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									                                                  Job Opportunities for

            B.Sc (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Bio Chemistry and Statistics) and BA (English)

   Name of the          Job Title                   Skill Requirements                                   Job Description
B.Sc Maths        Content Developer        Content Writers, Content writing,               Create lesson plan, worksheet, content
                  / Content Writer          Creative writing, writers,                       sheets on Maths and Science
                                           Storyboarding                                   Role requires handling the work related to
                                           Academically strong in subjects like             Content Developing in Science/Maths
                                            English, Science & Maths.                       Question & answer key writing
                                           Work with Power point presentation and          Experience as faculty content writer for
                                            word                                             competitive exams preferred.
                                           Must have a good command over Math              Required to write and review lesson plans
                                            subject (up to class 12)                         that are based on an activity-based learning
                                           Must possess good writing skills                 model for primary classes (especially for
                                           Must be able to grasp the specificities          EVS, Maths and Social Studies).
                                            related to various Grades and Curricula          Preparing subject-related (up to class 12)
                                           Ability to writing content, proof reading,       content that is logically, factually,
                                            reviewing as well as creating content.           linguistically accurate and consistent
                                           Ability to train students to prepare for        Using creativity to explain concepts by
                                            Bank PO courses                                  bringing them down to the level of students
                                                                                            Ensuring visual clarity and attractiveness of
                                                                                             the content
                                                                                            Writing appropriate answers to the
                                                                                             questions asked by students
                                                                                            Generating ideas and visualization for
                                                                                             multimedia-based content
                  Mathematics                  Very Strong Knowledge of                    Assist the programmers with high level
                  Advisor                       Mathematics, 2D & 3D Coordinate              equations and formulae in Mathematics, 2D
                                                Geometry                                     & 3D Coordinate Geometry & Vectors
                                               Working knowledge of c++ will be
                                                an added advantage
Scientific research,        Require high mathematical skill,           Large companies and government research
design and                   ability to analyze complex problems         establishments are actively involved in
development                  in order to formulate them                  research and development.
                             mathematically and to use computers        They employ mathematicians and
                             in their solution (a skill developed        statisticians, usually along with other
                             during mathematics degree courses)          scientists in interdisciplinary research teams.
                            Willingness to work to deadlines
                            Ability to communicate findings to
Management                  Tact, understanding, ability to            Computing is a major part of the work of
services and                 communicate - because in                    most management services departments.
computing                    recommending action based on their         Entrants are usually appointed as trainee
                             work, mathematicians can face               programmers, but the work can be very
                             resistance to changing familiar             varied, especially for employees of a
                             methods and practices.                      company of management consultants.
                                                                        Their role is to set up mathematical models
                                                                         of the situations they are required to
                                                                         analyze, and to use computers in the
                                                                         solution of the problems, rather than just to
                                                                         write computer programs.
Voice Process             Undergraduates with Good                     Provide voice based customer support to
Executives                 Communication Skills.                         Domestic and International Customers.
                          Good typing speed.                           Ensure customer satisfaction by providing
                          Eager to learn and grow.                      one stop customer service.
                          Confident and self motivation attitude       Managing and updating customer accounts
                          Candidate should be flexible to work in       and database.
                           24 X 7 working environment.
Technical                 Willingness to work in rotational night   Handling international customer queries
executives                 shifts
                          Tenacity to resolve issues
                          Minimum Six months experience in
                           international BPO
                          Good Communication Skills
                   Good Customer Service Skills
KPO Technical      Willingness to work in rotational night        Responsible for providing administrative
analyst             shifts                                          support to people based in UK and US
                   Tenacity to resolve issues                     Adhering to the timelines of the projects
                   Minimum Six months experience in               Should be able to handle routine emails
                    international BPO                               independently
                   Good Communication Skills                      should be able to do multi-tasking and
                   Good Customer Service Skills                    coordinate activities to meet the objective
                                                                   Cater to other administrative requests
                                                                    received from the client
                                                                   Responsible for the work of direct reportees
                                                                   Mentoring and coaching
Online Tutor       Good subject knowledge                         Online Tutoring of students in international
                   Flare for teaching and for technology           clients based on their curriculum.
                   Should be comfortable doing multi              Helping them of students in Assignments,
                    tasking                                         Home work , Projects.
                   Should have high level of creativity and       Developing content for High School Grade
                    innovation                                     Preparation of study guides .
                   Effective Writing Skill based on subjects      Understand customer requirements from
                    ( Consistent, Spontaneous, Creative)            design document for the products team
                   Effective Communication Skills                 Write courseware/script/story board based
                                                                    on defined requirements.
                                                                   Write all test items and supporting
                                                                    documents like glossary/online
                                                                    reference/quiz etc mapping with learning
                                                                    objectives stated in content outline
                                                                   Research /Browse Web/Read books and
                                                                    gather content for project
                                                                   Integrate/construct course based on defined
                                                                   Visualize graphics for the course along with
                                                                    Communication Design team
                                                                    Fix errors reported during review or by Test
                                                                  Adherence and compliance to
                                                                   Project/organization processes and
                                                                   Test and provide academic solutions
                                                                   integrated with technology
Teacher/tutor         Solving queries                            Teach Maths & Science for Primary and
                      Developing content                          Higher Classes.
                      Must possess excellent oral                Responsible for completing the curriculums
                       communication skills and presentation       of the students and handling all type of
                       skills.                                     teaching work in accordance with the role.
                      Should have a flair for teaching.          Handling classroom sessions, Monitoring &
                      Excellent subject knowledge.                improving performance.

Statistical work                                                  Statistical work is carried out in many
                                                                   organizations - the Civil Service (economics
                                                                   and agriculture in particular), research
                                                                   establishments, large industrial firms and
                                                                   commercial concerns (e.g. market research
                                                                  The work is varied, depending on the
                                                                   activities of the employer.
                                                                  In the Civil Service and in research
                                                                   establishments (government and industrial),
                                                                   statisticians work on design and analysis of
                                                                   experimental projects.
                                                                  In industry, the work may involve quality
                                                                   control, where statisticians collaborate in
                                                                   designing procedures for testing and in
                                                                   assessing the results of the tests.
                                                                  Statisticians employed by market research
                                                                   and advertising agencies will be involved in
                      survey design and evaluating responses

Banking/Finance   In recent years, up to half of all mathematics
                  graduates have taken up a career in finance.

                  o   Accountancy
                      Firms of chartered accountants - the main
                      employers - do not normally specify degree
                      disciplines of entrants. They are
                      particularly keen though to recruit
                      mathematics graduates, because of their
                      numeracy skills and logical thought, and
                      because they are normally very successful
                      in the professional examinations (on
                      average, more so than accountancy
                  o   Actuarial work
                      This has long been a popular field for
                      mathematics graduates. The work involves
                      the application of probability and statistics
                      to financial affairs such as life assurance,
                      pensions and social security, so a degree
                      involving a substantial proportion of these
                      subjects is desirable. Traineeships occur
                      with life assurance companies and
                      insurance companies as well as with
                      actuarial consultants. Career and salary
                      prospects for those with managerial and
                      commercial potential are excellent.
                  o   Other openings in finance
                      There are some opportunities in banking,
                      particularly with the head offices of major
                      banks, or with merchant banks.
                                                                              Mathematicians have frequently been
                                                                              successful candidates for the Tax
Physics   Researcher /        Meticulous and hard working person with        analysis of physical and chemical
          Scientists in       analytical skills and attention to detail       parameters of the products as per
          Quality Assurance                                                   specifications, ensuring adherence to
          Departments                                                         quality standards, collaborating with the
                                                                              production     department     for   quality
                                                                              improvements etc.
                                                                              May be required to work in shifts.

          Teacher/tutor          Solving queries                          Teach Maths & Science for Primary and
                                 Developing content                        Higher Classes.
                                 Must possess excellent oral              Responsible for completing the
                                  communication skills and presentation     curriculums of the students and handling
                                  skills.                                   all type of teaching work in accordance
                                 Should have a flair for teaching.         with the role.
                                 Excellent subject knowledge.             Handling classroom sessions, Monitoring
                                                                            & improving performance.
          Software               .NET, Java, PHP                          Write, modify, and debug software for
          Developer              Rich Internet Applications                client applications.
                                 Web development                          Use source debuggers and visual
                                 Soft skills                               development environments. Write code to
                                 dynamic and/or functional programming     create single-threaded or user interface
                                  language                                  event driven applications, either stand-
                                 Domain knowledge                          alone and those which access servers or
                                                                           Test and document software for client
                                                                           Operating Software is the most important
                                                                            software for any device, as it is what
                                                                            directly interacts with the devices hardware
                                                                                 Application software, interact with the
                                                                                  operating system to access the hardware,
                                                                                  and users access and run the programs
                                                                                  within the operating system.

B.Sc Bio    Scientific Customer      Be educated to degree level in a           Representing the organisation as a first
Chemistry   Service                   scientific discipline                       point of contact on the telephone, dealing
            Representative            Have worked in a commercial                with enquiries and passing on complaints
                                      laboratory environment                      and queries as necessary as well as liaising
                                     Have experience in customer service         with other departments to ensure continued
                                      preferably in a scientific/medical          smooth running of department.

                                     Be very highly motivated, be able to
                                      remain calm under pressure and
                                      maintain good humour in a very busy
                                      call centre environment.
            Chemist                  Domain knowledge                           Chemists are scientists who study the
                                     Work with team                              makeup of substances and the changes that
                                     Knowledge in Chemistry and allied           they undergo.
                                      fields                                     They often work in teams with other
                                                                                  chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical
                                                                                 Chemists work for private companies in a
                                                                                  variety of industries.
                                                                                 They are employed in plants that make
                                                                                  plastics, textiles, cosmetics, and chemicals.
                                                                                  They work in fields such as petroleum
                                                                                  refining, mining, food processing, and
                                                                                  water and sewage treatment.
                                                                                 Most chemists work in research and
                                                                                  development, trying to uncover new
                             knowledge about substances or to develop
                             new products.


                        
Research and
Physical Chemist        

Research Assistant      

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