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Tuesday 7 June 2011

RE: UCAS Confirmation and Clearing 2011

Dear Parent(s) / guardian(s)

Your son or daughter is about to start their A2 examinations at the end of this week. I
would like to take this opportunity to wish them all the best of luck. It is also
important at this stage that I share with you some vital information so you and your
son or daughter best prepare for the important results day on 18th August.

I am about to put on the school website, in the Sixth Form / Ucas section, some
important PDF documents on Confirmation and Clearing 2011 provided by Ucas.
These include, amongst others, a comprehensive guide on what to do specifically in
the Clearing process, in the event that your son or daughter does not get the grades for
their firm or insurance choices. I would advise you all to check these for your
information. Please allow 48 hours from receipt of this letter before accessing those
documents online.

Whether it’s a case of waiting for exam results to have a place confirmed or
understanding exactly what happens during Confirmation and Clearing 2011, you and
your son or daughter need to take control of the options and decisions that they will be
faced with this summer.

UCAS’ advice is to keep on top of the process and do some upfront research.
Updating contact details in Track, understanding the exact conditions of an offer and
being available to make important decisions when exam results are published means
valuable time won’t be wasted.

Ensuring you and your son or daughter fully understand how they will receive results
is essential. It is worth remembering that it is not possible to see exam results in
Track, only the outcome of an application. They should also check if their
qualifications are those for which exam results are automatically sent to UCAS - some
results need to be forwarded onto the university or college holding a place for them,
by the applicant themselves.
Throughout July and August, UCAS will be hosting online web chats, posting
important reminders on Twitter (www.twitter.com/ucas_online) and answering
questions on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ucasonline) . These valuable resources,
manned by experienced UCAS advisers, give applicants answers to those common
questions. Of course, for far more specific queries, the UCAS Customer Service Unit
still offers one-to-one advice on 0871 468 0 468.

Track will keep your son or daughter updated with the status of their application. It
should be their first point of call. If it says in Track following receipt of results, that a
place is confirmed then believe it, a call to the UCAS Customer Service Unit won’t
provide any more information. A letter will be issued confirming conditions have
been met and your son or daughter will be off to their chosen university or college.

If exam results turn out to be better than expected and not only meet but exceed their
firm offer, there is the option of Adjustment – a scheme that allows you to register
and apply for other courses in a five-day window whilst holding onto a confirmed
place. Visit www.ucas.com/students/nextsteps/adjustment for more information.

Clearing will be an option for some. It’s not just for people with lower exam results
than expected. Even though an applicant can’t approach a university for a Clearing
place until results have been received and they have been given their Clearing
Number in Track, it’s worth putting in the legwork now to consider the types of
courses that could be an option. Because applicants deal directly with admissions staff
in Clearing, UCAS advises that they should view the process as a mini interview.
Nothing can be gained from a speculative phone call with little or no understanding of
the course or university, particularly during Clearing – it is still a competitive process
and should be viewed as such.

There is a lot of information on www.ucas.com about every aspect of Confirmation
and Clearing. Doing that all important thinking up-front could make that well-
considered decision the right one.

Please don’t forget to consult the documents accessible via the school website. If you
require any further information, do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Kind regards,

Miss Peycelon
Head of Sixth Form

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