PUBLIC HEALTH - SEATTLE & KING COUNTY                                    PURPOSE OF VISIT:
   Eastgate District Office                                                 Routine Inspection/Field Review of a Mobile FS - Risk
   14350 SE Eastgate Way                                                    Category III establishment (PE=6783)
   Bellevue, WA 98007

 ESTABLISHMENT INFORMATION:                                               INSPECTION INFORMATION:

   BUNS @ CATERING BY JOHN                                                   Date of Inspection: Tuesday, April 19, 2011
   BUNS @ ROUTE 425-818-0527
                                                                             Time In: 11:10 am                 Time Out: 11:31 am
   15364 NE 96th PL C-9
   REDMOND, WA 98052                                                         Total Points: 0 points

                                                                             Inspector: Leonard Winchester

 Program Record: PR0080796                                                   Result: SATISFACTORY

RED VIOLATIONS FOUND (improper practices or procedures identified as the most prevalent contributing factors of
foodborne illness or injury)
BLUE VIOLATIONS FOUND (preventive measures to control the addition of pathogens, chemicals, and physical
objects into foods)
                                                                                                                            TOTAL POINTS: 0
              Item                                          Temperature (°F)                                  Location
               food storage                                     39°                                       resch in cooler


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 Based on an inspection this day, the above described violations must be corrected in the time specified by the health officer. A food
 establishment permit may be suspended without warning, notice or hearing if the requirements of the food code and/or directives of
 the health officer are not met or if violations are not corrected in the time stated in this report. The permit will be suspended if an
 imminent hazard exists or there are 90 or more red critical points or if there are 120 or more total points. The health officer will provide
 an opportunity for an appeal on the validity of a suspension or the findings of an inspection report if a written request is filed with the
 health officer within ten (10) days of the suspension or inspection.       The filing of an appeal does not stay the effectiveness of a
 suspension. The completed inspection form is a public document that must be made available to any person who requests it under the
 provision of the Public Disclosure Act (42.17.260 RCW).

     Inspector/Person in Charge
                                                                                                        Date:      4/19/2011

    Person in Charge Name: stewart
    PIC Phone #: 425-818-0527                           Email:

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                                      Routine Inspection/Field Review - BUNS @ CATERING BY JOHN - 4/19/2011
OUT                                              The following items are evaluated during routine inspections.


                                      Violations cited as out of compliance during this inspection are highlighted below.
                                      Out=out of compliance; In=in compliance; N/O=not observed; N/A=not applicable
                                                                    RED HIGH RISK FACTORS                                                                Points
      X                0100     PIC certified by accredited program, or compliance with Code, or correct answers                                             5
      X                0200     Food Worker Cards current for all food workers; new food workers trained                                                     5
      X                0300     Proper ill worker practices; no ill workers present; proper reporting of illness                                           25
      X                0400     Hands washed as required                                                                                                   15
      X                0500     Proper methods used to prevent bare hand contact with RTE foods                                                            15
      X                0600     Adequate handwashing facilities                                                                                            10
      X                0700     Food obtained from approved source                                                                                         15
      X                0800     Water supply, ice from approved source                                                                                     15
           X           0900     Proper washing of fruits and vegetables                                                                                    10
      X                1000     Food in good condition, safe and unadulterated; approved additives                                                         10
      X                1100     Proper disposition of returned, previously served, unsafe, or contaminated food                                            10
                 X     1200     Proper shellfish identification; proper parasite destruction procedures for fish                                             5
      X                1300     Food contact surfaces used for raw meat thoroughly cleaned and sanitized                                                   15
      X                1400     Raw meats below and away from RTE food                                                                                       5
                 X     1500     Proper handling of pooled eggs                                                                                               5
                 X     1600     Proper cooling procedure                                                                                                   30
           X           1710     Proper hot holding temperatures (< 130° F )                                                                                25
           X           1720     Proper hot holding temperatures; between 130° F to 139° F                                                                    5
           X           1800     Proper cooking time and temperature                                                                                        25
      X                1900     No room temperature storage; proper use of time as a control, procedures available                                         25
                 X     2000     Proper reheating procedures for hot holding                                                                                15
      X                2110     Proper cold holding temperatures (> 45° F)                                                                                 10
      X                2120     Proper cold holding temperatures (between 42° F to 45° F)                                                                    5
      X                2200     Accurate thermometer provided and used to evaluate temperature of PHF                                                        5
                 X     2300     Proper Consumer Advisory posted for raw or undercooked foods                                                                 5
                 X     2400     Pasteurized foods used as required; prohibited foods not offered                                                           10
      X                2500     Toxic substances properly identified, stored, used                                                                         10
                 X     2600     Compliance with risk control plans, variances, or mobile unit plan of operation                                            10
                 X     2700     Variance obtained for specialized processing methods (e.g. ROP)                                                            10
                              BLUE LOW RISK FACTORS (only violations that are 'Out' are noted for low-risk factors)                                      Points
                       2800     Food received at proper temperature                                                                                          5
                       2900     Adequate equipment for temperature control                                                                                   5
                       3000     Proper thawing methods used                                                                                                  3
                       3100     Proper labeling, signage                                                                                                     5
                       3200     Insects, rodents, animals not present; entrance controlled                                                                   5
                       3300     Potential food contamination prevented during preparation, storage, display                                                  5
                       3400     Wiping cloths properly used, stored                                                                                          5
                       3500     Employee cleanliness and hygiene                                                                                             3
                       3600     Proper eating, tasting, drinking, or tobacco use                                                                             3
                       3700     In-use utensils properly stored                                                                                              3
                       3800     Utensils, equipment, linens properly stored, used, handled                                                                   3
                       3900     Single use and single service articles properly stored, used                                                                 3
                       4000     Food and non-food surfaces properly used and constructed; cleanable                                                          5
                       4100     Warewashing facilities properly installed, maintained, used; test strips available and used                                  5
                       4200     Food-contact surfaces maintained, clean, sanitized                                                                           5
                       4300     Non-food contact surfaces maintained and clean                                                                               3
                       4400     Plumbing properly sized, installed, and maintained; proper backflow devices, indirect drains, no cross-connection            5
                       4500     Sewage, waste water properly disposed                                                                                        5
                       4600     Toilet facilities properly constructed, supplied, cleaned                                                                    3
                       4700     Garbage, refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained                                                                     3
                       4800     Physical facilities properly installed, maintained, clean; unnecessary persons excluded from establishment                   2
                       4900     Adequate ventilation; lighting; designated areas used                                                                        2
                       5000     Posting of permit; mobile establishment name easily visible                                                                  2
                                                                                                                                  Total of Violations Cited: 0

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                                             Routine Inspection/Field Review - BUNS @ CATERING BY JOHN - 4/19/2011
Internal Cooking Temperatures                                                     Food Safety Training Requirement
140°F:                                                                            All food workers must have a valid Washington FWC and copies
. Plant foods for hot holding                                                     must be available upon request.
145°F for 15 seconds:                                                             New employees without valid food worker cards must be given
. Unpasteurized eggs                                                              food safety training before beginning food handling duties. The
. Fish, except as listed below                                                    training must be documented and kept onsite. Food workers
. Meat, except as listed below                                                    must have a FWC within 14 calendar days of hire.
. Pork, except as listed below                                                    Initial FWCs are valid for 2 years and renewal cards are valid for
. Commercially raised game animals, rabbits                                       3 years. To qualify for a renewal, the FWC must be renewed up
155°F for 15 seconds:                                                             to 60 days before the card expires.
. Ground or comminuted meats or fish
. Injected meats                                                                  Restriction & Notification of Ill Food Workers
. Ratites (ostrich, rhea, and emu)                                                Healthy food workers are important factors in foodborne illness
165°F for 15 seconds:                                                             prevention. Food workers must inform the PIC if they have:
. Poultry                                                                         . Symptoms of a gastrointestinal infection (such as
. Stuffed fish, meat, pork, pasta, ratites, or poultry                            diarrhea, vomiting or jaundice)
. Stuffing containing fish, meat, or poultry                                      . A diagnosed illness from Salmonella, Shigella, Shiga
. Wild game animals                                                               toxin-producing E. coli, hepatitis A, or any other illness
According to cooking chart in 3-401.11(B):                                        that can be transmitted from a food worker through food
. Pork or beef roasts; ham                                                        . Infected, uncovered wounds
Holding Temperatures                                                              . Discharges from the eyes, nose, or mouth (persistent
. 41°F or less; 140°F or greater                                                  sneezing, coughing or runny nose)
                                                                                  The PIC must restrict food workers with these conditions from
Options for Cooling PHF:                                                          working with exposed food and clean equipment.
1. Cool food in thicknesses no greater than 2 inches, uncovered,                  Notification
refrigerated at 41°F, and protected from contamination                            The PIC must notify the Regulatory Authority if a food worker
or                                                                                has jaundice or a diagnosed illness that can be transmitted
2. Cool from 140°F to 41°F within 6 hours, making sure the                        through food.
food cools to 70°F within the first 2 hours. Suggested
methods to meet time and temperature criteria:                                    Handwashing & Preventing Bare Hand Contact
. Shallow pans                                                                    Handwashing must take at least 20 seconds and include a
. Rapid cooling equipment                                                         10-15 second scrub, thorough rinse, and complete dry.
. Stir cooling food frequently                                                    Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods is prohibited.
. Ice bath                                                                        Single-use gloves, tongs, utensils, or other approved methods
. Pans (such as stainless steel) that maximize heat                               must be used when handling ready-to-eat foods.
                                                                                  Imminent Health Hazards
Abbreviations                                                                     A food establishment must immediately stop operations and
BHC = Bare Hand Contact                                                           notify the Regulatory Authority if an imminent health hazard may
DOH = Washington State Department of Health                                       exist due to:
FDA = Food and Drug Administration                                                . Fire
FWC = Food Worker Card                                                            . Flood
HACCP = Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point                                    . Loss of electricity
PHF = Potentially Hazardous Food                                                  . Lack of hot water or loss of water service
PIC = Person in Charge                                                            . Sewage backup
ROP = Reduced Oxygen Packaging                                                    . Misuse of toxic or poisonous materials
RTE = Ready to Eat                                                                . Onset of an apparent foodborne illness outbreak
USDA = United States Department of Agriculture                                    . Any circumstance that may endanger public health
WAC = Washington Administrative Code
WSDA = Washington State Department of Agriculture                                 Environmental Health Services

References                                                                        Downtown Seattle (206-296-4632)
Chapter 246-215 WAC                                                               401 - 5th Ave., Ste. 1100
Chapter 246-217 WAC                                                               Seattle, WA 98104
Chapter 69.06 Revised Code of Washington
2001 FDA Food Code                                                                food safety website:
KCC BOH Title 5                                                         

                                                                                  foodworker cards website:

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                                               Routine Inspection/Field Review - BUNS @ CATERING BY JOHN - 4/19/2011

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