Poor Sales Threaten College Bars

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Poor Sales Threaten College Bars                                                                                                                                               more convenient to visit local         The drinking habits of stu-    by college bars is gradually be-
                                                                                                                                          Alice Himsworth                      pubs.                              dents, and whether or not their    ing eroded.
                                                                                                                                          NEWS EDITOR
                                                                                                                                                                                  This year, a number of theo-    ʻdrinking fundsʼ are limited, is     Many individual colleges have
                                                                                                                                                                               ries have been suggested as to     scarcely a matter of concern to    found that a variety of factors
                                                                                                                                          COLLEGE BARS HAVE seen               why freshers are staying away      those reviewing top-up fees.       have contributed to this down-
                                                                                                                                          a significant downturn in sales       from college bars.                 However, the problem could         turn in profits. Chadsʼ barman
                                                                                                                                          this year. This is leading to wor-     One such theory suggests that    have a significant effect on        Tom Bradley blamed the imbal-
                                                                                                                                          ries that, for some colleges at      top-up fees may be stopping        Durhamʼs unique collegiate         ance between men and women
                                                                                                                                          least, the college barʼs future is   students from spending as much     system.                            in the freshers intake. He went
                                                                                                                                          not assured. College bar stew-       on going out. This reflects con-       Other factors may also affect   on to say that the situation last
                                                                                                                                          ards and staff across the univer-    cerns that the increase in fees    the poor patronage of college      term led to price rises in order
                                                                                                                                          sity have noted that far fewer       is putting too large a strain on   bars such as the number of bars    to cover losses as a result of
                                                                                                                                          freshers seem to be frequenting      students. Students starting this   in town offering cheap drinks      poor patronage.
                                                                                                                                          their college bars.                  year may be all too aware of the   promotions which rival those of        With the barsʼ profits being
                                                                                                                                            In a collegiate university, col-   debt they will face when they      college bars.                      ploughed back into college fa-
                                                                                                                                          lege bars often provide a focal      leave university, and are there-      College bars, though keeping    cilities they provide an impor-
                                                                                                                                          point for activities and interac-    fore far more conscious of their   drinks prices to a minimum, do     tant role for the up-keep and
                                                                                                                                          tion, there is the potential that    spending than those who fall       not participate in drinks promo-   development of the college.
                                                                                                                                          years of tradition and college       under the old fees system.         tions, which are seen to encour-   College bars also often spon-
                                                                                                                                          spirit may be undermined.               One barman at St Cuthbertʼs     age excessive drinking. With       sor sports teams. Should people
                                                                                                                                             College bars rely on freshers     Society Bar said that the prob-    the development of the Water-      continue to stay away from col-
                                                                                                                                          for a large proportion of sales.     lem seems to stem from ʻhow        gate complex, which includes       lege bars, there could be wider
                                                                                                                                          Second and third year livers-out     much it now costs to go to uni-    a Wetherspoons, the monopoly       implications across the univer-
Castle’s famous undercroft bar (photo: Oly King)                                                                                          are less reliable as most find it     versity,ʼ                          on cheap drinks previously held    sity.

OBE for the Thunderbolt Kid
Victoria Wilkinson                  also turned to his childhood in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fierce for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Graduate Jobs
                                    1950ʼs America for his most re-
                                    cent book, The Life and Times                                                                                                                                                                                     Alice Himsworth
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NEWS EDITOR
                                    of the Thunderbolt Kid.
BILL BRYSON HAS BEEN                    Brysonʼs travel writing in-
awarded an honorary OBE for         cludes Down Under, about his                                                                                                                                                                                     FIGURES PUBLISHED this
his contribution to literature.     pursuits around Australia, and                                                                                                                                                                                   week by High Fliers Research
   Durhamʼs chancellor said, “I     Notes from a Small Island,                                                                                                                                                                                       suggest that many finalist stu-
am surprised and very grateful      which features his musings                                                                                                                                                                                       dents will face tough competi-
to receive an honorary Order of     on Great Britain. It is in this                                                                                                                                                                                  tion for graduate jobs.
the British Empire. It is a great   book that he speaks of a great                                                                                                                                                                                      The report shows that some
honour,”                            affection for the North-East of                                                                                                                                                                                  positions may receive 50 appli-
   Bryson received the honour       England, describing it as “one                                                                                                                                                                                   cations. This figure is dwarfed
from Culture Secretary Tessa        of the friendliest corners of the                                                                                                                                                                                by the estimates of some of the
Jowell, who said “despite hav-      planet.”                                                                                                                                                                                                         big banks, which predict some
ing been born and raised in the       Bryson goes on to exclaim that                                                                                                                                                                                 200-300 applicants for each of
US, he has become a true Brit-      “Durham, I think as anybody                                                                                                                                                                                      their graduate positions.
ish institution.”                   who has ever stepped out of                                                                                                                                                                                        Martin Birchall of High Fliers
    Bill is best known for his      the railway station and looked                                                                                                                                                                                   Research said, “With 265,000
witty, laugh out loud travel        across the valley will appreci-                                                                                                                                                                                  graduates expected to leave
writings. However, he has also      ate, is one of the most beautiful                                                                                                                                                                                university in 2007, competition
worked as a journalist for the      cities in the world.”                                                                                                                                                                                            for places on the most prestig-
Independent and the Times. In          Such adoration explains why                                                                                                                                                                                   ious graduate schemes is likely
recent years Bryson has devi-       the Chancellor frequently re-                                                                                                                                                                                    to be tougher than ever.”
ated from his usual genre and       turned to England from his na-                                                                                                                                                                                       Itʼs not all bad news though,
has written about science in A      tive America, and has lived here                                                                                                                                                                                 as the report shows that gradu-
Short History of Nearly Eve-        permanently since 2003.                                                                                                                                                                                          ate starting salaries are up
rything, for which he won the                                                                                                             Tessa Jowell presents Bill Bryson with honorary OBE                                                        by £7,000 to an average of
Aventis Prize in 2004. He has                                                                                                                                                                                                                        £25,500.
 2   NEWS                                                                                                                                                     MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

CONTENTS              Kat takes it all off for Cancer Research
                                                             has bone cancer. Although his
News                   Alice Himsworth
                       NEWS EDITOR
                                                             disease is managable, it is in-
                                                             curable. Kat said, ʻI donʼt think
Page 6 - Politics      MARYʼS STUDENT Kat Yar-               thereʼs anyone who doesnʼt
                       borough has decided to take dras-     know someone living with can-
and religion don’t     tic action in order to raise money    cer, itʼs such a big deal for so
mix.                   for Cancer Research. On Satur-        many people.ʼ
                       day 17th February in front of a          Kat currently has a full head
                       crowd at the Student Union Kat        of long curly hair, which she
                       will shave her head. Not content      intends to donate to a charity
                       to stop at this Kat intends to have   that makes wigs for leukemia
                       the Cancer Research logo perma-       patients for those who have lost
                       nently tattooed on her head.          theirs through treatment. Her
                           Kat originally pledged that       father, who supports his daugh-
                       should she raise £1,000 she           terʼs idea has produced an image
                       would take the leap and shave         to show what she will look like
                       her head. When, in two weeks,         following the big shave.
                       she raised almost £800 with a           Anyone interested in sponsor-
                       month to go before her deadline,      ing Kat should go along to the
                       Kat realised that she was going       event at the DSU or email her at
Features               to have to follow through.
                          Kat was inspired to take this
                                                                                                 Kat’s hair as it is now and a mock-up image of what it will look like
                       action by her grandfather who
Page 11 - The Eden
Project: A Durham
graduate’s dream in    Chemists Honoured                                                         Student Jon Major visits MPs
full bloom.            David Rhys Elward                     “are programmed to be seen and
                                                             not heard”; therefore, when he
                                                             received a letter from the Prime
                       Among those honoured by the           Ministerʼs Office back in No-
Pages 14-15 - Life     Queen in the New Yearʼs Hon-          vember, he suspected that since
                       ours List were two members
outside Durham:        of Durhamʼs Chemistry De-
                                                             “postgraduate chemists can be
                                                             very inventive – any one of 100
Make exploring the     partment. Emeritus Professor          could have perpetrated a hoax
North-East your        William James Feast FRS and           to get even - or perhaps a Grey
                       Dr Euan James Ferguson Ross
New Year’s resolu-     have become a CBE and MBE
                                                             College tutee, past or present”.
                                                             However, having confirmed
tion.                  respectively.                         that the letter was genuine, Dr
                          Professor Feast received his       Ross said it was hard to keep
                       CBE for his contribution to           quiet about the honour until the
                       polymer chemistry. He has             news appeared in the press on
                       worked in the Department as a         29 December.
                       Research Professor since 1965.             Sentiments of congratula-
                       He was a resident tutor at Van        tion have been sent to the two
                       Mildert College from 1967-            academics from all quarters
                       72 alongside his wife, and has        of the higher education com-
                       worked in Belgium, Germany            munity, including past, present
                       and California. He is currently       and designate vice chancellors.
                       the President of the Royal Soci-      Durhamʼs outgoing Vice-Chan-
                       ety of Chemistry. Dr Ross re-         cellor Sir Kenneth Calman
                       cently retired from his position      described this recognition as
                       as the Universityʼs Chemistry         warranted for the “invaluable
Comment                Departmental       Administrator
                       and Secretary of the Board of
                                                             contribution they have made to
                                                             the University as a whole but
                       Studies, the Board of Examin-         especially to the Chemistry De-
                       ers, the research committee and       partment”.                          Jon’s research could help create more efficient solar power
Page 12 - Will Chi-    the staff-student consultative        Both gentlemen expect to re-
na’s values ever be    committee, which he has served        ceive the honour in person
                       for 32 years.                                                                                                 urgent need for research into re-     therefore looking at innovative
understood by the                                            within the next 5 months.           Chris Jones
                          “Administrators, particularly                                                                              newable energy sources like so-       ways to reduce the amount of
West?                  departmental ones”, he says,                                                                                  lar power because of the threat       material used to make cells, as
                                                                                                 THE WORK OF DURHAM                  of global warming, caused by          well as methods of improving
                                                                                                 research student, Jon Major,
                                                                                                                                     burning fossil fuels.                 the overall efficiency of the de-
                                                                                                 on renewable energy is arous-          The government has set tar-        vices.
                                                                                                 ing keen interest amongst MPs       gets to reduce carbon emissions         The project is part of the £4.5
                                                                                                 from all political parties. Jon,    by 60% before 2050 to tackle          million UK national solar ener-
                                                                                                 from Maryport in Cumbria,           climate change. Wind power is         gy research programme PV-21,
Page 27 - Durham’s                                                                               was one of only 90 researchers      one renewable source of energy        and is funded by the Research
fives players are a                                                                               selected from across the UK to      that may help in the attempt          Councilʼs ʻSupergenʼ initiative.
                                                                                                 present their work at the Science
force to be reckoned                                                                             Engineering and Technology
                                                                                                                                     to meet this target, but Jon be-      Head of the Durham project,
                                                                                                                                     lieves it will only be able to pro-   Professor Ken Durose, empha-
with.                                                                                            showcase event in the House of      duce a fraction of the electricity    sises “Young scientists like Jon
                                                                                                 Commons last month.                 we require.                           are the mainstay of the national
                                                                                                   The MP for Durham, Roberta           On the other hand, he points       solar research programme. Jon
                                                                                                 Blackman-Woods and the MP           out, “covering 0.6% of the plan-      is doing brilliant work and
                                                                                                 for Newcastle, Jim Cousins,         etʼs land mass, an area margin-       has taken his message to right
                                                                                                 were among the many politi-         ally smaller than the Sahara          where it counts.”
                                                                                                 cians who attended the event.       desert, with 10% efficient solar          To find out more about the
                                                                                                 Both are strong advocates of        cells would generate enough           principles of solar energy and its
                                                                                                 renewable energy and are said       electricity to meet the planetʼs      uses, log onto www.solarbuzz.
                                                                                                 to be enormously impressed by       needs.” Devices of 10% effi-           com or the projectʼs website at
                                                                                                 Jonʼs research on reducing the      ciency are currently available,       www.pv21.org.
                                                                                                 cost of clean electricity genera-   but only at great cost.
                       A pleased Professor Feast                                                 tion from solar panels.                The team Jon works with is
                                                                                                    Jon feels they appreciate the
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                                                                                                                                                      NEWS      3

Students Begin the Search            inclusive deal which does not        additional time to form more
Alice Himsworth and                  often offer the best value for       stable friendship groups and to
                                                                                                                  STUDENT OPINIONS
Claire Joyner                        money. Whilst it does provide        decide on who to live with.
IT IS THE TIME OF year when          some freedom as students donʼt
                                     have the worry of paying utility
                                                                             Alex Duncan, DSU President,
                                                                          is convinced that students have
small groups of students are seen
huddled under umbrellas going        bills, the added costs included in   nothing to be concerned about         gauges
                                     the rent of these properties often   and need not do anything until
from door to door in all areas of
the city searching for that ideal    provides a nice addition to the      ʻFind a House Monthʼ. He said:        student
house for next year. The housing     landlordʼs pocket.                   “We know that even on the 1st         opinion on
rush starts early in Durham as         The market in Durham for stu-      of October 2007 there will still
the panic that you will not find      dent property is extremely com-      be plenty of great houses avail-      house hunting
                                     petitive with a far larger number    able.”
a house in time slowly spreads
                                     of properties available than             Claire Rasul, DSU Welfare
                                                                                                                in Durham                           Shrina Patel
sometime in early January.                                                                                                                                                              Jo Weeks
   This year has proved itself to    students wanting to take them.       Officer, reasserted this. She                                              Van Mildert, 1st year               St. Mary’s, 1st year
be no exception to the rule that     Whilst this has led to increas-      said: “Some landlords try to
students in Durham are very          ingly creative schemes by land-      scaremonger students into find-         Have you/are                        I started looking at the           No, I haven’t started

quick to find accomodation.           lords it has meant that this year    ing a house ʻbefore they all run       you looking for a                  end of last term.                   looking yet.

Students are increasingly being      for the first time rents on student   outʼ, but this will simply not         house next year?
pressured into signing leases        houses have not, on average, ris-    happen.”
very early on in the year, some      en. This is due also to the rising      ʻFind a House Monthʼ, which         Will you wait                       The campaign seems a bit             I’m happy to wait un-
found their houses as early as       standards of college accomoda-       begins on 12th February, will          for the DSU to                     late, but I am going to wait        til february for the list to
November.                            tion which has resulted in many      start with the issue of the DSUʼs      launch their                       for their houses to come            come out.
    A flurry of companies and         third year students living-in.       list of acceptable properties in       campaign on 12th                   out because I feel I can
consortiums of landlords of-            This year, the DSU is urging      Durham for students. All of            February?                          trust them.
fering all-inclusive deals have      students to act against the rush     which will meet the DSU Code
appeared almost overnight in         and panic of finding a house          of Standards. Houses advertised
Durham. Signs advertising their      and signing contracts at the be-     before then are in fact breaking
                                     ginning of this term. They are       the DSU Code of Standards,
houses are up all over the city
                                     telling students to simply ʻDo       which surely does not bode well       Is finding a
alerting students at every turn to
their need to find a house.           Nothingʼ until the middle of         for a problem-free tenancy.           house too
    The signs themselves have        next month.                             The list becomes available on
been a subject of controversy           Despite the anxiety and con-      the DSU website on the 12th.          much
                                     cern felt amongst many students      The DSU has given assurances
in recent weeks as one com-                                                                                     hassle?                             Stuart Morris
pany, Student Home Zone, was         about finding the best accom-         the server will not crash as it did                                                                           Oliver Stephens
forced to remove seven banners       modation possible for next year,     last year causing long queues                                             St. John’s, 2nd year                Hatfield, 1st year
for which they had not received      the DSU feels it is in the best      outside the Union.                     Will you be                         Possibly, although I may            No, I’m sorted. I got a
planning permission. One of          interest of students to wait until      Advice and help for students        househunting                       move back into college.             house at the end of last
these appeared on a listed build-    February to sign a contract. To      finding a house is completely           this term?                                                             term.
ing causing uproar among lo-         this end it has launched the ʻDo     free from the DSU. The Accom-
cal residents. The company has       Nothingʼ Campaign encourag-          modation Office is open Mon-
since apologised and replaced        ing students to do exactly that      day to Thursday from 10am
the banners with ordinary ʻTo        for the first part of this term.      until 4pm and on Friday from           What are your                      Last year, house-hunting              Two of my housemates
Letʼ signs.                             The DSU feels that by hold-       10am until 3.30pm.                     experiences of                     was manic! I managed to             took charge of it all, so it
    Many have questioned the         ing back on finding a house stu-                                             finding a house                     get a house sorted by mid-          was relatively painless for
sense of signing up for an all-      dents, especially Freshers, allow                                           in Durham?                         january though.                     me.

Honorary Degrees for ‘Giants’
                                                                                                                                                   tish microbiologist, was made a    thor, journalist and cook.
                                                                                                                Jodie Smith                        Knight Bachelor for services to        The third and final degree
                                                                                                                                                   education in 1998 and has been     was awarded to Professor Si-
                                                                                                                DURHAM           UNIVERSITY        the Chairman of the Greater        mon White, who, along with
                                                                                                                awarded honorary degrees to        Glasgow NHS Board since            Professor Sir John Arbuthnott,
                                                                                                                three exceptional individuals in   2002.                              became a Doctor of Science.
                                                                                                                a graduation ceremony before         As well as having been Princi-   He has maintained strong links
                                                                                                                the beginning of term. Rabbi       pal and Vice-Chancellor of the     with the University, having act-
                                                                                                                Lionel Blue, Professor Sir John    University of Strathclyde, he is   ed as a Visiting Professor to the
                                                                                                                Arbuthnott and Professor Si-       also closely linked with Dur-      Physics Department for over 10
                                                                                                                mon White were each preented       ham University, acting as Chair    years.
                                                                                                                with their degrees at Durham       of the Universityʼs External Ad-     He is highly regarded in con-
                                                                                                                Cathedral.                         visory Board for the Wolfson       temporary astronomy circles
                                                                                                                    The Chancellor of Durham       Research Institute.                and is one of the most frequent-
                                                                                                                University, Bill Bryson, con-         The influential Rabbi Lionel     ly cited research scientists in
                                                                                                                ferred the awards at the ceremo-   Blue, an honorary fellow of        the world. Along with contem-
                                                                                                                nies, which saw around 1,000       Grey College, became a Doctor      poraries, he co-developed the
                                                                                                                PhD and Masters students from      of Divinity at the ceremony. He    theory of Cold Dark Matter,
                                                                                                                around the world graduate.         read history at Oxford and went    a refinement of the Big Bang
                                                                                                                “These three individuals are not   on to become the European Di-      theory, representing one of the
                                                                                                                only giants in their individual    rector of the World Union for      most important achievements in
                                                                                                                fields but each have strong links   Progressive Judaism.               astronomy in almost half a cen-
                                                                                                                with Durham University and we        In 1981 he published his work    tury. He is a fellow of the Royal
                                                                                                                are delighted to honour them,”     ʻGodly and Gayʼ, having been       Society and was also awarded
                                                                                                                commented Vice-Chancellor          the first Rabbi to publicly de-     the top accolade in American
                                                                                                                Professor Sir Kenneth Calman.      clare his homosexuality. He is     Astronomical Society, the Hein-
                                                                                                                   The honorary graduates are      well known from his appear-        eman Prize, in 2004.
                                                                                                                all at the top of their respec-    ances on ʻThought for the Dayʼ
Chancellor Bill Bryson presides over the graduation ceremony                                                    tive fields. Professor Sir John     on BBC Radio 4ʼs ʻToday Pro-
                                                                                                                Arbuthnott, a renowned Scot-       grammeʼ, and is a respected au-
4   ADVERT                                                            MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

                   Regular events
                    Mondays, Riverside, 8pm
                           LGBTa Social
                          Tuesdays, Riverside
                           8pm, £3.50/£2.50
        Jazz Cafe or Comedy Cafe
                     Tuesdays, Vane Tempest
                         10pm, £2.50/£1.50
                       (Drum n Bass/Electro)

                  Thursdays, Kingsgate, 8pm
                                  Bar Quiz
                         Fridays 10pm £5/£4
                       (£6/£5 after 11.30pm)
                       Planet of Sound
              (Durham’s biggest dance night)
                 Saturdays (unless otherwise

                                                  Jan-March 2007
                          10pm, £3.50/£2.50
                (Durham’s biggest indie night)

                       Saturday 20th January
                           Live set at revolver
                 With support from the Lurios
                        Tuesday 23rd January
                          at the Comedy Cafe
                              Mark Olver
                       Thursday 25th January
                      10pm, £5 NUS advance
                         Tim Westwood
                          Friday 26th January
                            at Planet of Sound
                           Graham Gold
             Saturday 27th January 9pm-3am,
                           £6 NUS, £10 other
                        Blend (dance night)
              Tuesday 30th January at Twisted
                                Utah Jazz
                       Saturday 3rd February
                         8pm-3am, £10 NUS
                                (Rob Tissera)
                        Tuesday 6th February
                          at the Comedy Cafe
                         Simon Brodkin

                      Saturday 10th February
                          Live set at revolver

                                                     Dunelm House
                    Wednesday 14th February
                        10pm 2am, £5 NUS

                                                         New Elvet
                               Hed Kandi
                      Saturday February 17th

                          Live set at revolver
                        Shiny Toy Guns
                       Tuesday 20th February
                          at the Comedy Cafe
                               Steve Hall
               Saturday 3rd March 9pm-3am,
                                                          DH1 3AN
                           £6 NUS, £10 other
                       Blend (dance night)              Dunelm House is open to
                          Tuesday 6th March
                          at the Comedy Cafe
                                                        students and the general
                                Al Pitcher             public. Right of admission
                   Thursday March 8th 10pm,
                            £5 NUS advance
                                                  reserved. All dates are subject
                          Trevor Nelson              to cancellation and change.
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                                                                                                                                                       NEWS     5

Vandals attack
Cuth’s Boathouse
                                     they found that yet again the
Alice Himsworth                      club house had fallen foul
                                     of vandals. A brick had been
THE PROMINENT location               thrown into the upper storey
of St Cuthbertʼs Society Boat-       window and broke two of the
house has made it a recent tar-      panes.
get for vandalism.                        Furthermore, in spite of
   The Boat Clubʼs position be-      anti-climb paint someone had
tween the Racecourse and the         climbed up onto the balcony
Wear makes it a great place          and attempted to kick open
to watch the regatta and other       the door, as evidenced by mud
events by the river. But its prox-   marks. Fortunately the door was
imity to a childrenʼs play area      secured and they were not able
and the derelict Bowls Club          to enter the building itself. A
have also made it an attractive      previous break-in, several years
location for local youths look-      ago, saw the theft of a rowing
ing for an out-of-the-way place      machine.
to socialise.                            The club fears that should
  Problems arose last term when      someone enter the building dur-
a rash of graffiti ʻtagsʼ were        ing vacation periods they could
sprayed on the building. These       cause significant damage. SCS-
were removed promptly from           BC Menʼs Captain George Fra-
the walls by the council and a       ser-Harding commented, “itʼs a
new coat of paint covered dam-       shame when people canʼt find
age to doors and windows.            anything better to do than dam-
    When members of the boat         age other peopleʼs property.”
club returned this term to train
                                                                         Grey Seals in the North Rona colony (Photo: Dr Sean Twiss)

                                                                         Fancy a ‘Phoque’?                    grey seal colony on the remote       their partners and travel further   Twiss argues, “There are very
                                                                          Emily Cragg                         Scottish island of North Rona.       to access a vital fresh water       few animal populations whose
                                                                                                              Their predictable annual breed-      source for themselves and their     mating patterns and levels of
                                                                         IT SEEMS THAT the effects            ing habits mean they are easy        pups.                               polygamy are not intimately
                                                                         of climate change are not all        to study as they gather to mate         Removed from the guarding        linked to resource distribution”
                                                                         bad news. Recent research by         for 18 days during October and       eye of the dominant male, the       This is a trend which is also set
                                                                         Durhamʼs Dr Sean Twiss has re-       November.                            weaker male seals have the op-      to continue, particularly if pre-
                                                                         vealed that for subordinate male        In this time, the female gives    portunity to mate with them.        dicted rates of climate change
                                                                         seals (phoque in French, incase      birth to a pup, mating again on           Twiss explains that, “The      prove correct. With global tem-
                                                                         you were wondering), the up-         approximately day 16, before         increased movement amongst          peratures expected to rise be-
                                                                         turn in their sex lives is proving   returning to the sea. However,       the females allows the weaker       tween 1.4 and 5.8 °C by 2100,
                                                                         to be a great bonus.                 warmer, drier autumns are dis-       males to mate and results in        dramatic ecological changes
                                                                           It is a change from the warn-      rupting their social behaviour       more males contributing geneti-     look imminent.
                                                                         ings of recent years, suggesting     and mating patterns.                 cally to the next generation.”          The conclusive findings of
                                                                         that biodiversity is being grave-        Male grey seals are polyga-         During the nine year study, a    Twiss and his colleagues have
                                                                         ly affected by climate change,       mous creatures, mating with          61% increase was recorded in        cast an alternative light on cli-
                                                                         with an increased risk of the ex-    approximately ten to fifteen fe-      the number of males contribut-      mate change and its impact on
                                                                         tinction of some species.            males, which they guard from         ing to the genetic pool, from 23    animals. Twiss maintains that
                                                                            However research published        other males within their terri-      in the wettest years to 37 in the   “Climate change, whilst en-
                                                                         recently in the Royal Societyʼs      tory. Their ability to dominate      driest, from a total of around      dangering many species, could
                                                                         Biology Letters reveals the          is not difficult when sources of      100 male seals in the colony.       also help to increase the genetic
                                                                         findings of Dr Twiss and his          water are abundant and females           The impact of this climatic     diversity of some species, giv-
                                                                         colleagues at the University of      cluster in one area, as they re-     variation is likely to extend       ing a leg up (or indeed over!) to
                                                                         St. Andrews. For the last nine       main loyal to one breeding site.     much further than the grey seal     males who normally wouldnʼt
                                                                         years, Twiss has been studying       But the decline in rainfall has      population, having implications     be so successful.”
Broken glass at Cuth’s Boatclub (Photo: Alice HImsworth)                 the mating patterns within the       meant the females must leave         for a wide range of species. As

Durham Research into Sustainable Farming
                                     Research Council (BBSRC); a         studying the wheatʼs genetic re-     friendly insecticide methods.
Jagruti Dave                         major UK public supporter of        sponses to their attacks it may      In the near future farmers could
                                     bioscience research.                be possible to breed wheat lines     be using a spray that blocks the
DURHAM UNIVERSITY is                   The 3-year project is being led   with higher resistances to these     cereal aphidʼs capacity to tol-
leading a new £785,000 col-          by Dr John Gatehouse, a reader      pests.                               erate specific wheat defensive
laborative project looking at en-    in the School of Biological and          Dr Gatehouse commented:         chemicals, but which would be
hancing the resistance of wheat      Biomedical Sciences at Durham       “as the climate warms up, the        safe for other environmentally
to insect pests in a bid to find      University.                         range and severity of attacks by     beneficial insects.
more sustainable farming meth-         He chose to investigate wheat,    these insect pests is extending.         The BBSRC Crop Science
ods in the UK.                       a major cereal crop in Britain      Finding a practical solution is      Initiative is focused on “real
  In an announcement last week       under threat from insects and       becoming increasingly impor-         world” situations. Other projects
the research team, which includ-     diseases, as his findings could      tant.”                               in motion include: developing
ed people from Durham, New-          have wider agricultural ben-             Research into insecticidal      vegetables that remain nutri-
castle University and Central        efits.                               compounds could result just          tious after days in the fridge and
Science Laboratory, York, was            Wheat bulb fly and cereal        such a practical, and long           more effective bio-fuels to help
one of 18 across the country to      aphids are the top two insect       awaited, solution: the develop-      reduce the UKʼs dependence on
be given funding by the Biotech-     pests invading wheat crops. By      ment of new, environmentally         fossil fuels.                        Durham scientists fight climate change
nology and Biological Sciences
 6      NEWS                                                                                                                                                      MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

University Faith Row Reaches High Court
                                   lowed to use Student Union          personal sense, but it is not a     “In only allowing women to
Lucinda Fenton                     rooms or advertise through the      matter for legislative action,”     join and play, they are dis-
                                   Guild.                              he adds.                            criminating against men...that
IN A BATTLE that is taking               However the Evangelical         Exeterʼs Christian Union is not   is completely justified...Lots of
them to the High Court, Ex-        Christian Union did not simply      the only one affected by such       clubs and societies have condi-
eterʼs Evangelical Christian       agree to the Guildʼs demands        action by the Studentsʼ Union.      tions on membership, which is
Union (ECU) and the Guild          that they remove their              Likewise the Christian Union at     right as long as itʼs in line with
of Students are fighting over       barriers to entry. Citing the Hu-   the University of Birmingham        the objects and purposes of that
whether or not the ECU should      man Rights Act, they believe        faced a similar suspension of       society. Therefore in Exeter it is
be able to restrict membership     that their right to Freedom of      a bank account and exclusion        perfectly right and reasonable
to its society.                    Expression is being trampled        from free use of student union      for the Christians to want to be
    In a move that could have      on. Committee member, Ben           premises. Similar action is also    led by other Christians who are
an effect on Studentsʼ Unions      Martin, was quoted on the BBC       said to have been considered        in sympathy with the vision and
across the country, the Council    as saying, “Going to court is the   against Christian Unions at Ed-     values of the society, and ex-
of Exeterʼs Guild of Students      last thing we want to do, but we    inburghʼs Heriot-Watt Univer-       tend membership to those who
voted to suspend the ECU from      really feel that our fundamental    sity and some London medical        share these common values.”
the Guild last October on the      freedoms of belief, association     schools.                               He plays down, however any
basis that it was not upholding    and expression are being threat-        The question being asked        fears that this could happen in
the Guildʼs policy on Equal Op-    ened here.”                         here is whether what Exeterʼs       Durham, saying that the CU
portunities.                             Dr Rowan Williams, the        Christian Union has done is dis-    has, “long enjoyed a very ami-
     The issue comes down to       Archbishop of Canterbury, has       criminatory? Certainly Andrew       cable relationship and we will
the fact that the ECU asks all     also spoken out on the matter,      Walker, President of Durhamʼs       continue to endeavour in the
members to sign a declaration      saying that while the views of      Christian Union, does not think     hope that this can continue into
of belief, which the Guild see     evangelicals on the issue of ho-    so. Durham Christian Union          the future.”
as discriminatory because it       mosexual sex may be “embar-         also asks members to sign a            For Exeter however, the fu-
excludes non-Christians, Chris-    rassing” to liberal Christians,     set of beliefs, although events     ture looks less rosy with neither
tians not of an evangelical per-   traditional values should not       remain open to everyone. He         the Guild nor the Christian Un-
suasion and homosexuals. The       be compared to holocaust de-        looks to the way other societies    ion ready to back down.
suspension meant that the ECU      nial or racial bigotry. “To chal-   operate to uphold his argument.
had one of their bank accounts     lenge behaviour may be deeply       Talking of womenʼs rugby, he                                             The Archbishop of Canterbury steps into the row
frozen, and were no longer al-     unwelcome and offensive in a        says:

Professor appointed to look
after ‘Student Experience’
                                                                                                           Houses to Rent
                                                                                                           Professional Landlord with 5 full time qualified maintenance
                                                                                                           staff providing newly refurbished houses with Ikea furniture.

                                                                                                           All houses comply with the new UDSC SAFETY STANDARDS
                                                                                                           2006/2007 and have:

                                                                                                            - Up to date Gas Certificate
                                                                                                            - Mains Linked Smoke Detectors
                                                                                                            - NICEIC (electrical) certificate

                                                                                                            All houses come supplied with:
                                                                                                                  Burglar Alarm                                             Washing Machine
Professor Gill Nicholls (middle) Durham’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience                              Fridge                                                    Freezer
Benjamin Andrews                   Royal Society of the Arts, mem-     Gillʼs experience in teaching              Microwave                                                 Electric shower
                                   ber of the Institute of Physics,    and learning and her profes-
                                   she has also held the position      sional yet personable approach
                                                                                                                  Gas central heating                                       Good sized rooms
PROFESSOR GILL Nicholls            of Professor of Education at the    really stood out in the competi-           Separate living room                                      Dining table
has been appointed as Dur-         University of Surrey.               tive selection process for this
hamʻs first Pro-Vice-Chancellor          An expert in professional      new and important role and I
for Student Experience. It is a    learning and science education,     look forward to welcoming her       All rooms are fully furnished with new beds, desks, wardrobes,
position aimed at improving the    Professor Nicholls has writ-        to our community.”
Durham student experience.         ten extensively on professional         The drive to combine aca-       drawers etc.
   The role means that Profes-     development in education; her       demic excellence with personal
sor Nicholls will be in charge     most recent book being ʻThe         development has always been
of areas such as teaching and      Challenge to Scholarshipʼ           big at Durham and Alex Dun-         All kitchen equipment such as Pots, Pans, Kettle, Toaster, 12
learning, quality maintenance,
learning resources and delivery
                                   (2005).                             can, DSU President, has ex-         Mugs, 12 Glasses, 12 Plates, 12 Sideplates, 12 Bowls, 12x
                                       Sir Kenneth Calman, Vice-       pressed delight that steps have
methods. This is also the first     Chancellor of Durham Univer-        been taken to manage this most      Cutlery, Cooking utensils, Chopping boards, Sharp knives etc.
Pro-Vice-Chancellor who has
been specifically recruited, pre-
                                   sity, with whom Professor Ni-       important task: “This is great      provided
                                   cholls will be working closely,     news for Durham students. We
vious incumbents having been       has said of her appointment:        now have a dedicated champion
elected to the position.
  Professor Nicholls, who joins
                                   “At Durham the student experi-      for student experience report-      Professional cleaning prior to tenancy
                                   ence is a key part of our strat-    ing directly to the top. Being a
an already illustrious board of    egy for success. Our graduates      student at Durham is a fantas-
Pro-Vice-Chancellors, brings       are well rounded and confident       tic experience and this position
with her an impressive resume.     individuals, equipped with the      should ensure it stays that way
                                                                                                           Contact Nick Swift (Hope Estates Limited) on 07802 456958
Currently Director of the Kingʼs
College Institute of Learning
                                   vision and the skills to take
                                   them wherever they want to go.
                                                                       and improve it even more.”          at the beginning of the Durham Rental Season “Find a
and Teaching, a Fellow of the
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                                                                                                                                                          COMMENT        7

China’s not violating anything - in its own terms
Comment Editor Alice Xin Liu disputes the West’s refusal to consider China from its own socio-historical position

AS SOMEONE who is native               tions about China is related to       ‘bad’ system. For one, the com-      kilometres, China equals the           more inclined to the set ideol-      me to campaign ‘yes’ to its
Chinese, I want to propound the        its government under the ban-         munists saved mainland China         fourth largest country in the          ogy of being a subordinated          evils.
idea that China is a country mis-      ner of communism. The west            from Japanese occupation in the      world. Bureaucracy and a poor          race.                                    China has a remarkable
understood by the west.                has always been hostile towards       1930’s – saved it from all the       human rights’ reputation can be          This needs a basic transforma-     number of problems corrupting
  China is given the reputation        communist states, be it Cuba or       usual slaughter and carnage of       attributed to this disconnected        tion. What constitutes as nor-       the country; penetrating into its
of having an atrocious human           North Korea. The west does not        warfare. The recognition of what     state of affairs and the apartheid     mality in the west is in fact an     judicial system, its social wel-
rights’ record as well as being        understand the fundamentals           the communists did and what          nature of the country. China can       abnormality in China, and it is      fare and most acutely, its gov-
fundamentally undemocratic.            of why a country like China is        they represent is fundamentally      definitely be seen as socially          hard for the Chinese to accept       ernment. The west, its human
China is a subject which the                                                 entrenched in the ordinary Chi-      apartheid, and this is why the         the dictates of the west. If you     rights groups and citizens will
world is eager to dissect and                                                nese person’s consciousness          west’s influence is slow to filter       wanted to make a conventional        no doubt continue to ostracize
critique – even the Durham Un-                                               and sub-consciousness.               through.                               Chinese person wear a mini-          the aspects of China which they
ion Society held a contentious                                                  There are Chinese civilians         There needs to be a fluid route       skirt, heels and dye their hair a    deem inadequate. But its inad-
and lively debate on China in                                                who, secluded in the moun-           for the flow of knowledge in the        wild colour, then they’ll prob-      equacy is because it is assessed
Michaelmas term.                                                             tains, are still today worship-      country for it to be fully distilled   ably feel physically awkward.        by and compared to the West.
   I am adamant that there are                                               ping Chairman Mao for liberat-       in the minds of its citizens. But        If you were to enforce western     What we should not forget is the
few organisations and political                                              ing the country from centuries       China is like a river with many        ideals of democracy and human        fact that China has a unique set
think tanks who truly compre-                                                of oppression and foreign rule.      dams; the knowledge which the          rights onto a nation whose for-      of historical circumstances and
hend the nature of the China                                                 Mao died in 1976; many peas-         west is passing into its stream        eign policy in Tibet has received    social constructs which are dif-
problem. I believe that to under-                                            ants are segregated from the         is blocked before it has had a         fierce criticism, then you will       ferent to what we consume and
stand China the critic must be         Can China change?                     rest of modern China, and the        chance to be wholly absorbed.          encounter the same awkward-          construct here. If China cannot
acquainted with the country on                                               enormity of China’s land mass          Ideology is an essential part of     ness and incomprehensibility,        be excused, then it should at
a deep and personal level - not        steeped in communism, find-            is another illness that create the   Chinese people’s mentalities,          and the same lack of physical        least be understood.
so much to the point of bias but       ing it difficult to extricate itself   symptoms of backwardness that        and the Chinese simply cannot          comfort.
so the critic is capable of judg-      from its red past.                    characterize China. Its vastness     live without it. Its long history        I’m not making an excuse for
ing with insider’s knowledge             China cannot reverse its long       is an enemy to communication,        of oppression has meant that the       China – by all means just be-        Mail Alice about her latest ar-
the hot-spot topic of the ‘evils’      and emotive history, and it often     and an obstacle when it comes        Chinese are not used to the kind       cause I’m Chinese doesn’t pre-       ticle and get your views heard:
of modern day China.                   takes a Chinese critic to eluci-      to implementing reforms.             of lifestyle which is the social       conclude some kind of heavy          a.x.liu@dur.ac.uk
  One of the many misconcep-           date its attachment to such a            Spanning 9.6 million square       norm of the west, as they are          bias for the country, directing      Responses may be published.

Everything’s changing, but are we any cleverer?
Head of History Professor Michael Prestwich comments on Durham of the past, the present and the future

  WHEN I came to Durham in             bite-sized modules; students          and lecture notes on DUO,            it. In practice, one major change      ent system of classification over     important part of the student
1979, the History department           took four courses a year. Exams       have transformed things, as has      has probably been very sig-            time.                                experience. The big change, of
had given two Firsts in the pre-       were very different. Back in          email.                               nificant. The introduction first            All this is likely to change      course, is that none are now sin-
vious decade. Nowadays, over           1979, students were faced at the         A big change is that in 1979      of dissertations, and then of a        again in the next few years, and     gle-sex, which means far fewer
20 per cent of our students get        end of their third year by eight      lecturers were trusted to do their   substantial amount of assessed         a good thing too. Transcripts        inappropriate jokes. The es-
Firsts. Is it the case that students   three-hour exams, which cov-          job effectively. That changed,       work has made an enormous              which give a good picture of         sence of the collegiate system,
have become much cleverer, or          ered all their work in the second     as ‘quality assurance’ came in.      difference.                            how someone has done would           though, has remained.
have there been such improve-          and third years. There were no        Modules needed to be validat-            Word-processing means that         be far better than the simple           Have the students really
ments in teaching that results         assessed essays; everything           ed, pro-formas had to be filled       today’s essays are much more           classification of the present de-     changed much over the years?
are so much better? Or is that,        hinged on those exams. There          in setting out ‘learning out-        impressive in some ways; foot-         gree system.                         They didn’t drink more in the
as suggested in The Times re-          wasn’t even a dissertation. To-       comes’. Students were invited        notes were unknown in the stu-           In Durham, colleges matter. I      past, but some were perhaps
cently, in the past the lecturers      day’s students would find all          to comment on their lecturers in     dent essays of the 1980s. Now,                                              less serious. I taught for a time
were too grand to teach, and the       that a struggle.                      questionnaires (History was the      some dissertations are virtually                                            at St. Andrews, and there they
students too drunk to learn?            Compare that with the situation      first department to do this).         of publishable quality. Much of                                             used to sing ‘The animals came
  When I started teaching here,        today, when only one of my col-         Teaching staff began to go to      the assessed work that forms                                                in two by two’ as the academic
most academics wore tweed              leagues is ever seen in a jacket,     each other’s lectures, to com-       such a substantial part of to-                                              procession entered the hall for
jackets and ties, unless they          and even he does not often wear       ment and even perhaps criticize.     day’s degrees is of a far higher                                            degree ceremonies. That would
were in Sociology. They were           a tie. There are seminars, rather     Departments were subjected to a      standard than those three hour                                              be unimaginable today, much
certainly not grand, with one          than tutorials. They are much         process of regular review. New       exams in the past.                                                          as I would like to see it happen.
possible exception who thought         less frequent, and usually have       lecturers were made to go on           There’s no denying, however,                                              In many ways life has become
he was. Students were seen in          at least ten students in them. In     courses to learn how to teach.       that there has been grade infla-                                             harder. There are more financial
weekly or fortnightly tutori-          the old days, the ratio of staff to   Academics who didn’t want to         tion, and quite rightly so. It was                                          worries for students. Constant
als, with no more than three           students in History was about         teach became experts in telling      ludicrous that it was almost im-                                            assessment has its downside;
in a group. Presentations were         one to twelve; it’s double that       others how to do it, and a new       possible to get a first in History                                           the pressure takes its undoubted
unknown. Lecturers had no dif-         these days. This means that lec-      type of administrator emerged,       in Durham in the 1970s.                                                     toll.
ficulty knowing the names of            turers have to spend more time        expert in all the complex proc-        In many ways it’s unfortunate        Modern day students aids               Students may not be cleverer,
those they were teaching, and          marking, as against face-to-face      esses that went to make up the       that lines have to be drawn at                                              but as technology has devel-
with an intake of not much than        teaching.                             ‘quality’ agenda.                    all, and it’s true that the propor-    remember being asked a week          oped, so they have acquired new
fifty a year, students all knew           They find it increasingly hard           Did all this really improve      tion of those getting firsts today      after the start of my first term in   skills, and the standard of work
each other.                            to identify students, but in con-     teaching, or did it just create      is approaching the proportion of       Durham whether I could yet tell      has surely improved. For all the
 There were few lecturing aids;        trast to the past, will probably      jobs? The evidence of those de-      those who obtained 2:1 degrees         simply by looking at a student       changes, one thing will remain;
you would be lucky to have an          expect to be called by their          gree results might suggest that      in the past. It’s not that students    which college they came from.        Durham was a fine university
overhead projector, much less a        first names. A lot has changed         it really did enhance the quality    are much cleverer, or much bet-        Well, I still can’t do that, but     when I came here, it still is, and
slide projector. There were no         with technology. Powerpoint,          of higher education, but I doubt     ter taught; it’s become a differ-      colleges have remained a very        it will surely stay that way.
 8      COMMENT                                                                                                                                                              MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

                                     Forget the future, live Sun-tanning in the
                                     in the past             winter sun
                                     Deva Scott explains why we choose to delude                                  Alison Boyes ponders the energy crisis and
                                     ourselves at university when the adult world is                              offers solutions as well as warnings
                                     just around the corner

                                                                                                                  CHRISTMAS SHRIMPS on                natural part of our lives. We’re    of a crisis. As long as oil com-
                                                                                                                the BBQ anyone?                       hardly going to revert back to      panies are making record profits
                                                                                                                   Many bookies were offer-           ponies and traps, and consider      from rising demand and uncer-
                                                                                                                ing the longest ever odds on a        a horse-drawn trip to the next      tain supply, they’re unlikely to
                                                                                                                white Christmas this year and         village ten miles down the road,    back funding long-term alter-
                                                                                                                with the rate of climate change       as our ancestors did. The yearly
                                                                                                                increasing at such an alarming        sun, sea and sand package has
                                                                                                                rate, we could soon be slapping       become so accessible that it’s
                                                                                                                on the sunscreen and replacing        hard to see where we might
                                                                                                                                                                                            It seems that big
                                                                                                                the traditional Christmas din-        cut down on flights. Of course           businesses al-
                                                                                                                ner round the fire with a garden       this country’s dismal rail sys-
                                                                                                                party. Global warming, along          tem doesn’t help matters, with
                                                                                                                                                                                             ways emerge as
                                                                                                                with the ensuing energy crisis,       domestic flights often proving         the profiteer of a
                                                                                                                is shaping up to be one of the        cheaper than trains.                        crisis
                                                                                                                biggest issues of our time.            So, dismissing abstinence from
                                                                                                                   Air traffic, which currently        flying as a solution, what other
                                                                                                                accounts for just 5% of carbon        options are in the mix?
                                                                                                                emissions, is rapidly increasing         Spain is leading the way         natives. Just as pharmaceuti-
                                                                                                                and is expected to account for        with its wind proponents. The       cal companies prefer to invest
Is this what we are doing to ourselves in order to shy away from adult responsibility?
                                                                                                                2/3 of UK carbon target emis-         number of wind-powered elec-        in treatments to keep us alive,
  ONCE YOU reach the age of          gia disappeared a split second         ago. As a result of higher edu-                                           tricity turbines snaking across     using their drugs rather than in-
eighteen, you are legally consid-    later as my nostrils filled with        cation becoming increasingly                                              the peninsula would have Don        vesting in a cure.
ered to be an adult, but despite     the smell of cigarette smoke           common place, it is no longer                                             Quixote shaking in his boots.         When fossil fuels do eventu-
this scientists say that the hu-     and alcohol. But I couldn’t            good enough to simply have a
                                                                                                                 Ryan Air recently                    But here, the countryside army      ally run out, will energy com-
man brain is not fully developed     help wondering if that was it.         degree. Far from it. You need        compounded en-                       and the usual barrage of bird-      panies suddenly reveal some
until we are 24. We may be al-       Were the Backstreet Boys and           a top degree and a string of                                              lovers say wind-turbines kill       ‘new’ source they’ve devel-
lowed to vote, own property and      Lambrini really to be the bench        impressive extracurricular ac-
                                                                                                                  vironmentalist’s                    thousands of birds and ruin the     oped, patented and monopo-
have access to huge interest free    marks of my foray into the             tivities with which to wow your      fears by refusing                    peace and quiet.                    lized as the latest money-spin-
overdrafts, but since the regions    grown-up world?                        future employers. In fact, em-                                                The looming energy crisis,      ner? Until the last traces of oil
of the brain which deal with             Perhaps we are entitled to         ployers practically deem “run-
                                                                                                                  to take the mat-                    especially given added pres-        have been pumped out of the
processing the consequences          hold onto the remnants of our          ning the college bar” or “cap-          ter seriously                     sures from politically unstable     earth, new energy strategies
of our actions do not fully de-      childhood, to bask in this pe-         taining the lax team, Dahling”                                            energy-producing countries in       that might force oil companies
velop until our mid-twenties,        culiar mélange of maturity and         to be more important than your                                            Latin America, the Middle East      to relinquish their aggressive
we are supposedly less likely to     immaturity. I for one am eager         class of degree in a world where                                          and India and China is an area      price increases may be being
think through the consequences       to continue shirking the respon-       CVs boasting three As and 2:1       sions by 2050. Ryan Air recent-       where the environmental battle      concealed.
of our actions and hence more        sibilities of adult life, as frankly   are ten a penny.                    ly compounded environmental-          could be won or lost. Searching       Meanwhile, energy-saving ini-
prone to behave irrationally and     adult life has never been so             Sadly, the struggle doesn’t end   ists’ fears by refusing to take the   for more oil or coal is a half-     tiatives are cropping up all over
irresponsibly.                       scary. Moving out and embark-          there. Once you have gradu-         matter seriously. The Executive       baked solution, and only seems      the place. The latest offering
  I think it’s safe to say that we                                          ated and succeeded in finding a      Director Michael O’Leary at-          to be putting off the inevitable    from Canada was to take one
in Durham retain a significant                                               job, you will have the pleasure     tacked calls to introduce taxes       crisis when fossil fuels will       short shower a week instead of
degree of childishness. In our                                              of trying to get your foot onto     on airlines to help cut carbon        run out. The result will be, and    a bath. Simple yet effective, if
first term we are eager to en-           I for one am ea-                    the property ladder. Long gone      emissions as ‘environmental           we’ve heard it all before, ac-      anybody took any notice. One
joy all that marks us out to be                                             are the good old days when          claptrap’, claiming the low-          celerated global warming, ris-      thing is certain though, planes
adults, or perhaps, to fully take       ger to continue                     you could still buy a house for     budget carrier was one of the         ing sea levels and mass coastal     will not be grounded, and de-
advantage of our “adult” free-             shirking the                     £80,000. Today the average          most environmentally-friendly         flooding.                            spite possible ticket-price mark
dom in any way that we please,                                              graduate leaves university with     in Europe. Environmentalists             Britain’s best brains, seeing    ups, the number of flights is ex-
whilst avoiding responsibility.
                                        responsibilities                    a whopping twenty thousand          beg to differ and say we must         no realistic alternative, have      pected to keep on climbing. So
We choose to leave our summa-              of adult life                    pounds’ worth of debt and is        stop using so much energy.            virtually committed us to a         just what will it take to get us to
tive essays until the night be-                                             faced with house prices averag-        A recent conference in Af-         vastly expensive nuclear power      listen to our rainbow-jerseyed
fore they are due, overload our                                             ing £172,065. Scarily, the aver-    rica saw scientists and envi-         program. It seems bewildering       friends of the earth? Petrol pric-
livers with ridiculous amounts                                              age graduate salary is £21,000,     ronmentalists from around the         then to read that across the At-    es exceeding £1 a litre? Need-
of alcohol and come crawling         ing upon a degree, which is            which isn’t much when you           globe meet to find solutions to        lantic, Brazil is on the verge of   ing to wear Wellington boots in
home at 4am when we have a           more expensive than it has ever        consider the astronomical costs     this rapidly growing problem.         self sufficiency through devel-      the living room?
lecture at 9.                        been, forces you to ask some           of owning the roof over your        Among their conclusions was           oping fuels made from plants.         By the time we get around to
  But this is Durham, one of the     terrifying questions: where and        head.                               the suggestion that we drasti-        No-one doubts there is an en-       listening, we may well be cele-
most prestigious universities in     what are £9000 and three years            You could blame our behav-       cally reduce air travel. Yet, this    ergy crisis, with unprecedented     brating Christmas in shorts and
Britain. Would you expect child-     of my life going to get me?            iour on any of the following        conference saw several hundred        consequences on our earth, but      t-shirts under the blazing sun...
ish behaviour to be anything but       What on earth will a degree in       reasons; a nostalgic yearning       people flown in from around            somehow there’s a feeling we
second nature to the academic        anthropology, classics, or phi-        to re-live our childhood days       the world. Anyone ever heard          are being told a half-truth. The    Mail Alison about her article at
crème de la crème of eighteen        losophy equip me to do in the          when we didn’t have to worry        of videophone? The fact that          more cynical among us must be       a.t.boyes@durham.ac.uk
to twenty-three year olds in the     real world? I think it was when        about debt, council tax, mort-      the shear hypocrisy of their          wondering what are we not be-       Responses may be published.
UK today? Take for example           I spotted the Milkround stand          gages and graduate umemploy-        suggestion does not seem to           ing told?
our bizarre preoccupation with       at the Freshers’ Fair that I real-     ment, a series of complex neu-      have occurred to the organisers          It seems that big businesses
dressing up (be it as Village        ised that I wouldn’t be able to        rological processes or perhaps      shows how travel has become a         always emerge as the profiteer
People, Smurfs or even sperm)        avoid these dreaded questions          simply escapism. Call it what
and the soft spot we have for        for much longer. It hit me that        you will, but can you blame us
singing derogatory songs which       in three years’ time I would be        for wanting to spend our eve-
are little better than playground    competing against a couple of          nings drunkenly dancing the
chants.                              million twenty-somethings with         Macarena?
   Not to mention the cheesiest      a BA or Bsc tacked onto the end
and most childish nights out in      of their names.
existence. The first time I went       Currently over two and a quar-        Mail Deva about her article at
to Klute, I was overwhelmed by       ter million students are enrolled      d.j.a.scott@durham.ac.uk
the feeling that I was 10 again      at universities in the UK, com-        Responses may be published.
and it was the end-of-term disco     pared with a mere one million,
in the assembly hall. My nostal-     six hundred thousand ten years                                             Ryan Air are not the only ones flying out of control
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                                                                                                                                                          COMMENT        9

‘An explosion of antipathy’
Deputy Comment Editor Joe Cookson responds to Ben Halfpenny’s article on Family policy from December

MY ARTICLE published in               or his geographic area of resi-        A well-expressed criticism was       those who are from single-par-        compared with one in twelve           doesn’t like the news, the obser-
November received a great deal        dence, it stepped backwards           that there was no evidence for        ent families and have made it         married couples. Traditional          vations exemplified in today’s
of scrutiny, support and criti-       from rather depressing personal       any of what was said. Where           to Durham, or Oxbridge, or any        marital relationships thus offer      remarks are not what one wish-
cism, not always in equal meas-       experience and highlighted            are the figures to support what        other University for that matter,     a stability that other types of       es to express, but they must be
ure. A huge number of people          some general problems which                                                                                       bonds can reproduce in only a         expressed concisely for public
have expressed sentiment cor-         curse British family policy.                                                                                      tiny minority of instances.           information. The sheer consist-
responding to my own, whilst            What many students who have                                                                                       It is an inconvenient truth that    ency with which the response to
a substantial majority acknowl-       approached me concerning my                                                                                       a child’s life chances degrade        my article interpolated, engag-
edged that attempting to pursue       views should realise, is that their                                                                               immediately upon the break-           ing in a deliberate falsification
remedies to problems which            comparative comfort and mate-                                                                                     down of a union between a man         of what has been written took
have long been ignored by our         rial affluence, is not reflected so                                                                                 and a woman, as children from         my breath away to the extent
society is a valuable undertak-       consistently here in the North,                                                                                   broken homes are twice as like-       that this rebuttal of its continu-
ing.                                  and that classical Southern up-                                                                                   ly to have behavioural problems       ous misrepresentation of my po-
   Solutions are never going to       bringings, from which many                                                                                        and seventy percent more likely       sition could have continued ad
be universally effective or uni-      of you have benefited, contrast                                                                                    to be drug addicts. The cost of       infinitum.
versally popular, and so to any-      strongly with what one experi-                                                                                    family breakdown stands at £20          Despite this, it is not my ex-
body who read my oeuvre and           ences in the still numerous ne-                                                                                   billion per annum, with a bleak       pectation that even a substantial
felt it contrary to their personal    glected regions of the UK.                                                                                        picture painted by the, I would       minority of people should agree
experience, then my apologies             Perhaps I expressed myself                                                                                    suggest most striking, fact that      with my quite-brutal methods
abound. However, Mr Halfpen-          with a degree of ineptitude                                                                                       seventy percent of young of-          of suppressing this problem, but
ny’s very subjective accusations      in my initial comments, but I                                                                                     fenders come from lone-parent         it is my desire that individuals
concerning the elements of the        had no desire to ‘attack’ single      Young Offenders on the rampage                                              families.                             should recognise the direction
column which addressed single-        parents, who are perfectly able       your argument contemplates,           are most probably exceptions             It is perhaps prudent at this      in which we are travelling, and
parent families, I felt illustrated   individuals in abundant atypi-        came the cry. So, even though         that prove the rule.                  juncture to express one’s in-         how we need to turn around
my assertions strongly.               cal scenarios, or suggest that        it contradicts the traditionally        May I make it clear, that it is     tense dislike for such statistics,    abruptly. Burying our heads in
   Written objectively, my ar-        women should be paid less for         polemic nature of political com-      my objective to find a way in          but we should also harbour a          the sand shall decrease every-
ticle tried to dispel emotional       the same jobs.                        ment, here we are.                    which life for single parents         displeasure with the individuals      body’s prospects and subse-
connection from what was said,          It is clearly the case, however,      Despite my reservations about       who are currently raising chil-       who continue to paint modern          quent quality of life.
whereas the response was writ-        that encouraging thousands            the consistent use of statistics      dren can be made easier and           Britain as a sea of tranquillity,
ten in an impassioned and mis-        of women to become builders           to explain away ludicrous theo-       more comfortable, the goal is         a plainly erroneous standpoint.       Mail Joe about his articles and
guided fashion. In any debate         instead of beauticians is a mis-      ries, the numbers to show that        certainly not stigmatism.             Our society possesses internal        make your views heard:
keeping personal experience           guided undertaking, and that          single parenthood, speaking             Having stated all of this, we       problems of stark dimensions,         joe.cookson@durham.ac.uk
from affecting rational judg-         merging the lines which define         in percentages and reasonably         must recognise that marriage          and these need to be dealt with       Responses may be published.
ment is crucial. This is where        our sexes is foolish, especially      ambiguously, is detrimental to        has to be saved from it’s pre-        promptly, addressed with the
Ben falls down.                       in a field such as differences in      a child’s well-being are now          dicament because one in two           most heightened of urgencies.
    The commentary was not            career opportunities and subse-       submitted for your assessment.        cohabiting couples split up be-           It is not constructive to shoot
speaking of his circumstances,        quently employment sectors.           I wish to stress with priority that   fore their child’s fifth birthday,     the messenger just because one

                                       Drop your coat, you haven’t pulled
                                       Stevie Martin discusses the love-hate relationship women have with continuous male attention

  THE OTHER day against my            male race.                            us constantly trapped in a vor-       examples of male virility are ac-
better judgement, I decided             Upon being greeted by a group       tex of inescapable lechery, un-       quainted with the facially chal-
to venture out and satisfy the        of friendly looking male chip-        able to even contribute towards       lenged pervert I encountered at
overwhelming urge that had            supervisors, I ordered my food        the salvation of homeless chil-       the bar in Studio the other week
seemingly taken control of me.        and was immediately asked my          dren. I tried this a few days ago     who asked my breasts if they
This should have been a sim-          name. Okay so this isn’t exactly      and after apologising that no, I      wanted a drink.
ple affair: walk in, order chips,     rape, and no I didn’t glare icily     couldn’t give £20 a week but             Perhaps if I stopped running
wait three seconds while chips        but told him the required infor-      yes, I would peruse the website,      in terror from sleazy men and
are extracted from the vat of         mation in an effort to appear         was asked if I’d like to go out       stood still long enough I would
dubious-looking grease, com-          equally friendly, and also to         for a drink sometime.                 find myself completely covered
plete the financial transaction,       ensure that nobody spat in my            Here was a guy who actu-           in thirty five year old inbreds.
smother said chips in the garlic      meal.                                 ally used homeless children           I wish I had some way that fe-
sauce possibly created by Sa-             ‘Oh, that’s a really pretty       as a way of getting laid. Or at       males can stop this constant
tan, and then leave.                  name.’ Well if we’re being hon-       least, hydrated. Did he actually      onslaught of sexual innuendo,
                                                                                                                                                        Perverts on the prowl
   Unfortunately, this innocent       est here, it conjures up images       think that those twenty seconds       but on the other hand, if we had
quest for hideously unhealthy         of successful black, blind soul       we spent together would be suf-       the chance to never get a wolf-       versation’ to our chests. At-         when the soup scalds your
carbohydrates became yet an-          singers in shades, but putting        ficient enough for me to decide        whistle from a weirdo again...        tempting to assert their mas-         tongue (or gets in compromis-
other example of the sexual           this harmless attempt at flirta-       I fancied him loads and was up        would we take it?                     culinity, they are, whether we        ing positions with your best
harrassement a weary female           tion down to the crazed chip-in-      for a date?                             I did reprimand the guy wear-       want them to or not, confirm-          friend) a glass of wine does
like myself has to endure on a        duced glint in my eyes it wasn’t         In an attempt to assert their      ing the attractive hat, but if I’m    ing our femininity, and this is a     wonders for the ego.
daily basis.                          till the leering “Are these chips     masculinity, to prove to them-        honest, I was having a really         good thing.                             So next time you are informed
  Before I continue I would like      for you and your boyfriend?”          selves and their friends that         horrendous day and the encoun-          A ridiculous chat-up line from      to get your coat due to having
to clarify a few things; firstly,      question was casually thrown in       they are capable of, ahem,            ter cheered me up considerably;       a facially challenged oddball is      pulled, don’t smash your glass
I am by no means the clone of         that I got irritated.                 picking up ‘chicks’, a phrase         I doubt there is a girl out there     a small breath of fresh air, the      over his head. Roll your eyes
Keira Knightley and therefore           At this point I didn’t have to      that I once overheard being           who thinks a harmless pick-up         equivalent of having a glass of       and feel both the boost to your
this isn’t some beautiful per-        think of something incredibly         used in the Swan and Three. I         line or an appreciative whistle is    wine; it’s harmless, it’s sort of     self esteem and the secret joy
son’s vanity project wherein          witty and sarcastic to say, be-       was about to point out to my          a humungous blow to their self        nice, it makes you feel better        that a) you’re not his signifi-
I “moan” about how “awful”            cause the chips had been set          friend that nobody has ‘picked        esteem, even if it does come          but it’s not something you want       cant other and b) that you aren’t
being constantly ogled is, and        down and my £2.50 left spin-          up chicks’ since around 1955          from a thirty-five year old who        to experience every minute of         invisible to the male race. Ad-
secondly, neither am I a femi-        ning on the counter. This kind        until I noticed that the two men      married his sister.                   every day.                            ditionally, it would be a good
nist with an aversion to hair         of situation, however, happens        in question were casually flick-         Despite the initial irritation we     Sometimes you want to drink         idea to move away relatively
removal. With my status as the        every single day.                     ing through the DUCK Naked            should be thankful at not being       something a little mnourishing        quickly in the event of said per-
‘everywoman’ established, I              My theory is that males are        calendar, and not in the jokey,       able to discuss our overdrafts at     like a cup-o-soup (or that in-        vert considering himself to be
would like to now justify my ir-      ruthless and unstoppable in their     ironic way either.                    Natwest without some young            credibly hot specimen in your         ‘in there’.
ritation with the majority of the     quest for female flesh, leaving          I’m presuming these dashing         superviser ‘making polite con-        philosophy lectures, but then
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PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                           FEATURES           11

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                       WHAT’S ON      FEATURES                     FILM
                                      Palatinate takes a look
                                      behind Art Soc’s latest
                                      collaborative project
                                      Page 16

                                                   Former Durham
                                                      student and the
                                                         face behind the
                                                         Eden Project, Tim
                                                         Smit talks to
                                                         Palatinate about
                                                         his time at the
                                                         university and
                                                          life beyond

                                                                               (FRONT PHOTO: OLLIE KING)
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                                        s in the Un


                                                              aka Concept
                                                  ho p, Dam (
                                    the Student S         or
                       Tickets from       and o n the do        )
                                                   S), £2.50(GC
                                      £4, £3.50(NU

                                               Be nice
                  January 20th                           February 17th
              ...with live set from revolver     ...with live set from Shiny Toy Guns
                 favourites SixNationSate               (many millions of plays
              With support from the Lurios                    on myspace!)
                  www.myspace.com/               www.myspace.com/shinytoyguns
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                                                                                                                                   NEWS    13

The Genesis of Eden
Features Editor Katherine Baker talks to Tim Smit about his unique journey from Durham University to the Eden Project

  Scrambling to the top of         As a student in the 1970’s       Heligan which rapidly grew
the transparent biomes as        you could still go to pubs         to become one of Britain’s
if auditioning for the next      and drink with the min-            most popular botanical
James Bond film, Tim Smit         ers, I came back to Durham         gardens.
was given the opportunity        four years ago and it has             It was whilst working on
to survey the culmination        all changed. It seems more         these gardens that Smit
of his years of hard work        poncey now.”                       developed a taste for reju-
and sheer ambition.                Having to cope with the          venating derelect land sites
  Clinging to the ropes that     increasing costs of living for     and creating biodiversity, a
keep him from falling, as        students, Smit started what        taste which was to inspire
part of a charity fundrais-      was intended to be a quick         the germination of the
ing challenge, the former        money making scheme, but           Eden Project.
Durham University and            in reality ended up shaping          “It developed like a gue-
Hatfield College student          his early career.                  rilla movement. I put out
was able to view his mas-           “I saw an advert asking         feelers to those I already
terful creation, the Eden        for bands to play at college       knew who could be inter-
Project, from a whole new        balls. Being so skint, Charlie     ested in the project, and
perspective.                     Skarbek, a fellow Hatfield          they in turn spoke to those
                                 student, and I created a           they knew.
                                 rock band called Cubes.              We were meeting in pubs
  “I came back to                   We made a good living           to discuss our plans. Once
                                 out of it whilst at universtiy,    we had reached a critical
  Durham 4 years                 and decided that we were           mass the project was born.
    ago, it seems                something rather special.             It’s like Tinkerbell, every-
                                                                                                      An insiders view of the tropical dome at the Eden Project in Cornwall
                                   Having toured the North          one has to believe in it for
   more poncey                   East playing various gigs,         it to exist. This is how magic
                                                                                                      project has two fundat-           Ideally I want the Eden         Being so green-fingered,
       now”                      we ventured to London.             happens.
                                                                                                      mental aims. Firstly to make   Project to become the most      it comes as no surprise that
                                    We had surprising luck
                                                                                                      people feel optimistic and     important building of the       Tim Smit is an avid sup-
                                 and had the opportunity
                                                                                                      secondly to make people        21st century. I want it to be   porter of calls for people to
Whilst The Eden Project          to work with artists such            “There is nothing               appreciate their surround-     a centre for important dis-     become more environmen-
may be the flagship of            as Twiggy, the Nolan Sis-
Smit’s enterprises, it is just   ters and Barry Manalow.              sadder than a 50                ings and the relationship      cussions.”                      tally sustainable.
                                                                                                      that exists between people       When asked by Palatinate          “The evidence that hu-
one of his many surprising       We even worked on a song              something year                 and plants.                    who the project was aimed       mans have had a hand in
achievements.                    with Louise Tucker called,
  Since his days as an An-       ‘Midnight Blue’ that sold             old trying to act                “I want people to be im-     at, Smit proudly said:          global warming is incontro-
                                                                                                      mersed in plants like they     “It is aimed at me. So long     vertible. Those who doubt
thropology and Archaeol-         over 7 million copies.”                     cool”                    have never been before.        as you are not a freak, bas-    this are a complete waste
ogy student, his career has        With 7 platinum records
                                                                                                      The project is not aimed       ing something on your           of space.
been nothing less than col-      under their belts, the band
                                                                                                      at preaching to the public,    personally interests means        Humans are used to slow
ourful and varied. On leav-      was wound up.                        The project is a clear indi-
                                                                                                      but rather at offering them    that millions of other peo-     changes, so it will be inter-
ing university he launched        “I fell out of love with the      cator of how ordinary peo-
                                                                                                      an opportunity to admire       ple will like it too.           esting to see how we can
himself successfully into a      music business, but not with       ple can become more than
                                                                                                      their surroundings.                                            adapt once the changes be-
musical career only to opt       music. There is nothing sad-       a sum of their individual
                                                                                                         By coming to the Eden                                       come exponential.
out of this in favour of         der than 50 something year         parts.”
                                                                                                      Project I hope that people                                       I have always been green,
more leafy prospects.            olds trying to act cool, and I       The project cost £130 mil-                                       “It’s like Tinker-
                                                                                                      will find themselves fas-                                       yet like most people I am
   Yet the former Durham         should know seeing as I am         lion to get off the ground,
                                                                                                      cinated with the natural                                       fabulously       hypocritical.
student has not forgotten        now of that age.”                  but the money raised
                                                                                                      world within the domes,
                                                                                                                                        bell, everyone               Everyone slips, but I try to
his student days.                    With his musical past          through national lottery                                           has to believe in
                                                                                                      and then pay more atten-                                       be as sustainable as I can.“
  “I have great memories         behind him, but not al-            grants and sponsorship,
                                                                                                      tion to the natural world        it for it to exist”               Smit’s sustainable ways
of my time at Durham. I          together forgotten, Tim            was enough to convert a
                                                                                                      on the exterior. Many peo-                                     have also rubbed off on his
forged great friendships,        Smit started to develop his        derelict china claypit into
                                                                                                      ple fail to realise how de-                                    Eden Project. From its early
and I am still in contact        green fingers.                      one of Britain’s most visited
                                                                                                      pendent human civilisation                                     days, the site has opted
with a surprising number            Moving to Cornwall, he          attractions.
                                                                                                      is upon plants.           If you aim it at a mythical          to follow a Neutral Waste
of them.                         created the Lost Gardens of           Smit believes that the
                                                                                                                              public, you have no guar-              Policy that aims to increase
                                                                                                                              antees that anyone will fit             the amount the centre re-
                                                                                                                              the stereotype.”                       cylces and reduce its over-
                                                                                                                                   Since opening to the              all waste. The waste sent
                                                                                                                              public in March 2001, The              to land-fill sites is weighed
                                                                                                                              Eden Project has gone from             and the equivalent weight
                                                                                                                              strength to strength. In               of recylced goods is then
                                                                                                                              its first year alone it had             bought. The key to sustain-
                                                                                                                              1.8 million visitors walk              able living, believes Smit, is
                                                                                                                              through the door.                      good organisation.
                                                                                                                                 “We had to deliberately                 Having climbed to the
                                                                                                                              not advertise during the               top of his creation, able to
                                                                                                                              first year so that the visi-            look down on all that he
                                                                                                                              tor numbers would drop                 had achieved, Smit said,
                                                                                                                              down to a more manage-                 “Whilst at university I had
                                                                                                                              able level. We now have an             no idea what I wanted to
                                                                                                                              average of 1.2 million visi-           be. I firmly believe that suc-
                                                                                                                              tors a year and welcomed               cessful people only become
                                                                                                                              out 8 millionth visitor early          a success once they have
                                                                                                                              this year.”                            stopped worrying and have
                                                                                                                                 And there is nothing to             learnt to trust their intui-
                                                                                                                              suggest that this interest in          tion. You just need to go for
                                                                                                                              the unique biomes is set to            it. Despite his unquestion-
                                                                                                                              tail off anytime soon. Year            able success, Smit conclud-
                                                                                                                              upon year the percentage               ed, “Realistically though, I
                                                                                                                              of returning visitors in-              looked like a middle aged
                                                                                                                              creases. In 2001 it was 15             bloke, out of condition, on
Tim Smit, the face behind the Eden Project                         “The Jungle” at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Mevagissey in per cent, but now the fig-              top of a bit of plastic.”
                                                                   Cornwall                                                   ure is closer to 34 per cent.
14   CENTRE SPREAD                                                                                                                  MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALAT

A Life Outside?
Features Editor Katherine Baker attempts to break down the barriers between students and the outside world.

     How much do you know about the area
     in which you go to university?

       Most of us students tend to ignore the wider world that lurks byeyond the boundaries clearly marked out by the Viaduct,
       Maiden Castle and Gilesgate, in favour of familiar territories and familiar friends.

      I propose this: Maybe it is time for us to take these friends out of Durham and embark upon a mission of exploration.

      The Epiphany term, notorious for stress, dissertations, science exams, and summative essays galore, is now getting underway. This
      is surely a better time than any to shirk the stress, take a break and burn off all that comfort food.

      There are so many great places to discover, whether you are yearning for a traditional Sunday lunch in a quiet country pub, or you
      fancy conquering a nearby castle, it can all be done with just a quick train, bus or car ride. Whether you have a few hours to spare
      or a whole day, there are much better offers out there than an afternoon on the sofa watching Neighbours, Doctors and Murder
      She Wrote! Give it a try...
TINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                                                                                                          CENTRE SPREAD   15

                                                                                                                        Further Afield
                                       Lindisfarne:                                                                                     High Force
                         Lindisfarne   Boasting an 11th century Benedictine priory and a 16th century castle, Lindisfarne is a
                                       perfectly tranquil and picturesque island, steeped in history. Its coastal walks, and hill top
                                       views are quite unparalled, whilst the quaint coffee shops and pubs serve to rejuvenate the
                                       tired explorer.
                                       Accessible via a causeway that emerges from the North Sea twice a day, Lindisfarne can be
                                       reached in a car, following the A1 to Beal, and subsequent signs.
                                       Alternatively trains run from Durham to Berwick-Upon-Tweed, and the bus routes 505/515
                                       run between this train station and Beal.

                                       High Force:
                                       As England’s highest unbroken waterfall, surrounded by beautiful woodland walks High
                                       Force offers a perfect opportunity to escape the city and relax amidst nature. The River
                                       Tees gushes down the 21 metre drop into the plunge pool below, and can be accessed eas-
                                       ily via a half mile woodland walk.
                                       If a wooded stroll takes it out of you, the Rose and Crown pub in Romaldkirk is the perfect
                                       place to recharge the batteries.
                                       High Force can only really be accessed by car. Head out of Durham towards Bishop Auk-
                                       land and take the B6277. High Force is signposted to the left approximately 4 miles from

                                       Seaham Beach:
                                       Known as the North Gateway to the North East’s picturesque beaches, Seaham’s beautiful
                                       sandy shoreline is an area of national conservation. It provides the perfect setting, whether
                                       you want to read a book whilst listening to the lapping of the waves, or enjoy a traditional
                                       English day at the seaside with friends.
                                       Seaham Beach holds the UK award for the highest water quality standards, so hypothermia
                                       aside, there is no need to fear a quick dip.
                                       Seaham is easily accessible by car and bus. When traveling by car take the A690 to Sunder-
                                       land, and follow the signs to Seaham
                                       To take a bus, catch either the 154. 220 or 222 services departing from Durham Bus Station.         Alnwick Castle

                                       Alnwick Castle:
                                       Providing the dramatic setting for films such as Harry Potter and Elizabeth, and the comedy
                                       satire Blackadder, Alnwick castle certainly has a great deal to offer. Alnwick first appears in
                                       the history books from 1039, and has been home to the Earls of Northumbria, the Percys
                                       since 1309. Second only to Windsor as the largest lived in castle in England, Alnwich pro-
                                       vides the intrepid explorer with much to discover.
                                       To reach the castle by road take the A1 north to Alnwick and follow the signs to Alnwich
                                       Town Centre. Once in the town centre follow signs to the castle.
                                       The castle is also accessible via the 505 and 515 bus Arriva bus services from Newcastle.
  Seaham Beach

                                                                                                                  Closer to Home
                   Baltic Gallery

                                       Baltic Gallery:                                                                                  The Angel
                                       Standing proud on the banks of the Tyne, the Baltic Gallery is the hub of artistic expression
                                       in the North East. This term the featured exhibitions include “The G Word”, a showcase of
                                       the dynamic works of North East graffiti artists, and “Working Class Hero”, an audio visual
                                       portrait of John Lennon, by Candice Breitz.
                                       With free admission there is really no excuse not to have a look.
                                       The Biscuit factory, one of the biggest art stores selling contemporary art is also one not to
                                       be missed.
                                       Both are easily to get to, using either buses or trains from Durham to Newcastle.

                                       The Ideal Country Pub Lunch:                                                                     Dunn Cow Inn
                                       If you fancy getting out of the city but have a tight time limit, County Durham has an array
                                       of different pubs and restaurants that can offer tempting competition to your mum’s Sun-
                                       day roast. Visit the Dunn Cow Inn at Sedgefield to dine in Tony Blair’s local where he enter-
                                       tained the infamous Bush, or The Angel at Corbridge for a meal in style. Alternatively, even
                                       closer to home are the Stonebridge Inn in Nevilles Cross, and Manor House Inn at Carterway
                                       Heads, both offering a delightfully refreshing change from college food.

                                       The Angel of the North:
                                       As one of the most viewed works of art in the world, the Angel of the North towers high
                                       above Gateshead. It is thought to been seen by 90,000 people a day as they cruise up and
                                       down the A1, but few actually stop to take a closer look.
                                       Built as a celebration of the areas industrial heritage, and made from 200 tonnes of
                                                                                                                                                     Raby Castle and
                                       weathering steal, the 20 metre high Angel is easily accessible.                                               Deer Park
                                       On a shopping trip to the Metrocentre, why not turn off the A1M taking the exist for
                                       Gateshead South and spend half an hour wandering around this magnificent sculpture.
                                       Alternatively you can catch any of the following bus services from Durham Bus Station: 21,
                                       21A, 21B, 724 and 728.

                                       Raby Castle and Deer Park:
                                       With 200 acres of park home to red and fallow deer, this fourteenth century castle offers
                                       a unique experience. The castle itself is home to a grand collection of tapestries, paintings
                                       and porcelain wares, whilst the eighteenth century walled ornamental gardens and park
                                       provide ample space to wander and forget the stresses of essay deadlines.
                                       Raby Castle is easy to reach in a car, by taking the A1M South to junction 60. Then follow
 Angel of the North                    the A68 to West Auckland, and Raby Castle is on the right.
 16     FEATURES                                                                                                                                                             MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

A Hole Different Kind of Art
Deputy Features Editor Victoria Noble speaks to Arts Society’s Chris Bardo about their latest interactive project ‘Put it in the Hole’.
WHILST WANDERING AROUND                blank piece of A5 card. These       Creative Officer Chris Bardo, it       at the imagination of your           ing ‘exposed’.                       to home, the exhibition could
Elvet Riverside last term you          are located in various places:      is clear that this exciting project   housemate, rowing buddy, or              Similar projects rippled out     turn into a bizarre game of
may have noticed a poster or           (in fact you’re probably stand-     will produce thought-provok-          even your other half.                from this original abstract idea.    ‘Guess Who?’
ballot box sporting the slogan         ing right by one now if you’ve      ing results. He tells Palatinate:                                          For example, The Royal College         Complete anonymity is guar-
‘Put it in the Hole’. Maybe you        just collected your copy of Pa-     ‘The Arts Society want to paint                                            of Art holds a ‘Secret Art’ ex-      anteed, so if you’re hesitating,
took part. Maybe you ran
away in a scared, confused
                                       latinate) Elvet Riverside 1; the
                                       library canteen or the River-
                                                                           a portrait of Durham students,
                                                                           and the most accurate way
                                                                                                                  “It seems that                      hibition every November, and
                                                                                                                                                      unlike Huebler’s word-based
                                                                                                                                                                                           Arts Society can assure that no
                                                                                                                                                                                           one will find out how you’ve
manner. If the latter, then you        side Cafe. Now it’s time for the    is to use a more conceptual            lots of students                    project, people can choose any       never actually read a book for
probably got the wrong end of          creative bit, and don’t worry if    method and have the students                                               method to express their secrets      that English Lit module, or that
the stick, as these oddly-titled       you’re artistically challenged;     do it themselves.’ Once all ‘Put       have got their                      – as long as it fits on a postcard.   you secretly love college food.
posters are all part of Durham
Arts Society’s new project.
                                       you don’t have to be Da Vinci
                                       to take part.
                                                                           it in the Hole’ boxes have been
                                                                           emptied towards the end of
                                                                                                                  creative hats on                    Last November saw the 13th
                                                                                                                                                      exhibition of its kind with 2500
                                                                                                                                                                                           Well, if, as my feeble offerings
                                                                                                                                                                                           demonstrate, you’re feeling
  As the only creative universi-                                           this term, the Arts Society exec       already”                            contributions from the col-          uninspired, you can check out
ty outlet for budding Durham                                               will gather all the contribu-                                              lege’s art students and recent       some sample ideas from an
artists, the 120-member soci-
ety usually spend their time
                                        “Become part of                    tions and display them in the
                                                                           Fonteyn Ballroom.                       Overall the effect will be a bi-
                                                                                                                                                      graduates, as well as famous
                                                                                                                                                      artists (such as Damien Hirst)
                                                                                                                                                                                           American blog-based version
                                                                                                                                                                                           of this project at postsecret.
on trips to art galleries like the      the biggest piece                       The final layout, however,        zarre bazaar of mini-artworks,       and other celebrities. After a       blogspot.com.
Baltic in Newcastle, or in life                                            remains undecided. Depend-            compelling to look at, but, as       week of viewing, the public
drawing sessions. However, in           of conceptual art                  ing on the volume and types of        Chris openly admits, ‘not en-        could purchase these postcards
                                                                                                                                                                                            “The Arts Society
a new experiment, they are              to ever hit                        entries received, the ‘Durham         tirely original’. The idea           for £35 each - a bargain if you
trying out an abstract creation                                            secrets’ will form a wall mon-        was inspired by a variety of         end up with a genuine Tracey          expect the end
by the students, for the stu-           Durham”                            tage, or perhaps even stretch         previous     works,     primarily    Emin creation. Or perhaps a
dents.                                                                     to a chess board-effect on            Douglas Huebler’s innovative         slighty-overpriced effort from        creation to be a
  ‘Put it in the Hole’ is an on-                                           the floor. Either way, the Art         Variable Piece 4. In 1968 this       one of the institution’s under-
going interactive project that         The idea is to anonymously          Society expect the end crea-          American conceptual artist           graduates...
                                                                                                                                                                                            ‘social piece’ that
will take place throughout this        express a single secret on the      tion to be interesting ‘social        asked visitors to an exhibition          Proving a popular hit every       holds up a mirror
term. The end result will be a         card - be it trivial or profound,   piece’ that holds up a mirror         in New York to anonymously           year, gallery-goers enjoy spec-
massive exhibition in the DSU’s        simple or surreal, cryptic or       to student life Durham. Also,         write down one authentic se-         ulating on exactly which artis-       to life in Durham”
Fonteyn Ballroom, with a di-           explicit. And you can use any       as Chris explains, ‘the work will     cret on a piece of paper. Five       tic impression belongs to the
verse range of works aiming to         method you like, from a col-        be displayed alongside other          years and 1800 secrets later, a      inner workings of the more              So whether you decide on
reflect how Durham students             lage of magazine cuttings to        separate artworks by Durham           book was compiled, bursting          famous participants, like Ken        a simple splash of colour, fa-
express inner thoughts, se-            photography. You could spend        students, making this event           with random thoughts, revela-        Loach, James Dyson or Manolo         vourite quotation or quirky
cret concerns and life musings         one minute doodling between         the ultimate artistic reflection       tions and musings: from ‘Once        Blahnik. Perhaps the painting        photograph – as long as it re-
through artistic measures. Still       lectures, or weeks perfecting       of the university!’                   I ate 1000 Brussel Sprouts’ to ‘I    of calm, serene coastal scen-        flects your inner mood, sub-
confused? Read on...                   your final piece, but when              It seems that lots of students     used to write my own porno-          ery? Or the political rant an-       mit it - it’ll end up in the ex-
  Firstly, for this artistic venture   you’re done creating, put your      have got their creative hats on       graphic novels in Junior High        grily scribbled in pencil?           hibition. And in a world where
to even reach exhibition stage,        secret in the box (or in the Arts   already, as many entries have         School’. The sheer volume of            Similarly in the Durham-scale     most people can keep tabs on
it will require participation          Soc pigeon hole at the DSU),        been submitted since the ar-          contributors and shock-value         version, perhaps part of the         nearly every move you make
from as many people as possi-          and feel safe in the knowledge      rival of the boxes on 24th of         of some revelations was as-          fun will be spotting your own        (Does ‘Joe Bloggs has written
ble. Yourself included. So what        that you’ve become part of the      November. Above, you can see          tounding. It seemed like peo-        secret amidst the hundreds of        on your wall. 2.13pm’ ring any
do you have to do to take              biggest conceptual art projects     a small sample of the contribu-       ple could open-up and express        others. Also knowing that the        bells?), why not relish the fact
part? Find one of the ‘Put it in       to ever hit Durham.                 tions, obviously all anonymous,       the most daring of thoughts,         people behind ‘Put it in the         you can actually express some-
the Hole’ boxes and pick up a            Speaking to the Arts Society’s    so you could in fact be looking       without the danger of ever be-       Hole’’s contributions are close      thing anonymously for once.
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                                                                                                                                                      FEATURES     17

                                                             Durham’s Night Shift
Rachel Crossley talks about the making a difference with Durham Nightline and how you can get involved this year.

                                                                                                             Take a look at the ‘c’ answers.        can lead to caffeine shakes at      in living in York who he visited
                                          THE NIGHTLINE QUESTIONNAIRE                                        This describes just part of a          about 5am. But I would never        every now and again. I think
                                                                                                             Nightline volunteer’s routine.         quit. On top of the nice warm       this got a bit much when he
                                                                                                             The rest involves active listen-       fuzzy feeling gained from hav-      started to send himself Christ-
                                          Party animal, bookworm or good                                     ing, elaborate excuses, ran-           ing done a good night’s work,       mas presents.
                                          samaritan? Take our test to find                                    dom knowledge and a lot of             I have met some of the most            Being a ‘Nightliner’ has been
                                                                                                             caffeine...                            amazing people doing this. If       a huge part of my life at Dur-
                                          out which nocturnal Durham                                           So, what is Durham Nightline         it’s very quiet it is fun to chat   ham, I have learned loads and
                                          creature best suits you...                                         for? Firstly, it’s a service we run    with the other volunteer on         made some great friends. It’s
                                                                                                             for you. Students will often           duty about life, love and ran-      the diversity of the group that
                                                                                                             feel isolated from support,            dom general knowledge – for         makes it so special – all depart-
                                                                                                             stuck in their houses and col-         instance, did you know that         ments, all walks of life. We
 What would you normally be doing at 9pm?                                                                    lege rooms, and unsure of how          you can’t smell whilst you’re       genuinely care for students,
 a) Getting ready to go out with the girls/guys.                                                             to solve their problems. They          asleep? I don’t really recall how   whatever they are feeling, and
 b) Settling down with a huge pot of coffee and a pile of books to write that essay you meant                may have health issues, per-           many such facts came out, but       being students ourselves, can
 to do two weeks ago.                                                                                        sonal crises, work stresses or         can’t wait to put them to use       provide a unique service.
 c) Sitting and waiting for a phone to ring.                                                                 maybe just the want for a hot          in a pub quiz sometime!                  If you’re interested, come
                                                                                                             drink and some company. So,                One of the curious aspects      find us at the re-freshers’ fair,
 What would you normally be doing at 4am?                                                                    if you want someone to talk            of volunteering here is the         or visit our website at www.
 a) Sneaking into bed after a drunken night in Loveshack.                                                    to in the middle of the night,         anonymity. Our identities are       dur.ac.uk/nightline. We’re a
 b) Furiously typing on your laptop. That 2500 word limit is getting closer and closer...                    you can call or drop in and            kept secret so students do not      completely confidential and
 c) Making a cup of tea for the person who dropped in a few minutes ago, before listening to                 there will be someone there            fear meeting someone they           non-advisory service. We can
 them talk.                                                                                                  to listen. You may feel your           know, and so that we are not        provide free condoms, preg-
                                                                                                             problems are too small or silly        approached for help outside         nancy testing and loan of at-
 What would you normally be doing at 7am?                                                                    or embarrassing but if they are        the organisation. It does feel      tack alarms, as well as a listen-
 a) Enjoying the warm and cosy duvet that you’ve wrapped around you.                                         distressing you then they are          like you’re part of a secret so-    ing ear. If you might want to
 b) Carrying a boat down to the river for your early morning rowing session.                                 important. We’re a completely          ciety, especially when it comes     volunteer, there’s a training
 c) Sneaking home after a good night’s work.                                                                 confidential and anonymous              to imaginative excuses! It’s        weekend on the 10-11 Febru-
                                                                                                             service. Whatever someone is           hard work explaining where          ary, where you can listen to
 You know you’ve had a good night when...                                                                    feeling, we will offer uncondi-        you were all last night whilst      talks on many welfare issues
 a) ...the first thing you reach for when you wake up is your coat. How the hell did you end up               tional acceptance, and have a          retaining some dignity. One of      (including depression, sexu-
 in this person’s room?                                                                                      large range of practical infor-        my favourites is “I’m taking my     ality and suicide) and group
 b) ...you’ve hit that essay word limit and you can finally drop those overdue, recalled books back           mation sources.                        bag for a walk” (honestly, it       work to gain practise in active
 to the library.                                                                                                So, that’s what we do. To be        worked!). Simple excuses tend       listening skills. There will also
 c) ...you’ve talked to interesting people, listened to their views on life and hopefully made a             a part of Durham Nightline             to be best in my personal expe-     be tea, coffee and biscuits.
 difference.                                                                                                 takes commitment, requires             rience, although I do know of          Our friendly drop-in room is
                                                                                                             long, unsociable hours, and            someone who made up a cous-         open every night of term!

Me, myself and my promotion
Can your god-given personality traits really affect your career prospects? Alaric Green looks at what sets the blue collars and high fliers apart

AS WE PROGRESS through our              According to a study con-        characters can have an even           Conscientiousness may not be
university career and gradua-       ducted by the University of          worse effect - these types of         ideal for securing job promo-           How to succeed
tion creeps closer, the question    Sheffield, the personality traits     people often place lower pri-         tions, but it’s useful for gain-
that’s on many of our minds         which are most conducive for         ority on their own careers in         ing intrinsic success such as job
emerges: “What am I going to        a promotion-filled career path        order to help colleagues.             satisfaction. And although ex-          Openness is essential. Secure, open-minded
be when I grow up?”                 are not altogether what one             One would think that consci-       troversion is not entirely a pos-
   This may once have been the      might expect. Over 300 white         entiousness and extroversion          itive asset, it has been shown
                                                                                                                                                       employees improve their own lives and the
immediate cue for dreams of         collar workers were inter-           would be ideal for a successful       that individuals with larger            feel of the office around them
astronauts, footballers, pop-       viewed in 1999 and rated on          worker - a conscientious per-         social networks are more likely
stars or even – if my younger       the so-called ‘Big Five’ traits      son would work harder and             to both apply for, and be more
brother was to be believed -        - neuroticism, extroversion,         have a high performance level,        successful in job changes or            Extroversion and social skills can open up
tractor drivers. But these days     openness, agreeability and           while an extrovert has better         promotions.
the majority of us mortals          conscientiousness.                   social connections and skills            The answer, then, is still not
                                                                                                                                                       new doors and forge useful connections
who lack the required natural                                            with which to ‘network’ their         simple. Maybe somewhere
talent (even if this really isn’t                                        way to the top.                       there will be a mildly extrovert-
                                                                                                                                                       Conscientiousness towards others in the
necessary for popstars) tend
at some point to rein in our
                                     “Agreeability and                      It has been found, however,
                                                                         that both traits in excess can
                                                                                                               ed, open, secure and conscien-
                                                                                                               tious-yet-vigilant super-worker         workplace can give a good reputation, as
expectations and start looking       neuroticism are                     impede work success. Consci-          wondering what all the fuss is
                                                                                                                                                       long as your rights are never trampled on
for a more realistic occupation                                          entiousness, and the dutiful          about. As far as science goes
in which to seek success.            the most rarely                     behaviour associated with it,         though, the ideal personality
   Success, though, is a subjec-     found in high                       leads the individual to concen-       for job success seems far too
tive ideal. To some, job satis-
faction comes first, while many       fliers”
                                                                         trate too much on their own
                                                                         job performance and overlook
                                                                                                               able to shoot itself in the foot;
                                                                                                               an agreeable person would
                                                                                                                                                       Points to avoid
cannot help thinking more                                                important opportunities. The          presumably find it easier to
about the financial rewards                                               disadvantages of extrover-            network, yet being agreeable            Neuroticism is definitely off the menu - it
- admittedly the mid-life fret-     The extrinsic successes of the       sion could be explained by the        to the point of modesty is sig-
ting and moralising about           individuals, such as progres-        modern British service econo-         nificantly more of a barrier             heightens tensions in the workplace and
what we’re ‘achieving’ will         sion up their respective career      my, which is said to admire a         than a bridge when it comes             makes impressing superiors more difficult
probably only come once we          ladders, as well as their intrin-    more ‘cool, collected’ worker,        to promotions. A less conscien-
have a significant amount of         sic successes - more personal        rather than the stereotypical         tious worker may have the net-
money in the bank. It would         aspects such as job satisfac-        ‘get-up-and-go’ enthusiast.           working skills to hear about            Agreeability unfortunately means it can be
be nice to believe that nothing     tion - were both gauged, and           So are there actually any good      open job offers, but would not
is beyond our grasp, but is this    it was found that agreeability       traits at all? It would be a sad      have as high a history of work          very hard to get your own way
really the case?                    and neuroticism are the char-        world if the most able workers        performance as someone who
    Are the overpaid city slick-    acteristics most rarely found in     were emotional robots. What           spends less time networking
ers, who manage to climb all        successful high-fliers.               about the current Durham              and... well, working.                   If extroversion goes too far it can put people
the ladders and avoid all the         It is unsurprising that the lack   student who is conscientiously             It’s a difficult thing to get       off; quieter workers may be more focused
snakes, just ourselves with a       of confidence and high anxiety        taking in this article and ex-        your head round, and really,
few more years’ hard work           seen in ‘neurotics’ can hinder       trovertedly reading it aloud to       it’s just a very complicated way
behind them? Or were they           job success, but it would come       their neighbour, whilst neurot-       of saying what we all knew al-          Don’t feel overly morally responsible either,
marked out already to fulfil         as a sad truth to many that the      ically checking that they are, in     ready - there is no ‘perfect em-
their personal goals by god-        good natures and friendly ea-        fact, listening?                      ployee’. Perhaps the best bet,          as it can distract you from the bigger picture
given characteristics?              gerness of more ‘agreeable’             Well, the news isn’t all bad.      after all, is to just be yourself.
18     FEATURES                                                                                                                                   MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

Going Green for the New Year
Deputy Features Editor Daniel Bloom seeks out some alternative resolutions for those who can’t stand promising themselves to the gym

                                                                  THIS IS THE TIME OF YEAR when we’re hit from all           4
                                                                  sides by advertisments for every possible kind of guilt-   Cut down plane travel - holiday in the UK
 Eat healthy and buy organic
                                                                  relieving therapy, be it for losing weight, keeping fit
 Demand for organic products is going up by 40% every year,       or giving up smoking. Most of us will have given in        Okay, so students and travelling go hand in hand, but why
 and as this demand goes up, prices have to come down to          to promising ourselves at least one of the classics,       not take alternative methods of transport when possible?
 meet competitors and grab customers’ attention. So there’s                                                                  One flight from London to Miami produces the same amount
                                                                  but why not try something a little more interesting?       of emissions as a family car does in a year. Taking the train or
 no need to pay a ton for special pesticide-free products, and
 they’re well worth getting to avoid contamination of com-        Friends Of The Earth have released their ‘Green Res-       car to Europe would probably take a bit longer, but give it a
 mon habitats.                                                    olutions’ - following them would help bring the en-        go and see if it can’t be as much fun.
                                                                  vironment back from the brink, and you might end
                                                                  up feeling a little bit less of that guilt, too.

                                                                             For more information see www.foe.co.uk.

                                                                   Take up gardening
                                                                   If you live out, become
                                                                   quite probably the first
                                                                   student in UK history to
                                                                   take up gardening while
 2                                                                 at university. Plant some                                 5
 Switch things off and wrap up warm                                vegetables in the garden                                  Get fit and cut down on short car trips
                                                                   of your house and you’ll
 Everyone knows that things should be switched off when            save on food and the CO2                                  Pretend you’re a fresher again. Tesco may be a little way
 they’re not being used, even if they don’t bother. Make sure      costs of transporting it.                                 away but it’s nothing the 62 bus won’t fix - it goes every
 your lightbulbs are energy efficient, too, and - most contro-      This one’s admittedly a                                   twenty minutes from Claypath. Failing that, get on your bike
 versially - try your hand at turning the thermostat / radiator    little bit more hardcore                                  - cycling in Durham is more an extreme sport than anywhere
 down a notch. For livers-out this is a notorious money-sav-       - if anyone actually man-                                 else because of the horrific number of hills, so it would be
 ing trick, but it’s obviously good for the environment too,       ages to produce anything                                  a good way to build up a fine physique if you don’t already
 and surely it’s worth paying the price of wearing an extra        worthwhile during one                                     play university rugby, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, rowing, net-
 layer? Over half of the UK’s emissions come from powering         year’s let they deserve a                                 ball, football, swimming... Essentially, 70% of all car journeys
 normal household devices and heating circuits, and besides,       medal, but you could al-                                  are under five miles, and that’s not necessary at all. There
 we should get into good habits - living a green home life         ways encourage the fam-                                   are plenty of other ways to get around without struggling
 could save you up to £80,000 before you die.                      ily to try back home.                                     for parking whilst emitting needless CO2.

                                                    Nightline needs students
Don’t hesitate to phone us, or drop in: the number is 0191 3346444, or 46444 from an internal phone, and we are open between
9pm and 7am every night of term.

We are open between 9pm and 7am every night of term to listen and support you, however you are feeling.

Nightline was set up in 1973 by three students who volunteered at Durham Samaritans and is still guided by the same five principles:

            All aspects of your contact with Nightline will remain completely private.

                  We do everything possible to protect the anonymity of our callers, drop-ins and Nightliners.
                  We won’t ask you for any identifying details and calls cannot be traced. If we see a caller or drop-in in a situation out
                  side of Nightline we will make no reference to their call or visit.

          We will unconditionally support you, whatever your situation, actions or beliefs.

             We will not attempt to change your views or push you towards any decision; we won’t tell you what to do.
             We’ll explore your situation with you, and respect your right to make your own decisions.

           Nightline is an independent and autonomous organisation.
     We have no religious or political affiliations.
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                                                                             EDITORIAL   19


Hello,                      ticed that it’s not    ting    Palatinate    request.              match your per-          Wednesday (Janu-
                            exactly bang up to     into every college      Right, on to this   sonality. And final-      ary 24). Even if
   Welcome to the           date. This will be     shop, and possi-      issue. It’s a new     ly, for those of you     you’re not a fresh-
first Palatinate of          changing shortly,      bly even delivered    year and we’re all    simply looking to        er, don’t be afraid
2007, brought to            with updates not       to your room for      trying not to break   shed some of that        to come along, we
you by new co-edi-          only to content,       a small charge! If    our    resolutions    extra Christmas          want      seasoned
tors, Dion Watts            but also a brand-      this is something     just yet, so these    stuffing,      we’ve      veterans as well
and Helena Crow.            new      interactive   you’d be willing      pages are packed      got the timetable        as young blood.
We’re taking over           layout that will al-   to part with some     with     solutions.   for Maiden Castle        And you’re bound
from     Jonathan           low you to write       silver for, please    There’s a feature     aerobics classes.        to find something
Browning        and         comments about         drop us a line at     about things to see         We’d like to       there that’ll keep
Victoria    Jayne-          articles    directly   editor@palatinate.    in the North-East     thank      everyone      you out of the pub
Raimes, and hope            on to the page.        dsu.org.uk.           outside of Dur-       who attended the         until at least Feb-
to maintain the                 Moreover, this        This is also the   ham, something to     Palatinate      gen-     ruary.
high level of quali-        will provide a         address to contact    think about for all   eral meeting and
ty and punctuality          forum for qual-        if you’re interest-   you finalists soon     signed up to do
they achieved.              ity content when       ed in purchasing      to be leaving this    some writing/pho-
   However,      we         there’s no space in    some advertising      quaint corner of      tography/sub-edit-        Wishing you all a
also have some              the paper, and the     space for your        the country.          ting.                    productive year,
fresh ideas to try          potential for com-     society/DJ night/        Then, if you’re      If, however, you
out, starting with          petitions,    links,   voodoo      seance.   beginning        to   missed the meet-
the     Palatinate          etc. is endless.       However, as this is   think about life      ing and are keen         Dion Watts
website. Any of               The other major      a new and tricky      after university,     to get involved,         Helena Crow
you who logged              thing we’re hoping     venture, we can’t     there’s a feature     make      sure    to
on recently will            to do is improve       guarantee to ac-      about how to find      catch us at the Re-
probably have no-           distribution, get-     commodate every       the perfect job to    Freshers’ fair this

EDITORS                               COMMENT EDITOR                     SPORT EDITOR                   FILM
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                                      Joseph Cookson                     Cat Alport                     CHIEF SUB-EDITOR
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                                      Daniel Bloom                       Nafees Saeed                   Helen Turner
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                                                                         Danni Summerlin
Luke Algar

                             PALATINATE WISHES ALL
                             STUDENTS A HAPPY NEW YEAR
20      MUSIC                                                                                                                                                           MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

From Libertines to crusaders
Ben Robson and Georgina Skuse go backstage at Dirty Pretty Things’ Newcastle gig to talk sex, drugs, rock’n’roll... and road safety
                                                                         IT’S BEEN just over a year since   much, but we’re touring much        link to the Make Roads Safe          between guitar strings, while
                                                                         Dirty Pretty Things made their     better now”, casually asserted      campaign. “It’s all about the        Didz hangs around to provide
                                                                         way out of a concept and           whilst rolling a cigarette on a     bigger picture: saving babies,       backing vocals. Anthony is lost
                                                                         into an indie-rock tidal wave,     DPT vinyl sleeve.                   curing illness, all that kind of     in a mop of hair and ex-Liber-
                                                                         sweeping up the post-Liber-            And how will the band’s         stuff. We’re in a powerful po-       tines drummer Gary toplessly
                                                                         tines fan base shipwrecked af-     follow-up match the massive         sition.”                             pounds away.
                                                                         ter their split.                   success of their debut album?          Tonight’s gig is sold out. Lar-     Bang Bang, as expected, fren-
                                                                           Ex-Libertines guitarist Antho-   “We have to write things            rikin Love take to the stage         zies the crowd and Deadwood
                                                                         ny Rossomando concedes that        which have meaning. Irony,          first, warming up a mixed             comes alive with a shower of
                                                                         “it’s always going to be hard”     post-modernism and abstract         crowd with a well-played set         lager as people attempt to
                                                                         to break with the past in order    impressionism have all been         which was equally well re-           dance, pint-in-hand.
                                                                         to establish themselves as a       done. I suppose we now need         ceived. Mando Diao follow,             Banter is kept pretty low, but
                                                                         credible new band, but some-       to think in ‘future mode’.”         but their odd, heavy, show-          with the rabble craving music,
                                                                         how DPT have managed it.             DPT have also involved them-      manship-based style (think The       it isn’t too much of a problem.
                                                                            “I’m very pleased with how      selves in the promotion of          Hives meets screamo rock) is               The house lights, raised
                                                                         the past year has gone”, he        various charitable organisa-        lost on many.                        throughout set highlight You
                                                                         tells Palatinate. “We’re grow-     tions. “We found out that one           The main act, by compari-        F***ing Love It showed just
                                                                         ing as a band and that’s im-       of our fans died on their way       son, have no such worries. Carl      one thing: that we really did.
Dirty Pretty Things: Songs with meaning to save our babies               portant. We were playing gigs      home from a gig we played”,         Barat wanders the stage, smok-
                                                                         tired because we partied too       he says, explaining the band’s      ing cigarettes delicately stored

Album Review: Once upon a time in the Valleys...
Self-confessed Welsh boyo Steffan Messenger abandons Palatinate’s usual selection of indie, pop and dance for the sounds of his homeland
Fron Male Voice Choir              deep and heart-felt sound of          Welsh favourites arranged for      its closest neighbours, tack-       the lyrics in the wave of deep       and the Fron Male Voice Choir
                                   Welsh male-voice harmony to           a fresh approach, to contem-       ling classics from every corner     sound that strikes you with          have succeeded in bringing
Voices of the Valley               a national audience.                  porary pop. Opener Sailing         of the United Kingdom. How-         such power.                          this particular choral tradition
By Steffan Messenger                 He offered the choir a record-      is utterly absorbing with its      ever, Jerusalem, as any Welsh-                                           from the misty seclusion of the
                                   deal with Universal, the world’s      regular rolling piano accompa-     man will tell you, seems rather                                          valleys into the twenty-first
                                   leading record company, and           niment evoking tidal ebb and       a controversial choice - what         ‘the choir is not                  century.
✯✯✯✯                               what followed was an album            flow. Other favourites include      with all that talk of “England’s                                             The music should, now, ap-
                                   that has seen record-break-           the majestic Land of My Fa-        green and pleasant land”!
                                                                                                                                                  afraid to em-                      peal to many different genera-
THE STORY behind this album
reads like a fairy-tale. Hear-
                                   ing sales, caught the eye of          thers, a quiet, richly textured       The album’s weakness is the        brace music from                   tions, transcending notions of
                                   Hollywood movie-makers and            rendition of The Rose and pos-     omnipresent echo effect which                                            people and place and empha-
ing the Fron Male Voice Choir      prompted a revival of inter-          sibly the finest Abide With Me      is forced upon the singers,           its neighbours’                    sising the calm, hypnotic na-
sing at his friend’s wedding,      est in the good old-fashioned         I have ever heard.                 presumably with the inten-                                               ture of this particular style of
Intelligent Music Enterprises      Welsh male-voice choir.                  Despite an (understandable)     tion of enlarging the scope of         However, with the album’s         singing.
manager Daniel Glatman was           The album of 13 well-chosen         Welsh bias, the choir is not       the sound. It serves, rather, to    stylish cover and a modern ap-          Not bad for a happy ending
struck by a desire to bring the    tracks ranges from traditional        afraid to embrace music from       distance the choir, drowning        proach to the music, Glatman         I’d say.

Can there be life after the ‘90s?                                                                           Bringing sunshine to the Basement
Hannah Copeland checks out the solo efforts of Richard Ashcroft                                             Daniel Plant finds a refuge from winter blues in eclectic dance
SINCE THE VERVE split in 1999,     but wonderfully upbeat New            spective song writing was at       AN EERIE quietness descended                                             from the stalls, and went back
Richard Ashcroft has released      York from debut solo album,           its best in the brilliant Check    within the industrial vaults of                                          to the tunes we remember so
two solo albums to much criti-     Alone with Everybody. Ash-            The Meaning, managing to be        Newcastle’s Metro Arena as                                               ardently. An acoustic version
cal acclaim, although perhaps      croft made a great job of it          heartfelt while remaining com-     the lights went low. A throng                                            of Romeo lulled the crowd
less commercial success than       with brilliant support from an        pletely devoid of schmaltz.        of eager faces filled the colos-                                          with its playful rifts and soft
he saw as frontman of one of       impressive sax player.                                                   sal hall as they awaited a band                                          vocals, juxtaposed through the
the best bands of the 90s.                                                                                  that kept us dancing into the                                            powerful screams and pound-
  When you mention him, most                                              ‘Ashcroft’s                       night on the festival fields of                                           ing bass of Red Alert.
people recall the iconic Bitter-
sweet Symphony or maybe the
                                                                          thoughtful,                       Glastonbury and Creamfields.
                                                                                                              Memories of bright summer
                                                                                                                                                                                         As the onslaught contin-
                                                                                                                                                                                     ued, thumping drum beats
delicious Lucky Man, but not                                              introspective                     days, feeling the sun and the                                            infused house favourites Do
much else. However, there’s                                                                                 bass on your face, were washed                                           Your Thing and Oh My Gosh,
much more to Ashcroft than                                                song writing was                  away on a sodden northern                                                whilst people could but cheer
his better known songs, as he                                             at it’s best’                     night as Basement Jaxx recap-                                            as a cheeky foray into JT’s Sexy
proves in his superb live show.                                                                             tured that absent sunshine.                                              Back faded into a dance-induc-
    Knowing I might be a lit-                                                                               And as the white beams struck                                            ing samba.
tle biased, I decided to bring                                              Next came the big one, Bit-     the stage, the eminent duo of                                                 All linked through their
along my Serbian friend who                                              tersweet Symphony, which,          Button and Radcliffe walked         Basement Jaxx know exactly           trademark interludes of jazz
had never heard of anything                                              with its rousing chorus and        on.                                 where their heads are at             horns and bongo breaks; a
Verve-like, to give an impartial                                         massive swells of orchestral         Silhouetted against a diamic-                                          shear cornucopia of brass and
view.                                                                    strings, satisfied fans who had     tic of coloured pixels, the pair    screaming guitar solos perme-        percussion left us stunned. At
    In a good spot - near the                                            been waiting to hear it since      opened with a collection of         ated the other tunes, but sadly      the break, this eclectic mix left
front but not manic (I didn’t                                            Ashcroft set foot on stage.        new tracks spawned from their       left the crowd unmoved. Noth-        the crowd asking where exact-
want to scare my international                                              After a short break, Ashcroft   recent release Crazy Itch Ra-       ing seemed to really impress as      ly were our heads at?
friend at her first proper con-                                           came on for an encore, finish-      dio. The new album, released        clumsy lyrics and forgettable            As the band walked onto
cert!) - we watched Ashcroft                                             ing with Science of Silence.       in that period of post-summer       choruses failed to have an im-       the stage for the encore, a
burst onto the stage and into                                            Although perhaps a little low-     blues, continues the group’s        pact.                                rapturous violin arrangement
the old Verve favourite, Son-                                            key, it was complemented by        love of fast-paced house,               It seemed a lack of memo-        signalled the energetic finale.
net.                               Ashcroft: The iconic frontman         arty background scenery and        whilst bringing a more global       rable tunes would define this         Waves of arms infiltrated the
  The opening number was ac-       of The Verve is able to pull it off   lighting, and managed to           dimension to the band’s cata-       album as the weakest yet, un-        haze as the strobes followed
companied by colourful light-      alone                                 round off the gig perfectly.       logue.                              til the seminal Lights Go Down       the beats and the party at-
ing and background screens                                                  Ashcroft is living proof that      The fresh sounds of Hey You      emerged. A soaring crescendo         mosphere evoked memories of
awash with various artistic        With a few “Hello Newcastle!”s        life does continue after the       and Take Me Back to Your            of strings and soul left us all      those summer evenings long
images, which had little to do     to help the atmosphere, Ash-          90s. But it turns out that my      House mixed banjo-wielding          stunned, positive Basement           gone.
with the show but were aes-        croft launched into The Drug’s        ‘impartial’ friend was a fan       Russian folk with the remark-       Jaxx still had what it takes to       Purveying strong vocals, pul-
thetically pleasing nonethe-       Don’t Work, and had the               all along - she recognised Bit-    able bass lines that led the pair   deliver great songs.                 sating rhythms and outra-
less.                              crowd swaying.                        tersweet Symphony from the         to club fame.                         The band at last acquiesced to     geous onstage antics, Base-
  Next up was the little-known       Ashcroft’s thoughtful, intro-       Cruel Intentions soundtrack!         Pounding tribal rhythms and       the vehement shouts emerging         ment Jaxx did nothing short of
22      FILM                                                                                                                                                             MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

2007 Preview: The Best of the Box Office
Film Editor Sophie Lyell takes a look at the year ahead in cinema and what will be tempting her away from revision

LOOKING AHEAD AT 2007 it                                                                                                                                                              graphically enhanced visuals.
seems that this is to be the                                                                                                                                                                For the boys, particularly
year of the sequels. Hollywood                                                                                                                                                        those who never really grew
deciding, as ever, that if it ain’t                                                                                                                                                   up, 2007 promises big screen
broke, make seven more.                                                                                                                                                               adaptations of childhood faves
  Among the most hyped is Spi-                                                                                                                                                        Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
derman 3 which promises four                                                                                                                                                          and The Transformers. Doubt-
more dastardly villains and a                                                                                                                                                         less both will feature world/
new rival for Peter Parker’s af-                                                                                                                                                      mankind hanging in the bal-
fections, and then there’s Pi-                                                                                                                                                        ance and brave heroes but the
rates of the Caribbean 3. Now                                                                                                                                                         turtles will come with better
PotC 2 may have been a bit be-                                                                                                                                                        one-liners and pizza.
low par but the quest to save                                                                                                                                                              After however many bajil-
Jack’s soul promises Chow-Yun                                                                                                                                                         lion episodes, The Simpsons
Fat as a chinese pirate king,                                                                                                                                                         will also be making the leap
and, of course, there’s Captain                                                                                                                                                       to the big screen. The (very
Jack Sparrow himself. ‘Nuff                                                                                                                                                           funny) trailers hint at the fam-
said. Surprisingly Shrek is also                                                                                                                                                      ily in peril and Homer out to
set for another outing with                                                                                                                                                           save them.
everyone’s favourite ogre be-                                                                                                                                                             Finally for those looking for
ing groomed for kingship - un-        Cate Blanchett gets serious in costume drama The Golden Age and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost snatch a buddy moment in Hot Fuzz.                    something a tad more serious
less he can find a replacement.                                                                                                                                                        there’s Letters from Iwo Jima,
A promising trailer also hints                                                                                                                                                        Ken Watanabe starring as the
                                      are out the way let’s talk about       diaries is Hot Fuzz- tagged as     tion of the bestselling novel       and Eric Bana taking the leads
about the arrival of Shrek jun-                                                                                                                                                       general asigned to defend the
                                      what will really be tempting us        “Big cops. Small town. Moder-      The Other Boleyn Girl, and          - and is a safe bet for compel-
ior.                                                                                                                                                                                  island from the Americans. It
                                      to make a trip to Newcastle.           ate violence”- from the guys       The Golden Age - sequel to          ling plot, pretty costumes and
     In Rocky Balboa and Live                                                                                                                                                         looks harrowing but it’s Ameri-
                                      Arguably proving there really          who brought us Shaun of the        Elizabeth. Cate Blanchett will      lots of bodice ripping. Going
Fast, Die Hard Bruce Willis and                                                                                                                                                       cans getting blown up as the
                                      is a god is Grindhouse. A dou-         Dead. Simon Pegg and Nick          return as an older Queen Bess,      slightly further back in time
Sylvester Stallone have both                                                                                                                                                          baddies and that’s always fun.
                                      ble feature exploitation horror        Frost take the leads again and     facing the Spanish Armada,          300 gives us Frank Miller’s
stepped back into well worn                                                                                                                                                              Alas the constraints of space
                                      (yes, that’s two movies) from          there’s also Bill Nighy, (who,     Mary Queen of Scots and Sir         (he of Sin City fame) vision of
boots. Okay so they might be                                                                                                                                                          begin to tell so I will finish by
                                      the dream team of Quentin              frankly, is the best damn thing    Walter Raleigh- if I remember       the Battle of Thermopylae in
getting a bit too old for this                                                                                                                                                        recommending apple.com for
                                      Tarantino and Robert Rodrigu-          about British Cinema) in this      my A-Level History correctly.       480BC. The most famous last
sort of thing, but both fran-                                                                                                                                                         more upcoming film trailers
                                      ez, this promises 70’s/80’s style      comedy british cop romp.           The Other Boleyn Girl may be        stand in history, 300 spartans
chises have a habit of deliver-                                                                                                                                                       and the best procrastination
                                      sex, blood and violence in the           Historical drama will be bag-    fiction meanwhile but boasts         square up to the vast Persian
ing. Let’s hope they stick to it.                                                                                                                                                     aid after facebook. Happy cin-
                                      cult style we all know and love.       ging audiences, and probably       a star studded cast - Scarlett      army - expect lots of male
     Phew, now the franchises                                                                                                                                                         ema-going to you all.
                                      Another one to put in your             lots of Oscars, with an adapta-    Johansson, Natalie Portman          bonding, gore and stunning,

Palatinate at the movies
 The Pursuit of Happyness is successful but Apocalypto gest lost in the jungle.
                                                                                                                                                    Cult Classics
                                                                                                                                                    Kathryn Beck on what’s hot in Paris
                                      nising in action films like Bad                                                                                                                  Richard Benson (Holden) who
The Pursuit of Hap-                   Boys, therefore the tenderness                                                                                                                  has supposedly been locked
pyness                                and gentleness that he gives                                                                                                                    in his apartment in Paris for
John Elmes                            to the role provide a nice con-                                                                                                                 weeks, writing a movie script
                                      trast to his broad frame. It is                                                                                                                 for ace Hollywood director
                  ✯✯✯✯                inconceivable that some-                                                                                                                        Alexander Meyerheimer (Noel
                                      one of his stature would                                                                                                                        Coward). Benson, however,
A STAUNCH FILM critic could
                                      struggle and cower in a tussle                                                                                                                  has been living the high-life
easily go to town on this
                                      with a weedy, small tramp but                                                                                                                   and with only two days until
film as a Hollywood crowd
                                      Gardner’s self–deprecating and                                                                                                                  his deadline, panics and hires
pleaser. Its storyline of an av-
                                      indulgent character commands                                                                                                                    temporary secretary Gabrielle
erage American in the USA’s
                                      it. Do not expect Shakespeare,                                                                                                                  (Hepburn) to help him.
financially fragile 1980s toiling
                                      but with the moving finale in                                                                                                                       While there is not outstand-
against overwhelming odds
                                      mind I could not stop smiling                                                                                                                   ing chemistry between Hep-
to eventually succeed, whilst
                                      as the credits rolled.                                                                                                                          burn and Holden, the quirky
never letting go of his moral
and parental responsibilities,        Apocalypto                                                                                                                                      ‘will-they, won’t-they?’ sub-
                                      Ben Chandler                                                                                                  Hepburn and Holden heating        plot of the characters they
has more than a slight taste of
                                                                                                                                                    things up in Paris                create first in their script and
   However, though this point
                                                                     ✯                                                                                                                then later between Gabrielle
                                                                                                                                                    THINK OF AUDREY Hepburn           and Richard in real life, injects
would be seized upon by film
                                                                                                                                                    and you will undoubtedly find      enough life to keep the film
buffs, it must be remembered
                                      MEL GIBSON MAY take it as                                                                                     yourself cross-referencing to     flowing. Another high point
that this film is inspired by a                                               Jaguar Paw had always been told never to play with matches...
                                      something of a compliment                                                                                     Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My     of the movie are the comical
true story. Surely that puts the
                                      that he has become a “Love-                                                                                   Fair Lady. What won’t cross       cameos from the likes of Tony
feel good factor into perspec-                                               utterly fails in his attempts to   scenes of David Lean, Gibson’s
                                      him or hate him” filmmaker.                                                                                    your mind, however, is the lit-   Curtis (Some Like it Hot) play-
tive. There was likely to be                                                 capture the audience’s sym-        lack feeling and cannot com-
                                      The historical inaccuracy, the                                                                                tle known, remarkable film,        ing an actor who looks like
some embellishment by direc-                                                 pathy. He’s a great athlete, a     pensate for a sparse script and
                                      extraordinary use of dramatic                                                                                 Paris When It Sizzles, showcas-   Tony Curtis(!?).
tor Gabriele Muccino, but if                                                 great marksman, and a great        an even more sparse plot.
                                      pauses, the blood- his bizarre                                                                                ing Hepburn in all her (often         Gaby and Rick, despite rub-
the majority of incidents that                                               practitioner of rainforest hide         The film is saved by Gibon’s
                                      combination of the aesthetics                                                                                 forgotten) comedic glory with     bing each other up the wrong
occur in Chris Gardner’s (Will                                               and seek, but his relationships    skill within individual scenes
                                      of Verhoven, Michael Bay, and,                                                                                co-star William Holden.           way, inevitably fall in love. Not
Smith) life are true then how                                                with other characters (espe-       - particlarly the harrowing
                                      dare I say it, a little Scorsese, is                                                                             While the film was slammed      original, but great fun. Direc-
do we not feel sympathy at his                                               cially his heroic wife) are limp   gauntlet of arrows and spears
                                      one of the most unlikely ex-                                                                                  by critics and there were re-     tor Richard Quin knows his au-
plight and then elation at his                                               and brittle.                       from which the jungle captives
                                      amples of originality in Holly-                                                                               ports of tension between Hep-     dience well and milks them for
triumph?                                                                        Gibson tries to convey noble    must run for their freedom.
                                      wood today.                                                                                                   burn and Holden as their off      all they’re worth.
    Smith’s interaction with his                                             sentiments about the dangers       The agony and powerlessness
                                           Apocalypto is a piece of                                                                                 screen love-affair came to an         Do not buy this film expect-
screen son, Christopher (por-                                                of civilisation, as opposed to     of their plight is perfectly cap-
                                      flawed genius from a director                                                                                  end, there is something de-       ing outstanding Hepburn gold
trayed by his actual son Jaden)                                              the innocence and bliss of the     tured.
                                      who, through various actions                                                                                  lightfully quirky and off-beat    dust, but rather accept it for
is heartfelt and reflects all                                                 captured jungle people, but            However while Apocalypto
                                      and misdemeanours has prov-                                                                                   about this film.                   what it is: a trashy, funny early
the aspects of a loving father.                                              these are lost among huge set      is sensational it is let down by
                                      en himself to be utterly weird.                                                                                   Paris When It Sizzles tells   60s rom-com you can’t possibly
Viewers are more accustomed                                                  pieces and indulgent camera        its hero. Jaguar Paw isn’t Wil-
                                      On the one hand, it’s a misfire.                                                                               the tale of drunken bachelor      dislike.
to seeing Smith Snr attitudi-                                                work. Unlike the big populous      liam Wallace, and he certainly
                                      Its protagonist, Jaguar Paw,
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22ND JANUARY 2007                                                                                                                                                                BOOKS     23

What remains of the great literary novel?
With the last generation of British novelists established, Palatinate Books Editor Danica Summerlin questions whether the new British writers can live up to their standards.
   AWARD CEREMONIES are a          In ten years, the British literary   linked, quite nicely, with the    genre, both are commercially
fact of life. They allow books     establishment has changed            New Labour government of          successful yet neither has been
editors pages of raptures at       considerably. 1997 saw the           the time.                         awarded the more prestigious
the brilliance of Ian McEwan,      publication of Harry Potter              This year’s Costa prize was   ‘literary’ prizes.
another establishment flavour       and the Philosopher’s Stone,         instead a celebration of a              Andy Warhol’s ‘fifteen
of the month, or at least the      Ian McEwan’s return and              new anti-establishment. The       minutes’ is a cliché, but one
withering tones of disrespectful   Simon Armitage’s collection          unanimous winner of the           which has to be applied in
surprise when an unknown           CloudCuckooLand. All were,           poetry prize, John Haynes,        these situations. Very few of
and therefore unworthy writer      in their own way, anti-              wrote eloquently on the new       these new writers go on to
scoops the prize.                  ‘establishment’ works. The next      Nigeria. And while most of        produce the same calibre of
    Unfortunately, this year’s     three years saw Zadie Smith          the authors are now full time     work time and time again.
Whitbread award ceremony           publish White Teeth and a            writers, none have taken the      If the Whitbread awards for
did not live up to expectations.   selection of works from Phillip      Zadie Smith route of Oxbridge     novel and debut novel since
The Costa Book Awards, as          Pullman, Seamus Heaney, Ted          to world success in three         1995 are analysed, then only
the annual celebration of          Hughes and Rose Tremain. This        years. Stef Penney, winner of     Kate Atkinson (1995, Behind
the UK’s best writers are now      was a new form of writing,           the First Novel Award for The     the Scenes at the Museum and
known, recently announced its      which looked into the heart          Tenderness of Wolves, has been    2004, Case Histories) has made
category winners. And, more        of a multi-cultural Britain          working as a writer in film and    the leap from debutante to         Giles Foden’s The Last King of Scotland won in 1998
than any other year, it was the    and often asked perceptive           television before moving into     novelist nominee.
new writers who attracted the      questions about how we view          the world of novel writing,           This isn’t to say that Zadie   fact the death knell of a career     McEwan or Ishiguro. They are
judges’ attention.                 and interact with others. It         and James Scudamore worked        Smith and DBC Pierre (winners      in writing.                          real, living books.
                                                                        for a marketing firm for four      of the debut novel award in              The world of commercial           The phenomenal power of
                                                                        years before his success with     2000 and 2004 respectively)        fiction is even more different.       advertising, or of programmes
                                                                        The Amnesia Clinic.               aren’t excellent writers – they    Smith, Pierre and Atkinson           such as the Richard and Judy
                                                                            Martin Amis, J.G. Ballard,    are. But Pierre is too wacky       have all succeeded; Smith is         Book Club has made the
                                                                        John Banville – a selection of    to be accepted in the literary     one of the most successful           Awards appear outdated and
                                                                        the well known British writers.   establishment, while Smith         authors of the last five years        high-brow. It is true. Rather
                                                                        All have been nominated for       won the Booker in 2005 and         while Pierre’s equally wacky         than embracing Ian McEwan
                                                                        the Whitbread Award. But          now can bask in the glory of       follow up to Vernon God Little,      et al at the expense of other
                                                                        do you know of Sid Smith?         her success as a model for New     Ludmilla’s Broken English, has       authors, perhaps the organisers
                                                                        Norman Lebrecht? Pauline          Labour and the fashionably         been well received. Penney’s         should forget literary fiction.
                                                                        Melville? None of these           left-of-centre crowd. Yet there    fiction looks to be successful,       The quirky fiction of Pratchett
                                                                        have made the precarious          are very few other young           not least because the story          or DBC Pierre deserves to be
                                                                        journey into literary stardom,    writers coming through who         is one which will attract a          recognised at a far greater
                                                                        something which is perhaps        can perpetuate the myth of         variety of potential readers         level than it currently is, yet
                                                                        more poignant when they are       the successful author straight     and the same can be said of          is already recognised in the
                                                                        contrasted with Terry Pratchett   from university, and even          her co-nominees Scudamore            one area of literature where it
                                                                        or Ian Rankin. Pratchett and      fewer who have been able to        and Marilyn Heward Mills.            really does matter: sales.
                                                                        Rankin have won awards            go on to commercial success;       They certainly aren’t as deeply,       Or maybe literary fiction itself
The Costa Book Award is a key award for a debutante.                                                                                         singularly introspective as          is a dying form of writing.
                                                                        relating to their particular      perhaps the Whitbread is in

Read, friend Let my memory live forever
Ali Smith’s new collection delights Philippa Guy                        Clare Finney delves into the familial roots of South-American author and feminist Isabel Allende’s magical novels.
  BEING AN ENGLISH STUDENT,        favourites. In a desert-island                                                                            becomes their destiny.               reminiscent of The House of
I am always given countless        list of Smith’s favourite                                                                                         The exoticism of the         Spirits. Yet this is no work of
novels for Christmas that end      writers, the book weaves                                                                                  culture, the mystery of the          fiction, but a powerful, soul-
up sitting on my bookshelf         together poems, short stories                                                                             supernatural, and the realistic      bearing autobiography. In
gathering dust.       Although     and diaries into a collection of                                                                          sympathy of the characters           December 1991, Allende’s
I have the best intentions of      global extracts.                                                                                          combined to make my first             daughter fell seriously ill, and
reading them, the rainy days            Arranged in sections such                                                                            taste of magic realism an            soon fell into a coma. In Paula,
inevitably never arrive and        as “Journeys” or “Beliefs”,                                                                               exquisite experience. Allende’s      Allende wished to recall the
instead they are carted off        The Reader allows you to be                                                                               use of magic is subtle, and          story of her family. The result
to Oxfam or recycled as next       influenced by the novelist’s                                                                               heightens their realism rather       is a novel of such pace and
year’s presents.                   own inspirations in a world                                                                               than reducing it, making her         brilliant intensity, one almost
     At last, however, someone     where the cartoon Beryl the                                                                               an ideal introduction to the         passes out during reading by
in my family has realised that     Peril is juxtaposed with Philip                                                                           genre. Indeed, Allende herself       forgetting to breathe.
I don’t have time to read all      Larkin and Thomas Hardy.                                                                                  expressed some surprise that             City of the Beasts is the only
day and this year gave me              Some of the extracts are                                                                              her work had been classified          disappointment. Instead of the
Ali Smith’s new book, The          slightly strange, such as                                                                                 as magic realism, ‘because           female protagonist Allende
Reader. Rather than a novel,       director     Derek      Jarman’s                                                                          [she] sees her novels as realistic   understands, the subject is now
it is a wonderful and eclectic     discussion on the colour white,                                                                           literature’.                         fifteen-year old Alexander
anthology of the award-            but these are intermingled                                                                                    The brilliance of House of       Cold who joins his fearless
winning       Smith’s   personal   with extracts from much-loved                                                                             Spirits was far exceeded by          grandmother, a reporter, in the
                                   authors such as Margaret                                                                                  the next book in the trilogy, A      Amazon. What little potential
                                   Atwood and Kate Atkinson; of                                                                              Daughter of Fortune, the tale        for originality there was in
                                                                        Allende uses her experiences to write novels highlighting
                                   course there is a token extract                                                                           of the spirited orphan Eliza         this somewhat stale plotline
                                   from Jane Austen, albeit small,      the political tension in South America (William Gordon)              as she follows her lover on a        seems to have passed Allende
                                   in the “Girls” section.                                                                                   journey from Chile to the gold       by. The novel was written for
                                        The experience of reading       YOU NAME IT AND Allende’s         ability to articulate the Trueba   mines of San Francisco when          young adults, and much of her
                                   the book is like entering an         won it.      Whether novelist,    family’s most elusive emotions     he becomes infected with ‘gold       subtlety and eloquence has
                                   Aladdin’s cave of literature         journalist, playwright, teacher   and the intricacies of their       fever’ and her saviour in the        been lost under this restraint;
                                   where you can pick and choose        or human rights campaigner,       relationships that made it         form of an enchanting Chinese        the language is patronisingly
                                   what to read and find things          the list of Allende’s honours     a worldwide bestseller. The        doctor is still one of the most      simple, and the magic realism
                                   that you’d never usually select      and awards would constitute       reader is transformed into         extraordinary stories I have         is more fantastic than realistic.
                                   but end up loving. It’s an ideal     a book in themselves. But her     a participant in the family’s      ever read. Even its successor, A     Disappointing, but I prefer to
                                   starting point for those who         greatest achievements are of a    ambitions, loves and spiritual     Portrait in Sepia, though highly     see it as the exception which
                                   are too busy to read or not          more personal nature.             journeys. Participation in the     enjoyable, could not match it.       proves the rule that Isabel
                                   sure what they like. As the               When her family epic A       turbulent history of Chile as           With its straightforward        Allende is one of the most
                                   first in a series of anthologies      House of Spirits burst onto       it ruthlessly invades their ‘big   acceptance of spiritual worlds,      extraordinary authors of the
                                   by writers, look out for more.       the literary stage, it was her    house on the corner’ and           Paula was in many ways               twentieth century.
24      WHAT’S ON                                                                                                                                        PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007

Just a little off the top, Sir?
Palatinate looks forward to DULOG’s latest showstopper as the Demon Barber takes to the stage at Durham’s Gala theatre...
                                                                 “Attend the tale of Sweeney       A cruel and bloodthirsty en-       turn of last century.
                                                                 Todd...”                          terprise ensues wherein guilty     Originally the society aimed to
                                                                                                   and innocent alike are pun-        put on light opera (hence its
                                                                 FOLLOWING THE SUCCESSES           ished and the                      name) such as Guilbert and Sul-
                                                                 of recent years, the group that   potentially hellish consequenc-    livan, but it has since branched
                                                                 brought you West Side Story,      es of jealousy, love and decep-    out to include West End style       SWEENEY TODD at The Gala
                                                                 Fame and City of Angels now       tion are violently revealed.       musicals such as Fame and West      Theatre, 30th January- 3rd
                                                                 brings the Demon Barber to                                           Side Story. The society puts on     February.
                                                                 Durham’s Gala stage.              The production stars James         four productions a year. It has
                                                                                                   Dangerfield as Sweeney Todd         produced shows in Durham’s          For ticket information and
                                                                 Set in the fog of Victorian       and Emma Gordon as Mrs             professional Gala Theatre for       bookings   please    contact
                                                                 London, this dark and spine-      Lovett. It is directed by Kirsty   the past three years.               the Gala box office on 0191
                                                                 tingling show relates the har-    McIntyre, and produced by                                              3324041.
                                                                 rowing tale of Sweeney Todd,      Alexandra Carey. The powerful      DULOG’s aim according to
                                                                 an embittered man seeking         and horrific script was written     President Natalie Neagle is to      It is recommended that
                                                                 revenge on those who had          by Hugh Wheeler.                   ‘produce professional quality       children under 12 years are ac-
                                                                 him unjustly deported. He sets                                       musical theatre and light op-       companied by an adult.
                                                                 up his barber business above      DULOG (Durham University           era within Durham University
                                                                 Mrs Lovett’s pie shop on Fleet    Light Opera Group) has been        and allow as many people as
                                                                 Street and the pair forge a       running for over 50 years now,     possible to participate in order
                                                                 touching relationship amidst      and records reveal that a          to provide experience and
                                                                 the torturous realities of Lon-   society with similar objectives    nurture talent.’
                                                                 don life.                         has been in existence since the

Palatinate Film Guide
What’s On at Durham’s Gala Theatre for the week beginning 22 January 2007
                                                                                                     Cryptic Crossword by Alan Evans

Screenings:                                                      Also On:

Monday 22 January                                                Thursday 25 January
Screen 1: Rocky Balboa          12:50 15:15 17:40 20:00          The Artists’ Cinema - 11:30
                                                                 A rare chance to view a col-
Tuesday 23 January                                               lection of short films made by
Screen 1: Rocky Balboa          15:15 17:40 20:00                some of the world’s leading
                                                                 artists, including Turner Prize
Wednesday 24 January                                             nominee Phil Collins’ film
Screen 1: Rocky Balboa          12:50 15:15 17:40 20:00          He Who Laughs Last Laughs
                                                                 Longest. A real treat for both
Thursday 25 January                                              cinema and art lovers.
The Artists’ Cinema             11:30
Screen 1: Rocky Balboa          12:50 15:15 17:40 20:00          Saturday 27 January
                                                                 The Gala Film Poster Sale -
Friday 26 January                                                10:00
Screen 1: Blood Diamond         13:10
Durham Digital Stories          18:00                            Monday 12 February
                                                                 World Cinema Club - 20:00

Palatinate Gig Guide
The pick of the week’s gigs and shows in Durham and the North East
Monday 22 January               The Enemy                        Friday 26 January
Kerrang Tour 2007               Digital, Newcastle               Graham Gold @ Planet of
Feat. Biffy Clyro & The Bronx                                    Sound                             Across:                                              14. Moving sideways, Social Security shield the
Carling Academy, Newcastle      The Hussy’s                      DSU, Durham                       2. Laughing, perhaps, at methane? That’s fun-        lazy (6)
                                Voodoo Rooms @ Bar Pure,                                           ny! (3)                                              16. Fly to T. S. Eliot’s head again (6)
Tuesday 23 January              Sunderland                       Hellogoodbye                      7. In Calman, I assume madness (5)                   19. This island is amateur (5)
Mark Olver                                                       Carling Academy, Newcastle        8. State of girl we hear whining hiding National     20. Cutting around one and putting it with an-
Comedy Cafe, DSU, Durham                                                                           Trust article (7)                                    other (7)
                                                                 Saturday 27 January               9. Fresh start as river comes in close (3,4)         23. Game all bent out of shape (7)
Twisted                                                          Blend                             10. Church in a porcelain dominion (5)               24. Unusual route – how bizarre! (5)
Vane Tempest, DSU, Durham                                        DSU, Durham                       11. Convened outside boat bazaar (6)                 25. Shown every other child (3)
                                                                                                   13. Georgia leads small twins (6)
Jesse Malin & Danny Sage                                         Jamie T
                                                                                                   Down:                                                12. John Doe’s nerve may shatter (8)
Carling Academy, Newcastle                                       Northumbria University, New-
                                                                                                   1. A wren’s misdirected retort (6)                   15. Remove river allowed inside (6)
                                                                                                   2. Herring tail consumed at entrance (4)             17. Turns and takes another hour out in Com-
Wednesday 24 January
                                                                                                   3. Sting dapper genius (5)                           pany of Wayward Saints (6)
Cute Is What We Aim For                                          Architects
                                                                                                   4. Risk neck being broken by underwear (8)           18. Nothing of friend’s is as valuable as these
Carling Academy, Newcastle                                       Newcastle University, Newcas-
                                                                                                   5. Thanks beaten first person on island (6)           (5)
                                                                                                   6. Exalted editor retires through disordered         21. I deceive with representation (4)
Thursday 25 January
                                                                                                   medicine (8)                                         22. Happiness comes from jingle ending (4)
Tim Westwood                                                     Sunday 28 January
                                                                                                   7. Manchester United quest for release (11)
DSU, Durham                                                      The Wombats
                                                                 Carling Academy, Newcastle        Last Issue’s Answers:
No One Cares About Your DJ                                                                         Across: 1. Heyday; 5. Bypass; 8. Left; 9. Limerick; 10. Aerosol; 11. Yeast; 13. Silver Medal; 16. Guava;
NIght                                                            The Little Ones                   18. Plumage; 21. Cul-de-sac; 22. Keys; 23. Lloyds; 24. Thrash
Warehouse, Durham                                                & The Boy Least Likely To         Down: 2. Eyeless; 3. Ditto; 4. Yellower; 5. Bump; 6. Portend; 7. Sacks; 12. Implicit; 14. Lividly; 15.
                                Biffy Clyro descend on Newcas-   Carling Academy 2, Newcastle      Leg Byes; 17. Usual; 19. Maker; 20. Asps
McQueen                         tle this Monday
Carling Academy, Newcastle                                                                         Leave your completed entries in the Palatinate pigeon hole. First correct entry wins £20
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY                                         SPORT   25

                                 Too many mince pies this Christmas?

                                       COME TO AEROBICS!

             All classes taught in the purpose built aerobics
          studio in the Graham Sports Centre (Maiden Castle)

                           MONDAY         7-8pm   BODY BLAST

                           TUESDAY 1-1:45pm AEROBICS
                             5-6pm ADVANCED PILATES*

                           WEDNESDAY 2-3pm AEROBICS
                             3-4pm LEGS, BUMS & TUMS

                           THURSDAY 5-6pm BEGINNERS PILATES*
                             6-7pm BODY BLAST

                           FRIDAY 1-45pm LEGS, BUMS &

                                ALL CLASSES
                       £2 - FITNESS SUITE MEMBERS
                             £3 - NON-MEMBERS

                   CALL MAIDEN CASTLE ON 0191 3342173 for
                             more information
26     SPORT                                                                                                                                                       MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

It must be something in the water!
John Elmes gives Palatinate Sport the lowdown on the Durham graduates who are making it big in the cricketing world ... and the young superstar who missed
out on his chance to study here, in order to play for England ...

John Elmes                       was not a gritty, hard fought       and Ashley Giles’ (though            of Michael Vaughan, or even        positives for England, Alastair
                                 surrender of the precious urn,      sympathetically),         possibly   the nous of his vice, Andrew       Cook shone brightly as the
                                 but a spineless concession.         Duncan Fletcher’s reign as head      Strauss.                           person to spearhead England’s
AT PERTH as Monty Panesar’s         The national media, so fickle     coach, and Andrew Flintoff’s           Where ‘Freddie’ has struggled    test batting line–up in the
haphazard      sweep     shot    with English sports especially      tenure as captain. Flintoff is a     with the responsibility and as a   future.
missed and his wicket broke,     when success has been tasted,       remarkable cricketer.                result has not performed to his         With Trescothick’s fragile
thousands of barmy armyites’     is braying as the giant in              He is in a class of few when     astronomically high standards      mental state slowly and
heads sunk between their legs    the fairy tale so wonderfully       it comes to the best players         this tour, Strauss would most      tragically shortening his test
in the grim realisation that     put it for the “blood of an         in the world, but an added           likely have revelled with it.      career, Cook who in his first
we had just handed the Ashes     Englishman”.                        burden of captaincy took its                  I have been fortunate     meeting with Australia – whilst
back to the Aussies.                In more specific terms, a few     toll on his technique: bowling       to have been coached by and        playing for Essex in an Aussie
          To thoroughly kick     Englishmen and a Zimbabwean.        and batting. His cricket brain       train with Strauss as well as      tour match of the 2005 Ashes
English support, when it was     This disastrous tour should         is highly competent, but does        witness him play when I was a      – made 214 against a withered
completely battered down, this   spell the end of Geraint Jones’     not have the technical wizardry      Middlesex C.C.C junior player.     attack, has proved that even
                                                                                                          However, this is not where our     the tender age of 21 does not
                                                                                                          link ends. I am only halfway       shadow quality.
                                                                                                          through my Durham course                 His resolute, tactical and
                                                                                                          but have been involved with        draining century in Perth
                                                                                                          DUCC from the start.               proved this. Why should I give
                                                                                                             As a graduate from Hatfield,     consideration to this? Well
                                                                                                          Strauss     also    experienced    when his national academy
                                                                                                          university cricket, although at    selection had emerged there
                                                                                                          a higher standard (academy I       was still the possibility that
                                                                                                          should think). It is testament     he would not join as he had
                                                                                                          to how seriously our university    been accepted into Durham
                                                                                                          takes its cricket and sport in     University.
                                                                                                          general, that we can produce             Were it not for his flair,    Was the next KP in Klute
                                                                                                          such sporting luminaries.          Cook would almost certainly        last night?
                                                                                                               Of course there are a few     have been opening the              (Picture Sam Charters)
                                                                                                          other special cricketers that      batting for DUCC First XI,
                                                                                                          hailed from Durham namely          spending countless fitness and      which are not likely to unfold,
                                                                                                          the former England captain         net sessions with the UCCE         but one cannot help thinking
                                                                                                          Nasser Hussain and the             from the tutelage of our Sky       that Alastair must have looked
                                                                                                          England capped – and unjustly      commentator      and     former    at Durham’s cricket pedigree
                                                                                                          overlooked – James Foster.         England player, Graeme ‘Foxy’      when writing his personal
                                                                                                                   From a series that        Fowler.                            statement eh?!
Is the next Engand captain in your lecture?                        (Picture: Sam Charters)                gleaned little by way of             Ahh, these are heady dreams
PALATINATE | MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007                                                                                                                                                                   SPORT     27

Durham demonstrate flair
at fives BUSA tournament
Ady Lee                             ner with confident wins for                                                                                         The singles plate com-      had removed his gun restrictor
Rugby Fives Captain                 Will “Average” Midmer and                                                                                 petition saw Durham dominate         there could have been the first
                                    Adrian “Boost” Love flying                                                                                 as almost all of the players         all-Durham doubles final.
This year’s BUSA National           the flag well for Durham. Fol-
Rugby Fives competition fell        lowing this, Dave “Myfanwy”
on the long weekend of 24th         Newsome, Dan “I Don’t Know
-26th November and Durham           Why” Katte, Henry “Guns The
University Rugby Fives Club         Elder” Richards, Hugo “Huggy
(DURVsC) took its best haul of      Bear” Armitstead and Alan
results ever from the nation-       “BB” Bowden fought valiantly
wide competition.                   but were unfortunately out-
        Once again Durham’s         gunned by highly-experienced

                                                                      Durham take on the opposition (Photo: Ady Lee)

                                                                      The last remaining player in        an hour), the UCL opponent
                                                                      the main singles competition        emerged victorious after the
                                                                      was Lee who                         match went to the wire in
                                                                      comfortably won his quar-           three sets with Lee suffering
                                                                                                          from cramp and blisters. In the     DURVsc (Photo: Ady Lee)
                                                                      ter-final match before meet-

                                                                                                                                              involved progressed through                       The plate doubles
                                                                                                                                              to the final stages of the com-       final was eventually contested
                                                                                                                                              petition.                            by Durham’s second pair Hay
                                                                                                                                                         The doubles competi-      and Midmer and a big-hitting
                                                                                                                                              tion proved even more success-       pair from UCL.
Success at this year’s BUSA competition (Photo: Ady Lee)                                                                                      ful for DURVsC with all pairs in          Although it was the plate
                                                                                                                                              either the finals of the main         competition, it took nothing
strength and depth in squad         circuit players.                                                                                          draw or reaching at least the        away from the fact that the
was demonstrated by a mas-                   It should be mentioned                                                                           semi finals of the plate compe-       very tight three sets were some
sive entry of ten players, al-      that all five players fought                                                                               tition.                              of the best doubles seen all
most double every other uni-        tooth and nail for every point                                                                                      Second seeds Moham-        tournament. It’s a testament
versity’s entry.                    against opposition they had no                                                                            med and Lee saw off the threat       to the quality of fives played
    An influx of highly-skilled      right to contend with.                                                                                    of a troublesome Leeds pair in       by both teams that UCL even-
freshers in Chris ‘Emre’ Hay               As expected, skipper Ady                                                                           the semi final to set up a            tually won by one sole point.
and Hal ‘Al-Fayed’ Mohammed         “Flair” Lee progressed without                                                                            mouth-watering clash with the                  All in all it was a tre-
combined with the retention         trouble through to the third                                                                              first seeds from Cambridge            mendously successful tourna-
of more experienced players         round of the main singles tour-                                                                                  . Unfortunately with Mo-      ment which has well
meant Durham were a real            nament.                                                                                                   hammed suffering from tonsil-        and truly put Durham Univer-
force to be contended with at                  The following round                                                                            litis and Lee still suffering from   sity back on the fives map. All
the Nationals this year.            saw Love and Midmer drawn         The singles tournament (Photo: Ady Lee)                                 the ill-effects of his singles       the players are looking forward
           After arriving in Pe-    against what on paper were                                                                                semi final the previous day a         to the Under 25s Champion-
terborough and spending the         two highly-seeded Oxford and                                                                              win was never really on the          ship and the North of England
                                                                      ing an opponent from UCL in         post-tournament press confer-
night in stylish ten bedroom        Leeds players. They can howev-                                                                            cards.                               Championships in February.
                                                                      the semis. After a marathon         ence this match was picked out
manor (complete with ghost          er be very happy by their per-                                                                                       Katte and Armitstead
                                                                      two hour match (the average         as the stand-out match of the
we are told), the tournament        formances, pushing them all                                                                               lost a very tight, flair-filled semi
                                                                      fives match should last half         tournament.
kicked off in the perfect man-      the way in two very tight sets.                                                                           final and if only Armiststead

Old boys return to Durham
The students prove their mettle against the old boy’s team in the annual alumni rugby match...
                                                                      the ruck.                           students. L Firth stealing at       the students scored through          him to remain “stuck in the
           Annual Alumni rugby match                                             Senior player A Bruce    least two balls against the head    expansive flair and attractive        mud”.
                                                                      also offered his ability to dump    in the scrummages. T Walford        link play from Robinson, Bruce,
           Durham University 31                                       tackle on ex-club captain R         displayed not only his strength     Worrall,     Sangster    putting              The game eventually
                 Old Boys 22                                          Campbell. This lead the students    at the scrum but also his ability   skipper McDermott in for his         finished 31-22 in favour of
                                                                      to defend aggressively, which       to pirouette. The students won      second try.                          the students. The game was
                                                                      was indeed necessary against        all their line outs.                           Rewarding defensive       played in excellent spirit,
                                    the students to gain their first
         Richard Worrall            five points by Dan Kelly. In
                                                                      the Old boy’s impressive                                                play was seen by the students.       with competitive well-phased
                                                                      counter attacking. The Old                    The Old boys started      M McDonough putting in               rugby. The students try scorers
                                    close succession the students
                                                                      boy’s showed that they still        the second half with noticeable     a great hit on his opposite          were Kelly, Keenan (2) and
                                    managed to put two more
                                                                      possessed the ‘mongrel dog’         intent to close the score line      number and T Basey putting in        McDermott (2). Keenan also
                                    tries (Keenan and McDermott)
         Sponsored by Deloitte                                        that is installed into the heart    further. A change of personnel      a try saving tackle, which some      with three conversions. Richard
                                    on the scoreboard, which
and UBS, the annual alumni                                            of all those who fashion the        and with the wind behind their      mentioned maybe worthy of            Worrall Man of the Match.
                                    were, both converted by fly
rugby match began on a grey                                           Palatinate Shirt. With this they    backs, they used their extra        winning the DURFC’s match
                                    half Frank Keenan.
windy Januaryafternoon.                                               counter attacked efficiently         weight and power to great           “hit box”!
                                              The students showed
         The students began                                           with some imaginative phase         effect, mauling the ball many                  The old Boys showed
                                    great skill and physicality in
well taking full advantage                                            play allowing them to score a       metres. With this the Old boys      that they still had the running
                                    their defence. D Sangster
of the wind. After a series of                                        converted try.                      managed to put points on the        power, with ex-DURFC Captain
                                    showing great strength in his
fast flowing play the Old boy’s                                                   Set    pieces     were   scoreboard.                         Melanie bamboozling current
                                    tackling and effectiveness at
defence finally broke allowing                                         certainly in favour of the                    Again       however       skipper McDermott causing
28      SPORT                                                                                                                                                       MONDAY 22 JANUARY 2007 | PALATINATE

Durham beat northern rivals
in a good start to the year
                                                                       tone for the entire first half      amount of pressure and with a        the glory and dotting down, a     in this instance he was correct
                                                                       with the Yorkshire 10 opting       tail wind Taylor duely slotted his   few words of praise must go       as the Palatinate skipper went
                                                                       to boom huge kicks down field       second left-footed drop goal         to his human battering ram,       on to lift the Doug Gillet Cup
                                                                       pinning the University side        of the season. From the restart      namely messrs Bruce, Firth,       to celebrate a well-earned
                 Durham University 15                                  into their 22.                     another wave of concerted            Collins and Konrad. With this     and hard-fought 15-12 victory.
                                                                                  To     their   credit   Palatinate pressure resulted         score going unconverted due                  With this victory
                   Yorkshire U20 12                                    the Palatinate pack worked         in a score, this time for the        to a serious lack of leg-power    under      their   belts    the
                                                                       tirelessly in securing phase       fleet-footed and twinkle-toed         from Keenan, DURFC went           Palatinates look forward to
                                                                       after phase of ruck ball against   Timothy Walford who dotted           into the last 15 minutes of       a taxing trip to Cambridge
                                                                       the wind. However, it was a        down under the posts after           the game with a narrow 15-12      next weekend to face a Blues
                                                                       great shame that all this hard     coasting through the White           lead.                             side containing two Durham
Richard Worrall                      brief motivational speech from    work was wasted by the feeble      Rose’s cover defence. This                     This lead seemed        old-boys. A tough week of
                                     coach, Phil Harvey, the team      attempts of the fly-half to         score was happily converted          unassailable      given     the   training is expected and
An arduous journey deep              prepared itself to launch into    reach touch. However valiant       by Keenan and took Durham’s          conditions,    however,     the   hopefully a solid performance
into the heart of “God’s own         the first half.                    the Palatinates defence was,       total to 10 points, with 8 of        Yorkshire side attacked the       on Saturday can propel the
county”. Armed only with the                 However, any benefits      the youthful exuberance of         those points coming from Old         Durham line with ferocity. It     squad into a very challenging
might of the Palatinate shirt,       gained from the rousing pre-      the Yorkshire squad managed        Etonians much to Field-Game          was, however, in these dying      but also very promising second
the knowledge that “the better       match chatter were soon           to rumble over a brace of          legend Rhodri Basey’s delight.       moments of the game that          half to the BUSA season.
the weather is in Durham, the        rendered useless as Durham        tries in the first half and go      Durham continued to apply            the true difference between
worse it will be down there”,        County representative Second      into half-time orange break        themselves to all aspects of the     the sides prevailed. Brawn was     Durham Team
the team departed for Skipton.       Five-Eighth Dale Taylor failed    with a slender 12-0 lead.          game and credit must go to the       no match for brain as flank        A Collins, L Firth, T Walford, C
         On arrival it was soon      to kick the ball 10metres.                   Fresh-faced and full    makeshift 2nd row of Madden          forward Worrall cleverly got      Robinson, A Bruce, D Cooper, R
noticed that the conditions          This unfortunate event was        of beans with the wind at their    and Robinson who tirelessly hit      his hands onto the ball and the   Worrall, B Madement, T Basey,
were to play a pivotal role in       followed by another as Durham     backs the mighty DURFC began       rucks and carried ball.              tackled Yorkshire player was      D Taylor, J Moroney, C Dunlop,
the forthcoming encounter.           flank forward Daniel Cooper        the second half as they meant                 Back to the game,         penalised for holding on.         R McDermott, T Watson, F
With this in mind Durham’s           pulled up after 77 seconds        to go on, constantly applying      and Durham’s final score came                                           Keenan.      Replacements:     J
skipper promptly proceeded           of the game had lapsed with       pressure on the Yorkshire          from a typically robust catch                 Sir Edward Wood          Konrad, G Frater, D Madden, A
to lose the toss giving his          what can only be described as a   defence and testing them           and drive from the Yorkshire         was heard whispering “clever      Lambert, O Reeve, M Horrocks,
team the unforgiving task of         tight hamstring. Unfortunately    both out wide and in tight.        22. With Benjamin ‘Bambi’            people always win” into the ear   D Kelly.
playing up-hill, into the sun        for Durham this was to set the    Sure enough, after a concerted     Maidement selfishly taking all        of a bemused Lloyd Firth and
and against the wind. After a

Swimmers        Durham students take to
continue        the gridiron
successful year
                                                                                                                                          of other university teams, said: the team are positive and the
                                                                       Pete Barraclough                   Recent years have seen a huge   “I’ve been amazed at how fast new term has seen an influx of
                                                                                                          return for the game in the UK, the Durham squad have picked new faces at training, with en-
                                                                                 It is not often that     as well as regular broadcasts up the game. Even those who        couraging progress also being
                                     Jo Sherwood, Vicky Beany,
Erin Pearson                         Heather McKay, Helen Mason,       a major new sport comes to         on SKY, five and ITV, The NFL    have never really watched the    made off the field.
DUSC PUBLICITY SECRETARY                                               Durham but last Term saw the       has announced that a full-      game are understanding their               The Club is still ac-
                                     Jon Reilly, Matt Seegelaar,
                                                                       foundation of the Durham           status regular season game
Durham University Swimming           Tom Kirk, James Murray, Tom
                                                                       Saints American Football Club.     will be played in London later
Team was busy again last             Williams and Marc Hanson
                                                                                 The new club is start-   this year, the first time this
weekend, this time travelling        performed brilliantly despite
                                                                       ing from scratch with a large      has happened outside North
to     Birmingham       for   the    their hard weekend at the
                                                                       group of enthusiastic rookies,     America. The standard of the
Northern division of the BUSA        individual BUSA competition
                                                                       a few experienced players and      competition in Britain may
Team Championships.                  the weekend before.
                                                                       an expert coaching staff. There    be well below the televised
     Being a slightly different            James Murray impressed
                                                                       are plans afoot for Durham to      sport, but it is still fiercely
set-up to the individual BUSA        again, lowering his own 100m
                                                                       start playing friendly fixtures     competitive and many of the
competitions, this programme         fly record and Vicky Beany was
                                                                       at the end of this term, which     teams which Durham will play
involved only 50m and 100m           back to her old tricks finishing
                                                                       means they can apply to join       against feature players in the
swims on each stroke and two         2nd in both the 50m and 100m
                                                                       the British Collegiate Ameri-      Great Britain squad. There are
relays.                              breaststroke. Both the relay
                                                                       can Football League ready for      also strong links between the
      Each team is required to       teams performed well with
                                                                       next season. The BCAFL stu-        student game and the British
select their best swimmer for        the men finishing 2nd and
                                                                       dent league has 39 teams play-     Premier League and a number
each event and points are            the women 4th in the medley
                                                                       ing during the 2006-07 winter      of students have been scouted
accumulated for an overall           event.
                                                                       season, and expects to add 5 or    to play in NFL Europa (for-
team position. The top three                 The team eventually
                                                                                                          merly NFL Europe) alongside
                                                                                                                                         A Saint’s player practises blocking Photo: W.L’Heveder
                                     finished 4th overall behind        6 teams next year.
teams from the Northern                                                                                   young Pros from America, and
                                     the much bigger teams of                    American     Football
division then go on to the                                                                                potentially ex-sprinter Dwayne positions and plays remarkably tively recruiting players for all
                                     Loughborough,       Manchester    first came to prominence in the
Team Championships final                                                                                   Chambers.                       quickly.” With training step- positions and encourage any-
                                     and Birmingham. A few good        UK during the early 1980s with
later this year.                                                                                                    The Saints team is ping up a gear this term there one interested to come along
                                     scalps were taken including       the NFL featuring on TV, There
    It is a tall order for a small                                                                        rapidly taking shape, combin- is a lot of work to be done,       to training, details can be
                                     Nottingham, Sheffield and          was also a boom in participa-
team like Durham to challenge                                                                             ing players from all over the   as the rookie players learn to   found at HYPERLINK “http://
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