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					Vestergaard Frandsen
About the Company

  Vestergaard Frandsen is an international company headquartered in Switzerland, employing
  150 passionate people in 12 countries across the globe.

  We are the only company in the industry whose sole purpose of business is to develop
  lifesaving global health products and concepts.
Global Presence


                  America            Switzerland

                                              Dubai          India
                            Ghana   Nigeria

                                              South Africa
Business Goals/ Model

•   At Vestergaard Frandsen, we are committed to the goal of basic disease prevention by
    providing safe drinking water and protection from malaria and other vector-borne
    diseases. We are especially interested in addressing a class of diseases called the
    Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), which kill many of the most vulnerable people on

•   Our business model is humanitarian entrepreneurship.
Mission and Commitment

•   “With growing responsibility in global society, Vestergaard Frandsen wants to fulfill the
    demand for disease control textiles”
    - Mission Statement

•   Vestergaard Frandsen believes strongly in humanitarian responsibility. Our commitment to
    United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals drives our business objectives and
    provides the impetus for our continued focus on innovation. We strive towards developing
    life-saving tools which, when implemented together with other dedicated partners,
    contribute to the realization of all Millennium Development Goals.
Product Portfolio

•   PermaNet®
     – PermaNet® 2.0 Long-lasting Insecticidal Net (LN)
     – PermaNet® 3.0 Combination Net (that kills insecticide-resistant mosquitoes)
     – PermaNet® Net Curtains

•   LifeStraw ®
     – LifeStraw ® Portable Water Purifier
     – LifeStraw ® Family Instant Microbiological Purifier

•   ZeroFly®
     – ZeroFly® Long-lasting Insecticide-incorporated Plastic Sheeting

•   CarePackTM
     – An evidence-based, basic care and prevention package designed to improve the health
        of HIV-infected individuals and their families
PermaNet® 2.0
Long-lasting Insecticidal Net (LN)

                                     •   Is a ready-to-use bednet pre-treated with deltamethrin.

                                     •   Has a long-lasting killing effect on malaria mosquitoes, as well as
                                         other disease-transmitting susceptible vectors.

                                     •   Is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the
                                         prevention and control of malaria.

                                     •   Is made of 100% polyester, which is the preferred material by

                                     •   Requires no re-treatment or dipping; thereby decreasing the need
                                         for repeat intervention.

                                     •   Is based on a superior technology of impregnation, where the
                                         bioavailability of active ingredient is controlled through a slow
                                         release process.

                                     •   Does not allow mosquitoes to penetrate the net due to the
                                         optimum mesh size.

                                     •   Is available in various colours, shapes and sizes to accommodate
                                         local preferences.

                                     •   Is the most widely tested bednet in both the laboratory and field.
PermaNet® 3.0
Combination Net

                  •   PermaNet® 3.0 is a new generation long-lasting insecticidal net
                      (LN) that has improved bioefficacy against resistant malaria
                      mosquitoes. It combines two polymers – polyester and
                      polyethylene – and two chemicals– Deltamethrin and a
                      synergist (PBO) for improved bioefficacy against resistant
                      malaria mosquitoes.

                  •   Rapid regeneration of insecticide after multiple washes ensures
                      higher efficacy throughout the lifetime of the net. The sides and
                      roof of the net, regenerate 100% bioefficacy after one day with
                      susceptible Anopheles gambiae, unlike other polyethylene nets
                      that can take up to 15 days for complete regeneration.

                  •   Unique wall construction, based on actual user behaviour,
                      ensures longer lifetime of the net. The side panels of
                      PermaNet® 3.0 are equipped with a specially designed lower
                      70cm border to enhance the lifetime of the net in the field.

                  •   PermaNet® 3.0 provides effective protection for more than 20
                      washes. Experimental hut studies show that mosquito mortality
                      rates with PermaNet® 3.0 washed 20 times were better than for
                      PermaNet® 2.0 in areas where there were resistant mosquito
Long-lasting Insecticidal Net Curtains

                                         •   Ready-to-use net curtains pre-treated with Deltamethrin, an
                                             odourless and biodegradable insecticide.

                                         •   Have longest-lasting killing effect on mosquitoes and houseflies.

                                         •   Provide long-lasting protection for the whole household as they
                                             reduce in-house densities of the disease-transmitting vector
                                             population that cause neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) like
                                             dengue, leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.

                                         •   Made of 100% polyester, which is the preferred material by end-

                                         •   Require no re-treatment or dipping; thereby decrease the need
                                             for repeat intervention.

                                         •   Available in various colours and sizes in order to accommodate
                                             local preferences.

                                         •   Easy to install; require no behavior change by users.

                                         •   Developed using the WHOPES-recommended PermaNet® 2.0
Long-lasting Insecticide-Incorporated Plastic Sheeting

                                      •   Is a single solution to the dual needs for shelter and protection
                                          against vector-borne disease in complex emergencies

                                      •   Contains insecticide on the surface which makes it highly
                                          effective against disease vectors such as mosquitoes carrying
                                          the malaria parasite

                                      •   The use of ZeroFly® during refugee camp construction
                                          effectively reduces malaria mortality, which may account for up
                                          to 50% of all deaths in such camps

                                      •   Is cost-effective as a malaria-prevention tool, as it is
                                          incorporated directly into a product that is often the first
                                          intervention in complex emergencies

                                      •   Is highly valued by refugees, as plastic sheeting is essential for
                                          shelter and survival

                                      •   When used on a large scale in a town or refugee camp, the
                                          product creates a „mass effect‟ that brings down the population
                                          of disease vectors in that area
Portable Water Purifier

                          •   Offers easy access to safer water away from home

                          •   Filters up to 1000 litres of water

                          •   Removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction)

                          •   Removes 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3

                          •   Reduces turbidity by Filtering particles of approximately 0.2

                          •   Contains no chemicals

                          •   Requires no electrical power or spare parts for the lifetime of the

                          •   Is easy to mass-distribute in areas where drinking water is
LifeStraw® Family
Instant Microbiological Purifier

                                   •   Filters a minimum of 18,000 litres of water – provides safe
                                       drinking water for a family for three years

                                   •   Has a high flow rate; offers instant access to clean water

                                   •   Complies with EPA guidelines for microbiological water purifiers

                                   •   Removes minimum 99.9999% of all bacteria

                                   •   Removes minimum 99.99% of all viruses

                                   •   Removes minimum 99.9% of all parasites

                                   •   Works on highly turbid water

                                   •   Does not require electrical power, batteries or spare parts for
                                       the lifetime of the product

                                   •   Does not require running water

                                   •   Is easy to clean, ship, carry and store
for people living with HIV/ AIDS

                                   •   Is comprised of evidence-based interventions designed to
                                       improve the health of HIV-infected individuals and their families

                                   •   Includes PermaNet® long-lasting insecticidal net (LN) that can
                                       prevent malaria and other vector-borne diseases; LifeStraw®
                                       Family instant microbiological water purifier that can avert
                                       diarrhoeal diseases and printed education material providing tips
                                       on prevention of malaria, diarrhoea and sexually-transmitted
                                       diseases. Condoms for practicing safe sex and a broad-
                                       spectrum antibiotic may also be added in the CarePackTM
                                       depending on country regulations/ programme requirements

                                   •   Has the potential to delay the progression of HIV to AIDS if
                                       components are used properly and continuously

                                   •   Can benefit all people living with HIV, whether or not they are on
                                       antiretroviral therapy (ART), as well as their family members
Integrated Prevention Demonstration
Innovative Public Health Campaign

                                 Vestergaard Frandsen‟s IPD is an innovative approach that uses free
                                 distribution of public health commodities as an incentive to break social
                                 stigma attached to HIV testing. This approach was demonstrated in Kenya
                                 in September 2008.

                                 •    High coverage: 81.9% of the target population attended the campaign,
                                      out of which 95% were voluntarily tested and counselled for HIV

                                 •    Efficiency through scope and scale: the approach combined
                                      diarrhoea, malaria and HIV disease prevention interventions and
                                      covered more than 80% of the population within seven days

                                 •    High uptake of products: 90.4% of the HIV-infected adults were using
                                      ITNs and 57.7% water filters, provided to them during the campaign

                                 •    Cost effectiveness: accounting for the campaign implementation cost
                                      of $32,000 per 1000 participants, the campaign yields $13,000 in net
                                      savings per 1000 participants

                                 •    Social acceptance: the approach helped people shed stigma; men
                                      come out in large numbers (>17,000 adult men participated) and there
                                      was no indication of increase in rates of domestic violence against
                                      women who tested HIV-positive

                                 •    Contribution to national and international objectives: contributed
                                      to Kenya‟s national objective of 80% of adult population to know their
                                      HIV status by 2010; contributed to Millennium Development Goals by
                                      reducing the incidence of HIV, malaria and diarrhoea
Research and Development

                           •   Fulfilling its commitment to reduce the global burden of
                               disease and achieve sustainable development, Vestergaard
                               Frandsen invests heavily in the research and development of
                               life-saving tools. Around USD 12 million is expected to be
                               invested from 2007 to 2010 on only vector control tools

                           •   This allows Vestergaard Frandsen to introduce innovative
                               vector-control solutions on a regular basis, whereas most
                               competitors are still working with the first and only version of
                               their products.
Logistical Abilities

                       •   Vestergaard Frandsen works with a multitude of local partners
                           to provide the exceptional service of delivering products to in-
                           country destinations rather than simply shipping them to the
                           container port, as is the case with most other suppliers.

                       •   We have developed a distribution network across the African
                           continent, establishing delivery channels for deeper penetration
                           inland and ensuring a seamless delivery to the end destination.

                       •   Vestergaard Frandsen also has warehouse facilities in the
                           remotest parts of the world, allowing the company to help
                           programme implementers distribute our products affordably
                           and efficiently.

                       •   This unique profile makes Vestergaard Frandsen the optimal
                           partner for disease-control needs.