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									Manager’s Induction
Checklist for Green
Book Employees
September 2009

Please aim to give the new employee the time and training you
would wish to be given yourself in a similar situation.

The items in this checklist should be explained to the employee by
the end of their first month in post. Each item should be initialled
and dated as it is completed. It is important to assign a buddy at
the employees level/grade over the first few weeks. This person
should be a volunteer and want to help.

The employee has a copy of the checklist as well although for
ensuring it is completed, the accountability lies with the manager.
Manager’s Induction Checklist

Manager responsible for induction ….……………………

Name of new employee .............................……………..

Job title ........………………………………………………..

Date of commencement …………………………………..

Department …………………………………………………

Name of buddy assigned .…………………………………

The following checklists cover most of the main items your new employee needs to
know, have or may wish to know about.


    Ensure someone (preferably the Line Manager) is there to greet new employee
      on arrival.

    Training and development needs the employee has from day one, have been

    Health and safety training and equipment needed from day one has been
      arranged/is available

    Key equipment and access/passwords are available from day one, e.g. computer,
      desk, password, email account etc.

    They have been booked on the Service’s Induction Programme

    They are made to feel welcome

NB: The Human Resources and Training teams
are happy to advise if needed.
 Before day one

Arrangements to be made with employee
                                                          Actioned   Notes
Notify employee where and when to arrive
Indicate parking arrangements                             
Supply information on transport options other             
than car

Notify employee who to contact on arrival                 
Arrange special clothing if required
Notify them of any paperwork they should bring
e.g. P45, National Insurance Number, Birth Certificate,   
Bank or Building Society account details etc.

Prepare other employees for the new arrival including

Prepare the employee’s workspace                          Actioned   Notes

Desk, chair, equipment, stationery etc                    
Reference material, including employment policies,
rules, telephone lists, locations, training material,
time sheets, expense forms, details or recognised         
Trade Unions and their officials.

Tools and materials
Special clothing                                          

IT needs, e.g. computer, printing, email account,         
passwords, book training (ensure employee is
available in this case)

Decide what jobs the new employee should carry out in the first few days. Make sure
that you have more than enough. Avoid jobs which no-one else wants to do (e.g. last
months filing) or jobs that are not genuine.
 Before day one

Prepare Induction Programme                                   Actioned   Notes

Who the employee needs to meet                                
Any visits the employee needs to make
What the employee needs to know, get induction
pack ready                                                    
What training and development needs do they need
and when (these may need to be booked well in                 
advance and even prior to commencement if the
employee agrees).

The immediate tasks the employee needs to carry
out                                                           
Book them on the Service’s next induction programme
(check with the employee they are available first)
Allocate a buddy
                                                              Actioned   Notes
Allocate a buddy (normally a colleague in the
department)                                                   
They should have/be:

Friendly, supportive and helpful and be a willing volunteer
A positive attitude to the aims, objectives, beliefs and
culture of the department, corporate core values and
behaviours and be available for the first few weeks
i.e not on leave/courses

The buddy scheme helps new employees settle into their new role and offers them a
friendly face in their department when they may be overwhelmed by new experiences,
information and responsibilities.

A buddy is not expected to replace a line manager who will retain full responsibility for
support and training.

The buddy has the opportunity to:
   Actively contribute to the new employees induction
   Increase their knowledge and understanding of the department and organisation
   Increase their job satisfaction
   Introduce new colleagues
 The first week

Initial reception                                          Actioned   Notes

New employee arrives and is welcomed                       
Check personnel details are correct i.e current/local
address, telephone numbers etc.                            

P45/P46 collected                                          
Starter forms completed

Obtain other documents e.g. birth certificate, copies of   
qualifications etc, if not already received

Check understanding of contract of employment issued       

Issue of car parking pass                                  
Show relevant car parking areas, options for car/
bicycle parking/pool bikes/cars                            

Organise name badge and access card (where                 
possible organise before start date)

Issue copy of induction checklist, so employee can
track progress, and induction and departmental             

Fairness and dignity issues policy
Who and where the Human Resources team are                 
Working environment
                                                           Actioned   Notes
Location of toilets                                        
Arrangments for lunch and refreshments – details of
opening hours of restaurant and location of vending/       
water machines

Explain Service Orders and other procedures/guidelines
Tour of building/work area(s)
 The first week

Hours of work – arrival and leaving times, overtime,        Actioned   Notes
shifts, callout/standby, other rotas etc and/or
procedures for lateness and punctuality. Flexitime and      
how it operates in the section – explanation of benefits

Exits and entrances/building security                       

Hierachical organisation chart with names and show          
where new employee fits into organisation

Issue guides to local area showing major landmarks,         
banks, building societies, library etc
Location of personal work area

Safety/security of personal belongings                      
Introduction to colleagues in department                    
Health and safety by Line Manager
                                                            Actioned   Notes
Note: If under 18 years old e.g. apprentice, health and
safety issues must be covered on the first Monday. Liaise
 with Health and Safety Advisor, Occupational Health.       

Health and safety regulations, personal                     
responsibility etc

Emergency evacuation procedure, situation of
extinguishers, alarm buttons, exits and assembly points     
Smoking policy
Complete risk assessment of employee work
activities including VDU                                    
Issue employee copies of relevant safety policies
and procedures (list below those issued in addition         
to those in the new starter induction pack)
                                                           
Organise VDU eyesight test/training (if applicable)
Accidents at work – prevention, reporting, first aid        
 The first week

Accident prevention – clear corridors, housekeeping,      Actioned   Notes
not blocking exits, correct lifting procedures, vehicle   
safety, lone working

Health risks                                              

Hazardous substances/processes                            
Protective clothing and its cleaning
Alcohol/drugs and operation of equipment
No electrical equipment/tools/vehicle operated            
until appropriate training received

Safety hazards – general/particular to job (list
key ones where applicable)                                
Dangers of loose clothing/hair
Tidiness and keeping gangways clear
Dealing with violence – prevention of violence of
Behaviour – horse-play/jokes
Positive culture – what is bullying and harassment
and how is should be prevented
Fire – causes, prevention
First aid officers
Location of first aid boxes
Safety representative                                     
Trade Unions                                              Actioned   Notes
Trade Union recognition                                   

Employee or Trade Union representatives                   
Collective agreements and disputes procedures
Trade Union role in consultation and disputes
  The first week

Office services and miscellaneous                          Actioned   Notes

Explanation of typing/photocopying/graphic design/
printing/filing facilities

Letter/report/memo styles/conventions                      
Telephone directories system – how to answer the
telephone/transfer calls/internal/external calls           

Private use of telephones – BT charged/mobile              

Expenses (car/subsistence etc) – what can be               
claimed, when, how (penalties for fraudulent claims)

Arrange email account and password if not done

Use of computers – passwords, danger of viruses,           
software to be used, internet rules and access form/
help desk

Financial regulations and standing orders, ordering/
payment                                                    
Employee counselling and welfare support
Work/team meetings/briefings                               
Notice boards/internal communications                      
Relocation (where applicable) (note: this is a traumatic
time for the new person)                                   
Set up sending/receipt of local papers to employees        
(if not already done)

Find out what you can do to help them move                 
The first week

About the job                                              Actioned   Notes

Critical training and development needs                    
What you expect of them in the first few weeks
Explain duties and responsibilities of the job,
expectations, to whom to refer problems. Use job           
description as a basis. Link to HFRS plan

Who they report to and for what                            

Issue leave card and explain process of booking leave,
carrying over unused holidays, check any holidays
booked. Explain the use of ESS

Discuss objectives, work of department – Medium            
Term Plan

Introduction to key colleagues in other departments
they may have contact with                                 
Safety/security of office equipment and records            
Pay arrangements – when, how paid, deductions,
where to raise queries                                     
Sickness absences from work – notification
procedure, procedure for sickness at work – sick
leave, reporting of sickness (when, who to etc) self
certification form, when doctors certificate is needed,
medical statements, accrual of sick leave, sickness        
payments, statutory sick pay, what to do if feeling
unwell at work, how absence is managed

Book probation review interviews                           

___________________________________               __________________________
Signed as completed by employee                   Date

___________________________________               __________________________
Signed as completed by manager/supervisor         Date
The first month

You should, where possible, cover as many of the following points within the first
month. The list is not exhaustive or meant to be covered in sequence. Some issues
may or may not be relevant to your employee.

Fire Service                                              Actioned   Notes

What the Service covers                                   
Overall Service financial position                        
Central Government role
Service Structure
                                                          Actioned   Notes
Service Management Team
Fire Authority committees                                 

Breakdown of departments                                  
Role of the elected members

Terms and conditions
                                                          Actioned   Notes
Disciplinary rules and procedures
Security of employment, probationary period,
notice period                                             
Pensions/superannuation, bonus etc
Staff discounts/corporate social activities               
Appearance and behaviour (code of conduct)                
Maternity/paternity/dependents/special leave              

Grievance procedure                                       
Personal problems – who to see
 The first month

Legal and communications                               Actioned   Notes

Any contract of employment issues
Legal requirements relevant to duties and
working environment                                    
Confidentiality of work
Data Protection                                        
Location of notice boards, internal communications
                                                       Actioned   Notes
Explain approach to Training and Development
(include the need to sign training agreement for
certain further education courses and payback          

Discuss employees and manager’s roles and              
responsibilities for training and development

Explain the link with performance and                  
development. Discuss HFRS plan and PDR

Highlight the link to Corporate Objectives,
departmental and continuous improvement plan           

Explain the role of Performance Indicators             
Explain what Investors in People means

Complete Personal Development Review                   
Book corporate training e.g. IT courses, corporate
induction, health and safety, equality and diversity   
 The first month

Employee Induction Evaluation Form

Please complete the Employee Induction Evaluation Form at the end of your first
month when induction has been completed and return to the Human Resources
Department at Service Headquarters.

Your responses will be used confidentially to improve our induction process.

___________________________________            __________________________
Signed as completed by employee                Date

___________________________________            __________________________
Signed as completed by manager/supervisor      Date
The six months

At the end of the six month period, a personal development interview must be carried
out in line with the Personal Development Review Scheme.

This is additional to the probation procedure.

Queries / further action:

___________________________________              __________________________
Signed as completed by employee                  Date

___________________________________              __________________________
Signed as completed by manager/supervisor        Date
 Notes: New Employee/Manager

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