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                 Bolton 495™ Pinto Peanut       Arachis pintoi

  Bolton 495™ Pinto Peanut is a relatively new forage pinto cultivar to the Australian pasture
  market. Southedge Seeds is the exclusive producer of seed in Australia of this robust forage
  pinto peanut, and has spent several years in assessing its potential and identifying cost
  effective means of harvesting this difficult seed.
                                      Environme nt                               waterlogging, but will only tolerate
  Checklist                           Bolton 495™ pinto peanut will grow         low to moderate levels of salinity.
   Long term tropical /              in tropical and sub tropical regions
    subtropical perennial             w he r e t he av e ra ge a n nu al         Establishment
    pasture legume                    temperature is between 21-23°C,            Establishing pinto peanut is not
                                      with best growth occurring when            something that should be rushed
   High dry matter                   t empe rat ures range bet w een            into. Considerable cost is goes into
    production                        22-28°C. Plant tops are killed by          establishing either pure stands or
   Suitable for a wide               frost. However, new growth will            sowing into established pastures,
                                      come from the crown and from               and one mistake can lead to
    range of grazing                  seedling regenerat ion. Whilst             headache and lost money. Unlike
    systems                           plants will grow in rainfall zones of      ordinary peanuts, the seeds are
   Suitable for ground               1000mm per year, best production           fragile and easily damaged, so
    cover within tropical             occurs with greater than 1500mm            planting machinery needs to be
                                      per year. Plants          established      carefully looked at, and press
    plantations                       from seed      develop a strong tap        wheels need to be able to apply
   Excellent drought and             root enabling them to     tolerate up      sufficient seed soil      contact for
    shade tolerance                   to 5 months dry season, whereas            opt imu m f ield est ablish ment .
   Grows on a wide range             cuttings have           inferior root      There are no fixed rules as to what
                                      systems producing only fibrous             t he best row spac ing's are.
    of soil types                     roots.       Bolt on 495™ grow s           However an established plant can
   Sowing Rate - 1– 4                exceptionally well in shaded areas,        run up to       2m/y r in the tropics.
    ENVIROGRO® pellets                and in some cases may produce              Inoculation is essential for optimum
    per square metre or               more growth than in full sun.              production, ensuring the plant will
                                                                                 fix enough nitrogen for both itself
    dependent on pure live            Soil Type                                  and any other plants.             The
    seed count 5-20kg/ha              Bolton 495™ like all pinto peanut          ENVIROGRO® pelleted seed is
                                      cultivars will grow on sandy loam          already pre-inoculated making for
                                      to loam soils with soil pH between         one less job come planting time.
                                      4.5 and 7.2, with growth being
                                      reduced at pH below 5.4. Whilst it
                                      does        prefer to grow in soils of
                                      moderate to high fertility, pinto
                                      peanut can          survive in infertile
                                      soils, as well as soils with high
                                      le v e ls   of    ma n g a n e s e  and
                                      aluminium. Unlike most legumes,
                                      Bolton 495™ pinto peanut will
                                      w it hst a nd s ho rt     pe r io ds of

       EN IROGRO

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