Hand-Crafted Dolls From A Personal Collection

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					 Hand-Crafted Dolls From A Personal Collection
   (NAPSA)—While just about
everyone knows the boundless
                        energy and
                        charm       of
                        w o r l d -
                        f i t n e s s
                        e x p e r t ,
                        to most, he
                        has another
                        dolls. It all
                        started in
                        1994, when          Fitness guru Richard Sim-
                        an earth-        mons will unveil new additions to
                        quake shat-      his Collection of the Masters.
                        tered Sim-       Hummel figurines, is a name syn-
                        m o n s ’        onymous with time-honored crafts-
                        priceless        manship, attention to detail, and
                        glass collec-    commitment to quality. These traits
                        tion. A friend   were exactly what were needed to
                        offered him      faithfully transform Simmons’
      “Secrets”         a gift to lift   vision into a reality. His passion
                        his spirits—     and energy combined with the mar-
a one-of-a-kind doll created by a        keting and distribution expertise of
master doll artist. Simmons was          Goebel can’t help but be a winning
hooked, becoming an instant doll         combination. Thanks to this part-
collector. In fact, Simmons was so       nership, doll enthusiasts through-
overcome by the beauty and ele-          out the U.S. can experience the
gance conveyed by hand-crafted           magic of owning these dolls. For
dolls, that he has filled every room     more information on Collection of
of his elegant Hollywood Hills           the Masters, call 1-800-563-6559.
home with artful displays of his         (Reference code: MAT0602).
cherished “children.” In fact, he
plans to share his personal collec-        You may be one of five lucky collec-
tion during a tour of his home on          tors to win the new “Secrets” doll
Tuesday, June 4th on QVC, 6:00-            (shown here) which is crafted of
8:00 p.m. EST. During this special
                                           porcelain and doubles as a jewelry
event, Simmons will be unveiling
the latest additions to Collection         box—a $195.00 value. Simply fill
of the Masters , an assortment of
                                           out a postcard with the name of the
his favorites from his collection          treasure that waits to be opened
that have been meticulously                with her key. Postcards should be
reproduced for others to enjoy.
                                           sent to: Goebel of North America,
   “We all seek happiness, and I
believe that dolls bring us the joy        Goebel Plaza, P.O. Box 10, Pen-
and elation that we are searching          nington, NJ 08534-0010. The an-
for,” explains Simmons. “Isn’t it          swer will be revealed during Ri-
natural then to surround ourselves         chard’s QVC appearance. Drawing
with objects that make us smile
                                           will be held from all correct entries
and warm our hearts?” This per-
sonal dream, as Simmons calls it,          June 30, 2002. For more informa-
became a reality with the help of a        tion on Collection of the Masters™
special company known for excel-           call 1-800-563-6559. (Reference
lence. Goebel of North America,            code: MAT0602)
world-renowned distributor of M.I.

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