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					                     American Fisheries Society
                                           Western Division

We are writing to request your participation in an on-going project whose goal is to synthesize the existing
data collected on bull trout using radio telemetry. Dr. Matthew Dare, Boise State University, is leading the
project in collaboration with Dr. Jason Dunham, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station. This project is
funded for three years with support from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and cooperators (see below).

Bull trout have been studied extensively using radio telemetry, and results from case studies are available
from many locations and populations. A synthesis of these case studies and data will provide a more
comprehensive understanding of the behavior and biology of bull trout. We have hosted workshops and
meetings to discuss the needs for this synthesis and found strong support for this effort. Biologists from a
number of agencies have indicated that a synthesis of the existing bull trout telemetry studies will be a
valuable addition to the recovery planning process as well as enabling future research on this animal to be
directed at any knowledge gaps.

You are receiving this letter because a preliminary survey of technical reports, peer-reviewed literature, and
biologists indicate that you have knowledge of, or are participating in a project using radio telemetry to
study bull trout.        If this is true, we encourage you to visit the project website at to learn more about the synthesis project including specific objectives and
biological and management questions. Additionally, the website will offer you the opportunity to complete
an on-line metadata questionnaire about your research project. This questionnaire will take approximately
30 minutes to complete. Once completed, Dr. Dare will contact you directly to discuss your work and
request additional data. The goal of the project is to address questions about bull trout at the species level
and the contribution of your data will not usurp future efforts to publish your findings.

We encourage you to participate in the bull trout synthesis project. If you know of others who may be
interested, please forward this letter. Collecting and analyzing these studies and data from across the range
of bull trout is a critical task and provides an important opportunity to further inform researchers,
managers, and biologists about the habits of this fish. We very much appreciate your support in our effort.


Shelley Spalding
Bull Trout Committee, Chair

This project is directly supported by the following:

U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Idaho Fisheries Resource Office and Western Washington Fish and
Wildlife Office
U. S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Western Division of the American Fisheries Society, Bull Trout Committee

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