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					                                                      steve Addazio – Offensive Line
                         A 22-year veteran	of	the	coaching	             Before	joining	the	Fighting	Irish,	Addazio	
                      ranks,	Steve	Addazio	is	in	his	third	             was	a	member	of	a	Syracuse	staff	that	led	
                      season	 at	 the	 University	 of	 Florida	         the	Orange	to	three-straight	BIG	EAST	
                      where	he	instructs	the	offensive	line.	In	        titles	and	appeared	in	four	bowl	games	
                      more	than	two	decades	on	the	sidelines,	          over	a	four-year	span	from	1995-98.
                      Addazio	has	coached	in	seven	bowl	                   Before	entering	into	Division	I	college	
                      games	and	been	on	the	coaching	staff	             coaching,	Addazio	made	a	name	as	one	
                      of	four	conference	champions,	including	          of	the	nation’s	top	high	school	coaches	at	
                      the	2006	Florida	staff	that	claimed	the	          Cheshire	High	School	in	Cheshire,	Conn.	
                      BCS	national	championship.                        In	his	seven	years	on	the	job,	he	won	
                         In	2006,	he	mentored	an	offensive	             three-consecutive	state	titles,	headed	
                      line	that	allowed	only	23	sacks	on	the	           two	nationally-ranked	teams	and	placed	

                                “We continue to see tremendous amounts of
                         improvement on the offensive line. Right now, it’s the best
                        it’s been since I’ve been at Florida, but I have no doubt that
                       it will continue to get better. That’s a credit to our first-class
                      coaches, who do an excellent job of taking someone with a lot
                         of potential and molding him into a good football player.”
                                                                                                                       THE ADDAZIO FILE
                                                                                 — UF head coach Urban Meyer
                                                                                                                       coAcHing eXPeRience
                      year,	and	gave	up	one	or	less	in	a	game	          more	than	20	student-athletes	in	college	      2007-pres.	 lorida	(Offensive	Line)
                                                                                                                       2006	 	 Florida	(Offensive	Line/
                      seven	 times	 during	 the	 campaign.	             programs.	His	coaching	career	began	                    Tackles;	Tight	Ends)
                       The	Gators’	23-sack	allotment	was	               at	Western	Connecticut	State	in	1985,	
                                                                                                                       2005 	 	 Florida	(Tight	Ends)
                         an	improvement	over	the	35	they	               where	he	served	as	offensive	line	and	
                                                                                                                       2004	 	 Indiana	(Offensive	Coordinator/
                          allowed	in	2005,	while	they	also	             recruiting	coordinator	for	three	seasons.               Offensive	Line)
                            increased	 from	 3.9	 yards	 per	             A	 four-year	 starter	 at	 Central	          2002-03	 	ndiana	(Offensive	Line)
                             carry	in	2005	to	4.7	per	attempt	          Connecticut	State	from	1978-81,	Addazio	
                                                                                                                       1999-01	 Notre	Dame	(Offensive	Line/Tight	
                              last	season.                              earned	 tryouts	 with	 the	 NFL’s	 New	                 Ends/Special	Teams)	
                                  Addazio	came	to	Gainesville	          England	Patriots,	USFL’s	Jacksonville	Bulls	   1997-98	 	 yracuse	(Offensive	Line)
                                 from	 Indiana,	 where	 he	             and	CFL’s	Ottawa	Roughriders.	He	and	          1995-96	 	 yracuse	(Asst.	Offensive	Line/Tight	
                                   served	 as	 offensive	 line	         his	wife,	the	former	Kathy	Donoghue,	are	               Ends)
                                    coach	for	three	seasons	            the	parents	of	three	children,	Nicole	(20),	   1988-94	 	 heshire	(Conn.)	High	School	(Head	
                                     and	offensive	coordinator	         Jessica	(17)	and	Louie	(14).                            Football	Coach)
                                       for	one.	Prior	to	that	
2007 Coaching Staff

                                                                                                                       1985-87	 	 estern	Connecticut	State	
                                         stint,	he	coached	the	                                                                 (Offensive	Line/Recruiting	
                                           offensive	line	and	           A Developed four all-conference                        Coordinator)
                                              special	teams	at	          players, including a three-time All-Big       Bowl gAmes As A coAcH
                                                 Notre	 Dame	            10 selection
                                                                                                                       1996:	 Gator	      1999:	 Orange
                                                   f o r 	 t h r e e	    A Seen 19 of his players selected             1996:	 Liberty	    2002:	 Fiesta
                                                       years.	           in the NFL Draft, including five players      1997:	 Fiesta	     2006:	 Outback	
                                                                         taken in the fourth round or higher
                                                                                                                          2007: BCS	National	Championship
                                                                         A Coached in four BCS bowls in the
                                                                         last 11 years                                 PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
                                                                                                                       Birthdate:	June	1,	1959
                                                                         A Owns Big 10 Conference experi-
                                                                         ence as an offensive coordinator              Hometown: Farmington,	Conn.	
                                                                                                                       Education:	1981	–	Bachelor’s	Degree	in	Physical	
                                                                                                                         Education	froma	Central	Connecticut	State	
                                                                                                                         University;	1985	–	Master’s	Degree	in	Physical	
                                                                                                                         Education	from	Central	Connecticut	State	
                                                                                                                       Marital Status: Married	to	the	former	
                                                                                                                         Kathy	Donoghue
                                                                                                                       Children:	Nicole	(20),	Jessica	(17),		
                                                                                                                         Louie	(14)

                                                                                                                               2006 National Champions
                                            og	Kurt	Vollers	(FA)	-	Notre	Dame	’02	       oT	Jim	molinaro	(7th)	
                                             -	Indianapolis	Colts                         -	Notre	Dame	’04	-	
                                            oT	Jordan	black	(5th)	-	Notre	Dame	           Washington	Redskins	
                                             ’03	-	Kansas	City	Chiefs	                   wr	Courtney	roby	(3rd)	
                                            oT	brennan	Curtin	(6th)	-	Notre	Dame	         -	Indiana	’05	-	Tennessee	
                                             ’03	-	Green	Bay	Packers	                     Titans
                                            C	Jeff	Faine	(1st)	-	Notre	Dame	’03	         oT		randy	hand	(FA)	-	Flori-
                                             -	Cleveland	Browns                           da	’06	-	New	England	Patriots	
                                            oT	enoch	Demar	(FA)	-	Indiana	’03	           oT	isaac	Sowells	(4th)	-	Indiana	
                                             -	Cleveland	Browns                           ’06	-	Cleveland	Browns
                                            og	Sean	mahan	(5th)	-	Notre	Dame	            oT	Tavares	washington	(FA)	-	
                                             ’03	-	Tampa	Bay	Buccaneers	                  Florida	’06	-	San	Francisco	49ers	

NFL Players
Te	Kaseem	Sinceno	(FA)	-	Syracuse	’98	
 -	Philadelphia	Eagles	
Te	roland	williams	(4th)	-	Syracuse	
 ’98	-	St.	Louis	Rams
ol	Scott	Kiernan	(FA)	-	Syracuse	’99	
 -	New	York	Giants
oT	mark	baniewicz	(7th)	-	Syracuse	
 ’00	-	Jacksonville	Jaguars
Te	Jabari	holloway	(4th)	-	Notre	Dame	
 ’01-	New	England	Patriots
Te	Dan	o’leary	(6th)	-	Notre	Dame	’01	
 -	Buffalo	Bills
og	p.J.	alexander	(FA)	-	Syracuse	’02	
 -	Denver	Broncos
Te	John	owens	(5th)	-	Notre	Dame	’02	
 -	Detroit	Lions	                      (left to right) Kathy, Steve, louie, Nicole, JeSSica
                                                    stan Drayton – Running Backs

                         Stan Drayton is in his 14th year as	         A	three-year	starter	as	running	back	
                      a	member	of	the	coaching	profession,	         at	 Allegheny	 (Pa.)	 College,	 Drayton	
                      having	spent	11	seasons	at	the	college	       was	a	three-time	first-team	All-America	
                      level	and	three	in	the	NFL.	The	last	two	     selection	and	an	Associated	Press	Little	
                      of	those	years	have	come	as	a	member	         America	first-team	member.	He	remains	
                      of	the	Florida	staff,	including	the	2006	     Allegheny’s	 all-time	 leading	 rusher	
                      unit	that	guided	the	Gators	to	the	BCS	       and	scorer,	and	was	a	member	of	the	
                      National	Championship.	An	integral	           1990	Division	III	national	championship	
                      part	of	the	recruiting	effort	that	signed	    team.	He	holds	the	Division	III	single-
                      a	class	ranked	No.	1	by	most	outlets,	he	     season	record	for	touchdowns	scored	
                      was	named	one	of	the	nation’s	25	best	        per	game	(3.2).	Drayton	was	a	two-
                      recruiters	by	prior	to	the	        time	All-American	in	track	and	field	as	
                      2007	season.                                  well,	competing	in	the	100	and	200m	
                         During	his	tenure	at	UF,	Drayton’s	        dashes.	In	2005,	he	was	inducted	into	
                      pupils	have	averaged	5.0	yards	per	carry,	    Allegheny’s	Athletic	Hall	of	fame	for	his	
                      while	losing	only	three	fumbles	in	two	       athletic	accomplishments.
                      years.	In	2006,	the	Florida	ground	game	        Born	on	March	11,	1971,	in	Cleveland,	 THE DRAYTON FILE
                      saw	improvement	over	its	2005	output,	        Drayton	earned	a	bachelor’s	degree	in	
                      increasing	its	average	from	146.8	yards	      English	from	Allegheny	in	1993.	He	and	 coAcHing eXPeRience
                      per	game	to	160.0.	In	his	first	season	on	    his	wife,	the	former	Monique	Fuller,	are	 2005-	 	 Florida	(Running	Backs)
                      the	Gator	staff,	the	UF	running	backs	        parents	of	a	daughter,	Amari,	2.           Present
                      out-rushed	10	of	their	12	opponents.                                                         2004-05	 	 ississippi	State	(Running	Backs)
                         As	an	offensive	quality	control	and	       NFL Players                                    2001-03	 	 reen	Bay	Packers	(Offensive	
                      assistant	 special	 teams	 coach	 with	       (ROUNd dRAFTEd)                                         Quality	Control/Asst.	Special	
                       the	Green	Bay	Packers	from	2001-03,	                                                                 Teams)
                        Drayton	helped	the	team	reach	the	          rb	brian	westbrook	(3rd)	-	Villanova	          2000     Bowling	Green	(Running	Backs/
                          NFC	divisional	playoffs	in	three-          ’01	-	Philadelphia	Eagles                              Special	Teams	Coach)
                           consecutive	years.	Prior	to	his	         rb	Jerious	norwood	(3rd)	-	Mississippi	        1996-00	 	 illanova	(Running	Backs)
                             stint	in	the	pros,	Drayton	tutored	     State	’06	-	Atlanta	Falcons
                               the	running	backs	at	Villanova	                                                     1995     Pennsylvania	(Director	of	Football	
                                 from	1996-2000.	He	helped	         rb	DeShawn	wynn	(7th)	-	Florida	’07	-	                  Operations/Running	Backs	Asst.)
                                   the	Wildcats	reach	the	NCAA	      Green	Bay	Packers	                            1994     Eastern	Michigan		
                                     Division	I-AA	playoffs	in	     Fb	 billy	 latsko	 (FA)	 -	 Florida	 ’07	 -	            (Graduate	Assistant)
                                      both	1996	and	1997,	while	     Carolina	Panthers                             1993	 	 	 llegheny	(Pa.)	College		
                                        the	team	attained	the	                                                              (Running	Backs)
                                          nation’s	No.	1	ranking	
2007 Coaching Staff

                                           in	1997.                                                                Bowl gAmes As A coAcH
                                                                                                                   2006: 	 Outback	
                                                                                                                   2007:	 BCS	National	Championship
                                                                                                                   PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
                                                                                                                   Birthdate: March	11,	1971
                                                                                                                   Hometown: Cleveland,	Ohio		
                                                                                                                   Education: 1993	-	Bachelor’s	Degree	in	English	
                                                                                                                     from	Allegheny	(Pa.)	College		
                                                                                                                   Marital Status: Married	to	the	former	Monique	
                                                                                                                   Children: Amari	(2)


                                                                              2006 National Champions
 A Position coach of two-time NFL Pro Bowler
 Brian Westbrook at Villanova, where he helped the
 2002 third-round draft pick win the 2001 Walter
 Payton Award, given annually to the top offensive
 player in NCAA Division I-AA
 A Was nominated for the American Football
 Coaches’ Association Assistant Coach of the Year
 Award in 1999
 A The starting running back at the three of his
 four Division I coaching stops has been drafted
 into the NFL
 A Developed former UF running back DeShawn
 Wynn into the first player in school history to score
 four touchdowns in a game twice in his career

    “coach Drayton changed the way
i look at the game of football. He helped
    me improve my game, but he also                      the DraytoN family
    helped me change my attitude and
 become a more of a leader on the team.
He made it clear from the very beginning
   that he cared about each of us more
      than just as football players.”
         —DeShawn Wynn, former Florida running back
                and NFL Draft selection
                                                 Billy gonzales – Wide Receivers
                         Billy Gonzales is in his third season        In	2005,	his	first	season	in	Gainesville,	
                      as	wide	receivers	coach	at	the	University	   Gonzales	tutored	Chad	Jackson	during	
                      of	Florida,	and	his	13th	campaign	roaming	   a	year	in	which	he	matched	the	UF	
                      the	collegiate	sidelines.	He	has	been	a	     single-season	reception	record	with	88	
                      member	of	Urban	Meyer-led	coaching	          catches,	a	total	that	led	the	SEC,	ranked	
                      staffs	since	his	appointment	as	Bowling	     sixth	nationally	and	stood	as	the	fourth-
                      Green’s	wide	receivers’	coach	in	2001.       best	single-season	output	in	conference	
                         Gonzales	directed	a	dynamic	Gator	        history.	Jackson	and	Baker	finished	
                      receiving	corps	that	posted	201	catches,	    first	and	seventh	in	the	conference	in	
                      2,713	yards	and	25	touchdowns	in	2006,	      receiving	yards	per	games,	respectively,	
                      while	also	running	for	676	yards	and	five	   with	averages	of	7.3	and	4.3,	making	
                      touchdowns	on	80	carries	for	an	average	     Florida	one	of	just	two	schools	to	rank	
                      of	8.5	yards	per	attempt.	The	Florida	       among	the	SEC’s	top-10.
                      receivers	averaged	12.1	yards	per	touch	        Gonzales	worked	with	an	explosive	
                      in	2006,	including	a	13.0	yards	per	catch	   Utah	offense	during	his	two-year	tenure	
                      clip.	Gonzales	guided	Percy	Harvin	to	34	    with	the	Utes,	including	a	2004	unit	
                      receptions	and	41	carries	for	a	combined	    that	ranked	third	nationally	with	499.8	
                      855	yards	of	offense	and	five	touchdowns	    yards	per	game	and	19th	in	the	country	
                      en	route	to	SEC	Freshman	of	the	Year	        with	 an	 average	 of	 263.7	 receiving	
                      honors	in	2006,	while	helping	Dallas	        yards	per	contest.	Under	his	guidance,	
                      Baker	turn	in	a	60-catch,	10-touchdown	      Paris	Warren	and	Steve	Savoy	both	
                      campaign	 that	 led	 to	 first-team	 All-    earned	All-Mountain	West	Conference	
                      SEC	accolades	and	a	selection	by	the	
                      Pittsburgh	Steelers	in	the	NFL	Draft.
                                                                   recognition	during	the	squad’s	perfect	
                                                                   2004	campaign	that	concluded	with	
                                                                                                                   THE GONZALES FILE
                                                                   a	Fiesta	Bowl	championship.	Warren	             coAcHing eXPeRience
                                                                   ranked	17th	nationally	with	a	Utah	single-      2005- 	 Florida	(Wide	Receivers)
                                                                   season	record	80	receptions,	while	he	          Present	
                                                                   and	Savoy	teamed	up	for	23	touchdowns	          2003-04	 	 tah	(Special	Teams	Coordinator/
                                                                   and	an	average	of	13.9	yards	per	grab.	                  Wide	Receivers)
                                                                   Four	different	Utes	totaled	more	than	          2002	 	 Bowling	Green	(Co-Recruiting	
                                                                   350	receiving	yards	during	that	season,	                 Coordinator/Wide	Receivers)
                                                                   led	by	Warren’s	1,076,	while	the	unit	          2001 	 Bowling	Green	(Wide	Receivers)
                                                                   combined	to	score	39	touchdowns.	               1999-00	 Kent	State	(Recruiting	Coordinator/
                                                                   Warren	concluded	the	year	in	style,	                     Wide	Receivers)
                                                                   setting	a	Fiesta	Bowl	record	with	15	           1998	 	 Kent	State	(Wide	Receivers)
                                                                   catches,	gaining	198	yards	and	scoring	         1997	 	 Kent	State	(Running	Backs)
                                                                   twice,	in	the	win	over	Pittsburgh.              1996     Kent	State	(Graduate	Assistant	
2007 Coaching Staff

                                                                      Pulling	double	duty	at	Utah,	Gonzales	                -	Offense)
                                                                   also	 coordinated	 the	 Utes’	 special	         1995 	 Midwestern	Texas	State		
                                                                   teams,	guiding	the	unit	to	the	nation’s	        1994	 	 MacMurray	(Ill.)	(Wide	Receivers)
                                                                   top	ranking	in	kick	return	average	(28.2)	
                                                                   in	2003.	With	Gonzales	at	the	helm,	the	        Bowl gAmes As A coAcH/PlAyeR
                                                                   Utah	special	teams	also	garnered	top-           1990: Freedom	        2005: Fiesta
                                                                   five	national	rankings	in	net	punting	and	      2003: Liberty	        2006: Outback
                                                                   kick	return	average	in	2004,	earning	                2007: BCS	National	Championship
                                                                   punter	 Matt	 Kovacevich	 honorable	            PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
                                                                   mention	All-MWC	honors.
                                                                                                                   Birthdate: July	18,	1971
                                                                      While	serving	as	wide	receivers	coach	
                                                                    at	Bowling	Green	from	2001-02,	and	            Hometown: Thornton,	Colo.
                                                                        doubling	a	co-recruiting	coordinator	      Education: 1994	-	Bachelor’s	Degree	in	
                                                                           during	the	second	year,	Gonzales	         Social	Sciences	from	Colorado	State	
                                                                              assisted	 with	 one	 of	 the	          University;	1996	-	Master’s	Degree	in	Sports	
                                                                                 nation’s	 most	 potent	             Administration	from	Kent	State	University
                                                                                                                   Marital Status:	Married	to	the	former	Julie	Hall
                                                                                                                   Children: Cole	(4),	Caylynn	(2)


offenses.	In	2002,	the	Falcons	scored	
48.0	points	per	game,	the	third-best	total	
                                               NFL Players
in	the	nation,	and	piled	up	448.9	yards	       (ROUNd dRAFTEd)
per	game,	good	for	ninth	in	the	country.	      wr	eugene	baker	(FA),	Kent	
He	developed	wide	receiver	Robert	Redd,	        State	’99	-	Atlanta	Falcons	
who	ranked	10th	nationally	in	receptions	
per	game	during	the	2002	campaign,	into	       Te	ben	moa	(FA),	-	Utah	’05	-		
a	two-time	first-team	All-Mid-American	         Miami	Dolphins
Conference	pick.	Gonzales	broke	into	          wr	Steve	Savoy	(FA)	-	Utah	’05	-		
Division	I	coaching	at	Kent	State,	where	       Detroit	Lions
he	developed	Eugene	Baker	into	the	
nation’s	leader	in	receptions	as	a	junior	     wr	paris	warren	(7th)	-	Utah	’05	-		

                                                                                                                                    2006 National Champions
in	1997.                                        Tampa	Bay	Buccaneers
   A	four-year	letterwinner	and	two-year	
                                               wr	Travis	laTendresse	(FA)	-	Utah	’06	-		
starter	as	a	wide	receiver	at	Colorado	
State,	Gonzales	is	one	of	only	two	players	     Kansas	City	Chiefs	
in	CSU	history	to	lead	the	team	in	punt	       wr	Chad	Jackson	(2nd)	-	Florida	’06	-		
return	average	in	three-consecutive	            New	England	Patriots	
seasons.	 Playing	 under	 Meyer,	 who	
served	as	his	position	coach	with	the	         wr	John	madsen	(FA)	-	Utah	’06	-	Oakland	Raiders
Rams	from	1990-93,	he	was	a	return	            wr	robert	redd	(FA)	-	Bowling	Green	’06	-	Atlanta	Falcons
specialist	on	the	1990	Freedom	Bowl	
champions.	Gonzales	and	his	wife,	the	         wr	Dallas	baker	(7th)	-	Florida	’07	-	Pittsburgh	Steelers
former	Julie	Hall,	live	in	Gainesville	with	   wr	Jemalle	Cornelius	(FA)	-	Florida	’07	-	Buffalo	Bills
their	children	Cole,	4,	and	Caylynn,	2.

                                                                        (left to right) froNt: cole; bacK: billy, caylyNN; Julie

                                                                        A For five-straight years from 2001-05, one of his wide
                                                                        receivers ranked among the national top-20 in catches per
                                                                        A Has developed the all-time leading receiver at two
                                                                        schools, while tutoring receivers who set or equaled the
                                                                        single-season catch record at two other institutions
                                                                        A His leading receivers have averaged nearly 80
                                                                        receptions per season
                                                                        A Produced the MVP of the 2005 Fiesta Bowl (Paris
                                                                        Warren, Utah), 2006 Outback Bowl (Dallas Baker, Florida)
                                                                        and the 2006 SEC Championship Game (Percy Harvin,
                           chuck Heater – Recruiting Coordinator / Cornerbacks
                         A 31-year veteran of college                    oversaw	the	development	of	cornerback	      years	prior	to	his	time	in	Boulder	as	the	
                      coaching, including	stints	at	Colorado,	           Ryan	Smith	into	a	second-team	All-          secondary	coach	at	Notre	Dame,	where	
                      Notre	Dame,	Ohio	State	and	Wisconsin,	             American,	a	first-team	All-SEC	selection	   he	earned	his	first	national	championship	
                      Chuck	Heater	is	now	in	his	third	year	             and	a	sixth-round	NFL	draft	choice	after	   ring	while	helping	guide	the	12-0	Fighting	
                      as	 the	 recruiting	 coordinator	 and	             just	one	season	in	the	program,	as	Smith	   Irish	team	in	1988.	Heater	also	spent	
                      cornerbacks	coach	at	the	University	               intercepted	eight	passes	during	the	2006	   three	years	coaching	the	defensive	backs	
                      of	Florida.	He	has	coached	in	20	bowl	             campaign.	That	total	ranked	seventh	in	     at	both	Ohio	State	and	Wisconsin.
                      games	during	his	career,	including	six	            the	nation	and	was	the	second-highest	         A	three-year	letterwinner	at	Michigan	
                      New	Year’s	Day	bowls	and	the	2006	BCS	             in	school	history.	In	2005,	Dee	Webb	       as	a	running	back,	Heater	finished	his	
                      National	Championship	Game.                        earned	All-SEC	accolades	after	leading	     career	as	the	Wolverines	fifth-leading	
                         In	just	two	years	on	the	job	at	UF,	            the	league	in	pass	deflections.             career	 rusher	 with	 1,981	 yards.	 He	
                      Heater	has	helped	develop	the	Gator	                 In	his	role	as	the	Gators’	recruiting	    earned	second-team	All-Big	10	honors	
                      secondary	into	one	of	the	most	feared	             coordinator,	Heater	has	also	been	the	      as	 a	 junior	 and	 honorable	 mention	
                      units	in	the	nation.	UF	posted	a	98.3	             architect	of	consecutive	signing	classes	   accolades	as	a	senior,	while	receiving	the	
                      pass	defense	efficiency	rating	in	2006,	           that	were	recognized	as	being	among	        school’s	Fielding	Yost	Award,	given	to	
                      the	 nation’s	 fourth	 highest,	 while	            the	nation’s	best,	and	earned	the	No.	1	    the	senior	who	demonstrates	the	highest	
                      surrendering	only	10	touchdown	passes	             ranking	from	several	outlets.               level	of	academic	and	athletic	excellence,	
                      on	the	year	to	tie	for	eighth-fewest	in	             Heater	served	as	cornerbacks	coach	       in	1975.	During	his	tenure	at	Michigan,	
                      the	country.	The	secondary	also	played	            and	 recruiting	 coordinator	 at	 Utah	     the	Wolverines	went	41-3-1	and	won	or	
                      a	pivotal	role	on	a	Florida	defense	that	          during	 the	 2004	 campaign,	 helping	      shared	the	Big	Ten	title	every	season.	
                      allowed	just	13.5	points	per	game	in	the	          the	Utes	finish	an	undefeated	season	       Heater	was	a	10th-round	draft	pick	by	the	
                      2006,	the	sixth-lowest	total	in	Division	I.	       with	a	Fiesta	Bowl	championship.	Prior	     New	Orleans	Saints	in	1975.	He	and	his	
                      In	2005,	the	Gators	allowed	opponents	             to	that	post,	he	worked	for	five	years	     wife,	the	former	Deborah	Dariano,	are	
                      to	complete	just	52.3	percent	of	their	            at	Washington	in	a	variety	of	roles,	       the	parents	of	a	daughter,	Emily,	and	two	
                      passes,	 a	 figure	 that	 ranked	 in	 the	         including	cornerbacks	coach,	running	       sons,	Andy	and	Adam.
                      nation’s	top-20.                                   backs	coach	and	recruiting	coordinator.	

                            “He’s done so much for me. Coaches like him,
                             those are the guys you want to play for.”
                                               — Ryan Smith, former Florida All-America cornerback

                                    Under	Heater’s	direction,	           Heater	 helped	 UW	 sign	
                                   the	Florida	secondary	led	            three	 recruiting	 classes	
                                     the	SEC	in	interceptions	           rated	in	the	nation’s	top-15,	
                                       in	both	2005	and	2006,	           while	three	of	his	classes	
                                         including	a	total	of	21	        with	the	Huskies	produced	
2007 Coaching Staff

                                           last	 year	 that	 tied	       a	Freshman	All-American.
                                             for	 the	 fourth-              From	1993-98,	Heater	
                                               best	 single-             served	on	the	coaching	
                                                  season	output	         staff	at	Colorado,	originally	
                                                    i n 	 s c h o o l	   joining	the	staff	as	director	
                                                       history.	He	      of	football	operations	and	
                                                                         recruiting	 coordinator	
                                                                         before	 taking	 over	 the	
                                                                         defensive	backs	and	then	
                                                                         progressing	on	to	the	tight	
                                                                         ends.	He	spent	the	three	

                                                 NFL Players
                                                 (ROUNd dRAFTEd)
                                                 Db	matt	Vandenboom	(5th)	-	
                                                  	Wisconsin	‘83	-	Buffalo	Bills
                                                 Cb	richard	Johnson	(1st)	-		
                                                  Wisconsin	‘85	-	Houston	Oilers
                                                 FS	Sonny	gordon	(6th)	-	Ohio	State		
                                                  ‘87	-	Cincinnati	Bengals
                                                 Cb	nate	odomes	(2nd)	-	Wisconsin	‘87	          A Has won two national titles
                                                  -	Buffalo	Bills                               and been a part of two 12-0 seasons
                                                 Cb	ray	Jackson	(7th)	-	Ohio	State	‘88	         as a college coach
                                                  -	Seattle	Seahawks

                                                                                                                                      2006 National Champions
                                                                                                A Has played or coached for six
                                                 Cb	william	white	(4th)	-	Ohio	State	‘88	       National Coaches of the Year (Barry
                                                  -	Detroit	Lions                               Alvarez, Earle Bruce, Lou Holtz,
THE HEATER FILE                                  Cb	Stan	Smagala	(5th)	-	Notre	Dame	
                                                                                                Urban Meyer, Bill McCartney and
                                                                                                Bo Schembechler)
coAcHing eXPeRience                               ‘90	-	Los	Angeles	Raiders
2005-	 	 Florida	(Recruiting	Coordinator/                                                       A Has mentored 20 NFL draft
                                                 S	pat	Terrell	(2nd)	-	Notre	Dame	‘90	-	        selections and 24 NFL players as
Present	 Cornerbacks)
                                                  Los	Angeles	Rams                              well as numerous all-conference
2004	 	 Utah	(Cornerbacks/Recruiting	
         Coordinator)                            Cb	Todd	lyght	(1st)	-Notre	Dame	‘91	-	         picks, including Jim Thorpe Award
2002-03	 	 ashington	(Recruiting	
         W                                        Los	Angeles	Rams                              winner Chris Hudson (Colorado)
         Coordinator/Running	Backs)              Cb	Tom	Carter	(1st)	-	Notre	Dame	‘93	          A UF is the fourth Division
1999-01	 Washington	(Cornerbacks/                 -	Washington	Redskins                         I program at which Heater has
         Recruiting	Coordinator)                                                                worked alongside head coach
1998	 	 Colorado	(Recruiting	Coordinator/        Cb	Jeff	burris	(2nd)	-	Notre	Dame	‘94	
                                                                                                Urban Meyer
         Tight	Ends)                              -	Buffalo	Bills
1995-97	 	 olorado	(Tight	Ends)
         C                                       Cb	willie	Clark	(3rd)	-	Notre	Dame	‘94	
1994	 	 Colorado	(Secondary)                      -	San	Diego	Chargers                        Cb	Derrick	Johnson	(6th)	
1993	 	 Colorado	(Football	Operations/           SS	John	Covington	(5th)	-	Notre	Dame	         -	 Washington	 ’05	 -	 San	
         Recruiting	Coordinator)
                                                  ‘94	-	Indianapolis	Colts                     Francisco	49ers
1991-92	 	 olorado	State	(Defensive	
         Coordinator/Inside	Linebackers)         Cb	Chris	hudson	(3rd)	-	Colorado	‘95	        Cb	Dee	webb	(7th)	-	Florida	
1988-90	 	 otre	Dame	(Secondary)
         N                                        -	Jacksonville	Jaguars                       ’06	-	Jacksonville	Jaguars
1985-87	 	 hio	State	(Secondary)
         O                                       lb	Sean	moran	(4th)	-	Colorado	State	        Cb	Vernell	brown	(FA)	-	Florida	
1982-84	 	 isconsin	(Secondary)
         W                                        ‘96	-	Buffalo	Bills                          ’06	-	New	England	Patriots
1979-81	 	 oledo	(Secondary)
                                                 Te	Daniel	graham	(1st)	-	Colorado	‘02	       Cb	 ryan	 Smith	 (6th)	 -	 Florida	
1977-78	 	 oledo	(Running	Backs)
                                                  -	New	England	Patriots                       ’07	-	Tennessee	Titans
1976 	 Northern	Arizona	(Running	Backs)
                                                 Cb	omare	lowe	(5th)	-	Washington	‘02	        Cb	 reggie	 lewis	 (FA)	 -	 Florida		
Bowl gAmes As A coAcH                             -	Miami	Dolphins                             ’07	-	Buffalo	Bills
1981:	 California	     1996:	 Cotton
1982:	 Independence	 1996:	 Holiday
1984:	 Hall	of	Fame	   1998:	 Aloha
1985:	 Citrus		        1999:	 Holiday
1987:	 Cotton	         2001:	 Rose
1989:	 Fiesta	         2001:	 Holiday
1990:	 Orange		        2002:	 Sun
1991:	 Orange	         2005:	 Fiesta
1993:	 Aloha	          2006:	 Outback
1995:	 Fiesta
     2007:	 BCS	National	Championship
PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
Birthdate: Oct.	10,	1952	
Hometown: Tiffin,	Ohio	
Education: 1975	-	Bachelor’s	Degree	in	
  Education	from	the	University	of	Michigan	
Marital Status: Married	to	the	former	Deborah	
Children: Emily,	Andy	(was	defensive	tackle	
  at	the	University	of	Washington	in	2005	and	
  is	now	an	Airborne	Army	Ranger),	Adam	(a	
  sophomore	tight	end	at	UCLA	in	2007)
                                                 (left to right) aNDy, emily, chucK, Deborah, aDam
                               John Hevesy – Tight Ends / Assistant Offensive Line
                         With 13 years of college coaching               Behind	the	blocking	of	Hevesy’s	group,	
                      experience	under	his	belt,	John	Hevesy	         Utah	scored	on	62-of-67	trips	to	the	red	
                      is	in	his	third	year	coaching	the	centers	      zone	that	year.	He	tutored	guard	Chris	
                      and	guards	at	the	University	of	Florida.	       Kemoeatu	to	first-team	All-America	and	
                      He	has	coached	in	three	BCS	bowls,	             All-Mountain	West	Conference	honors	
                      including	 Florida’s	 2006	 National	           in	2004,	while	mentoring	first-team	All-
                      Championship	Game	victory.                      MWC	tight	end	Ben	Moa	in	his	first	year	
                         Despite	entering	the	2006	season	            on	the	Utah	staff.
                      with	one	player	having	started	a	game	             Prior	to	his	arrival	in	Salt	Lake	City,	
                      at	his	opening-day	position,	the	UF	            Hevesy	coached	the	tackles	and	tight	
                      offensive	line	allowed	only	23	sacks	on	        ends	at	Bowling	Green	from	2001-02.	In	
                      the	year,	and	yielded	one	or	less	seven	        his	first	year	on	campus,	the	line	allowed	
                      times	during	the	campaign.	The	group	           50	percent	fewer	sacks	than	the	year	
                      also	paved	the	way	for	13.2	yards	per	          before,	while	the	2002	unit	blocked	for	
                      game	increase	on	the	ground	in	2006,	           skill	players	that	amassed	more	than	
                      improving	from	146.8	in	2005	to	160.0	          5,000	yards	of	total	offense.	During	
                      last	season.                                    a	three-year	stint	at	Brown,	Hevesy	          THE HEVESY FILE
                         Hevesy	has	also	shown	a	penchant	for	        coached	an	offensive	line	that	blocked	
                                                                                                                    coAcHing eXPeRience
                      molding	individual	talents	on	the	interior	     for	13	school	records	and	saw	three	of	its	   2007-	 	 Florida	(Tight	Ends/Assistant	
                      of	the	Gators’	line,	as	starting	centers	       members	earn	multiple	All-Ivy	selections.	              Offensive	Line
                      Mike	Degory	and	Steve	Rissler	earned	           As	a	graduate	assistant	at	Syracuse	in	       Present
                      first-team	All-SEC	honors	as	seniors	in	        1997,	he	helped	the	Orange	win	the	BIG	       2006	 	 	 lorida	(Offensive	Line/	
                       2005	and	2006,	respectively.	In	his	first	     EAST	and	earn	a	Fiesta	Bowl	bid.                         Centers 	and	Guards)
                        season	at	UF,	Hevesy	transformed	                A	three-year	starter	on	the	offensive	     2005 		 Florida	(Offensive	Line)
                          Degory	into	a	finalist	for	the	2005	        line	at	the	University	of	Maine	from	1991-    2004 	 	 Utah	(Offensive	Line)
                           Rimington	Trophy,	given	annually	          93,	Hevesy	is	married	to	the	former	Kelli	    2003	 	 Utah			(Offensive	Tackles/	
                             to	the	nation’s	top	center.              Rogers.	The	couple	has	three	children,	                 Tight	Ends)
                                 As	the	offensive	line	coach	at	      Jack	(5),	Taylor	(4),	and	Madison	(2).        2001-02	 	 owling	Green	(Offensive	Tackles/
                                 Utah	in	2004,	Hevesy	directed	                                                               Tight	Ends)
                                  the	front	line	for	one	of	the	                                                    1998-00 	 	 rown	(Offensive	Line)
                                    most	prolific	offenses	in	          A Has guided two different                  1997	 	 Syracuse	(Graduate	Assistant	
                                      the	country,	as	the	Utes	         starting centers to first-team All-SEC                Offensive	Line)
                                        ranked	third	nationally	        honors in the last two years                1996	 	 Brown		(Offensive	tackles/Tight	Ends)
                                          in	scoring	(45.3),	total	     A Developed former UF center                1994-95	 	 rinity	(Offensive	Line)
2007 Coaching Staff

                                            offense	(499.7)	and	        Mike Degory into one of six finalists
                                              passing	efficiency	       for the 2005 Rimington Trophy,              Bowl gAmes As A coAcH
                                                (173.4).	               presented annually to the nation’s top      1997: 	 Fiesta		       2005: 	 Fiesta
                                                                        center                                      2003: 	 Liberty		      2006: 	 Outback	
                                                                        A Has led 14 players to all-                     2007:	 BCS	National	Championship
                                                                        conference honors, including seven in       PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
                                                                        the last five years
                                                                                                                    Birthdate:	May	2,	1971
                                                                        A Three of his five bowl coaching
                                                                        duties have come in BCS games               Hometown: Madison,	Conn.
                                                                                                                    Education: 1994	-	Bachelor’s	Degree	in	
                                                                                                                      Education	from	the	University	of	Maine	
                                                                                                                    Marital Status: Married	to	the	former	Kelli	
                                                                                                                    Children: Jack	(5),	Taylor	(4),	Madison	(2)


     “Coach Hevesy is one of the most driven, enthusiastic
       coaches that I have ever played for. You can’t help
       but be fired up to play football when he’s around.
         It doesn’t matter if its practice or game day,
          Coach Hevesy wants to see improvement”
                                         —Steve Rissler, former Florida All-SEC center

NFL Players

                                                                                                           2006 National Champions
ol	Drew	inzer	(FA)	-	Brown	’01	-	
 Jacksonville	Jaguars
Te	ben	moa	(FA)	-	Utah	’04	-		
 Miami	Dolphins
og	Chris	Kemoeatu	(6th)	-	Utah	’05	
 -	Pittsburgh	Steelers	
C	Jesse	boone	(FA)	-	Utah	’06	-		
 Cincinnati	Bengals	
og	lance	butler	(FA)	-	Florida	’06	
 -	Cleveland	Browns
og	David	Dirkmaat	(FA)	-	Utah	’06	
 -	Washington	Redskins
oT		randy	hand	(FA)	-	Florida	’06	-		
 New	England	Patriots	
oT	Tavares	washington	(FA)	-	Florida	
 ’06	-	San	Francisco	49ers
C	Steve	rissler	(FA)	-	Florida	’07	-		
 Dallas	Cowboys
ol	Tavo	Tupola	(FA)	-	Utah	‘07	-		       (left to right) froNt: maDiSoN, JohN, JacK; bacK: Kelli, taylor
 Houston	Texans
                         John “Doc” Holliday – Associate Head Coach / Safeties
                         A veteran of two national champion-                to	complete	just	52.3	percent	of	their	       instructor.	 While	 in	 Morgantown,	
                      ship games,	18	bowl	appearances	and	                  pass	attempts.	He	was	named	one	of	the	       Holliday	coached	the	top-three	career	
                      29	years	on	the	collegiate	sidelines,	                country’s	top-25	recruiters	by	    and	single-season	receptions	leaders	in	
                      John	“Doc”	Holliday	is	in	his	third	year	             that	same	year.                               school	history,	as	well	as	eight	of	the	top	
                      as	associate	head	coach	and	safeties	                    From	2000-04,	Holliday	served	as	          10	players	in	both	categories.	Three	of	
                      instructor	at	the	University	of	Florida.              associate	head	coach	and	directed	the	        the	top-six	receivers	in	BIG	EAST	history	
                         While	helping	the	Gators	win	the	                  wide	receivers	at	North	Carolina	State,	      also	played	for	Holliday	at	West	Virginia,	
                      2006	national	championship,	Holliday	                 where	he	oversaw	three	of	the	top-eight	      and	a	Mountaineers	wide	receiver	led	the	
                      also	molded	safety	Reggie	Nelson	into	                pass	catchers	in	school	history.	The	         conference	in	catches	for	three-straight	
                      a	 consensus	 All-American	 and	 the	                 Wolfpack	set	16	school	offensive	records	     years	from	1996-98.
                      recipient	of	the	2006	Jack	Tatum	Award	               during	his	tenure,	including	10	during	
                      for	the	nation’s	outstanding	defensive	               the	2003	campaign.	The	standards	set	         A Won a national title at Florida in
                      back.	A	finalist	for	both	the	Thorpe	                 by	N.C.	State	teams	with	Holliday	on	         2006, and coached for the championship
                      Award	and	the	Nagurski	Trophy	in	2006,	               staff	included	pass	completions,	passing	     at West Virginia following the 1988
                      Nelson	was	selected	by	the	Jacksonville	              yards,	passing	touchdowns	and	pass	           season
                      Jaguars	with	the	21st	overall	pick	in	the	            completion	percentage.	Holliday	coached	      A Has coached nine all-conference
                      2007	NFL	Draft.                                       a	first-team	All-ACC	receiver	in	three	out	   players, two All-Americans, a Jack Tatum
                         Florida’s	secondary	was	one	of	the	                of	his	five	years	on	the	Wolfpack	staff.      Award winner, a Thorpe Award finalist
                      nation’s	most	strongest	units	in	2006,	                  A	 three-year	 letterwinner	 as	 a	        and a Nagurski Trophy finalist
                      as	the	Gators	ranked	fourth	nationally	               linebacker	at	West	Virginia,	Holliday	        A Has sent a total of 11 players at three
                      with	a	pass	defense	efficiency	rating	                spent	21	years	on	the	coaching	staff	at	      different positions to the NFL, including
                      of	98.3.	The	group	also	surrendered	                  his	alma	mater,	including	a	total	of	15	as	   two first-round picks
                      just	10	touchdown	passes	in	the	entire	               wide	receivers	coach.	During	his	last	five	   A Florida has intercepted 37 passes
                      season,	the	eighth-lowest	total	in	the	               years	at	WVU,	he	pulled	double	duty	as	       in two seasons with Holliday on staff, the
                       country,	and	served	as	part	of	an	overall	           assistant	head	coach	and	wide	receivers	      fourth-highest total in the country
                        defensive	effort	that	ranked	sixth	in	the	
                          nation	in	scoring	defense	by	allowing	
                           only	13.5	points	per	game.
                               With	Holliday	on	staff,	UF	has	
                              shared	or	owned	the	SEC	lead	
                               in	interceptions	in	each	of	the	
                                 last	two	seasons.	The	Gators	
                                  picked	off	21	passes	in	2006,	
                                    matching	the	fourth-best	
                                      single-season	 total	 in	
                                       school	history.	In	2005,	
                                         H o l l i d a y 	 t u t o r e d	
2007 Coaching Staff

                                           a 	 g r o u p 	 o f 	 U F	
                                              safeties	that	part	
                                                  of	 a	 secondary	
                                                     that	 allowed	


                                                     Holliday	is	married	to	the	
                                                   former	Diana	Phillips.	The	
                                                   couple	is	the	parents	of	four	
                                                   children:	Meghan	(21),	Cade	(20,	
                                                   a	redshirt	sophomore	on	the	UF	
                                                   football	team),	Chase	(18)	and	Cody	

                                                   NFL Players
                                                   (ROUNd dRAFTEd)

                                                                                                                        2006 National Champions
                                                   wr	willie	Drewery	(11th)	-	West	
                                                     Virginia	’83	-	Houston	Oilers
                                                   wr	reggie	rembert	(2nd)	-	West	
                                                     Virginia	’89	-	Cincinnati	Bengals
                                                   wr	rashan	Vanter	pool	(4th)	-	West	
                                                     Virginia	’90	-	Indianapolis	Colts
THE HOLLIDAY FILE                                  lb	Steve	grant	(10th)	-	West	Virginia	
coAcHing eXPeRience                                  ’91	-	Indianapolis	Colts
2005- 	 Florida	(Associate	Head	Coach/             wr	James	Jett	(FA)	-	West	Virginia	’92	
Present	 Safeties)                                   -	Oakland	Raiders
2000-04	 	 .C.	State	(Associate	Head	Coach/
         Wide	Receivers)                           wr	Jay	Kearney	(6th)	-	West	Virginia	
1995-99	 	 est	Virginia	(Assistant	Head	
         W                                           ’93	-	Green	Bay	Packers
         Coach/Wide	Receivers)                     lb	Shawn	Foreman	(5th)	-	West	
1993-95	 	 est	Virginia	(Wide	Receivers)
         W                                           Virginia	’98	-	Buffalo	Bills
1990-92	 	 est	Virginia	(Inside	Linebackers)
         W                                         Jerricho	Cotchery	(4th)	-	N.C.	State	’02	
1983-89	 	 est	Virginia	(Wide	Receivers)
         W                                           -	New	York	Jets
1981-82	 	 est	Virginia	(Part-time	assistant)
         W                                         wr	Koren	robinson	(1st)	-	N.C.	State	
1979-80	 West	Virginia	(Graduate	Assistant)          ’02	-	Seattle	Seahawks
Bowl gAmes As A coAcH                              S	Jarvis	herring	(FA)	-	Florida	’06	
1981:	   Peach	         1997:	 Gator                 -	New	England	Patriots
1982:	   Gator	         1997:	 Carquest            S	reggie	nelson	(1st)	-	Florida	’07	
1983:	   Hall	of	Fame		 1998:           -	Jacksonville	Jaguars
1984:	   Bluebonnet		   2000:
1987:	   Sun	           2001:	 Tangerine
1989:	   Fiesta	        2003:	 Gator
1989:	   Gator	         2003:	 Tangerine
1994:	   Sugar	         2006:	 Outback
1995:	   Carquest
         2007:	BCS	National	Championship
PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
Hometown: Hurricane,	W.Va.	
Birthdate: April	21,	1957
Education: 1979	-	Bachelor’s	Degree	in	Physical	
  Education	from	West	Virginia	University;	1981	
  -	Master’s	Degree	in	Safety	Management	
  from	West	Virginia	University		
Marital Status: Married	to	the	former	Diana	
Children: Meghan	(21),	Cade	(20)	who	is	a	
  redshirt	sophomore	walk-on	on	the	Florida	
  team,	Chase	(18)	and	Cody	(16)
                                                   (left to right) froNt: chaSe, DiaNa, Doc, caDe; bacK: coDy, meghaN
                        greg mattison – Co-defensive Coordinator / defensive Line
                         A 31-year veteran of	 collegiate	          Harvey	into	one	of	the	best	defensive	         during	the	2005	season.
                      coaching	with	11	years	of	experience	as	a	    end	tandems	in	the	country.	The	duo	             In	eight	years	on	the	coaching	staff	
                      defensive	coordinator,	Greg	Mattison	has	     combined	for	18.5	sacks	in	2006,	while	        at	Notre	Dame,	Mattison	oversaw	the	
                      helped	install	an	aggressive,	attacking	      Harvey	was	named	second-team	all-              development	of	the	school’s	single-
                      scheme	at	Florida	that	has	made	the	          conference	and	the	Defensive	MVP	of	           season	and	career	sacks	leader,	while	
                      Gators	one	of	the	nation’s	most	feared	       the	BCS	National	Championship	Game.	           guiding	the	Fighting	Irish	to	a	top-15	
                      teams	by	opposing	offenses.	During	his	       His	11	sacks	on	the	year	marked	the	           national	ranking	in	total	defense	twice.	
                      tenure	at	UF,	defensive	linemen	have	         third-highest	single-season	output	by	a	       The	2003	Notre	Dame	defense	produced	
                      accounted	for	nearly	three-fourths	of	        defensive	lineman	in	school	history,	and	      39	sacks	under	Mattison’s	watch.
                      the	Gators’	sack	total.                       the	fifth-best	overall	total.	The	82	total	      Prior	to	his	term	in	South	Bend,	Mattison	
                         Now	in	his	third	year	as	co-defensive	     yards	that	Florida	yielded	to	Ohio	State	      spent	five	seasons	at	the	University	of	
                      coordinator	and	defensive	line	coach	         in	the	national	title	bout	set	a	BCS	record	   Michigan,	where	the	1996	squad	ranked	
                      at	UF,	Mattison	helped	guide	the	2006	        for	fewest	yards	allowed,	bettering	the	       eighth	nationally	in	scoring	defense	with	
                      Florida	defense	that	limited	opponents	       previous	record	by	72	yards.                   an	average	of	15.2	points	per	game	and	
                      to	a	league-best	72.5	rushing	yards	per	         The	2005	season	was	Mattison’s	first	       the	1995	team	allowed	only	90.1	rushing	
                      game	in	2006.	That	figure	marked	the	         on	the	sidelines	for	UF,	and	the	Gators	       yards	per	game,	the	country’s	third-best	
                      second-lowest	total	in	school	history,	       made	an	immediate	improvement.	Florida	        total.	As	the	defensive	line	coach	at	Texas	
                      and	stood	nearly	25	yards	better	than	the	    led	the	SEC	and	ranked	ninth	nationally	       A&M	in	1991,	Mattison	helped	the	Aggies	
                      next-best	team	in	the	SEC.	The	Gators’	       by	forcing	31	turnovers	and	paced	the	         lead	the	nation	in	total	defense	with	a	clip	
                      run	defense	ranked	fifth	nationally	in	       league	with	114	points	off	of	turnovers,	      of	222.4	yards	per	game.
                      2006,	while	they	rated	sixth	in	the	nation	   while	also	finishing	among	the	country’s	        Mattison	competed	in	football	and	
                      in	total	defense	with	an	average	of	255.4	    top-10	teams	in	total	defense	and	run	         wrestling	 at	 Wisconsin-La	 Crosse,	
                      yards	per	contest.                            defense.	UF	also	set	a	school	record	by	       where	he	served	as	team	captain	in	both	
                         While	helping	lead	a	defense	that	         amassing	337	yards	on	tackles	for	loss,	       sports	as	a	junior	and	senior.	In	his	final	
                       produced	three	All-Americans	and	six	        while	its	33	sacks	were	the	team’s	most	in	    collegiate	year,	he	was	a	wrestling	All-
                        All-SEC	honorees	in	2006,	Mattison	         six	years.	The	Gators	improved	over	their	     American	and	named	the	football	team’s	
                          developed	Jarvis	Moss	and	Derrick	        2004	output	in	14	statistical	categories	      offensive	MVP,	and	he	was	inducted	
                                                                                                                   into	the	school’s	Hall	of	Fame	in	1989.	
                          “We go out every game and play our butts off for Coach                                   Mattison	and	his	wife,	the	former	Ann	
                           Mattison. It’s just all the stuff he does for us, not just                              Busse,	have	two	children,	Lisa,	who	
                                                                                                                   graduated	from	Notre	Dame	in	2003	and	
                             football, just being there as a person, a mentor,                                     was	a	three-year	All-BIG	EAST	softball	
                                a father figure. He’s not just your coach.”                                        player,	and	Bryan,	a	senior	defensive	end	
                                                                    — Joe Cohen, Former UF Defensive Lineman       and	captain	on	the	University	of	Iowa	
                                                                                                                   football	team	this	year.
2007 Coaching Staff


                                                     NFL Players
                                                     (ROUNd dRAFTEd)
                                                     lb	John	offerdahl	(2nd)	
                                                      -	Western	Michigan	‘86	-		
                                                      Miami	Dolphins
                                                     De	Terry	price	(10th)	-	Texas	A&M	
                                                      ’90	-	Chicago	Bears
                                                     DT	mark	wheeler	(3rd)	-	Texas	A&M	’92	
                                                      -	Tampa	Bay	Buccaneers
                                                     DT	Sam	adams	(1st)	-	Texas	A&M	’94	-	
                                                      Seattle	Seahawks

                                                                                                                                2006 National Champions
                                                     DT	william	Carr	(7th)	-	Michigan	’97	-		
THE MATTISON FILE                                     Cincinnati	Bengals
                                                     DT	lance	legree	(FA)	-	Notre	Dame	’00	-		
coAcHing eXPeRience
                                                      New	York	Giants
2005-	 	 Florida	(Co-Defensive
Present	 	Coordinator/Defensive	Line)                DT	Josh	williams	(4th)	-	Michigan	’00	-		
2002-04	 	 otre	Dame	(Defensive	Line/
         N                                            Indianapolis	Colts
         Recruiting	Coordinator)                     De	grant	irons	(FA)	-	Notre	Dame	’02	-	Buffalo	Bills	
1998-01	 Notre	Dame	(Defensive	                      De	anthony	weaver	(2nd)	-	Notre	Dame	’02	-		
         Coordinator/Defensive	Line)                  Baltimore	Ravens
1997 	 Notre	Dame	(Defensive	                        DT	Darrell	Campbell	(FA)	-	Notre	Dame	’04	-	Chicago	Bears
         Coordinator/Inside	Linebackers)
                                                     DT	Cedric	hilliard	(FA)	-	Notre	Dame	’04	-	Arizona	Cardinals
1995-96	 	 ichigan	(Defensive	Coordinator/
         Defensive	Line)                             De	Justin	Tuck	(3rd)	-	Notre	Dame	’05	-	New	York	Giants
1992-94	 	 ichigan	(Defensive	Line)
         M                                           De	Jeremy	mincey	(6th)	-	Florida	’06	-	New	England	Patriots
1989-91	 	 exas	A&M	(Defensive	Line)
         T                                           De	Jarvis	moss	(1st)	-	Florida	’07	-	Denver	Broncos
1987-88	 Navy	(Defensive	Line)                       De	ray	mcDonald	(3rd)	-	Florida	’07	-	San	Francisco	49ers
1985-86	 	 estern	Michigan	(Defensive	
         W                                           DT	marcus	Thomas	(4th)	-	Florida	’07	-	Denver	Broncos
         Coordinator)                                De	Joe	Cohen	(4th)	-	Florida	’07	-	San	Francisco	49ers
1982-84	 	 estern	Michigan	(Defensive	Line)
         W                                           DT	Steven	harris	(FA)	-	Florida	’07	-	Denver	Broncos
1978-80	 	 orthwestern	(Defensive	Line)
1977	 	 Cornell	(Defensive	Line)                     A Helped lead a defense that produced three All-
1976	 	 Illinois	(Graduate	Assistant)                Americans, six All-SEC honorees and seven NFL draft picks
1974-75	 	 a	Crosse	Logan	(Wis.)	High	School	
         L                                           in 2006 season
         (Head	Football	Coach)                       A The Gators have recorded 67 sacks and forced 60
1971-73	 	 iverdale	(Wis.)	High	School	(Head	
         R                                           turnovers in two years with Mattison on staff
         Football	Coach)
                                                     A Has coached in 15 bowl games in the last 19 seasons
Bowl gAmes As A coAcH
1989:	 John	Hancock	 1997:	 Outback                  A Has been a finalist for the Broyles Award, given
1990:	 Holiday	       1997:	 Independence            annually to the nation’s top assistant coach
1992:	 Cotton	        1999:	 Gator
1993:	 Rose	          2001:	 Fiesta
1994:	 Hall	of	Fame	  2003:	 Gator
1994:	 Holiday	       2004:
1995:	 Alamo	         2006: 	 Outback
      2007:	 BCS	National	Championship
PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
Birthdate: Nov.	15,	1949
Hometown: Madison,	Wis.	
Education: 1971	-	Bachelor’s	Degree	from	the	
  University	of	Wisconsin-La	Crosse;	1976	-	
  Master’s	Degree	from	the	University	of	Illinois
Marital Status: Married	to	the	former	Ann	Busse
Children: Daughter,	Lisa,	who	graduated	from	
  Notre	Dame	in	2003	and	was	a	three-year	All-
  BIG	EAST	honoree	as	a	member	of	the	softball	
  team;	son,	Bryan,	who	is	a	senior	defensive	end	                                                               greg aND aNN
  and	captain	at	the	University	of	Iowa	in	2007.
                                Dan mullen – Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks
                        Widely regarded as one of the top                   scores,	and	his	5.3	average	yards	per	
                      young minds	in	the	college	coaching	                  carry	were	second	nationally	among	
                      ranks,	Dan	Mullen	brings	13	years	of	                 signal	 callers.	 Six	 different	 players	
                      experience	 into	 his	 third	 season	 as	             averaged	at	least	5.0	yards	per	carry	last	
                      offensive	coordinator	and	quarterbacks	               season,	including	SEC	Freshman	of	the	
                      coach	at	the	University	of	Florida.	In	his	           Year	Percy	Harvin.
                      time	on	the	sidelines,	he	has	molded	a	                  In	2005,	Chad	Jackson	played	his	way	
                      No.	1	overall	selection	in	the	NFL	Draft,	            to	Biletnikoff	Award	semifinalist	status	
                      an	SEC	Freshman	of	the	Year,	a	Rimington	             after	matching	the	UF	single-season	
                      Trophy	finalist	and	a	Biletnikoff	Award	              record	with	88	receptions,	a	figure	that	
                      semifinalist.                                         led	the	SEC	and	finished	sixth	nationally.	
                        Mullen	 played	 an	 integral	 role	 in	             Center	Mike	Degory	was	also	named	a	
                      Florida’s	2006	national	championship,	                finalist	for	the	Rimington	Trophy,	given	
                      overseeing	an	offense	that	averaged	                  annually	to	the	nation’s	top	center,	during	
                      29.7	points	and	396.1	yards	per	game.	In	             that	campaign.	Both	earned	first-team	
                      the	BCS	National	Championship	Game,	                  All-SEC	honors	under	Mullen’s	tutelage.
                      he	engineered	an	attack	that	produced	                   While	 the	 quarterbacks’	 coach	 at	
                      41	points	against	a	top-ranked	Ohio	State	            Utah,	Mullen	developed	Alex	Smith	
                      squad	that	was	limiting	opponents	to	
                      less	than	11	points	per	game	on	the	year.	
                                                                            from	a	drop-back	passer	into	an	efficient	
                                                                            executer	of	the	spread	offense,	making	
                                                                                                                           THE MULLEN FILE
                      Under	Mullen’s	tutelage,	quarterback	                 him	one	of	the	most	versatile	threats	         coAcHing eXPeRience
                      Chris	Leak	opened	the	contest	by	going	               in	college	football.	Smith	took	over	the	      2005-	 	 Florida	(Offensive	Coordinator/
                      9-for-9	for	99	yards	and	a	touchdown	en	              starting	job	three	games	into	Mullen’s	        Present	 Quarterbacks)
                      route	to	earning	Offensive	MVP	honors.                tenure,	passing	for	2,247	yards	and	           2003-04	 Utah		(Quarterbacks)
                        Under	Mullen’s	direction,	the	2006	                 running	for	452	to	finish	second	in	the	
                        Gator	offense	posted	76	plays	of	20	                Mountain	 West	 Conference	 in	 total	         2001-02	 B
                                                                                                                                    	 owling	Green		(Quarterbacks)
                         yards	or	more,	19	of	which	went	for	               offense	in	2003.	The	2004	campaign	saw	        1999-00	 N
                                                                                                                                    	 otre	Dame	(Graduate	Assistant	
                           touchdowns.	Florida	passed	for	                  Smith	earn	National	Player	of	the	Year	                 Offense)
                            29	touchdowns	in	2006,	while	                   honors	from	The Sporting News and	             1998	 	 Syracuse		(Graduate	Assistant	
                             Leak	ranked	among	the	national	                Sports Illustrated,	while	also	becoming	                Offense)
                               leaders	with	23	scoring	tosses.	             Utah’s	first-ever	Heisman	Trophy	finalist	     1996-97	 	 olumbia	(Wide	Receivers)
                                 F r e s h m a n 	 q u a r t e r b a c k	   and	garnering	final	consideration	for	the	     1994-95	 	 agner		(Wide	Receivers)
                                   Tim	 Tebow	 matched	 UF’s	               Davey	O’Brien	and	Walter	Camp	National	
                                     single-season	record	for	              Player	of	the	Year	Awards.	Smith	passed	       Bowl gAmes As A coAcH
                                      rushing	touchdowns	by	a	              for	2,952	yards	and	32	touchdowns	and	         1999:      Orange		        2005:	 Fiesta
                                        quarterback	with	eight	             ran	for	631	yards	and	10	scores	on	the	        2001: 	    Fiesta		        2006:	 Outback	
2007 Coaching Staff

                             “Dan seems to have a real feel for calling plays. Play-                                        2007:    Tostitos	BCS	National	Championship
                             calling is an unteachable skill. You can’t write it down                                      PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
                                                                                                                           Birthdate: April	27,	1972
                              on a piece of paper and check it off a list; it’s more
                                                                                                                           Hometown: Manchester,	N.H.
                                      like playing jazz than playing notes.”                                               Education: 1994	-	Bachelor’s	Degree	in	
                                                           — Gary Danielson, CBS analyst and former NFL quarterback          Exercise	and	Sport	Science	from	Ursinus	
                                                                                                                             College;	1996	-	Master’s	Degree	in	
                                                                                                                             Education	from	Wagner	College
                                                                            year,	ranking	second	in	the	nation	with	
                                                                                                                           Marital Status: Married	to	the	former	Megan	
                                                                            a	176.5	efficiency	rating	and	leading	the	
                                                                               Utes	to	a	perfect	12-0	season	and	a	          West
                                                                                  Fiesta	Bowl	championship.	As	a	
                                                                                     team,	Utah	finished	the	2004	
                                                                                         season	third	in	the	nation	in	
                                                                                            scoring	offense	(45.3)	
                                                                                                and	 total	 offense	


                                                                                                                                  2006 National Champions
                                                                                      A Developed quarterback Alex
                                                                                      Smith into the first overall selection in
                                                                                      the 2005 NFL Draft
                                                                                      A Has molded an SEC Freshman of
                                                                                      the Year, a BCS National Championship
                                                                                      Game Offensive MVP, a Rimington
                                                                                      Trophy finalist and a Biletnikoff Award
                                                                                      semifinalist in two years at Florida
                                                                                      A Has sent three-consecutive
                                                                                      starting quarterbacks to the NFL
  Prior	to	his	stint	at	Utah,	Mullen	served	   wr	Chad	Jackson	(2nd)	-	Florida	’06	   A Has coached in four BCS bowls,
as	 quarterbacks’	 coach	 at	 Bowling	          -	New	England	Patriots                including appearances in two of the
Green	for	two	seasons,	putting	up	6,627	       oT	Tavares	washington	(FA)	-		         last three years
yards	of	total	offense	and	scoring	81	          Florida	’06	-	San	Francisco	49ers
touchdowns	during	that	span.	In	2002,	
quarterback	Josh	Harris	threw	for	2,425	       wr	Dallas	baker	(7th)	-	Florida	’07	
yards,	ran	for	737	yards	and	completed	         -	Pittsburgh	Steelers
the	 campaign	 as	 the	 nation’s	 third-       rb	DeShawn	wynn	(7th)	-	Florida	’07	
leading	scorer.	Mullen	spent	the	two	           -	Green	Bay	Packers
years	before	his	Bowling	Green	stint	          Qb	Chris	leak	(FA)	-	Florida	’07	-	
as	a	graduate	assistant	at	Notre	Dame,	         Chicago	Bears
making	a	Fiesta	Bowl	appearance,	and	
assisted	with	Syracuse’s	1998	BIG	EAST	        *first	overall	selection
championship	and	Orange	Bowl	run.
  A	two-year	starter	at	tight	end	for	
Ursinus	 College	 in	 Collegeville,	 Pa.,	
Mullen	earned	first-team	All-Centennial	
Conference	honors	as	a	senior.	He	is	
married	to	the	former	Megan	West.

NFL Players
Qb	Josh	harris	(6th)	-	Bowling	Green	
 ’04	-	Baltimore	Ravens	
Qb	omar	Jacobs	(5th)	-	Bowling	Green	
 ’06	-	Pittsburgh	Steelers
Qb	alex	Smith	(1st*)	-	Utah	’05	-		
 San	Francisco	49ers
og	lance	butler	(FA)	-	Florida	’06	
 -	Cleveland	Browns	
oT	randy	hand	(FA)	-	Florida	’06	-		
 New	England	Patriots
                                                                                                      megaN aND DaN
                                          charlie strong – Assistant Head Coach /
                                                Co-defensive Coordinator / Linebackers

                         Revered as one of the best defensive	         One	of	the	architects	of	the	Gators’	         He	guided	the	Gamecocks	to	a	top-20	
                      minds	in	college	football,	Charlie	Strong	     aggressive,	attacking	scheme,	Strong’s	         national	ranking	in	total	defense	twice,	
                      is	in	his	fourth	stint	on	the	University	      unit	 led	 the	 SEC	 and	 ranked	 ninth	        while	the	2000	squad	ranked	sixth	in	
                      of	Florida	coaching	staff	and	his	third	       nationally	by	forcing	31	turnovers	and	         the	country	in	scoring	defense	after	
                      year	in	his	current	post	as	the	Gators’	       paced	the	league	with	114	points	off	of	        yielding	 just	 15.8	 points	 per	 game.	
                      assistant	head	coach,	co-defensive	            turnovers,	while	also	finishing	among	the	      Strong	also	spent	four	seasons	at	Notre	
                      coordinator	and	linebackers	coach.	            country’s	top-10	teams	in	total	defense	        Dame,	overseeing	the	defensive	line	on	
                      He	has	24	years	of	collegiate	coaching	        and	run	defense.	UF	also	set	a	school	          a	defense	that	registered	a	single-season	
                      experience,	two	years	as	an	intern	on	         record	by	amassing	337	yards	on	tackles	        school-record	41.5	sacks	in	1997.
                      the	professional	level	and	was	UF’s	           for	loss,	while	its	33	sacks	were	the	team’s	      A	four-year	letterwinner	at	Central	
                      choice	to	serve	as	interim	head	coach	         most	in	six	years.	The	Gators	improved	         Arkansas	State,	Strong	was	a	three-time	
                      for	the	2004	Chick-fil-A	Peach	Bowl.           over	their	2004	output	in	14	statistical	       all-conference	selection	in	football	and	a	
                         Currently	in	his	fifth	year	as	Florida’s	   categories	during	the	2005	season.	             two-time	honoree	in	track.	He	is	married	
                      defensive	coordinator,	Strong	helped	            Strong	 is	 the	 only	 defensive	             to	the	former	Victoria	Lovallo,	and	the	
                      guide	 the	 2006	 Gator	 defense	 that	        coordinator	 in	 the	 nation	 to	 hold	         couple	has	two	daughters,	Hailee	(10)	
                      limited	opponents	to	a	league-best	72.5	       Florida	State	under	50	yards	rushing	           and	Hope	(7).
                      rushing	yards	per	game	in	2006.	That	          in	consecutive	contests	over	the	last	
                      figure	marked	the	second-lowest	total	
                      in	school	history,	and	stood	nearly	25	          “It would be a challenge to find someone more respected
                      yards	better	than	the	next-best	team	in	       and well-liked in the college football world than Charlie Strong.
                      the	SEC.	The	Gators’	run	defense	ranked	
                      fifth	nationally	in	2006,	while	they	rated	      He’s passionate and hard working, but he takes the job of
                      sixth	in	the	nation	in	total	defense	with	     molding men very seriously. Charlie is the type of man who can
                        an	average	of	255.4	yards	per	contest.	        walk into any situation and be well-liked, well-received and
                          Under	Strong’s	watch,	the	Gators	
                            set	a	BCS	record	for	fewest	yards	
                                                                       represent the University of Florida to the highest degree.”
                                                                                                                                — UF head coach Urban Meyer
                             allowed	in	their	national	title	bout	
                               with	Ohio	State,	yielding	only	82	
                                 yards	to	better	the	previous	       10	years,	as	the	Gators	yielded	only	34	
                                  record	by	72.	Three	members	       yards	in	2004	and	49	in	2005.	He	also	             A Has coached 12 All-Americans,
                                    of	the	UF	defense	earned	        coached	the	SEC’s	leading	freshman	                a National Defensive Player of the
                                     All-America	recognition	        tacklers	 in	 his	 first	 two	 seasons	 as	        Year, a Jack Tatum Award winner,
                                       and	six	players	received	     defensive	coordinator	at	UF,	guiding	              two SEC Defensive Freshmen of the
                                                                     Channing	Crowder	in	2003	and	Brandon	              Year, two Thorpe Award finalists and
                                          All-SEC	 honors	 in	
                                                                                                                        a Nagurski Trophy finalist
2007 Coaching Staff

                                            2006.                    Siler	in	2004.	During	his	stint	on	the	
                                                                     Florida	defensive	staff	from	1991-94,	             A Has developed six first-round
                                                                     the	Gators	ranked	in	the	top-10	in	the	            NFL draft picks and 15 players that
                                                                                                                        were selected in the third round or
                                                                     country	in	rushing	defense	three	times.            higher
                                                                       From	 1999-2002,	 Strong	 served	                A Has coached in 18 bowl
                                                                     as	 defensive	 coordinator	 at	 South	             games, including 11 appearances in
                                                                     Carolina,	earning	finalist	honors	for	             January bowls
                                                                     the	Broyles	Award,	which	recognizes	               A UF has intercepted 74 passes
                                                                     college	football’s	top	assistant,	in	2000.	        in his four years as defensive
                                                                                                                        coordinator, the third-highest total
                                                                                                                        in the nation during the last four


                                                                                                                 2006 National Champions
coAcHing eXPeRience
2005-	 	 Florida	(Assistant	Head	Coach/
Present Co-Defensive	Coordinator/
dec. 2004 	 lorida	(Interim	Head	Coach/
         Defensive	Coordinator)
2003-04	 Florida	(Defensive	Coordinator/
         Defensive	Ends)
1999-02	 South	Carolina	(Defensive	
1995-98	 Notre	Dame	(Defensive	Line)
1994 	 Florida	(Assistant	Head	Coach/
         Defensive	Tackles)
1991-93	 	 lorida	(Defensive	Ends)
1990	 	 Ole	Miss	(Wide	Receivers)                 (left to right) froNt: hope; bacK: victoria, hailee, charlie
1988-89	 Florida	(Outside	Linebackers)
1986-87	 Southern	Illinois	(Wide	Receivers)
1985 	 Texas	A&M	(Graduate	Assistant)
1983-84	 Florida	(Graduate	Assistant)
Bowl gAmes As A coAcH
1983: Gator	          1995:	 Orange
1985:	 Cotton	        1997:	 Independence
1988: All-American	 1998:	 Gator
1989: Freedom	        2001:	 Outback
1990: Gator	          2002:	 Outback
1991: Sugar	          2004:	 Outback
1992:	 Gator	         2004:	 Peach
1993:	 Sugar	         2006:	 Outback
1994:	 Sugar
      2007:	 BCS	National	Championship
PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
Birthdate: Aug.	2,	1960	
Hometown: Batesville,	Ark.	
Education: 1982	-	Bachelor’s	Degree	in	
  Education	from	Central	Arkansas	State,	
  graduated	Phi	Beta	Sigma;	1983	–	Master’s	
  Degree	in	Physical	Education	from	Henderson	
  State;	1985	–	Master’s	and	Educational	
  Specialists	Degree	in	Curriculum	and	
  Instruction	from	the	University	of	Florida
Marital Status: Married	to	the	former	Victoria	
Children: Hailee	(10),	Hope	(7)
                         mickey marotti – director of Strength and Conditioning
                        One of just 57	people	in	the	world	          physiology	from	West	Liberty	in	1987,	
                      to	hold	the	Master	of	Strength	and	            while	completing	master’s	degrees	in	
                      Conditioning	 (MSCC)	 certification,	          strength	and	conditioning	from	Ohio	
                      Mickey	 Marotti	 lends	 20	 years	 of	         State	and	sports	medicine	from	West	
                      collegiate	experience	to	the	Florida	          Virginia	in	1990.	Marotti	and	his	wife,	
                      coaching	staff.	He	is	also	certified	by	       the	former	Susie	Laffey,	are	the	parents	
                      Collegiate	Strength	and	Conditioning	          of	 two	 children,	 Mitchell,	 14,	 and	
                      (CSCC)	and	the	National	Strength	and	          Maddie,	12.
                      Conditioning	Association	(NSCA).
                        He	serves	on	the	board	of	directors	of	      NFL Players
                      CSCCA.	He	is	certified	by	the	National	        (FIRST-ROUNd dRAFT PICKS)
                      Academy	of	Speed	and	Explosion.	
                        Entering	his	third	year	at	UF,	Marotti	      De	eric	Kumerow	-	Ohio	State	‘87	
                      has	 already	 developed	 three	 All-            –	Miami	Dolphins
                      Americans	and	two	first-round	NFL	draft	       lb	renaldo	Turnbull	-	WVU	‘89	-	New	
                      choices	during	his	tenure.	Nineteen	            Orleans	Saints
                      different	Gators	have	earned	All-SEC	or	       oT	luke	petitgout	-	ND	‘98	-	N.Y.	Giants      THE MAROTTI FILE
                      SEC	All-Freshman	team	honors	under	            C	Jeff	Faine	-	ND	‘02	-	Cleveland	Browns      eXPeRience
                      his	watch.                                     De	Jarvis	moss	-	Florida	’07	-	Denver	        2005-	 	 Florida	(Director	of	Strength	and
                        Prior	to	his	arrival	in	Gainesville,	         Broncos                                      Present	 	 onditioning)
                      Marotti	was	responsible	for	the	total	                                                       1998-05	 	 otre	Dame	(Director	of	Strength	
                                                                     S	reggie	nelson	-	Florida	’07	-	                       and	Conditioning)
                      development	of	sport-specific	strength	         Jacksonville	Jaguars
                      and	conditioning	programs	for	all	26	                                                        1990-98	 University	of	Cincinnati	(Head	
                                                                                                                            Strength	and	Conditioning	Coach)
                      varsity	sports	at	Notre	Dame	from	1998-
                      2005.	Before	that	stint,	he	coordinated	       NBA Players                                   1989-90	 West	Virginia	(Strength	Assistant)
                                                                                                                   1987-88	 	 hio	State		(Graduate	Assistant	
                       the	strength	and	conditioning	program	        (FIRST-ROUNd dRAFT PICKS)                              Strength	Coach)
                         for	20	sports	at	Cincinnati,	while	         Corie	blount	-	Cincinnati	‘93	-	Chicago	      1987-88	 	 rove	City	High	School	(Head	
                           also	working	in	the	areas	of	diet	         Bulls                                                 Strength	Coach)
                            analysis	and	student-athlete	injury	                                                   Bowl gAmes
                                                                     Danny	Forston	-	Cincinnati	‘97	-	
                              rehabilitation.                                                                      1989:	 Fiesta	          2001:	 Fiesta
                                                                      Milwaukee	Bucks
                                  Marotti	earned	four	letters	                                                     1989:	 Gator	           2003:	 Gator
                                 as	a	fullback	at	West	Liberty	      pat	garrity	-	ND	‘98	-	Milwaukee	Bucks
                                                                                                                   1997:	 Humanitarian		 2004:	 Insight
                                  State,	serving	as	a	tri-captain	   Kenyon	martin	-	Cincinnati	‘00	-	New	         1999:	 Gator	           2006:	 Outback
                                    in	1986	and	garnering	first-      Jersey	Nets	                                     2007:	 BCS	National	Championship
                                      team	NAIA	All-Academic	        Troy	murphy	-	ND	‘01	-	Golden	State	          PeRsonAl infoRmAtion
                                        honors	 in	 1987.	 He	        Warriors                                     Birthdate:	Dec.	24,	1964
                                          earned	a	bachelor’s	       ryan	humphrey	-	ND	‘02	-	Utah	Jazz            Hometown: Ambridge,	Pa.	
                                            degree	in	exercise	
2007 Coaching Staff

                                                                                                                   Education: 1987	-	B.S.	in	Exercise	Physiology	
                                                                                                                     at		West	Liberty	State;	1988	-	Master	of	Arts	
                                                                                                                     in	Strength	and	Conditioning	at	Ohio	State;	
                                                                                                                     1990	-	Master	of	Science	in	Sports	Medicine	
                                                                                                                     from	West	Virginia
                                                                                                                   Marital Status: Married	to	the	former	Susie	
                                                                                                                   Children: Son,	Mitchell	(14)	and	daughter,	
                                                                                                                     Maddie	(12)

                                                                                                                   A Developed six NFL first-round draft
                                                                                                                   picks and six NBA first-round selections
                                                                                                                   A Molded 13 college football All-
                                                                                                                   Americans at eight different positions
                                                                                                                   (QB, RB, C, OT, DE, LB, CB, S)
                                                                                                                   A Nineteen different Florida players
                                                                                                                   have earned All-SEC honors from the
                                                                                          (left to right) SuSie,
                                                                                                                   league’s coaches during his tenure
                                                                                          micKey, mitchell,
                                                                                          maDDie                   A Has coached more than 20 all-
                                                                                                                   conference honorees in his career