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Presentation Summary Template


Presentation Summary Template document sample

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									SANS Technology Institute
Community Project Requirements-Master's Students-SANS Conferences/Residential Institutes

Master's Student to complete all sections (except those labelled Internal). Student
will e-mail this form as an attachment to

Master's Student Name
Date that student fills out this form
Conference Name
Conference Date
Are you local, or are you traveling to the conf?
Arrival Date
Departure Date
PRESENTATION. Gold paper must be a pass before student can schedule a
presentation. Is it?
INTERNAL : Is there a time slot available for senior staff to grade the presentation?
(Presentations generally, but not always, are scheduled the fifth night of a six-day
1st or 2nd Presentation?
1st, 2nd, or 3rd Residential Institute? See Note A and Note B below.
Presentations are to be 30 min w extra 7 to 10 min for questions - 15 slides - 1st is
title, 2nd is objective, 12 are content, last is summary. 5 - 6 bullets per slide.
Students are required to use the presentation template that can be obtained from Presentations generally occur on night 5 of a six-day conference.
The Institute may, but is not required to, post passing presentations to its website.
Senior staff grades presentations generally using the SANS event evaluation form.
Persons in audience also fill out the event evaluation form which the grader can
review for additional information. But the final grade of pass or fail is up to the
grader, not the audience.
Did you read the information about ORAL PRESENTATIONS at ?
Presentation - Proposed Summary, Proposed Title, (and Bio): Students need to
have their proposed summary, proposed title, (and bio) proofread by for both presentations. Also, the proposed title, proposed summary,
(and bio) must be reviewed by a senior staff person(s). (When approved, they may
be posted to website and printed in on-site guide). Student must submit proposed
title, proposed summary, and bio to at least 9 weeks prior to conf
start date. Have you submitted them?
Presentation Draft. Your draft must be sent to at least 7 weeks prior
to conf start date. Then will send it to a member(s) of senior staff
who will take a "peek" at it and give you some general comments. (This not the
same as grading it). Have you sent the draft?

Presentation Final. Student will review the general comments and incorporate them
as appropriate into the final. Then student is to email the PDF of their hand-out to at least 5 weeks prior to conf start date. Have you sent the PDF?
INTERNAL : Has received proposed title and proposed summary
(and bio)?
INTERNAL : Has sent proposed title, proposed summary, and bio to
senior staff if applicable?

120806                                                   1
INTERNAL : Has senior staff approved proposed summary, proposed title, (and bio)
if applicable?
INTERNAL : Have senior staff member(s) provided comments to draft?
INTERNAL : Has sent approved title, summary, (and bio), to
publications dept (cc to conf planner and Deb J) to do this one
month ahead of conf start date.
INTERNAL: Has sent handout to publications dept (with copy to
conf planner and Deb J). Do one month ahead of conf start date.

Do you have Audio/Visual Needs for Presentation? (If so, list them below)
1 or 2 projectors?.
1 or 2 screens?
Overhead projector?
Other Audio/Visual needs?
STUDENT MUST BRING a laser pointer (unless student is skilled in using the "Ed
Skoudis method" of pointing at slides with his shadow).
INTERNAL : Has sent AV info to conf planner? They need it one
month ahead of conf start date.
TEACHING ASSISTANT: Are you requesting to be a TA at this conf? See NOTE A
If so, is it to fulfill the teaching assistant requirement required of masters students at
their last Residential Institute? See NOTE A below.
Did you coordinate your request with Deb Jorgensen who is the teaching assistant
coordinator ( She needs to know if you are a master's
student that is requesting priority because you need to fulfill your TA requirement
which is done at the last Residential Institute. The TA coordinator needs at least
one month's notice and it is better to give more.
For which course are you acting as a TA, if any?
WORK STUDY: Are you requesting to be in Work Study for this conference?
If so, is it to fulfill the Work Study requirement required of master's students at their
first Residential Institute?

Did you coordinate your request with the Work Study Coordinator? See or e-mail She
needs to know if you are a master's student that is requesting priority because you
need to fulfill your Work Study Requirement which is generally done at the first
Residential Institute. In the Work Study application section where it asks you why
you should be selected, underline or bold that you are a Master's Student that
needs to perform this requirement (if the application allows underlining/bolding).
Also, you may note in the Work Study application what courses you would prefer to
be assigned - first, second, third, fourth, fifth choice. Prime positions tend to be
filled earlier. Work Study Coordinator usually needs 9 to 12 weeks advance notice;
but sometimes it can be less notice, especially if it is a smaller conference. Note: In
the Work Study Program, the cost of a course plus the certification attempt
presently is $700, plus $100 extra if paid less than 14 days prior to the event.
Course(s) for which you are doing Work Study, if any?

120806                                                      2
GROUP DISCUSSION & WRITTEN PROJECT: Are you planning on doing the
Group Discussion and Written Project Commu Project Requirement at this conf? If
so, notify at least 5 weeks before the conference. Who is your
partner(s)? Your team will receive a topic the evening two days before the conf, and
the team will present the evening of the day before the conf.- one team member will
be the presenter. Screen and projector will be provided. It is possible that only the
grader will be in the audience. 15 minutes, 7 slides, 5 - 6 bullets per slide, Maximum
10 typed pages. It will be graded pass or fail. Group gets same grade The Institute
may, but is not required to, post passing projects to its website. Please note that it
may be difficult to do the Group Discussion and Written Project at the same
conference where Work Study is done due to possible timing conflicts.
INTERNAL : Has notified conf planners of the Group Discussion
and Written Project so they can reserve a room and equipment for the project.
Also, needs to determine if a senior staff member is available to
COURSES: What other courses are you taking at this conference? [A course
advisor contacts master's students within 30 days after the conference ends - See
Note C]
STUDENT MEETING: Generally there will be a meeting among students and
senior staff to which students will receive an invitation. If you are available, do you
expect to attend?

NOTE A: Students must pay for their own hotel room and hotel tax as well as their
other expenses for travel and food with the following exception: When a student is a
teaching assistant (TA) to satisfy the TA Community Project Requirement, the
Institute pays for the hotel room and hotel tax, but the student does not receive a TA
fee, and the Institute does not pay for any other expenses. When the student is a
TA under the general TA pool, the student receives a TA fee and the student's
authorized expenses are paid for.
NOTE B: Resid Institutes are the very large six-day conferences such as
SANSFIRE, SANS Annuals, SANS Network Security; CDI also qualifies though it is
not as large as the others. For the first RI where the Work Study is done, smaller 6-
day confs may qualify. Presentations can NOT be scheduled for Bootcamp style
conferences due to time conflicts.
NOTE C: The Course Advisor will ask if the student is encountering any problem
areas, provide guidance/suggestions, and may ask questions to see if it appears
that the student in general understands the subject area. Some students may not
need or want assistance; but we encourage students to consider using this extra
resource. If a student has concerns about course content that the Course Advisor
cannot answer, the student should contact General Faculty Advisor, Dr. Eric Cole.
And, Debbie Svoboda, at, is available to answer questions as Staff
NOTE D: There are other Community Project Requirements such as the Joint
Written Project and Awareness Talk that are not discussed above since they do not
directly affect the conference planning. Joint Written Projects can be assigned by
email when the student partners are ready to start, and they will have 30 days to
complete it after they receive the assignment.

120806                                                   3

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