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 Religious Leaders Call on Governor, Legislative Leaders to Choose Love, Abundance, Mercy

Today, we join our voices together at a time of great crisis. This is not primarily a budget crisis. It
is not primarily a revenue crisis. It is a moral crisis. Economic downturn, partisan polarization, and a
lack of leadership and prophetic imagination stand between us and our moral obligation to protect
human dignity and promote human freedom and equity for everyone in our state.

During the time that many of us have served in our congregations, inequality has grown
enormously. The vast majority of the people in our pews have seen their incomes stagnate or decline
and their responsibility for health and retirement security grow. The racial equity gap in Minnesota is
among the worst in the nation. Too many of us have had to rely on credit to make ends meet, credit
often offered on unfavorable terms.

In our congregations and communities, we have routinely filled in the gaps that people experience
when they cannot earn enough to provide for themselves and their families through direct service.
This responsibility has grown disproportionately in the last three decades. It is nearly unsustainable
for us. We believe that government, held accountable by its citizens, can do things that no other
institution can do to protect the poorest and most vulnerable. Indeed, we have partnered with
elected leaders from all parties to pass important public policies to ensure that government upholds
this obligation.

Given this, we are disappointed that elected leaders cannot find the resources necessary to
ensure that we protect those hurt most in the current economic downturn. The evidence that
Minnesota is a state of great abundance is all around us. Profits are up for many Fortune 500
companies in our state. Major banks enjoy record profits. Major employers in our state have billions
of dollars in profits and reserves that they have not used to create new or better jobs.

This economic plenty stands in direct contrast to the experiences of our poorest and most
vulnerable neighbors. Over 150,000 Minnesotans will lose their homes to foreclosures by the end of
next year. Under current legislative proposals, tens of thousands of people would lose health care
coverage. Schools would be hurt in their efforts to close the racial equity gap. And transit systems
that move people to and from work and other vital resources would be cut dramatically.

Throughout scripture God calls upon those who have more resources to provide opportunity for those
who have less. We believe that to whom much is given, much is required. This is not only a faith
value; it is a value that every strong society upholds in the belief that our destinies are

If we are to practice real leadership in the coming days, we cannot sit idly by and watch some
people enjoy remarkable success while others suffer. Minnesotans have a choice to make: pass a
budget that protects those who have done well in this economy, and deepen suffering. Or find
creative ways to ask those who have done well to make small sacrifices so that we can invest in those
who've been hurt most by the economic downturn; communities that have the least jobs, worst
education and health, communities that need opportunity and hope most. Because we serve a god of
love, abundance and mercy, the choice is clear to us. We call on the Governor and legislative
leadership to partner with us in creating one Minnesota.
Pastor              Michele       Abbott           Oak Knoll Lutheran                    Minnetonka
Rev                 Lynn          Adwell           Christ Church                         Austin
Rabbi               Morris        Allen            Beth Jacob Congregation
Pastor              Roger         Allmendinger     Arlington Hills Lutheran              St. Paul
Pastor              Mawien        Ariik            Sudanese Lutheran Church in MN        Anoka
Pastor              Bruce         Arnevik          St. Luke's Lutheran                   Minneapolis
Patoral Associate   Anne          Attea            Church of the Ascension               Minneapolis
                                  Babington-       His Works United/Stairstep
Rev                 Alfred        Johnson          Foundation                            Minneapolis
Rev                 Oby           Ballinger        Community United Church of Christ     St. Paul Park
Rev                 Elaine        Barbar           Church of Advent                      Minnetonka
Pastor              Ralph         Baumgartner      Galilee Evangelical Lutheran Church   Roseville
Rev                 Ralph         Baumgartner      Galilee Lutheran Church               Roseville
Pastor              Christopher   Becker           Amazing Grace Lutheran                Inver Grove Heights
Diaconal Minister   Laurie        Beckman-Yetzer   Woodlake Lutheran Church              Bloomington
Rev                 Howard        Bell             Mayflower                             Minneapolis
Pastor              Chris         Bellefeuille     Valley of Peace                       Golden Valley
Coordinator         Jacqueline    Belzer           Pueblo de Fe Lutheran Church          West St. Paul
Pastor              Alfred        Bertke           St. Paul Reformation                  Minneapolis
Diaconal Minister   Amy           Blumenshine      Our Saviour's Lutheran Church         Minneapolis
Pastor              Phil          Boe              St. Paul Reformation                  St. Paul
                    Margaret      Bonsack          St. Matthews Lutheran                 Roseville
                                                   Saint Matthews Evangelical Lutheran
                    Diane         Brennen          Church                                St. Paul
Asscociate in
Ministry            Barbara       Brown            Central Minneapolis                   Brooklyn Park
Rev                 Deborah       Brown            St. Mary's                            Eagan
Rev                 Michael       Byron            St. Paul                              St. Paul
Pastora             Luisa         Caballo Hansel   St. Paul's Lutheran                   Minneapolis
Pastor              Patrick       Cabello Hansel   St. Paul's Lutheran                   Minneapolis
Rev                 Sarah         Campbell         Mayflower                             Minneapolis
Rev                 Karn          Carroll          Our Saviour's Lutheran Church         Circle Pines
Pastor              Isis          Carther          True Love Church MOA                  Minneapolis
Parochial Vicar     James         Cassidy          St. Joan of Arc                       Minneapolis
Pastor              Kelly         Chatman          Redeemer Lutheran Church              Minneapolis
Rev. Dr.            Diane         Christopherson   Mayflower                             Minneapolis
Rev                 Catrina       Ciccone          Salem English Lutheran                Minneapolis
Rabbi               Norman        Cohen            Bet Shalom
Rev                 Stephen       Cook             Bethlehem Lutheran Church             St. Cloud
Rev                 Stephen       Cook             Bethlehem Lutheran                    St. Cloud
Pastor              Jeff          Cowmeadow        Calvary Baptist                       Minneapolis
Vicar               Caleb         Crainer          Redeemer Lutheran Church              Minneapolis
                                                   Mount Olive Lutheran Church.
Pastor              Joseph        Crippen          Minneapolis                           Minneapolis
Brother, TOR        Anthony       Criscitelli      Church of St. Bridget                 Minneapolis
Rev                 Lee           Cunningham       Messiah Lutheran Church               Minneapolis
Rabbi               Alexander     Davis            Beth El Synagogue
Rev                 Susan         Debner           Nokomis Heights ELCA                  Minneapolis
Pastor              James         DeBruycker       St. Joan of Arc                       Minneapolis
Rev                 Sandy         Dodson           Mayflower                             St. Paul
Pastor              Gary          Drier            Christ Lutheran on Capitol Hill       St. Paul
Rev.                Laurie        Eaton            Our Saviour's Lutheran Church         Minneapolis
                                        St. Peders Evangelical Lutheran
Pastor          Julie       Ebbesen     Church                                 Minneapolis
Rev. Dr.        Mariann     Edgar       St. Johns Episcopal                    Minneapolis
Sister          Katherine   Egan        Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet    St. Paul
                                        Jay Philips Center for Interfaith
Rabbi           Amy         Eilberg     Learning                               Mendota Heights
Rev             Paul        Erickson    St. Paul Area Synod ELCA               St. Paul
Pastor          James       Erlandson   Lutheran Church of Redeemer            St. Paul
Rev             Chad        Erlenborn   Maple Grove Covenant Church            Maple Grove
Sr              Sue         Ernster     Church of St. Richard                  Richfield
Professor       Marie       Failinger   Lutheran Church of Redeemer            St. Paul
Rev. Dr.        Eilzar      Fernandez   Mayflower UCC                          Fridley
Pastor          Todd        Finney                                             Prior Lake
Pastor          Drew        Flathmann   Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church           Minneapolis
Rev             Bonnie      Forsman     Chaplain, Episcopal Church Homes       Eagan
Rev.            Brad        Froslee     Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church    Minneapolis
                                        St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Sunfish
The Rev. Dr.    Robert      Furniss     Lake                                   Woodbury
                                        Mount Olive Lutheran Church.
Rev.            Beth        Gaede       Minneapolis                            Hudson, WI
Minister for
Direction       Diane       Gardner     Mayflower UCC                          Edina
Pastor          Daniel      Garnaas     Grace University Lutheran Church       Minneapolis
Pastor          Stacey      Gassman     First Congregational Church of MN      Minneapolis
Administrator   Joan        Gecik       Lumen Christi                          Richfield
Rabbi           Sim         Glaser      Temple Israel                          Minneapolis
                Marilyn     Gleason                                            Crystal
Pastor          Henry       Gunnink     Grace Christian Reformed Church        Inver Grove Heights
                                        Mayflower Community
Rev. Dr.        Donald      Hadfield    Congregational UCC                     Lakeville
Rev             Kacey       Hahn        Christ the King                        Bloomington
Pastor          Delwayne    Hahn        Siloa Evangelical Lutheran             Stanchfield
Rev.            Perry       Hanson      St. Anthony Park Lutheran              St. Paul
Pastor          Mark        Hellmann    Grace Lutheran Church                  Andover
Rev.            Abigail     Henderson   First Congregational Church of MN      Minneapolis
                Jane L.
Rev             (Bonnie)    Holt        Cathedral of Our Merciful Savior       Cannon Falls
Rev             Judy        Hoover      Church of Ephiphany, Plymouth          Golden Valley
Pastor          Hattie      Horne       True Love Church MOA                   Minneapolis
Rev             Barbara     Hosmer      St. Johns Lutheran Church              Mound
Rev             Deborah     Hutterer    Faith in the City                      St. Paul
                Maya        Ignabode                                           Brooklyn Center
Rev             Kathleen    Itzin       Parkway UCC                            Minneapolis
Rev             Marlene     Jacobs      St. Paul's Episcopal Church            Minneapolis
Pastor          Thomas      Jenkins     Atonement Lutheran                     New Brighton
Pastor          Marque      Jensen      Sanctuary cdc                          Minneapolis
Rev             Fred        Jensen      Shepherd of Hills                      Minnetonka
Rev             Dennis      Johnson                                            Minneapolis
                Carla       Johnson     Lutheran Church of Redeemer            St. Paul
Rev             Randy       Johnson     First United Methodist Church          St. Cloud
Rev Dr          Johannas    Jordan      St. Bartholomew's Bemidji              Bemidji
Rev             Kevin       Kenney      Our Lady of Guadalupe                  St. Paul
Brother, TOR     John          Kerr
Rev. Dr.         Jin           Kim            Church of All Nations                  Columbia Heights
Rev              Christopher   Kinney         Amazing Grace Lutheran                 Oakdale
Sister           Lucy          Knoll          Sisters of St. Joseph                  Minneapolis
Rev              Linda         Koelman        North UMC                              Minneapolis
Rabbi            Harold        Kravitz        Adath Jeshurun
Rev              Phyllis       Kunz           St. Peters                             Brainard
Youth Parish
Intern           Kye           Kyung          Church of All Nations                  Columbia Heights
Senior Pastor    Dodd          Lamberton      Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church             Minneapolis
Rev              Dean          Larson         Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church           Burnsville
Rabbi            Michael       Latz           Shir Tikvah
Rev              Hans          Lee            Christ the King Lutheran               Minneapolis
Rev. Dr.         David         Lindblom       St. Barnabas Lutheran Church           Plymouth
Co-Pastor        Jan           Linn           Spirit of Joy                          Lakeville
Co-pastor        Joy           Linn           Spirit of Joy Christian Church         Apple Valley
Rabbi            David         Locketz        Bet Shalom
                                              Lutheran Church of Christ the
Dr.              Charles       Lutz           Redeemer                               Minneapolis
Rev              Roger         Mackey         St. Paul Reformation                   St. Paul
Pastor           Michael       MacMillan      In Between Congregations               Richfield
Director Peace
and Justice
Ministry         Julie         Madden         St. Joan of Arc                        Minneapolis
                                              St. Johns Episcopal, Eveleth; St.
Rev.             Marta         Maddy          James Episcopal, Hibbing               Duluth
                 Kathryn       Mao            North Emmanuel Lutheran                St. Paul
Lay Leader       Peter         Marincel       Spirit of Truth Faith Community        St. Paul
                                              St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Sunfish
Rev              Patrick       Markie         Lake                                   Sunfish Lake
                 Susan         Marsh          Joyce United Methodist Church          Minneapolis
Pastor           Judith        Mattison       Calvary Lutheran Church                Edina
Rev              Scott         Maxwell        Atonement Lutheran                     Bloomington
Rev              Jane          McBride        First Congregational Church of MN      Minneapolis
Rev              David         McCauley                                              St. Paul
Pastor           Jim           McGowan        St. Paul Reformation                   St. Paul
Rev              Rex           McKee          St. Mary's Episcopal Church            St. Louis Park
                                              Episcopal Church of Our Merciful
Ms.              Catol         McKitrick      Saviour                                Cannon Falls
Sister           Joan          Mitchell       Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet    St. Paul
Rev              Michael       Moses          St. Matthews                           Chatfield
Rev              Susan         Moss           Episcopal Church in MN                 St. Paul
Rev              Barbara       Mraz           St. John the Evangelist                St. Paul
Rev              Cindy         Mueller        First United Church of Christ          Northfield
Rev. Dr.         Brian         Mundt          Gloria Dei Lutheran Church             Minneapolis
Rev              Allen         Negstad        Grace University Lutheran              Minneapolis
Pastor           Karsten       Nelson         Our Redeemer Lutheran Church           Mahtomedi
Rev              Katie         Nelson         Lyngblomsten                           St. Paul
Rev              John          Nelson         Gethsemane Lutheran Church             Hopkins
Lay Leader       Myrna         Nelson         Lutheran Church of Redeemer            St. Paul
Rev              Carl          Nielsen        Arlington Hills UMC                    Maplewood
Rev Dr           Dana          Nissen         Oak Grove Lutheran Church              Edina
Deacon           Kevin         O'Connor       St Joseph the Worker Catholic Church    Plymouth
Sister           Colleen       O'Malley CSJ   Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet    Minneapolis
                 Joyce         O'Meara        Spirit of St. Stephens                 Minneapolis
Pastor            Shonda      Ofili             God be Lifted Up Church                St. Paul
Senior Pastor     Dennis      Oglesby           Park Avenue United Methodist           Minneapolis
Rabbi             Avi         Olitzky           Beth El Synagogue
Pastor            Rolf        Olson             Richfield Lutheran Church              Minneapolis
Pastor            Keith       Olstad            St. Paul Reformation                   Minneapolis
Chaplain          Debra       Ost               Allina Hospice                         Mendota
Rev               Ginny       Padzieski         Calvary Episcopal Church               Rochester
Rev.              Theo        Park              Christ Episcopal Church                Red Wing
Rev               Roger       Parks             Alexandria United Methodist            Clitherall
Rev               Roger       Parks             Alexandria United Methodist            Clitherall
                                                Northeast Community Lutheran
Pastor            Craig       Pederson          Church                                 Minneapolis
Rev.              Bruce       Pederson          Our Saviour's Lutheran Church          Minneapolis
Pastor            Wayne       Peterson          St. Barnabas Lutheran Church           Plymouth
                              Peterson-         St. Andrew's by the Lake Episcopal
Rev               Cindy       Wlonsinski        Church                                 Duluth
Rev               Gretchen    Pickeral          Episcopal Church MN                    Brainard
                                                St Matthews Episcopal Church of St.
Rev               Blair       Pogue             Paul                                   Shoreview
Pastor            Lee Ann     Pomrenke          River of Life Lutheran                 Minneapolis
Pastor            Ronald      Prasek            World of Peace Lutheran                Maple Grove
Sister            Carolyn     Puccio            Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet    St. Paul
Rev               Mary        Ramos             Amplatz Children's Hospital            St. Paul
Rev               Jan         Redman            First UMC                              Redwood Falls
Rev               Dana        Reynolds          Michael Servetus Unitarian Church      Fridley
                                                Camphor Memorial United Methodist
Rev               Gloria      Roach Thomas      Church                                 St. Paul
Rev               Diana       Rogers            St. Paul's Episcopal Church            Minneapolis
Sister            Catherine   Rosengren         Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet    St. Paul
Pastor            Diane       Roth              Woodlake                               Richfield
Ms.               Mary Joan   Rourke            St. Odilia Shoreville                  Roseville
Rev               Virginia    Royalty           St. Clement's Episcopal Church         St. Paul
Rabbi             Yonatan     Sadoff            Adath Jeshurun
Pastor            Carrie      Scheller          Trinity Lutheran Church                Long Lake
Pastor            Joetta      Schlaback         Faith Mennonite Church                 Minneapolis
Rev               Carolyn     Schmidt           San Jose Obrero                        Montgomery
Director ISAIAH   Doran       Schrantz          St. Matthews Lutheran                  Minneapolis
Rev               Richard     Seaver            Falcon Heights UCC                     St. Paul
Pastor            Dwight      Seawood           Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church   Minneapolis
Rev.              Katherine   Sedwick           Saint Luke's Episcopal Church          Minneapolis
Rev               Richard     Sellers           Abbott Northwestern Hospital           Minneapolis
Rev. Dr.          Smith       Sellers           Minnesota Conference UCC               Minneapolis
Rev               Peter       Sethre            Our Saviour's Lutheran Church          Circle Pines
OCP               Jane        Sevald            Chrurch of Spiritual Humanism          St. Paul
Rabbi             Alan        Shavit-Lonstein   Temple of Aaron
Sister            Ann         Sherlock          Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet    Minneapolis
Minister          Laurie      Skau              St. Paul Reformation                   Minneapolis
Pastor            Paul        Slack             New Creation Church                    Brooklyn Park
Rev               Carol       Smith             St. Columbia & Breck Memorial          White Earth
Mrs.              Roxanne     Smith             St. Joseph the Worker                  Champlin
Pastor            Lee         Snook             St. Paul Reformation                   St. Paul
                  Dave        Snyder            Shir Tikvah                            Minneapolis
Pastor            David       Solberg           Gustavus Adolphus                      Minnestrista
Rabbi            Adam         Spliker          Mount Zion Temple                      St. Paul
Rev              Pam          Stalheim Lane    Faith-Lilac Way                        Robbinsdale
Rev              Deb          Stehlin          Light of the World Lutheran Church     Apple Valley
Rev              Karen        Stevensen        St. Matthews Lutheran                  St. Paul
Rev              Grant        Stevensen        St. Matthews                           St. Paul
Pastor           Tom          Stutelberg       East Union Lutheran Church             Carver
Sister           Becky        Swanson          St. Anthony Park Lutheran              Minneapolis
Rev              Stephan      Sylvester        Our Saviour's Lutheran Church ELCA     Lino Lakes
Pastor           Wes          Syverson         Spirit of Christ                       Plymouth
Ms.              Shirley      Teig             Central Lutheran Church                Medina
Rev. Dr.         Mons         Teig             Central Lutheran                       Medina
Pastor           James        Thomas           Mt. Olivet Baptist                     St. Paul
Pastor           Lee          Thoni            Westwood Lutheran                      Medina
Rev              Susan        Thornton         Mayflower                              Minneapolis
Rev.             Paul         Tidemann         Gloria Dei Lutheran                    St. Paul
Rev              Michael      Tippett          Saint Paul's Episcopal Church          Owatonna
Rabbi            Adam         Titcher          Adath Jeshurun                         Minnetonka
                                               Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of
Rev              Michelle     Tonozzi          St. Cloud                              St. Paul
Coordinator      Joanne       Tromiczak-Neid   Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet    St. Paul
Minister         Kathleen     Tucker           First Universalist Church              Minneapolis
                                               Incarnation-Sagrado Corazon de
Deacon           Carl         Valdez           Jesus                                  Minneapolis
Pastor           Jason        Van Hunnik       Westwood Lutheran Church               St. Louis Park
                                               El Milagro/The Miracle Lutheran
Rev              Judith       VanOsdol         Church/ELCA                            Minneapolis
Rev              Lois         Vetvick          Mayflower UCC                          Minneapolis
Pastor           Thomas       von Fischer      Grace University Lutheran Church       Minneapolis
Rev              Rebecca      von Fischer                                             Minneapolis
Rev              Richard      Wagner           Robbinsdale UCC                        St Louis Park
Rev              David        Wangaard         Trinity Lutheran                       Detroit Lakes
Rev              LeeAnn       Watkins          St. Mary's Episcopal Church            St. Paul
                 Beverly      Webb             UU Fellowship St. Cloud                Sartell
Interim Pastor   Mark         Wegener          Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Churchh    Richfield
                                               Prospect Park United Methodist
Pastor           Christine    Wehrman          Church                                 St. Louis Park
                 Connie       Weigel           First Lutheran St. Paul                Maplewood
Rev.             Joseph       Weiss            St. Thomas More Catholic Church        St. Paul
Parishoner       Bernadette   Welter           St. Thomas More Catholic Church        St.Paul
Rev              Larry        Weston           NuWay Missionary Baptist Church        Sartell
Rev              Letha        Wilson-Barnard   Holy Apostles Episcopal                St. Paul
Coordinator of
Social Justice   Jason        Wittak           Parish Community of St. Joseph         Maple Grove
                 Joan         Wittman                                                 St. Paul
Rev.             Vicki        Wunsch           Mayflower UCC                          Minneapolis
Rev              John         Young            New Faith MBC                          Burnsville
Rev              James        Young            Christ Episcopal Church                Northfield
                                               Epworth and Wheelock Parkway
Rev              Carol        Zaagsma          United Methodist Church                Saint Paul
Rev.             Jonathan     Zielske          Hope Lutheran Church                   St. Paul
Rabbi            Marcia       Zimmmerman       Temple Israel                          Minneapolis
Rev              Marianne     Zitzewitz        Mt Hermon Lutheran Church              St. Cloud

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