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 Vol 105 • Issue 35 • Oct. 31, 2010   Kingsville • Texas • 78363   Page 10A                         Turn to Page 2A                                                  Turn to Page 4C & 5C

commission. Kingsville residents can vote “for” or “against”                  explained that this is something the state proposed a couple        Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2- Carmen Cortez (D)
electing seven city commission members each representing a                    of years ago that can help rural communities get extra money        Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3- Sam Brown (D),
single district. The amendment would do away with citizens                    for infrasture, parks and emergency services, and the money       Christopher “Chris” Lee (Ind)
voting for a mayor. The seven-member city commission                          will be a separate budget from the general funds.                   Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4- Cheque De La Paz (D)
would elect one of its members as mayor and mayor pro-tem.                       All of the money must be spent in the rural areas.               Constable, Precinct 1, Brian Vickers (R), Albert R.
   The amendment also calls for lowering the minimum age to                      “In addition to the current sales tax, the merchants (in the   Cavazos (D), Roy Mendez, (Ind)
run for city office from 21 years to 18 years of age.                         district) would be collecting an extra one half cents tax,”                      Bishop, Driscoll and Petronila
   On the county level, Chuck Schultz, a Republican, and Joe                  Cantu explained. “Most of the businesses are located along          Local and regional races in Bishop, Driscoll, and Petronila
G. Hinojosa, a Democrat have been campaigning heavily for                     the highway in Ricardo and Rivera.” The county assistance         are as follows:
the Precinct 2 Kleberg County Commissioner office.                            board would be composed of the commissioners court.                 U.S Representative, District 27- R. Blake Farenthold (R),
   Three candidates are vying for the unexpired term of                          The list of candidates on the ballot reads as follows:         Solomon P. Ortiz (D), Ed Mishou (L)
Precinct 1 Constable. The candidates are Brian Vickers,                          U.S Representative, District 27- R. Blake Farenthold (R),        State Representative, District 34- Connie Scott (R), Abel
Republican; Albert Cavazos, Democrat, and Roy Mendez,                         Solomon P. Ortiz (D), Ed Mishou (L)                               Herrero (D)
Independent.                                                                     Governor- Rick Perry (R), Bill White (D), Katie Glass            Justice, 13th Court of Appeals District, Place 3- Greg
   In another Kleberg County contested race, Precinct 3 Justice               (L), Deb Shafto (G)                                               Perkes (R), Linda Yanez (D)
of the Peace Sam Brown, Democrat, is being challenged by                         Lietenant Governor- David Dewhearst (R), Linda Chavez-           District Judge, 94th Judicial District- Robert Galvan, Jr.
Christopher “Chris” Lee, Independent.                                         Thompson (D), Scott Jameson (L), Herb Gonzalez, Jr. (G)           (D)
   In the race for 105th District Court Judge, Angelica                          Attorney General- Greg Abbott (R), Barbara Ann                   District Judge, 105th Judicial District- Angelica Hernandez
Hernandez, a Republican, is challenging incumbent J.                          Radnofsky (D), Jon Roland (L)                                     (R), J. Manuel Banales (D)
Manuel Banales, a Democrat.                                                      Comptroller of Public Accounts-Susan Combs (R), Mary             District Judge, 117th Judicial District- Sandra Watts (D)
   Voters in Kleberg, Kenedy and Nueces County are eligible                   J. Ruwart (L), Edward Lindsay (G)                                   District Judge, 148th Judicial District- Guy Williams (R),
to vote in this District Judge 105th race.                                       Commissioner of the General Land Office- Jerry Patterson       Marisela Saldana (D)
   The Riviera ISD has six at large trustee candidates running                (R), Hector Uribe (D), James L. Holdar (L)                          Family District Judge, 319th Judicial District- Tom
for three positions. Candidates are Ty Wayne Hamblin, Teresa                     Commissioner of Agriculture- Todd Staples (R), Hank            Greenwell (R)
May, Tomas Longoria Jr.; Wilson Martin; Billy Colston III                     Gilbert (D), Rick Donaldson (L)                                     District Attorney, 105th Judicial District - Unexpired Term-
and Sylvia Arguijo.                                                              Railroad Commissioner- David Porter (R), Jeff Weems            Anna Jimenez (R), Mark Skurka (D)
   Voters who live out of the city limits of Kingsville can vote              (D), Roger Gary (L), Art Browning (G)                               County Judge- Loyd Neal (R), Clarissa Gonzalez (D)
“for” or “against” authorizing the creation of the Kleberg                       Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3- Debra Lehrmann (R),             Judge, County Court at Law No. 1- Robert J. Vargas (D)
County Assistance District and impose a half cent sales and                   Jim Sharp (D), William Bryan Strange III (L)                        Judge, County Court at Law No. 2- Lisa Gonzales (D)
use tax for the purpose of financing various infrastructure                      Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5- Paul Green (R), Bill            Judge, County Court at Law No. 3- John B. Martinez (D)
improvements within the boundaries of the district.                           Moody (D), Tom Oxford (L)                                           Judge, County Court at Law No. 4- James “Jim” Klager
   The 80th Texas legislature passed legislation that authorized                 Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9- Eva Guzman (R), Blake         (D)
all counties to create county assistance districts and to adopt a             Bailey (D), Jack Armstrong (L)                                      Judge, County Court at Law No. 5- Brent Chesney (R),
local sales tax if they were elgible. All counties are elgible to                Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2- Lawrence            Terry Shamsie (D)
create a county assistance districts if the total combined rate               “Larry” Myers (R), J. Randell Stevens (L)                           District Clerk- Patsy Perez (D)
of all local sales taxes within the proposed district does not                   Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5- Cheryl                County Clerk- Diana Barrera (D)
exceed 2 percent.                                                             Johnson (R), Dave Howard (L)                                        County Commissioner, Precinct 2- Gil Hernandez (R), Joe
    Counties must hold an election to authorize the creation of                  Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6- Michael E.          A. Gonzalez (JAG) (D)
the district and imposition of the sales tax.                                 Keasler (R), Keith Hampton (D), Robert Ravee Virasin (L)            *These candidates are not included in Driscoll election.
   Roy Cantu, Precinct 3 Kleberg county commissioner, was                        State Representative, District 43- J.M. Lozano (D),              Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3- Adolfo G. Contreras (D)
instrumental in getting this proposition on the ballot. Cantu                 Richard W. Shuey (Lib)                                                          Kenedy County Contested Races

                                                                                 Justice, 13th Court of Appeals District, Place 3- Greg           Local and regional contested races are as follows:
                                                                              Perkes (R), Linda Yanez (D)                                         U.S Representative, District 27- R. Blake Farenthold (R),
mates.                                                                           District Judge, 105th Judicial District- Angelica              Solomon P. Ortiz (D), Ed Mishou (L)
   “At first, I only let the coaches know, then as it kind of set             Hernandez (R), J. Manuel Banales (D)                                State Representative, District 43- J.M. Lozano (D),
in and I became a little more comfortable, I opened up to my                     County Judge- Juan Escobar (D)                                 Richard W. Shuey (Lib)
friends,” Alan said. “Some of my friends were a bit scared for                   Judge, County Court at Law-Lupita Mendoza (D)                    Justice, 13th Court of Appeals District, Place 3- Greg
me at first but they eventually understood and felt better the                   District Clerk- Melissa Ruiz Salinas (D)                       Perkes (R), Linda Yanez (D)
more I explained the details about my cancer.”                                   County Clerk- Leo Alarcon (D)                                    District Judge, 105th Judicial District- Angelica
   Alan’s family (Father Jay, Mother Elsa and sisters Andriah                    County Treasurer-Priscilla Alaniz Cantu (D)                    Hernandez (R), J. Manuel Banales (D)
and Ashlin) have stood by him since the diagnosis.                               County Commissioner, Precinct 2- Chuck Schultz (R), Joe          County Judge, Mitchell Harl “Mitch” Thomas (R) and
   “My folks have done so much for me especially after my                     G. Hinojosa (D)                                                   Louis E. “Bud” Turcotte (D).
surgery on September 27,” Alan said. “My mom cooks all of                        County Commissioner, Precinct 4- Romeo Lomas (D)               Precinct 1, Justice of the Peace
my meals, my parents take me to my appointments and are                          Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1- Andy Gonzalez (D)            Jana B. Norrell and write in candidate Andy Turcotte
always willing to sit down and talk to me while trying to keep
me positive.”
   In turn, the 16-year old is advising people to seek profes-
sional help should they notice anything abnormal with their
   “Don’t be afraid to examine yourself, if you feel that some-
thing is wrong you need to speak up because holding it back
could cause future damage to your body,” Alan said.
   Refusing to throw in the towel, Alan plans on making a full
recovery and once again don a Badger football jersey next
year as a senior.
   “I see myself coming back next season, as normal as I was
before all of this, healthy and ready to go,” Alan said. “I just
have to remain positive and I have a good feeling that this
chemotherapy is going to get me through all this.”
   All in all, coming down with cancer has taught Alan one
big life lesson.
   “Don’t take anything for granted and live every day to the
fullest,” Alan said.
   Alan’s heartbreaking diagnosis was also a punch in the gut
to his father.
   “I was shocked at first, we all had a very hard time keep-
ing our composure while with the doctor,” Jay said. “I just
couldn’t believe it was my son, this had always happened to
someone else, and it was just overwhelming.”
   Along with his wife and two daughters, Jay has had to
stomach watching his son go through surgery and the difficult
treatments, but remains optimistic about Alan‘s chances.
   “You never want to see one of your kids hurting or sick,”
Jay said. “From researching this beforehand, knowing the
necessary steps he would have to go through, it is not going
to be easy for him but his cancer is definitely something that’s
curable and not just controllable. My son stands a ninety-to-
ninety-five percent chance of beating this and we are just so
proud of the way he has gone through it.”
   Alan’s situation has taught the Scott family how to circle
the wagons.
   “It has drawn us closer for sure, no doubt,” Jay said. “Peo-
ple need to spend quality time with the family, they need to
incorporate that as a general way of thinking and living each
day because there is no sure thing as far as living to see to-
   Jay is also very appreciative of Alan’s friends who have not
forgotten about their ailing comrade.
   “He has some very good friends who have been very sup-
portive,” Jay said. “Alan was a little out of commission for a
while and not able to drive, so his friends from school would
come pick him up and take him to go get a slushie or some-
thing, just to get him out of the house, which meant a lot to all
of us. I know my son is going to stand up to this cancer and
beat it and seeing him suit up for football next year…there
will be nothing better than that.”
   (A Barbeque Chicken Plate benefit for Alan will be held
from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the cafeteria of the old Bishop High
School campus - the current Luehrs Junior High School - on
November 21).

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