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									                                                       Penns Grove High School

                                                Penns Grove-Carneys Point
                                                 Regional School District

                                                 A School District with a Mission

                                                   Preparing Students for the

                                                    21st Century and Beyond

                                                  Financial Literacy Curriculum

                                                          Grades 11-12


                                                   Zenaida Cobian, Facilitator

                                                  Kristin Williams, Chairperson

                                                       Jennifer Baczewski

                                                           Ryan Keane

Board of Education Adoption: November 1, 2010
                                                          Penns Grove High School
                                                             CURRICULUM MAP
                                                    Financial Literacy – Grades 11 and 12

         Week One                  Week Two                     Week Three                      Week Four                    Week Five
                                                                                                                    Budgeting (JA Finance Park
Taxes and my Salary (JA   Taxes and my Salary (JA      Financial Institutions (JA      Budgeting (JA Finance Park   Unit 3)
Finance Park Unit 2)      Finance Park Unit 2)         Finance Park Unit 1)            Unit 3)

         Week Six                 Week Seven                    Week Eight                     Week Nine
                                                       JA Finance Park Field Trip?
                                                          Penns Grove High School

 End. Understandings    Essential Questions                    Skills                             Standards          Rec.Assessments
Students will learn    Why does “take         Explain the meaning and purposes of         9.2 Personal               Teacher
that deductions and    home pay” vary         taxes and tax deductions and why fees       Financial Literacy:        observation
fees that are taken    between people?        for various benefits (e.g., medical         All students will
out of their check                            benefits) are taken out of pay. 9.2.4.A.4   develop skills and         Student
before taxes will      Discuss the pros and                                               strategies that            presentations
reduce their taxable   cons of pre-tax        Explain the purpose of the payroll          promote personal and
income.                deductions.            deduction process, taxable income, and      financial responsibility   Student projects
                                              employee benefits. 9.2.8.A.7                related to financial
                                                                                          planning, savings,         Simulation
                                              Differentiate among the types of taxes      investment, and            Activities
                                              and employee benefits. 9.2.8.A.8            charitable giving in the
                                                                                          global economy.            Resource
                                              Differentiate between taxable and                                      Assessments
                                              nontaxable income. 9.2.8.A.9
                                                                                                                     Student notebooks

                                                           Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings      Essential Questions                      Skills                         Standards          Rec.Assessments
By identifying short    What is the value of   Analyze the relationship between various 9.2 Personal                Teacher
and long term goals,    happiness?             careers and personal earning goals.       Financial Literacy:        observation
students can work                              9.2.12.A.1                                All students will
toward a career path    Can a dollar amount                                              develop skills and         Student
that will provide the   be placed on health?   Identify a career goal and develop a      strategies that            presentations
financial                                      plan and timetable for achieving it,      promote personal and
opportunities to        How does a person      including educational/training            financial responsibility   Student projects
achieve those goals.    decide if going into   requirements, costs, and possible debt.   related to financial
                        debt is a good idea    9.2.12.A.2                                planning, savings,         Simulation
There are many          for meeting their                                                investment, and            Activities
colleges available,     goal?                  Analyze how the economic, social, and     charitable giving in the
choose a post-                                 political conditions of a time period can global economy.            Resource
secondary education     How do various         affect starting a business and can affect                            Assessments
that will give you      income sources vary?   a plan for establishing such an
access to achieving                            enterprise. 9.2.12.A.3                                               Student notebooks
your goals without
being bogged down                              Summarize the financial risks and                                    Discussions
in debt.                                       benefits of entrepreneurship as a career
                                               choice. 9.2.12.A.4

                                               Evaluate current advances in technology
                                               that apply to a selected occupational
                                               career cluster. 9.2.12.A.5
                                                              Penns Grove High School
Big Idea:                                                                                                          Month:

End. Understandings       Essential Questions                       Skills                           Standards          Rec.Assessments
That the money they      Is it possible to make   Analyze and critique various sources of    9.2 Personal               Teacher
earn from a job is not   money without            income and available resources (e.g.,      Financial Literacy:        observation
the only financial       earning a pay check?     financial assets, property, and transfer   All students will
value which they can                              payments) and how they may substitute      develop skills and         Student
build.                   Why do similar           for earned income. 9.2.12.A.6              strategies that            presentations
                         products have                                                       promote personal and
How currency is used     different prices in      Analyze different forms of currency, how   financial responsibility   Student projects
between countries        different regions?       currency is used to exchange goods and     related to financial
and the exchange                                  services, and how it can be transferred    planning, savings,         Simulation
rates of the             Does culture affect      from one person’s business to another.     investment, and            Activities
countries.               spending and saving      9.2.12.A.7                                 charitable giving in the
                         habits?                                                             global economy.            Resource
That different                                    Analyze how personal and cultural                                     Assessments
countries have                                    values impact spending and other
different values and                              financial decisions. 9.2.12.A.8                                       Student notebooks
how goods and
services are affected                                                                                                   Discussions
by these differences.
                                                           Penns Grove High School
Big Idea:                                                                                                      Month:
End. Understandings     Essential Questions                   Skills                             Standards            Rec.Assessments
The government         Why does the           Demonstrate how exemptions and             9.2 Personal               Teacher
taxes the income of    government provide     deductions can reduce taxable income.      Financial Literacy:        observation
workers to provide     social services?       9.2.12.A.9                                 All students will
benefits to the                                                                          develop skills and         Student
workers as well as     Who pays for           Explain the relationship between           strategies that            presentations
those people who are   government             government programs and services and       promote personal and
unable to work.        programs?              taxation. 9.2.12.A.10                      financial responsibility   Student projects
                                                                                         related to financial
                       Should the             Explain how compulsory government          planning, savings,         Simulation
                       government be able     programs (e.g., Social Security,           investment, and            Activities
                       to force a person to   Medicare) provide insurance against        charitable giving in the
                       pay for a government   some loss of income and benefits to        global economy.            Resource
                       program?               eligible recipients. 9.2.12.A.11                                      Assessments

                       Which insurance is     banking electronically, or filing forms.                              Student notebooks
                       most important?        9.2.8.B.11
                       Who should have        Evaluate the appropriate financial
                       insurance?             institutions to assist with meeting
                                              various personal financial needs and
                                              goals. 9.2.8.B.12
                                                            Penns Grove High School
Big Idea:                                                                                                       Month:
End. Understandings     Essential Questions                      Skills                           Standards              Rec.Assessments
Foregoing what you                             Analyze the impact of the collective       9.2 Personal
want today may                                 bargaining process on benefits, income,    Financial Literacy:
allow you to get what                          and fair labor practice. 9.2.12.A.12       All students will
you want tomorrow.                                                                        develop skills and
                                               Justify the concept of “paying yourself    strategies that
Keeping personal                               first” as a financial savings strategy.    promote personal and
information secret is                          9.2.8.B.2                                  financial responsibility
a lifelong important                                                                      related to financial
process.                How does collective    Relate the concept of deferred             planning, savings,
                        bargaining benefit     gratification to investment, meeting       investment, and
                                               financial goals, and building wealth.      charitable giving in the   Teacher
                                               9.2.8.B.3                                  global economy.            observation
                        Does collective
                                               Create debit and credit balance sheets                                Student
                        bargaining hurt the
                                               and income and cash statements.                                       presentations
                                                                                                                     Student projects
                        Why should saving
                        money be a priority?   Determine the most appropriate use of
                                               various financial products and services                               Simulation
                                               (e.g., ATM, debit cards, credit cards,                                Activities
                        How does a
                        consumer identify      checkbooks). 9.2.8.B.10
                        which method of
                                               Justify safeguarding personal                                         Assessments
                        payment he/she
                        should use?            information when using credit cards,
                                               banking electronically, or filing forms.                              Student notebooks
                        Why is safeguarding    9.2.8.B.11
                        personal information
                                                         Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings    Essential Questions                    Skills                           Standards             Rec Assessments

Saving & spending      How does age affect   Prioritize financial decisions by          9.2 Personal               Teacher
plans may need to be   saving and spending   systematically considering alternatives    Financial Literacy:        observation
adjusted based on      plans?                and possible consequences. 9.2.12.B.1      All students will
inflation and life                                                                      develop skills and         Student
events.                What affect may       Compare strategies for saving and          strategies that            presentations
                       inflation have on     investing and the factors that influence   promote personal and
                       savings?              how much should be saved or invested       financial responsibility   Student projects
                                             to meet financial goals. 9.2.12.B.2        related to financial
                       When should I begin                                              planning, savings,         Simulation
                       planning for          Construct a plan to accumulate             investment, and            Activities
                       retirement?           emergency “rainy day” funds. 9.2.12.B.3    charitable giving in the
                                                                                        global economy.            Resource
                       How can I maximize    Analyze how income and spending plans                                 Assessments
                       my savings through    are affected by age, needs, and
                       tax deductions?       resources. 9.2.12.B.4                                                 Student notebooks

                                             Analyze how changes in taxes, inflation,                              Discussions
                                             and personal circumstances can affect a
                                             personal budget. 9.2.12.B.5

                                             Design and utilize a simulated budget to
                                             monitor progress of financial plans.

                                             Develop personal financial planning
                                             strategies that respond to and use tax
                                             deductions and shelters. 9.2.12.B.7
                                                          Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings     Essential Questions                    Skills                            Standards            Rec.Assessments
A plan must be         What are the added     Describe and calculate interest and fees   9.2 Personal               Teacher
established, with      fees when spending     that are applied to various forms of       Financial Literacy:        observation
concern to expenses    money?                 spending, debt, and saving. 9.2.12.B.8     All students will
and fluctuations in                                                                      develop skills and         Student
the market, in order   How do investments     Chart and evaluate the growth of mid-      strategies that            presentations
to reach long term     grow and change        and long-term investments. 9.2.12.B.9      promote personal and
goals.                 over time?                                                        financial responsibility   Student projects
                                              Develop a plan that uses the services of   related to financial
                       What are some          various financial institutions to meet     planning, savings,         Simulation
                       services and           personal and family financial goals.       investment, and            Activities
                       resources available    9.2.12.B.10                                charitable giving in the
                       to help develop and                                               global economy.            Resource
                       maintain financial                                                                           Assessments
                                                                                                                    Student notebooks

                                                            Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings      Essential Questions                     Skills                             Standards            Rec.Assessments
Credit cards can be     What are the pros      Explain why people borrow money and          9.2 Personal               Teacher
used to help build      and cons of owning a   the relationship between credit and          Financial Literacy:        observation
credit and help         credit card?           debt. 9.2.4.C.1                              All students will
achieve, both long                                                                          develop skills and         Student
and short term goals,   What types of credit   Identify common sources of credit (e.g.,     strategies that            presentations
but could be            are available?         banks, credit card companies) and types      promote personal and
detrimental as well.                           of credit (e.g., loans, credit cards,        financial responsibility   Student projects
                        How does interest      mortgages). 9.2.4.C.2                        related to financial
                        affect the long term                                                planning, savings,         Simulation
                        effects of using       Compare and contrast credit cards and        investment, and            Activities
                        credit?                debit cards and the advantages and           charitable giving in the
                                               disadvantages of using each. 9.2.4.C.3       global economy.            Resource
                                               9.2.4.C.3                                                               Assessments

                                               Determine the relationships among                                       Student notebooks
                                               income, expenses, and interest.
                                               9.2.4.C.4                                                               Discussions

                                               Determine personal responsibility
                                               related to borrowing and lending.

                                               Summarize ways to avoid credit
                                               problems. 9.2.4.C.6

                                               Compare and contrast the financial
                                               products and services offered by
                                               different types of financial institutions.
                                                            Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings      Essential Questions                    Skills                              Standards            Rec.Assessments
Credit cards can be     What types of credit                                                9.2 Personal               Teacher
used to help build      are available and      Demonstrate an understanding of the          Financial Literacy:        observation
credit and help         what effect can each   terminology associated with different        All students will
achieve, both long      have on your           types of credit (e.g., credit cards,         develop skills and         Student
and short term goals,   financial plan?        installment loans, mortgages) and            strategies that            presentations
but could be                                   compare the interest rates associated        promote personal and
detrimental as well.    How can you protect    with each. 9.2.8.C.3                         financial responsibility   Student projects
                        yourself against                                                    related to financial
                        harmful credit?        Calculate the cost of borrowing various      planning, savings,         Simulation
                                               amounts of money using different types       investment, and            Activities
                                               of credit (e.g., credit cards, installment   charitable giving in the
                                               loans, mortgages). 9.2.8.C.4                 global economy.            Resource
                                               Determine ways to leverage debt
                                               beneficially. 9.2.8.C.5                                                 Student notebooks

                                               Determine potential consequences of                                     Discussions
                                               using “easy access” credit (e.g., using a
                                               line of credit vs. obtaining a loan for a
                                               specific purpose). 9.2.8.C.6

                                               Explain the meaning and possible
                                               consequences of “predatory lending
                                               practices.” 9.2.8.C.7

                                               Explain the purpose of a credit score and
                                               credit record, and summarize borrowers’
                                               credit report rights. 9.2.8.C.8

                                               Summarize the causes and
                                               consequences of personal bankruptcy.
                                                               Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings       Essential Questions                       Skills                             Standards            Rec.Assessments
An individual’s credit   What are the             Compare and contrast the financial           9.2 Personal               Teacher
score will determine     different types of       benefits of different products and           Financial Literacy:        observation
the amount of credit     interest and what are    services offered by a variety of financial   All students will
that will be extended    the pros and cons of     institutions. 9.2.12.C.1                     develop skills and         Student
to them.                 each?                                                                 strategies that            presentations
                                                  Compare and compute interest and             promote personal and
A home is one of the     What types of            compound interest and develop an             financial responsibility   Student projects
most important           mortgages are            amortization table using business tools.     related to financial
investments an           available and what       9.2.12.C.2                                   planning, savings,         Simulation
individual can make.     does each offer?                                                      investment, and            Activities
                                                  Compute and assess the accumulating          charitable giving in the
                         What is a credit score   effect of interest paid over time when       global economy.            Resource
                         and how is it            using a variety of sources of credit.                                   Assessments
                         calculated?              9.2.12.C.3
                                                                                                                          Student notebooks
                         What laws are there      Compare and contrast the advantages
                         which protect both       and disadvantages of various types of                                   Discussions
                         the buyer and the        mortgages. 9.2.12.C.4
                                                  Analyze the information contained in a
                                                  credit report and explain the importance
                         How does                 of disputing inaccurate entries.
                         bankruptcy affect        9.2.12.C.5
                         both the individual
                         and a company?           Explain how predictive modeling
                                                  determines “credit scores.” 9.2.12.C.6

                                                  Explain the rights and responsibilities of
                                                  buyers and sellers under consumer
                                                  protection laws, and discuss common
                                                  unfair or deceptive business practices.

                                                  Evaluate the implications of personal
                                                  and corporate bankruptcy for self and
                                                  others. 9.2.12.C.8
                                                           Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings    Essential Questions                     Skills                               Standards            Rec.Assessments
                      How does the             Explain the economic principle of supply     9.2 Personal               Teacher
                      principle of supply      and demand. 9.2.8.D.5                        Financial Literacy:        observation
                      and demand affect                                                     All students will
                      the supply, and price,   Assess the impact of inflation on            develop skills and         Student
                      of goods in different    economic decisions and lifestyles.           strategies that            presentations
                      regions and/or           9.2.8.D.8                                    promote personal and
                      countries?                                                            financial responsibility   Student projects
                                               Summarize how investing builds wealth        related to financial
                      How does an              and assists in meeting long- and short-      planning, savings,         Simulation
                      individual begin and     term financial goals. 9.2.12.D.1             investment, and            Activities
                      continue investing in    Assess factors that influence financial      charitable giving in the
                      order to meet their      planning. 9.2.12.D.2                         global economy.            Resource
                      short and long term                                                                              Assessments
                      goals?                   Justify the use of savings and
                                               investment options to meet targeted                                     Student notebooks
                                               goals. 9.2.12.D.3
                                               Analyze processes and vehicles for
                                               buying and selling investments.

                                               Compare the risk, return, and liquidity of
                                               various savings and investment
                                               alternatives. 9.2.12.D.5

                                               Explain how government and
                                               independent financial services and
                                               products are used to achieve personal
                                               financial goals. 9.2.12.D.6

                                               Relate savings and investment results to
                                               achievement of financial goals.
                                                            Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings     Essential Questions                      Skills                            Standards            Rec.Assessments
The government         What investment          Differentiate among various investment     9.2 Personal               Teacher
believes in a free     opportunities are        products and savings vehicles and how      Financial Literacy:        observation
economy but has the    available and what       to use them most effectively. 9.2.12.D.8   All students will
authority to prevent   are the differences                                                 develop skills and         Student
misuse of this         between them?            Assess the role of revenue-generating      strategies that            presentations
system.                                         assets as mechanisms for accruing and      promote personal and
                       What has been the        managing wealth. 9.2.12.D.9                financial responsibility   Student projects
Your pay check will    historical roll of                                                  related to financial
have deductions        government in the        Compare and contrast the past and          planning, savings,         Simulation
going towards your     financial industry and   present role of government in the          investment, and            Activities
future retirement,     what has changed?        financial industry and in the regulation   charitable giving in the
through both the                                of financial markets. 9.2.12.D.10          global economy.            Resource
government and your    How do different                                                                               Assessments
own personal           events in the            Determine the impact of various market
planning.              financial market         events on stock market prices and on                                  Student notebooks
                       affect one another?      other savings and investments.
                                                9.2.12.D.11                                                           Discussions
                       How does long term
                       investing effect the     Evaluate how taxes affect the rate of
                       amount of taxes          return on savings and investments.
                       paid?                    9.2.12.D.12

                                                Analyze how savings, retirement plans,
                                                and other investment options help to
                                                shift current income for purposes of tax
                                                reporting and filing. 9.2.12.D.13
                                                          Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings    Essential Questions                     Skills                             Standards            Rec.Assessments
Taxes and other       What are the            Identify ways interest rates add to the     9.2 Personal               Teacher
charges must be       differences between     cost of goods and services. 9.2.4.E.2       Financial Literacy:        observation
taken into account    the “real” cost of                                                  All students will
when purchasing       good and their          Identify personal information that should   develop skills and         Student
goods and services.   advertized prices?      not be disclosed to others and the          strategies that            presentations
                                              possible consequences of doing or not       promote personal and
Your personal         How should you          doing so. 9.2.4.E.6                         financial responsibility   Student projects
information and       protect yourself from                                               related to financial
protection are only   deceptive people and    Recognize the techniques and effects of     planning, savings,         Simulation
secure if you take    agencies?               deceptive advertising. 9.2.8.E.7            investment, and            Activities
responsibility to                                                                         charitable giving in the
make sure that they   How does society        Analyze and apply multiple sources of       global economy.            Resource
are protected.        effect financial        financial information when prioritizing                                Assessments
                      prioritization?         financial decisions. 9.2.12.E.1
Mass media and                                                                                                       Student notebooks
popular culture       How do businesses       Determine how objective, accurate, and
continuously affect   practices effect        current financial information affects the                              Discussions
the market and        society?                prioritization of financial decisions.
peoples’ buying                               9.2.12.E.2
                                              Evaluate how media, bias, purpose, and
                                              validity affect the prioritization of
                                              consumer decisions and spending.

                                              Evaluate business practices and their
                                              impact on individuals, families, and
                                              societies. 9.2.12.E.4
                                                              Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings       Essential Questions                      Skills                             Standards            Rec.Assessments
There are individuals    How do contracts                                                     9.2 Personal               Teacher
and companies out        protect both the         Evaluate written and verbal contracts for   Financial Literacy:        observation
there that will try to   lender and the           essential components and for obligations    All students will
take advantage of        borrower?                of the lender and borrower. 9.2.12.E.5      develop skills and         Student
you, but there are                                                                            strategies that            presentations
ways of protecting       How does the             Apply consumer protection laws to the       promote personal and
yourself.                government protect       issues they address. 9.2.12.E.6             financial responsibility   Student projects
                         investors?                                                           related to financial
                                                  Relate consumer fraud, including online     planning, savings,         Simulation
                         How and why might        scams and theft of employee time and        investment, and            Activities
                         an individual need to    goods, to laws that protect consumers.      charitable giving in the
                         use credit               9.2.12.E.7                                  global economy.            Resource
                         counseling?                                                                                     Assessments
                                                  Determine when credit counseling is
                         What is identity theft   necessary and evaluate the resources                                   Student notebooks
                         and what are some        available to assist consumers who wish
                         solutions to the         to use it. 9.2.12.E.8                                                  Discussions
                                                  Determine reasons for the increase of
                                                  identity theft worldwide and evaluate
                                                  the extent to which victims of identity
                                                  theft are successful in fully restoring
                                                  their personal identities. 9.2.12.E.9
                                                              Penns Grove High School

 End. Understandings       Essential Questions                     Skills                             Standards            Rec.Assessments
The economy of this       How do different       Demonstrate an understanding of the          9.2 Personal               Teacher
country and the           cultures view the      interrelationships among attitudes,          Financial Literacy:        observation
world are constantly      financial world in     assumptions, and patterns of behavior        All students will
changing and will         which they live?       regarding money, saving, investing, and      develop skills and         Student
affect your short and                            work across cultures. 9.2.12.F.1             strategies that            presentations
long term goals as        How and why are                                                     promote personal and
they do.                  taxes used to fund     Summarize the concept and types of           financial responsibility   Student projects
                          public initiatives?    taxation used to fund public initiatives.    related to financial
The taxes you pay go                             9.2.12.F.2                                   planning, savings,         Simulation
to publicly funded        What impact does                                                    investment, and            Activities
programs which are        the new global         Assess the impact of emerging global         charitable giving in the
available to all of us.   economy have of the    economic events on financial planning.       global economy.            Resource
                          future of financial    9.2.12.F.3                                                              Assessments
                                                 Analyze how citizen decisions and                                       Student notebooks
                                                 actions can influence the use of
                                                 economic resources to achieve societal                                  Discussions
                                                 goals and provide individual services.

                                                 Summarize the purpose and importance
                                                 of a will. 9.2.12.F.5

                                                 Compare and contrast the role of
                                                 philanthropy, volunteer service, and
                                                 charities in community development and
                                                 quality of life in a variety of cultures.

                                                 Explain the concept and forms of
                                                 taxation and justify the use of taxation
                                                 to fund public activities and initiatives.
                                                           Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings     Essential Questions                       Skills                          Standards            Rec.Assessments
Starting your own      How can individuals     Evaluate the effects of entrepreneurship   9.2 Personal               Teacher
business affects the   affect the economies    on economic stability and quality of       Financial Literacy:        observation
community you serve    of their communities,   living in local and global communities.    All students will
as well as yourself.   countries, and/or       9.2.12.F.8                                 develop skills and         Student
                       foreign countries?                                                 strategies that            presentations
                                               Assess the impact of the global economy    promote personal and
                       How can the global      on entrepreneurial opportunities.          financial responsibility   Student projects
                       market affect a         9.2.12.F.9                                 related to financial
                       business in another                                                planning, savings,         Simulation
                       country?                                                           investment, and            Activities
                                                                                          charitable giving in the
                                                                                          global economy.            Resource

                                                                                                                     Student notebooks

                                                             Penns Grove High School

 End. Understandings      Essential Questions                     Skills                             Standards            Rec.Assessments
Insurance policies are   What is the need and   Analyze the need for and value of            9.2 Personal               Teacher
available for your       intent of insurance    different types of insurance and the         Financial Literacy:        observation
protection.              policies?              impact of deductibles. 9.2.8.G.5             All students will
                                                                                             develop skills and         Student
Constantly reevaluate    What are the           Evaluate the need for different types of     strategies that            presentations
your needs in order      different types of     extended warranties. 9.2.8.G.6               promote personal and
to determine what        insurance policies                                                  financial responsibility   Student projects
protection policies      and what do they       Analyze risks and benefits in various        related to financial
you need and do not      cover?                 financial situations. 9.2.12.G.1             planning, savings,         Simulation
need.                                                                                        investment, and            Activities
                         What are the pros      Differentiate between property and           charitable giving in the
                         and cons of            liability insurance protection. 9.2.12.G.2   global economy.            Resource
                         insurance policies?                                                                            Assessments
                                                Compare the cost of various types of
                                                insurance (e.g., life, homeowners, motor                                Student notebooks
                                                vehicle) for the same product or service,
                                                given different liability limits and risk                               Discussions
                                                factors. 9.2.12.G.3

                                                Evaluate individual and family needs for
                                                insurance protection using opportunity-
                                                cost analysis. 9.2.12.G.4

                                                Compare insurance policy coverage
                                                limits and related premiums and
                                                deductibles to minimize costs.

                                                Differentiate the costs and benefits of
                                                renter’s and homeowner’s insurance.
                                                          Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings     Essential Questions                    Skills                            Standards            Rec.Assessments
As you age, your       What is health         Compare sources of health and disability   9.2 Personal               Teacher
priorities and needs   insurance and what     coverage, including employee benefit       Financial Literacy:        observation
will change as well.   are the different      plans, with options in another country.    All students will
                       types of plans         9.2.12.G.7                                 develop skills and         Student
                       available?                                                        strategies that            presentations
                                              Compare and contrast options for long-     promote personal and
                       When should the        term healthcare insurance for home care    financial responsibility   Student projects
                       government step in     and external care. 9.2.12.G.8              related to financial
                       and provide health                                                planning, savings,         Simulation
                       insurance for its      Explain how to self-insure and how to      investment, and            Activities
                       citizens?              determine when self-insurance is           charitable giving in the
                                              appropriate. 9.2.12.G.9                    global economy.            Resource
                                              Determine when and why it may be
                                              appropriate for the government to                                     Student notebooks
                                              provide insurance coverage, rather than
                                              private industry. 9.2.12.G.10                                         Discussions
                                            Penns Grove High School

End. Understandings   Essential Questions   Skills                                Standards              Rec.Assessments
                                                                      9.2 Personal Financial
                                                                      Literacy: All students will
                                                                      develop skills and strategies
                                                                      that promote personal and
                                                                      financial responsibility related
                                                                      to financial planning, savings,
                                                                      investment, and charitable
                                                                      giving in the global economy.

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