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                                                           Issue number 495 – 7th March2008

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Golden Table                                           Please do not permit your child to
Children who sat at the Golden Table this week         wear jewellery to school.
were – Hannah Warren, Sophie Parkin, Thomas            The only exceptions are:
Taylor, Georgia Bartlett, Andrew Wiggins, Georgia          A small, plain wrist watch, where the
Aston-Massey, Olivia Bellion and Rachel Jones.
                                                              child is old enough to be able to take
Congratulations to them all!
                                                              this off and store it safely for PE
                                                           Plain stud earrings where a child needs
                                                              to wear these all the time whilst recent
We have been selling daffodils on behalf of the
                                                              ear piercings are healing and settling.
Marie Curie Cancer Care Appeal. We have now
totally sold out of these, having sold three whole            Earrings should not be worn otherwise.
boxes! Thank you very much for your fantastic
support with this!                                     Please note that if a child who has had their
                                                       ears pierced recently cannot take part in
Extended Schools Programme                             practical PE lessons unless parents tape the
As part of our extended schools programme we are       earrings over with plasters or micropore tape.
hoping to offer parents, grandparents etc evening      This is a parental responsibility and school
classes through an Adult Education provider.           staff are not permitted to do this for you.
These will take place in our new mobile building. At   Staff cannot take earrings out and put them
the moment we are continuing to look at the            back in. Parents should also note that the
interest such classes might generate. If you are       taping of the ear lobe is not as safe as not
keen to take part in any of the courses below,         wearing earrings altogether.
please contact the school office for further           Thus parents in this situation will need to liaise
information.                                           with the class teacher concerning those days
      4 week course on bead jewellery making          on which practical PE activity takes place. We
      4 week introduction to digital cameras          cannot permit the child to take part unless
      4 week introduction to Word                     parents support us in this way.
      4 week introduction to e-mail and the           Whilst adults are permitted to wear jewellery is
         internet                                      school as they are responsible for their own
      4 week introduction to computers                Health and Safety and can make their own
All these courses will be run free of charge. As       considered choices, until children become
soon as we know if classes are going ahead, we         adults the school must put measures in place
will get back to you.                                  to protect them under its Health and Safety
                                                       remit. Parents may also like to know that no
Jewellery in school                                    member of staff is permitted to teach PE either
There seems to be a tendency at the moment for         with jewellery in place, for the same reasons of
“bling” to be appearing in school amongst the          safety.
children, especially the older ones! This is no        If ears must be pierced, a suggestion from me
longer a “girl matter” either! Whilst such self-       which you might want to consider is to avoid having
expression is admirable in the right circumstances,    the ears pierced until the long summer holiday
I have been talking to the children about what our     when the piercing will have healed sufficiently for
school policy says on the subject, as there are        the earrings to be taken out for the school day-
considerations of safety and practicality about the    they can be worn when the child returns home.
wearing of jewellery to school. I am thus passing      No necklaces, chains or bracelets should be
this on to parents too.                                worn please, again for reasons of safety.
                                                       Thank you for your co-operation in this
                                                       important matter.
Year 5 Fun Fair                                           Fire Engine Visit
Thank you for supporting Year 5 with their Fun Fair       A fire engine from Cheshire Fire Service visited
which was held last Friday – they raised a fantastic      Reception class last week. The children were told
£86.23 – well done!                                       how to keep safe in the event of a fire and about
                                                          the importance of having smoke detectors in the
World Book Day                                            home. Afterwards, they had a look at the fire
We had a fantastic day yesterday celebrating              engine and watched a demonstration of the fire
World Book Day! No doubt you witnessed yourself           hoses!
the wonderful costumes children came to school in!        Cheshire Fire Service would like to inform all
I would like to begin by thanking parents for the         parents that they offer a free Home Safety
time and effort they put in with this event - it was an   Assessment which includes the fitting of smoke
amazing sight to behold!                                  alarms. If you would like to benefit from this
I had the very difficult task of being asked to act as    service, please call 0800 389 0053 to book a visit.
Judge for the Fancy Dress Parade of Book
Characters which started the school day- what a           Easter Lunch
job, it was practically impossible! I did manage to       Your child will have brought home with them
pick out a winner for each class- but all the             tonight a menu for the Easter Meal that will take
costumes were splendid, really. These were the            place on Wednesday 19th March. This meal is for
ones picked out:                                          pupils only, but watch this space I am sure that
Reception                 Jessie Furnival                 after this week’s success, Mrs Siddley will be
Year 1                    Scott Parker                    inviting parents into school for lunch again soon!
Year 2                    Emily Doherty
Year 3                    Fay Walden                      Easter Bingo
Year 4                    Joe Davies                      A date for your diary is Thursday 13th March,
Year 5                    Richard Jones                   when the Friends will hold an Easter Bingo. Doors
Year 6                    Sophie Parker                   open at 6.30pm and eyes down at 6.45pm. Entry is
Well done to them!                                        £1.50 for adults and £1.00 for children; this
We also did an activity to Match the Book to the          includes one strip of bingo cards. Extra sheets will
Props, where teachers had left some articles              be available at £1.00 per strip. There will be Easter
suggesting a book title, and the children had to pair     Egg prizes for a line, 2 lines and a full house.
those articles with the book. The highest scoring         Refreshments will also be available. Please do
child in each class was the winner! These were:           come along and join us if you can!
Reception                 Ben McCleary
Year 1                    Gracia Hoey                     School Council Fundraising
Year 2                    Robert Crank                    Our very keen school council are raising funds for
Year 3                    Thomas West                     the School Fund next Friday, 14 March, during the
Year 4                    Grace Phillips                  school breaks. Mid Morning there will be a Penalty
Year 5                    Ellessa Cambourne-Paynter       Shoot Out on the school yard, and in the afternoon
Year 6                    Alice Evans                     (and this I will have to see…) there is a 15 minute
Well done to you also!                                    Sponsored Silence!
We also had our annual 11.00am Reading Aloud              Forms have already gone out I believe, as the
session, where we stop and the children go off to         children are very, very keen, but his is just to let
hear an adult read a book of their choice. This is        you know this is a bone fide school event
much enjoyed, with children sometimes hearing an          organised by the School Councillors themselves to
excerpt from an unfamiliar book which they might          add interest to breaktimes and to raise some
want to go on to read themselves later. We had a          welcome money, so do please permit your child to
record number of parents taking part by reading a         support them if you can!
book to children this year, which gave a fantastic
amount of choice. Thank you for joining in!               Road Safety Assembly
The day was also enhanced by a World Book Day             On Tuesday, PCSO Chris Maddocks led assembly
Lunch, to which parents were invited. This year we        where the children discussed with him the issue of
served a record 166 lunches on World Book Day!            safe car parking on Denbigh Close. The children
Thank you all so much for coming along, and a             have raised this issue and their concern about
very big thank you to our Kitchen Staff, Freda            injury to pupils for some time now, with Year 5 in
Siddley and new recruit Vicky Fletcher, who coped         fact writing to the Prime Minister and to the
marvellously well with the aid of colleagues Paula        Department for Transport to register their
and Tracey from CBS Catering.                             concerns. I should emphasise that although you
So all in all, a great day! Thank you once again for      are aware of my concerns on this as Headteacher,
your support!                                             this is a matter the children have raised
                                                          themselves. We must listen to their fears.
They discussed with Chris that cars are:               I wish you all a good weekend!
     Parked on the pavement, blocking the way
     Reversed without care which frightens them       Anne Doughton
        as they fear being squashed                    Headteacher
     Parked on the corner of the road so clear
        view is blocked
Chris gave them a challenge to create a poster or a
parking ticket for use outside the school which
would remind drivers about appropriate parking. I
hope that if your child has brought this home to
attempt, you will support them with it - there is a
closing date of next Wednesday and a prize will be
offered for the best one as judged by Chris himself.
 The thing we have to face I am afraid is that the
things the children are describing are done by
parents of children in school. I know that the
vast majority of parents do park with regard to
safety and courtesy to neighbours and I thank
them for their commitment to this. We still cannot
afford to be complacent though and we must, as I
say, listen to what the children are saying and
consider our actions, all of us.

Slapped Cheek Syndrome
Please note that there have been a few cases of
Slapped Cheek Syndrome amongst our younger
children. This is a mild virus which can cause a
characteristic red rash on the cheeks (hence its
name). However, the virus is rather more serious if
caught by expectant mothers. If your child displays
symptoms of this virus, please would you keep
them away from school and inform their class
teacher or the school office.

National Science Week
A message from Mrs Williams:
Today starts National Science Week. Last plea for
any parent helpers to come into school to talk to
the children about their work or hobby involving
science. There are many events being held at
museums and science centres locally. Enjoy!

Achievement Awards

Congratulations to the following children who were
awarded certificates this week–

Bronze – Robson Mackay.
Silver- Amy Cartwright, Sophie Parkin, Daniel
Burnett, Ellessa Cambourne-Paynter, Lauren
West, Ben Jones and Helena Wan.
Gold – Oliver Doherty, Connor Hughes, Amy
Green, Georgia Aston-Massey, Holly Bebbington,
Abbie Hayes, Jake Hulse, Jack Orton, Grace
Phillips, Samantha Pritchard and Jason Wong.
Super-Gold – Lauren Lee, Megan McEveley,
Dominic Jones, Gareth Huxford, Carrie Hyde,
Kieran Santry, Hannah Warren, Chloe Bate, Mia
Bellion, Ryan Bond, Emily Clayton, Chloe Goodier
and Luke Maddock.