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					                                        GRIEF MATTERS
                               Volume 10                                            Spring 2010
Board of Directors
  Cindy Petzoldt - President               CHILDREN ARE OUR HOPE FOR THE FUTURE,
  Rebecca Sloan Byrne -
                                          BUT WE ARE THE HOPE FOR THEIRS.  Anonymous
    Executive Director
                               It is with excitement and hope    to be able to ask the age old,   yet a big city heart. We also
  Jill Devine                  that I greet you today. 2010      $64,000 question, “Was it my     know there are angels among us
                               has started off for Annie’s       fault?”. Talk about what it feelswho simply need to be told about
  Sharon Jick, MD
                               Hope as a year for serving        like to laugh without fear of    the struggles of bereaved kids
  Carl Martinson               more kids in more ways. We        ridicule. Most of all, talk aboutand to know they have an oppor-
                               have always believed that         Annie’s Hope so others will      tunity to make a lasting, impactful
  Jude Reed                    when the people of St. Louis      have the chance to join the      difference in the lives of grieving
  Patrick Rohrkaste            learn about the great works of    circle of support for these kids kids. Are you the next person,
                               Annie’s Hope, they will come      - forgotten mourners among       company, or organization who
  Jill Skyles                  together to make healing hap-     us.                              will open a door for these hurting
                               pen for more of our hurting                                        kids? St. Louis is such an inter-
  Ann Stillman
                               kids.                             Unfortunately, the new location woven region, all we need to do
  Rick Van Bokkelen                                              for Annie’s Hope did not hap-    is talk, talk, talk and people will
                               So this is how you can help       pen when potential financial     hear, people will respond, and
                               Annie’s Hope to reach more        resources fell through. But we kids will be helped.
                               grieving families. Talk, talk,    do not despair. When one
                               talk. Talk to everyone you        door closes, another one         So, let’s all work together to
                               know, everywhere you go,          opens. We will continue to       make the mission of Annie’s
Inside this issue:             today and everyday about          grow and serve more kids in      Hope real for as many kids as we
                               what we do and how we do it.      spite of inadequate spaces for can.
                               Talk about how the healing        programs and staff. We will
Grief Crisis            2
                               journey moves forward when a      hire our first Development Di-   Have a great spring – enjoy the
Intervention                   grieving child is given compas-   rector. We will add an on-       flowers, sniff the fresh air, and
                               sion, attention, non-judgment     going family support group.      appreciate the beauty that sur-
Go Rams and Go          2      and coping skills. Talk about     We will add more social          rounds.
                               how powerful it is to finally     events for families to attend.
                               meet another teen who can                                          Peace, Becky
                               honestly say he understands.      As we all know, St. Louis is a
The Goldstein           2      Talk about how liberating it is   big city with a small town feel,

Pictures and            3                        “WITH LOVE FROM SANTA”
                                                                  This past holiday season, An-       and helped the grieving kids of
                                                                  nie’s Hope brought back “With       Annie’s Hope as well!
Donors                  5-6                                       Love From Santa” offering a
                                                                  unique way to give back to the      We would like to send a spe-
                                                                  community. Individuals were         cial “thank you” to the elves
                                                                  asked to make a donation to         who assisted in this fund-
                                                                  Annie’s Hope and in return,         raiser! Look for “With Love
                                                                  the special child in their life     From Santa” next holiday sea-
                                                                  would receive a handwritten         son as a fun opportunity to
                                                                  memorable, personalized             donate to grieving kids and
                                An excited child opening a
                                                                  keepsake letter from Santa          get your child excited for the
                                 “With Love From Santa”
                                                                  Claus just in time for the holi-    holidays!
                                letter as part of an Annie’s
                                                                  days. The fundraiser brought
                                      Hope fundraiser.
                                                                  smiles to the face of little ones
 Page 2                                                                                              GRIEF MATTERS

                                GRIEF CRISIS INTERVENTION
                            Did you know… that through        trauma, it can assist in less-   helps students to know that he/
                            the School Support & Educa-       ening the pain.                  she is having a normal reaction
   “Annie's Hope has        tion Program crisis interven-                                      to an abnormal situation. Fi-
been a great resource       tion support and education is   We encourage schools to            nally, individuals are introduced
    for working with        available to schools and        establish a plan and have a        to healthy coping skills. A dis-
                            school districts?               team ready to respond when         cussion about ineffective
teachers and students
                                                            a student or staff member          (unhealthy) ways of coping,
following a death of a      Having an established Crisis    dies suddenly or after a long      such as withdrawal, isolation,
 loved one. Her pres-       Intervention plan provides      illness. Crisis support intro-     and substance abuse, will better
 ence was the perfect       leadership, structure, and or-  duces the reality that grief is    equip students to cope with
  support for my staff      der when the potential for      long term, yet, that slowly and    present and future struggles.
                            chaos and disorganization       over time one will find their
      and students.”        occur. It is a necessary part   own ways of healing while          Give us a call and learn how we
     - Kathy French,        of the school’s effort to focus also discovering their own         can support you, your school
School Social Worker        on the health, safety, and wel- meaning of the death. It is an     and grieving students. Call our
                            fare of students and staff. Al- opportunity to inform students     office at (314) 965-5015.
                            though crisis response cannot and staff about various re-
                            prevent pain from loss or       sponses to crisis/death. It

                    LET’S GO BLUES! LET’S GO RAMS!
                                 Fund grant again this year.      teddy bear with a Blues t-      Kyle Eversgerd, Commu-
                                 In addition, the Blues were      shirt. The kids LOVED them      nity Outreach, made this
                                 generous enough to provide       and enjoyed the game im-        event possible.
                                 complimentary tickets for        mensely.
                                 families to attend a St. Louis
                                 Blues hockey game on Janu-       Annie's Hope families were      Annie’s Hope kids and
                                 ary 14th. The Blues pulled       also lucky enough to be in-     St. Louis Rams fans at-
                                 off a win for our families who   vited to watch a St. Louis      tend a Rams football
 Annie’s Hope families en-       were so excited to cheer on      Rams practice. Families         practice
 joys a night out at the St.     the team! Each child who         with our organization were
 Louis Blues Hockey game.        attended the game received       given VIP treatment. They
                                 a gift bag from the Blues.       watched the practice from a
 Hooray for sporting teams in    These gift bags included a       special VIP tent, and players
 St. Louis! Annie’s Hope has     Blues backpack, a team           took the time to say hello
 been the lucky recipient of     poster, a Blue and Gold pin-     and sign autographs for our
 the St. Louis Blues Fourteen    wheel, and an adorable           families. The Rams and

                            On April 23, 1999, Dr. Ber-      how much Annie’s Hope             These tools help a child or
                            nard Goldstein, a surgeon        could help kids in a family       teen begin to understand and
                            with the Veterans Admini-        experiencing the impending        express their feelings sur-
                            stration, died nine months       death of a loved one. She         rounding the anticipated death
                            after being diagnosed with a     decided to establish a fund       of a loved one. Creating a
                            brain tumor. Bernie’s daugh-     in Bernie’s name to buy sup-      pillowcase for a loved one
                            ter, son-in-law and two          plies for the Horizons Pro-       allows children to draw favor-
                            granddaughters came to           gram. Other family mem-           ite memories, express love,
                            Annie’s Hope for help. Ac-       bers and friends also donate      process their emotions, and
A pillowcase created by     cording to Fran, Bernie’s        now to the Dr. Bernard Gold-      give back something of them-
a child in the Horizons     wife, Annie’s Hope brought       stein Memorial Fund.              selves to help care for their
 Program through the        her family back from sad-                                          loved one. The kids, their
help of the Dr. Bernard     ness and pointed them in a       And so, Horizons volunteers       families, and the volunteers
  Goldstein Memorial        positive direction for the fu-   bring a well-equipped tool        give a heartfelt THANK YOU,
         Fund.              ture.                            box supplied with books,          FRAN! Fran would say, “Well,
                                                             games, puppets and art sup-       you know it’s because of
                            Fran could see immediately       plies to each home visit.         Bernie—he just loved kids.”
Volume 10                                                                                                Page 3

                      AT FAMILY SUPPORT GROUPS

 On the last night of groups families charge                  A families’ memory stone created to honor
stones with wishes and hopes for each other.                           their loved one who died.
 Everyone is offered a stone to take home to
    remember their time at Annie's Hope.

                                                               A young family support group participant
    Families learn Yoga related relaxation                         receiving an award for having the
                 techniques.                                       courage to participate in groups.

                                                 VOLUNTEERS MAKE IT POSSIBLE
  “I know the pain these kids have felt        At Annie’s Hope, we know our      at groups because I feel I have
                                               organization would not exist      a responsibility to do my best
   and know that losing a loved one is
                                               without the hard work and         to help kids that I was once
  anything but easy. If I can help even        dedication of our many volun-     like. My mom died almost 10
                                               teers. One such volunteer is      years ago and I know first
    just one kid on their grief journey        Mike Scaglione. Mike has          hand the ability that a strong
    then all of my time and effort has         been a dedicated volunteer at     group of support can have. I
                                               Annie’s Hope for 8 years.         know the pain these kids have
             been well spent.”                 Mike volunteers through many      felt and know that losing a
                                               different Annie’s Hope pro-       loved one is anything but easy.
             Mike Scaglione,                   grams, but spoke with us spe-     If I can help even just one kid
                                               cifically about his experience    on their grief journey then all of
    Family Support Group Volunteer             at Family Support Groups.         my time and effort has been
                                               According to Mike, “I volunteer   well spent.”
CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS &                    Kelly Cassidy                     Angela Judge
COMMUINTY ORGANIZATIONS                        Pam Cleval                        Jody Kaplan
                                               Judy & Ned Cleveland              Shelli Kastin
Bishop DuBourg High School                     Creighton Cohn                    Carol & Duane Keller
Cardinals Care                                 Jeff & Rebecca Cook               Jacob & Sharon Talley Klein
Cecil Wittakers Pizzeria Wentzville            Gary & George Ann Cooper          Michael Kliger
Cimarex Energy Company                         Charles & Donna Corr              Dawn & Ryan Kreder
Clifford Willard Gaylord Foundation            Tom & Sharon Degnan               Don & Maria Kukla
Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis   Jill Shylanski Devine             Jim Lake
Foundation for Grieving Children               Sandy Digges                      Troy & Kara Larsen
Grace Episcopal Church                         Lisa & John Dinga                 William & Kelly Lashley
Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center            Tom & Anne Durfee                 Jack & Marla Laudenslager
Martin Electrical Sales                        Marcy Eckhoff                     Tracy & Christopher Lawhorn
Missouri Foundation For Health                 Therese & Bryan Eckhoff           Carol & James Layton
O'Connell's Pub                                James & Stephanie Ellis           Harry & Melissa Leggat
P.A.I.G.E. Foundation                          Lois Etling                       Bob & Joyce Lewis
Redwood LLC                                    Jane & Bob Evans                  Lynn Liberati
St. Anthony's Medical Center                   Susan Evers                       Charles & Joyce Lofton
St. Martins Church, Knight Angels              Margaret & Patrick Farrell        Mike & Joanne Loftus
The Fourteen Fund                              Verna Ferguson                    Bev Boody & Louise Lord
The Meyer Law Firm, P.C.                       Crockett Gardner                  Catherine Fahey Maher
Trio Foundation of St. Louis                   Benny Gelillo                     Patrick & Julie Malecek
United Food and Commercial Workers Union       Michael and Karen Gibbons         David & Laura Margolis
                                               Lee Glaser                        Mary Martin
                                               Barry Goldenberg                  Vince Miller
INDIVIDUAL DONORS                              Ruth Graham                       Angela Misuraco
                                               Jeffrey Grana and Elena Hilario   Kevin & Carri Moentmann
Marcus & Angela Adrian                         Thomas Guilfoil                   David & Anita Nash
Fred Akers                                     James & Lee Gunn                  Lawrence & Sandra Newman
Tommye Fleming & Patrick Arnall                Jim & Brenda Haar                 Katie O'Donnell
Randy & Jackie Baker                           Mae Handley                       Daniel & Kathleen O'Keefe
Mark Becker                                    Brian & Monica Heatherton         Matthew & Jane Overall
Mike & Lynda Behrens                           Terri Hepburn                     Rick & Mary Pat Paulter
Kathy & Cotty Benage                           Martin Hilgeman                   Chip & Becky Pelton
Eugene & Marcia Bender                         Linda Hoffner                     Cindy Petzoldt
Joseph & Mimi Berry                            John & Mary Hofman                Leo Pierce
Vinod & Madhu Bhasin                           Julie & William Holland           Jane Powers
Robert & Patricia Bordeaux                     Dave Holley                       Kay Quinn-Malone
Robin & Billy Joe Boyer                        Ivan & Bonnie Jern                Davie Sue Raker
Mark & Deanna Broughton                        Sharon Jick                       Jude & Lisa Marie Reed
Ann Marie & Clayton Brown                      Carol Johanek & David Dunn        John Reichle, Jr.
Diane Broy                                     Ali & Clayton Johnson             Jennifer Robertson
Tim Buckley                                    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Jokerst         Kathleen McHugh & Patrick Rohrkaste
Martha Burmaster                               Dawn Jones                        Nancy Rowe
Bill & Nora Byrne                              Patrick & Dianne Joyce            William & Rene Sanders
Toni Carter
Linda & Mark Schaeffler                   Mary Ann Brutton                              Delores Iovaldi

Nancy Siler                                               Matt & Kathy Coco                               Ginny & Ken Brown

Jill & Randy Skyles                                       Mike & Jeanne Ferner          Ted Lendwekel

Loy & Darlene Sloan                                       John & Brenda Hessel                            Ginny & Ken Brown

Bob & Shirley Snyder                                      David & Betty Holdinghausen   Ann Lieske

Tami Meyer & Tom Stahl                                    Alex & Rebekah Krupski                          Cindy Petzoldt

Chris & Karen Starbuck                                    Greg & Theresa Lavalle        Rudy Lischer

Kenneth Steinback                                         Gail Palubiak                                   Fran Goldstein

Debi & Kevin Stevenson                                    Bob & Judy Sieckhaus          Crystal Love

Seth & Ann Tilzer                                         Patty Small                                     Dana Warren

Anne Tipton                                               The Mary Ann Brutton Trust    Suzanne Magoc

Beth & Sean Tomlins                                       Janet Weber                                     Paul & Sara Henderson

Michael & Terianne Turner                 Jason Burns                                   James McWilliams

Rick & Cheri Van Bokkelen                                 Bill & Mary Brown                               Brenda Cleary

Melissa Vichi                             Terese Butz                                   Ann Mersmann

Mike Wade                                                 Ginny & Ken Brown                               Andrea Visser

Claudia Wagner                            Alec Dardick                                  Michael Morrow

Kim & John Wantz                                          Sharon Jick                                     Teresa & Robert Hunt

Ethan Weber                               Hal Dessent                                   Charles Moser

Jack & Mary Wehrle                                        Jan & Charles Fishman                           Ginny & Ken Brown

Pam & David Weiss                         Lillie Elazer                                 Marie Patrick

Tim Weiss                                                 Michelle Williams                               Jim & Barb Cosgrove

Kelly Whalen                              Frank Fank                                    Ruth Petzoldt

Mari Jo Winfrey                                           Cindy Petzoldt                                  Cindy Petzoldt

Vince Wood                                Nicey Floyd                                   Cindy Pollihan

Thomas & Linda Woodrome                                   Latosha Floyd                                   Bob & Kathy Sherwood

Chris Young                               Dr. Bernard Goldstein                         Patricia Pollihan

Vivian Zwick                                              Fran Goldstein                                  Anthony & Mary Strande
                                                          Dr. Stuart Goldstein          Harvey Reichle
                                          Elizabeth Gonwa                                                 Cindy Petzoldt
                                                          Peggy & Tom Gonwa             Andrew Robbins
                                          Florence Goran                                                  Andrea Visser
                                                          Sharon Jick                   Annabelle Renick
Dan Alexander
                                          John Hayden                                                       Frances Goldstein
                Colin Hobart
                                                          Connie Buehre                                     Lisa Goldstein
Gordon Ashbury Jr.
                                          Henry Herbst                                                      Diane and Steve Sanford
                Anthony & Mary Strande
                                                          Gloria & George Vaporean      Debbie Rockamann
Ron Barlow
                                          Kaylen Ann Higgins                                              Randall Dreiling
                Andrea Visser
                                                          Ginny & Ken Brown             Lew Ruesler
Mary Ruth Barrow
                                          Sharon Homire                                                   Cindy Petzoldt
                Laura & Mike Bentheimer
                                                          Richard Homire                Aleene Rule
Pearl Blankstein
                                          Kevin Houska                                                    Laurie & Jeff Dardick
                David & Laura Margolis
                                                          Nancy Battersby               Erick Shepheard
Adonte Brown
                                          Andy Hubbard                                                    Kenneth & Carol Campbell
                Linda Jolly
                                                          Janet & Bill Hubbard          Michael Siver
                                                                                                          Sharon Jick
Brian Wolff                                    Ms. Gina Griffin                           The Nockels Family
                  Courtney Hobart                              Sharon Jick                                Marge & Dave Nockels
                                               Aaron & Anna Haber                         Tom & Dr. Kathy Noonan
                                                               Ellen & Dan Hugge                          Sharon Jick
                                               Deb Hill Jablonski                         Matt & Jen Oldani
                                                               Lucia & Carl Bossert                       Ellen & Dan Hugge
                                               Brendan Hobart                             Dr. Jeff Padousis
Mike & Kelly Becker
                                                               Colin Hobart                               Sharon Jick
                        Sharon Jick
Rabbi Jim Bennett                              Colin Hobart                               Ms. Linda Pietroburgo

                        Sharon Jick                            Courtney Hobart                            Sharon Jick
Holly Bernstein                                Dr. Nancy Holekamp                         Lane & John Rothschild
                        Sharon Jick                            Sharon Jick                                Sue Smith
Drs. James & Nanci Bobrow                      Brian & Deana Hugge                        The Serritella Family
                        Sharon Jick                            Ellen & Dan Hugge                          Sharon Jick
Dr. Sean Breit                                 Chris & Christina Hugge                    Mike Stern, Kris Swenson & Family
                        Sharon Jick                            Ellen & Dan Hugge                          Kate Swenson
Todd & Meghan Campbell                         Sharon Jick                                Kevin & Ann Stillman family
                        Ellen & Dan Hugge                      Dr. Bruce & Betsy Cohen                    Thomas & Phyllis Hilgeman
Cheryl Cavallo's birthday                      Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Jick                     Ed & Susan Sullivan
                        Joy & David Sterneck                   Sharon Jick
                                                                                                          Ellen & Dan Hugge
Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Betsy Cohen                   Laura Kaplan
                                                                                          Dr. Susan Sylvia
                        Sharon Jick                            Sharon Jick
                                                                                                          Sharon Jick
Creighton & Plia Cohn                          Mrs. Abby Kelman & Mr. Peter Barg
                                                                                          Dr. Paul & Mrs. Lori Tesser
                        Sharon Jick                            Sharon Jick
                                                                                                          Sharon Jick
Jeff & Laurie Dardick                          Ryann Kittner
                                                                                          Richard & Jean Tishler
                                                               Sharon Jick
                        Sharon Jick
                                                                                                          Sharon Jick
                                               Fredric & Christine Knauer
Ms. Suzanne Doyle
                                                                                          Dr. Linda Tsai & Gabe DeLaPaz
                                                               Sharon Jick
                        Sharon Jick
                                               Dr. Stephen & Cynthia Krane                                Sharon Jick
Ms. Julie Eastlund
                                                               Sue Smith                  Rick & Cheri Van Bokkelen
                        Sharon Jick
                                               The Lake Group                                             Joseph & Sally Van Bokkelen
Mr. Elia Ellis
                                                               Alice Bowen                                Mark & Barb Wald
                        Sharon Jick
                                               Tierney Lanter                             Cantor Seth & Mrs. Shayna Warner
The Fahn Family
                                                               Kelly Griffin                              Sharon Jick
                        Sharon Jick
                                               Ms. Joelyn Levy                            Dr. Steve & Mrs. Michelle Wexler
Frances Goldstein
                                                               Sharon Jick                                Sharon Jick
                        Katherine Kornfeld     JoEllen & Roger Lewis                      Dave & Rene Zar
Rabbi Andrea Goldstein                                         Sharon Jick                                Sharon Jick
                        Sharon Jick            Louise Lord
Dr. David & Mrs. Deena Goran                                   Gloria & George Vaporean
                        Sharon Jick
                                                                                          IN-KIND DONATIONS
                                               Dr. Barry Milder
Dr. & Mrs. Dicran Goulian                                      Sharon Jick
                                                                                          Ameren UE - Meramec Plant
                        Sharon Jick            Marilyn & Joel Monson
                                                                                          Baisch & Skinner Wholesale Floral Distributor
Mrs. Nancy Grable                                              Sue Smith
                                                                                          Becky & Bob Byrne
                        Sharon Jick            The Morrow Family
Dr. Kevin Greuloch & Dr. Anjali Bhorade                        Teresa & Robert Hunt
                                                                                          Cecil Wittakers Pizzeria, Wentzville
                        Sharon Jick
Clark-Emery Productions
Michelle Donovan-Cuddihee
                                         Olivette Lanes - Ted & Joanie Krygiel
                                         Paradigm Shift Studio LLC
Dragonfly Peace Yoga - Joan Ryan-Davis   Julie Parker                                  on the Loose!
Embroider the Occasion                   Plaza Motors
                                                                                               at the
Figuero's                                Prudential Select Properties

Friend of Jan Sorth                      Saigh Foundation                              Grace Episcopal
GiveBac for Kids                         Joe & Nancy Sellinger
Linda Guild                              Shop 'n Save

Bridgette Hamilton                       Terri Spink & Friends

Jane & Peter Hull                        St Louis Blues

The Jackson Family                       The Muny

Ethan Jick                               Gloria Vaporean Hair Salon
                                         Ann Vatterott
John Wantz Homemade Salsa
Dawn Jones                               Wal-Mart, Chesterfield                         Lobster Sale
Kelly Juergens                           Washington University - School of Medicine

Reta King                                Willow Tree
                                                                                         June 19, 2010
Lindwedel Jewelers                       Wood-To-Wonderful                             All Proceeds Benefit
MasterCard Worldwide                     Karen Zelechowski

Ronna McDaniel
                                         (September 1, 2009 - January 31, 2010)
Midwest BP Amoco
Mitchell James Salon                     We also thank the many people who have
                                         supported our fundraisers. If we have some-
Patti Mullins                            how missed your name, please let us know.
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               Calendar of Events
                                                                         Family Support Groups
                                                                         School Support & Education
                                                                         Horizons - Anticipatory Grief
April         Date TBD    Pre-Camp Party                                 Camp Courage & Camp Erin—St. Louis
                                                                         Hope & Healing Gathering
                                                                         Retreats (teens, moms and dads)
April 9-11    Sat/Sun     Teen Retreat (call for enrollment forms)
                                                                         Social Events
                                                                         Community Resource Library
April 17      Saturday    Fenton Mayor’s Charity Ball                    Grief Community Referrals
                                                                         Speakers Institute
April 24-25   Sat/Sun     Hallmark Stone Remnant Sale
June 6-10     Sun-Thurs   Camp Courage (call for enrollment forms)
                                                                         Rebecca Sloan Byrne
                                                                           Executive Director
June 12-16    Sat-Wed     Camp Erin—St. Louis                            Linda Grana
                                                                           School Support & Education Coord.
                                                                         Ellen Hugge
                                                                           Grants Manager
June 19       Saturday    “Lobsters on the Loose!”                       Ali Johnson
                          At the Grace Episcopal Church (Kirkwood, MO)     Program Director
                                                                         Candice Mehmetli
                                                                            Operations Manager
August        Date TBD    More Cowbell Concert at the Pageant            Kay Walsh
                                                                           Office Manager
                                                                         Pam Weiss
                                                                           Horizons Coordinator