                                            accepts project as complete.
E   Magnolia Court    Construction of a 52-unit             January 2011: Certificate of
    Apartments        apartment complex for low-income      Occupancy issued.
                      seniors at 787 N. Grant Ave.
                      Affirmed Housing built and will
                      now manage the project, funded
                      through Redevelopment, Federal
                      stimulus and private financing.
F   Park Irrigation   Construction of four irrigation       February 1, 2011: City Council
    Wells             wells and conversion of an old        accepts project as complete.
                      municipal well into a park well.
                      Park sites included Bella Vista,
                      Chadwick, Primavera, Southside
                      and Springport.
G   Wells 13, 19,     Installation of pipelines from the    January 18, 2011: City Council
    21 Central        three well sites to the central       accepts project as complete.
    Treatment –       treatment location on Moffat
    Phase 2           Boulevard.
H   WQCF Phase 3      Schedules A, B and D previously       February 15, 2011: City Council
    Expansion         completed. Schedule C                 accepts Schedule C project as
                      improvements included mechanical      complete.
                      dewatering facilities, locker rooms
                      and a shop/maintenance building.


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