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									                          Blythewood Presbyterian Church
                                Yard Sale Pricing Suggestion

                         Books: Soft Cover novels                 $0.75 each

                         Books: Soft Back General Reading         $0.75 each **

Do Not need to price Books: Hard Cover                            $1.00 each

                         Music or DVD                             $2.00 each

                         Premium DVD Current titles               $5.00 each

Kitchen items
Bedroom & Household items (figurines or paintings etc)            $0.50 to $10.00
                                                                  (unless new or big ticket items it
Tools / Outdoor items
                                                                  all depends)
Kid toys need to be in zip lock bags if loose, puzzles boxes
taped and whatever else you could think of.
                         Clothing: Kids clothing sells better     $1.00 each **
Do Not need to price
                         Adult Clothing                           $2.50 each **
Big ticket items (Could sale higher and these are Suggested Prices):
       Furniture, Washer / Dryer, TV and other stuff could be more than $5 / $25.00 up
       Bedroom Furniture                                          $50.00 up
       Bedroom Suite                                              $150.00 up
Brand new stuff in box could be $10.00 up
**Unless noted on item of other price.

Suggestions taken from

   The price should be on top of an item, not on the bottom. I know it’s a lot of work, but worth
    it because you won’t have people asking every two minutes, "how much do you want for this?"
    As a general rule of thumb, price items about a quarter or third of what they would cost new.
    There are exceptions (see 3rd bullet item).

   Clothes are generally very poor sellers, unless it’s baby/kids clothes. But if you price adult-
    sized clothes cheap enough, it will sell regardless. People are reluctant to pay a lot of money
    for clothes they can't try on, but will gamble if it's only $1 or so. You can always go down on a
    price, but you can never go back up.
   When pricing items, keep in mind that "a third of what it costs new" is only a guideline. No one
    cares that you paid $75 for your advanced quantum physics book 10 years ago. You'll be lucky
    to sell it at all. Try to look at your stuff objectively. Do you really think people will be
    knocking down your door to get at your old t-shirts with stains on them? That's why they
    make good rags. If you have a bunch of items that are missing pieces or broken, put it in your
    FREE box with a note "broken - good for parts" or something similar.

   Another thing about pricing - I think the bigger the item, the bigger the price tag should be.
    Make it obvious. If you're selling a sofa - you can't expect the buyer to be looking all over for
    some tiny dot sticker. Take a full sheet of paper and put the price and list any good selling
    points or flaws: "Sofa - $200 Firm - only 3 years old - comes with 2 coordinating pillows".
    When I wanted to sell a junky lawnmower at my last yardsale , I took a 3" x 5" card and wrote:
    "Lawnmower $5 - As is. Has fuel leak but starts." It sold.

   Before your sale, look thru the boxes of everything you sell. As a yardsale shopper, I've often
    found old credit card receipts (complete with full numbers) in old shoes boxes or in books as

   When selling books and CDs - arrange in a box so the titles can be easily read by the
    customers. I go to many yardsales where books and cds are a big jumbled mess - that gives me
    the impression that the sellers don't care about their stuff and probably didn't take good
    care of it when they had it in the first place.

Please use:

Painters Tape or Masking Tape & Black Magic Marker to price your items.

If you need any suggestions or would like to help with the Yard Sale in the Selling Area we call
it Haggling. Please contact me at or 803-767-6255 cell.

Thanks for your donations and helping the Argentina Vision Team to raise funds.

Tom Queen

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