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Quill_ Dec. 2010 - Centenary College


									THE QUILL December, 2010                                                                                                                                      page 1

                                                                           Vol. 19, No. 3
                                                                                                            Joseph Benincasa, president of
Was Four Loko your drink of                                                                                 Actors Fund, to be January
                                                                                                            Commencement keynote speaker
choice? Things are changing
By Keiko Talley

        A fruit-flavored                       In the 23.5 ounce can    You have more class than that.”
caffeinated drink with an           there is 12 percent alcohol and                His email started
alcohol content of 12 percent       156 milligrams of caffeine,         conversations between students
that gets you drunk fast and at a   which is what doctors say is a      and professors in many classes.
cheap price is what some            dangerous combination.              Professors, parents, and doctors
college students think is perfect              Four Lokos were the      are all expressing their concern
for a “thirsty-Thursday” night.     subject of so much concern that     for college students drinking
Although a Four Loko, such a        newspapers quoted doctors as        Four Loko.
caffeinated alcoholic drink, may    explaining how dangerous this                “It’s not anything that
seem like a fun choice for the      drink is after six Ramapo           hasn’t been around before,”
outgoing college student,           College students were taken to      said student Tyler DeCraine
experience has shown that it        the hospital after consuming        about the drinks, “People have
can be extremely harmful,           them, and the drink was then        always mixed Red Bull and
hurrying the process of getting     banned from the campus.             Vodka together without there
drunk, but hiding that fact from               In that article, a       being such a problem, I don’t
the drinker, because of the         founder and managing partner        understand what the big deal
caffeine jolt.                      of Phusion Projects, the            about Four Loko is. It is just                    Joseph P. Benincasa
          Just last month, the      company that owns Four Loko,        premade and sold at a cheaper
company that makes Four             initially said that underage        price.”                                        Joseph P. Benincasa is             Benincasa graduated
Loko, under pressure from           drinking and the misuse of                   Many students on           the Commencement speaker for        from St. Joseph’s University,
various sources, said it will       alcohol is a problem and            campus feel the same as             the January 2011 graduation         earned a M.Ed. from Rutgers
remove the caffeine and two         banning one of the products         DeCraine, and either don’t care     ceremonies. He is the president     University and attended the
other ingredients from its          won’t solve the problem             about the health risks or think     and CEO of The Actors Fund,         Graduate Business School at
products as a result of the         because students will find          that the drink causes no            the national human service          Fordham University. He lives in
controversy the drink has           another way to get just as          problems to their health, but       organization that helps indi-       Lambertville, NJ and Manhat-
caused, according to a Novem-       drunk.                              can be proven wrong easily by       viduals in entertainment and the    tan with his wife and three
ber New York Times article.                  Doctors are not the only   picking up any recent newspa-       performing arts. Benincasa          children.
        Because college             people who believe that this        per. According to the New York      serves on the boards of direc-                In addition, at Com-
students do not have much           drink is deadly for college         Times article, many states had      tors of several organizations,      mencement, Centenary will
money for the kind of night life    students. Recently, on campus,      agreed to ban Four Lokos, and       including Broadway Cares/           present J. E. Reeves, Jr.,
they hear about in songs like “I    Rev. David Jones, vice-             starting December 10 New            Equity Fights AIDS, Career          president of the Reeves
Love College” by Asher Roth,        president for Student Engage-       York’s biggest beer distributors    Transition for Dancers, Times       Foundation, with an honorary
they turn to cheaper solutions,     ment, sent an email regarding       chose to stop delivering            Square Alliance, Bio-Reference      doctorate of Humane Letters.
and Four Loko was one of            his concerns for campus             caffeinated alcoholic drinks to     Laboratories and the Somerset                 The Reeves Founda-
them.                               students consuming this             retailers.                          Patriots, a minor league            tion has been a longtime donor
          These kinds of drinks     beverage. In this email, he said,            No matter how many         baseball team. He has been          to Centenary College, providing
have always been around; they       “I don’t care whether Four          health risks this “black-out in a   recognized with several honors,     generous grants for upgrades,
were just made by the students.     Loko is equivalent to five, six     can” may cause, some college        including the inaugural Made in     amenities and repairs for the
For example, it’s the same as a     or a gazillion servings of          students will probably continue     New York Awards and                 John M. Reeves Student
student taking vodka and            alcohol. What I do care about       to drink them. Students should      Brooklyn’s Italian of the Year.     Recreation Center.
mixing it with a Red Bull or a      is that it is the easiest way for   remember the risks that they
Monster. The only difference        you to puke on yourself until       bring: sending students to the
is the price.                       you drown in your own vomit.        hospital in several states.

                      Happy holidays,                                                                                    Class of
                   from your Quill staff!                                                                             January, 2011!

 THE QUILL December, 2010
                                                        Viewpoint                                                                                                 page 2

                                                                                                           the team. They’d come back           economy and business industry,
 Why does Centenary College no                                                                             and we would start working in
                                                                                                           the summer towards winning
                                                                                                                                                personal financial skills, ethics,
                                                                                                                                                and sociology.
 longer have a SIFE Team?                                                                                  our competitions scheduled for
                                                                                                           May.”                                       We never had a
                                                                                                                     What does he miss          SIFE building, full-time
                                                                                                           most about SIFE? McHugh
By Michele Tomasulo                                                                                        said, “I miss the laughter           employees, or a team
                                    not to run SIFE this year was       of? McHugh said that Noel
                                                                        Leuzarder was the recipient of     coming from the SIFE office. I       made up of 200 students
             For over a decade,     not just about money.
more than 1,000 students were                  “SIFE saw diminishing    the SIFE National Student          look at pictures of former teams     like Drury University, but
members of the Centenary            numbers; we still had quality,      Leader Scholarship in 2009.        and awards and I see how much        our average SIFE students
College SIFE (Students in Free      but the numbers were down.          “In 2008, I was selected for the   we’ve grown. In the past years,      were better than most
Enterprise)Team, committed to       You constantly have to reinvent     Sam Walton Fellow Award, for       we transitioned from a team to
                                                                                                           a regional player. We had a          members from other
social responsibility, which        yourself intellectually, think up   which I was nominated by the
                                                                        team. In 1999, the national        history of success and people        teams, and our best SIFE
could be seen in the countless      new ideas, and provide an
hours spent teaching kindergar-     immense amount of new               organization recognized Dr.        recognized the excellence of         students were better than
ten through high school, at         resources that allow the team to    Quade as Department Chair of       these students—companies, like       advisors from other teams.
community events, and with          grow—it helps if you have the       the Year.”                         Campbell’s, would contact us,
senior citizens in a local          numbers to do so.” McHugh                                              instead of my calling them. We                 Although SIFE is not
retirement and community            added, “It is time to step back             “This past year, we        were never a SIFE machine.           at Centenary this year, McHugh
center.                                                                                                    We never had a SIFE building,        misses it and hopes to bring it
                                    and reinvent ourselves. Our         ranked top 20 in most
          They also worked with     Power Possibility Project (a                                           full-time employees, or a team       back sometime in the future. A
                                                                        topic competitions. We             made up of 200 students like
non-profit groups, such as          project that helped business                                                                                current freshman told McHugh
Children’s Home of Easton (an
                                                                        won first place in the             Drury University, but our            she was upset to hear that SIFE
                                    owners around the world create
organization providing a caring     and sustain their businesses)       nation for the Entrepre-           average SIFE students were           was not at Centenary anymore
and nurturing environment for       helped a lot of people, but we      neurship Competition,”             better than most members from        and that she had been looking
children and their families in                                                                             other teams, and our best SIFE       forward to becoming involved
                                    have done it for so long. We        said McHugh.
need) and Trust for Historic        need something more, but                                               students were better than            in it. “When the moment is
Preservation (a group that          Centenary is not at a point                                            advisors from other teams. Our       right, we’ll bring it back. We
                                                                                  Founded in 1975,
fosters leadership, education,      when it can give that. The                                             students decided what they           may have to wait a few years,
                                                                        SIFE is a nation-wide, non-
advocacy, and resources to          college is growing quickly, we                                         wanted and figured out how to        but as long as I’m here, I’ll
                                                                        profit educational organization
protect America’s historic          have a new building and new                                            get it.”                             support it. We may not have an
                                                                        that provides college students
places and revitalize the           opportunities, and it’s time to                                                  McHugh has many            active team right now, but Prof.
                                                                        with the opportunity to gain
country’s communities).             focus on those right now.”                                             memories of SIFE, but espe-          Veronda, Dr. Quade, and I will
                                                                        leadership experience by
          SIFE was very                        The SIFE team at                                            cially remembers a math and          stay involved—sit on the
                                                                        instituting local area programs
successful on campus, and its       Centenary was established in                                           business major, Kimberly             national board of SIFE, help out
                                                                        that instruct others on how
members received recognition        1992 under the direction of Dr.                                        Holland. “She had many               other teams, mentor other
                                                                        market economics and business
for their efforts, as well as       Robert Quade. McHugh, the                                              ailments, but SIFE made a            schools.”
national acclaim. So the            last advisor for Centenary’s                                           difference to her. I remember                  When it does come
                                                                                  Last year, Centenary
question is: Why does Cente-        SIFE, indicated that the national                                      coming out of my hotel room          back, McHugh recommended it
                                                                        College’s SIFE team accumu-
nary College no longer have a       organization was very strong                                           one day, and I heard students by     for any business student: “It
                                                                        lated 10 awards for their
SIFE Team?                          and that Centenary was one of                                          the elevator. Kimberly was one       takes what they learn in the
                                                                        excellence and skill. Most
          “Changing times,” Dr.     the first colleges from this                                           of them and I couldn’t tell if she   classroom and allows them to
                                                                        notable would be placing
Steven McHugh revealed.             region to join.                                                        was laughing or crying, so           experiment with and perform
                                                                        second runner-up in the
“SIFE is an invasive, time-                    Prof. Cheryl Veronda,                                       when I asked her if something        the activities and duties they
                                                                        Semifinals: United States
consuming, wonderful activity,      who started her advisorship in                                         was wrong, she simply told me        will encounter later on in life.
                                                                        National Competition and
but it costs a lot of money to      the mid 90s, “took this little                                         she was just happy to be a part      They learned how to benefit
                                                                        ranking first place in the
run and, although there are         team from Centenary to                                                 of team.”                            from their mistakes and find
                                                                        National Entrepreneurship
many awards to win and              national and global promi-                                                       According to               another way to succeed when
                                                                        Competition. These are just
benefits to gain, this endeavor     nence,” said McHugh. Veronda                                           Centenary’s SIFE web page:           they made these mistakes.
                                                                        two of their many accolades
requires students to invest a lot   was the third advisor for SIFE                                         Team members, originating                      SIFE members will
                                                                        and accomplishments over the
of time and effort.” Addition-      and McHugh worked with her                                             from 35 countries across five        understand what is expected of
                                                                        past years.
ally, the advisorship position is   before becoming the single                                             continents and ranging from          them and be employed because
                                                                                  McHugh compared the
taxing and involves a large         advisor in 2003.                                                       more than 15 different majors,       they won’t talk about what they
                                                                        competitive drive, passion, and
investment in both time and                    During the 2008 to                                          have developed and imple-            are going to do, but what they
                                                                        success of the SIFE Team to
energy, and consequently there      2009 academic year,                                                    mented more than 1,000               have already done. A career
                                                                        that of the New England
have been four different            Centenary’s SIFE Team ranked                                           projects and presentations that      and a job are two totally
                                                                        Patriots in the NFL. “Every
advisors over the course of 18      in the top 12 in the nation.                                           meet the educational needs           different things, and SIFE
                                                                        time we advanced to Nationals,
years.                              “This past year, we ranked top                                         involving free market econom-        helped to establish careers,” he
                                                                        teams would be upset that they
          The resources to          20 in most topic competitions.                                         ics and the competency and           said.
                                                                        were up against Centenary
operate SIFE at the national        We won first place in the nation                                       dexterity needed in the global
                                                                        College. Once a student made
level are high and right now, we    for the Entrepreneurship            it to Nationals, we didn’t have
just don’t have enough.”            Competition,” stated McHugh.        to worry about them staying on
          However, the decision     What was the team most proud

THE QUILL December, 2010
                                          Op-ed Page                                                                                                    page 3

                                        Eating dinner out with my family recently, I saw, seated at the table to our left, a teenage couple. One was texting endlessly,
                             and the other was chatting up a storm on his BlackBerry.
                                         Although we were trying to enjoy our meal and mind our own business, it was difficult, because the man was talking so
                             loudly. He should have been talking to his date, which left us wondering if he hadforgotten about her. When he picked up the phone
 The Quill is the student    and the person apparently asked, “Is now a bad time,” he responded, “No.” Did he forget that there was a woman sitting three feet
                             away from him? I guess it was okay, because she clearly forgot about him, too (She was too busy texting to notice anything else). The
 newspaper of Centenary
                             conversation we were having about their rudeness towards each other and towards others soon developed into a conversation about
 College, Hackettstown,      technology: “Has it gone too far?” Have we really become so dependent on our gizmos and gadgets that we cannot even share a dinner
 NJ 07840.                   without them…a dinner where we, dare I say it, TALK to our dinner companion(s)?
         The Quill will                 I am all for technological advancements. I cannot wait for the flying cars that you may remember from the television cartoon
                             show, “The Jetsons.” Technology is useful, convenient, beneficial, and makes what seems impossible, possible. However, when it
 publish letters to the      causes unnecessary frustration, making a 30-minute debacle out of something that could have taken 10 minutes the “Flintstone” way, it
 editor; however, such       results in people forgetting to appreciate the simple things in life. These gadgets are supposed to make our lives easier, but sometimes
 letters must not be         they complicate our already busy, chaotic, lives. These devices may cause us to become wrapped up in the technology itself, rather than
                             personal interaction. Sure, all these tools are flashy, sophisticated, and trend-setting, but they are not everything. My father would
 libelous and must be        always tell me when I was younger, “For every plus, there is a minus.” Technology is an excellent example. It is fabulous to have the
 signed and in good taste.   information to write a research paper at my fingertips, whereas, my parents had to walk to a library. But what is not so fabulous is the
 We will refrain from        unsettling dependency we have on technology. People break down when their BlackBerry malfunctions, their laptop is misplaced or
                             stolen, or when they are unable to connect to the Internet. I understand that it is frustrating losing personal property, time is precious
 printing your name if
                             and it is time-consuming to re-submit or rewrite documents, and it is also an expense to replace these gadgets. But look at the bright
 you so request.             side; papers can be rewritten and a new laptop can be purchased (this time with a memory stick…because, as I said earlier, technology
         Address your        does have advantages. Be happy that you are healthy and alive. Things could be much worse. Before anyone thinks I just do not
 letters to The Editor,      understand what it is like to lose a laptop or have a cell phone break, I have had a laptop crash, I have lost work, I have had a digital
                             camera break (then get stolen after I had it fixed), and I have had a touch-screen cell phone smash when a car door was slammed shut. I
 The Quill, Box 1066 or      know it is frustrating and upsetting. But I also know that things could be much worse and that losing these items was not the end of the
 you may email to            world. In fact, my losses taught me to better prepare myself for a worst-case scenario and remind me why it is important not to depend   on them. As for the loss itself, I figured it must have happened for a reason. Perhaps the rewritten assignment includes new and better
                             ideas than the first. See that? Brighter side. It is not always easy to think like this, but positive thinking and focusing on the future is
 with your full name at      better than negative thoughts and dwelling on the past.
 the bottom of the email                Technology has also established a portal to cyber bullying and a decline in interpersonal skills. We live in a world where
                             teenagers are tormented online and people can obtain jobs just through E-mail. The importance of meeting the interviewee in person or
                             at least, talking to him/her on the phone seems to have gone out the window. I have friends who now fear interviews in person or over
 Co-editors:                 the phone because they are so accustomed to just talking via E-mail or Instant Messaging. Kids who used to build sand castles and play
                             with beach toys when they went to the beach are now playing on their Nintendo DS’s. Conversations that should be taking place with a
 Teresa Miley
                             dinner date are replaced with phone calls to a third or fourth party. Friends who make plans to hang out with their cronies end up
 Michele Tomasino            texting other friends instead of conversing with the people they are with. Call me old school, but I find it rude when this happens.
                                        Granted, I was raised to know such behavior is impolite, but just because all these technologies are available, does not mean
 Staff:                      that there is never an inappropriate time to use them. For example: texting while driving. To teenagers, texting is so much more
                             important than keeping their eyes on the road that they are willing to risk their lives and/or the lives of other drivers to type a response.
 John Barry                  It is bad enough these young drivers are still inexperienced behind the wheel, but adding distraction into the mix just makes matters
 Kate Billard                worse. We all know it’s wrong to drink and drive, but according to Allstate Insurance Company, 82 percent of young drivers, drive like
 Tyler DeCraine              they are drunk every day. They have never had a drink and have never been stopped for driving while under the influence. So how is
                             this possible? Sending just one text while driving creates the same mental diversion and confusion as if one had consumed four beers.
 Alex Kays                   And if you thought drunk driving is the main cause of road carnage, guess again. Studies show that young drivers are now more likely
 Hayana Kim                  to die from texting behind the wheel. Compared to driving while intoxicated, tapping away on a phone affects your reaction time and
 Mike LaHaye                 actually increases your chances of causing an accident. I have heard many college students say they know texting and driving or
                             drinking and driving is wrong, but they ignore the risks and the restrictions anyway. In their minds, not only can it not happen to them,
 Madeleine Lopez
                             they just figure, “One text, how much damage can it cause?” A lot. I have a high school friend who is added to the long list of mobile
 Bridget McCann              phone-related accidents because she caused an accident while texting. It may seem like no big deal, but when you look down to type
 Matt Mercuro                and send a text message, you take your eyes off the road for about five seconds. Think of it as driving blindfolded.
 Chris Picano                           Technology was harvested to improve our lives and enhance communication, give us access to answers on any topic, develop
                             security cameras, offer social networks and cellular phones that help us stay in touch, iPods/iTunes, allowing us to buy only our favorite
 Tom Polanski                songs, and memory sticks to save our work. I doubt any of us would turn away from technology. But good, old-fashioned talk and
 Alex Schoenfeld             conversation are irreplaceable, which comes with thought, sincerity, and the ability to string together words into a coherent message
 Gil Shavit                  that does not include online/text abbreviations and substitutions for full thoughts and words. Our teachers did not intend for us to
                             abandon basic grammar for a system that mutilates the English language.
 Tim Sullivan                           Put down the cell phone and enjoy the holiday season with others near you, as opposed to electronic communication with those
 Keiko Talley                who are in cyber space. Don’t let gadgets take over. Your life is more important, so do not let them run your life, or worse, take your
                             life. Don’t use the internet as a means to trash-talk someone; do something positive, such as showing support for safe driving. You can
                             join Allstate’s XTHETXT on Facebook to show your support for safe driving ( And if you consider texting in
 Faculty Advisor:
                             the car a vital part of life, get yourself a designated texter.
 Prof. Debbie Lev                                                                                                                      Michele Tomasulo, co-editor

THE QUILL December, 2010
                           Campus     page 4

THE QUILL December, 2010
                                                                  Campus                                                                                           page 5

Third Culture Kids a phenomenon of our time
By Jenna Mc Ewan
           Back and forth, back                 Renee was surprised to     friends, because they know that     possible. The “three year itch”       also developing a global
and forth, back and forth, go a      hear that there are many              they will have to leave in a        is a common feeling among             community for people who do
pair of small feet and the red       children like her. Organizations,     short time. When it comes to        ATCKs. The “three year itch”          not feel as though they can
lanyard well known in every          clubs, and books have focused         careers, most TCK will follow       comes in the form of an anxiety       identify with a particular
airport for children who travel      on this alternative and transient     in their parents’ footsteps         that tells a person that it is time   culture. This subculture is
alone. The little girl with big      life style.                           because of going with the           to move. Consequently, many           significantly powered by the
blue eyes and jet black hair,                   OpFoot, is an organi-      familiar or lack of knowledge       of these people seek jobs that        Internet which recently estab-
hugs her bear. Renee is all of       zation specifically for children      of other lifestyles.                will keep them moving or that         lished clubs and networks so
nine-and-three-quarter-years         whose parents are in the armed                  Christopher joined the    they know will be internation-        TCKs can find others who share
old, and she excitedly awaits        forces. Third Culture Kid is a        Air Force the second he could.      ally transferable.                    their transient past, desire to
her flight home; a place she has     book that explores the lifestyle      “I had no idea what else to do                 Though this lifestyle is   belong, restlessness and unique
never seen.                          many children lead because of         with my life, and the only          becoming more common, it is           world perspective.
           Third Culture Kids        parents who work abroad.              community that I knew of that
(TCK), a phrase coined by            These children and their              had people who grew up the
author Dr. Ruth Hill Useem, is       families move frequently and          way that I did, was in the Air
the new and politically-correct      are exposed to multiple cultures      Force. This made it much easier               Look for a film evening
term for children who were           and traditions.                       for me to be sociable.”
formerly referred to as army                    Benjamin, now an                     However, for many                       to remember?
“brats.” A Third Culture Kid is
a person who has spent a
                                     architect in London, lived the
                                     TCK lifestyle and as a child
                                                                           people, the TCK lifestyle is
                                                                           invigorating and stimulates a
                                                                                                                            And it’s FREE!
significant part of his or her
developmental years outside
                                     shuttled between France,
                                     England, United States, and
                                                                           fascinating worldview.
                                                                                                                   Dr. Strangelove, or
their parents’ passport culture.     Dubai.                                          Luckily, the military
           The Third Culture Kid
builds relationships with all the
                                                “Moving was fun, but
                                     I would not wish the lifestyle
                                                                           has programs to make it easier
                                                                           for children to deal with this
                                                                                                                  How I learned to Stop
cultures they are exposed to,
while not claiming full owner-
                                     on anyone else,” Ben com-
                                     mented. “I can’t wait to have
                                                                           life-style. Now that traveling
                                                                           and moving around the world is
                                                                                                                  Worrying and Love the
ship in any, leading either to
social disconnection or embrac-
                                     the white picket fence lifestyle
                                     so many of my friends have.
                                                                           much simpler, this lifestyle is
                                                                           becoming more common.                          Bomb
ing a transient lifestyle and a      Being able to answer the              Religious ministries, alcohol
love for travel.                     question ‘Where are you from?’        beverage companies, and other         in the Black Box theatre of the
           Renee is one of the       is my goal.” Many TCK’s or            large corporations are increas-
many children in the world who       ATCK’s (Adult Third Culture           ingly global, creating jobs and         David and Carol Lackland
does not have a place to call
home. She is on her way to
                                     Kids) share this wistful hope.
                                                Eliza grew up on Air
                                                                           chapters throughout the world.
                                                                           TCKs are becoming an “estab-
                                                                                                                  Center, Wednesday evening,
Alabama, because her father is
shipping out to Iraq, and her
                                     Force bases in Texas, Alabama,        lished” lifestyle, more accepted            Dec. 15 at 7:30 p.m.
                                     Germany, and Okinawa. “As             than ever before.
mother is in the Peace Corps.        soon as I had the ability to settle             Brice Royer, an             Centenary faculty will be there
She is one of the many children      in one place, I did, but I still      expatriate who has lived in
who spend their developmental        don’t feel at home. When              seven different countries,            to present the film and engage
years moving from place to           people talk about ‘remember           formed an organization called
place. “I have never lived in        dot-dot-dot?’ I can’t, and I don’t    “tckid” to give hope to others          the audience in discussion
one place for an entire year,”
says Renee.
                                     because I was living in another
                                     country.” Dr. Useem has
                                                                           who share his lifestyle, offer a
                                                                           place of belonging and a way to
           She begins listing
names of places any college
                                     studied this lifestyle and has        find their identity. Most TCK’s         Centenary College and the
                                     found that it has different           do not live in one place long
student would be jealous of:         effects on each individual child.     enough to be culturally-shaped         Warren County Cultural and
Jordan, Turkey, France, Brazil,                 Though most people         and identify with a culture.
and the list goes on. At nine,       see the opportunity to move           When a TCK is asked where                 Historical Commission
this girl has seen so much of the    every year as a great chance to       they are from or what country
world. “I love moving and            see the world, for many               they most relate to, it can be an     bring you this cult and critical
learning new languages and
cultures, but I hate the fact that
                                     children it may socially restrict
                                     them. Many of these children’s
                                                                           unanswerable question.
                                                                                     Eventually, many
no one understands what it’s         closest friends are their family,     TCK’s will either settle down as
like to not be able to have one      and when they move, they are          Benjamin and Eliza have, while
friend for a whole year.”            less likely to develop new            others will become global
                                                                           nomads, moving as often as

 THE QUILL December, 2010
                                                                   Campus                                                                                         page 6

 Music, food, and cross-cultural friendships mark shared evening
                                    the international student body                 “I was excited to see    thankful that we could have this     believe that what is important in
By Hayana Kim                       itself is made up of students        how many students were             chance to perform for our            globalization is our open
                                    with different nationalities. In     willing to participate and how     international family, friends,       attitude to try new things,
                                    this mixed bowl, if we may call      well they took the musical cues    and the community band.”             because we cannot truly know
          International Friend-
                                    it that, I wondered what could       and directions; many can read                After the concert was      until we really expose ourselves
ship through Music Night
                                    act as a sauce that harmonizes       music very well, and that was      over, various kinds of desserts      to them,” said Lee.
in mid-November brought a
                                    all, and I found the answer in       helpful. I was also pleased that   from many different continents                 Indeed, what Lee
beautiful concert to the George
                                    music. Communication does            many could sing rather well and    were served in the front parlor      expects seems to be accom-
H. Whitney Chapel for the
                                    not always necessarily lie in        were able to make the song         of Seay building; they included      plished among participating
participants of the International
                                    language. I believe music can        sound so beautiful. I actually     Korean, Japanese, Chinese,           students. “I believe the IFP
Friendship Program (IFP), a
                                    be an effective tool for us all,     was looking forward to working     Russian ones and more. It was        creates a bridge to connect the
chance to socialize while
                                    too. While preserving all the        with them every week,” said        Lee who had gathered all those       students with American
appreciating magnificent pieces
                                    differences and keeping the          Young.                             different desserts, and she made     families. We forget homesick-
of music.
                                    identities, we can all be one                  Wenqian Zhou, one of     an insightful remark while           ness by getting warm help from
          IFP was initiated in
                                    through music,” she explained.       the participating students, said   explaining her trip to garner        the ISO and IFP. In addition,
September and connects two or
                                               Also, to appreciate the   after the concert, “While          them: “Before starting off I         attending IFP activities can
three international students with
                                    American families’ care and          singing, I was warm and            never knew how many I could          effectively expand our social
one American family in order to
                                    love for Centenary international     confident because all the          get. There was not a lot of          circles as well as spoken
promote mutual understanding
                                    students, she helped students to     audience were smiling with         information even on the              English ability, while having
towards different cultures.
                                    practice for the surprise choir      kind eye contact. We sang with     Internet, so I just gave it a try.   fun. I find it is a good way to
          The concert, the third
                                    number, sung on every Wednes-        our true feelings, so our voice    While driving all around New         communicate with friends from
official gathering, was per-
                                    day before the concert under the     was loud. After receiving          Jersey, I found out that diverse     all over the world so as to gain
formed by the Hackettstown
                                    instruction of Elba Young,           applause, many foreign friends     ethnic groups, whether small or      better understanding of differ-
Community Band on Music
                                    executive administrative             came to us and said the perfor-    big, are here in New Jersey and      ent culture,” said Zhou.
                                    assistant to the vice-president      mance was beautiful and            I could get a lot more than I
          During the two-hour
                                    for Student Engagement.              fabulous. I felt happy and         originally expected. Likewise, I
performance, the band played
12 pieces of music, both
classical and modern tunes,
under the direction of conductor
Ellis Jasenovic. The
Hackettstown Community
Band, which was founded in
1947, has actively engaged in
community life, and its presen-
tation in Centenary has been its
annual event, according to
Jackson Shepard who has
played trombone in the band for
15 years.
          For this particular
evening, another layer of
special meaning was added, to
foster international friendship
through music. In fact, Hye-Jin
Lee, administrative manager of
International Student Affairs,
illustrated her belief in global-
ization through this concert.
She suggested it represented an
analogy of Bibimbap, one of
the traditional Korean foods in
which various kinds of veg-
etables are mixed together with
rice and a hot sauce in one
bowl. “Like all the unique
ingredients of Bibimbap, the
American families, interna-
tional students and the band are             Dr. Joseph Linskey, dean of International Programs, presenting members of the Hackettstown Community Band at the
all different individuals. Even             International Friendship Through Music night.                                                   Photo: Hye-Jin Lee

THE QUILL December, 2010
                                                                 Campus                                                                                         page 7

 A home that gives children their childhood back
                                                                                                            into their stay. The social          aged to go to college, paid for
                                     kids in with disabilities as                  "I not only learned      workers at Masonic evaluate          by the children's home. Each
                                     well,” said Migrala.                different ways to help teach the   each child and determine the         graduate of Masonic Children's
                                               As the director,          children, but I was also very      appropriate steps to help the        Home applies for scholarships
                                     Migrala reviews the applica-        moved by the experience and        child overcome the ghosts of         at the college they will attend,
                                     tions of children interested in     how lucky these kids are to        their past.                          and Masonic will pay for their
By Melinda Rolph                                                         have a safe haven like Masonic.
                                     staying at Masonic Children's                                             Masonic Children's Home is        room and board, tuition,books
           Waking up to the                                              A lot of children aren't as
                                     Home. She tries to gather                                              funded by the Masons of              and fees on top of the financial
smell of chocolate from a                                                fortunate," said one middle
                                     enough information on the                                              Pennsylvania and the Children's      aid the student receives from
nearby M&M Mars factory is                                               school tutor, who said she feels
                                     potential resident to ensure that                                      Home Alumni program, said            the college.
not unusual for the children at                                          privileged to get to know the
                                     they won't jeopardize current                                          Migrala. The home does not                     The Masonic
Masonic Children's Home in                                               children.
                                     residents.                                                             take any federal or state money.     Children's Home gives its
Elizabethown. Neither is living                                                    Looking out the
                                               With a warm smile and                                                  Many of the Masonic        children countless opportunities
with some of your closest                                                windows of her office, Migrala
                                     a chuckle, Migrala says, "I                                            Children's Home alumni keep          to achieve in school and in
friends. For the kids living in                                          says, "There's something
                                     often tell people my main                                              in touch with the staff. "That's     life,while giving them a safe,
the children's home, it's a better                                       different here every day.
                                     mission is to make order out of                                        the neat thing; alumni call every    supportive atmosphere in which
life.                                                                    There's variety, and you just
                                     chaos."                                                                now and then," said Migrala.         to grow and develop. The
          At Masonic Children's                                          never know what the day will
                                               The director's office                                                  The children attend the    Masonic Children's Home gives
Home, up to 40 children, of                                              bring."
                                     overlooks the five cottages, as                                        Elizabethtown Area School            these kids their childhood back.
various shapes, sizes, and                                                         Besides getting to
ethnicities are given a chance at    well as the busy basketball                                            District, and then are encour-
                                     court and the study cottage. At     know the children, who have
a normal life filled with                                                become her extended family,
possibility. But, what is            the study cottage, tutors help
          For these children,
                                     the kids do their homework,
                                     work on projects, and study for
                                     tests. The children are not the
                                                                         Migrala has to make sure each
                                                                         child gets appropriate treatment
                                                                         and the support needed to deal
                                                                                                            Join the Hurricane
normal means they don't have
to be afraid of being hit by a
drunken parent, not having to
                                     only ones to learn something in
                                     the study; the tutors learn a lot
                                     from their experience working
                                                                         with trauma at a young age. In
                                                                         some cases, Migrala and her
                                                                         staff don't find out about a
                                                                                                            Katrina Project
wonder where they will lay                                               child's difficulties for weeks
their heads at night, or just        with them.                                                             By Tom Polanski
knowing they'll be safe and                                                                                         Director of Residence        dollars per student, and inter-
protected. Some look at the                                                                                 Life Neil Andrito is a good          ested students may contact
Children's Home as their angel.                                                                             source of information regarding      Rory Murray or Neil Andrito.
          In 1913 the Masonic
Village, established the Ma-         Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell                                                  Centenary’s history with the
                                                                                                            Hurricane Katrina Relief
                                                                                                                                                 The trip lasts for 10 days, over
                                                                                                                                                 winter break, 4 days traveling
sonic Children's Home. Its                                                                                  Project and where it is now.         and 6 days working.
original mission was to take in
war widows and their children.
                                            Still up in the air                                                       He is also the go-to                 Students who decide to
                                                                                                            person for students who may be       go on the trip will stay in
Being too strong-willed for                                                                                 interested in knowing more           Aurora Methodist Church in
their own good, the women            By Kate Billard                                                        about the project and how they       New Orleans, Louisiana. They
only sent their children. Today,               If you’ve been            recently released, shows no ill
                                                                                                            can be involved.                     will be provided with food,
Masonic Children's Home is           wondering about the fate of         effects. Discussions continue.
                                                                                                                      After the storm of         transportation and bedding. The
comprised of five cottages --        Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s end, it                The Pentagon report
                                                                                                            2005, vice-president of Student      St. Bernard Project has been
two for females and three for        is not as clear cut an issue as     shows that younger members of
                                                                                                            Engagement David Jones and           assisting Centenary College
males -- with eight children in a    supporters of the repeal had        the armed forces say that they
                                                                                                            Dr. Norman Cetuk, a member           with all that was stated above;
cottage.                             cheered for but a month ago.        see no impediment to serving
                                                                                                            of the Criminal Justice faculty,     however, their goal is to rebuild
          The home is the                      The House has already     with openly gay people in the
                                                                                                            with the help of Drew                homes that have been destroyed
perfect opportunity for children     approved ending the practice,       military.
                                                                                                            University’s Coordinator of A.V      in New Orleans. Andrito also
who have unsafe living condi-        but the end of the year means a                Democrats have
                                                                                                            Support, decided to help those       mentioned that those who have
tions at their own homes to live     new Congress being sworn in,        recently voiced confidence that
                                                                                                            who were devastated by               never swung a hammer should
in a place that will nurture and     and the progress of the bill may    there will be enough votes in
                                                                                                            Hurricane Katrina.                   not be discouraged from joining
support them through their           possibly be set back. The           favor of the bill, but some
                                                                                                                      In the first year of the   the relief project, since training
adolescence. One requirement:        Obama Administration has            opposition continues.
                                                                                                            relief project, 150 students         is provided. The only recom-
children have to have a guard-       pledged to push lawmakers to                   The lame-duck session
                                                                                                            volunteered to help those less       mendation is to bring clothes
ian living in Pennsylvania.          repeal the law before the year is   is the period of time before the
                                                                                                            fortunate, followed by the next      that the individual does not
          "We accept school age      up, hoping the lame-duck            end of the year in which many
                                                                                                            year, when 100 students              mind getting dirty, since there
children with no criminal            session could be used advanta-      of the Congressmen are
                                                                                                            applied, and the same number         will be digging, sheet rocking
record, no major behavioral          geously for the vote.               leaving--meaning no one holds
                                                                                                            assisted in the most recent trip     and other sorts of manual labor.
issues," said director of                      Congress had been         the power to persuade.
                                                                                                            to the area to help in clean-up      The trip begins at 6:00 am in
Children's Services at Masonic,      waiting for a Pentagon study on                Right now, only time
                                                                                                            and rebuilding.                      Founders back parking lot on
Ginny Migrala. "We will take         the effects of the repeal on        will tell the fate of Don't Ask,
                                                                                                                       The trip costs $350       January 1, and ends on the 10th.
                                     “troop morale,” a study which,      Don't tell.

 THE QUILL December, 2010
                                                          Campus            page 8

Writers on the Rise program                Photo: Gil Shavit
By Gil Shavit
   Recently in an event         Tomorrows, and Everyday
called Writers on the Rise,     Weirdness, among other
five Centenary students         publications. His story “The
were joined by five students    Aria” will be included in the
from WCCC (Warren               upcoming anthology: On a
County Community Col-           Narrow Windowsill: Fiction
lege) to share their creative   and Poetry Folded onto Twitter.
writing with an appreciative    He anticipates receiving his
audience in the Seay Build-     his Master’s in English
ing Front Parlours.             Literature in January.
The writers read their          • Mariel Mota, a senior
poetry, comedic work, or        majoring in English witha
intellectual writings, some     concentration a Political
of which were based on real     Science, is an active student
events from their personal      on campus; she founded the
lives.                          student organization A.C.T
          Each reading had      and is also involved in
powerful rhythms that           Prism and Community
captivated the audience,        Garden. Mota plans to
even those who may not          attend law school in the fall.
have thought they were          • English major Arielle
interested in poetry. Many of   Harrison will graduate in
the participants said they      2012. She said she has an
had been inspired by            unquenchable love for
famous writers. Centenary       literature, the ebb and flow
student writers included        of linguistics, but especially
• Michael Corso III, an         poetics. “ I like to think that
English major with a con-       poetry has pushed me to the
centration in Creative          zenith of the individual you
Writing and also part of        see before you today,” she
Centenary College’s literary    said.Warren County readers
journal Prism.                  included Angela Chius,
• Rachael Scardelli, a          Herb Olson, Kristen
senior, with a major in         McFadden, and Tristan
English Literature and          Ciceran.
Concentration in Creative                The event was
Writing. She describes her      planned by Prof. Jared
own work as trying to           Harel, students Maria Mota,
reincarnate the souls of the    Rachael Scardelli, and
Beat Generation, finding        Warren County Community
their mix of sentiment,         College faculty members B.
nostalgia, and art. .           J. Ward, and Brian Bradford
• Joseph Pascale’s fiction      and funded by the Warren
has been featured in South      County Cultural and Heri-
Jersey Underground, 365         tage Foundation.

THE QUILL December, 2010
                           Campus                                                   page 9

                                      What’s on the
                                      Pantry menu

                                Look familiar? It’s Tom Sternadori, at the Pantry
                                Photo: Gil Shavit

                                By Gil Shavit
                                   Tom Sternadori operates in      ability and easy way with
                                what is called the Pantry, a       students led to his present post,
                                diner-friendly space in the        he says.
                                Lackland Dining Center that                   Executive chef Jack
                                looks like a kitchen bar set-up,   Ross plans many of the meals
                                where students can sit on high     Sternadori serves, though the
                                stools, order meals, and talk to   chefs also offer their sugges-
                                the chef.                          tions. However during the
                                          Sternadori offers a      holidays such as Halloween,
                                variety of homey as well as        Sternadori suggest items for his
                                sophisticated food selections as   station, and he also creates the
                                he cheerfully mans his station.    sauces for each dish.
                                          Before coming to            Sauté is his specialty, and he
                                Centenary, he taught at a wine-    likes its quick-heating capacity,
                                making school in Boundbrook.       while students love to choose
                                Most of his training was at the    the ingredients to add, he says,
                                University California at Davis,    and he loves to socialize with
                                where he honed his                 students.
                                winemaking skills, eventually                 Sautéing, he says,
                                making his way to Centenary,       allows him to cook a meal in
                                where he learned the trade of      any way the students like and
                                cooking, beginning here as a       also encourages them to
                                dishwasher, working his way up     socialize. He’s obviously happy
                                to maitre d’, and then cook’s      in his work.
                                assitant. His quick learning

 THE QUILL December, 2010                                     The Arts                                                                                              page 10

A classic:
Zulu--                               role in a long career. Caine        with fans of the film. The                                                        Zulu was, and still is, a
                                     should be very well known to        Zulus in the film were por-                                              quality and enjoyable film. It is
A retro-review                       today’s moviegoers for his          trayed by actual Zulu tribesmen                                          certainly a must-see for
                                     many leading parts, including       in South Africa (in fact, the                                            Michael Caine fans, as well as
By Tim Sullivan                      the character of Alfred the         Zulu king is depicted by the                                             enthusiasts of war films and the
         This is the age of high     butler in the recent Batman         then Zulu chief, Mangosuthu                                              British Imperial epic genre.
definition and 3D, an era in         films.                              Buthelezi).                                                                       Any movie buff who
which special effects dominate                 Baker is largely                   The Zulus were paid in                                          has grown tired of over-the-top
box office returns and DVD           unknown to younger genera-          objects instead of money,                                                special effects and ultra-high
sales.                               tions, but was a successful actor   including wrist watches and                                              budget films with no substance
          In spite of this (or       who starred in films such as        sneakers. Many of the Zulus in                                           would be well advised to pick
perhaps even because of this), it    Helen of Troy and Richard the       the film can be seen                                                     up a copy of Zulu and a bag of
is important that we remember        III. Both perform excellently as    anachronistically wearing those                                          popcorn.
the classics, films that sold        the leaders of the seemingly        same watches and sneakers.
tickets on the backs of the          doomed men of Rorke’s Drift.
actors’ skills and the quality of              Those doomed men
the story that they had to tell.
          Action and explosions
                                     come to life in the hands of
                                     Zulu’s cast. They successfully
                                                                         Video Games vs.
had a place, of course, but they     render a host of soldier arche-
were not the focus that they are
today. With this in mind, I
                                     types. They range from a
                                     stodgy but cool and collected
                                                                                  the Supreme Court
found myself re-watching             sergeant to a perpetually
1964’s Zulu.                         insolent and insubordinate yet      By Kate Billard
         Directed by the then-       heroic private to a Welsh
blacklisted Cy Endfield, this        corporal who never seems to                  The Supreme Court is making some interesting arguments regarding violent video games,
film tells the story of a small      stop singing. Together they         and they may affect the industry and what we play. Should gamers be worried?
outpost of the British Army          create a group of intriguing
stationed in South Africa in         characters that viewers inevita-              Why We Shouldn't:
1879. The outpost of Rorke’s         bly are interested in watching.               The Downloadable Age: With the amount of resources, time and money that is saved by
Drift came under attack from a                 Zulu praises both sides   making games digital, developers not only don’t have to worry about their mature games being taken
several-thousand-strong native       of the conflict, the British for    out of stores, but they’ll probably be better off for it.
Zulu army that had defeated an       their heroism in fighting a far               We Do Age: We don’t stay underage forever. The M-rated games are not exactly a loss to
entire British Army column           superior force, and the Zulus       our development as human beings, so the wait to get them won’t kill us, either.
earlier that morning. The            for their courage and skill,                  We Are the Age: The average age of gamers ranges in the early-to-mid 30’s. So, honestly,
defending 139 British soldiers,      merits that allowed the warriors    we don’t have to care.
armed with single-shot breach-       to go down in history as one of               Freedom of Speech = Win: If the issue of whether or not certain games should be allowed
loading rifles successfully          the only native peoples that        to be made, freedom of expression is protected by the First Amendment, which is sort of hard to go
repelled the attacking force         were able to fight off and even     against.
after a running battle that lasted   defeat the European invaders to               If a game somehow gets barred from being made, we can make an educated guess that it
well into the next day. Zulu         their lands.                        wasn’t exactly worth playing, anyhow.
does a laudable job of recreat-                The film also manages
ing these events; the multiple       to strike a balance in how it                 Why Maybe We Should Be:
stages of the battle are shown       portrays war. Modern movies                   Ignorance: If the courts are focusing on the fact that Fallout 3 had some of our nation’s
with great clarity and accuracy.     tend to glorify combat or attack    landmarks obliterated, they are getting off-track. Post-apocalyptic settings are the basis of some of
The only notable error in the        it in a maudlin manner. Zulu        the most mind- opening and thought-provoking scenarios out there—Fallout 3, while violent, is
plot comes at the end; after         shows due reverence for both        involved enough to be less gratuitous and more innovative. The silly thing is that no one is debating
breaking off their assault, the      views. The horrors are calmly       the fact that minors should not be allowed to buy Mature-rated games—they are debating the fact
Zulus return and offer the           depicted alongside the glory,        that the courts want to take rights away from an art form.
British a “Warrior’s Salute.”        albeit with little-to-no blood-               Consequence: The Supreme Court is actually considering stripping the First Amendment
While this offers viewers a nice     this was the 60’s, after all;       from “violent” video games. For one thing, what violent video games are to them, is probably much
closure, it did not happen.          blood and gore had yet to make      different from what it is to seasoned gamers and developers. This is not because gamers have
          The central characters     their way in to cinema.             become numb to violence, but because they understand the modern, unequivocal mind-set to the
of the film are commanding                     While the film really      video game universe. While shooting humanoids may be violent to Supreme Court justices, if you
officers at Rorke’s Drift,           contains only one historical        are saving the universe in the process, the moral of the story is not so different from the morals of our
Lieutenant John Chard and            inaccuracy in its plot, there are   own country.
Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead         numerous anachronisms,                        Prejudice: Apparently, games are not considered as having the same quality as violent
played by Stanley Baker and          mentioned in some reviews,          movies, books or television and will be shunned for it. However, other industries are wary—if the
Michael Caine respectively,          particularly on IMBD, many of       courts gain the cojones to strip one art form of the First Amendment, who is to say they won’t for
Zulu being the latter’s first lead   which have become famous            anything else?

THE QUILL December, 2010                                    The Arts                                         (Denville), Megan McGill,
                                                                                                                                                             page 11

                                                                                                                                               Gross (Blairstown)
                                                                          Shakespeare Festival, Pennsyl-
Oliver! onstage, now!                                                     vania Shakespeare Festival) ,
                                                                          Justin Boscitto (director
                                                                                                             Emilio Tiri (Blairstown),
                                                                                                             Saquan Williams (Hoboken)
                                                                                                                                               Professional/ Regional Actors:
                                                                                                                                               Steven Bidwell (NYC),
                                                                          choreographer Circle in the        Casey Bauer, Brittany             Christine De Frece (NYC),
           Called “the perfect                                            Square NYC,) Osborne Focht         Dalessio(Wycoff), Kyle            Shirley Bravo, (Hackettstown)
Christmas matinee,” the                        Blevins, (Broadway’s       (Broadway: Capeman, CSC,           Conner, Jon Bodi, Nick            Deborah Guarino, Maria
musical Oliver! heralds the          Bring Back Birdie, Little Me,        Tartuffe and Rounding Third),      Ardito(Hackettstown), Khiry       Brodeur, (Rockaway) James
holiday season with perfor-          and The Tap Dance Kid) has led       Colleen Wallnau Smith (Broad-      Best, Kyle Porham, Alexandra      Nester (Bethlehem) Christine
mances through Dec. 12 in the        CSC’s acclaimed Young                way :Crazy for You), Dave          Poage, Morgan Mack, Rachel        Mase (Sparta) , Leon Hill,
new Sitnick Theatre of the           Performers Workshop (YPW)            Scheffler (Pennsylvania            Grant, Christen                   (New Brunswick), Amanda
David and Carol Lackland             for over 15 years. The YPW           Shakespeare) Stephen Davis         Demintz,(Hackettstown),           Maxfield(Tewksbury).
Center.                              offers conservatory training         (assistant professor of Theater    YPW Students: Scott                        Oliver! runs through
           Adapted from the          with an emphasis on musical          Centenary) , Lea A. Lid            Abbondanzo (Califon), Cydney      Dec. 12 with shows Thursday
classic tale by Charles Dickens,     theatre to young performers          (assistant professor of Theater,   Black (Hackettstown), Andy        evenings at 7:30 p.m., Friday
the play tells the tale of the       ages 8-18 from the Skylands          Centenary) and Anthony Zas         Calderone(Blairstown) Jacob       and Saturday at 8 p.m. and
orphan boy, Oliver Twist, who        region an beyond. Blevins is         (Hackettstown) as Oliver (YPW      Crisafulli (Blairstown),          Sundays at 2:30 p.m., with
is swept into a band of pick-        also widely known for his            student).                          McKenzie Custin (Bethlehem        additional weekday shows on
pockets led by the wily Fagin in     portrayal of Mark in Sir                       In this inaugural year   PA) , Emily Devine                Wed,, Dec. 8 at 2:30 p.m., as
19th century London.                 Richard Attenborough’s film A        of the David and Carol             (Hackettstown), Alex Evans        well as a Tuesday, Dec. 7
           Hailed as a master-       Chorus Line, and was also            Lackland Center, a world-class     (Hackettstown), Neil Ianniello    performance at 10 a.m. for
piece, the musical “Oliver!”         featured in the movie Chaplin.       performing arts facility now in    (Lebanon), Skye Kenyon            schools. Tickets for “Oliver”
displays the talents of composer     He has worked with innumer-          Hackettstown, the production       (Asbury),Daniel Marion            range in price from $20-25,
Lionel Bart at his best. Over-       able noted directors and             of “Oliver!” celebrates all-       (Flanders), Montana Marsilio      with discounts for seniors and
flowing with familiar show-          choreographers during his            things-theatre in the community    (Long Valley), Erin Martire       students, and can be purchased
stopping musical numbers such        career, including Bob Fosse,         and region, and includes an        (Hackettstown), Andrew            through the Centenary Stage
as “Consider yourself,” Who          Woody Allen, Vivian Matalon,         plethora of talented performers    Nussbaum (Long Valley),           Company Box Office in the
Will Buy,” “Where is love?”          and Joe Layton.                      from the region, from the CSC      Raphael Pelczmann                 David and Carol Lackland
and “As Long as He Needs                       The cast features the      YPW program, and Centenary         (Morristown), Anthony and         Center, by phone at 908-979-
Me,” audiences “ will whistle        talents of many professional         College Theater Students.. The     Nicholas Sica (Sparta) , Ashley   0900, and online at
the tunes of this heartwarming       actors including artistic director   cast includes Centenary College    Terpak (Sparta), Brandon
play as they exit the theatre,” as   of CSC, Prof. Carl Wallnau           students: Tanya Wheelock           Wiener (Flanders), Hunter
one review put it.                   (Broadway: Titanic, Orlando
           The curtain opens on a
sinister interior of a workhouse,
where boys pile in to sing the
opening number “Food,
glorious food!” The young
Oliver Twist, after eating his
small portion of gruel, asks
innocently, “Please sir, may I
have some more?” Oliver
ultimately flees the workhouse
run by the heartless Mr.
Bumble, traveling to London
where he meets the Artful
Dodger and is recruited to pick
pockets for the incorrigible
Fagin. There, Oliver finds a
friend in Nancy, neither of them
fit for a life of crime.
           Broadway veteran
Michael Blevins directs and
choreographs the cast of over
50 as the Centenary Stage
Company christens the 500-seat
Sitnick Theatre with the sound
of tap dancing and high kicks in
the first ever musical to be
performed in the new space.

                                                  Left to right: Andy Calderone, Anthony Zas, Carl Wallnau, Niel Ianniello) Anthony Zas is Oliver
                                                 and Carl Wallnau is Fagin in the Centenary Stage Company production of Oliver, the musical,
                                                 through Dec 12.                                                               Photo: Pat Lanciano

 THE QUILL December, 2010                                      The Arts                                                                                              page 12

December makes Manhattan                                                                                      students have sacrificed their
                                                                                                              vacation times so they can help
                                                                                                                                                   on CBS with Scott Baio, and
                                                                                                                                                   helped in organizing the NBC

even more exciting than usual                                                                                 with the production, playing in
                                                                                                              the Sitnick Theatre of the David
                                                                                                              and Carol Lackland Center. .
                                                                                                                                                   special The Country Music
                                                                                                                                                   Awards, with Charlie Daniels
                                                                                                                                                   and Barbara Mandrell.
                                                                                                              It’s also because the theatre is               On campus, he is
By Teresa Miley                                                         By Alex Kays                          now aiming to start a new            known as the director of the
                                                                                  I always wanted to go       holiday tradition at Centenary,      Centenary Young Performers
      Thrilling families for        Soldiers,” where the Rockettes      to a concert, but I never thought                                          Workshop, housed in the
                                                                                                              offering Christmas plays during
more than 75 years, The Radio       line up and topple from one         I would actually get to go, but                                            Centenary Stage Company.”
                                                                                                              the holidays.
City Christmas Spectacular, is a    side to the other like surpris-     this month, I will be going to                                             His work there has had the Star-
                                                                                                                        “I think that we’re into
must-see for this holiday           ingly slow dominoes, and “Here      Madison Square Garden to                                                   Ledger praise him as “a state
                                                                                                              bigger things now that we have
season. A 40-piece orchestra,       Comes Santa Claus,” which is        attend the Jingle Ball, which                                              treasure.”
                                                                                                              the space, and we’re doing
movable skating rink, a cast of     every child’s dream, showcas-       has been a Z100 event for                                                            His profile is viewable
                                                                                                              more productions,” said
150 singers and dancers, a 3D       ing over 30 Santas.                 several years, in which many                                               on his website at
                                                                                                              student and stage manager for
sleigh ride with Santa, and                   Last year’s show,         artists perform.                                                 
                                                                                                              the play, Jackie Mariani.
snow falling on the audience        which I attended, was more                    In the past, the Jonas                                                      Wallnau is not only a
                                                                                                                         Blevins has had a lot
are all elements that add to the    than exciting. The famous           Brothers, Lady Gaga, Taylor                                                force with Blevins in seeing
                                                                                                              of experience on Broadway
excitement of the show.             “Living Nativity” scene             Swift, and numerous others                                                 Oliver! take shape from start to
                                                                                                              plays and in films and televi-
         Opening its curtains in    segment, which has been part of     have performed there. This                                                 finish, but also plays a major
                                                                                                              sion. He also has worked as an
1933, the show celebrated its       the show since 1933, was            year, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber,                                           role in the musical, playing
                                                                                                              actor, director, and a play-
75th year last season. Starring     rejuvenated. A grand entourage      Selena Gomez, Paramore,                                                    Fagin, a criminal who takes in
                                                                                                              wright. His career began at the
the world famous Rockettes, the     that included live camels and       B.O.B., Bruno Mars, Enrique                                                homeless boys and teaches
                                                                                                              University of North Carolina
show has been a huge hit            donkeys added a beautiful           Inglesias, Travie McCoy, Tao                                               them how to be pickpockets.
                                                                                                              where he majored in acting and
because of their precision,         element to the show.                Cruz, and Michael Buble will                                                         He says that in order to
                                                                                                              dance. His education continued
coordination, and notorious                   The show starts with      be performing.                                                             prepare for his role, he has been
                                                                                                              at NYU’s Tisch School of the
eye-high leg kicks. Acts            the Rockettes as Santa’s                      Elvis Duran and the                                              looking for inspiration for the
                                                                                                              Arts. Some of his most notable
featuring the Rockettes as          reindeer pulling his sleigh.        Morning Show crew will be                                                  character in the original
                                                                                                              roles have come in films and
reindeers and as toy soldiers are   From there, you are taken           hosting the event which they                                               Dickens novel. “He’s an
                                                                                                              plays such as Chaplin, where he
traditional favorites and remain    through a tour from New York        have hosted since it first started.                                        English Jew who is there in
                                                                                                              played a supporting role,
key parts of the show.              City to the North Pole.             Besides Z100, Kim Kardashian,                                              England at a time of great anti-
                                                                                                              alongside Robert Downey Jr.
         There are 12 acts in the   Throughout the entirety of the      Emily Osment, Jay Sean, Flo                                                Semitism,” Wallnau said.
                                                                                                              and Diane Lane; A Chorus Line,
show, some new, some en-            show audiences are enchanted        Rida, Sean Kingston, Jesse                                                           He said that in doing a
                                                                                                              where he played the role of
hanced, all amazing. Some of        by the thrill and Christmas         McCartney, Just Jared, and                                                 Christmas-themed play, the
                                                                                                              Mark, and in Drumwright,
the famous acts in the show         spirit that the show offers the     Pauly D will be co hosting the                                             production will bring more
                                                                                                              where he played Johnny Burton
include “The Nutcracker,” the       audience. This season’s show        event.                                                                     people to the theatre during the
                                                                                                              and worked with Tony-award
famous “Parade of Wooden            runs until Dec. 30.                                                                                            holiday season and will show
                                                                                                              winning director Cullum.
                                                                                                                        His theatre work has       them a good time, helping give
                                                                                                              included appearing in included       momentum to a new tradition.

Behind the scenes with Oliver!                                                                                Bring back Birdie and Little
                                                                                                              Me, and directing The Mad
                                                                                                              Forest, which played off-
                                                                                                                                                   He also has some interesting
                                                                                                                                                   ideas for next year’s produc-
                                                                                                                                                   tion. So before you all head
                                                                                                              Broadway, and he has done            home for the Holiday season,
                                                                                                              commercials for Days Inn. He         go out and see Oliver! It’s sure
By John P. Barry                                                                                              also hellped choreographing the      to be a good time, and the start
           The holiday season is    director and choreographer          he also believed in doing it          TV special How To Be a Man,          of a new tradition.
alwats something to look            Michael Blevins and Prof.Carl       because he found it to be a
forward to. It’s a time when        Wallnau, artistic director of the   show which offers the greatest
people get together with their      Centenary Stage Company, the        number of casting parts for
families, ro stop to think of the   Centenary Theatre will be           people, whether they are in the
less fortunate, and to get          showing its production of           Theathre program or not. “It’s
together to take part in holiday    Oliver! running until Dec. 12.      also a Christmas show, even
traditions. These vary from                   This year, the theatre    though it isn’t,” he said,
ones that we have practiced for     will be showing the full musical    smiling.
years, or new ones that people      version of the play instead of               The cast and crew
want to make happen every           the original drama. The main        involved in the play have been
year. The Centenary Theater         reason Blevins decided to go        working hard to combine all the
staff is offering a way to spark    with the musical version instead    elements that go into a musical:
this holiday season and start a     of the drama is, “I find the        the staging, the lighting, the
new campus tradition.               musical version darker than         costumes, and choreographing
           With the talents of      most people do.” Wallnau said       the musical numbers. Some

THE QUILL December, 2010
                                                                          Sports                                                                                page 13

                                                                          major aspect in which boxing        Mayweather and the Pac Man is
One of the                           first, with my 3rd place finish in   and MMA differ. If you lose 6       the only fight aside from a
                                                                                                              potential Haye-Klitschko
                                                                                                                                                  what the fans want to see. The
                                                                                                                                                  fans want to see Mayweather
                                     the NCAA's, becoming an All-         fights in MMA, it’s more or less
wrestling                            American,” Livingston is
                                     happy about last year’s suc-
                                                                          the norm (aside from true
                                                                                                              unification bout that has any
                                                                                                              real selling power.
                                                                                                                                                  and Pacquiao fight more than
                                                                                                                                                  anything. There is nothing in
                                                                                                                         Even when you have a     boxing or MMA that would
team’s stars                         cesses.
                                               He and the members of
                                                                                    If you have more than
                                                                          five losses in fewer than 50 pro    name like Pacquaio’s on the         even come close to the PPV buy
                                                                                                                                                  rate that fight would generate.
                                     the Cyclones look to build on        boxing bouts, you’re a bum.         card, it’s hard to sell it to the
                                     last season’s record year for the                                        casual fan. That is another                   People can point the
                                                                                    But one can’t place the
                                     program. Livingston also hopes                                           reason the UFC is slaughtering      finger at either fighter as much
By Chris Picano                                                           blame on Antonio Margarito for
                                     the students of Centenary come                                           boxing. You pay $50 for the         as they want, but it will not
                                                                          stepping in the ring with
                                     out in droves to support their                                           fight, and instead of a main        change the fact that these two
                                                                          arguably the top pound-for-
                                     Cyclones.                                                                event and four undercard fights     behemoth names in the sport
          One of the most feared                                          pound fighter in the world; after
                                               He added,"This is the                                          with people you’ve never heard      will always find a reason not to
wrestlers in all of NCAA                                                  all, who wouldn’t take a beat
                                     most anticipated year yet, with                                          of (and will probably never hear    fight each other. There is a
Division III is one of ours--                                             down from anybody for several
                                     the talent that we're putting out                                        from again), you get two main       better chance of Mike Tyson’s
Centenary’s William                                                       million dollars?
                                     on the mat. We work our butts                                            events and three other quality      coming out of retirement and
Livingston, a very decorated                                                        That, perhaps, is the
                                     off for hours to go out and have                                         fights with names even the most     fighting Evander Holyfield for
wrestler from Newton, New                                                 biggest problem with boxing.
                                     seven minutes of battle and give                                         casual of fans will recognize.      a third time than there is of
Jersey.                                                                   It’s no longer a sport. It is
                                     excitement to our fans!"                                                            As long as promoters     seeing that super fight ever
          Livingston entered this                                         entirely a business entity.
                                                                                                              like Bob Arum and the notori-       materialize.        And until it
season ranked as the number 1                                                       You don’t see the big
                                                                                                              ous Don King are around, you        does, boxing will never catch
wrestler in the country at 133                                            super fights anymore, because
                                                                                                              will never see that in boxing;      the UFC again.
pounds, having begun his
wrestling career at Kittatinny
                                     Boxing, from                         someone is always going to
                                                                          whine about being paid less         it’s all about how much THEIR
                                                                                                              fighter is going to be paid, not
High School, not far from the
Centenary campus.
                                     my point of                          than the other guy. Floyd

          “In high school, I was
a four-time New Jersey state
place winner, winning states my
senior year,” said Livingston.       By Chris Picano
          After placing 8th, 7th,              There was a time about
and 3rd during his first three       15 years ago, when American
years of high school, he became      sports fans lived for the next
the state champion in his senior     big boxing contest on pay per
season. Along the way, he            view. Even as recently as eight
amassed a record-breaking 145-       years ago, boxing still provided
12 record enroute to becoming        big time matchups that people
a High School Wrestling All-         wanted to see. Whatever
American. He parlayed his high       happened to that?
school success into wrestling at               With the rapid rise of
the Division I level for both        Mixed Martial Arts, it is very
Ohio State and Virginia Tech.        sad to see that professional
          Citing its close           boxing has gone from one of
proximity to home, as well as a      the most interesting sports to
rising program in the Division       follow, to a complete joke.
III ranks, Will says he is very      Watching the movie Tyson has
happy with his time here at          only reaffirmed that sentiment.
Centenary.                           Where are the true champions
          “The team is meshing       who will fight anybody any
very well so far this season.        time?
Practices are going well, a lot of             Last month, Manny
energy and pride fill the room       Pacquiao faced off against
with the vets and newcomers,”        Antonio Margarito in a “highly
said the 133-pound sensation.        anticipated” WBC Super
          Along with making          Welterweight title fight. The
history at Kittatinny High           first question that should have
School, Livingston has already       been on everyone’s mind, even
made himself a legend in             for big boxing fans, is, “Who on
Centenary’s wrestling history.       earth is Antonio Margarito?”
          “Last year was                       The most intriguing
probably the most successful in      matchup for Manny Pacquiao
team history, finishing 27th in      was against a guy who has lost
the country, and another team        six fights in his career? That’s a

 THE QUILL December, 2010
                                                                    Sports                                                                                         page 14

Men’s basketball: Talented squad                                                                             and while our expectations for       time. Centenary shot 32 percent
makes it to the regional championship                                                                        him are high, his are even
                                                                                                             higher for himself. He has it in
                                                                                                                                                  from the field, compared to
                                                                                                                                                  DC’s 27 percent, and also out-
                                                                                                             his mind that he should average      rebounded DC 49-45.
                                                                                                             a double-double on the season,                 On the second day, the
                                                                         seven of nine from the field,       and I’m counting on him to do        team lost a close one that
By: Matt Mercuro                    and final captain, having been
                                                                         including five three-pointers,      that,” Mastroianni added.            essentially came down to who
                                    appointed by Mastroianni                                                                                      could out-rebound the other. On
                                                                         and collected four rebounds and               The team next took
          The men’s basket-         before the season started.
                                                                         one assist. This was a good sign    part in the University of            this occasion, Scranton won the
ball team started its season,                 “Up until that point, it
                                                                         from Atkinson, who suffered a       Scranton Radisson Invitational       battle 47-34, and shot 38
going 2-3 in the five games         had always been my philosophy
                                                                         season-ending injury last           in Scranton, Pa. The Cyclones        percent from the field, com-
they competed in.                   to never have more than three
                                                                         season, and used the injury as      beat D’Youville College 69-56        pared with the Cyclones’
          The Cyclones fell to      captains; in this case, I couldn’t
                                                                         motivation to get back on the       and advanced to the champion-        shooting 37 percent.
Montclair 89–74 despite a           imagine Andrew being left out
                                                                         court this season to show what      ship game before losing to the                 Urie was named to the
strong effort from Corey            of that. It’s actually great for
                                                                         he could do.                        Scranton Royals, 77-65 in the        All-Tournament team after
Kearny, who scored 19               our four seniors who came in
                                                                                   “It’s always great        finals.                              scoring 14 points in the
points, had five rebounds           together and really laid the
                                                                         when your best players play                   In the first game of the   championship game. Halicki
and three steals. Kearny was        foundation for turning this
                                                                         well; Will is a guy that we         two-day meet, Halicki led the        continued his emergence as one
named Cyclone of the week           program around to have the
                                                                         missed a lot a year ago and         scoring attack for Centenary         of the best players on the team
for his performance in the          chance to lead the team
                                                                         we’re glad to see him getting       with 16 points, six rebounds,        by finishing with 14 points and
game..                              together,” said Mastroianni.
                                                                         back to his old form,” said         one assist and one steal. Every      10 rebounds for his first double-
          Here’s how the season     “Hopefully, with their leader-
                                                                         Mastroianni. “I think it was        player on the team saw playing       double of the season. Scranton
has progressed so far: Novem-       ship, we’ll experience more
                                                                         important for his confidence,       time during the game, and the        was led by Zach Ashworth, who
ber marked the opening of the       success this year than ever
                                                                         too, to see that he could play      team go a lot of help from the       scored 20 points in the champi-
season, with the Cyclones going     before in their tenure,” he said.
                                                                         aggressively and have success.      underclassmen, especially.           onship game, one of four
2-2 during their first week of                In the first game of the
                                                                         It’s never easy to return from a              Freshmen Gabe              players for Scranton to finish in
action before the Thanksgiving      season, the Cyclones competed
                                                                         season-long injury, but he’s        Cheavers and Josh Case also          double figures.
break. Head coach Enrico            at home against the Misericor-
                                                                         handled it well, and, obviously,    made their presence known, in                  At press time, the
Mastroianni has been satisfied      dia Cougars, losing 81-70. The
                                                                         we hope it continues to pay         a 12-point effort from Case, and     Cyclones were preparing to hit
with what he has seen thus far      Cougars were led by Ethan
                                                                         off.”                               Cheavers, playing in his first       the road for their first
from his team overall, but, as      Eichhorst, who scored a game-
                                                                                   The team shot well        game of the year, led the            conference match up of the
always, feels there is room for     high 31 points, and grabbed 11
                                                                         during the game, going 28-of-       Cyclones with eight rebounds         season against Baptist Bible
improvement.                        rebounds, which also led both
                                                                         59 from the floor and 10-of-17      in only 11 minutes of playing        on December 2.
          “I’ve really been         squads.
impressed with our man-to-man                 Urie led the scoring       from three-point range, and out-
defense; a year ago, we were        attack for the Cyclones, scoring     rebounded the Lions 43-39.
giving up 82 points per game,       20 points, and collected four                  Sophomore Jakub
and so far, we are only giving      rebounds in a losing effort.         Halicki had a solid game
up 71. The difference is, we        The Cyclones won the rebound         overall, scoring eight points,
haven’t been scoring points like    battle 31-29, but shot only 39       and led the team with 11
we did a year ago either,” said     percent from the field going 29-     rebounds. Urie scored 17 for the
Mastroianni. “I feel very           of-64 for the game.                  Cyclones, going seven of 13
confident though, that when we                The Cougars, on the        from the field, including three
get into conference play, our       other hand, shot 59 percent          of four from three-point range,
defense will still be good, and     from the field, going 28-of-47,      and had three rebounds and two
our offense is going to catch up,   and 84 percent from the free         assists for the contest. Innocent
too,” he added.                     throw line, 16-of-19.                also provided a spark, scoring
          This season,                        Also contributing was      10 points, collecting six
Mastroianni said he decided to      junior Ludner Innocent who           rebounds, and dishing out three
go with four captains instead of    scored 16 points, grabbed six        assists.
the usual two or three to lead      rebounds, and Kearney who                      Now in his second
the team during the season,         scored12 points and collected        year, Halicki is one of many
which is unique for a college       three rebounds.                      being looked at to step up his
team. Senior Rob Urie has been                The Cyclones then hit      game, and thus far he has
one of the captains since he was    the road, competing in Ewing,        succeeded.
a sophomore, and his class-         NJ against The College of New                  “Jakub is a guy that
mates Corey Kearney and Will        Jersey. Senior Will Atkinson         we’ve put a lot of pressure on.
Atkinson have been captains of      scored 19 points for Cyclones,       He had a great off-season
the team since their junior year.   leading the team to a 76-71 win      working out and dedicating
Senior Andrew Cobain joins          over the Lions for their first win   himself to getting ready for this
them this season as the fourth      of the season. Atkinson shot         season,” said Mastroianni. “His
                                                                         hard work is paying off for him,

THE QUILL December, 2010
                                                                        Sports                                                                                  page 15

Moments of pride at close of                                            Check out team and individual
women’s volleyball season                                               honors for women’s soccer
By Bridget McCann
                                                                        By Bridget McCann
          The women’s volley-       and Markovic received First
ball team ended its season just     Team honors. Junior Kelsey                     The Centenary             onship game.                       and tying for the conference
short of a berth to the Colonial    Walter received an Honorable        women’s soccer team has won                    The team made its        lead in goals and goals per
States Athletic Conference          Mention, while sophomore            its first Colonial States Athletic   first-ever NCAA tournament         game. This was the second
(CSAC) Tournament.                  Megumi Fujiwara was named           Conference (CSAC) Champion-          appearance on Nov. 13, when it     year Farrell has earned this
          The Cyclones fell to      to the Sportsmanship Team.          ship.                                took on number16, Dickinson        honor.
Philadelphia Biblical in late                 Paffendorf finished the              The Lady Cyclones         College. The Lady Cyclones                   Senior Bianca Santulli
October, ending the season 10-      season with 484 kills, leading      defeated Immaculata University       were defeated in penalty kicks,    and junior Tatiana Kingston
21, 5-6 in conference play.         the CSAC in kills and setting a     in a thrilling penalty kick shoot-   4-2. This game marked              each received Second Team
   The game marked the final        new single-season record for        out in early November. The           Centenary’s fourth-consecutive     honors. For Santulli, this marks
home contest for six of             Centenary. She has 1,326 total      soccer team joins women’s            double-overtime contest and        her fourth-consecutive All-
Centenary’s athletes: Meg           attack, 108 digs, and 45 service    basketball, baseball, and            third-straight penalty-kick        Conference award. Denti was
Fujiwara, Cara Gibson, Devon        aces. Paffendorf currently          wrestling as the fourth sport in     shootout.                          named to the Honor Roll, her
Paffendorf, Kelly Zegarowitz,       holds the Centenary record for      school history to earn a berth to              The team ends its 2010   first conference postseason
Gina Inga, and Liz Luckenbill.      career kills, with 974.             the NCAA tournament.                 season with a record of 13-7-3,    award of her career.
          Because of her efforts,      Markovic led the Cyclones                   The Lady Cyclones         the last ten games going                     Veverka, fellow junior
sophomore Jelena Markovic           with 755 assists. This total is     scored first, with a goal by         undefeated.                        Courtney Flanagan, and senior
was named to the CSAC               the second all-time in school       senior forward Jazmine Farrell                 Farrell ended the        Lisa Stankiewicz were also
weekly Honor Roll. She              history for assists in a single     in the fifth minute. Centenary       season as the leading scorer       named to the Honor Roll.
finished with 56 assists, 23        season. Despite having just two     went into half-time, leading 1-0,    with 22 goals, as well as nine               Senior Jen Dexter was
digs, 18 kills, three aces, and     seasons under her belt, she is      but lost the lead early in the       assists and 53 points, overall.    named to the conference All-
two blocks in three matches for     also second in career assists       second half, and the score                     Veverka ended the        Sportsmanship Team.
the Cyclones.                       with 1,227. This season,            would stay tied at 1 for the         season as the second-leading                 Farrell was named to
          Four Lady Cyclones        Markovic also tallied 246 digs,     remainder of the regulation          scorer with 15 goals, three        the 2010 ESPN Academic All-
were honored with CSAC              168 kills, 80 service aces, and     period.                              assists, and 33 points. Denti      American® Women’s Soccer
postseason awards. Paffendorf       53 digs.                                       Although Centenary        ended the season with 101          First Team. Farrell was placed
                                                                        controlled both overtime             saves.                             on the All-American ballot after
                                                                                                                       On top of a conference   receiving College Sports
Cross Country team finishes up                                          periods, it could not capitalize,
                                                                        and after 110 minutes of             championship and first NCAA        Information Directors of
                                                                                                             tournament appearance, the         America’s (CoSIDA)/ESPN
season, gears up for next year                                          playing, the game entered a
                                                                        penalty kick shootout. In the        Cyclones also had numerous         Academic All-District 2 First
                                                                        shootout, Farrell and juniors        athletes receive post-season       Team honors earlier this month.
By Matt Mercuro                                                         Caitlin Veverka and Brittany         awards. Farrell was named to       Farrell has a 3.97 grade point
                                                                        Overland each had successful         First Team All-CSAC, after         average and is a Mathematics
          In late October, the                                          penalty kicks. Senior goal-          leading the team in points,        major. She is the only CSAC
cross country team competed in      season best time of 28:44.          keeper Ashley Denti was named        goals, and assists, as well as     athlete to earn these honors.
a partially disappointing last               Freshman Rob               the MVP of the CSAC Champi-          leading the CSAC in points,
regular season meet at              Ambrose finished with his best
Gwynedd-Mercy College in            run of the season as well,                                                         Lepes placed
                                                                                  Freshman Kelly
Gwynedd Valley, PA for the in       placing 19th in the 8K with a                                             223rd with a time of
                                                                        Pascarella placed 44th in the 5K
the Colonial States Athletic        time of 29:23.                                                            29:46, Dunphy placed
                                                                        with a time of 23:19, and
Championship, while marking                  Senior Chad Lepes                                                245th with a time of
                                                                        Shawna Bryan placed 68th with
some successful moments.            finished 33rd with a time of                                              30:48, while Ambrose
                                                                        a time 26:34. Senior Lauren
          Gwynedd-Mercy won         31:07. Sophomore Gary                                                     finished with a time
                                                                        LaMotta also placed in the
the men’s CSAC championship,        Kowaleski placed 50th with a                                              of 31:21, good
                                                                        event, finishing with a time of
and Marywood College won the        time of 34:55.                                                            enough for 252nd
                                                                        27:52, good enough for 70th
women’s championship.                        Freshman Justin                                                  place.
          For the Cyclones, the     Theriault rounded out the team,               The Cyclones were
men’s team finished fifth out of    finishing 54th with a time of       also represented at the NCAA
seven teams competing, the best     39:19.                              Atlantic Regional Cross
conference finish in the team’s              Much as she did all        Country Championship in mid-
history. The women’s team           season, junior Chelsea              November in Oneonta, New
finished 10th out of the 11         Gummerson lead the way for          York where Lepes, Dunphy and
teams that competed.                the women’s team, finishing a       Ambrose competed against 265
          For the men’s squad,      team best, 24th out of 79           other runners in the event.
senior Brian Dunphy finished        runners with a time of 21:18.
15th out of 60 runners, with a

 THE QUILL December, 2010
                                                                   Sports                                                                                           page 16

How proud are we of our student-athletes?                                                                    Tough openers for
By Bridget McCann
          In case you didn’t
know this, Centenary College is
                                     Faculty Athletic Representative
                                     (FAR) and a group of profes-
                                                                         Basketball team posted the          women’s B-Ball
                                                                         second-highest grade point
a Division III institution.          sors, Tara Clausen, Steve                                               By Bridget McCann
                                                                         average in country.
          Although there are         McHugh, James Patterson, and                  The Wrestling team
several differences between          Marianne Pratschler, make up        was ranked 17th for their grade               Despite tremendously       the contest 90-87. Freshman
Divisions I, II, and III, the        the Faculty Advisory Board          point average in Division III.      hard work, the Centenary             Ashley Bays had a tremendous
biggest difference is that           (FAB). The goal of FAR-FAB                    The Women’s La-           women’s basketball team              game, scoring 32 points, while
Division III athletes are not        is to bring athletics and aca-      crosse team also received           dropped the first three contests     connecting on 10 out of 16
allowed to receive scholarships      demics closer together on           Academic Squad honors from          of its season. The Lady              three point shots. Bays’ 32
for their athletic ability.          campus, and to help people          the Intercollegiate Women’s         Cyclones lost both games in the      points are the most in program
          Ask most athletes at a     understand that these student-      Lacrosse Coaches Association        Fairleigh Dickinson Tip-Off          history by a freshman, and her
Division III school why they         athletes can be the best in the     (IWLCA) for have a team grade       Classic on Nov. 15 and 16.           10 three-pointers equal a
chose their particular school,       classroom as well as on the         point average of 3.0 or higher         The team lost its first game to   previous program record, set by
and sports will probably have        athletic field/court.               on a 4.0 scale.                     the host team, FDU, 91-67,           junior Colleen Collins and
been a big factor in their                  Last year, such students               All told, 33 student-     despite an outstanding perfor-       former player Kristen Camuso.
decision. At the end of the day,     celebrated many athletic            athletes have a cumulative GPA      mance by junior Hannah Ally                    Junior Jen Vasta fell
however, these Division III          achievements, but also many         of 3.5 or higher. Also, the         who contributed 15 points and        just short of a triple-double,
athletes are students first, hence   impressive academic achieve-        cumulative GPA of all athletes      14 rebounds for her first            scoring 20 points, dishing out
the term student-athlete.            ments. Athletically, these          exceeds 3.1, with no team GPA       double-double of the season.         10 assists, and grabbing nine
      Division III student-          included the Women’s Basket-        below a 2.7.                                  In the second game of      rebounds. Ally chipped in 16
athletes have more to worry          ball and Women’s Lacrosse                 Without these impressive      the season, the team faced           points for another great game.
about than the average college       teams being the highest-            accomplishments in the              Drew University, but its efforts               The Lady Cyclones are
student. On top of the normal        scoring Division III programs       classroom, the tremendous           were not enough, and they fell       set to take on Misercordia as
college transition which can be      in the nation; two All-Ameri-       athletic accomplishments would      to Drew 74-69. Ally, once            their home opener on Nov. 29.
hard enough for most people,         cans in Cara Montferrat and         not be possible. These athletes     again, led all scorers with 16       During December, the team has
these athletes must transition       Will Livingston; softball pitcher   put in time on the court/field,     points, while senior Marissa         five games, two of which are
into a new team, with a new          Kristin Durborow with the most      but put even more time into         DiStasio scored 11 points and        conference games against
coach, as a small fish in a big      conference strike outs; and         their academics. After all, their   grabbed 10 rebounds.                 Baptist Bible and Immaculata
pond, rather than being the star     many other national, regional,      ball-passing skills won’t be                  The Cyclones faced         University. Just one of those
athlete they once were in high       and conference honors.              helping them when Sallie Mae        Eastern University on Nov. 18,       five games is at home, against
school.                                     Academically, there were     comes knocking on their doors       and despite rallying from a 21-      Vassar College, on Dec. 8.
      Here at Centenary, Prof.       even more impressive accom-         after graduation!                   point deficit, fell short, losing
Emeritus Bob Quade is the            plishments. The Women’s

By Tyler DeCraine
                                                                  Men’s soccer
          The Centenary Men’s        corner kick from Pinnella found     more special.”                      mention, while Junior Justin          and Castro who all tallied goals
soccer team closed out its           the head of Junior Alex Walters,             As the regular season      Belanger received the sports-         in the game. After defeating
regular season with a come-          who put the ball past the keeper    came to a close, Five Cyclones      manship award. The Cyclones           Keystone, the Cyclones drew
from-behind win against              for the game-winning goal. The      were acknowledged by the            hosted Keystone College in the        Neumann in the semifinals. In a
conference foe Immaculatta           win gave the Cyclones a 9-8-1       CSAC for awards. Junior Kyle        first round of the playoffs, and      hard-fought rainy night game,
University on Senior Day,            regular season record, and a        Thompson and Sophomore              from the start the Cyclones           the Cyclones fell to Neumann
honoring seniors Dan                 record of 6-3 in the conference     Patrick Bourland were named         dominated. Scoring four               by a score of 2-0, ending their
Charkowski, Michael Burke            secured them a number 4 seed        2nd team All CSAC while             unanswered goals in the rout,         season with a record of 10-9-1.
and Edgar Escobar-Castro             in the conference tournament.       Juniors Matt Winkler and            Burke opened the scoring,
before the game alongside their                Senior Dan                Pinnella received honorable         followed by Pinnella, Winkler,
friends, family, and teammates.      Charkowski said, “It was a
          Before a large home        season that had a little bit of
crowd, the Cyclones suffered         everything; we had winning and
an Immaculatta goal early in the
second half. However, Cente-
nary continued to press and got
                                     losing streaks, but we overcame
                                     adversity as a team and finished
                                     our conference season strong to
                                                                                  Come out and support
an opportunity when a hand ball      get a good seed and a home
was called against Immaculatta
resulting in a penalty kick for
the Cyclones. Junior Andrew
                                     playoff game.” He added,
                                     “Senior day was special
                                     because it was one of the last
                                                                                   your sports teams!
Pinnella blasted the shot past       home games I will ever play
the goalkeeper to tie the score      here, and to have my friends
at 1-1. In the 74th minute, a        and family there made it even


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