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									2nd Annual

Strategic Pricing

8th & 9th
September 2005
                                                            Pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement is a
                                                             complex and ever-changing issue. In a rapidly
                                                              evolving market it is crucial that the industry
                                                             gets the latest information on the pricing and
                                                               reimbursement mechanisms across Europe.

Learn from the experts including:                                        Your eminent speaker panel:
• Lambert Verbakel from ELI LILLY compares current                       ALLERGAN R&D EUROPE                             ALK-ABELLO
  pricing systems across Europe                                          Stefan Holmstrom                                Jens Christensen, M.Sc. (Econ)
• Stefan Holmstrom from ALLERGAN R&D EUROPE                              Manager Strategic Pricing                       Pricing & HE Specialist
  analyses governmental cost containment methods across Europe           and Reimbursement                               International Marketing
  presents an overview of the pricing policy in Germany                  NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE FUND                  ELI LILLY
• Patrick van Ginneken at PFIZER GmbH examines the                       Dr. Gabor Legyel                                Joanna Lis
  way to create a dialogue between the pharma industry and               Head of Pharmaceutical Department               Health Economic Manager
  health authorities
• Dr. Gabor Legyel at NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE                          OFFICE OF HEALTH ECONOMICS                      EUROPEAN COMMISSION
  FUND analyses the pricing strategies in new member states              Dr. Clive Prichard                              Luis González Vaqué
• Kate Masschelein from ETHICON examines the ways of                     Health Economist                                Adviser
  maximising the use of price corridor strategies
• Joanna Lis from LILLY analyses the needs and requests for              SOLVAY PHARMACEUTICALS GMBH                     ELI LILLY
  pricing and reimbursement strategies in Poland                         Rainer Walenta                                  Lambert Verbakel
• Jens Christensen at ALK-ABELLO evaluates the health                    Director Global Pricing & Reimbursement         Director Pricing for Europe
  economics in practice from clinical trial to launch
                                                                         SCHERING-PLOUGH                                 ETHICON
                                                                         Patrizia Villa                                  Kate Masschelein
Gain first-hand experiences from:                                        Regulatory and Pricing Director                 Strategic Pricing Manager
                                                                                                                         ETHICON Products, EMEA
• Martin Egler from SANOFI AVENTIS on latest changes                     ROCHE
  in the pricing environment                                             Jorgen Aberg                                    CONVATEC LTD (A Bristol Myers Squibb Company)
• Luis González Vaqué from EUROPEAN COMMISSION                           Manager of Health Economics                     Amanda Wilde
  on parallel trade of pharmaceuticals in the EU                                                                         Reimbursement & External Affairs Manager
• Patricia Villa from SCHERING-PLOUGH on the pricing                     SANOFI AVENTIS
  policy in Italy                                                        Martin Egler                                    DELFARMA
• Jorgen Aberg from ROCHE about the latest trends in                     Senior Manager Health System                    Tomasz Dzitko
  Pricing and Reimbursement                                              and P & R Intelligence                          President

                                                                         PFIZER GmbH                                     KOHLPHARMA
                                                                         Patrick van Ginneken                            Thilo Bauroth
Early bird special offer:                                                Access Manager for Central and Eastern Europe   Head of Legal Department
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                                                                         IMS HEALTH                                      NV ORGANON
                                                                         Prof. Dr. Lieven Anemans                        Ernst J. Johannes, MD
                                                                         Health Economist Ghent University               Director Global Health Economics
                                                                         Senior Consultant Health Economics              & Strategic Pricing
Book online at:                                                          and Outcomes Research                                                                                                   FARMAINDUSTRIA
                                                                                                                         Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz
                                                                                                                         Industrial Economics Researcher

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                                                          conferences                                                    life sciences series
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                                                                                 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7637 0843
8th September 2005                                                     

08:30   Registration and Coffee                                                  14:10   Unification of Prices for Europe
                                                                                         • National and international price referencing systems
09:00   Opening Remarks from the Chair                                                   • From wholesale to consumer prices
                                                                                         • Profitability of reimbursement
                                                                                         Ernst J. Johannes, MD
09:10   Keynote Presentation                                                             Director Global Health Economics & Strategic Pricing
        How Has the Pricing Environment Changed?                                         NV Organon
        • Market overview
        • Overview of cost-containment measures                                  14:50   Afternoon Tea and Networking
        • Major challenges for drug manufacturers emerged in 2005
        • Reaction of the pharmaceutical industry
        • Future of pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement                             DEFINING THE ROLE OF HEALTH ECONOMICS IN PRICING AND REIMBURSEMENT
        Martin Egler
        Senior Manager Health System and P & R Intelligence                      15:10   Use of Health Economics in Decision Making
        Sanofi Aventis                                                                   • Increasing demand for health economic analysis
                                                                                         • How cost-effectiveness analysis is used in policy making, including pricing
                                                                                           and reimbursement
        TOP 5 MARKETS: FACING CONSTANCT CHANGES IN P&R,                                  • Importance of cost-effectiveness in decision making
        IDENTIFYING THE OBSTACLES AND MAPPING OUT THE SOLUTIONS                          • What can be learned from experience to date?
                                                                                         Dr. Clive Prichard
09:50   Pricing Systems Across Europe                                                    Health Economist
        • Supply and demand side price control                                           Office of Health Economics
        • Commonalties and differences of pricing systems in the EU
        • Price control and free movement-an impossible marriage?                15:50   Health Economics in Practice from Clinical Trial to Launch
        • Free pricing and negotiated reimbursement-the way foreword?                    • Input to the clinical protocol
        Lambert Verbakel                                                                 • Working with the clinical data – Totals or in depth detailed data
        Director Pricing for Europe                                                      • Analyses – Specific country analysis
        Eli Lilly, Belgium                                                               • Publication and practical use for pricing
                                                                                         Jens Christensen, M.Sc. (Econ)
10:30   Morning Coffee and Networking                                                    Pricing & HE Specialist
                                                                                         International Marketing
10:50   Pricing and Reimbursement in Spain                                               Alk-Abello
        • Challenges faced by the Industry after the change in Government
        • The new ‘Strategic Plan for Pharmaceutical Policy’: implications for   16:30   Bridging Between Health Economics and Pricing
          the Industry                                                                   • Timing of health economic evaluations and pricing studies
        • Compulsory price cuts and rebates: any rationale for these measures?           • The difference between cost-effectiveness and cost benefit analysis
        • The future reference price system: unresolved issues                             and its effect on price
        • What does the future hold for the Spanish pharmaceutical market?               • Willingness to pay assessment: the ultimate price assessment?
        Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz                                                           • Value of perfect information
        Industrial Economics Researcher                                                  Prof. Dr. Lieven Anemans
        FARMAINDUSTRIA                                                                   Health Economist Ghent University
                                                                                         Senior Consultant Health Economics and Outcomes Research
11:30   Pricing Policy in Germany                                                        IMS Health
        • Is Germany still a high price country?
        • What do the ongoing Health Care Reforms mean for the German
          Pricing Policy:                                                                PRICING CORRIDORS AND MEDICAL DEVICE PRICING
          - Pricing/reimbursement regulations in 2003-2005
        • Industrial strategies in the changing economic environment:            17:10   Maximising the Use of Price Corridor Strategies
          - “Silent suffering” vs. confrontation                                         • Pricing in a global framework: What are pricing corridors and why work
        Rainer Walenta                                                                     with them?
        Director Global Pricing & Reimbursement                                          • The importance of channels of distribution
        Solvay Pharmaceuticals GmbH                                                      • How do pricing corridors affect your pricing across EMEA?
                                                                                         • Why are pricing corridors never enough? Balancing local responsibility
12:10   Luncheon                                                                           with regional accountability (reward and recognition)
                                                                                         Kate Masschelein
13:10   Coffee and Networking                                                            Pricing and Strategic Marketing Manager
13:30   Italy: The Price Policy
        • The price dossier                                                      17:50   Focus on Medical Devices
        • Impact on business                                                             • Recognising the differences between medical devices and medicines
        • Future challenges                                                              • The importance of decision maker education
        Patrizia Villa                                                                   • Establishing the strongest evidence foundation for medical device pricing
        Regulatory and Pricing Director                                                  Amanda Wilde
        Schering-Plough                                                                  Reimbursement & External Affairs Manager
                                                                                         ConvaTec Ltd (A Bristol Myers Squibb Company)

                                                                                 18:30   Closing Remarks from the Chair and Close of Day One
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9th September 2005                                                               

08:30   Re-registration and Coffee                                                         13:30   Parallel Trade and What Has Happened Since the Accession?
                                                                                                   • Update on trademarks and repackaging
09:00   Opening Remarks from the Chair                                                             • Regulatory framework for parallel trade within the EU
                                                                                                   • What has happened since the accession?
                                                                                                   • What are the safety issues in parallel trade?
        ONE YEAR AFTER THE ACCESSION: DATA ANALYSIS AND                                            Thilo Bauroth
        ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF EU ENLARGEMENT                                                     Head of Legal Department
09:10   Pricing Strategies in New Member States
        • Cross country price comparison
        • Reference countries                                                                      OPTIMISING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PHARMA INDUSTRY AND
        • Reference pricing, price comparison                                                      REGULATORY AUTHORITIES AND EXPLORING FUTURE DIRECTIONS:
        • Impact on top 5 market                                                                   HOW IS THE MARKETPLACE GOING TO CHANGE IN YEARS TO COME?
        Dr. Gabor Legyel
        Head of Pharmaceutical Department                                                  14:10   Creating a Dialogue Between Pharma Industry and
        National Health Insurance Fund                                                             Health Authorities
                                                                                                   Understanding the payer’s perspective:
09:50   Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies in Poland –                                           • Actual and future cost-structure of healthcare
        Needs and Requirements                                                                     • Impact of ageing population
        • Economic analysis in health care as a tool of health care resources management           • Increased quantitative and qualitative healthcare demand
        • Cost containment or increasing profitability methods in health care policy
                                                                                                   Initiatives to establish/improve dialogue:
        • Premium price for innovations
                                                                                                   • Pharma-industry versus individual company approach
        • Regulations and pricing and reimbursement trends in Poland
                                                                                                   • Drug vs disease approach
        Joanna Lis                                                                                 • Commercial and non-commercial attitudes of pharma companies
        Health Economics Manager                                                                   • Key opportunities and challenges
        Eli Lilly
                                                                                                   Patrick van Ginneken
                                                                                                   Access Manager for Central and Eastern Europe
10:30   Morning Coffee and Networking
                                                                                                   Pfizer GmbH

                                                                                           14:50   Afternoon Tea
                                                                                           15:10   Governmental Cost Containment Methods Across Europe
                                                                                                   • How do smaller companies adapt
10:50   Parallel Trade – A Natural Consequence of Price Discrimination:
                                                                                                   • Are Governments being unfair?
        A Polish Perspective
                                                                                                   • Consequences for companies and industry
        • Parallel trade situation in Poland:
                                                                                                   • Strategies for adapting to the pressure
          - Directions of parallel trade
                                                                                                   • Does Health Economics play a role?
          - Challenges to free movement of pharmaceuticals
                                                                                                   • Small thinking big and big thinking small
          - A perspective for the future
                                                                                                   • Future trends
        • Potential parallel trade benefits for Poland:
          - Improving access to modern treatment                                                   Stefan Holmstrom
          - Savings for the healthcare system                                                      Manager Strategic Pricing and Reimbursement
          - Optimising prescription patterns                                                       Allergan R&D Europe
        • The position of the industry
          - Alleged impact on R&D                                                          15:50   Looking to the Future: What are the Trends in Pricing
          - Patient safety is not endangered                                                       and Reimbursement
          - Possibility for “cohabitation”                                                         • What will be the pricing system in Europe in 2015?
                                                                                                   • Identifying sustainable pricing strategy
        Tomasz Dzitko
                                                                                                   • Convergence in Europe?
        President                                                                                  Jorgen Aberg
                                                                                                   Manager of Health Economics
11:30   The Parallel Trade of Pharmaceuticals in the EU:                                           Roche
        Parallel Imports, Shopping via Internet etc.
        • Intellectual property rights and parallel trade
        • The impact of the accession of ten new Member States: factors affecting          16:30   Interactive Panel Discussion:
          parallel trade in the enlarged EU                                                        Biggest Challenges in Pricing and Reimbursement for the
        • Candidate countries: What next?                                                          Next Three Years
        • Impact of Electronic Commerce: European Court of Justice Case Law                        This session invites delegates to raise any specific issues to our international
                                                                                                   speaker panel. Suggested issues for discussion include:
        Luis González Vaqué
                                                                                                   • Current trends and developments
                                                                                                   • Expectations
        European Commission

                                                                                           17:10   Closing Remarks from the Chair & Close of Conference
12:10   Luncheon

13:10   Coffee and Networking
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