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					                                                              2010/2011 Marketing Activities List
    Activity                                                          Month         Target       Holiday planner   Website           Member         ASW Contact
                                                                                    Market       Distribution                        buy in
     Intrastate Activities
Winter Getaways 2010                                              July – August     Intrastate   Only as           After             Previous in    Sascha Papalia / Louise
The 2010 Winter Getaways campaign will be continued                                              download from     catalogue, call   2009-2010      Hall
through to mid August 2010. Activities include co-operative                                      website           to action
and branding advertisements in The West Australian mid week
and Saturdays and digital marketing. ASW will continue to
distribute the 2010 Winter Getaways brochure and online
through an e-brochure and dedicated web pages.

Summer Destination Campaign 2011                                  February -        Intrastate   Yes, state-wide   After Holiday     Yes, co-op     Sascha Papalia / Louise
A summer campaign will be conducted through mass media to         April                                            planner it will   press, web     Hall
promote visitation during the shoulder season that occurs from                                                     be the call to    and also see
the end of January through to April. This campaign will focus                                                      action            Holiday
on the seasonal benefits of the region after the school holiday                                                                      Planner
madness. The campaign will compliment the state-wide
release of the 2011/2012 Holiday Planner.

Winter Getaways 2011                                              May –June         Intrastate   Only as           After             Yes, through   Sascha Papalia / Louise
A winter campaign will be conducted through mass media to         (note                          download from     catalogue, call   catalogue      Hall
promote visitation during the traditionally low winter season     campaign will                  website           to action         adverts and
that occurs May through to August 2011. Primary target            be continued in                                                    c-op post
market is consumers in the Perth metropolitan area and the        the 11/12 from
secondary market is consumers in regional areas of Western        July-August)
Australia. The centrepiece of the Winter Getaways campaign
will be a catalogue detailing special offers and deals on
accommodation, tours and attractions in the Australia’s South
West tourism region. This brochure will be distributed state-
wide and supported by a comprehensive press and radio
advertising schedule. There will be a section on dedicated to the winter campaign
with advertisers listed as well as an e-brochure which will
available as a download. Campaign will investigate traditional
and non-traditional distribution methods. The content of the
campaign will be adjusted in response to Tourism WA’s
pending intrastate research project. On-line bookings will be
investigated. The web site will be the call to action on all
advertisements in the post campaign. Members receive a 20%
discount off advertising.
    Activity                                                            Month        Target       Holiday planner   Website   Member       ASW Contact
                                                                                     Market       Distribution                buy in
Perth Consumer Shows – Partnership Projects                         July,            Intrastate   Yes               N/a       No           Zahra Shirazee
Visitor Centres, who will represent the region as a whole, will     September,
be invited to attend the Perth Good Food and Wine Show,             March
King’s Park Wildflower Festival, Perth Caravan and Camping
Show. ASW will co-ordinate participation.

Intrastate Familiarisations                                         Various dates    Intrastate   Yes               N/a       Through      Zahra Shirazee
ASW will coordinate a familiarisation tour programme of the         throughout the   based                                    membership
region for reservation staff from visitor centres, WA Visitor       year avoiding    trade
Centre, RAC, as well as media, Tourism WA, inbound tour             peak season.
operator and wholesale reservation staff. The famils will visit
accommodation and attractions throughout the region. These
famils are part of the overall famil pool which are included as
membership benefits of Silver (tours and attractions only) and
all other members who are Gold and above.

Interstate Activities

Eastern States Caravan & Camping Shows                              March to June    Interstate   Yes               n/a       No           Zahra Shirazee
Targeting the self-drive Dedicated Discoverers and Grey
Explorers these shows attract up to 220,000 consumers
collectively. ASW will maintain its stand at the New South
Wales, Victorian and Queensland Shows. The brochure
distribution will be taken at the South Australian show.

Familiarisation Tours –Media                                        As               Interstate   Yes               n/a       Through      Zahra Shirazee
Familiarisation visits will be serviced on an as needs basis        opportunities                                             membership
servicing east coast based trade and media.                         arise                                                     as
Eastern States Advertising                                          September,       Interstate   TBC               TBC       TBC          Sascha Papalia / Louise
ASW will support an Eastern States advertising campaign.            February,                                                              Hall
Participation in Tourism Australia’s No Leave No Life               March
campaign will be investigated.

International Activities

ETE and ETE post famil                                              August           Internatio   Yes               Yes       Through      Sascha Papalia / Louise
ASW will attend ETE 2010, an event which attracts Eastern                            nal and                                  membership   Hall / Zahra Shirazee
States based Inbound Tour Operators and Wholesalers that                             some
sell Western Australia. Formerly WATE, this is the first time                        domestic
the event will be co-ordinated by ATEC WA and held in the
region. A post familiarisation tour will be run visiting Platinum
members or above who are also attending the event.

Singapore (NATAS) Consumer Shows                                    August 2010      Singapore    Yes               Yes       Through      Louise Hall
To take advantage of SE Asia’s close proximity to Perth, ASW        and March        Fly-Drive                                membership
will maintain its consumer presence in Singpapore in 2010/11.       2011             and FIT
ASW will attend the NATAS Consumer Show in Singapore in
August and March.
    Activity                                                             Month   Target      Holiday planner   Website   Member       ASW Contact
                                                                                 Market      Distribution                buy in
Malaysia (MATTA) Consumer Shows                                    August 2010   Malaysia    Yes               Yes       Through      Louise Hall
To take advantage of the increased air access into Perth since     and March     Fly-Drive                               membership
November 2008, and double daily from June 2010 ASW will            2011          and FIT
maintain its consumer presence in Malaysia in 2010/11. ASW
will attend the MATTA Consumer Show in Malaysia in
September and March.

South East Asia Roadshow                                           September     Singapore   Yes               n/a       Through      Sascha Papalia
ASW will attend the South East Asia Mission to be held in                        and                                     membership
September. This bi-ennial event is held by Tourism Australia                     Malaysia,
and targets product planners, marketing personnel and                            SE Asian
reservation staff of key travel agencies from primarily                          countries
Singapore and Malaysia and other SE Asian countries.                             GIT, FIT,
                                                                                 SIC and
                                                                                 fly drive
UK Sales calls                                                     TBC           UK/         Yes               n/a       Through      Sascha Papalia
ASW will undertake sales calls to key tourism trade in the UK.                   Europe                                  membership

Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE)                                  April 2011    Trade       Yes               n/a       Through      Sascha Papalia
ATE is the premier international marketing forum in Australia                    Eastern                                 membership
and is run by Tourism Australia. The trade show is divided into                  and
two sections, Eastern and Western Hemisphere. ATE is an                          Western
opportunity to meet and conduct business with up to 200                          Markets
international buyers from 50 countries over six days.

Discover Corroboree                                                June 2011     Trade UK,   Yes               n/a       Through      Louise Hall
Following the huge success of the 2010 event, ASW will                           Germany                                 membership
attend Discover Corroboree. The event targets 300 Aussie                         and other
specialist travel agents from the UK, Germany and also other                     Europe
Europe. It is a workshop style event.

New Zealand Roadshow                                               TBC           Kiwi fly-   Yes               n/a       Through      Louise Hall
AS OzTalk New Zealand will not be run in 2010/2011 ASW will                      drive and                               membership
participate in the WA Roadshow which is to be organised by                       trade
Tourism WA.

Corroboree - USA                                                   September     Trade       Yes               n/a       Through      Sascha Papalia
Following the increased demand for the region at ATE 2010          2011          USA                                     membership
and the increased visitation out of the US to the region, ASW
will attend Corroboree USA to be held in Queensland.
Corroboree 2010 is an opportunity to meet and train 160 of the
top Aussie Specialists Travel Agents from North America and
Latin America. Retail travel is still the strongest distribution
channel in the North American market, and Aussie Specialists
are recognised as the final word in excellence when booking a
vacation to Australia. It is a workshop style event.

Business Tourism Activities
    Activity                                                           Month      Target      Holiday planner     Website      Member        ASW Contact
                                                                                  Market      Distribution                     buy in
Memberships Perth Convention Bureau                              July 2010        Perth       No                  n/a          No            TBC
ASW will join the Perth Convention Bureau as a regional                           corporate
member resulting in ASW having access to conference leads.

Sales calls to Perth market                                      Ongoing          Perth       Yes                 n/a          Through Bus   TBC
The Business Tourism Unit will target Perth based meetings,                       corporate                                    Tourism
incentives, conventions and exhibitions organisers through a                                                                   membership
series of regular sales calls.

Conference Bids                                                  As               Corporate   Yes                              Through       TBC
Bid documents will be developed and supplied for conference      opportunites     trade                                        membership
bids as required.                                                arise

Website                                                          As opportunity   Corporate   N/a                 Yes          Through       TBC
Within the ASW web site there will be dedicated to business      arises                                                        membership
tourism product. This section will promote incentive ideas and
contain a directory of Business Tourism members and their
capacities. A pre and post touring section will also be added.

Conference Planner and Incentive CD                              Ongoing          Corporate   As download         Yes          Through       TBC
The Australia’s South West Business Tourism members will be                                                                    membership
featured on a CD that will be used to promote the region.
Updates will occur in September, with distribution commencing
after that.

Trade Publications                                               September        Corporate                                    Through       TBC
Targeting intrastate and international markets, opportunities    then on-going    trade                                        membership
within Business Tourism Trade Publications will be taken
throughout the year.

East Coast Sales Calls                                           As               Corporate   As call to action   As call to   No            TBC
Sales calls will be made by the Business Tourism Officer in      opportunities    and                             action
Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to leading conference and         arise            Corporate
incentive organisers.                                                             Trade

Perth Corporate Promotion                                        TBC              East        Yes                              Through       TBC
A informal workshop attracting PCO’s, associations and                            Coast                                        membership
private companies who hold conferences, meetings and                              Corporate
incentives will be held in Perth to showcase the region’s                         trade
product. Members will be invited to exhibit.
    Activity                                                           Month       Target       Holiday planner     Website       Member       ASW Contact
                                                                                   Market       Distribution                      buy in
All Markets Activities
Australia’s South West Holiday Planner 2011
Well recognised by consumers and trade, the publication will       Work            All          Yes                 As download   Yes
be a quality full colour document with an extensive distribution   commences
of over 370,000 copies. This publication is designed to attract    September
and motivate holiday decision makers to choose Australia’s         2010,
South West as the destination for their next getaway and to        distribution
stay in the region for longer. The 2011 ‘Australia’s South West’   commences
Holiday Planner will be extensively distributed through            January 2010
intrastate, interstate and international channels.

Trade Publications                                                 As              All          Yes                 Follow up     Yes          Sascha Papalia / Louise
Australia’s South West will participate in a number of             opportunities   markets                                                     Hall
international and domestic travel trade publications and fliers.   arise

Membership Meetings                                                As              Domestic     As call to action   As call to    n/a          Sascha Papalia
A number of meetings including the AGM will be held in the         opportunities   and                              action
region to update industry on ASW activities and enable the         arise           Internatio
members to network. Three meetings with the visitor centres                        nal trade
will also be held to foster good relationships and co-operation.

Photo and Image Library                                            Ongoing         All          n/a                 n/a           n/a          Louise Hall
A photo library of images from around the region will continue
to be collected. Currently a CD of the images is produced in
house for distribution to trade and media as required.

Web Site –                                 Ongoing         All          As download         Yes           Through      Louise Hall
Fast becoming the association’s main promotional tool, the                                                                        membership
web site will undergo a re-build in 2010/2011. The site is used
not only for destination information but as a call to action and
co-centrepiece for seasonal campaigns. The site is designed
to motivate travel to the region and increase length of stay and
to put consumers and trade in touch with the members. A
better booking system will be investigated. The website will
continually updated and search engine optimised. The web
site is the call to action in all advertising. Campaign budgets
within ASW’s marketing activities allow for on-line marketing of
the web site.

Newsletter                                                         Ongoing         All          As download         Yes           Through      TBC
The ASW e-newsletter keeps members informed about ASW                                                                             membership
activities, upcoming marketing and networking opportunities as
well as general information on what’s happening.
    Activity                                                        Month       Target   Holiday planner   Website          Member       ASW Contact
                                                                                Market   Distribution                       buy in
Unexpected Promotions                                           Ongoing         All      n/a               Call to action   Some co-op   Sascha Papalia
Opportunities that arise during the year that are outside the
scope of activities in this marketing plan can be actioned
utilising funds set aside for ‘unexpected promotions’.

Memberships                                                     As              All      n/a               n/a              n/a          Sascha Papalia
ASW will join numerous leading national tourism and industry    opportunities
associations such as ATEC, Tourism Council WA,                  arise
Backpacking, SKAL, Visitor Centre Association WA, and

Promotional Collateral and design                               As              All      n/a               Call to action   Through      Sascha Papalia / Louise
ASW will produce promotional collateral such as show bag,       opportunities                                               membership   Hall
specialist flyers, trade CD’s and banners for use at consumer   arise
and trade fairs.

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