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					              F o u n d aT I o n

A n n u A l R e p o R t 2007–2008
Message from our Presidents
                                                                        teacher training program, and our College Success
                                                                        Program for former foster youth. On average, 10,000
                                                                        students attend Seattle Central Community College each
                                                                        quarter. Imagine the 10,000 individual, unique dreams
                                                                        represented from our diverse students!
                                                                        On the following pages, we share stories of three students
                                                                        who have chosen some of these programs to help them
                                                                        fulfill their dreams. Each day, they and others inspire us,
                                                                        and we hope you will find their stories inspirational as
                                                                        Our nation and our state are facing unprecedented
                                                                        financial challenges. As we confront budget reductions at
                                                                        Seattle Central, we will seize the opportunity to make our
                                                                        college a more efficient organization. We are thankful to
                                                                        have a governor and state legislature that understands the
                                                                        critical role of community and technical colleges during
                                                                        an economic downturn. As the governor unveiled her
                                                                        2009-2011 budget, she made this observation, “The lower
                                                                        rate of reduction for the community and technical
                                                                        colleges is in recognition of their unique mission in job
Seattle Central Community College President, Dr. Mildred Ollée (left)   training and skills development essential to the state’s
and Foundation President, Adrienne Stone (right)                        economic recovery.”
                                                                        Sixty percent of today’s jobs require education or
Dear friends,                                                           training beyond high school and that percentage is rising.

                                                                        Community and technical colleges provide 80 percent of
           reams are powerful. Hope, self-                              all middle-skilled employment training in Washington.
           motivation and opportunities are necessary to                Seattle Central is prepared to train people today for the
           achieve those dreams. For the past 40 years, we              jobs of tomorrow.
at Seattle Central Community College have witnessed
                                                                        For the past 30 years, the College’s Foundation has
the potential of people. Thank you for choosing to be
                                                                        witnessed the fulfillment of thousands of dreams
involved and committed to the students of our college—
                                                                        because of you, our generous alumni and community
your time and gifts to the Seattle Central Community
                                                                        members. The best investment in the future of our com-
College Foundation have helped to create opportunities
                                                                        munity, nation and world is an investment in education.
and transform dreams into realities. Because of you, the
                                                                        Thank you for making this happen.
Foundation awarded 194 scholarships totaling $409,681
to 185 students in 2007-2008. Many of our students are                  Sincerely,
the first in their families to seek higher education, exhibit
extraordinary leadership or have overcome incredible
personal obstacles. Our students range in age from                      Mildred W. Ollée, Ed.D., President
16 to 70, and unite from 50 nations to create a dynamic                 Seattle Central Community College
learning environment.
The diversity of education we offer has changed lives.
Each year, about 400 of our students transfer to a
                                                                        Adrienne Stone, President
four-year college or university. In addition to our core
                                                                        Seattle Central Community College Foundation
curriculum, our Culinary and Maritime Academies
continue to grow. And we are proud of our Associate
Degree Nursing Program, Teachers for a New Era
College Mission                                                              Foundation Mission
Seattle Central Community College promotes educational                       To support Seattle Central students, faculty and programs
excellence in a multicultural urban environment.                             by raising and providing financial resources to help students
We provide opportunities for academic achievement,                           achieve their fullest potential through quality education.
workplace preparation, and service to the community.

our role in the community
      t seattle Central Community College,
       students from across town and across the world come
        together to explore their possibilities, extend their
knowledge and expand their potential. We provide a high quality,
progressive education to those with diverse needs, experiences and
dreams. Located in the vibrant urban center of Seattle life, we are
an educational home for our students, a leadership incubator for
our community and an economic catalyst for our state and beyond.
For 30 years, the Seattle Central Community College Foundation
has been opening doors to an education and a better life for
thousands of students every year. When the costs of tuition, books,
tutoring or child care threaten to bar that door, we turn those
barriers into possibilities for our diverse and multicultural students.
By rewarding the hard work of deserving students, we transform
their lives, create a better future for their families, and help build a
ready workforce for our community.

                  2007–2008 facts
                  $409,000 awarded to 185 students with a total of 194 scholarships
                  3% to high school students, 85% incoming/returning, 12% transfer
                  student statistics
                  Total students served         Female 59%                 Median age 26.1 years       International students
                  17,771                        Male 41%                   Students of color 47.8%     1,032
My motivation to become a nurse was inspired by a relationship with a
pair of exceptional nurses during a difficult time in my life. It’s an honor
to follow in their steps.
                                   ”                                     LInda LIVIngSton, scholarship recipient
                                                                         Associate Degree Nursing Program

       T     he demand for qualified nurses
              is common knowledge in today’s news, given
              the increasing healthcare shortage. What is less
        well known is how Linda Livingston, a Seattle Central
        Community College student, is rising to meet this
                                                                       in a language we understood…They were emotionally
                                                                       accessible and able to use touch, humor, sharing to give
                                                                       us succor. I can only sum up their contribution by saying
                                                                       that they illuminated our path at a time of surpassing
                                                                       difficulty and darkness."
                                                                       The support of these two nurses led Linda to make a
        Linda’s busy and successful corporate life as an advertising   courageous career change beginning with the challenges
        professional suddenly shifted with the news of her             of returning to school. She confronts time management
        mother’s rare form of breast cancer. Midlife, she faced a      issues by juggling work, studies and making financial
        crossroads. Linda assumed a caretaker role for her mother      ends meet. It is worth the effort. Linda draws additional
        while two exceptional nurses became invaluable mentors         inspiration from Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. who
        to her and her family.                                         reminds her how valuable it is to lead a “committed life”
                                                                       of meaning and purpose. Linda’s care and commitment
        As Linda expressed, "They were our main point of contact
                                                                       will be shared with our community and the healthcare
        from the beginning to the end, and were truly the pillars
                                                                       field. Her path is bright.
        that held us up. They explained the medical situation
“I grew up in Washington’s foster care system as a ward of the state for eight
 years. I was led to believe that college was for other people, not me. I am
 now surpassing my own expectations of what I can achieve as a student.
                                                                                Brook BurLando, scholarship recipient
                                                                                College Success Program

B      rook was taken from her family
        at an early age and entered the foster care system.
        The thought of a college degree felt like an
impossibility as she faced financial obstacles, substance
abuse, and supporting her son as a single mother. Today,
                                                              support services and counseling. The 45 students in
                                                              the College Success Program share and learn from each
                                                              other’s life experiences.
                                                              Brook chooses the hard assignments. She has a strong
                                                              work ethic, and looks forward to sharing her success
she is on the Dean’s list and looks forward to graduating
                                                              stories with her fellow students, and mostly with her son,
from Seattle Central in 2010 with her AA degree and a
                                                              Tress. Growing up, Brook said no one ever encouraged
Chemical Dependency Professional certificate.
                                                              her to do her best.
Brook credits Seattle Central’s College Success Program
                                                              We believe for Brook and her son, the best is yet to come.
in inspiring her to do her best. This program provides
support to former foster care youth through tutoring,
I know and realize how important it is to become a teacher. I just don’t want
to be a good teacher, I want to affect many children’s lives and contribute
greatly and help them succeed, also giving them hope.
                                                                              Yoon kIm, scholarship recipient
                                                                              Teachers for a New Era

         P      assion. Yoon learned at an early age that one
                person can make a difference. Arriving in the U.S.
                from Korea in the 6th grade, he found inspiration
         through his grandmother who raised him after his
         parents divorced, and through his teachers.
                                                                     every week; they play basketball, ride bikes, read books,
                                                                     and Yoon listens to Robel’s hopes and dreams.
                                                                     His desire to become a role model in the lives of young
                                                                     children eventually led Yoon to participate in Seattle
                                                                     Central’s Teacher’s for a New Era program. The goal of
         After graduating from high school, Yoon’s original plan     the program is to increase the number of K-12 teachers
         was to go into the military until a friend encouraged       from under-represented groups. Yoon’s involvement has
         him to pursue an education at a community college.          opened doors for scholarships, financial aid, tutoring,
         He entered Seattle Central in the fall of 2007.             volunteer opportunities and resources for learning about
                                                                     greater educational opportunities.
         Even college could not end Yoon’s restlessness and his
         intuition that his life lacked meaning and structure.       By becoming a teacher, Yoon believes he can discover his
         Through Big Brothers/Big Sisters he became a big            purpose and meaning in life. One child has inspired him,
         brother to Robel, a 5th grader. Yoon brings him cookies     and one college will make his career possible.
                                                                     seattle Central Community College foundation
                                                                                                                    Year ended June 30, 2008

                                       Balance Sheet                                                     Statement of Activities
                                        2008           2007                                                                  2008                 2007
                                                     aSSetS                                            PubLIC SuPPort anD reVenueS
                                 Cash and cash equivalents                                  Contributions $ 1,106,619     $ 808,623
                   unrestricted $ 332,480         $ 278,884                          In-kind contributions     4,445,969*    152,780
          temporarily restricted  191,317            87,682                        Investment return, net       (151,519)    749,182
         Permanently restricted    81,464           172,211                                 Special events         –          53,870
total cash and cash equivalents   605,261           538,777                                                    5,401,069   1,764,455
              Due from college     13,886             4,852
         Pledges receivable, net  133,882            90,400                                                                                 exPenSeS
                                                                                     College programs                   5,181,148            1,038,464
                 unrestricted          162,643        452,455                              Fundraising                     71,549              115,369
        temporarily restricted       1,523,364      1,918,050                  Management and general                      65,395               42,376
       Permanently restricted        4,415,083      3,790,706                                                           5,318,092           1,196,209
           total investments         6,101,090      6,161,211
                                   $ 6,854,119    $ 6,795,240                        Change in net assets                   82,977             568,246

                                                  LIabILItIeS                                                                            net aSSetS
            accounts payable $ 25,593             $    1,854                         beginning of the year              6,254,931           5,686,685
                               490,618               538,455                               end of the year            $ 6,337,908         $ 6,254,931
              Due to College
                               516,211               540,309                  *Includes the donated ferry e.L. bartlett, fair market value of $4.2 million

                                           net aSSetS              this information has been summarized from audited financial statements prepared
                                                                   by Jones and associates LLC, an independent accounting firm, for the year end-
                unrestricted       126,680     195,882             ing June 30, 2008. the audited financial statements are available upon request.
        temporarily restricted   1,714,681   2,096,132
       Permanently restricted    4,496,547   3,962,917
                                 6,337,908   6,254,931
                               $ 6,854,119 $ 6,795,240                              Management
                                                                                    and general
                                                                                        6%                    Fundraising

                  Allocation of funds
                                 2007-2008                      College programs

                                                                                           and other student support

                                           Faculty development
Thank you!
 Contributions and pledges received July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008
 thank you to our generous donors for your gifts to our Seattle Central Community College and Seattle Vocational Institute students.
 donors                                    $1,000–$2,499                           Judy Tobin and Michael Baker             $250–$499
                                           Absher Construction Company             United Way of King County                ABN Technologies, LLC
                                           Alabama People Association              University Rotary                        Mark and Carla Ainsworth
 Richard E. Baldwin                                                                VECA Electric
                                           The American Institute of Wine & Food                                            Atlantic Maritime Employees Union
 The Boeing Company                                                                Wells Fargo Educational Matching
                                           Patrice and Kevin Auld                                                           Paul Bauck and Jean Sullivan
 The Byron W. and Alice L. Lockwood                                                Gift Program
 Foundation                                Kenneth and Marleen Alhadeff                                                     Charlotte and John Behnke
                                                                                   West Bellevue Construction, LLC
 Anne Fennessy and David Moseley           Anonymous                                                                        Boeing Gift Matching Program
 Estate of Florence E. Galbraith           Air Placed Concrete Specialists, Inc.   $500–$999                                Brenda Bosfield
 Hugh S. Cannon Foundation                 Carol Burns                                                                      Norward and Violet Brooks
                                                                                   Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
 Les Dames d'Escoffier (Seattle Chapter)   Carpenters Local Union No. 131                                                   Ed Broten
                                                                                   John and Julie Baker
 Seattle Central Community College –       Kathy and John Casey                                                             Barbara Cahill
                                                                                   Kathie Barbaro
 Associated Student Council                Chaine des Rotisseurs-Bailliage                                                  Adrienne Caver-Hall
                                           de Seattle                              Fraser and Deirde Black
 Ray and Ruby Strand                                                                                                        Barbara Ciapala
                                           City of Seattle                         Megan Bowman and Chris Ajemian
 Washington State Board for Community                                                                                       Lynn Claudon and Charles Royer
 & Technical Colleges                      Laurie Warshal Cohen                    Dennis Braddock
                                                                                                                            Lobsang Dargey
                                           Katherine L. Corthell                   Gayle Bush and Mary Ellen Hudgins
                                                                                                                            Mark Halvorsen
 $10,000–$24,999                           Dan Davis Sales, Inc.                   Carpenters Union Local 1797
                                                                                                                            Richard Hesik and Barbara Johns
 Earl and Janice Anderson                  Annie DeLisi Strain and Jeff Strain     Central Area Development Association
                                                                                                                            Michelle Birdsall Ireton and Jack Ireton
 Anonymous (2)                             Glenn and Denise Dowey                  Classic Yacht Association
                                                                                                                            Dan Jacoby and Nancy Beaudet
 Alan and Sally Black                      Greater Seattle Chapter of The Links,   Dick's Drive-Ins, Ltd., L.P.
                                                                                                                            Lorrain Kongsgaard
 Broadway High School                      Inc.                                    Anne Dimond
                                                                                                                            Mikael Kvart and Sascha Dublin
 Alumni Foundation                         Harold and Mary Fran Hill               Fletcher Bay Foundation
                                                                                                                            Michael Linenberger and Sara Dacey
 Mike and Cathy Casteel                    Gerrie Hashisaki and Frank Tubridy      Leah Knapp Hair
                                                                                                                            Anneke Markholt
 EvergreenBank                             Hoffman Construction Company            Jennifer Hammill
                                                                                                                            Rich and Susie Murphy
 Glaser Foundation                         of Washington                           Gerald and Kay Hatler
                                                                                                                            Lee Newgent
 Herbert B. Jones Foundation               Julie Hungar                            Sheila and Carlton Holmes
                                                                                                                            PCL Construction Services, Inc.
 HomeStreet Bank                           Joseph Hudson and                       Grady and Heather Hughes
                                           Catherine Hillenbrand                                                            Dale and Anne Peschel
 Martha Kongsgaard                                                                 Iron Workers District Council Local 86
                                           M. Rosetta Hunter                                                                Bill Polis and Tina Barbaro-Polis
 Washington NASA Space Grant                                                       Ron and Gail Irving
 Consortium                                Ida Culver House–Broadview                                                       Kjell Schei
                                                                                   Mike Jacobs and Roy McMakin
                                           Inland Empire Chapter of the ACBS                                                Dave Scott
                                                                                   King County Carpenters Apprenticeship
 $5,000–$9,999                             B. Gerald Johnson and Linda Larson      Bea Kiyohara
                                                                                                                            Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
 Anonymous                                 Paul and Ludmilla Kraabel                                                        Western Washington Cement Masons
                                                                                   Alex Kochis and Shanti Volkmann          Training Institute
 John and Shari Behnke                     Kevin Lane and Susanne King             Barbara Larimer and Bob Royer            Richard Zorn
 Cingular Wireless                         Lease Crutcher Lewis                    Robert Mace
 Costco Wholesale                          Sharon Lee                              Macy's                                   $100–$249
 General Construction Company              Michael and Barbara Malone              Tanya Motta and Tony Benjamin            Gretchen Albrecht
 Elizabeth Isaacson                        Antoinette Malveaux                     MulvannyG2 Architecture                  Anonymous (4)
 Dennis and Barbara Knapp                  Sandy and Jack McCullough               Susan and Bob Nathane                    Tasha and Shane Atchison
 Shaw and Nancy McCutcheon                 Microsoft Matching Gifts Program        Mardi Newman                             John and Louise Baker
 Mowat Construction Company                Charles and Nancy Mitchell              Northwest Laborers-Employers             John Baker and Leslie Ann Hay
 Proliance Surgeons Inc., PS               The Mountaineers Foundation             Training Program
                                                                                                                            Yvonne and Walter Banks
 Karen Schulman                            Rod and Nancy Munro                     R. L. Raymond
                                                                                                                            James and Janice Borrow
 The Seattle Foundation                    Hisako and Harvey Nakaya                Schacht/Aslani Architects
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 Sound Transit                             Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom             Seattle Building and
                                                                                   Construction Trades Council              Herbert M. Bridge
 The Stroum Family Foundation              Mildred and Henry Ollée
                                                                                   Seattle Community College                Coley and Jean Carlson
 Norio and Masako Takahashi                Opticians Association of Washington
                                                                                   Federation of Teachers                   Central Area Motivation Program
 Turner Construction Co.                   Virginia Parks
                                                                                   State of Washington Employment           Peter and Jill Coates
 $2,500–$4,999                                                                     Security Department                      John Collins
                                           PEMCO Foundation,
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 AGC Education Foundation                  Travis Penn and John Wicher
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 Antique & Classic Boat Society, Inc.      Tien Yu and Nora Peng
                                                                                   Frances and Robert Terry                 Maria Dasovich
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 thank you to our generous donors for your gifts to our Seattle Central Community College and Seattle Vocational Institute students.
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                                                                                                                         Jerome Tillinger
 Combined fund drive                     P & E Systems                            Kathleen Karnowski                     Scott Turnipseed
 Crystal Baker                           Pagliacci Pizza                                                                 Richard Zorn
                                         PCC                                      In memory of Geoffrey Mathay
 Olivia Blake
                                         Purple Café                              Craig Costa                            In memory of Polly Schulz
 Portia Carter
                                         Mike Ramey                               Microsoft Matching Gifts Program       Whitehead
 Carol Cellman
                                         Roger Moore's Counseling                                                        James Whitehead
 Sarah Dean
                                         & Hypnotherapy, LLC                      In memory of Laurie McCutcheon
 Thomas Elston                                                                    Paul and Ludmilla Kraabel
                                         Roy's BBQ                                                                       In memory of bill Zazzo
 Sophia Frowert
                                         Ruth's Chris Steak House                                                        Helen Zazzo
 Robert Groeschell
                                         Safeway                                  In memory of Horst Peschel
 Ronald Hamberg                                                                   Barbara Ciapala
                                         Seattle Art Museum                                                              in honor of
 Vincent Hayes                                                                    Blair and Molly Evans
                                         Seattle Mariners
 Judith Hill                                                                                                             In honor of Carol boyer
                                         Seattle Sonics & Storm
 Pegi Hurd                                                                        In memory of Lynn M. Sundborg          & Darlene Suyematsu
                                         Starbucks Coffee Company
 Benny Johnson                                                                    Gretchen Albrecht
                                         The Stewart Lumber Co.                                                          Mickey and Edward Delanty
 Gail Keefe                                                                       Carolyn Baker
                                         Stoneway Properties
 Greg Langkamp                                                                    John and Julie Baker                   In honor of norward J. brooks
 Andrea Levy                                                                      John and Louise Baker
                                         Jeannette Tiffany                                                               Ida Culver House – Broadview
 Virg Lindner                                                                     John Baker and Leslie Ann Hay
                                         Tillicum Village
 June Lonsdale                                                                    Liisa Balzar                           In honor of elma o. Horton
                                         Trades Mentor Network
 Kelley McHenry                                                                   Martha Becker
                                         Trophy Cupcakes                                                                 John and Callie Vassall
 Karen Michaelsen                                                                 Richard and Anne Christen
                                         Tutta Bella
 David Morrison
                                         Western Washington Cement Masons         Maria Dasovich                         In honor of rick & Lora Lea Misterly
 Esmaeel Naeemi                          Training Institute                       Sharon Filipcic                        Robert Galvin
 Tricia Perkins                          Western Washington Masonry Trades        Suzanne and Karl Fleming               Ron and Gail Irving
 Alan Spence                             White Cap Supply                         Rosemary Hunter                        Kären Jurgensen
 Alison Stevens                                                                   Elizabeth Isaacson                     Don Reed
 Marilyn Tonon                           memorials and tributes                   Steven Isaacson
                                                                                                                         Cynthia Wilson
 David Underwood                                                                  Randi Campbell Lefebvre
 Bryson Walb                             In memory of bart attebery               Roy and Charmaine Lindsay              In honor of Hisako nakaya
 Christine Young                         John J. McMahon                          Brian and Kathleen Linnell             Frances Harder
                                                                                  Gordon and Renate Long
 in-kind donations                       In memory of Michael Dowey                                                      Kathleen and Robert Tagumi
                                                                                  Cynthia Lorch
                                         Atlantic Maritime Employees Union        Julianne Molinari
 8 Limbs Yoga
                                         Bernard and Marjorie Chadbourne          G. L. Penrose
 Arosa Corporation /dba Arosa Café
                                         Donna Cormier                            Nancy Penrose and David Muerdter
 Arosa's Waffle Café
                                         Paul and Denise Cunningham               Pierre and Jean Sundborg
 Banya 5
                                         Mark and Elaine Cyr                      Sandra and John Sylvester
 The Bath House
                                         Dan Davis Sales, Inc.                    Tektronix Foundation
 Bob's Quality Meats
                                         Daniel and Joan Davis                    Matching Gift Program
 Bookworm Exchange
endowment funds                                                                         Seattle Central Community College Foundation
over the last 30 years, generous donors have established named endowment                Board of Directors 2007–2008
funds through the Seattle Central Community College Foundation. these                   Mary Bacarella, Director of Marketing, Space Needle
funds, established in the names of the donors, their family members,                    Megan Bowman, VP for Policy, Initiative for Global Development
friends or colleagues, will support Seattle Central Students and programs in            Adrienne Caver-Hall, Out of Class Recreation Coordinator,
perpetuity. the following is a list of our endowed funds through June 30, 2008.         Seattle Parks & Recreation
                                                                                        Greg Chapman, Regional Manager, NW Cisco Systems
academic achievement in business endowed Scholarship Fund
                                                                                        Laurie Warshal Cohen, Ed.D., Co-Executive Director,
airborne express endowed Scholarship Fund                                               WA State Holocaust Educational Resource Center
the Margaret K. baldwin endowed Scholarship Fund*                                       Greg Draper, Business owner
the rick barry Fellowship endowment                                                     Bill Grinstein, Retired, Associate Director of Public Affairs, Battelle Research Center
the boeing Company endowed Fund                                                         Leah Knapp Hair, Co-Founder, Mediation Institute
the boeing Honors Program endowed Scholarship Fund*                                     Gerry Hatler, CEO, EvergreenBank
broadway High School alumni Foundation endowed Scholarship Fund                         Paul Kraabel, Former State Legislator/City Council member
Craig & Carol Corcoran Memorial Scholarship Fund                                        Antoinette Malveaux, Director, Strategic Alliances, Casey Family Programs
                                                                                        Juan Martinez, Community Volunteer
exceptional Faculty Development endowed Scholarship Fund
                                                                                        Dan McConnell, Senior Vice President, Elgin DDB Seattle
Foster Pepper endowed Scholarship Fund
                                                                                        Anne Moldrem, Secretary/Treasurer, Broadway High School Alumni Foundation
Florence e. Galbraith endowed Fund*
                                                                                        Rich Murphy, Public Relations Consulting
Group Health Cooperative endowment Fund
                                                                                        Mildred W. Ollée, Ed.D, President, Seattle Central Community College
Patricia Fleck MacKay Memorial endowment Fund                                           Leita Ovena, Regional VP/Partner, Primerica, LeVeque, Ovena and Associates
Mano a Mano endowed Scholarship Fund                                                    Dale B. Peschel, Retired, Director, Citigroup, Private Bank
Laurie McCutcheon Memorial Fund                                                         Gilbert Petitt, Supplier Diversity Compliance Specialist, Boeing Corporate Office
Dr. Charles H. Mitchell Fund for excellence                                             Adrienne Stone, Vice President/Senior Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo Bank
bill Morgan endowed Scholarship Fund                                                    Iskender Suleimanov, Seattle Central Community College Student Representative
Muckleshoot tribal Council endowed Scholarship Fund                                     Frances Terry, Treasurer, Broadway High School Alumni Association
Hisako nakaya apparel Design endowed Scholarship Fund*                                  Tom Tierney, Executive Director, Seattle Housing Authority
eleanor nazarenus/nelson Mandela endowed Scholarship Fund                               Brenda Williams, Supervising Attorney, Tribal Court Public Defense Clinic

rex ovena endowed Fund
Mollie V. Pepper apparel Design endowed Scholarship Fund                                Foundation staff
Horst and ruby Peschel Family endowment*                                                Darlene Suyematsu, Executive Director
Michiko Prehn endowed Scholarship Fund                                                  Carol Boyer, Interim Development Manager
                                                                                        Jennifer DeBusk Alviar, Interim Development Associate
Safeco Insurance Foundation endowed Child Care assistance Fund
                                                                                        Alison Gooding, Program Coordinator
Safeco Insurance Foundation endowed College-Wide tutoring Program Fund
Safeco Insurance Foundation endowed Scholarship Fund
                                                                                        Seattle Community College District VI
Sarkowsky Family endowed Scholarship Fund
Herman Sarkowsky endowed Scholarship Fund for business                                  Board of Trustees
& Information technology Students                                                       Ms. Nobie Chan
Seattle Central Community College Foundation endowment                                  Mr. Thomas W. Malone
Seattle Chapter of Les Dames d'escoffier Scholarship endowment Fund                     Dr. Constance W. Rice
Seafirst bank of america endowed Scholarship Fund                                       Mr. Don Root
Seattle Security traders association endowed Scholarship Fund                           Dr. Rajiv Shah

Sinegal Family Foundation endowed Fund
                                                                                        Equal opportunity statement and accommodations
Space needle endowed Scholarship Fund
                                                                                        Seattle Central Community College is committed to the concept and practice of equal
Student Leadership endowed Scholarship Fund                                             opportunity for all its students, employees, and applicants in education, employment,
ray W. Strand endowed Fund                                                              services and contracts, and does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity, color,
                                                                                        age, national origin, religion, marital status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, Vietnam-era or
Holt W. Webster Memorial endowed Scholarship Fund                                       disabled veteran status, political affiliation or belief, citizenship/status as a lawfully admitted
richard & Martha Weiland endowed Scholarship Fund for apparel Design                    immigrant authorized to work in the United States, or presence of any physical, sensory,
                                                                                        or mental disability, except where a disability may impede performance at an acceptable
richard & Martha Weiland endowed Scholarship Fund for Seattle
                                                                                        level. In addition, reasonable accommodations will be made for known physical or mental
Culinary academy                                                                        limitations for all otherwise qualified persons with disabilities. The following person has
*New endowment funds                                                                    been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies including those
                                                                                        related to Sec 504 ADA and Title IX: Kathryn Woodley, Seattle Central Community College,
We have made every effort to be thorough and represent each name accurately. If we      1701 Broadway, Mailstop 2BE4180, Seattle, WA, 206. 587.5417.
have made an error or omission, please accept our sincere apologies and contact us at
206.587.5491 so that we can correct our records.                                        Seattle Central will make every effort to ensure that the lack of English skills will not be a
                                                                                        barrier to admission and participation in vocational education programs.
“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”       VICtor Hugo, Les Miserables, 1862

                  Seattle Central Community College                              Seattle Vocational Institute (SVI)
                  Foundation                                                     2120 South Jackson Street
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                  Seattle, WA 98122                                              206.587.4950
                                      SVI, a division of Seattle Central Community College, pro-
                  Seattle Central Community College Foundation is a 501(c) (3)   vides basic skills and short-term workforce training that leads
                  nonprofit organization                                         to jobs with a future. Located in Seattle’s Central District, the
                                                                                 campus collaborates with business, labor, government, and
                                                                                 community groups to help adults and youth take the first
                  Seattle Central Community College                              steps into employment.
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