Guide to Locating Harry McNeishs Grave _amp; Statue of Mrs Chippy by gdf57j


									Guide to Locating Harry McNeish’s Grave & Statue of Mrs Chippy

Make your way to Karori.
The turnoff into the cemetery appears suddenly and is at the top of the hill just before
the Fire Station. If you are going via Standen Street, take the first right after the
Karori Fire Station.
You can drive right to the grave if necessary. The grave in on the uphill side (west
side) of the main path or road which runs separates this level from the hill above.
There is parking on the grass shoulders nearby.
Quickest way is via the cemetery’s Standen Street Gate (note this gate is sometimes
locked). Go down Standen Street, though gate an then take first turn on left about 60
metres from the gate.
The most scenic route is via main gate and go through cemetery stay on main road
and take first right after going uphill from the gully and then second right (It’s the last
one before the Standen street exit).

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