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Kendrick – Juliaetta Community Development Association - DOC


									                 Kendrick – Juliaetta Community Development Association
                                        Action Plan


Content of this report contain projected action plan goals for the next five years that will enhance
the quality of living within the Kendrick-Juliaetta community.

Theses lists have not been categorized by importance or priority; the numbering was used only to
assist identifying proposed items.

We have processed this document to continue Gen Community status with the State of Idaho
Department of Commerce.

Submitted by:

K-J Community Development Association, Inc
Action Plan Coordinator

Lillian Howerton
PO Box 204
Kendrick, Id 83535
Phone 208.289.4567

2004 – 2008 Action Plan

                              Business Retention & Expansion

                                        One Year Plan

  1. Promote education for local employees of food services, clerks and other public servers to
     accommodate tourism. Budget: $ 1,500 Responsible Parties; K-J Community Development
     Association, local businesses, LCSC, Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Committee, U of I, Latah
     County Economic Development Association.

  2. Develop a plan for public restrooms accessibility for the influx of tourism accompanying the
     Lewis Clark Bicentennial Celebration of 2003 – 2006; and the expectation of future tourism.
     Budget: Volunteers, Responsible Parties: All community organizations, churches, businesses,
     City of Juliaetta and the City of Kendrick.

  3. Create and support a Welcome Committee within our community, for all new residents, as
     well as tourist and business contacts. Budget: Volunteers, Responsible Party: K-J Community
     Development Association.

  4. Promote and encourage community pride and clean up committees. Budget: Volunteers,
     Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, City of Kendrick, local merchants and citizens.

  5. Up-date K-J Valley Brochures; to target and promote our Community’s Assets and Businesses.
     Budget: $3,500 Responsible Parties: K-J Community Development Association, North Central
     Travel Council, Lewis & Clark Bicentennial, Canyon Echo Printer, local merchants.

  6. Promote tourism; continue to develop the Walking Tour; advertise the “Castle” and create a
     variety of tournaments and activities. Budget: Volunteers Responsible Parties: K-J Community
     Development Association, Community, Churches and organization participation.

                           BUSINEES RETENTION & EXPANSION

                                          Five Year Plan

  7. Seek opportunities that will enhance the Lewis Clark Bicentennial and create opportunities for
     local merchants, and citizens to benefit from the experience. Budget: Volunteers Responsible
     Parties: K-J Community Development Association, Lewis Clark Bicentennial Committee, State
     of Idaho Department of Commerce, and local merchants, Latah and Nez Perce Counties,
     Latah County Economic Development Association.

  8. Promote and encourage cultural activities and festivals. Budget: Volunteers Responsible
     Parties: K-J Community Development Association, Lions Club, Juliaetta Community
     Improvement Association, local churches, Senior Citizens, Grange, VFW, Kendrick-Juliaetta
     School District.

9. Promote the development of an RV Overnight Park, and/or Bed & Breakfast establishment.
   Budget: Volunteers, Juliaetta Community Improvement Association, K-J Community
   Development Association, City of Juliaetta, City of Kendrick, North Central Travel Council.

                              ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION

                                        Five Year Plan

   1. Promote and support the influx of new business interested in building new opportunities
      for our community.

   2. Promote new ideas, concepts and opportunities for community development while keeping
      the quaint atmosphere of old town friendliness.

   3. Promote and encourage renovation of our old building and public housing units.


                                         One Year Plan

      1. Construct the Juliaetta Community Center for usage for the benefit of all community
         members. Budget: $350,000 Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, Juliaetta Community
         Improvement Association, City of Kendrick, K-J Community Development Association,
         State of Idaho Department of Commerce, Clearwater Economic Development
         Association, North Central District Health Department, local churches and organizations.

      2. City of Kendrick participating in a water study to increase volume for the community,
         and for future growth. Budget: $10,000 Responsible Party: City of Kendrick

      3. Renovation of the Kendrick Swimming Pool. Budget: $387,000 Responsible Party: City
         of Kendrick, J-K Recreation District, Latah County Community Foundation, Arts
         Committee, Clearwater Economic Develop Association, K-J Community Development

      4. City of Kendrick to replace sidewalks from Mill Street west to Wheeler Street; on both
         North and South sides of the streets. Budget: $50,000 Responsible Party: City of

      5. Construct benches and access ramps along the community walking and biking trail;
         landscaping will be done to preserve attractiveness of the trail. Budget: $10,000
         Responsible Parties: Urban Forestry Committees, City of Juliaetta, City of Kendrick, K-J
         Community Development Association, Boy Scouts, J-K Recreation District, US Forest
         Service Urban Forestry.

6. Renovate the Kendrick High School Football Field. Budget: Donated Labor, machinery,
   equipment and top soil. Responsible Parties: Volunteers, Kendrick High School Booster
   Club, K-J School District

7. Install a score board on the Little Leagues’ field at the Juliaetta Centennial Park.
   Budget: $4,000 Responsible Parties: Baseball Association, J-K Recreation District,
   Kendrick School District, City of Juliaetta, Kendrick High School Booster Club

8. Construct Dugouts for the Little Leagues’ field at the Juliaetta Centennial Park. Budget:
   $2,000 Responsible Parties: Baseball Association, J-K Recreation District, Kendrick
   School District, City of Juliaetta, Kendrick Booster Club

9. Develop a Rural Fire District to supply First Response and fire coverage to rural housing
   and to cover grass fires inside and outside of the city limits of Juliaetta and Kendrick.
   Budget: Volunteers Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, City of Kendrick, J-K Unified
   Fire District Planning Committee

10. Repair and refurbish all Walking Tour signage in Juliaetta and Kendrick. Budget: $500
    Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, City of Kendrick, K-J Community Development

11. Juliaetta welcome Entry Signage, replace and reset beyond the Juliaetta Centennial
    Park. Budget: $3,000 Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, Juliaetta Community
    Improvement Association, K-J Community Development Association, North Central
    Travel Council, Lewis Clark Bicentennial Committee, Kendrick Booster Club.

12. Kendrick welcome Entry Signage, needs to be refurbish. Budget: $500 Responsible
    Parties: City of Kendrick, K-J Community Development Association, North Central Travel
    Council, Lewis Clark Bicentennial Committee


                                Five Year Plan

13. Create office space for the K-J Community Development Association, providing an
    information center for tourist, visitors, and contact for Economic Diversification
    opportunities and planning, including other K-J CDA business for the community.
    Budget: rental expense Responsible Parties: Assistance from all community
    organization to man office time.

14. Replacement of Kendrick City Hall with adequate room for public meeting, office space
    for clerk, maintenance engineer, Mayor and Council business. Budget: $175,000
    Responsible Party: City of Kendrick, K-J Community Development Association,
    Clearwater Economic Develop Association

15. City of Kendrick to replace Maintenance shop with adequate room to perform repairs
    and storage for maintenance equipment. Budget: $150,000 Responsible Party: City of
    Kendrick, K-J Community Development Association, Clearwater Economic Develop

16. Develop a fenced playground in Wallace Park in Kendrick, including playground
    equipment and restrooms. Budget: $35,000 Responsible Parties: City of Kendrick, J-K
    Recreation District, K-J Community Development Association

17. Develop the Railroad Depot Building into a Civic Center for community activity, student
    center, historical museum, visitor’s center and restrooms for the Walking-Biking Trail.
    Budget: $85,000 Responsible Parties: City of Kendrick, Clearwater Economic
    Development Association, State of Idaho Department of Commerce, K-J CDA, Friends
    of the Depot Committee

18. Develop community police protection combined to protect citizens and share costs,
    encourage Block Watch Organization. Budget: $25,000 Responsible Parties: City of
    Kendrick, City of Juliaetta, K-J Community Development Association, Latah County

19. City of Kendrick needs to update and upgrade sewer lagoons. Responsible Party: City
    of Kendrick

20. Develop a Comprehensive Weed Control Plan within the community; priority target:
    Water Hemlock. Responsible Parties: Nez Perce County Weed Control, Hill & Valley
    Garden Club, Urban Forestry, Department of Lands

21. Install lighting on both Juliaetta Centennial Ball fields. Budget: Babe Ruth Field
    $ 80,000; Little League field $30,000 Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, J-K
    Recreation District, Juliaetta Community Improvement Association, K-J Community
    Development Association, KHS Booster Club, Baseball Association, Ucities Contractors,
    Taylor Construction, J-K Lions Club, North Central Travel Council, Department of

22. Develop a user friendly park in Juliaetta to include grass, shade trees, BBQ pits, picnic
    table, an amphitheatre for outdoors concerts and cultural activities. Budget: $200,000
    Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, J-K Recreation District, Juliaetta Community
    Improvement Association, North Central Travel Council, K-J Community Development
    Association, State of Idaho Department of Commerce

23. Construct a new multi-purpose Community Center in the City of Juliaetta to house
    office space for city hall, maintenance, meeting/conference room, and the Juliaetta
    Public Library. Budget: $900,000 Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, K-J Community
    Development Association, Juliaetta Community Improvement Association, Clearwater
    Economic Development Association, U of I, State of Idaho Department of Commerce,
    Latah County Library District, Latah County Rural Development

        24. Replace antiquated Fire truck for the City of Juliaetta. Budget: $100,000 truck, $20,000
            equipment Responsible Parties: City of Juliaetta, Juliaetta Volunteer Fire Department

        25. Construct a new Fire Station for the City of Juliaetta. Budget: $500,000 Responsible
            Parties: City of Juliaetta, Juliaetta Volunteer Fire Department, Juliaetta Community
            Improvement Association, K-J Community Development Association, Clearwater
            Economic Development Association, U of I, State of Idaho Department of Commerce,
            Latah County Rural Development

                             Kendrick-Juliaetta Arts Committee

                                    2004 Plan and Beyond


  1. Juliaetta Elementary School Drawing & Painting Artist in Residency:
      K-J Arts Committee Project Chair : Chris Kowrach
      Provided on January 26, 2004
      157 K-6th grade students and teachers at Juliaetta Elementary School were provided with
  multiple class lessons in drawing and painting of Idaho native items. Presently the school has no
  specific art education provided. Helen Grainger Wilson was the artist in resident. She is both an
  experienced artist and instructor. Members of the previous art committee sponsored water color
  classes and the Kendrick-Juliaetta Arts Committee volunteers help during residency. The Arts
  Committee provided grant writing assistance.
  Expenses : Artist Instruction: $480.00
  Travel: $141.00
  Supplies: $179.00
  Total Expenses: $800.00
  Income: Idaho Commission on the Arts Grant: $700.00
  Juliaetta Elementary School Grant: $100.00
  Boise Art Supply Store: Supply Donation
  Total Income $800.00 No Expense to K-J Arts Committee
  All supplies used were left at the school for future classroom use.
  An Art Show exhibiting their work will be preformed at a latter date.

  2. Quilting Club Workshop – Making Chenille:
      K-J Arts Committee Project Chair: Chris Kowrach
      Scheduled for February 28, 2004
  This workshop is open to the community for instruction on the sewing technique of how to make
  chenille. This technique can be used to enhance a variety of sewing and quilting projects. The
  class is scheduled from 9 am to 4 pm at the Kendrick Methodist Church. This workshop is
  sponsored by the 13 members local Piecemakers Too Quilting Club and funding was provided
  through grant efforts of the K-J Arts Committee. The purpose of the class is to provide an
  opportunity to introduce members of the community to a new sewing technique, and to promote
  new membership for the Piecemakers Too Quilting Club.
  Expenses: Instructor/Artist $100.00
Food: $25.00
Total Expenses: $125.00
Grant provided by: Latah County Arts & Cultural Committee

3. Kids after School Mentoring Program Art Project:
   K-J Arts Committee Project Chair: Chris Kowrach
   Projected Time: Spring of 2004
In appreciation for the K-J Arts. Committees’ efforts of finding funding for the Making Chenille
workshop the Piecemakers Too Quilting Club wanted to introduce local children to the fun of
sewing. This sewing art project will be provided for the 15 Juliaetta Elementary School children in
the Kids After School Mentoring Program. They will make small totes/treasurer bags from denim.
The quilting club would supply the material, sewing machines, instructor and helpers.
Expenses: Snacks, utensils, needles, fusible material: $50.00
Total Expenses: $50.00
Grant provided by: Latah County Arts & Cultural Committee

4. Ed Corkill Memorial Trail Railroad and Science Signage:
    K-J Arts Committee Project Chair: Chris Kowrach
This committed project will provide permanent interpretive signs along the 5.3 mile paved
walking/biking trail between and through the cities of Kendrick and Juliaetta, Idaho. This path
follows the Potlatch River presently has no signage. Two types of signage information will be
provided. One group of five signs will commemorate the integral role the railroad played in the
development of this region. Four additional science related signs will relate facts concerning The
Life of Water and how it impacts this region.

The following outlines our publicity plans. Three signs, relating to railroad history, will be installed
and featured during the annual Kendrick Locust Blossom Festival, on May 29, 2004. Local paper
has expressed interest in writing lengthy articles and The Cornerstone, a newsletter of the
Moscow Historical Preservation Commission, has also requested information. Pictures will be
provided throughout this project and the North Central Idaho travel Association is being informed
of the addition of informational signs along the trail for their publications.

This project is attracting new community partners striving to have a voice in making this trail
unique. The Camas Prairie Rail net (the last railroad to own the line) is donating recognizable
tools of their trade. By using their rails, each sign becomes a memorial in two dimensions, what it
is constructed from and the information it provides. The Kendrick Railroad Depot
Restoration Committee and local railroad historians are compiling railroad facts. Kendrick
High School teachers and students are involved as follows: Welding Class will fabricate the
structure to hold each signs information, Science Club will determine the science information is
to be provided on their signs, Art Club will design the information given to them and provide a
common logo to tie all the signs together and the English Department will provide evaluations
throughout the sign making process. The high school students will interact and adhere to
guidelines set by the sign manufacturing company consultants and government entities. This
project provides a hands-on learning opportunity for up to 60 students. We are seeking advice
from Juliaetta’s Trail Beautification Committee and a person working on his Eagle Scout
Badge has discussed providing benches along the trail. The fifty-three member Friends of the
Kendrick-Juliaetta Arts Committee will help with the sign installation. This is indeed an
example of a community working together.

A total of twenty square feet in signage is being budgeted for each of the two groups of signs.
Railroad rails will be concreted into the ground, to form the two vertical posts that hold the sin in
an H design. The signage material selected is one of the most fade resistant materials available
with an expected life of 15 years, and no maintenance is expected to the structure. Pictures are
also being used on the signs.

The benefits to the community are multifold. The entire project as each step is performed is an
educational process which continues to those reading the signs seeking area information.
Utilization of the trial will increase as people use it to partake in the signage information. Each
sign is a permanent artistic memorial to past and present influences, highlighting the similarities
of our two communities.

To launch this project, the first three signs printing expense is being provided by the Kendrick-
Juliaetta Arts Committee. All phases of this project will be completed by May 29, 2004 at which
time the first three will be installed.
Expected Expenses
Materials $2514.00
In-Kind: $6838.00
Responsible Parties-J Arts Committee, Kendrick High School Advisors and students; for welding
and Art Club, Juliaetta Beautification Committee, Idaho Community Foundation, J-K Recreation
District, Latah County Arts Committee, Pioneer Sing Company, Tri State Distributors

5. Decorative Wall on Juliaetta Centennial Park Restroom Facing Highway #3.
   K-J Project Chair: Cindy Brunes/Barb Murphey
   Projected Time: Spring/Summer 2004
At the Juliaetta’s City Council request, the K-J Arts Committee will decorate the Juliaetta
Centennial Park outer restroom wall facing the highway as a priority 2004 project. The specific
design is yet to be determined, however the material will be used will be broken tile in a mosaic
pattern. Kendrick High School students and interested community members will be encouraged to
participate. Ease of care and longevity of the wall are concerns for the materials to be used.
Peggy Finke, Kendrick High School Arts teacher will be asked to be a consultant. Broken tiles and
possible instruction of technique will be sought from Home Depot and other tile providing
businesses. Friends of the K-J Arts Committee; 53 members strong will be asked to participate.
Project Expense: $1000.00

6. Writers Workshop – For Adults and Students
     K-J Arts Committee Project Chair: Erin Rishling
     Project Time: Winter 2004
Provide a workshop to have four local area authors who specialize in writing different styles of
writing (i.e. biography, fiction, nonfiction, genealogy) available to instruct workshop attendees as
to their individual style, and critique 3 student writings. The students work will additionally be
critiqued by their peers. Some of this critiquing will be done over the internet. High School
Students as well as adult community members will be involved in this learning experience.
Projected Expenses: $1000.00
7. Locust Blossom Art Show and Sale
K-J Arts Committee Chair: Ellen Magnuson and Billie Wade
Projected Time: May 29, 2004
Provide a viewing and opportunity to purchase works of local art made from a variety of media.
The top three pieces of art work provided by Kendrick High School Student will receive a
monetary award. Members of the K-J Art Committee will organize and manage this project.
Projected Expenses: $1000.00

8. Dance Class/Performance of Ballroom Dancing for Adults and High School Students
    K-J Arts Committee Chair: Gregg Fizzell and Erin Rishling
    Project Time: Fall 2004
Provide four classes of instruction to different traditional ballroom dance steps. At the conclusion
of the class; provide a dance band and open this dance opportunity to the community.
Project Expenses: $1000.00

9. Kids and Clay
   Co-sponsor with an area pottery person
   Projected Time: Summer 2004
Provide an opportunity for hand formation of clay items. Six sessions of three hours each will be
provided plus an opportunity to have items fired. There will be a materials use fee charge if some
glazing options are used.
Project Expenses: $800.00

10. Water Color Painting Class
    Project Chair: Barb Murphey/Chris Kowrach
    Project Time: September/October 2004 Weekend Session Saturday 1-5 pm
Possible instruction of how to change pictures as not to infringe on copy writes f the original artist.
Attendees will provide their own materials.
Project Expenses: $200.00

11. Poetry Workshop
    Project Chair: Erin Rishling
    Projected Time: Fall 2004
Have four area poetry writers provide instruction on how to write this style of material. The
workshop attendees will be instructed as to different styles of writing. The writing will be
critiqued by both the instructors and fellow students. Some of this critiquing will be done over the
internet. High School Student as well as adult community members will be involved in this
learning experience.
Projected Expenses: $1000.00

12. Provide Support to the Depot Reconstruction Committee:
    Projected Time: 2004 through 2008
With this involvement a goal of providing community meeting location will provide for the Arts
Committee and other entities to have meeting and workshop space available at no charge for its
Projected Expenses: None other than time and labor as needed.
13. Provide Support to the Kendrick Memorial Pool Mural Project:
    Project Chair: Ellen Magnuson
    Projected time: 2004 - 2008
Provide input and energies where needed into this project.
Projects Expenses: None other than time and labor as needed.

                                     2005 Proposed Projects

1. Community Grant writing Workshop:
    Projected Time: Spring 2005
Provide an overview of the grant writing process. Also information of existing community
resources and grant resources will be provided for a variety of entities. Perhaps this one
afternoon workshop will be co-presented by Pam McBride a local hospital grants coordinator,
Helen Grainger Wilson who attended a series of grant writing classes at a recent Idaho
Commission of the Arts presentation and Gregg Fizzell a community grant writing specialist.
Projected Expenses: $ 500.00

2. Community Summer Theatre Production
    Projected Time: Summer 2005
This will require extensive school age children and adult participation. Fred Shiebe from the
Lewiston Community Center Theatre will be asked to help with organizing and producing the
selected production. Community members will participate in props and costume needs. It will be
performed at the Kendrick High School or Kendrick’s outdoor park.
Project Expense: $ 3,000.00

3. Organize an Artist to Child Mentoring Program
   Projected Time: Spring 2005
Hook up artistic local people with students who have the same artistic interests to share time
performing that particular skill. Also spend time together admiring and critiquing other works of
that particular interest.
Projected Expense: $100.00

4. Art Along the Ed Corkill Memorial Trail
   Projected Time: Spring 2005
Provide railroad related pieces of art sculpture along this bike/walking trail reflecting the railroads
past history in the area.
Project Expense: $2000.00

                                   2006 Projected Projects

1. Vigilante Theatre Production
    Projected Time: Fall 2006
Have a return of this touring group of professional singers and actors from Montana.
Project Expense: $2800.00

2. Mask Making Workshop
    Project Time: Spring 2006
Provide a workshop for elementary age students on the art of making a mask. Clay that does not
need firing can be used for some of the masks. Participate in the Locust Blossom Parade to show
off their art work and then display it at the Locust Blossom Art Show.
Project Expense: $900.00

                                   2007 Projected Projects

1. Puppet Making Class and Production with Tears of Joy Theatre in Service
Projected Time: Winter 2007
The Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre artists will provide a week in service at least three class per day
instruction to elementary and high school age students. A production will be created, puppets
made, and a performance will be provided to the community.
Projected Expense: $4000.00

2. Kendrick Pool Improvement Solar Heating
Projected Time: On-going
Provide an artistic design on the upper hillside with dark colored pipe and a white background to
make the design standout. The dark pipe will absorb the solar heat and it can be recycled into
the heated swimming pool water using a small pump.
Projected Expense: $1000.00

                                   2008 Projected Projects

1. Kendrick Park Improvements
Projected Time: Spring 2008
Provide enhanced seating and other park enhancing items to encourage people gathering at that
Projected Expense: $ 2000.00

                                 Christ centered February 2004
                                            O utreach
                                            M entoring
                                            E ducation
                                              For Fun
   In April 2002, Zion and Cameron Emmanuel Lutheran Churches applied for a grant through the
   Evangelical Lutheran Church of American to begin a mentoring program supported by the
   churches of the communities. They were awarded a $3700.00 grant during the summer of that
   same year. Other money was made available from WELCA and individuals.

   Much of the grant money was spent on electrical upgrades at Zion, heat and electricity, safety
   equipment, storage units, school supplies, books, educational games, and other incidentals. A
   copy machine was donated through the SYNOD office by a Spokane business. Donations of books,
   games, carpet (mats), computers, and school supplies have been made to supplement the
   purchased supplies.

   Janice (Galloway) Patterson and Lorie Glenn volunteered as Program Coordinators. Students were
   accepted on a first come basis with recommendation for his/her teacher.

   High school student, junior high students and adults have volunteered to serve as mentors. All
   volunteers and mentors have attended a workshop on boundaries and first aid.

   On November 7, 2002, the Come for Fun program opened its doors to 2 students. Each week the
   numbers increase, and by March a total of 16 students were registered. Students arrive at 3:15
   every Thursday, and remain until a parent arrives at 5:30 pm. Each afternoon is begun with a
   prayer and snacks. Homework and learning skills are priority for 45 minutes to an hour, and then
   the students are given time to interact, play games, read or use the computers. Once a month a
   special activity is planned.

   The Mission of this Christ-centered program will be able to provide elementary with mentoring
   and care to provide an opportunity for junior high and high school students to develop leadership,
   life and career development skills, and to provide opportunities for child-adult relationships.

                            Organization: Juliaetta Elementary School
                            Organization Contact Person: Loren Gilson
                             Brief Overview of past years activities:

2003 was a full, sometimes frustrating and sometimes rewarding year at Juliaetta Elementary
School. Our merry-go-rounds were condemned by the state safety inspector, too much fun, and
funds to replace them have been hard to come by. We are writing grant proposals with hopes of
getting some help.

We survived our first full year of State mandated ISAT testing and have a great deal of data to use in
determining the strengths and weaknesses of our curriculum. In order to meet all of the new federal
and state requirements we are faced with making some significant changes. While we know that it

can no longer be business as usual, we are net yet sure what changes will produce the results we

We have invested heavily in staff development with most of it aimed at deciphering just what we are
to do with the ISAT results. Just pouring through the mountain of data to sort the pertinent from
the not so pertinent is a huge undertaking.

We ended the year with the traditional end of year field day and barbeque. Grades K-3 stayed here
at the school and was involved in a variety of enjoyable activities while the fourth grade went to
Centennial Park in Juliaetta for Ropes activities. The fifth and sixth grades were involved in their
traditional trip to the roller skating rink and the seventh grade went swimming at the water park in
Moscow. Everyone returned to the school for a barbeque organized by the PTO.

                     Organization: JES Parent-Teacher Organization
             Organization Contact Person: Shelley Heimgartner or Anna Bruce
                         Brief overview of past year’s activities:

At the beginning of the school year the PTO presented honorary awards to Teacher of the Year and
Volunteer of the Year.

Our major focus this year has been to obtain funding/contributions to replace much needed
playground equipment for the Juliaetta Elementary School. As most of you are aware, the State
Safety Inspector deemed some playground equipment unsafe and mandated removal of these items.
This leaves our children with little play equipment. The JES PTO held a fund raiser this Fall with
Krispy Kreme donuts and cleared nearly $450.00. I know that this does not seem like much in the
way of meeting the goal of $15,000, but it was an easy and fun way of obtaining funds. To date we
have $4,001 of our $15,000 goal thanks to unanimous contributors, local patron contributions, a
Potlatch Corporation contribution, small grants, and funds raisers such as Cash Caps for Education
and Krispy Kreme sales.

                                     One Year Plan






                                   2003 ACCOMPLISHMENTS



                                Juliaetta Urban Forestry Project

       The City of Juliaetta has received a $1,000 US Forest Service Grant for Urban Forestry to put
3 benches and trees along the Ed Corkill Bike Trail.
       At least one of each kind of tree, intending them to have a permanent name tag, making
them a mini-Arboretum.
       The plants will be chosen as much as possible from native varieties that will provide food and
shelter for wildlife along with making the trail more beautiful.

                       Planned Events and Festivities

1. Coordinate and produce the Juliaetta Classic Car Show & Blackberry Festival to
develop funds for the Juliaetta Community Center. Budget: $350, Juliaetta
Community Development Association.

2. Coordinate and produce the Fall Craft Fair to develop funds for the Juliaetta
Community Center. Budget:$150, Juliaetta Community Development Association.

3. Coordinate and produce a Spring Craft Fair to develop funds for the Juliaetta
Community Center. Budget - $75, Juliaetta Community Development Association.

4. Cross Country Motor Cycle Race, sponsored by the local Motor Cycle Club.

5. Locust Blossom Festival, Lions Club

6.   Annual Tree Lighting Program during the Holidays. K-J Community
Development Association.

7. Jr. Miss Program, Jr. Miss Committee

8. District Baseball Tournament on Juliaetta Centennial Field, with possible State
Tournament Contests too.




Baseball Association
Boy Scouts

Canyon Echo
City of Juliaetta
City of Kendrick
Clearwater Economic Develop Assoc.

Department of Commerce
Department of Lands

Environmental Quality Division

Golden Sunset Sr. Citizens
Good Samaritan Food Bank

Hill and Valley Garden Club

J E S Parent Teachers Organization
J-K Lions Club
J-K Camper Club
J-K Recreation District
JK Preventative Advisory Committee
Jr. Miss Committee
Juliaetta Community Improvement Association
Juliaetta Volunteer Fire Dept

K-J Planning & Zoning
K-J Community Development Assoc.
Kendrick Fire Dept
Kendrick Booster Club
Kendrick School District

Latah    County Economic Develop. Assoc.
Latah    County Search and Rescue
Latah    County Sheriffs Office
Latah    County

Latah Eagle
Lewis and Clark State College
Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Committee

N. Central District Health Dept.
Nez Perce County Weed Control
Nez Perce County
North Central Travel Council

Pioneer Sign Co

Rural Fire District Committee

Taylor Construction
TDS Communications
Tri State Distributors

Ucities Contractor
University of Idaho
Urban Forestry
US Forest Service

VFW Auxiliary

Zion & Cameron Emmanuel Lutheran Churches

                          K-J CDA PROGRESS REPORT

There have been many other projects accomplished within our community and
not all of them entered on our Action Plan. We continue to make the Kendrick-
Juliaetta Community a place, to be proud of. A good place to live, with its mild
climate, long growing season and friendly people.

Business Retention & Expansion

Rentals for bikes, and a Roadster, to use on the Walking Biking Path have been
established by businesses, the Kendrick Hardware, and Plunder & Pawn. Also
bike repair services and a sales market for rebuilt bikes have been developed.

                              New Businesses
Marks Barber shop, Sunny Point Nursery, Latah Federal Credit Union, Cannons
Electric, Dan’s Little Hoe Service, Cedar Ridge Motor Sports, and L & S

Economic Diversification

J H Baker & Co Pole Company has been established in the old Gem State Lumber
mill site. They employ about five people, for their production. Their product is
shipped out to be processed then their market is mostly in the USA.

Promote the history of our area, including the agriculture, forestry, recreational,
cultural aspect, and commerce. Friends of the Depot and Arts Committee are
addressing this issue.


In Kendrick a Lewis & Clark Centennial Kiosk with lighting has been built in the
Memorial Park.

Kendrick to paint parking stripes on all side streets in business district.

Develop Travis Park with signage, sprinkler system, and landscaping.

Develop handicap-parking places in the business districts of the communities.
City of Juliaetta has a parking place, but Kendrick still needs to get theirs.

Develop a five-year maintenance comprehensive Forestry Plan for trees in the

 City of Juliaetta for water storage, distribution, and fire protection. As of March
2004 this water project will be completed including placement of fire hydrants,
and funds left over to complete other water needs for the City.

City of Juliaetta rejuvenates deteriorated sidewalks on main street, and has side
streets paved.

Computer and software, for records and billing for EMTS. Also hire paid staff for
bookkeeping and billing. A local Accounting Firm has taken responsibility of
billing for the organization.

Heart Start Machine and Jaws of Life, and Global Positioning Service have been
purchased for EMTS.

City of Juliaetta has a sewer treating upgrade to dispose of waste.          A press
would speedup the drying process. Will be installed this spring.

City of Juliaetta has put in a water storage, for 300 thousand gallons.

K-JCDA and the City of Juliaetta worked together to put on-line in late Oct 2002
a web site that provided ready access for all citizens to information about the
community. All organizations have been encouraged to post upcoming events on
the calendar plus news articles for free. There are galleries of photo images of
festivities and community events. The City of Juliaetta finished codifying its
ordinances and the city code is now on the website in addition to the city council
minutes once they have been approved. This site is maintained by volunteers.

City of Kendrick has their own website and there is a link
between the two sites.


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