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					Version 8 February 2004 DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION

City of Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003

1             Introduction

At November 2003 Consultative Meeting of Canada Bay Council and BayBUG,
BayBUG was invited to submit a comment on a review of a consolidation of the
existing Bike Plans of the former Drummoyne and Concord Councils.

2             Brief

The brief comprised:

That the Bicycle Consultative Committee in conjunction with BayBUG develop a
City of Canada Bay Bicycle Plan with at least the following objectives:

1.      Provision of commuter bicycle routes through the City with such routes
linking neighbouring bicycle routes and regional routes.

2.     Provision of recreational bicycle routes throughout the City.

3.     Provision of local neighbourhood and local school bicycle routes.

4.    Provision of bicycle facilities at transport nodes, shopping centres, parks
and schools.

BayBUG has held a number of meetings to look at the maps and these Notes
provide documentary support for the proposals.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                              DRAFT 7/12/2011
3             Executive Summary

At end of 2003 the major deficiencies of the city cycle commuter routes
network for cyclists riding within or through the city are:

The inadequacy of the pedestrian /cycleway on northern side of Iron Cove Bridge
near Birkenhead Point;

The high stress nature of the Queens Road East – West route through the city;

Inadequate continuity of the east west route west of Concord Road;

Inadequate sections on the major north south rail route around Rhodes across
Homebush Bay Drive and for crossing of Parramatta Road;

Major works planned by the RTA that impact on the City of Canada Bay

A decision on the Western Distributor link to Concord and the connections west
of Concord Road across the railway line as part of the extended M4.

Works associated with the Rhodes Peninsula redevelopment

Western Distributor M4 East

As at early February 2004 community organisations and affected councils are
holding meetings to discuss implications and provide submissions to the RTA as
part of the community consultative process.

Either of the tunnel options seem likely to have relatively little impact on this City
of Canada Bay Bike Plan Review except for the improvements that should flow
for dealing with the crossing of the Northern Rail Line.

The slot option, however, is seen as likely to involve significant unavoidable
dislocation which could increase stress levels for cyclists along Queens Road
and possibly impact on crossing points along Parramatta Road.

The other major works planned are associated with the Powells Creek Parklands
seeking to create commuter and recreational links between Strathfield and
Homebush Bay and associated links to Bicentennial Park and the extensive
Olympic parklands to the north on south side of Parramatta river.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                              DRAFT 7/12/2011
Suggested City of Canada Bay Bike Plan Projects have been categorised to
four main groupings with works in each dependent on separate funding.
Works in each group are expected to run concurrently.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                 DRAFT 7/12/2011
3A            Risk Management Works for existing facilities

Maintenance and hazard reduction works must take highest priority to minimise
risk to safety of all users of community assets.

The public has an important role to play in sharing responsibility for the safety of
others by reporting potholes and potentially dangerous situations for assessment
and corrective action.

Council systems need to acknowledge reports and arrange for prompt repair of
potholes and sunken settling roadway often following building projects or other
services repairs.

The pavers / paving work used in the George Street North Strathfield Bakehouse
Development needs review. Cyclists have reported incidents of slipping on
turning and wheels getting caught in grooves, suggesting alternative road
surfacing should be considered for safety reasons where redevelopments of this
nature are considered.;

La Mascotte Avenue kerbside cobblestones treatment to be replaced / smoothed
by bituminising a cycle lane to approx 1m from the kerb on each side of the road
at each end of the street.

Pram ramp access to be provided to the Ryde Bridge pathway on western side
of Ryde Bridge joining the laneway section coming from Lees Street.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                           DRAFT 7/12/2011
3B            Regional commuter / through routes projects

3B.1          Rail Trail Connections to Strathfield

Underpass of Homebush Bay Drive from Rhodes to Reserve between Harrison
Avenue and Killoola Street as part of the North South Rail Trail on east side of
railway line.

Parramatta Road railway bridge crossing (Part of Powells Creek Parklands
project and / or M4 duplication work associated with the Western Distributor link
work between Lilyfield and Concord).

Shared footpath / cycleway status and upgrade of the Concord Road /
Parramatta Road intersection as a short term solution pending completion of
works connecting the Western Distributor with the M4.
Improved levels and pram ramp access along footpath sections from Queen
Street to the Concord Road / Parramatta Road intersection.

3B.2.1      Alternative relatively quieter west – east option for Queens
Road route to Sydney City from Strathfield

This route is suggested as an alternative to use of high stress Queens Road
between Haberfield and Concord .

Provide through access to Paterson Street to Crane Street (### See 3B.2.2)
and on to Lyons Road West Concord as an alternative to turning down Gipps
Street on to Queens Road;

Provide access through recently closed off Bevin Street. This then provides the
potential to develop a route involving Harris Road and Henry Street to the east;

Provide cycle safety island turning bays at intersection of Henry Street, Great
North Road and Barnstaple Road as part of current renewal work along Great
North Road at Five Dock. This issue was raised with Council (Email to Nick
Karahilis on 15 December 2003)

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                          DRAFT 7/12/2011
3B.2.2      Recreational or major roads bypass option from Crane Street /
Majors Bay Road roundabout via Queen Elizabeth Park to William and
Bevin Streets corner.

The route envisaged goes from the roundabout , through / along QE Park to
Stanley Street, around St Luke’s Oval, through Cintra Park to Renown Street and
down Watts Street.

The route could then potentially go along a fence protected new cycleway
section south along south western edge of Barnwell Park Golf Course to the
parkland and parking area at back of the Five Dock Leisure Centre to William
Street and onto Bevin Street.

3B.3         Construct Iron Cove Bridge additional north east side
cantilevered lane for pedestrians or cyclists.

The current lane is too narrow for the volume of traffic.

Council and the Community to continue pressing the RTA for improvements.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                        DRAFT 7/12/2011
3C            Recreational routes projects

3C.1       Create short term access from Strathfield to the Bakehouse
development, Bicentennial Park and Olympic Park.

Development of a formal shared footpath / cycleway along southern side of
Parramatta Road between Leicester Street and George Street to give improved
safer recreational cycle access to the Bakehouse shops and beyond to
Bicentennial Park and Olympic Park. Joint RTA / Councils funding is envisaged.

The longer term proposal is linked to completion of the Western distributor link
from the east and north south works such as use of the disused or new railway
bridge to cross Parramatta Road onto the cycleway through the “Strathfield
Triangle” to Strathfield Station.

3C.2          Create a Queen Elizabeth Park recreational circuit

The central location of this large potentially wonderful park can be the hub for a
number of routes of recreational and local commuting capacity given access
points via pram ramps to neighbouring streets.

Incorporate upgrade of the current cross link which is in disrepair and a short
connecting link to Stanley Street. To Burwood Public and Concord High Schools.

The laying of approx xxxx metres of shared track on this hub location will make
this a much more attractive park, especially if suitable toilet facilities support
BBQ facilities such as at Bicentennial Park.

It should be possible to dovetail such a recreational improvement with plans for
expanded bush regeneration in the area and should also enhance routes
development with neighbouring parks on the one outing.

3C.3         Develop Parramatta River Foreshore extensions in partnership
with State Government Harbour Foreshores funding support.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                           DRAFT 7/12/2011
3C.4         Provide enhanced shared footpath / cycleway City of Canada
Bay Parks links.

Routes that could be developed by creating links between existing sections of

Create / signpost a route from Queen Elizabeth Park to Burwood Park and
Westfield Burwood via Goddard Park and the Broughton Street bridge over
Parramatta Road.

Create / signpost a route from Queen Elizabeth Park, across Crane Street, north
along Rothwell Park Greenlees and Edwards Parks, Shipham Street, Smithies
Street and Frederick Street to Wangal Reserve at Mortlake Point and the
Mortlake to Putney Punt. ( This accesses a wonderful circuit rides involving the
bridges over the Parramatta River).

Another option from Smithies Street and Cabarita Road to Cabarita;

Another option Cabarita Road, Phillips Street, the foreshore track through
Massey Park to Bayview Park and south west to Barnwell Park and Cintra Park
and back to Queen Elizabeth Park around St Lukes Oval.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                        DRAFT 7/12/2011
3D            Local neighbourhood and school bicycle route projects

3D.1       Central Concord Schools links with Cintra Park and
surrounding regional route access points.

Provide a Central Concord Schools Link by laying approx 300m shared cycleway
around St Lukes Oval from Stanley Street to the bridge over the drainage canal
near the Netball Building on Cintra Park.

Connect the north south cycleway through Cintra Park to Renown Street. Apart
from signage and route markings this could entail laying of approx 50m of
cycleway to the street and providing pram ramp access.

3D.2        Improve access to the Broughton Street bridge over
Parramatta Road for access to schools, Burwood Park and Burwood shops

3D.3         Improve access and sign posting to access the traffic lights
for crossing Parramatta road from Walker Street to Cheltenham Road
Open up cycle access through the cul de sac created some years ago on Walker
Street near Parramatta Road near Officeworks to the traffic lights providing safe
access to Cheltenham Road onto Burwood schools and shops.

3D.4          Improve safe access from Queens Road to Arlington Street
Five Dock to gain access to the Croydon Road lights across Parramatta
Traffic on Queens Road tends to be very heavy which can make this an awkward
intersection even more so if wishing to turn east coming north from Parramatta
A possible solution maybe to provide pram ramp access to Longview Street and
thence into Great North Road to avoid the Arlington Street / Queens Road

3D.5         Rhodes access between West (Walker Street) and East
(Blaxland Road) sides of the railway line
Developer’s writings refer to a proposed rail underpass just north of Rhodes
Elsewhere there is a reference to a pedestrian overpass of the railway line to the
new Rhodes commercial development. This should be ramped to also provide
access to cyclists.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                          DRAFT 7/12/2011
4             Routes Definition

Regional Routes:
Through Routes for commuting cyclists in contrast to Local Routes providing
access to local or neighbouring trip generator destinations.

Recreational Routes:
Routes linking areas of scenic, recreational and environmental value eg Harbour
Foreshore Route, Concord Parks Route.

Local Routes:
Local access / feeder arteries towards destinations such as transport hubs eg
railway stations, ferry wharves; also shopping centres, schools, playing fields,

5             December 2003 Review Method

Interested available BayBUG members met on 2 and 9 December 2003 to
consider existing plans and document these on the one document.

This preliminary DRAFT attempts to document supporting comment.

This DRAFT is produced as a starting point for further discussion as full
agreement on all suggestions is unlikely. It is however hoped that others will
provide input to enable the document to be more representative and useful in
discussions with Canada Bay Council.

The major unknown at end of 2003 is what form the Western Distributor link to
Concord will take. Mid December 2003 press options are described as wholly at
ground level or partly at ground level with either short or long tunnels.

The option finally chosen and implemented (possibly within five years) and the
degree of limited access to be provided will affect the feasibility of crossing
points and the continued viability of the Queens Road section of the southern
West > East regional route to Sydney City.

Whatever option is ultimately chosen, it is understood the link route
redevelopment by the RTA will include an associated cycleway that, on
completion, should be much more satisfactory than the existing one.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                           DRAFT 7/12/2011
Key considerations used in choosing formal routes:
 Directness of a through route on relatively lighter trafficked roads;
 Location of traffic light controlled major road crossing points;
 Availability of preferably potential off road or low traffic volume connections.

Steps followed

Put together existing and planned routes from Existing Plans on the one map;

Identify routes as Regional, Local and Recreational;

Identify major access points to neighbouring municipalities and associated
localfeeder routes;

Identify “Missing Link” works for costing to assist prioritisation.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                             DRAFT 7/12/2011
6             Description of routes

6A            Regional Routes

North to South East

NSE1          Gladesville Bridge to Rozelle via parallel streets to Victoria Road
south of Iron Cove Bridge;

NSE2          Ryde Bridge to the City via Lyons Road West and Five Dock via
Llewellyn St Rhodes, Hospital Road, Nullawarra Ave, Norman Street, Majors Bay
Road, Brewer Street, Spring Street, Wellbank Street / Ian Parade (new
rounabout planned), Zoeller St / Broughton Streets (roundabout improvements
planned), La Mascotte Ave, ( Cobblestone hazard reduction sought) Edith Street
to Lyons Road West to Five Dock and thence to the City

The Norman, Rickard, Brays Road and Frederick Street connection preferred by
some cyclists is expected to become more stressful due to major housing
developments on the Mortlake AGL site. For this reason the regional route is
suggested to follow Majors Bay Road to Brewer Street, Spring Street and
Wellbank Street to Ian Parade etc

Lyons Road West Concord to Barnstaple and Great North Road
intersection at Five Dock via Lyons Road and Great North Road.
Optional turns south into Harris Road, Elizabeth, Scott or West Streets tend to
be high stress because of traffic volumes. The steep rise to Harris Street is an
added factor at this point.

Council is investigating roundabout adjustments to the Lyons Road / Williams
Street and Lyons Road / Harris Road roundabouts to make them more friendly
and safer for cyclists.

Safest approach for right turns is to cross Great North Road and wait for the
lights to change before progressing south to Barnstaple Road.

Safety could be further enhanced at this and other lights controlled intersections
by providing a bay at front of the straight ahead lane, a practice common
overseas. It will be necessary, to ensure any cyclists using this approach trigger
the lights controlling the intersection.

The current state of the south eastern section of the Great North Road / Lyons
Road intersection is pretty rough. It is expected improvements will be made as
part of current Five Dock Shops redevelopment work.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                          DRAFT 7/12/2011
Lyons Road West Concord to Barnstaple and Great North Road
intersection at Five Dock via Williams Street, Bevin Street, Harris Road, and
Henry Street.
At peak times this is the less stressful route.

Recent work on Bevin Street created cul-de-sacs at each end but did not provide
proper through access for cyclists. This was an oversight that is being
addressed by Council.

Henry Street as a cycle route can be enhanced by placing the stop signs against
the crossing streets.

Main stress point needing attention for safety for cyclists is considered to be the
Henry Street / Great North Road / Barnstaple Road intersection.

A cyclist island in middle of the road in conjunction with the pedestrian crossing
should permit turns into Barnstaple Road (and Henry Street going the other way)
on more appropriate alignments.

This area of Great North Road Five Dock is at present is undergoing
renovation as part of the Five Dock regeneration developments. We are not
aware of what improvements exist in current plans for this intersection.
We need to raise this matter with Council as a matter of urgency if there is
a need for adjustments to present plans. Raised with Council 15 December

NSE2.1      Five Dock to Birkenhead / Rozelle via Barnstaple Road to
Henley Marine Drive and Iron cove Bridge;

The bay side of this route is part of the Iron Cove Bay Recreational Route being
improved by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Developments funds.

The north side of the road is generally acceptable. However, access to Iron Cove
Bridge would be improved by pram ramp access to the shared footpath /
cycleway immediately under Iron Cove Bridge.

The much more costly major improvement needed is construction / fitting of a
separate lane to northern side of the bridge to separate pedestrians and cyclists.
This is a major regional route work primarily the responsibility of the RTA which
is considering the matter.

NSE2.2       Five Dock to Sydney City via Barnstaple Road, Arthur Street to
Timbrell Drive and Dobroyd Parade; then via Lillyfield Road and the Anzac

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                           DRAFT 7/12/2011
North South from Rhodes

NS1       Bay to Bay route from Ryde Bridge, Lees Street, Walker Street,
Homebush Bay to Botany Bay Route which is mostly off road;

The connection outside Bicentennial Park between Victoria Avenue and the
Powells Creek Tennis Courts is in poor condition as it is used for parking by
users of the playing fields.
Council has announced planned works for an upgrade of the carpark which is
hoped will allow restoration of a decent section of shared footpath / cycleway
possibly involving construction of a low log fence to keep cars off the cycleway

NS2           North South Rail Trail
The route is via John Whitton Bridge, Blaxland Road, Walker Street (currently to
detour the missing link on east side of the railway line under Homebush Bay
Drive), back to eastern side of the railway line via the Homebush Bay underpass
and ramp, through reserve along railway line after crossing the bridge, into
Killoola Street and then south along Queen Street to Parramatta Road.

Cross Concord and Parramatta Roads, then Manson Road and Cooper and
Moseley Streets to Strathfield and beyond eg to the east mostly following the
railway line.

The route exists on western side of the railway line and uses a ramp to the
southern side of Homebush Bay Drive to reach the reserve along eastern side of
the railway line after crossing the bridge, into Killoola Street and then south along
Queen Street.

The route largely exists on eastern side of the line except for the link behind new
buildings at Rhodes and an underpass under Homebush Bay Drive to the
reserve between Harrison Avenue and Killoola Street leading onto Queen Street.

With Australand construction nearing completion, it seems appropriate to
enquire about the coordination of the cycleway works at back of the buildings
and construction of the eastern side underpass of Homebush Bay Drive.

Crossing of Parramatta Road at North Strathfield is an issue coming within the
Powells Creek Parklands developments plans as is the east - west crossing of
the railway line which is understood to be part of the eventual link of the Western
Distributor to the M4.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                            DRAFT 7/12/2011
West East connections

From north and west of the Silverwater Bridge and Newington OR
From areas west along the M4 via the southern part of Newington (now

WE 1          Access to the Bay to Bay and the Rail Trail routes via Olympic
Park and Bicentennial Park at Victoria Avenue ;
and the Bay to Bay Route; OR going a little further, via Railway Street rail tunnel
to the North South Rail Trail Route;

WE 2           Access to the Rail Trail route and routes to Five Dock and the
City from the Bay to Bay route via Pomeroy Street along the Bay to Bay
Route to Queen Street on the North South Rail Trail at the North Strathfield
Railway Bridge ; thence east via Wellbank Street to Ian Parade and the route to
the city via Lyons Road West and Five Dock.

WE 3.1        Access to Sydney City from Parramatta Road via Concord
Road, Patterson Street, Gipps Street and Queens Road, Fairlight Street,
Ingham Ave, Minnasota Ave to Henley Marine Drive and Timbrell Drive to a
choice of routes to the City.
Queens Road is a very heavily trafficked road and it is highly desirable that there
be a calmer alternative.

WE 3.2       Access to Sydney City from Parramatta Road via Concord
Road and Patterson Street to Crane Street which becomes Lyons Road
West heading towards Five Dock.
The current route then follows busy Lyons Road, south along Great North Road
and thence east into Barnstaple Road.

This alternate route requires the opening up for cyclists of the continuation of
Patterson Street at the turnoff to Gipps Street.

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                           DRAFT 7/12/2011
WE 3.3        Lyons Road West Concord to Five Dock via a quieter
alternative for the Lyons Road section.
Turn south at the roundabout with William Street at Barnwell Park Golf Course,
then east via Bevin Street, north into Harris Road and east into Henry Street to
Barnstaple Road and beyond.

Access Routes to the South from connecting West East Regional Routes

NS 3         via Wentworth Road lights on Parramatta Road south to
Burwood / Strathfield

NS 4        via Broughton Street overhead bridge to the schools south of
Parramatta Road and access to Burwood and Strathfield

NS 5        Lyons Road West / Edith Street via Cintra Park, Renown Street,
Walker Street, cross Parramatta Road at lights for access to Cheltenham Road
and Burwood High School, Burwood Westfield and further south via Shaftesbury
Road and Weldon Street OR Croydon, Malvern Ave and Croydon Avenue.

NS 6          From Queens Road Five Dock Arlington / Parramatta Road
lights crossing to Croydon Road for access to Croydon / Ashfield etc
The route north is relatively stressfull if a turn is sought to the city at Queens
A less stressful route is via Longview Street and Great North Road.
Improved pram ramp access from Arlington Street to Longview Street would be

NS 7      Iron Cove / Lilyfield Road then south via Hawthorne Canal to
Lewisham and Dulwich Hill. This route is mostly off road to Summer Hill.

NS 8         Iron Cove / Lilyfield Road then south via Hawthorne Canal
turning east across bridge over canal and tunnel under railway line; then
north before joining Allen Street heading east through Leichhardt to the

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                           DRAFT 7/12/2011
6B            Recreational Routes

Bay to Bay
Existing Regional Route requiring ongoing maintenance.
Within Canada Bay area problem area is section between Victoria Avenue and
the Powells Creek Tennis Courts.
A redeveloped car park has been announced that should separate parked cars
from the section of cycleway at the playing fields.

Powells Creek Parklands
In development in partnership with Planning NSW, RTA, Strathfield Council and

Sydney Harbour Foreshore shared Walkway / Cycleway
State Government and Council have long standing commitments to make
progressive improvements with links to other destinations eg Iron Cove Bay
Circuit, Parramatta River bays southern foreshores to Ryde Bridge.

Canada Bay Parks Ride
Sections are marked on the existing plan to connect the various parks and play /
recreational areas including Wangal Reserve at Mortlake and the nearby punt
tothe Parramatta Cycleway on northern side of the river.

Queen Elizabeth Park Circuit
Suggested off road circuit for young and old to enjoy a large park and bushland
regeneration efforts and the Crane Street Memorial.
Access from neighbouring areas to the circuit has the potential to create an
important link to Burwood Primary School, Concord High, St Lukes Ovals and
Cintra Park Netball Courts etc.

Iron Cove Bay Circuit

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                         DRAFT 7/12/2011
6C            Local Routes Destinations

Rhodes Waterside Shops
Routes to be considered as planning for the area redevelopment proceeds.

Bicentennial Park, Olympic Park and destinations North and West
These destinations can be accessed via Station Street Railway tunnel just north
of Concord West Station.

Concord West Station
Access from the East via Victoria Avenue from the lights across Concord Road

North Strathfield Station
Access from the east via Wellbank Street

Bakehouse Development George Street North Strathfield
This development borders future developments of the Powell’s Creek Parklands.
Current access is via Queen Street on the North South Rail Trail at the North
Strathfield railway bridge into Pomeroy Street.
Paver bricks have been used in prettying up the area.
However, while apparently attractive they represent a serious hazard for cyclists
due to the risk of the wheel becoming caught in the groove between the kerb
gutter and the first line of bricks.
The same problem has been encountered when turning at the bricked
Council needs to review use of this style of brick paving on roadways.

Majors Bay Road Concord shops

Central Concord Schools along Stanley Street

Five Dock shops

Abbotsford shops

Birkenhead Shops

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                         DRAFT 7/12/2011
7           Bicycle Facilities at transport nodes, shopping centres, parks
and schools

Secure Parking

All such facilities, including Council premises, offices and libraries, should have
proximate parking facilities where bikes can be securely locked. This should
specially be so at key node railway stations such as Burwood and Strathfield
within the Canada Bay area.

Provision of even a small number of lockers and supportive hiring arrangements
would be helpful even if their use may not be guaranteed in the short term. The
facilities are needed to encourage use of the bicycle for every day short distance
transport needs.

Commercial developments must have compulsory provision for cycle parking and
attendant secure shower and change facilities for staff travelling in this manner.

Shopping Centres should provide cycle parking in close proximity to entrances.
The ratio might be difficult to determine but at a minimum there should be at
least the equivalent of one car spot that could be fitted with cycle parking
supports for up to a dozen bikes.

Similarly, at parks, particularly playing fields, bicycle parking barriers should be in
place in bold view to provide security and encourage use.

School principals, staff and parents all need to be supportive. Schools should
have secure areas set aside where a student can lock up a bike under cover.

Route Markers and Signage

Route markers and signage tend to be minimalist at resent except on some
regional routes.

Vandalism is an ever present problem.

Clear route marking particlarly at corners where there are changes in direction,
are crucial. Apparent ambiguity can be overcome by ensuring the corner turn
directional sign appears near the corner and the next sign is also visible before
the turn is made.

Paul Wijngaarden
13 December 2003
Updated 19 December 2003
Revised 8 February 2004

Canada Bay Bike Plan Review December 2003                              DRAFT 7/12/2011

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