Cairns Choral Society has a long history of musical performances by ghkgkyyt


									                                        The King & I
                                       Thomas Cullen
                                          Year 12
                                  Cairns State High School

Cairns Choral Society has a long history of musical performances that amaze and delight
audiences, having put on such world renowned acts as Les Miserables, Grease, Annie, Cats,
and most recently, Rogers and Hammerstein’s classic, The King and I.
I had the pleasure of performing in this particular show, which was directed by the extremely
talented Venera Walsh, and ran from the 9th of January until the 24th of January, and I can
honestly say that I enjoyed the experience immensely.

Set in 19th century Siam (now Thailand), the
story follows Anna Leonowens (Joanne
Wright), an English teacher from Wales, and
her son Louis (Alec Steedman) to the court of
King Mongkut (Michael Newman). It is a far
different world to that which they are used to.
What follows is a clash of cultures, with Anna
at times respecting the King for his sharp mind
and strongly held beliefs, but at others
disgusted by what in her view is his barbaric

Featuring unforgettable musical numbers such as ‘I Whistle a Happy Tune’, ‘Getting to Know
You’, and ‘Something Wonderful’, and captivating dance pieces. The King and I explores
themes that are timelessly relevant - the differences between the sexes, human rights,
religion and the differences between Eastern and Western cultures. As a member of the cast,
I witnessed the enormous amount of hard work and raw passion that went into the
performance, which included over 60 students and teachers from around Cairns, not to
mention the stirring music which was performed by the Cairns Philharmonic Orchestra. The
show also featured Cairns High and Trinity Anglican School seniors of 2008 Claire Austen
and Kurtis Lowden as the forbidden lovers Tuptim and Lun Tha. Despite the hard work and
long hours, participating in the production was easily one of the most rewarding experiences
of my life thus far, and the feeling of being on stage, doing what I love most is simply

If you missed the Cairns Choral Society’s production of the King and I, you can find clips from
the Broadway production on, or rent out either the 1956 feature film, or the 1999
animated version of the film. It is a terrific story and the music, drama and visual richness of
this musical is definitely worth a look. The Choral Society’s next production for 2009 is
another well known musical, Miss Saigon, a heartbreaking tale of doomed love set during the
Vietnam War.

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