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					      Hydracore Drills Ltd.
   7702 Progress Way, Delta, B.C. V4G 1A4, Canada
       Phone (604) 940-4937, Fax (604) 940-4919

   Parts and Service Manual

Hydracore 2000 Drill
With 115 HP John Deere 4045TF150A,
     96 HP Deutz BF4M914, or
      Isuzu 137 HP 4BG1ABFB
  Serial numbers 288 and up
Hydracore Drills Ltd.                           Gopher Manportable Drill

                         Table of Contents
1. Title page
2. Table of contents
3. Introduction and Warranty
4. General Description
5. General Description
6. Specifications
7. Specifications
8. Drill components list
9. Ordering parts
10. Drill Head
11. Drill Head picture
13. Chuck
14. Mast, Back Legs, and sheavewheel assembly
16. Cylinder
17. Power pack
18. Panel
19. Pump Diesel operated
20. Pump, Hydraulic operated
22. Admiral pump
23. KL 45 pump assembly
24. KL45 pump internal parts
26. Winch
28. Mixer
29. Footclamp
30. Description of hydraulic circuit
34. Hydraulic schematic
35. Hooking up hoses
36. Maintenance
40. Operating Instructions
46. Timax pop valve

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                              Gopher Manportable Drill


The purpose of this manual is to provide the operator with detailed information,
instructions, and specifications pertaining to the operation of the Hydracore 2000 Drill.
Familiarization with this manual’s contents will improve the Drills performance and
provide a long trouble free service life.

                        HYDRACORE STANDARD WARRANTY

It is agreed that there are no warranties, express or implied, made by Hydracore Drills
Ltd., except its following standard warranty.

Hydracore Drills Ltd. warrants each new Hydracore Drill and related parts sold by
Hydracore to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and
service for ninety days from the date of first use, but not to exceed six months from the
date of shipment.

The obligation under this warranty is limited to the replacement or repair at the
Richmond, B.C. , plant of Hydracore, or at a point designated by Hydracore, of such part
or parts as shall appear upon inspection at this point to have been defective in material or
workmanship at the time sold, provided that the part or parts claimed defective are
returned to the inspection point, transportation charges prepaid.

This warranty applies only to new and unused Hydracore Drills and parts, which, after
shipment from the Hydracore plant, have not been altered, changed, or repaired in some
manner. This does not extend to power units, pumps and other trade accessories not
manufactured by Hydracore, though sold or operated with Hydracore’s drills, same being
subject to warranties of the representative manufacturers thereof.

In no event shall Hydracore be liable for consequential damages or liabilities caused by
the failure of any drill or parts to operate properly.

Hydracore is constantly striving to improve its products and , therefore reserves the right
to improve its products, specifications, and price without prior notice.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                              Gopher Manportable Drill

                        General Description and Weights
Drilling Unit

The drilling unit is equipped with two 70 inch stroke hydraulic cylinders. The cylinder
bore is 2.5” the rod size is 1.75”. The drill head has a hollow spindle 3 7/8” inside
diameter. The spindle is driven by a belt. A variable displacement bent axis motor has a
small pulley directly attached to it’s shaft. The speed of the head, can be varied by a
knob on the hydraulic panel. A hydraulic clamp is also fitted.
The drill is normally mounted on an aluminum skid. There are telescopic back legs that
allows the drill to be set at any angle from –90 to –45 degrees.
Rod pulling is accomplished by means of the hydraulic cylinders. The tower is only used
for the wireline cable. A heavy tower is therefore not required. The drill on its
aluminum skid with the winch, hoist, back legs, head and clamp is 1950 lbs. The drill
head complete with the steel hood and 160 cc motor is 590 lbs.

Hydraulic Power Pack

The Hydraulic powerpack is made so that it can be split into two pieces to make moving
it easier. The hydraulic module separates from the engine by removing only a few bolts.
The throttle also has to be disconnected. Two lifting points are provided. The one that is
centered over the engine is for when the engine is lifted on its own. The one that is closer
to the middle of the powerpack is for lifting the whole powerpack at once with a big
helicopter. The panel does not have a lifting lug. Two equal length slings should be
attached one to each side of the upper frame. A bracket is welded onto the upper frame
so that the slings cannot slip from the center of the frame. The weight of the two pieces
is sometimes stamped into each frame. The hydraulic module is 900 lbs. The John Deere
engine unit is about 1235 lbs. The Deutz engine is 1050 lbs. The Isuzu engine is 1135 lbs.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                            Gopher Manportable Drill

Control Panel Not exactly as shown

    1. Clamp and chuck lever
    2. Clamp lock valve
    3. Water pump fast lever ( it looks like valve 8 but is to the left of 4)
    4. Drill head speed
    5. Rotation
    6. Winch
    7. Cylinder Fast feed
    8. Water Pump
    9. Fine feed
    10. Cylinder slow feed
    11. Engine Throttle
    12. Engine stop
    A. Water guage
    B. Torque gauge ( Main Pump)
    C. Cylinder off pressure guage
    Not Shown, to the left of 3 is the small winch control lever
    Not shown, on the left side of the drill low down, two mud mixer controls, the
    triconing valve, and the main pump by pass valve.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                            Gopher Manportable Drill

                            Hydracore 2000 Drill 115 HP

                        A size                  4000 feet (1200 m)
B size                  3000 feet (900 m)
N size                  1800 feet (540 m)
H size                   900 feet (270 m)

                                         Drill Head

                        Motor Displacement            RPM Torque

Maximum              522 1075 Ft- lbs
Minimum              1550 336 Ft- lbs
Weight (including chuck) 580 lbs
        ( steel version)
Speed/ Torque is continuously variable between maximum and minimum values.
More torque is available in reverse for rod breaking, (1790 ft-lbs) because the
reverse pressure is set at 5000 PSI and the maximum pressure in forward is
only 3000 psi.

                                     Hydraulic Chuck

Operation    Spring closed, Hydraulic opened
Axial Thrust 24,000 lbs
No. of Jaws        3
Maximum rod size 3 ½”

                                        Foot Clamp

Operation       Accumulator closed,
                Hydraulic opened

Axial Thrust            25,000 lbs
No of jaws              2
Maximum rod size        3 ½”
Weight                  90 lbs

                             Drill Slide and Feed Cylinder

Maximum Pull                     24,000 lbs
Maximum Thrust                     16,000 lbs

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                Gopher Manportable Drill

Stroke                     70”
Weight                     550 lbs

                                    Power Pack

Engine         John Deere 4045 115 HP
Main Pump              60 GPM, 3000 PSI
Auxiliary Pumps(2) 10 GPM, 2500 PSI
Feed Pump               1 GPM, 3000 PSI
Hydraulic Tank        12.5 Gallons (US)
Cooling               Water cooled, heat exchanger
Weight                1850 lbs
The powerpack is designed to quickly
split into two parts one weighing 800 lbs
and the engine,which weighs 1050 lbs
in its frame with the battery.


20 GPM 1000 PSI Water Pump hydraulic
                     ( IB 1029 Admiral)
45 GPM 1000 PSI Water Pump hydraulic
                     (Cat 3545)
Wireline hoist 2000 foot capacity

Wireline hoist 3000 foot capacity

Hydraulic Mud mixer
These are the weights for helicopter moves
Hydraulic module           880lbs
Engine module
(John Deere)               1250lbs
(Isuzu)                    1150lbs
(Deutz)                    1050lbs
Drill on skid with clamp,  1100lbs
Back legs, and winch
Drill head                 580lbs

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                        Gopher Manportable Drill

                  Drill Component List 2000 Drill #288 and up
          DESRIPTION              MANUFACTURER                           MODEL NUMBER

 Engine                              John Deere 115 HP     4045
                                     Deutz 96 or 106 HP    914 or 913
                                     Isuzu 137 or 114 HP   4BG1T or
 Drill Head                          HC 2000 STEEL
 Belt                                Gates                 8M-1200-90
 Rotation Motor (100HP)              Rexroth               A6VM160HD2/63W-V2B010B
                                     Sauer Danfoss         51V160 RF 1N HZB1 BHG5 NNN
 Pulleys 36 AND 100 TOOTH            HC                    36 tooth 1 ¾ - 13 and 100 tooth

 Winch Motor                         Char Lynn             104-1198
 Main Valve Bank                     Walvoil               SD25/3/AC(XG3)/211L.UX2
 Slow feed lever                     Gresen                V20R-K4X1-HH-Closed
 Water pump Valve in special         Compact & Aktiv       CP620-1-B-8S-10-10-DR ,AC676 manifold
 manifold with compensator and                             CP310-4-B-0-080 compensator,
 relief.                                                   CP200-3-B-O-A-C pressure relief
 Fine Feed                           Parker                MV800
 Clamp and chuck valve               Compact               CP640-1-B-6S-5-3-D
 Speed Valve, motor                  Compact               CP230-1-B-6S-K-B
 displacement control
 Guide Bearing                       BQ or BTW             UCFL-212-206T
                                     BW,NQ or NTW          UCFL-215E 48
 These two bearings, go in special   NW,HQ or HTW          6019
 housings                            HW, or PQ             6024
 Water pump fast valve               Compact               CP620-1-B-8S-5-10-DR
 Heat Exchanger                      Thermal Transfer      A-624-2-4-T-BR
 Heat exchanger                      Thermal Transfer      A-624-2-4-T-BR
 Triconing Valve, this was           Sterling              J04E2ZN
 deleted after serial number 304     BLB BM 40             1249705
 Hoist valve (on some machines)      BLB BM 40             1259068, closed center plug
 Water Pump Motor                    Char Lynn             104-1022
 Pressure pump                       FMC, Admiral,         420, CA 1029,
                                     Emperror              KF 40
 Clamp Lock Valve                    MP                    GE2-N 3/8
 Clamp Accumulator                   Parker                A4N0116D1K
 Mud Mixer                           Char Lynn. Gresen     129-0002,
 Return Filter Tank Top              Gresen                TIE-25-10 Element
                                                           T125N1AHN Assembly

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                             Gopher Manportable Drill

 3 micron filter                       PTI                      Element F4F-030-HC-B

 Main Hydraulic Pump                   Sundstrand              CPA 1176 (060) (2” gear housing) on JD
                                                               Isuzu, (050) on Deutz
 Auxiliary Hydraulic pumps (1)                Sundstrand       SNP2-14,-17 on Isuzu or

 Auxiliary Piston pump                       Sauer Danfoss             LRR030D (B-A)
 Feed and reverse pump                        Dynex                    PF104-J746
 Drive Plate SAE 12”                           KTR                       FLE-65

    Ordering parts

    Because all these machines are made one at a time there are quite a few variations in
    the parts that may have been used. We try to keep track of these changes, but we
    don’t always succeed completely. Some problems have appeared to do with
    supplying parts that it is worth being aware of.

    The listing of parts shown on this drill components list is likely to be a bit more
    accurate than the part numbers in the parts book pages. We can supply replacement
    parts for your machine without in most cases without you having to tell us the part

    The drill head motor, most of the drills have been supplied with the Sauer Danfoss
    51V160 motor. Some drills have used the 110 cc motor which will also fit onto any
    of these drill head. The 110 cc motor normally uses a 32 tooth small pulley rather
    than the 36 tooth one on the 160 cc motor.

    Some drills have also used the Rexroth motors, either 160cc or 107cc. They are
    almost a direct replacement for the Sauer. The only difference is that the Sauer has a
    1” o ring case drain port, and the Rexroth uses ¾”. Also the A and B ports on the
    Rexroth 160 are -20 where the Sauer uses- 16. The 107 Rexroth has -16 ports.
    Usually we would supply the same motor as a replacement, but if a substitution has
    to be made because of availability we would supply the fittings as well.

    There are some differences on the main hydraulic gear pumps on the different drills.
    Depending on the engine the drill will have either a 5 or 6 cubic inch main pump.
    The 5 cubic inch pump measures about 1 ¾” on the iron part. The 6 cubic inch pump
    measures 2”. The 5 cubic is used on the Deutz engine, the 6 cubic inch on the JD or

    The problem is that there have been a few machines that have gone out that may
    have had a different size than normal on pump ports. Because of this when you order
    a pump we may ask you to measure the ports on your existing pump. We can

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                             Gopher Manportable Drill

    probably supply an exact replacement, but if not we will be able to supply the
    different sized fittings that you would need.

    The pressure compensated Sauer 45 series pump has been supplied either with a 13
    tooth by 7/8” shaft, or a 15 tooth 1” shaft. If we are not sure which kind you need
    we will send the coupling as well so that it is sure to fit.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                             Gopher Manportable Drill

    Parts List Hydracore 2000 Steel HQ head with 107cc 110cc or 160cc motor

        Description                                Part number
    1. Screen                                      HC2000-1-107
    2. Pulley 100 teeth                            8MGT-100S-90-2000
        2 keys ½ X ½ X 1 7/8                       HC2000-2
    3. Sealing ring                                HC2000-3
    4. Seal                                        CR67533 or CR417596
    5. Housing, steel 107cc                        HC2000-107S
    6. Shaft                                       HC2000-4
    7. Yoke, steel                                 HC2000-5S
    8. Bushing retainer plate                      HC2000-6
    9. Bushing, available in sizes AQ to HW        HC2000-7(size)
    10. Nut, 12 bolt
        Also 12 allen bolts 3/8-16 UNC X 1”
    11. Hardened ring                              HC2000-8
    12. Opener Cylinder                            HC2000-9
        Opener Cylinder seal kit                   HC2000-9-SK
        Bolts ½-13UNC X 1 ¼”
    13. Outer race separator                       HC2000-10
    14. Inner race separator                       HC2000-11
    15. Bearing (2 required)                       6226C3
    16. Bearing retainer plate                     HC2000-12
        Seal                                       CR60000
    17. Allen Bolts 5/16-18 UNC X 1”
    18. Cover                                      HC2000-13
    19. Opener cylinder (again)                    HC2000-9
        Opener cylinder hose                       F4210303-6-6-6-15, (12 1/2” cut)
        Opener cylinder elbow                      3503-6-6
        Opener cylinder tee                        063T-6-6
    20. Belt                                       8MGT 1200-90
    21. Pulley 30 teeth                            8MGT-30S-90-1 ¾-13T
    22. Motor (Rexroth)                            AA6VM107HD2/63WVSC520B,
        Motor (Sauer Danfoss)                      51V110 RF 1N H2B BHG5 NNN
                                                   032 AAF3 0500, or 51V160HD2 etc
    23. Head hold down bolt                        HC2000-10

    Not shown VA 150 water excluder seal, and seal holder ring.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.   Gopher Manportable Drill

Hydracore Drills Ltd.   Gopher Manportable Drill

Hydracore Drills Ltd.        Gopher Manportable Drill

    28342-5” Special bolt
    for holding corebarrel

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                     Gopher Manportable Drill

                                      Parts list
       Hydracore 2000 5” mast with double hollow cylinders
                          Top picture
Item            Description                    Part Number        Quantity

1.              Sheave Wheel ( Jet )           131105             1
2.              Sheave bracket
3.              Cylinder Hollow rod type       43636H             1
4.              Rod slide assembly             H2000-20           1
5.              Back leg pivot bracket         H2000-20           1
                Back leg pin                   H2000-21           2
                Jaw serrated for inner leg     J1                 2
                Aluminum Jaw for lower leg     J3                 2
                Bolts ½ NC X 4”                                   2
                Nuts ½ NC Nylock                                  2
6.              Drill head                     HQS-107            1
                Back leg inner                 H2000-24           2
7.              Double back leg                H2000-22           1
8.              Back Leg Outer                 H2000-23           2
10.             Skid                           H2000-25           1
11.             Foot                           H2000-26           2
                Point                          H2000-27           2
                Saddle liner set (plastic)     43694-U            1
12.             Saddle                         H2000-28           1
14.             Foot clamp assembly HW         H2000-29           1
15.             Mast pivot clamp               43692-C            2

                                   Bottom picture
Item            Description                    Part Number        Quantity

1.              Sheave Wheel                   3800101            1
2.              Rod rack end tubes             H2000-30           1
3.              Rod rack cross bar outer       H2000-31           1
                Rod rack cross bar inner       H2000-32           1
4.              Rod rack end bracket           H2000-33           1
5.              Mast raising cylinder          1200225            1
                Mast raising Bracket           H2000-34           1
6.              Sheave wheel mast, Upper       H2000-35           1
7.              Inner leg 2” X 12’             H2000-36           2
8.              Outer leg 2 ¼” X 12’           H2000-37           2
9.              Foot                           H2000-26           2

Hydracore Drills Ltd.   Gopher Manportable Drill

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                         Gopher Manportable Drill

On machine #273 the cylinders are similar to above, except the piston rod is hollow.
The seal kit is the same. The part number for the hollow rod is 43707H. The part
number for the piston is 43708H. The part number for the cylinder is 43704H. On
machines #274 and up the piston is changed to a 43708H2 which also requires
different seals. The two seals 43710 are replaced by one, 18702125-375UNI.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                          Gopher Manportable Drill

                              Hydraulic Power Pack
Item            Description                       Part Number          Quantity

    1. Engine, Deutz                              BF4M914              1
        Or JD or Isuzu
    2. Heat Exchanger                             A-624-2-4-T-BR        1
    3. Hydraulic Oil filter                       T125N1AHN             1
        Hydraulic filter element                  T1E-25-10             1
    4. Tank 10” X 18” X 16”                       H2000-35G             1
    5. Main Pump Sundstrand                       CP 222 ( 040, 050, or 060)
        Main pump filter element                  9700810               1
    6. Sundstrand 14 cc pump for water pump
    7. Sundstrand 14 cc pump Auxiliary
    8. Main power pack skid                       H2000-36G            1
    9. Hydraulic module frame                     H2000-37G            1
    10. Auxiliary pump spool valve                BLB 1249721          1
    11. Whipple Pump Valve                        J04D3ZN              1
    12. Main pump Bypass valve                                         1
    13. Check valve for cooler bypass                                  1
    14. Air filter (Donaldson) (metal canister)   C085004              1
        Or Baldwin (plastic canister)             PA2805
    15. Whipple pump relief valve                 A0482HZN             1

    Parts not shown
    Hydraulic pump coupling Hub                   M-65-1/14            1

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                    Gopher Manportable Drill

    Flywheel drive plate                     FLE 65X10”          1
    Pressue gauge cylinder                   SPG-63-3000-PN      1
    Pressure gauge torque                    SPG-63-3000-PN      1
    Pressure gauge water                     SPG-100-1500-PN     1
    Throttle lever assembly                  H2000-38            1
    Throttle Knob (Brand AO755)              SF311               1
    Oil filter 2011                          B288                1
    Fuel filter 2011                         BF587-D             1

Item         Description                      Part Number        Quantity
1.           Cylinder off pressure gauge      MPG-1P-3000-B      1
2.           Water Pump control valve                            1
    CP620-1-B-8S-20-2-DR AC676
3.           Main pump pressure gauge         MPG-1P-3000-B      1
4.           Drill head displacement control  CP230-1-B-6S-K-B 1
5.           Check valve 3/8”                 C600S              1
6.           3 way ball valve (mixer)                            1
7.           Clamp, Chuck valve               CP640-1-B-6S-5-3-D 1
8.           Clamp lock valve                 GE2 N3/8           1
9.           Main valve bank
SD25/3/AC(XG3)/211L.UX2(G3)513L/513LRC-SAE                       1
10.          Slow feed valve             V20R-K4X1-HH-Closed     1

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                            Gopher Manportable Drill

11.             Check valve ¼” ( Snap-tite)        6C4F-F65              1
12.             Fine feed valve                    MV 800S               1
              Diesel Driven Water Pump 18 GPM
   Water pump with Kubota and two types of Yanmar engine have been supplied
The Kubota engines are all model number OC 95
The Yanmar engines are two kinds one with the crankshaft power take off ( like the
Kubota) and one with the cam shaft power take off, which requires different pulleys and
belts because the output speed is half what it is on the crankshaft drive engines.

Crankshaft Power take off engines
Item        Description                            Part Number           Quantity
1.          Driven Pulley                          8M-112S-36                  1
2.          Bushing 35mm                           3020 X 35mm                 1
3.          Motor Pulley                           8M-22S-36-1”                1
4.          Belt                                   8M-1000-36                  1
5.          Engine ( Yanmar)                       L100EE-DE15A                1
            Engine (Kubota)                        OC 95 E
6.          Tank                                   M036T                         1
7.          Pump                                   CA-1029                       1
8.          Frame                                  M036                          1
            Throttle (Paupco) on Kubota s          310-181

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                             Gopher Manportable Drill

Camshaft power take off engines
Item        Description                 Part Number       Quantity
   1. Driven Pulley               8M-90S-36               1
   2. Bushing 35mm                3020 X 35mm             1
   3. Motor Pulley                8M-34S-36               1
      Bushing                     1610-30mm
   4. Belt                        8M-1000-36              1
   5. Engine ( Yanmar)            L100AE-SEYC-2           1
   6. Tank                        M036T                   1
   7. Pump                        CA-1029                 1
   8. Frame                       M036c                   1

          Hydraulic Driven Water Pump 27 GPM
                        Parts list
Item            Description            Part Number        Quantity

1.              Quick coupler          S40-4                      1
2.              Hydraulic Motor        104-1023                   1
3.              Bell Housing           M032                       1
4.              Coupling               CHJS6-1 3/8+ JS6B+         1
                                       CHJS6-1 1/4
5.              Pump                   CA-1029                    1
6.              Frame                  M033                       1
7.              Pop valve              PRV BR ¾”                  1
8.              Suction Fitting        M034                       1
                Outlet fitting         M035

Hydracore Drills Ltd.   Gopher Manportable Drill

Hydracore Drills Ltd.   Gopher Manportable Drill

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                 Gopher Manportable Drill

Pratisolli KL 45 Pumping unit.

Item            Description               Part Number         Quantity

1.              Pop valve ( Timax)        PVR-BR-3/4”         1
2.              Pump                      KL 45
3.              Pump bell housing                             1
                Pump – motor coupling                         1
4.              Hydraulic motor (White)   HB 08 58 54 7 F     1
5.              Hydraulic fittings

6.              Skid
7.              Suction fittings
8.              Outlet fittings
9.              Plug

Hydracore Drills Ltd.   Gopher Manportable Drill

Hydracore Drills Ltd.   Gopher Manportable Drill

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                                        Gopher Manportable Drill

                                          Winch Parts List

Hydracore 2000 winch, and other similar winches. We have manufactured several winches using the same
basic components. The Drum is available in three lengths, 6”, 12”, and 18”. Two different diameters have
been used for the drum, 14” and 16”. Various different hydraulic motors have been fitted to meet customer

             DESRIPTION                               MANUFACTURER                 PART NUMBER ITEM #

 Drum 14” X 6”                                       Hydracore                     W1                       2
 Drum 14” X 12” Heavy Duty                           Hydracore                     W2HD
 Drum 14” X 12”                                      Hydracore                     W2
 Drum 14” X 18”                                      Hydracore                     W3
 Drum 16” X 12”                                      Hydracore                     W4
 Bearing Motor end                                   FYH                           UCFL-209-112T            3
 Bearing Drum end                                    FYH                           UCFL-206-103T            1
 Splined Hub                                         Hydracore                     W5                       6
 Winch Base for 14” X 6” Drum                        Hydracore                     W6                       5
 Winch Base for 14” X 12” Drum                                                     W7
 Winch Base for 14” X 18” Drum                                                     W8
 Winch Base for 16” X 12” Drum                                                     W9

 Various hydraulic motors have been
 used and are all interchangeable as
 far as the fit is concerned.

 Hydraulic Motor (standard)                          Char Lynn                     101-1085-FW-B2-SPL       4
 Hydraulic Motor(heavy duty)                         Parker Ross                   TF-1-120-B-S-(E)
 Hydraulic Motor (very heavy duty)                   Parker Ross                   TG-1-247-B-S-(E)
 Hydraulic Motor (very heavy duty)                   Char Lynn                     104-1198
 Hydraulic Motor on Level wind                       Parker                        TF0195BS010AAAB
 Note if the Parker Ross or 104
 motor is used then a spacer must be
 used between the motor and winch
 Spacer                                              Hydracore                     W10
 The only other parts are the bolts
 and nuts
 Motor mounting bolts (2 req.)                                                     ½- 13 NC X 2”

Hydracore Drills Ltd.               Gopher Manportable Drill

 Bearing mounting bolts (4 reqd.)        ½- 13 NC X 1 1/2
 Nuts (6 reqd.)                          ½- 13 NC
 Lock washers       (6 reqd.)            ½”

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                     Gopher Manportable Drill

                                    Mud Mixer
Item            Description                     Part Number       Quantity

1.              Mounting Grommets                                         3
2.              Propeller                       M037                      1
3.              Motor                           MGG200-16-BA-1A3          1
4.              Housing                         M038                      1
5.              Frame                           M038F                     1
                Hoses                           F4210606-6-6-240”         2
                Quick disconnects               S40-3                     1
                Adapters                        0103-6-6                  2
                Adapters                        0603-8-6                  2
                Adapters                        0353-8-8                  2

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                        Gopher Manportable Drill

                                   Foot Clamp 3 ¼”

Item            Description                        Part Number       Quantity

1.              Cylinder                                             2
                Seal kit                                             2
                Piston rod                                           2
                Inner gland                                          2
                Outer gland                                          2
                Piston                                               2
2.              Spacer                                               4
3.              Housing
4.              Bearing (not shown) available in sizes
5.              Fittings
6.              Hoses
7               Jaws                                                 2

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                              Gopher Manportable Drill


These Drills have one CP222 gear pump, One 45 series pressure compensated pump, one
SNP2 gear pump, and a Dynex 4 piston pump. The CP222 pump is the main pump, it
operates the main motor, cylinder fast feed and winch. The pressure compensated pump
runs the slow feed, clamp, chuck, mixers, and is used for bypassing oil to the main circuit
for triconing, also oil can be used from this pump for the water pump fast valve to make
the pump go fast to pump the tube. The small gear pump is used for the water pump
only. One piston from the four piston pump supplies oil to the hydraulic accumulator.
The other three pistons are used to provide the 5000 psi for rod breaking, when the head
is in reverse.

Main Pump
The main pump supplies 54 GPM on the 100 HP machines, or 62 GPM on the 115 or 137
HP machines, to the main valve bank, through a check valve. It sucks it’s oil from the
bottom of the tank, but the position of the suction hose is right below the outlet of the
main filter, so the oil is pushed into the suction to some extent. Also teed into the main
outlet line is a big ball valve. By opening this ball valve all the oil from the main pump
can be diverted back to tank. This is only done when it is necessary to slow the rotation
motor down to about 100 RPMs for tri coning.

Pressure Compensated Pump
This pump sucks oil through a 1 ½” suction line from near the bottom of the tank. It has
a case drain line which is routed straight back to tank. The case drain line requires very
low pressure for this pump to work properly, that it why it goes straight back to tank. On
some machines, that have two heat exchangers the return line may be routed through one
of the heat exchangers, but in this case, that heat exchanger will then be routed straight
back to tank so that there will never be any back pressure on this case drain line. The
pressure compensator is on the right side of the pump. A screw pointing back towards
the engine is used to adjust the pressure compensator to 2500 PSI. To adjust this screw a
small set screw in the side of the compensator that locks the screw must first be loosened.
This pressure can be raised to 3000 psi or even 4000 psi if more pull back pressure is
required. 4000 psi must be used only for emergencies because it is to much pressure for
the hydraulic chuck. While the pump is set this high the chuck would have to remain

Main Valve Bank
The main valve bank has a built in relief valve that is set at 3000 PSI ( or 3500 psi on the
137HP machines). The three spools control the main rotation motor, the winch, and the
cylinder fast feed. The spool that controls the main motor has a 3 position detent. This
valve section has been specially modified to make rod breaking possible. It has a port
relief on its B port which controls the pressure for rod breaking. It is set by us at 5000
psi, setting it much higher will damage the pump and the valve. The other two spools

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                               Gopher Manportable Drill

have 4 postions with a detent only for the fourth (float position) ( some machine just have
three position valves. The main valve bank can be supplied with oil from the main pump,
but also when necessary the triconing valve can be screwed in to transfer some oil from
the pressure compenstated pump. This is normally done with the main pump bypass ball
valve open and then allows extra slow rotation that is required for Triconing.

Slow Feed Lever

This valve is a closed center valve, it gets its pressure from the pressure compensated
pump. It has a built in relief valve which is set at a higher pressure than the compensator
on the pump so that oil is not normally relieved by this valve. The valve has 4 detented
positions, up down, neutral and float.

Dynex Pump
This is the blue pump that is furthest from the engine. It is a very special pump. It has
four pistons operated by a swash plate. This pump gets it’s oil supply from the return
circuit rather than the tank. This is because this pump requires a pressurized suction line
in order to work at this speed. The entry of oil into and out of each piston is controlled
by check valves. This makes this pump much more resistant to the effects of
contamination that a typical piston pump. These valves also make it possible to separtate
the flow of oil from each piston. Each piston pumps about 1 GPM. On this drill the flow
from one of the pistons goes to charge the accumulator which is used for the clamping
and chucking. The accumulator charging pressure is set by a relief valve at 1700 psi.

The other three pistons provide the high pressure that is necessary to break rod joints.
The pressure in reverse is controlled by the port relief built into the B port on that valve.
This is set at the Hydracore shop at 5000 psi. This pressure does not show on the torque
gauge, and extra guage has to be installed to check this pressure.

SNP2 Gear Pump
This pump is in between the 45 series pressure compensated pump and the dynex pump.
It has a capacity of 10 GPM . The pump is connected to the water pump control valve on
the right side of the top of the panel. This valve has a built in relief valve that is set at
2800 or 3000 psi.

Rotation Motor
The rotation motor is a Rexroth, or Sauer bent axis variable displacement motor.
Maximum displacement is 160cc. Minimum displacement is adjusted by means of a
screw on the underside of the motor so that the motor cannot turn faster than its
maximum rated speed. At this speed the head turns at 1500 RPMs. While drilling the
speed of the head can be adjusted by a pressure reducing valve on the panel. This valves
pressure source is the foot clamp hose. As long as the foot clamp is open there is
pressure in this hose so the pressure reducing valve will set the displacement of the main
motor. As soon as the foot clamp is closed there will be no pressure in the footclamp
hose, and therefore no pressure to the pressure reducing valve. There is also a check

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                                Gopher Manportable Drill

valve that connects the speed control hose to the clamp hose. Because of these circuits
the drill head is automatically in slow speed whenever the footclamp is closed. This way
the drill head will always have the maximum torque available for rod breaking, when the
footclamp is closed.

It is very important that if this motor is ever replaced the case is filled with oil before the
motor is operated.

Hydraulic Chuck and Footclamp
The hydraulic chuck and footclamp are operated by a single lever on the main control
panel. The pressure for this valve comes from the pressure compensated pump, through a
check valve, which is there to keep the pressure on the valve constant even when there
are momentary losses of pressure in this pump circuit due to sudden movements of the
cylinder slow feed lever. The lever has three positions, in the middle position both the
chuck and footclamp are closed , in the two side positions either the footclamp or the
chuck is open. The footclamp hose also has a ball valve so that the footclamp can be
locked open or closed.

Hydraulic Chuck Closing Line
There is a valve near the tank that gets pressure from the accumulator. A line from this
valve goes to the piston rod end of the chuck release cylinders on the drill head. This line
provides a constant 350 PSI to make the chuck release cylinders retract away from the
hood while the chuck is closed.

The hydraulic footclamp is closed by gas pressure in the accumulator that is mounted
near the winch in an aluminum pipe. The accumulator is charged with 1200 PSI of
nitrogen. The normal operating pressure of the accumulator is 2400 PSI. The
accumulator is charged to 1700 psi with oil from the single piston of the dynex pump,
this pressure is controlled by a relief valve. The oil pressure in the accumulator gets up to
a higher pressure, than this relief valve setting because of the surges of pressure due to
the opening and closing of the footclamp. Oil is prevented from going out of the
accumulator by a check valve. The 2400 PSI accumulator pressure pushes constantly on
the pistons of the footclamp. When the footclamp is opened 2500 PSI is applied to the
inner side of the two pistons. The pistons of the footclamp have a larger area on the
opening side than the closing side of the piston due to the piston rods on the outside side
being larger than the inner piston rod. Due to the larger area of the opening side of the
piston the cylinder will open even though the pressure on the two sides of the piston is
equal. Sometimes it is possible because of surges in the pump pressure or re setting of
the pump pressure that the accumulator build up more than the system pressure. If this
happens the foot clamp will not work and some oil will have to be drained from the
accumulator to restore function, by loosening one of the hose fittings.

This footclamp has some of the advantages of a spring operated footlamp (failsafe
operation, only one hose required) and some of the advantages of a hydraulic one ( large
operating range, less problem with corrosion, and compactness)

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                              Gopher Manportable Drill

Small Winch

Most of these machines are equipped with the small winch for hoisting drill rods into
position. This winch is operated by a small 4 way 4 position valve on the left side of the
panel. This valve gets it’s oil supply from the pressure compensated pump. The valve
has a pressure relief valve screwed onto the port that is for hoisting. This way the
strength of the winch is reduced so it will not pull too hard on the hoist line. Also if the
driller forgets to put the valve in float as he should when drilling, this relief valve
prevents the winch from locking which would also break the cable. This valve has a built
in relief which normally is just screwed right in so that no oil will be relieved from the
pressure compensated circuit.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.   Gopher Manportable Drill

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                               Gopher Manportable Drill

                        1. Instructions for Hooking up Hoses

Heat Exchanger
The heat exchanger has to have water running through it most of the time while the
engine is running to keep the hydraulics cool. The water must not be under pressure.
Usually the water supply line is run through the cooler before it goes into the water tank.
Do not hook the heat exchanger to the waterswivel hose, the pressure will be too much.

Quick Disconnect fittings
Some of the hoses are connected by quick disconnect fittings. It is very important that
these fittings are cleaned before plugging them together to prevent contamination of the
hydraulic circuits. If the machine is going to be unitized it might be preferable to
eliminate some of the quick disconnects particularly on the rotation circuit to avoid
problems, and back pressure from the quick disconnects, or contamination of the system.
On new machines we usually color code the various fittings with colored zap straps to
make it easy to hook up the hoses the first time.

Foot Clamp
There is only one hose that connects dirrectly to the foot clamp. It is a 3/8 inch hose with
a female quick disconnect fitting. It could be confused with one of the hoses for the
hydraulic chuck except that it is a lot shorter and would not reach the chuck especially if
the head was all the way up. There is also a hose that goes from the powerpack to the
accumulator, which is mounted in the aluminum pipe near the winch. This hose has a
special screw together quick disconnect that is the only one of this type on the machine.
This type of connection is used because it can be connected and disconnected under

Drill Head
There are 6 hoses that have to be connected to the drill head. The two main rotation hoses
are 1 inch hoses one with a 5,000 PSI pressure rating. The case drain line hooks on just
below the main rotation hoses. It is a 5/8 inch hose. If this line is not installed the main
rotation motor will be damaged. There are two 3/8 inch hoses for the chuck cylinders. A
¼” hose is used on the line for the displacement control on the top of the motor. All
these hoses except the case drain and the two 1” hoses have quick disconnects. These
hoses should be grouped together and held with bungee cords so that they can move
freely when the head goes up and down.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                              Gopher Manportable Drill

The Cylinder
Two separate hoses ¾ inch with quick disconnects are provided for the cylinder. The
longer one should be used for the top fitting on the cylinder. Make sure they are hooked
up so that they don’t hook on anything when the cylinder goes up and down.

The Winch
Two separate hoses 5/8 inch by 10 feet long are provided for the winch. These hoses are
also used for the lifting cylinder when adjusting the angle of the mast.

The Water Pump
Two ¾” hoses are provided to run the water pump. They are permanently screwed onto
the power pack. Some water pumps may also require a case drain line going straight
back to tank.

The Mud Mixer
If a mud mixer was provided by Hydracore it will have two 3/8 inch hoses permanently
connected to it. The hoses are 3/8 inch and connect to the power pack on the right side
just below the hydraulic tank. There are connections for two mixers.

The Whipple Pump
If a whipple pump is going to be used it can be hooked onto one of the mud mixer

The Rod Hoist

Most of these machines are equipped with a small hoist for lifting the rods into position
above the drill head. This winch has three lines, two 3/8” lines with quick disconnects
and one case drain line that is directly screwed onto the winch.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                              Gopher Manportable Drill

                         Maintenance of Hydracore 2000

                                      Power Pack
The following maintenance intervals should be adhered to based on usage of two shifts
per day, five or seven days a week, for maximum life of the hydraulic components.

The hydraulic oil level should be checked, the level should be checked only when the
hydraulic cylinder is fully retracted (down). The level should be within the range of the
sight level guage. Only clean oil from a closed container should be added. AW 32
hydraulic oil is recommended, but any good quality mineral based hydraulic oil can be
used. If the oil goes down every day the leak should be located and fixed. The engine oil
level should be checked, with the dipstick. The coolant level can be checked visually in
the transparent reservoir. The fuel filter can be drained with the valve at the bottom to
check for water in the fuel.

Change the engine oil and oil filter.        Use the oil recommended by the engine

The hydraulic return filters and fuel filter should be changed.

Every Two Months
The hydraulic oil in the tank should be drained and replaced with fresh oil. The return
filters should be replaced, and the high pressure filter.

Once a Year
The hydraulic pumps and the main hydraulic motor should be removed and sent to a
qualified hydraulic repair shop for overhaul. The auxiliary hydraulic pump is a cheaper
pump and it is probably cheaper to replace it than to repair it. While the pumps are off it
would be a good time to check the condition of the drive coupling on the flywheel. Seal
should be replaced in the main rams and the clamp cylinders. Also one year is the
expected life of the main bearings in the drill head.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                               Gopher Manportable Drill

                        Feed Frame Winch and Foot Clamp

The whole drill should be washed every day to reduce the amount of dirt accumulating on
the slides. The foot clamp should be greased as well as the winch.

As Required
If the hydraulic cylinder leaks it will have to be removed from the feed frame to replace
the seals. Keeping the cylinder clean will reduce the wear on the seals. Metal shavings
from the chuck jaws are particularly bad for the cylinder, they tend to fall out of the
chuck when pulling rods. Using the proper sized hood bushing when pulling helps to
prevent the rods dragging on the jaws.

If the saddle has more than 1/8 free play, then plastic sliders need replacing. To do this
the head will have to be removed and the saddle will have to be removed from the mast
for new sliders to be inserted.

                                       Drill Head

The 3 grease nipples should be greased thin lithium based grease. The main head
bearings are large and should have about six shots per shift. There is a hidden grease
nipple that is only visible when the chuck is open it is on a seal ring, just under the yoke
that opens the head this should be greased a few shots each shift. Keeping this seal well
greased will prevent any water from entering the head bearings. The three grease nipples
on the bowl that are for the jaws need to be greased with the chuck open as well,
otherwise no grease can be forced in. The chuck will operate much better if this is not
overlooked. Also one of the grease nipples at the top of the bowl should be greased.
The tension in the drive belt should be checked. The belt should be adjusted so that there
is at least 1/8” (3mm) of movement in the belt when the full force of all your fingers is
applied to the back of the belt midway between the pulleys. The tension should be
checked when the head is at operating temperature. ( On the aluminum head especially
the expansion of the head when it is hot causes the belt to tighten) Operating with the
belt very slack may damage the belt. Operating with the belt tight may break the motor

As Required
If the belt snaps it can be replaced by removing the two covers on the front of the
head and unbolting the motor so that it can be tilted forwards. It may also help to To
remove the front pulley flange, that is screwed into the pulley. If the bearings require

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                                 Gopher Manportable Drill

replacement it is not necessary to remove the chuck. If the bearings are to be replaced on
the job the easiest way to dismantle the head may be by using the machines hydraulic
cylinder to remove the bearings.

There are several ways of doing this. These are the steps I recommend.
        1. Remove the covers belt and hydraulic motor.
        2. Remove the chuck hood, opener yoke and cylinders.
        3. Remove the 12 bolts from the nut on the bottom end of the main shaft then
            unscrew the nut, and remove the hardened washer behind it.
        4. Install an HQ rod or NW casing in the footclamp with a sub to a smaller size
            rod screwed in the end. Have the end of this rod or casing sticking up out of
            the footclamp about 18”.
        5. Install a BQ or NQ rod bushing in the lower end of the main shaft
        6. This will push the main shaft out the top of the head with the chuck still
            attached to the rod. The main pulley and the keys and maybe a spacer will
            drop out. Be carefull not to lose the keys Then unscrew the rod from the rod
            that is still in the footclamp.
        7. Remove the cover plate that holds the bearings.
        8. Find a sub that is just a bit bigger than the hole in the inner race of the
        9. Screw the sub onto the rod which is sticking up from the footclamp, and them
            bring the head down again. The two bearings, and the inner and outer race
            spacers will be pushed out.
        10. Re assembly is basically the opposite of the disassembly. It may be necessary
            to use the same subs as before, but with the rods turned upside down, so that
            the big part of the sub can be above the head to push the bearings back in first,
            and then the shaft. All the seals should be replaced along with the bearings.
            If the bearings are purchased locally make sure that they are the C3 fit
            bearings. These loser fit bearings have the greater axial load capacity required
            in this drill head. The head bearings are fitted fairly loosely to the shaft and
            are quite a loose fit in the housing. The bearings are prevented from spinning
            on the shaft by being clamped by the twelve bolts on the nut on the end of the
            shaft. By using many small bolts a lot of pressure is created without having to
            use a lot of torque on a huge nut. The bearing is clamped in the housing also
            by the pressure of the cover plate bolts. Greasing the outside and inside of the
            bearings helps with assembly. The bearings should be packed about half full
            of grease before installation. The hardest part of re assembly will likely be
            getting the shaft to go through the upper seal in the plate without displacing
            the spring on the seal. It may be easier to leave the plate loose and before the
            shaft is right down into the bearing the plate can be lifted into position, the
            seal checked and then the shaft pulled down the last bit into the bearings.
To re install the pulley once it is started on the shaft it can be pulled in using the nut with
the twelve bolts as pushers. Make sure the sealing ring goes behind the pulley and the
hardened washer goes between the pulley and the nut with the twelve bolts. The washer
is hardened so that the bolts will not dig into the washer. There is a total of at least
30,000 lbs of force on the twelve bolts.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                                Gopher Manportable Drill

                  Operating Instructions Hydracore 2000

                              Serial Number 288 and up

The operating instructions will be split into two sections. The first section will explain
the function and location of each of the controls and gauges. The second section will
describe how the controls and gauges can be used to perform all the tasks to do with

                                   Control Functions
        From the left to the right on the control panel these are the controls listed in order.
        1. The foot clamp and hydraulic chuck valve, a small rotary handle, three
           positions. Turning the handle right, opens the chuck and closes the foot
           clamp. Turning the handle left, opens the foot clamp and closes the chuck.
           In the center position both the clamp and chuck are closed.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                             Gopher Manportable Drill

        2. The clamp lock valve is just below the foot clamp and chuck valve, on the
           front of the panel and can be used to lock the foot clamp open or closed.

        3. Water pump fast lever. This is not as shown in the photo. It actually looks
           the same as valve 8. This valve should be used to make the water pump go
           extra fast for pumping the tube. It should not be used when drilling, except if
           just a bit more water is needed for example when drilling HQ. Using it while
           drilling will cause a loss of efficiency. The valve can then be run one two or
           three clicks open. Beyond that the feed pressure may be reduced.

        4. The displacement control pressure reducing valve knob is above the mud
           mixer valve. Turning this knob in will increase the speed of the drill head and
           reduce the available torque. This valve is only functional when the foot
           clamp is open. Because of this the drill head will automatically be in the
           slow speed high torque mode, whenever a rod joint it being made up or

        5. The main rotation lever, vertical handle sticks out of the top of the panel. Out
           is forwards back is reverse. Moving the lever back slightly is slow reverse
           and up to 5000 PSI is possible. When the lever is moved back more then
           higher speeds are possible in reverse , but only up to the main relief pressure,
           which is set at 3000 PSI. The high pressure in reverse is set by the small
           relief valve that is just behind the main rotation lever. This was pre set at
           5000 PSI and should not be tampered with. A separate guage is required to
           set this rod breaking pressure.

        6. The winch lever, is vertical, four positions. Out is down, back is up. Back
           all the way is float. The lever is spring centered to neutral with a detent for

        7.   The cylinder fast feed valve, vertical handle, four positions, Out is down ,
             back is up. Back all the way is float.

        8. The water pump lever a black lever on the front of the panel controls pump

        9. The cylinder fine feed valve, controls the oil flow out of the cylinder in
           conjunction with the slow feed lever.

       10. The cylinder slow feed lever, horizontal handle, controls the slow movement
           of the cylinder. It has four positions, all detented.
       11. Engine throttle.
       12. Engine stop
    Not Shown, to the left of 3 is the small winch control lever. This has 4 positions up
    down neutral and float.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                               Gopher Manportable Drill

    Not shown, on the left side of the drill low down, two mud mixer controls, the
    triconing valve, and the main pump by pass valve.

                                     Gauges From left to right
        A. The water pressure gauge.

        B. The Main pump pressure gauge, indicates the pressure of the main pump
           which indicates the drill head output torque. The normal range for drilling is
           1500 to 2800 PSI.

        C. The cylinder pressure gauge, which is used to estimate bit weight. Every
           1000 Lbs of cylinder off pressure is about 8000 Lbs of cylinder force. (when
           both cylinders are connected)

        D. Filter indicator gauge. This gauge should stay in the green area when
           drilling, once the oil has warmed up. If not the filter is clogged and should be

        E. The hydraulic reservoir temperature gauge, on the right side of the tank. The
           oil normally runs about 120 to 150 degrees F. The maximum allowable
           temperature is 180 degrees. The heat exchanger must have water flow at all
           times to keep the oil cool. If the reservior gets hotter than this maximum the
           cause will have to be determined and the problem fixed. Be carefull that if
           the Triconing valve is backed out all the way if it is not being used.

         Drilling Tasks
         These are the tasks that have to be performed to drill.
         1.    Positioning the drill.
         2.    Collaring the hole and anchoring.
         3.    Drilling a run.
         4.    Pulling the tube.
         5.    Pulling rods and putting them back in.

        1. Positioning the drill
        The drill has a lifting cylinder and double telescoping legs so that it can be lifted
        to and supported at any angle from vertical to 45 degrees. Before lifting the mast
        the rod rack, rod rack leg, and sheave wheel assembly should be bolted on, and
        the wireline cable threaded around all three sheave wheels. The sheavewheels
        should also be greased at this time. The sheave assembly has two positions, on
        that is for 10 foot tubes and the shorter one that is for 5 foot tubes. The rod rack
        also can be set up either for 10 foot or 20 foot pulls. Since the lifting cylinder is
        used only when positioning the drill, it is not provided with its own control valve.

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                                Gopher Manportable Drill

        The hoses from the small winch can be connected to the lifting cylinder to set the
        angle. The mast raising cylinder has a restricted fitting to slow the raising and
        lowering of the mast. The drill head should be positioned at the bottom of it’s
        stroke while setting the angle. Once the angle is set the legs will have to be
        attached to the top of the mast with the 1” pins, and locked to the correct length
        with the clamps.

        2. Collaring the Hole and Anchoring
        When collaring the hole, drilling the anchor bolt holes, or pulling to change the bit
        it is helpful to be able to grab the corebarrel with the chuck. There is provision
        for this on this drill. Three 5” long bolts have been provided for the chuck bowl,
        the standard ones are only 4 ½” long. By installing the 3 longer bolts the chuck
        will open enough to hold the corebarrel. Once you get used to this you will
        realize this is easier than the alternative methods.

        3. Drilling a Run
        There are several ways the controls can be used while drilling a run.

        First the tube must be locked and the water pump set to run at a suitable speed. In
        order to get the water pump to pump the tube really quickly the oil from the
        pressure compensated pump can be added to the pump circuit by using the water
        pump fast lever on the left side of the panel. The rods should be started turning
        gradually by pulling the rotation lever out. To start the feed the slow feed lever
        should be used in conjunction with the fine feed valve. The slow feed lever is
        pushed down one notch from neutral to feed the rods in. The cylinder has an
        initial surge when the slow feed lever is put into the down position. This lever
        also has a float position which can be useful to find the bottom of the hole, or on
        down holes where after a certain depth when there is no off pressure you can drill
        with the weight of the rods. In this float position the fine feed valve still controls
        the feed rate, and can still be used to hold the cylinder back. The cylinder fast
        feed lever also has a float but it is not much use for anything. If while drilling it
        is necessary to back up to ream the hole or to try to run over a block the machine
        can be backed up using the slow feed lever and fine feed valve on down holes.

        At the beginning of each run the rotation pressure with the rods off bottom turning
        at full speed should be noted so that once drilling commences you will know
        exactly how much torque pressure is being used at the bit. The bit torque pressure
        will remain in the same range right from the beginning to the end of the hole; only
        the torque to turn the rods will increase.

        Also at the beginning of each run note the cylinder pressure gauge reading before
        the bit is on bottom with the slow feed lever in the position you are using for
        drilling which may be down or float. This way the amount of off pressure can be

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                              Gopher Manportable Drill

        noted once drilling commences, this will remain in the same range also right from
        the beginning to the end of the hole.

        Also every once in a while it is good to measure the penetration rate in inches per
        minute so that in combination with the pressure readings the performance of the
        bit can be judged.

        4. Pulling the tube
        The wire line winch is bolted onto the back of the skid so no mater what angle the
        hole is it can be left in the same position. The sheave wheel mast assembly fits
        on the top of the feed frame. There are three sheaves two at the top and one near
        the bottom. The wireline cable must be threaded around all three sheaves so that
        the force on the cable will pull straight on the long mast and not bend it. The
        mast can be telescoped so that pulling a 10 foot tube is possible, if only a 5 foot
        tube is used it can be left in the lower position. The winch is equipped with a
        float position which can be used when pumping the overshot. The float can also
        be used on down holes, once enough cable is out so that the weight of the cable
        will turn the winch fast enough in float. When the engine is wide open the main
        hydraulic pump provides too much oil for the winch. It is best to slow the engine
        down when pulling the tube. That way fuel, and wear is saved. Also this will
        reduce the heating of the hydraulic oil.

        5. Pulling the rods and putting then back down.
        For pulling rods a rod slide is provided that can be adjusted to support the end of
        the drill rod. For the rod clamp and chuck to work properly the drill must be lined
        up with the drill hole. Also to prevent problems caused by misalignment the
        proper sized guide bearing and hood bushing should be used. If the rods are not
        centralized between the footclamp jaws when it grabs them, it may not grab the
        rod well enough to prevent it dropping.

        Although the operation of the footclamp and head are not synchronized with the
        cylinder rod pulling is made easy by the simple layout of the controls. The foot
        clamp and chuck are both operated by the same lever, and in no lever position are
        both the foot clamp and chuck open at the same time. The only time when the
        rods could be dropped is when a rod joint has just been broken. If the foot clamp
        is opened after the rod joint is broken but before the drill head has been moved
        back forward the rods will be dropped.

        For breaking rod joints the machine has up to 1800 ft-lbs of torque available in
        reverse . While pulling or lowering rods it is best to leave the cylinder slow feed
        lever in the float position with the fine feed valve cracked open ¼ turn. The
        cylinder will work much more smoothly with the valve in this position. The
        engine will not have to work as hard. Also the head will follow the rod threads as
        they are screwing or unscrewing. To break rods the joint should be positioned

Hydracore Drills Ltd.                                               Gopher Manportable Drill

        about 3 feet behind the foot clamp. The clamp and chuck lever should be put in
        the center position so that both the clamp and chuck are closed, then the rotation
        lever can be put in reverse to break the rod joint. Oil at up to 5000 psi is provided
        by the Dynex pump when the rotation lever is pushed back a bit. When the lever
        is pushed back further the pressure available goes down , but the speed is faster.
        Caution; the drill head is screwed onto the spindle with a left hand thread which
        can come undone when a rod joint is broken especially when the drill is new or
        the chuck was recently overhauled. If the drill head does come unscrewed as long
        as it only came undone a few threads it can be quickly screwed back on by putting
        the machine in float and running the head forward fairly fast until the thread
        suddenly bottoms out. It is best if this is done with a rod in the clamp and chuck
        with no joint in between otherwise the rod joint will be excessively tightened. If
        the chuck comes unscrewed again, then tighten it a little more by screwing it on a
        little faster. The rod joint should be tightened slowly, with the fast feed lever in
        float, so that it doesn’t get too tight when the joint bottoms out.

        6. Triconing
        Warning, using this valve can cause excessive heat, you will have to be
        carefull to make sure the temperature of the hydraulic oil remains below 180
        degrees F.
        The drill in it’s standard drilling mode can only rotate at a minimum speed of 500
        RPMs. This is too fast for Triconing, so a separate circuit is provided that can
        slow the rotation right down to 100 RPMs or less required for Triconing. To use
        this circuit the big ball valve on the side of the machine first has to be opened.
        This will bypass all the oil from the main pump back to tank. Then the Triconing
        valve, which is the small red valve on the left side of the machine will have to be
        screwed in a few turns. This bypasses some of the oil from the pressure
        compensated pump to the rotation circuit. This valve can only be adjusted when
        the machine is turned off, other wise it will be to stiff. Screw the triconing valve
        in the minimum amount that you need so that you have enough power.

         You should start triconing with the head speed control turned all the way out.
        Once you start Triconing the torque pressure should be between 1800 and 2500
        psi. If the torque pressure is lower than 1800 PSI then it would be best if you
        turned the triconing valve out a bit and then speed the head up using the speed
        control to bring the torque up. This is mainly to reduce the amount of heat caused
        by the triconing valve. The valve will create more heat the more oil that is being
        pumped through it. If the pressure is being used it doesn’t create heat, it is only
        when it is not being used. If you are not triconing, idle the engine down so less
        heat is caused, and keep looking at the temperature gauge. If it gets up to 180
        degrees then turn the engine off, unscrew the triconing valve, turn the engine back
        on, and then the oil will quickly cool back down. Once the oil has cooled you can
        start drilling again. You may even find that the oil will cool down while you are
        advancing the bit and will heat up just while you are adding rods. It doesn’t
        matter as long as the temperature remains below 180 degrees F.

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