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									                            RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program            RBA32                                              Version                      10.79
Opened             09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section             Description Of Changes Made                                         Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1    TRADE SALES         Deposits can now be taken for orders put onto delivery for Credit   RPC      KEEMLAW       0001 09/08/2007
                         Account customers.
2    PURCHASE LEDGER     Period number fixing removed as it was updating the period          SJP      HANSENS       0001 09/08/2007
     ENTRY REPORT        number for late entered invoices when the designated period was
3    LPGAS DELIVERY      If you have a deposit against a delivery order when you go to       RPC                    0001 09/08/2007
     RESCHEDULE          cancel it, it would crash as the last two of the parameters were
                         missing from the function call.
4    UPDATING RUNS       All cash transaction were showing as pre-paid                       SJP      EXTRAGAS      0001 13/08/2007
5    WEBSITE             For OS-Commerce site you can now post a brand with an image                                0001 13/08/2007
6    WEBSITE             Now brand and category image conversion use advanced Batch          SJP                    0001 13/08/2007
7    TILL 2 TILL ORDER   Changed the way that pack sizes are handled on processing an        RPC      MILLSTONES    0001 14/08/2007
     CONFIRMATION        order confirmation as the UNITOFMEASURE in the XML was not
                         the supplier pack size as previously believed.
8    PURCHASE ORDER      Reference added to browse                                           SJP      SSL           0001 14/08/2007
9    ATR UPLOAD          The STOCKED flag against each product is now used to                RPC                    0002 15/08/2007
                         determine if the product is to be uploaded using the following

                         If the product has never been uploaded and the STOCKED flag is
                         set to 'N', the product will not be uploaded.
                         If the product has never been uploaded and the STOCKED flag is
                         set to 'Y', the product will be uploaded.
                         If the product has been uploaded before and the STOCKED flag is
                         set to 'N', the product will be uploaded for removal.
                         If the product has been uploaded before and the STOCKED flag is
                         set to 'Y', the product will be uploaded as normal.
10   DELIVERY            The Finalise Order Line Selection screen would not load any         RPC      HANSENS       0002 16/08/2007
     DESPATCH            product from the delivery detail file where the BALANCEDUE
                         quantity was negative.
11   DELIVERY            The Finalise Order processing was removing the items with           RPC      HANSENS       0002 16/08/2007
     DESPATCH            negative quantities if they were the only items leftover after a
                         despatch (due to the leftover item handling tests)
12   PURCHASE ORDER      Status now shows an extra option Sent                               SJP      KEEMLAW       0002 17/08/2007
13   CLIENT SUPPLIERS    On the stock tab for suppliers extra columns have been added for    SJP      KEEMLAW       0002 17/08/2007
     UPDATE              RRP, SPG and margin
14   BY SUPPLIER         Option added to allow cost or SPG to be suppressed.                 SJP      KEEMLAW       0002 17/08/2007
15   DELIVERY COMMIT     Toggle button added                                                 SJP      KEEMLAW       0002 17/08/2007
16   TRADE SALES         On completing a trade sale for a delivery the print dialog now      SJP      KEEMLAW       0002 17/08/2007
                         appear when you have commit stock option turned on
17   LEDGER              Extra steps taken to ensure the save button is not pressed or       SJP      WHG           0002 17/08/2007
     MANAGEMENT          clicked more than once. This appeared to be a possible issue
                         when running terminal services
18   PRODUPD             Button added to create an Excel spreadsheet from stock1, then       SJP                    0002 18/08/2007
                         import in back directly into Retailer using PRODUPD
19   INVENTORY           Serial number product are now shown in the SRL column and a         SJP      KEEMLAW       0002 18/08/2007
     RECEIPTS            save is aborted if all the serial numbers are not entered for a
                         tracked item
20   ENQUIRY             Extra button added to show the details of committed stock           SJP      KEEMLAW       0002 18/08/2007
21   TRADE SALES         Due to extra items that had been added to the delivery options      RPC                    0002 23/08/2007
                         section that appears on saving a delivery / worksheet, I had to
                         move the Stock Location and Special Instructions fields down a
                         little as other items were overlapping.
22   DIARY               Changed the font colour of the main interval combo box in the top   RPC      CAL           0002 23/08/2007
                         left to black for readability reasons.
23   WORKSTATION &       Added a field to allow the entry of the Cash Drawer Number used     RPC                    0002 23/08/2007
     PRINTER SETUP       by a workstation (for use with the new Takings Reconciliation
                         feature currently in progress).
                            RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program             RBA32                                             Version                         10.79
Opened              09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section             Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                         An extra pop-up allows you to see the Cash Drawer/Station
                         allocations for the system.
24   TRADE SALES         Entered date was being update when editing                             SJP      LOCK SHOP     0002 23/08/2007
25   SERIAL NUMBERS /    Returns can now be made for serial numbered products via the           SJP      KEEMLAW       0002 23/08/2007
     RETURNS             serial number management screen
26   PERIOD END          Aborting a period 12 year end was not restoring Nomledg2               SJP      LOCK SHOP     0002 23/08/2007
27   SALES VALUATION     Speeded up when using branches                                         SJP      PAT           0002 23/08/2007
28   PERIOD END          The process of removing deleted records from NOMLEDG2 was              RPC      HANSENS       0003 28/08/2007
                         not working due to an internal Xbase++ error when a 'PACK' was
                         done at Period 12.
                         The 'PACK' has therefore been replaced with a 'COPY TO',
                         RENAME and rebuild indexes process.
29   PURCHASE ORDER      Clicking the more info button caused a crash in some situations as SJP          KEEMLAW       0003 28/08/2007
     ENTRY               STOCK1 was closed by a previous action
30   CLIENT SETUP        Exit button now works when called from trade sales                     SJP      PAT           0003 28/08/2007
31   INVENTORY           For Retailer zero quantities are now disallowed, but negative          SJP      PAT           0003 28/08/2007
     RECEIPTS            quantities are now allowed
32   ENQUIRY             Commit button now displays correctly                                   SJP      PAT           0003 28/08/2007
33   BRSYNC              Further modifications made for the option to prevent inter-branch      SJP      DIY CENTRE    0003 28/08/2007
                         vendors from synchronising
34   DELIVERY            If default payment date is set to B for blank, then the cash           SJP      LOCK SHOP     0003 28/08/2007
     DESPATCH            payment do not reset the invoice date to today.
35   DELIVERY            “Any” time from diary was not updating on the screen correctly         SJP      LOCK SHOP     0003 28/08/2007
36   CLIENT SETUP        For Sage integration an extra field has been added to allow a          SJP      G LOCKS       0003 28/08/2007
                         previously entered accounts on Retailer to be then controlled by
37   PRINTER SETUP       A reset button has been added for the Zebra TLP2844                    SJP      PAT           0003 28/08/2007
38   PRINTER SETUP       Test button added for receipt printer                                  SJP      PAT           0003 28/08/2007
39   PURCHASE LOG        KIT Sales, checkout, delivery despatch, updrun and trade sales         SJP      PAT           0004 29/08/2007
                         were all deducting the quantity sold twice when calculating if the
                         stock figure is below minimum in order to write an entry to the log
40   TRADE SALES         Editing LPGas deliveries only lines with a fulls quantity appear for   SJP      PAT/STAYTES   0004 30/08/2007
                         editing and empty only lines were lost.
41   INVENTORY           Fix in 31 did not allow you to set a quantity to zero when receiving   SJP      PAT           0004 30/08/2007
     RECEIPTS            against a PO
42   CHANGE PART         Extra test on the action button to ensure the new code is not          SJP      KITSHOP       0004 30/08/2007
                         longer than 12 characters.
43   INVENTORY           Block placed on -Ve quantities on receipts from purchase orders        SJP                    0005 30/08/2007

44   LOCATION REPORT     Validation did not allow entry of a valid location code.               SJP      LOCK SHOP     0005 30/08/2007
45   SERIAL NUMBERS      Editing a serial number in sales browse caused a crash                 SJP      KEEMLAW       0005 31/08/2007
46   SERIAL NUMBERS      Moving serial numbered items to and from warehouses does not      SJP           KEEMLAW       0005 01/09/2007
     TRADE SALES         make the serial numbered items out of stock any more. Also in the
     CHECKOUT            serial view you can see it a Xfer and which branch it went to
46   TRADE SALES         When editing a proforma or a quotation, the stock is now not           SJP      CLEVELANDS    0005 01/09/2007
     DELIVERY            allocated.
47   DELIVERY            A worksheet order narrative is now available.                          SJP      LDS           0005 01/09/2007
48   INVENTORY           LPGas would not allow an entry of a product with empties if the        SJP      STAYTES       0006 02/09/2007
     RECEIPTS            empties matched the fulls.
                         (Note that also a problem where zero empties was not allowed to
                         be entered was fixed just prior to this...)
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                                 Version                        10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                            Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build
49   OVERCRED               Wording changed on overdue amounts and now uses the                     SJP      PAT            0006 05/09/2007
                            customer terms to calculate the overdue status
50   REDIST BATCHING        For branch system it will now allow a further filter for batching by    SJP      WHG            0006 05/09/2007
                            branch number.
51   RENTAL INVOICE         Rental invoices were showing the incorrect branch number. As the        SJP      WHG            0006 05/09/2007
                            branch number was being set once for all invoices not on a per
                            invoice basis
52   VERIFY DATAFILE        New option to check for duplicate load stock records                    SJP      WHG            0006 05/09/2007
53   SALES BROWSE           Branch number now shows for checkout receipts                           SJP      WHG            0006 05/09/2007
54   ENTER EDIT             Multiple supplier were showing incorrectly (only when more than         SJP      KEYMASTER      0006 05/09/2007
     PRODUCTS               three suppliers selected)
55   SERIAL NUMBER          When finalising lines with serial numbers, the date against the         SJP      KEEMLAW        0006 05/09/2007
                            serial number is changed to the invoice date
56   UPDATING RUNS          LPGas only, an invalid old date was being accepted eg 01/09/0107 SJP             GAFFNEYS,      0007 06/09/2007
                            and then being converted to a valid run 070901M1. This then                      COUNTRY
                            cause the invoice date on the sales and invoice file to be incorrect             SUPPLIES
57   INVENTORY RECEIPT A new label printing drop down option box has been added. This               SJP      PAT            0007 07/09/2007
                       allow optional selective printing of shelf edge labels only if the
                       price has changed within a given period
58   TRADE SALES            Integrated signature capture into trade sales for collection and        SJP      GARDNER &      0007 07/09/2007
                            open order transactions                                                          SCARDIFIELD
59   SAGE INTERFACE         If an Invoice fails to Post it now tells you the Account code for the   RPC                     0007 07/09/2007
                            customer the invoice belonged.
60   TRADE SALES            You can now add a new account from the F2 key provided the              SJP      CS             0007 07/09/2007
                            account code entered has not been validated
61   PRINTER SETUP          New printer type TMT88NC added to not kick the cash drawer              SJP      PAT            0008 07/09/2007
62   ATR UPLOAD             All deleted products that are sent as part of a Catalogue Upload RPC             MICA           0008 12/09/2007
                            have now been moved to appear at the end of the XML. The DTD
                            rules behind the XML apparently say that this must be the case.
63   TRADE SALES            Focus did not go to the subcontractor is branches are not enabled       SJP      SSL            0008 13/09/2007
                            when leaving the account field
64   CHANGE PRODUCT         With branches enabled and changing a product code from product SJP               SSL            0008 13/09/2007
                            entry, it allowed the account to be changed more than one per
                            three days
65   TIMESHEETS             A command line option has been added                                    SJP      NWG            0008 13/09/2007
66   DELIVERY DUE           Appeared to be reporting on cancelled orders, Retailer only             SPJ      CLEVELANDS     0008 13/09/2007
67   ENTER EDIT             Clone part now only shows while cloning                                 SJP      KITSHOP        0009 14/09/2007
68   BANK CODE              On adding a new code, if you typed in a code that was already in        RPC                     0009 17/09/2007
     PICKLIST               the picklist, it would crash.
69   UPDATING RUNS          The payment methods (eg. cash, credit and card) are now                 RPC      COUNTRY        0009 18/09/2007
                            unavailable on the right click menu for a credit customer if the                 SUPPLIES
                            order has an AMOUNT DUE of ZERO.
70   UPDATING RUNS          The Sales Ledger balances for a credit customer were not being          RPC      COUNTRY        0009 19/09/2007
                            updated correctly where a deposit had been paid against a                        SUPPLIES
                            delivery. The full sales ledger history report for that customer
                            would show a balance figure on the oldest line that did not equal
                            the balance of the first transaction
71   NOMREPS                Commented out the variable aPDYR as it was being referenced             RPC                     0009 19/09/2007
     (INTERNAL)             but was not defined or used.
72   DBU                    The variable oAPPWINDOW was not used                                    RPC                     0009 19/09/2007
73   DELIVERY               If you cancelled a 'quotation' or 'proforma' order, the system would    RPC      R&R SECURITY   0009 21/09/2007
     MANAGEMENT             crash if any product on the order was a sales code (ie, where the
                            product code did not match the stock code)
74   CHECKOUT               The option to take A/C Receipts now asks you the payment type of RPC                            0010 26/09/2007
     SUNDRIES               the receipt.

                            Note: In the first test version of this feature, if you selected 'F5
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program             RBA32                                               Version                       10.79
Opened              09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build
                          Cash', the payment type on screen showed 'Card' instead of
                          'Cash' but wrote the correct information to file...purely a display
75   USERS                Deleting a user caused a crash                                        SJP      PAT            0010 27/09/2007
76   LABEL PRINTING       Default prices are now obtained from the pricing object instead of    SJP      WATSONS HOME   0011 29/09/2007
                          SPG so limited offer will now be reflected                                     H/W
77   PURCHASE BROWSE EDI acknowledgement now shows in red for item that do not                  SJP      WATSONS HOME   0011 29/09/2007
                     match                                                                               H/W
78   SEASONAL             Entering seasonal now allows for all re-order levels to be cloned     SJP      WATSONS HOME   0011 29/09/2007
                          from the one entered for January                                               H/W
79   PICK LIST            New switched added to force pick list to print in location order      SJP      APEX           0011 29/09/2007
80   ENTER/EDIT           New option added in ADMIN (RBA only) to allow unit, brand,            SJP      APEX           0011 29/09/2007
     PRODUCTS             colour and size to be entered and appear on the F1 and speed
     SALES BROWSE         search lists
81   ZIPIT                Now checks to see if a \ has been added to the end of any picked      SJP      EYDENS         0011 29/09/2007
                          second locations
82   TURNOVER REPORT      Retailer was ignoring any type entered (LPGas unaffected)             SJP      CLEVELANDS     0011 29/09/2007
83   ENQUIRY              If you press ESCAPE on the account fast seek dialog (ie, do not       RPC      PT             0011 01/10/2007
                          choose any account from those shown) the account code
                          validation on the enquiry screen would say 'account record not
                          The only way to bypass this was to allow the fast seek dialog to
                          show an alert if the account was not found and only allow the
                          enquiry account code validation to handle if the code was valid.
84   CHECKOUT SALES       Put handling in for Account code validation problem when fast         RPC      PT             0011 01/10/2007
                          seek shown (see item 83 above related to enquiry field validation)
85   SCANNED              Put handling in for Account code validation problem when fast         RPC      PT             0011 01/10/2007
     DOCUMENTS            seek shown (see item 83 above related to enquiry field validation)
86   UPDATE RUNS          Prepaid order sometimes showed as still outstanding due to            SJP      GILMORE        0011 01/10/2007
                          internal rounding error
87   FLATVIEW REPORT      The dialog would set owner to a completely different dialog than      RPC      MORRIS MICA    0011 01/10/2007
     VIEWER DIALOG        expected (due to a timing issue) and therefore be modal to the
                          wrong dialog. This has been resolved by specifically setting the
                          owner to the window that is the current SETAPPWINDOW for that
88   INVENTORY            Put handling in for Account code validation problem when fast         RPC      PT             0011 02/10/2007
     RECEIPTS             seek shown (see item 83 above related to enquiry field validation)
89   ENQUIRY              Cosmetic changes regarding the positioning and sizes of the           RPC      PT             0011 02/10/2007
90   TRADE SALES          Changed product info quantity display to show exactly what is in      RPC                     0011 02/10/2007
                          stock regardless of the decimal quantity setting.
91   ENQUIRY              Changed product info quantity display to show exactly what is in      RPC                     0011 02/10/2007
                          stock regardless of the decimal quantity setting.
92   CHECKOUT SALES       If you printed a sales receipt for a 'refund by voucher', the sales RPC        PT             0011 02/10/2007
                          receipt heading was being set to the same as that shown on the
                          refund voucher itself if a custom voucher receipt heading had been
                          entered in Admin.
                          The sales receipt heading is now always shown as 'refund'
                          regardless as requested by PT.
93   TILL CHECK           Refunded Products list will now no longer show positive value         RPC      PT             0011 02/10/2007
94   CHECKOUT             Individual Gift Vouchers can now only be used once as a payment       RPC      PT             0011 02/10/2007
     GIFT VOUCHERS        type
95   CHECKOUT             If you had styles set for a product it would only show the extra    RPC        PT             0011 02/10/2007
                          style text and not show the extended product text. It will now show
                          either or both.
96   CHECKOUT             The Refund Authorisation Override password entry dialog now           RPC      PT             0011 02/10/2007
                          uses the large font and button to make use with touch screen
97   SALES LEDGER         On allocating open cash to invoices with settlement discounts it      RPC      GLENWOODS      0011 03/10/2007
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                              Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
      MANAGEMENT          was using the wrong date test, which would always calculate the
                          due amount as the settled amount regardless of what the
                          allocation date and overdue date were set to.
98    CLIENT DISCOUNTS    If an account code and a product code are entered and the            RPC          NWG           0011 04/10/2007
                          product for that account did not have a net price (but instead had a
                          discount% set) the calculation would have wrongly used a net
                          price of zero.
99    CLIENT DISCOUNTS    Using the 'Convert to %' utility will be blocked on systems that are RPC          SJP / NWG     0011 05/10/2007
                          using DOS Compatibility mode - an alert will appear to advise the
                          user of this fact. This is due to\ problems that can occur due to the
                          way DOS compatible priced products may be handled.
100   SALES BROWSE        For Retailer with deliveries an extra column containing the delivery SJP          SSL           0011 08/10/2007
                          reference is now shown
101   EXPENSE             Now a future claim date can be entered provided it is in the current SJP          SJP           0011 08/10/2007
      MANAGEMENT          month
102   STATEMENT           The credit field for the template was showing the credit as              SJP      SJP           0011 08/10/2007
103   ASSISTANT           Now available if you don't have depot stock                              SJP      P WALSH       0011 08/10/2007
104   TRADE SALES         Lines in a sale can now be moved up or down to change the order RPC               SJP           0011 10/10/2007
                          in which they appear.

                          1. Two new buttons have been added below the main items
                          browse area.
                          2. A new field LINETAG has been added to the order detail files.
                          3. A new index with the suffix T has been added to the order detail
105   SALES BROWSE        Analysis button added to allow view of order costs                       SJP      P WALSH       0011 10/10/2007
106   STARTRITE           Command line option to ftp a file to STARTRITE now has a footer          SJP      PAT           0011 10/10/2007
                          line count that includes the header line
107   DELIVERY REPORT     The due for despatch report was including lines on the due report        SJP      CLEVELANDS    0011 10/10/2007
                          that had been fulfilled.
108   MONTHLY BRANCH      When transferring the nominal and sales files from a branch the          SJP      STAYTES       0011 11/10/2007
      TRANSFERS           indexes are not recreated, so they don't need to be copies any
109   TURNOVER REPORT     Filter by reporting code added                                           SJP      CLEVELANDS    0012 11/10/2007
110   SALES DETAIL        Reporting code title now reflects that set in Admin                      SJP      CLEVELANDS    0012 11/10/2007
111   TILL CHECK          The first order number for the till check was being set to the first     RPC      PT / HURST    0012 11/10/2007
                          record for the start date of the till check regardless of whether that            GREEN
                          record should be included in the report or not. It should now set it
112   CLIENT SUPPLIER     The stock supplier tag now has a print button, also tab pages are        SJP      HURST GREEN   0012 11/10/2007
      ENTER EDIT          now disabled if not appropriate for the given account type
113   DELIVERY            Column headed 'PO' added to show PO number and an action                 SJP      SSL           0012 12/10/2007
      MANAGEMENT          added to browse the relevant PO when the product line is double
114   SALES BROWSE        Button with symbol '?' added to allow a delivery order to be             SJP      SSL           0012 12/10/2007
115   USER STOCK          SIZE and COLOUR added also a count down added to the list and SJP                 APEX          0012 12/10/2007
      REPORTS             label dialog
116   TRADE SALES         Total were not showing on 1024 by 768 resolution since 104               SJP      NWG           0012 12/10/2007
117   SALES BROWSE        Editing serial numbers from sales browse crashed                         SJP      KEEMLAW       0012 12/10/2007
118   DELIVERY POINTS     When selecting a delivery point for an account a new button to           SJP      SSL           0013 12/10/2007
                          filter and sort the records has been added
119   ENTER EDIT          Keep stock was not available for branches                                SJP      KEEMLAW       0013 15/10/2007
120   TRADE SALES         When jumping from trade sales to client entry, if the cancel button      SJP      PAT           0013 15/10/2007
                          is pressed on client entry it now asks if you want to return the
                          edited code to trade sales..
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
121   ENTER EDIT            The auto generate barcode now has the option (C) to create a 12        SJP      GREENFORD     0013 15/10/2007
      PRODUCTS              and 13 digit barcode for UPCA (American) formats                                TIMBER
122   VERIFY DATAFILE       The above conversion has been added to verify datafiles for a bulk SJP          GREENFORD     0013 15/10/2007
                            conversion                                                                      TIMBER
123   VERIFY DATAFILE       The duplicate barcode utility was using the wrong index on stock1      SJP      PAT           0013 15/10/2007
                            when running the duplication routine.
124   TILL CHECK            The skip record function was wrongly skipping records where the        RPC      LOCK SHOP     0013 16/10/2007
                            order date and time was not within the specified report start date
                            and time but did not take into account the fact that delivery orders
                            will not have an order date equal to the transaction date. I believe
                            this problem was introduced due to a modification made for the
                            uplift version of the till check...
125   LPGAS ADDITIONS       If you went into enter an addition and started entering data, then    RPC       EXTRAGAS      0013 16/10/2007
                            pressed escape and said 'yes' to the 'do you wish to start entering
                            this sale again?' alert, the delivery run info passed from the update
                            runs screen was being set to empty. If you then saved the order
                            after completing entry the run number and invoice date would be
                            blank and the order would not be shown in the update runs screen
                            being processed. This has been fixed...
126   UPLIFT                The Reconcile screen should now correctly include the single user RPC           HURST GREEN   0013 18/10/2007
      MANAGEMENT            enter-able float values in the calculation of the summary totals if
                            they are used and handle the saving of them correctly also.
127   UPLIFT RECONCILE      Should now pick up a single user entered closing float value, if one RPC                      0013 19/10/2007
                            is available, from the previous uplift on the first reconcile of the
                            uplift and save it correctly as the opening float.
128   RETAILER DELIVERY     The original time the order was entered (ORDDATE) is now               RPC                    0013 19/10/2007
      DESPATCH              retained from the delivery header database and written into the
                            sales header database
129   UPLIFT TIMESTAMP      Added a few things for uplift tracking:                                RPC                    0013 19/10/2007
      CHECKOUT SALES        1. A new 14 character field, UPDSTAMP, has been added to both
      REPEAT INVOICES       sales header databases to hold a finalised timestamp.
                            2. A new index, UPDSTAMP, has been added to both sales header
                            3. Field written to in TRADE SALES, CHECKOUT SALES and
                            REPEAT INVOICES only for orders that are finalised.
130   TILL CHECK REPORT Changed the index used for uplift processing of the till check             RPC                    0013 19/10/2007
      - UPLIFT VERSION  report to use new UPDSTAMP index. Made the start seek and do
                        while tests into code-blocks for easier manipulation and use.

                            NOTE: Previous Uplift reconciliations will no longer be usable
                            due to the UPDSTAMP field being empty prior to this change.
                            Any user testing uplifts on previous versions will have to
                            start again for it to work correctly.
131   REINDEX               Wording of dialog title during reindexing was not grammatically        RPC                    0013 19/10/2007
132   STOCK UPDATE          When updating stock for an inter-branch transaction an entry to        SJP      SJP           0013 21/10/2007
                            goods in was being written for all transfers, not just those
                            belonging to the branch the sale was being processed at
133   BR_BOOK               A new version of AUTOBOOK has been added to the system                 SJP      LSB           0013 21/10/2007
134   BANK CLEARANCE        Functionality added to view the entry when the DB number is            SJP      SJP           0013 21/10/2007
                            double clicked
135   ENTER EDIT            New sales type of Tally added to the entry screen, awaiting            SJP      GS            0013 21/10/2007
      PRODUCTS              implementation in the sales routines
136   VERIFY DATAFILES      Option to bulk convert UPCA now has an option to remove either         SJP      SJP           0013 21/10/2007
                            12 or 13 character barcodes and replace with their 13 or 12
                            character equivalents.
137   LEDGER                Added another task button to run the full history report in extended RPC        RPC/SJP       0013 22/10/2007
      MANAGEMENT            format.
138   LEDGER                When in Purchase Ledger, the Account code pick list now shows          RPC                    0013 22/10/2007
      MANAGEMENT            only the necessary columns.
                            For both Ledger types, the Balance column will now suppress
                            values when they are zero so they are less distracting.
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                               Version                          10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
139   LEDGER                When entering and allocating a payment you can now elect to           RPC        GARDNER &     0013 22/10/2007
      MANAGEMENT            include open cash and/or credit notes to allocate at the same time.              SCARDFIELD
                            Note that Credit Notes with Settlement discounts will not be
                            available to allocate in this way and must still be allocated via the
                            Credit Note allocation task.
140   CLEARING RECORD       Now clearing a records recalls the record from deletion                 SJP      RPC           0013 22/10/2007
141   OPEN ORDERS           Product Line text is now available against Open Orders created          RPC      SJP           0013 22/10/2007
                            through the Trade Sales screen.                                                  KEEMLAW
142   SALES REPORTS         The gathering data progress window was not being destroyed if           RPC      PT            0014 23/10/2007
      PRODUCT               there were no items to be displayed in the viewer.
143   WORKSTATION/PRIN      The F1 net printers pick list Port and Name columns are now wider RPC            PT            0014 23/10/2007
      TER SETUP             if DOS compatibility is not switched on.
144   ACCOUNT PICK LIST     The main Account Code column has been widened from 8 to 9               RPC      PT            0014 23/10/2007
145   INVENTORY             If you choose a purchase order then amend a product qty to more         RPC      PT            0014 23/10/2007
      RECEIPTS              than the original order, an alert appears and focus is placed back
                            onto the qty field.
146   PURCHASE BROWSE Tidied up the general appearance of the browse and changed the                RPC      PT            0014 23/10/2007
                      font used to the say font.
                      Also tested under 800x600 to make sure all columns were visible.
147   CHECKOUT              The options to access the Purchase Log via Sundries will now only RPC            PT            0014 24/10/2007
                            be available if you have the Purchase module.
148   CHECKOUT              Adjusted the columns on the F1 Picklist for products when using a       RPC      PT            0014 24/10/2007
                            touchscreen to show the full column widths (before the price
                            column was cutting off halfway across)
149   CHECKOUT              The Till Check and Zed Reading reports will now only show if there RPC           PT            0014 24/10/2007
      SUNDRIES              are enough sales access rights to show Sales Reports.
150   CHECKOUT REFUND       If the original order was paid by Credit Card an alert will popup just RPC       PT            0014 24/10/2007
      VALIDATION            after the barcode has been entered giving you the credit card
                            reference. In the case of a Yespay transaction this will always be
                            a masked number otherwise will be whatever was entered by the
                            user at the time the original order was paid for...
151   CHECKOUT              When entering a search with the on-screen keyboard, if a space          SJP      SJP           0014 24/10/2007
                            was added it came up with 'product not on file' instead of initiating
                            a text search
152   ENQUIRY               If a product is scanned that is not on file, the screen is now cleared SJP       SJP           0014 24/10/2007
                            of the previous item's details and 'product not found' is shown.
153   COMMAND LINE          The total gross sales and the number of transactions is now             SJP      SJP           0014 24/10/2007
      SALES EMAIL           shown
154   CHECKOUT              If the switch in ADMIN is set to allow access to the Zed Reading        SJP      SJP           0014 24/10/2007
                            you now do not need access to the sales reports as well
155   TILL CHECK            The Till Check report was not showing records for credit                RPC      LOCK SHOP     0014 25/10/2007
                            customers that paid at the time of despatch.
156   FULL PRODUCT          Multiples and fractions were not visible if you had any type of         RPC      GARDNER &     0014 25/10/2007
      ENTRY                 styles ('Units_On_SpeedEntry') turned on. I've made them visible                 SCARDIFIELD
                            again and tested in both 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution
157   CHECKOUT              Order History dialog can now be exited via a pushbutton                 RPC      PT            0014 25/10/2007
      SUNDRIES              Also, tidied the dialog up a bit
158   CHECKOUT              Searching accounts with onscreen keyboard legend changed.               SJP      PAT           0014 29/10/2007
                            Enter An Account Code or part of (or space + keyword(s) to
159   QUICK PICKS           Receipts Quick Pick is now aware of Purchases user rights               SJP                    0014 29/10/2007
160   QUICK PICKS           Buttons dont show if bitmap icons dont exist                            SJP                    0014 29/10/2007
161   ENTER EDIT            Supplier's codes now have speed search                                  SJP                    0014 29/10/2007
162   USER RIGHTS           Inventory user rights now reflect receipts                              SJP                    0014 29/10/2007
163   ZED READING           Dialog is now touch screen friendly when called from checkout.          SJP                    0014 29/10/2007
                            Entering a sundry or previewing an X with no processed sales
                            cause a ZED of zero to be created.
164   BULK LABELS           The dialog in now not modal to the desktop                              SJP                    0014 29/10/2007
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                              Version                        10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
165   RUN SHEETS          Added extended and line text to the run sheets (LPGas only)            SJP                      0014 29/10/2007
166   DATA INTEGRITY      The test has been modified to check for +/- one hour to avoid the      SJP                      0014 29/10/2007
      CHECK               integrity check running when the clocks change (daylight saving
167   UPDATE RUN          1. Deposit for cash customer are now transferred to the sales          SJP      CS              0014 29/10/2007
                          ledger when a delivery is marked as unpaid.
                          2. Deposit taken against a credit customer are now writing a third
                          nominal journal from pre-payments to owed by customers.
168   STARTRITE           Modification to add a comma to the end of the SA line added            SJP      PAT             0014 29/10/2007
169   USERS               A new option remote user has been added to suppress the                SJP      SJP             0014 29/10/2007
                          application background for the specified user.
170   REPEATS             RBA only. Asks now before processing repeats                           SJP      SJP             0015 30/10/2007
171   DELIVERY            Now creates and checks the status of a lock file to avoid updating     SJP      GLOCKS          0015 30/10/2007
      DESPATCH            an order being edited
172   DELIVERY            Status pane (bottom right) now shows the sales order number a          SJP      SJP             0015 30/10/2007
      MANAGEMENT          part despatch was finalised to.
173   DELIVERY            The switch payment on despatch can now be set to F to force a          SJP      KITSHOP         0015 30/10/2007
      DESPATCH            cash sales payment. If the full amount is not paid the despatch is
                          cancelled and will need to be finalised when payment can be
                          made in full
174   CHECKOUT SALES      Reprints button now allow for a “collection note checkout” to be       SJP      GS              0015 31/10/2007
175   MONTHLY BRANCH      Now includes settlement discounts                                      SJP      FSB             0015 31/10/2007
177   CHECKOUT SALES      Price include vat flag in Admin now has a forced option to always      SJP      GS              0015 02/11/2007
                          ask for the price excluding VAT , also with this switch set to F the
                          receipt prints with a unit price exc vat on
178   SWITCHES            Price include vat switch in Admin moved from sales to Checkout         SJP      SJP             0015 02/11/2007
179   PICK LIST           Most pick lists now react to a key being pressed to seek the first     SJP      SAFE SECURITY   0015 02/11/2007
                          instance of that letter or number
                          Integrated into: Account, Stock, brands, units, colour, style, size,
                          tally, nominal and subcontractors.
180   TALLY               The option to add a Tally type and items within the Tally is now       SJP      GS              0015 02/11/2007
181   CHECKOUT SALES      A calculator button has been added to sundries                         SJP      GS              0015 02/11/2007
182   QUANTITY BREAKS     Now works with decimal quantities                                      SJP      SPJ             0015 02/11/2007
183   PLU                 When items are in the basket double clicking now add that item to      SJP      SJP             0015 02/11/2007
                          the basket instead of accepting the basket without that item.
184   SPEED ENTRY         With brands on speed entry the focus was jumping to the cost           SJP      PAT             0015 05/11/2007
                          when the brand field was exited.
185   ENTER EDIT          Sales code were not updating stock fast seek correctly when            SJP      PAT             0015 05/11/2007
      PRODUCTS            entering a new product or changing minimum stock
186   PLU                 Trade sales now suppresses items being added to the basket             SJP      SJP             0016 05/11/2007
187   TRADE SALES         Deposit date for nominal entry now changed to the system date          SJP      CS              0016 05/11/2007
                          not the run/invoice date
188   SAGE SALES          The data gathering routine (which is used for both the Sales           RPC      R N CARR        0017 09/11/2007
      EXPORT              Export to Sage and the Sales Entry report) would crash if a
                          payment method total was ZERO as no payment split values were
                          added for it. They are now added but will each have a value of
                          ZERO so the calculation process will work correctly.
189   CLIENT/SUPPLIER     If illegal file name characters existed in the account code eg         SJP      OAKFARM         0017 09/11/2007
      NOTES               *ABC123 then notes could not be opened
190   CLIENT/SUPPLIER     For LPGas a new sortable column, house number has been added SPJ                APS             0017 09/11/2007
191   TILL RECEIPT        TMT88NC receipt printer type was added to allow a receipt to be        RPC      PT              0018 19/11/2007
      PRINTING            printed without a papercut at the end. Six linefeeds have now
                          been added to give enough room for manual tear off...
192   PRODUCT FAST        Added the ability to search for products where all typed words are     RPC      SJP             0018 20/11/2007
      SEEK                found against a product.                                                        GARDNER &
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                              Version                           10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                               Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                           If the search string includes a '+' (plus sign) then only products that
                           match ALL entered words will be returned.
193   TRADE SALES          On editing a Retailer Delivery Order in a system where Assistant          RPC      CL            0018 20/11/2007
                           Numbers are not in use would not put the focus onto any field in
                           the dialog. This in turn meant that certain other system events
                           were not taking place correctly leaving various dialog elements
                           visible when they should not have been.
194   PRODUCT SEARCH       The 2nd Popup button (the image is a magnifying glass) next to            RPC      SJP           0018 21/11/2007
      DIALOG               Product Code fields originally brought up the department and
                           group search facility directly.

                           This has now been replaced by a dialog that allows you to access
                           various different methods of product searching including the
                           original department / group search.
195   MULTIPLE /           The functions Multi_Frac and MuFrac_Qty both referred to the              RPC                    0018 22/11/2007
      FRACTION             STOCK1 database fields using the FIELD operator.
      CS_UPDATE            This would cause a crash in any procedure that did not have the
                           STOCK1 database open as the current workarea when the
                           functions were called (eg, the Client / Supplier Enter/Edit dialogs
                           STOCK tab).
                           Changed the FIELD operator to refer directly to the STOCK1
                           database instead.
196   TRADE SALES          Adjusted the Save_Order_Detail function so that for each iteration        RPC                    0018 22/11/2007
                           of the sales items array loop, Cost and AvCost are read into
                           variables rather than directly referring to the Price Object further
                           down in the saving process.
197   TRADE SALES          Refund Products were being wrongly treated as a positive line             RPC      LPG DIRECT    0018 22/11/2007
      LPGAS REFUND         value instead of a negative one.
198   PRODUCT SEARCH       Added new method - SEARCH BY BARCODE (PARTIAL).                           RPC      SJP           0018 23/11/2007
199   UPLIFT               Marking of Other Payments for reconciliation purposes now works           RPC      LOCK SHOP     0018 23/11/2007
      MANAGEMENT           correctly.                                                                         DUNDEE

200   UPLIFT               Added a button to mark/toggle the currently highlighted Other       RPC            LOCK SHOP     0018 23/11/2007
      MANAGEMENT           Payments item in case it was is not obvious to the user that double                DUNDEE
                           clicking or pressing enter on an item also does this..
201   UPLIFT               Save button now becomes available on a change of either the               RPC      PT            0018 23/11/2007
      MANAGEMENT           opening or closing float single values.
202   TRADE SALES          Added TALLY Product support (using Tally Picker dialog written by         RPC      SJP           0018 27/11/2007
      TALLY                Steve).
203   CHECKOUT             Added TALLY Product support for Normal Checkout Sales,                    RPC      SJP           0018 27/11/2007
      TALLY                Layaways and Open Orders.
204   CHANGE PRODUCT       Added a textual warning to the change product code dialog that            RPC      SJP           0018 29/11/2007
      CODE                 tells the user to make sure no other users are in any other screen                 KIT SHOP
                           that may reference the product they want to change the code of.
205   SALES BROWSE         Colour Key did not show the colour used in Retailer for delivery          RPC                    0018 29/11/2007
206   PURCHASE LEDGER      The message text for the Remittance item had the wrong spelling           RPC      CAL           0018 29/11/2007
      REPORTS MENU         for Advice.
207   CHECKOUT             Due to a bug in the receipt line creation function a blank line was       RPC                    0018 30/11/2007
                           being added after the main product line in the checkout receipt
                           array. This has now been fixed.
208   Q-PICKS              The tooltip of the Q-Picks for Product Entry and Sales Screens            RPC      CAL           0018 30/11/2007
                           now says exactly which screen will be launched.
209   WORKSTATION/PRIN     Cash Drawer will now no longer appear if you are running Retailer         RPC      CAL           0018 30/11/2007
      TER SETUP            Express
210   VIEW DELIVERY        In Delivery Management if you had the Trade /Retail Bias switch in RPC             CAL           0018 30/11/2007
      ORDER                Admin set to 'T' the resultant sorting would put the product text
                           lines (ie, product line, line text and serial number) into any order it
                           It will now appear in Product line, Serial Number line and Line Text
                           line sequence.
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                               Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer     Reported By      Date / Build
211   SYSTEM INFO            Updated this screen to also allow access to info about the system     RPC       CAL              0018 30/11/2007
                             modules available and the program update log.
212   ENQUIRY                Added minimum and maximum selling price to the enquiry screen         SJP       PAT              0018 16/11/2007
                             if they exist
213   BRANCH BATCH           Branch batch upload was not updating customers balances.              SJP       STAYTES          0018 16/11/2007
214   SAGE                   Sage interface tried to post a zero payment to Sage and this          SJP       RN CARR          0018 16/11/2007
                             caused an error as Sage rejected the posting
215   GENERAL - STARTUP For updating you can now just put rba structures in the program            SJP       SJP              0018 16/11/2007
                        (exe) folder and starting the program will check for newer versions
                        in this folder and copy them to the working data folder.

                             This saves the need to copy structures to multiple working folders.
                             This also works if running
                             NCOMPARE from a command line NOTE the structures must be
                             in the RBA*.ST* format
216   TILL CHECK             Till check and ZED reading are now only protected by the              SJP       SJP              0018 16/11/2007
                             supervisors password
217   BROWSE GENERAL         Colour removal/refresh on browse cells when changing condition        SJP       SJP              0018 16/11/2007
                             status fixed on various browses
218   ACCOUNTING             Excel export sped up in accounting reports                            SJP       SJP              0018 16/11/2007
219   PRODUPD                PRODUPD - matching by Vendor and vendor Part added for                SJP       GS               0018 16/11/2007
                             importing stock sheet where no barcodes are present.
220   CLASS PRICES           Pricing object now return a currency converted cost price for Xing    SJP       XING XING        0018 30/11/2007
                             Xing - REOMOVED
221   ENTER/EDIT             Graph button added to enter/edit products                             SJP       LANES            0018 30/11/2007
222   ENTER/EDIT             You can now click on a button in full entry without the focus shifting SJP      SJP              0018 30/11/2007
      PRODUCTS               back to the selltype when
                             the cursor was in description
223   SERIAL NUMBERS         ALT-A key now works in the serial number screen.                      SJP       KEEMLAW          0018 30/11/2007
224   TRADE SALES            Trade Sales the prompt to ask if you want to print a deposit          SJP       KEEMLAW          0018 30/11/2007
                             statement now show the deposit DB number
225   PURCHASE BROWSE Purchase browse - user status cells are now colour coded                     SJP       KEEMLAW          0018 30/11/2007
226   PURCHASE ENTRY         Purchase Entry - Supplier information sometimes show the last         SJP       KEEMLAW          0018 30/11/2007
                             purchase against the wrong supplier
227   PAYMENTS DUE           Purchase Ledger Payments Due was showing open cash for                SJP       KEEMLAW          0018 30/11/2007
                             accounts that did not match the type selected.
228   ENQUIRY                Enquiry - Committed button now shows all items on the on for          SJP       KEEMLAW          0018 30/11/2007
                             delivery even if they have not been committed. Also, double
                             clicking on the line will show the delivery details.
229   LEDGER                 Purchase ledger management - option added on browse screen to SJP               SJP              0018 30/11/2007
      MANAGEMENT             change the reference by double clicking the invoice.
230   CREATE RUNS            Create Runs - extra check on mouse movement to a valid line in        SJP       OAKFARM          0018 30/11/2007
                             the main browse
231   STKBRGEN               STKBRGEN now does not care if a \ is added to the end of the          SJP       GS               0018 30/11/2007
                             path passed
232   AGEING                 AGEING Purchase invoice status added                                  SJP       KEEMLAW          0018 30/11/2007
233   BRSTKUPD               BRSTKUPD now has a second parameter not to update prices if a SJP               GS               0018 30/11/2007
                             the branch against the stock item is the current branch being
234   WEBBIT                 WEBBITS. Extra stock description is now passed for Cleveland          SJP       CLEVELANDS       0018 30/11/2007
                             (Awaiting Stock)
235   PURCHASE NOT           PURCHASE NOT SOLD REPORT - added cost and total cost                  SJP       GAFFNEYS         0018 30/11/2007
236   DIARY                  Double clicking a diary entry after it had been copied and pasted     SJP       Horrace Fuller   0018 30/11/2007
                             caused a crash
237   DIARY                  Double clicking a reserve cell appeared to be locking up the          SJP       Horrace Fuller   0018 30/11/2007
                             system as it was trying to show order details for an order number
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                              Version                         10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                            of 0
238   STOCK ANALYSIS        New option added to allow for bulk view and manipulation of select SJP           SJP           0018 30/11/2007
                            product lines
239   RUN COUNT             Run count lets now ask for YES to be typed to confirm zeroing           SP       PAT           0018 30/11/2007
                            uncounted items
240   EDI SETUP             Prompt added to confirm deletion of an EDI account in ADMIN             SJP      PAT           0018 30/11/2007
241   ZIPIT                 Rbastock is now not backup by default                                   SJP      PAT           0018 30/11/2007
242   STOCK1                With colour size and unit switched on you can now see the price         SJP      PAT           0018 30/11/2007
                            on F1
243   DELIVERY              Cancelling an order now removes any serial numbers allocated to         SJP      CL/KEEMLAW    0018 30/11/2007
      MANAGEMENT            that order
244   ENTER EDIT            if you change the pack quantity if the suppliers tab, it divides the    SJP      CL            0018 30/11/2007
      PRODUCTS              buying price by the pack qty.
245   CHECKOUT /            Extra parameter added to product look up to detect an escape be         SJP      PAT           0018 30/11/2007
      PRODUCT LOOKUP        used to abort a speed search this is then used to suppress the
                            warning message in checkout
246   CHECKOUT              When using a signature pad the number of copies on for open             SJP      PAT           0018 30/11/2007
                            orders had no text on
247   SALES LEDGER          History report now show items posted upto 30 days in the future         SJP      SJP           0018 30/11/2007
                            Note: 0019 release was skipped                                          SJP                    0020 02/12/2007
248   SUMMARY POSTING       Cash total now show if no invoice are present in the reporting          SJP      PAT           0021 03/12/2007
249   BULK PRICE            RRP and RTP entry order switched to be in line with Full Product        SJP      CL            0021 03/12/2007
      CHANGE                Entry
250   ENTER EDIT            Speed search added to stock and Alternative codes                       SJP      PAT           0021 03/12/2007
251   ZIPIT                 Option added to allow ini file to be modified to create a unique zip    SJP      SJP           0021 03/12/2007
                            per day if Add_day is set to U
252   PRODUCT FAST          Changed the method used to keep track of the matches found              RPC      SJP           0021 03/12/2007
      SEEK                  when the AND operator is in use. This should make the matching
                            work more reliably.
253   SALES DETAIL          The SURCHARGE was not being added in to the net price or the            RPC      EXTRAGAS      0021 05/12/2007
      REPORT                cost.
      ( LPGas only )
254   SALES BROWSE          The colour key at the bottom would not show a colour for Hire           RPC      CAL           0021 05/12/2007
                            invoices in Retailer even though hire invoices can exist in Retailer.
255   STATEMENT             Dialog improved, printing of invoices now removed from a thread.        SJP      GLENWOODS     0021 05/12/2007
256   STATEMENT             An ini file called statement_delays has been added to the program SJP            SJP           0021 05/12/2007
      PRINTING              folder to hold three key delays existing in the statement processing
                            statement_delay (delay between each statement default 200 (2
                            seconds)) invoice_delay (delay between each invoice default 10
                            (0.1 seconds)) Batch_delay (recovery delay after printing invoice
                            for an account 100 (1 seconds))
                            These can be edited and reduced on fast computer or increased
                            on slower ones.
257   BATCH INVOICES        Error occurred while reading brsales.dbf into the sales ledger an       SJP      STAYTES       0021 05/12/2007
                            already open database was attempted to be opened again.
258   TRADE SALES           Crashed when trying to add line text                                    SJP      RPC           0021 05/12/2007
      LIST AND LABEL v13    UPGRADE – version update to .1000                                       SJP                    1000 05/12/2007
259   ASSISTANT             Added a new report (into Sales Reports with to allow users to           RPC      P Walsh       1001 06/12/2007
      COMMISSIONS           report on the sales made by a single assistant or all assistants
      REPORT                over a period time.
                            New Template: Report Assistant Commissions.lst
260   CLIENT DISCOUNTS      Added a View Report button to the Update dialog that gives the          RPC      PT            1001 06/12/2007
                            ability to view the client discount report for the current customer /
                            discount band.
261   PURCHASE ORDER        Added a button onto the Purchase Order Browse screen called             RPC      CAL           1001 06/12/2007
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                               Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
      RECEIPTS REPORT       Receipts Report. This will show a list of all receipts booked in
                            against the currently highlighted purchase order.
                            Added new index GOODS6 to GOODS_IN to allow the report to
                            gather the data more easily.
262   SALES REPORTS         Added new criteria to the report which allows a threshold value to     RPC      PT              1001 06/12/2007
      TURNOVER              be entered and only turnover values above this threshold will be
263   RECEIPT PRINTING      TMT88NC (no cut) can now have a number after the name eg               SJP      TYRES           1001 06/12/2007
                            TMT88NC8 will feed 8 lines after printing
264   TRIAL BALANCE         For both Excel and normal report a net column has been added           SJP      UPSTAIRS/DOWN   1001 06/12/2007
265   STATEMENT             Due to recent testing, a line of code was commented out which          RPC      KEEMLAW         1001 07/12/2007
      PRINTING              stopped any statement actually being produced. This line has not
                            been uncommented.
266   RECEIPT PRINTING      ADMIN switched added to allow the full 41 characters of                SJP      GS              1001 07/12/2007
                            descriptions to be printed on till receipt and open order collection
                            notes, by printing a second line
267   TALLY                 The tally list is now reverse to read qty/tally description            SJP      GS              1001 07/12/2007
268   INVENTORY             Remove shelf edge option for Retailer Express                          SJP      CL              1001 07/12/2007
269   DELIVERY              Added option select location 1 and 2's description from within the     SJP      PAT/APEX        1001 07/12/2007
      MANAGEMENT            template. This was requested for pick lists
270   ENTER EDIT            A new price field for RSP recommended Selling Price has been           SJP      PAT/APEX        1001 07/12/2007
      PRODUCTS              added, this is only available for reference and on the templates.
271   ENTER EDIT            RTP now has a margin figure that can be used to calculate the          SJP      PAT/APEX        1001 07/12/2007
      PRODUCTS              RTP as a mark up on cost.
272   ZIPIT                 The integrated backup now checks to see if there are user in the       SJP      PAT             1001 07/12/2007
                            system and displays in on the dialog. This is a warning only and
                            does not stop the process.
273   CHANGE PART           Fast seek now available                                                SJP      PAT             1001 07/12/2007
274   POSTING               Changing VAT now recalculates Gross                                    SJP      PAT             1001 07/12/2007
275   POSTING               Settle column added                                                    SJP      PAT             1001 07/12/2007
276   POSTING               Settle now picked up and calculated from the customer record           SJP      PAT             1001 07/12/2007
277   POSTING               Edit button now picks correct record                                   SJP      PAT             1001 07/12/2007
278   POSTING               Total summary added                                                    SJP      SJP             1001 07/12/2007
279   SALES BROWSE          Clicking on the View Order button for an updated InterBranch           RPC      GAFFNEYS        1001 11/12/2007
      (ADS ONLY)            transfer would result in a crash due to a wrongly formed seek
                            command (a seek was being done on a numeric value whereas
                            the index in use required a character index key).
                            This does not happen when using NTX indexes but the seek will
                            not have worked correctly...
280   TEMPLATE PRINTING There was a difference in the way that LL12 and LL13 printed the RPC                GAFFNEYS        1001 11/12/2007
                        template documents. This caused line spacing to be changed and
                        led to various text lines no longer fitting inside the text object that
                        held them. Combit gave us a single function call (LlSetOption
                        (hjob, LL_OPTION_INCLUDEFONTDESCENT, "false") ) to
                        add just after the LL_JobOpen function call, which seems to fix the
281   QUANTITY BREAKS       Quantity Break entry now allows you to enter negative discounts        RPC      SJP             1001 11/12/2007
                            (to allow markup instead of discount).

282   CHANGE PRODUCT        The test on a new Test_Part() function was the wrong way round         RPC      CAL             1001 11/12/2007
      CODE                  which stopped Change Code working at all via Enter/Edit Product
                            and Speed Enter.
283   UPLIFT TILL CHECK     A bug in the station matching code during the gathering of deposit     RPC      LOCK SHOP       1001 12/12/2007
                            values allowed entries not for the current drawer related set of                DUNDEE
                            stations to be included / displayed.
284   PLU BROWSER           Added a new column showing Qty In Stock.                               RPC      SJP             1001 12/12/2007
                                                                                                            TYRE SHOP
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                           10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer      Reported By   Date / Build
285   PLU BROWSER           Tally products can no longer be added to the PLU basket.              RPC        SJP           1001 13/12/2007
286   CHANGE PRODUCT        Serial Numbers database is now amended when a change code             RPC        CAL           1001 13/12/2007
      CODE                  occurs.
287   EXTRA SYSTEM ID       Added the ability to type a unique ID up to 15 characters long that   RPC        OAK FARM      1001 13/12/2007
      SWITCHES-OTHER        will be displayed as part of the Main Dialog Titles in the system.
288   ORDER COLLECTION Due to a bug introduced in Item 266 (option to wrap description on RPC                LOCK SHOP     1001 14/12/2007
      NOTES            till receipts) the product description shown on unpriced open order                   DUNDEE
                       collection notes only showed a single character of the whole
289   LPGAS DOS PRICE       Added a 'hidden feature' in the SALES tab of the Client/Supplier      RPC        NWG           1001 14/12/2007
      BANDS                 Pricing section which will display a line showing a customer is on
                            an old DOS Price Band and also show a button to allow them to
                            set it to 0 (ZERO). It will only display if a DOS Price Band is
                            present (ie, the account price band field is not zero). The record
                            must be saved afterwards for the change to stick.
290   LOGIN                 If a user gets a password wrong 5 times that username is locked       SJP        SJP           1001 14/12/2007
                            out until it is unlocked in ADMIN in the Add/Edit User menu
291   USERS                 You can now view users access rights when they are logged in          SJP        PAT           1001 14/12/2007
292   USERS ADMIN           Login was not being added to the audit report, also locked and        SJP        SJP           1001 14/12/2007
                            unlocked status are shown with the station ID
293   GENPICK               When a key is pressed in a pick list, the previous key pressed is       SJP      SJP           1001 14/12/2007
                            saved so it will seek the string of the key pressed. Eg press S, this
                            will take you to the first entry in the pick list starting with S, then
                            press E and it will take you to the first entry beginning with SE. If
                            an entry cannot be found then the string is cleared to allow you to
294   UPLIFT and BRANCH Now protected by minimum rights of 4                                      SJP        SJP           1001 14/12/2007
295   FLATVIEW              Two buttons added to take you to the top and bottom of the report     SJP        PAT           1001 14/12/2007
296   SALE TRADE /          A switch has been added to cramp receipts and trade invoices          SJP        PAT           1001 14/12/2007
297   TO BUY REPORT         The purchase TO BUY report now shows a total by supplier and          SJP        PAT/APEX      1001 14/12/2007
                            the supplier's minimum order and carriage free values
298   PURCHASE LOG          A new switch has been added to turn off auto entries to the           SPJ        PAT           1001 14/12/2007
                            purchase log
299   STKBRGEN              You can now run STKBRGEN with the parameter HQ to add all the SJP                PAT           1001 14/12/2007
                            records for the current branch into the branch stock database. This
                            must be done as the last STKBRGEN command as the standard
                            command removes records for the current branch
300   STATEMENT             Added the ability to select the Statement template to be used         RPC        PAT           1002 18/12/2007
      PRINTING              when printing from the Sales Ledger menu option if there is more
                            than one Statement template available.
                            Note: Printing a statement direct from the Sales Ledger
                            Management always uses the default template. This may be
                            changed later...
301   LPGAS INVOICE         The template was not taking into account a surcharge value so         RPC        LPG DIRECT    1002 18/12/2007
      TEMPLATE              this has been added into the relevant calculations.                              KG SMITH
                            Also, the invoice printing now passes the gross surcharge
                            (SL_DTL_SURCHARGE_GROSS) as this was not available
                            before and the VAT RATE that applies to a product line
                            (SL_DTL_VRATE) to make the template printing simpler.
302   TRADE SALES           On ending an LPGas Collection or Retailer Trade Sale for a credit     RPC        SJP           1002 19/12/2007
                            customer you are now given the choice of taking payment. If
                            payment is taken the payment will be added to the Sales Ledger
                            and automatically allocated to the invoice.
303   ADMIN SWITCHES        A spelling mistake on 'Use Auto Purchase Log' tooltip has been        RPC        CAL           1002 20/12/2007
      PURCHASES             fixed.
304   ADMIN SWITCHES        A spelling mistake on 'Compress Sales Receipts' tooltip has been      RPC        CAL           1002 20/12/2007
      SALES                 fixed.
305   ENQUIRY BUTTON        Would not show if the EXIT image did not exist                        SJP        SJP           1002 20/12/2007
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                              Version                         10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                         Fixer      Reported By   Date / Build
306   SERIAL NUMBERS        Serial number, reason can now be edited when you add a new          SJP        KEEMLAW       1002 20/12/2007
                            serial number.
307   BRBOOK COMMAND        BR-Book Option added to allow you to specify the autobook file to   SJP        PAT           1002 20/12/2007
      LINE                  be created and used
308   PRODUPD               Produpd - warning dialog added to confirm you wish to continue      SJP        PAT           1002 20/12/2007
                            with the processing
309   ADMIN                 Made the menu alphabetical                                          SJP                      1002 21/12/2007
310   NCOMPARE              Now creates all database - database are now not added on the fly. SJP                        2000 02/01/2008
                            Ncompare added to ADMIN
311   EXPRESS++             Updated to version 246                                              SJP                      2000 02/01/2008
312   GOODS IN              Since updating to 246 the purchase order lines were not loading     SJP                      2000 02/01/2008
                            as the valid was testing its own
                            field for empty
313   CLIENT/SUPPLIER       Forced the Tab Page Titles to be the height of one row so they      RPC                      2000 02/01/2008
      ENTER/EDIT            don't look so cramped.
314   FONTS                 The default get font has been changed from Courier New to           SJP                      2000 02/01/2008
                            Lucida Console, this now allows under scores to be display
315   ENQUIRY               Sales code was not showing correct when using multiples or          SJP        CAL           2000 02/01/2008
316   ENTER/EDIT            Estimated RTP margin and Markup added                               SJP        APEX          2000 02/01/2008

317   ACCOUNT BANDS         Changed all references to 'Band Codes' in the system to 'Account    RPC                      2000 02/01/2008
                            Bands' for consistency reasons.
318   PART_LEN.CH           New header file added to allow defining of the part code, vendor    SJP                      2000 03/01/2008
      **INTERNAL**          code and barcode length
319   STOCK PICK LIST       Now shows the stock levels of a user branch if enabled.             SJP                      2000 03/01/2008
320   TRADE SALES           Now shows the stock levels of the of the branch the goods are       SJP                      2000 03/01/2008
                            being sold from
321   ZED READING           Total to bank row renamed and an extra row has been added to to     SJP        ACE MICA      2000 03/01/2008
                            show the total cash and cheques taken.
322   ASSISTANT             Credit Note Total fields were being treated as positive values by   RPC        P WALSH       2000 03/01/2008
      ANALYSIS REPORTS      the report. Credit Note Total fields have now been adjusted to
      (DETAIL, SUMMARY,     make them negative in the temporary database.
323   CHECKOUT SALES        Due to a bug in the button enable code, if you had Chip And Pin       RPC      PAT           2000 03/01/2008
      YESPAY                set to 'N' in Workstation / Printer Setup, the credit card button was
                            disabled so you could not process credit card transactions at all on
                            that PC.
324   HANDHELD              Exclusion filters added to download to handheld for stocked and     SJP        PAT           2000 04/01/2008
                            not sold since and entered before
325   CUSTOMER DISPLAY New customer display type added called 7300 for the Aures to             SJP        ACE MICA      2000 04/01/2008
                       scroll the company name
326   CHECKOUT              Reprint receipts for sales browse will now show any discount given SJP         ACE MICA      2000 04/01/2008
                            (new transactions only)
327   PERIOD END            When using ADS period end 12 crashed as it was trying to create     SJP        RBA           2000 04/01/2008
                            a database alias too long for ADS
328   ENTER EDIT            When entering a Web product with options the size and colour are    SJP        KIT SHOP      2000 04/01/2008
      PRODUCTS              now used in the option description
329   SALES BROWSE          Added subcontractor account and name to browse screen               SJP        GLOUCESTER    2000 04/01/2008
330   WEBPOST               For WEB VERSION 3 only a repost is now triggered if the on order SJP           CLEVELANDS    2000 04/01/2008
                            has quantity changed since the last post. Also the post is now
                            limited to 500 products at a time to resolve upload issues with
                            large catalogues
331   TRADE SALE            Fixes to RPC's take payment on account includes:                    SJP        SJP           2000 04/01/2008
                                 1. Removing the alert and adding a button
                                 2. VAT cash accounting compliant
                                 3. Suppressing option if a settlement exists
                            RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program             RBA32                                               Version                          10.79
Opened              09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section             Description Of Changes Made                                               Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                              4.    Using payment references entered
                              5.    Adding the correct reference to the allocation
                              6.    Updating the last payment against the invoice.
332   AUTO PURCHASE      Valid sales items only are now auto added to the purchase log             SJP      KITSHOP       2000 07/01/2008
333   LEDGER             The Total at the bottom of the Balance Due column during                  RPC      SJP           2000 07/01/2008
      MANAGEMENT         Payment Entry did not include Discount Taken
                         Using the mouse to leave the Amount To Allocate entry field could
                         cause the settlement amount to be ignored even though the full
                         amount should have been allocated. This should now work
334   UPLIFT             Added a new report that can be run from the UPLIFT Management RPC                  PAT           2001 08/01/2008
      DISCREPANCIES      dialog to show the differences between sales and counted values
      REPORT             for reconciled uplifts between two closing dates.
                         Report Template is called “Report UPLIFT Discrepancies”
335   UPLIFT             The User Amount count was not being displayed properly which              RPC                    2001 08/01/2008
      RECONCILIATION     was forcing the dialog to be wider than necessary.
336   LEDGER             If the credit note picklist was used to select an existing credit note, RPC        PAT           2001 09/01/2008
      MANAGEMENT         the credit note details were not loaded correctly into the credit note
      CREDIT NOTE        fields. If you typed the credit note number in manually, it worked
      ALLOCATION         correctly but did not put the focus in the right place.
                         This must have been a change in the way that the picklist handling
                         works in the newer version of Express++.
                         It seems to work correctly now...
337   YESPAY             The switch 'Using Chip And Pin' in Workstation / Printer Setup now RPC             PAT           2001 09/01/2008
                         governs whether YESPAY-style processing is used.
                         If the switch is set to 'Y' then 2 credit card buttons will be shown in
                         Checkout. If yespay is not available, the result will be a warning
                         that things could not be processed correctly.
                         If the switch is set to 'N' then there will be one credit card button in
                         Checkout and the payment will be treated as 'Non-Chip and Pin'.
338   HANDHELD           Set Data button now has an option to update all items in list or just SJP          METCALFE      2001 10/01/2008
                         the ones with empty fields
338   NCOMPARE           Fixes to database creation made in v2000 to handle new installs           SJP                    2001 10/01/2008
339   ENTER EDIT         Picture taken of prices fields as it was very difficult to enter prices   SJP                    2001 10/01/2008
      PRODUCT            less than £1
340   CHECKOUT           Void sale alert is now anchored to the main dialog                        SJP                    2001 10/01/2008
341   QUANTITY BREAK     Percentage field opened up to 7 characters to allow for -ve               SJP                    2001 10/01/2008
                         margins to be entered for tally products
342   TALLY              Fix made to tally when an item was selected directly it was putting       SJP                    2001 10/01/2008
                         the tally description and quantity the other way round.
343   DELIVERY POINT /   Made some cosmetic adjustments to the way the screen is                   RPC      PAT           2001 10/01/2008
      POSTCODE LOOKUP    displayed in order to allow me to add 4 new button that will allow
      DIALOG             easier navigation within the main browse list when using a touch
344   ENTER EDIT         Marking an item a Web item sometimes changed the web                      SJP      HAWKINSPORT   2001 10/01/2008
      PRODUCT            description when returning to the tab page
345   BRANCH MINIMUMS    Added entry dialog into the Inventory, Products menu to allow             RPC      PAT           2001 11/01/2008
                         Branch Minimum and Reorder Stock Qtys to be entered.
346   BRANCH STOCK       Added the Branch Stock report back into Inventory, Reports                RPC      PAT           2001 11/01/2008
347   TILL 2 TILL        Order confirmation items now always default to the stock code             SJP      PAT / RPC     2001 11/01/2008
348   MAIN MENU          New Q Pick button added for trade sales                                   SJP      PAT           2001 11/01/2008
                         PAT to create images
349   ENTER ENDIT        New switch added to allow the user to control price effective date        SJP      LANES         2001 11/01/2008
      PRODUCTS,          to be used when editing a product
350   SAGE               LPGas only: Surcharges added and skipping non updated items               SJP      JANS          2001 11/01/2008
                                   RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                 RBA32                                                  Version                           10.79
Opened                  09/08/2007                                             Released

Item Section                   Description Of Changes Made                                                 Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
351   TRADE SALES              Surcharges added to Open Orders                                             SJP      STAYTES         2001 11/01/2008
352   LPGAS PRINT RUN          Code added to disable the various dialog buttons once an action             RPC      PAT             2002 14/01/2008
      DIALOG                   was selected would cause a crash if the button was not actually
                               available on the dialog (eg, the Print Documents button only
                               appears based on certain criteria being met) . All buttons objects
                               are now checked to see they are available before trying to disable
353   STATEMENT                Made the CUST_ORDER field from the Sales Ledger Invoice                     RPC      PAT             2002 14/01/2008
      PRINTING                 database available to the statement template.
354   CONSUME                  Although you could type in any valid product related code to                RPC      HORACE FULLER 2002 15/01/2008
                               search for a product (eg, the supplier code), it would leave that
                               code in the array instead of replacing it with the actual product
                               code...when you then saved it and it looked for the code in the
                               array as if it was an Rba product code and could not find it, the
                               entry would not get saved.
355   STOCK ADJ                When doing a stock adjustment via the button in either Product              RPC      PAT             2002 15/01/2008
                               Full or Speed Entry, the reason for the stock adjustment is now
                               retained when another stock adjustment is done during the same
                               entry session in the same dialog.
356   TRADE / RETAIL BIAS If this switch was set to 'T' it would also affect the order that detail         RPC      LAWN MOWER      2002 16/01/2008
      SWITCH              lines were loaded into the edit delivery dialog. This could cause                SJP      SERVICES
                          the items to be saved in product code order which was unwanted
                          side affect for some customers.
                          The use of the switch has now been changed so that 'T' now
                          biases the system to Trade Pricing only while 'S' can now be used
                          when additional order sorting is required (ie, by FSB)
357   CLONE PRODUCT            If you clone a product that has seasonal minimums and reorder               RPC      PAT             2002 16/01/2008
      WITH SEASONAL            qtys, these will now be copied and added to the new product.
358   NOMINAL CODE             You could not delete a Header or total code. But you could edit it          SJP      GS              2002 16/01/2008
      PICKER                   to a item and then delete it.
359   CREATE RUN               Timed refresh was checking the field NDCODE in LPGORD1 to                   SJP      BRISTOL GAS     2002 16/01/2008
                               see if it was a new order. Now it is checking to see if it is in the list
                               being edited
360   YESPAY            Changes made in Item 337 above (build 2001) regarding the                          RPC      JANS MICA       2002 16/01/2008
      DELIVERY DEPOSITS 'Using Chip And Pin' in Workstation / Printer Setup introduced a
                        bug that meant that an alert would appear when adding a credit
                        card deposit to a delivery order saying “The online credit card
                        service is in use but not available on this workstation”. This alert
                        should have been removed completely and now it has!
361   USING_CHIP_AND_PI The switch was originally allowed to be set to either 'Y', 'N' or 'V'.             RPC      SJP             2002 16/01/2008
      N                 The 'V' option has been obsolete since the use of EasyVTerminal
                        became established so all mention of it in the code has now been
362   LIST & LABEL             The temporary database name when using ADS can only be a                    RPC      SJP             2002 16/01/2008
      REPORTS                  maximum of 10 characters long. The LL9_Report function would
      ADS                      create a temp name of longer which meant that reports could not
                               be used when using ADS exclusively.
363   PASSWORD DIALOG          The alert “Invalid Password” is now fully integrated into the               SJP      SJP             2002 16/01/2008
                               password dialog
364   PASSWORD DIALOG          If the password entry dialog is displayed when using a touch                RPC      PAT             2002 17/01/2008
                               screen then the popup keyboard will be automatically displayed.
365   UPLIFT RECONCILE         When you modify the station list for an uplift in the reconcile             RPC      LOCK SHOP       2002 17/01/2008
                               screen it now reloads the uplift details again to reflect the new
                               station setting.
366   ADMIN SWITCHES           In the Inventory section the spelling mistake on item 'Effective            RPC      CAL             2002 17/01/2008
                               days backs' has fixed to 'Effective days back'.
367   PASSWORD DIALOG          The change for the alert display (Item 363 above) set the return            RPC                      2002 17/01/2008
                               flag to TRUE if the escape key or the dialog exit button was used
                               to exit the password entry dialog regardless of whether a
                               password matched or not.
368   SALES DETAIL             The TYPE criteria was not being used at all to filter records in            RPC                      2002 17/01/2008
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                              Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
      REPORT              Retailer.
369   LOAN STOCK          If a single account is selected to print, the statement will appear in   RPC      ABER GAS      2002 17/01/2008
      STATEMENT           preview mode.
370   TILL 2 TILL ORDER   The order confirmation update date and time would only be set if         RPC      PAT           2002 18/01/2008
      CONFIRMATION        the number of orders written during the current session equalled                  HURST GREEN
                          the number of orders downloaded. This would not always be the
                          case if you tried to backdate the order confirmation date as orders
                          already written were being skipped (ie, not written either).
                          So now the order confirmation date is updated only if the number
                          of orders written plus those skipped equals the total number of
                          orders downloaded or, in other words, if there are no errors during
                          the process!
371   ENQUIRY             Suppliers now do not show as on stop for imported data                   SJP      GARDNER       2002 18/01/2008
372   ENTER EDIT          Discontinued added as a new STOCKED selection                            SJP      PAT           2002 18/01/2008
373   EXPRESS++           Fix made for dialog screen flicker when opening for the first time       SJP                    2002 18/01/2008
374   GOODSIN             Invoice number and a transaction number has been added to the            SJP                    2002 18/01/2008
                          goods in database. The transaction number is now being updated
375   GOODSIN, BULK       Handheld error log now has a print button. This evokes a new print SJP            PAT           2002 18/01/2008
      LABELS and          function in the viewer prg to print a sent array or text string
375   PLU BUTTONS         When picking and converting image the PLU group image is now             SJP      PAT           2002 18/01/2008
                          saved as a JPG and a PLU product image is saved as a BMP
376   PRINTING            Cancelling from the windows printer dialog caused an error. This is SJP                         2002 18/01/2008
                          due to an error in a library but has been fixed in Retailer and
                          reported as bug to Donnay
377   ENTER EDIT CLIENT   Fields added to allow entry of a bank account number and sort            SJP      GARDNER       2002 18/01/2008
      SUPPLIERS           code
378   LEDGER PAYMENT      Using the Payment Entry Type of Calculated (which is the default         RPC      HAWKINSPORT   2002 21/01/2008
                          for Purchase Ledger) on an account with invoices with settlement
                          discounts could cause negative allocations to be added to the
                          appropriate ledger account. This was due to a bug in the
                          calculation of a cumulative balance used.
379   CHECKOUT STK ADJ    When saving the stock was being adjusted correctly but the               SJP      TYLERS        2002 21/01/2008
                          adjustment record was being written with a positive instead if a
                          negative value
380   CHECKOUT            Fixed an apparent hang that would occur if a product code entered SJP                           2002 21/01/2008
                          had been set to 'non-saleable'.
381   PURCHASE LEDGER     On entering a payment for an account that has both a bank                RPC      SJP           2003 22/01/2008
      PAYMENT ENTRY       account and sort code set, there is now an entry field named 'Pay
                          by BACS' that can be set to 'Y' to allow you to indicate that a
                          BACS payment is to be processed for it at a later time.
382   BALANCE SHEET /     Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if excel import was not             RPC      KIT SHOP      2003 24/01/2008
      PROFIT & LOSS       selected and no records were found to be processed as the
                          variable nExRow was not initialised in this case.
383   SALES BROWSE        Redeemed gift / credit note vouchers shown on the payment                RPC                    2003 24/01/2008
      VOUCHERS            method list now also shows the original order number in which the
                          voucher was issued.
384   UPLIFT TILL CHECK   Added a criteria dialog to allow the report type to be selected          RPC      PAT           2003 24/01/2008
      REPORT              before displaying the report.
385   800 x 600           Visual fixes made in checkout, plu picker and account code picker        SJP      CAL           2003 25/01/2008
386   COMMAND LINE        New option added to move the unit field in stock1 to the size field      SJP      KITSHOP       2003 25/01/2008
                          in stypart
387   COMMAND LINE        New option added to remove any reference to parts that don't exist SJP            GS            2003 25/01/2008
                          in stock1, but exist in other database
388   BACS BATCHING       New option added to purchase ledger to allow bacs payment to             SJP      GS            2003 25/01/2008
                          batched and a csv file created for import into Barclays Business
                          Master Bacs software.
389   CHANGE ACCOUNT      BACS and EDI_CTRL added                                                  SJP                    2003 25/01/2008
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                            Version                          10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
390   HANDHELD            The date test in the 'DOWNLOAD LOOKUP' would not work if the           RPC      JOHN LYNES    2004 28/01/2008
                          ENTERED date against the product was empty.
391   OPEN ORDER          The Delivery Point Fields NAME and POSTCODE are now                    RPC      PAT           2004 28/01/2008
      COLLECTION NOTE     available to the template
392   FINDUSER            An email is now sent if users are logged into the system               SJP      PAT           2004 30/01/2008
393   VERIFY DATAFILES    RE 390, ENTERED date is now set to a default value if empty by         SJP      JOHN LYNES    2004 30/01/2008
                          the STOCK DATABASE option
394   POSTED REPORT       Now accept a future date up to 30 days forward                         SJP                    2004 31/01/2008
395   LEDGER              The Invoice column has now been split into two.                        RPC                    2004 31/01/2008
      MANAGEMENT          In Purchase Ledger a new column has been added to the show
                          the Supply Account
396   LEDGER              Some of the columns in the Browse Task table can now be used to RPC                           2004 31/01/2008
      MANAGEMENT          sort the items shown.
397   LEDGER              There is now a facility in the Browse Task table accessible (via the   RPC                    2004 31/01/2008
      MANAGEMENT          option button) to show/hide paid invoices
398   LEDGER              In the Browse Task table when in Purchase Ledger, items in query       RPC                    2004 31/01/2008
      MANAGEMENT          or held are now colour coded
399   LEDGER              In the Purchase Ledger, the BACS Sequence Number, BACS                 RPC                    2004 31/01/2008
      MANAGEMENT          Reference and BACS Date will now be shown, if available
400   LEDGER              Settlement Discount can now be modified for invoices in both the       RPC                    2005 31/01/2008
      MANAGEMENT          Sales and Purchase Ledgers. Any modification is audited through
                          Account Notes.
401   CHECKOUT            Reprint checkout now offer the choice to print the last open order     SJP                    2005 31/01/2008
402   UPLIFT TILL CHECK   If you ran this report on a PC with Chip & Pin enabled and it was      RPC      G&S           2005 04/02/2008
      REPORT              for a single date it would crash due to the variable
                          cSTATION_GET not being correctly initialised before being tested.
                          I have excluded this test when the uplift till check is run. If the
                          YESPAY transaction list is required on the UPLIFT Till Check also,
                          we will need to rethink the test that is in there at present.
403   STOCK SEEK          Widened to 8 character from 6 to allow words like                      SJP      CAL           2005 04/02/2008
                          TUMBLESTONE to be searched for uniquely. SpeedSearch will
                          need to be rebuilt
404   ADMIN SWITCHES      New 'Effective Days Back' variable was being wrongly loaded as a RPC            PAT           2006 05/02/2008
      INVENTORY           numeric value. It should have been loaded as a character variable               G&S
                          to allow a blank field to mean '7 days' (which is the default).
405   ACCOUNTING          Added new nominal analysis dialog which shows figures in the           RPC      SJP           2006 05/02/2008
      NOMINAL ANALYSIS    same way as a trial balance but allows you to view the
                          transactions behind each nominal code and the daybook entry for
                          an individual transaction.
                          Also a button will allow the viewing of a summary of any
                          unbalanced entries and view the daybook entry detail behind it.
406   OPEN ORDER          The serial number field is now available to the template.              RPC      CAL           2006 06/02/2008
      COLLECTION          Note: RPC created pre-release build '2006a' on request of CAL to                PAINT POT
      TEMPLATE            be given to PAINT POT JERSEY
407   PURCHASE            Due to a change in the way the field enabling now works in             RPC      PAT           2006 06/02/2008
      ADD/EDIT LOG        Express++, typing a product code and pressing enter no longer                   G&S
                          loaded any product detail due to the validation not firing.
408   TILL CHECK          Sundry Account Receipts list now includes the two character            RPC      PAT           2006 06/02/2008
                          payment method field so users can see if the payment was                        G&S
                          (CA=Cash, CH=Cheque or CC= Credit Card)
409   HANDHELD            Item 390 above which changed the test that allowed products to         RPC      PAT           2006 07/02/2008
                          go to the handheld was apparently still wrong. I was told by Paul               JOHN LYNES
                          to put the code back to the way it was so I have.
410   VERIFY DATAFILES    The code that fills empty ENTERED dates with a default date was        RPC      PAT           2006 07/02/2008
      STOCK DATABASE      writing too much text to the onscreen log. This has been changed                SJP
                          to instead keep a count of how many dates were 'fixed' and write
                          the count figure to the log at the end of processing.
411   FINDUSER            Spelling mistake (USER->LOGIN instead of USERS->LOGIN)                 RPC      PAT           2006 07/02/2008
                          caused a crash. This meant the utility could not create the
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                                  Version                            10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                             Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                                  Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                            necessary flag files to allow automated transfer processes know
                            that users were still in the system.

                            Note: RPC sent new DLL to PAT on his request as this was
                            needed for G&S transfers to work properly
412   FINDUSER              Now that this utility actually runs it was found that it erroneously         RPC      PAT           2006 08/02/2008
                            replaces all user names with blank for all user records that are not
                            locked. This time after fixing it, I tested this utility fully both with a
                            user logged in and with no users logged in and double checked if
                            the log and flag file are created under the right circumstances.
413   FINDUSER              Modified this to create a different flag file (NOUSER.CHK) if there          RPC      PAT           2006 08/02/2008
                            are no users logged in by request of PAT.
414   TRADE SALES           A crash mentioning 'cAlias' on saving as an open order has been              SJP      PAINT POT     2006 08/02/2008
415   TRADE SALES           The Serial Number update function was being sent the open order              SJP      PAINT POT     2006 08/02/2008
                            parameter as the fourth parameter instead of the third.
416   TRADE SALES           Open order number was not available for serial number updating – SJP                  PAINT POT     2006 08/02/2008
                            added to open order number to main trade sales array
417   REPEATS               Added support to send repeats to delivery management in                      SJP      PAINT POT     2006 08/02/2008
418   TALLY PICKER          The accept button is now not available until you add a tally list item CAL            G&S           2006 08/02/2008
                            to the basket.
419   PURCHASE BROWSE Added some additional code to try and disallow the double clicking RPC                      PAT           2006 08/02/2008
                      of various buttons on the dialog (which could apparently cause the
                      window to flicker like mad)
420   HANDHELD              On reviewing the code for PAT noticed that I hadn't reverted the             RPC      PAT           2006 11/02/2008
                            code for the uploading of the additional barcodes back to the way
                            it was before.
421   TILL CHECK            The Sundry Cash and A/c Receipts section of the report was not               RPC      G&S           2006 11/02/2008
      UPLIFT TILL CHECK     filtering records based on the station name correctly.
422   UPLIFT TILL CHECK     The Sundry Cash, A/c Receipts, No Sales Log and Journal                      RPC      G&S           2006 11/02/2008
                            Deposit List were not filtering records using the start and end
                            dates and times correctly.
                            Note: RPC created pre-release build '2006b' on request of PAT to
                            be given to G&S.
423   TEMPLATE              The right hand browse heading was not showing focus colour due               RPC                    2006 12/02/2008
      MANAGER               to a freezeleft clause being used which was not needed.
424   OPEN ORDER            Adjusted the master template to display prices based on the open             RPC                    2006 12/02/2008
      COLLECTION NOTE       order invoice style set against the invoice account.
425   NOMINAL ANALYSIS      Oops...forgot to remove my development code from the                         RPC                    2006 12/02/2008
                            Accounting menu to make this option generally available.
426   REPEATS               Item 417 above introduced a crash in LPGas as it was trying to               RPC                    2006 12/02/2008
                            use fields from DELIV1 to update the Sales5 database.
427   NOMINAL ANALYSIS      Codes list is now sorted in ascending numerical order                        RPC      SJP           2006 13/02/2008
428   GOODS IN REPORT       Due to the multiple layouts available, this report was no longer             RPC                    2006 13/02/2008
                            displaying to the correct widths.
429   CHECKOUT              Reprint Last was not available if the only transactions you have             RPC      CAL           2006 13/02/2008
                            entered are Open Orders. This was due to the button being                             G&S
                            disabled if the internal checkout receipt array (kept to allow
                            reprinting) was empty. This internal checkout receipt array is not
                            actually used to reprint an open order and would always be empty
                            if no normal checkout retail sales had been done.
430   OPEN ORDER            Made the field DELNMBR available to the List & Label Template       RPC               CAL           2006 13/02/2008
      COLLECTION NOTE       Designer as a variable. This will allow the document headings to                      G&S
      TEMPLATE              be changed to reflect the source of the Open Order transaction (ie,
                            Checkout Sales or Delivery Management) if required.
431   INVOICE TEMPLATE      Open Orders can now have a delivery reference related to them,               RPC      CAL           2006 13/02/2008
                            this is available on the templates as SL_DTL_DELIORD.                                 G&S
432   INVENTORY             On loading product data from a handheld, the browse section of               RPC      PAT           2006 14/02/2008
      RECEIPTS              the display was not refreshing completely and the pointer was not
                            positioned at the beginning of the list correctly.
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program             RBA32                                              Version                         10.79
Opened              09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
433   LEDGER              Credit Notes now show in WHITE text on a RED background.               RPC      PAT           2006 14/02/2008
      MANAGEMENT          Note: At present this is both for Sales and Purchase Ledgers but
                          could be adjusted to only one or the other if required.
434   PURCHASE LEDGER     The option to edit the Reference accessible via pressing Enter on      RPC      CAL           2006 14/02/2008
      MANAGEMENT          the main browse or the Options button was not reading the value                 G&S
                          correctly and after editing the new value was not showing in the
                          details at the bottom of the browse display.
435   DELIVERY            The UPDSTAMP field was not being written to the Sales Header           RPC      CAL           2006 15/02/2008
      DESPATCH            database for finalised deliveries. This stopped the UPLIFT Till                 G&S
      UPLIFT TILL CHECK   Check including any payments recorded if the balance was paid
                          on despatch.
436   UPLIFT              The Sales Gathering routine now correctly uses the UPDSTAMP RPC                               2006 15/02/2008
      MANAGEMENT          index to find and include records from the Sales Header database.
437   INVENTORY           Cost Price changes are now shown using a RED background if the RPC              PAT           2006 15/02/2008
      RECEIPTS            cost price has increased or a GREEN background if the cost price                G&S
                          has decreased.
438   PRODUPD             STOCK1 to Excel interface, extra functionality added                   SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008

439   LEDGER              Validation of Account class has been added.                            SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
440   CHECKOUT            Printing open order receipt now pauses .5 seconds between              SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
                          copies to allow printer buffer to empty.

441   STOCK ANALYSE       Purge option was not working                                           SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
442   LEDGER              Double click on browse restored to show invoice detail, settlement     SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
      MANAGEMENT          discount options are now behind the option button with a caption
                          "other options"
443   LEDGER              Double clicking a branch invoice now alerts if the data is available   SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
      MANAGEMENT          for preview via invoice reprint
444   CHECKOUT            Auto Sales Ledger payments now updates last paid date.                 SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
                          Reference now represents the reference entered. Further test
                          added to ensure auto posting are not made to invoices with
445   BANK                Now allows a date to be entered forward of the current period.         SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
446   BANK                Excel export added                                                     SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
447   PURCHASE ORDERS     Auto Select                                                            SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
                          The test for delivery items defaults to Y and it did not test for an
                          empty delivery quantity, so a recalculation was forced based on
                          zero delivery quantity being greater than a negative quantity in
                          stock. It has now been fixed by check the delivery quantity is
                          greater than zero. A work around would be to set this option to N
448   PURCHASE ORDERS     Historical calculation now asks for days not weeks                     SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
449   PURCHASE ORDERS     The historical recalculation was ignoring recalculating positive       SJP      PAT           2006 18/02/2008
450   USERS               A user can now select a get entry font, currently 5 are available the SJP       PAT           2006 18/02/2008
                          default is Lucida Console.
451   CHECKOUT            YesPay has now been properly integrated into the Sundry A/c            RPC      PAT           2007 18/02/2008
                          Receipts dialog.
452   PURCHASE            If a D&C Ref was entered the Supplier field was then disabled.      RPC         KIT SHOP      2007 18/02/2008
      RETURNS LOG         You can now enter anything into the D&C Ref field as it is not (and
                          was not previously) validated.
453   DELIVERY POINTS     The LASTDATE field is updated with the current date when you           RPC      SJP           2007 18/02/2008
                          add or edit a delivery point.
454   CLIENT / SUPPLIER   The fields under the Purchase Ledger section of the Invoicing Tab      RPC      SJP           2007 18/02/2008
      ENTER / EDIT        are now all loaded from and saved to the entered account code.                  G&S
455   LEDGER HISTORY      The Width of the Extended Version of this report was too narrow        RPC      EYNSHAM       2007 19/02/2008
      REPORT              causing the last character of the DB Number to be chopped off.
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                               Version                           10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer      Reported By   Date / Build
456   DELIVERY               If a User Line Discount was set in the Trade Sales the net price       RPC        G&S           2007 19/02/2008
      DESPATCH               was not rounded to product pricing pricing decimal places. The
                             Delivery Despatch routine was rounding the line nets on loading
                             them which could cause the net line value to be understated by
                             the lost decimal places, changing the line total and ultimately the
                             order total. This rounding has now been removed.
457   ACCOUNTING             DB Column is now filled out for all records regardless of which        RPC        EYNSHAM       2007 19/02/2008
      RECONCILIATION         section they appear in.
458   ENTER EDIT             Added a field to full entry to allow a product to be marked as net       SJP                    2007 19/02/2008
      PRODUCTS               only so no client terms will apply, (T is also valid and will only allow
                             client net prices to be applied)
                             Note: Pre-release 2007a created for supply to Eynsham Emporium RPC                              2007 20/02/2008
                             to deal with accounting issues.
459   PURCHASE ORDERS        The delivery quantities and negative stock quantities may have         SJP        PAT           2008 20/02/2008
      REPLENISHMENT          had the same impact as fix 447
460   BCGEN                  This now create a branch unique barcode                                SJP        PAT           2008 24/02/2008
461   LOGIN                  Number of active user added                                            SJP        PAT           2008 24/02/2008
462   VERIFY DATAFILES       Clear station lock now works when users are logged in                  SJP        PAT           2008 24/02/2008
463   PRODUPD                Exporting from a spreadsheet now does no add a barcode of NIL          SJP        SJP           2008 24/02/2008
                             for empty barcodes.
464   BACS BATCHING          Now allows payments to the same bank account to be merged              SJP        G&S           2008 24/02/2008
465   AUTO PL PAYMENT        New dialog added                                                       SJP        SJP           2008 24/02/2008
466   SUPSTOCK               Fix made to stop invalid in file column entries causing a crash        SJP        PAT           2008 24/02/2008
467   AGEING                 Purchase ledger ageing now allows for a account type to be used        SJP        G&S           2008 24/02/2008
                             as a filter
468   STOCK ANALYSIS         Product speed search was not being updated correctly when              SJP        SJP           2008 24/02/2008
                             editing product descriptions
469   CHECKOUT               A bug in the Sundry A/c Receipts YesPay integration would treat a      RPC        SJP           2009 24/02/2008
                             transaction as having been approved when it was cancelled,                        G&S
                             voided or rejected. (Big Oops!)
470   OPEN ORDER             The variable OOC_HDR_ORDER2 has been added to make the                 RPC        CAL           2009 26/02/2008
      COLLECTION NOTE        Order 2 Reference field is available to the template.                             G&S
471   CHECKOUT               Reprint last now does not show blank choice                            SJP        PAT           2009 26/02/2008
472   HISTORY REPORT         Now show client name in heading                                        SJP        G&S           2009 26/02/2008
473   PAY CREDIT             Open added to write the refund to the BACS management PL only SJP                 G&S           2009 26/02/2008
474   PURCHASE               New report added for payments by type between two dates.               SJP        G&S           2009 26/02/2008
475   BACS MANAGEMENT Added print button and the option to print remittances at this stage          SJP        G&S           2009 26/02/2008
478   MICA ATR POSTING       Added Extrinsic name="Stocked”                                         SJP        MICA          2009 26/02/2008
479   YESPAY / TILLCHECK YesPay batch info is showing all amounts with decimal point in             SJP        PAT           2009 26/02/2008
                         wrong place! (eg £1.99 was showing as £199.00)
480   WEBSITE POST           & are converted to %26 before processing any conversions set in        SJP        CAL           2009 26/02/2008
481   WEBSITE POST           The Web replacement characters in the field TO_POST are now            RPC        CAL           2010 26/02/2008
                             trimmed when read into the translation array.
482   IRS IMPORT             Took the correct pack cost and multiplies it by the pack size during SJP          PAT           2010 27/02/2008

483   FONT SIZES             1024 768 small get font increased from 7 to 8 points                   SJP        FSB           2010 27/02/2008
484   TRADE SALES            Double clicking an line in the order history now bring up sales        SJP        PAT           2010 27/02/2008
485   PRODUPD                Creating Excel spreadsheets did not always convert character field SJP            SPJ           2010 27/02/2008
                             that were number correctly
486   PURCHASE LEDGER        The criteria for the remittance now forces you to type in a valid      RPC                      2011 29/02/2008
      REPORTS                account code. Empty is not valid!
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                               Version                            10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                                 Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
486   LEDGER              Made the height of the entry boxes bigger                                   SJP                    2011 29/02/2008
487   SALES FIND          New dialog added designed to search all sales databases and                 SJP                    2011 29/02/2008
      NUMBER              present a list of matches to reference entered
488   AUTO PURCHASE       New options added to the purchase ledger to allow multiple                  SJP                    2011 29/02/2008
      LEDGER PAYMENT      purchase accounts to be auto paid and manage the payment                    RPC
      AND SEQUENCE        sequence for remittance and cheque printing
489   LEDGER              Purchase invoice entry is now stamped with time, date, station and SJP                             2011 01/03/2008
      MANAGEMENT          user
490   PAYMENT AND         Added a new parameter that can be passed to the dialog to make              RPC      SJP           2012 03/03/2008
      DEPOSIT ENTRY       sure that, if the Force Payment on Despatch switch is on, a                          G&S
      DIALOG              payment for at least the full owed amount must be entered.
491   DELIVERY            If the Force Payment on Despatch switch is on, the payment                  RPC      SJP           2012 03/03/2008
      DESPATCH            dialog can only be 'finished' if at least the owed amount is entered                 G&S
                          as paid.
492   UPLIFT TILL CHECK   The main sales header record skipping function was still testing            RPC      SJP           2012 04/03/2008
      REPORT              ORDDATE and ORDTIME and as this is no longer guaranteed to                           G&S
                          work correctly some records may have been skipped by mistake.
493   INTERBRANCH         A small bug in the code that handled the description caused only            RPC      GK LOCKS      2012 04/03/2008
      TRANSFER NOTE       the first letter of the description to be printed instead of the 1st line
      (RECEIPT)           of a possible multiple line description.
494   SALES BROWSE        When viewing an order in LPGas for a Retail customer with a                 RPC      LPG DIRECT    2013 05/03/2008
                          product that includes surcharge, the gross price shown now
                          includes the surcharge gross value.
495   DIRECT DEBIT        Any allocation of a payment made to an invoice on the 1st day of            RPC      GAS DIRECT    2013 05/03/2008
      STATEMENTS          the month of the statement was not being added back into the
                          invoice balance correctly making the total due balance wrong.
496   SUPSTOCK            On updating the SUPSTOCK database, all records for a particular             RPC      JD AT LANES   2013 05/03/2008
                          supplier that have not been updated by the current import will now
                          be cleared to remove any obsolete items.
497   STYLES              On editing a style with no products the edit button was available to RPC             KIT SHOP      2013 06/03/2008
      MANAGEMENT          be clicked and would crash if you did.
                          Also, I changed some button and say prompt widths to allow
                          captions to fit correctly and changed the black text on a blue
                          background in the headings to white text to make them more
498   STOCK ANALYSIS      The caption F10 Remove Marked Items would not fit on the button RPC                  CAL           2013 06/03/2008
                          at a resolution width of 1280.
499   RECURRING           You can now force the removal of a recurring entry the next time            RPC      EYNSHAM       2013 06/03/2008
      ENTRIES             the Rba system is run by setting the number of periods to ZERO
                          and saving the item.
500   LEDGER              Switch added to ADMIN to allow default purchase invoice                     SJP                    2013 06/03/2008
      MANAGEMENT          authorization to be set
501   LEDGER              Find bacs payment on purchase ledger browse speeded up                      SJP                    2013 06/03/2008
502   DELIVERY            Now you predate open orders and delivery to the first of the                SJP      GS            2013 06/03/2008
      DESPATCH            previous month if you are in the first two weeks of the next month
503   EXTERNAL STOCK      Now have summary totals                                                     SJP      SSPDS         2014 07/03/2008
504   NOMINAL ANALYSIS    Progress added                                                              SJP                    2014 07/03/2008
505   HANDHELD            Added option to download only valid barcode, barcodes by dept or SJP                 PAT           2014 07/03/2008
                          supplier to the handheld. Also added a button to check how many
                          barcode are to be sent.
506   MULTI BROWSE        Editing open order is now protected by a supervisors password.              SJP      GS            2014 07/03/2008
                          For reference the following have been added COST, SPG and
                          customer's price exc VAT
507   DELIVERY            Canceling deliveries now protected by a supervisors password.               SJP      GS            2014 07/03/2008
508   ACCOUNTING          A new default code has been added for BACS payments to allow                SJP      GS            2014 07/03/2008
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                             Version                          10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
      DEFAULT CODES         individual payment to be made from this nominal account and this
                            account is credited back when the Bacs sequence is created
509   OPEN ORDERS           Colour added to indicate the age of the customers oldest open           SJP      CLEVELANDS    2014 07/03/2008
                            order, green 30 -60 days, amber 61-90 days and red for over 90
510   OPEN ORDERS           Option added to allow open order to be finalised by customer type       SJP      GS            2014 07/03/2008
511   ACCOUNTING            Now available for branches to set                                       SJP      GS            2014 10/03/2008
512   RUN COUNT             Run count was reversing returned items before applying the count        SJP      LSD           2014 10/03/2008
513   BRSYNC                New option added HQ_RULES to overwrite branch controlled data SJP                GS            2014 10/03/2008
                            if the HQ updated first
514   ENTER EDIT            When entering a product code that is not recognized you now get         SJP      GS            2014 10/03/2008
      PRODUCTS              the option to perform a soft search.
515   RUN COUNT             Message to zero stock items made clearer                                SJP      CAL           2014 10/03/2008
516   COMMAND LINE          New command line added called XFR_RESULTS with an optional              SJP      GS            2014 10/03/2008
                            email parameter. This will email the emails setup in Admin a
                            summary of the last sale in the sales detail database by branch.
517   TRADE SALES           The customer's order reference has been expanded from 15 to 20          SJP      EXTRAGAS      2014 10/03/2008
                            characters. Note: structures of main database has been altered to
518   DELIVERY              New switch added to allow open order to be despatched on a date SJP              GS            2014 10/03/2008
      DESPATCH              other than the current date
519   DELIVERY PO IT        Creating a PO for a supplier with items not belonging to that           SJP      GS            2014 10/03/2008
                            supplier caused a crash
520   TRADE SALES           For orders sent to delivery management you can now enter a job          SJP      LSD/GS        2014 10/03/2008
521   SALES BROWSE          Viewing a Retail order in Retailer caused a crash as a field called     SJP      GS            2014 11/03/2008
                            surcharge did not exist
522   TRADE SALES           LPGas only on asking to print a delivery note it will ask if you want   SJP      LBG           2015 11/03/2008
                            to print an invoice
523   STATEMENTS            Printing invoices with statements now correctly print the branch        SJP      GS            2015 11/03/2008
                            invoices. A problem existed where the remote branch database
                            were not being closed.
524   CHECKOUT              A new switch has been added to prevent cash payouts exceeding           SJP      GS            2015 11/03/2008
                            an amount set in admin
                            (Update made to new checkout screen in development)
525   TRADE SALES           Fix made to prevent void button being partial covered by the save       SJP      SJP           2015 11/03/2008
                            button when not using assistants, branches or any of the delivery
526   TRADE SALES           A new button has been added to allow the saving of special prices       SJP      GS            2015 11/03/2008
                            entered in Trade Sales as either a net price or a discount for that
527   INVENTORY             Speed entry modification of a description now reflect back on the       SJP      PAT           2015 11/03/2008
      RECEIPTS              browse only if not originating from a PO
528   PURCHASE ORDERS       When calculating costs for a purchase order the purchase order          SJP      KEEMLAW       2015 11/03/2008
                            date is now used instead of the current system date
529   CHANGE PRODUCT        Stock Adjustment and Style Product records are now being                RPC      KIT SHOP      2015 17/03/2008
                            handled correctly.
530   RECURRING             Recurring journal entries can now be created to auto post a             SJP      SJP           2015 18/03/2008
      ENTRIES               payment to a sales or purchase ledger account
531   IP CHECKER            Added version number to company name and trimmed &'s as it              SJP      INTERNAL      2015 18/03/2008
                            was causing the display to truncate
532   CLIENT/SUPPLIER       The email address on the general tab page was being loaded from RPC              JEAN          2015 19/03/2008
      ENTER/EDIT            the invoice-to account instead of the main account code. It
                            appeared because of this that it was not saving any email address
                            that was entered (it was saving but you could never see it on
                            reloading the account record!)
563   LEDGER                The options box now allows changing of settlement date, this can        SJP      SJP           2015 19/03/2008
      MANAGEMENT            also be done from the payment screen
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                            Version                           10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer      Reported By   Date / Build
564   COMMAND LINE        A new command line option EMESSAGE has been added to email SJP                   SJP           2015 19/03/2008
                          a message from within a batch file
565   BROWSES –           Sort column and column header colours have been standardised.         SJP        CAL           2015 24/03/2008
566   EDI                 TOOLBANK has now been added as a supplier we can EDI to,              SJP                      2015 24/03/2008
                          waiting for Paul Alexander to confirm the format is OK
567   NOMINAL             DB NUMBERS have been widened to 8 digits, this does not effect SJP                             2015 24/03/2008
                          a stand alone or head offices system. However branches can now
                          have accounting enabled to allow them to post to the nominal and
                          VAT ledger. However the accounting menu is limited and view only.
                          For this the local branch DB number is preceded with branch
                          number, this guarantees it is unique. To transfer the information to
                          head office the existing branch transfer by batch utility has been
                          modified to handle this
568   BRANCH TABLE        For 567, you can now set a start period and year for nominal posts SJP                         2015 24/03/2008
                          to start.
569   BRANCH BATCH        The BATCH command line now allows for an extra option, PATH. If SJP                            2015 24/03/2008
                          this is included the branch files do not need to be copied into the
                          head office folder, instead the database are opened up in a
                          working copy of the branches data.
570   POPUP KEYBOARD /    Redesign of button bitmaps and change of dialog colour to make it CAL                          2017 26/03/2008
      NUMBER PAD          look more modern.                                                 RPC
571   ENQUIRY             Colours changed to be less intense and more consistent with other CAL                          2017 27/03/2008
                          dialogs. Also box sizes changed to fit better.                    RPC
572   DIALOG COLOURS      Various dialogs have been looked at and the colours of various        CAL                      2017 27/03/2008
      MULTIBROWSE         titlebars and browse areas have been changed to fit in with the       RPC
      OPEN ORDER          new colour set.

573   BACS BATCHING       The function that checks if MSFax is installed would always return    RPC                      2017 28/03/2008
      AUTO PL PAYMENTS    “Y” regardless of if you had MSFax installed or not.
                          This could affect the production of remittance advices from these
574   FIND NUMBER         New Find Number dialog had a few odd quirks that have now been RPC               CAL           2017 28/03/2008
                          ironed out.
575   TRADE SALES         PLU button is now available for inter branch                          SJP        GS            2017 29/03/2008
576   LEDGER              Pay Credits now reflects as a negative payment when posting to        SJP        SJP           2017 29/03/2008
      MANAGEMENT          the nominal
567   TRADE SALES         Save price button now available to save a user entered discount or SJP           PAT           2017 29/03/2008
                          price onto the Client Discount file. Also the messaging has been
568   INVENTORY           Speed Entry has now been replaced with Full Entry if the switch in    SJP        GS            2017 29/03/2008
      RECEIPTS            admin has been set use Full Entry for the PLU button
569   STATEMENTS          Now allows a single statement to be either preview or printed         SJP        GS            2017 29/03/2008
570   HISTORY REPORT      DB number was not showing on Extended report                          SJP        GS            2017 29/03/2008
571   LEDGER              Now available if you have branch sales ledger, but the Task           SJP        GS            2017 29/03/2008
      MANAGEMENT          Selection Button has been removed.
572   SALES RECEIPTS      Now does not read from ALLOCIN if BR_SLEDGER switch is set            SJP        GS            2017 29/03/2008
573   R_BANKING           Now uses BRPAYS if BR_SLEDGER switch is set                           SJP        GS            2017 29/03/2008
574   SUNDRIES REPORT     New report added to list sundry payment and receipts                  SJP        GS            2017 29/03/2008
575   ENTER EDIT CLIENT   All the fields in sales ledger box can be edited irrespective of credit SJP      GS            2017 29/03/2008
576   CLIENT DISCOUNT     The editing type on the browse has been changed to EDIT               SJP        PAT           2017 29/03/2008
      ENTRY               ACROSS DOWN to allow easy entry
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
577   PAYMENT ENTRY        Trade payment entry can now be completed using the F9 key to           SJP      PAT           2017 29/03/2008
578   SPECIAL              For Country Supplies only. If an account is set as a cash account      SJP      CS            2017 29/03/2008
                           and has a delivery point, then a delivery note is printed with the
                           run and an invoice is printed when updating. If no delivery point is
                           set then an invoice is printed with the run and no document is
                           printed on updating.
579   ENTER EDIT           Using Product entry button now update descriptions for item            SJP      PAT           2017 29/03/2008
      PRODUCTS             originating from purchase orders
580   STARTRITE            The Startrite EDI interface now creates a correct batch number for     SJP      PAT           2017 01/04/2008
                           backdated batches
581   ADD EDIT USERS       A password for a user can now be set or reset in Admin                 SJP      SJP           2017 01/04/2008
582   GOODS IN REPORT      Option added to show vendor part instead of part.                      SJP      GS            2017 01/04/2008
583   F1 PICK LISTS        When navigating using the keyboards letter to seek a match the #       SJP      GAFFNEYS      2017 01/04/2008
                           key would not work
584   LEDGER               In the contact and telephone boxes at the top of the screen the        SJP      GAFFNEYS      2017 01/04/2008
      MANAGEMENT           general and account contacts have been switched, also a tooltip
                           has been added showing the full text as it is often truncated.
585   MENUS                Account info was appearing twice                                       SJP      SJP           2017 01/04/2008
587   LEDGER               The Purchase ledger management was loading slowly as it was            SJP      GAFFNEYS      2017 01/04/2008
      MANAGEMENT           trying to pick up any BACS payment details for all the invoices.
                           Now the information is only gathered when the invoice is
577   PAYMENT ENTRY        Trade payment entry now show the correct balance when part             SJP      PAT           2017 01/03/2008
                           payments are made
578   TILL CHECK           The pending Open Orders line would not appear if the Open              RPC      JOHN LYNE     2018 02/04/2008
                           Orders due within the report period were less than zero...
579   SYSTEM INFO          Added Company Name, Licence No, Branch No and Branch                   RPC                    2018 02/04/2008
                           Name to the text shown so this information is visible in a place
                           other than the main login screen
580   EXTERNAL UTILIIES    A change in 2016 caused any external utility that opens up branch      SJP                    2018 02/04/2008
                           databases to crash
581   TERMS                Viewing account band terms from the discount entry screen miss         SJP      PAT           2019 03/04/2008
                           the first entry if it was a net price
582   PAYMENTS             F9 pay button now works with the F9 key                                SJP      PAT           2019 03/04/2008
583   TRADE SALES          F10 Deposit/Save button now works with the F10 key                     SJP      PAT           2019 03/04/2008
584   CLIENT SUPPLIERS     F2 shortcut added to the new button                                    SJP      PAT           2019 03/04/2008
585   ENQUIRY              Clients band now shows                                                 SJP      PAT           2019 03/04/2008
586   UPLIFT TILL CHECK    The gathering of the DEPOSIT information was not filtering             RPC      G&S           2019 03/04/2008
                           records using the start / end dates and times
587   TRADE SALES          The main receipt array would display the words Deposit Ref next        RPC      CAL           2019 04/04/2008
                           to a Serial No due the conditional test for the text pointing at the
                           get entry fields instead of the current line in the items array.
588   DELIVERY             A new dialog has been created to show what the current single          SJP      CLEVELANDS    2020 04/04/2008
      DEVIATIONS           cost of an items is compared to when it was entered based on a
                           changed date on the stock file for that item (COST, RTP, RRP or
                           SPG) being greater than the date entered on the screen
589   INVENTORY            When booking in items without entering a PO number, on saving it SJP            CLEVELANDS    2020 04/04/2008
      RECEIPTS             now checks to see if any items have been order from that
                           supplier's on open purchase order, if so it will allocate the stock to
                           those PO's
590   NOMINAL PICK         A Find by description has been added                                   SJP      GS            2021 07/04/2008
591   BRAND PICK           A Find by description has been added                                   SJP      SJP           2021 07/04/2008
592   ZIPIT                A successful and failed email address has been added                   SJP      PAT           2021 07/04/2008
593   LOGIN                A tooltip has been added to the current user count logged in to        SJP      PAT           2021 07/04/2008
                           show who is logged in
594   PL SEQUENCE          Computer cheque number are now allocated at the stage of               SJP      APEX          2021 07/04/2008
                            RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program             RBA32                                            Version                          10.79
Opened              09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section             Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
      MANAGEMENT         printing the cheque and the number is store in BASC_REF in the
                         payment header
595   PAYMENTS           No sale added to pop the cash drawer                                   SJP      BP            2021 07/04/2008
596   LPG BY TYPE        No excludes interBranch and un-updated delivers                        SJP      BP            2021 07/04/2008
597   DELIVERY           Extra test added to prevent and empty run time being saved             SJP      BP            2021 07/04/2008
598   CREATE RUN         Total hazard weight now passed with 4 decimals                         SJP      BP            2021 07/04/2008
599   PRINT STATEMENTS   Print invoices flag will now accept a number from 1 – 9. This is the SJP        GS            2022 08/04/2008
                         number of days before the statement date that invoices will be
                         printed for (7 = invoice raised in the last week of the month)
600   BANKINGS REPORT    If Branch Sales Ledger is in use the report would crash as it          RPC      GS            2022 08/04/2008
                         gathered the data from the BRPAYS database due to a bad alias
                         name used (it used FIELD-> instead of BRPAYS->...)
601   DELIVERY           On viewing an order, the quantities would always show as whole         RPC      CAL           2022 08/04/2008
      MANAGEMENT         numbers and never show decimal places.
602   CHANGE PRODUCT     Style Product database would not be correctly processed leaving        RPC      KIT SHOP      2023 09/04/2008
                         the old product code against the records. The new product would
                         therefore not have retained the colour and size information from
                         the old product.
603   PURCHASE ORDER     The SPG and RRP figures shown in the bottom right of the screen RPC             KEEMLAW       2023 11/04/2008
      ENTRY              were not being loaded based on the Purchase Order Date (or
                         indeed any other date...). It was always showing the most recently
                         entered prices even if they were future prices.
604   TRADE SALES        Tooltips on account name and address now show telephone                SJP      SSL           2023 14/04/2008
605   SUBCONTRATOR       Now show subcontractor telephone number                                SJP      SSL           2023 14/04/2008
606   DELIVERY           When creating a PO from a delivery you can now select a account SJP             SSL           2023 14/04/2008
      MANAGEMENT         from the main client database
607   DELIVERY           Changes to status now logs in the audit box at the bottom right of     SJP      SSL           2023 14/04/2008
      MANAGEMENT         screen (order of columns also changed)
608   MULTIBROWSE        Finalised invoice browse now shows Delivery Order number               SJP      SSL           2023 14/04/2008
609   DELIVERY           Creating a PO now keeps a cost entered during the order entry.         SJP      SSL           2023 14/04/2008
      MANAGEMENT         (Only if the switch to allow changing the cost in Admin is set to A)
610   MULTIBROWSE        Editing a open order now validates an empty account code               SJP      WATSONS HH    2023 14/04/2008
611   LABEL PRINTING     When printing price change labels the test now looks a offer dates     SJP      WATSONS HH    2023 14/04/2008
                         as well as the existing SPG date
612   PURCHASE ORDER     The EDI acknowledgment now show the returned quantity                           WATSONS HH    2023 14/04/2008
      BROWSE             multiplied by the suppliers pack quantity
613   TRADE SALES        Access to Sundries (as per Checkout) is now available via a new        SJP      PAT           2023 14/04/2008
614   USER CLIENT        Access has been made to the TYPE and reporting code                    SJP      PAT           2023 14/04/2008
      REPORTS            descriptions
615   REPEATS            Invalid product codes are now rejected                                 SJP      PAT           2023 14/04/2008
616   SAGE INTERFACE     The 'AllocatePayment' method crashed due to a value of zero        RPC          RN CARR       2023 15/04/2008
                         being passed to it. There was already a test in there to make sure
                         the value was greater than zero but I believe this was being
                         defeated by a rounding issue. So the value is now rounded to 2
                         decimal places and then tested.
617   STATEMENTS         Adjusted the statement processing to ignore the lastpaid dates         SJP      G&S           2023 15/04/2008
                         against invoices as shortcuts to calculating the invoice balances.     RPC
618   OPEN ORDER         The open order collection receipt was not emptying the tally           SJP      G&S           2023 16/04/2008
      RECEIPT            description arrays so after a set of tally info was loaded every       RPC
                         product after on the same receipt showed the tally info from the
                         previous product.
619   ZIPIT              Now detects if a second backup location exists                         SJP      PAT           2023 16/04/2008
620   ZIPIT              Successful backup now shows as green                                   SJP      PAT           2023 16/04/2008
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                              Version                         10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
621   PURCHASE ORDER      Added Colour and Size from style part database                          SJP      KITSHOP         2023 16/04/2008
622   LOADING LIST        Added access to RUN1 and the vehicle database                           SJP      PAT             2023 16/04/2008
623   LIST & LABEL        The LL report generation function tested for the existence of the       RPC      JEAN            2024 17/04/2008
      REPORTS             variable and field databases using the file() function which would      SJP
                          fail if you were using ADS with a hidden data folder.
624   CLIENT / SUPPLIER   If either of the 2 user fields are named 'Website', a new button will   RPC      JEAN            2024 17/04/2008
      ENTER / EDIT        appear that can be clicked on which will automatically launch the
                          users current internet browser and navigate to whatever is in the
                          field (which hopefully is a website!).
625   CLIENT / SUPPLIER   Validation taken off open order style to allow user types to be         SJP      CAL/PAINT POT   2024 17/04/2008
      ENTER / EDIT        added
626   BACS BATCHING       Restriction taken off BACS batching (Accounting level 6) this has       SJP      GS              2024 17/04/2008
                          now been added to the button to create the BASC CSV
627   PURCHASE ORDERS     Database was not available is all cases when refreshing a line          SJP      RS DISCOUNT     2024 17/04/2008
628   PURCHASE LOG        Database was not available is all cases when editing and saving a       SJP      RS DISCOUNT     2024 17/04/2008
      BROWSE              log entry
629   STOCK COUNT         Entering an invalid product sometimes caused a crash                    SJP      RS DISCOUNT     2024 17/04/2008
630   GOODS IN            Accessing the product entry caused a crash if a product was not         SJP      RS DISCOUNT     2024 17/04/2008
631   EDIT SETUP          A crash could occur when no EDIT suppliers had been setup               SJP      RS DISCOUNT     2024 17/04/2008
632   DIARY               Extra debug logging added to attempt to resolve Gloucester locks        SJP      GL              2024 17/04/2008
633   COMMAND LINE        New option added to allow recalculation of open order balances:         SJP      GS              2024 17/04/2008
634   COMMAND LINE        New option added to allow adding of branch open order balances          SJP      GS              2024 17/04/2008
                          to a control database: ACCTBRBEN
635   PAYMENT             The switch for payment references has been moved from checkout SJP               PAT             2025 17/04/2008
      REFERENCE           to sales and the trade payment screen has been modified to use
                          this option
636   DELIVERY            Proforma is now a lavender colour so that it doesn't clash with the     RPC      CAL             2025 18/04/2008
      MANAGEMENT          field highlight colour
637   SALES BROWSE        Colour Key in bottom right is now built as a three-column two-row       RPC      CAL             2025 18/04/2008
                          block from left to right to make sure that there are no 'blank' areas
                          when various modules are not available.
638   REPEATS             List is now keyboard friendly and when adding a new entry the           SJP      SJP             2025 20/04/2008
                          pointer returns to the added item in the list
639   OPEN ORDER          Finished the implementation of integrating the branch open order        SJP      GS              2025 20/04/2008
      BALANCES            balances to head office. This new figure in ACCOUNT is held in
                          OPENORDBR. A new command line utility called
                          BRANCH_OPENORDERS has also been added to copy the total
                          amount by customer out of ACCTBR into this new field
640   ERRORSYS            All errors are now written to the output folder instead of the live     SJP      SJP             2025 20/04/2008
                          data folder. Also if a live Internet connection exist the error is
                          emailed to RBA.
641   ENTER EDIT          It allowed you to save in full entry without a STOCKCODE, now if it SJP          PAT             2026 22/04/2008
      PRODUCTS            is empty it defaults to the PARTCODE
642   ACCOUNTING          New report added to list day book entries between two numbers           SJP      GS              2026 22/04/2008
      REPORTS             regardless of the current period.
643   PURCHASE ORDERS     A new switch has been added to tie the username to the Place By         SJP      GAFFNEYS        2026 22/04/2008
                          field. This can either be set to D to default or F to Force.
644   REPEAT INV          When adding a product to a repeat invoice using fast seek to find       SJP      CELLARGAS       2026 22/04/2008
                          the product, the product code saved on the repeat invoice file was
                          the abbreviation entered for the fast seek not the actual product
645   USER RIGHTS         Purging an item now requires inventory user rights of 6                 SJP      LANES / GS      2026 22/04/2008
646   SALES DETAIL        If an item is purged we now attempt to retrieve the department and SJP           LANES           2026 22/04/2008
      REPORT              group from the PAUDIT file a new index has been added to
                          maintain report generation speed
                                 RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                               Version                          10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                  Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
647    BANKING REPORT         Error occurred while running report as it was trying to access  SJP              LSD           2026 22/04/2008
                              INVOICE1 and it was not needed for the report. Also the line    RPC
                              below that used the FIELD alias was changed to point to ALLOCIN
                              instead as it would cause a crash.
647a   CHANGE PRODUCT         Validation problem was causing change product not to work               SJP      PAT           2026 22/04/2008
648    VAT DETAIL REPORT      Was missing last two digits of the purchase net since the               SJP      SJP           2026 23/04/2008
                              DBNMBR was widen to 8 numeric
649    STATION LOCK FILES When getting a Windows friendly file name it was using the whole            SJP      RPC           2026 23/04/2008
                          path instead of just the file name itself
650    ENTER EDIT             Empty STOCKPART codes are now validated                                 SJP      PAT           2026 23/04/2008
651    LEDGER                 Undo Allocations now posts the undo journals using the date of the RPC           RPC           2026 24/04/2008
       MANAGEMENT             entry that is being de-allocated.
652    ACCOUNTING             Internal – for dev use only - the source indicator of the nominal       RPC      RPC           2026 24/04/2008
       PERIOD ENTRIES         entry is now put in brackets next to the daybook number
653    LEDGER HISTORY         On the extended report, the Cashbal column was being affected           RPC      RPC           2027 25/04/2008
       REPORTS                by discount records. This column shows the open cash balance
                              and discounts should not affect this.
654    DAYBOOK ENTRIES        If you typed in a db number that exists but is not in the current       RPC      G&S           2027 28/04/2008
       FOR PERIOD             period as a start db no, the report would still appear but only show
       REPORT                 you a report with that one entry on it. I've modified the entry date
                              test to fix this.
655    ZIPIT                  Edit in file button added                                               SJP      PAT           2027 29/04/2008
656    CYLINDER BY TYPE       Was not showing the correct descriptions for the associated             SJP      PAT           2027 29/04/2008
       REPORT                 product code
657    RENTAL INVOICE         Entering a rental band greater then 9 caused a crash as the             SJP      PAT           2027 29/04/2008
       ENTRY                  structures for BGRENT1 was only set to 1 numeric.
658    UPDSTAMP               Added a function to return the UPDSTAMP                                 SJP      SJP           2027 29/04/2008
659    MICA ATR POSTING       Added the OUTER and PALLET pack sizes and cost, using data              SJP      MICA          2027 29/04/2008
                              held in vendor1 and 2
660    ATR                    Ongoing work to make more use of the Mica feed                          SJP      MICA          2027 29/04/2008
661    NOMINAL                Internal RBA change to stop the auto posting of STOCK and               SJP      SJP           2027 29/04/2008
                              COGS to the nominal ledger
662    SUPSTOCK               Appeared to be writing duplicate entries to RBASTOCK                    SJP      PAT           2027 29/04/2008
663    INVENTORY              When updating goods in, instead of the purchase order number            SJP      GLOUCESTER    2027 29/04/2008
       RECEIPTS               being passed it was passing the purchase order detail file record                LOCKS
664    CLIENT SUPPLIERS       Auto account code generation now follows these rules:                   SJP                    2027 29/04/2008
                              Format: 6 digit account code ABC123
                              Format: 8 digit account code ABCDE123 (branch=0)
                              Format: 8 digit account code ABCXX123 (branch=XX)
665    SPEED ENTRY            When more than three suppliers are selected then the vendor             SJP      PAT           2027 29/04/2008
                              information was not displaying correctly
666    ENTER/EDIT             When style are selected adding a item as a part of a style was          SJP      SJP           2027 29/04/2008
       PRODUCTS               placing a lock on STYPART and not releasing it.
667    LEDGER REPORTS -       Added the DB No to the report                                           RPC      G&S           2028 30/04/2008
668    LEDGER                 On loading the invoices the invoice types are now checked and if        RPC      HAWKINSPORT   2028 30/04/2008
       MANAGEMENT             any are invalid a warning will appear asking the user to report it to   SJP
669    CREATE RUN             Rescheduling the last order on the list would position the pointer to SJP        OAKFARM       2028 30/04/2008
                              the first record, but the highlighter was still on the last pointer
670    POST NOMINAL           If a nominal discrepancy was detected by post nominal then the          SJP      WHG           2028 30/04/2008
                              correction doubled the error instead of correcting it
671    DOS INVOICE            If you print DOS invoices along with statements, the invoices           RPC      INDUSTRIAL    2028 01/05/2008
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                              Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
      PRINTING WITH        would not be produced and in the worst of cases might lock up the                 GASES
      STATEMENTS           system.                                                                           CELLAR GASES
                           This was due to the wrong type of value being passed to the dos
                           invoice printing function and the use of an internal error block that
                           was not being restored correctly.
672   TRIAL BALANCE        Loading speeded up                                                       SJP      SJP
673   ADJUST STOCK         Reason box opened back to 20 characters                                  SJP      SJP             2028 02/05/2008
674   OPEN ORDERS          Invoice a customer by a tag number is now available in open order SJP             GS              2028 02/05/2008
                           management. Tags can be set in multibrowse against individual
                           open order invoice.
675   CHANGE NOMINAL       Change nominal code in admin has now been speeded up.                    SJP      SJP             2028 02/05/2008
676   MULTIBROWSE          The open order editing facility in multibrowse now allows the            SJP      GS/LSD          2028 02/05/2008
                           transaction date and second order number to be changed
677   CHANGE PRODUCT       Modification made to get the merge stock quantities to work              SJP      PAT             2028 02/05/2008
678   VERIFY DATAFILES     New button added to cross check nominal vat transaction with             SJP      GS              2028 02/05/2008
                           those on the VAT file
679   STATEMENT            Option added to suppress zero value statement, also if the                        INDUSTRIAL      2028 02/05/2008
      PRINTING             overdue only was set to Y is caused a crash                                       GAS/GS/OAKFAR
680   ERROR EMAIL          This now uses the details set in admin                                   SJP      GS              2028 02/05/2008
681   PRICES               The pricing routine now will only set a minimum selling price if the     SJP      MORRIS MICA     2028 02/05/2008
                           calculated price for the item is greater than zero. If it is zero then
                           the calling sales routine will ask for and validate a price
682   ACCESS TO RETAIL     After a catalogue download you now have an option to update              SJP      MICA            2029 06/05/2008
                           suppliers details in your stock file
683   CONVERT DATA         Conversion routine added for CES Epos (Foxpo windows)                    SJP      PAT             2029 06/05/2008
                           command line CONVERT CESWIN
684   CHECKOUT             RBASTOCK item were being added to stock1 with out a                                               2030 07/05/2008
                           STOCKCODE, error introduced in 660
685   TRADE SALES          Tooltip added to last number at bottom of the screen to reveal the       SJP      GS              2030 07/05/2008
                           next transaction numbers
686   SALES REPORT         New sales report added to list item purchase by a customer with          SJP      GAFFNEYS        2031 08/05/2008
                           cost and margin
687   ATR UPLOAD           During a catalogue upload new suppliers were not being added             SJP      PAT             2031 08/05/2008
                           correctly to the account database
688   DELIVERY             Cancel Orders functionality made available to external functions.        RPC                      2031 09/05/2008
689   PAYMENTS             Adjusted to allow deposit entry via Checkout                             RPC                      2031 09/05/2008
687   PURCHASE ORDER       You can now only add valid sales codes to a purchase order               SJP      GAFFNEYS        2031 10/05/2008
688   TRADE SALES          Cost Analysis is now available if you have full right to inventory       SJP      GAFFNEYS        2031 10/05/2008
689   TRENDS BY            Now excludes interbranch sales                                           SJP      GAFFNEYS        2031 10/05/2008
690   ENTER EDIT           Audit average cost is now suppressed when using actual costs             SJP      GAFFNEYS        2031 10/05/2008
691   PURCHASE LEDGER      A new dialog has been added to select delivery notes for a             SJP        GS              2031 10/05/2008
                           supplier booked in via inventory receipts and convert it directly into
                           a purchase ledger invoice entry. This is only for evaluation at
                           present and has no saving facilities
692   TRADE SALES          Special offers were not writing to open orders                           SJP      CLEVELANDS      2032 11/05/2008
693   CHECKOUT             Reprint last would error if you tried to reprint a checkout receipt      SJP      GS              2032 11/05/2008
                           when you had only make a open order sale
694   JOURNAL_ENTRY        Widened the debit and credit columns by 1 character as there             RPC      CAL             2032 14/05/2008
                           were issues with the entry field not fitting into the column width
695   PURCHASE LOG         Fixed the width of the browse so that the columns are now the            RPC                      2032 14/05/2008
      VIEW                 right size, removed the horizontal scrollbar as it's not needed.
696   PRODUPD              Added the ability to use fields from STYPART, ie Tally, Size and         SJP                      2032 14/05/2008
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                                 Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                            Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build
697   PRICING                Deposits were picking up the cost price from the stock code             SJP      GAFFNEYS       2033 15/05/2008
                             instead of the sales code. This was a problem with both enter edit
                             products and the pricing module
698   LPGAS DOS INVOICE Due to fix 671 above, an array was expected by the                           RPC      STAYTES        2034 16/05/2008
      PRINTING          Print_Trade_Invoice function to pass the necessary value to the                       WESTON
                        DOS Invoice printing function. This was not true of everywhere
                        else other than the statement printing procedure.
699   PRODSYNC /             Obsolete and Purged items are now excluded from the transfers           SJP                     2035 16/05/2008
700   STOCK ANALYSE          On loading new search the browse is now restored to the top of          SJP      KEEMLAW        2035 21/05/2008
                             the list
701   CONSUME                DB Number Field in temporary database was not being set to the          RPC      SELECTRIC      2035 22/05/2008
                             correct width causing a crash when using it in a branch enabled
                             system that adds the branch number as a prefix.
702   PURCHASE LEDGER        A new dialog has been added to select delivery notes for a             SJP       GS             2035 22/05/2008
                             supplier booked in via inventory receipts and convert it directly into
                             a purchase ledger invoice entry. This option is now operational.
703   ENTER EDIT             When using more than three supplier's, if you clicked edit before  SJP           IRVINES MICA   2035 22/05/2008
      PRODUCTS               clicking the browse the the dialog would crash as no reference had
                             been set to the supplier's browse.
704   ACCOUNT PICK LIST      When using fast seek for a client account, inter-branch account         SJP      BP LPG         2035 22/05/2008
                             were not appearing in the list
705   FAST STOCK SEEK        When writing to the fast seek database obsolete records are now         SJP      GS             2035 22/05/2008
706   VERIFY DATAFILES       The stock button now checks for Orphaned departments and                SJP      GS             2035 22/05/2008
                             groups, if found it will move the lines to a new department !! and
                             group 999
707   OPEN ORDER             The invoicing process was writing the original open order line          RPC      KEEMLAW        2036 23/05/2008
      INVOICING              number for the line text and serial numbers on the sales detail
                             record but writing the new sales line number to the line text and
                             serial number files. Text and serial numbers would subsequently
                             show against the wrong lines of the open order invoice.
708   USER STOCK             Syntactically correct user filters, but not returning a true or false   SJP                     2036 23/05/2008
      REPORTS                caused the program to error
709   BRSYSNC                HQ RULES switch was not working when the branch synchronised SJP                 GS             2036 23/05/2008
                             with HQ before HQ synchronised with the branch
710   COLOURS                A couple of minor changes made for consistency reasons                  RPC      CAL            2037 27/05/2008
711   DELIVERY POINT         Modified the Delivery Point Selection and Update browse object to RPC            CAL            2037 27/05/2008
                             use the same colours as other browses in the system
712   PLU BROWSER            Also now uses the same browse colouring as most of the other            RPC      CAL            2037 29/05/2008
                             browse screens for consistency reasons.
713   TRADE SALES            Editing an order in Delivery Management will now set the colour of RPC           CAL            2037 29/05/2008
                             the top heading portion of the Trade Sale screen to the colour
                             relevant to the type of order being edited. Eg, currently editing a
                             delivery will turn the heading portion a light green colour to match
                             what is displayed in Delivery Management.
714   D POINTS               New admin switch added to allow for delivery points to be auto          SJP      BBQ SHOP       3000 29/05/2008
                             added to the main client database
715   PL AUTO INVOICE        Unit price was not displaying decimals correctly                        SJP      GS             3000 29/05/2008
716   INVENTORY              Descriptions entered on a PO were not showing on Inventory              SJP      GS             3000 29/05/2008
      RECEIPTS               Receipts. This is only applicable when the stock1 description is
717   EXPRESS++              Express ++ library updated to version 249                               SJP                     3000 29/05/2008
718   XB2.NET                Library update to version                                               SJP                     3000 29/05/2008
719   SOAPSERVER             A new facility to have a soap server running as a service has been SJP                          3000 29/05/2008
720   ENQUIRY                Branch stock quantities are now showing as live data if the Soap        SJP                     3000 29/05/2008
                             Server is running
721   CLIENT / SUPPLIERS     Added map button to access Google maps                                  SJP                     3000 29/05/2008
722   SCANNED                On scanning a New Sales Delivery / Collection document into the         RPC      BP PLYMOUTH    3000 02/06/2008
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                               Version                         10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
      DOCUMENTS             Client/Supplier Scanned Documents dialog the validation on the
      (LPGAS ONLY)          sales delivery / collection note number would result in an alert
                            saying that the number was not on file. This was due to the wrong
                            index being used to look for the record.
723   DELIVERY POINT        Further modified the delivery point selection screen to allow it to    RPC      PT            3000 02/06/2008
                            be called from checkout with or without an account code. If no
                            account code is passed, it will show all delivery points not related
                            to any account code.
724   NET PRINTERS          The Port column on the Net Printer Selection dialog was not wide       RPC      PT            3000 03/06/2008
                            enough under certain resolutions. Forced it to be 6 characters
                            wide, which should be enough.
725   XBASE++               Updated to new Alaska hot fixes 1-15                                   SJP                    3000 03/06/2008
726   VAT RETURN            Added a softseek to speed up the report processing                                            3000 03/06/2008
727   PERIOD END            If the period does not verify when swapping index it now aborts the SJP                       3000 03/06/2008
                            period end
728   STARTUP (MAIN)        A line of code missing in the startup procedure may have caused a RPC                         3000 04/06/2008
                            crash if the Alt-D key was pressed...
729   PERIOD END            Test on 'Validating nominal transfer balances' was the wrong way       RPC                    3000 04/06/2008
                            around. If the test passed, a period end was not allowed and
                            when the test failed it was.
730   PRINT STATEMENTS      The Branch number was being validated as if it was a depot             RPC      SJP           3001 04/06/2008
                            instead of a branch.                                                            G&S
731   LPGAS COLLECTION A sale transaction that consisted of a Refund Product to a Cash             RPC      STAYTES       3001 04/06/2008
      AND DELIVERY     customer which made the sale total a negative value was not able
                       to have payment methods entered correctly for it.
732   PAYMENTS DIALOG       A refund to a customers credit card was not able to be processed       RPC                    3002 05/06/2008
                            correctly. This has now been fixed.
733   PRINT STATEMENTS      The Branch Number can now be used for 2 different purposes. An RPC              SJP           3002 06/06/2008
                            extra field called 'Branch Usage' can be set to one of the following:           G&S

                            A – Produce a statement only if the account code is controlled by
                            that branch
                            I – Produce a statement if the statement will include any invoices
                            with that branch number
734   PAYMENTS DIALOG       A Refund Sale for a Cash Customer paid by credit card if YESPAY        RPC                    3002 06/06/2008
      LPGAS ONLY            was in use was taking the money from the customers card instead
                            of refunding it.
735   RBA CALENDAR          The function can now be passed a window title.                         RPC                    3002 09/06/2008
736   LEDGER                New entry field added for payment to specify if you want to pay by, SJP         CAL           3002 09/06/2008
      MANAGEMENT            manual cheque, computer cheque or BACS. Defaults to previous
737   SEQUENCE              The print check button is now disabled when a BACS sequences           SJP      CAL           3002 09/06/2008
      MANAGEMENT            is loaded
738   EDI SETUP             You could not Add the first EDI supplier                               SJP      SELECTRIC     3002 09/06/2008
739   TRANSFER RESULTS Command option now show OK if the branch is more up to date                 SJP      WHISK         3002 09/06/2008
                       than HQ
740   BRANCH INVOICE        The VAT ledger was not respecting the start date placed in the         SJP      GLENWOODS     3002 09/06/2008
      AND NOMINAL           branch file
741   DELIVERY POINT        Sorting on columns now works properly. Added the hidden column RPC                            3003 10/06/2008
                            that was used to do the initial sorting display called ROADSORT
                            which allows sorting by road followed by number.
742   SORT_COL              Main system browse sorting function will now only sort on the first    RPC                    3003 10/06/2008
                            40 characters of any string after it is converted to uppercase.
743   SALES DEPOSIT         The Deposits Taken report on the sales reports menu has been         RPC        LSD           3003 10/06/2008
      REPORT                adjusted as follows:
                            1. If the deposit is for an order that is not updated/finalised in
                            Retailer, the sales header file is not searched.
                            2. It should now be a little more obvious what the criteria means as
                            the prompts are less ambiguous.
                            3. Cancelled orders are not included when the deposit status
                            criteria is set to Y or N
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                            Version                           10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                          Fixer      Reported By     Date / Build
744   EDI SETUP             When you tried to add the first EDI supplier it crashed looking for a RPC       SELECTRIC       3003 10/06/2008
                            variable called nEDI_UPD that was not available.
745   PL AUTO INVOICE       Quantity was changing when the F6 product button was pressed         SJP        GS              3003 11/06/2008
746   DIARY                 Set appfocus on in the Eval clause was remove to try to resolve      SJP        GL              3003 11/06/2008
                            the intermittent lock up
747   REMITTANCE            Refined the print loop so it could cope with the printing of a        RPC                       3003 11/06/2008
      PRINTING              remittance without any fields to show in the table (ie, when there is
                            a payment but no allocations).
748   LIST & LABEL          Improved the List & Label error dialog to show more information      RPC                        3004 11/06/2008
      ERROR DIALOG          using the list & label LLGETERRORTEXT function.
749   LEDGER                Fixed the flickering of the Browse screens by removing the hide      RPC                        3004 11/06/2008
      MANAGEMENT            clause from the browses and attaching them to parent static
                            objects instead.
750   LEDGER                The Options dialog now has the individual record detail from the     RPC                        3004 11/06/2008
      MANAGEMENT            highlighted invoice/credit note in the browse. This means that the
                            invoice/credit note number can be displayed within the selection
                            dialog itself.
751   LEDGER                Added the ability to cancel a Purchase Invoice/Credit Note. This     RPC                        3004 12/06/2008
      MANAGEMENT            does the following:
      (PURCHASE             1. Removes the PL record
      LEDGER)               2. Posts contra entries to the same DB in the nominal
                            3. Removes the related record from the VAT file
                            4. Updates the account record balances.
752   CREATE RUN            UID 8683. Fix drag and drop crash problem                            SJP        EXTRA GAS       3004 12/06/2008
753   HANDHELD              UID 26661. The database pack has been replaced with a                SJP        MORRIS MICA     3004 12/06/2008
                            clear_rec().                                                                    (EMAIL)
754   CHECKOUT              UID 26290. Writing to the display post sometimes caused a crash      RPC        GS (EMAIL VIA   3004 12/06/2008
755   RETAILER DELIVERY     Data gathering progress now updates every half a second. Added RPC                              3004 16/06/2008
      REPORT                the invoice date currently being processed.
      ASSISTANTS            Also, the data gathering when called from template manager stops
                            when it finds one record as this is all that is needed.
756   LEDGER                An error occurred while posting a PL payment due to the payment      SJP        GS              3005 16/06/2008
      MANAGEMENT            method flag being sent incorrectly
757   FINDUSER              A second parameter has been added to log all users off. This is     SJP                         3005 16/06/2008
                            self contained and removes the shutdown file at the end of the
                            process. The options are FINDUSER email FORCE|IMMEDIATE.
                            Force notifies the users that the shutdown will happen in 5 minutes
                            and IMMEDIATE does not offer a notification.
758   NEW CHECKOUT          Fixed a bug (that was introduced when the fast seek process was      RPC                        3006 17/06/2008
      (BETA)                modified to handle the closing of the fast seek dialog without
                            selecting a product) that stopped any product code from actually
                            finding a product (oops)
759   CHECKOUT              Removed a DCBDEBUG that, even though it would only happen            RPC                        3007 was not
                            at a dev site.                                                                                  released
                                                                                                                            3006 17/06/2008
760   SHARED_FOLDER   These functions were holding relative paths to find the related files RPC             VARIOUS         3008 17/06/2008
      PRODUCTS_FOLDER (ie, “.\”). This would not work if the current folder was somehow
      TEMPLATE_FOLDER changed inside the rba program (pick and convert image would do
                      this if the the popup button was used and you navigated to a
                      different folder!). This has been changed to always use the full
                      NOTE: If an INI file is used, it must always use the full paths!
761   ADD PL INVOICE        Under some circumstances it was possible to press the F10 key to RPC            G&S             3008 17/06/2008
      DIALOG                save the Purchase Order twice. This caused a crash as it tried to
                            save the order a second time and there was nothing left in the
                            invoicing array to save.
762   TRADE SALES           The branch number put onto the sales header file for a delivery        RPC      WHG             3008 17/06/2008
      (LPGAS ONLY)          was different to that put on for a collection order/credit note. This
                            was due to a bad test in the header and detail file writing functions.
763   DELIVERY              A checkout delivery/collection order could not be put onto open      RPC        LSD             3008 18/06/2008
      DESPATCH /            order for some reason. This is now allowed.
                                 RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                               Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
764   DELIVERY               If Engineers were turned on, a checkout delivery order could not       RPC      CAL             3008 18/06/2008
      DESPATCH /             be despatched (the button was grayed out). This was because the
      FINALISE               'Logged To' field was not available to select an Engineer for it to be
                             logged to. I've added the field for the moment but we may need to
                             not ask for an engineer for checkout delivery/collection orders.
765   STOCK ANALYSIS         A remove from list button has been added, this only works with a       SJP      KEEMLAW         3008 18/06/2008
                             single word.
766   STOCK ANALYSIS         Option added to bulk reset highlighted items stock to zero             SJP      GREENFORD       3008 18/06/2008
767   ENTER EDIT             When calling enter/edit product from another screen the adjust         SJP      GREENFORD       3008 18/06/2008
      PRODUCTS               stock button is now available                                                   TIMBERS
768   PL AUTO ADD            The edit product button was not always editing the highlighted         SJP      GS              3008 18/06/2008
      INVOICE                product.
769   BACS BATCHING          On entering the very first Bacs payment, a crash sometimes             RPC                      3008 20/06/2008
770   ENTER/EDIT             FULL ENTRY ONLY. Hovering over the word Quantity in Stock              SJP      PAT             3008 20/06/2008
      PRODUCTS               now shows a tooltip with the on order and delivery quantities.
771   ENTER/EDIT             FULL ENTRY ONLY. When using more than three suppliers, you             SJP      SJP             3008 20/06/2008
      PRODUCTS               can now enter some free text per supplier's item
772   ENTER/EDIT             FULL ENTRY ONLY. When using more than three suppliers, you             SJP      GAFFNEYS/KEEM 3008 20/06/2008
      PRODUCTS               can now enter a previous supplier's pack cost                                   LAW
773   ENTER/EDIT             FULL ENTRY ONLY. On the misc tab you now have three user               SJP      APEX/LANES      3008 20/06/2008
      PRODUCTS               fields
774   SUPSTOCK               UID 34242. Syntax error fixed regarding wrong spelling of SPNET SJP             TOUCHWOOD       3008 20/06/2008
775   REPLENISHMENT      Previous supplier's pack cost is now used in the following routines        SJP      GAFFNEYS/KEEM 3008 20/06/2008
      REPORT, SUPPLIER'S                                                                                     LAW
776   MAIN                   Moved the PRE-UTILS section of MAIN so that it happens before SJP                               3008 22/06/2008
                             the main structure check as it would cause a problem if a pre-utility
                             (like an NCOMPARE) was done by an automated task after an
                             update that forced a structure check to occur.
777   DELIVERY               The wording on the alert that appears when you try to cancel an        RPC      PAT             3008 23/06/2008
      MANAGEMENT             order with a deposit on it told the user to 'process and then credit
                             the order'. This has been changed to tell the user to 'refund the
                             deposit' instead.
778   NEW CHECKOUT           Same as Item 776 as it had borrowed the wording from this              RPC      PAT             3008 23/06/2008
      (BETA)                 screen.
779   CHECKOUT (NEW          Tally Quantities were getting messed up by the last entered            RPC      G&S             3008 23/06/2008
      AND OLD)               number pad qty on validation causing the wrong qty from being
                             shown and used against the right tally string.
780   DIARY                  On loading the diary it was incorrectly attempting to find open and    SJP      GLOUCESTER      3008 23/06/2008
                             closed sales details for Holiday items. This was probably causing               LOCKS
                             the screen to load so slowly that it appeared to lock up
781   DECCO EDI              The purchase order number on the first line is now being trimmed       RPC      TOUCHWOOD       3009 23/06/2008
                             to remove any leading spaces from the number. DECCO said this
                             was stopping orders from being read correctly at their end.
782   SEND EMAIL             An email was attempted to be sent from Retailer when no email          SJP      KIT SHOP        3009 23/06/2008
                             server was available
783   NEW CHECKOUT           The original date and time that a layaway was written is now held      RPC      PAT/SJP         3010 24/06/2008
      (BETA)                 and written back to file if the layaway is re-saved
784   NEW CHECKOUT           The Product Alert was causing a scanned barcode to be left in the      RPC      HURST GREEN     3010 24/06/2008
      (BETA)                 product code field when the product data was loaded. This then
                             became apparent when you pressed the Pay button and it double
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                           checked that all product codes in the sale were valid and it did a
                           seek of the barcode in STOCK1 against the PART index and could
                           not find it.
785   DELIVERY LIST        Now show deliveries despatched to open order and reason for             SJP      G&S           3010 26/06/2008
      REPORT               cancelled order
786   DIARY                UID 2353 Fixed a crash while loading a diary                            SJP      LSD           3010 26/06/2008
787   UPLIFT               In the Reconcile screen, I changed the name of two columns on           RPC      SJP           3010 26/06/2008
      MANAGEMENT           the summary display. 'Listed' is now called 'Sales Made' and
                           'Counted' is now called 'Payments Taken'. Tested on the three
                           main resolutions.
788   CREATE RUN           For Country Supplies only. If an account is set as a cash account       SJP      CS            3010 26/06/2008
                           and has a delivery point, then a delivery note is printed with the
                           run (only if the goods have been paid in full) and an invoice is
                           printed when updating. If no delivery point is set then an invoice is
                           printed with the run and no document is printed on updating. SEE

789   CYLINDER             The report now dynamically changes it width based on the number SJP              BP            3010 26/06/2008
      RECONCILLATION       of products
790   ADMIN BRANCHES       Branch Details now include SOAPURL, SOAPPORT and the                    RPC                    3010 27/06/2008
                           SOAP Request Flags can be set.
                           Also the Last QueueID, if in use, can be set/modified from here.
791   NEW CHECKOUT         Scanning a barcode on the load orders screen now repositions the RPC             PAT           3011 30/06/2008
      (BETA)               browse on the item matching that scanned (instead of
                           automatically loading the order) so you can choose what to do
792   NEW CHECKOUT         Load Orders browse now shows the Delivery Point followed by the RPC              PAT           3011 30/06/2008
      (BETA)               Account Code and then the rest of the order details.
793   NEW CHECKOUT         The text shown on the left when Setting / Changing Account Code RPC              CAL           3011 30/06/2008
      (BETA)               is now displayed in WHITE on LIGHT BLUE in an attempt to make
                           them stand out more.
794   NEW CHECKOUT         The popup calendar will now only popup automatically if you have        RPC      CAL           3011 30/06/2008
      (BETA)               not already set a delivery / collection date on accessing the
                           payment screen.
795   NEW CHECKOUT         The heading when setting a refund quantity is now shown in RED          RPC      CAL           3011 30/06/2008
      (BETA)               on BLACK.
796   NEW CHECKOUT         You cannot refund a line marked as delivery / collection and you        RPC      CAL           3011 30/06/2008
      (BETA)               cannot mark a line as delivery / collection if it is a refund item.
797   NEW CHECKOUT         Writing of Deposit values to DEPOSIT database was putting the           RPC      LOCK SHOP     3011 01/07/2008
      (BETA)               delivery order number into the ORDNMBR field by mistake.
798   TRADE SALES          Writing of Deposit values to DEPOSIT database was putting the           RPC      LOCK SHOP     3011 01/07/2008
                           delivery order number into the ORDNMBR field by mistake.
799   ALL_UPD              The LPGas function that checks if runs are updated can now be        RPC                       3011 01/07/2008
                           passed a msg to be displayed at the beginning of the alert text that
                           will appear if runs exist that have not been updated. This can be
                           used to say what process it is that cannot be done. (See item 800
                           for an example)
800   DIRECT DEBITS        For LPGas, if direct debits cannot be processed due to runs not         RPC      EXTRAGAS      3011 01/07/2008
                           being updated, the alert dialog now shows a message saying
                           'Direct Debit statements cannot be processed' so that you know
                           what the alert is relating to.
801   BRANCH BATCH         Posting payment now checks the branch DB number to see if the           SJP      GS            3011 01/07/2008
      ROUTINE              transaction has already been posted to another account following
                           a change account
802   PURGE PRODUCT        Supplier stock records were orphaned when a purge product was           SJP      GS            3011 01/07/2008
                           executed. Verify datafiles stock button modified to remove the
                           orphaned records
803   BULK LABELS          The test to print shelf edge labels was modified.                       SJP      PAT           3011 01/07/2008
804   INVENTORY            Price change colours have been subdued                                  SJP      DIY CENTER    3011 01/07/2008
805   BULK PRICE           This options has now been moved from the ADMIN section to the           RPC      G&S           3011 01/07/2008
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build
      CHANGE               main program under INVENTORY PRODUCTS. It is only
                           available if the user has manager rights.
806   FLATVIEW             Viewer Database filename when created in ADMIN will no longer          SJP                     3011 01/07/2008
                           cause it to crash.
807   RETAILER DELIVERY    DB Number field in temporary database was not wide enough for          RPC      G&S            3012 02/07/2008
      AUDIT REPORT         new DB Numbers. Increased from 6 to 8 digits.
                           Also updated Error Text to say what the error is instead of just
                           'Deposit Errors!!!!' all the time.
808   RBA_GETS             Cosmetic enhancement made to special line types.                       RPC                     3012 02/07/2008
809   ADMIN SWITCHES -     A new switch set called SOAP SERVER has been added to control RPC                              3012 02/07/2008
      SOAP SERVER          whether the Rba System is supposed to add items into the SOAP
                           queue for various reasons. The first queue item is Client/Supplier
                           Record Updates.
810   PRODUPD              Test added to stop trying to create an empty excel sheet               SJP      WHISK          3012 02/07/2008
811   BR_AUTOBOOK          Condition added to stop a goods-in record being added if it does       SJP      WHISK          3012 02/07/2008
                           not exist on the stock file
812   NEW CHECKOUT         The removal of delivery and collection lines was not working           RPC                     3012 03/07/2008
      (BETA)               correctly and would sometimes leave lines behind that should
                           have been removed.
813   STATEMENTS           Fixed the fact that it would skip invoices dated in the statement      RPC      GAS DIRECT /   3012 03/07/2008
                           month and paid in full within the same month.                                   PAT
814   NEW CHECKOUT         Delivery and Collection Orders only available if Retailer Deliveries   RPC      SJP            3012 03/07/2008
      (BETA)               or LPGas Servicing modules are in use.
815   DELIVERY MENU        If you do not have the TRADE module but do have the Retailer           RPC      SJP            3012 03/07/2008
      DELIVERY REPORT      Deliveries or LPGas Servicing modules, you only have access to
      MENU                 Delivery Management and a few reports.
816   DELIVERY             If you do not have the TRADE module but do have the Retailer           RPC      SJP            3012 03/07/2008
      MANAGEMENT           Deliveries or LPGas Servicing modules, various buttons are now
                           not available. This screen can therefore only be used for viewing
                           purposes and to finalise checkout deliveries and collections.
817   BRANCH BATCH         The branch vat entry was posting to HQ if it did not exist and         SJP      GLENWOODS      3012 03/07/2008
      ROUTINES             therefore would repost if the vat period was closed
818   SERIAL NUMBER        UID 33876. Changing a serial number when on has not been               SJP      SELECTRIC      3012 05/07/2008
                           highlighted caused error
819   PL INVOICE AUTO      Some time changing a unit price did not change the line price          SJP      GS             3012 05/07/2008
820   PL INVOICE AUTO      The delivery note section is now key sensitive                         SJP      GS             3012 05/07/2008
821   TRADE SALES.         A new switch has been added to optionally audit all delivery edits     SJP      GS             3012 05/07/2008
      CHECKOUT SALES       to a new database DELIV7
822   LEDGER               A find DB option has been added to the options button                  SJP      GS             3012 05/07/2008
823   LEDGER               No default radio button is now available in the option list, also on   SJP      GS             3012 05/07/2008
      MANAGEMENT           stop and off stop have been capitalised
824   DELIVERY LIST        Option to only print cancelled orders                                  SJP      GS             3012 05/07/2008
825   NOMINAL ANALYSIS     Now only available if you have accounting right 2 or greater           SJP                     3012 05/07/2008
826   PL INVOICE AUTO      SPG column added, this is available via the new scroll bar             SJP      GS             3012 05/07/2008
827   DELIVERY             If despatching to open order and the switch is set to allow            SJP      GS             3012 05/07/2008
      DESPATCH             backdating all back dates are now allowed
828   MULTIBROWSE          The assistant name is now listed in the openorder and completed        SJP      GS             3012 05/07/2008
                           order browse
829   ORDER BROWSE         Print button added                                                     SJP      PAT            3012 05/07/2008
829   ORDER BROWSE         Now shows an open order column if applicable                           SJP      SJP            3012 05/07/2008
830   WEB STORE POST       The website drop databases is now available on the posting dialog SJP           SJP            3012 08/07/2008
831   ACCOUNT LIST         The account list now show items on stop in red text instead of a       SJP      CAL            3012 08/07/2008
      GEN PICK             red background and the highlight is now a row
832   LEDGER               Allocating credit with payments when not using Manual payment          SJP      GS             3012 08/07/2008
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                               Version                       10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                          Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
      MANAGEMENT             entry was not deducting the payment value
833   KIT                    The obsolete kit product dialog appeared to be freezing up the       SJP      WATSONS       3012 08/07/2008
                             display. Alert message change to clarify next action to take
834   PURCHASE BROWSE Option added to remove item from log                                        SJP      WATSONS       3012 08/07/2008
834   PURCHASE BROWSE Print ticket option is now available                                        SJP      WATSONS       3012 08/07/2008
835   INVENTORY RECEIPT Save button added as per speed entry                                      SJP      WATSONS       3012 08/07/2008
      / FULL ENTRY
836   TRADE SALES            Cash credit not now open the cash drawer                             SJP      SELECTRIC     3012 08/07/2008
837   TRADE SALES            Pin number entry sometime defaulted to a user when no pin was        SJP      SELECTRIC     3012 08/07/2008
838   GOODS IN               The goods in database was not holding decimal quantities,            SJP      GS            3013 09/07/2008
                             structures changed to accommodate.
839   PL AUTO ADD            UID 22221. If no line costs exist then it crashed while trying to    SJP      SELECTRIC     3013 09/07/2008
                             calculate the rounding as no stock nominal code was set.
840   BR BATCH               UID 2932. Error caused when no branch number could be                SJP      GS – GARDEN   3013 09/07/2008
832   LEDGER                 Allocating credit with payments when not using Manual payment        SJP      SSL           3013 11/07/2008
      MANAGEMENT             entry was not working correctly if the value of the credits and open
                             cash exceeded the first invoice allocated
833   NOMINAL CODE PICK If you delete a code, then edit a code a error could occur                SJP      GLENWOODS     3013 11/07/2008
834   NEW CHECKOUT           Printing checkout delivery paper work showed an in development       SJP      GS            3013 11/07/2008
      DELIVERIES             alert
835   WEBSITE ORDERS         Order can now be collected from OS commerce website, but             SJP      SJP           3013 11/07/2008
                             currently delivery point and carriage are not handled.
836   CHANGE PART            Sometime change part was being supplied a original part code      SJP         WATSONS       3013 11/07/2008
                             greater than 12 characters causing some data not to change to the
                             new code
837   STOCK MOVEMENTS        Quantity field widened as when decimals are set against a product SJP         SJP           3013 11/07/2008
      REPORT                 the max quantity shown was 999.99 now 9999.99
838   PL AUTO INVOICE        Now allows for quantity and line totals to be edited.                SJP      GS            3013 11/07/2008
839   LEDGER                 Purchase ledger browse now allow for sorting by date as the          SJP      GS            3013 11/07/2008
      MANAGEMENT             original invoice number sort was sorting by date then invoice
840   STATEMENT              The statement print switch against the customer can now be set to SJP         GS/EXTRAGAS   3013 11/07/2008
      PRINTING               B to print invoices with a statement run
841   USER STOCK             Button added to allow exporting to an XLS spreadsheet. (this is a    SJP      SJP           3013 11/07/2008
      REPORT DIALOG          native export and excel is not required to be installed on the PC)
842   INVENTORY              The product field is now available to scan an item received against SJP       PAT           3013 11/07/2008
      RECEIPTS               a purchase order. This feature only allow easy location of an item
                             on a PO not to add extra items to a PO
843   ZIPIT                  Screen resized to fit onto 800 x 600 resolution                      SJP      CAL           3013 11/07/2008

844   ACCOUNT PICK           UID 11956. Function sometimes returned with no active database       SJP      MORRIS MICA   3013 11/07/2008
                             and caused an error when esc pressed
845   PRINT RUNS             LPGas print document restrictions on custom switch now lifted        SJP      EXTRAGAS      3013 11/07/2008
846   WEB ORDER              Carriage and delivery points are now handles                         SJP      SJP           3013 11/07/2008
847   ENTER EDIT             Supplier information was being save for sales codes                  SJP      MORRIS MICA   3013 11/07/2008
848   STATEMENTS             XREF was only being picked up if it was the local branch.            SJP      OAKFARM/MR    3014 18/07/2008
849   STATEMENTS             FIX made in 813 caused credit to be added to the balance instead     SJP      GS            3014 18/07/2008
                             of deducted.
850   BRANCH BATCH           Searching for the wrong DB number in the VAT database stopped        SJP      GS            3014 18/07/2008
      PROCESING              VAT records posting
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                             Version                          10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
851   INVENTORY           Switches for updating SPG and RRP removed. New switched                 SJP      SSL           3014 18/07/2008
      RECEIPTS            added to confirm costs on receipt even if average cost and update
                          suppliers or cost are not set
852   ACCOUNTING          Restriction lifted for journal date being today or earlier, now dates   SJP      GS            3014 18/07/2008
      SUNDRY ENTRIES      up to 90 days in the future can be entered
853   HANDHELD            Upload to handheld tidied up and the progess status has moved to SJP             SJP           3014 18/07/2008
                          the main dialog
854   REPEATS             New index added to allow to sort by date, extra columns added for SJP            EXTRAGAS      3014 18/07/2008
                          type, name, reporting code and postcode.
855   CHANGE ACCOUNT      UID 12481. Data overflow on merging two accounts that have              SJP      STAYTES       3014 18/07/2008
                          large loan stock check balances should no longer occur.
                          NEW CHECKOUT IS NOW DEFAULT IN 3015
856   NEW CHECKOUT        UID 23839. Error due to an invalid element (0) of the array being   RPC          G&S           3015 22/07/2008
                          accessed in the sales receipt array. The exact sequence of events
                          that cause this error are not know so I have added an extra test to
                          make sure the element is never zero.
857   PL INVOICE AUTO     UID 22475. A crash occurred due to the wrong alias name (FIELD          RPC      G&S           3015 23/07/2008
      ADD                 instead of STOCK1) being used on calling i_pc_put() to update
                          inventory update database.
858   REMITTANCE          The table was not printing at all if no allocations had actually been   RPC      G&S           3015 23/07/2008
                          made of the payment. Although I had changed the printing loop to                 SJP
                          try and fix this, it did not. I have explicitly set the option
                          LL_OPTION_DELAYTABLEHEADER to FALSE (which should
                          have been it's default value) and this seems to work.
859   WEBBITS             Download order from the website need some adjustments for site          SJP      HAWKINSPORT   3015 24/07/2008
                          showing prices including VAT
860   BRANCH BATCH        For Selectric only purchase ledger invoices entered at a branch         SJP      SELECTRIC     3015 24/07/2008
      ROUTINES            via PL_INVOICE_AUTO_ADD are now transferred to head office
861   HANDHELD            On saving a RBA stock download you now have an option to add            SJP      COUNTY DIY    3015 24/07/2008
                          the items to the bulk label queue
862   ENQUIRY             Departments tidied up and name added to locations                       SJP                    3015 24/07/2008
863   POPUP KEYBOARD      The existing value of the character variable can now be passed to       RPC                    3015 24/07/2008
                          allow the entry to be modified.
                          Also, during normal text entry a 'simulated cursor' (actually it's an
                          underscore character) has been added to give better idea where
                          the current entry point is (without this before if you typed a space
                          you couldn't see it add it to the text although it did)
864   NEW CHECKOUT        Order Reference entry has been moved to the main sales product          RPC      SELECTRIC     3015 24/07/2008
                          entry portion of the entry process. If an account code requires an               G&S
                          order number it will now alert you to this fact on pressing the 'Pay'
865   ADMIN SWITCH        A switch has been added (INS_MODE in CUSTOM2) into the                  RPC      SJP           3016 25/07/2008
      INSERT MODE         Other category to allow the Insert Mode used by entry fields to be
                          set for the system in ADMIN. If the field is empty or Y then Insert
                          Mode will be on when going into any entry dialog. If it is set to N
                          then Overwrite Mode will be used instead.
866   ADMIN SWITCH        A switch has been added to allow products that have a zero price        RPC      COUNTY DIY    3016 25/07/2008
      LEARN PRICES        and have the keep stock switch set to Y (or blank) to have the
                          price set to the price entered at point of sale. At present this
                          switch is valid for Checkout Sales only. The price updating is
                          audited as per usual.
867   INVENTORY           The save button in some situation was not available due to the          SJP      MCKERRS       3016 25/07/2008
      RECEIPTS            focus not leaving the part field problem cause by 842
868   WEBBITS             Posting stock was getting stuck in a loop, cause by breaking large      SJP      RBA/KITSHOP   3016 25/07/2008
                          post into managable uploads
869   DOS PRINTING        LPGas DOS invoice and delivery note printing now supports               SJP      CELLAR GAS    3016 25/07/2008
                          delivery points
870   SPECIAL ORDER       On editing header details some of the entry fields appeared             SJP      CHARVET       3016 25/07/2008
                          unclear as the say behind were still visible
871   SOAP QUEUE          When a Client/Supplier record is updated in the Rba System (and         RPC                    3017 28/07/2008
      UPDATING            the SOAP settings are such that Client/Supplier records need to
                          be added to the transfer queue for future client updating), the
                            RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program             RBA32                                           Version                           10.79
Opened              09/08/2007                                      Released

Item Section             Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer     Reported By   Date / Build
                         system would crash due to syntax errors in the field name and add
                         a record function names. This would only have shown up by Rba
                         testing as this feature is not available to customers yet.
872   DELIVERY           Orders for Retail customers were being treated as net biased           RPC      SJP           3017 28/07/2008
      DESPATCH           which meant that the line totals could produce a different gross
                         value than expected.
                         The browse will now show a gross price for a retail order or a net
                         price for a trade order. Also the despatch total recalculation routine
                         now uses a similar recalculation process to trade sales (ie, retail
                         orders are totalled from gross and trade order are totalled from
873   UPLIFT             The Other Payments credit card and voucher totals was being           RPC       G&S           3017 28/07/2008
      DISCREPANCIES      accumulated wrongly which messed up the figures.
      REPORT             Also, the Opening Float was being added instead of being
                         deducted from the counted cash total.
874   INVENTORY          Adjustment made to colours used to 'highlight' price changes. The RPC           CAL           3017 28/07/2008
      RECEIPTS           background colour has been made a little lighter. The green
                         foreground colour was thought to be a little too light so has been
                         darkened a few shades.
875   ADMIN BRANCHES     UID 11171. Crash on editing or adding branch information due to       RPC       SELECTRIC     3017 29/07/2008
                         the port being entered as a numeric but not being converted to a
                         string on saving on file.
876   SUNDRY A/C         The Payment Reference now defaults to 'Checkout'.                     RPC       PAT           3017 29/07/2008
877   NEW CHECKOUT       If no open order documents are printed, the cash drawer will not      RPC       PAT           3017 29/07/2008
      OPEN ORDER         be opened.
878   NEW CHECKOUT       If on pressing the Pay button, an Order Reference is needed to be     RPC                     3017 29/07/2008
      ORDER REFERENCE    entered, you will now automatically be taken to the Order
                         Reference entry field.
879   OUTSIDE TRADING    The outside trading terms and credit limit dialog can now be called RPC         PAT           3017 30/07/2008
      TERMS / CREDIT     using an extra parameter that says it is only to be used for                    SJP
      LIMIT CHECKING     informational purposes. Only an OK button will be displayed on
                         the dialog. The function return value should never be tested as it
                         will be meaningless.
880   NEW CHECKOUT       After setting an account code, the outside trading terms and credit   RPC       PAT           3017 30/07/2008
                         limit test is done using the information only setting (see 879                  SJP
                         above) to show the current account situation.
                         On trying to put the items on open order the outside trading terms
                         and credit limit test will be done again but in the normal mode
                         which can stop the sale if necessary. (A normal paid sale will be
                         allowed through as normal).
881   GENERAL            Functions to return minstock and reorder level are now not            SJP       MORRIS MICA   3017 30/07/2008
      FUNCTIONS          dependent on the stock database being the active one.
882   HANDHELD, BULK     All products are now being written to the bulk label queue when an SJP          COUNTY DIY    3017 30/07/2008
      LABELS             autostock updated has been saved
883   MAINMENU           Recurring journals are now only processed for head office             SJP       G&S           3017 30/07/2008
884   OUTSIDE TRADING    Setting the 'Check Trading Terms' switch in Admin to 'N' or blank     RPC       SJP           3017 31/07/2008
      TERMS / CREDIT     was not stopping the appearance of the OTT/CL dialog if the                     G&S
      LIMIT CHECKING     customer was only flagged as Outside Trading Terms.
885   ATR CATALOGUE      Due to a problem in the data sent by ATR (VATPercentage was           RPC                     3017 31/07/2008
      WEB DOWNLOAD       being sent as an invalid value - 1E20094059 or something), an
                         invalid VATPercentage will be treated as Standard Rate.
886   ATR UPDATE         UID 43773. The procedure crashed on using a field called              RPC       TOUCHWOOD     3017 31/07/2008
      STOCK1 FROM        PROD_DECS which should have been referred to as
      CATALOGUE          PRODDECS.
887   SCANNED            This screen has been enhanced to allow it to be used as a          RPC                        3017 31/07/2008
      DOCUMENTS          general client/supplier related document manager. Any type of file
                         can be imported including PDF files, Word Documents (DOC),
                         Images (JPG,GIF,BMP,etc).
                         You can copy a document from any location using a standard
                         windows file locater dialog and it will be put into the relevant
                         Client/Supplier scan folder.
                         When accessed from the Client/Supplier menu, the document will
                         be imported as a Miscellaneous document.
                         When accessed from any transaction specific dialog (eg, Sales
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                              Version                           10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                               Fixer    Reported By        Date / Build
                          Browse, Purchase Ledger Management, etc) the imported file will
                          be renamed by adding the transaction specific prefix and
                          reference to the beginning of the document name.
888   SCANNED             UID 14740. If you deleted the last document shown, a test on the          RPC      LOCK SHOP          3018 01/08/2008
      DOCUMENTS           new Import Documents button would cause a crash as it was not                      DUNDEE
                          resetting the pointer correctly.
889   SCANNED             I noticed that the filename kept in the doc array would include a         RPC                         3018 01/08/2008
      DOCUMENTS           double backslash as this created by adding the filenames to the
                          scan folder path which was obviously adding one too many
                          slashes. It did not seem to cause a problem but it's right that it
                          should be fixed in case it causes odd behaviour in the future.
890   ERROR DIALOG        A couple of cosmetic enhancements have been made to the Error             RPC                         3018 01/08/2008
                          Dialog. The buttons are now shown in two rows beneath the
                          description entry box and the error details are now shown in a
                          read-only MLE.
891   LEDGER PAYMENT      The automatic calculation of the settlement discount to be taken          RPC      APEX               3018 04/08/2008
                          when allocating open cash against an invoice did not work for the
                          last invoice in a set. The line test was 'nInvDue < nLeft' and it
                          should have been 'nInvDue <= nLeft'
892   SUNDRY A/C          The fix done in item 876 above was deemed to be the wrong way RPC                  PAT                3018 05/08/2008
      RECEIPT             to handle the situation that it was supposed to fix.
                          Instead the following will be true regarding the entry of payment
                               1. The contents of the Reference field on the Sundry dialog
                               will be saved only to the Sundries database.
                               2. When (and if) the payment is added to the Sales Ledger
                               Payment file the record will always now be given a S/L ref of
                               3. The 'Payment References' switch in Admin will govern
                               when the Accept button will become available to save the
                               record. For example, if the Switch is set to always ask for a
                               Cheque Reference and a Cheque entry is done, the Accept
                               button will only become available once you have typed a
893   NEW CHECKOUT        On saving an order, the 'saving in progress' box was no longer            RPC      CAL                3018 06/08/2008
                          appearing. I've changed the code to bring the box to the front of
                          all objects on saving and send it to the back when finished.
894   DELIVERY REPORT     The 'Deliveries Only' field on the criteria dialog had been given a   RPC          EYDENS             3018 06/08/2008
      ASSISTANT           when clause of {|| .f. } which stopped the user getting to that field              PAT
      ANALYSIS            (we do not know why!). This field needs to be available for Eydens                 SJP
                          so this when clause has been removed.
895   NEW CHECKOUT        When saving either a normal checkout sale, an open order sale or          RPC      CAL                3018 06/08/2008
                          a delivery/collection type sale the 'saving in progress' box now
                          shows more information as to what is currently being done. This
                          has been added in case any particular part of the process causes
                          an apparent 'freeze'...hopefully we will now be able to find out
                          which part of the processing the 'freeze' occurs in.
896   TILL 2 TILL         On pressing the 'Update Your Stock File button' the default Action        RPC      PAT EMAIL 18/7 -   3018 07/08/2008
                          is now 'Update and Add'                                                            1
897   L&L REPORT          A new option setting regarding export to Excel was being done             RPC      JEAN               3018 08/08/2008
                          even when exporting was not taking place. This caused a 'Save                      PAT
                          As' dialog to appear asking for an Excel export filename if the
                          report was not set to go to preview first.
898   EXPENSES            On pressing print it would ask you for the name of the Excel file         RPC      JEAN               3018 08/08/2008
      MANAGEMENT          you wanted to save to. This was fixed by Item 897 but I have also                  PAT
                          changed this report so it goes to preview first like all other reports.
899   UPLIFT              The fix made in Item 873 above was not handling Opening Float             RPC      G&S                3018 08/08/2008
      DISCREPANCIES       by denomination correctly. It should now work as intended.
900   UPLIFT              The record pointer is now being returned to the position it was on        RPC                         3018 11/08/2008
      DISCREPANCIES       before this report is run.
                          Release added to ZENSITE for PAT on his request on 11/08/2008
                          (password protected)
901   VERIFY DATAFILES    The Stock Database utility now also looks for and removes any             RPC      PAT EMAIL 18/7 -   3019 11/08/2008
                          entries in the stock supplier database where the supplier field is                 2
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                            Version                        10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                          Fixer    Reported By        Date / Build
                          blank (as these are invalid records).
                          Additionally, it also skips through the supplier stock file and
                          renumbers/repositions the records so they are in the correct
                          sequence for the product, updating the stock record, if necessary.
902   PRODUCT FULL        The saving of supplier data ignores any record on it's internal      RPC      PAT EMAIL 18/7 -   3019 11/08/2008
      ENTRY               supplier list if there is no supplier account code against it.                2
903   TILL 2 TILL         I changed the test that verifies that the VAT Percentage received    RPC                         3019 12/08/2008
                          from ATR is a valid one as I was still getting bad data from the ATR
                          dev server.
904   TILL 2 TILL         In a Catalogue download, within the Supplier Data list block, the    RPC      PAT EMAIL 11/8     3019 12/08/2008
                          UnitPrice element was found to contain a Pack Price instead of a
                          Unit Price. This in turn meant that the UNITCOST field wrongly
                          contained the Pack Cost which led to the Update Your Stock File
                          processing updating the Stock file with an inflated cost figure. The
                          UnitPrice is now being divided by the WholesalerUnitOfMeasure
                          (the suppliers pack size) to give a true unit cost.
905   DELIVERY            Applied rounding to the calculation of the amount owed against a     RPC      SELECTRIC          3019 12/08/2008
      DESPATCH            delivery order. It was reported that the take payment dialog                  CAL
                          sometimes appeared even though the amount owing was showed
                          as zero on this dialog.
906   STATEMENTS          If a range of customers was to be printed, once each statement     RPC        GAS DIRECT         3019 13/08/2008
                          was printed, the function was going to the next customer invoice
                          record and skipping this record, then continuing. This would cause
                          statements for customers, where there was only one invoice
                          record on file, not to be printed.
907   STATEMENTS          The progress text has been updated to include info about          RPC                            3019 13/08/2008
                          statements that have not been printed and give the reason why.
                          This should help customers work out why a single statement out of
                          a range had not printed.
                          Release added to ZENSITE for PAT on his request on 14/08/2008
                          (password protected)
908   PRINT STATEMENTS    UID 4869. UID 10117. A branch sales database could not be            SJP      GS                 3020 18/08/2008
                          opened due to incorrect path
909   LL9 INVOICE         UID 11597. A branch sales database could not be opened due to        SJP      GS                 3020 18/08/2008
      PRINTING            incorrect path
910   CREATE RUN          UID 11676. Show order was being called before the main create        SJP      EXTRAGAS           3020 18/08/2008
                          run array was created
911   TRADE SALES         UID 16234. On saving a price to the discount file the discount       SJP      GS                 3020 18/08/2008
                          value is now checked to see if it is within range
912   SALES DETAIL QTY    The Total Qty of the group at Product Level in the onscreen report RPC        STAYTES            3020 18/08/2008
      REPORT              viewer was wrongly including the last qty shown in that level twice.
913   STOCK BR GEN        Modified not to add any items that don't exist at HQ as they are     SJP      LSB                3020 19/08/2008
                          probably items in the process of being renamed.
914   SALES DETAIL        Added criteria to allow Open Order product qtys / values to be       RPC      SJP                3020 19/08/2008
      REPORT              either included or excluded from the report.
915   SALES DETAIL        Added criteria to allow the use of the User1, User2 or User3 fields RPC       SJP                3020 19/08/2008
      REPORT              found in the Miscellanous Tab of Full Product entry as a filter. Only         LANES OF
                          products where exact matches are made to all filters entered will             CHEDDAR
                          be shown.
916   SALES DETAIL        Changed the way that the browse objects are hidden and               RPC                         3020 19/08/2008
      REPORT              displayed as we now know that the hide clause causes
                          undesirable flickering.
917   SALES DETAIL        Added buttons to report viewer dialog to allow reports to be         RPC                         3020 19/08/2008
      REPORT              previewed before printing. Had to adjust widths and heights of
                          existing buttons to accommodate them and change buttons to
918   SALES DETAIL        Tested revised viewer dialog on 800x600, 1024x768 and                RPC                         3020 19/08/2008
      REPORT              1280x1024 resolutions. The height is now based on the screen
                          height at the current resolution to make the most of the display.
919   PROGRESS BOX        Small adjustment to stop the progress box updating if the progress RPC                           3020 19/08/2008
                          array has not been initialised. This was done so that the function
                          could be called without worrying if the array was valid. This allows
                          the progress display to be suppressed just by not calling the
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program             RBA32                                              Version                         10.79
Opened              09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                          CreateProgressBox function.
920   TRADE SALES         The Servicing Purchase Date field is no longer validated.              RPC                    3020 19/08/2008
921   CHANGE ACCOUNT      The Delivery Point file was not being updated.                         RPC      SELECTRIC     3020 20/08/2008
922   NEW CHECKOUT        The Load Orders sorting by Account Code now sorts on Account           RPC      PAT           3020 21/08/2008
                          Code + Delivery Point Text + Order Number + Line Number
923   ERRORSYS            Added BranchName to the Company Name in the error log as it is         RPC                    3020 21/08/2008
                          sometimes difficult to tell which branch of a multi-branch company
                          an error came.
924   MOVEMENTS           Movement report now shows pending for lines that have not been         SJP      GAFFNEYS      3020 20/08/2008
      REPORT              updated and the running balance is not changed                                                server updated
                                                                                                                        on the
925   MOVEMENTS           Default movement report when called from Product entry and             SJP      GAFFNEYS      3020 20/08/2008
      REPORT              Enquiry is now for the current user branch not all branches                                   server updated
                                                                                                                        on 21/08/2008
926   DIARY               UID 32962. DIARY error when deleting an account on an entry            SJP      SELECTRIC     3020 20/08/2008
                          without an account set.                                                                       server updated
                                                                                                                        on 21/08/2008
927   PURGE ACCOUNTS      Enter/Edit accounts - purging now checks to see if any purchase        SJP      GAFFNEYS      3020 20/08/2008
                          ledger invoices are on file.                                                                  server updated
                                                                                                                        on 21/08/2008
928   STOCK TAKE          Stock sheets now shows *** for lines that have committed stock         SJP      GAFFNEYS      3020 20/08/2008
      SHEETS              and key is added the last page                                                                server updated
                                                                                                                        on 21/08/2008
929   MOVEMENTS           Default movement report when called from Product entry and             SJP      GAFFNEYS      3020 20/08/2008
      REPORT              Enquiry now ends at current date plus seven days                                              server updated
                                                                                                                        on 21/08/2008
930   NEW CHECKOUT        Changed background colour of the number pad background from            RPC      CAL           3021 22/08/2008
                          grey to the main light blue used in checkout.
931   LOGIN               When logging in, the workstation now checks to see if the correct      SJP                    3021 25/08/2008
                          version is running compare to that of the data. If not then you are
                          unable to start the system as a user. If a system integrity check is
                          run during an update then the version number for the data is
                          updated. Otherwise a NCOMPARE will be need to be run from
                                                INTERNAL NOTE
                          STRUCTURES ARE TOUCHED
932   REPEAT INVOICING    Sales codes are now allowed to be entered in repeats                   SJP      EXTRA GAS     3021 25/08/2008
933   REPEAT INVOICING    The delivery day now automatically adjusts to reflect the delivery SJP          EXTRA GAS     3021 25/08/2008
                          day entered against the repeat (so we don‟t end up with a Sat/Sun
                          scheduled drop)
934   REPEAT INVOICING    Add sequence number to Repeats to allow a forced sequence on           SJP      OAK FARM      3021 25/08/2008
                          the Delivery Create screen
935   DELIVERY            Delivery points notes 1 and now shows on lower pane                    SJP      LSD           3021 25/08/2008
936   DELIVERY            UID 21480. InterBranch sales would cause a crash when                  RPC      SELECTRIC     3021 27/08/2008
      DESPATCH            despatched due to SPG value not being set to a numeric value.
937   SAGE INTERFACE      Export of Rba Sales to SAGE may have caused a crash if the        RPC           GLOS LOCKS    3021 27/08/2008
                          nominal split being posted was zero. There was a test for zero in
                          the function which under certain circumstances failed due to
                          rounding issues. The values are now rounded to 2 decimal places
                          before testing they are zero value.
938   SAGE INTERFACE      The customer class is now maintained by RBA after the record is        SJP      XING XING     3021 27/08/2008
      CLIENT / SUPPLIER   first created by Sage
939   SOAPSERVER          Initial tests of the Client/Supplier record updating between         RPC                      3021 27/08/2008
                          branches using the SOAPSERVER utility have now begun. Initially
                          this program will be run standalone and not as a service until it is
                          deemed to be functioning correctly.
940   SOAPSERVER          The RBA_QUEUE function now updates the Server Log with the             RPC                    3022 28/08/2008
                          following information:
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                             Version                        10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                          1. The Branch and QueueID received in a request.
                          2. The Branch and QueueID sent in response.
941   ADS                 The default ADS port 6262 is now added to the connection string.      SJP                    3022 29/08/2008
                          This can be modified by adding Port=port_number in the
942   WEB ORDER           Postcode were being imported as lower case                            SJP      SJP           3022 29/08/2008
943   ACCOUNT ANALYSIS    Horizontal scroll bar added to nominal code drill down.               SJP      SJP           3022 29/08/2008
944   SALES DETAIL        On complex dept/group structures, the navigation back and forth       RPC      G&S           3022 01/09/2008
      REPORT              between depts/groups/products caused browse pointers to
                          become out of range ending in an internal refresh error.
945   SOAPSERVER          Had to make a few adjustments to allow the program to run as a        RPC                    3022 01/09/2008
                          service due to filepath problems.
946   UPDSTAMP            Added two new functions. UPDSTAMP_Date returns the date               RPC                    3022 01/09/2008
                          within an UPDSTAMP string. UPDSTAMP_Time returns the time
                          within an UPDSTAMP.
947   SOAPQ UPDATE        Updated the write to SOAPQ function to allow it to record recycle     RPC                    3022 01/09/2008
                          after 90 days as per the specification. The function
                          UPDSTAMP_Date is used to extract the date.
948   LEDGER              The LP_Get_Purchase_Invoice_Details function now uses the             RPC                    3022 01/09/2008
      MANAGEMENT          UPDSTAMP_Date and UPDSTAMP_Time functions.
949   DBF                 UID 5870 If the branch structures could not be opened then the        SJP      SELECTRIC     3022 01/09/2008
                          system crashed
950   SUB CONTRACTOR      Now is key sensitive for any number of characters                     SJP      SSL
951   DELIVERY            First line in account details now shows either the invoice to         SJP      SSL
      DESPATCH            account or the fact one is not set.
952   CREATE RUN          UID 11696, error while trying to view an order                        SJP      EXTRAGAS
953   NEW CHECKOUT        The Saved Quote receipt should now be identical to the Non-         RPC        LOCK STOCK    3022 04/09/2008
                          Saved Quote receipt. This includes the correct loading and printing
                          of extended product descriptions.
954   NEW CHECKOUT        Saved Quotes will now be removed from the Layaway file on          RPC         SJP           3022 04/09/2008
                          completing a sale. This includes a normal checkout sale or putting
                          the items on collection/delivery and open order.
955   NEW CHECKOUT        You can now change the account code for a Saved Quote by              RPC      LOCK STOCK    3022 04/09/2008
                          calling it back into checkout, changing the account and re-saving
956   NEW CHECKOUT        Re-saving a Saved Quote after modifications no longer duplicates      RPC      LOCK STOCK    3022 04/09/2008
                          item lines.

957   EXTERNAL LOCK       The method of checking if an external process that required the       RPC                    3022 04/09/2008
      DATABASE            rba system to be locked for access (at present NCOMPARE,
                          REINDEX and ZIPIT) has now changed from using text files to a
                          lock database instead. This was partly due to the necessity to
                          handle this type of locking when ADS was in use in secret mode.
                          The following fields are in the new database EXTLOCK (which is
                          not referenced in the structure files):

                          PROCESS C 25
                          STATION C 15
                          DATE D 8
                          TIME C 8
                          USER0...USER9 C 40

                          The process that is created and may be holding the external lock
                          is named in the PROCESS field. The USERX fields are intended
                          for future use.
958   SOAPSERVER          New client summary log database, CLIENT, added to give the            RPC                    3022 04/09/2008
                          ability to see what the client process is doing when it is run as a
959   SOAPSERVER          Started writing summary processing info to client summary log         RPC                    3022 04/09/2008
                          Interim release built by RPC for SOAPSERVER testing
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                             Version                          10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
960   SOAPSERVER          Added a few more info items to be written to the client summary         RPC                    3023 05/09/2008
                          log database. I'm trying to get the right balance between showing
                          enough information and showing too much.
961   BULK PRICE          If you are using the admin switch 'Link Supplier's Cost' the            RPC      WATSON HOME   3023 05/09/2008
      CHANGE              following will now be done:                                             SJP      HARDWARE

                          1 The 'Supplier Cost Percentage' and 'Suppliers Single Cost Net'
                          fields will not be shown.
                          2. The Cost Percentage and Cost Net values will be used to
                          directly update the Supplier1 fields in the stock file as well as
                          synchronising these fields with those in the Supplier Stock file.
962   PRODUCT UPDATE      Creating Excel spreadsheets from the stock file not lets you freely     SJP      CAL PAT       3023 05/09/2008
      PRODUPD             use PART
963   PRODUCT FULL        In LPGas, the Supplier tab page is now available for cylinder           RPC      GAFFNEYS      3023 06/09/2008
      ENTRY               deposit products and all supplier info is now saved to the sales                 SJP
                          code record.
964   NEW                 1. Allow an increase or decrease of delivery frequency days by    SJP            EXTRAGAS      3023 06/09/2008
      REPEAT ANALYSIS     customer type/reporting code
      AND REPEATS         2. Log all changed to delivery frequency
      LPGAS ONLY          3. Report on delivery frequency changes
                          4. Analyse bulk sales (by product code by customer type/reporting
                          code) within a date range and margin and suggest a new
                          frequency for top up of bulk. IE if the delivery volume (repeat
                          amount) is 1000ltr and the annual consumption is 10000ltr and the
                          margin is 20% then the new frequency will be 30 days.
                          4. Allow the above analysis to be edited then saved to repeats
                          5. Report for above
965   DELIVERY            Add the following columns to the browse:                                SJP      SSL           3023 06/09/2008
      MANAGEMENT          If Diary entry exists the Delivery date/time is now coloured
                          If a Narrative exists the Job Status Column is now coloured
                          Two new date and two text columns have been added, they only
                          appear if a caption has been set in Admin switches
966   DIARY               Diary print now allowable between two                                   SJP      SSL           3023 06/09/2008
967   DELIVERY            Data in the new delivery management columns are now added to SJP                 SSL           3023 06/09/2008
      DESPATCH            the narrative text when despatched. Service field are not written to
                          order text for Retailer (previously discarded and only saved for
968   PRODUCT FULL        In LPGas, the nominal analysis fields are now available for             RPC      GAFFNEYS      3024 09/09/2008
      ENTRY               cylinder deposit products.                                                       SJP
969   DELIVERY            Service fields are now written to the Narrative instead of order text   SJP      SELECTRIC     3024 09/09/2008
      DESPATCH            for Retailer only. LPGas still writes to order text
970   PURCHASE ORDER      A key button has been added to explain the colours used on the          SJP      PAT           3024 09/09/2008
      ENTRY               browse
971   PURCHASE LEDGER     Customer notes button added                                             SJP      GS            3024 09/09/2008
972   STOCK ANALYSIS      Stock branch number can now be bulk changed                             SJP      GS            3024 09/09/2008
973   PURCHASE ORDER      Added Notes button to allow access to customer notes. This has          RPC      GAFFNEYS      3024 09/09/2008
      ENTRY               meant that the buttons are now slightly smaller in height and have               SJP
                          a smaller vertical spacing between them.
974   SALES ORDER TEXT    A few sales screens that allow Order Text to be entered now have RPC             SSL           3024 09/09/2008
      TRADE SALES         a button that allows the user to select the filename of a text file              SJP
      SALES BROWSE        that holds a set of standard text. The text file contents will be
      REPEATS             inserted at the current cursor position. The text files can be added
      MANAGEMENT          or edited by using the right click options in the file picker area;
                          New->Text Document and Edit respectively.
975   ZIPIT               The EXTLOCK database has been added to the exclusion list to            RPC      SJP           3024 09/09/2008
                          prevent a backup error.
976   REPEAT ANALYSIS     UID 9402. Fixed parameter has wrong datatype error.                     SJP      EXTRAGAS      3024 09/09/2008
977   STOCK COUNT         Branch number is now verified again before saving                       SJP      LSD           3024 09/09/2008
978   USER STOCK          The User Index and Filter validation now correctly opens the            RPC      APEX          3025 10/09/2008
      REPORTS             temporary fields database before the validation of the entered
                            RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program             RBA32                                              Version                           10.79
Opened              09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section             Description Of Changes Made                                               Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                         index or filter is done. This now allows the 'extra fields' that do not
                         actually exist in STOCK1 to be validated.
979   USER STOCK         You can now blank out the User Index and Filter fields to remove          RPC                    3025 10/09/2008
      REPORTS            them and they will correctly be removed from the related INI file.
980   TRADE SALES        Order Text Entry heading had been changed in build 3023 from a            RPC                    3025 10/09/2008
                         say object to a static object. The TYPE clause was not put onto
                         the object definition. This did not cause a problem but has been
                         added now for compatibility reasons.
981   STATEMENT          Switch for zero value invoices not defaults to N                          SJP      DIRECT GAS    3025 10/09/2008
      PRINTING                                                                                              GRANTHAM
982   UPDATE RUN         Suppression for do you want to print invoice, added for Oakleys           SJP      PAT           3025 10/09/2008
                         has been removed
983   DELIVERY           Entered date is now coloured if a location is set, added to Key           SJP      SSL           3025 10/09/2008
      MANAGEMENT         button
984   REPEAT ANALYSIS    New button added to show orders for the selected account. Fixed           SJP      EXTRAGAS      3025 10/09/2008
                         calculation error when selecting by Analytical
985   NEW CHECKOUT       The Total Sale Net and Tax values have been added as a tooltip of RPC              GOODWINS      3025 10/09/2008
                         the “Total Sale” value object.
986   DELIVERY POINT     Added a button to allow you to merge one delivery point with              RPC      LSD           3025 10/09/2008
      DIALOG             another.
                         Added a button to allow you to delete a delivery point as long as it
                         is not currently in your sales files.
                         Both of these actions are audited.
987   TRADE SALES        The entry of the Advertising Source is now forced if the field is         RPC      SELECTRIC     3025 10/09/2008
988   INVENTORY          If Assistants are switched on, the dialog now asks for an assistant       RPC      SELECTRIC     3025 11/09/2008
      RECEIPTS           number and retrieves an assistant name which is saved against
                         the goods in records.
                         Also, the Inventory Acknowledgement that can be printed on
                         saving now includes the assistant name.
989   PURCHASE           The Remove button on the Browse dialog now correctly allows you RPC                SELECTRIC     3025 15/09/2008
      RETURNS            to remove an item from the log and gives you the option to dispose
                         of the item (no stock adjustment is made but the removal is
                         audited) or put it back into stock (a stock adjustment is made).
                         The message 'there are no items in the list to be displayed' will
                         only show if the dialog is to be used as a pick list. If the browse
                         dialog is chosen from the menus a blank dialog will be shown.
                         The browse columns are now shown using the say font instead of
                         the get font and the justification has been adjsuted to suit the
                         displayed data types.
990   DIARY              Inkey() replaced with Sleep()                                             SJP                    3025 15/09/2008
991   DBF                Inkey() replaced with Sleep() in net_use, rec_lock and add_rec            RPC      SJP           3025 16/09/2008
                         functions.                                                                SJP
992   SOAPDBF            Inkey() replaced with Sleep() in net_use, rec_lock and add_rec            RPC      SJP           3025 16/09/2008
                         functions.                                                                SJP
993   ACCOUNT ENQUIRY    The USER1 and USER2 fields are now included in the text if they           RPC                    3025 17/09/2008
      TEXT               are not empty.
994   PRODUPD            On Exporting, the contents of the Alert Text and Extended                 RPC      PAT           3025 23/09/2008
                         Description were being swapped.
995   PRODUPD            On Importing, if your file included Extended Description or Product RPC            CAL           3025 23/09/2008
                         Notes an alert message would wrongly tell you that the field name
                         was not recognised.
996   PRODUPD            The progress counter function set_size() was incrementing the     RPC              CAL           3025 23/09/2008
                         record counter even when it was supposed to only be resetting the
                         reocrd counter to zero. This resulted in an erroneous number of
                         lines being displayed in the progress object and used in the
                         progress bar width calculation.
997   LOAN STOCK         The dialog now alerts you if you have setup too many products for         RPC      SJP           3025 23/09/2008
      STATEMENTS         the system to cope with (currently 50).
998   LOAN STOCK         The gathering process would crash if over 20 products existed in          RPC      CELLAR GAS    3025 23/09/2008
      STATEMENTS         the tonnage table. Although the system can now cope with 50
                         products, the standard loan stock statement can only show a
                         maximum of 20, so if more than 20 exist an alert advises the user
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                              Version                           10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer       Reported By     Date / Build
                          of this fact but a statement will still be produced.
999    PURCHASE ORDER     When loading from log the cost does not always appear on the PO SJP                CLEVELANDS      3025 23/09/2008
1000   DELIVERY           Column resizing is now restored when loading the screen                SJP         SSL             3025 23/09/2008
1001   DIARY              New drop down options added to the diary for day off and holiday       SJP         EYDENS          3025 23/09/2008
1002   DIARY              If user date1 is used for completed date, then this show as a C on     SJP         EYDENS          3025 23/09/2008
                          the diary before finalizing and changing to a F
1003   PRODSYNC           When using HQ_RULES it was not allowing HQ to transfer control         SJP         GS              3025 23/09/2008
                          to a branch
1004   DEPOSIT PAYMENT    When entering a credit card deposit against a delivery sale, the    RPC            SAFE SECURITY   3026 25/09/2008
       ENTRY              payment field now respects the 'Payment values to Zero' switch in
                          Admin except when Yespay is in use, in which case it always
                          defaults to the full amount (this handling has always been the case
                          for yespay transactions).
1005   BROWSE SCREENS     A modification made in Item 1000 of build 3025 to allow browse    RPC              CAL             3026 25/09/2008
                          columns in both Delivery Management and Stock Analysis to be
                          moved left or right and the new positions and sizes saved and
                          restored when the window was next opened caused a problem.
                          After either of these two dialogs had been opened, a number of
                          other browses on other dialogs were being affected.
                          For the moment this feature can only be enabled using the Rba ini
                          file so that further testing can be done.
1006   OPEN ORDER         The product detail gathering loop used a single array to store the     RPC         LSD             3026 25/09/2008
       COLLECTION NOTE    linetext. Every line was then pointing to this single array causing
       TILL RECEIPT       the only linetext to be shown against every product to be the text
                          against the last line in the order (if any). Each line now gets it's
                          own array...
1007   LEDGER UNDO        The browse was not being refreshed properly on undoing an                 RPC      SJP             3026 25/09/2008
       ALLOCATIONS        allocation causing items that did not actually exist to still be visible.
1008   CHECKOUT LEARN     If the Checkout Learn Prices admin switch is set to 'Y' and you        RPC                         3026 26/09/2008
       PRICES             sold a miscellaneous product it wrongly saved the entered price
                          against it.
1009   CHECKOUT           On despatching a checkout delivery, sometimes the toggle button        SJP         PAT             3027 26/09/2008
       DELIVERY           was hidden
1010   CHECKOUT           Auto adding from RBASTOCK was not adding RRP and notional              SJP         PAT             3027 26/09/2008

1011   CHANGE ACCOUNT,    Progress added to main dialog                                          SJP         PAT             3027 26/09/2008
1012   HISTORY REPORT     Branch number now show against an invoice                              SJP         PAT             3027 26/09/2008
1013   TRADE SALES        UID 27976. A bug occasionally occurred when deleting an item           RPC         G&S             3028 29/09/2008
                          line. I could not reproduce this but the error points to an array
                          pointer problem so I have added an extra test around the
                          offending code that should stop it accessing an invalid array
                          element number.
1014   YESPAY             The YPEVT_Get_Receipt_And_Print function now returns the file          RPC                         3028 29/09/2008
                          handle so it can be tested for a negative value if an error occurs
                          while trying to read the receipt text file.
                          Also, a 2nd parameter can be passed to suppress the display of
                          an rba alert when an error occurs.
1015   TRADE CREDITS      When entering a product line and using the accelerator key (Alt-A) RPC                             3028 29/09/2008
                          for the Accept button, double validation could sometimes result
                          due to a timing issue. I have disabled the accept button
                          immediately on running the accept action function (it was only
                          hiding it previously).
1016   TRADE SALES        Stopped the annoying 'Product not found' message and sound             RPC         PAT             3028 29/09/2008
                          alert happening if you exited the product fast seek dialog without
                          selecting a product.
1017   PAYMENT ENTRY      The admin switch 'Set Payment Value to ZERO' should now be             RPC         PAT             3028 30/09/2008
       DIALOG             correctly handled in this dialog.
1018   ADMIN SWITCHES     The Sales switch 'Payment References' has been reworded as             RPC         RPC/SJP         3028 30/09/2008
                                  RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                                Version                          10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section                   Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
                               'Enter Payment References'. Also the tooltip brings the users
                               attention to the fact that in Trade Sales / Deposit Entry setting the
                               switch to not enter payment references does not stop the
                               reference field from appearing, it only allows it to be left empty.
1019   DELIVERY                If you raised a Purchase Order from a Delivery Order where the          RPC      SAFE SECURITY   3028 30/09/2008
       MANAGEMENT              product description on the Stock file was not empty and the item                 CAL
       RAISE PURCHASE          description had been changed in the individual delivery order, the
       ORDER                   new description would be ignored. The description is now always
                               loaded from the delivery detail file.
1020   JOURNAL ENTRY           On saving an entry the wording on the alert that tells you the db       RPC      CAL             3028 01/10/2008
                               number it was saved with has been changed to replace the words
                               'Saved OK' with the word 'Saved Successfully' as it was though to
                               be a little too slang.
1021   PERIOD END              If the Period Balances test fails, the words shown have been            RPC      CAL             3028 01/10/2008
                               changed to 'Failed (Run Trial Balance)'
1022   DIRECT DEBIT            Added a special item into the entry screen for Rba use only.       RPC           SJP             3028 02/10/2008
       ENTRY                   Added the Last payment date onto the screen next to the Auto
                               Post Payments say items.
                               Changed the Comboboxes on screen to get-combo items a they
                               look more cosmetically pleasing.
                               Changed some of the validation tests so that some are only tested
                               on pressing the save button (this stops the fields demanding that
                               entry is required when you're only navigating through the fields).
1023   DIRECT DEBIT AUTO       Added a special processing ability only for Rba use.                    RPC      SJP             3028 02/10/2008
1024   CLIENT / SUPPLIER       Added new field to ACCOUNT database called NO_TERMS. See                RPC      SJP             3028 02/10/2008
       DATABASE                1030
1025   ADMIN SWITCHES          New Checkout switch added 'Delivery/Collection Advice Notes via RPC              SJP             3028 02/10/2008
                               Template' to allow Delivery / Collection Advice Notes to be printed              MEMS
                               via the existing delivery advice note template instead of the receipt
1026   CLIENT SUPPLIER         The TYPE field now uses an uppercase picture format.                    RPC      SJP             3028 03/10/2008
1027   DELIVERY          In Delivery Management, if the 'Delivery/Collection Advice Notes              RPC      SJP             3028 03/10/2008
       MANAGEMENT        via Template' switch is set to 'Y', printing is done via a template                    MEMS
       CHECKOUT          instead of a receipt.
       DELIVERY /
1028   DELIVERY ADVICE         This template has been modified so that if a checkout delivery or       RPC      SJP             3028 03/10/2008
       TEMPLATE                collection is printed using it, it will show much the same detail as
                               the receipt version does.
1029   STATEMENTS              Statement delays were not being actioned correctly from the ini         SJP      GS              3028 03/10/2008
                               file, now the delays show on the statement dialog
1030   CLIENT SUPPLIERS        New field added on the sales tab to suppress client/band discounts SJP           GS              3028 03/10/2008
                               and client/band quantity breaks. See 1024
1031   CREATE RUN              UID 8860. Extra test added to try to stop errors dragging to a          SJP      HARRIS GAS      3028 03/10/2008
1032   CLIENT / SUPPLIER       Added 2 new fields for auditing change account processing (for          RPC                      3030 06/10/2008
       DATABASE                soap use):
                               CHNGACCT – Original Account Code
                               CHNGDATE – Date processed
1033   ERRORSYS                Added Express++build number to error logs                               RPC                      3030 07/10/2008
1034   GET_MODULES             Split out Rba module functions into own prg file for use with           RPC                      3030 07/10/2008
1035   TILL 2 TILL DIALOG      The Update Your Stock File dialog was erroneously showing a             RPC      CAL             3030 07/10/2008
                               windows title of 'Change Average Cost'.
1036   ADMIN SWITCHES          Added a new switch to allow 'change account's done on a system          RPC                      3030 07/10/2008
       SOAP                    to be added to the SOAPQ database for processing as a task by
                               SOAPSERVER clients.
1037   ADMIN CUSTOMISE         Added a new task type to SOAPSERVER client processing flags -           RPC                      3030 07/10/2008
       BRANCHES                'change account'. Change account tasks received from
                               SOAPSERVER servers will be processed depending on this
                                 RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                               Version                          10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                  Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer      Reported By   Date / Build
1038   SOAPSERVER             Client processing now handles Change Account requests.                RPC                      3030 07/10/2008
                              A Change Account will only occur at the client end if the old
                              Account code exists on the Client/Supplier database and the
                              Name against the old account is the same as the Name against
                              the new account.
1039   DELIVERY               UID 15741. Right clicking on the column header to re-sort the         SJP        LSD           3030 07/10/2008
       MANAGEMENT             browse failed on the two new user dates
1040   DELIVERY ORDER         If an order has special text and the new user fields were being       SJP                      3030 07/10/2008
       BROWSE                 used the fields were being overwritten (corrupted)
1041   DIARY                  Removing an order from the diary did not make the job pending         SJP        SSL           3030 07/10/2008
                              when returning to the diary
1042   CHANGE ACCOUNT         Processing code split off into new procedure. Added Progress        RPC                        3030 08/10/2008
                              update function that decides what type of progress display is being
                              used and updates it accordingly.
1043   SUPSTOCK               Added the facility to add calculated fields to the import INI file. The RPC      SJP           3030 08/10/2008
                              INI file can now contain a new set of values:                                    PAT
                                     1. extra<n>name = field to be created
                                     2. extra<n>data = codeblock text
                              where <n> can range from 1 to 40.
                              The calculations are standard Xbase++ expressions using
                              Xbase++ function calls.
                              A new function _GetColumn(aArray,nElement) has been added to
                              allow the calculation to refer to the column data read from the
                              imported text line.
1044   CLIENT SUPPLIER        Stock list now displays correctly after editing a product and         SJP        PAT           3030 08/10/2008
                              removing the current supplier
1045   HANDHELD               Had a generic reference to the Browse causing display problem         SJP        CAL           3030 08/10/2008
                              since restoring browse state has been introduced.
1046   INVENTORY RECEIPT Sometime when entering the first product then click product entry          SJP        PAT           3030 09/10/2008
                         an error occurred
1047   WEB POST               When changing a product code, the old item left in the                SJP        COUNTRY       3030 09/10/2008
                              WEBSTOCK file and marked for deletion did not have the                           SUPPLIES
                              WEBNMBR removed causing duplicate WEBNMBR's in the post.
1048   ENTER EDIT             The thumbnail image on the web tab now show the master item           SJP        COUNTRY       3030 09/10/2008
       PRODUCTS               image for option items                                                           SUPPLIES
1049   SUPSTOCK               Added support for size and colour fields to be imported and written RPC          PAT           3030 10/10/2008
                              to stock1.
1050   SUPSTOCK               The import now checks for and ignores blank lines.                    RPC                      3030 10/10/2008
                              Also the import screen shows the total number of lines read and
                              the number of blank lines ignored.
1051   USERS                  The main loop that runs when a user is logged in now checks to         SJP       PAT           3030 10/10/2008
                              see it LICENCE.DBF can be seen on the server every second. If
                              the file can not be seen then a warning alert is displayed offering
                              the user the option to retry or quit. In addition all network failures
                              are logged to c:\rbast\network\network_failures.txt. Also the event
                              log records these errors as they generate a windows delayed write
1052   SUPSTOCK HOME          UID 12382. A crash would result if the home hardware proms.dat        RPC        LANES OF      3030 13/10/2008
       HARDWARE               file contained text lines of the wrong length.                                   CHEDDAR
1053   TILL 2 TILL            The code that submits the data to the ATR server has been             RPC        PAT           3030 13/10/2008
                              changed to implement a connection checking loop. The loop
                              continuously checks the connection and checks if anything is
                              ready to be downloaded. This should make the 'waiting for
                              response' process more visible to the user.
                              Also a few other items were adjusted such as:
                              1. Some of the text added to the main action log has been pruned
                              and adjusted to make the log a little more readable.
                              2. The progress objects show more useful information
                              3. The category update download is now processed as text
                              (instead of using the xml object manipulation stuff) and now works
                              much faster.
1054   ADMIN SWITCHES         Added a few fields to allow information about a proxy server to be    RPC        PAT           3031 14/10/2008
       EMAIL / INTERNET       supplied (host address, port, user name, password).
                                  RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                                Version                         10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section                   Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1055   POSTCODE                The PA submit to server function now uses the aSocks                   RPC      PAT           3031 14/10/2008
       ANYWHERE                ProxyConnect function to allow connection via a proxy server.
                               (This will have to be tested at a customers site as we do not have
                               a proxy server setup to test it with). This should not affect normal
                               non-proxy connections (that much *was* tested...)
1056   CHECKOUT TILL           Removed a couple of unneeded blank lines from the receipt to           RPC                    3031 14/10/2008
       RECEIPT                 save paper.
1057   INVENTORY STOCK  For the field 'Include returns', the tooltip message was being                RPC      POORES        3031 14/10/2008
       CHECK ADJ REPORT passed as parameter 7 instead of 8.                                                    CHORLEYWOOD
1058   CHECKOUT SAVED          The cancel button on the load orders screen is now available to        RPC      PAT           3031 15/10/2008
       QUOTES                  allow a saved quote to be removed and the removal is audited.
1059   STATEMENTS              Three of the tests to see if the customer should have a statement      RPC      KG SMITH      3031 16/10/2008
                               printed (a/c statement flag, customer type and branch matching)
                               were only being actioned if the record was already to be skipped
                               (!empty(cSkip_Account) and should have been the other way
                               round (empty(cSkip_Account). This could cause statements to be
                               printed that should not have.
1060   VAT CLOSE PERIOD        Dialog now shows a message line which is used both for the get    RPC           CHARVET       3031 16/10/2008
                               field message and for progress display during close vat period
                               Also, there is now a message at the end to confirm the VAT Period
                               has been closed which displays until the user presses a key or 30
                               seconds has gone by.
1061   FINANCIAL YEAR          On creating a new set of data from scratch the PYEAR field in          RPC      PAT           3031 16/10/2008
                               LEDGCONT was being written as ' 0' in error (because the
                               FISCDATE function that was called at that point had been moved
                               Also the PYEAR field was not being set to the right value after the
                               popup appears (FISCDATE) to ask for the current financial month
                               and a month number was supplied.
                               (For reference, the PYEAR not being set to the right value would
                               cause reports to show no data as they could not match a PYEAR
                               value in the nominal ledger detail files but all actual transactions
                               should have been written ok as they calculate a PYEAR value on
                               the fly...)
1062   PRODUCT FULL            Changed some of the say fields to use the Static_Text function so      RPC                    3031 16/10/2008
       ENTRY                   that '&' (ampersand) character do not get mangled by windows.
1063   CHECKOUT LOAD     The index was not being used to quickly find the first order in the          RPC      HAWKINSPORT   3031 16/10/2008
       LAYAWAYS / QUOTES file.                                                                                 SJP
1064   POPUP BUTTON            The Popup Key, Popup Calendar and Popup Calc images have               RPC      CAL           3031 17/10/2008
       BITMAPS                 been changed to a newer version for cosmetic reasons. At
                               present there are still only two versions of each (standard 16x16
                               and large 30x30).
1065   TRIAL BALANCE           The gathering data dialog was not being destroyed at the correct       RPC      CAL           3031 17/10/2008
                               time. Adjusted the data gathering display to be used both during
                               the data gathering and the formatting of the report.
1066   DELIVERY POINT          The dialog will now appear before any data is loaded. On loading       RPC      HAWKINSPORT   3031 17/10/2008
       SELECTION AND           data, the browse is hidden and the words 'Loading, please wait...'              SJP
       UPDATE DIALOG           is displayed.
1067   DELIVERY                Option to write the screen to Excel                                    SJP      EYDENS, SSL   3031 17/10/2008
1068   TRADE SALES             For Eydens only, you can not save a worksheet unless a diary           SJP      EYDENS        3031 17/10/2008
                               entry has been made
1069   BROWSE RESIZING         The default has now been set to No, if it need switching on then an SJP                       3031 17/10/2008
                               entry must be made in RBA.INI
                               NOTE: If it is switched on and you need to return to the default
                               settings, then the following registry key will need to be removed:
                               HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE\Real Business
1070   DELIVERY POINT          A bug in the merging code meant that only the first record In          RPC      LSD           3032 17/10/2008
       MERGE                   SALES5 for the old merge code would have been changed to the
                               new code.
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                               Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                              Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
1071   ADS                  Fix made for BP as when it tried to access LPGDBF.STR using the SJP               BP              3032 17/10/2008
                            file command a fatal error occurs
1070   SYSINFO              A new folder location static_folder has been added for                   SJP      BP              3032 17/10/2008
                            backgrounds, quick picks and menu bitmaps,
                            This is set by using STATIC=folder in RBA.INI
1071   STOCK USER           Added new field F_WEBITEM which will be set to “Y” if the                RPC      CAL             3032 17/10/2008
       REPORTS              WEBSTOCK->PUBLISH field holds a “Y” to flag that it is a web
                            item (if the web module is in use)
1078   PURCHASE ORDERS      Only when scanning an item in and it already exists, the part code       SJP                      3032 20/10/2008
                            was not being changed to the stockpart
1079   INTERBRANCH      In admin you can now select to show SPG and/or Cost on the                   SJP      MORRIS MICA     3032 20/10/2008
       COLLECTION NOTES ticket printer notes
1080   MICA EMAIL           The primary supplier and three locations have been added, also           SJP      WHISK           3032 20/10/2008
                            the file is now saved as a CSV
1081   LOGIN                You could not login as RBAADMIN after the version mismatch was SJP                PAT             3032 20/10/2008
1082   ENTER EDIT           A change was made to saving the SPGFORM to allow an item                 SJP      PAT             3032 20/10/2008
       PRODUCTS             added using speed entry, then edited in full entry to be edited
                            again using speed entry
1083   CHECKOUT             Account notes added to sundry                                            SJP      PAT             3032 20/10/2008
1084   OPEN ORDER           Added a column to the orders browse to show additional delivery          RPC                      3032 20/10/2008
       MANAGEMENT           point info.
1085   MANUAL SHOPPING      If no supplier's cost exists then the product cost is now show with      SJP      POORES          3032 20/10/2008
       LIST                 a ^ next to it. Also a note line is added to the bottom of the report.
1086   ENTER EDIT           If accounting was not enabled then the limited time offer was being SJP           POORES          3032 20/10/2008
       PRODUCTS             overwritten
1087   DIARY                The button on the AM/PM/ANY time slot dialog are now disable if          SJP      EYDENS          3032 20/10/2008
                            not available
1088   ENQUIRY              Branch constraint remove from remote stock level enquiries               SJP      HORACE FULLER 3032 20/10/2008
1089   ZIPIT                1. The EXLOCK.DBF is now written as an exclusion to the INI file         SJP      SJP/PAT         3032 20/10/2008
                            and added automatically to the exclusion list if it does not exist.
                            2. When running from a command line if a backup error exist and
                            a error email exist the dialog will automatically close
                            3. After exiting editing an INI file the changes are written back to
                            the dialog
1090   CHIP & PIN           The internal testing of CommIdea processing now includes the             RPC      SJP             3032 21/10/2008
                            handling of Cashback.
                            The Chip & Pin Info on the receipt has been adjusted to
                            accommodate this and the line 'PLEASE DEBIT/CREDIT MY
                            ACCOUNT' has been removed as it was deemed unnecessary.
                            Also a CASHBACK field has been added to the SALES1 and
                            LPGORD1 databases.
1091   DBF                  On opening a new database it is now forced to the top of the             SJP      SJP             3032 22/10/2008
1092   LEDGER SCREEN        The lock file warning message now read the contents of the file to       SJP      SJP             3032 22/10/2008
                            show what user and station the current lock is on
1093   CLIENT NOTES         Now works in a shared environment                                        SJP      SJP             3032 22/10/2008
1094   LEDGER               Canceling a purchase invoice now works with Vat Cash accounting SJP               SJP             3032 22/10/2008
1095   RECEIPT REPORT       Nominal bank code added to the list                                      SJP      SJP             3032 22/10/2008
1096   DIARY                Two header lines added to browse and the columns are now                 SJP      EYDENS          3032 22/10/2008
1097   LPGAS CYLINDERS  The Account Name now shows correctly after an account code is                RPC      LONDON BEER     3032 22/10/2008
       LOAN STOCK CHECK chosen.                                                                               GAS
1098   STOCK FAST SEEK      The initiation of a search was different under certain                  RPC       RPC/SJP/PAT     3032 22/10/2008
                            circumstances. This made the use of it in Checkout function
                            differrently when given a character string that was a 'number'. The
                            function now tests for a 'number' and as long as it does not equal
                            the possible length of a barcode (8,12 or 13 digits) it will initiate a
                            fast seek. This will happen irrespective of where and how the fast
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                             Version                          10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer     Reported By     Date / Build
                          seek functionality is called.
1099   WORKSTATION /      Added fields for entry of Commidea Login ID, Login PIN and             RPC                       3032 23/10/2008
       PRINTER SETUP      Account Number.
       CHIP & PIN
1100   CHIP & PIN         Now uses the Login ID, Login PIN and Account number from the           RPC                       3032 23/10/2008
       COMMIDEA           Workstation / Printer Setup screen.
1101   FONT FUNCTIONS     The Rba_GetHeight function now returns the height of a single          RPC                       3032 23/10/2008
                          row minus two pixels. This seems to give a more reasonable get
                          row size.
1102   SPECIAL OFFERS     Special Offers where the Offer Price field is used will now allow an   RPC                       3032 23/10/2008
                          Offer Price of zero to be set.
                          Also a few of the fields have been moved around to better use the
                          header section space available.
1103   OPEN ORDER         UID 17749. The array being sent to the Init_Browse function would RPC            LSD             3033 24/10/2008
                          OBJECT or ITEMS BROWSE OBJECT did not exist. This would
                          not normally be the case but the Create Open Order Invoice
                          processing seems to mangle the array and make these object
                          references NIL.
1104   LEDGER             The row heights used in this screen were at some point in the past RPC           G&S             3033 24/10/2008
       MANAGEMENT         deemed to be wrong and an extra 4 pixels had been added to
                          make the screen look right. Since the fix done in Item 1101 above,
                          these extra 4 pixels caused the lines to look wrong again. Setting
                          the 4 pixels to 0 has made everything look right again.
1105   RBA32_OLD          This was the version of the program that included the old checkout RPC           SJP             3033 24/10/2008
       OLD CHECKOUT       screen. As no major problem has been found with the new
                          checkout screen that has not already been addressed,
                          RBA32_OLD is no longer created and should no longer be used.
1106   INVENTORY          The “COMMITTED STOCK RECEIVED” section on the Inventory                SJP       GLENWOODS       3033 24/10/2008
       RECEIPTS           Acknowledgment printed on the Till Receipt printer was showing
                          information from completed orders/deliveries.
1107   DIARY/USERS        An option to the user setup in admin has been added to allow only      SJP       EYDENS          3033 24/10/2008
                          selected Diary Groups (set against the Engineer) to appear on the
                          diary screen
1108   DIARY              On entering the diary the mouse pointer is forced to a arrow           SJP       EYDENS/LSD      3033 24/10/2008
1109   ATR                When matching products after a download the items not matched          SJP       PAT             3033 24/10/2008
                          are now obsoleted and the barcodes are removed
1110   ATR/ADMIN          Option added to maintenance and the ATR dialog to make a               SJP       MICA            3033 24/10/2008
                          selected supplier, the primary supplier for all stock items
1111   ENTER/EDIT         Items on ATR can now be accessed via the Supstock button on            SJP       PAT             3033 24/10/2008
       PRODUCTS,          Enter/Edit products. For purchased orders the part code will now
       PURCHASE ORDER     be searched for in the ATR file if it in not in the main stock file.
1112   CHECKOUT           Checkout Points are awarded and visible both in checkout and on        RPC       CAL             3034 28/10/2008
                          checkout receipts. They had been suppressed until the new
                          checkout was deemed to be ready for general use.
1113   OPEN ORDER LIST    The report includes customer totals and an overall total but did not RPC         AIW KEY CENTRE 3034 29/10/2008
                          make it clear that the total was including VAT. So I've added '(inc
                          VAT)' into the total text with the 'VAT' words coming from the
                          system Tax Name setting.
1114   ADMIN_VENDPLUS     The procedure VENDOR_PROMOTE did not end with a RETURN                 RPC                       3034 29/10/2008
                          which gave a warning so I added the RETURN to stop it
1115   ADMIN_VENDPLUS     Caption on Checked date changed to Last Checked Date                   SJP       CAL             3034 29/10/2008
1116   ATR                Against each product for each ATR supplier a REMOVED flag               SJP      PAT             3034 29/10/2008
                          exists to indicated that the item is still in that suppliers catalogue.
                          However this flag was only being set to REMOVED and not reset if
                          the supplier reinstates that product.
1117   STOCK ANALYSIS     An Excel export button has been added.                                 SJP       KEEMLAW/GS      3034 29/10/2008
1118   SPECIAL OFFERS     Added handling for new Special Offer Type “Buy Qty of Items In         RPC       HOME            3034 30/10/2008
       TRADE SALES        1st List, Get Cheapest Free”.                                                    HARDWARE
1119   TRADE SALES        Made adjustments to make sure that the Special Offer nominal           RPC                       3034 30/10/2008
                                  RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                 RBA32                                                Version                         10.79
Opened                  09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section                   Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
       CHECKOUT                code is used correctly when posting special offer net values.
1120   POST NOMINAL            The testing and fixing for rounding compensation values to be           RPC                      3034 30/10/2008
                               applied could cause an unbalanced entry when negative sales net
                               values were in the array (ie, in checkout refunds and credit notes)
1121   WEB IMAGES              Web category images were not saving                                     SJP      PAT/KITSHOP     3034 30/10/2008
1122   DEPOSIT REPORT          LPGAS Only: deposits made while adding a delivery order were            SJP      PAT/JANS        3034 30/10/2008
                               not showing correctly on the deposit report.
1123   REPEAT                  Repeats are now processed when ADS secret is running                    SJP      PAT/BP          3034 30/10/2008
1124   CHECKOUT/SPECIAL Checkout and Trade Sales now write the special offer number in                 SJP                      3034 31/10/2008
       OFFERS/SALES     the Unit field for special offer lines. This is then used by the sales
       DETAIL REPORT    detail report to pick up the department and group for analysing the
                        special offer discount.
1125   SPECIAL OFFERS          An option to add the department and group to a special offer for        SJP                      3034 31/10/2008
                               use in the Sales Detail report. If this is not entered then the
                               department and group of the previous item on the order will be
                               used. This is a problem for the new offer ('Buy X and get cheapest
                               free') as these always appear at the bottom of the order and the
                               line before may have no relevance to the following offer line.
1126   VERIFY DATAFILES        Stock option now ensures that the PACK size is never zero               SJP      PAT             3035 31/10/2008
1127   CHECKOUT                If a 'Buy X and get cheapest free' offer was voided checkout            SJP      CAL             3035 31/10/2008
1128   PURCHASE ORDERS         The time taken to Auto Select for a given supplier has now been         SJP                      3035 31/10/2008
                               reduced by over 70% (Tested on 6616 products, originally it took
                               12.6 sec now reduced to 3.5 sec)
1129   PRODUCT GROUPS          Adding images to product groups was causing an error                    SJP      GS Electrical   3035 31/10/2008
1130   GFK                     Support added to FTP weekly files to GFK Marketing. The files are SJP                            3035 31/10/2008
                               always create from Sunday to Saturday. A management dialog
                               has been added to Admin. Files are sent from a command line
                               option called GFK with the following options:
                               LATEST – send last weeks file (this option needs to be added to
                               the scheduled before trading on a Sunday.
                               ASK – Asks for a starting Sunday to create and send a file
                               DIALOG – A command line option to the management dialog in
1131   SPECIAL OFFERS          'Buy X and get cheapest free' offer (Type F) handling in Trade          RPC                      3036 3/11/2008
                               Sales completed.
                               Validation of Type F offers is now done at end of product entry
                               process before sale is ended or the next process is done.
                               Error checking is now simpler and consists of a qty check when
                               adding the special offer qty to an internal list. If the qty added is
                               not the same sign as the qty existing an error flag is set and the
                               offer will not be applied.
1132   CHECKOUT YESPAY         Due to a change made to handle Commidea transactions, credit            RPC      POORES        3036 3/11/2008
                               card refund values were being put into the checkout payment                      CHORLEYWOOD
                               array as positive instead of negative. This caused the sale cash                 LANES CHEDDAR
                               value to be set to a negative value of twice the original value (due
                               to change handling which would not normally apply to refunds
                               anyway). I believe this bug was introduced in build 3033.
                               Version 10.79.3036 released by RPC on 03/11/2008 added to
                               zensite by CAL. Password same as build 3035.
1133   PURCHASE ORDERS         Change made in 1128 caused unit cost to show as pack cost               SJP      SELECTRIC       3037 3/11/2008
1134   CHECKOUT SALES          If the 'Delivery/Collection Advice Notes via Template' switch is set    RPC      SJP             3038 4/11/2008
       DELIVERY /              to 'Y' printing is now done via template. This should have been                  MEMS
       COLLECTION              done in build 3028 along with the DM screen but was forgotten.
1135   ATR                     If the Time Stamp is not updated then the
                               ATR_CATALOGUE_UPDATE function will now return FALSE.
                               This will stop the file from being renamed.
1136   CHECKOUT SALES          If the 'Delivery/Collection Advice Notes via Template' switch is set    SJP      MEMS            3038 4/11/2008
       DELIVERY /              to 'Y' printing is on saving still printed on the receipt printer.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1137   STATEMENT           When trying to print a statement, that had nothing to report on         SJP      SJP           3038 4/11/2008
       PRINTING            exiting it caused a crash. Also I the progress dialog did not update
1138   CHECKOUT_SALES      The header file CHECKOUT.CH was updated so these files were     RPC                            3039 4/11/2008
       CHECKOUT_SUNDRI     re-saved to make sure the array element numbers were refreshed.
1139   ATR                 Added new command line option - ATR_DOWNLOAD                            RPC      SJP           3040 11/11/2008
                           CATALOGUE. Testing is in progress by PAT.                                        PAT
1140   ATR                 Added new command line option – ATR_UPDATE CATALOGUE.                   RPC      SJP           3040 11/11/2008
                           Testing is in progress by PAT.                                                   PAT
1141   WEB SUBMIT          Multiple categories were not being deleted correctly on the WEB         SJP      HAWKINSPORT   3040 11/11/2008
1142   VERIFY DATAFILES    The stock clean up was causing duplicate supplier entries in some SJP            PAT           3040 11/11/2008
1143   STARTUP             The current public ip address is being sent to the RBA website on       SJP                    3040 11/11/2008
                           start up
1144   COMMAND LINE        Changebr added as a command line option                                 SJP                    3040 11/11/2008
1145   AUTO UPDATE         An auto update facility has been added to the utility menu of           SJP                    3040 11/11/2008
1146   ENTER EDIT          Entering additional barcode sometimes caused the barcode entry          SJP      PAT           3042 12/11/2008
       PRODUCTS            window to lose focus and the window behind receive it instead.
1147   ATR DIALOG          Catalogue Update buttons are now 'Download' and 'Update'.               RPC      PAT           3043 13/11/2008
                           The 'Download' button now downloads a catalogue, if available,                   SJP
                           and creates a file to be processed later using the 'Update' button.
                           The 'Update' button will update both the ATR databases and,
                           based on criteria selected by the user, update the Rba product
                           Supplier records (what used to be the 'Update Your Stock File'
                           functionality). The button will only be enabled if there are valid
                           existing catalogue update files to be processed.
1148   ATR                 The ATR_DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE command line option can                      RPC      PAT           3043 13/11/2008
                           now take an extra parameter to set a timeout value in minutes. If
                           no value is set, the default of 60 is used.
1149   TRADE SALES         When entering a Retailer Trade Sale, the header area will now           RPC      CAL           3043 13/11/2008
                           take on the colour of the order type chosen after the End Entry
                           button is pressed. After making this adjustment, I double checked
                           that editing an order from delivery management sets the header
                           area colour appropriate to the order type of the edited order.
1150   CHECKOUT            On pressing F9 End Entry with delivery/collection items in the          RPC      PAT           3043 13/11/2008
                           order and no account is set the following will happen...
                           If there is a Default Checkout Delivery/Collection account set in
                           1. If the Default account exists, an alert will appear saying 'You
                           need to set a delivery point' and pressing 'Ok' will put you in the
                           set delivery point screen.
                           2. If the Default account does not exist, an alert will tell you this
                           and focus will go back onto the product code entry field.
                           If there is no Default Checkout Delivery/Collection account set in
                           Admin it will put you in the set delivery point screen.
1151   INVENTORY           Recalling a purchase order now set the cursor at the top of the list    SJP      PAT           3043 13/11/2008
1152   INVENTORY           Locking method changed to lock file creation, as per the rest of the SJP         PAT           3043 13/11/2008
       RECEIPTS            system
1153   LEDGER              Deleting invoices with vat cash accounting enabled caused a             SJP      SSL           3043 13/11/2008
       MANAGEMENT          crash
1154   ZIPIT               When running without a dialog, it now forces a logout of any other      SJP      PAT           3043 13/11/2008
1155   INVENTORY           In Inventory Receipts, a lockfile was being created for purchase        RPC                    3044 14/11/2008
       RECEIPTS            order 0 (zero) if no purchase order number was entered. This
       PURCHASE ORDERS     caused the lock file warning to appear for subsequent receipt
                           entries with no purchase order.
                           In Purchase Orders, the release lockfile function was being called
                           even if a valid lockfile handle had not been set.
                                  RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                 RBA32                                              Version                         10.79
Opened                  09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                   Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
1156   RELEASE_LOCKFILE The lock file release method now tests the lockfile handle passed            RPC                      3044 14/11/2008
                        first and does nothing if it's not greater than zero. Now if you call
                        the function when no lockfile handle has been set it will not do
1157   CLIENT / SUPPLIER       The PRINT button on the STOCK tab was visible/enabled even if         RPC                      3044 14/11/2008
       ENTER/EDIT              no valid account had been selected. This was apparent only if the
                               stock tab had been in focus prior to moving to the next account
                               record or entering the next account code. I've adjusted it so all the
                               STOCK tab objects are now hidden if there are no valid records in
                               the STK_SUP database to be displayed.
1158   RBA LOGIN               Shut down file ALL.TXT was not being deleted when the last            SJP      HORACE FULLER 3044 16/11/2008
                               workstation logged out
1159   MAIN MENU               After logging in as a user, a single dialog now shows the progress SJP                         3044 16/11/2008
                               of all startup procedures such as direct debits and repeat invoices.
1160   DBF                     On the advice of Chris Andries ABO, all databases are now             SJP                      3044 16/11/2008
                               opened using their full path name.
1161   NUMBERS                 Creation of DB numbers has been suppressed for BP as this field       SJP                      3044 16/11/2008
                               is going to be used for cash transaction batch control.
1162   RBA UPDATE              The check for update button has been removed and added as             SJP                      3044 16/11/2008
                               Stage 1
1163   SOAPSERVER              The ability to use a SOAPSERVER running at a Head Office              RPC                      3044 17/11/2008
                               branch to relay changes made at one branch to other branches is
                               now possible. A soap task picked up and processed by the soap
                               client running at a Head Office branch will automatically add a
                               record for that task to the soap queue if there is more than one
                               other branch (that is not a Head Office) setup that is also running a
                               SOAPSERVER so that it can be relayed to those other branches.
                               The newly added soap queue task will not be passed back to the
                               branch that originally submitted the task to the Head Office.
1164   LOAN STOCK              Modified the print loan stock statement criteria dialog from a        RPC      CELLAR GAS      3044 18/11/2008
       STATEMENTS              REP_RBA_GETS dialog to a standard DC dialog. It also shows
                               the printing progress in the dialogs message bar so the user can
                               see which statement is currently being processed.
1165   MOVE_QTY                Adjusted this function which is used only in the LPGas system so      RPC                      3044 18/11/2008
                               that the move qty variables are now passed as parameters by
1166   EMAIL                   The inbuilt email function now has all the alerts replaced with       SJP      WHISK           3044 18/11/2008
                               alerts that self close after 10 seconds. This was added to stop
                               unattended processes stopping
1167   CHECKOUT SALES          In a system with delivery management/servicing disabled,           RPC         SJP             3045 19/11/2008
                               pressing the Quote button would still give you the option to Save              BRUTONS
                               the Quote. It should not have been available as there is no way to
                               recall the saved quote in that type of system.
1168   ATR                     Changed the UPDATE button in the Catalogue Update section so RPC               PAT             3045 19/11/2008
                               that it will always always be available and will ask you what type of
                               STOCK1 update you want to to run even if no download file was
                               found to be processed.
1169   SOAPSERVER              Client processing now handles Client Discount updates.                RPC                      3045 20/11/2008
1170   CLIENT DISCOUNTS        If the relevant Soap Queue Update flag in Admin is set to 'Y', a RPC                           3045 20/11/2008
                               Client Discount update task will be added to the SOAPQ database
                               for SOAPSERVER processing.
1171   DELIVERY                Interbranch orders cannot now be despatched to Open Order.            RPC      G&S             3045 21/11/2008
1172   PURCHASE ORDER          On entering a new product onto the order, the Product Code field      RPC      WHISK           3045 21/11/2008
       ENTRY                   is now disabled and cannot be changed.
1173   CHECKOUT SALES          Order Reference field expanded from 15 to 20 characters.              RPC      COLQUHOUNS      3045 21/11/2008
1174   SALES ENTRY             The standard version of the Sales Entry report now has the facility   RPC      MOULTON         3045 21/11/2008
       REPORT                  to include a tax breakdown by department. The report adds a text               COLLEGE
                               disclaimer if the total department vat does not equal the actual               SJP
                               total vat and notes that this is due to rounding issues.
1175   LOCKFILE                The GET_LOCKFILE_NAME function now simply tests for a '\'             RPC                      3046 24/11/2008
                               character in the passed filename. If one does not exist then it
                               adds the full LOCKS folder path to the filename before trying to
                                 RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                               Version                         10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                  Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
                              access it. This may fix a few calls to the function that were trying
                              to get the name of the workstation that created the file but could
                              not due to no path being present in the supplied filename.
1176   ASSISTANTS             Two new entry fields added, one for diary name and the other for       SJP                      3046 24/11/2008
                              engineer‟s email address
1177   AUTO UPDATE            Cosmetic update and display of update version available                SJP                      3046 24/11/2008
1178   BULK STOCK PRICE       Now filterable by VATCODE                                              SJP                      3046 24/11/2008
1179   TEMPLATE PRINTING BP have been excluded from allowing to print to remote printers             SJP      BP              3046 24/11/2008
1180   STOCK COUNT            In LPGas, the Stock Count entry now allows the Qty of Empties to       RPC                      3047 24/11/2008
       ENTRY                  be entered
1181   DELIVERY RAISE PO      On picking up the supplier cost, the cost values picked up for         RPC      SAFE SECURITY   3047 24/11/2008
                              suppliers are now based on the current date rather than the
                              delivery due date.
1182   LOAN STOCK             The loan stock printing routine was not treating the contents of the   RPC      CELLAR GAS      3047 24/11/2008
       STATEMENTS             work database correctly. This would result in only partial
                              information being printed if you had over 20 products to print. I
                              double checked that the information printed is now correct under
                              these circumstances.
1183   PURCHASE LEDGER        Open cash was being ignored in the browse display Amount Due           RPC      POORES ACTON    3047 26/11/2008
       AUTO PAYMENT           column. Also, due to the same problem the proposed payment
                              amount was not being calculated correctly. Both of these issues
                              have now been corrected.
1184   STOCK ANALYSIS         On pressing the Commit Changes button and selecting the 'Zero          RPC      G&S             3047 27/11/2008
                              stock on marked records' option the processing was ignoring the
                              fact that the record was marked or unmarked.
1185   SOAPSERVER             A variable was being accessed from an array on initial start up        RPC      SELECTRIC       3047 27/11/2008
                              when the array was not actually an array at the time but was still     SJP
                              NIL instead. This would only happen if you were not running a
                              client process.
1186   VAT CHANGE             The Tax rate change in admin now shows a progress dialog               SJP                      3047 27/11/2008
1187   DIARY                  Training and In Shop added to the drop down                            SJP      Eydens          3047 27/11/2008
1188   HANDHELD               Button added to RBASTOCK screen to copy vendor product codes SJP                Gees            3047 27/11/2008
                              to the part code if free
1189   RBA CALCULATOR         The vat plus/minus button was fixed at 17.50% instead of using         SJP      LSD             3047 27/11/2008
                              the vat table.
1190   LEDGER                 The account code does not blank out after a purchase invoice has       SJP                      3047 27/11/2008
       MANAGEMENT             been edited
1191   LEDGER                 A check added to purchase invoice entry to ensure the entry            SJP                      3047 27/11/2008
       MANAGEMENT             balances for allowing a save.
1192   LEDGER                 PURCHASE LEDGER. On going into Credit Allocation, the credit        RPC         SJP             3047 27/11/2008
       MANAGEMENT             note number field and picklist were not taking into account whether             POORES ACTON
                              the credit note had been authorised. Now the picklist will not show
                              un-authorised credit notes and entering a credit note number
                              directly into the field will check if the credit note has been
                              authorised and only allow it to be allocated if it has.
1193   LEDGER                 The multiple credit note selection dialog that appears on entering a RPC        SJP             3047 27/11/2008
       MANAGEMENT             payment and clicking on the 'credit notes' tick box now has a                   POORES ACTON
                              'Toggle All' button.
1194   INVENTORY              On entering a goods in against a purchase order number, the            RPC      MORRIS MICA     3047 27/11/2008
       RECEIPTS               lockfile was not being released correctly. This lockfile would be               AND OTHERS
                              locked until the workstation that entered the goods in exited the
1195   INVOICE PRINTING       Debugging added                                                        SJP      BP/PAT          3047 27/11/2008
1196   CHECKOUT SALES         Double clicking an item in the main sales receipt browse would         RPC      CAL             3047 27/11/2008
                              leave the highlight colour on the browse. On returning to the
                              product code field this would be highlighted in the same colour as
                              well which was a little confusing. The browse highlight was
                              supposed to be reset automatically to black but something in the
                              object refreshing on the screen stopped this from happening. The
                              highlight colour change function is now explicitly called on
                              selecting via the browse which solves the problem.
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                                Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
1197   ENTER EDIT            The relationship between SPG and RRP now respects SPGFORM SJP                    LSD             3047 27/11/2008
1198   NETPRINT              DOS Printer Type 9 is now available as a printer type.                  RPC                      3048 27/11/2008
1199   DELIVERY ADVICE       DOS Printing is now possible for Retailer only.                         RPC      OAK FARM        3048 28/11/2008
1200   PRINTER FUNCTIONS DOS Printer Type 9 is now held correctly.                                   RPC                      3048 28/11/2008
1201   DOS DELIVERY NOTE The error alert now shows more useful information depending on              RPC                      3048 28/11/2008
       PRINTING          the type of error
1202   CLIENT/SUPPLIER       Changed the function that positions the entry cursor on the first       RPC                      3048 28/11/2008
       ENTER/EDIT            available get in a tab page
1203   OPEN ORDER            The DB Number for each invoice is now allocated from the global         RPC                      3048 28/11/2008
       INVOICING             db number value as opposed to the sales db number value.
1204   USER STOCK            The User Filter entry and testing should now work as expected.          RPC      LANES CHEDDAR 3048 28/11/2008
       REPORTS               Please note that only fields from STOCK1 and STYPART can be
                             used in the filter. If STYPART fields are to be tested the alias must
                             be supplied (eg, STYPART->USER1)
1205   ACCTUPD               A new command line option has been added to allow account               SJP                      3048 28/11/2008
                             details to be imported from a spreadsheet
1206   GFK                   A new command line option added called PREPARE to                       SJP                      3048 28/11/2008
                             automatically create the GFK and Mica accounts and EDI records
1207   GFK                   The Mica email is now sent within the same command line                 SJP                      3048 28/11/2008
                             function as the file is FTP'ed to GFK
1208                         Shelf edge label printing improved to make it easier to change          SJP      ALBERTS/WATSO 3048 28/11/2008
       LABEL                 stock without the need to do a recalibration                                     NS
1209   DIARY                 The button to view an order in the AM/PM/ANY box now is                 SJP      EYDENS          3048 28/11/2008
                             disabled if no orders exist
1210   PURCHASE ORDER        The lockfile was not being released correctly for an edited             RPC      HANSENS         3048 01/12/2008
       EDIT                  Purchase Order on saving.                                                        HEMSWORTH
                                                                                                              AND OTHERS
1211   ENTER EDIT            Pricing days back now defaults to zero from 7, but this can be          SJP                      3048 01/12/2008
       PRODUCTS              changed back in ADMIN
1212   STATEMENTS            A DOS conversion was not printing statement as the default in           SJP      POORES          3048 01/12/2008
                             DOS for statement printing was empty. Printing routine change to
                             take this into account
1213   INVOICE PRINTING      More focused debugging added                                            SJP      BP/PAT          3048 01/12/2008
1214   ENTER EDIT            Offer prices inc Tax are now calculated using the tax rate              SJP      CAL             3048 01/12/2008
       PRODUCTS              applicable on the day instead of using the SPG date
1215   CHECKOUT              The Net and VAT totals on the printed Saved Quote receipt were     RPC           F KNIGHT        3049 02/12/2008
                             being calculated and shown wrongly. It was not multiplying the
                             product gross price by the qty before deducting the vat and adding
                             it to the net total.
1216   TRADE SALES           You can now enter an invoice (external reference) date at the           SJP      GLOS LOCKS      3049 02/12/2008
                             beginning of a trade collection or credit, this is to allow the order            HANSENS
                             recalculation to use the vat rate applicable at the time of the
                             external reference date.
1217   MASTPROD              The MASTPROD database is now checked to see if it has                   SJP      POORES          3049 02/12/2008
                             contents before starting an update                                               CHORLEYWOOD
1218   TALLY                 Tally quantity now held to three decimal places                         SJP      PAT / TILE      3049 02/12/2008
1219   PICKING LIST          Single client picking list can now be printed from Despatch Options SJP          CLEVELANDS      3049 02/12/2008

1220   TRADE SALES           The prompt text object next to the Order Ref 1 field was not wide       RPC                      3050 03/12/2008
                             enough and the text was being truncated.
                             Also, I have made the Order Ref 2 prompt right aligned to be
                             consistent with the Order Ref 1 prompt.
1221   TRADE SALES           On selecting a date using the Pick List against the Invoice Date        RPC      RPC             3050 03/12/2008
                             field, it was not updating the field correctly. This was due to the              CAL
                             Manual XRef Date field using the same object reference as the
                             Invoice Date field. As far as I can tell, the two entry fields are
                             mutually exclusive and should not both exist at once, so the code
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                              Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                          Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build
                             now creates one or the other based on the entry type.
1222   TRADE SALES           Credit Notes Only – On using the Against Order button and            RPC      HANSENS        3050 04/12/2008
                             choosing an Order, the Load Account Details function was
                             resetting the Invoice Date back to todays date.
1223   SUPSTOCK              On entering a new product that has been loaded from the ATR       RPC         CASH SAVE      3050 04/12/2008
       ATR PRODUCT           product data, the description was being wrongly trimmed of spaces
                             and was not set to the correct length of 41 characters.
1224   SAGE                  Account copied from sage now respect the default base price set      SJP      XING XING      3050 04/12/2008
                             in Admin
1225   DIARY                 Command line option added to send emails to assistants when          SJP      EYDENS         3050 04/12/2008
                             worksheets have not been finalised for a number of day
                             DIARY_EMAILS after days, reminder days, cc email
1226   REMITTANCES, PL       DB number could only be entered as 6 digits                          SJP      POORES         3050 04/12/2008
1227   TRADE SALES           Further modification made to 1040 to allow for credits against       RPC      HANSENS        3050 04/12/2008
                             invoices to use a backdated effective date
1228   STATEMENT INVOICE Debugging code added in Item 1032 above caused a crash                   RPC      G&S            3051 05/12/2008
       PRINTING          because it was not expecting an array to be passed.
1229   DAYBOOOK ENTRIES The SALESDB index was not being used when a range of db                   RPC                     3051 05/12/2008
       BY RANGE         numbers was entered (ie, start db is not same as end db). This
                        caused the report to not gather the data correctly.
1230   TRANSACTION           Now it can be printed for any range of periods in the current year   SJP      EYDENS         3051 05/12/2008
1231   CHECKOUT, DIARY,      The timer loop to create a clock or a countdown timer was not       SJP       EYDENS         3051 05/12/2008
       DELIVERY              unique to the calling function and was closed if another dialog was
       MANAGEMENT,           opened and used a timer loop. The timer loop was replace with
       CREATE RUNS           one that supports multiple instances
1232   INVENTORY             Changes made to where the focus was returned after editing a         SJP      IRVINES MICA   3051 05/12/2008
       RECEIPTS              product
1233   ERRORSYS              The background dialog colour has been changed to red                 SJP                     3051 05/12/2008
1234   SAGE                  A new sage option has been added to synchronize and update the SJP            S&S            3051 05/12/2008
                             sage stock file from RBA
1235   BULK PRICE            Error fixed when trying to run this option (VATCDOE does not         SJP                     3051 05/12/2008
       CHANGE                exist)
1236   GFK                   Now the posting to GFK will only happen once per week. Once the SJP                          3051 05/12/2008
                             ACK has been set further uploads will be suspended until a new
                             week passes
1237   LPGAS DELIVERY        If an order included a refund product, was saved and then edited,    RPC      LPG DIRECT     3052 09/12/2008
       ORDERS                the refund product qtys and prices got messed up.
1238   LPGAS CREDIT          If a credit note was raisied against an order that included refund   RPC                     3052 09/12/2008
       NOTES                 products, the refund product qtys and prices were not loaded
                             correctly and on saving the order net and vat totals were negated
1239   STOCK1 SUPPORT        Moved a few STOCK1 related functions into a separate source file RPC                         3052 09/12/2008
                             called STOCK1_SUPPORT.PRG so they can be used by
1240   ADMIN SOAP QUEUE      Moved the SOAP Queue Update settings from Switches to                RPC                     3052 09/12/2008
1241   SOAP BRANCH           Added SOAP Branch Management option to Customise, SOAP               RPC                     3052 09/12/2008
       MANAGEMENT            menu to allow branch related soap settings to be updated (this
                             used to be done via Admin, Customise, Branches).
1242   SOAPFLAGS             Changed flag access method from using a header file                  RPC                     3052 10/12/2008
                             (soapflags.ch) to using functions (soapflags.prg). This was done
                             because each change made to the header file did not
                             automatically update the program files that used it.
1243   CHECKOUT SALES        Refund Validation was including negative sales qtys of a product     RPC      KIT SHOP       3052 10/12/2008
                             when checking the qtys from the original order.
1244   ATR DIALOG            Minimising of the dialog now possible                                SJP      PAT            3052 11/12/2008
1245   AUTO UPDATE           Now asks to confirm a backup has been completed                      SJP      PAT            3052 11/12/2008
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                               Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
1246   ZIPIT                 From a command line a zip file can now be passed                       SJP      PAT             3052 11/12/2008
1247   ACCOUNT DELETION Deleting account codes was not correctly removing the fast seek             SJP      GS              3052 11/12/2008
1248   ATR                   Access To Retail functionality is no longer based on a licensed        SJP      PAT             3052 11/12/2008
1249   TRADE SALES           Save Price button action was not dealing with prices for Retail        RPC      PAT             3052 11/12/2008
                             Customers correctly.
1250   TRADE SALES           Saving a Redistribution Collection or Credit Note would crash with     RPC      BRISTOL GAS     3052 11/12/2008
                             a 'Invalid Datatype in Database field' error message.
1251   TRADE SALES           Added a few value rounding functions into the code that chooses        RPC                      3053 11/12/2008
                             the colour of the Account Balance object that appears in the block
                             of objects on the right of the Order Header area.
1252   CHECKOUT              The wording that appears when you try to end a zero value              RPC      CAL             3053 12/12/2008
                             checkout sale should now make more sense with relation to the
                             type of sale that is being processed.
1253   WORKSTATION /         The Chip & Pin Account Number field now accepts any                    RPC      CAL             3053 12/12/2008
       PRINTER SETUP         alphanumeric character and is uppercase only.                                   SJP
1254   WORKSTATION /         If the Chip & Pin Type is set to 'C' (for Commidea), on saving it      RPC      CAL             3053 12/12/2008
       PRINTER SETUP         now tests if the folder 'C:\Commidea' exists and if not,                        SJP
                             creates it.
1255   ADMIN CUSTOMISE       The Debug Email Address now saves correctly.                           RPC      KIT SHOP        3053 12/12/2008
1256   COMMIDEA              An exit button now appears if a transaction is cancelled or another    RPC      PAT             3053 12/12/2008
       PROGRESS DIALOG       error occurs to allow easier exit using touch screens.
1257   CHECKOUT              If you try to put a sale on Layaway and there is a Serial Numbered RPC          LANES CHEDDAR 3053 12/12/2008
                             item in the sale, an alert will appear to stop you as the Layaway
                             files cannot currently handle serial numbers.
1258   NOMINAL CODE          You can now give a restriction level against an individual nominal    SJP       G&S             3053 14/12/2008
       RESTRICTIONS          code from 0-8, this will prevent the code being reported on or
                             edited if the user has accounting rights if less than 6 and the
                             Restricted status set against the user is lower than that against the
                             code. The Restricted status can only be set by a user with
                             accounting rights 6 (via add/editing codes), also the trial balance,
                             balance sheet and audit reports are only available to users with
                             accounting rights 6.

1259   STOCK ANALYSIS        Sell Type added to filters                                             SJP      PAT             3053 14/12/2008
1260   ENTER EDIT            Selltype is now on a drop down and three new selltypes have            SJP      PAT             3053 14/12/2008
       PRODUCTS              been added A, B (same as S) and X for special orders
1261   PURCHASE ORDER        Colour and size added                                                  SJP      SHOE SHOP       3054 15/12/2008
1262   DELIVERY              For Safe security deliveries can now be backdated to the               SJP      SSL             3054 15/12/2008
       DESPATCH              beginning of the previous month
1263   SALES QUANTITY        For G&S only it now show current stock quantities on the sales         SJP      G&S             3054 15/12/2008
       REPORT                detail quantity report print preview
1264   SALES ENTRY           The Tax Breakdown by Department now also shows the net total           RPC      MOULTON         3054 15/12/2008
       REPORT                for each tax code value.                                                        COLLEGE
1265   STOCK FILE            The main stock file now has an UPDSTAMP field that will be             RPC                      3054 15/12/2008
       UPDSTAMP              updated whenever any adjustment is made to the stock record.
                             This has been added for SOAP use.
1266   PL REMITTANCE         Fixed a crash (Parameter has a wrong datatype) that happened           SJP      G&S             3054 15/12/2008
                             due to some debug code added for invoice printing that was
                             accidentally being done for other templates.
1267   STATEMENT             Made a few changes to the way the batch print log file is written to   RPC      BRISTOL GAS     3055 15/12/2008
       PRINTING              make it easier to track what is happening and how long it is taking
                             between each step of the process.
1268   BULK LABELS           The Delivery Receipt field that appears for a selection type of    RPC          CAL             3055 15/12/2008
                             Goods In Receipt was mistakenly using the wrong variable. It now
                             uses the correct variable, the prompt for the field has changed to
                             'D/C Reference' to be consistent with the Inventory Receipt screen
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                            Version                          10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                            and the wording of the entry message for that field has been
                            updated. Also, the entry message box has been changed to a two
                            line static as one of the messages was too long to be displayed.
1269   DIRECT DEBIT         Rba Only – The amount of Auto Allocation of Payments for        RPC             SJP           3055 17/12/2008
                            nominated Branch Invoices is now deducted from the open invoice
                            and cash balances for the customers
1270   STOCK CHECK          Validation simplified                                                  SJP      POORES        3055 17/12/2008
1271   MASTPROD             Now aborts if less than 100 products exist in HQ‟s file                SJP      POORES        3055 17/12/2008
1272   CHECKOUT             Delivery and Collection order lines can now have negative qtys         RPC      MEMS          3056 17/12/2008
1273   CHECKOUT             The 'Delivery/Collection Advice Notes via Template' switch in        RPC        MEMS          3056 17/12/2008
                            Admin can now be set to 'A'. If set to 'A', on going to print a                 SJP
                            delivery / collection document you will now have the choice to print
                            the document as 'Slip','A4' or 'Both'. Note that Delivery
                            Management will treat the switch as 'Y' and presume template
                            priniting is to be used.
1274   SALES BROWSE         Added a new button, 'Coll. Note'. This appears when viewing an         RPC      MEMS          3056 17/12/2008
                            open order invoice to allow you to produce a reprint of the original            SJP
                            collection note.
1275   DELIVERY             It was possible under some circumstances to send an order              RPC      LOCK SHOP     3056 18/12/2008
       DESPATCH             containing Special Order products to Open Order. On finalising
                            and saving to open order it now checks and shows an alert and
                            aborts the process.
1276   DELIVERY             A crash would result when Viewing an order with a deposit and          RPC      PAT           3056 18/12/2008
       MANAGEMENT           pressing enter or double clicking on the deposit line.
1277   UPDATE RUNS          The record in RUN1 is now explicitly seeked using the full run         RPC      BP PLYMOUTH   3056 19/12/2008
                            number and no longer tried to re-use the partial run record as this             SJP
                            may have possibly created duplicate final run records
1278   TRADE SALES          When entering an head office invoice to account, all the linked        SJP      BRADLEYS      3056 19/12/2008
                            accounts are now offered
1279   SUNDRIES             Sundries received cash, sundries account receipts now does not         SJP      GS            3056 19/12/2008
                            need a supervisors password
1280   MAIN MENU            Retailer Express crashed on startup as no flash progress box was       SJP      PAT           3056 19/12/2008
1281   DIARY                Fix made for editing mutil entries, causing a UID error                SJP      EYDENS        3056 19/12/2008

1282   TILL CHECK           The gathering of Open Orders has been adjusted as backdated            RPC      NICK G&S      3056 19/12/2008
                            items (ie, from deliveries) were causing the gathering to end
1283   LEDGER HISTORY       Small Cosmetic adjustment to the header width to take into             RPC                    3056 19/12/2008
       REPORT               account that dates are now 10 chars wide.
1284   FLATVIEW             Find facility is now integrated into the main viewer dialog to make    RPC                    3056 19/12/2008
                            it easier to find and continue finding text.
1285   TRADE SALES          The External Reference date should now no longer cause a               RPC      BRISTOL GAS   3056 19/12/2008
                            problem with LPGas Delivery orders.
1286   ATR                  The Change Date buttons can now only be used to wind the date          RPC                    3056 19/12/2008
1287   SALES BROWSE         InterBranch transfers were not showing the correct branch when         SJP      GS            3056 20/12/2008
                            HQ controlled the branches stock
1288   INTER BRANCH         Two extra selection criteria added to From Branch and To Branch        SJP      GS            3056 20/12/2008
       REPORT               for branch aware systems only
1289   CHECKOUT             Canceling a quote then putting though a new sale caused                SJP      KIT SHOP      3056 22/12/2008
                            checkout to lock up after printing the invoice
1290   CHANGE PART          Merging a part number caused a duplicate entry in the webstock         SJP      KITSHOP       3057 22/12/2008
                            database causing the new part number not to post
1291   TRADE SALES /        Special offer items can now be sent to delivery management for         SJP      SELECTRIC     3057 29/12/2008
       COLLECTIONS          dispatch
1292   DEPOSITS /           Changing an account from cash to credit while a delivery order         SJP      SELECTRIC     3057 29/12/2008
       DELIVERY             with a deposit was on delivery management did not add the
       DESPATCH             deposit to the sales ledger on dispatch
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                             Version                        10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
1293   DEPOSITS /           Changing an account from cash to credit while a delivery item with SJP         SJP             3057 29/12/2008
       UPDATE RUNS          a deposit was pending updating did not add the deposit to the
                            sales ledger on updating the run
1294   DIARY                Fix in Item 1281 above caused a further problem reported by LSD       SJP      LSD             3057 29/12/2008

1295   DIARY_EMAILS         Were not recording the emails being sent and resending the whole SJP           EYDENS          3057 29/12/2008
                            batch each day again. Also extra test added to only send one
                            email if the assistant and the copy to email are the same
1296   ENTER EDIT           If there is a COSTFORM (relationship between RRP and Cost)            SJP      POORES          3057 31/12/2008
       PRODUCTS             then the check for RRP below cost is disabled
1297   DIRECT DEBITS        On creating the return, a SIF file for Barclays BMS is now created    SJP      POORES          3057 31/12/2008
                            in addition to the existing two output files
1298   ATR                  The unit cost is now determined for the wholesale list price if the   SJP      TIMBERMILLS     3057 31/12/2008
                            pack price is empty
1299   VERIFY DATAFILES     The stock utility in Verify Datafiles was not clearing duplicate      SJP      TIMBERMILLS     3057 31/12/2008
                            supplier's entries correctly. Also supplier codes were being
                            incorrectly added to the previous product in some situations
1300   VNC                  Support added for UltraVNC SingleClick in the Utilities menu          SJP                      3057 31/12/2008

1301   RECURRING            Were not posting for stand alone systems since build 3044             SJP      BRISTOL GAS     3058 31/12/2008
1302   BULK STOCK RESET     Option added to reset all products and only reset those not sold or   SJP      JOHN LYNES      3058 02/01/2009
                            received before the checked date
1303   CHECKOUT SUNDRY      The Sundry A/c Receipts screen was not treating Card Payments         RPC      PAT             3059 05/01/2009
       A/C RECEIPTS +       correctly when Commidea was in use. The receipt would have                     DOUBLETEE
       COMMIDEA             been treated as if the Pin Pad setup flag was set to 'N'.                      MICA
1304   CHECKOUT             Order reference was only allowing 15 instead of 20 characters to      SJP      PAT             3059 05/01/2009
                            be entered
1305   COMMAND LINE         New internal utility written to extract a primary supplier from one   SJP      TIMBERMILLS     3059 05/01/2009
                            stock file and add it to the main stock file as the next available
1306   DIARY                Address box at bottom of diary made one line larger and header        SJP      SELECTRICS      3059 05/01/2009
                            bar and spacing gaps reduced
1307   CLIENT / SUPPLIER    The Suppress Discounts field can now also govern whether a            RPC      SELECTRIC       3060 06/01/2009
       ENTER / EDIT         customer gets Special Offers. The field can now be:
                             N or Blank – Allow Discounts
                             Y or D – Suppress Client Discounts Only
                             O – Suppress Special Offers Only
                             B – Suppress both
1308   CHECKOUT             Special Offers are now suppressed if the Client / Supplier            RPC      SELECTRIC       3060 06/01/2009
                            Suppress Discounts flag is set to 'O' or 'B'
1309   TRADE SALES          Special Offers are now suppressed if the Client / Supplier            RPC      SELECTRIC       3060 06/01/2009
                            Suppress Discounts flag is set to 'O' or 'B'
1310   SCANNED              Scanned document filenames that include illegal characters were       RPC      HORACE FULLER 3060 06/01/2009
       DOCUMENTS            created correctly but were not being loaded and displayed
                            correctly in the scan dialog afterwards.
1311   USER STOCK           The custom index and filter say objects were not being refreshed      RPC                      3060 06/01/2009
       REPORTS              correctly after being changed
1312   LIST & LABEL         A few reports (including the uplift discrepancy report) passed an RPC          G&S             3060 06/01/2009
       REPORTS              array of values to the ACTION_TEMPLATE function and this would
                            cause a crash with a 'parameter is the wrong datatype' message.
1313   CREATE RUN           Fix made to one of the RESCHEDULE routines that may not have          SJP      BP              3061 06/01/2009
       (LPGAS)              updated the invoice date at the same time as the run number
1314   NCOMPARE             Calling NCOMPARE now checks to see if new structures exist.           RPC      SELECTRIC       3060 06/01/2009

1315   SOAPSERVER           An Account Sync task would crash (due to an unknown 'destroy'         RPC      SELECTRIC       3061 07/01/2009
                            method) as some code that I put in for testing was not removed
                            afterwards (Steve hadn't told me that my copy of the source file
                            (that is still under development) was being released). I have now
                            removed the offending 3 lines of code.
1316   TILL CHECK           Two changes made as follows:                                          RPC      LOCK SHOP       3061 07/01/2009
                                1. The Open Order gathering was being done for any type
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                          Fixer      Reported By    Date / Build
                                of report when it should only have been done for the Custom
                                Report if the flag had been set to allow it.
                                2. When the Uplift version was being produced, the
                                gathering did not take any notice of the open order records
                                TIME field.
1317   HANDHELD            RBASTOCK check now only checks for the department not the            SJP        PAT            3061 07/01/2009
1318   LIST & LABEL        Added some more print debugging stuff into the middle of a set of    RPC        PAT / SJP      3062 07/01/2009
                           code that has been pinpointed as taking longer than expected.                   BP
1319   STATEMENT           Option added to only print emailed statements                        SJP        EXTRAGAS       3063 08/01/2009
1320   NOT SOLD SINCE      Stocked filter added                                                 SJP        CAL/GAFFNEYS   3063 08/01/2009
1321   LIST & LABEL        Added a couple more bits of debug logging into LL9_IN.               RPC        SJP            3063 09/01/2009
                           The function COMPLETE_TEMPLATE_NAME now uses the                                BP
                           FEXIST() function instead of the FILE() function to see if that
                           difference may have been causing the problem.
1322   VERIFY DATAFILES    The modification made in 3057 caused the stock code to be            SJP        POORES         3064 10/01/2009
                           replace with the sales code for linked item
1323   COMMAND LINE        Diary emails now includes the assistant in the email body            SJP        EYDENS         3064 10/01/2009

1324   LABELS              Labels now print the price before any promotional, min or max        SJP        OADBY          3064 10/01/2009
                           price has been applied
1325   DELIVERY            Checking caused an error in some situations when rescheduling a      SJP        EXTRAGAS       3065 12/01/2009
       RESCHEDUE           run from the dialog
1326   REPEATS             Modification made to the VAT calculations for retail customers       SJP        EXTRAGAS       3065 12/01/2009
                           where large quantities caused small rounding errors
1327   NCOMPARE            Fix 1314 in build 3060 caused a compare not an ncompare be           SJP        PAT            3065 12/01/2009
                           called with a system update
1328   KITS                Adjusted font used for Kit Totals shown when editing from get font   RPC                       3066 12/01/2009
                           bold to say font bold as it looked odd. Also changed say object to
                           use ntrim() instead of transform() for values.
1329   CLIENT/SUPPLIER     Email address expanded to 50 characters                              SJP        EXTRAGAS       3066 14/01/2009
1330   IP CHECKING         Adjustment made to switch over to a new server of the 23/2/09 by     SJP        INTERNAL       3066 14/01/2009
                           posting to a new ip address after that date, also in Admin Email
                           setup an IP Address can be specified.
1331   CLIENT/SUPPLIER     The carriage details were not showing if the invoice to account      SJP        POORES         3066 15/01/2009
       ENTER/EDIT          was different from the account. Invoice to account should have no
                           influence on this field.
1332   DELIVERY            New user defined columns were not displaying                         SJP        LOCKSHOP       3066 15/01/2009
1333   EDI                 Toolbank EDI footer was not formatted correctly                      SJP        TOOLBANK       3066 15/01/2009

1334   REPEATS             Fix 1326 in build 3065 caused a crash as the line gross variables    RPC        VARIOUS        3066 16/01/2009
                           were not being set correctly for all types of repeat orders
1335   ADD PRODUCT TO      Removed a test that would have stopped a product being               RPC                       3067 19/01/2009
       SOAPQ               transferred if the product branch was empty
1336   OVER CREDIT         Now takes into account open order balances                           SJP        GARDNER        3066 19/01/2009
1337   UPDATE RUNS         On updating a run (LPGAS only) invoice are now not printed for       SJP        EXTRAGAS       3066 19/01/2009
                           account set to email invoices
1338   MAIN - ADS          The rba_ads.ini file now supports a system name to force Retailer    SJP        EXTRAGAS       3066 19/01/2009
                           to run as LPGas or Retailer
1339   STATEMENTS          The zero value statement option can now accept a P for positive      SJP        EXTRAGAS       3066 19/01/2009
                           statements only
1340   CLIENT/SUPPLIER     In the Client Cards tab, the buttons to allow you to add, edit, expire RPC      CAL            3066 20/01/2009
       ENTER/EDIT          and print seemed to be missing. They appear to have been
                           displayed in a non-visible portion of the tab area. I have fixed this
                           and cosmetically adjusted the browse as well to make better use
                           of the tab area.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1341   ATR, BULK PRICE   Changed STOCK1 updating to use UD_STOCK1 function                        RPC                    3066 20/01/2009
       TAX CHANGE,
1342   TRADE SALES         Added a test immediately after product code entry to try to catch      RPC      BP            3066 20/01/2009
                           an empty product code before it can be added to the main items                  SJP
                           array. This has only been reported at one customer site.
1343   SUPSTOCK            Changed adding of new record to STOCK1 to use UD_STOCK1                RPC                    3067 21/01/2009
                           function. Updating existing records does not us UD_STOCK1 but
                           updates the SOAPQ manually (as it was too complex to easily
1344   KITS                Changed STOCK1 updating to use UD_STOCK1 function                      RPC                    3067 21/01/2009

1345   CLIENT/SUPPLIERS    The email field was widened to 50 chars in the last version but the    SJP                    3067 22/01/2009
       ENTER/EDIT          entry window was still restricted to 40 chars
1346   TOOLBANK EDI        Could not post the FTP file as there were too many parameters in       SJP                    3067 22/01/2009
                           the call causing an error
1347   ACCOUNTING          Fixed a spelling mistake (there was one too many 'o's in the word      RPC      SYL           3067 23/01/2009
       JOURNAL ENTRY       Daybook...) in the get prompt that appears when you enter a DB
1348   UPDFILES            Added a debug log to Add_SOAP_Record_For_Product function              RPC                    3067 23/01/2009
                           that gets written only in a dev environment.
1349   TRADE SALES         UID 16324. Using the Save Price button on a product where the          RPC      G&S           3067 23/01/2009
                           pricing object had not been initialised correctly would cause a
                           crash as the nProdDecs variable was being set directly from the
                           pricing object. I've moved the object validity test to the beginning
                           of the function.
1350   REPEATS             The oPrices pricing object used to extract prices for LPGas            RPC                    3067 23/01/2009
                           deliveries now gets set to NIL before use for each product in an
                           order to make sure it cannot confuse the processing further down
                           in the code.
1351   SOAPSERVER          The new STOCK_SYNC option is now ready for beta testing.         RPC                          3067 23/01/2009
                           Also, the EXIT button has been removed as it was deemed to easy
                           to accidentally exit the SOAPSERVER program when it was run
                           with the interface being shown (ie, not as a background service)
1352   WEB_EMAIL           The BuildMessage function that is used to build emails sent from       RPC                    3067 23/01/2009
                           various parts of the system now sets the correct date header
1352   SOAP                The soap queue is now left open if multiple addition need to be        SJP                    3068 23/01/2009
                           added to the queue
1353   IP CHECKER          Now gathers the licence number and RBA account reference               SJP                    3068 23/01/2009

1354   SAGE                The customer record update now does not modify the base price,         SJP      TILE          3068 23/01/2009
                           it is only set once from sage with a customer addition                          WAREHOUSE
1355   CHECKOUT, TRADE     When a barcode is scanned and found in the secondary database          SJP      GFK           3068 23/01/2009
       SALES, HANDHELD,    it now promotes it to the primary position
1356   WRITE FILE          *** INTERNAL ** now handles two dimensional arrays                     SJP                    3068 23/01/2009

1357   NOMINAL REPORTS     Year added to most reports to allow the report to be generated for     SJP                    3068 23/01/2009
                           periods forward of the current financial year
1358   AGEING              Columns were out of line on branch systems                             SJP                    3068 23/01/2009

1359   STOCK ANALYSIS      Handheld button added to load products scanned only, all other         SJP      PAT           3068 23/01/2009
                           information entered on the handheld will be ignored, eg quantities,
                           prices, minimum stock etc.
1360   GENERAL PICK        DB_PICK now has an option to send the displayed data to Excel if       SJP      SL            3068 23/01/2009
       LISTS               the user has Manager Rights
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                 RBA32                                            Version                        10.79
Opened                  09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                          Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1361   DIARY EMAILS          The diary emails command line option was not picking up previous SJP          EYDENS        3068 23/01/2009
                             email sent dates correctly, causing a first email to be sent every
1362   FLATVIEW              Added a button that will allow the contents of the flatview database RPC                    3069 27/01/2009
                             to be output to text file.
1363   SERIAL NUMBER         The criteria dialog was modal when it should not have been.          RPC                    3069 27/01/2009
1364   GENERAL PICK          The check for Manager Rights for the new Excel button added to       RPC                    3069 27/01/2009
       LISTS                 DB_PICK in Item 1360 caused a crash when in Admin.
1365   PL SEQUENCE           Values now show decimal places.                                      SJP      G&S           3069 27/01/2009
1366   CHECKOUT              Cash Receipt entry should now display correctly                      SJP      CAL           3069 27/01/2009
1367   PURCHASE BROWSE Toolbank EDI acknowledgement now implemented                               SJP                    3069 27/01/2009

1368   EDI                   Stuff to get Toolbank acknowledgement working                        SJP                    3069 27/01/2009

1369   DOCUMENT              If in the Message Manager in Admin you typed in more than 9          RPC      CELLAR GAS    3070 29/01/2009
       MESSAGES              lines in any message you would get a crash on saving.                         PAT
1370   FLATVIEW              Changed folder name that 'output to text file' files are saved in    RPC      SJP           3070 29/01/2009
                             from RPC_DEV to Saved_Report_Files, added a save dialog and          SJP
                             defaulted the document name to the title of the report
1371   UPDATE RUN            Cash drawer will now open if a cash type payment has been taken SJP           ADAMS         3070 02/02/2009

1372   OVERCRED              The over credit limit test was take a long time on accounts with a   SJP      ADAMS         3070 02/02/2009
                             lot of sales ledger history, process rationalized
1373   ROUTES                The default run time from routes has been improved to add a cut      SJP      ADAMS         3070 02/02/2009
                             off time for each route
1374   TURNOVER REPORT       Excel output added                                                   SJP      GAFFNEYS      3070 02/02/2009

1375   TERMS PRINTING        Printing terms from the client discount screen now has an Excel      SJP      GS            3070 02/02/2009
1376   TEMPLATE              Items now in alphabetical order                                      SJP      PAT           3070 02/02/2009
1377   MAINMENU              An alert now appears if rentals are due to be printed                SJP      ADAMS         3070 02/02/2009

1378   WORKSTATION           Two more options added to specify if MS Fax or a Twain scanner       SJP      GS            3070 02/02/2009
       SETUP                 has been installed
1379   FLATVIEW              The new save as dialog was not saving the file entered               SJP      CAL           3071 03/02/2009

1380   GEN PICK              Since adding the Excel button the cancel button was not longer on SJP         CAL           3071 03/02/2009
                             the left. Fixed
1381   HANDHELD              Writing stock count data now creates a log file on the handheld      SJP      PAT           3071 03/02/2009
1382   TRADE SALES           On selecting the next valid delivery run time for a Route a crash    RPC      ADAMS         3071 04/02/2009
       (LPGAS ONLY)          would occur due to the wrong database alias being used to
                             retrieve the admin default for Delviery Runs Cut Off Time.
1383   SOAPSERVER            Error Log Files for errors that occur during the SERVER              RPC      PAT           3071 04/02/2009
                             processing are now written to the OUTPUT\SOAP_ERRORS
1384   PRODUCT               A check is now made to see if SOAPQ records are supposed to be RPC            PAT           3071 04/02/2009
       ENTER/EDIT            added. If they are, then a futher check looks to see when the
       C/S ENTER/EDIT        CLIENT process was last performed (looks for a file called
                             'SOAP_Last_Polled_Time.txt' in the OUTPUT\SOAP folder)
1385   MAIN MENU             The check for last CLIENT polling is also done when logging into     RPC      PAT           3071 04/02/2009
                             the system along with the other automated procedures.
1386   ADMIN SWITCHES        Fixed a spelling error in Inventory Switches. Changed 'Minimium'     RPC      SL            3072 06/02/2009
                             to 'Minimum'
1387   BULK PRICE            Now it will accept a department without a product group              SJP      CAL           3072 06/02/2009
1388   TEMPLATE              A sort added in 1076 cause the template report picker to show the SJP         PAT           3072 06/02/2009
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer     Reported By   Date / Build
                           documents in the wrong order

1389   USERS               Since adding the nominal security the remote user field has            SJP       SJP           3072 06/02/2009
1390   CREATE RUN          Loan stock balance added to the Runsheet                               SJP       OAKFARM       3072 06/02/2009

1391   MAIN MENU           Retailer Express crashed on startup as it tried to load the toolbar,   SJP       CAL           3072 06/02/2009
                           an option not allowed for Express
1392   LEDGER              Changes have been made to the way EEC vat is processed via             SJP       GAFFNEYS      3072 08/02/2009
       MANAGEMENT / VAT    Retailer, see the application note for more details
1393   ACCTUPD             Now has a database export option.                                      SJP       CAL           3072 08/02/2009

1394   WEBUPD              Command line option added to import and export the web                 SJP       WHISK         3072 08/02/2009
                           database via Excel
1395   DELIVERY REPORT     The option to create a single picking list per account has been re-    SJP       CLEVELANDS    3072 08/02/2009
                           written as it was taking too long to process
1396   TRADE SALES         A further check on saving a trade order now confirms there are no      SJP       BP            3072 08/02/2009
                           empty product codes in the array
1397   EXCEL TERMS         The Excel terms report was not displaying description for items        SJP       GS            3072 08/02/2009
                           with a net terms price
1398   SOAPSERVER          Flag files are now created in the SOAP output folder to allow the      RPC       PAT           3073 09/02/2009
                           Rba system to display information on the main menu dialog                        SJP
                           relating to the SOAPSERVER's current status (Errors and Last
                           Polled Information)
1399   SOAPSERVER          Error handling has been changed to write any error logs into the RPC             PAT           3073 09/02/2009
                           output SOAP_ERRORS folder. Also, Errors in both the Server and                   SJP
                           Client sections of the SOAPSERVER now write to the same log
1400   SOAP INFO           The main User Record locking loop has been changed to gather            RPC      PAT           3073 09/02/2009
                           information relating to the existing SOAP flag files to show                     SJP
                           SOAPSERVER status. The Rba program Main Menu dialog now
                           shows the info in the bottom right hand corner if the flag files exist.
1401   SOAPSERVER          The Styles database is now synchronised on changing product            RPC       PAT           3073 09/02/2009
                           detail. Enter/Edit Product, Admin_SUPSTOCK, Product_Update                       SJP
                           and UD_STOCK1 directly add a STYPART_SYNC record to the
                           SOAPQ, if the stock record allows it.
1402   SOAPSERVER          The record object creation code has been changed. The CLIENT RPC                 PAT           3073 09/02/2009
                           section uses a list of valid record objects which is created only                SJP
                           once during initialisation. The SERVER section creates the record
                           objects on the fly.
1403   UNIT_TO_SIZE        A STYPART_SYNC SOAPQ record may now be added by this                   RPC       PAT           3073 09/02/2009
                           command line option.                                                             SJP
1404   SOAP INFO           Due to the position of the quick picks under certain resolutions, the RPC        PAT           3074 10/02/2009
                           soap info is now displayed in the bottom left of the Main Menu
1405   SOAP SETUP          Added new Stock Synchronisation switch (Ignore Branch              RPC           GALLEY        3074 10/02/2009
                           Numbers) to suppress any branch number related testing. Instead
                           the only testing done to see if synchronisation is to be performed
                           is using the local and remote records date and time. (This is the
                           equivalent of the BY_DATE command line option for BRSYNC)
1406   SOAPSERVER          Changed stock sync testing to take into consideration the new          RPC       GALLEY        3074 10/02/2009
                           Ignore Branch Numbers switch.
1107   UPDFILES            Add_SOAP_Record_For_Product function changed to take into              RPC       GALLEY        3074 10/02/2009
                           consideration the new Ignore Branch Numbers switch
1408   IMAGES              Web thumb images are now showing on a canvas                           SJP                     3074 10/02/2009

1409   SUPSTOCK            The Update Stock File - Check For Changes Only facility was            RPC       PAT           3075 11/02/2009
                           making changes to the databases when it should not have been.
                           This affects both any Styles information and the EDITED DATE
                           against the Stock record.
1410   SUPSTOCK            The Update Stock file facility now updates the Stock Seek              RPC       PAT           3075 11/02/2009
                                 RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                                Version                       10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section                  Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1411   SUPSTOCK CLASS         The Size and Colour information is now loaded into the class for      RPC                    3075 11/02/2009
1412   PRODUCT ENTRY          On loading product detail from SUPSTOCK to add a new product,         RPC                    3075 11/02/2009
                              the size and colour information is now loaded into the relevant
1413   PRODUCT PURGE          The record in the Styles database is now cleared.                     RPC                    3075 11/02/2009

1414   CHECKOUT SALES         On adding a new product via SUPSTOCK, the Colour and Size         RPC                        3075 11/02/2009
                              information is now read from the SupStock object and added to the
                              Styles database.
1415   HANDHELDS              On adding a new product via SUPSTOCK (through the handheld            RPC                    3075 11/02/2009
                              learn facility), the Colour and Size information is now read from the
                              SupStock object and added to the Styles database.
1416   WEB SETUP              New items added for transparency (background colour of gifs) and SJP                         3075 11/02/2009
                              for future development a Deposit nominal code
1417   SUPSTOCK               Made some cosmetic adjustments to make room for more buttons. RPC              PAT           3076 12/02/2009
                              Supplier's are now selected using a picklist accessible via a button
                              (instead of by typing in the account code). A new button has been
                              added to allow users to see the structure of the SUPSTOCK
                              database for reference.
1418   HANDHELD               The wording of an alert has been changed to add the words 'Do         RPC      PAT           3076 12/02/2009
                              you want to exit'
1419   PURCHASE ORDER         The gathering sales and purchase history progress ('Generate') is     RPC      PAT           3076 12/02/2009
       ENTRY                  now integrated into the dialog itself as the old progress display
                              was interfering with other dialogs in the system.
1420   REPEATS                On editing a product, the line total is now recalculated correctly.   RPC      SL            3076 13/02/2009
1421   DELIVERY               Sorting the Delivery Orders in ascending order and then using the     RPC      LSD           3076 13/02/2009
       MANAGEMENT             'Seek' button to find an order would cause the wrong order to be
1422   LEDGER HISTORY         The fact that Cashed In (Purchase Ledger) or Paid Out (Sales          RPC      PAT           3076 13/02/2009
       REPORTS                Ledger) Credit Notes show as negatives in the credit column has                KIT SHOP
                              been found as not enough to identify them. So I've added a '~' to
                              the reference of any that show in the report and also added a note
                              at the bottom of the report that says what the '~' means.
1423   PAYMENTS               The stand alone payments dialog (as used in Trade Sales, etc)     RPC          SJP           3076 13/02/2009
                              now always shows the 'Finished – CNP' if using Chip and Pin. But
                              the button is only enabled when there is a credit card payment in
                              the payment list.
1424   WEB IMAGES             The category image is now created with a canvas as described in       SJP      PWALSH        3076 13/02/2009
                              ADMIN, this prevents the images from distorting on the site
1425   COMMAND LINE           A bulk stock1 deletion has been added to remove all product not       SJP      FSB           3076 13/02/2009
                              sold after a entered date
1426   COMMAND LINE           A command line version of Clean Stock, resetting delivery and         SJP      PAT/HURST     3076 13/02/2009
                              purchase quantities in stock1, together with logging to a                      GREEN
                              Clean_stock folder in output
1427   WEBUPD, ACCTUPD        The save log button now works                                         SJP      CAL/WHISK     3076 13/02/2009

1428   TEMPLATE PRINTING For invoices and delivery notes the Advertising source is now              SJP      SSED          3076 13/02/2009
1429   IP CHECKING            The server move for RBAUK.COM has now been postponed for a            SJP      INTERNAL      3076 13/02/2009
                              year so the ip change in 1330 (version 3066) is now not
                              necessary. So all customers on version 3066-3075 need to
                              upgrade to version 3076 or greater.
1430   INVOICE REPRINTS       A dialog has been added to replace the individual menu options        SJP      POORE         3076 13/02/2009
1431   ERRORSYS               In the error log under the heading CURRENT DATABASE, the              RPC                    3076 16/02/2009
                              name of the index currently in use is also now shown
1432   TRADE SALES            When the admin option to adjust costs is set and link cost to       SJP        CAL / SSL     3076 16/02/2009
                              suppliers is also set the suppliers pack cost was not being updated
1433   ZIPIT                  Clean workfiles added to the start of ZIPIT                           SJP      PAT           3076 16/02/2009
                                 RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                  Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1433   TRADE SALES            Fixed error caused by 1432                                             SJP                    3077 17/02/2009

1433   TERMS                  In some situations the discount screen could not reopen the            SJP                    3077 17/02/2009
                              discount database
1434   GFK                    As of version 3078 the GFK PREPARE will no longer work.                SJP      GFK           3078 18/02/2009
                              This has been replaced with GFK PREPARE_MICA and GFK
                              PREPARE_OTHER. This is needed as the PREPARE now has to
                              assign different FTP details
1435   ACCOUNTING SALES Fixed a problem with the handling of the gross order value for a             SJP      RPC           3078 18/02/2009
       DB REPORT        sale that has a deposit against it                                                    K G SMITH
1436   SUPSTOCK               Increased the width of the account code column on the edi              RPC      PAT           3078 18/02/2009
                              supplier pick list
1437   UPDATE RUN             The payment reference entered when setting an order as paid by         RPC      OAK FARM      3078 19/02/2009
                              cheque or credit card is now correctly written to the sales header
1438   POPUP KEYBOARD         Now will handle input of more than 50 characters. A general tidy       RPC                    3078 19/02/2009
                              up of the code has been done and some redundant code and
                              variables have been removed to make it easier to maintain and
                              modify in future
1439   ADMIN SWITCHES         The three switches that govern whether the cost field is available     RPC      CAL           3078 19/02/2009
       INVENTORY              and which fields are updated from it were confusing. I have                     CITY LOCKS
                              changed the switch wording and the tooltip message for each to
                              hopefully make it clearer what switch governs what
1440   DELIVERY               User field column headings were not being trimmed before display RPC                          3078 20/02/2009
       MANAGEMENT             resulting in over-wide column widths
1441   SALES ENTRY            Department analysis was crashing in some situations                    SJP      MOULTON       3078 23/02/2009
       REPORT                                                                                                 COLLEGE
1442   WEBBITS                The need to enter a pre-public root has been removed                   SJP      CAL           3078 23/02/2009

1443   WEBBITS                For the main product description the code for OS Commerce to           SJP      CAL           3078 23/02/2009
                              line break has been replace with a <br>
1444   PRODUPD                The importing of product alerts, extended description and note         SJP      CAL           3078 23/02/2009
                              now works. Also a code has been added to the main screen to
                              map to a carriage return line feed.
1445   WEBUPD / ACCTUPD       Character strings that now only have numerics in are being             SJP      Whisk         3078 23/02/2009
                              converted correctly
1446   TRADE SALES            Price Change object hide clauses updated so that they are hidden       RPC                    3079 24/02/2009
                              if updating product details and the Product Type say object is now
                              a little longer to allow the text more room to be displayed
1447   RECURRING              If you ran the report a seconds time without exiting the criteria      RPC      SL            3079 24/02/2009
       ENTRIES REPORT         dialog, it would crash as a database it presumed was open had
                              been closed
1448   DELIVERY               UID 9592. The seek button now return the pointer to the original       SJP      GS WORTHING   3079 25/02/2009
       MANAGEMENT             position if the seek does not find a match
1449   LEDGER                 The purchase ledger payment method (BMC) is now validated              SJP      GS LANCING    3079 25/02/2009
       MANAGEMENT             again before a save
1450   PRICE CLASS            Added a few variables to the class to show the value of admin set      RPC                    3079 25/02/2009
                              values that are used to arrive at a given price. This should make it
                              easier to debug when inspecting the pricing object
1451   PICK AND CONVERT       Now uses different resizing logic to maintain image proportions        SJP      PWalsh        3079 25/02/2009

1452   SERIAL NO              Now you can not change a serial number of a pending item               SJP      CAL           3079 25/02/2009

1453   RETAILER DELIVERY      On pressing the despatch button with the admin switch 'Non-            RPC      BRADLEYS      3080 26/02/2009
       FINALISE               despatched delivery lines' set to 'P', a counter is updated to see
                              how many lines are going to be leftover after despatching the
                              items selected. Despatched items with negative qtys were not
                              being 'counted' so the leftover items alert was displayed in error.
                              Also, the DELIV6 file was not being updated for despatched items
                              with negative qtys.
1454   TRADE SALES            The function that writes linetext now trims any spaces from the        RPC                    3080 27/02/2009
                              right hand side before writing
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                                Version                      10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By       Date / Build
1455   DELIVERY            On the audit window, the amount now shows at the time the order        SJP      GS                3080 27/02/2009
       MANAGEMENT          was changed
1456   DELIVERY REPORTS    The delivery list report is now in delivery reports as well as sales   SJP      GS                3080 27/02/2009
1457   ACCOUNTING BANK     Title on clear db window changed                                       SJP      SJP               3080 02/03/2009
1458   GFK                 Calling GFK PREPARE cause the ask date window to appear (this SJP               SJP               3080 02/03/2009
                           problem was introduced in 3068)
1459   ACCOUNTING          Was not showing the correct running total for the bank balance         SJP      SL                3080 02/03/2009
       RECONCILLATION      when printing to Excel
1460   BRANCH BATCH        When batching in payments, duplicate payment amounts to the            SJP      GS                3080 02/03/2009
                           same account on the same day were being ignored
1461   MULTIBROWSE         In the delivery order pane the order type now shows                    SJP      GS                3080 02/03/2009

1462   FLATVIEW            Save to file, if the title of the report contained illegal file name   SJP      CAL               3080 02/03/2009
                           characters the button appeared not to work
1463   SALES VALUE         For GS only, the in stock quantity on the left of the report was       SJP      GS                3080 02/03/2009
       REPORT              truncating
1464   SPECIAL ORDER       Added Special Order Product button to Checkout for use with        RPC          SJP/PAT           3080 02/03/2009
       PRODUCTS            Delivery / Collection orders. This option is only available if the
                           Auto Purchase Log switch in Admin is not set to 'Y'. Special Order
                           Products on Deliveries/Collections will only be picked up in
                           Purchase Orders using the Auto Select button when the 'Add items
                           for Delivery' criteria is left as 'the default of 'Y'.
                           Screens affected are: Checkout_Sales, Delivery_Despatch,
                           Inventory_Receipts, Purcentry and Purchase_Browse
1465   CHECKOUT            The Checkout Sales dialog can now no longer be resized as it           RPC      CAL               3080 02/03/2009
                           caused problems when it was accidentally resized by users.                      ONE STEP
1466   LEDGER CHECKER      UID 12941. The Validate Accounts log text would cause a crash    RPC            G&S               3080 02/03/2009
                           when run for Purchase Ledger and an invalid (ie, missing in the
                           account database) account is found.
                           The Validate Accounts processing can now be run/skipped for both
                           Sales and Purchase ledgers.
1467   COMMAND LINE        The help for command line option STOCKVALUATION now says               RPC      CAL               3080 03/03/2009
       OPTIONS             what format the date needs to be supplied as.
1468   CHECKOUT            Added button to main sales buttons page to allow user to switch to RPC          SJP               3080 03/03/2009
                           Trade Sales (Retailer) or Collection (LPGas) dialog.
1469   STATEMENTS          An extra field is now available to the template for the delivery to    SJP      BRADLEYS          3080 03/03/2009
                           account for each invoice line
1470   VERIFY              Source and description now show in the CSV section of the VAT          SJP                        3080 03/03/2009
1471   CHECKOUT            Added a Handheld button to main sales buttons to allow products        RPC      SJP               3080 04/03/2009
                           to be loaded into the current checkout sale from a handheld.                    FORTRESS
1472   CHECKOUT            Progress box and caption are now manipulated only using the            RPC                        3080 04/03/2009
                           functions CH_Progress*. These should now be used for any
                           loading / saving / processing routines.
1473   DELIVERY            Tidied up the items in the bottom left of the View Delivery order      RPC                        3080 04/03/2009
       MANAGEMENT          screen and trimmed the user field captions before display.
1474   ADDITIONAL          The new barcode entry window on the Additional Barcodes dialog         RPC                        3081 04/03/2009
       BARCODES            now has a titlebar but no min or max buttons
1475   PRODUCT ENTRY       The green product navigation buttons now have accelerator keys         RPC                        3081 04/03/2009
                           to allow their use via the keyboard. The keys are Alt-PgUp, Alt-
                           Left, Alt-Right abd Alt-PgDn.
1476   TRADE SALES         The Account Status Indicator now shows the type of trade sale          RPC      PAT EMAIL 13/02   3081 04/03/2009
                           before the credit status of the account. Eg, Retail Cash, Trade
                           COD A/c. The words are now in proper case instead of upper
                           case to give more room for the additional text.
1477   RBA CALCULATOR      The decimal portion of the last entered value was not being       RPC           KIT SHOP          3081 04/03/2009
                           cleared when the '=' (equals) sign was pressed. This meant that a
                           subsequent press of the 'V-' button was adding the decimals
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                           portion to the accumulated total before applying the calculation.
                           The decimals value is now set to 0 on pressing '='.
1478   PLU BROWSER         The focus bars on top of both browses now use the standard focus RPC                          3081 05/03/2009
                           colour (orange-ish). The Accept button caption now also says
                           whether the current PLU item or the contents of the PLU Basket
                           will be returned to the calling sales screen. In addition I have
                           moved the navigation buttons to align to the left of the dialog (they
                           were originally centered below the PLU item browse.
1479   SOAPSERVER          The database engine was not being used correctly when ADS was RPC               PAT           3081 05/03/2009
                           in use resulting in an error “Database engine and active session                DIY CENTRE
                           are not compatible” error on starting the SOAP Server.
1480   SALES LEDGER        In a multibranch environment, attempting to print a Branch Invoice     RPC      G&S           3081 06/03/2009
       MANAGEMENT          at Head Office would crash due to the Advertising Source field
                           added in v3076 being referenced using the local file alias instead
                           of the generic FIELD alias.
1481   SUPSTOCK            The new button to allow the structure of the SUPSTOCK database RPC                            3081 06/03/2009
                           to be viewed was not being hidden after products were in the
                           process of being imported
1482   PURCHASE ORDER      Loading data from a Handheld caused the browse to not refresh          RPC      TOUCHWOOD     3081 06/03/2009
       ENTRY               properly (possibly due to the line product array not being set
                           correctly to default values when added).
1483   UD_STOCK1           The general function that updates the main stock file now checks if RPC         PAT           3081 06/03/2009
                           any fields have actually changed before writing data. This has the
                           knock-on effect of stopping ATR updates from sending every
                           product included to every branch when SOAP synchronisation is in
1484   DELIVERY PO         Now when creating a purchase order from a delivery then delivery       SJP      SELECTRIC     3081 06/03/2009
                           line text transfers to the purchase order line text
1485   ATR                 When new items are add from the ATR download database to the           SJP      SHOTTS        3081 06/03/2009
                           product entry screens the RRP is not filled if the RRP in the ATR
                           file is the same as the supplier's cost
1486   WEBBITS             On downloading an order from the WEB a deposit is added if it          SJP      HAWKINSPORT   3081 06/03/2009
                           has been paid for on line                                                       KITSHOP
1487   PRINTER SETUP       Credit card word tidied up as they were truncating                     SJP      CAL           3081 06/03/2009

1488   TRADE SALES         The default run time was not being picked up from the route            SJP      STAYTES       3081 06/03/2009
                           details LPGAS only
1489   PURCHASE ORDER      The 'Get from log' button was wrongly trying to create a purchase      RPC      WELFORD       3082 09/03/2009
       ENTRY               order lock file.
1490   PURCHASE ORDER      Added a new Rba-only button to the Options dialog to allow an          RPC                    3082 09/03/2009
       BROWSE              ATR downloaded order to be re-downloaded
1491   ATR ORDER           The Order Confirmation download will now automatically add new         RPC      PAT           3082 09/03/2009
       CONFIRMATION        products using the information within the Order Confirmation itself
                           so that a Catalogue Update is no longer needed.
1492   LOAD_DLL            Adjusted to allow it to say if a DLL could not be loaded or function   RPC                    3082 10/03/2009
                           could not be found in a loaded DLL for development use.
1493   ERRORSYS            Added info about the current database in use at the time of an         RPC                    3082 10/03/2009
                           error to the text displayed on-screen.
1494   TALLY               The tally list is now returned to 2 decimal place, instead of three,   SJP      TILE          3082 11/03/2009
                           this cause rounding errors when items in the tally existed to three             WAREHOUSE
                           decimal places
1495   GFK                 The old GFK prepare is now ignored                                     SJP                    3082 11/03/2009

1496   PURCHASE ORDER      On saving an order the supplier product list at the bottom of the      RPC      CAL           3082 11/03/2009
       ENTRY               screen was not being refreshed correctly and still showed the
                           product info that had been shown previously.
1497   UPLIFT TILL CHECK   The gathering of deposits was not properly testing the deposits        RPC      G&S           3082 11/03/2009
       REPORT              date and time in all cases causing some deposits to be wrongly
1498   SALES MULTI         The Finalised Invoices detail browse would show entries on file        RPC      CAL           3082 11/03/2009
       BROWSE              with a zero order number. I've changed the finalised invoice and
                           delivery order detail browses to use the CTIB_Browse_Col
                           function and return empty if the respective order number field is
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build

1499   CHECKOUT            The test that checks if an order reference is required for a            RPC      G&S             3082 11/03/2009
                           customer would show an alert telling the user that a reference is                SJP
                           needed just before taking you to the order reference entry field.
                           This alert has been removed as it was a cause of annoyance.
1500   ATR                 The default timeout for a download has now been extended to 60          RPC      PAT             3082 11/03/2009
1501   DELIVERY            UID 22682. On pressing the Create PO button, if a product with          RPC      CAL             3082 11/03/2009
       MANAGEMENT          multiples and fractions existed it would cause an alert to appear
       CREATE PO           and on exiting the alert, if there were further products to be
                           gathered it would crash due to the product line pointer not being
                           updated correctly.
1502   RECEIPT LINE        The price shown as part of the qty string (eg, 1 x 2.40) when the       RPC                      3082 12/03/2009
                           qty is not 1 is now no longer blank if the item price is zero.
1503   UPDATE RUN          If an Invoice was added to the Sales Ledger a cash customer with        RPC      COUNTRY         3082 13/03/2009
       DEPOSITS            an unpaid balance and deposits have been taken, a duplicate                      SUPPLIES
                           Payment record for the deposit total may have been wrongly
1504   SOAPSERVER          The Server Response for Client Tasks now returns the highest            RPC      PAT             3082 13/03/2009
                           available QueueID to allow progress info to be shown in the local
                           Rba system.
1505   MAIN MENU           The SOAP Status display now includes Client Activity info (number RPC            PAT             3082 13/03/2009
                           of tasks remaining and approximate time for task completion)
1506   INVOICE REPRINTS    LPGas only, a crash occurred when reprinting invoices on a run          SJP      COUNTRY         3082 13/03/2009
1507   CYLINDER SERIAL     Management dialog is now complete                                       SJP      CELLAR GAS      3082 16/03/2009
1508   SOAPSERVER          Account Record Syncing now excludes the SUPP_REF field from             RPC      PAT             3083 16/03/2009
                           the transferred details as the Purchase Ledger account reference
                           has been deemed to be local to each branch.
1509   ATR                 Accidentally left a debug browse command in the Order                   RPC                      3083 16/03/2009
                           Confirmation processing that would appear only if any new
                           products were added. Oops!
1510   TRADE SALES         The Account Status indicator fix added to build 3081 was not            RPC      PAT             3083 16/03/2009
                           included in 3081 and has now been included.                                      SJP
1511   MAIN MENU           The SOAP Status Indicator was being shown even if you were not          RPC      PAT             3083 16/03/2009
       RBALOGIN            running SOAP due to the client activity refresh. The status object
                           now auto displays / hides based on the flag files and client activity
                           task counters.
1512   POSTING REPORT      Sales posting report can now be filtered by account type                SJP      APEX            3083 16/03/2009

1513   BULK LABELS         Option to print bulk labels by brand added                              SJP      AIW             3083 16/03/2009

1514   COMMAND LINE        New option DEPARTMENT added to produce a                                SJP      SSPDS           3083 16/03/2009
                           department/product group listing to excel
1515   DELIVERY ADVICE     Introducing a template that uses styles fields into a system with       RPC      CAL             3083 16/03/2009
       TEMPLATE            styles switched off, would show an error as the required fields
                           were not being initialised as empty.
1516   VAT                 The TaxCode_From_Vat_Percentage() function (used with                   RPC                      3083 16/03/2009
                           ATR) can now receive an order confirmation order date to allow it
                           to match against the old vat rate too.
1517   BULK INVOICE        Audit file now show if an invoice was a part of an email run            SJP      EXTRAGAS        3083 16/03/2009
1518   DELIVERY POINT      Find function on the Select Delivery Point dialog did not always        SJP      PAT/SHOE SHOP   3083 16/03/2009
                           place the cursor on the expected record
1519   ATR                 Order Download should now trigger the selection process to              RPC      PAT             3083 18/03/2009
                           assign an Rba Code against an ATR Product when needed. Also
                           a duplicate barcode conflict list will appear if necessary.
1520   DELIVERY            After using the seek button in delivery management to find an           RPC      SELECTRIC       3083 18/03/2009
       MANAGEMENT          order, the details shown in the extra details pane in the lower left
       DELIVERY            corner of the delivery management screen are now beiing loaded
       DESPATCH            correctly for the subsequently highlighted order. As these details
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                                Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                              Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                             are also 'borrowed' for display in the finalise screen, this will also
                             now show correctly. Also if this detail is from a Delivery Point I
                             have added the words 'Delivery Point:' to the start of the details to
                             make that clearer.
1521   ADMIN SWITCHES        The Special Order default Department and Product Group fields            RPC      PAT           3083 18/03/2009
       PURCHASING            now have pick lists.
1522   POPUP KEYBOARD        This can now no longer be resized!                                       RPC                    3083 18/03/2009

1523   POPUP                 This can now no longer be resized!                                       RPC                    3083 18/03/2009
1524   SALES REPORT          Selecting a reporting code would cause the report to crash               RPC      GAFFNEYS      3083 19/03/2009
1525   ACCOUNTING            Subcodes are now validated against the subcode list.                     RPC      GLENWOODS     3083 19/03/2009
1526   CHECKOUT              On the Special Order Product entry dialog the Supplier A/c field         RPC      PAT           3083 19/03/2009
                             now has a popup keyboard available to allow entry
1527   CHECKOUT              The Account Code / Delivery Point entry screen now has a              RPC         PAT           3083 19/03/2009
                             heading object to show an entry prompt. On auto switching to this
                             screen when pressing the Pay button, the prompt can now indicate
                             the reason for switching to this screen (eg, Delivery Point required,
                             Account Code required, etc). The alerts that used to appear to
                             indicate the reason for the switch have now been removed.
1528   SOAP STATUS INFO      Left clicking on the Soap Status display has been disabled for the       RPC      SJP           3083 19/03/2009
       TEXT                  moment except for development use. I also changed the text that
                             appears to 'Nothing to display' until I have something to put there.
1529   PURCHASE BROWSE I tidied up the Cancel Purchase Order dialog a bit                             RPC                    3083 19/03/2009

1530   SWITCHES              Added support for web user fields                                        SJP      HAWKINSPORT   3083 19/03/2009

1531   BANKCODE              Nominal pick list added                                                  SJP                    3083 19/03/2009

1532   ATR                   On occasion, the comments field in a received Order Confirmation         RPC      UNSWORTH      3083 20/03/2009
                             would contain details of an error that exists in the order itself. To             PAT
                             show this information, the any text in the comments field is now
                             added to a Purchase Order as Order Text. Also if the comments
                             includes the known error text, a line is added to the Action log to
                             let the user know.
1533   PURCHASE ORDER        The View details screen now shows Purchase Order Text. Also,     RPC                            3083 20/03/2009
       BROWSE                the Product Line Text and Product Extended Description boxes are
                             now no longer hidden if no text exists.
1534   INVENTORY             A button now appears when you are booking in against a                   RPC      SJP           3083 20/03/2009
       RECEIPTS              Purchase Order to allow you to view the Purchase Order details.
1535   ERROR EMAILS          The Branch Name is now included in the 'Error from:' text in the         RPC                    3083 20/03/2009
                             body of the email, if available.
1536   LOGIN                 Station name now shows on login screen                                   SJP      PAT           3083 20/03/2009

1537   SOAP STATUS           A dialog now appears when you left-click on the Soap Status              RPC      PAT           3084 23/03/2009
       DIALOG                object on the Main Menu screen that shows the current known
                             local status of all SOAPSERVER processing for the relevant
1538   ATR                   An alert will now appear at the end of Order Confirmation                RPC      PAT           3084 23/03/2009
                             processing if there are any errors in the comments field for any
                             order received and added. The alert lets the user know to review
                             the order text from the Purchase Orders affected to find the error
1539   FORCED SHUTDOWN A forced shutdown would cause a crash if the shutdown was                      RPC                    3084 24/03/2009
                       cancelled and then tried a second time.
1540   CREDIT NOTES          On creating a credit note against an order that included kit             RPC      CAL           3084 25/03/2009
                             products, the kit components are no longer added twice to the                     G&S
                             order detail and the stock qtys are no longer updated twice.
1541   FORCED SHUTDOWN A function in the forced shutdown process was closing the USERS RPC                     RPC           3084 25/03/2009
                       database before the User_Logoff function was being called. This                         SJP
                       could cause a crash when an Auto-Update used a force logoff to
                       run the update process.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                            Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1542   SOAPSERVER          On retrieving the MaxQID for transmission to client, the rba_queue RPC                        3084 27/03/2009
                           function was not moving the record pointer back to the record that
                           was to be sent before doing so, causing a few variables to be sent
                           with the wrong information in.
                           (Note: This fix was done after build 3084 was available as an Auto-
                           Update. However, only Horace Fuller are using this version with
                           SOAP at the time the fix was applied so they were given the fix
                           immediately and the Auto-Update for 3084 has been modified to
                           include the fixed version of the SOAPSERVER program)
1543   TRADE SALES         In LPGas, a refresh object warning dialog appears when entering        RPC      APS           3085 30/03/2009
                           a sale to either a Stockist or a Managed customer.                              CAL
1544   STOCK ANALYSIS      The Undo file that was previously created when you committed           RPC      SJP           3085 30/03/2009
                           changes had not been updated properly since the UD_STOCK1
                           change made in build 3066. Now it's back again.
1545   ATR                 The pack size is now only set to 1 when auto adding ATR products RPC            PAT           3086 30/03/2009
                           during an Order Confirmation download. PAT has said that this is
                           the safest default action.
1546   ATR                 Updating Supplier Stock records in STK_SUP database from the           RPC                    3086 30/03/2009
                           ATRPROD database now does not write the removed flag as 'Y' if
                           it was already set to 'Y'.
1547   ADMIN SWITCHES      The spelling of the word 'Seperate' has been changed to                RPC      SL            3086 31/03/2009
       ACCOUNTING          'Separate'
1548   ACCOUNTING          You were forced to enter a valid subcode even if the expense           RPC      NWG           3086 31/03/2009
       EXPENSES ENTRY      nominal code did not use subcodes. Also, the code that handles                  SL
                           cell movement on pressing enter in editable cells was being
                           defeated by the PROTECT codeblock not having access to the
                           correct browse line contents. This has been fixed using the
                           dc_getcolarray() function as a workaround.
1549   ATR                 The Updating Supplier Stock records in STK_SUP process has             RPC      PAT           3086 31/03/2009
                           been changed to test the record in STK_SUP and only make
                           changes if the record is different. The process also now goes
                           through the product codes in ascending order and test for
                           duplicate records (records where a single rba product code is
                           against more than one ATR product record)
1550   CHECKOUT            The Timesheet Button is now 2 numpad button widths wide and 1          RPC      SJP           3086 31/03/2009
                           numpad button high to make it more consistent and the caption is
                           split into 2 lines correctly when key-shortcuts are shown.
1551   TURNOVER BY         The report allowed you to leave the account code empty and then        RPC      PAT           3086 31/03/2009
       ACCOUNT             said 'nothing to be displayed' when you did so (the report is single            NWG
                           customer only). Also the Summary report showed the Detail and
                           the Detail report, the Summary.
1552   BC_EXIST            This function now has a third parameter to allow the alert to be       RPC                    3086 31/03/2009
                           suppressed if a different product than the one passed exists with
                           the same barcode. This is to allow it to be used to test the
                           possibility of barcode duplication in processes that add barcodes
                           for products in bulk (eg, ATR).
1553   UPDFILES            The call to SOAP_Queue_Update when lSTOCK1_ONLY is set                 RPC                    3086 31/03/2009
                           passed the lClose logical parameter in the wrong position on the
                           parameter line
1554   CHECKOUT            Saving a delivery or collection order that includes a Special Offer    RPC      JANS          3086 03/04/2009
                           caused an 'Unknown symbol for database field' error                             SJP
1555   KEYPAD              In Checkout (and others), on using the Popup Keyboard on an          RPC        LIGHTWATER    3086 03/04/2009
                           Account Code entry field (cFROM=="ACCOUNT") to enter a set of
                           characters less than the length of a full account code it brought up
                           the F1 picklist (which may be empty) instead of trying to do an
                           account search.
1256   TRADE SALES         Servicing fields now default to empty, so they wont appear on the      SJP      APS           3086 03/04/2009
                           invoices as comment after updating
1557   GOODS IN            Over booking caused the on order figure to be reduced by the           SJP      PAT/HURST     3086 03/04/2009
                           quantity received not the amount on the original PO                             GREEN
1558   OPEN ORDER          Sort added to main browse                                              SJP      CLEVELANDS    3086 03/04/2009
1559   CREDIT NOTES        The Order Ref 2 field was not being saved correctly due to the         RPC      AIW           3086 06/04/2009
                           function Update_Sales5_Trade function not testing for it's                      CAL
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                            Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build

1560   UD_BARCODE          New function introduced to centralise the updating of barcodes in     RPC                     3086 06/04/2009
                           the system.
1561   ADMIN_SUPSTOCK      Only if Styles available. On updating or checking the update of RPC                           3086 06/04/2009
                           Styles from the SUPSTOCK database a line would be added to the
                           log showing modifications were made when there weren't any.
1562   ADMIN_SUPSTOCK      Barcode updating is now done using UD_BARCODE function                RPC                     3086 06/04/2009

1563   PRODUCT ENTRY       If the Auto-Generate Barcode admin switch is set to 'C' and a         RPC                     3086 06/04/2009
                           product is saved, the processing that auto adds either a UPCA or
                           a EAN13 barcode now uses the UD_BARCODE function.
1564   CHANGE PRODUCT      When merging two product codes, the barcode is now transferred        RPC                     3086 06/04/2009
                           to the new product using the UD_BARCODE function.
1565   VERIFY DATAFILES    The UPCA Barcode process now uses the UD_BARCODE                      RPC                     3086 06/04/2009
1566   ATR                 The functions that add barcodes from the ATR databases onto the       RPC                     3086 06/04/2009
                           Additional Barcode database now use the UD_BARCODE
1567   BRSYNC              Barcode updating is now done using UD_BARCODE function                RPC                     3086 06/04/2009

1568   AGEING              If you typed a Start Account that had no invoices,                RPC          OAKLEY SELF    3086 07/04/2009
                           payments/allocations or open cash against it, the report may skip              SERVICE
                           the invoices, payments/allocations or open cash gathering process
                           making the report show odd figures.
1569   ENQUIRY             The spelling of the word 'mininum' has been changed to 'minimum' RPC           SL             3086 07/04/2009

1570   CHECKOUT            The font used on the checkout browses has been changed from           RPC      PAT            3086 08/04/2009
                           'Courier New' to use the current system get font (which defaults to            CAL
                           'Lucida Console' but can be overridden in user rights).
1571   SOAPSERVER          A problem was identified where the OPTION against a TASK was          RPC      DIY CENTRE P   3086 14/04/2009
                           empty and this caused a continuous loop. If it sees an empty
                           OPTION it now skips the task and logs it.
1572   SOAPSERVER          If the soapserver is running and an exit is requested (either by      RPC                     3086 14/04/2009
                           exiting the dialog or stopping the service), any current processing
                           in progress at that time may be interrupted. This could potentially
                           cause the client to add soap relay records to the SOAPQ with
                           incomplete information.
1573   MAIN MENU           The SOAP Status Info box has been made 10 characters wider to         RPC                     3086 14/04/2009
                           show more detail as text was being truncated.
1574   CLL9                The printing of some List & Label documents (most of those done RPC                           3086 14/04/2009
       CS_REPORT           in the CLL9 source file) now gets the application window handle at
                           the start of the printing function. This handle is then used for any
                           List & Label dialog (such as a progress/preview dialog) as the
                           parent to make sure that it is modal to the dialog that started the
                           printing procedure.
1575   LIST & LABEL        The DEFINEDATA function used to create variables and fields for RPC                           3086 14/04/2009
                           a whole record in a given database has now been simplified to
                           make it easier to maintain but it should still do exactly the same job
1576   PRODUCT GROUP       On trying to add a new product group, the exit button would not       RPC      PAT            3086 14/04/2009
       PICKLIST            respond until the group number was entered as non-zero.
1577   WEB STORE SETUP     The fields USERNAME and FTP_USER in the Web Control                   RPC      BRISTOL GAS    3086 14/04/2009
                           database have been widened to 40 characters from 30.                           CAL
1578   WRKTIDY             The use of the EraseFile function has been changed to not show        RPC      SJP            3086 15/04/2009
                           an alert if the work file created could not be deleted                         DIRECT GAS
1579   WEB ORDERS          The Get_Web_Orders function now checks if the XML includes the RPC             SELECTRIC      3086 15/04/2009
                           <paid_online> tag before trying to use the tag contents as it would
                           crash if the tag did not exist.
1580   WEB ORDERS          Get_Web_Orders now rounds the total vat to system decimals            RPC      KIT SHOP       3086 15/04/2009
                           after it has been accumulated.                                                 HAWKINSPORT
1581   SUPSTOCK            The test to see if a cost price will be updated/changed was wrong.    RPC      MACIVERS       3086 15/04/2009
                             RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                            Version                        10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section              Description Of Changes Made                                          Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1582   GET_BITMAP_NAME    Added some text comments to the function (which do not affect the RPC         SJP           3086 15/04/2009
                          way the function works..) just to make sure that no one
                          inadvertently makes any changes that may affect existing
                          customer setups.
1583   CHECKOUT           The screen colours for the training system have been changed so      RPC      CAL           3086 15/04/2009
                          the background is now different to the foreground (it's still red-
                          based though!)
1584   CHANGE_PROD        Moved CHANGE_PROD from USE_UTIL source file to it's own              RPC                    3086 17/04/2009
       USE_UTIL           source file to allow it to be used by SOAPSERVER
1585   STOCK_FUNCTIONS    Moved UD_BARCODE from Stock_Functions source file to                 RPC                    3086 17/04/2009
       STOCK1_SUPPORT     STOCK1_Support source file to allow it to be used by
1586   SOAPSERVER         Added new client task function – Client_Task_CHNGPROD – to           RPC                    3086 17/04/2009
                          handle change product requests.
                          Also adding records to the SOAPQ database now record recycles
                          correctly. Although there was code in there for it, the code had a
                          flaw that meant record recycling was not happening.
1587   CHANGE_PROD        Added SOAPQ_Update('CHNGPROD'..) call to local Change                RPC                    3086 17/04/2009
                          Product handling to update SOAPQ. The SOAPQ record will be
                          added based on the same product inclusion tests used for
1588   SOAPQ_UPDATE       The function now checks the date and time of the related database RPC                       3086 17/04/2009
                          file for the following TASKS: 'DEPT_SYNC', 'PRODGRP_SYNC',
                          'KIT_SYNC' and 'STYPART_SYNC'. The relevant records are only
                          added to SOAPQ if the file has been updated on the day of the call
                          to this function.
1589   DELIVERY REPORTS   Report Items In Stock For Despatch, now shows the values of the      SJP      CLEVELANDS    3086 18/04/2009
                          order to be despatched and the number of items
1590   PRODUPD            Another option added to only update SPG, RRP and RTP if the          SJP      FORTESS       3086 18/04/2009
                          value being imported is higher
1591   ENTER EDIT         OSCommerce now supports posting type 5, this will send up user       SJP      HAWKINSPORT   3086 18/04/2009
       PRODUCTS           option 1-5 to the site
       WEB POST
1592   INVENTORY          When loading supplier's costs it now uses the supplier's cost        SJP      PAT           3086 18/04/2009
       RECEIPTS           effective date to determine which cost to use. Also the cost against
                          the stock item is only updated if the COSTDATE is older than the
                          receipt date.
1593   PURCHASE ORDER     Seasonal reorder quantities were not being picked up                 SJP      PAT           3086 18/04/2009

1594   IMAGES             Images are now saved with lower case names                           SJP                    3086 18/04/2009

1595   UPDATE RUNS        When a deposit was added to an order for a credit customer and       RPC      COUNTRY       3086 21/04/2009
                          then later updated, the open cash figure (which already would                 SUPPLIES
                          have included the deposit payment as it had been added on order
                          entry) would have the deposit added to it again in error.
                          I also added some text logging that only gets created in a dev
                          environment to help troubleshoot this routine in future.
1596   REPRINTS           Printing invoices by run always report nothing to print              SJP      COUNTRY       3086 21/04/2009
1597   MICA WEB UPLOAD    Added an XML tag called QuantityInStock                              SJP      MICA          3086 21/04/2009

1598   TRADE SALES        In orders to Trade customers, when a user discount was applied       RPC      XING XING     3087 23/04/2009
                          against a product , the resulting calculated net price was not being
                          rounded to product pricing decimals.
1599   UD_STOCK1          The usage of the UD_STOCK1 function has been checked by both RPC              SJP           3087 23/04/2009
       SOAPQ_UPDATE       SJP and RPC. This was to make sure only the relevant SOAPQ
                          records were added in each case to minimise SOAP traffic. The
                          following files were modified:
                          A2R_HTTP, ADMIN_SUPSTOCK, ADMIN_TAXCHANGE,
                          Also the KIT_SYNC line was commented out from UD_STOCK1.
                          This only affects when the function is not called with
                          lSTOCK1_ONLY set.
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
1600   SOAPSERVER            The STOCK_SYNC task was writing an UPDSTAMP to the local               RPC      SJP             3087 23/04/2009
                             stock record from the date and time on the local PC whenever a
                             STOCK1 record was updated. This may have caused related
                             tasks to not be updated correctly.
1601   TRADE SALES           On entering an order to a credit customer and then entering a          RPC      SL              3087 24/04/2009
                             payment at the end of the order entry, the payment amount was                   BRADLEYS
                             not being posted to the payment-type specific nominal code as
                             specified in admin, accounting, key codes..
1602   BACKLOG               The purchase backlog report now shows supplier's code                  SJP      CAL             3087 24/04/2009

1603   INVENTORY RECEIPT The system printer version now shows supplier's code                       SJP      LIGHTWATER      3087 24/04/2009
1604   AGEING REPORT         The filter process is now rationalized into a single module, now       SJP      GS              3087 24/04/2009
                             the speed of the base aging report without filters takes an eight of
                             the time to create than before
1605   WEBPOST               Web posts are now sent in blocks of 1000 products to the site for      SJP      CLEVELANDS      3087 24/04/2009
                             all site types
1606   DIARY                 Cutting a job with the interval set to 15/30min and pasting it back    SJP      SELECTRICS/EDY 3087 24/04/2009
                             into the diary when the interval was 1 hour to a time when there                DENS
                             were insufficient future slots caused a crash

1607   ENTER/EDIT            WEB INTEGRATION ONLY When saving a web item all the slave              SJP      COUNTRY         3087 24/04/2009
       PRODUCTS              and master items associated with the products being edited are                  SUPPLIES
                             marked to be reposted
1608   CHECKBAL              LPGAS ONLY A special option has been added to locate missing           SJP      BRISTOL GAS     3087 24/04/2009
                             payment on the sales ledger from updating an order with a
                             deposit. This was an old problem and cause no issues until a
                             checkbal was run
1609   STOCK ANALYSIS        Vendor can now be searched by key words (fast seek)                    SJP      G&S             3087 24/04/2009

1610   STOCK ANALYSIS        Added fields to allow products to be loaded by purchase order          SJP      LIGHTWATER      3087 24/04/2009
                             number or supplier's delivery note reference.
1611   UD_DEPT               Added two new functions to be used whenever a single dept /            RPC      SJP             3088 24/04/2009
       UD_PRODPGRP           product group record is modified. Also If SOAP is in use and
                             STOCK_SYNC is switched on, SOAPQ record(s) will be added by
                             the relevant function as necessary.
1612   KIT ENTRY             The line that added the KIT_SYNC SOAPQ record which was      RPC                                3088 27/04/2009
                             commented out in UD_STOCK1 in build 3087 (item 1599) has now
                             been added to the saving of the kit instead.
1613   DEPARTMENT            Now uses the UD_DEPT function to update the database. The              RPC                      3088 28/04/2009
       PICKLIST              function adds a SOAPQ record (taskname='DEPT'), if applicable.
1614   PRODUCT GROUP         Now uses the UD_PRODGRP function to update the databases.              RPC                      3088 28/04/2009
       PICKLIST              The function adds a SOAPQ record (taskname='PRODGRP'), if
1615   SOAPSERVER            Two new tasks 'DEPT' and 'PRODGRP' added. These will replace RPC                                3088 28/04/2009
                             the older 'DEPT_SYNC' and 'PRODGRP_SYNC' tasks which will
                             be kept for backward compatibility. The task only updates the
                             record if anything has changed.
                             Note: DEPT/PRODGRP record removal is not done in case
                             products exist locally that may still be using the codes.
1616   EXPENSE ENTRY         The entry of dates into the expense lines in the browse was not        RPC      OAK FARM        3088 28/04/2009
                             working due to a change made to display blanks for empty dates
                             in build 3086
1617   TRADE SALES           A Delivery entered for a customer not on a specific route (ie, the     RPC      BRISTOL GAS     3088 29/04/2009
       (LPGAS ONLY)          route no is ZERO) was being handled wrongly in the
                             TS_Get_Runtime_And_Date function causing the current date to
                             be used instead of doing the correct tests and setting the correct
                             date. This will only affect customers with cut off times set in admin.
1618   SALES LEDGER          Printing a statement via the Options button caused a 'parameter        RPC      GAS DIRECT      3088 29/04/2009
       MANAGEMENT            has wrong datatype' error. This was due to the routine trying to
                             update the caption of an object that does not exist at this point
1619   CHECKOUT              The Call Back / Load Orders screen now has a button to change          RPC      EYNSHAM         3088 29/04/2009
                             the direction of the sorting sequence (ascending to descending                  SJP
                             and vice versa)
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                 RBA32                                                Version                     10.79
Opened                  09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By        Date / Build
1620   FULL PRODUCT          The Tally entry field was not positioned correctly causing it to      RPC                         3089 30/04/2009
       ENTRY                 overlap the popup button attached to the Sale Type field.
1621   TALLY PICKLIST        Fixed a number of issues with the Tally Add/Edit dialog. A            RPC      CAL                3089 30/04/2009
                             focus/modal issue was fixed. The buttons are now not selectable
                             in the middle of field entry. A few small cosmetic changes were
                             also made.
1622   PURCHASE ORDERS       Key was showing the wrong information for minimum stocks              SJP      PAT                3089 01/05/2009

1623   CLEAN WORKFILES       Now removes .VUE files                                                SJP      PAT                3089 01/05/2009

1624   ZIPIT                 Added checking to confirm sufficient space is available on the        SJP      PAT                3089 01/05/2009
                             second target drive
1625   ZIPIT                 Lock file now released after zipping is completed, instead of after   SJP      PAT                3089 01/05/2009
                             copying to the 1st and 2nd location
1626   FLATVIEW              When running ADS in secret mode, it now does not try to delete        SJP      PAT                3089 01/05/2009
                             the workfiles created in the data folder
1627   INVENTORY             When booking in special order, it now does not change the             SJP      CAL / Anglia Gas   3089 01/05/2009
       RECEIPTS              selltype to R as this was reserved by LPGas
1628   INVENTORY             On products with Serial Numbers, entering a negative qty was not      RPC      KEEMLAW            3089 05/05/2009
       RECEIPTS              allowed due to the test to make sure that enough serial numbers
                             had been entered not doing an abs(qty).
1629   PURCHASE              On adding a product to the Purchase Returns Log, a product stock RPC           KEEMLAW            3089 05/05/2009
       RETURNS               qty was being updated even if the product was set to not keep                  CAL
1630   INVENTORY             The Acknowledgment printout now prints in the same order as a         SJP      LIGHTWATER H/W 3089 05/05/2009
       RECEIPTS              printed purchase order would for the supplier selected.                        SJP
1631   FAST STOCK SEEK       It now is not triggered by a single character                         SJP                         3089 06/05/2009

1632   INTERBRANCH           The report had various problems with the positioning of text which    RPC                         3089 06/05/2009
       TRANSFER REPORT       should now be fixed. I've also changed it so an order total line is
                             now only added if there is more than 1 item on an order.
1633   RBA BACKUP (ZIPIT)    SERVER.DBF and CLIENT.DBF have now been added to the                  SJP      PAT/CAL            3089 07/05/2009
                             automatic file exclusion list.
1634   USER AUDIT            The text shown is now a little tidier and some headings have been     RPC                         3089 07/05/2009
1635   SALES DETAIL          Added HIDE clauses back onto the 4 browses. This seems to fix        RPC                          3089 07/05/2009
       REPORT                an issue with text disappearing off the browse area if the window is
                             moved 'off' the edge of the screen and then back again
1636   ERRORSYS              Added the Express++ Build number to the onscreen error text (it       RPC                         3089 07/05/2009
                             was already in the saved log file text)
1637   LABELS                Quantity breaks 2 and 3 added to the template labels                  SJP      GOODWINS           3089 08/05/2009

1638   STOCK PICK LIST       Option to add a second branches stock to the pick list, this can      SJP      HAWKINSPORT /      3089 08/05/2009
                             only be set by RBA using a field in ledgcont called BROWSE_BR                  XING XING
1639   TILL CHECK            Separated out the web deposits on the till check                      SJP      KITSHOP            3089 08/05/2009

1640   VERIFY DATAFILES      Ledger checker now handles paycredit correctly                        SJP                         3089 08/05/2009

1641   LL9                   Invoice template printing from another branches data now works if SJP          POORES             3089 08/05/2009
                             the other dataset is not the same as the HQ's dataset. I.e. A mix of
                             LPGAS and Retailer sites
1642   ADS                   Ads now use the server connection string to establish the             SJP      EXTRAGAS           3089 08/05/2009
                             connection to the database even if its not running in secret mode
1643   SALES BROWSE          Changed the ITEMMARKED clause to stop it using a                      RPC                         3090 08/05/2009
       (INTERNAL)            'dc_getrefresh()' to update the onscreen buttons and instead
                             refresh the objects directly.
1644   BRANCH BATCH          The adding of a db into the local nominal database in BR_BATCH        RPC      SJP                3090 08/05/2009
       UPDATE                will now occur if the branch nominal db entry includes a vat                   G&S
                             element and the vat db entry does not exist in the branch vat
1645   PRODUCT AUDIT         A detail button has been added to audit detailed changes to           SJP                         3090 09/05/2009
                             products details from all sources
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                               Version                        10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1646   PURCHASE LEDGER      Items moved to be in order of expected use                              SJP      CAL           3090 09/05/2009
1647   PURCHASE INVOICE     Admin switch added to allow different costs to show when loading        SJP      G&S           3090 09/05/2009
       AUTO ENTRY           in a delivery note, ie cost at time of booking in, or cost at time of
                            updating etc. Also the adjust cost on receipt switch has been
                            expanded to be used only with inventory receipt or purchase
                            invoice auto entry or both
1648   LOCATION             The LPG and BeerGas Location reports would crash because it             RPC      BRISTOL GAS   3090 12/05/2009
                            did not create and use temporary indexes for the data gathering
                            database correctly.
1649   SOAPSERVER           The SERVER and CLIENT log databases now use record                      RPC      PAT           3090 12/05/2009
                            recycling. The numbers of days of log history to keep (which                     SJP
                            defaults to 21) can now be specified in the SOAPSERVER INI file
                            using an ini file variable named 'LogMaxDays'.
1650   CHECKOUT             Loading a collection order and then saving it again now no longer       RPC      PAT           3090 13/05/2009
                            resets a collection date to empty if one has been previously set.
1651   CHECKOUT             If you load a delivery or collection order, the caption of the 'void    RPC      PAT           3090 13/05/2009
                            sale' button now says 'abort editing' instead
1652   CHECKOUT             Scanning a delivery or collection order barcode in the product      RPC          PAT           3090 13/05/2009
                            code field when no products have been entered now switches the
                            screen to the load orders screen, lists the relevant type of orders
                            and positions the highlight on the order scanned instead of loading
                            the order directly into the checkout screen.
1653   CHECKOUT             You can now mark lines for delivery or collection after loading a   RPC          PAT           3090 13/05/2009
                            layaway. Please note that any marking will be lost if saved back to
1654   SOAPSERVER           Added code in the server error handler so it does not add a server RPC           PAT           3090 13/05/2009
                            log record describing an error if error that occurred happened
                            while adding a server log record in the first place (to stop recursive
1655   SOAPQ_UPDATE         The function that adds a record to the SOAPQ (which is used by          RPC      SELECTRICS    3091 14/05/2009
                            both RBA32 and SOAPSERVER) was missing an 'unlock' so a                          HOMEFLAIR
                            record lock contention problem was occurring intermittently. This
                            started causing a problem in RBA32 when the lClose parameter
                            was being passed in more places where the function was being
1656   SOAPQ_UPDATE         If the function was called with an OPTION or TASK parameter that        RPC      SJP           3091 14/05/2009
                            is empty, a SOAPQ record will not be added. Both instances will
                            be logged to a file called SOAPQ_Update_Exceptions.txt in the
                            XML folder.
1657   ADMIN KEYCODES       On saving, if you have entered a key code that does not exist, a        RPC      SJP           3091 15/05/2009
                            new nominal ledger code was being adding but without a code
                            type (which should always be 'Item'). This new code could then
                            not be edited in the main system as the type had not been set.
1658   VIEW DELIVERY        When this screen is called through Sales Browse View for a          RPC                        3091 15/05/2009
       ORDER                despatched delivery management order , the dialog title shows the
                            word 'Order' instead of the transaction type as it does not know it
                            at this point (the transaction type shown before was
1659   CHECKOUT             On saving a delivery / collection order, if the delivery / collection   RPC      PAT           3091 15/05/2009
                            date has not been set (ie, the order has pending status), the
                            current date is now used to calculate the net price.
1660   INVENTORY            Confirmation on zeroing quantities on the items has been added          SJP      RAINES        3091 15/05/2009
1661   ENQUIRY              Stock User 1-3 added                                                             FORTRESS      3091 15/05/2009

1662   ENQUIRY              Account – supplier's reference added                                    SJP      SELECTRICS    3091 15/05/2009

1663   SUBCODES             Now can only be added if the user has rights to add nominal codes SJP            GS            3091 15/05/2009

1664   ENTER EDIT           When an item is saved as not stocked the minstock and re-order          SJP      SELECTRICS    3091 15/05/2009
       PRODUCTS             quantities are now removed
1665   PL INVOICE ENTRY     Escape now ask you to confirm the choice if the account code is         SJP      SELECTRICS    3091 15/05/2009
                            not empty instead of closing the dialog
                                  RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                 RBA32                                                Version                        10.79
Opened                  09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section                   Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build
1666   RECURRING               Expired journal now are kept instead of being removed                  SJP      GS             3091 15/05/2009
1667   RECURRING               Weekly option added                                                    SJP      SELECTRICS     3091 15/05/2009
1668   REPORT VIEWER           Maximum width increased to 110 character before scrolling is           SJP      GS             3091 15/05/2009
1669   LEDGER                  Pay Credit was not added the cheque number to the correct field        SJP      SELECTRICS     3091 15/05/2009
       MANAGEMENT              on the nominal, therefore not showing on the bank rec
1670   RETURNS TICKET          Now shows supplier's code                                              SJP      RAINES         3091 15/05/2009

1671   RETURNS TICKET /        Now show assistant number if the return was derived from               SJP      RAINES         3091 15/05/2009
       BROWSE                  Checkout
1672   TRADE SALES             If browse_br has been set then all branches stocked quantities are SJP          XING XING      3091 15/05/2009
1673                           XB2NET library update to latest version, version 3091 was not                                  4000 17/05/2009
1674   PRODUPD                 The spelling of the 'Update When' combo box option 'Alway              RPC      CAL            4001 18/05/2009
                               Update' has been changed to 'Always Update'
1675   CHECKOUT                If the checkout delivery/collection module is available and a          RPC      PAT            4001 18/05/2009
                               delivery point is applied after an account code has been selected,              SJP
                               only 1 copy of a sale receipt will now be produced.
1676   PRODUCT ENTRY           On saving a sales code (ie, not a stock code) an error would occur RPC          G&S            4001 18/05/2009
                               as the field “IDS” was being referred to with the wrong name
1677   DATA_HAS_CHANGE         If an invalid fieldname is passed in the fields array, an alert will   RPC      G&S            4001 18/05/2009
       D                       now show giving the invalid fieldname and the database it was
                               supposed to be written to. Also if an audit log is being kept, the
                               error is written th that as well.
1678   WRITE_ARRAY_DATA If an invalid fieldname is passed in the fields array, that field will be RPC          G&S            4001 18/05/2009
                        ignored to stop crashes from occurring which should be picked up
                        by the Data_Has_Changed function.
1679   CHECKOUT                The words 'To' and 'By' now no longer appear after the 'For            RPC      PAT            4001 18/05/2009
       DELIVERY AND            Delivery On xx//xx/xx' and 'For Collection On xx/xx/xx' headings to             SJP
       COLLECTION              avoid confusion where delivery points have been applied.
1680   DELIVERY POINTS         The wording on any receipt that shows delivery point details has       RPC      PAT            4001 18/05/2009
                               been changed from *** Additional Delivery Point *** to ***                      SJP
                               Additional Address Details *** to avoid confusion.
1681   ENQUIRY                 For a kit product, the details pane now shows the kit components       RPC                     4002 19/05/2009
                               current stock qty and how many kits could be made up at present
                               based on that.
1682   TEMPLATE PRINTING On delivery notes/Worksheets the advertising source is now                   SJP      CAL/NEWPOINT   4002 19/05/2009
1683   BULK TERMS              This Admin Maintenance option had various issues that have now         RPC      CASH SAVE      4003 20/05/2009
       REMOVAL                 been fixed. The audit trail now saves to a valid filename and the
                               alert tells you how many changes were done, there is a progress
                               display during processing (the old type but better than it was...),
                               the criteria dialog is now a report type dialog so it stays onscreen
                               while processing takes place.
1684   ENTER / EDIT            On saving the cost price became greyed out due. Add new                SJP      KIT SHOP       4003 21/05/2009
       PRODUCTS                function to test for a stock code to fix the issue
1685   ENTER / EDIT            Advance auditing was writing to the audit file in some situation if    SJP                     4003 21/05/2009
       PRODUCTS                nothing had changed
1686   CHECKOUT                Scanning a layaway ticket now brings the order back on the             SJP      KIT SHOP       4003 21/05/2009
                               screen, but deliveries and collections leave you on the order in
                               picking screen.
1687   PRODUCT ENTRY           The save product progress box now updates every time the               RPC      KIT SHOP       4003 21/05/2009
                               caption changes so that if an error or a 'hang' occurs, the caption             SJP
                               can be used to track which part of the saving process is at fault.
1688   BANKCODE                Due to the use of the nominal code picklist when adding a new          RPC      SL             4003 21/05/2009
       PICKLIST                code or editing an existing one, an error would occur as the the                GLENWOODS
                               workarea had been changed from the bank code database to the
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
                            nominal code database and not changed back again. If adding a
                            new record, a record with only a code would have been added to
                            the nominal code database just prior to the error.
                            The picklist should now refresh after deleting a bank code.
                            Adding a new code now gets the current description from the
                            nominal code file.
1689   PURCHASE BROWSE The View Receipts button now shows the assistant who booked                  SJP      SELECTRICS      4003 21/05/2009
                       the goods in
1690   RBA LOGIN            Added a hidden combobox object onto the login screen to catch          RPC       SJP             4004 22/05/2009
                            an intermittent error that only occurs the first time Rba32 is started
                            on some PCs.
1691   SOAPSERVER           A bug in the record recycling test meant that if no log database   RPC                           4004 22/05/2009
                            exists and it creates an empty one, it would never add a record to
                            it. This would only happen on setting up a new soapserver or after
                            a log database was manually deleted.
1692   SOAPSERVER           A few error handling changes have been made. The main portion           RPC      SELECTRIC     4004 27/05/2009
                            of the client polling function is now enclosed in an error handler to            HORACE FULLER
                            try to trap errors that are occurring outside of the actual task
                            processing functions. Also the main dialog itself has been
                            enclosed in an error handler to trap any dialog object access
                            errors. In most cases any error log will be written to the normal
                            soap errors folder.
1693   RBA LOGIN            The SOAP Info last error line on the main menu will change to red       RPC      SELECTRIC     4004 27/05/2009
       SOAP INFO            if an error occurred in the last 15 minutes. After 15 mins it will               HORACE FULLER
                            revert to normal.
1694   SOAPSERVER           Added a new SOAPSERVER.INI variable called 'LogFolder'. This            RPC      SJP             4004 28/05/2009
                            is the path in which the SERVER and CLIENT log databases will
                            be written. If not set, the default location will be the Rba Data
1695   SOAPSERVER           The SOAPSERVER INI file is now accessed using some new                  RPC                      4004 29/05/2009
                            shared functions. This has been done to allow the main Rba
                            program have access to the INI file for status display purposes.
1696   UTILITIES MENU       Added a new menu item called SOAP Info Dialog that ony appears RPC                               4004 29/05/2009
                            when SOAP is in use.. It was previously accessible via left-
                            clicking on the SOAP Status Info box on the main menu but this
                            did not always work during a remote support session.
1697   SOAP INFO DIALOG     Added two new buttons to allow the user to view the SERVER and RPC                               4004 29/05/2009
                            CLIENT log databases. The browsing is done using a function
                            used in the Till 2 Till interface (A2R_HTTP) which has been
                            modified slightly to cope with an external database not mentioned
                            in the main data structures.
1658   SUPSTOCK             Home Hardware import now import items with 0000000000086 (no SJP                 BLANCHARDS      4004 29/05/2009
                            barcode) and 0000000000093 (pending barcode) into Retailer.                      (BIDEFORD)
                            Changes were also made to the promotional prices to add the
                            promotional pack prices to vendor tab, therefore correctly reporting
                            on the purchase order.
                            The comments box for the Vendor is now populated with the
                            promotional description.
1659   STOCK AUDIT          A new folder has been created in OUTPUT called                          SJP      GS              4005 01/06/2009
                            Daily_Stock_Changes holding the audit details for all the items
                            changed that day
1660   ADMIN                New report: Written to compare branch stock databases for               SJP      GS              4005 01/06/2009
                            orphaned product lines. Under Maintenance – Branch Stock
1661   LEDGER               Purchase ledger invoice entry now allows for zero value invoices        SJP      GS              4005 01/06/2009
       MANAGEMENT           to be saved.
1662   ATR STOCK1           The code that gets the next supplier detail number was not          RPC          TOUCHWOOD       4005 01/06/2009
       UPDATE               initialising the variable to 0 before use. This would cause a crash
                            if new ATR supplier details would be added to products that did not
                            have any supplier details.
1662   PL INVOICE AUTO      The line total were not calculating correctly when the cost switch in SJP        GS              4005 01/06/2009
       ENTRY                ADMIN was set to BCD or E
1663   SHOW MLE TEXT        Added a new height parameter to allow the default of 22 rows to         RPC                      4006 03/06/2009
                            be overridden.
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                              Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
1664   TRADE SALES           The PLU browser can now be used to add multiple items using the RPC                            4006 03/06/2009
                             shopping basket.
1665   PLU BROWSER           A new button has been added to allow import of items into the         RPC                      4006 03/06/2009
       HANDHELD IMPORT       shopping basket that have been scanned with a handheld
1666   ATR                   Sometimes the 'Catalogue.xml' file would sometimes get                RPC      PAT             4006 03/06/2009
                             mistakenly named 'Catalogue.xml.xml' (due to the file extensions
                             not being visible). In order to workaround this, we now look for
                             'Catalogue.xml.xml' instead if 'Catalogue.xml' does not exist.
1667   SYSTEM INFO           User Branch is now shown if one has been set. The text is now         RPC      CAL             4006 04/06/2009
                             laid out better to make it easier to read. The External IP Address
                             now has a dashed line above and below it to make it stand out.
1668   FULL PRODUCT          Under the pricing tab page, in the SPG area, the word 'Latest' has    RPC                      4006 04/06/2009
       ENTRY                 been changed to 'Latest SPG' as the addition of the RSP field
                             made this less obvious. The group box headings on both the
                             pricing and supplier tab pages have been moved down half a row
                             so it looks less cluttered. On the misc tab page, the product notes
                             and image now have the same type of recessed boxes as
                             backgrounds. Also, the test in the thumbnail image tooltip for an
                             existing image file was round the wrong way.
1669   HANDHELD              Added progress display to both the Stock UP and Apply Minimums RPC             CAL             4006 04/06/2009
                             saving options.
1670   SERIAL NUMBER         The Serial Number dialog in full product entry was not showing the RPC         CAL             4006 05/06/2009
       DIALOG                correct status when interbranch transactions were involved. A new
                             movement type ('Y') is now handled to take into account
                             interbranch transfers of items back into stock (which would not be
                             written or handled correctly). Also, the old 'Move Type' column on
                             the s/n movements browse has been split to make the details
                             easier to view.
1671   TRADE SALES           Sales of serial numbered items to interbranch customers with a        RPC      CAL             4006 05/06/2009
       CHECKOUT              negative qty (to bring the item back into stock from the branch) is
                             now handled correctly (a movement type of 'Y' is used).
1672   TRADE SALES           Serial Number validation will now stop the same serial number         RPC      CAL             4006 05/06/2009
       CHECKOUT              being entered twice in the same sale.
1673   PURCHASE BROWSE The option to reset an ATR Order so that it can be downloaded               RPC      PAT             4006 05/06/2009
                       again from ATR is now generally available (before it was for Rba                     SJP
                       access only)
1674   TRADE SALES           The Serial Number validation for tracked items now stops you          RPC      SJP             4006 05/06/2009
       CHECKOUT              trying to sell a serial numbered item if the movements indicate the
                             item is not in stock.
1675   UTILITIES MENU        The Rba Calculator and Calendar are now available from this           RPC                      4006 05/06/2009
1676   RBA CALCULATOR        The calculator accessible from both the Sundries dialog and the       RPC      PAT             4006 05/06/2009
                             Utilities menu now allow up to 5 decimal places.
1677   ENQUIRY               Additional barcodes for products will now show immediately after      RPC      PAT             4006 05/06/2009
                             entering the product code and pressing return (pressing refresh is
                             no longer needed).
1678   RBA ICON              The icon for the Rba Program has been changed to a more               RPC      CAL             4006 05/06/2009
                             modern Rba version.                                                            PAT
1679   ACCESS TO RETAIL      Wholesalers RRP was being treated as excluding VAT, where it          SJP                      4006 05/06/2009
                             should have been including.
1680   DELIVERY              Change account button is now disabled if the order has a deposit      SJP      LSD             4006 05/06/2009
       MANAGEMENT            or has been part dispatched
1681   ENQUIRY               The committed list was showing products on quotations and             SJP      GS ELECTRICAL   4006 05/06/2009
1682   ENTER EDIT            Web user fields are now visible if you have version 4 or 5 selected   SJP      HAWKINSPORT     4006 05/06/2009
1683   MICA EMAIL            The email notification was not working correctly on the day open      SJP      LIGHTWATER      4006 05/06/2009
                             orders were closed as it placed a saledate older that 21 days in
                             the sales file preventing the data being collected before this.
                             Also simular products were not cramping
1684   RBA UPDATE            In two places, the spelling of the word 'avaliable' has been          RPC      SL              4007 09/06/2009
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                               Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build
1685   NEW_CLEANSTK          The committed stock auto calculation process also removed any        RPC                      4007 11/06/2009
                             purchase order detail lines if no related purchase order header
                             record was found. In the case of the purchase order header index
                             being corrupted, it might cause records to be removed in error so it
                             no longer does this.
1686   CLIENT DISCOUNTS      The pricing info shown when entering a product related client      RPC         MORRIS MICA    4007 12/06/2009
       PRODUCT PRICING       discount for a band or customer picked up the shown cost from the              REDDITCH
       ENTRY                 sales code instead of the stock code. I have changed it to use the
                             pricing object, passing the customer/account band code, and then
                             populate the necessary fields from that.
1687   ENTER EDIT            Web user fields were not loading correctly                            SJP      HAWKINSPORT    4007 12/06/2009
1688   ENTER EDIT            Pricing screen has been re-laid out by positioning Margin above  SJP           PAT/GOODWINS   4007 12/06/2009
       PRODUCTS              RRP and allowing % of List to be used with Margin. Also new
                             margin calculation fields and SPG exc VAT were added for display
1689   INVENTORY RECEIPT The cost used to compare changes to was changed in a previous             SJP      PAT            4007 12/06/2009
                         version from the cost to the supplier's cost. This has been
                         changed back as it was highlighting cost changes as expected.
1690   ZIPIT                 The old zip backup is now deleted before calculating the space left SJP        HOMESTYLES     4007 12/06/2009
                             on the pen drive
1691   COMMAND LINE          A new command line utility has been added called run_sql_query        SJP      GOODWINS       4007 12/06/2009
                             to execute SQL in the stated text file
1692   SPEED ENTRY           If SPG form (% of list) is not set to zero or 100 in Admin then the   SJP      GOODWINS       4008 15/06/2009
                             entry field will appear in speed entry (set the Admin value to
                             100.00 to force the field to appear)
1693   DELIVERY              User right for delivery management has now been implemented           SJP      NEWPOINT       4008 15/06/2009
1694   CLIENT/SUPPLIERS      A sales nominal code can now be entered to override the the           SJP      NEWPOINT       4008 15/06/2009
       NOMINAL               nominal code against the products
1695   PLU                   The handheld button overlapped the other button on the PLU            SJP      PAT            4008 15/06/2009
                             selection screen
1696   ASSISTANTS            When assistant pins are enabled sometime not entering a pin      SJP                          4008 15/06/2009
                             number and just pressing enter would cause a random assistant to
                             be displayed.
1697   ATR CATALOGUE         A new updating step has been added between reading and             RPC         PAT            4008 16/06/2009
       UPDATE                updating the ATR catalogue databases and Updating the Stock file
                             for matched products. Product matching and barcode conflict
                             testing is now done for the entire ATR product database to pick up
                             products that may now have been matched previously.
1698   ATR ORDER             The pack size written to the stock file for products supplied by      RPC      PAT            4008 16/06/2009
       CONFIRMATIONS         Mica now comes from the ATR product details when the supplier
                             record is first added. (This was the original pack size handling that
                             was removed to allow STAX products to work correctly)
1699   ATR                   Barcode conflict text is now also written to a separate file in the RPC        PAT            4008 16/06/2009
                             'Output\Exceptions' folder. These files are now viewable using the
                             'View Exception Logs' button. Also, the ability to delete the log
                             files has been added so customers can remove them when they
                             are happy they have been dealt with them.
1700   ATR UPDATE            The pack size picked up from the ATR product database will now        RPC      PAT            4008 16/06/2009
       STOCK1                no longer be written unless the product was supplied by Mica.
                             Also the VDATE field in STK_SUP is now not updated unless any
                             other values are written to the record
1701   CLIENT/SUPPLIER       Validation of empty nominal code by mistake has been fixed.           SJP                     4008 16/06/2009
1702   PRODUCT ENTRY         Price recalculations are now not triggered if the value on the        SJP                     4008 16/06/2009
                             database is the same as displayed onscreen.
1703   PURCHASE LEDGER       DB number alert was not shown if scanning module available but        SJP                     4008 16/06/2009
       INVOICE ENTRY         local PC was not set to do scanning in Workstation/Printer Setup.
1704   ATR UPDATE            An ATR product code was not being written to the log when a           RPC      PAT            4009 16/06/2009
       STOCK1                record in STK_SUP was updated.
1705   SALES BROWSE          On viewing an order detail, if vouchers have been used as             RPC      G&S            4010 17/06/2009
                             payment types the type of voucher will now show if an 'External'
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                               Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By      Date / Build
                            (ie, non Rba) voucher was used. Also the extra line saying where
                            the voucher originated from is suppressed for an External voucher.
1706   DELIVERY             Loading of screen speeded up by loading details when a job is          SJP      G&S / NEWPOINT   4010 17/06/2009
       MANAGEMENT           highlighted. Extra column added for customer order number
1707   SPEED ENTRY          When % of List is show on speed entry, now margins for RRP and         SJP      GOODWINS         4010 17/06/2009
                            SPG are show
1708   ENTER EDIT           When moving back though the price, some time price and effective SJP            GOODWINS         4010 17/06/2009
       PRODUCTS             dates changed
1709   MICA EMAIL           The daily total was not calculating correctly, also a new line has     SJP      CAL              4010 17/06/2009
                            been added to show the open order totals
1710   BRSYNC               The test method has been changed from edited date to                   SJP      G&S              4010 17/06/2009
1720   ATR ORDER            Lines with an ItemType of 'Return' are now added to the Purchase RPC            PAT              4010 18/06/2009
       CONFIRMATION         Order with negative qtys so the PO Total now shows correctly. At
                            present, the balancedue is set to ZERO as the item is presumed to
                            either have had a Stock Adjustment record written on adding the
                            Purchase Order or not (based on the flag in Admin) in which case
                            a manual Stock Adjustment would need to be done. This process
                            may be revised later if some other type of handling is required.
1721   CHANGEBR             Internal utility – was only changing databases with 8 character        SJP      PAT              4010 18/06/2009
1722   DELIVERY COMMIT      The balance figure was not correct when editing an existing            SJP      AIW              4010 18/06/2009
                            committed order                                                                 CAL
1723   SOAP                 New function (define only) added to return a list on customer's        SJP      EXTRAGAS         4011 22/06/2009
                            products, descriptions and prices on terms
1724   DELIVERY             Loading of screen speeded up - revised                                 SJP      G&S / NEWPOINT   4011 22/06/2009
1725   WEBSHOP              Uploading weight for OS commerce now converts the grams to KG SJP               SELECTRIC        4011 22/06/2009

1726   PRODUPD              Option added to generate a barcode                                     SJP      SJP              4011 22/06/2009

1727   ENTER EDIT           A fix was made to stop a crash when called from inventory receipt      SJP      HURST GREEN      4012 23/06/2009
       PRODUCTS             with the link supplier's switch set
1728   TURNOVER REPORT      This can now be run for invoice to accounts or delivery accounts       SJP      SAFE SECURITY    4013 23/06/2009

1729   ENTER EDIT           Debugging left in causing RRP not to recalculate if SPG was            SJP      SJP              4013 23/06/2009
       PRODUCTS             changed
1730   PURCHASE ORDER       New sort order added GB Department, group then barcode                 SJP      COUNTY DIY       4013 23/06/2009
1731   PURCHASE ORDER       If the Admin switch 'Use Auto Purchase Log' is set to 'N', a new       RPC      PAT              4015 24/06/2009
       ENTRY                Purchase Log Item Selection dialog will be displayed in place of
                            the simple 'Do you wish to add items from the Purchase Log' alert
1732   ATR ORDER            Returns items now have the balancedue on the created purchase          RPC      PAT              4014 24/06/2009
       CONFIRMATION         order set to the qty instead of ZERO as done previously. The
                            Stock Adjustment is now no longer done.
1733   INVENTORY            Items on Purchase Orders with negative qtys (ie, Returns Items     RPC          PAT              4014 24/06/2009
       RECEIPTS             from ATR) will now be loaded into the Receipts screen for 'booking
                            out'. This is instead of doing an automatic Stock Adjustment.
1734   PURCHASE BROWSE Cancelling or Un-Cancelling a Purchase Order now handles                    RPC      PAT              4014 24/06/2009
                       negative balancedues correctly.
1735   VERIFY DATAFILES     The On Order qty process no longer sets negative                       RPC      PAT              4014 24/06/2009
                            BALANCEDUEs to ZERO as they are now valid records.
1736   TRADE SALES PLU      The PLU Shopping Basket had not been correctly enabled. It was         RPC      CAL              4014 25/06/2009
                            only usable with the handheld button. This has now been
1737   FONTS                Changes to fonts and checkout to handle a 1366 x 768 Asus touch SJP             PAT              4014 25/06/2009
1738   LPG                  If only LPG redistribution was being used (no cellar gas               SJP      DIXONS           4014 25/06/2009
       REDISTRIBUTION       redistribution) then it ignored the print on suppliers forms flag in
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                               Version                       10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                          Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1739   SOAPSERVER            The Rba_Queue function that returns the next task to be               RPC      SELECTRIC     4014 25/06/2009
                             processed by the client could not deal with missing QUEUEID
                             records. It has been changed to use softseek instead which
                             should fix the problem.
1740   TRADE SALES           A part of the wording for the tooltip of the Special Order Product    RPC      SL            4014 25/06/2009
                             button has been changed to say 'This allows you to enter up to
                             two descriptions...'
1741   PLU BROWSER           Modified to use stock speed search data to show a list of matching RPC         CAL           4014 26/06/2009
                             products which can then be used to add to the shopping basket                  NEWPOINT
                             array and fed back to sales routine.
1742   PRODUCT LOOKUP        STK_FIND procedure modified to allow the PLU Browser to be          RPC        CAL           4014 26/06/2009
                             shown instead of the normal fast seek dialog when it is called from            NEWPOINT
                             a sales routine.
1743   TRADE SALES           Now shows the PLU Browser when a speed search is initiated            RPC      CAL           4014 26/06/2009
                             from the product code field to allow multiple items to be added                NEWPOINT
                             back into the main items array using the PLU Shopping Basket.
1744   FONT FUNCTIONS        Adjust_ScrollBars function has two new parameters that allow you      RPC                    4014 26/06/2009
                             to stop it modifying one or both of the scrollbars if required.
                             v10.79.4014 beta released for testing purposes

1745   PLU BROWSER           The left click to sort on the fast seek browse is available only if   RPC      SJP           4014 26/06/2009
                             using a Touch Screen (this also disables column resizing).
1746   TRADE SALES           When the PLU fast seek screen appears, you can now press              RPC      SJP           4014 26/06/2009
       PRODUCT LOOKUP        Return or double-click on an item in the matched products list to
       PLU                   allow that single product to be added to the sale.
1747   PURCHASE ORDER        The NMBR field (house number) from the ACCOUNT database               RPC      CAL           4015 29/06/2009
       ENTRY                 was not being read when an account code is used to load the
                             delivery point details.
1748   UD_STOCK1             The 'Data_Has_Changed' function may have wrongly returned             RPC      CAL           4014 29/06/2009
                             false when a text audit string was passed.
1749   USEVIEWER             The filename of the viewer database now has a time string added       RPC      RPC           4014 29/06/2009
                             to make doubly sure the file is unique.                                        SJP
1750   PLU BROWSER           When fast seek was used and a single item was added to the       RPC           CAL           4014 29/06/2009
                             basket the PLU list browse object was given focus which caused a
1751   PLU BROWSER           The focus now goes to the relevant browse object correctly after      RPC                    4014 29/06/2009
                             changing a plu basket items quantity.
1752   TRADE SALES           The F8 Void Item button now shows an alert asking you to confirm      RPC      CAL           4014 29/06/2009
                             if you wish to remove the item as it was too easy to accidentally              SJP
                             remove items.
1753   CLIENT/SUPPLIER       The Class filter is now validated and Class I (Interbranch /          RPC      BP            4014 29/06/2009
       FILTERS               InterCompany) has been added.                                                  SL
1754   CHECKOUT              The Add to Purchase Log button is now only available if you have      RPC      PAT           4014 29/06/2009
                             the Auto Purchase Log switch set in Admin.
1755   TRADE SALES           On saving an edited order, if there are deposits against the order, RPC        SJP           4014 30/06/2009
                             the credit status used will be the credit status against the order, not        COUNTRY
                             the clients current credit status, to retain order integrity.                  SUPPLIES
1756   PURCHASE ORDER        On typing in a new account code, it now checks to see if there any RPC         PAT           4015 30/06/2009
       ENTRY                 any outstanding orders and if there are it shows an alert to let the
                             user know.
1757   BALANCE SHEET /       Now asks for an end period number (to give the ability to run the    RPC       SJP           4014 30/06/2009
       PROFIT & LOSS         balance sheet from the current financial period up to the end of the
                             financial year) when the current financial period number is less
                             than 12.
1758   RECURRING ENTRY       On saving a recurring journal where an account code has been          RPC      P WALSH       4014 30/06/2009
                             entered, it now makes sure that either a sales or purchase ledger
                             control account has been entered.
1759   PURCHASE BROWSE The order figure now includes the canceled quantity                         SJP      KIT SHOP      4014 30/06/2009

1760   DIRECT DEBITS         The alert on logging in to the Rba System that asks if direct debit   RPC      PAT           4015 30/06/2009
                             statements are to be printed now mentions that the statements                  DIXONS
                             cannot be reprinted for the date shown until this process has been
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build

1761   CHECKOUT SALES      On the Add Special Order Product dialog the default for the Supply RPC         CAL           4015 06/07/2009
                           Method has been changed to 'Collection'                                        G&S
1762   PURCHASE ORDER      The load from Purchase Log alert has been changed to a dialog        RPC       PAT           4015 06/07/2009
       ENTRY               that allows you to easily select the items to be added. The list has
                           a priority column to allow you to see why the product on the log
                           may match the current supplier. Also items with no supplier on the
                           log are shown just in case the user wants to include them.
1763   PURCHASE ORDER      A few new highlight colours have been introduced to show more         RPC      PAT           4015 06/07/2009
       ENTRY               hints about the products. The Key button gives details.
1764   PURCHASE ORDER      Removed a couple of :refreshall() calls from the function RPC                                4015 06/07/2009
       ENTRY               REFRESH_SUP_AND_HIST_BROWSES that do not appear to be
                           needed as :forcestable is done anyway.
1765   DELIVERY            Changes made to reflect the date entered                              SJP      CLEVELAND     4015 06/07/2009
1766   DELIVERY            Order cancellation now preserves the contents of deliv2 and an        SJP      SJP           4015 06/07/2009
       MANAGEMENT          optional notification email can be sent
1767   CLIENT SUPPLIER     Captions can now be set in admin for user 3 and 4                     SJP      EXTRA GAS     4015 06/07/2009
1768   TRIAL BALANCE       Added a Branch Number filter to the report                            RPC      G&S / SJP     4016 06/07/2009

1769   PURCHASE ORDER      The wording in the pink colour key box on the Add From Purchase RPC            LSD           4016 08/07/2009
       ENTRY               Log dialog has been changed to 'Supplier not against Product'
1770   PURCHASE ORDER      The test done to get the font colour for the product code column      RPC      PAT           4016 08/07/2009
       ENTRY               was not working correctly. The product line array had to be
                           changed to hold the cost of the product from the purchase order
                           supplier and the cost from other suppliers in order to get the test
                           working correctly.
1771   PURCHASE ORDER      Datatooltip added to the items browse. The tooltip text explains      RPC                    4016 08/07/2009
       ENTRY               the reason for any extra colour highlighting.
1772   PURCHASE ORDER      The matched items count on the new Add From Purchase Log              RPC      PAT           4016 08/07/2009
       ENTRY               dialog was being calculated incorrectly.
1773   DBPICK              The main database picklist function has been enhanced to allow a      RPC      PAT           4016 08/07/2009
                           new method of seeking, which I have called Quick Seek. When                    SJP
                           the Seek button is available, typing letter/numbers will perform a
                           seek automatically using what is typed.
1774   DBPICK              A custom popup function can now be supplied for the Seek field        RPC      PAT           4016 09/07/2009
                           (the cSeekPict parameter now allowqs a two-dim array)
1775   LOAN STOCK          The seek field popup now allows access to an account picklist         RPC      PAT           4016 09/07/2009
       BROWSE              (instead of the standard popup keyboard).
1776   DBPICK              The Quick Seek functionality has now been enhanced so that it         RPC                    4016 09/07/2009
                           acts more like a filter. Only records matching the string typed are
                           shown until you click the clear quick seek button.
1777   ATR UPLOAD          The Stock Availability Upload has been added to the list of           RPC      SJP           4016 10/07/2009
                           possible files that can be created for uploading to ATR. This
                           allows current stock quantities to be passed to the ATR server.
1777   DBPICK              The Quick Seek function is now to be referred to as 'Quick Filter'    RPC                    4016 10/07/2009
                           as that is more appropriate.
1778   PRODUCT ENTRY       On the enter a clone product code dialog, the Use Last Part button RPC         CAL           4016 10/07/2009
                           no longer needs to be pressed twice to get it to function.
1779   MULTI BROWSE        The browse highlighting has been changed to row highlights            RPC      CAL           4016 10/07/2009
                           instead of cell highlights due to horizontal scrolling possibly
                           making the cell highlighted become hidden.
1780   PURCHASE ORDER      The wording at the end of the text on the alert that appears to       RPC      PAT           4016 10/07/2009
       ENTRY               allow items to be added from the purchase log has been changed
                           to '(Note: Only items ordered will be removed from the log)'
1781   CHECKOUT            On entering a voucher payment amount, the value now cannot            RPC      G&S           4016 10/07/2009
                           exceed 999.99. This has been introduced as a general Rba
                           system limit to stop invalid refund vouchers being created. This
                           limit may be amended later due to customer request.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                            Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1782   REDIST BATCHING     The field ORDOP was being populated with the Station Name              RPC      BEER GAS      4016 10/07/2009
       RENTAL INVOICES     instead of the User Name if assistants were not in use.                         EXPRESS
       REPEAT INVOICES                                                                                     PAT
       TRADE SALES                                                                                         SJP
1783   CHANGE ACCOUNT      A Scanned documents folder, if one existed, was not being              RPC      SELECTRIC     4016 13/07/2009
1784   SCANNED             Illegal filename characters in an account code were not being          RPC                    4016 13/07/2009
       DOCUMENTS           converted to legal leaving the scans folder name as invalid.
1785   STATEMENT           If the Overdue Only criteria was set to 'Y', occasionally statements   RPC      INNERGY LPG   4016 13/07/2009
       PRINTING            that showed no overdue invoices would be printed.
1786   FULL PRODUCT        If a product is linked to an ATR product, a new indicator now          RPC      PAT           4016 13/07/2009
       ENTRY               shows at the top of the dialog near the description saying how
                           many ATR links have been found and the tooltip gives extra
1787   PRODUCT AUDIT       Added a new parameter that says if the product is ATR related. If      RPC      PAT           4016 14/07/2009
                           it is, a button is shown which will switch the text to show ATR                 SJP
                           related product info.
1788   PRODUCT AUDIT       Added a button, if product is ATR related, to allow the link between RPC        PAT           4016 14/07/2009
                           the Rba product and any ATR products to be broken. The Rba
                           Product Code field in the ATR product database is set to blank and
                           an audit is written to the 'output\miscellaneous' folder.
1789   DEPOSIT REPORT      The reference was not being shown.                                     SJP      DIXONS        4016 14/07/2009

1790   ATR UPLOAD          The command line for the Stock Availability XML file creation was      RPC                    4017 15/07/2009
                           not working correctly.
1791   ATR UPLOAD          The Qty calculation for Stock Availability has changed to QTYIN-       RPC      SJP           4017 15/07/2009
                           QTYDELI instead of being just QTYIN. This is done in case the
                           QTYDELI field is being populated in the local Rba system.
1792   ATR UPLOAD          The Stock Availability Upload now includes all stocked products as RPC                        4017 15/07/2009
                           there is no easy way to see if a qty has changed since the last
1793   ATR UPLOAD          A quote and a plus sign were being mistakenly appended to the    RPC                          4017 15/07/2009
                           end of the <AvailabilityRecord> opening tag (even though the XML
                           had been read and tested at the ATR end).
1794   ATR UPLOAD          Special Offer XML creation crashed because a few functions had         RPC                    4017 15/07/2009
                           been renamed in the Special Offers source code that were being
                           referenced by macro.
1795   ATR UPLOAD          Spelling mistake fixed – 'Uppload' change to 'Upload' in               RPC                    4018 16/07/2009
                           Mica_Stock_XML_Record_Array() function
1796   FULL PRODUCT        The ATR relation indicator has been changed to show how many           RPC      PAT           4018 16/07/2009
       ENTRY               ATR related records there are.
1797   PRODUCT AUDIT       The ATR Info text is now better presented. ATR product code,           RPC      PAT           4018 16/07/2009
                           description and partname are shown, followed by related
                           barcodes, followed by blocks of supplier information.
1798   PLU BROWSER         When adding or editing items to a folder, the shopping basket          RPC      CAL           4018 16/07/2009
                           buttons were appearing behind the edit buttons.
1799   ATR UPLOAD          The Stock Availability Upload was failing due to the 120 second        RPC      MICA HQ       4018 17/07/2009
                           timeout per uploaded file not being enough. This has now been
                           increased to 5 minutes (300 seconds).
1800   ATR UPLOAD          It was noticed by ATR that Catalogue Index IndexItemDelete             RPC      ATR           4018 17/07/2009
                           records were not enclosed in their own IndexItem block tag as set
                           out in the last ATR Upload spec. The IndexItemAdd and
                           IndexItemDelete record sets are processed separately.
1801   CONSUME             The Stock Adjustment movement was being posted as a positive        RPC         GAFFNEYS      4018 20/07/2009
                           adjustment instead of a negative one (but the products qty in stock
                           was being updated correctly).
1802   WEB ORDERS          The Carriage charge in the supplied XML is presumed always to     RPC           KIT SHOP      4018 21/07/2009
                           include VAT at the rate specified against the nominated Web Store
                           Carriage Product. The VAT will therefore always be deducted from
                           it to get a net price to work with.
1803   SCANNED             Scanned documents can now be related to orders from Delivery           RPC      SJP           4018 22/07/2009
       DOCUMENTS           Management.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                            Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By      Date / Build
1804   DELIVERY            Added a Scans button to the view order dialog.                         RPC      SJP              4018 22/07/2009
1805   DELIVERY            Added a set of check-boxes to the dialog to allow users to show        RPC      SJP              4018 24/07/2009
       MANAGEMENT          only the types of orders that they require. The settings are
                           workstation related and are saved when the refresh button is
1806   CHECKOUT            Made a small adjustment to the CH_Edit_Reset function as it            RPC                       4018 24/07/2009
                           seemed to be setting focus to the same object twice under some
1887   NOMINAL             Switch added to suppress the COGS/STOCK part of a sales                SJP      SSL              4018 24/07/2009
                           nominal entry
1888   ENQUIRY             Adjustment button added                                                SJP      SSL              4018 24/07/2009

1889   CLIENT / SUPPLIER   Alert added if a delivery account class is not the same as the         SJP      SSL              4018 24/07/2009
       ENTER EDIT          invoice-to class
1890   CLIENT / SUPPLIER   Last part sold added to the Sales tab                                  SJP      Extragas         4018 24/07/2009
1891   UNALLOCATED         Option added to show only open cash, open credits or both              SJP      GS               4018 28/07/2009
1892   COMMAND LINE        New command line option added called RECONCILE_STOCK1                  SJP      GS               4018 28/07/2009
                           {OBSOLETE|DELETE} to obsolete all item not belonging to a
                           branch and not included in transfers. This can be followed by
                           RECONCILE_STOCK1 DELETE to purge all obsolete item
                           according to the purging rules. Audit logs are save in
1893   DELIVERY            Sometime the postcode in the browse was not the final delivery         SJP      LSD              4019 03/08/2009
       MANAGEMENT          point postcode
1894   DEPARTMENT PICK     Trade 1 and Trade 2 discounts can now be set against                   SJP      MOTTRAMS         4019 03/08/2009
       LIST                departments. These values will then be used when setting up a
                           new product. NOTE: Only the Trade 1 and 2 discounts set against
                           a product are used when that item is sold.
1895   BRANCH BATCH        The branch nominals for the current month would not post if the        SJP      HORACE FULLER 4019 03/08/2009
       ROUTINES            HQ current period was that month too. This only manifests itself
                           HQ period end was done in the following month
1896   DELIVERY            The system now handles dispatching of cash orders where the            SJP      LSD              4020 06/08/2009
       DESPATCH            deposit is greater than the order total
1897   CLIENT / SUPPLIER   Alert added in item 1889 stopped invoice-to accounts being             SJP      SSL              4021 06/08/2009
       ENTER EDIT          changed
1898   DELIVERY            The Inclusion Types Checkboxes on the top line of this dialog are      RPC      CAL              4022 10/08/2009
       MANAGEMENT          now right-justified to make the dialog look less cluttered.
1899   DBPICK              The when clause on the buttons at the bottom of the screen (eg,        RPC      SL               4022 10/08/2009
                           Select, Find, etc) was wrong causing them not to be available if a
                           quick filter string had been entered although you could still double
                           click in the browse to select an item..
1900   CHECKOUT            The Pay button on the Sales screen now shows the word 'Refund'         RPC      CAL              4022 10/08/2009
                           instead when the sale total is negative.
1901   DELIVERY            On despatching to open order and using signature pads, the sig         RPC      SJP              4022 11/08/2009
       DESPATCH            bitmaps are now renamed correctly on finalising.
1902   DELIVERY            The Logged To field has been adjusted to allow the field to get        RPC                       4022 11/08/2009
       DESPATCH            focus but to only allow contents to come from the picklist.
1903   DELIVERY            The dialog now correctly sets display focus.                           RPC                       4022 11/08/2009
1904   NEW_CLEANSTK        Orphaned DELIV2 records with non-zero BALANCEDUE are no                RPC                       4022 11/08/2009
                           longer blanked but instead the BALANCEDUE is set to ZERO as
                           they are invalid.
1905   DELIVERY            If the Inclusion Type settings mean that no orders will be shown on RPC         G&S Electrical   4022 11/08/2009
       MANAGEMENT          entry into the dialog, the original test to make sure the aDELIV
                           array was not empty would stop you from opening the dialog. This
                           test has now been removed as it is no longer needed.
1906   MULTIBROWSE         The dialog title has been changed to 'Multi Browse' to make it         RPC      CAL              4022 11/08/2009
                           more visible and easier to find on the windows task bar
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                            Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                          Fixer    Reported By      Date / Build
1907   CHECKOUT            When in the discount selection screen, on clicking a discount        RPC      PAT              4022 11/08/2009
                           value button the checkout items array is now updated directly by
                           function instead of using the event loop to do so.
1908   DEPARTMENT          On adding a new Department code a crash would occur due to           RPC      SL               4022 12/08/2009
       PICKLIST            some carriage changes that are still under development.
1909   CLL9                InvoiceDebug related entries removed as they are no longer           RPC      SJP              4022 12/08/2009
       PRINTER_FUNCTION    needed.
1910   SUPSTOCK            On a Home Hardware promotions import, if the VAT Code in             RPC      CAL              4023 13/08/2009
                           SUPSTOCK is not equal to that on the main stock file a crash                  RAINES
                           would occur when it tried to write the SUPSTOCK vat code to the
                           main stock file.
1911   EMAILS              The MAPI Type used by List & Label when sending emails is now        RPC                       4023 14/08/2009
       WORKSTATION AND     changeable in the Workstation and Printer dialog and held in the
       PRINTER SETUP       main system array.
1912   DELIVERY            On pressing the Seek button and typing a delivery order number,      RPC      CAL              4023 17/08/2009
       MANAGEMENT          pressing return will now automatically trigger the Ok button
1913   CHECKOUT            The Void Sale/Refund alert now also knows if the current             RPC      CAL              4023 17/08/2009
                           transaction is a sale or refund and adjusts the words accordingly.
1914   FULL PRODUCT        On the Pricing Tab, under some resolutions the SPG Exc VAT field RPC                           4023 17/08/2009
       ENTRY               prompt could not be displayed completely. Also, a couple of the
                           groupboxes have been moved and widened to make them fit
1915   SUPSTOCK            On a Home Hardware import, the two special barcodes (Non-            RPC      RAINES           4023 18/08/2009
                           Barcoded and Awaiting Barcode) are now properly handled
                           (blanked out) on importing product data.
1916   WEBSITE UPDATE      The Website Update dialog button for 'Killing Categories and         RPC      SL               4023 18/08/2009
                           Stock' had a spelling error which has now been fixed.
1917   ATR STOCK1          The PCOST field in the SUP_STK database was being updated            RPC      PAT EMAIL 19/8   4023 19/08/2009
       UPDATE              using ATR_VEND->UNITCOST multiplied by SUP_STK->PQTY.
                           This should have been ATR_VEND->UNITCOST divided by
1918   DELIVERY            On occasion an alert would appear saying 'the balance items in       RPC      SELECTRIC VX     4023 19/08/2009
       DESPATCH            the order will be kept as the deposit exceeds the gross item
                           values' when the deposit and gross values were the same. In
                           case this is a rounding issue on the test, I have rounded both
                           values to two decimal places on testing.
1919   PURCHASE ORDER      In the New Purchase Log handling (used when Auto Purchase Log RPC             SELECTRIC BH     4023 20/08/2009
       ENTRY               is turned off) the test for items without a vendor was not working
                           correctly which meant it could bring up products not relevant to the
                           Purchase Order Supplier entered.
1920   SCANNED             On using the Import document button a DEBUG window would             RPC      SELECTRIC        4023 20/08/2009
       DOCUMENTS           appear after selecting the file to be imported. This has now been
1921   DELIVERY            The items are loaded into the despatch screen using the DELIV2T RPC           LSD              4023 20/08/2009
       DESPATCH            index (order number followed by line tag). This is now consistent
                           with how trade sales and delivery management view display them.
1922   INVENTORY           An alert that was added to the function that zeroes or restores item RPC      CAL              4023 20/08/2009
       RECEIPTS            qtys to their original values interfered with the handheld data               BARCLAY ROSS
                           import. The alert is now suppressed in that situation.
1923   LEDGER              The Sales Ledger Option that allows you to change the credit         RPC      G&S              4023 21/08/2009
       MANAGEMENT          status of a customer was not updating the SOAP queue for the
       OPTIONS             change.
1924   VERIFY DATAFILES    The log text for the Set Registry option has had a couple of small   RPC      CAL              4023 21/08/2009
                           adjustments made to make it easier to read. Also if a reboot is
                           required the text has been made to stand out more by using
                           asterisks and extra line-feeds.
1925   PURCHASE ORDER      Added some code into the Tooltip text function used by the main      RPC      TOUCHWOOD        4023 24/08/2009
       ENTRY               items browse object to try to stop an array access error.                     (EL)
1926   CARRIAGE            Added a button to call a new dialog to allow carriage charges to be RPC       SJP              4023 24/08/2009
                           added into a Trade Sales transaction.
1927   ENQUIRY             The width of the tabpages has been increased from 100 character      RPC      CAL              4024 25/08/2009
                           to 104 as buttons would no longer fit at 1024x768 resolution.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                           Also the font used in the multiline objects has been changed from
                           the bold get font to the normal get font for readability.
1928   SALES BROWSE        The Find facility would not highlight the last order for an entered   RPC      BRADLEYS      4024 25/08/2009
                           account under some circumstances. The method used to do this
                           has been replaced with the 'seek last in index' method
1929   GENERAL PRICE       The Inventory, Reports, Prices, General report would crash if it      RPC      STAYTES       4024 25/08/2009
       LIST                was run to show costs and encountered a product with no price.
1930   ADMIN SWITCHES      The Tooltip of the Sales Related switch 'Compress Sales Receipt'      RPC      SL            4024 25/08/2009
                           had a spelling mistake in the word 'Neither'
1931   DELIVERY            The wording on the alert that asks you to confirm that you wish to    RPC      CAL           4024 25/08/2009
       DESPATCH            part despatch an order has been changed to be more
                           grammatically correct.
1932   SUPPORT             The Utilities, Support menu option now correctly launches as a        RPC                    4024 26/08/2009
                           separate application so Windows Task Manager does not need to
                           be used to exit Rba32 while in a remote support session.
1933   TRADE SALES         The Order Totals were not displayed correctly at 1024x768             RPC      LSD           4024 26/08/2009
                           resolution and showed '...' since the carriage feature was
                           introduced. The boxes have been widened and the contents have
                           been trimmed to fix this. A few field names in the header area
                           have been realigned. The size of the header area was a little
                           bigger than required so this has been adjusted to be the correct
1934   TRADE SALES         On returning back from the Sundries dialog, the focus is now          RPC                    4024 26/08/2009
                           returned to either the assistant number or account code field.
1935   TRADE SALES         The Cost Analysis button now has an accelerator key of Alt-Y          RPC                    4024 26/08/2009

1936   MULTIBROWSE         Order Totals are no longer shown as blank if the value is zero.       RPC      CAL           4024 26/08/2009

1937   SOAP INFO DIALOG    Added the facility to view the SOAPQ database. Also made the          RPC      PAT/CAL       4024 26/08/2009
                           browses larger to show more information.
1938   BROWSE DATABASE     The generic database browser (located in A2R_HTTP) needed             RPC                    4024 26/08/2009
                           adjusting to allow numeric indexes to be handled.
1939   UPDSTAMP            The functions related to UPDSTAMP creation and manipulation   RPC                            4024 26/08/2009
       (INTERNAL)          have been moved from General Functions and Soap_Support files
                           into the Shared_Functions file.
1940   SOAP INFO DIALOG    Added Last QID processed by Soap Server to Server Activity list.      RPC                    4024 02/09/2009

1941   SALES LEDGER        The data gathering now uses the date index (ALLOCID) and a            RPC      PAT           4024 02/09/2009
       RECEIPTS REPORT     softseek to find the first record and exits gathering when the next            DIXONS
                           record date is after the end date.
1942   SOAPSERVER          Added a server/client status tabpage to show a summary of the         RPC      CAL           4024 02/09/2009
                           activity of the server and client processes.                                   SJP
1943   PRINTER SETUP       A new printer port IGNR has been added to ignore the default          SJP                    4024 02/09/2009
                           printer or net port and use the printer defined in the template.
1944   CLIENT SUPPLIER     A web password button has been added to create a web logon            SJP                    4024 02/09/2009
       ENTER EDIT          password
1945   RBA LOGIN           A hidden treeview object has been added to try to catch 1st time      RPC      EMAIL ERROR   4024 03/09/2009
                           object creation errors (see also item 1690 above).                             LOGS
1946   FIND PRODUCT        The Sub Group description was not being displayed in the              RPC      CAL           4024 04/09/2009
       DIALOG              dept/group header line if one was chosen.
                           Also, the browse was flashing on navigation so I moved the hide
                           clause to a browse parent static.
1947   TRADE SALES         Added an internal audit file for development use.                     RPC      SELECTRIC     4024 04/09/2009
                           Also, the remove edited committed qtys function now uses the                   SJP
                           branch number directly from the delivery detail file.
1948   FILE COMMITTED      Added an internal audit file for development use.                     RPC      SELECTRIC     4024 04/09/2009
       STOCK                                                                                              SJP
1949   SAGE DIALOG         New RPC_DEV option added to Import Sage contacts, vat and             SJP                    4024 04/09/2009
                           wwb fields into special instruction and user3-6
1950   CLIENT SUPPLIERS    User fields 5 and 6 added to sales tab                                SJP      EXTRAGAS      4024 04/09/2009

1951   CREATE RUNS         User fields 3-6 now show in the account box in the bottom RHS         SJP      EXTRAGAS      4024 04/09/2009
                                 RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                             Version                         10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
1952   TRADE SALES           Alert quantity increased from 1000 to 3000 to prevent the alert       SJP                    4024 04/09/2009
                             appearing for oil and bulk gas sales
1953   TEMPLATE PRINTING For Invoices, collection notes and lpgas delivery notes you can           SJP                    4024 04/09/2009
                         now create a template say called “trade invoice customer type
                         AB.lst”, any of these documents printed for this customer type
                         would use this template.
1954   BULK CHANGE           A new screen has been added to the Inventory menu allow          SJP           GK LOCKS      4024 04/09/2009
       PRODUCT               product code changes to be entered, then changed within a batch.
1955   TRADE SALES           If Branch Sales Ledger is in use and a transaction is entered for a   RPC      TAM TDM       4025 07/09/2009
                             Credit Customer that pays, auto-allocation of the payment caused
                             a crash (it should not have been done at all…).
1956   SALES ENTRY           The totals shown below the 'Credit account sales entries' list in the RPC      APEX          4025 08/09/2009
       REPORT                Full version of the report were incorrect (they were totals of all
                             transactions shown in the top part of the report).
1957   KEYPAD                On typing a single letter and pressing enter when entering an       RPC        WATSONS HH    4025 09/09/2009
                             account code, the F1 picklist is now accessed (which is desirable
                             for touch screens). This stopped working in build 3086 (item 1555).
                             Multiple letters still bring up an account seek screen as before.
1958   CLIENT/SUPPLIER       A new 'password' button added recently overlapped with the            RPC      CAL           4025 09/09/2009
       ENTER/EDIT            tabpage headings as there was not enough room. Adjusted the
                             Sub Contractors tabpage to have a heading of 'Sub Cont' to make
                             more room.
1959   UPDATE RUNS           Pick list for vehicle time slots added                                SJP                    4025 14/09/2009

1960   CREATE RUN /          Loading list accessed by right clicking the vehicle number, now       SJP
       VEHICLE PICK LIST     includes two lines of free comments set against the vehicle from
                             the pick list
1961   VEHICLE PICK LIST     Now cannot be saved without a registration                            SJP                    4025 14/09/2009

1962   TILL CHECK            Station list was not showing stations if only deposits had been       SJP      LSD           4025 14/09/2009
1963   SOAPSERVER            Version number had been added to the invoicelist request              SJP      EXTRAGAS      4025 14/09/2009

1964   COMMAND LINE          New command line option added to populate USER6 with the         SJP           POORES        4025 14/09/2009
                             account activity, taking into account sales and goods receipts
                             against accounts at branches. Accounts with No Activity Found in
                             user6 are unused accounts entered more than a year ago
1965   INVOICE PRINT         USER1-3 from the stock record are now available on the template       SJP      WOODFLOR      4025 14/09/2009

1965   BULK CHANGE           A 'From Excel' button has been added                                  SJP      GKL           4025 14/09/2009
1966   POSTED REPORT         Can now be filtered for credits only                                  SJP      GS            4025 14/09/2009

1967   PURGE PRODUCT         The functions that actually blank the relevant records have been      RPC                    4026 16/09/2009
       PRODUCT PRICE         moved into STOCK1_SUPPORT so they can be called by the
       AUDIT                 SOAPSERVER.
1968   CLIENT/SUPPLIER       The Number of Days payment terms days fields now save                 RPC      HANSENS       4026 21/09/2009
       ENTER/EDIT            whatever has been entered. Under certain circumstances it was                  CAL
                             resetting the value to 30.                                                     SJP
1969   NO SALES SINCE        Now excludes suppliers                                                SJP      SL            4026 21/09/2009

1970   RDCO                  Option to generate RDCO reports has now been converted from           SJP      HBS           4026 21/09/2009
                             the DOS system
1971   REPORT SELECTION      A Static bar has been added to the generic report selection dialog    SJP      SJP           4026 21/09/2009
                             to avoid the need to create a separate progress dialog. (See the
                             Posting and RDCO reports for implementation examples)
1972   DELIVERY              The alert that advises of mismatched deposit to order value now       SJP      SELECTRIC     4026 21/09/2009
       DESPATCH              show the values in question
1973   ZERO STOCK            The zero stock warning now has an option to be set to L for low       SJP      JEFFERY and   4026 21/09/2009
                             stock warning and will alert the user when the last one is sold.               COLLARD
1974   ZIPIT                 Now checks the data location in the ini file and ensures the current SJP       RPC           4026 21/09/2009
                             data location exists in the ini file tag.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program              RBA32                                              Version                         10.79
Opened               09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build
1975   SAGE DIALOG         A new option has been added to allow Retailer to create accounts       SJP      HBS            4026 21/09/2009
                           in Sage when posting invoices
1976   LEDGER PAYMENT      If an account is setup to use BACS and a cheque payment is             SJP      GS             4026 21/09/2009
                           entered and the reference edited then the payment type is
                           changed from B to M
1977   TERMS               When entering a product net price, the terms date now defaults to      SJP      DIXONS         4026 22/09/2009
1978   DELIVERY            Seek button replaced with a search button, extra search option for     SJP      NEWPOINT       4026 22/09/2009
       MANAGEMENT          customer order number, address and postcode have been added
1979   DELIVERY POINTS     For Newpoint only all delivery points show and are not filtered by     SJP      NEWPOINT       4026 22/09/2009
                           main account
1980   INVENTORY           The message line for the Supplier Code entry field had a spelling      RPC      SL             4026 22/09/2009
       RECEIPTS            mistake on the word 'Separately' which has now been corrected.
1981   ACCOUNT PURGE       The purge function has been adjusted to let it be called from          RPC      SJP            4026 23/09/2009
                           SOAPSERVER and an audit trail is now possible.
1982   PRODUCT PURGE       The purge function has been adjusted to let it be called from          RPC      SJP            4026 23/09/2009
                           SOAPSERVER and an audit trail is now possible.
1983   SOAPSERVER          Account Purge and Product Purge have been added as client              RPC      SJP            4026 23/09/2009
                           tasks. Task Client Logs for these new tasks give details of
                           processed items. As no record is available to be passed from the
                           soap queue at the SERVER end to the CLIENT, the only matching
                           possible is done using the code and the name or description.
1984   MAIN MENU           The Clean_The_Stock_File function was calling DLLUNLOAD                RPC      RPC            4026 23/09/2009
                           which would occasionally give an error so it has been commented                 SJP
1985   SALES ENTRY         On the Full version of the report, the last credit transaction would   RPC      KIT SHOP       4026 23/09/2009
       REPORT              not appear in the Credit Account Sales Entries list. If there was
                           only one transaction, nothing would show.
1986   SYSTEM INFO         The Yespay Info line should now show the current Merchant ID           RPC      PAT            4026 23/09/2009
                           and Terminal ID for the current PC if a YesPay installation exists.
1987   CHECKOUT            The Total Sales, Total Discount and Order Reference lines were         RPC      CAL            4026 23/09/2009
                           overlapping other objects as they were not displayed at the
                           correct row.
1988   CHECKOUT            The valid individual Voucher amount allowed has been increased         RPC      S&S HOME       4026 23/09/2009
                           to 9999.99.                                                                     SUPPLIES
1989   RECEIPTS REPORT     Error fixed and report header tidied up                                SJP      APEX           4026 23/09/2009
1990   REPEATS             A lock file has been added to ensure that only one workstation         SJP      DIXONS         4026 23/09/2009
                           processes the repeats
1991   SALES BROWSE        Using find to search for an order number now comes up with an          SJP      DIXONS         4026 23/09/2009
                           alert with details of why is was canceled if not in the main sales
                           file. LPGas only.
1992   SPELLING            BACS_BATCHING, NOMREPS and SALES_ENTRY_REPORT all                      RPC      SL             4027 24/09/2009
                           had the word 'separate' spelt wrong.
1993   ENQUIRY             The Order column on the Committed item detail dialog has been      RPC          SELECTRIC BH   4027 24/09/2009
                           widened to 7 characters as it did not show 6 digit numbers in some
1994   DELIVERY FINALISE   The Customer Class is now read from DELIV1 instead of             RPC           SELECTRIC      4027 24/09/2009
                           ACCOUNT. This should now allow the order totals to be
                           calculated correctly at dispatch time (orders to TRADE customers
                           that originated from Checkout were being wrongly re-calculated as
                           TRADE orders).
1995   NEW_CLEANSTK        A lockfile is now used to make sure the procedure cannot be run        RPC      SELECTRIC      4027 25/09/2009
                           simultaneously by more than one workstation at a time and the                   WATSONS
                           COMDAYS field in CUSTOM2 is now updated inside the function.
1996   SCANNED             The 'scans' folder existence test used '.\scans' but this may have     RPC      EXTRA GAS      4027 25/09/2009
       DOCUMENTS           not worked when URL paths are in use so I've expanded it to
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
1997   CHECKBAL             Added a test to see if the total payment allocations are greater        RPC      G&S             4027 25/09/2009
                            than the total payments and, if they are, words are added to the                 SJP
                            checkbal text log to show this.
1998   TEMPLATE             Corrected a problem with the headings above the browse objects          RPC                      4027 28/09/2009
       MANAGER              not colouring correctly on focus / lost focus.
                            Added new button 'Open Templates Folder' and changed button
                            'Design Current' to say 'Edit Highlighted Template'
1999   INVPRINT             DOS printing only used the TYPE field in the transaction header to RPC           ANGLIA GAS      4027 28/09/2009
                            work out if a retail invoice should be printed but it should have
                            used the CLASS+CLASSEXT fields in the header database if both
                            are not empty.
2000   RUN SHEET            The Delivery Schedule/Run Sheet master template now handles             RPC      ADAMS GAS       4027 28/09/2009
       TEMPLATE             Delivery Points.
2001   POSTED               The posted report crashed as it was referring to a field, INVOICE1- RPC          LSD EMAIL       4027 28/09/2009
                            >INBR, that does not exist.
2002   CHECKOUT             Special order product now look up in supstock if a vendor and           SJP      SJP             4027 28/09/2009
                            vendor part are entered first (supplier entry moved to top of list to
                            make use of this)
2003   LPG RESCHEDULE       All references to run numbers have been remove now the user             SJP      SJP             4027 28/09/2009
                            select a date and timeslot or uses the new radio buttons
2004   INVENTORY REPORT A new cost changed since report has been added, need a new                  SJP      HOLBURY         4027 28/09/2009
2005   ENTER EDIT           Price point alerts now shows the two prices on the buttons              SJP      PAT             4027 28/09/2009
2006   DIRECT DEBIT         Option added to print invoices with the statements                      SJP      DIXONS          4027 28/09/2009
2007   VATFUEL              The restriction to only create this with new installation ot LPGas      SJP      PAT             4027 29/09/2009
                            has been removed. This caused a problem when
2008   REPEAT INVOICING     The creation of each repeat invoice is now audited and can be           SJP      PAT/DIXONS      4027 29/09/2009
                            view from the audit button of the repeats management screen
2009   ATR ORDER            The Purchase On Order quantity in the Stock file was not being          RPC      HURST GREEN     4028 29/09/2009
       CONFIRMATIONS        updated using a pack size if one had been set in the products
                            supplier details.
2010   MOVEMENTS            For Open Order transactions, the report now treats any record           RPC      WATSON HH       4028 30/09/2009
       REPORT               where the branch field is empty as for the local branch.
2011   CHECKOUT             The Branch field in the Open Order database is now populated            RPC      WATSON HH       4028 30/09/2009
       DELIVERY             with the same branch number that would be written to the sales                   SJP
       DESPATCH             header database if it had been treated as a normal sale.
2012   TRENDS BY            The headings 'Previous 12 Months' and '12 months to date' are           RPC      WATSON HH       4028 30/09/2009
       PRODUCT              now written on a white background (like the graph itself) as the
                            font colours make the words illegible on a standard dialog
2013   AGEING REPORT        The data gathering used for both reports is now done using a            RPC      G&S             4028 30/09/2009
       SUMMARY AGEING       shared function which makes sure the reports match.
2014   CHECKBAL             Fixed an internal rounding problem that would cause the "* Error:       RPC      SAFE SECURITY   4028 01/10/2009
                            Payment Allocations (???) are greater than Payments (???)" lines
                            to appear when the values are identical.
2015   LPGAS LOADING        The loading list did not have the ADR field available to allow it to    RPC      ADAMS           4028 01/10/2009
       LIST                 be added to the template.
                            An ADR Points total has been added to the default template.
2016   STOCK MOVEMENTS      If the end date is left empty or the report is run from Full Product    RPC      XING XING       4028 01/10/2009
       REPORT               Entry / Enquiry the date will now be set to date()+28 instead of
2017   MAIN                 On start up the system now check there are beer rentals on file         SJP      PAT             4028 01/10/2009
                            before displaying the alert that rentals need processiing
2018   PL AUTO ADD          Now supports scanning                                                   RPC      SELECTRICS      4028 01/10/2009

2019   PL AUTO ADD          After further testing a few cosmetic fixes have been made to the        RPC                      4029 01/10/2009
                            Invoice Auto Add dialog.
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                            Version                         10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By         Date / Build
2020   PURCHASE ORDER       The generic EDI transmission file has had PART and DESCRIPTN SJP               PAT                 4029 05/10/2009
       EDI                  added
2021   CARRIAGE             Add a new service type crashed if a an account ot nominal code        SJP      S&S                 4029 05/10/2009
                            was picked from the list
2022   CHECKOUT             Cash sales to a know customer now updated the clients record          SJP      PAT / WHISPER       4029 05/10/2009

2023   LPGAS DELIVERY       The wording of the 'Reschedule' option has been changed to            RPC                          4030 05/10/2009
       MENU                 'Reschedule/Cancel'
2024   LEDGER UNDO          The Invoice record relating to an allocation that is undone is now    RPC      G&S                 4030 06/10/2009
       ALLOCATIONS          found by going back through the list until it's parent record is
                            found. This solves a problem when duplicate invoice numbers
                            exist for different branches on a single account which added the
                            balance back onto the wrong invoice record.
2025   ZED READING          The payment method fields (from the sales header database) were RPC            DIXONS              4030 07/10/2009
                            being wrongly shown as positive in the full journal for credit notes
                            done to cash customers. This has been fixed.
2026   STOCK INVOICE        The dialog name on accessing this option has been changed from        RPC      CAL                 4030 08/10/2009
       ENTRY                'Invoice Auto Add' to 'Stock Invoice Entry'
2027   FIND ORDER           The name of the Find Number dialog has been changed to Find           RPC      CAL                 4030 09/10/2009
                            A button has been added to allow delivery points to be searched.
2028   UTILITIES MENU       This is now always available but only valid options will be shown.    SJP      CAL                 4030 09/10/2009
                            The Support option is now always available.                                    RPC
2029   ADMIN SWITCHES       A bug in the when codeblock code caused a crash on going into         RPC      PAT                 4030 12/10/2009
       DELIVERY RUNS        the switches.
2030   MAIN                 If rpc_dev is set it checks that the ADS server and path are in the   SJP                          4030 12/10/2009
                            correct format in the rba_ads.ini file
2031   STOCK INVOICE        Button added to Expire old delivery notes from the list               SJP      G & S, Selectrics   4030 12/10/2009
2032   CLIENT SUPPLIERS     The access to last part has been replaced with a new field in the     SJP      EXTRAGAS            4030 12/10/2009
       ENTER EDIT           account database called PART, this is only for WEB and SOAP
2033   INVENTORY MENU       Loan stock printing added to the reports menu – LPGas only            SJP      DIXONS              4030 12/10/2009

2034   TRADE SALES          Added a new button to allow product details to be loaded with zero RPC         NEWPOINT            4031 13/10/2009
                            prices but with valid cost values into the current sale from an                CAL
                            InterBranch Transfer Note. It is available if the Depot number                 SJP
                            entered is not the local branch (ie, stock is coming from another
                            depot, possibly van stock). It is intended to be used to load
                            products booked out to another branch via an InterBranch Transfer
                            which have then been subsequently used by that 'branch' to fulfill
                            a sale/job.
2035   ADVERTISING          A number of days field has been added for special use.                SJP      NEWPOINT            4031 13/10/2009
       SOURCE                                                                                     RPC
2035   REPEATS              For LPGas delivery orders that are created from repeats, the          RPC      LBG                 4032 13/10/2009
                            invoice number allocation is now identical to that done in Trade
                            Sales on creating and saving a delivery order.
2036   CONSUME              The item cost is now picked up from Actual Cost if the system is      RPC      G&S                 4032 14/10/2009
                            using Actual Costs or the Average Cost field is zero.                          CAL
2037   UPDATE RUNS          In the Update Run screen in LPGas you can now change the              RPC      DIXONS              4032 15/10/2009
                            amount of money received against a cash order to handle under
                            payments or over payments.
2038   FINAL RUN SHEET      The template has been adjusted to handle under payments or over RPC            DIXONS              4032 15/10/2009
       TEMPLATE             payments against cash orders.
2039   MULTIBROWSE          The Unprocessed Open Order options now allows an open order           RPC      SELECTRIC           4032 16/10/2009
                            product Qty to be changed to ZERO which will remove the line.
                            The change is audited internally.
2040   PURCHASE ORDERS      On viewing a purchase order, the product lines are coloured           RPC      CAL                 4032 16/10/2009
       BROWSE               depending on the qty received and qty still due. A tooltip on the
                            browse shows the colour key information.
2041   SUPSTOCK             A crash occurred in Update STOCK1 processing if the Promotional RPC            PAT                 4032 19/10/2009
                            Cost update flag in the dialog was set to TRUE but the Cost Price              SJP
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer     Reported By    Date / Build
                           flag was set to FALSE. The setting is now tested just before
                           processing and overridden at this point.
2042   TRADE SALES         On entering a credit note when the Credit Limit Warning switch in RPC             MG GASES       4032 19/10/2009
                           admin is set to "S" (Stop), the total sale value was being treated as
                           positive and may trigger the over the credit limit dialog which
                           would stop the transaction being completed. If the total sale value
                           passed is negative the dialog will be shown as a warning only.
2043   MOVEMENTS           Columns widen by removing the gap                                       SJP       CAL/NEWPOINT   4032 19/10/2009

2044   INVENTORY           Shelf edge template labels can now be defined by adding a [S] in        SJP       PAT            4032 19/10/2009
       RECEIPTS, BULK      the template name
2045   STOCK ANALYSIS      A new button has been added to allow marked items to be            SJP            CLEVELANDS     4032 19/10/2009
                           reported on that appear in delivery management, with the option to
                           remove them from individual orders. This is targeted for the bulk
                           removal of items that can not be fulfilled.
2046   SAGE INTERFACE      Added a new button on the Sage Dialog to import the delivery             SJP      S and S        4032 19/10/2009
                           points into Retailer, each delivery point will have a unique account
                           code generated based on the first five letters of the invoice to
                           account name then 001-999 giving a new 8 digit code. The
                           delivery point will inherit all the details for the main invoice account
                           except for those entered in Sage against the delivery point. The
                           import can only be done once, I have not allowed for a refresh
                           from Sage.
2047   PURCHASE ORDER      The Auto Select dialog now has an extra criteria that allows only       RPC       LONDON         4033 20/10/2009
       ENTRY               items calculated to have a non-zero qty to be added to the                        HOMESTORES
                           purchase order.                                                                   SJP
2048   CHECKOUT            On recalling a layaway, the 'modify deposit' button was shown but       RPC       SJP            4033 20/10/2009
                           not available. The button will no longer show.
2049   CHECKOUT &          A new admin switch has been added which allows the system to            RPC       SJP            4033 20/10/2009
       ADMIN SWITCHES      be set to always ask for qty on adding a product to a sale.
2050   CHECKOUT            Retailer Solo crashed on entering an account code does not exist        RPC       SJP            4033 20/10/2009
                           as it tried to set focus to a field that is not available.
2051   TILL RECEIPT        If you selected a receipt printer port but did not type in a receipt    RPC                      4033 21/10/2009
       PRINTING            printer name, a message saying 'could not printer to till printer' is
                           shown. I've changed this so that if the receipt printer name is
                           empty, the message now tells the user 'receipt printer name not
                           supplied…' instead.
2052   INVOICE NOW         A new button has been added to allow transactions to credit             RPC       SJP            4033 21/10/2009
       (RETAILER SOLO      customers to be completed. The sale gets treated as a trade sale
       ONLY)               to a credit customer except only a till receipt is produced with
                           wording to show it was a credit transaction and that the sales
                           amount is unpaid.
2053   CHECKOUT            The Open Order button is not available as the Invoice Now button        RPC       SJP            4033 21/10/2009
       (RETAILER SOLO      handles transactions to credit customers.
2054   INVENTORY           A bug introduced in build 3042 (item 2044 above) caused a crash         RPC       SELECTRIC      4033 22/10/2009
       RECEIPTS, BULK      when labels are to be printed on trying to determine the qty of
       LABELS              labels to be printed.
2055   SALES BROWSE        The find account function fix in build 4024 did not work correctly in RPC         CLEVELANDS     4033 22/10/2009
                           any version other than the one on the main development machine.
                           It uses a method that is only available in the newest Xbase++ build
                           (which was not realised at the point the fix was made). I have
                           instead changed the code to the method that will always work
                           correctly in all circumstances.
2056   PRODUCT PURGE       Is now disabled if you are not the branch that controls the item                  G&S            4033 22/10/2009

2057   ENTER/EDIT          A new option has been added to allow RSP to become an active            SJP       GOODWINS       4033 22/10/2009
       PRODUCTS            pricing point by Admin switch. The switch also allows RSP to
                           become the default selling price
2058   ENTER/EDIT          Saving is now disabled if you are not the branch that controls the                G&S            4033 22/10/2009
       PRODUCTS            item
2059   ENTER/EDIT          If both a Margin and a Cost/RRP discount exist an alert comes up        SJP       POORES/G&S     4033 22/10/2009
       PRODUCTS            asking which one to use.
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                                Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                           Released

Item Section                 Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By    Date / Build
                             v10.79.4034/5 released for Auto update (a couple of build
                             numbers have been skipped)
2060   TILL CHECK REPORT The report would only be shown if there were sales done between            RPC      QUICKSILVER    4036 23/10/2009
                         the entered dates. It did not take into account that the only                       PAT
                         transactions done between the entered dates may be deposits
                         which still need to be shown.
2061   ENQUIRY               The 'Future Orders' gathering routine was referring to LPGORD2         RPC      KIT SHOP       4036 26/10/2009
                             instead of the database DELIV2 which caused a crash.
2062   PURCHASE AUTO         Modification for link cost to primary supplier caused the vendors      SJP      KIT            4036 26/10/2009
       SELECT                part code and pack size not to be loaded                                        SHOP/WATSONS
2063   NET PRINTER           Dialog titles now show the workstation name                            SJP      CAL            4036 26/10/2009

2064   SUPSTOCK              Loading an import file via ftp was not creating the file name          SJP      PAT/HH Scot    4036 26/10/2009
                             correctly on the second run. (OK if closed the screen)
2065   YESPAY                Printing merchant receipts now has an option to retry if it fails      SJP      WHISK          4036 26/10/2009

2066   SOAPSERVER            If a product received by the soap client for the tasks                 RPC      SJP            4036 27/10/2009
       CLIENT                STOCK1_SYNC, BARCODE_SYNC, QBREAK_SYNC,                                         G&S
                             PRODNOTE_SYNC, KIT_SYNC, STK_SUP_SYNC and
                             STYPART_SYNC had been set to Obsolete, the product testing
                             would not allow the local record to be updated.
2067   CHECKOUT              Order Text entered via Sundries will now save, load and print          RPC      SJP/CAMGAS     4036 29/10/2009
                             correctly for Delivery/Collection orders.
2068   CHECKOUT              The nominal handling of Vouchers has been changed to use the           RPC      VARIOUS        4036 29/10/2009
                             correct nominal codes based on the voucher type. Refund
                             vouchers will now post to the nominal code set in ADMIN if one
                             has been entered.
2069   NO SALES SINCE        On the postcode field the popup button would bring up the              RPC      CAL            4036 30/10/2009
       REPORT                calendar. The field should not have a popup button at all.
2070   CREATE RUN            When adding a new vehicle to a run it now use any unused run           SJP      CAMGAS         4036 30/10/2009
                             number rather than add to the last vehicle
2071   EXCEL STOCK           COST, RRP and SPG are now audited                                      SJP      SJP            4036 30/10/2009
2072   INVENTORY RECEIPT Dynamic resizing added and the screen layout has been tidied up            SJP      SJP            4036 30/10/2009

2073   STOCK ANALYSIS        Fix made to stop the process button crashing if delivery               SJP      SJP            4036 30/10/2009
                             management is not available
2074   PURCHASE ORDER        The Receipts report only printed a new delivery ref heading if both RPC         LOCK SHOP      4037 02/11/2009
       RECEIPTS REPORT       the delivery ref and the assistant number changed which is wrong.
2075   ADMIN SWITCHES        Changes made to the switches are now audited. If the audit file       RPC                      4037 03/11/2009
                             does not already exist on pressing the Accept button, the full set of
                             switch settings shown on the entry dialog are written to the audit
                             file to make sure the settings are known when auditing has begun.
2076   SPEED ENTRY           Support for RSP added                                                  SJP      Goodwins       4037 04/11/2009

2077   ENTER/EDIT            Alert now appears when an item is loaded from supstock/rbastock        SJP      G and S        4037 04/11/2009
2078   DELIVERY REPORTS      New status report added to show deliveries invoiced to an „invoice     SJP      SSL            4037 04/11/2009
                             to‟ account between two dates. This only writes to Excel
2079   EDI SETUP             Stars taken off password, now can be viewed as plain text              SJP      PAT            4037 04/11/2009

2080   PRICING OBJECT        The object now internally gathers summary text of how a price is       RPC      CAL            4037 04/11/2009
                             arrived at so it can be shown in various places in the system.
2081   ENQUIRY               The Customer Specific Pricing text has been adjusted to show the       RPC      CAL            4037 04/11/2009
                             pricing object pricing summary text. It shows either a net or gross
                             pricing breakdown dependant on the account class.
2082   PRICING OBJECT        Some final adjustments have been made to the wording of the            RPC                     4037 04/11/2009
                             summary pricing text.
2083   CLIENT SUPPLIERS      A bit of code added to take the contents of an obsolete field called   RPC      BEER GAS       4037 04/11/2009
                             CONTACT and move it to the GENCONT field was putting the                        EXPRESS
                             CONTACT field contents into the GENCONT field but not blanking
                             the CONTACT field contents to stop it happening more than once.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
2084   SALES CREDIT        The Credit Limit warning fix for Credit Notes in Item 2042 above       RPC      G&S           4037 04/11/2009
       NOTES               stopped you saving a credit note if the OTT flag was being
2085   CHECKOUT            The adjustment made in Item 2053 ('Invoice Now' button for credit      RPC      PAT           4038 04/11/2009
                           customers in Retailer Solo) caused checkout receipts to credit
                           customers to show the words 'Please Note: This sales is unpaid'
                           even if the sale had been paid for.
2086   TRADE SALES         The Extra Product Info text now uses the pricing object pricing        RPC                    4038 04/11/2009
                           summary text to show a price breakdown.
2087   CHANGE PRODUCT      Any existing LPGas Loan Stock balances are now preserved               SJP      DIXONS        4038 05/11/2009
                           against the new product code if products are merged.                   RPC
2087   EXCEL STOCK         The audit change done in 2071 above caused a crash on an RRP           RPC      KIT SHOP      4038 05/11/2009
       IMPORT              or SPG price change due to the alias name (STOCK should have
                           been STOCK1).
2088   PRICING OBJECT      A further wording change to the pricing summary text for minimum       RPC      CAL           4038 05/11/2009
                           pricing (minimum selling price) and maximum prices (limited time
                           offer price).
2089   TRADE SALES         The Payment dialog now does not allow cheque or voucher                RPC      CAL           4038 05/11/2009
                           payments to be entered from Cash Only customers (same as
2090   TRADE SALES         Transactions can no longer be saved as delivery orders for             RPC      SJP           4038 06/11/2009
                           customers that are cash only.
2091   CHECKOUT            If Always Ask For Qty in Admin is set, on adding a product, the qty    RPC                    4038 06/11/2009
                           entered on the qty entry screen no longer shows 1 as this is
2092   FULL PRODUCT        The Controlling branch field can now be set to ZERO and the            RPC      SJP           4038 06/11/2009
       ENTRY               product can be saved to allow scenarios where any site can make                 SELECTRIC
                           changes to products. This is mainly useful if SOAP is being used.
2093   COMMAND LINE        Extra options added to RECONCILE_STOCK1                                SJP      GS            4038 06/11/2009

2094   FIND ORDER          External reference and customer order number added                     SJP      NEWPOINT      4038 06/11/2009

2095   DP_LOOKUP           When viewing activity the pointer returns to the delivery point        SJP      NEWPOINT      4038 06/11/2009
                           instead of reloading the list
2096   UPDATE RUNS         The 'payment taken on updating' handling for credit customers      RPC          DIXONS        4039 09/11/2009
                           was not doing the correct thing in all circumstances. This has now
                           been fixed.
2097   TRADE SALES         If the cash payment dialog appeared, the main sales entry dialog       RPC                    4039 09/11/2009
                           was not getting set as being the current thread parent dialog
                           object after the payment dialog disappeared.
2098   ENQUIRY             The product enquiry called from the checkout dialog will now show RPC           CAL           4039 09/11/2009
                           the customer specific pricing if a customer account has been set.
2099   TRADE SALES         On editing an order, the indicator / buttons that appear if the base   RPC      PAT           4039 10/11/2009
                           price on file is different from the current base price has been
                           changed to flag if the difference is more than 10p. The 'Price
                           Changes = nnn' object is now always visible during Product Entry
                           and a tooltip has been added for info. All related tooltips now
                           show the amount of difference tested for.
2100   LPGAS               If you go into the dialog, select to cancel an order, when you         RPC      EXTRA GAS     4039 10/11/2009
       RESCHEDULE /        subsequently press the 'Cancel Order' button, the order is tested
       CANCEL              again to make sure the order has not been changed by any other
                           screen in the meantime.
2101   SALES BROWSE        Serial Number lines were not showing correctly for items where         RPC      CAL           4039 11/11/2009
                           the product sale type was not a Deposit / Refund (LPGas only) or
                           Standard Sale Type. The reported instance was where a product
                           had been set to Obsolete.
2102   EXCEL IMPORT        You are now prevented by importing stock1.dbf or stock1.xls            SJP                    4039 11/11/2009

2103   IP                  Rba public IP address has be changed to                SJP                    4039 11/11/2009

2104                       4039 skipped and released as 4040....                                                         4041 11/11/2009

2105   PRODUCT ENTRY       The fix in Item 2092 of build 4038 related to testing of the           RPC      SELECTRIC     4041 17/11/2009
                           Controlling Branch in the field's valid clause was insufficient as
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                            Version                         10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                            another test was being done on saving the product record which
                            would stop the branch being set to zero.
2106   LIST & LABEL         All L&L documents now test for an environment variable called         RPC                    4041 18/11/2009
                            LLDEBUGLOG when they are created. If the variable exists (the
                            value does not matter) a COMBIT.LOG file is created in the
                            %APPDATA% (users application data) folder. This can be used if
                            there is any problem when List & Label jobs are output (which
                            includes pdf and email sending via L&L).
2107   NOMPICK              Sage codes could not be added as range came up as invalid.            SJP                    4041 18/11/2009

2108   STOCK VALUATION      If you chose the Summary option, the resulting report was not         RPC      PJ CAMPING    4041 18/11/2009
       REPORT               readable (and it got worse if lots of departments and groups                   SL
                            existed). This has now been tidied up.
2109   WEB SUBMIT           On trying to post an item a crash may occur due to an invalid field RPC        CLEVELANDS    4041 19/11/2009
                            name being used (ON_QTYIN). This only affects this customer.                   ERROR EMAIL
2110   TRADE SALES          A new button has been added to allow access to the general            SJP                    4041 19/11/2009
                            enquiry screen.
2111   CS ENTER/EDIT        The product line colours on the Stock tab have been changed to        RPC      CAL           4042 19/11/2009
                            be foreground colours and to be less intense. Also, the Rank
                            column name has been changed to '#' and the column has been
                            moved to be the 1st column to make the reason for the colours
                            more obvious.
2112   SAGE DIALOG          The Sales export procedure was not posting cash payment values        RPC      MCLEANS       4042 23/11/2009
                            for daily cash sales invoices since build 4032 (15/10/2009).
2113   LEDGER               The Payment Allocation routine was not handling the allocation of     RPC      AIW           4042 24/11/2009
       MANAGEMENT           settlement discounts correctly where multiple allocation would
                            exist against a single invoice.
2114   LEDGER               The Undo Allocations routine now puts the highlight on the last       RPC                    4042 24/11/2009
       MANAGEMENT           allocation item against the previous invoice on removing an
                            allocation, if at all possible.
2115   REMITTANCE           A new master remittance template has been introduced which            RPC      SL            4042 24/11/2009
       TEMPLATE             shows the payments against each invoice more clearly.
2116   FULL PRODUCT         The word 'minimum' was wrongly spelt 'minimun' in a few places.       RPC      SL            4042 24/11/2009
2117   LEDGER               The Auto Allocate button now takes into account settlement            RPC                    4042 24/11/2009
       MANAGEMENT           discounts and will not apply to any line that has had an allocation
                            amount already entered.
2117   LEDGER               On entering an allocation amount into the entry field manually, the   RPC      SL            4042 24/11/2009
       MANAGEMENT           field validation now removes discount taken if the full invoice
                            balance amount is not paid.
2118   REMITTANCE           The Remittance reprint option on the Purchase Ledger Report           RPC                    4042 24/11/2009
                            menu now checks that the db number entered is for a payment.
2119   CHECKOUT             The pricing information shown on the discount selection screen is     RPC      CAL           4042 24/11/2009
                            now taken from the summary pricing text of the pricing object, if
2120   TRADE SALES          The Credit Limit / Outside Trading Terms checking will now show      RPC       PAT           4042 25/11/2009
                            the Credit Limit / Outside Trading Terms warning dialog but you will
                            be able to enter the credit note anyway.
2121   FULL PRODUCT         The alert that was added in build 4037 to show that an                RPC      SELECTRIC     4042 26/11/2009
       ENTRY                RBASTOCK/SUPSTOCK product is being added stopped the
                            product code field being set to the Supplier Stock Code correctly.
2122   PURGE PRODUCT        The Controlling Branch test now passes if a product with a branch     RPC      SELECTRIC     4042 26/11/2009
                            number of zero is purged.
2123   STOCK                If SOAP is not in use or SOAP is in use but has been setup to         RPC      SJP           4042 26/11/2009
       CONTROLLING          ignore branch numbers the system will no longer stop products
       BRANCH               being modified.
2124   TRADE SALES          EEC sales now post to a unique DB                                     SJP      SL            4042 26/11/2009

2125   TRADE SALES          Items marked as dont run stock control are now excluded from the SJP           PAT           4042 26/11/2009
                            low stock alerts
2136   DBF                  ADS in secret mode now tries to open a database 60 time before        SJP      POORES        4042 26/11/2009
                               RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program                RBA32                                             Version                         10.79
Opened                 09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                            Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
2127   OPEN ORDERS          An extra date has been added to allow all open orders up to a data SJP          CLEVELANDS    4042 26/11/2009
                            to be processed with an entered invoice date
2128   IP                   The IP checker now returns the next IP to use for the IP checking      SJP      SJP           4042 26/11/2009
                            in the response
2129   TRADE SALES          Item 2090 above stopped any transaction for a Cash Only delivery RPC            CAL           4043 27/11/2009
       DELIVERY             account being put on for delivery. This has now been amended.                   PAT
       DESPATCH             Cash Only transactions can go on for delivery but cannot be                     SJP
                            finalised until all moneys have been paid.
2130   SUPSTOCK             A bug that could add duplicate instances of the same barcode into      RPC      RPC           4043 30/11/2009
       RBASTOCK             RBASTOCK has been fixed.                                                        SJP
2131   EDI INVOICE          The posting part of the management dialog is now functioning.          RPC                    4043 01/12/2009
       COLLECTION           Invoices are posted to the Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, PDFs
                            are automatically created and the XML and PDF files get moved
                            into the correct rba folders when posting is complete. Beta testing
                            can now take place
2132   SUPPORT              On selecting Utilities -> Support, a quick check is now done to        RPC                    4043 02/12/2009
       SOFTWARE             make sure the exe is in the folder before it tried to run it.
2133   SOAPSERVER           Some client tasks that receive task requests that cannot be fulfilled RPC       SELECTRIC     4043 02/12/2009
                            (for any reason) now update the task exception log so that they
                            will be automatically emailed to the default email recipient on
                            completion of the polling session to inform them of things that
                            could not be done.
2134   INVOICE PRINTING     When DOS compatibility printing is in use, the wrapper functions       RPC      LONDON BEER   4043 03/12/2009
                            for invoice printing caused print jobs that were supposed to be                 GAS
                            emailed to be sent to the relevant DOS printer instead.
2135   ADMIN SWITCHES       A test to see if an audit file already exists may have not worked      RPC                    4044 04/12/2009
                            correctly due to illegal characters not being handled.
2136   FULL PRODUCT         The Serial Number field can now be set to the letter 'I'. This will   RPC       SJP           4044 04/12/2009
       ENTRY                allow the following on sale of the item:                                        POORES
                            a) The field usually used for serial number entry will appear but the
                            prompt will be 'ID' instead.
                            b) Regardless of the qty sold, you will only have to enter the single
                            'ID' once.
2137   CHECKOUT             Serial Number entry type of 'I' (see item 2136) is now handled.        RPC      SJP           4044 04/12/2009
       TRADE SALES                                                                                          POORES
2138   SALES BROWSE         When Viewing and order, Serial Number/ID type is now used to set RPC            SJP           4044 04/12/2009
                            the wording correctly.                                                          POORES
2139   YESPAY               The Transaction Date field returned in the response from the           RPC                    4044 07/12/2009
                            server is now being correctly read and written.
2140   YESPAY               Transaction handling dialog refreshing has been tidied up to stop      RPC                    4044 07/12/2009
                            the constant flashing of the mle text.
2141   YESPAY               Cashback handling has been added for YesPay transactions. This RPC              KIT SHOP      4044 07/12/2009
                            uses the EZVT integrated handling (no Rba dialog appears) and
                            the extra return values from the EZVT are handled. To use this
                            facility users will have to speak to Yes-Pay to enable cashback on
                            their account.
2142   STOCK ANALYSIS       If you accessed the product entry screen then used the adjust          RPC      G&S           4044 07/12/2009
                            stock button, on returning to the stock analysis screen a crash
                            would occur because it had closed all open databases.
2143   DIRECT DEBITS        The reprint statement dialog processing now say 'Pausing please        RPC      CAL           4044 08/12/2009
                            wait' instead of 'Sleeping please wait' as this was confusing.
2144   ENQUIRY              The main enquiry screen is now directly called from checkout,          RPC      PAT           4044 09/12/2009
       TRADE SALES          trade sales and sales browse and if an account code is available,
       CHECKOUT             account information will also be shown. A few design alterations
       SALES BROWSE         have been made to accommodate this.
2145   ENQUIRY              Solved the problem that after the Enquiry screen is called from        RPC                    4044 09/12/2009
                            another screen it would be set as the current Thread Window,
                            causing some focus issues.
2146   TRADE SALES          On pressing the "?" button to show customer information the focus RPC                         4044 09/12/2009
                            is now set to the next available product entry field.
2147   PRODUCT ENTRY        If you set the Stocked flag of a product to 'D' (Discontinued), save   RPC      KIT SHOP      4044 09/12/2009
                            it and later re-load the product, the setting is remembered and
                            does not revert back to 'N'.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                            Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                          Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
2148   INVENTORY           Booking in goods to a branch from a PO was not reducing the on       SJP      HAWKINSPORT   4044 09/12/2009
       RECEIPTS            order quantity at HQ. A clean stock fixes the issue
2149   CARRIAGE            A low value carriage option has been added                           SJP      S&S           4044 09/12/2009

2150   BRSTKUPD            Modification made to allow special processing for Goodwin's          SJP      GOODWINS      4044 09/12/2009
2151   NET PRINTING        If dos compatibility is switched on the net port was appearing on    SJP      PAT           4044 09/12/2009
                           top of another field
2152   PRICE POINT         Is some cases the price points were not calculating correctly        SJP      SL            4044 09/12/2009

2153   STOCK PICK LIST     Modification made for HAWKINSPORT to allow both branches to          SJP      HAWKINSPORT   4044 09/12/2009
                           appear in the F1 pick list using the
2154   CHECKOUT            Deposits now post with the words cash/cheq/card at the end of the RPC         ANGUS         4045 09/12/2009
                           nominal description                                                           MCKIEVER
2155   CHECKOUT            If auto adding a delivery point to the account database, when        SJP      ONE STEP      4045 09/12/2009
                           setting up a new account the transaction is also linked to the
                           account in the account database
2136   PURCHASE ORDERS     On saving a PO the items on the purchase order are checked to        SJP      PAT           4045 11/12/2009
                           make sure they still exist on the stock file. If not the new item
                           code is used. This was due to a customer renaming a product
                           code while the purchase order screen was open.
2137   DELIVERY            If the Trade Module is not in use and you moved the pointer in the   RPC      LONDON DIY    4045 11/12/2009
       MANAGEMENT          browse screen, a crash would occur as it was trying to refresh a
                           print button that is not available.
2138   ENQUIRY             The progress box that appears when branch data is being              RPC      SELECTRIC     4045 14/12/2009
                           gathered was not being destroyed properly and would remain
                           onscreen until the system was exited.
2141   SUPSTOCK            Some development code got copied across from the server by           RPC      SJP           4045 14/12/2009
                           accident which included access to a memory variable that was
                           spelt incorrectly and caused a crash on using it.
2140   TRADE SALES         The Save Price (save customer discount) button functionality has     RPC      PAT           4046 14/12/2009
                           been isolated into a separate function.                                       SJP
2141   SAVE PRICE          The SOAPQ is now being updated by this function.                     RPC                    4046 14/12/2009

2142   ENTER EDIT          When editing a product whose RRP effective date is before the        SJP      PAT           4046 14/12/2009
       PRODUCT             last tax change date, a SPG recalculation is now triggered on
                           exiting the field
2143   ENQUIRY             The stock enquiry when called from sales browse or checkout now RPC           SELECTRIC     4046 14/12/2009
                           shows the product related action buttons (notes, label and
2144   ENQUIRY             The refresh date and time information now always appears.            RPC                    4046 15/12/2009
                           The product image / larger image now has a tooltip giving the
                           folder and filename.
                           The dialog has been tested under all supported resolutions.
2145   SALES BROWSE        The main dialog is now sized using the screen work area height so RPC                       4046 15/12/2009
                           it should now fit in all supported resolutions.
                           The view order detail dialog browse cursor has been changed to a
                           cell cursor to allow the ITEMSELECTED code to work correctly.
2146   DD_ENTRY            The template name parameter on the call to print trade invoices is   RPC                    4046 15/12/2009
       LEDGER_PAYMENT      now passed as "Trade Invoice" instead of "Trade_Invoice" (no
       PRINT_STATEMENT     underscore).
2147   STATEMENTS          Printing statements had a further bug when DOS printing was in       RPC      LBG           4046 15/12/2009
                           use which would print invoices that should have been emailed.
2148   SALES ENTRY         The text 'Total COGS' has been changed to 'Total Cost Of Goods       RPC      CAL           4046 15/12/2009
       REPORT              Sold' to make it obvious what the total is.
2149   CHECKOUT            The Save Price facility is now available for sales where an account RPC       CAL           4046 15/12/2009
                           code has been set and some type of discount or special price has
                           been applied.
2150   CHECKOUT            Due to some restructuring and event handling modifications the       RPC                    4046 15/12/2009
                           Product Detail image was not being refreshed correctly.
2151   ADMIN               User Rights are now set to 'Full Rights' while logged in as admin to RPC      CLEVELANDS    4046 16/12/2009
                           allow various screens, that rely on the user rights being available,
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                             Version                        10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                        Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By   Date / Build
                           not to crash.

2152   UPDATE RUNS         The Over/Under Payment handling now only gets used if an              RPC      EXTRA GAS     4046 16/12/2009
                           amount different to that due is entered via the Edit Payment                   PAT
                           Reference / Amount dialog otherwise the amount is due is
                           assumed to have been paid.
2153   DELIVERY            The words 'Order No.' and '2nd Order No.' have been changed to        RPC                    4046 16/12/2009
       MANAGEMENT          'Order Ref 1' and 'Order Ref 2' respectively.
2154   PURCHASE ORDER      The loading of delivery point information for editing now no longer   RPC      CAL           4046 16/12/2009
                           concatenates the address details into one single line.
2155   DELIVERY            The phrases 'Order Ref 1' and 'Order Ref 2' are now used where        RPC      CAL           4046 17/12/2009
       MANAGEMENT          appropriate on both the main dialog order ref text and the view
                           order dialog.
2156   DELIVERY            The phrases 'Order Ref 1' and 'Order Ref 2' are now used where        RPC      CAL           4046 17/12/2009
       DESPATCH            appropriate.
2157   CLIENT / SUPPLIER   Added new 'Order QB Threshold' field to the Sales tab for S&S.        RPC      S & S / SJP   4046 17/12/2009
       ENTER/EDIT          Quantity Breaks for the customer will be applied to a Trade Sale
                           only if the order total calculated excluding quantity break discounts
                           is equal to or greater than the threshold value entered.
2158   TRADE SALES         Added handling for the 'Order QB Threshold' value.                    RPC      S & S / SJP   4046 17/12/2009

2159   CHECKOUT            On setting an Interbranch A/c, the heading above the receipt          RPC      CAL           4046 17/12/2009
                           browse now shows that Interbranch Transfer and the Branch No.
2160   PURCHASE ORDER      The enquiry button caused a crash as it was trying to call the old    RPC      HURST GREEN   4046 18/12/2009
       ENTRY               SINGLE_ENQUIRY screen, which no longer exists. As it was a                     ERROR EMAIL
                           macro call it was missed in the original search for replacement.
2161   CHECKOUT            The importing from handheld would 'hang' if an invalid quantity       RPC      CAL           4046 18/12/2009
                           was in the handheld data. It now makes sure the qty is within
                           system limits otherwise it will show it as an invalid data.
2162   SOAPSERVER          The STOCK1_SYNC client task sets the local stock record               RPC      PAT           4046 18/12/2009
                           EDITED date to that in the remote stock record if changes have                 SJP
                           been found (instead of the current date the soap task is being
2163   PURCHASE LOG        If there are no products on the purchase log and then you press       RPC      G&S           4046 18/12/2009
                           the View Log button, it closes the OPENPURC database. If you
                           then type a product code that exists in your stock file it would
                           cause a crash. I commented out the 'close data' line.
2164   CHECKOUT            The sales summary items (sales product summary / checkout,            RPC      CAL           4046 21/12/2009
                           delivery, collection summary / points summary) that appear on the
                           top left hand of the payment screen should now appear as
                           appropriate for the type of sale being paid for.
2165   ENTER EDIT          Changing a supplier price when entering a new item now does not       SJP      PAT           4046 22/12/2009
       PRODUCTS            update old cost
2166   INVENTORY           If printing labels when booking in and the label type against the     SJP      BRUTONS       4046 22/12/2009
       RECEIPTS            product was empty then a crash occurred
2167   EDI                 Support added for sending purchase orders to Home Hardware            SJP      PAT           4046 22/12/2009
                           Scotland via email
2168   POPULATE            When starting a new company the vat rate will now be correct for      SJP                    4046 22/12/2009
                           Jan 2010
2169   LEDGER PAYMENT      The test on the loop that deals with the allocation of payments and RPC                      4046 22/12/2009
                           credits on payment entry now uses the round function as the loop
                           would occasionally not be exited correctly when all the moneys
                           had been allocated to the invoices.
2170   CHECKOUT            Gift Voucher products can now only be sold singly (this should        RPC                    4046 23/12/2009
                           have always been the case but the test was not done).
2171   CLIENT / SUPPLIER   The title of the Special Instructions box on the Sales tab now        RPC      CAL           4046 23/12/2009
       ENTER / EDIT        includes the words 'Account Alert' if the relevant Client/Supplier
                           admin switch is set.
2172   FULL PRODUCT        The wording 'Pricing Level x' on the Pricing tab is now 'Base Price   RPC      CAL           4046 23/12/2009
       ENTRY               x' in all cases to make it clearer what it refers to.
2173   ZIPIT               If users are logged in then zipit opened custom2 and licence to       SJP      PAT           4046 23/12/2009
                           send the email, but did not close then. This then caused a backup
                                RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                              Version                          10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                         Released

Item Section                Description Of Changes Made                                             Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build

2174   FLATVIEW             Pressing enter on the find text now activates the GO button             RPC                      4046 23/12/2009

2175   SPECIAL ORDER        On adding a special order product, if the item is found in supstock, RPC         PAT             4047 23/12/2009
       PRODUCT              the cost is now being calculated from the packcost and packsize
                            fields if the unitcost field is empty.
2176   SPECIAL ORDER        On pressing escape from the add special order product dialog the        RPC      PAT             4047 23/12/2009
       PRODUCT              return value will now be set to NIL correctly to indicate that no
                            product is to be added.
2177   DELIVERY             On finalising a delivery/collection order for a cash only account, it   RPC      CAL             4047 24/12/2009
       DESPATCH             now also forces payment to be taken if the payment on despatch
                            switch in admin is set to 'N'.
2178   CLIENT / SUPPLIER    The words 'Account Alert' that may appear on the Sales tab now          RPC      CAL             4047 24/12/2009
       ENTER / EDIT         read 'Client Alert' to maintain consistency with the admin switch.
2179   TRADE SALES          The restriction stopping you from selling a Special Order Product       RPC      PAT             4047 24/12/2009
       CHECKOUT             until the product type has been changed to that of a normal
                            product has been lifted.
2180   VARIOUS              The words 'External Ref' or 'Internal Ref' (which refers to the same RPC         CAL             4047 24/12/2009
                            field) have been changed to 'Manual Ref' for consistency in the
                            following files:
                            Sales Browse, Update Runs, Find Number, Switches, Open Order
2181   CHECKOUT          The Order Reference was being saved correctly but was not being RPC                 CAL             4047 24/12/2009
       DELIVERY/COLLECTI loaded again if the order was subsequently loaded again into the
       ON                checkout screen.
2182   DELIVERY             The Extra Delivery Detail text was not including the Order Ref 1        RPC                      4047 24/12/2009
       MANAGEMENT           field (ORDER) from SALES5 if it was available.
2183   CHECKOUT             Taking a part deposit for a delivery or collection in Checkout via   SJP         SHOES FOR THE   4047 05/01/2010
                            integrated chip and pin took the full amount rather than the deposit             SOUL
2184   DELIVERY             Traffic lights added to show overdue order, see the key on the          SJP      CAL             4047 05/01/2010
       MANAGEMENT           delivery management screen for more details
2185   WEB POST             Added an out of stock description extension for Clevelands and          SJP      CLEVELANDS      4047 05/01/2010
                            changed inter-post wait time
2186   DELIVERY             New option added to merge two orders together, the merged must          SJP      CLEVELANDS      4047 06/01/2010
       MANAGEMENT           be unprocessed and not have any serial number items. All the
                            details will be inherited from the order merged into.
2187   STOCK TURNOVER       The validation function was not explicitly opening the DEPT or          RPC      BRUTONS EMAIL   4048 11/01/2010
       REPORT               PRODGRP databases under all circumstances which may have
                            led to an error.
2188   STOCK PICK LIST      Multiple depots was not show price column if styles are being used SJP           HAWKINSPORT     4048 11/01/2010

2189   DOCUMENT        Now shows default messages when opening the dialog                           SJP                      4048 11/01/2010
2190   PRODSYNC             Changes made for Goodwins custom BRSTKUPD                               SJP      GOODWINS        4048 11/01/2010

2191   SOAPSERVER           The Extragas price lookup now includes a surcharge                      SJP      EXTRAGAS        4048 11/01/2010

2192   USER                 The number of engineers group to show on a custom diary screen          SJP      EDYDENS         4048 11/01/2010
                            has increased to 20
2193   SALES BROWSE         Spelling error                                                          SJP      LSD             4048 11/01/2010

2194   RBA_UPDATE           Now shows any web side errors/exceptions when checking for              SJP      PAT             4048 11/01/2010
2195   SUPSTOCK             Option added to allow SUPSTOCK to directly import from an Excel SJP                              4048 11/01/2010
                            spreadsheet and custom handling added for ALDRIDGE
2196   VALID VANS           The Valid Van Numbers when Extended Runs are in use have                RPC      EXTRAGAS        4048 11/01/2010
       (LPGAS ONLY)         been extended further by adding the letters OTUVWXYZ. Also,                      SJP
                            the letter N has been removed in case of a conflict in usage (eg,
                            DN, CN).
2197   TRADE SALES          The Void Item button is no longer shown on screen when adding a RPC              CAL             4048 11/01/2010
                            new item to the order.
                              RBA Software Version Control Sheet
Program               RBA32                                            Version                         10.79
Opened                09/08/2007                                       Released

Item Section               Description Of Changes Made                                           Fixer    Reported By     Date / Build
2198   SCANNED             The EZTWAIN DLL is now no longer unloaded when the scanned            RPC      SELECTRIC       4048 11/01/2010
       DOCUMENTS           dialog is closed as there were occasions when the DLL would be                 EMAIL
                           unloaded even when a scan is needed to be performed.
2199   FULL PRODUCT        If using the WEB module, a wrong spelling of a database name          RPC      SELECTRIC       4049 12/01/2010
       ENTRY               caused an error when saving a product.
2200   CREATE RUNS         Although the number of valid vans was increased, there was an         RPC      EXTRA GAS       4049 12/01/2010
                           extra test in the create runs screen that stopped more than 27
                           vans being added. The maximum is now calculated based on the
                           valid van numbers list.
2201   CLIENT/SUPPLIER     The 'Delivery Notes?' field has now been made visible in Retailer     RPC      POORES          4049 12/01/2010
       ENTER/EDIT          (it had previously been suppressed unless LPGas was in use) .                  CAL
2202   PRODUCT AUDIT       The audit update date column was actually showing the effective       RPC      PAT             4049 12/01/2010
                           date field. This has been fixed and the effective date is now
                           shown only against price change lines.
2203   FIND NUMBER         Searching for order references now finds matches against delivery RPC          NEWPOINT        4049 12/01/2010
                           orders that have not yet been finalised.                                       CAL
2204   CONSUME             The validation of the product code field would not let you exit the RPC        PAT             4049 13/01/2010
                           dialog if the product code was left empty. I have removed the alert
                           that used to show. A few cosmetic changes have also been made.
2205   UTILISE REPORT      The LPGas utilise report has been adjusted to handle the report       RPC      EXTRA GAS       4049 13/01/2010
                           maximum of 12 products better by only reading 12 products from
                           the relevant cylinder table. This should stop the crash that
                           occurred if you had more than 12 products on the table.
2206   CHANGE ACCOUNT      If two accounts are merged and a scan folder exists for both, files   RPC                      4049 13/01/2010
                           are now moved from the old codes folder to the new one and the
                           old codes folder is removed, if possible.
2207   CHECKOUT            Tally Lists are now correctly saved and printed for normal            RPC      PAT / SJP       4049 14/01/2010
2208   PURCHASE LOG        Under certain circumstances, if you went into the Purchase Log        RPC      G&S ELEC EMAIL 4049 14/01/2010
                           screen and clicked on the View Log button and then the Edit
                           button a crash occurred due to the ACCOUNT database not being
                           open before trying to select it. The GET_VENDPART and
                           GET_VNAME functions have been changed to explicitly open the
2209   UPDATE RUNS         On updating, the Settlement Discount value against a credit           RPC      SJP             4049 15/01/2010
                           customer Sales Ledger invoice record would, under certain             SJP
                           circumstances, be written as zero instead of the correct value.
2210   CHECKOUT            If points were not in use, the sales summary area was not always      RPC      LONDON DIY      4049 15/01/2010
                           displayed with the correct size.                                               CAL
2211   CHECKOUT            The Purchase Log (toggle to add product to log at the end of the      RPC      PAT             4049 15/01/2010
                           sale) button is now generally available.                                       G&S
2212   CHECKOUT            The Order Reference is now shown for Collection and Delivery          RPC      CAL             4049 18/01/2010
                           orders in the CallBack screen if one has been set.
2213   CHECKOUT            The product detail for Delivery / Collection orders now shows         RPC                      4049 18/01/2010
                           correctly in the CallBack screen.
2214   SAVE CUSTOMER       The function to save a customer specific net price from a sales       RPC      LONDON DIY      4049 18/01/2010
       PRICE               screen was testing for '> 9999.99' or '< -999.99' to make sure the
                           discount percentage value would fit but the tests should actually
                           be for '> 999.99' or '< -99.99' and have been changed.
2215   CLIENT CARD         Client cards are now rejected if they have expired                    SJP      SHEPPARDS       4049 18/01/2010

                                                                                                                          4050 18/01/2010

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